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August 2012

In 1989 I came into contact with 3 very interesting and exciting people. One was a man from Cusco in Peru named Edwin Flores Zevallos.The other two were an elderly couple,Wathea and Winfield from LA in California. At that time I had been working for 3 years as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, a friend of my teacher held lectures in my practice, and so i had the pleasure of getting to know these visitors quite well especially Edwin who paid two visits to Sweden bringing his family from Peru the 2nd time. Edwin held lectures in Stockholm, Gothenburg and the small provinicial town where I live, and I travelled with him translating his lectures. He spoke about his work as an Antropologist with great Knowledge of the famous Matcu Picchu, of Jesus Christ and of Star Beings from other parts of the Universe and all of the amazing evidence there is of their visits to Peru and their support to the Humans living at that time. The very same year 1989 we had a visit from a lovely elderly couple from LA who taught us about their knowledge of contacts with different Beings from Outer Space, of Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light and oddly enough they too spoke about Jesus Christ. At that time my having had a Catholic uppbringing in Dublin Ireland, this was all a bit strange to say the least. A group of us discussed these things then, for  about a year or so, but then daily life, my Practice and my Spiritual Quest made this strange combination of subjects a thing of the past.

Then 2 years ago {Oct 2010} i was told about someone called 'Little Grandmother' by a good friend and after studying everything she had to teach, I went on to study information from other great teachers on 5-10 other Internet sites, all regarding The Ascension, The Shift, The Event, The Mayan Calendar, The End of Time,The 1000 years of Peace, The Return of the Christ and many other names to describe the time we are living in. Each of the different people i have studied approach this time differently depending on their background knowledge etc.

My hopes are that I can now present you with my picture of these 'Times', and provide the information that will give you the General Picture of what is happening here on our Beautiful Planet Gaia. Mother Gaia has suffered so long now at the hands of those who only consider their own needs, and who do not care about the destruction of Her Eco system, Her Body. My own studies continue non-stop and so i will be providing you with the very latest information on a regular basis from sources whom i deem to be the absolute most reliable on Our Fantastic Planet.

Some of these People are Keisha Crowther, 'Little Grandmother', David Wilcock, Michael Tzarion, Nicolya Christi, Daniel Pinchbeck, Steve Beckow, Cobra {codename for Resistence Movement VIP}, and others. See Recommend and Recommend cont; for details of who these People are. {You can find them when the Ascension Page is open}

Welcome Aboard !

Sincerely Therese Zumi Sumner

New Introduction Message


Friday 20th September 2019


So much has happened both privately and in our world within the matrix ~ net ~ web ~ grid ~ veil in the seven 7 period since I wrote this introductory message which I recently moved here from the 'Important News' page. I travelled to LA to attend one of Cobra's first conferences in November of 2012 and he encouraged me to keep on writing and on my return, I immediately began compiling The Event pages from the information that I learned from him both prior to and at that conference. Because Archangel Michael has been such an important Mentor and Guide for me His words needed to be combined with Cobra's information about The Event, otherwise it did not feel complete. This added information from Archangel Michael was obviously not a problem for Cobra as he shared links to my 3 or 4 pages about The Event at that time ~ spring of 2013 on The Portal. The main Event page is linked there since then along with other affiliated blogs on The Portal.


It's High Time Now for Calculated Waiting with A Confident Attitude

Today as I continue writing this new addition to my introduction message it is Friday the 20th September 2019 and we are moving at high speed towards the end of our journey in the old world and the BEGINNING of a truly miraculous time never before experienced on this Earth. The darkness has lost most of its power, soon the Light will be Victorious. So BE HAPPY in that knowledge. Don’t be sad when I tell you dark things that you might not have been aware of so far ~ its simply to prepare you.

I wish to support my readers in having s deep thorough understanding of our greatest enemy, the ones who control us on this beautiful planet, for the past 500 years, namely the Jesuits. The secret core (10%) group of the Jesuits are a worldwide army of 'soldiers' found in every single walk of life. Their job is to play their roles to perfection. They are among the seeming dedicated Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Republicans, Democrats, University Deans / Lecturers, Charitable Society Organisers, 'Lightworkers' etc. in ad infinitum.

My goal with my work is to inform as many readers as possible, to support their reaching a very broad understanding of the total control of our world by these Jesuit manipulators. In this way more of us can unite in an intention to be ONE in the Light. Then it is so very much easier to leave the 3D reality (which is in fact GONE) and its madness thoroughly behind us and joyfully embrace the New Day that can literally arrive at any minute.

It’s so much easier to say goodbye to an evil that you truly understand. My focus over the past 2 years until very recently with 'A Storm is Brewing'(1~7) articles, has been to focus mainly on the growth of the Light and our readiness for the Ascension process which will speed up massively at the time of The Event. So, why so much focus about the darkness now when we are in the final days of the old world and on the brink of entering the new? Because the more that you know about the truth the easier your Transition will be. Most importantly, you will be more fully prepared to support everyone around you when they suddenly find themselves in a completely foreign situation and the process that we call Full Disclosure begins. You can lessen the shock for many with your knowledge of what is taking place.

This is the 16th of my incarnations here that I have attempted to expose these Jesuits. That might explain my fervour now as we approach their demise. Their best weapon, the reason they have succeeded in controlling the running of this planet for 500 years is their insidious, manipulative ability to 'role play'. Maybe they have an inner circle ‘Oscar’ for the best played parts? 

In any area be it political, religious, scientific, education etc. you will see how they take on/over the current popular tendencies and interests and opinions among people and then they make that information / lifestyle trend 'theirs'. They steal and spread the truth that the Lightworker community has made known and then they 'repackage it' to protect their control remaining in place. They then give it to the masses through the media which they control. They give you the stolen new solution pretending its theirs. They HIJACK EVERYTHING. I will show you examples of this so that it becomes quite clear to you. I hope that you enjoy your journey here.

Namaste Therese Z        

Published 20th September 2019 at 1511 PM

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Today August 15th 2019 it just occurred to me that complete newcomers to this site might wonder why this is called the INTRODUCTION page? The original Introduction page has now ended up at the END of this page below Article 1 that was written July 6th 2018. TZ


Videos Have Been Created in Almost 40 Languages for the 4th ~ 5th April

Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation Videos

Ascenson Timeline / End of Coronavirus activation videos have been created in almost 40 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!


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by Therese Zumi Sumner


Please make viral / share with meditating people everywhere.

This update includes information about manifestation tools from myself, Alison Coe and an important reminder - which very much concerns our manifesting ability - about our up and coming Ascension meditation from a Swedish lightworker Ulla-Karin. Parts 1, 2 and 3

Part 1

Are you longing for the day when you have the power to manifest your dreams? I am absolutely sure that most readers here are already busy manifesting dreams for themselves and this planet’s beautiful future on a regular basis.

Do you really ~ I mean REALLY ~ understand the extent of the role that we Lightworkers have played in creating the perfect scenario for The Event?

Our work has been paramount in creating the beautiful Light Grids all around Gaia. With the assistance of the Co of Heaven, Angelic and Archangelic kingdoms WE HAVE CREATED the basis for the New Atlantis civilisation which will begin to truly develop at full speed after The Event.

Without our generous focused attention in taking part in visualising the ultimate highest goal through meditation after meditation for the past 6 years we would absolutely NOT be as close to change as we are now. We have literally moved mountains .

It IS our united choice to take part in manifesting The Event that will bring forth The Event.

Without our united efforts there could never be a Transformation on our planet.

Without us the Allied Light Forces on every dimension could not have brought us to this point.

This is an important reminder one week prior to THE MOST IMPORTANT MEDITATION ever about the power that our united visualisation holds. This is how creation works. We imagine it, we begin action in the right direction = creation. Do you really understand this! Nothing exists before it is imagined.

You might be among the 40% of my readers who believe incorrectly that you have no ability to imagine or ‘see inside’ during a meditation for example.

Right now, if I ask you, ‘imagine a green crocodile’ ~ can you?

Now, 99% of you reading this can ‘see’ a green crocodile somewhere in your mind’s eye. You might now say ‘well I saw a blown-up plastic crocodile toy’ or something similar. That’s fine - you can see it even if it’s not like a photograph or clear picture or like a tv screen. Even if it’s a ‘hazy’ or unclear picture within ~ TRUST IT BEING FINE ~ and when you relax and accept your ‘pictures’ no matter how unclear they might seem they somehow get clearer with time and acceptance .

People who are clairsentient can ‘feel’ more than ‘see’ their intuition. A clairvoyant sees clear visions. A clairaudient person ‘hears’ truth.

Among my readers 60% are clairsentient. Most people who reach their intuition through feelings have difficulty with visualising because they can’t see clear pictures.

The visualisation process that you take part in works whether or not the pictures are clear.

Manifesting Your Perfect Life

Every single time that you think a positive thought about your children, family, friends etc. You are supporting the manifestation of good things in their lives.

Sometimes we wish that we could do more to support our family members or friends when they are going through difficult times. WE CAN! The amazing thing is that we can do much more for them ethereally than physically a lot of the time. It doesn’t matter how far apart we might be physically.

We do NOT need to have permission from them to send them loving unconditional support this way. We can ask (and then visualise) Yeshua / Jesus to send his loving pink Magenta energy or Saint Germain to send the Violet Flame, you can trust that your intuition will guide you to the correct choice each time. See an inner picture of your loved one healthy, happy etc.

TRUST is inherent in this work! No matter what we believe we are never alone.

Part 2

This video by Alison Coe was posted here in January 2020.

I am warmly recommending that you listen once again to this video even if you have already heard it. For those that haven’t heard it I need to explain two reasons why you should do this.

Alison asks her client’s Higher Self during the session “What should people focus upon manifesting now that would actually help?”. (22mins) Here we receive some ideas /some simple steps to begin practising the process of manifesting things/events in our lives.

Alison herself has some very inspiring thoughts about the manifestation process towards the end of the video.

ALSO, if you have not heard this video then I will tell you that this is where I learned the ‘facts’ about the up and coming shock that humanity will have to face when the information about the children comes out. It is my belief that this will happen shortly after Easter weekend. See # 149 on Veritas.  

Steps for Lightworkers to Take - Client BQH session - Audio only – Alison Coe

Here is the audio:

Part 3

My friend and co-lightworker Ulla Karin has the following thoughts to share about our meditation on the 4th 5th. She adds some lines to help us visualise in the most postive way. Cobra suggests in his interview that we now do the Ascension / Corona meditation daily (see WLMM) to practise and I suggest that we take note of the lines that Ulla Karin suggests and PLANT 🌱 🍀 THEM IN OUR MIND NOW!

In accordance with the principle that the mind can’t distinguish between dos and don’ts in visualization, I fear that in the 4/5 April meditation ”removing all fears” could easily create an image of ”fears” instead of the intent, ”away from all epidemics” could create an image of ”epidemics” etc.. I know it’s only 12 days to go! (7 days from today March 28th) but I humbly propose the following changes (in italics + concerns the text of parts 4 and 5 of the meditation).

4) Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining coronavirus on Earth  

disinfecting all infected areas on the planet, 

healing all patients, 

restoring stability,

and making everybody feel completely safe, secure and protected.

5) Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, 

where perpetual health for everybody reigns,

where peace reigns,

where freedom reigns. 

Visualize white, pink, blue and golden Light 

creating full equality for everybody, 

and bringing abundance to all humanity. 

Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, 

bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.


Namaste Therese Z


Article  168 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  


Important Information for American Readers

March 28th 2020

TZ here; I received this video by mail yesterday evening. It makes an awful lot of sense to me. My Guides say that the info is 87% correct. Its up to you to judge how much sense it means to you. However I would recommend that if you like the information you should share it far and wide. It was published on March 26th. PS for those who want to share on facebook its available there too on my blog, see link in info top of this page.

USA Government a Republic, Coronavirus caused by 5G, Oprah raided, 10 Days of Darkness Intel & more!


Article  167 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  


Martial Law in the USA Will Be A Positive Sign


By Therese Zumi Sumner

24th March 2020


These are some important quotes taken from Cobra’s Monday, March 16, 2020 Endgame Scenarios.

“War for liberation of this planet is reaching its climax………. The spread of the Italian strain of the virus throughout Europe and globally has triggered massive quarantines….

As many people have noticed, all this creates ideal conditions for the mass arrest scenario…. 

I can confirm that the Positive Military has the plan to carry out mass arrests as has been released by Drake Bailey:

Dragon sources from mainland China are confirming this, saying that the current emergency allows the clean-up to take place, and that all this will become visible by April 15th.

Resistance has communicated that they cannot confirm the Positive Military plan, but they are also not denying it. They have also stated that Positive Military is not the only faction at play, and that “there are also other scenarios involved”. They have added that mass arrests are NOT yet taking place, although the Positive Military is already involved in certain preparatory operations."

Have you seen the list {visible here beow left} that Cobra presented showing the plans of the Positive Military in the USA? Then you will be aware that bringing in martial law will be a very good sign to all lightworkers?

Many moons ago Cobra said regarding the timing of The Event that “when we see things starting to happen in the USA, we will know that there is not such a long time left.”


Just like this growing worldwide quarantine situation because of corona will prove to be a time of many blessings in disguise for humanity, so to, this arrival of martial law in the USA will lead to a very positive surprising turn of events for the awakening of humanity.

When martial law is a fact in the USA it is my absolute belief that this will be totally in the hands of the White Hats and the RM.

Beloved American readers this message is to support your being calm and support you ‘SEEING CLEARLY IN YOUR MINDS EYE HOW THIS SITUATION WILL SUPPORT BRINGING PEACE TO THE ENTIRE PLANET’.

Start now manifesting ~ seeing a calm time in the USA ~ during this temporary phase that will end in liberation ~ use every possible time in meditation to focus on calmness.

To see the complete text of the update where the above quotes are found - go here.

En Français ~ thanks to Cindy for great translation work!

COBRA 17 Mars 2020 : Scénarios de la fin des temps

19 mars, 2020 par cindy

Therese Z


Article  166 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  



A New Cobra Interview And a Short Message to the Surface Population

Friday, March 20, 2020

A Cobra interview has been created by We Love Mass Meditation to bring more clarity in the current planetary situation and to help spread the word about our coming Ascension Timeline meditation.
You can listen to the interview on Youtube:

Or read the transcript here:

French transcript is available here:

Hungarian transcript here.

Spanish Youtube video is here:

Czech video here: 

And Chinese video here:

On Sunday, March 22nd at 3:58 Am UTC, Saturn will enter the sign of Aquarius. You can join our booster meditation taking place at that moment, to plant the first seeds of the coming Golden Age:

Since now until our main meditation on April 4th/5th, the Light Forces are asking everybody to visualize the Violet Flame purifying the surface of the Earth, removing all fear and removing all viruses. You can do his simply for a few seconds or minutes many times daily every time after you read any coronavirus related news.  

People in infected areas are asked to invoke Command RCV Stardust protocol as often as possible to help the Pleiadians in stopping the virus. All Command RCV Stardust instructions, videos, images and other resources are gathered here:

Those who feel so guided can also do the Flower of Life meditation to strengthen the positive energy grid on the surface of the planet in those challenging times:

Victory of the Light!


Article  165 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Truly Amazing News ~ Censorship is DOWN! Mass Awakening within Next 3 Weeks ~ Light-worker Sanity Will Be Much Needed.


By Therese Zumi Sumner


Qanon has suggested that people can now test putting certain ‘words’ into the Google search engine and check the results / images. Some examples are ‘vaccines + danger’, ‘pizza-gate’, Podesta Art {very disturbing!} etc. I’ve just heard from a Swedish researcher that he was up at 3 am this morning and was happily amazed that he could now find tons of info on all of the search words. {Will provide link to this video for Swedish readers below***} The censorship as everyone knows with alternative blogs / websites has been ENORMOUS for longer than a decade but most especially these last 2 years. I’ve been asking my Guides for years ‘can this censorship disappear prior to The Event’ and I was always told it would go on until the last minute. Michael (on Swedish video) wonders if the EU could possibly have the resources to stop this release of censorship in the USA. Could they possibly manage to create a ‘firewall’ for the EU like the Chinese have had to prevent people waking up? He doesn’t think so nor do I  - let’s see?

Do you understand how close we are getting?

The Swedish lightworker Michael Oddane pointed out some important things on his video. We need to show a balanced attitude and lead the way in a calm balanced way like Archangel Michael reminded us about yesterday {repost suggested by Archangel Michael}. {see blog or #145 on Veritas} Telling us this news about the censorship removal was the happiest video MO has ever made.

Empathy and Compassion

Remember please remember ~ let’s not judge these sad lost individuals too harshly. Remember that many of them were often manipulated into these groups and rituals and madness by clever dark leaders. They have been exposed to threats and blackmail etc if they ever tell a word. One mistake - one wrong judgement = one wrong choice = one compromising situation they might have been a part of, was what would have been used to lure them into the ‘sects’ etc. When you are affiliated with these groups there is no way out!

We have been well prepared for this time so that we can be the wise ones. There will be no more bloody revolutions on this planet. We have had enough of them.

*** VIKTIGT!! Google & Youtube släpper censuren! :)

A ‘Bumpy Ride’ towards The Event

One of the most important ways to survive the ‘bumpy’ road ahead until complete VOTL is a fact is to stay in our hearts. We must attempt every way possible to ‘leave our heads’ and feel what’s the correct action by being anchored in our bodies and knowing that we are intuitively being Guided now by the entire Co of Heaven.

When people allow fear to take command they go up into their heads and thoughts fly around creating more confusion and general lack of ‘grounding’. We can lose our strength and our protection against energies that we want to avoid.

Each of us will know the best ways to ground our energies now and this is super-important from now on.

Connecting to Mother Gaia is key. CENTRE YOURSELF.

All of your gifts that you have brought with you in this incarnation will be of use from now on. Light workers will have solutions to problems that society cannot provide both now in this time period prior to The Event and not in least in the initial time period after the Transition.

Namaste Therese Zumi


Article  164 *   *  IMPORTANT COBRA UPDATE *   *   *   *   *   *  


*** PRESS to enlarge picture

Monday, March 16, 2020     Endgame Scenarios

War for liberation of this planet is reaching its climax.
After the coronavirus outbreak in China was contained, the dark forces planted another, modified strain of the virus in Codogno, Italy. Codogno is just a few miles away from Piacenza, which was ruled throughout the centuries by many main Black Nobility families: Scotti, Pallavicini, Visconti, Sforza, Farnese, Bourbon and Habsburg.
The Italian virus outbreak is an outer manifestation of infighting between two Black Nobility factions and the faction which planted the virus wants to crash the economy. They seem to be quite successful right now:
The critical moment of the spread of the virus throughout Europe was when European ministers decided to keep the borders with Italy open at their meeting in Rome on February 25th, as ordered by the Black Nobility:
Open borders allowed the spread of the virus first in Europe and now also worldwide.
The spread of the Italian strain of the virus throughout Europe and globally has triggered massive quarantines:

As many people have noticed, all this creates ideal conditions for the mass arrest scenario.
I can confirm that the Positive Military has the plan to carry out mass arrests as has been released by Drake Bailey: {See Pic above Left + Enlarge by Pressing}

Dragon sources from mainland China are confirming this, saying that the current emergency allows the cleanup to take place, and that all this will become visible by April 15th.
Resistance has communicated that they can not confirm the Positive Military plan, but they are also not denying it. They have also stated that Positive Military is not the only faction at play, and that “there are also other scenarios involved”. They have added that mass arrests are NOT yet taking place, although the Positive Military is already involved in certain preparatory operations.   Until all toplet bombs are removed, the Event can not happen, but a scenario similar to Delta Option is possible:
Light Forces have very recently managed to remove the vast majority of plasma anomaly on the surface of the planet along with the large part of the last layer of plasma toplet bombs. This is a big victory and it is one of the factors that has triggered the plans of the Positive Military.

Unfortunately, as the clearing of the plasma plane was nearing its completion, a very powerful defense mechanism within physical implants of all surface humans was activated by the Chimera as their last defense line. All physical implants namely have a singularity well with topness producing quark-gluon plasma that creates toplet bombs which are interconnected into a network which connects implants of all surface humans.
As this defense mechanism was activated, it created a mutation in quantum primary anomaly field, which resulted in partial distortion in the timeline flow in late February. This is why the dark forces were able to plant samples of virus in Italy, Iran and Korea.
This timeline flow has been already partially corrected, and our meditation can ensure that we will shift into the best possible timeline towards the planetary liberation and Ascension.
The Resistance was able to destroy all biochips which were meant to be put into the new vaccine which is being developed against the coronavirus. Therefore the new vaccine can NOT contain any biochips, although it can still contain chemicals dangerous for your health.
On a spiritual level, the coronavirus outbreak has drastically accelerated the total and final purification of all non-physical entities that are still to some degree surrounding the surface of the planet. It has also triggered a purification of human excesses, recklessness and selfishness, a purification of illusions and brought much needed grounding.
Forced to stay home, may people have exited a vicious cycle of needing to produce more, spend more and consume more, and finally have time to listen to the birds singing, as they have returned to now silent cities with much less human activity:

It is a purification of the Matrix:  

Zhong Nanshan, a top Chinese epidemiologist who has correctly predicted the end of Chinese coronavirus outbreak, is predicting for the pandemics to be over by June if social distancing measures which can stop the spread of the virus are taken immediately:

Defender Europe 20 military exercise troops will NOT bring New World Order to Europe nor will they conduct mass arrests, but they can spread the virus very effectively:
The efficiency of social distancing measures and lockdowns in stopping the pandemic are excellently explained in the following article:

The fact that this coronavirus is a bioweapon is finally hitting mainstream media, as top level officials around the world are starting to ask questions:

What is happening right now is the peak of the quantum war for planet Earth between the positive extraterrestrial forces and the Chimera group.
Details of that quantum war can not be released yet, I can only say that the positive side is removing topet bombs and the negative side is developing technologies like this one:
Here you need to understand that in every war there are moments of victory and there are moments of defeat. The road ahead may be quite intense and bumpy, and things may not always go according to the plan or as predicted, but we will be victorious in the end.
With the meditation coming in a few weeks we can shift a lot, as our unified consciousness can directly affect the quantum field dramatically.
Until then, you can also use vitamin C to boost your immune system, and it may also help against the virus:
You can also use Command RCV stardust protocol as much as possible. It removes about 75% of the virus, as this report from Wuhan from February 20th clearly shows:

Pleiadians have communicated that their protocol would be even more effective, but there are always some extremely selfish people who are not part of the dark force cabal, but they are spreading the virus through their recklessness and even by selling the virus on the dark web (watch the video from 8 to 14 minutes mark):

This war will be over soon, and a new world will be born, the world we have all been fighting for.
Victory of the Light!


Article  163 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


The Ascension / The Event Timeline Meditation April 4-5th

The Cabal Have Created the Perfect Scenario for The Event


by Therese Zumi Sumner ~ 16th march 2020

The true beginning of the time of Ascension on Gaia will take place with The Event. This was made clear to us via Cobra when he began his conferences in 2012. I am convinced that this is THE Meditation ~ the final worldwide meditation prior to The Event.

Let us show the entire Universe that the people of Earth are ready now for change. Cobra has made it clear that it will not be enough to gather the numbers necessary this time if we just focus on readers of his blog and affiliated ones, we need to find meditating spiritual groups worldwide who will join us.  

The Light Forces want to see how we can manifest unity now as a test to how we will be able to cope with the enormous transition that Compression Breakthrough will entail.



The Cabal Have Created the Perfect Scenario for The Event


Some Facts Right Now about Europe! 16th March 2020

Here in Sweden today authorities advise people not to travel at all unless necessary. All gatherings of over 500 people are stopped. TV shows now run without audiences, sporting events likewise. SAS has just ‘fired’ (temporarily) 90 % of its staff! Airports nearly empty except for foreign travellers leaving the country. They (SAS) say that they could not imagine the seriousness of the present situation some weeks ago even in a ‘worst case scenario.’ “The Scandinavian airline SAS revealed today that, as of tomorrow March 16, the airline will cut all flights aside from critical flights aimed at bringing home Scandinavians.”

Denmark and Norway have closed their borders today. These 2 countries have also closed schools. Millions of children now need someone at home to look after them ~ you figure it out.

Comments on Swedish tv about the dramatic measures taken by its neighbouring countries who do NOT have more infected cases than Sweden {Sweden 1030, Denmark 864, Norway 1,231} is believed to be overzealous reactions of politicians trying to look like they can be decisive leaders.

Spain as of today is in quarantine ~ the entire country! People are not allowed to go outside unless for work or to go shopping for food. Then they are advised to keep at least a metre away from other people. All cafes and restaurants are closed. All tourists (many charter tourists from Scandinavia) will be allowed to travel home, if they can get flights.

The number of confirmed cases in Spain today are 7798. It is said to be the hardest hit country after Italy.

In France Restaurants / Places people gather are also supposed to be closed, but some places don’t. France has 5423 cases.

Press to Enlarge Picture

Today Germany has closed its borders. The number of cases there are 5813 today.

“Germany to shut border with Denmark.
Germany has revealed that it has closed its border with Denmark effective 06:00 in the morning on March 16.

The Germans also revealed that borders with Austria, Switzerland and France will also be closed.”

The WHO has declared Europe to be the new epicentre of the global pandemic. In the Schengen border free zone of 26 countries many have shut their borders fully or partially to visitors over the coming weeks. 400 million EU citizens no longer have the right to free movement. This also affects tourists, businesspeople and foreign residents. The following article gives details from many countries.

Coronavirus: Some of These 24 European Countries Have Closed Their Borders to Tourists

Logistics at The Event

I’m sure that you like myself have considered the logistics of how things will be able to be coordinated at the time of The Event? You will no doubt, have considered the fact, that maybe some of your closest family members might just be away travelling when it takes place? Because we know that the ‘system’ will be down approximately 10 days, that would mean that people could potentially be separated for a longer period at a most ‘delicate’ time.

Suddenly now we have a situation where people are deciding not to travel at all! because that’s what’s recommended in Europe (unless absolutely necessary). All these huge restrictions have taken place in a matter of days!!!

The cabal have created this scenario, to be able to create police state situations worldwide. This would make it simpler for them to isolate us all and then vaccinate us all with some powerful biochips to control us. There is a vaccine now being quickly created with no time for trials – Dr Richard Hatchett told about this on a popular Swedish talk show – Skavlan a few days ago. He is leading the work to create the vaccine.

This is what Cobra told us on ‘End Time Madness Continues’ on Feb 28th’. “ Sources are claiming that this vaccine includes new, more powerful versions of biochips to control the surface population and that this is the real reason this virus was released in the first place, to pave the way for 5G / biochip / digital currency / social credit score / self-quarantine global New World Order dystopia.”

Some years ago, when Cobra was asked “how can we get more people to take part in meditations” he replied. “When the time comes that necessitates meditation people will meditate “.




Our Meditation on the 4/5 th April is the Final One Prior to The Event ~ Lets Do This

This Is What I Believe

1) I believe that the Allied Light Forces ON the surface e.g. Positive Military Worldwide, undercover Light Operatives in every important organisation worldwide etc. Allied Light Forces BELOW surface e.g. Galactic Confederation Bases, The Agarthans, The Resistance Movement Bases below surface etc. and SURROUNDING our planet The Galactic Confederation ships, Ashtar Command Ships, Jupiter Command, etc. are all now 100% synchronised in readiness for The Event.

2) I believe that this situation, which is growing by the hour, isolating people and preventing movement around the planet, will in fact be the perfect gift for the Allied Light Forces as we approach the moment of Compression Breakthrough.

3) I believe that people can bring out their best sides very easily in times of chaos. We are seeing clearly already how spontaneously people are taking control of supporting their fellow man in situations that arise now. Here in Sweden people are connecting on Facebook groups to provide support like shopping for food and necessities for old people confined at home without support etc. Yesterday I heard a well-known sports person whose season was now cancelled saying “now that we all have the time we must see what we can do for others in society in this time of crisis”.

4) Besides this present situation we are going to see that humanity will have to face the revelation of awful truths about the child trafficking / abuse, murder etc. taking place all over this globe by the elite satanic / luciferian groups. I believe that this must take place sometime after our meditation on 4-5th I truly believe that despite the shocked reactions worldwide this is something that will also unite humanity en masse. Depending upon the development of the present situation there may very well be restrictions or banning of demonstrations by people worldwide. I do not believe that people will give a damn about the law when this situation arises. The entire planet will be in agreement after these revelations have finally come forth. Humanity’s sadness and core felt disgust will create a consensus worldwide that it’s time for a BIG RADICAL CHANGE on this planet.

5) I believe that Divine Mother / Goddess hears every voice. When 85% of humanity is screaming in unison “we want change now” She will provide it! When everything is synchronised and safe, She will give the signal to everyone involved to begin the process.

Is The Event Already In Progress?


I have seen some comments that people are sharing about this being the case.

When The Event is in progress there is not a person alive that will not be aware of the fact! Yes, people are experiencing the rising of energies as we approach the Day and hearing stories of arrests taking place, CEO’s stepping down, etc. shows that we are indeed seeing signs of change. We know that the RM have been clearing out bases and saving caged children / teenagers in these sickening evil facilities. They will continue to do whatever preparation they deem necessary prior to Compression Breakthrough. So yes, things will be taking place from now on, on all levels but they won’t be advertised prior to the Day.


If you are wondering how you will know? then you need to go back and do some focused reading about The Event.


The Event {Posted April 2013}


Monday July 22nd 2019  ~ roll down page to #64

'Know Now That There Will Be A Peaceful Smooth Transition' # 52

This is a Re-Post from October 18, 2017  by Therese Zumi Sumner




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I Was Wrong! I Woke Up! The Truth is Beautiful. Thank God I Was Wrong!

by Therese Zumi Sumner

A light worker friend who helped me to do some translation of the Ascension / Corona Meditation info, to spread here in Sweden wondered if I’d seen a video about the ’End of the Cabal’? I had not, so she sent me a copy. I received the 3-hour long video some days ago and because of the length I took my time watching max 45 mins each time. This was all very well related and mostly reliable but very little of it was new information. Then, the last 40 minutes or so forced me to review my distrust in Q’anon and his connection with Trump. Could this really be true? Could Q’Anon really be the voice of JFK? Not John F but John John?

The truth is that I believed initially in this Q Anon. The little I had seen of initial info made sense. Then being an ‘outsider’ (not at all fully acquainted with US politics etc.) and not having the time to follow these thousands of messages, I have to admit that I have believed that the real Q might have been murdered and been replaced by a Jesuit mole who could glorify Donald Trump their ‘puppet’.

I wrote an article about D T that upset many readers of my work ~ #94. Cobra had been giving details about which people were influencing Trump mainly deep state controllers but also "positive factions within NSA and US Military also influence Trump to a certain degree." Also, in that article another quote from Cobra "QAnon leaks originate from the positive faction within NSA and are about 70% correct. Trump is NOT QAnon.

Never trust Jesuits and their wily manipulating ways of taking over something that the Light have created and then usurping that info for their own means. They have managed to infiltrate up to 80% of alternative websites. I have learned to be extremely cautious where Jesuits are concerned.

THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal

No matter how mad it gets in this End Time Madness! And it’s getting madder by the minute with close to police state type actions being taken in Norway, Denmark and Sweden because of a virus no worse than a common cold. {Swedish readers please note previous blog about situation in Sweden in Swedish.}

Maybe it’s all just perfect ~ think about it ~ I will be saying some more about this subject soon before our Meditation on the 4th 5th April.

Therese Z


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Pleiadian Ship London taken at time of Cobra conf. Febr 2013

What you need to hear! UFOs, Space News

TZ here; This is the latest message to subscribers of James Gilliland’s ranch ECETI ‘s newsletter. In the first paragraph here, James makes it clear that the vast majority of websites have had their information controlled by the cabal through infiltration and manipulation for many years. Here James is specifically focused upon information in the UFO community, but he also mentions the Spiritual community.

Both myself and Cobra have been warning time and time again about the infiltration in these communities by the Jesuits {who appear in every way, shape and form}. We have both used the number of 80% infiltration during the past 3 years’ time.

The photographs that I use on this update are 1) A Pleiadian ship flying over London at the time of a Cobra Conference there in February 2013. 2) One of a Pleiadian ship flying over Moscow on the day of the 1st Cobra conference in Europe in 2012.

What you need to hear! UFOs, Space News by James Gilliland

Congratulations you made it through the last major shifts of energy. The good news is another shift is coming in on the 18th through the 21st {March}. Although these shifts of energy are intense and at times extremely challenging they are a necessary component of the awakening and healing process. We have been extremely busy with plumbing repairs, winter cleanup, painting and remodeling along with the births of 13 new lambs. One today is walking backwards? All the white ones are males, the black and white ones are all female? Playing with the new born lambs watching them run and jump gives one a whole new perspective. We have had the pleasure of spending several days with Corey Goode filming the Accelerating Ascension series along with other shows. Get ready for some real bomb shells, nuclear in nature, that are going to shake up the Spiritual and UFO community. The Luciferian deep state has infiltrated and controlled the narrative within these communities especially the disclosure groups for years to the point where the narrative is now controlled, almost in it’s entirety. It began with the Rockefeller Initiative then grew from there with the same players backing the majority of the researchers, lecturers, and conferences who went along with their agenda. It’s going to get biblical.

Rockefeller Initiative 

Gaia TV's Top Presenter Confirms That it is a Corrupt and Luciferic Organization! His Resignation Letter in Full! — Steemit
Link -

ECETI has always maintained impeccable integrity throughout this infiltration and take over not succumbing to the temptations of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, most fell victim too or were willing participants in this takeover. It’s never too late to shift back to the light side of the fence.  There were some in the field of ufology that knowingly and willingly took their place as planned opposition, pointing the finger at the government for censorship and deception with one hand while the other was taking a check behind the back. I found it odd those who profess no New World Order often had card carrying CFR members and shills on their boards. Any question why ECETI and others who are authentic have been black balled. It has never been about truth, education or contact. It is about profit, entertainment, and controlling the narrative.

Pleiadian Ship near Moscow First Day of 1st Cobra conference Europe 2012

We ask the question why we do not have contact and why the off-world visitors are not contacting the main players? Why do the main players not have any information as to who they are, why they are hear, what are their cultures, their technologies? The answer is simple, they have not met the requirements for contact. They do not have an open mind, loving heart and pure intentions. Their come from is all wrong. Those participating in the controlled narrative cover-up are the problem, not the solution and the controlled narrative agenda is to suppress and censor legitimate verifiable contact. Many claiming contact often have no evidence, just a story often in need of attention. Others continue to tell stories over 60 years old. Keeping it in the past, nuts and bolts, far away sightings are the tools of the censors. Major shows covering aliens ancient and now are for entertainment and profit always keeping the questions unanswered. They stay within the confines of the controlled narrative.

{TZ here; In case anyone is getting the thoughts that James might be attacking someone like David Wilcock here, I have to say that that would not make any sense at all as David’s shows have served to awaken hundreds of thousands of people. Also, David’s work alongside Corey Goode have served to bring the discussion of truth so much further.}

There are also attention seeking trolls and detractors trying to make a name for themselves with their Ad hominem attacks and character assassinations all of which establishes their own ignorance and character.  Lately there is a group I refer to as Luci’s Angels, who are given a platform, promised fame and paid to attack those who are authentic by known Luciferian organizations. Follow the money and connect the dots. They attack your character viciously with such vile and venom then scream victim when you call them out on the lies and deceptions. What is even more ridiculous is some claim they are enlightened, Masters, Sensei, or following Jesus?

I can just see Jesus in some basement at a computer spreading lies and gossip all day. can’t you? It is hard to believe they cannot see the paradox and what does that have to do with creating heaven on Earth, Jesus or any other Master? I will let you in on a little secret. Contact comes with enlightenment. It is an internal process and you have been deceived by all the external distractions and false messiahs. Those who are empowering you to heal, awaken, make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection are the ones we need to listen too. Those who are humble, not ego driven, competitive seeking acceptance and approval outside of self. Those creating Unity rather than division. The higher consciousness and energy coming in will reveal all of this, bring it all to the surface. The phrase the Emperor Has No Clothes will be the theme at many of the major conferences in the days to come. The true motives and agendas will also be revealed. Enjoy the show.  

Contact comes with enlightenment. This message is to empower you to have your own personal contact with Source and the Beautiful Many servants of Source which includes spiritually and technologically advanced Off World and Ultradimensional Beings.

James Gilliland




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Rainbow Snake ~ Press Photo to Enlarge

Rainbow Snake Seen in Florida’s Ocala National Forest for First Time Since 1969


By Therese Zumi Sumner

The snake is truly a perfect symbol of the Ascension process. The kundalini energy situated at the base of the spine is depicted as a coiled sleeping snake. As this energy begins moving up the spine it brings us on a transformational journey, it carries us forward on the path of enlightenment and ultimately Ascension.

So, what could be better news right now that this seeming extinct snake suddenly turning up after not being seen for 50 years!!!  

American Indian totem animal experts describe the snake totem meaning as being about transformation. It signifies rebirth and transmutation. ... The snake symbolism is also about healing.

Snake is very powerful to have as a guide. It is the guardian of sacred places and the keeper of concealed knowledge.

Snake is a powerful animal guide, a symbol of transformation and healing. The snake is wisdom expressed through healing. This is a protector and guardian. If snake has come into your life, your creative forces are awakening. Your intuition will strengthen and be more accurate.

Snakes / serpent’s power includes – Being the messenger of the Rainbow Serpent, wisdom, healing, initiation, elusiveness, manipulation of lightning, transmutation, exploration of the mysteries of life, primitive or elemental energy, protection from religious persecution, goddess energy, psychic energy, creative power, immortality and the connection to, or forming, the magic cord by which the shaman travels to the soul world. Snake medicine is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, that all is one.

To read more this link is one of the sources of the above facts;

Snake Symbolism & Meaning

Rainbow Snake Seen in Florida

PS: this might also help those unaware of these facts to understand more deeply the choice of Cobra for the codename for our friend Cobra also short for the moment of total transformation / transmutation of everything that is wrong on this planet, coming our way in the not too distant future,  namely COmpression BReAkthrough / The Event.


Article  159 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Some Comments on Ascension Timeline Meditation 4/5 April 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner

5th March 2020

Please share this comment far and wide! 🙏

I was going to write an introduction to this update from Cobra and then a light worker friend sent me a comment from Cobra’s comment section on The Portal. I will be adding that comment here. In principle it says what I had intended to say, and indeed says what I have been saying, every time we have gathered and harnessed the unbelievable power that we have, that we OWN together, to affect change. Each of these attempts have brought us so much further, we have had such amazing results.

Anyone with eyes to see can now see the chaos and fear ‘they’ have created worldwide by this C virus. On top of that we now have more than 1 million displaced refugees who are fleeing for their lives for the third time since this war in Syria began. 80% of them are women and children. No matter what problems we have in our lives they are NOTHING compared to the situation for these people and the meditation we do four hourly to SEE them being supplied with heaters (snowing there) mattresses, food and water, blankets etc. is paramount. I just heard that they have not been able to reach many people yet.

We are doing this Ascension Timeline meditation on April 4/5th to bring an end to the chaos and CREATE a sense of COMMUNITY among people in readiness for total change.

We want to collectively shift the timeline we are in BACK INTO THE OPTIMAL TIMELINE FOR planetary liberation. ITS THAT SIMPLE.

We need everyone doing their utmost to spread information about this meditation.

Maybe this is the ‘calling’ that you have been waiting for to play your role to affect change. There are so many wonderful spiritual groups of people doing regular meditation. You might have contact with one of them? Cobra says that if a leader of any such group would be interested in joining this meditation, they can write to him and he will give them the details they need. Who can you contact? T
hey can contact .

Mother {SHE GIVES THE FINAL SIGNAL TO ‘GO’} will be checking out the level of unity that we can display this time. She wants the calmest possible transition to a new society and that entails people working TOGETHER. Some years ago, at our unity meditation we managed to reach more than twice critical mass. Then there were other groups joining us and posting about the meditation.

So, think hard? What can YOU DO to affect the balancing of this timeline so that we can be ready for The Event as soon as possible? Every single movement in the right direction - towards unity and loving communication is important. Even if you just enthuse one more person to take part it’s important.

Here is the comment made by someone in response to many negative comments on The Portal in the last few days after Cobra gave the information about this very important meditation. {Any highlighting of words with darkened or bigger text is by yours truly and not the author of the comment. However CAPITOL letters have been used by the author}

Sacred Architect 5D =  Name used by author of comment.

Ok, can I be the voice of reason here for a moment? So many who post on this blog want a "button" pushed and then expect everything to be magically in order. Has anyone considered the LOGISTICS required to mobilize goods, supplies, resources, healing devices, etc. etc. to Millions or Billions of people and explain the presence of Alien Civilizations AFTER the Event occurs? This will require serious COOPERATION on the part of many people globally! The reason Cobra said this is a "test" is to see how well we work together on a simple thing such as a group meditation. If we can't do that how are going to calm and mobilize entire COUNTRIES and MILLIONS/BILLIONS of people? The ET's can just show up after they press the reset button or there could be mass panic. That means WE have to be ready to step in and assist which will require major Cooperation and group effort.

The majority of comments here so far do NOT show any type of willingness for the most part to simply participate in the meditation and are actually showing disrespect in both tone and insinuation. By stating you are unwilling to participate in the meditation you are showing the Light Forces you are unwilling to cooperate in other matters. I understand people are frustrated but you are missing the larger picture and there is never any excuse to be disrespectful (to one another or the Light Forces). Would you be motivated to help someone who continues to blast you with unkind words and accusations?

To everyone reading this blog: We need to realize that in order to ASCEND as a collective to this wonderful 5D world we all dream of that MEDITATION and COOPERATION are how we get there. How do you think all of these other civilizations ascended??? It was NOT by dissension, complaining, being uncooperative or using disrespectful words. Those are all low vibrational behaviours and energies that we MUST overcome.

Why is it so hard for everyone to understand that GROUP MEDITATION with a SINGULAR FOCUSED INTENTION is how we break through the matrix??? The reason we haven't fully broken through yet is not enough people will do this SIMPLE thing! Yet they spend so much energy telling everyone that they're not going to do it. This is incredible to me and I don't understand this response. It's 20 Minutes out of your life on a very powerful astrological day! What is the problem in doing this?

Do this many people really not understand the power of GROUP FOCUS???

It is more powerful than anything the Light Forces could ever do IF we get enough people to do it at the same moment!

Until enough (people) understand and embrace this concept, things will be delayed.

If you don't understand the power of group meditation, please watch the movie "Avatar"! Everything they accomplished was through group meditation and cooperation, even transferring the consciousness of someone into a new body!

We haven't even BEGUN to embrace group meditation on the scale needed. That is what Cobra is trying to relate to us all. As for his "wording" English is not his first language so we should understand that and not attach inflammatory meanings to his words that are incorrect.

Finally.....instead of continuing to envision the worst possible scenarios such as "no one will participate, they're just too unconscious" why don't we start to focus on the BEST possible scenario where in our personal meditations we see Millions joining us on April 4th and then reach out and contact those with larger followings? We can create this with our intentions.


Reply from Cobra
Cobra March 4, 2020 at 11:47 AM

"Perfectly said."


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Tuesday, March 3, 2020


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long, and the current timeline is not going in the best direction. Here is our chance to collectively shift the timeline back into our optimal timeline for planetary liberation. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will solidify the optimal Ascension timeline for the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Post it on your websites and blogs! If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

However, this time, only people following my blog will not be enough. We need a more worldwide cooperation with more large influencers involved.

This activation is a test for the surface population whether it will be able to manifest unity or not. The Light Forces will be monitoring the level of cooperation and will use that as one of the determining factors for the immediate future plans for the Event.

There are many spiritual leaders with large following and I sincerely hope they would like the coronavirus to be erased and that they would like the planet to shift into the most positive timeline. If they wish to join this meditation, they can contact .

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Age of Aquarius closer to us:

Ascension Timeline Meditation

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to completely remove the coronavirus, to help removing all the fear this epidemic has created, to counteract all plans dark forces had with triggering this epidemic, and to help shifting the planetary evolution back into the most positive Ascension timeline that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up this process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

We will be doing this meditation in the exact moment of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th which will be the first moment when a truly powerful energy of Age of Aquarius will hit the surface of the planet:

We will be doing this meditation at 10:45 pm EDT on April 4th in New York. This equals 9:45 pm CDT in Chicago, 8:45 pm MDT in Denver and 7:45 pm PDT in Los Angeles. Europe and Asia will already have April 5th at the moment of the activation, which will be 3:45 am BST in London, 4:45 am CEST in Paris, 4:45 am EET in Cairo, 10:45 am CST in Taipei and Beijing, 11:45 am JST in Tokyo and 12:45 pm AEST in Sydney.
You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to shift the planet into the most optimal timeline and as a tool to completely remove the coronavirus.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining coronavirus on Earth, disinfecting all infected areas on the planet, healing all patients, removing all fear associated with this epidemic and restoring stability.

5. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, shifting away from all epidemics, away from all wars, away from all global domination. Visualize white, pink, blue and golden Light healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity.

Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.
Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Updates about the Ascension Timeline Meditation:


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Endtime Madness Continues

Friday, February 28, 2020

Last week, when it became clear that China is winning over Coronavirus, the dark force Zionist agents have released three new different genetically modified strains of the virus, different from Wuhan strain, in key strategic areas.
First one, in South Korea into a controversial cult whose leader claims to be an incarnation of Jesus who will take 144,000 people to heaven:

Second one, among top level of Iranian government:

Third one, near Milan in Italy to suppress Goddess Vortexes in Northern Italy and facilitate spread across Europe:

Therefore we are including all those three areas in our main meditation to stop the virus:

Special meditation for Italy is still active and very much needed:

Despite the indices that life in Italy appears to be going back to normal:

While the cintamani grid in the most infected areas in Italy is now successfuly completed, we need cintamani stones in Qom and other places in Iran, and Daegu and other places in  South Korea, to be planted as soon as possible.

Anybody located in or near those cities willing to assist can contact for instructions.

More and more evidence is surfacing that 5G networks severely compromise the immune system and are the main reason for higher mortality rate (4%) in Wuhan:

Now, Israeli scientists say they will have the vaccine ready in a few weeks:

Sources are claiming that this vaccine includes new, more powerful versions of biochips to control the surface population and that this is the real reason this virus was released in the first place, to pave the way for 5G / biochip / digital currency / social credit score / self-quarantine global New World Order dystopia.

On top of that, conflict between Turkey and Russia is escalating:

With thousands of refugees about to be released into Europe from Turkey:

A new mass meditation has been created to deal with this situation:

All this madness is the final purification of darkness before the breakthrough.

Victory of the Light!


Article  156 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


URGENT ~ Meditation to help bringing peace and necessities to refugees in Idlib, Syria

Update on February 28th: Post updated to reflect the latest development. Meditation instructions have also updated to include Russia.

Military conflict between the Turkish and Syrian armies is still ongoing in Idlib in northwestern Syria.

However, this conflict is now advancing into areas with the highest concentrations of people, with the vast majority of them women and children. This is becoming the biggest humanitarian crisis and the biggest refugee exodus since the start of conflicts in Syria in 2011.

The number of people who have fled their homes in terror since 1 December 2019 is 700,000 and counting. International reports suggest up to one million internally displaced persons are now surging toward the Turkish border.

On the other hand, these refugees in Idlib need to cope with the harsh winter condition. They don't have enough heaters, blankets, mattresses, and food to get through the freezing weather. Many civilians, including tragically many children, are dying as a result. The situation is getting critical, which can be seen in the short video below:



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Dream Vision of Galactic Fleets in our Atmosphere

by Maria Nesa

TZ here; A reminder that we truly do need to stay in our centre 💗 now and avoiding getting involved physically, emotionally or mentally in the endtime madness.

Let's attempt in every way to rise above all of the fear porn.
What we give our energy to increases in strenght.

So with that in mind lets focus on where we are going in every way we can.

We can focus on the beauty that we see around us and fill our hearts up with beauty in whatever way that we find inspiring ~ joyful. We are on our way towards a time when beauty will expand ~ explode on this beautiful planet and here I am not merely hinting about Spring 🌱 🎋 🍀 in the northeren hemisphere.

Lets begin to anchor that beauty in our daily lives in whatever way we can. Spending time in nature. Visiting beautiful places, like garden centres, botanaical gardens, art galleries and other places that inspire us to remain in that space. Having flowers and beautiful things around us in our homes. Focus on joyful creativity of all kinds. And here Maria's dream and inspiring thoughts.

Dear Ones

Dreamtime visions are increasing.

This morning I had a clear and vivid dream of driving in a car. As I looked up towards the sky, I saw a ship of golden colors hovering right above the lower clouds in the atmosphere.

There are many space crafts in our atmosphere within the Astral and Etheric plane now.

Many ships are cloaked and will reveal themselves when the moment is right.

They are from many divisions within the Galactic Fleet that is here to aid our planet in Peace.

My awareness was drawn to the sky more and as I looked around, more ships revealed themselves to me.

I saw many different kinds of ships in our atmosphere that was many different sizes and shapes.

Many of these ships are on a higher dimensional frequency and can be revealed to all when humanity is in a higher state of frequency. The aim is for all to raise their vibration on the surface of the planet. This will probably occur at the time of the event.

Once the collective consciousness is on a vibration that radiates Love, Joy, Kindness, Peace and Light, all on the planet will be able to make this connection and receive similar experiences that will enhance life for all.

If you are so guided, you may take a few moments each day to feel a deep sense of Peace within and find ways in your daily life to increase your vibration.

It is time for us to soon greet our Galactic Neighbors in Joy and Peace.

They are eager to land, to greet all on the surface of the planet and to assist and aid humanity with The Golden Age where there will be freedom, prosperity and abundance for all.

Even if there is chaos out there, it is recommended to stay in your center, breathe and remain calm.

In Love and Light

Maria Nesa…/dream-vision-of-galac…


Article  154 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

Quantum fluctuation is a random energy field....

Notes from Taipei Ascension Conference from November 30th to December 1st 2019 

2/21/2020 06:48:00 pm 

Below is a note being taken during The Taipei Ascension Conference which was held between November 30th and December 1st, 2019. The note was written by members of the We Love Mass Meditation Admin Team who attended the conference.

Disclaimer: This note is a personal interpretation of what Cobra said at the conference, such interpretation may NOT correctly reflects what Cobra actually meant to said at the conference. Only 50% of the conference materials have been written down. Cobra has given approval for the following note to be published. This disclaimer MUST BE INCLUDED if you want to share this note on your blog, website or other platforms.

Day 1

First part 

Planet Earth is a jail. 25,000-26,000 years ago, one precessional cycle ago, many huge sectors of the galaxy were liberated. Only a small section of Galaxy, comprising of less than 1,000 lightyears, remained in the grip of the dark forces. Most of them were gathered in this sector of the galaxy. There were two headquarters – Rigel and Earth. This was a custom zone, the border. The Orion overlords, the Orion fleet was patrolling this system. They welcomed only the dark forces (Dracos).

The Light forces kept some bases on the Moon, on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede and in the Kuiper belt. In certain key moments, some physical people were contacted by them: Jean d’Arc, Templars, Middle East, the founding fathers of America, etc.

Vaccinations (obligatory in Congo for example) open your energy field for reptilian entities to enter your body.  Earth is a multilayered prison. It is not easy to disable it, it takes time to deconstruct it. We are deconstructing this prison for the first time in human history.

In the time period of 1993/94/95, many star systems were liberated. Planet Earth was meant to be liberated too. The dark forces decided to move their headquarters to Earth and surrendered Orion to the Light forces. Since 1996 the process of liberation accelerated drastically. The dark forces did not expect that the intel will come out. Information is power.

Details into physics – we will go deeper into details than ever before:

The Primary anomaly: it is opposite of sense

The Source= full of harmony, of everything positive.

This opposition… The Primary anomaly exists as physical (note: phenomena)

Nobody understood the primary anomaly because it doesn’t make sense. There is a strong potential between the primary anomaly and Source. This energy potential, the tension between Source and the primary anomaly, created the universe. We entered into this as Source to transform the primary anomaly. Every time we began to be conscious of the primary anomaly, we dissolved it. In terms of physics, this is the field which exists as a quantum fluctuation field. The quantum field around the Earth is an energy vortex, a quantum hole. 

Atomic explosions not only create the chain reactions on an atomic scale but also cause distortions in the quantum field. The dark forces created dark portals with many such explosions. In January 1996 there were 200 explosions in the plasma field, enough to create a negative portal to bring all of Orion’s primary anomaly in. Quantum fluctuation is a random energy field. It exists even in vacuum; vacuum is full of quantum potential, which can be used for good or for bad. This is the picture of this field: {See above left}

The Light forces are bringing Light to the quantum field. The quantum field is influenced by our consciousness – by our mass meditations. The same coherent focused intent changes the quantum field. We have changed the destiny of this planet with our meditations. We have prevented many negative things from happening, we changed the timelines many times, even maybe (prevented the third world war - unclear)… that we are still alive. But we need to have a unified field and not let division and separation, which were implemented by the dark forces, to divide us. Mass meditations are very important, they produce a coherent field to change the timelines and… Only our consciousness can transform what is happening on the planet. Each time we reach critical mass, we achieve a huge victory. We need to continue with this process within a unified field. “Quantum field is the key to liberation.”
Plasma is still almost under complete control of the reptilians.

Avatar is an ascended being who does not incarnate. 

Second part

The structure of the quarantine
The structure of the quarantine is described in the secret gnostic teachings:
“The seven concentric spheres around our Earth are "the seats of the Archons who collectively rule over the world [as] wardens of the cosmic prison" (ibid, p.43). More than a few Wanderers and other sensitive souls have had the same idea, in the same terms as depicted here and in the movie Matrix. That film, by the way, is an extremely Gnostic presentation.” ~2000 years old gnostic teachings

Defense layers

  • The innermost layer is the surface of the planet. This is the area around human beings. Each and every human has been implanted. The radius of 30 meters is the innermost sphere of the quarantine, of the cosmic anomaly. This is a spherical toroidal field which rotates and emanates the plasma anomaly. Those implants are connected to each other through plasma filaments. 11th dimension – filaments that connect plasma. Each filament is actually a flow of top quark particles. They are the tunnels of Set. They are keeping the global consciousness in a certain energy field. The mass meditations are the most effective thing for dissolving this field. 
  • The second layer extends up to 14 kilometers (8.6 miles), it is full of Reptilians on the plasma plane. There are billions upon billions upon billions of reptilians, watching people and jumping them. 
  • The third layer extends up to 220 kilometers – it is also full of negative entities, but there are fewer of them. 
  • The fourth layer extends from the surface to the Moon. 
  • Actually, there is one more layer, the 5th layer, but I will not be talking about this. 

Each layer is more dense towards the surface.

A picture of the solar system [is being shown to us at the conference]

Voyager 2

All the satellites are moving around just a little above the Earth's surface.
That’s the sharp inner edge of the plasma anomaly.

The dark network was completed in 1996. The main representation of the Chimera group is the spiders, they are controlling the grid: picture of the Earth with spiders.

The octopus (Yaldoboath) is almost dissolved. Spiders are a maximum of few kilometers wide, the bigger ones are gone already

On the surface of the planet, you have Dracos incarnated in space programs, in Air Force Space Command to prevent positive ET contacts. The purpose of military bases is to monitor the skies and check for any extraterrestrial activity.

A picture of the network of military bases 

Another network is the HAARP network (picture)
This is an extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation network, created to prevent any spaceships from landing.

Toplet bombs

Basic Physics:

A picture of an atomic nucleus; an up quark, neutron, and a down quark

Strong nuclear force keeps those quarks together so that matter exists. Ordinary physical matter – different elements are made from different numbers of protons and neutrons. Mass is a waveform, a wave in the quantum field. Up and down quarks are not the only quarks in the universe. We have also other quarks named charm and strange quarks, which are heavier. If you use force (high speed, high pressure, high heat, high electromagnetic force) you get those strange quarks. If you put them together you get a strangelet bomb, very small, but very efficient. They react and begin to eat all down quarks, first slowly, but then the process accelerates. Theoretically, they could eat up all of the universe in a chain reaction.

Top quarks eat strange matter and ordinary matter. Primary anomaly is distorting the quantum field and the Light forces are not able to deal with those bombs. All matter of this planet would be transformed into a black hole the size of two halls (the hall we were in during the conference).

The Light forces have a protocol to dissolve this. The progress they’re making is quite nice. They had resolved the issue with strangelet bombs and now they are dealing with toplet bombs.

Picture of the toplet (charm and bottom quarks are transformed into toplet quarks) 

LHC – Large Hadron Collider cannot do much. The one on Long Island is more dangerous.

Chimera has had enormous colliders, which they transported to Earth 25,000 years ago and between 1996 and 1999, the physical ones are being removed. Plasma colliders are still here and are in the process of removal.

Most scientists do not understand what they are doing with colliding those nuclear cores.

False Vacuum Metastability Event 

Regular matter (the world that we know)

Dark world to eat up the whole universe

Metastability means that cosmic stability can change.

Vacuum Metastability Event means that all darkness can become Light or all Light becomes darkness.

Syntrophic equation (an advanced Pleiadian theory)

Pleiadian quantum physics reveals that …. determine the “plank unit”

They’ve discovered a vector equation that determines the flow of time. Time is a vector, which was established through the interaction between the primary anomaly and Source.

Pleiadians can determine and understand the flow of time. They discovered that time passes in one direction, from past to future. They’ve discovered the irreversibility of this time process. What has been created once, cannot be removed. They can direct timelines from dark to Light universe. The flow of timelines is ingrained in the basic structure of the universe. The dark universe will be evaporated. When? The free will of the key people will make it slower or faster. It is easy to calculate the time vector of for example Hilary Clinton. There are only a few people on the planet who are unpredictable, on both sides. When the dark forces decided …

2011 – Orion to be liberated (plan)
2003 – Orion liberated
1999 – Earth liberated (plan)

The defeat of the dark forces is a mathematical certainty. The Pleiadians know the equation. The only thing they don’t know is when, because the free will of the key players is the key.

Le Comte de Saint Germain


The big transition of our universe, which is affecting our lives directly, is ending the old cycle of 13 billion years. The universe will begin to contract again. We are in the middle of the pause between breaths. “Soon” means different things. A new cosmic cycle is the moment when the Source sends its pulse into the middle of the toroidal field (the universe is a torus), which has no center, this toroidal field is in constant movement… The pulse goes through the center, gets filtered through the cosmic stargate, like a very strong wind which cleanses everything at the atomic level. This change does not reach all areas at the same moment. It is very similar to what happens at the magnetic polar shift or what is happening with our Sun right now. One part of the Sun is in the new cycle, another is still in the old cycle. All this is happening all over the universe. A new cycle is the cycle of paradise without any anomaly. This reality exists already now in some parts of the universe, the energy is already detectable.
After the toplet bombs are removed, this process will accelerate, it will be a surprise for everyone. People will not be ready and will go through a process of shock. The only way to get there is going through this shock. Now we are only in the preparation process. Things are getting real; the scientists and central bankers are speaking about it. They will talk about Pleiadian quantum physics. This is pure panic for the dark forces.

On January 21st, 2019, there was a breakthrough with the Return of Light Activation. The Cosmic Central Race has responded because they found a coherent signal. They’ve sent their representatives to Earth. They are instructing other Light forces. They have solved some things which were unsolvable, there are big things happening behind the scenes. They are coordinating all the fleets – Jupiter-, Ashtar-, Atlantis command, Galactic Confederation, Pleiadians, etc.; they are coordinating the energy grid around the planet. There were some big dangers in 2017 (?), there was a very dangerous moment when the toplet bombs were triggered but then they were prevented from exploding by the Light forces. This situation is much better than it was a year ago.

There are big changes happening in the world’s financial centers (London – Brexit, Hong kong – 4th biggest financial centeredness of the world). If you affect the quantum field, you affect the plasma. If you have a critical mass of Cintamani stones placed, like in 2017 when Hurricane Irma was about to hit the US. Cintamanis buried + mass meditation + 2 tachyon chambers in Florida and Irma was downgraded to category 2 and 1 in a span of a few hours.

Question: Where to burry Cintamanis in Australia?
Answer: In the main cities: Sidney, Brisbane,.. + special places like the Great Reef, Uluru Lightning Ridge.

Question: Does time still exist in the higher realms?
Answer: Yes, in a different way, the perception of time is changed.

The Great Central Sun

The Dog Star Sirius is a focus point of the Great Central Sun in our center of the galaxy.

The Flower of Life 

The Flower of Life is the basic sacred geometry of space-time continuum.

Torus is actually liquid crystal.

The Flower of Life is actually an interlocked hexagram. It is the most positive structure of space and time emanating Light, which aligns everything in harmony. Light forces are using this structure everywhere. We are aligning with the cosmic Flower of Life. The 144,000 are the resonance field of the Flower of Life in the quantum field of the planet. Also, our individual body is aligned and arranged in Flower of Life pattern. It can be a tool for your ascension body. Cintamani stones put on the ley lines are transforming reality. You can even position your group in the Flower of Life pattern. This presents the birth of a New Atlantis energy grid. A subproject of the New Atlantis project is tachyonized cintamani stones put on Flower of Life locations, this way we really influence the energy of those places. The other tool is to put tachyonized Flower of Life patterns everywhere, use common sense.

St. Germain has been working for hundreds of years on this project of the New Atlantis. Below is his best picture available on this planet: {picture here above left}

This tachyonized picture is available to purchase. {Le Comte de Saint Germain}

He asked us to bring a certain stone of his awareness to the planet – violet flame tachyonized amethyst stones. Tachyonized amethyst stones of 10 kg pieces will be available to purchase.

Event Support Groups and Sisterhood of the Rose groups are asked to do the Violet Flame Meditation purifying the surface of the planet when the Event happens, visualizing the violet flame descending from above in an anticlockwise rotation downward to the center of the Earth, cleansing all chaos, cleansing the whole planet.

The end of the first day. 

Day 2

First part

The planetary Reset 

There is going to be a slight change in the program. Depending on the acceptance of the group, new intel is going to be released at the beginning to start a certain process.

A picture of the future – this is how the future will look like for those who will stay on the planet. Planet Earth will be home to the most advanced beings on the planet.

In the last 25,000 years, every possible criminal was welcomed to this planet. Planet Earth is supposed to be a sacred planet, in perfect harmony between technology and nature aligned with our spiritual purpose.

Our dragon friends have some interesting things to say.

Afterward, there was a presentation of the Light Mandalas by the representatives of the company in Thailand: (comment from the author of these notes)

Light mandala

Light Mandala crystals produce harmonizing light fields. Pulsing light is creating a shield protection.

  1. A mandala wand: produces thousands of different frequencies; 6 lasers: 2 red, 2 violets, scalar field antenna, periodic table of elements, libraries of frequencies; it has a screen that can be connected to a smartphone. 
  2. An element activator: made of pure silica (shifting from carbon to silica during the ascension process), achieving a state of superconductivity, another purpose is also as a crystal activator – it amplifies the crystal energy. It is also a water activator, it has 90/180 prisms. 
  3. A harmonizer: this is a joint work between the Light Mandala and the Siberian scientists. It uses sound, light and the magnetic field. It creates a shield to protect us against all kinds of interferences. It has the potential of transmitting energy, creating an antiaging field in your personal space – projecting a vibrational resonance of the object into space. 

Cobra continues:

During the last 25,000 years, human society was not stable because it was based on principles of suppression. This suppression causes a certain tension – this is a force, a vector. This is an unstable system and because of this, it can only exist for a certain amount of time. It is the same as the principle of boiling water. The Galactic Central Sun is adding energy to the system. The dark forces are trying to block these energies with different technologies, like HAARP for example. The energy is entering on a quantum level and adding kinetic energy to the system. The dark ones cannot influence this process. Everything is happening faster and faster; things were moving as fast as they are now in the 18th century for example. This energy is heating up everything. They (dark forces) cannot control the quantum field, every time you try to change something, it reflects back. All that drama accelerates the general drama even further. The daily rhythm is very (fast?)…

When we reach the 3rd phase, things will be visible externally in the society, in the media. We are close to the third phase.

The author’s commentary: Cobra is speaking about the phase transition: 

More explanation is available here: 

How systems collapse 

These are the symptoms which appear before the crash: 

  1. End time madness 
  2. The polarization of society 
  3. Climate doomsday, global warming scam 
  4. Transgenderism 
  5. Financial instability 

The same things appeared before – before the collapse of Roman society and the French revolution.

A picture of crisis trajectory: 

The yellow movement in France was triggered by the kundalini activation on the surface by the Resistance Movement. The dark forces burned Notre Dame out of revenge.

Why are there suddenly so many protests around the world? Because the Galactic Central Sun is triggering the kundalini energies of the surface population and because the dark forces are enforcing even more control and suppression. The crisis is rising exponentially. A breakthrough happens when the kundalini force of the people equals the amount of suppression by the cabal.

The New financial system 

The Secret space program (SSP) – history – funding

The purpose of the SSP was to set a stage for the draconian/reptilian takeover of the planet. It started in 1934 with the confiscation of privately owned gold through the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. With the victory of the allied forces, the Draconians settled for a more covert approach.

The Yamashita gold was spent on building the underground military bases. The Draconian invasion was planned for the year 2000. The population was used as a slave force to build the Draco empire. The USA is spending one trillion dollars every year on SSP.

Sidenote: Cobra also mentioned that the Earth's core contains diamonds (made up of about 50% - 90% of the core) and it's about the size of the moon.

Japanese general Yamashita moved the gold to the Philippines. That gold was later relocated to the USA, put in the secret trading programs and went directly to SSP. It was used for building the underground bases which were used in 1996 for the Draco invasion.

After WWII that gold was transported to the USA. In 1971 president Nixon decoupled gold from money, so the system could be manipulated. The transition from paper money to digital computer money was happening during the 1970s and 1980s, centralized with the main computer in New York, in JP Morgan headquarters. The Organization hacked the mainframe computer in 1977 and took hundreds of dollars for their own project. They contacted the Andromedans. That was the initial phase. Later the Resistance Movement (RM) developed quantum computers. Quantum computers are not exactly computers, they are more like simulators. Quantum computers can influence the quantum field. You can put certain impulses into the quantum field and the quantum field shapes according to those impulses. Quantum computers can hack into anything. The RM hacked the financial system many years ago and they can, when everything is ready (when toplet bombs are cleared and the surface population gets ready), just press the button and the financial system is theirs.

The crash of the financial system is inevitable because we have two main forces: the controllers and the controlled.

The uncertainty of the financial system

Graph (Soviet Union Collapse – 9/11 – 2008 Lehman brothers – Brexit – September 2019) 

November 11th, 2019 – The Silver Trigger 

In September 2019 the central bankers began to panic. The situation in the last few months has led to the point when one central bank does not trust other central banks anymore.

Usually, they lent money to each other, now they will not do it anymore, because most of them are on the verge of bankruptcy. They don't trust each other anymore. In September 2019 the Federal Reserve had to intervene. Otherwise, the system would have collapsed two months ago. The Zionists and the Rothschilds don’t want a crash, they are afraid of the financial collapse because they are not trusting their overlords anymore, who promised them, that at the time of the collapse they’ll take them to the underground bases. They’ve been lied to that they will be saved. The Jesuits want the crash to happen, but on their own terms, creating digital money (cryptocurrency) – You would pay through the central banks with your phone; there would be no more bank accounts or physical cash. The financial crash has to happen but within the terms of the Light Forces.

All of them (bankers) are talking only about this (the financial crash). Some of them, who are not connected too much with the cabal, are advising people to buy gold, this is public advice to people, which are warning people about the crash. More and more signs of this crash will coincide with the Event. The RM will take over the computer system. Banks will be closed for 1 to 2 weeks.

The signs of the Event are now in the mainstream media as bankers are speaking about this.

7 defense layers – key – (?)

The Black dragon dynasty – the Ming dynasty. One part of this family went to Japan and is tied to the Green dragons who contacted Nazis.

Question: White dragon society?
Answer: One of the most important missions of this dragon family is to cut off the financial sources of the cabal. White dragons have been very successful in some of those operations. 

To continue reading these notes role down to the following words ~ more than two-thirds of the page link ~

Part 2

The Age of Aquarius

The year of 2020 – Stargate ......................


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Endtime Madness Update

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The coronavirus scare has manged to keep a large part of human population in fear and a large proportion of China under quarantine.

Having so many people quarantined has enabled the Light Forces to completely clear all plasma Chimera spiders and all other Chimera entities from the non-physical planes.

Now the Light Forces are removing all remaining plasma Archon, Draco, Reptilian and other entities with full speed and when such a large proportion of Chinese population stays at home, this not only prevents the spread of coronavirus, but also the spread of plasma entities which are now effectively being starved out in China, leading to a chain reaction of entity removal on a planetary scale, never experienced before.

The spread of coronavirus follows a sigmoid (logistic) curve:

and is already beginning to peter out.

Chinese expert Zhong Nanshan is expecting the peak of the outbreak in mid or late February, and the infection to be over by April:

Prediction model from JP Morgan yields a similar result, with the infection peaking in a few weeks: {see figure 3 left here}

One of the more effective ways to deal with the coronavrus infection is vitamin C:
And lots of clean, fresh air:
Pleiadians have developed a new protocol for virus removal that can help people in the infected areas, primarily in Hubei province in China, but also elsewhere on the planet.
If you know, feel, or fear that you have contracted the virus, or would like to disinfect the area around you, you can repeat three times in your mind.
Command RCV stardust”.
The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to help remove the virus. This new protocol is still in development and is limited in its efficiency and the Pleiadians are asking for feedback. Those who will use this protocol, are welcome to report its effects in the comment section on my blog where this article is posted. Please be aware that this protocol is NOT a substitute for medical treatment.
Our mass meditation every 4 hours can help the situation also, and you are encouraged to participate:
In most areas of the planet the coronavirus infection can be compared to a bad flu, with coronavirus mortality rate worldwide outside of Hubei province being 0.6 percent , and worldwide common flu mortality rate being 0.1 percent.
In Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak, the mortality rate is still around 3% due to high number of cases who can not get proper medical treatment as there are simply not enough hospitals and medical personnel.

Apart from that, situation in Wuhan is not as bad as many media outlets would like to portray. Here is a report from Wuhan from my sources on February 6th: See text direct to the left  + just following here on the left.

Some alternative media are spreading false information about “population culling” in China. This is what my sources from Wuhan had to say about this on February 11th:

{Text directly to the left here}

But, Chinese government is still trying to hide the existence of its military bioweapons program in Wuhan that is the source of this coronavirus:


Chinese do not want to lose face and would never admit that their bioweapons program went out of hand and that a Zionist infiltrator stole a sample of virus from Wuhan lab and set it free to infect the Chinese people.

The question here is, who killed Dr. Plummer?

A certain mainland Chinese Dragon group has communicated that if the situation with the coronavirus is not resolved very very soon, they will release evidence about Chinese Secret Space program through Chinese media outlets.

On Saturday, there was a top level strategic summit in the Tycho lunar base where representatives of all major non-surface Light factions have come to a mutual strategic agreement on how to proceed with the planetary liberation operations. This new, reinforced plan will be executed with precision and efficiency. All non-surface Light factions have agreed to form a strategic alliance, which is called Atlantis Alliance.

Galactic Confederation ships will be much more active in Earth's atmosphere in the next few weeks and months, and many people are receiving dreams and visions about this:

Betelgeuse, one of the main stars in Orion, is showing early signs of potentially going supernova:

The Blue Dawn is coming.

Victory of the Light!


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The Necessity of Illness / Setbacks for Success in Reaching a Goal

16th February 2020

by Therese Zumi Sumner

Our pace of life is too high. Unless you have reached a state of enlightenment where you are completely in tune with ~ one with the Flow / Source, you need to slow down your pace.

Where on earth are we all running to, says the girl that could not walk as a child. I was subconsciously running towards The Event.

There is a big chance that you ~ yes you ~ are among the 89% of my readers that are living their lives at too high a pace!?

The cabal have really succeeded 200% at creating lifestyles for us to speed up our pace and ruin our health.

I myself have been given the ‘gift’ of a serious health condition that now demands that I look after myself as if I am a baby.

My pace in life is 0:5. When I increase my speed to go for a very slow 🐌 walk, I am at 1:0 pace. My Guides say that this is the pace that I must maintain for the next three months to assist my body to heal.

After that time I will slowly increase my pace as my energy allows it, as my health improves I can then return to a ‘balanced’ pace on a scale of 0 - 10 which according to my Guides is 3-4.

Now to see where you might be yourself? I can say that among the average pace of life that 89% of you who are reading this is 6:5. And as many as 50% of you are living at a pace that is WAY TOO HIGH!

Because in this phase 3 of the Bubbles of Heaven phases the energy will be rising at a very quick pace clearly noticeable with each new month, you will not be able to cope if you do not make an attempt NOW to slow down your life’s pace.

If you do not take the initiative ~ if you do not listen to your heart 💗 space, then your higher self will arrange that you slow down one way or another.

My Mission is Complete!

Yesterday (Friday 14th February) it occurred to me that my mission was complete. I put my every effort ~ way beyond the energy available to me ~ into working, prior to our Age of Aquarius activation ~ to bring as many people as possible to the awareness that this meditation, was absolutely vital and necessary, if we did not want chaos and unnecessary suffering on this planet prior to a delayed Event (which there would have been if we didn’t reach critical mass).

We did it. The results were relayed to us by Cobra and I have provided them along with an appreciation of our situation now in #150

Like I mentioned in the above article I had said to Mother that if we had not reached critical mass with all the insurance / certainty of Victory of the Light - I felt that I could not go on preparing for any more activations / meditations.

I have been aware of the fact that I probably had breast cancer. The nipple on my left breast started growing inwards very slowly about two years ago. 6 months later my beloved partner of 17 years was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. He died at home where I had nursed him the last 3:5 months.
After a big funeral last February and much else practical stuff I helped his siblings with, I found myself thoroughly exhausted and slept up to 16 hours a day from Easter to midsummer.

To make a long story short I explained to my closest family that I was treating myself alternatively for cancer. After a lot of discussion I agreed to do an ‘investigation’ at a clinic / hospital and this took place 10 days ago on Tuesday February.

I will get final results of biopsies etc. this coming Thursday 20th Feb. 

They have only one thing that they can offer and that is a complete removal of my breast. I will go and listen to their final findings next week but my decision to use alternative methods to remove this cancer is already made.

You might have noticed #146 and #147 my giving info on alternative ways of curing cancer. My daily routine for the last 12 days entails using ‘oils’ creams for oral and outer use. Making Chaga tea which my partner took from a birch near his home the year before he was diagnosed.

I have also in my possession a Tesla wand (Violet Wand) which I think C recommended about 5 years ago for removing bad energy from the aura after ‘attacks’. I ordered one then from New Zealand. This I will use as a part of the healing process.

These daily routines with necessary time between some etc. take up about 6 hours a day. Basic other needs cooking eating etc. about 90 minutes. A short slow walk takes about 45 minutes. Extra rest and sleep at regular intervals another 3:5 hours which as you can understand doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

My Guides say that along with all of the alternative products the MOST important ingredient for healing is REST. No stress whatsoever.

I realised that just even considering having to report something on the blog would be way too much stress.

However I will miss my contact with all my wonderful caring readers and do not intend to ‘close’ anything.

There may very well be the odd message from me about something that I feel that I would like to share with you.

So you don’t need to rule me out completely 😂

Much 💗 Love and Light to everyone Therese Z


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End Time Madness

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

As we are now right before the dawn of the new Golden Age, a strong purification must occur before we as a planet can enter the Light. This purification is called the end time madness.

The end time madness is happening individually, with many people freaking out and showing dysfunctional behavior, but also globally.   
Since they know now that their end is inevitable, the Cabal wants to destroy the surface human population in the process of their own downfall.

They attempted that in December last year by triggering the financial collapse through the repo market, and that did not work, they tried that in early January through escalation with Iran, that did not work, they tried to engineer a false flag in Virginia, that did not work, so what is left?

A global pandemic scare.
2019-nCoV is an advanced ethnic bioweapon that targets mostly Asian population:

The current epidemic is a result of covert biological warfare that goes on between China and USA.
Chinese long term military strategy against USA is based on bioweapons to a great degree:

The Chinese agents have stolen the coronavirus from Canadian lab:

And upgraded it into a bioweapon at the lab in Wuhan:

Then a USA agent, previously infiltrated into the Wuhan lab, and involved in the development of the virus, stole a sample of coronavirus and spread it into the Wuhan seafood and animal market. From then on the virus was spreading with geometric progression that can really look scary:

It is interesting to note here that Peter Salama, a renowned epidemiologist that worked for WHO and a board member of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, died on January 23rd:

The Pleiadians are working tirelessly to stop the epidemic. On Friday, January 24th, they have developed the first Stardust nanopowder to erase the virus and have spread it towards the surface of the planet from their ships stationed in Low Earth Orbit. The virus has reacted to the nanodust and mutated into a slightly less lethal and slightly more transmissible form.
Learning from the reaction of the virus, the Pleiadians have developed a more advanced version of Stardust and applied it on Monday and Tuesday (January 27th and 28th).
As as result of this, the virus is not spreading anymore with geometric progression as it was until now, and appears to be slowing down:

The Light forces are expecting that the spread of infection will even out in a week or two, with less and less new cases reported after that.
After enough attempts, the Pleiadians will be able to completely hack the virus and stop it from spreading, exactly in the same way they stopped the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918:

The viruses can only spread effectively when they receive support from the dark forces on the plasma plane.

Also, all remaining Chimera plasma spiders, which are up to a few miles in diameter,  are extremely starved and on the brink of extinction, and now they are rushing to Wuhan and other cities with high number of infections to feed off fear and suffering.
This is a perfect trap for them, as the Light Forces can clear them much more effectively when they all gathered in such a small space and are not evenly spread around the surface of the planet anymore.

The Light Forces are now intensively clearing all the infection-supporting plasma and all plasma Chimera spiders and with this rate of purification, all plasma Chimera beings will be gone in a week or two, with only physical Chimera in US Space Command and DARPA remaining.

The Light Forces are asking everybody that feels so guided to support this clearing process by visualizing violet flame purifying all virus-supporting plasma and all plasma Chimera spiders.
People can also help stopping the coronavirus epidemic with the following meditation:

It is very important to stay calm and not give into fear. To put things into perspective, over 80,000 people died from common flu in 2018 in United States alone, and nobody seems to worry:

And 650,000 people worldwide: 

Even that will not work, as the Light Forces are already working on the solution.

The Blue Dawn is coming:

Victory of the Light!



Blog Break

25th January 2020

I really need a break! For once in my life there will be no explanations!
I am taking a break and will be back to share with you again around February 17th
Take care of yourself well ~ that’s what I will be doing.

⚖️  🛸  🛴  🧩 🧘🏼 🥑 🥬  🥕  🥭 🦎  🦋  🦅 💫 🚶‍♀️ 🌲 🦄  🐸 🌳 🌟 ⚡️ ☔️  🏊‍♀️


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We Have Won & We Have the Power Now & We Will Succeed

+ A Library of Information for New Readers


25th January 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


Whatever way that you look at it, we are finally truly on the home run!

My God what a long and tiring journey it has been at least from my perspective. If I had known that this was going to take this long when I first met Cobra in November of 2012, well all that I can say is that those tireless, seeming endless attempts, at clarifying the situations that we have found ourselves in would have been three times as more demanding for me, if indeed I would have found the energy at all. I literally always believed that The Event was about 9 months ahead! Then we received more details and we knew OK it will take a bit longer 😥, you take a deep breath, gain an even greater understanding of what’s taking place, pick yourself up and you keep on going! {with a lot of support from the Co. of Heaven.}

Those of you who came on board the ‘Cobra Ship’ some years ago have probably not got an understanding for this. People say that we all made mistakes! Yes, we all made ‘mistakes’, we are all human. Frankly however we did not make mistakes! We always gave the truth as we knew it to be at the time, to the best of our knowledge. And it has always been the ‘highest truth’ then available.

Some of Cobra’s so-called mistakes were not due to him but to the information that he had received. For example, we were all so-o excited when the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Confederation began the 'Mjolnir' Operation.

They were about to rid the astral etheric planes of archons over a period of time.

“January 16th, 2018 ~ Operation Mjolnir is a special operation of the Light Forces to enforce implementation of the Galactic Codex within quarantine Earth.”

However, the Chimera had managed to fool the Confederation by hiding many of their ships and then making a surprise attack that made the Confederation back down because of the risks with the toplet bombs etc. I will provide info to links later if you would like to recall.  

Situations like this meant that plans had to be abandoned and changes made many times for the safety of humanity. When you take on a mission like I decided to do you can only do it one step at a time. My mission became clearer, when I discovered the existence of Cobra. The first message I read on his blog in April 2012 hit me so strongly. I KNEW with every fibre of my being that this man knows what he is talking about first-hand! After meeting him and beautiful Isis in person, in November of 2012  and after he asked me to ‘keep on writing’, I made the decision to be the best ‘secretary’ he could find on the planet, for sharing his work in as easily an understood way as possible, so that as many as possible would understand the bigger picture.

Those who know my work have found that my website is like a library of information where subjects of varied kinds can be understood in greater depth.

The real ‘beginners’ page on Veritas would have to be the one called Bigger Picture created in 2012 - 13 with information that I had learned about then. Basic information about all kinds of subjects like for example the Andromedan plans already then in place, of the Biospheres that can transport people from here to other planets slowly (to support adjusting to the new transition carefully) with hospitals (‘real state of the art’) on board, plus everything else imaginable needed on a long journey. Think the biggest cruise liner imaginable times 20! The article is called Tolec and the Biospheres. On the same page another Starseed from Andromeda describes plans for future Light Community’s here.

For those who would like some more info about Cobra there is a Cobra School page.

At the end of this article I will provide a list of links to the sites varied subject areas.

Archangel Michael

The day after our Age of Aquarius Meditation Archangel Michael gave us a very powerful message. At that time, many of us were most likely expecting all kinds of things to happen in that powerful astrological week, after our meditation, and yet things seemed to be calmer than usual.

Our meditation was part of the plan to prevent a ‘brutal’ chaotic financial crash taking place too soon, before all layers of the toplet bombs were removed, giving the cabal more space to take control, thus causing a very disharmonious time, and a longer journey to The Event. Cobra informed us just prior to the meditation, that the Light Forces preferred a slower bit by bit, breakdown of the system, that would eventually lead to The Event and the Financial Reset.

We now know without a doubt that our meditation was successful! 150,000 people actively participating with the required focus.

We impressed the Cosmic Central Race a year ago at the Return to Light meditation when the first ever arranged large meditation to connect directly with the Cosmic Central Sun / Source took place.

“Return of Light meditation was a huge success. Between 1 and 2 million people were informed about the meditation, and between 300,000 and 400,000 were actually participating, so the critical mass was achieved many times over:“

If you are not familiar with this and would like to know more then go to #33 ~ #37

Now it feels like we are so strongly connected in every way to the higher dimensions, our Galactic Family, to Source.

Our planet has been surrounded by Angelic Light Beings for about 18 months and surrounded by Archangelic Light Beings for about 7 months. They will all remain here to assist us prior to and at the time of The Event.

When I take part in our 4 hourly Flower of Life meditation it feels as if GAIA is so embedded in Love, Protection, Light and it feels as if nothing or no-one can ever take control of this planet again. It feels like we have won the battle. WE HAVE WON THE BATTLE. Even if ‘it ain’t over till it’s over’!

So, give yourself a big pat on the back and congratulate yourself for your part in this success. I now feel that I truly understand Archangel Michaels words in that message on January 13th!  

His message was delivered around the time of our meditation and of course He knew what a success it would be! He begins His message by saying that;

“Your position right now is one of Supreme Power! Nothing can hinder you now! You are free to choose.”

He then tells us that we are “soon to have an experience of what true freedom means” and directly after that He says that “This is the truth!” To read the full message from Michael go to article #145 on Veritas.

So, just to make it doubly clear 1) because I do not wish to have to repeat what I am saying and 2) because it’s my intention to take a very much needed break shortly, we are in the best ~ supremely best position ~ that we could possibly be in.

Now you are going to say that “this is happening here” or “that is happening there” and we are not at all ‘home and dry’ or free.

Some of my readers live in places with a huge amount of visible decay in their societies at present. These situations are simply not going to change until The Event! Accept the decay as part of the process of awakening for the many! Avoid being involved in any of it or allowing it to dampen your spirits! 

What I truly wish to convey to you is that whatever problem that does arise before the crash of the financial system and subsequently The Event (more or less simultaneously!!!!), we have the most powerful tools imaginable to deal with those temporary problems. We can and will affect any situation arising with urgent meditations to calm those situations down.

I have to admit that I was surprised when Cobra announced that there would now in fact have to be a ‘brutal’ crash.  He says;

“Gradual meltdown of the financial system is not an option anymore, when the crash happens it will be sudden and brutal.

Now the whole financial system got addicted to easy Fed liquidity injections and if the Fed would stop financing repo operations, the system would crash immediately:

Sources are stating that behind the scenes, the Fed is also assisting with liquidity to keep European and Chinese banks and financial institutions afloat, to prevent the collapse:”

{there are links to verify this information on The Portal or find them here below this article #148}

What our meditation has done is remove the risk of this brutal crash taking place too early! Yes, I have said that already, but I have more than enough experiences of people not reading info carefully, so I feel that this qualifies to be repeated. 

We are ~ along with the guaranteed support of ALL the Light Forces ~ on every dimension ~ in an all-powerful position. The cabal will continue for as long as they possibly can do, to create difficulties around the planet in an effort to gain some control, but THEY WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL.

Bubbles of Heaven


So, we are officially in Phase 3 of the 6 phases. You will know what this means if you have been following this story's development since exactly one year ago namely the 21st January 2019!

A reader reminded me the other day that I made claim in September 4 months ago that we had already transitioned to phase three 3 and so my Guidance there was not reliable. This is so true. So, I asked my Guides to explain this. They knew that I would not have had either the strength / energy / enthusiasm necessary to carry myself, let alone others, forward on this journey, if I still believed that we had not reached phase 3 last Autumn which would culminate in The Event. That's the truth of the matter.

Now we are officially in Phase 3. Phase 3 culminates in the Event. Take a good look at the diagram Cobra gave us here. Do you see what happens to the curve during phase 3?

The rise in energy will be enormous to put it mildly.

What does that mean do you imagine?

I'm thinking that it must literally push truth into the forefront. Darkness cannot survive where there is LIGHT. Boy are we going to see how Light affects everything. ⚡ 🎇 ⚡️ 💥 💫 🎇 

{it is now1433 today Saturday 25th January and I have just posted a very enlightening video that will give a greater understanding of what I have just said in the sentence prior to this. See #149}

Bubbles of Heaven Information

For new readers!! For full details of this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT update from Cobra read

1) #37 from 21st January 2019!

2) #40 February 6, 2019

3) #53 A fantastic VIDEO on subject

4) #85 An In-depth Look at the Bubbles of Heaven Update {my take on this subject – September 2019}

Our friend Lee Harris speaks of this year's energy using words like 'BLINDING CLARITY' in his 2020 energy update #130 for the year. We will all experience moments of this as the year continues.

When Will The Event Take Place? 🤣

The debut of the Musical Hair was on October 17, 1967 and the film came in the early seventies.

The songs from Hair, such as “Aquarius” -- sung by Ren Woods — topped the pop charts and blared from radios. They were sung around the world — and they still are. When we sang along to the beautiful words, we all believed that we were truly on the way to the Age of Aquarius you could feel it in the air. Indeed the 60’s and 70’s were magical decades in many ways when creativity knew no bounds. The cabal had to stop this ‘freedom’ movement and their evil ways of controlling us have known no boundaries. So, the point I would like to make is that we have been moving closer to this Aquarius energy strongly again since 2012 in December.  We have now learned that the official date of the beginning astrologically speaking, of the Aquarian age is December 21st, 2020!

Does that mean that The Event must happen exactly on this date? NO! Yeshua says to me. He agrees that the increase of the Bubbles of Heaven energy that have now begun to rise ever more quickly, can be affected MOSTLY by you and me – that is you and me connecting with Source on a regular basis! He told us not long ago that ‘You are the Gift’. #129

I am thinking that we should devote as much time as possible to learning as much as possible about the Divine Feminine Goddess energy and implementing that in our everyday lives. We have the POWER! One woman utilising Goddess energy can stop a war! {source: Cobra} Let’s do it! Let’s be those Goddess vortexes walking the Earth connected to Mother Gaia! Let’s expand those Bubbles so that Divine Mother /Goddess can give the signal to those involved to begin The Event!

I do NOT wish any of my readers telling me any longer that ‘so and so’ has said that The Event will be on such or such a date! I am truly sick and tired of hearing these speculations for 5 YEARS NOW! I have explained the following details on at least 40 occasions – this is the last time!!!


SHE has NOT given permission to ANY Source including Archangels and Ascended Masters and I might add here the Pleiadians to divulge ANY date for this Event. Nor will SHE ever do so! EVERYONE WORKS FOR HER! She and ONLY SHE will make the final decision that it is now time.

If at any point She decided for example that Cobra could know the date? Do you really believe that Cobra would tell everybody!!! If I ever again get a question about this subject, I shall refer to this article here!

End of story!

So, it would seem as though we don't need to be concerned with the development of chaos as the financial system falls apart bit by bit! 

There will be other spectacles, chaos, as the energy rises to keep humanity occupied.

Cobra says that the continuation of this phase leading to the Event will not be boring!

There will no doubt be an even greater increase in sightings of the various Galactic Family ships. 🛸 🛸 🛸 🛸 🛸

No doubt more exciting disclosure of the truth (up to a certain level but NOT Full Disclosure) of what will soon be available to us in areas regarding space / technology etc. as the Chimera lose more control. 

The truth that will come forward will prepare and awaken humanity and so they will be more prepared when the TIME comes!

We are finally the ones in control of this planet! With ~ of course ~ the support of the Resistance Movement, Galactic Confederation and the Co. of Heaven! This is due to our unity in meditation and love and acceptance for one another despite different approaches to the truth. 

Tachyon Energy

The final countdown is well and truly underway and can only end in one way with Victory of the Light.

The Light quota in, surrounding this planet will rise and rise as each day passes until the Blue Dawn is here and we awaken to a planet flooded in Tachyon energy and NOTHING will ever be the same ever again.

We Love Mass Meditation

In his update Cobra made it quite clear that he has ongoing contact with WLMM. I have said this so many times! But now the ‘boss’ 😉 has made it clear! If they suggest meditations where the title includes ‘Urgent’ then they should be taken very seriously. You can be sure of one thing. There will be many of these short-term urgent meditations around the planet before we get ‘there’! That’s part of what Cobra means on his ‘Celebrate – Age of Aquarius Meditation’ picture when he adds ‘the work continues’

These meditations will oftentimes be for a certain number of days or weeks and the RM supply Cobra with the info that Hoshino and friends receive so that they can arrange the meditation. The meditations can prevent bloodshed and unnecessary suffering – risks of local wars – chaos of all kinds etc!

A recent example is the situation in Virginia where we could see an example of the advertisement (see WLMM) that the cabal put out in local newspapers in Virginia, calling for 120-150 people to urgently apply to take part in some crisis ‘whatever’. They were of course looking for ‘actors’ to fake situations, to create chaos during a lobby that was being planned there.  I believe that this information was successfully spread to all those planning to take part in demonstrations so that they did not fall into a cabal trap! The plan in Virginia was to create a martial law type of situation and have reason to take all guns from all citizens! Total control! If you took part in that meditation you helped to prevent that chaos.

PS: IF Cobra has in fact sanctioned a meditation as ‘urgent’ on WLMM, then this will be a part of the information provided when that meditation is introduced on the site!

A Brutal Takedown!?

What does this mean now! Confusion seems to abound, and I would like to give you my take on this subject now.

Before we had this recent interview with Cobra by the Sisterhood of Rose group, we were not aware of the fact that the Light Forces preferred a slower calmer ‘demolishing’ of the present financial system. The reason for this as I understand things is that IF this had taken place BEFORE our Age of Aquarius activation {and this is why we were doing 4 hourly meditation to keep the financial world in balance prior to the activation} then the consequences would have been dire to say the least. Great human suffering and chaos + bringing on a great delay of the Events arrival!

NOW! The situation is different and we have clear evidence, some of it quoted above here in this article, that the FED will continue to feed the system with ‘repo operations’ to prevent a collapse of the system even supporting China and Europe in this for as long as they possibly can!  

The Master Plan of the Light Forces {see my Bigger Picture page} continues. The plan has always been that when the system collapses as it must, the Light Forces will take charge and we will have The Event more or less simultaneously! What does this mean? In my mind this means that possibly? after a couple of weeks? of warnings in the media about an imminent risk for collapse, {that many will turn a blind eye to because these warnings have been coming for umpteen years} the system will collapse overnight lock stock and barrel. This is what Cobra means by ‘brutal’.

However, this will not have negative consequences for you and me because The Event will take place then. How long between the crash and The Event? I will say ‘hours-days’ NOT days – a week.

Food and Stuff

I have just finished stocking up my food supplies once again! Like David Wilcock I have eaten my way through about 3 stocks up until now! 🤣 🤣 🤣

See # 5 on Intro page! Food and Stuff for The Event ~ Lets Just Use Our Common Sense {requires a bit of rolling down the page!}




  • We have prevented a dangerously brutal too early collapse, of the financial system, before the final layer of the 'onion layered' toplet bombs was removed. One layer left and the process of dismantling is ongoing!
  • “This was just enough to push us over the energy threshold into the next phase of the Compression Breakthrough” – WE ARE NOW IN THE PHASE WHERE THE EVENT TAKES PLACE.
  • “As a result of our Age of Aquarius activation, all plasma toplet bomb layers, except the last one, were removed.”
  • The energies around the Age of Aquarius activation were so strong that one aspect of planetary kundalini was activated, and many volcanoes worldwide were releasing ash into the atmosphere to release the pent-up pressure:

Do you truly understand that we have the power now? You should.

in Love and Light Therese Z

Archangel Uriel

I felt the presence of Archangel Uriel this morning when I woke up. It seems that he would like me to repeat His recent message to readers #138 in full here to end this update! So here it is; PS: All links found below Uriel's message.

Message from Archangel Uriel

5th January 2020

TZ here; To can find some information about Archangel Uriel below His Message here:  

I am Archangel Uriel and I come to you this day with some advice as 2020 continues.

Even if there are some difficulties in your life at present, I am suggesting to you to attempt in any way that you can, to put these difficulties aside now. To put less focus on them, trusting that they will be solved in the near future.

This is an important time to relax and gain some perspective, in fact it is even more so a time that necessitates a process of deep letting go.

I am aware that you have received this suggestion already, however I repeat it because it is vital now!

A key word for you to keep in heart and mind now is UNITY.

Firstly, I am referring to the unity that you should have with your own heart space 💓 and Higher Self I AM Presence.

Some of you can succeed in achieving this unity whilst having a busy schedule, because you have spent many years training and knowing how to take time out to reconnect quickly. For others this requires more dedicated focus now.

I am known as the Archangel of the future. The future for all of you demands a period of deep calm now especially in the Lightworker community.

Secondly, on this subject of unity it is especially important now, more than ever before, that there is union, acceptance and collaboration with each other.

Rise above any form of disagreement and misunderstanding now and strive to act as ONE.

Harmonious times are approaching, and it is safe to show your confidence in the future.

This attitude will attract others to you, who will cooperate in your endeavours, and in this way, you can accomplish great deeds:

Soon you will find that adapting to circumstances around you brings exceptional progress. Whatever the circumstances the best advantage will be in persisting correctly.

When you follow your 💓 and inner clarity you will not make any mistakes.

Through holding to a cooperative and loyal relationship with your own heartfelt knowingness along with support from all those….. and We are Many….. who Guide you at this time your resources are increased greatly.

This is how you will accomplish your goal.

Have you ever experienced that feeling of awe and excitement that exists in the air around you just before a thunderstorm breaks loose? There seems to be a pervading silence in all of nature. Even the birds are silent.

There is anticipation in the air, a knowingness that something very big has to take place to restore harmony.

Be in harmony now as preparations for the storm are building.

When the Storm passes ~ harmony will reign on Earth once again.

Be at peace ~ your brother Archangel Uriel

  ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~  

In case you are not familiar with Archangel Uriel ~ here is how speaks about Himself in His messages channelled by Linda Dillon.

I am Uriel, Archangel of Illumination, Bringer of the Future, Archangel of the Silver Ray.

My Silver Flame is the Flame of Illumination and it is to light your way into the places of darkness, into the places of shadow, into the places of chaos, into the places of confusion…within and without.

My gentle, bright but soft Silver Flame is here to assist you.

 ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~

Links to some of the ‘Pages’ on my / this website Veritas Galactic Sweden

Since July 2018 This Introduction Page on Veritas Galactic Sweden has the most important blog articles from my facebook blog here by date. To make it clearer where one article ends and another begins, they are all now numbered #.

Page:  Victory Now

Who exactly are the Allied Light Forces? Who is underground? Who is on the surface? Who is orbiting the planet? What is Galactic Codex? What is the current situation? What are the victories that we have had so far? {the battle against the chimera/archons from March 2014 to April 2018}

‘Operation Mjolnir’ mentioned above, {to see this info roll down this page to this picture of Commander Ashtar}

Page: Bigger Picture and Bigger Picture Continued.

2 pages with 21 articles + designed to bring a broader view of our world: Articles introduced by name at top of pages.

Page: Cobra School

This page besides having some more info on Cobra also has the 1st ever article that I wrote about the Matrix. I later wrote 3 others, one designed for the younger generations understanding, and two quite in-depth articles. One (3rd) is based completely on Cobra updates, and the 4th based on deeper info where you can TRULY GAIN AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE OCCULT/DEEP DARK AGENDA BEHIND CHEMTRAILS, and much more occult info provided by Harald Klaus Vella, Cobra etc. Links to each of these articles are provided below the 1st article on 'Cobra School'

Last but not least!

The Event Pages

Cobra posted 3 of the main ones in the Spring of 2013. The main one is always available on The Portal introduction page.

PS: At the top of my website on the PC version there are always 7 headings. When you for example open The Event info you will see new links below those headings showing you all the affiliated subject pages. So, I have just given you links here above to the 2 main Event pages info.

If you are new to my website, I wish you an enjoyable journey discovering its many areas of interest from Agartha and Galactic Family to everything that you might need to know about ‘Dark Cabal Rulers’ of every kind and much more. Namaste TZ


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Beloved ~ Beautiful ~ Alison Coe 🦋

Steps for Lightworkers to Take - Client BQH session - Audio only – Alison Coe

TZ here; I received a mail yesterday with a link to this video. I have just now, had the chance to take the time to listen, and I felt that I should do so today because this lady’s work is so inspiring and has provided vital information for us earlier.

Alison shares a client’s information with the client’s permission. This information will be very consoling to many and that’s why I have felt compelled to share this right now before my break. I was considering waiting until my break is over but after listening today, I felt that I must share it now!

There is information in this message that reveals some of the things that will be revealed to humanity prior to The Event.

I have taken up this subject about information being revealed in a longer update that I have been writing over the past 5 days and will be publishing here this evening Saturday 25th.

So this information from Alison adds to the picture that I have portrayed in my update.

I am being guided to say that the subjects mentioned in this video, re humanities reactions to new information, {not new to you or me} is not to take place right now but a little further on. Let me just say that this will happen in the Spring {spring in Sweden that is, we have winter usually until end of March}.

This video has moved me to tears quite a lot and that’s why I am sharing it now before my break. I will no doubt be returning to the subjects discussed here in the coming months!

Thanks again to beautiful Alison whose face you do not get to see as this video is only audio! In fact, its better for FOCUSED listening that a video is audio only! But you can see here!

I am sorry to say that for those not understanding English this will not be possible to follow. I can only hope that some dedicated Lightworkers get to work in different languages and make it available as a transcript. If this does take place then someone can send me the transcripts via messenger on this Facebook ‘Page’ {see Blog link near top of this Page} and I promise to share any transcripts that I receive on my return from my break, - Info forthcoming!

Here is the audio:

Therese Zumi




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Blue Dawn

Monday, January 20, 2020


Age of Aquarius meditation was very successful and we have reached the critical mass, albeit barely. Around 150,000 people were actively participating:

This was just enough to push us over the energy threshold into the next phase of the Compression Breakthrough, the bubble rising subphase of the nucleation phase (number III in the diagram):

{The diagram Cobra is referring to is visible in my article #  }

This subphase will see an exponential growth of Bubbles of Heaven within quarantine Earth. Bubbles of Heaven are pure luminous undistorted space time continuum anomaly-free emanations of the Source into 11th dimensional brane world space time continuum.
This practically means that there will be more and more Light present on the surface of the planet, this Light will grow exponentially faster and faster until it explodes into the Compression Breakthrough. We have now officially entered into the last phase before the Event.

As a result of our Age of Aquarius activation, all plasma toplet bomb layers, except the last one, were removed.

All Chimera that were living in physical spider bodes in underground bases have been successfully removed.

There is still a small group of plasma Chimera spiders and they are in the last stage of removal.

The physical Chimera group is very small, yet still quite strong although it has suffered a significant loss of power in the days around Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

There is a small main Chimera group still present in DARPA and the previous director of DARPA Steven Walker has just resigned, effectively on January 10th, the day of the Lunar eclipse just preceding our activation:

Steven Walker was instrumental in development of ZION control matrix network:

This DARPA Chimera group extends some of its influence into this place:

Which has just announced a very troubling progress in development of quantum network technologies:

There is a second even smaller Chimera group present in the US Space Command and it is interesting to note that the new chief of US Space Command took his position just two days after our activation:

The purpose of US Space Command is not disclosure, as some erroneously believe, it was created as a Chimera defense force against Galactic Confederation which is taking over sublunar space and now also Near Earth orbital space:

As the Galactic Confederation fleet approaches closer to the surface as weeks and months go by, there will be more and more contact established. Therefore it is very relieving to see that more and more people understand that Prime Directive (non-intervention principle) is a lie and a construct of Archon mind programming:

Another sign that we are close to the breakthrough is the dimming of Betelgeuse:

Betelgeuse is a star in Orion constellation and its dimming is a sign of the end of duality, as triangulation of Orion is nearing its completion.

Betelgeuse is expected to become a supernova within the next 100,000 years and its current dimming is a sign that it may already be entering the supernova phase.

A gravitational wave in the region of Betelgeuse, a first potential sign of supernova explosion, has been detected just two days after our activation:

If you have a chance to go outside on a clear starry night, you will see that Orion does not look familiar, as the upper left star is much fainter than it usually was. This is Betelgeuse.

The light curve of Betelgeuse is regularly updated here:

The energies around Age of Aquarius activation were so strong that one aspect of planetary kundalini was activated and many volcanoes worldwide were releasing ash into the atmosphere to release the pent up pressure:

Tael volcano in Philippines actually erupted DURING the activation itself, the eruption starting 7 minutes before the scheduled beginning of mediation:

The level 2 alert was issued 19 minutes after the start of our meditation, just in the moment when most people were concluding the suggested 20 minutes of meditation:

The alert level was raised to level 4 one hour and half later, and right now it still stays there.

This release of volcanic activity is actually a good thing, as it dissipates a lot of pressure that was held in the planetary energy grid and thus prevents potential more deadly earthquakes ad cataclysmic events.

To answer the question many people are asking, the deeper story behind the assassination of Soleimani is regime change in Iran in order to preserve the petrodollar system:

Iran owns the second printing press for US dollars, and US Treasury and the Fed hate competition when they create money out of thin air:

Gradual meltdown of the financial system is not an option anymore, when the crash happens it will be sudden and brutal. {TZ here - see #150} 

Now the whole financial system got addicted to easy Fed liquidity injections and if the Fed would stop financing repo operations, the system would crash immediately:

Sources are stating that behind the scenes, the Fed is also assisting with liquidity to keep European and Chinese banks and financial institutions afloat, to prevent the collapse:

Extremely strong cosmic energies now entering quarantine Earth will finally begin to remove trillions upon trillions of Reptilian entities that still exist on plasma and etheric planes as the last remnant of 1996 invasion. Many of those entities are entering broken human auras and are strongly influencing human behavior.

The vast majority of those entities will be removed in coming weeks and months, which will be a big relief for humanity.

Some of those entities were and still are controlling people who infiltrated my teams. A very precise and efficient protocol was activated by the Resistance last summer to remove compromised people from my network and this process is now mainly complete.

A new and much purer infrastructure is hereby being activated and is now ready to assist in our mission to bring in the Age of Aquarius.

The new official Cobra facebook page, named Age of Aquarius, is here:

The previous Cobra facebook group (Cobra Etheric Liberation), recently hijacked and currently renamed to “Working together for Gaia's – etheric - and physical – liberation now”, has no connection with Resistance Movement whatsoever and if you have ever joined that group in hope of contributing to our mission, now it is a good time to leave if you feel so guided.

Our official Youtube channel is here:

This Youtube channel will post main videos for potential future meditations / activations.

I am also in constant communication with the creators of this amazing website, which is constantly posting updated mass meditations that are needed in ever changing planetary situation:

The official Sisterhood of the Rose page is here:

Prepare For Change is a global organization that was created at Cobra conference in Laguna Beach in 2013 with the purpose of preparing the surface population for the coming changes. Their official website is here:

It is interesting to note that similar things that were happening to me behind the scenes were also happening to Corey Goode and David Wilcock, as you can hear in their interviews:

Needless to say, the following weeks and months will be very exciting and definitely not boring, as we delve deeper into the energies of the coming Age of Aquarius.

The Blue Dawn, the dawn of the new era, is here.
And for the end of Age of Aquarius activation report...when the Blue the flash of the moment...all that is Done will be Undone:

Victory of the Light!


Article  147  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Reliable Comprehensive Research by Dr Christina Sanchez Shows How Cancer Cells Die from Cannabinoid Compounds

18th January 2020

TZ here; This womans all-emcompasing research on this subject has been and is ongoing over 20 years. The facts are clear. This video is a year old and details of how the 3 differnet types of breast cancer respond to cannabinoid compounds and compares this to other medicines currently in use for these three cancer types. {not radiation or chemotherapy}

To obtain this medication is extremely difficult. Here in Sweden it is a criminal offence to have these oils like THC or even CBD. The hold here of the 'church of modern medicine' is total. Their media power is total, continually encouraging people to vaccinate against flues, hepatitis you name it. Recently I happened to see a discussion with 4 younger 'experts' concerning 'why people can feel hope for the future'. One of the 'experts' a young biologist said that Swedish people could feel great hope for the future becasue we have the most comprehensive vaccination programs on the planet. And because she studied immuninology she could say there was great hope for the future because we can have amazing immunity with all of the vaccinations available!!!

Anyone who gets a flu or whichever type vaccine needs to be aware that your immunity is at its lowest for at least 3 months after and makes you MORE {3 times in fact} susceptible to the disease.
You many have seen my last blog message about Chaga where I explained about 15 reasons why cancer is so prevalent and NR 1 is vaccination.

All that I can say is 'God help these people pushing this evil shit on us' - yes they are totoally brainwashed by the 2nd largest religion on the planet namely the church of modern medicine.

Please God may they all know the truth soon! These people are going to be traumatised when the truth comes out.

At least 55 medical doctors in the USA have been murdered in the last few years for their work with alternative cancer treatment and going against vaccinations.

Antitumor Effect of Cannabinoid – Based Therapies Related to Subtypes of Breast Cancer

Therese Zumi


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Chaga Mushroom on Birch tree

Fighting the Battle of Cancer ~ One Reliable Cure


By Therese Zumi Sumner


Feel free to share this information far and wide as with everything that I post on this blog:

One in 3 people develop cancer in one form or another. Ask anyone you know how many people they know who have had or have cancer. The same reasons for this are prevalent worldwide to a greater or lesser extent. I have asked Yeshua to help me to compile a list of the 15 worst carcinogen substances laying the ground for the development of cancer in our bodies. The list could be more than twice as long, but these are the worst toxins. I will then give you the details about one truly amazing and reliable superfood that can prevent the development of cancer and even cure it, at least as far as to the third out of the four stages of cancer.

These substances and sources are given in the order of their danger.

Vaccinations contain at least 5 carcinogens see Mercury below

Chemtrails {They have been raining carcinogens over us for a period of 9 years. One year ago, the Light Forces could finally intervene and have succeeded in disabling their effect by up to 99%!}  

Aspartame {chemical sweetener} - use instead Stevia / Xylitol

BHA – butylated hydroxyansole found in cosmetics and body lotions etc.

Poisons of varying kinds like pesticides etc. in our food both fresh and processed

Poisons from gasoline/petrochemical sources.


Mercury found in Dental Amalgams, Vaccines Containing Thimerosal, Mercury Thermometers, Fluorescent Light Bulbs

“Dental amalgams will continuously leach elemental mercury vapor during chewing, brushing and corrosion into saliva, which is inhaled and has been proven to accumulate in the body.”

The Nazi’s / Jesuits developed their evil plans to poison us all, during their time in the concentration camps when they developed the dental fillings and vaccinations using mercury to poison us.

Aluminium – major source is deodorants – use colloidal silver or crystal deodorant instead

Microwave cooked and heated food

BPA/bisphenol found in plastic products - an endocrinal hormonal disruptor

Phthalates found in plastics and personal care products like soaps /shampoos

Clothes can contain NFE, Phthalates, PFC, Formaldehyde

Carpets can contain the above mentioned plus PFAS

PFAS = perflourinated chemicals used also in non-stick pots and pans.  


Chaga Mushroom Chunks



This is the wonder food / mushroom that can increase your immunity more than any other substance on the planet! You may all have heard that something like blueberries are full of antioxidants? Well in Chaga the amounts would be 15 times that amount!

This IS THE best information video available about Chaga.

What is Chaga? Learn Why It's a Top Superfood Mushroom

You will learn what it can do and indeed I doubt that you can find something that it cannot do!

WARNING there are today numerous videos about chaga on the net. Some good some not so good! My method of brewing my chaga tea is as follows and this has been given to me by someone who has been helping me to help people for over 30 years namely Yeshua – Jesus our beloved Lord Sananda. On some of the videos on YouTube people are boiling this mushroom for hours on end. 3 – 4 and even 5 hours which is frankly ridiculous and unnecessary. Besides, these overenthusiastic people are in fact destroying some of the active compounds in the chaga.

Yeshua's Recipe

I piece of chaga size approximately of 1unshelled walnut.

Pop in a pot with 1 litre of water and bring to the boil (lid on). Then simmer this on the first day for 7 minutes.  Drain and enjoy!

The SAME PIECE of chaga can be used for 6 days in a row. On day 4 I increase the simmering time by some minutes usually simmering for 10 minutes on the last day!

So, the one piece gives you 6 litres of chaga.

I myself am just about to make my brew and I presently drink 2 mugs or about 5 decilitres daily. I recommend 2-4 mugs daily.

Here in Sweden we have the privilege of finding this in the forest. Approx. 1 out of every 70 birch trees can have one. You can easily find it online. You can check out the videos on how its harvested without damaging the tree.

Used by the Siberians for health and coping with cold weather for 1500 years!

OK that’s all for now will get back to you tomorrow with some more info about curing cancer!

Namaste Therese Z

PS: after The Event there will be cures for all diseases available within 6 moths!


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A Very Important Message from Archangel Michael


13th January 2020


I Am Archangel Michael

Your position right now is one of supreme power.

Nothing can hinder you now.

You are free to choose.

You are soon to have an experience of what true freedom means.

This is the Truth.

In the very near future you will develop a much greater understanding of one another.

It will be a time when you learn to carefully release any preconceived ideas about other people.

The reality of the new situation with its inherent confusion for the many, will demand the calm assertive leadership that balanced light workers can provide.

They will refrain from making rash decisions and conclusions.

This time period will require leadership with broad attitudes and opinions.

It will require viewing the world with an open mind.

It will demand all lightworkers both men and women placing focus on the Divine Feminine qualities of understanding, compassion, softness, gentleness, balance and calm assertive leadership.

Be calm. Be ready.



Yes ~ we did it ~ we reached critical mass! 

Age of Aquarius Activation Preliminary Report


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How Can You Recognise a Reliable Channelled Message?

by Therese Zumi

I have very high standards when it comes to trusting channelled material. This is because I have been spoilt by listening to direct channelling for many years via Linda Dillon. Even though the various Light Beings that she channels are oftentimes male and Linda is a very feminine lady, one could almost immediately recognise Who came through, and not only by them introducing themselves but by their different ways of expressing things and style of speech. So whether it was Yeshua, Archangel Michael, Commander Ashtar, Saint Germain, Archangel Gabrielle or Divine Mother Herself you could literally feel their presence and become familiar with their different energy.

Linda refers to the group that she channels as the Council of Love. And LOVE is what they all had / have in common. The love was palpable and nothing was ever expressed in any way that did not feel like love.

It’s impossible to fake an hour long show channeling a higher being like Linda does.

There will always be those who cannot accept these things as real and that’s fine. However if they were to listen to 20 of these shows they would have to admit that for information of that calibre to flow from someone nonstop for an hour, they would have to be among the most intelligent loving enlightened beings on the planet. Because the different Beings that Linda channels have so varied personalities, if she was faking this she should win an academy award for such brilliance.

I am familiar with about 20 ‘real’ channels. I like the channel to bring forward a level of channeling that lies at the 95% trustworthy or above.

There are so many people today claiming to channel and yet they do not. In the best case scenario they gather information here and there that they feel is reliable or that ties in with their own preconceived ideas and then claim that they have channeled it from this or that source.

So how do you know if the channeled material you have read is the truth?

It should ring like truth in your 💖 heart.

What it should not do?

Leave you with more questions that answers.
Leave you with some kind of philosophical discussion in your mind.
Feeling less worthy in some way.

Finally if you read a piece of channeled information that in any way leaves you in a state of confusion or weaker or less secure, then you can be sure that this information has NOT been directly channeled from a loving higher source.



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Some Very Important Clarification about Our Situation Now as A Whole Prior to Our Age of Aquarius Activation


By Therese Zumi Sumner


9th January 2020

Yesterday we were provided with a new interview by Debra from a Sisterhood of the Rose group. This very enlightening interview came truly at the last minute! Not surprisingly there have been some disheartening reactions to the information in the interview. I myself had a huge ‘wake-up’ call about our situation and this is what I deduct from the information provided. I feel a need to share these thoughts right this moment, and not next week which I had planned, because we cannot afford any half-hearted attempts at doing this meditation. It must be done with perfect focus and dedication like our lives depended upon it!!!  My post here previous to this one {   } pointed that out.

This is the situation as I see it. We have been hoping that this is the FINAL big meditation prior to The Event. Reactions to the interview material are such that people feel that we still have a way to go and that we will need yet another meditation!

I do not believe that this is the case! This may very well be THE final meditation to bring about The Event. However, in this interview Cobra made it clear that the Light Forces prefer a slower – bit by bit – breaking down of the old Financial System prior to The Event. The fact is that this Age of Aquarius activation is the TRIGGER for a gradual dismantling of the old financial system. The time period after this activation, when the system falls apart peu om peu, will CULMINATE in the Final Reset which is simultaneously as the timing of The Event.

Please Note that all quotes from Cobra below are from this new interview!

COBRA: What is happening is (that) the Light Forces are favouring a gradual dismantling of the old financial system because they realize an abrupt crash would create too many problems, primarily because people are not ready, people have not done their homework and there is not enough consciousness on the surface of the planet. The support grid of Lightworkers is far too weak to sustain the energies of an abrupt financial crash.

So, what will happen will be a gradual dismantling of the old system which will be identically triggered with this Age of Aquarius activation. And this dismantling will take a certain amount of time which will culminate in the final reset.

……. but the Light Forces are also gaining power, and we will get the upper hand and the system will be crashed on our terms, not theirs.

DEBRA: Is Fulford accurate when he says the USA needs to be bankrupted in order to get rid of the debt-based economy?

COBRA: I would say the U. S. government, and this whole debt-bubble, needs to be collapsed. That’s the start of the financial reset. Not just the United States but worldwide. All this will be collapsed. But as I said before, this collapse will be gradual, it will be more of a dismantling not a sudden shock, because a sudden shock the surface population would not be able to absorb it. People would experience hardships that are not necessary.

DEBRA: Right, we don’t need any more of that on the planet. So, it would be more of a gentle, softer, slower crash.

COBRA: I would not say gentle, but I would say not as brutal as it would be with a hard crash.


COBRA: First, I need to say this, the hard crash scenario that the Dark Forces are planning is extremely unlikely to happen. But if it would happen, the banks would close immediately, the distribution chain would be disturbed, people would start losing access to food, electricity, there would be riots on a mass scale, and then as you probably know the dark ones will strive to implement martial law and would use this as an excuse to completely tighten the control over the surface population. I think I don’t need to go further into that.


COBRA: Those astrological configurations, as I said, they are plasma interference patterns throughout the solar system, and when there is a very powerful astrological configuration, {like the one this weekend} whatever happens at that moment is magnified many times.

So, if we have a laser-like signal, right at that moment, it becomes magnified many times. And this particular configuration is very favourable towards exposure. So, this Saturn-Pluto conjunction actually can expose a lot. It can expose more than most of the other configurations, and we have a very explosive mix of planets joining up together and important cycles ending and new cycles beginning. So, we are at the exact insertion point where this New Age can begin to happen.


COBRA: If we achieve critical mass, we can cut the waiting time quite significantly. If we don’t reach the critical mass, we will just cut it very, very, very slightly.

Does everyone now see what is at stake with this activation? Is everyone totally clear as to how important it is for the quicker arrival of the Event? Do you understand how chaotic our world could look with a ‘hard crash’ right now?


PS: People who can do so are advised to read this interview. Now also available in Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish (see Cobra update below this)


Check out the times in Cobra's update below here when we could do with supporting these very strong energies by doing extra meditation both prior to and after our activation. There are 7 specific dates and times provided - Namaste T


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COBRA ~ Age of Aquarius Final Update and New Cobra Interview Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Time is approaching for the Age of Aquarius activation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.
If the critical mass is reached, the Light Forces will be able to intervene more directly in the global situation, and a cascade of events will follow that will inevitably lead to the Age of Aquarius.
Next few days will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in 28 languages:

The main page with instructions for the activation is here:

Many people are supporting our activation.

Benjamin Fulford:

And many others, including a manga created in Japanese:

All articles, videos and interviews about the Age of Aquarius activation are gathered here:

If we wish to achieve an impact on the physical plane and reach the critical mass, tt is extremely important that we do our meditation exactly at the time which has been determined by the Light Forces to have the maximum positive impact, which is at 6:11 am GMT on January 12th. Timetable for other times zones is here: {SEE PINK ONE TO LEFT HERE)

Doing the meditation earlier or later will NOT help us reaching the critical mass, as we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laserlike precision, especially timewise and with unified and focused intent. 

There will be many moments before and after the activation where you are encouraged to meditate as well, as you will assist in the buildup of energies before the activation and in their integration after the activation:
There are moments of astrological and planetary significance where this additional meditation will be especially effective:
1. Exact moment of Saturn-Pluto synod, which comes on Friday, January 10th at 10:11 am GMT (equals 5:11 am EST)

2. Exact midpoint of penumbral Lunar eclipse, which comes on Friday, January 10th at 7:10 pm GMT (equals 2:11 pm EST) 

3. Exact moment of Eris direct station, which comes on Saturday, January 11th at 01: 22 am GMT (equals January 10th at 8:22 pm EST) 

4. Exact moment of Uranus direct station, which comes on Saturday, January 11th at 01:48 am GMT (equals January 10th at 8:48 pm EST) 

5. Mass meditation by Stillness of the Storm, which comes on Sunday, January 12th at 3 pm GMT, which equals 10 am EST (preparations starting 9:15 am EST):
6. Exact moment of Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which comes on Sunday, January 12th at 5:00 pm GMT (equals 12:00 noon EST)

7. Exact moment of quadruple Sun-Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction which comes on Monday, January 13th at 2:30 pm GMT (equals 9:30 am EST)

For other time zones, you can use time zones converter:


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A MESSAGE FOR THE AGE OF AQUARIUS + A Final Reminder for the 11th 12th January 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner

I was checking out the text of the meditation for my own use on the morning of Sunday the 12th January at 0711 CET, when I came upon this promotional video for our meditation that you might not have seen? Its beautiful and inspirational like all the work that our friend Steven does for us. He has been producing videos for all the activations/meditations for at least 6 years’ time. I warmly recommend that you check this one out for inspiration before our meditation this weekend. This one is especially directed towards newer readers that might be unfamiliar with these meditations!


Here is the complete list of all of the videos that Steven has created in 27 languages for the activation! If you have not seen this amazing video in your language well, I warmly recommend that you do so now and get yourself in the mood!

Below the video you will find the guided meditation for those that like to listen and be led through the meditation at the time.

NB!! Take Note! that when hundreds of thousands are attempting to download videos simultaneously there can be hiccups (experience tells us this) so why not download the video that you intend to use or simply the text if that’s what you need right now so that there is no undue stress at the time.

I will be setting my alarm for 0645 AM so that I can get some water to drink and settle down in a comfortably relaxed way ready for the start at 0711 AM.

Once again for those that are still unsure of your timeframe here is the world clock times. Check and make a note of your time NOW if you have not already done so.

I have to mention that our friend Jonathon of True Earth and others have also created great videos and they are all of them available on The Portal. For those that did not hear the interview about the financial situation some weeks ago with Cobra and Ben Fulford this is now available in 12 languages and there are also also transcripts!! All of this at The Portal here;

I have just received the text for the meditation in Swedish from a reader and will post that soon separately here on the blog for easy sharing to those who have Swedish friends that prefer Swedish.

So dear friends like Cobra say's  - Let's Do This!


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Universal Mother Mary’s New Year’s Message ~ You Are The Champions

January 6, 2020


Therese Z here;

I would like to recommend that you either read carefully or listen carefully or both simultaneously to this message from The Goddess ~ Divine Mother.

For those of you among my readers who have not had contact with, or a belief in the higher realms of existence, this may seem very strange or doubtful that the female half of the Source ~ of Mother / Father One would be bothered with our little lives, and our even seemingly little everyday desires and wishes, within this seeming endless Universe. My own personal experience is that SHE cares deeply (an inadequate description) about each and every one of Her children.

Linda Dillon the channel here in the following message, was chosen by the Council of Love to be a leading representative / communicator of the Councils Messages to humanity during this time period. Without her dedicated work over so many years especially the years when Steve Beckow brought these messages to us via Linda on weekly radio shows, I would most certainly not have been able to accomplish my work.

I prayed and spoke to Mother Mary all through my sad childhood. She carried me through hell.

Many years ago, I read some books by a well-known medium. One true story she told always remained with me.
A woman aged about 60 had died. Her life had been poor and difficult. Now on the astral plane she was sad because she didn't have a ring that she always wore. This ring was a cheap enamel ring with flowers that she adored. An Angel went to Mother and explained that this lady was inconsolable because of the missing ring. She didn't want any other ring to replace hers. Well said Mother "We'd better get it then" and She disappeared a while and then returned carrying the ring.
This is an example of how seriously our even simplest desires are considered important and taken care of by Source.

On our Return to Light meditation last January 21st we achieved something that had never before been achieved on this planet. Cobra said;

Monday, January 21, 2019

"Return of Light meditation was a huge success. Between 1 and 2 million people were informed about the meditation, and between 300,000 and 400,000 were actually participating, so the critical mass was achieved many times over:  

The energy wave from the Cosmic Central Sun has reached the surface of the planet and that energy was anchored irreversibly.

This has changed the structure of the primary anomaly around the planetary surface significantly, and we have entered the next phase of the Compression Breakthrough, the so-called nucleation phase:”  

In this New Year message Mother speaks about the 13th Octave or highest dimensional level,

“When I have given thee the gift of the 13th Octave this was a gift not previously available upon your planet. In order to be at home, you had need to shed what you think of as this physical vessel. But I needed, I wanted, I desired, I chose, and I willed that you would have this capacity so that you would be in full readiness and movement into your ascension. I have given you ample time and you are ready… even when you think that you are stuck or not ready, I tell you, you are ready.”  

She explains that She is giving us 'Rebirth in Form' (rebirth ~ Ascension whilst retaining our physical body). We were told by Cobra from day 1 that the time of Ascension would truly 'take off' on this planet at the time of The Event.

Here, Mother tells us that we are ready now for this, whether we believe it or not.

Here is Her message with a link below to the video with Linda directly channelling Her words for those that might like to listen and see Linda working.

Universal Mother Mary’s New Year’s Message ~ You Are The Champions

Greetings, I AM Mary, I AM Mare’, Universal Mother, Eternal Mother, Mother of One, and Mother of all, Mother of the oceans, and Mother of the sky, Mother of the internal, and Mother of the external.

I wish you to think of this for I AM the Mother internal, internal to thee, sweet one, and of course, external… internal to Gaia, internal to the galaxies, internal to the universe, my omniverse, and external; yes, your within and without.

Everything was designed to be in balance, in the infinite and eternal ebb and flow of balance; it is not stagnant, it is not fixed, it is in constant, eternal change, motion, movement. And you sweet ones, if you are not in that ebb and flow, in the constant movement just like your breath, then you are not alive.

There are many, many forms of what you conceive of as death and the saddest one… for yes, your idea of death is often filled with grief… and the saddest one is those who are still alive, breathing, and dead. That is not the embrace of what I give you and what I have always, always given you. And yes, there is always more and I do not mean the unending drama. I mean there is always more love, there is always more potential, there is always more possibility than you can possibly even begin to imagine.

So yes, when we all say to dream big, to follow your heart, we mean not just to wish that your dreams and desires come to fruition, but to literally, to follow, in the ebb and flow, your heart.

I am not merely speaking because I have need of something to say… and yes, I do have much to say, to convey, from my heart, from our heart to yours at this time of rebirth, this time of new beginnings, and shall we say fresh starts?

When I have said to thee, when I say to thee, when my beloved son, Yeshua, gives you the gift of new life, what does this mean? Does it mean that you get a second chance… with your spiritual journey?… to meet the love of your life?… to follow the pathway of your dreams? Yes, it does mean all that, but beloved, it means so much more… it means to be reborn. I want you to think of and to embrace the magnitude of this.

When I have given thee the gift of the 13th Octave this was a gift not previously available upon your planet. In order to be at home, you had need to shed what you think of as this physical vessel. But I needed, I wanted, I desired, I chose, and I willed that you would have this capacity so that you would be in full readiness and movement into your ascension. I have given you ample time and you are ready… even when you think that you are stuck or not ready, I tell you, you are ready.

So now, what do I give you in this new year of 2020, this new decade of 2020 to 2030? No, you are not waiting another decade for your ascension, child. I am giving you rebirth, in form, something that only a rare few upon your planet up until now have enjoyed. It is not a gift that is given casually, and yes, there are many who will say, “I don’t even know what she is talking about.” But on the soul level the entire planet has already said yes… but either you will say yes or say no and return to me.

Balance is the balance within, internally. But balance is also the external… to be in sweet harmony, not pushing and pulling, but sweet harmony, not only with each other but with all the kingdoms, and particularly the kingdoms. For most of the repair work upon Gaia is being is and will be done by the elemental kingdoms. Yes, they will engage you, but the elementals and the star beings are truly the rebuilders, particularly the Halion engineers, and their time is nigh.

If you are not in balance with the planet, with your galaxy, with all the kingdoms, with each other and yourself, then how do you rebirth your New You? your Nova Being? your Nova Gaia?

I have told you long ago, I have explained that when I dream, it is done. Yes, sweet angels, my action steps fall into place simultaneously because the dream, the desire, the intention is, what you would think of, is that strong, that there is no distraction.

So, the time of fulfillment, in rebirth, in renewal, in the actual embrace of a new life is the conscious decision and then it is done. No, this does not mean that you sit at home in hiding. It means that you take action.

I have guided this channel to remind you not of expectation… that has long since passed… I remind you that you are the champions of the world. These lyrics speak to your heart, but they also speak to your potential. I did not birth anything that is mediocre, I birthed those that have my infinite capacity, not merely to create but to co-create with the kingdoms, with Gaia, with your galaxy, with your star family who is very present… this announcement comes soon. All is in readiness and that is the good news that you have waited for. This is not about a year or a decade of further clearing and housekeeping.

You are seeing what is possible. Ignite your own fire and quench your desire. Be in the balance, sweet ones, that you were born unto. And if you turn to me and say, “Mother, I do not know how” I will help you. I have many legions lined up and ready… you are ready. Let us proceed because now is your time in my time.

Go with my love. You are so cherished. Discover, rediscover in your rebirth what you are truly capable of. I am with you. Farewell.


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I Will Be Angry until It’s Over


6th January 2020


By Therese Zumi Summer


I am driven to do my work because of a deep anger inside of me towards injustice of any kind. This morning’s news is full of the tension building between Iran and the US, the awful tragedy of Australia burning, now an area as large as Belgium.

Then there are those type of news items that really bring my divine fury to the surface. An expert on the cobalt ‘mining’ in the Congo is on the morning news program, giving details of the situation there, that he says could quickly lead to war.

Children as young as 6 years old - thousands of them - are daily risking their lives to get the cobalt needed for our smart phones, I-pads, electric cars etc. These children are sent down deep rabbit whole type passages, into the bowels of the earth, with NO PROTECTION, no such thing as a helmet (where would they get the money?), with a small tool to dig out pieces of cobalt. Local hospitals have 20 new patients’ daily from injuries in these ‘mines.’ Tiny kids aged 2 and 3 help mothers dig on more surface areas to find cobalt stones they can sell. The demand for cobalt increases worldwide with new developments.

Then you are shown a photograph of a meeting with political, pompous, overweight, authority figures entertaining foreign guests in an enclosed area, serving expensive French champagne and fine food, while small hungry children come up to the metal fence surrounding the area, calling out ‘can we have some food’ and that ‘we are hungry’ and being chased away.

These are the type of scenes that make my blood boil. Scenes similar to these from visits to India in the 80' and 90's - the appalling difference in wealth and circumstances - fueled and accepted by the evil interpretation of the so called law of karma - some families living on railroad tracks! whilst next door literally you have a Taj Mahal type hotel!! I HATE IT. I would not go back to India again until its ALL CHANGED.

Seeing this type of inequality / injustice ANYWHERE makes me feel physically sick to my stomach. How can anyone accept it! It exists everywhere on this planet with very few exceptions.

The injustice, the power and money hungry bastards are everywhere. I hate them - yes, I hate them all!!

I hate the systems everywhere on this planet that allow this injustice to continue. I hate the core Jesuits / Illuminati / Royals etc. who have been controlling these systems for 500 years. 

What is the opposite to love? It's not hate!


You hate deeply when you love deeply!

My hatred of injustice has fuelled my work these past 9 years.

My anger has powered my creativity to do something about it.

And I will hold onto that anger until all injustice is gone forever on this planet soon.


Article 138  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Artist ~ Howard David Johnson

Message from Archangel Uriel


5th January 2020


TZ here; To can find some information about Archangel Uriel below His Message here:  

I am Archangel Uriel and I come to you this day with some advice as 2020 continues.

Even if there are some difficulties in your life at present, I am suggesting to you to attempt in any way that you can, to put these difficulties aside now. To put less focus on them, trusting that they will be solved in the near future.

This is an important time to relax and gain some perspective, in fact it is even more so a time that necessitates a process of deep letting go.

I am aware that you have received this suggestion already, however I repeat it because it is vital now!

A key word for you to keep in heart and mind now is UNITY.

Firstly, I am referring to the unity that you should have with your own heart space 💓 and Higher Self I AM Presence.

Some of you can succeed in achieving this unity whilst having a busy schedule, because you have spent many years training and knowing how to take time out to reconnect quickly. For others this requires more dedicated focus now.

I am known as the Archangel of the future. The future for all of you demands a period of deep calm now especially in the Lightworker community.

Secondly, on this subject of unity it is especially important now, more than ever before, that there is union, acceptance and collaboration with each other.

Rise above any form of disagreement and misunderstanding now and strive to act as ONE.

Harmonious times are approaching, and it is safe to show your confidence in the future.

This attitude will attract others to you, who will cooperate in your endeavours, and in this way, you can accomplish great deeds:

Soon you will find that adapting to circumstances around you brings exceptional progress. Whatever the circumstances the best advantage will be in persisting correctly.

When you follow your 💓 and inner clarity you will not make any mistakes.

Through holding to a cooperative and loyal relationship with your own heartfelt knowingness along with support from all those….. and We are Many….. who Guide you at this time your resources are increased greatly.

This is how you will accomplish your goal.

Have you ever experienced that feeling of awe and excitement that exists in the air around you just before a thunderstorm breaks loose? There seems to be a pervading silence in all of nature. Even the birds are silent.

There is anticipation in the air, a knowingness that something very big has to take place to restore harmony.

Be in harmony now as preparations for the storm are building.

When the Storm passes ~ harmony will reign on Earth once again.

Be at peace ~ your brother Archangel Uriel

  ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~  

In case you are not familiar with Archangel Uriel ~ here is how speaks about Himself in His messages  channelled by Linda Dillon.

I am Uriel, Archangel of Illumination, Bringer of the Future, Archangel of the Silver Ray.

My Silver Flame is the Flame of Illumination and it is to light your way into the places of darkness, into the places of shadow, into the places of chaos, into the places of confusion…within and without.

My gentle, bright but soft Silver Flame is here to assist you.


Article 137  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  


Second Idea for Increasing Numbers in the Age of Aquarius Activation in 8 Days with the Support of Saint Germain


Please Make This Viral through Sharing


2nd January 2020



This is what I have been thinking about. There are many amazing Lightworker websites that do not advertise these Resistance Movement meditations.

I will not be mentioning any names, nor do I wish you to suggest any in the comments section thank you!

You know yourself which websites do not usually take part. But they just might change their minds, and be willing to join our effort worldwide, and unite with those of us already on board, to bring us to the highest numbers ever meditating.

Once again, I say that I declare, decree and command {and I hope that you do so with me} that 4 times critical mass will decide to take part in this activation. 4 is the Earth number so 4 times critical mass must certainly bring total change to this planet. We have in fact succeeded earlier in reaching MORE than twice the critical mass number of 144,000.

I can tell you one thing! When The Event takes place these website owners are going to feel sad that they missed out on this opportunity to ‘push’ The Event into being.

These Lightworkers may have other ideas of how this change is about to take place? They might not be fully aware of the power that a group of united Lightworkers, focused simultaneously on the very same thoughts, can have on any situation?

This Age of Aquarius meditation is in my mind, the one that will push us into the Rebirth of Light ~ into The Event ~ into the time of True Ascension ~ true Full Disclosure on this planet ~ Peace on Earth and a time of Real Abundance.

If you would like to join me in believing this, we can move mountains!!   

We need every soul possible taking part in this for success.

I hope that you have seen my first suggestion yesterday for building numbers, if not it is article 135 here on Veritas!

So how do we convince these other Lightworkers to join us?

This is something like the words that I myself will use, in an attempt to positively affect Lightworkers decisions on this. It's more than enough to do this on ONE occasion.

I call upon Saint Germain and the Violet Flame.

I {say your name aloud} now hold the torch of the Violet Flame in my hand.

In the name of Saint Germain, I now see how the Violet Flame flows from this torch that I hold, and both penetrates and enfolds the person that I wish to affect {you can say the person’s name here}. I ask Saint Germain to support my sending this Violet Flame to this person so that they will realise the importance of uniting at this time in this meditation.

If you are not familiar with this in any way, and you do not feel comfortable in holding the torch yourself, then you can simply call upon Saint Germain and ask Him to send the Violet Flame to whoever you feel might need to come to an understanding of the importance of uniting now in this goal.

Namaste Therese Z 


Article 136  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  


Peole See Mother of Pearl and Rainbow Clouds All Over Gaia Now ~ Press to Enlarge

THE EVENT ~ What Will Function ~ What Won’t Function ~ Initially

+ Information that You Should Have a Physical Copy of Now


2nd January 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner


Due to several queries from readers about various scenarios / complications at the time of The Event and how they might be coped with, I have asked my Guides to assist me in helping to answer these questions.

Simultaneously with the Event Flash arrival events begin to take place.

These are some excerpts from The Event page on Veritas.

“Just before 'The Event', the Source will send a pulse of Light through the Galactic Confederation and the Pleiadians will instruct the Resistance Movement to use its 300 operatives on the surface of the planet to contact the key people inside the military and law enforcement and then the operation will start.”


“In the early hours and days of the Event, there will not be any outside sources to tell you what to do; this will be a time when you must listen to your true heart feelings and Intuition. You will have to ‘know’ what to do. Rely upon yourself. 

There will be many who react with fear and confusion. You will be a pillar of strength to these people. Rely upon your discernment which will be needed in this time of change.

Advice to Lightworkers is simply. 



NB: First Hours of the Event

“In the first couple of hours of the Event the Resistance Movement will take over the satellite and communication stations, and you will receive intelligence as to what is happening around the globe. The TV will be in the control of The Light Resistance Movement and there will be announcements made. The LRM has infiltrated 300 Operatives inside the Illuminati network mostly in top positions in the military and the intelligence agencies. These people are undetectable, and the Illuminati have no idea where they are.

Some Clarifications:

1. The Resistance will not address the human masses through the media at the Event directly, chosen representatives of the surface human population will do that. The Resistance will give those media spokespersons intel (evidence of positive ETs, true history of humanity, new technologies, past deeds of the Cabal) to be distributed to humanity.

The Resistance Movement have constant physical {not telepathic} contact with the Pleiadians and other positive ET races within the Confederation, which give them daily intelligence about every Cabal member, where they are, what they do, even what they think. The Illuminati now have nowhere to hide. Disclosure will involve the release of classified documents. 95 % of these will be released quickly. This will be a great shock to many, but after the initial chock reactions they will be very glad.”

So, What Will and Won’t Work Initially? I Have Verified Some Facts with Guidance.

  • Electricity will be available worldwide – a 90% guarantee.
  • Water will be available worldwide – a 90% guarantee.
  • Your TV and Radio will bring updates via 1 official channel.
  • Like the Banking System – the Internet will be ‘Down’.
  • Telephones will work.

Some developments have taken place due to the fact that so many more people are awake now, than when this information about the Event was provided initially. One thing that I am sure of is that about 60% of people around the globe will recognise the faces of the people on TV giving updates. I have been watching our newscasters for years now and I am convinced that I know who will be there with information when The Event takes place. I have seen evidence for their clarity and awareness when informing about certain areas, and at least 4 of them are certainly aware of The Event on a deeper level.

Crisis Preparedness Is in Place

Local authorities all around Sweden are ready and prepared for crises of all kinds. This type of information will be made public on your TV screen and via Radio after The Event.

I have in fact got first-hand knowledge about local ‘crises preparedness’ {krisberedsskap} through a good friend in a community not far from here. My friend is one of those people in her community who can be called upon in a crisis situation. She has informed me that there has been a LOT more activity recently! There have been many meetings where people have been allocated different roles that they can take on in emergencies. Some dealing with communication, some leadership roles in organisation, some in roles of psychological support etc.

She has complete knowledge regarding where emergency food depots are situated, where petrol / gas is stored, emergency transport facilities and not in least the exact locations where emergency crisis centres can be opened quickly.

Why do we have such preparation you might wonder? Well its not for The Event. Its most likely due to the knowledge of UN operations and preparation for war, terror attacks etc. that I took up in article 114 here below on the website.

This preparation for similar situations will be in place worldwide to a greater or lesser extent. You can check out your own local authority’s crisis preparedness right now on the Internet while it is available. I am Guided to say that approx. 90% of countries has some kind of crises preparedness that can be very useful when The Event takes place.

The preparedness in place for war and NWO plans will serve us instead when Peace finally comes to Gaia.

Available in 29 Languages

Community Leadership Brief


So many of our local communities who are organising and preparing for crises situations have not got a clue what The Event is! But YOU DO!

This is the document you ought to have at least one copy of and its available in 29 languages!!!

So, it is HIGH TIME to get a hold of a copy NOW if you do not already have one, to have on hand when there is no Internet to download from directly after The Event.

Thanks to the great work of dedicated Lightworkers this document was created and translated in 2015.

Since sometime that year I have had a number of copies of this document in Swedish here at home. Back then I provided a couple of people with copies. People in my community that have contacts with all kinds of people in official / prominent positions.

It includes just the right amount of information for you to explain to anyone, what is in fact, taking place.

Listen to your Higher Self now and KNOW if you indeed should have a copy!

No Internet

It was in fact this very question regarding the Internet being or not being available, from a Swedish reader Monica that prompted me to write this article today! So, thank you Monica!

Monica was concerned realising that patient journals – now all computerised - would not be available in hospitals and homes etc. at the time and what chaos this might cause?  

It is absolutely necessary that the Internet is closed down temporarily at this time!

Can you begin to imagine what chaos could be created by ignorant, frightened people making this or that claim about the situation all over the Internet?

There would be so many crazy ideas, based on fear tactics that the cabal have been using, being spread quickly.  

That would not help the situation one bit!

Yes, there will indeed be a certain amount of chaos all over the place and this is where the Lightworker Community (YOU) come into play!

Will you have enough knowledge to actually be able to help? YES!!!!

You will be led with the assistance of an enormous group of Light Beings.

These Light Beings will be all around us at this time. If you have been reading the messages here from Divine Mother, Commander Ashtar, Yeshua, Archangels Michael and Gabrielle and Saint Germain, they have made many guarantees that they will be guiding our every action at this time.   

Like Commander Ashtar said about a week ago;

“The plan for this time of transition that you call The Event is perfect.

Nothing has been left to chance. Every possible detail of every possible scenario that might arise has been foreseen and prepared for by the Light Forces.

All of the various factions within the Allied Light Forces from the Angelic and Ascended Masters realms, the Galactic Confederation ships and my Ashtar Command, to the subterranean Resistance Movement will be working in tandem with surface operatives and positive military groups monitoring and coordinating details so that as peaceful and harmonious a transition possible can take place.

You can relax and trust that the Master Plan has been perfected down to the minutest detail.

Conscientiousness to details has always been a primary directive and nothing has been left to chance.

Be prepared!

To read this complete message go to number 128 below!

Namaste Therese Z


Article 135  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


What You Can Do to Help Us to Reach 144,000 X 4 People Meditating on 11th / 12th January

1st January 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner

Hi there everyone! Today is the 1st of January 2020 and the clock on the Age of Aquarius Activation is now 10 days + 15 hours away as I post this update. We want to have the MOST EVER GREATEST numbers of people taking part in this meditation and I have been thinking about some ideas that might bring up the numbers greatly!

I have decided ~ and it would be great if you would join me in this decision ~ as united decisions and focus have so much power ~ that we are going to reach 144,000 X 4 taking part worldwide simultaneously. That is 576,000!

So, what can you do to increase numbers?

This is what I propose!

Many of you have Facebook pages / blogs or something similar, where you might not have felt comfortable sharing some of the information that you follow yourself. This is most likely because you have many friends and family members that you assume have not been ready for a lot of the information! This is completely understandable and yet there are ways to share this meditation information that are not in any way ‘strange’ or ‘too much’ or too ‘outside the box!’  

So, let's say that you want to avoid it, then you do not have to mention Cobra or the Resistance Movement at all. There are transcripts and videos in every possible language already available. In fact, most languages but not Swedish? Many years ago, I took part in recording things and translating etc. but my time and energy are not enough to do this any longer. We have had 3 marvellous Swedish translators translating the most important stuff on the Prepare for Change site for over 2.5 years. The thing is that my Guides say that 94% of Swedish people can do fine with just English.  

So, what I propose to you, because you might not have considered sharing the entire update from The Portal, is that you find the translation of the actual 4 points {1-4} of the meditation only, in your language and that you give this transcript of the meditation with or without a video depending on how that feels and spread it every way that you know possible. Maybe other groups in your towns or communities who meditate regularly or even among friends and family etc. by writing something about this meditation in your own words.

An Example of What You Might Write

Dear Friends

I am going to take part in a very big meditation on (giving exact date and time for your location) January 2020. This meditation will be taking place worldwide on every single continent and in every country and has been translated to every language. The whole idea of this meditation is that hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe will be focusing for about 15-20 minutes time on the very same thoughts. We imagine ourselves connecting to the Source {God} and that Light from Source comes down to the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy’s Central Sun and then reaches us here and then goes down to the centre of Gaia.

After this you can add the translated meditation 4 points.

#          #          #          #           #         #         #

As you will see the text for this meditation is purposely VERY SIMPLE. We are NOT mentioning the Galactic Confederation ships etc. or anything that would confuse those not truly awake to the truth yet.

I suggest that the heading of your message could be something like this;

Meditation to Bring Peace Worldwide on Earth Soon.

If you do not wish to spread this online, you can simply do the same and send it via mail/text to friends and or groups that might be interested. If they need further information you can provide that later.

The sooner we get this done the better!

Namaste Therese Z


Article 134  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    


Message to Lightworkers Worldwide from Archangel Gabrielle

31st December 2019

I am Archangel Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Peace and I come to you this day with tidings of great joy!

The only thing that you need to focus upon now is remaining in a harmonious state of being to the best of your ability. It is of great importance now that you understand the extent of the support that you are receiving from the entire Angelic, Archangelic and Ascended Master realms each day.

Allow Us to guide your every endeavour and you will each of you emerge as masters!

Very soon you are going to find yourself having an experience of completely parting ways with inferior elements in your life, as you remain in contact with worthwhile persons and ideals. By firmly following the superior path you will find what you are seeking.

Natural response like that of a child brings exceptional progress.

If you should forget this advice of following a natural flow in your life you will soon discover that when you forge ahead confidently, with your plans and ideas, forgetting to rest or pause, you will be defeated by no end of annoyances.

This you may find can have a very undignified appearance 😉.

Right now, it is high time for a period of retreat, quiet, meditation, relaxation, rest and recuperation. Your strength is going to be needed soon.

Some of you might experience feelings of frustration or annoyance, feeling as if you are being forced to being subordinate to situations beyond your control. The best cure for this state of being is to ‘Let go and Let God’!

PS: do not forget that childlike allowance of feeling joy, over the little things in life each moment. This practise of ‘being now’ will serve you very well in the near future.

With much Love to each and every one of you; Archangel Gabrielle.


Article 133  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


The 'carnival' is coming to town - it is a very BIG carnival ! says Archangel Michael

On the Eve of 2020

31st December 2019

Dear Friends

Its 10 am as I sit writing a New Year’s message to you. I awoke yesterday morning with typical cold symptoms so there will not be any celebrating New Year’s Eve for me. The sun is shining in through the window and after it seems like months of dreary weather we are expected to have sunshine for the coming week.

So here we are on the eve of a new decade! Where we will all be, at the end of 2029 will depend upon where our focus has been. This means that our lives might look a lot different from others around us right now, depending on the choices that we continually make for the future. But no matter what our choices might be, we will most likely be living very different lives than we are living now ~ all for the better of course.

In about 9 months time from now many people will say “Stop the train ~ I want to get off”. There will be so many wonderful changes taking place that taking time to assimilate it all will be an absolute necessity. Mother has reminded us so many times over the past few years, that no matter how excited we might be about moving ahead with all of the exciting changes, She would strongly advise us to take many breaks to enjoy the new, and not rush into project’s blindly 🤩, only to discover that things could have been done better with some extra planning time. These projects could be anything from building a new home to lets say a clean up program for an entire village.

Career Changes

Approximately 60% of humanity will change their careers in the coming year!
So let’s take 5 examples of careers that will cease to exist due to not being needed any longer.

  1. Lawyers + Judges ~ maximal 15% of the numbers now will be necessary.
  2. People working in taxation ~ maximal 7% of those presently employed necessary.
  3. People working in stock exchange. Closed never to reopen.
  4. People working in area of gambling ~ a 50% drop.
  5. No work for anyone dealing in fraud/ manipulation/ dishonesty of any kind. There will be so many people who can read minds all over the place!

 And now we can take a look at 5 examples of likely new careers in the coming year!

  1. Cleansing of our Eco system worldwide with advanced technology.
  2. Building all kinds of community facilities for people to gather and learn.
  3. Workshops for exchanging petroleum based motors in vehicles to for example water based motors.
  4. Development of all kinds of new high quality foods for humans and animals 🐕 🐈 🐄 🐎 🦜.
  5. Development of excellent exciting curriculums 🤸🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️ 🎶 📔 for schools, which will include nourishing 🥕 🥦 🥑 🥗 food.

Many hours have passed since I began writing this morning. I needed to put on my ‘thinking cap’ 🧢 especially with these cold symptoms 🤯 to find appropriate career examples . So I will end now by simply wishing you all of your dreams and more for 2020.

We are heading now full speed into the Age of ♒️ Aquarius. 

The beginning of a New Renaissance on Gaia.

We are entering a New Golden Age where we are going to find ourselves as Archangel Michael has said at a huge Tivoli ~ an enormous one.

Saint Germain will be leading the way with His favorite tool the Violet Flame for the creation of the New Atlantis 💫 💎 ⚜️ here on Gaia.

Archangel Uriel with His Silver Ray energy  is guiding us into the future (His domaine) and He reminds us that ‘repair will bring exceptional progress in the near future.’

Archangel Gabriele has a special message for us later today.

I will end with Yeshua’s words 🧕🏼 ‘Smile ~ all is very well.’

Namaste TZ


Article 132  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *     


Childlikeness; Adapting to Our Situation Is Paramount Now


29th December 2019

By Therese Zumi Sumner

From now on Lightworkers all over Gaia will find themselves being gently Guided by the Co. of Heaven so that they fully comprehend what the meaning of the words ‘going with the flow’ really entails.

We will each of us be penetrated with energies of various Rays of Light depending upon which type of roles we will be ‘playing’ in the coming Transition.

So, if and when you feel overwhelmed, extremely tired, etc. you will / should react by taking a break to recuperate, rest, sleep or whatever is necessary to regain your balance over the coming weeks.

Young children are always in their present flow of energy. Jesus told us 2000 years ago that we had to become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the coming Transition that we call The Event we will all come to experience the joy of being childlike again, experiencing the magic all around us, feeling safe and loved and free. Without the slightest problem we will transit many times a day from feeling all of the above and yet when the situation calls for it, we will be able to make adult, mature, conscientious choices easily.

Lets all attempt now as well as we can, to get into the habit of avoiding control of all kinds and following the natural rhythm and flow of things.

Those among you who have followed my work over the years, will know all about the Jesuit 500-year control of everything that takes place on this planet.

When the previous pope was forced into early retirement and his place was taken by Francis, Catholics worldwide regained faith in that the church would be reformed. However, Pope Francis being a Jesuit and totally controlled by the Jesuit controllers did not have much choice in deciding matters of change. The changes that have occurred during the years that he has been in office have suited the Jesuit controllers in laying the ground for an awakening world so that they could remain in power during the NWO.

At Christmas this year Pope Francis said openly that ‘no excuses would be accepted any longer regarding sexual abuse of children by clergy’. He said that there would ‘no longer be any secrecy or protection of culprits.’ Better late than never one could say, yet in my mind this should have taken place 45 years ago.

Francis is the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and he knows it. Something tells me that he has recently finally taken a complete choice to follow the Light.

Pope Francis allows sick girl to clap, dance on stage during speech

In Love and Light TZ


Article 131  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  


Video playlists in many languages have been created by Smaly7:

By Meditation France:

By TruthEarthOrg:

Facebook event page has been created in English:

And in French:

A joint Cobra/Fulford interview has been created by We Love Mass Meditation to raise awareness of the current situation in the financial system and to help spread the word about Age of Aquarius activation.


Article 130  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  


2020: THE ENERGY FORECAST (1-Hour Live Broadcast from Lee Harris)


TZ here; Many of you will have extra time free right now with all of the holidays and if you would like some extra inspiration for what 2020 has to bring then settle in with some warm drink (or cold if its hot where you are ;-) ), relax and enjoy this great advice from Lee as to what you can expect to be dealing with in 2020. This being a year forecast is 3 X as long as his monthly messages and he discusses the 6 theemes of the years energy in great detail. ENJOY!

On December 12th, Lee Harris delivered his annual Energy Forecast discussing new energetics for the year ahead.

Themes discussed in the 2020 Energy Forecast include:

BLINDING CLARITY (Intuition/Truths + Truth-Telling/Mental Re-arrangement)

RISE OF LOVE THROUGH DEATH AWARENESS (The death of people/relationships/animals/nature/systems)

COLLABORATION AND TEAMS (The Upswing of people coming together to collaborate and work with each other)

GROUNDING VIA NATURE (The technology take-off/distraction of attention being leveled through Nature but also Natural Disasters/Loss and local events)

CREATIVITY AT HIGH SPEED (Faster than ever creative endeavors - with less internal resistance and more need/embrace in the outside world)

HEART HEALING (Conflict Energy showing up as a trigger for heart healing/the rise of emotional awareness and the need for more people to lead in the realms of heart healing, mindfulness and emotional intelligence)

Namaste Therese Zumi


Article 129  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Photograph taken by archaeologists June 1st 1961 Yucatan. Jesus appeared in visible, tangible body and allowed this photograpg to be taken. Press photo to enlarge.

Jesus Sananda’s Christmas Message: You are the Gift


December 21st 2019

TZ here; There is no finer Christmas gift that I can put on this blog than this message from our Brother, Friend, Mentor and Beloved Yeshua ~ Happy Christmas Day to readers everywhere;

Jesus Sananda’s Christmas Message: You are the Gift

Channeled by Linda Dillon,, Dec. 21, 2019…/jesus-sanandas-2019-christmas-…/

Greetings, I am Yeshua, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi. And I am yours as you are mine. I welcome you to this time of re-birth, to this time when quite literally the heavenly host announce the re-birth in and out of form.

Traditionally, this time of year has meant the exchange of gifts, of presents. Your presence on planet, on Earth, with sweet Gaia is a deep profound gift to me, to the Mother, to the Father, to the All.

But what gift do I bring you? What gift do I wish to bestow upon you? And what do I wish to share with you about your remarkable progress, achievements, forward thrust over this last year, over this last decade?

No, the decade did not begin in 2012 but certainly, sweet angels of light, that was a pivotal turning point – a point at which you assumed whether you were conscious, cognizant of it at the time – when you, each of you and the collective in a level of spiritual evolvement and maturity that actually was quite unexpected, you declared to the Mother, Father, One, that you chose love.

Could anything be more precious? Could anything turn the tide more than that? That you choose not only to think of yourselves and your desire to be in the fullness of your ascended self but rather than proceed alone, or with a small clique, that you have chosen to ascend as one, with your brothers and sisters of this planet?

Has the remainder of this decade been truly work, play, expansion, anchoring, evolvement? Yes! You’ve cleared the decks. And you have cleared beneath the decks. And you have rooted into not only your core issues but the truth of who you are, individually and collectively.

You have chosen to proceed not with a snap of our fingers but with the assumption of the truth of who you are and who you have always been.

Now it is time – yes, in your time, in the Mother’s time, in [Archangel] Uriel’s silver pool of time – it is time for you to emerge, as I have emerged once before from the cave, from the tomb.

The similarity between you and I, beloved ones, is pretty much exact. And why am I talking about resurrection and Easter when it is Christmas? Because I want you to understand, not only about the gifts we all bring this day, but about the gift you are. About the power, the might, the light that you are.

You have lived in a very dark time and I do not simply mean in the past decade, or in the past one hundred years or even the past two thousand years. You have lived in very dark times. I do not mean this in terms of the divisions, the divisiveness that has been created by those who wish to maintain or abuse power. I mean the darkness of loneliness, of isolation. Might I even say the abandonment of the dream? And not only your dream, but the dream of the Mother, the dream of the Father, the dream of many throughout the galaxies.

That darkness comes to an end because the clarity of vision, which is no more than the clarity of heart, is being restored. And is it being done to you? No. It is being done with you. Oh, we have done some fine tuning, no doubt. But so have you in your choices, in your forward thrust, in your choosing of love.

Now you enter a new time.

Painted by Akiane aged 8 see video below. Press to Enlarge

It does not hurt to look over your shoulder. You do not turn into a pillar of salt. Look over your shoulder, and see me. See my beloved Magdalena, our family, our circle, our friends – the disciples, the apostles and centuries of saints, prophets, and wise men.

Look over and when you do, see us. See us as part of the Mother’s final wave of her Tsunami of Love – pushing, guiding. No running backwards. See what has been accomplished.

And then, beloved, look ahead, because I am standing directly in front of you. I have asked you several years ago to come and to walk with me. Well, now I am coming and asking you to run with me, to fly with me, to soar with me. And you say, “Lord, there is nothing in the world or beyond that I would like better.”

And so, what I say to you, let us together this day claim your right – your divine right, your historical right, your birthright – to be in the fullness of your ascended self. My gift to you for Christmas, for Hanukkah, for Wednesday, for Tuesday, for every single day, is not only the gift of my love, but the gift of re-birth.

You’ve been in the cave, you’ve been in the darkness. You know what that is like, and you have come to the stillpoint and you have traveled back to the heart of the Mother/Father/One. Now, let us push aside the stone. No, not that you ascend into heaven, but that you walk the Earth in harmony with all – with the elements and elementals, with Gaia, with your star family – very present now. With us who return in this time of renewal and celebration. Yes, myself included.

It is time. You say to me, “Yeshi, Yeshua, Lord, how do I do this?” It is a very complicated procedure but I will go through it with you. I want you to get up and go to your bathroom and look in the mirror, and see yourself – and to truly see yourself, to embrace yourself, to love yourself, and to see me standing there right next to you.

Yes, in the privacy of your own home. And perhaps it is at the privacy of your table where you have prepared a place for me, dear friend. For I am sure to arrive hungry. I always have been, you know. This is part of the delight of being on a planet where there is food and drink and water and air. I do not say this to any of you casually. Oh, I tease you. I make light of it.

You have been birthing your sacred self and you most certainly – each and every one of you – have known the labor pains. I remember being born through Mare into human form, emerging through the birth canal. So much attention is always given to the mother, as is correct. But I remember it, that sense of – even though I knew what lay ahead – slight anxiety. “Am I sure that I am up for this? Am I sure that as I emerge into the brilliance of the light – the birth canal is dark?” It is like being in the void.

Then you are pushed, pushed into the light. Luckily, I was not smacked. I was simply coddled. That is what you are doing. You are birthing into the light on planet. While the Mother might be the one birthing you, I am certainly right there with you to be midwife, to give you not only the first coddle, but to assist you with your first breath of clear, clean, pure, pure, pure fresh air. To guide you, to walk with you, to run with you, not as downtrodden human but as bright angels in form, in the truth, the power, the might, and the light of who you really are.

This is not a gift of preparation, my beloveds. This is a gift of saying “Let’s go!” And I know that you have already said “Yes.”

Go with my love and go in celebration. Farewell.…/jesus-sanandas-christmas-mes…/

Therese Zumi


Article 128  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  


Ascended Master Commander Ashtar ~ Press to Enlarge

Message from Commander Ashtar


24th December 2019


Beloved friends this is Commander Ashtar speaking and I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to you with some words of calm at a time on your planet when many are feeling as if they were onboard a ship on a stormy sea, having winds as a chariot, on a journey none knew where…….

If you sincerely insist upon having the very best of life that you can imagine, then the chances are that that is exactly what you will receive.

It is of the utmost importance that you now set and keep your sights upon the highest.

That is the very best that you can do right now.

Once you reach the end of this cycle of time, in the very near future, progress will begin in every area imaginable on your beautiful Gaia.

After The Event you will learn to fully rely upon your own inherent knowing regarding how to deal with every situation that arises within the new.

Trust only upon your own Heart space Higher Self knowingness and you will not go astray.

You will not feel a need to wait upon some kind of cue from someone else around you to feel motivated to take some action. You will have very clear ideas about what exactly needs to be done and you will do it.

You may find yourselves in some new situations that you had not expected. Remain calm.

All will be made very clear to you.

The plan for this time of transition that you call The Event is perfect.

Nothing has been left to chance. Every possible detail of every possible scenario that might arise has been foreseen and prepared for by the Light Forces.

All of the various factions within the Allied Light Forces from the Angelic and Ascended Masters realms, the Galactic Confederation ships and my Ashtar Command, to the subterranean Resistance Movement will be working in tandem with surface operatives and positive military groups monitoring and coordinating details so that as peaceful and harmonious a transition possible can take place.

You can relax and trust that the Master Plan has been perfected down to the minutest detail.

Conscientiousness to details has always been a primary directive and nothing has been left to chance.

Be prepared!

In Love and Light Commander Ashtar


Article 127  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *      


Divine Mother ~ Love is All


TZ here; Many of you may find this message from Divine Mother inspiring at this time. Because we grow ever closer in time to the 'Transition' ~ The Event you may be wondering if your life will move along as usual after the fact or if the Nova Gaia situation that we find ourselves in will entail that we might need to be prepared for new 'jobs' or roles? The person who is being addressed in this message is going to be 'working' as a spiritual teacher and yet wonders about his own continued studies and development. Hope you enjoy!

A beautiful channelled gem shared from a personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ Love is All

Divine Mother: Greetings, I am Mother, infinite and eternal, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy. Mother of One, Mother of All. Welcome, my beloved, sweet angel of light, sweet teacher of blue, bridge, visionary, magenta, aqua of the distant stars.

You have beckoned to me, as I have beckoned to you, across the infinity of my omniverse and of our omniverse into the realm of [?] that you may hear me and, more importantly, not merely feel me but experience me for that is the purpose of our union this day.

Beloved one, yes, you have come as teacher, as visionary, as bridge between realities, between dimensions, between existences. It is time for my children of this planetary system to awaken to a broader awareness – a broader understanding – and they have reached this point of readiness. They go forward in the anchoring of new realm, new reality, new understandings which in fact aren’t new at all [but] which are ancient and eternal.

Understand – you are being inspired… inspired… to remember, to recollect, to learn, to expand… yes, of course for your sacred self… but as you are beginning to understand, there is no such thing as your sacred self. It is all and it is nothing. And I do not mean that to disintegrate your essential spark which is brilliant and holy.

It is not coincidence that you have and you are studying what you can think of as the physical realm, the chemical interaction, the formulation of materiality, because in so many ways the study of this reality allows you to see that, in fact, it is not real at all – it is all transient; it is all becoming. And so it is a reflection for you to comprehend the infinity of my universe.

It is also grounding, because I do not want you simply wandering through the dimensions or wandering throughout the stars, for you have come to my planet – this beautiful planet of beauty, of diversity, of potential, of wonder, of love – you have come to this time and to this incarnation with the understanding that you will be the teacher, that you will be the voice – the voice not crying in the wilderness; that is over! – to truly open and spark, to act as the catalyst, during this time of transition for those that are seeking.

And what I suggest to you and what is known is those who are seeking are about to implode and explode – no, not as in terms of termination or destruction – but in terms of awareness and awakening. And as they do this – which is my Plan – as they do this, they look around. Many are uncertain and unclear about which direction to travel in.

Think of it in this way. If you have been in a very deep slumber and you awaken for a few moments, you are disorientated. You will think, “Where am I and what was I doing?” That is what is happening with the collective of humanity, and this is all good news. This is the opening that you and so many have not only yearned for but prayed for.

And you have positioned, and I have positioned you, with full agreement and cognizance – and clear cognizance – of where you have need to be as a bringer of hope, as an anchor of vision, in the sweetness of existence. This belief system that so many have clung to – that in fact not only is the journey fixed, but that it is difficult and that it is filled with pain and suffering – is simply not true.

And as you have learned and are learning – this mental, emotional reactivity is just that. So where my humans shift is not only from being reactive, but they shift from being initiators. Now why is this important? In refined discernment, in refined balance, in the anchoring of divine knowing and divine authority, what one initiates, chooses to experience, is love in all its wondrous splendour and forms.

That is the entire purpose of all Creation, of all existence. It is simply for you to know, to be, love – the One.

And you are beginning to comprehend this and so, yes, I am sending you a great deal of energy for you to continue on this pathway of joyous expansion, with the understanding of the collective – their touchstones – because to communicate fully, heartfully, with any being in any galaxy or solar system, you have need to know and understand and be able to relate to their touchstones, to their reference points, to their framework of what they believe is reality.

So the key in this is not [that] you move forward in your understanding, but you don’t, in terms of your vision and your teaching, move too forward that they can’t see you, or hear you, or relate to you any longer.

So, dearest heart, where would you like to begin this day?

Q: Good day, Divine Mother, I am grateful for your compliments. I am grateful for everything you have done for me – all your divine interventions without which I would be lost in the darkness. And I thank you for guiding me towards being unconditionally loving.

With that being said, I would like to begin my first question. As you know, I feel intuitively like I am not meant to go to graduate school… that I am meant to be a spiritual teacher, which you have confirmed. And I want to be your eternal servant. So, therefore, Divine Mother, I wish to ask how I may best serve you once I graduate from the university around May 2020?

Divine Mother: First of all, my beloved child, you are welcome and you are welcomed into my arms, into my sphere, into this space.

That you have travelled into the darkness – and have experienced what you term the dark night of the soul – is very important because many not only travelled there, they live there. And in that bleakness, they do not know that there is a pathway out, [and] that there are choices and options and different experiences.

So having been there serves you well, and serves me well, because you understand. And that is, as I say: you have to speak to the people and touch their hearts where they live. So do not think that this has been a waste of experience. It has not. It has been quintessential.

Now, whether you go to graduate school or not – and we would suggest to you [that you] do not necessarily put this on the side; these, beloved, can be parallel tracks – you see what the humans have forgotten. They tend to think it’s an either/or, and what they need is this human example of not either/or but all… that you can do it ALL.

It does not mean as a spiritual teacher that you divorce yourself or that you exclude yourself from what we would call ‘the mainstream’, because you travel there because that is where your students are. It is not for you in this life to come to the ashram and take yourself out of where the people are.

Now, yes, you are intended to be a spiritual teacher. But in the first run, do not think or do not choose simply that it has to be either/or, because I guide you and I ask you – because I will never intervene in your free will and choices, because your choices are brilliant.

Do not think it has to be either/or. You will be the teacher and you will be the individual – the man who says, “Yes, I know about higher education. I know about career. I have done this, but that is not my priority. It cannot be either/or.”

This duality of the human experience is what is truly in transition.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2019 Council of Love, Inc.

Therese Zumi


Article 126  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   


For Those Who Still Do Not Understand the Connection Between ~ The Event and the GCR ~ A Final Reminder

By Therese Zumi Sumner

December 21st, 2019


I have decided to put this information together because of queries that I receive from time to time. The queries inform me that there are quite a number of people following my updates in the past 18 months or so who have it would seem never read The Event page on Veritas Galactic Sweden.

These are the exact words {I have chosen some of the text} that are found at the top of The Event page on Veritas since the spring of 2013.

“No human authority will decide when this is about to happen. The final word when the ‘Event’ is to happen is coming directly from the Source. This is an Event of Cosmic Importance. The last planet under the grip of the dark forces is about to be liberated and this is going to send ripples of Light throughout the Galaxy.

Just before 'The Event', the Source will send a Pulse of Light through the Galactic Confederation and the Pleiadians will instruct the Resistance Movement to use its 300 operatives on the surface of the planet to contact the key people inside the military and law enforcement and then the operation will start.

'The Event' is not 3D Earth Revolution ~ It is Divine Intervention for Overnight Change to truly begin the Golden Age of Gaia.

This will not be a 3D Earth type Revolution where there are risks taken to innocent people’s lives. For this reason and this reason only ~ that there be a peaceful transition from the old 3D reality to a New World overnight ~ that demands the type of precision that only The Godhead Him/Herself can decide upon.

It is time now for everyone on this planet to understand that this future Golden Age coming into being is NOT in the hands of some mad people who might make wrong decisions that might lead to bloodshed.


What is meant by the 'Event Flash' is exactly that ~ a Flash of Divine Energy from the Source, which passes through the Central Sun, and then will be received by the Galactic Confederation who will in turn give the intelligence to Lightworkers within The Light Resistance Movement. On the receiving of the information the LRM ~ some 300 Operatives, will make contact with the dark forces to see if they are willing to cooperate. If they are not willing to cooperate, they will not be included.

Update from Nov. 25th 2013  It might be interesting for you to know that the Event Flash will originate from a certain currently classified cosmic source, travel first through M87 Galaxy and then through the Galactic Central Sun of our Galaxy into our Solar System, where it will trigger the Event on the surface of our planet.   

All of this will happen extremely fast. From the time of the Flash to the Event it will take 15 Minutes!

There will be no announcement. There will be no media involved. This will just happen. This will be a complete surprise to everyone not in least to the Cabal. This can happen at any time. When it does, we will feel a strong energy.

The delay in ‘The Event’ coming into being is because Spiritual support from Above, Below {Inner Earth evolved Society etc.} and not in least here on the surface, has been necessary, and is now necessary so that when the necessary arrests happen human masses will not panic.

All of the above intel is from the main Event page here;


I wrote the following article on Monday July 22nd, 2019 ~ it is article 64 on the Introduction Page Blog link


The Pleiadians describe The Event like this;  

“ A trans-cultural spiritual revolution which will transform the separate and fragmented cultures of earth into one vast global and planetary meta culture in which the unique diversity of every nation, of every peoples, of every tribe, of every person is valued as contributing to the beauty of the whole."

After The Event has taken place nothing will ever feel the same again. We will be completely surrounded on the surface of this planet in energy of deep penetrating influence. At this point it is difficult to describe something that will inspire writers all over the globe after the fact. The only worth that will have any real worth any longer will be our inner worth.

In this same article 64 you get many details about the Terms of Surrender for the various cabal factions along with information about their various origins.

To read this complete article go here and roll down to article 64.{Unless you are already here}

Finally, here is the article that I wrote on June 11th this year hoping that it would be the last time that I took up this subject 😅. This IS the last time!

Remember when you read these lines that I wrote them more than 6 months ago and that you recently received more details about the current situation in the financial world prior to the Event.  TZ

A Final Message about the G.C.R. ~ 11th June 2019

By Therese Zumi

This message is specifically directed to the newer readers on this blog who might have found it much later than my previous articles on this subject. {see some links below}

I am writing this, prompted by my HS, because so many questions and comments make me realise that this subject matter is still not understood by some.

The so-called Global Currency Reset CANNOT + WILL NOT happen until The Event.

When the ‘Signal’ goes out from Source ~ in complete agreement with every being involved in this process ~ that it is ‘Time’, the Resistance Movement will shut down the present corrupt financial system in its entirety, worldwide, simultaneously at the touch of a button.

The money that is currently yours on your bank account, that has been earned, inherited, honestly and legally, will still be on your bank account in the New Financial System.

The Stock Market will close ~ never to re-open.

Every single person on this planet will be provided with what they need. There will be a basic wage introduced worldwide.

If you would like to continue to work and earn money {there will be no shortage of work} you will not be paying tax on what you earn. Infra structure costs within the New Earth society will be covered by taxes only on newly produced goods.

The rumours and discussions ongoing for the past 6 years on tens of thousands of financial blogs of one kind or another, are focused as they have been non-stop during this time period, on the arrival of crashes in the financial system of the ‘Lehman’ type. These discussions are ‘fed’ by the various banking families and groups within the cabal worldwide.

This entire charade about finances is the ongoing process within various cabal groups and their infighting about ownership of various currencies etc.

Our entire existence is controlled by these ‘controllers’ and they have created ALL OF THE WARS, whereby they make huge financial gain, with the help of the Jesuits who in fact control them.

They will all be arrested.

All this talk about sealed indictments in the USA is just further control by the cabal to keep people calm in the belief that something is going to change. IT WILL but not due to anything that ‘they’ will do.

The worldwide control of people by political power etc will end immediately at the time of The Event.

NO SINGLE COUNTRY – LEADERS etc. currently holding positions of power will have ANYTHING to say about the re-distribution of wealth to humanity.

That will be entirely in the hands of spiritually advanced, utterly reliable and honest people. These people know who they are, and they have now been completely ready to take these roles for at least 18 months.

ANY rumours now discussed on blogs regarding ‘something big is about to happen ~ like the Lehman crash’ or ‘tensions are building, and something has to give’ has been speculated about week after week month after month for at least 6 years now. Do people not get tired / exhausted reading about it?

Finally, one could say that these speculations are more correct now than ever before because something very big is about to happen soon.

Victory of the Light is assured.

Namaste Therese Z

Some Appropriate Links:

Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to Humanity
July 7, 2015 by Therese Zumi Sumner

The article is top left on this page;…/popular-blog-articl…

Video ~ Worldwide Re-set Imminent ~ available in 8 languages here ~ including Swedish;…

NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM posted by Cobra in April 2012 {roll down page to find}…/bigger-picture-cont…

Namaste Therese Zumi


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There Is Only One Focus Now from Today until The Event ~ the Return of the Light


By Therese Zumi Sumner


20 December 2019


As I sit by my PC this morning, the 20th of December, everything feels so calm! Peaceful! In Sweden we have our celebration on the eve of Christmas day namely the 24Th. In fact, we celebrate every main ‘feast time’ on the eve of the day itself which makes a lot of sense here. So, while many people who celebrate Christmas are packing their last gifts on the 24th we are in the midst of celebrating and sharing gifts. As the hours and days are ticking by towards this joyful time of celebration so are the days and weeks ticking by towards a time on earth that can only be described with one word and that’s ‘unbelievable’.

We are now moving at great speed towards Victory of the Light.

Tomorrow is the 21st of December and the so-called winter solstice when the hours of light during daytime are supposedly least, and then after a few days the light is returning. Around the time of Lucia Dec. 13th this year I heard someone say that Lucia was celebrated earlier at the darkest time of the year which made me ask my Guides if the 21st is really the darkest day? They tell me that the darkest day with least hours of daylight was on the 15th December, so we are well and truly now on the way back towards the time of the return of Light in more ways than one!!

The purpose of this message to my dear readers today, is to say that The Return of the Light will now be the main area of focus on this blog / website until The Event is a fact and we take our first steps forward with slight feelings of trepidation on Nova Gaia.

The following text was posted here in August this year and is a message from the Resistance Movement and it is VERY IMPORTANT now and, in the weeks ahead. 

VERY Important Message Reminder from the Resistance Movement ~ Please Make Viral ~ 17th August 2019

If we want to manifest The Event quicker there is another simple way to do so besides supporting the cleansing of the dark forces through meditation. It’s very simple. We can PUSH forward into our new existence on Nova Gaia by BEING THERE in our THOUGHTS, MIND, EMOTIONS through taking a short time regularly to ‘daydream’ about the most important goals that we wish to attain in our new environment. SEE these inner pictures, FEEL these inner pictures, KNOWING that they will manifest soon.

Here the exact words from the RM a while back.

“The Light forces are asking everybody to visualize the bright future of the Golden age to speed up and accelerate the process of manifesting it. “

“The Light forces are also asking people to go beyond their mind and contact their Soul.“

Namaste Therese Z


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Financial System Update  ~ Important Cobra Update

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


There is a lot going on behind the scenes in the financial system. There is a split inside Black Nobility about how to proceed with their plans.

One Black Nobility faction wants to crash the current system through repo market as soon as possible and replace it with IMF centralized crypto financial system where people would pay with their smartphones and their behavior would be monitored and evaluated with a social score credit system.

JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are both major players in the coming financial crisis and are both backed by this Black Nobility faction. This faction is also backing IMF and the policy of ECB, and Christine Lagarde is one of their main players:

On September 16th, Deutsche Bank has joined a global blockchain network, led by JP Morgan:

At that moment this faction felt it is ready for the next move and on the very same day, they triggered a huge anomaly in the repo market that was further expanded by JP Morgan withholding liquidity from other banks:

From September to December, this faction was proceeding with their plans:

Beta testing of their system was about to start this month in China:

Their plan was to crash the current financial system through repo market and then implement the new system by this New Year:

Their plans started to collapse last week, when the other Black Nobility faction sprung into action.

This other faction supports the current central banking debt slavery system, does not want the system to crash and is backing the Fed.

This other faction has released the following article:

That article has brought the situation in the repo market into the public awareness and the Fed realized the system could crash for the New Year if they would not intervene. Their response was massive and quick, they are planning to pump 500 billion dollars of liquidity into the system in the next few weeks:

This has calmed the situation and the first Black Nobility faction which wants to hard crash the system is now losing power.
Beta testing of the blockchain system in China is fizzling out:

There will be no global financial crash for the New Year, but without the intervention of the Fed we were closer to the total crash than at any point in history.

Press to Enlarge

The Light Forces do NOT want a hard crash of the system, they want a gradual and balanced meltdown of the system combined with the increased awareness which would lead into the positive financial Reset.

For this reason they are asking as many people as possible to join the following meditation:

We will be doing this mediation until the actual Age of Aquarius activation itself.

The trading week between January 13th and January 17th is the time of greatest probability that the situation in the financial markets will burst into a full crisis which will lead towards the meltdown of the current financial system.

The astrological chart of the opening of the New York stock exchange on Monday January 13th at 9:30 am EST shows a powerful exact quadruple Sun-Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction with all those planets congested just within 8 minutes of arc, whereas Saturn will actually be behind the Solar disc as seen from Earth!

Press to Enlarge


Some people are expecting the collapse of Deutsche Bank around January 15th:

Financial analyst Martin Armstrong is studying market cycles and his conclusion is that economic confidence cycle will reach its lowest point around January 18th/19th


Two independent sources have communicated that European institutions will not allow Deutsche Bank to collapse, and they will save it at the last moment, similar to this:

Anyway, the current debt based financial system can not be sustained for much longer, and European central banks are already preparing for collapse:

Press to Enlarge

How the coming crisis that will lead into financial Reset will play out is not known, but here are possible scenarios:

In a few days, I will post an update abut our Age of Aquarius activation, hoping that we reach the critical mass this time.

Victory of the Light!


Article 123 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Antartica Cloudship

Benjamin Fulford ~ December 16th 2019:

Antarctica is Under Lockdown as Secret Space Program Unveiling Begins


TZ here; normally as you know I do not post Benjamin’s reports, however this feels very important! (the first part in honour of Ben’s wishes to withhold the full report - as his subscribers pay for that, until 3 days have passed.) The  picture here has been provided to Benjamin by ‘A member of the “Cobra resistance”. I am informed that this first part of Ben's update is completely reliable information. I hope that Cobra will provide us with more details about this in a few days from now on the update that he has promised us.

by Benjamin Fulford December 16th, 2019

An unusual flurry of events and press announcements makes it clear the U.S. government is unveiling its secret space program, multiple sources agree.  We are also hearing of a Chinese secret space program, a Nazi secret space program, and a Russian secret space program.  All of these revelations are being accompanied by unusual movements of gold and other financial anomalies.  The recent trade agreement between the U.S. and China is also linked to these secret space programs, Chinese and Pentagon sources agree.  These are all signs that some sort of mind-boggling planetary event may be coming.

Typically, this writer does not tread lightly into the UFO world and believes extra-ordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  However, such proof is now undeniable.

The biggest evidence is a series of public announcements by multiple government officials, including U.S. President Donald Trump.  The official launching of a U.S. Space Force by Trump is just the start of a gradual process of disclosure, Pentagon officials say.

The media is now being filled with stories about UFOs and secret U.S. military technology as part of this process.  As we have previously reported, the U.S. Navy has released patents for anti-gravity flying saucers and compact nuclear fusion.  Now we have a recently retired air force general talking about already existing technology that can take us “from one part of the planet to any other part within an hour.”

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala. and Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett both called publicly this month for the declassification of “a large amount of information about America’s military space programs.”

The $21 trillion missing from the U.S. government budget since 1998, as documented by Catherine Austin Fitts and others, was spent on the secret space program, Pentagon officials confirm.  Much of this technology is now being released to the general public, they say.

We are also getting far more UFO sightings around the world that are being recording on high-quality video.  If you get into the habit of looking at the sky as I have, it won’t be long before you can see for yourself with your own naked eyes.

Now that the Antarctic summer has begun, we are again getting multiple reports of strange goings-on there, too.  On December 10th, a Chilean military plane carrying 38 people vanished in good weather on its way to Antarctica.

A senior CIA officer, and relative of Admiral Richard Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame, told us:

“The Chilean military were ordered by their controllers not to go near Antarctica.  They thought they were smarter and knew more than their masters.  The C-130 has been removed.  It wasn’t who was on the plane, it was what they were carrying that resulted in ‘the disappearance.’  At this stage, there are no entries and exits taking place on Antarctica.  The Southernmost continent is on lockdown until further notice (not due to this incident).”

A member of the “Cobra resistance” who has recently returned from Antarctica provided us with the photograph below.

They claim it is a photograph of a cloud ship or a large alien vessel using cloud-type camouflage.  However, what interests us more is the faint picture of what looks like large buildings on the distant coastline.  Whatever is going on there, it is clearly more than just a few scientists studying penguins.

“Many Russian and American scientists have been killed in Antarctica,” says a senior P2 Freemason source, citing Russian FSB and CIA reports.  “I know for sure there are ancient alien bases,” he adds.  This is why Antarctica is closed off, he says.

This is the person who told us in advance that the P2 were going to fire Pope Benedict XVI.  He was also found once by the CIA near the BIS with a gun and a sophisticated lock-picking device.

This source also says the earthquake recorded last week at Mindanao in the Philippines was caused by an attack on a hostile underground military base.


Article 122 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Watch Out for Racketeers

16th December 2019

By Therese Zumi Sumner


What is a racket? No, I am not referring to the one that you hold in your hand to play tennis. Some English words have many and varied meanings. In one of the world’s greatest English dictionaries (in my humble opinion) the 6th edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary it says; Racket (3) is a scheme for obtaining money or effecting some other objects by fraudulent means. Thus, a racketeer is someone who operates a racket, someone who is racketeering. This message is to help you not to be racketeered 😉 by these people!

Ascension and Sexual Intimacy

When someone travels the Ascension path willingly it can be an asset to have a deep loving relationship with a soul mate. If both partners are interested in the Ascension process, they can enhance one another’s experience of this, through loving sexual intimacy which entails communication from heart to heart. This is the basis for tantric sex where the focus is always loving interaction.

The Racketeers

I was looking at the subject of twin souls/flames on the internet and made some sad discoveries. Here is what I am guided to say on this subject.

As for twin flames / souls working as couples to guide others on the Ascension path one needs to be aware of the racketeers in this area. I am informed that among those couples claiming to be twin souls and having knowledge to assist others on this path, there are very few who actually have these ‘qualifications.’ A mere 8% of them do!

Now that is not saying that 92% are racketeers. There are others in this field that do have a sincere interest in this subject and do want to assist others and can do that to some extent. I am given the figure of 28% doing sincere work. That means 64% are the ‘racketeers’!

Many of these take large sums of money for ‘courses’ of various kinds.

After The Event

When The Event has taken place people with REAL KNOWLEDGE about this subject will be so much easier to find. They will provide courses where couples can take part and learn the deeper mystical truth about this subject.

This is a subject matter that will develop and support the growth of nurturing, respectful, secure, loving relationships between men and women.  No longer will sexual intimacy be sullied, degraded and increase separation between the sexes. This has always been the plan of the archons and their Jesuit minions.

Once again sexual intimacy will become a source of real bonding, joy, security and deep truthful communication between couples.

Namaste Therese Z


Article 121 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge

Very Important Message to Bring Clarity about a Current Meditation on the WLMM Site.

14th December 2019


By Therese Zumi Sumner

A meditation has been posted on We Love Mass Meditation site.

It is called ‘Urgent! Meditation to stabilize the financial system every 4 hours’.

The information on WLMM says this;

"The Light Forces are making a suggestion via Cobra that an urgent meditation every 4 hours is needed to stabilize the current financial system, especially Deutsche bank, JP Morgan, the Federal Reserve and the repo market, as well as all people and other financial institutions involved.”

I myself found out about the existence of this meditation yesterday through the messages from some of my readers with comments like these here;

“where does it say in the Cobra update that this is necessary”?

“are we now doing meditations to support the banks and not in least JP Morgan - Deutsche Bank etc.!?”  

“this is helping these evil persons “

“feels like a red flag”

So, despite feeling more than tired last night I started looking into this myself.

This morning at 0756 as I write I can hear the rain on the window and a howling wind. Yes, there is a storm brewing on this planet and what we need now is clarity, clarity and even more clarity!


The following information has ALSO been provided on WLMM. They state;

“Currently, the financial system is VERY unstable and is close to a crash. Even though many of us are expecting the system to burst in the near future, any abrupt crash of the system may lead to unexpected consequences. It would favour the Black Nobility Families to hijack the original plan and impose their plan to consolidate their power and to introduce a global and centralized digital financial system that will have total control over people's finances.”

According to the Light Forces via Cobra, this meditation is the top priority above all other meditations until the Age of Aquarius Activation and therefore it needs to be done every 4 hours.”

This is how I choose to see this.


According to the Light Forces via Cobra, this meditation is the top priority above all other meditations until the Age of Aquarius Activation.

Cobra said the following on the last update regarding the major activation meditation on January 11th ~ 12th.

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to finally trigger the process that will start the long-awaited Age of Aquarius. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process………….

This configuration will be the pin that will burst the bubble of the current debt-based financial system. I will speak more about what is happening behind the scenes of the financial system in the first update of the Age of Aquarius activation, about a week from now.”

So, Cobra will give us an update sometime next week and no doubt bring more clarity to this situation.

I have contacted both WLMM and Cobra to tell about the confusion this is bringing. I have asked for more focus to be brought to the sentences that make things clearer and to begin the information about this meditation by doing so. When the group at WLMM say that “according to the Light Forces via Cobra” that’s what they mean. In other words, you may not find these words on Cobra’s site, but they have been in touch with Cobra themselves to verify this!

The WLMM site works alongside Cobra.


Our activation on the 11th-12th of January will hopefully be that ‘pin to burst the bubble of the current debt-based financial system’.

Do you recall what will take place at the time of The Event?

The Light Forces will take down the current financial system and asap introduce the New Just Financial System that is the basis for worldwide abundance etc. {among 100 other things 😉}

Because like I mentioned in article 117 {IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL LIGHTWORKERS} on 6th December 2019, things are going to get crazy very soon here, we do not want this current financial system to go down and create more chaos UNTIL THE LIGHT FORCES ARE READY – until our activation creates the perfect conditions for a more stable transition from one system to the other in perfect timing. We do not want an “abrupt crash of the system may lead to unexpected consequences… that would favour the Black Nobility Families……….


Is this clear now? We are asking those who feel so called, to help to stabilise the old system prior to our activation on the 11th-12th January. Nothing more!

Namaste Therese

PS: 2 important 'people' who will be assisting in this meditation and everything to do with the New Financial System are Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain. Here below is an introduction to the least familiar of the two.


Earlier posted on my FBook blog on Nov 10th 2019

TZ here; This message is to introduce readers to an Ascended Master that they might not be familiar with. When Cobra was asked a question as to who we might call upon during our meditation to support us in this goal {our Silver Trigger Activation} I immediately thought about this Ascended Master who is seldom mentioned. The text below here is taken from The Event page info on Veritas where I have a short introduction (lower part of page) to some of the Company of Heaven involved with us at this time. When you read about El Morya you will understand why I believe we should call upon Him tomorrow or even now before the meditation to help us reach our goal.

Here the notes:


El Morya is the chohan of the First Ray representing power, goodwill and faith. He brings to us the gift of the pale blue diamond which he places in our third eye so it can reach the many. He works with the Great White Brotherhood.

El Morya wishes to convey to us that we are incredibly powerful creators and how with our will we can bring forth what we will into existence. We have a will of steel, iron, titanium and light and we are not at the mercy of anyone and that there is no power, or secret society, or plan of darkness that is stronger than us and especially now when we come together in light and love - we become the creator race that we are.

He tells us that we brought the strength of our will with us when we incarnated and which we have had since we emerged from One. We have the will to create peace on Earth and far beyond. He works with leaders and decision makers. He has been working inside banking and the mass media. He has a tough job. He has been searching out those of influence that can help while we are still in the matrix, helping our liberation through telepathic impressions to the masses through the media etc.

Therese Zumi


An Important Reminder from August 2019 for NEW READERS

by Therese Zumi Sumner ~ today is December 13th

I wrote a series of 7 articles with the same title A Storm Is brewing in August 2019. I am being adviced that these articles {especially 5 ~6 ~7} ought to be reposted / reminded of now especially for newer readers to this blog /website

They are:

Article 75

A Storm Is brewing ~ 5 After The Event ~ Being Prepared

Article 78

A Storm is Brewing ~ 6 ~ Life After The Event

Article 80

A Storm Is Brewing ~ 7th and Final Part

So Many Emotions ~ So Much to Reform after The Event

To find them just open Veritas Introduction page {if you are not reading this on the Fbook blog you are here now!} and roll down the blog untill you see the article numbers above {advice to read in the order above for greater clarity}

Namaste Therese

Therese Zumi

Article 120 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration on January 11th/12th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Age of Aquarius closer to us:

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to finally trigger the process that will start the long awaited Age of Aquarius. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

There will be many massive astrological configurations from January 10th to 12th. This is surely the most powerful astrological time since the Grand Cross eclipse on August 11th, 1999.

First, there will be a penumbral Lunar eclipse on January 10th, creating a very tense and rigid energy pattern:

Then, on January 11th both Uranus and Eris will turn direct. This will release a lot of previously suppressed planetary kundalini energy. January 11th is a very powerful timeline day, and in the last few decades there were four powerful events that took place on January 11th that changed the destiny of this planet.

Two of those I can mention, and they are the opening of the doorway of the 11:11 on January 11th 1992 and the Archon Invasion on January 11th 1996.


Then on January 12th we have an extremely powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction that will crack the global financial system open:

It will not be just an ordinary Saturn/Pluto conjunction, it will be a tour-de-force Sun-Mercury-Ceres-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, with Saturn and Pluto also on their south nodes, which will amplify the conjunction even more.  

This configuration will be the pin that will burst the bubble of the current debt-based financial system. I will speak more about what is happening behind the scenes of the financial system in the first update of the Age of Aquarius activation, about a week from now.


After the Age of Aquarius activation, there will be many astrological configurations throughout the year that will lead our society through transformation that will officially begin the Age of Aquarius at the moment of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius on the day of winter solstice on December 21st, 2020:


Year 2020 will be a year of triple Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction which happens around every 700 years and happened the last time when Templars created their banking network:


That year will be also marked by beginning of 13 new synodic cycles, whereas average is only one such cycle per year:

Each of those numerous aspects will send a new flash of Light to the surface of the planet:


We will be doing our Age of Aquarius meditation at the best possible moment that will have the maximum positive effect on humanity. It will be at 10:11 pm PST on January 11th in Los Angeles. This equals 11:11 pm MST in Denver on January 11th, and then we cross into January 12th for other time zones: 00:11 am CST in Chicago, 1:11 am EST in Newy York, 6:11 am GMT in London, 7:11 am CET in Paris, 08:11 am EET in Cairo, 2:11 pm CST in Taipei and Beijing, 3.11 pm JST in Tokyo and 5:11 pm AEDT in Sydney.   
You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the Age of Aquarius

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Updates about the Age of Aquarius:


Article 119 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Very Important Advice to Lightworker Community from Archangel Michael

By Therese Zumi Sumner

TZ here; I was very pleased to see this message from AAM via Steve Beckow. Everyone that is interested in the TRUTH needs to read it now!

On Malware and the Redirection of the Blog

December 5, 2019 by Steve Beckow

I recommend 'Stillness in the Storm' for those who want to follow the news from a lightworker standpoint.

I had a most unusual and challenging conversation with Archangel Michael this past reading.

It began with his startling admission that he had a hand in the malware notices and moved into his request that GAoG not get involved in accountability exposés, which other news sites will be covering.

Rather if there was accountability I wished to cover, he asked me to focus on personal accountability, personal responsibility. He said, “when you promote or publish news of such events, please, beloved one, ensure that the insight is of reconstruction, of redirection, not of vilification.”

I know he’s right but, as I say in an accompanying article, below, (1) I find it exceedingly difficult to be aware of what is happening in the world and not go down into the trenches. I’m going to need to assimilate what Michael said and see how to follow his guidelines.

So just know that we’re reassessing our direction and the work of doing so is very difficult and painful in light of what’s being exposed in our world. It’s causing a lot of soul-searching on the part of all of us here at GAoG.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 26, 2019.

Steve: What is the cause of the recurring malware infestation on the site?

Archangel Michael: There are deep connections to those that do not wish to truly engage in a productive conversation, and we are actually coordinating these warnings because it is the wrong direction in which to move, my beloved friend.

Steve: What is the wrong direction?

AAM: The linkages which you are connecting to. You are a standalone. We are a standalone and it is important that this truly be adhered to.

Steve: Okay, so are you referring to [X] and [Y]? …

AAM: It is not just the direct connections to [X] or [Y]. But it is the three or four levels down that you need to be very prudent in terms of who you are linking to.

Steve: Linking to… Do you mean hyperlinking to?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: So we’ve stopped most hyperlinking now. We don’t make the URLs hyperlinked anymore [whenever we have reason to worry about the linkages]. Does that cover that base?

AAM: That should help. But what is going on, Sweet One, is we are asking you, we are guiding you to be far, far, far more discerning.

Steve: About whom we post?

AAM: About whom you post, about whom you are lauding… yes, about whom you are connecting with.

Steve: What about

AAM: That is a reliable source but again, it is not that we are trying to help you in this instance [to single] out this or that individual or organization. What we are saying is that your hypervigilance needs to be in place for every single area that you are connecting to.

Steve: So now I am in danger of getting off this call and not fully understanding what we’re talking about here. So, let me run through some things. Is our selection of channeled messages okay?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Okay, so we don’t have to worry about that area.

Do we have to worry about the political commentary that we’re making?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Okay, and specifically what? Is it Q Anon?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: So what should we do about Q Anon? Not post on that?

AAM: That would be a wise decision.

Steve: Any other areas in the area of politics?

AAM: You and I and our beloved Werner [Erhard] have reached a place where you are truly elevating the level of conversation and that it is not to be, nor was it ever intended to be, about this or that project, individual approach, political leaning, to be correct or incorrect.

It is not to vilify or to demonize or to elevate any being. So what you are doing in terms of what you are terming “political commentary” is really suggesting that people find their own truth, their heart, and what is of love, not to point in any single direction.

Steve: Okay, even though accountability is in full swing and things are coming out like Prince Andrew’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein, etc.

AAM: Yes, that is true but you are not a political site. You are a Nova-Being site. The news of all stripes will cover such undertakings. …

It is one thing to connect with various unfoldments but you are not intended to be a political news site.

So when you speak of accountability, what you are writing about, what you are sharing is personal collective accountability [i.e, personal responsibility for the state of my world].

And accountability in any framework can only be spoken of in terms of love, not in terms of punishment or exposure.

Steve: Right. Now you also maintain, I’m sure, that the figure of 144,000 sealed indictments is not true. Is that correct?

AAM: Correct.

Steve: How many sealed indictments are there?

AAM: Very few.

Steve: So Q is what? What is Q doing and saying and what is doing [in] saying [that] there are 144,000?

AAM: They are distracting you from the true work at hand. They are infiltrating what you think of as news or truth and … leading you down a path that in fact distracts you from your own personal journey and the creation of community that is based on peace and truth and love.

Steve: Alright. Any other area besides the political that we should be watching out for?

AAM: No, you are generally very good at this.

Steve: Well, my interest is in the philosophical so it’s not in the individual, but I must say that the news is [depressing]. …

AAM: What I am saying to you is that when you promote or publish news of events, please, beloved one, ensure that the insight is of reconstruction, redirection, not of vilification.

Steve: Okay, that’s pretty clear.

Here’s another message from Michael from 2018 on the same subject:

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 21, 2018

Archangel Michael: Our concern … is the Lightworker community. And what is happening is they are putting all their attention on these distractions and on this event and/or that event and it is not about that. …

It is about the quotient, the heart quotient, the love quotient. And when they are placing their attention outside on these manipulations, it is not helping the process.



Article 118 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge

You Are Your Ascended Self

Council of Love

by Linda Dillon

The Mother has come this morning and asked me to share this channel from our Ascended Masters class on the Inspired Self – my friends this is good news for all of us! The Mother guides that we all need to hear Her declaration! xxx Linda

You Are Your Ascended Self

Greetings, I AM Mary. I AM Mare’, Universal Mother, Divine Mother. Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Inspiration, and Mother, beloved ones, of each and every one of you, for I have beckoned you. I have beckoned you near and far, across my infinite ocean of time.

I have beckoned you with my Tsunami of Love. I have beckoned you gently and strongly, infinitely and eternally. And as I have beckoned you, my Bravehearts, my Champions of Change, you have answered. And you have not merely said to me, “I’m coming, Mother”… you have shown up in the fullness, not only of your human – hybrid self, you have shown up in the fullness, sweet angels of light, of your divinity, in the anchored recognition, possession, embodiment, of your divinity, of your birthright, of the truth of who you are.

So many upon my beloved Gaia have forgotten who they are or why they have come. Or, they shy away in anguish and fear, in trepidation and denial. It matters not, for they are equally loved. But you have done none of this. Oh, that does not mean that there are not moments of fear, of angst, of anger, of wonder and awe…of course there are.

Regardless of that, you have persevered and you haven’t simply persevered in the sense of burden…there is enough of that on your planet to go around throughout many galaxies! You have persevered, but also demanded and declared that you deserve joy, you deserve understanding, you deserve wisdom, you deserve love, you deserve friendship, you deserve sacred union and partnership, you deserve it all…and it is all here for you for the taking. I give it to you freely! Take it freely! It is as light as air, it is as fine as angel feathers, it is as powerful as the wind…and it is yours.

You do not merely incorporate or wait for inspiration. You have anchored, and you are anchoring, and yes, it will expand because that is my plan and yours. It will expand, and expand, and expand as you more fully accept that you are not merely in your ascension, that you are your ascended self. This deep recognition, this wonderful impatience that says, “Mother, I am sick and tired of waiting…” Well, I would not phrase it that way, beloved, but so am I.

This unfoldment is at hand on all kinds of levels and you, you are my torchbearers, you are my pathfinders, you are my wayshowers, you are my teachers, my healers, my channels. But you are also yourself and this is what I come this day to celebrate with you…your beautiful human divinity, in form, in such incredible radiance. You glow! You do not just beam, beloveds, you glow.

You are not merely the lighthouse or the safe harbor, you are the ones to show the way. And for this I thank you, and I beckon you, yes, to our next journey, to our next adventure. I take my hands and I place them on yours, and I will teach you how to create…not just like me, but with me!

I am with you, and you are so deeply loved. Farewell.…/you-are-your-ascended-self/


Article 117 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



By Therese Zumi Sumner

6th December 2019

Yesterday I found myself writing a message that I intend to send to family, friends and acquaintances that I believe ought to be aware of this information right now! I understood quickly that many of my readers would appreciate having this or something similar that they could send to their closest friends or family at this time. Or maybe just a text to relate to so that you tell them in your own words? So, I will give you the text that I wrote here today to use as you might see fit.

Many of you have no doubt been wondering “how much can I say to my family or friends without seeming like a complete ‘nutter’ 😉?”

We have all had problems in this area over the years. We have hoped that those around us would wake up too, so that we had someone to talk to at least. I have written the text with these thoughts in mind, and without giving any strange details. I do not mention our Star Family, not do I speak about the Co. of Heaven.

Before I let you read the text there are a few more things that I have to say! Important things! Yesterday you will have read Cobra’s latest update? These are a few lines from there,

“At the same time, infiltration of surface Lightworker and Lightwarrior communities is a serious problem. Light Forces are estimating that about one third of people in Lightworker groups (physical and online) are either entity possessed, MK-Ultra programmed double agents or some of them even infiltrated agents of Jesuits, Illuminati and intelligence agencies……
Also, many people claim to have contact with the Resistance and are posting "intel" of dubious quality. Some of them are only overenthusiastic Lightwarriors, whereas others are part of infiltration in this information war between Light and darkness.”

TZ here again; there will be and already is speculation as to the date of The Event. Like I said on the comments section yesterday;

“Anyone who would be required to know the exact timeframe for The Event because their work demands knowing it, will NOT BE INFORMING OTHERS. Any mature lightworker would know that the timing is SACRED INFORMATION!!”

What I am saying in this message to friends is more than enough information for anyone to know and then use their intuition to know more, WITHOUT BLASTING IT OUT ALL OVER THE PLACE LIKE YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO ‘KNOWS’ THIS ‘FACT’!?

In fact Divine Mother / Goddess is telling me right this moment to tell you that She will be giving this ‘green light – signal’ = the one informing people who NEED TO KNOW when they need to be on alert EARLIEST about 6 days prior to the ‘moment’.

Stop reading about these speculating dates!! If you do, then take them with many pinches of salt.

Think twice – three times – about what Cobra says above!

Here is the message that you can share with family and friends if it feels right, or adapt to suit you;


As you are surely aware, for many years now I have had a deep interest in learning about and understanding just about everything that there is to know, regarding a time of great change that is coming to this planet that we live on. I have now, and have had, a deep connection with groups of people all over the globe who have been uniting in meditations and working in various ways to support this enormous change taking place as safely and as quickly as possible.

We never thought that it would take so long. We did not understand at first just how deeply connected, how powerful, how devious and manipulative the people are/were, those who have used their united power to prevent this positive change from taking place.

We have been on the verge of a WW3 at least 3 times in the past 15 years that would have annihilated all life on this, our beautiful planet.

Now we do know for sure that the time for those dark powerful groups control of Earth is very soon a memory.

You may have heard it said that “it’s always darkest just before the dawn”. That is where we are right now. I am sending this message to everyone that I feel would like or need to know that fact now.

I am doing this right now because I have been Guided to do so. The reason is that the chaos that we can see growing day by day almost everywhere around the globe is due to increase very soon!

From December 16th approximately 10 days from now as I write, the chaos will begin to increase even more.
I do not know, nor do I intend to speculate as to how this will look. It will vary in intensity depending upon where we are living. (around the globe)

I am writing this to ask you to remain calm when this happens. If we do not remain calm, then we will only add to the chaos. There will be enough fear spreading by the dark forces through fake ‘Light’ blogs not to mention the controlled media etc.
What we do need is people being calm and spreading trust and supporting others with an optimistic view of the future no matter how crazy things might become!

I cannot say how many weeks (months?) this can / must go on before we see an end to it.

The only thing that I can say for SURE is that this chaos will end in the most unexpected of ways bringing peace to this entire planet ~ lasting peace.

It will also be the beginning of a true time of abundance for ALL OF MANKIND, an end to suffering of every kind – everywhere.
Its now high time to start making a list of and beginning to purchase a stock of basic foodstuffs, medicines etc. that you might need to have stocked at home for yourself and or family or support of friends.

Just consider basics! Preserves, canned foods, soups etc. that will last about 10 days’ time.

When the change is upon us you will NOT be able to use bankcards. Some cash can be good to have. If you own / use a car then make sure that you begin to make a habit (now) of filling the car as soon as your tank reaches half full!!

People all over the world are going to hold together and support one another locally during this approx. 2-week period when shops will quickly (very) run out of stocks through panic buying. Also, we can reckon on their being transport problems of all kinds!!!

In the end EVERTHING IS GOING TO BE JUST FINE and so much more than that.

Sending you Love and Light Therese.

End of message to share with family freinds!

To blog / website readers;

PS 1: I have posted about censorship on this blog this morning! With that in mind please find any way that you can to make this info viral!

PS 2: This will need to be translated to many languages (referring to the message to friends part mainly) and I am taking this opportunity due to lack of time myself to translate to Swedish, to ask my two dear friends in Skåne south of Sweden if they can do the Swedish one for me and get back to me about that?

PS 3: We are approaching a time when the need for worldwide meditations will be growing! Please keep your eyes on the site ‘We Love Mass Meditations’ and or Cobra updates that will inform you about these meditations as they arrive. It will be pertinent to spread these worldwide.

EXTRA Saturday 7th December

I need to clarify! There is simply no way that I can take care of translations that are made. I have decided to use Cobra’s words to ask for help with this.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs.

I would be so grateful if the whole article is spread on ‘mirror sites’ and then someone in each country might just translate the ‘IMPORTANT MESSAGE’ part that could be spread in other creative ways. I will simply have to leave this in all of your creative hands.

Namaste 🙏

Therese Zumi


Article 116 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Censorship of This Blog is Extreme

7th December 2019

Re-posted here from my Facebook blog 6th Dec 19

TZ here: There has always been high censorship of this blog. On average I can reach 20% of those people who have ‘liked’ the blog over the years. This has swung back and forth for various reasons but now its extra strong censorship. Some countries block it completely.

The last article ‘Covert Cabal Plans in Europe in Preparation for Total Destruction and Annihilation’ ~ article 114 on Veritas (posted on December 3rd) reached about 15% of my readers on this blog besides the shares. As it could be dangerous for some to share it, I did ask for carefulness and caution in its being shared. I was in contact yesterday with a long-time reader in Brazil and asked him what he felt about it? Which article? he wondered and after visiting Veritas and reading it he informed me that it was not on his f-book flow!
This censorship will continue right on up to The Event and if there is any way that you can help to spread important articles here it will be appreciated by yours truly but not in least by the RM:

My Guides tell me that the number of likes that I see are about 50% of those that have ‘liked’ the blog which of course is an extended arm of my work on Veritas Galactic Sweden.

With that in mind also ~ all important articles and messages will be there too of course ~ if you do not recognise the name of the article above then visit the website now. So if you would like to be sure that you do not miss something important then take a look at Veritas {this website} every couple of days or so.😉

I now truly understand why the Introduction page had to become a ‘blog’ 17 months ago. That is also why the articles are numbered there. This took place thanks to a dear friend who said she had difficulty knowing where exactly one article ended (my coloured headings 😉) and another began. That has now become VERY IMPORTANT when I need to refer to a specific former article that can qualify and enhance information in new ones. (Love 💖 and thanks again dear E we will be in touch soon!).

Namaste Therese Z


Article 115 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


This unidentified aerial vehicle (UAV) appeared above the conference venue during the lunch break:

Blue Dawn / Ascension Conference Report

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Our Taiwan Ascension Conference was a huge success, many people said it was the best conference ever.

We had an extremely strong and dedicated group, and we were not alone, our star brothers and sisters were with us. This unidentified aerial vehicle (UAV) appeared above the conference venue during the lunch break:

According to sources, it was an unmanned positive Andromedan ship which was beaming supporting and healing energies to the conference attendants. This ships belongs to the Andromedan fleet that will be involved in the financial Reset operations.

During the conference, intel of planetary importance was released to the surface population, as the Light Forces were beta testing the response of the awakened surface humans. The reception was very positive, and an expanded version of this intel will be released on this blog next week together with an important update.

Quoting Fulford:

{TZ here; due to the quotes being in 'picture form' please go to the original below if you wish to read them.}

Please be aware that all of the above is raw intel and things may turn out a little differently.

At the same time, infiltration of surface Lightworker and Lightwarrior communities is a serious problem. Light Forces are estimating that about one third of people in Lightworker groups (physical and online) are either entity possessed, MK-Ultra programmed double agents or some of them even infiltrated agents of Jesuits, Illuminati and intelligence agencies:

As I have asked the official Cobra facebook group to be closed last week, one of the admins has kicked all other admins out of the group, hijacked the group, renamed it and is now using it for purposes that neither I or the Resistance Movement can support. 

A new official Cobra facebook group will be created with full alignment with Resistance Movement protocols, and all new admins will go through strict three phase screening protocol. If you wish to become an admin of the group, you can send an encrypted email with your detailed CV (300 words minimum) to  If you pass the first phase of the screening, you will receive a reply to your email with further instructions.

Also, many people claim to have contact with the Resistance and are posting "intel" of dubious quality. Some of them are only overenthusiastic Lightwarriors, whereas others are part of infiltration in this information war between Light and darkness.

As more Light comes to the surface of the planet, all will be made clear and discernment will come, and people will awaken from this strange dream.

Victory of the Light is near!


Article 114 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge

Covert Cabal Plans in Europe in Preparation for Total Destruction and Annihilation

By Therese Zumi Sumner

3rd December 2019




I feel that it is very important that I write and that you read this preface to this article. I need you to decide to focus upon / to choose the superior path when you read these facts. Avoid allowing yourself to fall into any kind of despair. The reason that I can ask you to do so is because REPAIR of this entire situation is already taking place. You will no doubt be in a state of chock when you read these facts. So, please give yourself ample time to digest the information knowing that the situation is being dealt with now. Indeed the Resistance Movement upon learning about this, immediately started to deal with it in October of 2016. When you have assimilated the information and understood that these plans will NOT become a reality you will also know whether or not to share this information with others. Although it is very good that this information becomes widely available, at the same time you must consider how sharing it may affect yourself and others. Therefore, if and when you do share it you must include this preface so that it is not misunderstood. I am informed that this is the right time to share these facts that maybe a handful of my readers are already aware of.

I am not sure as I sit here at my PC just how to start this article. I was just now Guided to use the title above. Is there any exaggeration in it? NO! I have been asking those who guide me for days now ‘am I really meant to put this out?’. So, I will start from the beginning from my perspective as to how I came by this information. A friend sent me the information in September 2016 and I immediately felt that this is surely for real and not in least because of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s seeming overnight decision in 2015 to keep her country’s borders open and give ‘shelter’ to hundreds of thousands of refugees. If I recall correctly, she actually said that Germany could easily take in close to 1 million people!!! As you will all be aware this created total chaos in Europe as a whole and deeply affected Sweden (my home) as a country. Sweden has been extremely generous in their acceptance of real refugees for at least 35 years.This is firsthand knowledge to me. I will explain later how this has changed dramatically since Markel’s ‘coup d’état'.

I had no clue what I should do with this 12-page document and decided immediately to send it to Cobra. He informed me that it was important information and that he would make some comments about it in his coming update. Before I give you the information that he provided then in October 2016 on The Portal I have to explain that I have removed the link** that he provided to this info, because I have been guided to say that even if the link still works, which I doubt very much, there might very well be someone who monitors the visitors to the link? I have not attempted to open it as I made copies of the entire documents immediately after reading them in 2016. This is a warning particularly for German readers!

These are Cobra’s words and I will be giving you a LOT more details about these documents covering at least 65% of the information found there. However, I beg you to keep his words in mind as you read on.

Also, the Chimera has used old Nazi connections within Germany since 2001 to start constructing underground bases, where they plan to evacuate the Cabal personnel. They also use some of those bases to house the most violent „refugees” that came with the migration wave into Europe and they plan to unleash them in the global conflict they are hoping to engineer.

The Resistance has complete control of this situation as the subterranean world is their domestic territory and they have resources to stop any of this from happening and the dark forces will be never able to use those bases or unleash those „refugees “.

If any of you are curious about those plans of the Cabal, here is the partially reliable first-hand witness report:

{Link omitted as a precautionary measure**}

I am not adding the above link to create fear, but for your education and with the full awareness that those plans will NOT be successful.”

The Documents

TZ here; I am providing you with a translation of the first pages of the information which I have written word for word from the documents and then I will provide a shorter synopsis of the rest.

The author of this information – see whistle blower report just below - decided to leak these documents when she had been diagnosed with leukaemia and knew that she did not have long to live. “My roots are from Lithuania, I’m 45 years old, a former blonde, now no hair (treatment). My grandparents were Germans living in Lithuania.” She has lived alone except for her dog who died 3 weeks before she decided to be a whistle-blower.

The person who translated these documents from German to English says in his/her preface, “even reading this content for the first time was horrible, this is the reason why we call it “the face of the anti-Christ”.

For those of you who cannot imagine that evil of that sort would really exist: Please educate yourselves about:

¤ The Morgenthau Plan

¤ The Hotoon Plan

¤ The Kalergi Plan

¤ Super-lodges

Beginning of Document



Whistleblower report by Dipl-Ing. Dr Austeja Emilija Dominykas

My profession is an engineer for tunnel construction, especially gauge pressure/armour/reinforcement facilities. More clearly: constructor for deep bunker sites.

My personal story commences in February 2001, when the BBR (Bundesamt fur Bauordnung und Raumwesen, a German office for architectural control and compartment) was calling for tenders on seven locations destinated for building sites for area safeguarding of the population, in case of mass evacuation. My person as well as six further experts on that specific field were collecting at the planning office at Kassel, on 23rd March 2001.

At first, we had to sign ten different declarations of secrecy of ten different governments departments, among them two which were classified as top secret documents, for the Ministry of Defence. (Bundesverteidigungsministerium)

Sirius A and B Hubble photo / press to Enlarge

"I was wondering why, as evacuation sites for the population are in no way classified top secret, generally they are public, and you can even visit them after inquiring at the BBR.

In the afternoon we were taken to Ramstein Airbase by helicopters of the federal armed forces where our complete planning staff collected. I was advised to take leadership of PG4 (planning group).

At the dinner buffet taking place at the wardroom of the airbase we were approaching each other, leading conversations on the goals. The next morning, they presented to us the locations/areas as well as the master plan.

We had to build seven deep bunker complexes, at seven different locations in Germany, with underground train connections, coves for stocking material, independent geothermic energy supply and water supply from deep wells. Every single complex was destinated to shelter 300,000 people.

The locations are as follows







The first drillings were “covered” as “road building activities” and remained completely “in the dark” – because of secondariness of cities and rural districts. We were astonished that in my own project absolutely nobody in SIMMERN seemed to raise even the slightest form of suspicion, the population remained absolutely clueless and still is."

Preface to Synopsis of 9 Pages

TZ here: These documents were originally published in German on September 23rd, 2016. My friend could not guarantee that they were real at the time and awaited my opinion. To me they did seem very real, disturbingly true and sickening to read. Like I have already said I sent them to Cobra, and you will have already read his comments.

At that time in Germany people were perturbed and confused when they came into contact with refugees through their work and who would often ask these German people "when is it going to start"? {this confused German people working with the 'refugees' who did not have a clue what they were asking about}

My friend was aware of details of things that were taking place in Germany at the time like for example, German construction projects e.g. mega projects like the Berlin airport and Stuttgart-21 always devouring  multiple of the originally planned billion funds / why thousands of asylum-invaders "disappear" shortly after arrival / also reports that at night thousands arrive and disappear by plane which people had been hearing about for months before these documents appeared / information from the government that about 250k were disappearing and nobody knows where they are gone?

Also, there was intelligence leaks about the government sending trains to Austria to take over the refugees from there, Italy etc. 

Synopsis of 9 Pages of the Documents.

TZ here; I have mostly directly rewritten the most important details so you can get the bigger picture. As I am rewriting all these passages from paper documents and do not have access to German spelling there are .. dots missing on some vowels. For e.g. fur meaning for should have two dots on the U.

Initially this woman and her colleagues were protesting that they had not been prepared to be involved in a military bunker project. That which “amazed her even more was the fact that the project plan provided for a chapel, or better A MOSQUE – to be more precise – while there was obviously no Christian accommodation planned.”

She says, “On Nov 14th, 2005 they were invited for a briefing, being introduced to the chief of the federal Chancellery as well as the new chancellor (Merkel).”

That first winter she took a “first long vacation on Maui Hawaii, sponsored by the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION.” There she came to meet "with several political operatives who were informed about her (their) work and who enthused them about their building projects e.g. in Canada, the Netherlands, Argentina and France, as soon as the ‘German sites’ were operating."

“In April of 2006 finally there took place the installation of the actual bunkers, we were using such high quantities of stress-strain steel and water resistant concrete that the quantities seemed to make up with the Liyuan-dam in China, as well as quite 100 tons of LWL (fiber optic cable for data transfer, (Lichtwellenleiterkabel fur Datentransfer)

Afterwards the technical crew from Israel came in, doing the installations of energy and light. All of that was so expensive that in 2006 alone we had to correct the specified budget upward for 6 times. Politics (ians!) got under pressure more and more by that, so that finally the VALUE ADDED TAX was increased, as otherwise our projects might have become revealed.

In addition, we had to use our own energy suppliers, as the consumption of our generators working with low gravity oil was so massive that we permanently were facing problems with replenishment.“


“In 2008 we received order to drill eight further fuel slots for storing each 200.000 m3 diesel, heavy oil and kerosene. In addition, freshwater tanks and a large size stock for freeze dried food for 200.000 soldiers, 10.000 men staff and further 6000 clerks and professional indoctrinated female entertainers (whores), all of that lasted until 2009.

The installation comprised a complete mosque, in all locations. I noticed especially that in terms of freeze-dried food one was extremely paying attention to it being “HALAL” suited and never contained pork.”


Press to Enlarge

She says that "she knew that CEO Angela Merkel was scheduled for a time in office of 16 years (2005-2021).

“2010 the so called ‘climate turn’ was started to be pushed and AFTER THE BLOWING UP OF FUKUSHIMA IN 2011 it was no problem to keep it running.” 


“You may certainly have noticed that the new Berlin airport is a bottomless butt. And the reason for this is that 95% of the money is being derailed for our purposes. The airport will never get finished.”

Same with the project STUTTGART 21, a suchlike project.

(TZ here; this makes me see why my impressions of the old LA airport (2012) as being dilapidated, old, dated shabby furniture, etc. reminding me of the fact that the money necessary to modernise that airport was redirected to those horrible bases for torture and programming that the Light Forces started clearing out last year!)


In June 2012 I was announced “project leader in the planning staff NEW EUROPE” and from then on, my health started to fail.

Through resources of the UN, the World Bank and the EU were installed five recruiting centres for workers in Africa as well as ten further centres in the Middle East.

Anybody matching the criteria was given a smartphone and 2500 euro in cash, then being integrated into the pre-defined “refugee routes”, the German offices were informed about and became coordinated. Officially this started in 2015 but unofficially all of that was already kicked off in 2013, at first in lower numbers, only in 2015 the “ENTER OPERATION” SYRIA set the ball rolling.

Suited candidates ideally had to be

¤ 20-30 years of age,

¤ procreative (was tested!)

¤ have an IQ of 90 at max,

¤ as uneducated as possible, (more violent and more easy to conduct)

¤ be Wahabit or Salafi and ideally distain christs (MUST HAVE)

Nice to have:

¤ especially welcome were men peaking out by abnormal sexual behaviour,

¤ like paedophiliac or homosexual, and whose tendency to violence against women was noticeable.

In order to tease them additionally, one arranged their being confronted with women having been recruited under pressure via jobcentres, paid just starvation wages, just having received a two hour crash advice about how to deal with these stinky and over aggressive men not being able to speak any European language – this took place in France, Austria and Germany.


A diversity of high-paid Islam experts is being involved …...

In the accommodation facilities – especially in cities – muslims are being exercised to distain female christs.



CEO Merkle will then put into effect the changed emergency laws (origin 1968) and withdraw into the chancellor bunker, together with her crisis staff, in 160m depth below berlin, offering a luxury letting every HILTON could pale.

All being financed out of the pot of social performance.

Cost of about 12 billion Euro.


Angela Merkel

This seeming human being woman known as Angela Merkel is at present the ‘home’ of a very powerful Draconian Reptilian. Unlike her first name she is far from angelic. Those among you who may have viewed the longer version of the inauguration ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel {Europe’s longest tunnel which opened 1st June 2016} might have seen her eyes giving her away for about 1.5 seconds when she was being interviewed. The journalist conducted this interview on the train ride with the elite politicians and guests going to see the second part of the ceremony at the other end of the tunnel. You have no doubt yourself seen many fake video clips where someone has played around with the eyes of some politician/person so that they look like they have reptilian eyes. This one was not fake! In fact, 90% of those clips are fake but this was one of the 10% that is/was real.

Many of you will have heard Ben Fulford say that Angela Merkel is the biological daughter (her human form) of Adolf Hitler. This is correct and it would not be a difficult thing to arrange for those Nazi ‘doctors’ to freeze some sperm.

Her mission is to destroy Germany and Europe from within.

I have asked those who Guide me as to what the average number of lightworkers might be if you look at the entire world. It seems that they would be approximately 1 out of each 200 people. In Germany this number is probably the world’s highest. They incarnated there no doubt because of the great need there would be. They number 2.5 per 200 people. Lightworkers in Germany live in greater danger of losing their lives.

They also witness first-hand how this country (once one of Europe’s wealthiest) has been ‘going down the drain’ at great speed for the last 5 years or so. They have to and should keep a very low profile to stay alive and to hold onto their jobs/careers.

The German system as it were is totally falling apart at the seams. There is huge decay in every area, medical, social welfare, employment, citizen safety etc. X3. I am guided to say that the police can be trusted about 5%!! {No doubt they do not have any choice in this matter and do not have a desire to die themselves let alone see family members murdered.}

In Sweden right now things are also decaying in many of the above-mentioned areas. However, this is taking place at a much slower rate than in Germany. Recently here in Sweden because of the fast-growing rate of shootings, explosions, cars on fire, gang violence, terrorism, etc. our country has been compared to Afghanistan!  The media news often sounds like we live in a war zone but when we take a look outside our windows everything seems perfectly calm, peaceful and orderly. I will have more to say about this further on.

In Germany it is quite the contrary! Despite the rising signs of decay in Sweden, Germany's situation is in fact 10 times worse! In Germany you get maximum 5% of the truth via official media about what is taking place in that country and some of our ‘blind’ journalists make it sound like paradise when making comparisons, when it is in fact more like hell. {most likely they too are in fear of their lives if they publish the truth!} I will have to end here because this article seems to grow as I write and hopefully you have enough facts here to get the general picture. 

For those unfamiliar with the type of entertainment that is given to the elite and top politicians in Europe today you need to watch what they were shown (as mentioned above) at the following links. I will give a shorter 17-minute version and the entire one with both ceremonies at each end of the tunnel.

Satanic Opening Ceremony for Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland (2017) - The Best Documentary Ever

Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ritual (Shocking)

One journalist gives you a very good description which tells you what to expect in the videos. Complete link here to that article.

“A giant mechanised worm eats deep into the bowels of hell to the delight of a half-naked demonic angel, Lucifer, lesbians, pagans, demons, goat gods and catatonic orange zombies in front of the delighted elite of The New World Order.”

Switzerland: Gateway to the Alps and Gateway to Hell

The video that could be seen earlier, which also showed the train ride between the two 'shows' and politicians on board, is no longer available from what I can see. I am informed that it was removed about 18 months ago understandably!

Before I leave this subject, I will mention something that has puzzled me for many years but not any longer. While visiting friends who live on the border between France, Germany and Switzerland many years ago I came across this thought that wouldn’t leave my mind decades later. We had arrived (first time for me) in Switzerland by train. Everything looked so nice and orderly and affluent as it does. Walking through this small town we passed by a bank and I was drawn to the window which had a display. In the middle was the sign probably the name of the bank and a word for Switzerland?  I said to my friend what does ‘Helvetia’ mean? Those of you who watch winter sports in Europe will have seen this name on every sportsperson taking part in ski sports competitions in Switzerland. This is probably why I have been reminded of this memory so much. Anyhow here in Sweden the word for hell is helvete! I have always felt that there must be a connection and there most definitely is!

Pleiades ~ Press to Enlarge

I have to end by letting you know that if Switzerland is deeply connected to hell in some aspect then Sweden is deeply connected to its opposite. Its beauty and its people (mostly) are wonderful. During my first 10 years in this country {1972-1982} I sometimes reflected that I must have arrived in a kind of paradise. The closest that you can get to it on this prison planet (which I of course knew nothing about then). Everything seemed to work perfectly. We had NO homeless people. In my Stockholm suburb you could not find a sweet paper on the ground. The law for Swedish people / visitors who wish to spend time in nature ‘the right of way for anyone to be anywhere in nature’ (which still exists) as long as you bring home any waste after a picnic etc. We used to go picking blueberries and lingonberries, mushrooms etc. in the forests and ‘private property’ signs were more or less non-existent unlike other European countries!

The ambiance was one of feeling safe everywhere, the best welfare state in the world, shy but kind people mostly, (still are) etc. etc.

Sweden changed dramatically after Olof Palme was murdered. He died at 23:21 Friday the 28 feb,1986 shot down while walking home from the cinema with his wife and son. {Yes, the Prime Minister of Sweden walked home from the cinema in Stockholm having sent his security people home.} I had the same feeling as when John F Kennedy was assassinated. Evil crept in more and more. Privatization grew and grew creating cracks in the perfect society. The cabal got a much stronger hold on the country. They would have had about 7% power to control things when I moved there. The cabal hold on Sweden today is 22% and rising! But this will all end soon believe me!!!

Ole Dammegård

I spoke with this gentleman in about 2014 when he was about to publish his book about the assassination of Olof Palme. He had had 25 years’ experience then of following up assassinations of various leaders worldwide and had expert knowledge about many covert groups working around the globe. He knew the names of many hired assassins etc. He has been forced to move with his family to Spain (if I recall correctly) because of the risks to their lives by the cabal here.

Video - Was the shooting in Malmö (where a 15-year-old boy was supposedly murdered) an exercise? {Swedish}        

At this point I want to let you have an idea about what is taking place in Sweden nowadays. In the link just above Ole Dammegård discusses with Michael Oddane of 'Wake up Globe'. Because it’s in Swedish, I will be giving a detailed synopsis of the contents of this video. They begin by discussing the recent ‘murder’? / shooting of a 15-year-old about 3-4 weeks back (there were supposedly two 15-year-old males who were shot, one died, and one was taken to the emergency unit).

In this video Ole Dammegård begins by saying that it’s never good to take a quick look at something and jump to conclusions too quickly, however, he has been rooting in these type of things for 30 years and what he has seen recurring is that many of these scenes/videos can be proven  to be ‘something else ‘ than what the official media is telling us!

He has seen so many videos where people are being given ‘Hjärt o lung räddning’ = CPR and seen that this is being done incorrectly. He has seen people whose head has been shot and not a sign of blood. As a journalist in many war zones he has experience of the real thing and witnessed first-hand dreadful things. But he says that in those real situations he has then seen rescue staff who are VERY focused, high adrenaline is felt all around the situations.  Then you see this kind of thing in the video and you see laughter and joking and no one seeming to be taking things seriously. He thinks the ‘person’ on the stretcher in this video looks to be about 120 centimetres tall. Some boys can be that height at age 15 but the body proportions seem wrong.

Watching Video

If you should decide to watch this video check out the feeling / atmosphere in the  scene / the man giving CPR, how deeply he is pressing the chest / how the chest seems to easily give way and bounce back and forth /see the unconcerned policewoman behind the guy giving CPR / also a ‘hand’ that looks like a dolls hand or plastic. (red ring in video)

This video has been presented in the news on official channels as being real!

The presenter Michael Oddane talking to Ole in this video agrees that this looks like an ‘exercise’ of some kind and not a real situation!

Operation Sea Eagle

In this same video we learn that Ole Dammegård had suddenly recently come across information about a gigantic operation that he believes is now at least partially stopped. The Swedish version of this operation is called Operation Sea Eagle {Havsörn}. This is a ‘below surface’ NATO operation but is to be presented as mass terror attacks all over Europe, including catastrophes at nuclear power stations, in various (5) NATO countries to frighten us all into accepting / agreeing to different solutions. Like O.D. says "just like the old Roman solutions ‘reaction – solution’."

This is designed to force us into various solutions when the people start screaming “we need more protection” then they will present us with their pre-planned evil solutions. This has truly begun already and increases daily as everything at present seems to be possible terror attacks. Today as I sit at my computer, we have heard that a small plane, which crashed into a suburbia area yesterday, may have been a planned terror attack. I do not believe this for one second. The pilot was alone and died and no-one else was hurt. They will use every excuse to frighten us all the more!

The two 15-year olds that were shot was the actual ‘spark’ they used to start a special ‘state of readiness’ in Sweden the day after!!?

When I heard this on the news, I knew something ‘fishy’ was going on.

Here are a few translated lines from an article where a journalist J asks a policeman P a question about this shooting etc.

 J “Have you any theories about what lies behind this shooting?”

P “its clear that we have some ideas and some theories but its not anything that we can speak about now”

According to information from the SVT News both boys were shot outside a pizzeria. One of them, the one who later died in hospital?, succeeded in getting inside the pizza place before he collapsed. On Sunday the ‘Dagens Nyheter’ newspaper reported that the police had now made a decision to go into a 'state of readiness' (stabsläge), and also to declare a so called ‘special national event’ (särskild nationell händelse.) The government has also decided to send extra personnel to the Malmö police.

“National resources have been sent to Malmö. Malmö will not stand alone in this, (lots of other shootings etc. there in past 2 years,) writes the minister for internal affairs Mikael Damberg to SVT news.”

Sweden Today

The video continues to attest to and question what is really happening in Sweden today?  We are PUMPED daily with information about terror attacks, cars burning, group rape, explosions of all kinds etc. If you compare the news that we get about Sweden with a place like Afghanistan which is a real warzone it would seem that Sweden is much worse!! Ole D says that the UN troops should be sent in here to save the people if what we see is real. Then he says I would challenge any Swede to take a look outside their window right now and say what they see! They see that it is calm, nice, safe etc. but if you open a newspaper or put on your TV you find yourself in a war zone!!! {TZ here I can fully attest to this}.

Some ‘good at heart’ Swedish politicians who have a higher level of heart consciousness awareness will be very shocked upon learning about the truths discussed in this Swedish video. Among the present and past political representatives of the Swedish people in parliament there will be about 12 people who are not surprised by this information. These 12 or so people will know because they have a close affiliation with the dark controllers. The ‘good at heart’ will number about 50% of those with political influence.  They are now / will slowly / quickly wake up to what is really going on in Europe. They are finding / about to find themselves in a nightmare! At present that might be about 15 people but that’s about to increase rapidly soon.

Cabal Control in Europe on 3rd December 2019

Because I know that readers will be interested to know the amount of cabal control in their countries, I am providing you with this list which may also lend some more clarity to the bigger picture. The list consists of figures from the lowest to the highest level of dark control at the present movement.

Portugal =16% {?!}

Sweden = 22%

Netherlands = 25%

Wales = 28%

Norway = 33%

Denmark = 35%

Scotland = 36%

Ireland = 43%

Belgium = 50%

Austria = 53%

England = 56%

Spain = 58%

Northern Ireland = 63%

France = 80%

Italy = 80%

Poland = 82%

Germany = 100%



Would you be interested in knowing what my Guides tell me regarding the levels of trust that people still have for Angela Merkel as a political leader? I am informed that despite the dire state of that country she still has support from 35% of the German people! How about the rest of Europe? Here in Sweden she would still be seen as a reliable EU politician in a leading position by as many as 70% of the Swedish people who like other Europeans are completely clueless as to the state that Germany is in. Regarding the average support that she would still have if you unite all of those other European countries listed above its as high as 50%.

When we reach the time of 'Full Disclosure' 500, 000 people in the EU countries alone are going to find themselves parting ways with this being known as Angela Merkel along with all of the other unworthy, deluded, power seeking politicians that have been holding the reins over so many peoples livelihood or lack of it for way too long.

Instead these people will find themselves happily becoming acquainted with so many truly worthwhile people and ideals that will work alongside the people to create a new world.

These new ‘wayshowers’, ‘mentors’ will introduce innovative new ways of solving all of our human problems. They will have encouraging exchanges with people so that everyone feels that their voice is important, and we will feel that we each have unique gifts to bring to the whole.

People will learn how to feel motivated again. How to make good choices for their lives. They will no longer be dependent upon "others" to show them what they ought to be interested in because it suits someone else's agenda.

No longer will they lose interest in life, become apathetic and lose hope and give up. They will discover once again that they have independence, self-reliance and self-esteem because they will be living in a society that encourages everyone to be their best self.

And you will ask, when is this going to take place? We have been hearing this ‘story’ about the magical future for way too long now.

The answer is soon ~ very soon when everyone least expects it. We will leave darkness behind forever and greet a new dawn unlike no other before!

There will be ‘Victory of the Light’

Namaste 🙏 and much Love 💖 T 🌈


Article 113 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *




TZ here; This amazing update from Cobra is well worth a proper read! To those among my readers who are still not sure what they believe about Donald Trump’s ‘saviour’ role then this needs to be STUDIED. Many were shocked with my negative picture of him in ‘Article 94’ here on the Veritas blog page. This should help to give you clarity. I am both shocked and saddened to see that some {my Guides say 20!!} prominent true lightworkers are still believing this ‘saviour’ picture. EVERYTHING regarding political scenarios is an inappropriate place to find the truth. Yes, you might indeed watch what’s going on in your country when you know the real truth behind the seeming ‘play’ of global politics today which is ALL OF IT cabal controlled.

In this Cobra update some links need to be seen and some need to be saved pronto.

He begins by telling us that after our Silver Trigger activation “the Light Forces achieved big victories in the last few weeks and most negative scenarios for planet Earth have been eliminated and positive timeline secured.”

In this important update Cobra provides tools to everyone who has not as yet removed all their past contracts with the dark forces: {VITAL}. Provided useful techniques for protection, healing, manifestation and personal liberation: Plus, a very powerful tool to remove your implants. He also gives you the master key to the manifestation process {how to create what you desire to see in your life}, which includes instructions what to do with the silver coin(s) you have bought at the Silver Trigger activation.

Also “Some guidance how to be more friendly to the environment (warning: it is not what you expect):”

And not in least we are given some visions for The Event {can be of help in meditation as the RM have asked us to please put more focus on this process of visualising the future} and for Ascension.

Namaste Therese Z 

Before the Dawn

Monday, November 25, 2019

Although we did not reach the critical mass in our Silver Trigger activation, the Light Forces achieved big victories in the last few weeks and most negative scenarios for planet Earth have been eliminated and positive timeline secured.

Many sources are expecting a certain kind of endgame scenario to be played out in 2020, for which I did not receive clearance to comment upon.

Dark forces are considering many scenarios, from fake alien invasion (project Blue Beam), to global financial crash, to global war with depopulation originating from civil war in the USA, and many others. Different factions of the dark forces have trouble agreeing with each other which course of action to take. Needles to say, these scenarios will NOT be successful.

The Jesuits want civil war in USA to consolidate their power, and wish to polarize the population as much as possible, that is why they have allowed the election of Donald Trump.
On one side, they are promoting extreme left with its ridiculous “woke” ideology:

On the other hand, they are promoting Trump as the savior to right wing alternative population. It was easy for the Jesuits to convince the Rothschilds to promote hate of Trump through the Rothschild controlled mass media.Then it was even easier for the Jesuits to convince most of the alternative population that Trump must be the good guy if the media hate him so much.
Trump has deep ties to his Black Nobility and Zionist handlers:

Intel in the above link is explosive and was removed from internet many times already, therefore it is the highest purpose to make as many copies as possible, store them safely and post online on mirror sites.

Although Trump is listening to the Positive Military at times, in most cases he is only following his emotional impulses or directives of his handlers and is thus an excellent tool for the Cabal:

At the same time, Jesuits are massively infiltrating Brazil, Argentina and especially China. They plan to control the world through future global Chinese domination:

The Chinese also want to dominate sublunar space:

Any nation now trying to dominate anything above Near Earth Orbit will be met by Galactic Confederation fleet.
Meanwhile, Putin is trying to remove Reptilians from their still existing pockets in Near East:

Little does he know that there are almost 1 million Reptilians still existing, mostly in Subsaharan Africa and in jungles of Brazil.
On the global scale, biochips were first put into vaccines secretly soon after World War 2, but now they are promoting them openly:

Official Cobra facebook group (Cobra Etheric Liberation) has been infiltrated to the point where it needs to be completely dissolved and removed from internet. Therefore I publicly ask admins to manually remove all members from the group, delete all group files and then remove the group from facebook, asap.
On the positive side, there are steps taken towards Disclosure:

And first indirect evidence that some bad guys are really removed:
Next few months will be really intense with many changes, and to prepare, here I am giving you some tools to make your life easier and more balanced.
First, a way to remove all your past contracts with the dark forces:

A collection of many useful techniques for protection, healing, manifestation and personal liberation:

A very powerful tool to remove your implants (for instructions, click “see more” below the video):

The master key for manifestation process is revealed here:

In the above text you will also find instructions what to do with the silver coin(s) you have bought at the Silver Trigger activation.
Some guidance how to be more friendly to the environment (warning: it is not what you expect):

And to conclude, a vision for the Event:

And for Ascension:

Victory of the L

To view on The Portal


Article 112 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Press to Enlarge

Scientific Proof that Humans can Contact Other Beings Directly in Real Time Anywhere in the Universe


Dear Friends

I posted this next article on Prepare for Change in October 2015. I'm guessing that maybe less than half of readers have seen this. I was reminded about this in meditation this morning. So for those who have not seen it before enjoy! I know you will love it! PS: I am actually looking forward to taking a listen again myself! AND you will have a whole new understanding as to how you can connect to the Cosmic Central Sun and Galactic Central Sun each morninf in meditation! 💫 💫 💫

Combining science and spirituality big time!

Drunvalo Melchizidek attended a scientific meeting in Albuquerque with about 40 other scientists and physicists in April of 2014 to discuss the above mentioned topic. I found this interview here to be fascinating listening when I heard it about 6-9 months ago. I recently recalled it and looked it up to share with you here. The bonus now was that I discovered that Milou had also done an extra video call with about 7 minutes for an important question that she forgot to take up in this first 50 minute part. The information that Drunvalo is discussing here gels with me strongly as being the truth. What he is saying basically is that we can have direct communication in real time with any part of the universe immediately – a single human being can have contact with the entire universe and any beings therein simultaneously.
The ‘oh’ so important question on the second part video is about the importance of the heart on our path of soul development.

Electric Universe: Birkeland currents & Mer-Ka-Ba science – Drunvalo Melchizedek

The greatest secret in the Universe: No polarity in the heart – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Hope you enjoy this !

PS: You might feel extra inspired to contact the Source ~ Cosmic Central Race after you listen to this and our friends at WLMM have already arranged such a meditation for you on 20th February this year!

Cosmic Central Race Meditation at 3:15 PM UTC every day

Therese Zumi


Article 111 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

From My 💖 Heart to Yours

By Therese Zumi Sumner

17th November 2019

Staying ‘Inside’

November in Sweden is not the best of months regarding nice weather. A couple of weeks ago very early, we had the first real snowfall of winter. That was appreciated by many as it brightens up the darkness of the day. However, that snow has now melted, and we have not seen the sun in more than 2 days out of 14 recently. A description of our weather right now is dreary, foggy, and very grey, dark days. We celebrate Advent in Sweden. The four Sundays before Christmas people put electric candle arrangements and stars etc in their windows and thread electric lights on the bare trees in their gardens or on apartment balconies etc. This year people have begun this activity weeks earlier because of the darkness. I must admit that I hate being cold and that I hate this dreary weather. I complained to a very awake / aware friend “why do we have to have this dreary, foggy, grey weather all the time” she answered, “we need to be / go inside now”. Of course, she is right, she usually is about most things.

This IS truly a time for being in contact with our Higher Self 💖 Space. Its not a time to rush about from one thing to another, so if you are reading this and you live say in Australia (hopefully not near those fires) it could be that the heat is driving you indoors and making you feel tired. God how people are tired! This includes yours truly. I am also going through a healing process that demands a lot of rest. Then we have to assimilate all of that LOVING 💖 energy we are drowned with from our Family of Light on higher dimensions, all of the Angelic and Archangelic Beings surrounding Gaia helping us in our transition, and on top of that we have the Galactic Confederation ships sending us loving 💖 healing energy too!

So, if you are tired and have no other reason to feel that your health might need checking then please know that this is the way that it should be right now. In fact, I am guided to tell you that this type of intensive energy situation will no doubt be affecting us like this for approximately another three weeks. So, if your tired rest!! Get ‘lagom’ (1) enough exercise no matter the weather. Drink ‘lagom’ water.

You might recall that our friend Lee Harris reminded us that November energy requires listening. Listening deeply to what others are really saying and not in least to what our HS is telling us at each moment. Listen and follow. “Can I really just lie here resting and doing nothing?” “Shouldn’t I be more active, social, kinder, etc.?” “What would my family, neighbours, people think?” That is NOT the voice you should be listening to. That voice is your programming, the voice that started speaking to you when you earlier might have felt ‘less than’ in some situation earlier in life.

Here are a few ‘affirmations’ that might help some of you get back on track if you would like to ‘reprogram’ yourself. One of these just might fit your situation.

I ……(name)…….am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing! Divine right action always takes place in my life.

I …………. like myself and that’s what counts!

I …………. can release the past in a joyful way!

I …………. Am One with all of life. The Universe – Source is with me. All is well.

I …………. am worth the very best and so is everyone else!

I …………. no longer hold myself back!

I …………. am valuable /important to others and others are valuable /important to me!

My Friend Cobra

This man has devoted his entire life to helping to liberate this planet. Here a few notes taken from my website Veritas Galactic Sweden.



In Los Angeles Cobra was asked how he knew all this stuff? He told us that it is because he has had physical experiences with the Pleiadians. This started already as a young child. Aged 7 he was taken from his bed and brought underground. He travelled by train to meet Michael of the Resistance Movement also known by the codename M16. Also, he has physical experience of working with the Resistance Movement underground. He has also had Samadhi experience.

He is in contact with all kinds of Information agents all around our planet. He also talked about his Spiritual experience. He has a deep connection with his soul. He has certain ways of communicating with the Pleiadians. He also speaks their language. He also communicates with The Ascended Masters. He has been doing this now for 20 – 30 years. When Cobra is being interviewed on the radio his voice must be modified. This is a subject of great irritation to many people who have difficulty accepting his anonymity. The simple fact of the matter is that both the Ascended Masters and the Agarthan Network below surface have both insisted 'No Voice'. So that’s that!

Cobra has explained earlier that he was involved in certain projects years ago to prepare for this time. During a ten-year time period, everything he was involved in was converging towards this point in time. This was not simply preparation for making information public. During these ten years he also went through experiences on a personal level to prepare him for this time.

Comments on Cobra’s Blog

Once in a blue moon I take a look at the comments on The Portal. As you may be aware Cobra was considering removing the comments section completely because of a growing increase of derogatory messages. He asked us all “what should I do” and I suggested that he leave them but delete the ones that ought to be deleted, due to not having any positive thoughts or even constructive criticism / questions etc.

I am informed that about 33% of the comments are fine and even very constructive etc. Some people kindly provide links to others that need help and that has been the whole idea, that people help one another in these comments sections, if they believe that they can. That leaves us with 67% comments of a lesser constructive nature. These comments can be negative, derogatory towards Cobra, downright disgusting and stupid and this AFTER he has taken the time to remove the worst ones!
In my opinion some of these people are just downright lazy, stupid, and extremely ignorant! Harsh words and I stand for them! They do not take the time to get their facts straight by checking information themselves. Some sound like they come from someone who has just woken up and demands to know the answers to 7 years of ongoing information NOW!

Some have the audacity to tell Cobra that he needs to be more forthcoming with private information about himself because it would make it easier for them to know if they can trust him. Idiots!!!

They do not have a clue how to put themselves in another person’s shoes! Not a clue. They sound like spoilt immature children! His work demands regular conferences around the globe to give more and more people both the opportunity to get first-hand information and ask first-hand questions and bring more strongly functioning lightworkers into the family of light. This work is I am sure designed by the RM regarding locations and where his work is most needed at the present time etc.

Besides this he is no doubt involved in at least 30 projects to do with our future here after The Event. His protection involves a lot of secrecy as to where he might be at any time. He has lost his beloved Isis Astara nearly two years ago to too many attacks with scalar weapons on her heart. And people have the gall to say you need to be more forthcoming with info to us!!!!

What more can one say here? I would ask one of those people who are among the 33% to copy these words or link this information to the comments section on the Portal. If they come here with their ignorance, I will delete them!! My readers know how much energy I devote to answering questions of all kinds on a regular basis to the best of my ability / energy. Then again I didn’t sign up to be Cobra just one of his ‘secretaries’! {I decided that I would be his best secretary!!😂}

No doubt the cabal are sending some of these ‘moles’ and ‘divide and conquer people’ to his blog! If someone sincerely would like to know more about the truth, they will find people who will help them with that. ‘When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear’ as many of you will attest to.

There are some other things that I would like to share with you, but they will have to wait until another day.

Love 💖 and Namaste 🙏 Therese Z

(1) The Swedish word ‘lagom’ is not directly easily translated into English. It means ‘not too much not too little ~ just the right amount’ and is so useful here. In fact, it amply describes the average Swedish psyche and the Swedish people generally.

This article and a few others will be added to the Introduction / Blog page on Veritas G S as soon as the energy is available to me to do so.

PS: I am SO grateful for all of the positive feedback from readers that I get on this blog. 🙏


Article 110 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

News from Cobra ~ 15th November 2019


TZ here; Well I am dissapointed and I would say that its fine to be dissapointed when we read about the results of our Silver Trigger Meditation. As I said to one German friend its one thing to reach critical mass {144,000} when it gets to people meditating but to get that amount of people to actually buy some silver at the same time is another thing. So with that in mind 80% is not too bad as its the first time this has been done.

We are still on the way to our liberation and Victory of the Light and we shall get there in the end. So, lets allow ourselves a few hours to feel dissapointed and then we move on strongly and become prepared for change when it arrives like Commander Ashtar says. I asked my Guides to say something to us from the I Ching and these are the words they give me.

"Examine your goals and the standards you have set for yourselves. If they are lacking or non-existent, you will lose contact with productive worthwhile influences."

In other words we continue to work side by side until this is all over.

Victory of the Light

Here is Cobra's update;

Financial Reset

Our Silver Trigger activation has reached about 80% of the critical mass. Although we have not reached our goal, our achievement was significant, as it will still ease the planetary path towards the financial Reset.
Tens of thousands of Lightworkers were buying silver and this will become the seed for the manifestation of their future abundance, as I will describe in one of the coming blog posts in detail.
In early morning hours in Europe, shortly after midnight on November 11th, a certain “family” has bought over 100 tonnes of silver for immediate delivery, on Sydney exchange. This has skyrocketed the silver price, as it can be seen on the following screenshot from Kitco website, one of the main referral sites for the price of silver:
Silver price rose almost 40% in matter of minutes, before it was artificially suppressed about one hour later. {see diagram}
The strange bump in silver price was erased from Kitco website about 12 hours later and the silver price curve smoothed out:
The “family” has communicated that they will equally share all that silver among all those who have participated in the Silver Trigger, at the time of the Financial Reset and the Event. I can neither confirm or disprove those claims.
Since we have not reached the critical mass, the Light Forces can still not intervene directly in the financial system in the ways we have hoped, but one immediate effect of our activation is a massive release of intel about the coming financial crash in mainstream media on November 11th:

The Black Nobility families and the Jesuits have been encouraging the debt bubble to expand and are carefully steering the global economy towards a systemic crash. They are doing this to consolidate their power and to introduce a global and centralized digital financial system that will have total control over people's finances:

You need to understand that the global central banking policy is dictated from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and not from the Fed, and Torlonia Black Nobility family is controlling the BIS:

Their plan for the new, green crypto based financial system is well described here:

Their way of crashing the old financial system is described here:

JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are the two most likely triggers to start the crash.
Few days ago, this article about Deutshe Bank was published:

It was reposted on the same day on Zerohedge and it sent Deutsche Bank into panic mode to the extent that they issued a public rebuttal on Twitter that was later deleted:
The dark forces are NOT the original planners of the crash, they are merely adapting their plans to hijack it:
The actual underlying reason for the systemic crash is wealth inequality and explosion of debt that has reached the point where the society becomes unsustainable. In terms of physics, the amount of energy the dark forces need to control the society grows exponentially to the point where they can not control anything any longer, and their system collapses:

When this happens, dark forces will try to orchestrate the crash, and the Light forces (Resistance Movement and Galactic Confederation) will use their advanced quantum computers to hack the global banking computer which are located at JP Morgan headquarters in New York. 
The new financial system will be introduced: 

Victory of the Light!

Thursday, November 14, 2019


Article 109 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Time to Check Out the Skies


By Therese Zumi Sumner

Dear friends I am sure that all of you have had the opportunity of seeing some real Ufo activity in the past 10 years or so? If not and you would like to then just take the time to go out and check the skies. One can imagine that it must be a clear night without clouds, it might be easier but not necessary. As you will see in the video below, they are visible daytime and in cloudy weather. A friend who lives 30 minutes away saw 30 ships within a short time at night despite cloudy weather on the 12th Nov, the day after our Silver Trigger activation. There are millions upon millions of ships in our skies.

The Galactic Confederation and Ashtar Command ships of all kinds and sizes are all around us. This is on the increase now and this makes me feel strongly that things are heating up. We know that the chimera / archon groups have threatened the Light Forces with retaliation if they are too visible. Its very possible that they might not have a choice anymore?
In the video below all these filmed sightings are from the past 2 weeks today being 14th November. Love the one at 3:33 and if you haven’t checked out the skies yet you can guaranteed see ufo’s similar to the one at 22 mins anywhere. I mention this because people will say “oh you just saw a satellite” however satellites do not move about erratically here and there across the skies.

A reminder that it is near impossible to find reliable pictures of real ufo’s if you check images on Google etc. They remove them all the time.

UFO sightings NOVEMBER 2019

UFO Sightings Skyrocket Once Again In Connecticut
5th November 2019…/ufo-sightings-skyrocket-once-again-conn…

The video here below is probably the only real footage that is not gone from my site’s videos about UFO’s. This one was wrecked in 2007 – they had erased the ships – however right now I can see the ships clearly again so maybe its been re-uploaded. PS: do not pay attention to all of the comments from people (in the comments section) saying that the ships are clouds (very very fast moving!) or birds (strange birds!) because I have met people who have made trips there to see the ships themselves!

UFO Peru Meteorite Cusco meteor disburses UFO fleet over Machu Picchu 8/25/2011…

Namaste Therese Z


Article 108 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Archangel Michael: Do not Get Caught in the Drama of White Hats or Black Hats

TZ here; I have listened to many messages from and discussions with Archangel Michael over the years via this channel Linda Dillon. They are always powerful, and you can feel the TRUTH – PURE DIVINE LOVE – ENGAGEMENT reaching your heart when you read or listen carefully. I do not know if I have ever felt so strongly directly when I began reading this message that this needs to be read by this entire planet NOW, as I did when I opened this message a short while ago. I was on my way to the PC before I had read 4 paragraphs. We all need to read and take in this information fully. It was channelled via Linda about a year ago and it is vital to our moving ahead now. The message is for now and BEYOND the Event. A thank you so much to Sitara for reposting this on Golden Age of Gaia.

PS: Before I add this message from Michael, I would like to say that I hope that everyone who took part in the Silver Trigger Meditation yesterday feels a sense of accomplishment. No doubt Cobra will get back to us in a few days and let us know how we did. The RM will know how many took part and what the effects are likely to be. There will no doubt be messages to us from ‘Higher Places’. I felt it to be so powerful an experience and I believe that we have been successful beyond our hopes. Thank you from my heart to your heart for being a part of this powerful manifestation. Namaste

Channeled by Linda Dillon

Greetings, I am Michael: Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome my beloved friends, sisters, brothers, allies, warriors, peacemakers. Welcome to this Council, and to this circle of One, to this circle of love. For love is all there is. It is the beginning, the middle, the end; the above, the below, the within, the without.

Beloved ones, do not allow yourselves to be distracted, yes, by the chaos. Move into your Divine Knowing, anchor in your Divine Authority. Do not get caught in the drama of white hats or black hats, or good guys or bad guys. All beings are birthed directly from the Heart of One upon this beautiful Planet of Gaia, and far beyond. There is no being beyond redemption, beyond resurrection, beyond recognition. All energy is light and love, and it will find its way back to the One.

When we speak to you, we speak clearly, succinctly, directly. We do not speak in code; we do not speak in undercurrents; we do not promote chaos, or intrigue or conspiracy. Let me be entirely clear: when I speak I am the clarion call of truth. And I do not do so in misty dark corners or in closets. Intrigue is a distraction. The desire for punishment is a distraction.

Is justice and truth absolutely fundamental to the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being? Absolutely. But Nova Being, your ascending/ascended self, will never be found in blame or judgment. There can be no room on Nova Earth for such levels of hatred, of greed, of abuse.

So do the words of truth, the bringing forth of what needs to have light shine upon it in order to bring renewal and clarity, does that need to happen? Yes. And it is incumbent not upon this group or that group, or undercover agents. It is incumbent upon each and every being.

Note: I do not say lightworker or loveholder, because Nova Earth is comprised of all beings – in harmony, in balance, in unity, in wondrous diversity – operating as one heart with billions and billions of expressions.

Do you, as lightworkers and loveholders and torchbearers, do you show the way as pathfinders and wayshowers? Yes. But you do that in the light of day, in the light of the Mother’s clarity and purity and grace; in awe and wonder and inspiration. You do it in the light of day; you do it in the light of your heart. Not in discriminating or excluding anybody – for all are welcome on this Planet of Love.

Love, truth, peace, joy, compassion, humility, tolerance – all of these are literally the building blocks of Nova Earth; of kindness and gentleness and strength and power in the truest meaning of the word; of might; of acting from the truth of who you are. Do not shy away from where you see abuse, where you see discord, where you see hatred, where you see greed. Identify the behavior, identify what is lacking – which is love, which is peace, which is kindness and consideration – and redirect the energy into ways that are of the highest realm of what is possible.

It does not matter whether you call it the 3rd dimension, the 5th dimension, the 12th dimension or the 10th. All dimensions, all reality, all experience, all expressions of Nova Being on Nova Earth are intended to be of love.

When you extend yourself in love – not buying into the chaos or the intrigue, or this faction or that faction – when you simply redirect aberrant behaviors, terrible behaviors, abusive behaviors, then what you are doing is extending hope and forgiveness and compassion. Not only to those who have been the victims of abuse, of betrayal, but also to those who have acted in such a misguided, miscreated way.

Old Earth has been based upon punishment and reward, and it has created factions of haves and have-not; of those in power and those who are powerless. It has created such fragmentation that unity became a dream, a thought, a hope.

When you extend love and forgiveness – when you model and mentor love and forgiveness, peace and compassion to those that have erred, to those that have created and fully participated in chaos – then what you are doing, beloved, is laying down the new paradigm: what it means to be human; what it means to be Gaian; what it means to be your true ascended self.

In that, there are no dark corners. There is no one who is excluded. And there is healing – dramatic healing for those that have been hurt and harmed. And also for those who have perpetrated hurt and harm, and devastation of such a magnitude that has almost destroyed your entire planet.

Yes, it is important that personal responsibility, personal accountability, be ingrained; be literally entrenched in each and every heart. Because in that, then the institutions – the structures, the systems that are reorganized, re-birthed, or newly birthed – then they hold these elements of accountability of personal, not merely, responsibility; but responsibility to create and to co-create with us, with the Mother, with each other.

You have lived on a planet that has abused the energy of human beings. It has been not only aberrant, but in certain cases, really an abomination. The planet Gaia – she has not expelled anybody. The kingdoms, the animals that have been so abused, tortured and maimed and annihilated – they have not sought revenge. They show you the way to live in union and cooperation – in unity consciousness in practice.

The energy that we are giving to thee – from the Mother, from us, from your star family – has never been this powerful or this clear, and it is breaking down the old at a rate that has been unheard of, unseen in millions, and millions, and millions of years.

So the question is: what do you do with it as you go forth? The last thing Gaia or Gaians need is a replication of exclusive structures, or groups of individuals that hurt and maim, or live in a world or in a society that excludes some and promotes others; this is critically important as you go forth.

It does not matter if you are a billionaire: if you are not sharing with someone you consider in need – a pauper, or someone simply just struggling to make ends meet – if you draw back into egoic thinking and action, of thinking that somehow you have earned the privilege, then you have missed the point.

The Mother’s Plan is for all beings on Earth, and far beyond, to live in love. Her messages, my messages, are clear. They are given in the light of day, even when they are channeled, or written, or spoken in the wee hours of the night. They stand up to investigation, yes, but they stand up to the test of time and of behavior.

Your beliefs, your behaviors, your actions, your creations, can only be of love; otherwise, you are simply continuing the drama of the old – and it is an old that is dead and gone. Can you rebuild it? Yes. But that is not your mission and most certainly is not the desires of your heart. Aim high! Spread the love; spread the peace. Throw open your arms and speak the truth, and welcome saint and sinner and everything in between – because all are equal, all are worthy, all are One.

That does not mean that cruel, or unjust, or aberrant behavior is ever accepted. Often perpetrators of various forms of violence continue on because they think – yes, think – that they have reached a point of no return, that there is no turning back. What you are doing by sharing love; by sharing forgiveness; by sharing compassion; by showing that there is a different way to proceed, to live, to exist, you are healing – and you are showing, you are demonstrating, that there is always mercy. Not only divine mercy, but human mercy.

Compassion is part of the road to peace, and peace is part of the road to truth, and truth is part of the road to joy – and joy, sweet ones, is the road to love. When you do not know whether something is of truth, turn to me. Take a breath of my Blue Flame, and simply ask. You may feel it in your heart, hear it in your head, know it in your gut; but you will know. And that is how you will proceed in the courageous valor of a peaceful warrior. Go with my love – and go, sweet ones, always and forever in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.


Article 107 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Press to Enlarge

Silver Trigger Final Update

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Time is approaching for the Silver Trigger and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.

If the critical mass is reached, the Light Forces will be able to intervene directly in the global financial system for the first time in human history, and a cascade of events will follow that will inevitably lead to the financial Reset.

Next 12 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in over 30 languages:
The main page with instructions for the activation is here:
And the Cobra interview about the activation is here:

Press to enlarge

We Love Mass Meditation with many useful links:

And many others:

In many countries around the world, November 11th is a holiday:

People in those countries can google places that will be open and sell silver despite the holiday, or buy silver online.
People who do not have much money can buy a 1/10 oz (a little bit over 3 grams) silver coin for 3.50 eur plus 1.60 eur shipping, for a total cost only about 5 euros, here:

For people who do not even have 5 euros, they can get a small financial assistance to help them with their purchase, if they fill the form here:

The silver that you will buy will serve as a physical seed that will start manifesting your future abundance on November 11th.

Let's do this!

Victory of the Light!


Article 106 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Building the Momentum for Our Silver Trigger Meditation on 11:11

9th November 2019 

by Therese Zumi Sumner

No doubt the cabal have made and are making attempts at trying to send negative energy through rituals of one kind or another to dampen our enthusiasm for taking part in Mondays meditation and to lessen the effect of this manifestation. They have been censoring the spread of information about this every way they know how! Their attempts at stopping our focus and determination to carry out this manifestation will not succeed as interest in this is growing all the time.

There are still some readers who do not understand the reason why silver is to be purchased on the 11th November at the time of the Silver Trigger activation.

To bring something into being – existence on the physical plane there are always some basic rules if we want to succeed. 1) A Clear Goal (we wish to affect the global financial system being closed and Reset to give abundance to everyone i.e. one aspect of The Event). 2) Create a clear vision in your mind of how things will look when the change has taken place, or do it on paper / painting / collage of pictures etc. (we will all meditate on the exact same vision on the 11th Nov.) 3) We ACT in some physical way to show the universe that we mean business. In this case we buy a small amount of silver (price of a couple of coffees is enough) to symbolically declare that we believe in creating prosperity for everyone. So, for successful manifestation we require these 3 parts and buying silver is the physical action we take to show our confidence in the future.

Silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy. Hence, buying silver is a symbolic act of bringing abundance into your life.

On Cobra’s blog in the comments section I found this message from a reader there who explains why we are buying silver on the 11:11. I have also copied Cobra’s reply!

"If I understand correctly, this silver buying activity has a symbolic significance at the energy level, especially on that particular day with the proper position of the planets and stars. Dark forces in rituals also perform physical activities that give strength to their black meditations. So it is with the Light Forces. If you can't believe that physical activity combined with meditation can influence things on a planetary level, then you don't believe in the power of meditation and intention as a whole, and you have no point in continuing. Buying silver at the energy level will reinforce our intention to create prosperity for ourselves and for other people on this planet. We must begin to believe what we are doing in the name of liberating the planet, thereby giving power to our intentions. In my opinion, buying silver is a very nice, beautiful symbolic act, and in addition, you have the opportunity to choose a silver case that suits your eyes and heart for a long time to come. Just add more love to your efforts."

Cobra October 12, 2019 at 3:57 AM

@Bāleliņš: Very well said!

Here a short reminder of some of Cobra’s info about this:

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock inside the debt-slavery financial system, finally setting humanity free. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

If this knowledge goes into mainstream global consciousness, it will create some of the needed conditions for the global financial Reset that will set the foundations of the new fair financial system.

Esoterically speaking, silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy:

Energetically speaking, buying silver will be a symbolic act of bringing abundance into your life.

We will be also doing a mass meditation which will energetically support our physical action of buying silver.

The purpose of our meditation is to anchor as much Light as possible in the global financial system to ease and harmonize the transition.

Our Silver Trigger activation on November 11th has a real potential to become the turning point in preparations for the positive financial Reset.

All people buying silver on November 11th will create a powerful energy grid around the planet that will send a pulse of Light into the global financial system.

It is very important to make the actual transaction (physical or online) of buying silver on November 11th in your time zone.

To help making the Silver Trigger viral, over 80 videos have been created in more than 30 languages.

A very good summary article about the Silver Trigger has been published here in English: {ITS GOT ALL INFO YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE} 

And in French:

The article linked above has also got a table showing at least 50 places that you can purchase silver.

It also has the transcript of the Cobra Interview. Cobra gives some good tips at the end of that interview for creating your very own ‘ritual’ at the time of the activation / meditation. This can be prepared even now.

ALSO building the momentum can de done NOW easily. All of you are familiar with the Goddess Spiral meditation can do that now today, tomorrow, and Monday morning to build up the momentum for our activation.

Cobra said about this link below:

“An excellent promotional webpage has been created for the Silver Trigger:”

TZ here; I love this info page and recommend that you check it out! Also this page is a good one to use if you would like to give some information to someone (not familiar with our meditations) without going into too many details – it will provide the information that they need, to understand that they are contributing to something really good for this planet by purchasing silver on the 11th.

Let’s build the momentum in whatever way we feel called to do now and let’s decide to reach at least twice critical mass joining in this meditation.

Our United Power is Unstoppable and Can Move Mountains.

Victory of the Light!

Namaste Therese Z

PS! Plan now which video you will use if you intend on using one and download it now to your mail or PC so that you do not have to search for it at the last minute which may overload some sites. Be ready already now when we have about 44 hours to go! 💖 🙏

Article 105 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Are You Worthy of All of Your Hopes and Dreams? We Need You to Know and Show that You Are Worthy of The Event Taking Place.

In One Week from now on 11:11 you can give proof that you accept your sovereign power to declare, visualise and take some action towards your goals by taking part in the Silver Trigger Meditation.


by Therese Zumi Sumner        ~         5th November 2019

Some Lightworkers have seemingly stated that they believe that The Event is 6 years away. Others have informed me of this. I have not read these reports, nor do I know what they are based upon. The closest Cobra has come to telling us when The Event will be is in the update Bubbles of Heaven. (1)  People making claim that it is 6 years to the Event have obviously not read that information and if so, have not understood it. Also stating things like this is taking away the power that people have to affect change through uniting. THE ONE THING besides the work of the Resistance Movement or Galactic Confederation that can bring this change about quicker is OUR UNITED DESIRE AND DECLARATION THAT WE WANT AND BELIEVE IN THIS CHANGE.

This is the time to show our sovereignty. Like Cobra said some years back “too few lightworkers have to do way too much work of anchoring light etc. to support the Transition” as free Sovereign Beings, we are all capable of uniting and showing Source how deep our desire is to bring this change about. WE ARE ALL PART OF CREATING THIS!! Manifestation of anything needs three basic things.1) a clear vision of what we wish to achieve 2) declaring that we wish this change to take place and 3) some kind of action in the direction of our goal which in the case of the Silver Trigger is purchasing something in silver to show our trust in the abundance we are about to receive.

Are you worthy of being visited, of being contacted by Source? One of the many reasons for the delay of this Event is that not enough people have been in acceptance of the fact that we mankind are worthy of whatever we desire. Having been ‘kept down’, ‘held back’, prevented by our controllers through their created religions for such a long time, so many humans do not feel worthy of receiving abundance and being of equal worth in the eyes of ‘God’.

This is partly the reason why The Event is delayed. Cobra once explained how our controllers succeeded for so long to control us. They were in complete agreement of their goal. They had a clear idea of how they would continue to keep us all as hostages. Their rituals were all focused on upholding these ideals. IF WE JOIN FORCES with that same type of focus then nothing could stop us. There are so many more of us now and when we unite with ONE FOCUS/ONE MIND like the Silver Trigger Meditation our power to speed up change is enormous.

Especially when many are doing the same visualisation and actively symbolically buying some silver on the same day we are showing Source / Divine Mother  that we mean business and that we now believe that we are worth the abundance and freedom that only The Event can bring to the whole of mankind.

We are loved unconditionally by Source ~ Mother ~ Father One. However, until we can learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we have difficulty accepting that we are indeed worthy of a visit from the Goddess Herself, or an Archangel like Mother Gaia, or an Ascended Being like Yeshua or Saint Germain or Mary Magdalene {Yeshua’s spouse}. Until we love ourselves unconditionally it is very difficult for anyone else to try to love us that way. So our greatest goal is unconditional love for ourselves. Then we can truly love and forgive and accept everyone else.

Archangel Michael has said several times that there is no hierarchy in Heaven! Do you understand that? NO HIERARCHY!

Press to Enlarge

Yes we are all learning and growing and when our Guides (we all have Guides) see that we need to mature in some way e.g. let’s say we need a better understanding of the ‘correct’ way to communicate in our relationships, then it might seem that Spirit ‘punishes’ us in some way -  when we rush forward and make yet another mistake. However, this is always a question of gentle coaxing peu om peu until we find the way to communicate in a balanced way. Simply put we cannot grow without making mistakes.

Several Archangels have lived on earth as humans prior to becoming Archangels. Goddess cares equally about all of Her children.

There is no judgemental God. Forget all that nonsensical religious teaching about Judgement. That’s how we have been controlled for so long.

The world is a hard-cold place (that’s changing fast) because the archons and their minions despise the human act of making love. They have done everything to prevent true love relationships because that is the one thing that brings us closer to Source. They have used multiple methods via mind programming in media etc. to remove romantic love and replace loving sexual union with degrading, perverting, sexual norms. This has been part of their plan to zombify people.

Worse still is that they have managed through implants to create great imbalance in what we call male and female aspects of ourselves. This in turn makes relationships very difficult.

Tantric sex for example is a way for a couple to learn to love one another physically but with focus upon heart to heart contact so that love and trust deepens between the couple and this can also support the couple in their Ascension process.

At the time of the Event many humans will discover that they can suddenly easily ‘connect’ with dead relatives. The veil will be gone and communication between humans and the spiritual realms will be unhindered.

One can imagine the joy when many people discover that there is ample evidence at hand that there really are other dimensions of reality.

The disclosure process will also provide evidence about the spiritual realms. We are all sisters and brothers. You might think ‘well I don’t want to be a brother or sister to Charles Manson’ or some such individual.

After The Event {in fact this process has already been ongoing about two years’ time} people will find themselves parting ways with others because they no longer have anything in common and gravitating towards others who are like minded.

Yes, we are all of us children of the Goddess but those beings, whether human or extra-terrestrials (our controllers), who are truly ‘lost’ in having chosen darkness, will have chances/choices to develop, change old ways and begin to walk the path of light. The judgement is none other than our very own conclusions of our choices when we are presented with them and their consequences.

Stop all judgement of yourself and others. Every single being whether humanoid or other is a product of their past experiences.

Let’s focus upon uniting in purpose to bring this Transition about asap.

Victory of the Light

Namaste Therese Z

Article 104 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Article 103 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Silver Trigger Update ~ Cobra News

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

As we are approaching the critical point of November 11th, there are deep underlying structural changes in the global financial system.
The Jesuit plan for financial crash that would then lead to a global cryptocurrency similar to Libra has collapsed.
First, Libra project was ditched:

Second, Chinese plan to launch its own competing cryptocurrency on November 11th was also scrapped:

Third, existence of powerful quantum computers was leaked by the Light forces.
All this was enough for the Jesuits to change their plans, and now they are not tying their financial crash to their global cryptocurrency, but to climate emergency:

Again, there are certain plans of the Light Forces set in motion and the Jesuit plan for the financial crash will not go as planned.

The Light Forces have plans for global financial Reset that will bring prosperity to people and I will be speaking about this plan in detail in the coming Ascension conference which will be taking place on the weekend of November 30th / December 1st in Taiwan. You are more than welcome to join us:

Our Silver Trigger activation on November 11th has a real potential to become the turning point in preparations for the positive financial Reset.

All people buying silver on November 11th will create a powerful energy grid around the planet that will send a pulse of Light into the global financial system.  

It is very important to make the actual transaction (physical or online) of buying silver on November 11th in your time zone.

To help making the Silver Trigger viral, almost 50 videos have been created in more than 20 languages.

Videos in Arabic, Bengali and other languages are also needed. Please send your translation text to and it will be made into a video as soon as possible.
Video playlists in many languages have been created by Smaly7:


Article 102 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Going with the Flow


By Therese Zumi Sumner




I bought a t-shirt with the text ‘Go with the Flow’ in 2012. Yes, that felt like something I wished to accomplish and still do for that matter. Sometimes I have been ‘there’ in that flow. That flow where you notice synchronicities, when you are in tune with the Universe and things feel easy. That’s my goal ~ to be there in that magical flow all the time but how do you get there?

Do you have this dream too? Wouldn’t you like to wake up every morning with an inner feeling of serenity along with a sense of joyful anticipation for whatever the day might bring? Because you are in the ‘flow’ you have a deep inherent trust that there are no coincidences. When I am doing what I need to do at each moment in time, I can sense how there seems to be a perfect harmony in creation that I can come in tune with. It feels magical.

So, who is in the control seat then? Can one have a sense of being the person who is holding the reins of your life while you are focused completely on the present moment? 

Part of the process in becoming one with that flow, is the trust that you need to have, that you are indeed always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing! Part of the process is also holding the belief that ‘Divine right happening always takes place in your life’. Can you believe that? When you are in that flow you do what needs to be done knowing that every single movement that you make, every single encounter that you might have, is an important piece of the puzzle in the flow of life. That smile that you gave that stranger gave them hope to go on.

Once that you have had an experience of being in this magical flow even if it’s just for say 20 minutes time you have a desire to return to that state and stay there. That state of trust that everything in your life is happening for a reason. Whatever state that you might find yourself in right now know that it is preparing you for a better experience in the future. It is preparing you for the harmonious life you desire. For example; a person who has great patience has reached this ability by discovering that rushing into something seldom brings the results that they desire.

This month of October there are strong transformational energies at work and things are happening with/within us. You might find yourself in the middle of questions that arise as you attempt to dive deeper down into your heart and soul to discover the truth of who you are. You might be searching for that ‘golden key’ that will unlock the door of your heart so that you can be liberated. The freedom that we seek is the freedom to always be in that place of trust where we can allow ourselves to ‘let go and let god’, to let go and be carried.

We can sometimes find ourselves questioning everything. Why am I here? What’s the point of everything? Do we even have a clue what it feels like to ‘feel good’ all the time? You might be familiar with the expression ‘the dark night of the soul’ which is a time when life feels meaningless. You might even be on the verge of throwing out any earlier beliefs, philosophies or some spiritual literature or belief that you have held up until now because of feeling lost. The good news is that it is then, when we are ready to let go of everything, that we let go / release control and break through to the next level.

When we travel a spiritual path, we are learning and growing in an understanding of who we really are, with backing / support whether we know it or believe it from the entire Company of heaven. There will of course be new tests ahead of us. However, they become easier when we learn to release control and trust in the flow.

Sometimes that flow might bring us to a complete standstill, when there is no desire to do, create, and “how on earth can I be of use in a state like this?” “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

Namaste Therese Z

PS: Do not mistake ‘going with the flow’ to mean that you can just let your life happen. You are responsible for your life and dreams and future. We should have goals and act in the direction of our goals which is necessary on some level to manifest them. But when these goals are firmly established, we can release control and allow the Source to be with us / within us guiding us along the path to our desires. This means staying awake to any ‘soft inner voice cues’, ideas, that the Universe is sending us. If any inner guidance is correct things will always flow along. If the ideas are from a place of mental ‘control’ we may find that we rush ahead and are stopped by the Universe, because we are ‘forcing’ some issue with our minds. When things seem to be taking ages, seem tedious and demand patience we are tempted to try to ‘push the river’ and lose that flow of being that the Universe is attempting to show us.


Article 101 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Awakening and Illumination : October 2019 to January 2020

By Celia Fenn

Therese Z here;

I want to share this beautiful channelled messaged from Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn. Celia has been sharing high quality channelled messages for many years. This message feels so importantly timely and also it provides us with more information about the special energies on 11:11 the day of the Silver Trigger.

We are all having feelings now that change is getting closer by the minute. Archangel Michael begins this message strongly clarifying that we are indeed very close to change.

When you read this message notice the following advice which is for lightworkers from now forward until after The Event “The First Stirrings of the “Great Awakening”

As this new Timeline begins to energize the “initiations of Light”, there will be two levels of Events. At the first level, those of you who are way showers and already awakened will be called and “propelled” into wider and greater levels of service on the Planet. At the second level, very “ordinary” people will suddenly awaken and feel disoriented and shocked as their perception of Reality changed radically, almost overnight.

The large second group of “awakeners” will need you, the first level of way showers, to guide them through this process. According to your Soul Contracts, this is the purpose for which you have chosen to be on the Earth at this time.”

Read about the amazing downloads that we will be receiving at this time and not in least when we join with one another in meditation on 11:11.

We are provided with great guidance and encouragement and inspiration which can only increase our depth of understanding what we can achieve on the Silver Trigger Activation. Hope you enjoy this;

PS: I feel that there is a sense of urgency here in reminding us how we are now – and will be – needed in this coming Transition.“

Awakening and Illumination : October 2019 to January 2020

by Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, October 5, 2019

Beloved Family of Light, we have reached a moment that many of you have waited for, and asked for, for many lifetimes. There is a wave of Cosmic Light approaching your Planet that will activate a “Great Awakening” on the Earth.

Even now, many of you have felt that wave as it began to approach at the September Equinox. This energy is so intense that it causes physical symptoms in many as your body seeks to integrate and balance.

This rising energy will be felt at the 10:10 Portal on the 10th of October, and it will continue to intensify at the Major 11:11 Star Gate on the 11th of November. Then it will continue on to the 12:12 on the 12th of December and the 21:12 on the 21st December (Solstice) and will culminate on the 12th of January (1:12:2020), when Saturn and Pluto move into conjunction in the sign of Capricorn.

At each of these important nexus points, more of the New Divine Masculine will be revealed on the Earth. It will be the Divine Masculine that will lead the way in creating new structures for the New Earth.

This is the role of the Divine Masculine, to create structure for the flow of the Divine Wisdom of Sophia, the Divine Feminine Essence of Wisdom and Light. It will indeed be a powerful, intense and awe-inspiring shift on many levels.

10:10 : Initiation into the “Great Awakening Time Line/Time Spiral”

The great disturbance that so many of you have already begun to feel, is the establishing and energizing of the “Great Awakening Time Line” for October 2019 to January 2020. When a powerful new time line is energized, other alternate time lines collapse and fall away.

On the 10th of October, the 10:10, this Wave of Awakening will be initiated and will begin the process of bringing forth a new group of souls to join the Planetary Awakening process and accelerate the manifestation of the New Earth.

This may create “shock waves”in the fabric of TimeSpace that can cause physical symptoms. But know, Beloved Ones, that closing time lines and activating new time lines (time spirals) is an activity that is undertaken with spiritual and collective consensus, as being for the highest good of the Earth at this time.

As the next segment of the Time Line is energized, these “shock waves” may intensify. It will be these intense waves of Diamond Light Codes, Golden Christ Consciousness Codes and Divine Heart Frequencies from the Angelic and Star Nations that will begin to initiate this “Great Awakening” on Earth.

The First Stirrings of the “Great Awakening”

As this new Time Line begins to energize the “initiations of Light”, there will be two levels of Events. At the first level, those of you who are way showers and already awakened will be called and “propelled” into wider and greater levels of service on the Planet. At the second level, very “ordinary” people will suddenly awaken and feel disoriented and shocked as their perception of Reality changed radically, almost overnight.

The large second group of “awakeners” will need you, the first level of way showers, to guide them through this process. According to your Soul Contracts, this is the purpose for which you have chosen to be on the Earth at this time.

Beloved Family of Light, this is not the time to shrink back or think “small”. It is time to step up and be the Self-empowered Beings and Community Leaders that you are. As you make yourself available for expanded service as a Teacher or Healer, so Spirit will guide those who have need to you.

As you work with these ones, it will also be good to remember how important it also is to take care of yourself and your own process.

As the newly awakened ones shift across into the New Earth Time Line/Spiral, they will feel physical, mental and emotional symptoms that will feel like some kind of “breakdown”, for this is in fact the process of breaking down the old so that the new can emerge.(1)

Their old support systems in the old time line will have collapsed and broken down and they will feel as if they are “falling” into a void of nothingness. It will be your task to be the Light that guides them to anchor in the New Earth grids and to find their Soul Family or Tribe in this new TimeSpace Reality.

Those of you that are of the first level, the first waved of awakening, will find that you are receiving new understandings and new gifts of healing. Your Light Body system will accelerate to the point where you will explore and develop new techniques of Quantum Light and Sound Healing similar to those used by Shamanic practitioners to shift and heal energies and soul “fractures”.

The 11:11 Initiations : Star Fire and Angelic Frequencies

In 2017 at the 11:11 Gateway, the Planet received a powerful wave of Angelic Frequencies and Light Codes from the Elohim and the Seraphim. At this years 11:11 there will be another powerful wave of Light Initiations from the Stellar and Cosmic Councils of Light. This will be an Initiation of Star Fire Light Codes that will rapidly raise the Frequencies on Earth to accelerate the Awakening that is taking place.

The 11:11 Portal is under the guardianship of the Pleiadians, and is on the same astrological axis as the 5:5 Gateway, that of Taurus and Scorpio, and it is associated with the awakening of the Buddha and with the spiritual energies of the Collective Awareness.

At this time, a powerful transmission of Star Fire Light Codes will be received on Earth in the form of a Light/Sound wave that will be an initiation and an activation of the newly energized New Earth Time Spiral.

This will not be received as a single wave, but as a series of waves each carrying different codes or instructions from the Divine Heart to activate the New Earth in the consciousness of the Collective.

At this time, those who have agreed at the soul level to awaken, still be activated by these waves and will suddenly awaken to join this rising wave of new consciousness.

Those of you who work with Light Codes and Language of Light will be empowered and guided to “translate” these “codes” for the benefit of those in your tribe and community. You may feel guided to paint, draw, sound, sing or dance these Star Fire Codes into physical manifestation.

At this time of the 11:11, the Pleiadians will be very active in working with you to assist you to activate the Human Angelic Template and embody the Soul in Divine Love as proof of this process. As specialists in Human/Animal and Plant DNA on Earth, they will guide you through Light Code Activations and Collective Activations.

The Arcturians have also been commissioned to guide a multi-representational group that will work with Earth, including Lyrans, Sirians and Andromedans. These ones will assist with their particular means of Light communication and connection.

At the 11:11 you may, therefore, feel guided to join a group or community to experience the Star Fire Light Code initiations as a group. {TZ here: Those of us who will be meditating on 11.11 ~ The Silver Trigger can see ourselves as one group and the more of us that know about these Light code activations by spreading this info the greater the united experience we can have on the 11-11} You may also feel drawn to channel these codes in some way and to keep a record of the information that is given to you in these codes in a journal.

The Angelic Beings, the Elohim and Seraphim, will continue to empower transmissions of the Angelic Frequencies of Light and Color to support these initiations and the Awakening process in general.

Time Lines, SpaceTime and Slowing Down the Tempo of Life

Beloved Ones, as the waves of Light Codes arrive on Earth, there will be another “acceleration” in the SpaceTime field as consciousness is raised yet again.

To many this will be perceived as time moving even faster, and they may feel the urge to try to move even faster on the physical plane to “keep up” with the increase in frequency in SpaceTime.

This would not be recommended, Dear Ones, as what is needed is to slow down and allow the body to align with “natural” SpaceTime, which is the natural frequency of Nature (Divine Source Code) on your Planet.

At this time on your Planet you have two expressions of time. The one is, as mentioned, natural time that spirals in harmony with the SpaceTime field and vibrates at the frequency of the Divine Heart. The second is “artificial” or “linear” time that is anchored in mechanical illusion and hurtles forward, ever increasing in momentum as it moves further from natural time and the spiral movement of the Galaxy.

That is why it is so beneficial to spend time in Nature. You allow your cells and your DNA to resonate with natural time and to slow down physically so that you can experience the higher frequencies of Lig,ht Codes from the Divine Heart.

To meditate and to do Ceremony in Nature is to align with natural time through focus and intention, and it will assist you to integrate and embody these light codes without undue disturbance to your physical body system, or overstimulation of your nervous system and your emotional and mental bodies.

The Role of the Emerging New Divine Masculine

As these new Star Fire Light Codes are received by the Divine Feminine Sophia consciousness, the Divine Masculine, or rather the …New Divine Masculine, will have the task of creating form and structure for this new wisdom to be expressed and experienced.

In this four month period of the Star Fire waves, the planets Saturn and Pluto will be moving towards each other for their “date” of conjunction on the 12th of January 2020. This movement takes place in the house of Capricorn, a masculine energy.

This magnetic conjunction of Saturn (structure) and Pluto (Transformation) creates a vortex for the dismantling of the old masculine energy structures and the birthing of forms of expression for the New Masculine.

The form and structure of the New Masculine is already emerging in the expression of compassion and love for the Planet that is being expressed through many young people, the Crystal children who are finding their “voice” and expressing what they feel to the older generations.

Soon, they will be joined by Diamond Children who will have an even stronger expression of the New Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness energy and a need to prepare a path for the New Earth, which is their Soul Mission as representatives of the Diamond Light on Earth.

So, we wish you a wonderful journey into these New Light Codes and new ways of being as you stand on the threshold of this powerful New Earth Time Spiral. Move forward with confidence and joy, knowing that this is the time that you have waited for!


(1) For more in depth info on the subject of the emotional responces etc at the time of The Event please read article 51 from 21st May 2019 Surviving the Shock of The Event ~ Compression Breakthrough and article 52 'Know Now That There Will Be A Peaceful Smooth Transition'  here on the Veritas Introduction page.


VITAL INFORMATION FROM RESISTANCE MOVEMENT ~ Our chance to collectively speed up the process of planetary liberation

Article 100 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

When Mercury swung in front of the sun on November 8, 2006, it appeared as a small black dot (lower right of center), not nearly as conspicuous as the big sunspot at the left edge of the solar disk. Photo by Brocken Inaglory. A transit of Mercury ~ is coming up on November 11, 2019!


Thursday, October 10, 2019

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Mercury transit on November 11th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy of the worldwide financial system.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Breakthrough closer to us:

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock inside the debt-slavery financial system, finally setting humanity free. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.
We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

November 11th is the yearly day of the 11:11 portal and this year it is also the day of a rare transit of Mercury across the Sun:
If you plan to observe the transit with your eyes or telescope, never look directly to the Sun, this may damage your eyesight, as it was already clearly stated at the previous transit in 2016:
Transits of Mercury across the Sun are very rare and the next one will happen in 2032. The transit of November 11th, 2019 will be the most precise alignment of Mercury and Sun in the 21st century, as Mercury will be only 76 arc seconds from the geometrical center of the Sun at the peak of the transit as seen from Earth.
Astrologically, transits of Mercury across the Sun are the best possible moments for everything related to finances.
We all know that current financial system is not fair and that it was in fact designed to enslave humanity.
The coming systemic collapse of the current financial system is actually the collapse of the debt-slavery bubble:
Current shocks in repo market are just the tip of the iceberg signs of the underlying systemic instability of the system. The mega bank behind those shocks is JP Morgan, the bank at the very core of the global financial system:

D Wave Press diagram to enlarge

Another structural weakness of the current system is the large amount of counterfeit US notes. If this information goes mainstream, it could undermine trust in US dollar as the global reserve currency:

Much greater threat to the current financial system are quantum supercomputers, which can easily break all encryption that protects financial data stored at the supercomputers in central banks and other financial institutions:

Quantum computers that can break all military grade encryption and could theoretically take over the current financial system are already here:

Theoretically, anyone could take advantage of that quantum computing power by simply signing in its cloud servers here ( the first minute of quantum computing time is free!):

The awakened part of the human population needs a hedge against the systemic collapse of the financial system.
Therefore the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to buy as much silver as they feel guided, on the day of the Mercury transit on Monday, November 11th, 2019. It is very important that you buy your silver (physically or online) on November 11th and NOT before or after, to ensure the coherence and harmonic efficiency of our action.
Those without much money need to know that silver coins are not expensive. You can buy a single half ounce silver coin for about $12, which equals a few coffees at Starbucks.

Those who feel guided can buy enough silver to finance them for about 1-2 weeks (the expected time of reboot after the systemic financial collapse).
Those who would like to invest can buy more silver, as silver is an undervalued asset and the price is likely to rise:
Large investors reading this blog who would like to participate need to buy physical silver which needs to be stored at their own location, NOT paper silver such as ETF or ETN.
You can buy silver as coins or bars at your local dealer, online, on ebay or in a bank:

If the critical mass of 144,000 people buy silver on November 11th, this will create the needed trigger to globally expose the manipulation of silver and gold prices by JP Morgan:
In the mid 1970s, Hunt brothers almost dominated silver market for a few years against the global Cabal:
If a few brothers can do that, can you imagine what our collective power is!
If this knowledge goes into mainstream global consciousness, it will create some of the needed conditions for the global financial Reset that will set the foundations of the new fair financial system.
Esoterically speaking, silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy:

Energetically speaking, buying silver will be a symbolic act of bringing abundance into your life.
We will be also doing a mass meditation which will energetically support our physical action of buying silver.
The purpose of our meditation is to anchor as much Light as possible in the global financial system to ease and harmonize the transition.
We will be doing this meditation at the moment of the maximum of the Mercury transit on Monday, November 11th at 15:15 pm GMT in London. This equals 11:15 pm CST in Taipei and Beijing, 5:15 pm EET in Cairo, 4:15 pm CET in Paris, 10:15 am EST in New York, 9:15 am CST in Chicago, 8:15 am MST in Denver and 7:15 am PST in Los Angeles. Japan and Australia will already have November 12th and the meditation will take place at 2:15 AEST in Sydney and 0:15 am JST in Tokyo.
You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

Meditation Instructions:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring the Light to the global financial system.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness of the current financial system, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth. Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Updates about the Silver Trigger:

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Leaving the Prison of the Past


By Therese Zumi Sumner

10th / 10 /2019


Have you been experiencing heaviness of being and tiredness beyond the normal? or maybe your feeling that ‘enough is enough’ and a desire to move on somehow but not quite sure if you are ready to begin again as a happier version of your old self? You might even feel like you have hit rock bottom? Simply put things must change now. You truly wish to be rid of all your old programming that has formed your life and relationships and move ahead freer to be yourself, pure and simple ~ because that’s all that we should strive to be ~ our real selves.

The universe is nagging at us now to leave those old limiting patterns / thoughts of unworthiness and dare to stand in the truth of who we are and use our wings and fly.

So, is there anything preventing you from moving ahead? What might be stopping you from leaving the safety of the old?

Do you need any more balance in your relationships? How could you create more harmony and beauty in your life? Every single step that you take to create beauty and joy and harmony in your life will absolutely be good for everyone else! That is why it is so important. When one rises beyond limitations others follow and are inspired to do the same.

Do you have a dream in your heart for the future and if so what ~ if anything ~ is preventing you from reaching it? This October month has a lot of Scorpio energy and Pluto {the Fate and Transformation planet} is active. It helps us uncover secrets of our souls and behaviour that has held us back. This is the end of the old time. It’s truly time to leave all that does not serve us behind. So, if you are not sure yet what is holding you back. Dare to dig deeply. Always ask yourself those deeper questions and remain in your heart 💖 space ~ watch out! ~ so that those old mental patterns of doubt and despair are prevented by yourself / your I AM from taking over again and limiting you.

When you are focused energetically in your 💖 heart it helps you to feel the truth that needs to come forth. To do this you should focus deeply whatever you might be doing. For example, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, eating – be here and now.

Also, this time may be bringing up the bittersweet memories of failed relationships, of other times that were not successful. Allow yourself time to grieve these memories, they are coming to the surface only that they can be released and can then leave room for the beautiful and miraculous new.

There will be new choices and chances coming into your life very soon. Remember when the choice comes to start something new, there is only one way of knowing if the choice is right and that is by following your heart. When you think about doing that new thing, starting a new relationship, does that make you feel anticipation and happiness? That is the only key to travelling the right route in your future. The future where your heart