We DID IT! January 3rd 2021.We were very successful! Read all about the results of the meditation along with much more pertinent information in the following link.  http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2022/01/divine-intervention-activation-report.html

Lets Do This ~ Lets Show Our Galactic Family and Source that We Are United in Our Desire for Divine Intervention

16th December 2021

Dear Friends. I have listened to the Cobra interview conducted by Debra of the Sisterhood of the Rose and would warmly recommend that you take the time to listen to it. It's long ~ so maybe divide the listening to two sessions. Or you might prefer to read it and its available in numerous languages. It's jam packed with so much information and answers to numerous questions.

Cobra reminds us that there are hundreds of millions or even close to a billion people beginning an awakening process right now due to the circumstances / restrictions etc, worldwide.

Here is a link to We Love Mass Meditations where you can find so many important links along with the above mentioned interview gathered. The Guided Audio for the meditation can be found furthest down this page, now in 23 languages. A suggestion, if we listen to / read the meditation details now ~  in the next few days, a couple of times, then we will be better prepared for the 21st and can do it with better focus then.


Cobra says "Doing the meditation earlier or later, or doing it in a significantly different way will NOT help us reaching the critical mass, as we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laserlike precision, especially timewise and with unified and focused intent."

"It is extremely important that we speak out aloud three times both decrees, as specified in meditation instructions (step number 5 in meditation instructions):"

These lines are taken from Cobra's latest update ~ link here ~ where you can also find links to another interview by the Asian team that has transcripts in 11 languages available


Cobra also mentioned in that interview {with Debra} that if it wasn't for all of the amazing meditations we have done over the years we simply would not exist here right now. So many wars have been prevented. The power that we have together ~ synchronised timewise ~ is stronger than anything else. Let's prepare the ground for our liberation process. Lets unite on the 21st December.

In Love and Light Therese.

* * *  22nd September 2021 Linda Dillon: St. Germaine ~ Letting Go of Judgement

*** 29th August 2021 ~ Important Cobra Update ~ # 374

*** 24th July 2021 ~ see # 373

*** 15th July 2021 ~ see # 372

*** 18th June 2021 ~ see # 371

EXTRA NEWS ~ 10TH June 2021 + 11th June 2021

Dear reader, circumstances demand that I say a few words at this time. Due to threats and warnings I was forced to ‘go offline’ completely over a period of 8 weeks. More correctly I had to go into hiding. No telephone, PC, iPad and no bankcard payments were allowed if I was to remain alive. The effects of this time period under great pressure and in hiding has taken its toll on my health. I need to put my entire focus upon the return of my health at this important time so that I am ready for this Transit when its upon us. Therefore my last entry / update ( *** change of heart) prior to The Event is the one entitled ‘As We Transit’ ~ see # 370 below ~ roll down this page and you will find it directly below the Video with the Goddess Meditation by Cobra and Isis. Finally I would remind all readers that over a time period of approximately 2 weeks’ time prior to The Event there will be daily revelations of deep truths surfacing on MSM. Things will seem to be somewhat ‘crazy’ then. People will have some very strong reactions. Trust that these revelations are a necessary part of the awakening process for mankind. All of this turmoil will end suddenly with The Event. All will be very well in the end. That is ensured. Love Therese Z

11th June 2021

Advice from Yeshua ~ Jesus Christ Sananda

Humanity is now being pummelled with Divine Light from the Galactic Central Sun.  As much Light as humans can possibly imbibe is being sent to prepare everyone for The Event. This will be a time of Difficult Beginnings with the beginnings of disclosure that are oh so necessary to prepare humanity somewhat for the time of Full Disclosure that will occur after The Event. Lightworkers would be wise to lead the way by viewing these difficult days and weeks and months ahead in light of the very sudden arrival soon of PEACE ON EARTH.

All of our many years of hard work and strong visions are leading us now to the Zenith. This is NOT A TIME TO BE ANXIOUS ~ but rather like the Sun at midday…. focus only upon that which brings you joy in your life... warm and loving relationships... spend time in nature away from information that is not true... this goes for alternative blogs also many of which secretly serve the dark.


Very Important Message



I update this page and several other website pages here every week.

To see which articles are the LATEST articles on EACH PAGE ... you need to check the list in The Latest Articles on Veritas just below this Introduction article ~ TZ

Extra Today is March 13th 2021. I would like to inform readers that there are now two articles placed here just below and AHEAD OF 'The Latest Articles on Veritas'. These two articles # 259 and # 260 are of such great importance to every new reader who visits this website that they shall remain here at the top of the blog until The Event.



# 284 # 291 # 293 # 296 # 305 # 310 # 314


Sunday July 5th 2020

Therese Zumi here: it’s exactly 1312 on Sunday the 5th July as I begin this message to readers. Outside the warm hot summer weather has been transformed to a very windy, cloudy day and the chimes on my balcony are saying “There is much to be done ~ keep on writing and updating ~ because we are at the beginning of a very intensive time.”

This morning when I looked outside my bedroom window there was no wind and the sky was ‘different’. You know when you walk on a beach and the tide has gone out and the sand has these little wave patterns that you clearly feel if walking barefoot? The white clouds looked like those waves on the sand. I had never seen that before.

I am shown a vision of a Large Dragon flying through the sky Portending Change. Great Creative Power is now available to us, so let’s use it every way that we can.

Those wavy clouds speak of Harmony and the prospects of great success are outstanding. A deep chaos abides in nature, but humanity by carefully responding to the rhythms and cycles of the times, can find peace in the natural world. The wise person channels this positive energy to all areas of life and in proper proportion. But be vigilant and discriminating because peaceful conditions promote the growth of weeds as well as flowers.

In my new article Published yesterday July 4th ~ The New Normal # 229 below ~ you will find a more down to earth explanation of these words and advice from the I Ching, along with some important guidance on how to manoeuvre these days and energies.

These are very exciting and magical days that we have ahead of us. We must remain at peace even though chaos might abound outside. In my new post for today # 231 you will see clearly how the energies are building up towards Compression Breakthrough.

After our Age of Aquarius activation on June 30th it certainly feels like everything is speeding up.

Finally, I would ask that you please share the articles here that you find helpful. No, it’s not so easy now to share as it was on Facebook before they banned my work, but I am hoping that you will find other ways e.g. via a PC to copy and paste or provide direct links to these articles.

It is my aim to provide you with truthful and reliable information, that will enable you to remain in a harmonious space as we move forward towards our Transition.

Love and Namaste TZ.

PS: That wind has now become very stormy and the rain is pelting down, making me just want to curl up in bed and rest and leave the world behind a while ~ we will need those hours and days too ~ to ensure that we arrive where we’re going in harmony.


June 5th 2020


Hi there....this is the newly updated 'Introduction' page on Veritas Galactic Sweden....you are very welcome.

There are approximately 40 website pages on this website and to see an overview of the entire site you can press the following link ~ NB ~ please note that the following information that I provide is based upon my view of this site while working on a PC. It may look different on your telephone.

How To Find Your Way Around This Website

Since July 2018 This Introduction Page on Veritas Galactic Sweden has the most important blog # articles here by date. To make it clearer where one article ends and another begins they are all now numbered #.

If you would like to know some more about how I came to be involved with this work and what i hope to achieve you can go to this link here; Therese Z Profile

Facebook has blocked me ...Up until Tuesday May 19th I have had a blog running on facebook for 8 years. Facebook has now blocked me from working on it, I have no access via a PC. I will continue without this blog. Sadly this means that I can no longer have an ongoing contact with my readers. I can still see messages incoming via my phone about new 'likes' and followers. Thank you to all of my readers and followers. You do not have to subscribe to this website. Just know that new updates on my website will be visible below under ´The Latest Articles on Veritas´ about every 3 days or so. 

March 29th 2021 ~ 🦋

Dear Friends

Up until about 11 days ago I could still communicate with some of my older readers via the FB Messenger app on my old phone. Due to threats coming my way via this app I decided to delete it altogether. Because I 'officially' still have a FB account, I can see when messages are coming in on my phone. However this means that I can only see your name and the beginning of the sentence of your message. Sadly that's all I can see and there is no way that I can answer you at this time. Hopefully we can connect again somehow when this is all over.

So to dear Doris, Maria, Jan, Annika, Juarez, Khajiit and any others wishing to connect right now just know that I am grateful for our communication and let's all be in a place of peaceful harmony, taking good care of our energy levels and renewing our strength in nature 🦋 and making sure that we connect daily to Source. In Love and Light Therese 



I have written the following 5 articles to bring clear answers to many questions that have arisen regarding The Event. So if you have any questions unanswered you should find that the answers are found in one or other of them. Therese Zumi

PS: If you have not read The Event Pages then I would recommend that you do so prior to reading these extra articles based on many queries over the years.



Article # 235  ~  roll down this page to find this

What We Can Expect At and Beyond The Event ~ 12th July 2020

Article # 201     ~      roll down this page to find this

The Shock of The Transition ~ May 5th, 2020

Article # 196     ~      roll down this page to find this

The Removal of the Veil ~ How The Event Will Change Everything Immediately ~ February 3, 2017

Found on Ascension Page ~ after pressing link below ....roll down to the article directly after the first ‘removed’ video

A Perfectly Timed Ecstatic Moment of Unbelievable Joy which is otherwise known as The Event is the Tsunami of Love recently discussed on Golden Age of Gaia ~ 14th January 2014 

Found on Latest Additions Page~ Press link below and then roll down to article

Repost  # 1   

What is Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event? Part One of Two followed by Part Two ~ April 26th 2017




The Dark Pyramid of Power

12th March 2021

If you do not completely understand that which I am about to convey to you my dear reader ~ YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING that is taking place right now on Earth. Knowledge is power! Too little knowledge is DANGEROUS! We see the results of TOO LITTLE KNOWLEDGE all over the internet today. You are not going to like what I have to tell you now. The fact of the matter is that the MAXIMUM number of writers and bloggers on the entire internet alternative media ~ the entire percentage of those who know and understand the ENTIRE TRUTH about what is really going on is 8%! Sadly I know this because I see the mistakes and the lack of true knowledge everywhere every day.

Would you like to be one of the awakened people on this planet? Well if so, there is one place that you will find the truth always being served directly from the Resistance Movement and that place is The Portal. If you would like to find someone that has worked tirelessly to bring all of that truth to you ~ packaged in pages where the many different aspects of the truth are gathered together easily overviewed ~ then you have come to the right place and you are very welcome.

This site is not a ‘quick fix’ latest news site. Oh yes ~ it is that too ~ in the respect that I always attempt to inform my readers about the very latest of REAL FACTS here on this Introduction Page blog. I don’t do speculation here! Yes, I have truly believed that “now... very soon... we will be at the end of our journey... all the signs are pointing to that now’ ~ yes I have written words to help to keep both you and me on track and have the courage to HOLD ON every way that I could for many years. And still we are not ‘THERE YET’.

Today is Friday the 12th March and I am in a disheartened place as I write these words. The world has never seemed to look darker. We are currently meditating every 4 hours to avert a Middle East war involving Israel / Iran or Russia / Ukraine and an attempt to destroy the very important Goddess Vortex in Syria that after so many years of pain and suffering to many was resurrected. Have you heard any of the mainly popular blog people discussing that!!??

No ~ all that they discuss is when Nesara/Gesara might be here, what Trump might be doing, or who the latest ‘flipped’ vampire is etc. Etc. If they haven’t a subscription to The Portal, they wouldn’t find out about these war tensions building until some bright reader informs them!!! Am I too harsh on these other well-meaning bloggers? ~ some are truly doing their best to the very best of their ability and knowledge ~ however a great many of them are NOT WORKING FOR THE LIGHT AND OUR FREEDOM? They are instead way up at the top of the DARK PYRAMID luring you into the trap of staying in a controlled state – for the planned Reset of the Cabal that will NOT SUCCEED {‘they’ are beginning to fear this now and that is why there are war tensions building} see # 357.

I have just exposed {with the work of a brilliant Lightworkers groundwork} one of the most manipulative beings on this planet. See # 355. Will this be reposted? Very doubtful.

So the other blogs will go on informing you that now the Illuminati have done this, now the Rothschild or Rockefeller controlled person has done this. Then if you sadly are so unaware, as to believe that a United States President really has any power at all to decide anything then you are really in the dark.

Who are the DEEP STATE CONTROLLERS? The ones that every blogger mentions mostly without having a CLUE as to what and who they are?

Who controls the politicians? Who controls the Rockefeller’s or the Rothschilds? Who created and controls the Illuminati? Who created and controls the Jesuits (the group that have controlled our world here for 500 years)? The ones at the top of the pyramid are the BLACK NOBILTY FAMILYS who in turn are controlled by the archon / chimera. See {# 355}. And if you’re not an old reader of this site then I suggest that by studying the DARK CABAL RULERS page on this website ~ that you will be fully informed and awakened to the real truth and you will not be fooled and mislead by the 82% YES EIGHTY TWO PER CENT FALSE LIGHT BLOGS on the Net. You owe it to yourself to know the whole truth.

In the next couple of days I will be adding the information below from #355 to the Dark Cabal Ruler page for greater clarification. There ~ you can already find for the past 5-6 years, all that you might need to know about the dark pyramid controllers.


Do I sound angry! I’ll tell you where I am currently. I’m on fire. I’m absolutely determined to bring the whole truth to as many as I possibly can. Because if I don’t keep on trying ~ these many many FALSE LIGHT BLOGGERS continue to fool you so that you only partially wake up.

Thérèse Zumi March ~ 12th 2021






13th March 2021 ~ Updated 2nd April 2021


As you read this new update you will come to have a very clear picture of how our exact situation is right now and you will hopefully take a few deep breaths and sighs of relief in the KNOWINGNESS that the end of the darkness that I have described in the Dark Pyramid of Power above is getting closer and closer with each day that passes.

Let’s take a look at that dark pyramid now and review what has already been achieved.

1) At the top of the pyramid you see the Chimera. Recently we learned that these were once a group of Archangels who conducted experiments upon themselves with toplet bombs and ended up transforming into the evilest imaginable spider beings.

The Chimera beings are now GONE** ~ utterly and completely GONE.**

They no longer exist in any form either surrounding the ‘Veil’ or in any bases below Earth’s surface.**

** Extract from Cobra update March 31st 2021

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have managed to clear practically all Chimera space fleet and most Chimera underground bases.

Chimera underground bases that are still remaining are much more difficult to clear, as they are connected to the Cabal infrastructure on the surface. The main Chimera underground base under Lake Kivu in Congo with the spider king and queen has not been cleared yet.

Here a link to More details about these spider beings. http://2012portal.blogspot.com/search?q=spider+king+and+queen

2) Secondly on the pyramid you see the heading Inter-Dimensional Beings. Who are they? They are/were our Archon controllers who created the astral plane Heaven and Hell realities surrounding our planet. This is where you and I incarnated to and from life after life. The ONLY way to leave Earth beyond the Veil was to Ascend like Jesus Christ. Very few have managed to achieve this because of the utter darkness. On these planes the Archons had most of their minions ~ the races that they created ~ working from these planes to keep us all in tow here. These were the Draconian Reptilians and the Reptilians and a host of other demons and amoeba like creatures.

The Archons on these planes are GONE!

The Draconian Reptilians are GONE!

The Reptilians are GONE!

**On the etheric and astral planes close to the planetary surface, the Light forces are also clearing negative entities that are still oppressing humanity. There are still trillions upon trillions of those entities present, and they need to be removed along with their negative etheric scalar technologies before any meaningful breakthrough can happen.

KNOW THIS NOW ~ when you lose a loved one now, they really do go to HEAVEN straight into the arms of Angelic Beings and other deceased loved ones! They will of course not even dream of reincarnating here until after The Event, they might choose that although their choices will be limitless.

3) The Archons have now all been removed from the astral ethereal planes but there are Archons still with us incarnated on the surface mostly within the Black Nobility Families. At present I am informed that they are 106 in number.

4) The Draconian Reptilians and Reptilians who still hold a seeming measure of control over us are incarnated here on the surface. Some of them as main political figures, some as royalty, etc. They are the Antichrist, narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopathic figures controlling us BUT remember they are below the control of the Archon controlled Black Nobility Families who control everyone else like the Jesuits, Illuminati etc. whom they have created.

5) The numerous dark underground bases / military bases that were in the control of the chimera group are GONE.

6) There were 2 Rhic Collider bases on the surface, the main one on Long Island, the second CERN in Switzerland. This is where the Chimera / Archon groups have been creating the Strangelet and Toplet bombs to hold us as hostages and keep the Galactic Confederation at a distance. The Long Island base was completely deactivated 3-4 years ago. The CERN base was deactivated about 3 years ago. THEY ARE GONE!

7) There have been 4 facilities for the creation of clones on the surface. One of these was located on Long Island. All of these are now deactivated. The last one was removed about 18 months ago. There are NO CLONES currently. GONE!

There was an occasion some years ago during the American Presidential campaigns when Hilary Clinton was speaking at two very distant from one another locations simultaneously. A mistake had been made. A clone always needs a handler to keep them in tow. They might manage 15 minutes on their own. I recently read some ridiculous so called ‘channelled’ information claiming that President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis were either look a likes or holographic figures!!! Putin has not been replaced by anyone. If the Deep State had control over Putin, we would have had a 3rd World War ~ we would probably not have been here. This man will be seen to be the John F Kennedy figure that saved this planet when all of the truth be known. # 236 'Russia Today'. Roll down this page to find the above

How Pope Francis could manage just this last week, to do a round trip in Iran meeting hundreds of people and holding masses in several cathedrals as a holographic figure is beyond my understanding? The amount of utter and complete nonsense spread on the internet to keep people focused upon ‘ridiculousness’ and away from real truth is endless.

8) The Chimera group had its own Space Fleet. GONE!

9) The Draconian Reptilians had their own Space Fleet. GONE!

To see the end of the story about how and when the Galactic Confederation took these fleets down there are 2 articles from 2020 which may bring some needed clarification  ~ see # 263 'One Final Synopsis of Our Liberation Story' from October 1st 2020. See also # 315 'The Beginning of the End is Now' further down the blog. I wrote that on January 11th 2021 Roll down this page to find the above

The dark ones have no escape route via space.

There are Galactic Confederation Light ships ALL AROUND US NOW.

10) CURRENTLY there is an ongoing removal process of all dark bases of all dark kinds taking place below and above the surface. These bases have mainly existed all over the USA and Europe. Our controllers will not be able to escape into outer space, nor will they be able to escape into underground secret bases and tunnel systems etc. below their castles etc. Nor will they be able to escape via sea.


11) At the time of The Event they will all be arrested ~ approximately 1 million beings will be arrested. There will not be any French Revolution type scenarios allowed by the Light Alliance and not in least would this be allowed by the Council of Love. Each one will have a fair trial, and many will have the choice of rehabilitation and joining the Light.

There are some beings that have sunken to such depths of darkness, such unimaginable darkness as to be beyond any form of rehabilitation. One such a being would be Michael Aquino. The being behind the creation of numerous MK ultra bases, Adrenochrome harvesting bases etc. This being has already been removed.

If you have been following this blog, you will already be fully aware of the fact that many millions of Angelic and Archangelic Beings currently surround our planet. We have seen evidence of some of the work that they are doing, namely removing very dark satanic ritualistic energies from buildings such as courthouses, cathedrals etc. which were all a part of the control system of the Veil. I will provide a detailed information about how the Veil has been created and kept in place at the bottom of this article.

The MOST POWERFUL LIGHT ENERGIES on Earth earlier were to be found in the pre Christian Goddess Vortices in Goddess Temples worldwide.

"Theodosius was instrumental in completely erasing Goddess mysteries, by issuing laws to forbid Goddess worship, punishable by death, in 391 CE, and by ordering the destruction of Serapeum and the library in Alexandria in 392 CE. The Battle of Frigidus meant a complete collapse of the Goddess energy grid for the whole Western civilization, leading to the split of the Roman empire just a few months later, and ultimately leading to 1000 year delay of progress in the so-called dark (middle) ages.

Theodosius belonged to Theodosian bloodline that is now known as Theodoli family, one of the main Black Nobility families:" {see further # 355 below}

Hundreds of thousands of lightworkers have been working steadily over the past 15 years to reunite and connect the Goddess Leyline Vortices all over Earth. We have ~ through the dedicated work of the many ~ succeeded in joining forces in numerous very important worldwide meditations to avert war situations, to strengthen the Goddess Energy on the surface. We have an ongoing Flower of Life meditation to secure the Light Grid on Gaia.Cobra and the Reisitance Movemnt cooperate with the amzing site We Love Mass Meditations in this effort. https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/

To see just how much we have achieved you can read my synopsis of this process in the past couple of years and see just WHAT ENORMOUS STRIDES FORWARD WE HAVE MADE. # 211 ~ 'We Are Heading Full Speed Ahead into The Liberation of Planet Earth + A Historic Overview of the Past 22 Months' ~ written May 17th 2020. Roll down this page to find the above

So When Is This Event Going to Take Place?

I have been asked / allowed to give you an idea of when that could take place. I will begin by mentioning that we have here in Sweden a beautiful young woman who began holding gatherings about 2 years ago. She incarnated here directly from a Galactic Confederation ship. She has disclosed that her work will soon be over and that she is returning to her home ship in August. I am assuming that she won’t leave the day after The Event. I’m assuming that she will take a while to say her goodbyes to loved ones here first. I’ll tell you the truth ~ I was disappointed last week when I learned this fact ~ I thought that we were so much closer now. But it looks like we have a bit further to go before Compression Breakthrough. I am informed that {and I have asked many questions as to what the delays might be ~ such as rescuing of hostages etc} I would not be able to fully comprehend the reasons for the delays right now. I will later on. Just know this. There will NOT BE ANY GREAT RESET A LA CABAL.

NESARA AND GESARA will take place worldwide SIMULTANEOUSLY when the old financial system is completely removed at the time of The Event. The Resistance Movement along with the Red Dragon Society can and will do this at the appropriate moment by the touch of a button. https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/bigger-picture/nesara-gesara

*** Very latest news / updates ~ up to 3 days old below ~ is coloured light green 


The Latest Articles on Veritas


22nd September 2021 ~ Linda Dillon: St. Germaine ~ Letting Go of Judgement

29th August 2021 ~ Hold the Light ~ # 374

24th July 2021 ~ When We Have Won ~ # 373

15th July 2021 ~ In Truth ~ # 372

18th JUNE 2021 ~ Heart to Heart ~ # 371

2nd JUNE 2021 ~ AS WE TRANSIT ~ # 370

13th April 2021 ~ Introduction to Important New Information on Veritas ~ # 369 









Press Image to Enlarge

It is the morning of the 16th April 2020 at 0707 AM {7+7+7} and I am doing some important updating here on Veritas. This video has been available at the bottom of this very long Introduction Page since it was created. I have made the recording for the Swedish version. Its high time to have this video easily available here at the top of Veritas now! We have never and I mean NEVER been this close to liberation before! I have believed that we were close for years ~ thats how i kept on going with the work. Now I KNOW for sure that 'time is of the essence'. No-one will - no one can announce the day or the timing of The Event. Just know that Divine Mother ~ Goddess will not keep us waiting a moment longer than necessary for the safety of the many.

The main purpose of this video is to have all the core information easily available in a concise way, to be shared at the moment of the Event to the unawakened population. By publishing it now, it can circulate and we can make sure everybody has it ready for when the time comes. This also allows for more people to be aware and ready before the time comes.

The following link will bring you this video in the following languages;



ప్రపంచవ్యాప్త పునర్ నిర్మాణం అవశ్యం (TELUGU VERSION)


दुनिया का पुनरनिर्माण अवश्य है (HINDI VERSION )



Important Message to Readers


5th December 2020


Dear Friends

This message is to all of my readers and not in least the readers from my old Facebook Blog which was taken down in May 2020. Some older readers of the blog have been in touch with me and wondered if it is OK to share posts from this blog here on Veritas Galactic Sweden.

The answer is of course a clear YES! I am indeed hoping that readers can help me to share what they feel is important information to them. As the site is under attack it is NOT easy for new readers to find me on the Internet. It’s slow to open etc… for the same reason. So please feel free to share any of the posts that I make here. Please add the # and NUMBER of the post and provide a link back to the page in question.

You may also share articles from other pages here. Indeed you can share any of the pages that you like. Let’s say that you would like to share the complete Event page info. Then you could copy and paste the Initial Introductory text and then provide the link to The Event main page.

Thank you for all that you share and Victory to the Light.  

Namaste Therese Z



# 365 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Isis & Cobra ~ The Goddess Spiral Meditations (Full Album)

Beloved Friends,

Therese Z here;

If there is anything right now that is urgent it is the anchoring of Goddess Energy onto the surface of Gaia. This beautiful video with two very important meditations is really all that anyone needs to learn how to become an anchor for the Goddess Energy. In the 1st meditation Isis leads us into a deep connection with the Goddess Energy and an understanding of our Divinity. Then at around 19 minutes Cobra continues with the Goddess Spiral Meditation. We are connecting to the Planetary Network of Light and becoming an embodiment of the liquid Light of the One whilst we are also in contact with all of the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, Spiritual Guides, Soul family and Twin Souls. This is the absolute best possible meditation that you can do to prepare for the Event. Our bodies and souls are Anchors for the Event.  We anchor the pulse of the Galactic Central Sun united as One ~ an embodiment of the Goddess and God.


# 375 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Linda Dillon: St. Germaine ~ Letting Go of Judgement

I am St. Germaine and welcome back. I wish to speak to you about letting go of judgment. Each one of you judges yourself and you carry a litany as long as the Bible of things that you believe you have done wrong. And this is simply not so. So I come here this afternoon to tease you, to jolly you out of your judgment of yourself, of how you have pulled your sister’s hair and how you have lied to your mother, how you have cheated. It is hilarious what you judge yourself for.

Judging is a way to underestimate yourself of what you are capable of. “Oh no, I cannot be master healer, because I punched my brother in the 3rd grade, and that time I kissed a boy I didn’t even like and all I could think of was that he smelled like onions.” These are grievous sins, my friends. This is the nature of what you have judged yourself as trespasses and see the humor of it.

Do not judge yourself. There is nothing that you can possibly conceive of in your judgment of self that we are not aware of and completely override. How you let go of judgment is in forgiveness. It is by packaging it and throwing it in the garbage. It is by putting it in the trash. It is giving it to the Mother. You can give it to me.

We have sat and drank wine and created miracles. And we have witnessed together the destruction of universes, and, the wonder of universes and planets ascending. We have done this together my friends. Were we sad when we saw destruction? When we sat there as witness? Yes. But we could not judge, for we knew that it would simply add to the destructive energy and prolong the agony. So instead we embraced each other, and vowed to each other that we would meet again when the time was right to fill the promise and to heal the planet once again.

The saying in your culture “the best of times and the worst of times” is true of now, because it is a breaking apart of all the evolutions, all the judgments that have prevailed. So let go. Let go of these judgments. Let go of the idea of limitation, of what you can or cannot do. If you can be such a grievous sinner, then you can be a spectacular saint. It is the same brainwaves. So laugh my friends and look at what you have done and what you have not done. And see the opportunity wide open in front of you, and celebrate. This is a time of reunion. It is a time when we come back together as One. I am rejoicing because of this. Join me. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at https://counciloflove.com/copyright-notice/]

 Original ~ https://goldenageofgaia.com/2021/09/22/linda-dillon-st-germaine-letting-go-of-judgement/


# 374 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Hold the Light

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

....Light Forces have communicated that it is of the utmost importance to go within, connect with the Light and hold the Light no matter what happens in the outside world in the next few weeks and months.

If enough people hold the Light, this will ensure the most positive possible outcome in the current challenging situation......

There are many scary news in the media but ultimately there is no reason to be afraid for the vast majority of people reading this blog. The vaccines are NOT being used to depopulate the planet, and vast majority of people taking the vaccine will NOT die. After the Event, the Light Forces will be able to reverse and heal ALL negative side effects of the vaccines with their technology.

Light Forces have also communicated that it is very good for people to minimize their exposure to mainstream and alternative media and rather spend more time in nature, meet each other in small inspiring groups, listen to the music or do whatever it takes to keep the vibration high.

If you feel so guided you can also meditate and clear the energy of Lightworkers and of the planetary energy grid with the violet flame.

To See this full update and links to meditations go to this link


Sending all of my readers much Love and Light at this difficult time prior to our Transition.

Please take heed of Cobra’s suggestion to spend as much time as possible in nature. TZS


# 373 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


When We Have Won


24th July 2021


Therese Zumi Sumner


I mentioned in my last message that when the truth first appears on MSM you will know that “We Have Won”.

From that day forward we all of us need to BE those calm, loving and comforting voices of PEACE.

We will NOT need to be the ones knowing anything. Because we know just where this outflow of truth will be leading… the outflowing of truth will after a couple of weeks lead us to the point in time where Goddess / Divine Mother will give the signal for The Event to take place and within hours this planet will be liberated.

If you took part in the recent great ‘Fire the Grid’ meditation then just know that whatever joyful loving thoughts that you focused upon then… know that you will be serving… you will be adding to the strength of Gaia’s Light Grid anytime that you focus upon those joyful visions of your future in the now.

I ask you please to begin focusing for a while each day upon those joyful visions of your future.

So let us all decide now to BE those calming pillars of Peace. Let’s simply be ready to say those comforting words such as “all of the truth that you are hearing now will end soon with the arrival of Peace on Earth and good will to all of mankind, finally true justice will begin to reign on this planet at last”.

I will end this extra message with the words that our beloved Jesus Christ / Yeshua gave us here recently “Do not be anxious but rather like the Sun at midday”.


# 372 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


In Truth

15th July 2021

Therese Zumi here:

I have just finished attempting to ‘digest’ the latest Planetary Situation Update from Cobra. Did you too take part in that meditation to assist the Light Forces in rescuing the hostages held below the Congo, Burundi and Rwanda? We did truly support that liberation process and the picture Cobra uses here will be recognised by those you who took part, how these tunnels were lit up and cleansed from dark entities and most hostages freed. Our power to assist in the liberation process is way beyond what many might believe. We are unbelievably powerful when we unite in this way! Mountains can be moved and quickly!

Great news! All Chimera underground bases are now cleared! Other good news right now worth mentioning from this update is “Physical spider king and queen, along with most lesser physical Chimera spiders have been removed also. The remaining Chimera forces are now concentrated on the surface and nothing more can be revealed about that momentarily.”

Sadly, there are still some underground military bases still in the hands of the Negative military and also child abuse centres below some castles of the Black nobility and below some churches and Catholic schools under Jesuit control.

Some very good news is that “The Resistance and the Pleiadian fleet have contacted the Positive military in USA, Russia and China several times in the last few months, and certain plans have been set into motion to prepare for the Event. Cheyenne Mountain and Thule (Greenland) underground complexes are being prepared for that purpose.”

Sadly I have to admit that I have mislead readers in that PINK article called the 'Good News' at the top of this page. The following news about archons and reptilians on the etheric astral planes was shocking for me. “The Light forces are also intensively clearing negative non-physical etheric and astral entities, and their number has now fallen below 50 billion. On the top of the etheric and astral dark hierarchy are still some Chimera spiders who control a few thousand Archons in insectoid bodies (Lords of Karma), who in turn control a few million Dracos who manage the remaining tens of billions of Reptilian entities. “

Let’s hope, pray and meditate so that this intense clearing goes speedily ahead.

We also learned the following very good news. “Certain actions were taken last week by Semjase and some other high commanders, and now a consensus has been reached within the Confederation that a drastic intervention will take place at the right moment on the surface of the planet. Not much can be said about that at the moment, apart from the fact that if the Cabal crosses a certain line, the intervention will come much sooner, and it will be harsher.”

We have been invited to take part in a beautiful meditation on July 19th at 11:11 am UTC. Here in Sweden that will be at 1311 pm. I have already signed up and hope that you will also do so! Such an easy meditation – all we need to do is focus upon that which brings us the most joy to think about and do so for one hour.   https://firethegrid2.org/

Cobra explains that “This meditation will help strengthening the network of Light on the surface of this planet.” So let’s do our important bit in strengthening the oh so important network of Light” Nothing could be more valuable. 

In a couple of weeks’ time it will be 9 years since I started this website. There have been many ups and downs in my life during this time, yet I have somehow managed to keep on updating my readers on a regular basis.

As most of you are aware, I have recently had to experience an intensely dramatic time period of almost two months in hiding. I have not recovered from this ordeal. Many would say that I went too far in my attempts to reveal great darkness.

My Guides claim that I have spent 80% of my time on this website bringing encouragement and trust in that we would reach the goal of The Event. That has been my greatest effort. To that end deep dark truths have also been a necessity to reveal. We have needed to understand what the Resistance Movement and the Allied Light Forces have been up against.

Again as I have not yet recovered from my ordeal, I need more time in complete peace and quiet to heal. Therefore I am informing readers that I will not be posting any more information here until I have fully recovered.

Victory of the Light

PS: I feel that I want to remind you about this part of Cobra’s update “After the beginning of August, certain situations will escalate, as we are entering a special “intersection event” time window starting in August of this year and ending at the end of 2022,…”

When I met Cobra at Laguna beach LA in Nov 2012 one sentence stuck in my mind and I felt that I should repeat it here; “When we reach the media we have won!” Of course he is referring to real hidden truth arriving on the MSM news. Remember these words when you first see real truth on your TV screens. It could be a rocky time for humanity before the intervention of the Allied Light Forces but all that you need to know is that it will end in our liberation. In Love and Light TZ.

Link to The Portal update where you will also find a link to translated sites for Cobra's blog.



# 371 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press Image to Enlarge

Heart to Heart


18th June 2021


Dear Friends

At present I am experiencing a very emotional time of repair and healing that is at times somewhat scary because the emotions are so strong. All kinds of impressions bring tears to the surface unexpectedly on a daily basis right now.

Today was one very strong emotional journey during and after the time that I read Cobra’s latest update. Tears for all of those unhappy souls still lost after brutal battles that raged, some of them hundreds of years ago. Tears for those hostages still not rescued.

Yes we are getting there… yes, progress is being made fast now… and we ~ you and I need to be aligned with the soft and loving and caring Goddess Energy when its all ‘on the table’… we need to be the voices of peace during the time of transition. We need to be among those pointing out the absolute waste of time and effort it would be to use more violence as a solution to dealing with forthcoming information.

We are each of us developing and growing into those peace spreading individuals that Gaia so needs now. We are learning now to accept those new roles; we are developing new sides to ourselves.

We are learning about our true power ~ the power of the Goddess which is vulnerable and soft and caring.

We need now at all times to believe in this powerful Goddess energy that is being so freely showered upon us right now.

When any type of negativity arises within us, such as believing that efforts that we might make are pointless, then we lose contact with the Goddess power that is growing within us.

What we choose to believe creates our world!!!

Believe me when I say that our every step forward in becoming Goddess like is Monitored ~ Guided.

Its perfectly fine to be ~ to feel inexperienced in these new roles. Its perfectly fine to be vulnerable ~ this is all about Goddess Energy taking form.  

We each of us now need to release the need to plan each detail of our days. We are learning about following the Flow of the Collective Force without any focus upon specific desires. The less desires we have the better this Flow will be.

We simply put cannot go astray.

We have ENDLESS support on this journey.

We are so Loved, and we are developing emotionally by the hour.

We simply will not know what the next step ahead is at all! Let’s allow ourselves to be surprised.

We are being tutored about the softer, loving, caring and vulnerable sides of the Goddess Energies.

We KNOW that Love can, and Love has moved mountains.

There is always a peaceful solution to any problems that arise. Sometimes we have to wait for the perfect moment to be shown the peaceful solution to a specific problem.

As we are at all times working alongside the Council of Love we will be Guided when that moment arises.

There is so much… there is no end to the injustices that have / are taking place on this planet where sadness has prevailed so so long…

I myself am trusting that the right people will heed the call from the Light Forces in the planting of cintamani stones in areas where battles have raged to bring much needed healing to humanity.

This is urgently needed NOW.


Let’s also send our loving energy to those hostages still being held below surface in the Eastern Congo, Rwanda and Burundi area until they can be rescued by the Light Forces as described in the above message from Cobra.

This type of generosity will strengthen the Light for the whole and bring us ever closer to liberation.

Every step that we make in the right direction will be reciprocated in much greater measure by the Grace of the Goddess.


Sending much Love to all of you Therese Z


# 370 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *




2nd June 2021


Therese Z Sumner


The humongous lie regarding the truth about our human reality is about to be revealed. There are simply not enough words to pay justice while attempting to describe the gigantic all encompassing manipulation of human lives from the cradle to the grave and beyond.

The people of Earth have been living totally in the dark. They have not had any awareness of the fact that this planet has in actual fact been under the control of extremely dark manipulative beings from other parts of our Galaxy.

Without any awareness of this state of affairs we have been manipulated into obeying their rules of our existence. You are about to learn how every single area of your life is in one way or another under their control.

At any given time here on planet Earth 15% of the population are merely existing in a survival mode. The people to whom I am referring to could be those living in dire poverty, in refugee camps, in war torn places etc. Besides these surface visible forms of inequality and suffering many of us among the awakened population have in recent years learned about the unfathomable suffering that has been taking place below our feet on several continents. Learning about the almost unimaginable suffering that has taken place in these underground bases will make people wonder how on Earth we could really experience any type of true happiness here on the surface. Dark dark rituals underground have been used to spread an energy of fear among the surface population laying the ground for strife, war and tensions and insecurity and general uncertainties underlying our lives.

Deep deep down inside the hearts of Earths people, or at least among those whose heart consciousness levels have allowed them to feel empathy for others, humanity has ‘known’ that there was something very very wrong on this planet.

Even though we will very soon move very swiftly forward into a world where injustice ceases to exist, there will be many people all around the globe who will require several years of adjusting to the fact that all of the reasons that have been the cause of their fears are now removed.

Deep Within the Heart of Humanity

The majority of humans living on Gaia right now would without a doubt agree with the following statements.

I have a deep desire that people all over the world would each have every basic necessity in the way of food, homes, good healthcare and child education etc. readily available to them whether or not they have/had employment.

I have a deep desire that people everywhere have absolute freedom to choose – when it comes to the beliefs that they hold regarding faith in the unseen realties.

I have a deep desire that people everywhere have the opportunity to choose working with whichever creative endeavour that satisfies their being.

I have a deep desire/wish that every single person on this beautiful planet will have a desire to take part in whatever small way that they can in the task of cleansing our home planet from all poisons.

I dream that everyone will play some small part in returning Gaia to a pristine state where all animal life is sacred.

The future plans for mankind living on a completely peaceful Earth ~ the plans for the 3rd Atlantis or the New Atlantis most certainly includes plans so that the 5 above mentioned statements will become a reality as quickly as possible after The Event. All of the above and indeed much more wondrous things lie ahead of us. This is some of what The Event is all about.

Leaving the Lies Behind Us

According to my Sources of information the corona virus no longer exists or poses any threat to humanity. Except for some isolated regions the entire globe reached ‘herd immunity’ in December of 2020 without any vaccinations.

The Nazi Vaccination Plandemic Story

On Tuesday May 9th, 2021 a Swedish ‘Covid 19’ expert said the following on the official SVT news channel. Here he was referring to the subject of vaccinations in general.

He said “without vaccinations we wouldn’t exist” ... He then pointed out that “vaccinations have saved 40 million lives in the past 20 years.”


Here follows the truth of this matter according to my Sources.

In the past two years’ time approximately 1,400,000 people have died from vaccination campaigns worldwide. Among those people who ‘survived’ their vaccinations there were 11 million people who were either paralysed or otherwise seriously injured from these vaccinations.

IN OTHER WORDS the Cabal have murdered 1.4 million people every two years through their worldwide vaccination campaigns. Let’s multiply this by ten to give a comparison to the outlandish lies reported on Swedish tv.

Vaccines have NOT saved the lives of 40 million people these past twenty years - no – they have instead murdered 14 million people.

If we then look at the numbers of paralysed or otherwise seriously injured people including autism in children, then we can come to the conclusion that every single year on Earth, over 1 billion people’s lives are damaged and impaired causing shorter lifespans and suffering, thanks to this evil practise.

Finally you are about to learn how the poisonous substances in vaccinations lay the ground in our bodies for the growth of varying kinds of cancer. It would seem that a full 76-77% of all human cancer has been caused by vaccinations.  

Vaccinations were originally developed by the Nazi’s in the concentration camps during WW2.

Some Examples of Cabal Control in Europe

Let us take a short look at the level of control that Black Nobility Families are currently holding in Europe. At present after Brexit the number of countries within the European Union are now 28. This union through the EU parliament controls the lives of 445 million people. The truth of the matter is that the BN families control 76% of everything that takes place in Europe. Many of the leading political figures in European countries are not human beings. Many of them are Draconian Reptilians incarnated in human bodies and they do the ‘work’ that their Archon masters order them to do. There are currently 15 Draconian Reptilians holding high positions of power in Europe.


You are very soon about to become aware of the fact that in the past 2000 years all wars - ALL WARS - have been fabricated by these Black Nobility Families and the Archons that incarnated into these families. With the full support and control over two organisations – both created by the archons – namely the Jesuits and the Illuminati – they have been ‘behind the scenes’ creating all wars.  We have believed that the enemy on the other side was the cause/ the reason behind each war. We had no clue that the instigation of each war was under the control of the SAME PEOPLE / BEINGS on BOTH SIDES of every war. War has been an important tool in the control of humanity.


When The Day of All Days Is upon Us

At the time of The Event all motion – all movement – all plans will come to a halt. The only focus initially will be our basic needs of existence. This will be a very strange time altogether. People will be seeking to gain some kind of understanding about “what on Earth is actually taking place.” They will be searching for explanations and initially there will be a great amount of confusion. We can reckon that from the Moment of The Event humanity will exist in a state of some confusion for approximately 14 days.

We will of course be provided with some kind of information about the new situation. Initially the information that will be provided will concern people’s basic needs for survival. I have no doubt but that there will be some kind of initial information provided as to why the Banking system is shut down, why the Internet is down, why all of the TV channels are no longer available. I am informed by the Council of Love that the plans for the release of the ‘Full Disclosure’ process will not begin until approximately two weeks after The Event.

Arrests Worldwide

During this initial time period of confusion, you can be certain that the process of arresting those individuals who have agreed to take part in the control of humanity will be taking place worldwide.

During this time of confusion people worldwide are going to be forced into working cooperatively with their closest neighbours to find solutions to problems that arise. This will indeed be a special time when people will rediscover how resources can be increased through mutual understanding and cooperation. In this way people will be able to solve any problems arising on a local level.

We are going to see much evidence of the amazing power of human creativity at its best being fully utilised. People will be finding solutions that then arouse others into developing their own solutions. Connections that are formed now will prove to be of importance when humanity has to begin the digestion of so much new information containing unfathomable truths.

This will indeed be a time period of deep sadness that the people of Earth will have to share for better or worse.

However, alongside the shock and emotional trauma that this period will entail will also be a growing awareness that humanity can finally relax – completely relax. Everyone will become aware that we have finally reached the point in time when all wars have ended. No longer will any people have to fear the unexpected arrival of wars by unseen controlling forces that destroy their lives and kill their loved ones.

From now on our futures will be completely decided by our own true heart’s desires.

Before the End Comes Progress…

As I sit here in exile… hiding from the ‘forces of darkness’ that desire to take my life due to recent revelations that I have published… I am being informed that unknown to humanity the ‘Beginning of the End’ is in full operation behind the scenes. The plans for all of the arrests are finalised. The Positive Military are ready to act as soon as the signal to ‘GO’ is given from the Highest of Sources.

A Time of Repair

Let’s stop a moment and consider the consequences beyond these initial weeks of confusion.

When the process of ‘Full Disclosure’ begins people will be overwhelmed emotionally upon hearing the real truth about our imagined ‘freedom’ to exist on this beautiful planet. At first the entire situation might seem to be out of hand. Yet despite the initial months of confusion and bewilderment ~ this will also be the beginning of a time of REPAIR.

People will begin to join one another and take part in the work of healing that which has been wronged. While working alongside others in new creative efforts, people will have the opportunity to totally eliminate the past indifferences that helped create the uncomfortable situation on this planet.

Our Galactic Family

Approximately 45 years ago the plans for this time period were developed. The first thing that I need to mention in this section of this article ~ the final article on this website prior to The Event ~ is that without the all encompassing support from our Galactic Family all life on the surface of this planet would now be extinct.

When you have digested this truth you will understand that there could NEVER have been a liberation process of Earth’s population without the assistance of the Galactic Confederation. When I was about 17-18 years old, I was an avid watcher of ‘Star Trek’. It was my favourite show ~ little did I know exactly why back then. Its all very real too! Much of this shows version of reality was based upon real facts.

Approximately 30% of our climate change problems are in fact due to the movement through space of our solar system. Our suns activity has been changing and without the ongoing support from the Galactic Confederation the surface of our planet would have been burnt to a cinder. Gigantic Motherships are protecting us from the activity of our sun.

You are also going to learn how the Cabal have been using advanced technology to disrupt and control the weather upon the planet. The information that humanity has been given regarding ‘climate change’ is pure nonsense.

There is a small planet which has an ecliptic orbit close to Pluto in the outer regions of our Solar System which is referred to as Planet X. The population there {quite a number of them have earlier lived here on Earth} number about 500,000 people. They live below surface. This planet was also under the control of the Cabal. However the people there were much more awake and aware of the Cabal control. With the support of the Pleiadians this planet was liberated in 1999.

1999 was one of the darkest years on Earth. In 1996 the Archons created a huge invasion on this planet bringing with them huge numbers of Draconian Reptilians and Reptilians. This invasion took place in the area of the Congo. Beneath our feet there was a full scale war taking place between the human underground Resistance Movement and Reptilians.

When Planet X was liberated in 1999 tens of thousands of Planet X citizens were transported to Earths underground and joined forces with the Resistance Movement in this huge battle between the forces of Light and dark. Cobra has explained that during that time he feared greatly that there would be no hope of humanity surviving that war.

We have indeed so very much to thank our friends from Planet X for our survival.

Part of the Galactic Confederation fleet is a group known as the Ashtar Command. This fleet of Galactic warriors is under the control of Commander Ashtar. Commander Ashtar is one among the Ascended Beings that are deeply involved in the liberation of our planet.

He works alongside other Ascended Beings such as Jesus Christ Sananda lovingly referred to by Lightworkers as Yeshua. Another Ascended Being who is very involved in the future plans for Gaia ~ Earth is Saint Germain who is also known as the keeper of the Violet Flame.

All of these above mentioned Beings are members of the Council of Love and work alongside the Archangels, Angels and the Goddess ~ Divine Mother Herself in the process of ridding the Cosmos of all darkness.

A Secret Space Program Lunar Base ~ Press Image to Enlarge

False Propaganda from Our Controllers

About 35 years ago our controllers began making Hollywood movies with the aim of putting the fear of alien lifeforms into the psyche of mankind. Numerous science fiction movies of this kind have laid the grounds for human fear of alien lifeforms. They have also thoroughly made sure that any real signs of positive alien lifeform visitations have been well and truly impossible to find on the Internet.

The truth of the matter is as follows. The 2 controlling alien forces that have imprisoned humanity here on Earth are A) Archons {fallen angels} and B) Chimera - an extremely dark arachnid alien lifeform enhanced with AI. These two groups have managed to maintain control of humanity with the support of other alien lifeforms which they {archons} created, namely Draconian Reptilians, Reptilians, demons and other strange forms of negative alien beings.

So in truth there was no risk of an alien invasion because the dark aliens were already here controlling us, and they have been doing so for a very long time.

Our controllers did have far reaching plans to create a false alien invasion to further their control over humanity. However their hopes of actually managing to fulfil this dark plan have been foiled by the Galactic Confederation ships in the ongoing battle between Light and dark forces.

When Will There Be ‘First Contact’ with Our Galactic Family?

Humanity will need to be re-educated with the truth first. Only after the Full Disclosure process will they be ready to meet with Galactic Races. The Galactic Families will initiate contact with pre-selected humans worldwide. Information about these meetings will be televised locally. There will eventually be an official ‘first contact’ when a small Pleiadian ship will land on the lawn beside the new and thoroughly restructured United Nations building. This will be broadcast worldwide. All of this is planned to take place approximately 5 months after The Event.

Press Image to Enlarge



The picture here on the left has some thoughts about humanity eventually coming to a place within our souls where we can agree upon forgiving the dark controllers for the imprisonment of mankind.


The Plans for the Arrests of the Cabal that Cobra Posted Recently

According to sources, the Nuremberg style trials that are approaching will include a public trial of many Cabal members for crimes against humanity which will result in somewhere between 500 and 5000 death sentences. Cabal criminals will be publicly executed mainly in the USA, China, Japan and a fourth country which must not be named. Those criminals will then be gathered on the etheric plane by the Light Forces, will undergo another trial by the Galactic Court at the Ganymede sorting facility and then be processed in the Galactic Central Sun.

Many lesser Cabal criminals will be arrested, then rapidly tried by military courts, then transported off planet by the Resistance and sorted through the Ganymede sorting center. Those among them unable or unwilling to correct their crimes will be taken to the Central Sun for restructuring and the rest will be taken to correctional facilities across the Galaxy where they will be able to “work out their karmas”.

About 500,000 Cabal middlemen who were promoting the negative agenda such as corrupt city mayors, lawyers, politicians, bankers, hospital managers, doctors, journalists and even some who were posing as “light workers”, will be arrested at the time of the Event and will serve their term. It is interesting to know that a few past members of my team who betrayed the Light will be among those arrested.

After all this is done, the Light Forces will address so-called injustice nodes and many more people among the surface population who have seriously wronged others will serve their term with house arrest, community work or financial fines.

Here it is important to understand that many past injustices will be settled and healed through truth and reconciliation commissions, through mediation and through forgiveness.

Many people who were incarcerated across the planet for minor offenses such as marijuana possession or petty theft will be released from jail immediately after the Event.

All this will bring much needed closure, so a dark and unjust chapter of human history will close and a new, better one will open.

Light and Dark

Christ Consciousness and the process of Ascension is all about reaching a point in your development as a soul where you become fully aware of the fact that you and what we call Source ~ God are One.

Your heart and mind are constantly in communion with Source and with Beings of Light such as the Archangel s, Ascended Masters etc. This steady communion with Source lends you a sense of being Loved at all times ~ knowing at all times that your creative Beingness is One with All that Is.

The very opposite to this state is one where you are totally bereft of all contact with Source. You exist in a state where you alone are responsible for your existence. You alone must control your present and future circumstances through all and every means. You are alone in the Universe.

The dark beings that have been controlling the lives of humanity are those beings that came to be among a group of beings who had totally lost all contact with Source ~ God ~ Goddess.

When a human being who has a higher sense of awareness about his/her connection to / communion with Source ~ with One ~ when these people attempt to create a bond with someone whose heart conscious awareness level is much further down on the scale of Light and dark, then the lighter person will often discover that they are forced to keep giving of their love and devotion in every way possible to maintain these relationships. Without receiving love in return in one way or another the lighter person becomes drained of life energy.

I am guessing that close to 75% of humans will have some understanding of this situation through relationships of one kind or another.

The further down the scale towards darkness we come the more our hearts close off and we are less willing/able to accept/receive love that is unconditional.

After The Event this sad state of affairs will begin to heal on our planet. Upon gaining a greater understanding about what true love means, what unconditional love means, those who have closed their hearts as a way of protecting themselves will begin to heal and learn to allow love to enter their hearts without holding onto fears and insecurities. 


A Message from Yeshua


Jesus Christ Sananda would like to say a few words to my readers.


You are about to begin experiencing a time when you finally truly understand what is meant by the phrase ‘Being a Sovereign Being’.

A Sovereign Being has true freedom of choice at all times. A Sovereign Being does not have concern as to whether his/her choices are the right ones. A Sovereign Being lives in the moment.

You are about to find yourself in a place where a great change is occurring. This change will be taking place, both regarding your own objectives, your own way of seeing reality, along with changes taking place in the world all around you. This will be a time when you have no other choice than to follow your hearts voice and to truly experience the Flow that occurs – the synchronicities that occur – when you fully accept that you are a free Sovereign Being.

You will discover that you are never alone! You will discover that you have become One with the Collective Force. Being One with the Collective Force requires that you are fully committed to persistently acting correctly according to the requirements at each moment in time.

For Example

You are feeling extremely tired = You rest.

You are feeling hungry = You eat.

You feel an irresistible call to communicate with someone = You reach out and communicate.

You suddenly get an idea about doing something specific and in your minds eye you see clearly all of the details involved in this particular ‘movement’ = You set about doing this specific thing.

At all times you listen to your inner heart knowingness and then you act accordingly.

Enlightened Beings always know how and when to operate in good conduct.

In following their true hearts desire at each moment in time they are always raising and balancing the energy levels within the social environment that they find themselves a part of.

Know now that you are indeed ready for everything that lies ahead of you.

Be Peaceful in that knowledge.

Your beloved Brother Jesus Christ Sananda

A Message from Saint Germain


Dear Friends

Each of you are about to experience a Promotion. Your heart consciousness awareness levels are about to expand. With this development, your ability to comprehend your environment will increase and you will discover the magic of synchronicity. 

You will however need to comprehend that creating magic also entails that you carefully plan the beginning of each venture.

Grounding is a very important factor to consider on a path to Enlightenment. Grounding your body in some form of physical exercise / activity is paramount. Grounding means being physically present and alert and will ascertain that you perform your everyday functions in a much more balanced way.

Whenever you find yourself uncertain as to what is the next important step to take – stop – take the time to relax and take some deep breaths. There is no pushing in the River of Life. Enlightened Beings learn the art of calculated waiting with a confident attitude. When you stop – relax and wait things become clearer and your every action will be balanced.

It might be helpful to understand your role as being an important part of what is called the Collective Force. A good example of this Force is seen while viewing an old fashioned boat race. Each of the oarsmen in a boat are cooperating and synchronised and rowing as powerfully as possible. Consider that although you might not be aware of the actions of the other ‘oarsmen’ you too by using correct persistence in each of your actions are an important part of a greater Collective Force.

Know too that there will be times when you are restrained – held back by unseen Forces. When you are restrained you need to know that this experience is very much a part of a Greater Plan so that true synchronisation takes place. Try to accept that the energy level that is available to you at each moment in time is perfect for the Whole.

These are Prospering Times!

My beloved friends ~ please know now that the inferior is on the way out. The Superior is on the rise. There will be good fortune and progress.

I AM your Saint Germain.

A Message from The Goddess ~ Divine Mother


Divine Mother is here, and She wishes to share some words with all of those who might read this article.

Things are developing and the wisest choice that you My dear children can make at this time, is to always stay very close to your true heart knowingness. Do not allow the voices from those around you to affect any choices that you feel that you should make. Stay always close to and true to your heart.

From this moment forward your entire focus should be such that you can adapt quickly to any situation that arises. Then there will be no mistakes.

Do not for one moment forget that you are a true Sovereign Being. Be secure in the knowingness that you are always supported by the Council of Love. We are ALL ready to support you in any efforts that you make to bring forward a more harmonious Transit for the many. 

Make a decision now that you will always follow the Superior Path. This will entail trusting and following your true heart knowing at all times.

Sometimes the choices that you make will not at all be understood by your peers. Only you yourself will understand the importance of some of the choices that you make. An Enlightened Being must sometimes conceal even his/her virtuous conduct.

You are now becoming One with the Flow where a Natural Response brings exceptional progress. Calm and correct persistence brings good fortune.

Finally you should know that an Enlightened person therefore cultivates his character through decisive conduct.

Go forward with My Peace and My Love ~ Divine Mother



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On this webpage you can find comprehensive information which is listed at the top of the page. Here you can find out in depth information from the Resistance Movement about Archons, Chimera, Black Nobility Families, Jesuits, Illuminati and the Secret Space Program etc.


TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE: An Ongoing Social Engineering Project to Mind Control Humanity

NB: My Sources tell me that 92% of the information in the following article is true.






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Introduction to Important New Information on Veritas


13th April 2021


Therese Z here; it’s the 13th April as I sit at my computer and begin this introductory article to additional updates to the webpage on Veritas entitled Dark Cabal Rulers. It truly saddens me right now that I have to bring more details of evil to your attention.

I look around me and see some souls whose goal it is to only focus upon the Light and how the Light is growing and spreading and will conquer the darkness and a part of me is jealous of that more joyful role.

These fellow lightworkers do not spend hours delving into the darkness to bring forth an awareness of the insidious hideous truth that underlies our reality. But yes, I too believe what is written upon the message from Cobra at the top of this blog. I chose to put that message there exactly one year ago in April of 2020.

It reads “We will bring the Light in; we don’t need to fight with them. We just bring the Light and the Light will do whatever needs to be done! I absolutely believe these words to be true! There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that these words are of truth!

Yet somewhere at some point in time, I made a decision to bring forth the truth about the darkness that controls us. And I am someone who hates doing things by half! And so now I have to bring more dark truths to your attention. I have asked Divine Mother “is this really necessary”- “haven’t I written enough about darkness?”

It would seem however that the page that I call ‘Dark Cabal Rulers’ was not complete. I am told that the recent as yet unpublished additions to this page have now made it complete. I have spent the last few weeks working on these complimentary texts that will be published today along with this introductory article.

Since its very beginning the Roman Catholic Church has always been in the controlling hands of the Archons that created it. Through this church they have controlled our destiny on this planet. The tentacles of this church have reached to every corner of the globe. Every single historic and bloody war for the past 17000 years has been a battle or war initiated in some way shape or form by this church! Oftentimes these wars were between rivalling groups within this church’s control. All nicely arranged to bring ever more centralised control to the controllers.

The ruling bloodline Black Nobility Families were the families that the Archons mainly incarnated into from the Astral Planes where they had TOTAL CONTROL of every soul! These incarnated Archons very often became the Popes within the church. Some Archons incarnated beyond the church to become the inspiring new thinkers leading humanity ahead into the ‘modern’ age. These inspirational new thinkers often inspired the human spirit to leave the confining space of religion. We imagined that we had more freedom in many of these movements however it was all designed to keep us very much within the confines of the Veil and the control of the Archons.

Now as the true Light of Source floods our planet’s surface, more and more people are beginning to become somewhat more aware of their inherent divinity. That truth has been well and truly hidden from us. When the Veil has been completely removed and we find ourselves in the TRUE LIGHT OF DAY people will very soon be informed about this inherent divinity. This will all be a part of the Full Disclosure process. We will learn that we are ONE with Source. No longer will there be religious leaders of ANY CHURCH of ANY KIND controlling the lives of human beings ANYWHERE on this planet.


I grew up in a strict Catholic home in Ireland. Our local modern church had room for about 800 people to sit down during Sunday mass. Mass was available every hour from 6am to 12pm along with 2 afternoon masses each Sunday. That means that in my parish alone close to 4000 people went to mass every Sunday. There are about 200 parishes in Dublin. One could say that the entire Irish population went to mass at least once a week. That was back in the 50’s and 60’s and of course doesn’t apply today. The control of the Irish people by the Catholic Church was total! TOTAL. Religion was a deep part of society on EVERY LEVEL. Our schools were run by religious groups. At least 50% of our teachers were nuns or brothers from some or other religious order. My school was run by the Dominican order and the badge on the pocket of my school uniform jacket said ‘Veritas’. Once I was brought to the head nun to be questioned as to where I was getting my strange ideas from! I had written an essay about poverty and homelessness in Dublin questioning why? This was seen as dangerous communist propaganda. I explained that my ideas came from Jesus love of all people.

From the cradle to the grave the Catholic Church controlled every aspect of life in Ireland. Upon moving to Sweden and seeing the seeming equality of the Swedish society and the taking care of everyone by the State from cradle to grave – no homelessness or seeming poverty anywhere here - I could see why churches were very much empty here. But the Swedish State has had its Archon controllers and Jesuit lackies in place too - just another version.

In the information that I will be providing you will see how statues of Mother Mary were erected at the gates of certain concentration camps. These were quickly removed by the Allies on arrival at these camps!

The core group of the Jesuits i.e. the Society of Jesus are among the darkest individuals on the planet. Using the name of our Beloved Brother Jesus Christ they serve only the controlling Archons.

They create the evillest of deeds using the names of Loving Light Beings. This is one of the reasons that I have chosen to do this work!

I am now going to take an excerpt from an article about the darkest possible evil imaginable. Sadly this information is a major part of the final updates added to Dark Cabal Rulers.


“Old treaties allowed Royal houses, descended from the Holy Roman Emperors to directly intervene in Papal (Pope) elections, but the destruction of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire during WW1 finally freed the Popes after nearly 500 years from these "outside influences".

For the first time in five centuries, The Catholic church now found itself free to follow its own course - without the fear of influence of Royal families, with One exception Germany. Once the German Royal family was destroyed - it would be completely free.

Another threat to the church was a strong movement for major social reform - the end of corrupt capitalism, the promotion of science, education and fair social values.

A World which if ever implemented would be one which the Roman Catholic church would not exist in.

So Pope Pius X1 [Achille Ratti] made plans to create an immense Catholic apparatus worldwide - a giant political party that could elect its own leaders with absolute allegiance to Rome.

A Protege of Pope Pius, Eugenio Pacelli had already selected a suitable candidate for the church in Germany. A young fiercely Catholic intelligence officer named Adolf Hitler who Pacelli met once a week in the early years in Munich, as both Hitler's patron and financier as well as his controller.”

The articles that are now available for those who so desire to have a deeper understanding of the depths of evil and how this has been propagated, are going to learn how the Roman Catholic Church was the absolute power behind the sacrifice of 18 million people to the Devil/ Satan.

This same page will show you proof of the fact that the ‘BEAST’ mentioned in the Book of Revelations is none other than this church.

Finally this newly updated page will show you absolute evidence that proves that right now today in the middle of Europe we have a person who has planned to create an even greater blood sacrifice to the Devil/Satan.

This European leader had planned a true Armageddon war down to the tiniest of details. This bloody carnage could very easily have taken place. However the truth of the evilest of plans was revealed by someone involved who was dying of Leukemia.

I have decided to call this person/leader ‘The Elephant in the Room’. 

Here is a link to the newly updated Dark Cabal Ruler page.


PS: One last thing. I just need to say so that there is no misunderstanding that there are and always have been amazingly good people working within the various churches and religious organisations not in the least the Catholic church. I have personally been acquainted with some of them and they were true Lightworkers in every sense of the word.


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5th April 2021 

This is Lee’s April Energy Update.

Therese Z here; Between now and October of this year Lee asks that we create more ‘boldly’ in the world. We will need to raise the level at which we create because of the amount of healing that will be needed this year on the planet! Creating something always causes us to grow says Lee and it should do, or else there is no point in creating anything! He reminds us that this bolder way of expressing ourselves can be a little uncomfortable but it’s worth it. Personally what has reached me this month is the Affirmation that Lee gives us to ponder over … he reminds us that Affirmations are a great way to reprogram ourselves, when we say an affirmation out loud or in our minds it begins to fine tune and recalibrate who we are. We become more aware of how we see ourselves in the world and what we will allow to come to us. April’s affirmation is ‘I ALLOW MYSELF TO BECOME MORE FULLY ME!’ Allow this to reverberate through yourselves and see the reactions. I find that this has moved me to dig deeper into my own behaviour and old patterns of being and I am discovering that there is ‘work’ to be done here! So that’s where I am at present, becoming more acquainted with my true self and how I express it in the world. This will no doubt bring to the surface insights over past mistakes and hopefully bring me to a point of being / expressing who I truly am more entirely.

As always, I warmly recommend Lee’s Update for April.




# 367 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * COBRA UPDATE


Clearing of Entities

Planetary Situation Update 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have managed to clear practically all Chimera space fleet and most Chimera underground bases.

Chimera underground bases that are still remaining are much more difficult to clear, as they are connected to the Cabal infrastructure on the surface. The main Chimera underground base under Lake Kivu in Congo with the spider king and queen has not been cleared yet.

The Light forces are also rapidly clearing quantum primary anomaly around the Earth. Quantum primary anomaly is a random quantum field which is preventing Ascended beings from manifesting into the physical realm and thus preventing them directly assisting humanity. The amount of this quantum primary anomaly around Earth was simply enormous, much bigger than expected, and it encompassed the quantum timeline potential for all negative events that might happen. Most of this general anomaly has been cleared in the last two months and most negative event potentials canceled out.

Very small amount of that anomaly extends beyond lunar orbit throughout the solar system and even throughout the whole universe, as until the last planet of darkness is liberated, none of the universe can be completely free. Even one cancerous cell in an otherwise healthy body is too much, and healing needs to happen.

Due to the huge amount of anomaly that needed to be cleared, the Age of Aquarius meditation last December did not lead to bigger physical breakthroughs in the months following the meditation, and many people were disappointed, myself included. However, we need to understand that we are clearing millions upon millions of years of cosmic darkness and we can not expect results overnight.

Therefore I would also appreciate if people posting comments do so in a benevolent and meaningful way, as negative and meaningless comments will not be approved, there is more than enough anomaly and negativity elsewhere already. It would also be beneficial if people reread old articles from this blog as then they will be able to put fresh situation updates into a broader context.

In a week or two the Light forces will begin to clear quantum primary anomaly directly related to human implants. It is impossible to predict what will happen when they begin to clear that, as the amount of that anomaly is enormous also.The only thing I can say is that the Light forces will begin to clear all akashic records stored in layers around the planetary surface to effectively clear energy imprints from all negative events from the past of humanity.

On the etheric and astral planes close to the planetary surface, the Light forces are also clearing negative entities that are still oppressing humanity. There are still trillions upon trillions of those entities present, and they need to be removed along with their negative etheric scalar technologies before any meaningful breakthrough can happen.

On the planetary surface, the dark forces still control the energy grid through wars and through animal slaughter:


To help restoring the energy grid into the hands of the Light forces, regular Flower of Life meditation every 4 hours is still needed:



On the physical plane on the surface, the Chimera group is still present within DARPA, from where they exert considerable amount of influence on the surface Cabal through Orsini, Torlonia, Theodoli families and other black nobility families. Through top Jesuits they control the rest of the Cabal:


Through DARPA, they are planning to develop a new generation of biochips to be put into vaccines, as they want to upgrade old Siemens biochips that the vast majority of humanity has now:



Those biochips would be based on a cushion of hydrogel a few milimeters in diameter which the body would recognize as its own tissue and would not reject it, with the actual chip between 50 and 100 micrometers in size embedded into the hydrogel.

The biochip would monitor biochemical activity in the body and could detect Pleiadian stardust technology and counteract it with its own negative stardust technology, similar to this one:


It could also connect with the already existing main Siemens biochip in the frontal lobe of the brain, which most of humanity have received with vaccination campaigns from late 1940s to early 2000s and through soft drinks. The purpose would be to control and monitor brain activity and emotions:

WUHAN ~ Press Image to Enlarge


This biochip would use ultrasound for communication, as old Siemens biochips do:


This technology is still in development and is currently not present in existing Covid vaccines. Our team has checked some current Covid vaccines in a lab and did not find any microchips larger than 50 micrometers (which is the smallest practical size of a working microchip) in either Astra Zeneca or Cominarty vaccines, but they did detect lipid nanoparticles in Cominarty vaccine.

Although Covid vaccines may have side effects, they are not a tool for depopulation of humanity, as many people are afraid. Nevertheless, the Cabal is using the vaccine passports as a tool for population control, and this is one of the main reasons why Alliance forces have arranged mysterious sabotages and delays in vaccine distribution.

More evidence has emerged that the Coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan:



And everybody responsible for the pandemic and for lockdowns will answer for their crimes in Nuremberg-style trials:


With the pandemic plans slowly falling apart, the Cabal wants to engineer a new world war:


Peace Meditation ~ Press Image to Enlarge

Two weeks ago, the Pleiadians have again contacted top brass within Russian Space Forces and have given them strategic intel for Putin. Surprisingly, intel about that contact has leaked into alternative media:


Pleiadians have communicated that if a full war escalates in Ukraine, they may trigger a release of full disclosure files through Russian mass media and even risk showing a small part of their fleet publicly.

Despite that, urgent meditation for peace in Ukraine and Middle East is still very much needed to help preventing the situation spiraling out of control:


Mass media are deliberately censoring all intel about the situation in Ukraine because the Cabal wants to surprise everybody with a sudden war coming out of nowhere. Yet, the story is leaking out:


Dragon families and Alliance forces within BRICS countries are making some covert geostrategic moves that will ultimately lead to the fall of the Cabal. The only hint I can give is this:



For those who are interested, reliable sources from Trump's innermost team have said that they have indisputable evidence of election fraud, but now is not the time to present it.

Although there are no bigger positive breakthroughs on the surface of the planet happening yet, much preparatory work is being done.

If you feel so guided, you can experience the healing energy of the Tachyon chambers:


Please be aware that Tachyon chambers are NOT med beds. Med beds were developed by the Resistance in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the assistance from the Andromedans and will only be available to the surface population after the Event.

Victory of the Light!


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Le Comte de Saint Germain

Saint Germain: Part of a Greater Whole

Channelled by James McConnell


I am your Saint Germain. I am here to continue to carry on, carry on what was started–not years ago, but lifetimes ago, here on this planet with all of you.

All of you that have been working, moving forward, forward in consciousness lifetime after lifetime, and coming in the next lifetime, and remembering little bits here and there, but to the point in this lifetime you are reaching the end. The end of this era, and the beginning of the next.

The beginning of the New Golden Age of Gaia. The Golden Age of Gaia that you will participate in, are participating in. You are bringing this about. And all of you need to understand that you are here together to do this.

Yes, you are individuals, certainly. You have your own individual lives, your own individual needs, and wants, and desires. But you also know that you are part of the collective. You are part of the group consciousness, the collective consciousness of this planet. You have your levels, or your circles, as was mentioned earlier, of your group consciousness that expands further and further out.

But as you continue to allow your consciousness to spread to include more and more of the collective consciousness of this planet, then you move closer and closer to your own ascension. For in order to ascend, you need to move out of the reality of just you, and take on the understanding and the knowing of what is beyond you. Of all that is. All that is.

When you have moved to that level of consciousness, then you are ready to fully let go of all of the various attachments that have held you down. When you have realized the full level of consciousness that you are, that you are as the collective you, that includes all of the multidimensional selves of you, as well as all of the connection with the consciousness of the entire planet, and even the solar system. And you can even go beyond that as you take on the collective consciousness of the galaxy, and so on.

Someone mentioned earlier about the consciousness of Gaia. The immense consciousness of Gaia. And yes, she has an immense consciousness. Think about the immense consciousness of the Solar Logos of this solar system, and then the consciousness of the galactic consciousness, and beyond that, and beyond that, and so on.

You begin then to understand the unification of The One that you all are. And yes, this is very esoteric as an understanding. But your three-dimensional consciousness cannot understand this. But you are no longer just in your three-dimensional consciousness.

Many of you, if not all of you, have moved out from time to time, from moment to moment, you have moved out of that three-dimensional consciousness.

And you have taken on the higher consciousness of not only yourself, but those that are around you, and those animals that are around you and part of your life, and the plant life that is around you, as you move out into nature and you begin to understand how everything is part of the greater plan. All of the trees, and the plants, and the flowers: they all understand that they are a part of a greater plan. They all know this. Within their consciousness, they know this. The animals themselves know this, that they are a part of the greater plan in motion, greater level of consciousness beyond them.

It is humanity that has to come to this understanding that you are all a part of a greater plan, a greater plan that is constantly in motion. Constantly shifting and changing. And this is the reason why you are not seeing the results that you all want to see. You are not seeing what you have been dreaming about and idealizing about yet.

But even though you have not seen it, it does not mean it is not happening. It is just as your understanding of a tree in a forest that falls and makes no noise. Does that mean it did not fall? Or, the other way of looking at that is if a tree that falls and you do not know if, but does that mean it didn’t make a noise? You can look at it either way. It is understanding the full level of consciousness that you all are, and a part of the greater consciousness.

And that is what this entire fight is about. This fight for freedom is about realizing that you are a part of a greater whole.

Your President Trump was attempting to bring that to you to make you understand that this is America, where he says, “Make America Great Again.”

But the next part of that goes beyond America. It goes to the entire planet, the world. Make the world great again. That will be the next part of this. Make the planet great again. For it is encompassing the full level of your being which is beyond just this small reality that you find yourselves in. This reality, yes, that you are creating for yourselves, but the reality that is beyond you is so much greater. And you are all moving toward becoming a part of that as you realize the consciousness that is beyond you. Beyond you, and yet connected to you at all times. This is the universal consciousness. Universal source consciousness.

All of you need to continue to be aware of everything that is happening, but do not become involved in what is happening. Except for the point or the times when you can make a difference.

Your forefathers of this country made a difference because they stepped outside of themselves and realized the greater consciousness. They realized the greater consciousness beyond themselves, and realized they needed to fight for something, to reach out for something beyond themselves. And all of you now are in that process.

But you are not being asked to sign a new Declaration of Independence. You are not asked to put your lives on the line. Some are. But most of you are not being asked to do that. That is not a part of your mission.

But it is a part of your mission to reach out. To reach out and assist others wherever you can. But to follow your own ideal as you do so. Do not capitulate. Do not give in to that programming that continues to come into this planet, that continues to find fruition throughout the planet through the people of the planet, as those of the forces of darkness continue to try to hold on. To hold on to their very lives. Everything that they have known. But they must release. They must release that, and they are being prompted to release that in one way or another. And you know of that which I speak of here. If they will not capitulate to the Forces of Light, then they will be consumed by those Forces of Light.

And you all, you all are in those Forces of Light. You are already a part of that. You are the Boots on the Ground. You are the Wayshowers. And I ask you now, as Saint Germain, and all of the rest of the Ascended Masters, and all of the Galactics, and Agarthans that are working with you: they ask you now to step out, to step out on your knowings, your beliefs, your truths, and follow those truths wherever they may lead you. Because if they are indeed the truth, then it will lead you in the direction that you need to follow.

You have heard many, many times ‘believe in yourselves,’ and that is what this is all about now. This fight that is going on between the different sides. It is all about believing in yourselves and following your own ideal, following your own road, your own path. For some have called it ‘the road less traveled.’ Yes. Follow that path. For that is the path that is leading you back to your Higher God Self, and to your full ascension.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace and love.

And that the Violet Flame has been gifted back to you to assist you as a tool to continue to move beyond the old programming and take on the new programming that you are creating for yourselves.


# 364 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


I’m Getting Ready to Accept an Invitation from Divine Mother to ‘Come and Play’


24th March 2021

Therese Z

Let’s say that there are no restrictions any longer. Let’s say that someone you enjoy spending time with gets in touch and suggests an amazing holiday, or a joint gathering of friends to celebrate a new time of freedom. Is there anything at all holding you back from saying “yes please count me in”?

Right now my reply to any invitation to come and play and have fun would have to be “well I’d love to join the fun, but I need some more time to feel ready”.

I recently left behind me some months of nonstop intensive focused work. When it was over, I was at a point of exhaustion. How do I regain a sense of joy? When you have been pushing yourself beyond your abilities during an intensive time, you simply put ~ completely empty your reserved stored energy. You might have experience of taking care of a loved one for months on end during a serious illness when there was simply no time at all for your own needs of rest / recuperation? When that time has passed you find that you need an equally long time to recover that energy.

During times of intensity, mundane things like dusting must simply be left aside. Yet afterwards when the visible layers of dust are all too apparent who feels like cleaning and dusting and organizing stuff when they’re exhausted? Only those people who have a true understanding through similar experience of exhaustion knows the answer to that.

There is simply no energy available for anything. Because I have had multiple experiences of returning to ‘life’ again after periods when all of my reserves have been exhausted, I have learned how to regain balance. I have learned through many trials and errors that you simply cannot 'push the river', you cannot regain strength and energy levels when one tries to live a normal life quickly again ~ its 2 steps forward and one step back. It truly is a lesson in BEING IN THE NOW. This ability to be here and now is paramount to the Ascension process that lies ahead of us here on Gaia. 

Baby Steps

I want to say ‘YES’ to Divine Mother’s invitation to ‘come and play’. I can tell you that SHE would not be giving us this invitation unless SHE knew we would be reaching a time soon when we will be able to play again. So when She ‘pushes that button’ for Her Divine Reset, I’m not planning on being in need of sleeping for weeks on end and so this is what I’m doing now to be ready.

When I am awake, I follow my bodies needs at ALL times. The energy that’s available goes to preparing good homemade food. There’s some energy available to get my home back to a fresh clean state which means small cleaning projects one at a time. Taking walks in the fresh air are good during recuperation. Some days there’s no energy for a walk ~ your body always knows exactly what energy is available IF YOU LISTEN TO IT.

When Mother presses that button, I intend to have my energy coffers full again. I intend that my apartment will be clean and organized so that I’m ready for surprise visits from family. There will be plenty of food available so that I can serve meals to my visitors. My balcony will be looking like spring is truly on the way, with flowerpots with living plants inviting the bees and the butterflies 🦋 to join me.

So, are you ready?

Here is a link to Mother’s invitation. Do take the time to read it carefully. Her original plan for this beautiful planet was for it to be a place of great joy for her angels to come and play on. Here Mother is making it clear that Her original plans for Gaia (She uses the name GiAnna here) will be realized. 



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Message from Divine Mother Mary


15th March 2021


Therese Z here; Just in case there is any misconception regarding the danger of using face masks to protect yourself from ANYTHING, this is the answer I received upon asking Divine Mother to help me to explain the danger in simple words. There are absolutely NO ADVANTAGES under ANY circumstances to using face masks. Anything that you are attempting to avoid such as bacteria, germs, viruses etc. will only develop more quickly in the damp environment which unavoidably builds up behind a mask. It was due to the wide use of face masks that the Bubonic Plague spread so quickly. Besides the bacterial build-up you are depriving yourself of much needed oxygen ~ that which is so vital to the immune systems ability to attack infection of any kind. I asked Mother what would you say that the increased risk of infection, pneumonia, etc. is when using a mask. She replied that the increased risk is 400% higher.


# 361 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Ilana Rachel Daniel came with an emotional outcry for help from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. At record speed, the government is trying to vaccinate the entire population - including pregnant women and small children - against the corona virus.


# 360 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *




13th March 2021


To read this new article you need to roll back upwards to the top of the page where this article # 360 along with # 359 will remain until The Event. They both need to be fully visible to all new readers on Veritas. In Love and Light Namaste Therese Z


# 359 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


The Dark Pyramid of Power

12th March 2021

If you do not completely understand that which I am about to convey to you my dear reader ~ YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING that is taking place right now on Earth. Knowledge is power! Too little knowledge is DANGEROUS! We see the results of TOO LITTLE KNOWLEDGE all over the internet today. You are not going to like what I have to tell you now. The fact of the matter is that the MAXIMUM number of writers and bloggers on the entire internet alternative media ~ the entire percentage of those who know and understand the ENTIRE TRUTH about what is really going on is 8%! Sadly I know this because I see the mistakes and the lack of true knowledge everywhere every day.

Would you like to be one of the awakened people on this planet? Well if so, there is one place that you will find the truth always being served directly from the Resistance Movement and that place is The Portal. If you would like to find someone that has worked tirelessly to bring all of that truth to you ~ packaged in pages where the many different aspects of the truth are gathered together easily overviewed ~ then you have come to the right place and you are very welcome.

This site is not a ‘quick fix’ latest news site. Oh yes ~ it is that too ~ in the respect that I always attempt to inform my readers about the very latest of REAL FACTS here on this Introduction Page blog. I don’t do speculation here! Yes, I have truly believed that “now... very soon... we will be at the end of our journey... all the signs are pointing to that now’ ~ yes I have written words to help to keep both you and me on track and have the courage to HOLD ON every way that I could for many years. And still we are not ‘THERE YET’.

Today is Friday the 12th March and I am in a disheartened place as I write these words. The world has never seemed to look darker. We are currently meditating every 4 hours to avert a Middle East war involving Israel / Iran or Russia / Ukraine and an attempt to destroy the very important Goddess Vortex in Syria that after so many years of pain and suffering to many was resurrected. Have you heard any of the mainly popular blog people discussing that!!??

No ~ all that they discuss is when Nesara/Gesara might be here, what Trump might be doing, or who the latest ‘flipped’ vampire is etc. Etc. If they haven’t a subscription to The Portal, they wouldn’t find out about these war tensions building until some bright reader informs them!!! Am I too harsh on these other well-meaning bloggers? ~ some are truly doing their best to the very best of their ability and knowledge ~ however a great many of them are NOT WORKING FOR THE LIGHT AND OUR FREEDOM? They are instead way up at the top of the DARK PYRAMID luring you into the trap of staying in a controlled state – for the planned Reset of the Cabal that will NOT SUCCEED {‘they’ are beginning to fear this now and that is why there are war tensions building} see # 357.

I have just exposed {with the work of a brilliant Lightworkers groundwork} one of the most manipulation beings on this planet. See # 355. Will this be reposted? Very doubtful.

So the other blogs will go on informing you that now the Illuminati have done this, now the Rothschild or Rockefeller controlled person has done this. Then if you sadly are so unaware, as to believe that a United States President really has any power at all to decide anything then you are really in the dark.

Who are the DEEP STATE CONTROLLERS? The ones that every blogger mentions mostly without having a CLUE as to what and who they are?

Who controls the politicians? Who controls the Rockefeller’s or the Rothschilds? Who created and controls the Illuminati? Who created and controls the Jesuits (the group that have controlled our world here for 500 years)? The ones at the top of the pyramid are the BLACK NOBILTY FAMILYS who in turn are controlled by the archon / chimera. See {# 355}. And if you’re not an old reader of this site then I suggest that by studying the DARK CABAL RULERS page on this website ~ that you will be fully informed and awakened to the real truth and you will not be fooled and mislead by the 82% YES EIGHTY TWO PER CENT FALSE LIGHT BLOGS on the Net. You owe it to yourself to know the whole truth.

In the next couple of days I will be adding the information below from #355 to the Dark Cabal Ruler page for greater clarification. There ~ you can already find for the past 5-6 years, all that you might need to know about the dark pyramid controllers.


Do I sound angry! I’ll tell you where I am currently. I’m on fire. I’m absolutely determined to bring the whole truth to as many as I possibly can. Because if I don’t keep on trying ~ these many many FALSE LIGHT BLOGGERS continue to fool you so that you only partially wake up.

Thérèse Zumi ~ March 12th 2021


# 358 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Deep Cleansing of Dark Energies Taking Place Worldwide

TZ here; Ok so the work is continuing in the Hague. If you have not seen the first web plasma video from the Hague then I suggest you also take a look at that which you will find by rolling down to #  here on the Introduction page blog.

So you might ask ‘well what is going on here’? There are at this time about 15 moles ~ or trolls or whatever you would like to call them ~ debunking these videos around the net. But they are either working for the dark masters or they are simply incapable of understanding that there are such things as Angelic Beings.

Over two years ago tens of thousands of Angelic Beings came here and surrounded our planet. They did so to help to raise the energies and support us at this very important time.  One year after their arrival they were joined by the Archangelic Beings.

On December 21st, 2020 we had our 3rd Age of Aquarius meditation taking place simultaneously worldwide. There were at least 400,000 people meditating simultaneously on every continent. During this meditation the Angelic Beings surrounded us and by being close by they could get a clearer view of the dark energies that needed cleaning up before we Transit. It would seem that courthouses are places in need of great cleaning. We have seen the web cam plasma Angelic Beings at work in places like Stockholm and Dublin at the Four Courts etc. I am informed that approximately 10 locations in Europe needed a second cleaning and this is what we see taking place here in the Hague which hosts the International Court of Justice. What are these dark energies that need deep cleaning? In their management of keeping this planet under their control the archon and Black Nobility Families cooperated with satanists and Luciferians to arrange ongoing dark rituals in these buildings to keep their dark power in place. This has taken place worldwide and needs a deactivation process that only these Angelic Beings can make. This is what you are seeing here, nothing else. At about 40-44 minutes here you can clearly see how a dark energy is suddenly transformed as we watch. Enjoy!


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TZ here:{Please Note today 11th March ~ there are new updates about the situation from Cobra ~ go to the link to WLMM below} This is an URGENT call to all those who feel inspired to lend a hand to the Victory of the Light at this time. We have through our meditations succeeded in averting 4 wars earlier. So lets do this again! The ancient Halafian Pottery with the Flower of Life symbol embedded is more easily viewed on the WLMM site linked below.


A Short Notice to the Surface Population 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

As the plans of the dark forces for their Great Reset are not going as they have wished, they have resorted to their ancient strategy: engineering a war.

Black Nobility families and Jesuits believe in the Armageddon end time prophecies of a war in the Middle East that will expand into the third world war between Israel and Iran, and between Russia / China and NATO. This is what they are trying to create now:


They are occultly using the Syria vortex to trigger this global war:


There are signs that Israel-Iran war might be imminent:


Therefore the Light Forces are asking you to do the following meditation as often as you feel guided:


Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!


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The Dark Is on the Way Out ~ The Light Is on the Way in ~ Rejoice

9th March 2021

Therese Z Sumner

Before you read this ~ KNOW THAT ~ all of the dark beings discussed and of which I give links to information about here, are very soon only a part of the very dark history on this planet.

SO VERY MUCH of their power is already gone and soon will be gone completely FOREVER.

In the information below here in # 355 about the Black Nobility Families you can clearly see how our entire world is controlled by these individuals. You learned in the details below that it was the Black Nobility Family called Farnese who created the Jesuits 500 years ago.

Allow me to remind you that the core evil Jesuit group comprise approximately 11% of the order in question.

The Farnese family is the main architect of the Cabal as they have created the Jesuits with a little help of the Borja family back in the 1540s.”

You also learned that it was the same Black Nobility Family who created the Illuminati.

Around that time the Farnese have decided to use Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to create Illuminati, elevate the Rothschilds to power and move the Farnese seat of power to Washington, DC.”

You also learned that the archons incarnated into these Black Nobility families. The vast majority of the archons existed on the astral and etheric planes where they dictated, among everything else, where we were allowed to have our next incarnation on their terms.

The most advanced Lightworkers on Gaia today have experienced on average of close to 100 lives here on Earth ~ because once you decided to come here there was no way out of the Veil!!! Until now! The veil was thoroughly in place and renewed in strength when necessary {see the 3 archon invasions on links that I will provide below}. Regarding higher dimensional Galactic family and Confederation ships well they could only approach Earth on very special terms and agreements. Otherwise we humans would have been punished.



The Lightworker community includes many Starseeds. That is to say prior to their many incarnations on Gaia they spent longer periods in other star systems such as the Pleiades, Arcturus, Lyra, Andromeda, Aldebaran, Antares etc.

There are also some starseeds who came here very recently just for these end times. More and more have come recently directly from Galactic Confederation ships and will be of great support after we Transit. Their experiences of Galactic Confederation ships are such that they have experienced only Loving communication and freedom to choose their experiences and how to use their creativity etc. Many of these new arrivals have been shocked in childhood not understanding where on Earth they had arrived. upon discovering meanness, cruelty etc. which they had no earlier references for. We will find great support now from these loving individuals, as we move quickly forward into a time on Gaia where feminine loving caring traits will be in great demand.

The Goddess is Alive, and Her influence is growing by the day! Try to connect as often as possible with the Goddess and discover how you are a part of Her.

So do you see the dark pyramid of power top left here? If you would like to know all about the evil Chimera Group who were once among the highest in the REAL Heavenly Spheres ~ so please understand I am not here talking about the ‘pretend’ Heaven and Hell that the archons created here on the astral planes around Earth.

“Chimera beings were once highly evolved angelic beings who chose to subject themselves to controlled toplet bombs explosion experiments long time ago in the galactic past. This, and numerous genetic experiments has mutated them into spider beings of unimaginable darkness:”

The following page here on Veritas ‘DARK CABAL RULERS’ has a clear list of many articles provided by Cobra about the Archons, about the Chimera, about the Jesuits, about the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, about the Illuminati and also about the Secret Space Program. All of this should complement the new article here below # 355 about the Black Nobility Families so that you can hopefully have a full understanding of the real pyramid of power on this planet.




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False Light Prophet Sasha Stone Exposed


8th March 2021


Therese Z Sumner


We are getting closer now at every moment, to a point in time that so many of us have been waiting on for so long. We are approaching the days of what we call Full Disclosure. Humanity as a whole is about to experience a very rude awakening process whether they like it or not. Therefore, I have been advised that it’s also the time for the Lightworker community ~ the True Lightworker Community to become aware of facts about the person known as Sasha Stone. You are also going to learn about some other ‘false light gurus’ in the alternative media.

True Lightworkers would no doubt find themselves in a place of unnecessary shock if they had to wait until after The Event to find out this information. So I have been advised that now is the time to release this information. Most of the work of putting together the pieces of this puzzle has already been done by another blogger as you will see. Because of the importance of the understanding of the connections between Sasha Stone and the Orsini Black Nobility Family I have decided to begin by gathering details about them ~ the Orsini's that Cobra has provided us with over the years.

You truly need to understand the power and the depth of the evil work of this Orsini family to understand the significance of Sasha’s connections with them.

My Guides are now informing me that this family are the ones behind the 9 attempts made to murder me. I am fully aware of 6 of these attempts.


The House of Orsini are an ancient bloodline of Rome claiming ancestry from the Julia-Claudian dynasty similar to the claims from the Colonna family. The House of Orsini are Vatican royalty and share a portion of ownership over the Holy See. The name Orsini derives from the Latin word Ursa which means bear.

Prince Domenico Napeoleone Orsini, Prince Benedetto Orsini, and Prince Raimondo Orsini are the heads of this family.

Many of the bloodlines of the Black Nobility were Urartian-Assyrians or Scytho-Assyrians that settled in Rome later on. Their blood lineages go back to Assyro-Babylonian nobility and Scythian clans north of ancient Iran and Syria.

Luigi Ursino has been a top Ndrangheta mafia boss and member of La Provincia. The Orsini family likely have ownership over Camorra and Sacra Corona Unita mafia clans as they ruled all over the regions of Naples and Apulia.

The Italian actress Isabella Orsini is an unofficial relative of the House of Orsini and because she is of nobility, she married with the Belgian House of Ligne. Isabella Orsini’s godfather is also the multi billionaire and former four term prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

The House of Orsini produced three popes and dozens of high level cardinals for the Roman Catholic Church. They owned various castles and several titles of lordship in the Papal States and Italy.

The Orsini family has a very strong connection with the Reptilian race and is {TZ = HAS BEEN} the main connecting link between the physical and non-physical Archons. {More about this further on}

Prince Alois-Konstantin's father was a Nazi and member of the Nazi Sturmabteilung, Roman Knight of Malta, Vatican Knight, Bavarian Knight, Habsburg Knight, and a Prussian-Nazi Knight. The Orsini's basically established two Holy Roman nobilities with the Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and Orsini-Rosenberg families.

The Orsini family of Italy are the owners of the Ursino Ndrangheta Mafia clan with Luigi Ursino a high ranking mafia boss and Giuseppe Ursino who ran a large drug trafficking network in Toronto, Canada until his recent arrest.

Prince Domenico Napoleon Orsini is the official head of this family and a ruthless chemical terrorist.

The Orsini's married to the very large and influential Sanseverino family which have been nobles all over southern Italy. Today Prince Francesco Luca Costa Sanseverino of Bisignano is the head of this family and he resides in Hong Kong and manages Chinese Triad gangs which are involved in child trafficking networks.

The Orsini's are the owners of the Cleveland crime family which has a very close alliance with the Detroit Mafia. The Jewish rap producer Paul Rosenberg, who is from Detroit, works under the Cleveland crime family and he is the manager of Eminem whose official DJ is the producer and Israeli mobster The Alchemist. Rosicrucianism is a secret society of alchemists. The Orsini's have an alliance with the Odescalchi family of Rome and sold them one of their palaces.

Orsini is a ruthless family.

So let’s begin by describing some of the 'work' that they do.

Here are Some of the Areas of Control that are in the Hands of this particular Black Nobility Family from Rome.

1) They are involved in the manipulation of the human psyche and biology through chemicals.

2) They are a part of the controlling force behind The FDA, American Chemical Society, and most food and drug companies.

3) The Orsini family were behind the Ebola propaganda and had deadly Ebola vaccines developed as the solution to the fake Ebola.

4) They are behind Zika propaganda as well.

5) They are a part of the controlling forces behind vaccines. Vaccines are one of the most destructive tools these tyrants and psychopaths use on humanity and they are primarily designed to target the nervous system and weaken a person’s nervous systems and electromagnetic field. This enables them to target people more effectively with destructive radio frequencies.

6) They were one of the two Black Nobility Families responsible for the Black Plague. They hired people to poison well water in order to spread the disease.

7) The Orsini family are also involved with pharmaceuticals, among much else they developed the Julia-Colonna Epoxidation which is used by Bayer and Evonik today. The Julia-Colonna Epoxidation is used for binding toxic chemicals with human enzymes.

8) These families oversee chemical companies like Bayer, Evonik, Merck, and Serono and they use Rosicrucian’s to infiltrate and manage food and drug companies.

9) They have several close associates who are involved with attacking people with radio waves and hacking the human physiology and biological systems.

10) They are associated with Israeli Mafias including the criminal operation run by Zeev Rosenstein who is an international ecstasy trafficker operating out of Israel. Zeev Rosenstein also operated in the United States and provided ecstasy to Gambino associates. Ecstasy is a synthetic drug created by chemists which were called alchemists in ancient and medieval ages.

Belgium is the major supplier of ecstasy, and the company Merck literally created ecstasy.

11) The Rockefeller Foundation held an international meeting in Bellagio, Italy and established their child immunization program to promote vaccinating children.

Connections to Sasha Stone

So where does Sasha Stone come into all of this? In the following links that I will provide, you are going to find clear evidence for connecting links between Sasha and his life and the Orsini family.

You will learn here that the person known to us as Robert David Steele has attempted to silence the below linked Whistleblower with threats.

You will learn the real reasons behind the formation of the ITNJ.

You are about to learn what Sacha Stone and Robert David Steele did to Kevin Annett and Dr. Katherine Horton. Kevin Annett was kidnapped after a dispute with the above mentioned – video available in links below where he relates this event.

The Whistleblower in these linked articles below, was warned to stay away from the Hampstead case by Sasha Stone and Robert David Steele {I recently told my readers about this particularly horrendous case in # 350 found by rolling down this main blog page here on Veritas}. Why these warnings? Whose names are they protecting?

You are going to learn about fraud and theft of money from many victims. You will find proof that the “New Earth Haven,” is a millionaire scam.

You will learn how everything Sacha earns via Humanitad, New Earth, or The ITNJ goes back to the New Earth Trust.

You will learn about his deep connections with mafioso Ciro Orsini going back in time to his musician days.

"Ciro Orsini and family all appear not only as former managers of Sacha’s failed rock band but also as part of the Mosaic Federation. The federation receives a percentage of the ITNJ donations. So, in essence, money donated by people like you and me goes to Orsini and his criminal enterprise. Ciro Jr appears as the listed rep for the “Ciro Orsini and Armand Assante Children’s Fund.” "

Ciro Orsini is deeply involved in everything from casting actors and models, both in Hollywood and London, a known human trafficker, sale of Ukrainian brides, owns ‘prostitution kind of night clubs’,

Ciro Orsini is a confirmed human trafficker linked to Freemasonry, the Jesuits, the Rosicrucian’s, and the Vatican.

"Founder of a secret society that caters orgies for the elites. Did I mention Ciro attended Clinton Foundation fundraisers? In the company of Prince Albert, Prince Andrew, and none other than Jeffrey Epstein. Remember, there are many monsters involved in human trafficking, and Ciro is one of them."

If Ciro is so innocent, why is his presence at ITNJ events such secrecy?

This information below will give you many more details about this individuals {Ciro Orsini} connections to the Italian Mafia - The Ndrangheta




I cant seem to get this link working so see link to this page at bottom of page 1







Would You Like Someone Like This to Play a Leading Role on Nova Gaia? I Doubt It!

10th March 2021

Therese Z Sumner

Before I begin, I would like to say that this person Sasha Stone has thoroughly duped yours truly! In the early days I shared and complimented his work on my Facebook blog. About 18 months ago something I saw made me suspicious. I have certainly not had the time to follow his work in any detail. So having a motto I follow for many years ‘when in doubt leave it out’ and I left him aside. In October 2020 upon seeing that someone else whom I trusted had posted a video discussion with him I decided it was time to take a look again. Over a four week period I watched 4 videos and to be honest all of my doubts disappeared! {My thoughts then were} "He’s brilliant Therese not a word wrong… and all these amazing guests that he discusses important subjects with. You were wrong to doubt him!" 

However, unexpectedly I was brought into contact with his work in recent months and during this time ‘bells started ringing’ - wow – what did he say? On 3 occasions he made ‘mistakes’ and after expressing these doubts to someone they took a look and found the material that I have shared above.

Recently, after my suspicions had arisen, I described an exchange between Sasha Stone and Charlie Freak in #334 below.

In that video which I suddenly cannot find anywhere?{*** Video now found see below} Charlie Freak was doing most of the talking. Early on they discuss how in a neighbourhood one person might tell authorities about someone who was not following rules in a scenario where vaccinations or restrictions of some kind were the law. Then at this point Sasha gives his opinion on people he calls ‘snitches’ (someone who informs about others breaking rules). Because I haven’t recovered the video, I can only say what I recall which was more or less the following words. “These snitches need to be dealt with by a shot to the head or taking a hatchet to them”. My initial reaction was ‘wow what did he just say’ ~ I understand that people who ‘snitch’ can be the lowest and most cowardly of individuals. An example might be people who during WW2 told authorities about others who were hiding Jews to save their lives.

During the conversation Sasha asks Charlie to “tell me about Barack Obama” and Charlie then speaks derogatorily about BO. You can read exactly what he said about him in # 334 below, because I took the time then to listen and write it word for word. Sasha shows clearly that he truly enjoys hearing what Charlie has to say. My conclusion now more than ever confirms that Barack Obama has been chosen by the Black Nobility archon controlled Families to be the number 1 scapegoat for every imaginable reason at this time. He has been called everything under the sun. He has been implicated in everything under the sun. You may believe that this is the truth because so many trolls and fake false light blogs perpetuate it continuously. If I’m wrong and Barack Obama is guilty, we will learn that soon! Very soon!

If you my reader do not at this stage in your awakening process understand that every President is totally controlled by the Deep State, then you can continue to blame him until the truth be made known. He had to follow their orders or have his family murdered. He had a light mission that he had to abandon. In the not too distant future you are going to learn the truth about this. The archon controlled Black Nobility families are the ones behind the scenes controlling the debasement of their chosen scapegoats like Barack Obama. They make sure that the FALSE LIGHT COMMUNITY which presently includes 82% of internet alternative bloggers ~ where people like Sasha Stone has a ‘guru’ like status spread the word about these scapegoats. And they do it ~ over and over again in films and discussions and videos. You see in the end someone has to take the ‘fall for the cabal’. The Black Nobility Families along with their archon controllers - who now only exist as incarnated humans - make sure that the ‘good guys’ the people who they have NOT succeeded in manipulating into taking part in satanic rituals and worse ~ they get scapegoated.

At this point I would have to point out that when you watch a series of videos such as Fall of the Cabal you need to be aware that the archons and their friends have made sure that innocent people are portrayed alongside satanists to implicate them and that in the case of the above mentioned videos the TRUTH FACTOR is 81%. That’s high - but it means that 19% of this is false information!

Towards the end of this discussion Charlie Freak points out that he has been speaking nonstop during the conversation. Sasha laughingly jests with him saying that today he is asking the questions. However in this simple display of a fun exchange Sasha reveals to us a deeper standing and standpoint. He says with a ‘pun on the words’ “I Am As - King the questions Charlie.” Yes Sasha sees himself as a King among homo sapiens as he so delights in calling us.

In these two extracts from Facebook the words tell their own story. The second one just here to the left shows us that there are no moral qualms whatsoever on the part of SS for receiving money for nothing. That was made clear to us in the above linked material.

In the first instance {image above left} take a close look at his reply to someone who questions his morals here.

Something that we may have a tendency to do ~ when we are either not fully aware of or are unwilling to take responsibility for ourselves ~ is to project our own weaknesses onto others. In this instance one has to laugh upon studying the words of Sasha Stone here and I quote:

“Because manufacturing reality serves no~body and no~ thing in this world. That is the work of false light or Luciferic energy and I’m certain you wouldn’t want to align to that.”

*** Video:  https://www.cosmicnews.org/2020/08/14/sacha-stone-charlie-freak-behind-the-scene/


The following information is all taken from The Portal to supply you with further knowledge about the different Black Nobility Families including the Orsini one. The information is given in the order of the oldest date first.

Odescalchi Castle


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Black Nobility families that are associated with the Jesuits are allergic to the Goddess energy. They would like to wipe it out from the surface of the planet and have tried to do so many times. Members of families such as Pallavicini, Orsini, Massimo, Borghese, Aldobrandini, Colonna, Pacelli, Odescalchi, Ortolani and Luzzatti are receiving their orders directly from the Archons and are at the core of conspiracy against the Goddess. They are waging an occult war against the White Nobility families that are trying to spread the Light and support feminine qualities such as compassion, receptivity, creativity, love…

Rothschilds are nobility wannabes (their lineage goes less than two and a half centuries back, and they come from Bauer family which is German for farmer) and do not understand completely the occult war that is going on in the highest circles as they are left out of the information loop. They are too immersed into the physical matter as well. Meanwhile, Rockefellers are plain commoners and do not have the slightest idea about what is really going on.


Monday, December 9, 2013

The Jesuits are hoping to somehow survive the Event untouched by putting the friendly face of master manipulator Pope Francis as their frontman and portraying themselves as the good guys. 

To further their goal of a new centralized banking system, the Jesuits have silently teamed up with the Rothschilds in their efforts:


Farnese Family Pentagon in Caprarola near Rome:

The Rothschilds are doing whatever they can to be as silent and invisible as possible in hopes that people will not remember them when the Event comes. They will try to portray themselves as people who collect art and love good wines and have an investment fund or two by the way. 

There is a significant number of agents of the Resistance on the surface of the planet now, doing »various things«. 

The Archons did not handle those changes easily. An unconfirmed source stated that one senior member of the Orsini family committed suicide in his apartment in Rome this Saturday, while the Farnese are seriously considering their surrender. Also the Eastern Alliance has allegedly made a trading attack on Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, disrupting Jesuit financial machinations. That bank is one of the most important banks in the current Jesuit-controlled banking system. It is owned by the Chigi family, a main black nobility family from Siena. 


Sunday, January 12, 2014

The main Archon black nobility families still worth noticing are Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini and Chigi. 

The Farnese family is the main architect of the Cabal as they have created the Jesuits with a little help of the Borja family back in the 1540s.

Immediately after that, they have built their first Pentagon in Caprarola near Rome:

Caparola Pentagram Map Room ~ Press Image to Enlarge

In their »map room« inside that building they have shaped the destiny of the world during 16th and 17th centuries:  

It is interesting to note that the world map from the 16th century shows Antarctica, which was officially »discovered« in the 1770s.

Around that time the Farnese have decided to use Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to create Illuminati, elevate the Rothschilds to power and move the Farnese seat of power to Washington, DC. They have built their second Pentagon there. It is also interesting to see that Larry Farnese, a member of the family, is a senator:


The Orsini family has a very strong connection with the Reptilian race and is the main connecting link between the physical and non-physical Archons. They are the ones who created the pact between the Reptilian race and the Roman Catholic Church. Long time ago, their main portal was in the underground tunnels beneath Pitigliano. That system of tunnels went all the way to Orvieto and in underground chambers beneath Orvieto they have stored the Vatican gold. The Orsini family lost a lot of their power in May 2010 in a major operation of the Light forces codenamed Mission Blue Shield. 

The Aldobrandini family contains members of the original group which chose to experience separation from the Source millions of years ago. They have in their possession secret documents about the existence of Atlantis and fragments of rituals of Atlantean mystery schools. This family is aware of the importance of the Goddess energy. There is a certain fact about this family that will be made public after the Event and will surprise many people.

The Chigi family are bankers for the Jesuits and they control Banca Monte dei Paschi de Siena. As I have stated over a month ago, the Eastern Alliance is disrupting their financial machinations and here are the results:



Thursday, April 13, 2017

As Resistance has predicted, Tuesday was the point of maximum tension. The Archon families described here:


especially Orsini and Pallavicini, tried to activate Doom 33 endgame world destruction program through their Khazarian underdogs inside the Omega Grid to fulfill endgame prophecies:



Thursday, May 31, 2018

TZ here; The following information is from a Cobra update from the above date. Isis Astara who was the beloved partner of Cobra was (is now working with us from the higher planes of existence) murdered by the Black Nobility Families in Jan 2018 using scalar weapons.

Only two days after the death of Isis Astara, the involvement of Black Nobility / Archon families in directed energy harassment was exposed here:




The same source, Ahuwahzeus blog, has exposed the Black Nobility / Archon network with great precision and with nearly 90% reliability. Therefore it might be a good idea to store the intel from that blog safely and repost it in case the original blog is shut down.

The Chimera group is the real controller of the quarantine barrier, whereas Black Nobility / Archon families are the real controllers of the surface of the planet. Most of their bloodlines originate in ancient Rome.

Black Nobility (aristocrazia nera) is described here:


They control the Negative Military through the Knights of Malta (SMOM):


They control the negative police and polarize political parties through Knights of Columbus:


They control the fabric of society through the Jesuits:


They control business endeavour through mafia clans:


Main Archon families are Massimo (Maximus) family:




Breakspear (Lancelotti) family:


Orsini (Ursus) family:


All those bloodline families create an interconnected network that effectively controls the surface of the planet, as it is somewhat accurately described here:



The Light Forces are carrying out their protocols to remove Archon families from power and liberate the surface of the planet. The only thing I can say here is that the same structure of “principalities and powers” exists on plasma and lower etheric plane and it is being dismantled daily.

Victory of the Light!

Goddess Leyline


Thursday, April 4, 2019

The only comment permitted here is that the Plan for planetary liberation is deeply classified since January 27th, 2018, and NO intel about it is coming out (except from a brief leak about spy satellites in August 2018). Therefore you might take the story about sealed indictments with a grain of salt:


The Plan will NOT be popularized on internet. Everybody will be taken by surprise.

One of the crucial situations that is ongoing is the battle for the energy grid around the planet, between SURFACOM and the Black Nobility families especially battle for the Goddess Leyline, which holds the master key for control over the planet:

Syrian Goddess Vortex is located on this leyline, and just after our workshop, victory over the Daesh in Syria has been announced in the Western media:




You need to understand that Daesh is a creation of the Western (RIIA) / Saudi (Wahhabi) Cabal:



Another important vortex point on the Goddess leyline is the small country of Slovenia.

Battle of Frigidus was the key historical moment that has shaped the destiny of the Western civilization and was taking place on September 6th, 394 CE near Vipava, Slovenia:


This battle meant defeat of Eugenius, the last Roman emperor that supported Goddess mysteries, by Theodosius, who was a Cabal agent, obeying commands of the Archon handler Ambrosius, the bishop of Milan.

Broken Wheel

Theodosius was instrumental in completely erasing Goddess mysteries, by issuing laws to forbid Goddess worship, punishable by death, in 391 CE and by ordering the destruction of Serapeum and the library in Alexandria in 392 CE. Battle of Frigidus meant a complete collapse of the Goddess energy grid for the whole Western civilization, leading to the split of the Roman empire just a few months later, and ultimately leading to 1000 year delay of progress in the so-called dark (middle) ages.

Theodosius belonged to Theodosian bloodline that is now known as Theodoli family, one of the main Black Nobility families:


There is a certain leyline connecting Vipava valley to Alexandria and at the turn of the 20th century many women from Vipava valley moved to Alexandria to work there. There is a certain occult secret about these women that must not be revealed yet.

Another important vortex in Slovenia is its capital city, Ljubljana. It was an important city of Light in late Atlantean period and is about to become a city of Light again in the New Atlantis:




City of Ljubljana Slovenia ~ Press to Enlarge

There were certain events of planetary and cosmic importance taking place in Ljubljana in 1995 that must remain classified for now.

During the last Archon invasion in 1996, Ljubljana was bombed with etheric and plasma nuclear bombs which have collapsed the energy grid in the country completely and have delayed the spiritual progress of the country for decades. Very recently, certain actions are being taken to revive that energy vortex again.

Black Nobility family that is controlling Ljubljana, certain other parts of Slovenia and certain parts of Italy is the Orsini family:




Orsini family has suffered a big defeat in 2010 and certain sources are claiming that Orsini have killed Isis Astara as their revenge for that defeat.

Orsini family is very strongly against the Goddess energy and for this reason they have infiltrated the Rosicrucian movement which was before strongly influenced by the positive Sisterhood of the Rose and was promoting Goddess mysteries:



Orsini are controlling Rosicrucian’s especially through their Rosenberg branch and have created a negative mirror Sisterhood of the Rose and Snake a few centuries ago. This group is made of female Illuminati members who use black magic occult rituals against positive Goddess priestesses:

Another prominent Black Nobility family that is using negative female archetypes against the Goddess energy is the Sforza family:


You need to understand that Black Nobility families control at least 80% of the top echelons of human society through so-called Greek fraternities, which are a Jesuit creation:


Jesuits themselves are a creation of the Farnese family:


Very recently, an excerpt from this article about Farnese from my blog:


was reposted on Fulford's blog:


The light forces have recently started a campaign to expose Black Nobility families.

Much intel about those families is gathered here:


And here:


It would be wise to create mirror copies of those blogs in case they are taken down, as Black Nobility families do not like to be exposed.

Yet, there is currently a meditation campaign to bring Light of the Buddhic columns through members of those families to accelerate purification of the planet:



As the Matrix is beginning to fall apart:


Victory of the Light!


Monday, December 28, 2020

In September 2019, I have warned about Jesuit plans for their version of the financial Reset which they have scheduled for January 2020:


The Jesuits are well versed in astrology, and they knew for a long time that Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 was the greatest opportunity to trigger their plans, and this is when they triggered first public announcements about the coronavirus.

Let us explore what is behind their plans.

After the formation of BRICS / Eastern positive alliances in 2014 and 2015, the Jesuits have shifted their main base to China and moved many Cabal agents there. Those agents took many positions within the Chinese government in the 2015-2019 timeframe, and immediately started the project of infiltrating the West:





Most people are not aware that communism is a Jesuit creation:


What is even less known is that some of those Chinese agents infiltrating the West are actually positive Red Dragons posing as CCP members.

Orsini black nobility family is the main force behind pandemics since medieval times when they have engineered the black plague, and also the main force behind vaccination programs.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and George Soros, together with certain people at the top levels of Chinese government are their main minions who made the pandemic and lockdowns possible:



To prepare the terrain for the Jesuit version of the Great Reset, which is presented by the Jesuit-educated Klaus Schwab here:


Jesuits lack creativity, and the only thing they managed to do is to steal the idea and to plan for the inverted version of the positive financial Reset:


Jesuit, Rothschild and Rockefeller factions have made trilateral agreements to join forces in their plans:


Nevertheless, the negative Great Reset will NOT be successful:



Although their plans will come very close to actually manifesting:



Meanwhile, positive Dragon forces are working silently behind the scenes. Most of their plans can not be made public yet, the only thing I can say is they are supporting Chinese civilian space exploration, trying to make it accessible to international community in preparations for Disclosure:








Therese Z here; Today the 17th March 2021 at 1001 am I have publised a new updated Dark Cabal Rulers page with 3 super important articles unseen by the many! Enjoy!





Ghana lost all elecriticity yesterday at 2 PM in entire country. 31 Million people affected. Thats the cabal reply to the Presidents courageous action.


# 354 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


President of Ghana

Explains the Complete Pandemic Plans to His People

7th March 2021

TZ here. This just arrived in my mailbox thanks to James Gilliland


President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo releases the complete CovidCon Agenda of Gates, Fauci, & Soros as LEAKED from the Rockefeller Foundation and Reads it to his countrymen!


Hurry in case its taken down... 14 minute video


What a brave man! A definite sign that we are approaching a time of Full Disclosure with all that that entails! Really stormy weather today here in Sweden... wind is howling outside... Stay Calm and TRUST ~ All will be well!


# 353 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Jesus Has Something to Say


6th March 2021


Thérèse Z Sumner


I’ve been speaking with Jesus this morning. Now let me just be very very clear here so that there is no misunderstanding. I am referring to the Jesus that many refer to as Jesus Christ Sananda. Because many people are concerned that maybe I am referring to some ‘false light’ Jesus figure, some ‘New Age’ concocted idea of who Jesus really is. So let me be very clear here that I am speaking of our Beloved Jesus Christ who was crucified. He came here two thousand years ago to prepare us all for what we are experiencing right now. The end of Time as we know it. He came to prepare the way through his teachings for a time on earth when the meek and the humble would inherit the Earth. And they will! And He is with us all the way. He has been my Guiding Light for as long as I can remember life after life after life. He has been my companion, brother, best friend, therapist, the Guide who helped me choose the perfect homeopathic remedy when I had my alternative healing practice etc. X 100.

So I know Him. And my love for Him is undying ~ eternal.

He came back then to show us that we too would arrive at a place where we can transcend the limitations of a body and Ascend. The unique thing here is that, at this time on Earth ~ in the coming 10 years or so, thousands upon thousands will choose Ascension. Now if we should feel ready at some point to actually choose that path, we can if we like Ascend and then descend into the same body we exist in right now and simply renew it. That would be the case, if we also make a decision at that point, to choose to return to the surface, to be of support in one of the coming 3 waves of Ascension.

We could also at that point decide to take on another new body for whatever reason. There is no such thing as death, and we are truly going to learn that. The ‘Darkness’ was all about death... dying, suffering. The Light is all about eternal happiness and joy and endless choices and realising our dreams. The way forward ~ the path for each of us in moving ahead is created through the realisation of our dreams. That is to say through making our dreams our reality. The ‘Key’ here in making any choice to create any dream is ‘will this be my greatest happiness to make this choice’. Happiness is the KEY to making any choice. All other choices we make for reasons other than joy will ultimately lead us through a detour of some kind.

This we need to practice now every minute of every day with every choice we make!!

Isn’t that selfish? Isn’t that egoistic? The truth is it’s quite the contrary.

The paradox is that in choosing and experiencing my joy... I have in that space unlimited ability and unlimited energy to give to others what they might require from me.

The picture of Jesus here was painted by Akiane Kramarik.

She began painting it aged 8! To learn all about her and how this came about check out this video. Your heart will tell you if you believe its true.


Jesus is well known in this Solar System. He is a regular and frequent visitor to the Galactic Confederation Ships. He is also a frequent visitor in Agartha. If you are not knowledgeable about Agartha, then check out this page here on Veritas.


When Jesus pops in for a visit to these places, He is known both by the name Jesus and Yeshua. Some have come to like the familiar name of ‘Yeshi’ which I find myself using mostly. Jesus is quite happy to be referred to by any of these names.

So this introduction to our beloved Brother and Friend was mainly to relay a message from Him which he related via the channel for the Council of Love Linda Dillon recently. Here is that message and a link to the original source.

Jesus Sananda ~ Do Not Avoid Me

Our beloved Yeshi has asked that I share a recent channel given in the Council of Love Teacher Training class. Yeshi reminds us that he wishes to join each and every one of us – to walk with us always and in all ways. We are all teachers of the new way of Love. xxx Linda

Greetings, I AM Jesus. I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, I AM Yeshi, I AM brother, I AM sister, I AM friend. Welcome beloved ones, and yes, many join us here this day in this sacred undertaking as you open your hearts, your minds, and your beings to be the messengers, and to be the teachers. For I, most certainly, have heard your prayer and your plea to teach as I have taught and continue to teach each and every day; to walk as I have walked amongst the people, regardless of background or status, even belief systems.

But, beloved ones, as you say this heartfelt prayer to our Mother and Father, to the Council to which I am part of, most certainly to Gabrielle, to all of us. But to you I say, “Do not avoid me.” You say, “Oh Lord, I would never avoid you.” To which I would say, “Then why, why, beloved ones, do you only turn to me now and then? Why do you not heed my call and my plea, along with everyone else, for peace upon this planet of love?”

When I have walked the planet as Yeshua, I have been very clear that I have walked, and that I would work in fulfilment of my mission, but my mission was the fulfilment of the dream and desires of our Mother and Father, for once the Mother has dreamt, it is so. So, she has dreamt me into reality exactly the same way that she has dreamt you into reality. For you are the teachers, the channels, the healers of this small segment of time in the Mother’s infinite ocean, this small segment of time known as transition to new normal, to Nova Earth, to Nova Gaian. And might I even suggest to you that in the huge scope of what you think of as time and history, this is a far more critical time than the short milli-second that I have walked the shores of Galilee.

And so, as teachers, as healers, as channels, as humans, I have offered myself, I have invited you to come and walk with me or to let me tag along. I have some insights and I have some energies; I have some depth of understandings that will benefit each and every one of you. No, I do not seek to override your divine knowing and your divine authority because the assumption of this mantle is key to the forward thrust, not only of you as COLTS, but of humanity.

You have heard of Advisory Committees, well I wish to be appointed and chosen and communicated with as one of your closest advisors… not only as someone who loves you and knows you, as you do know me but as someone who has, perhaps, different, slightly different perspective on how to proceed on what lies ahead, never to override the dreams and desires of your heart which are magnificent. I only seek to assist you in the fulfilment of your dream, which, by the way, is our Mother’s Dream.

You proceed bravely, and at times fiercely, and at times lethargically… it does not matter. I only ask, reverently, to walk with thee. So, yes, you may have a large entourage, as I have had as I have walked this earth. Did you not think that I needed friends, and colleagues, and supporters whom I could discuss the truth, the feelings, the victories, and the fears of my heart? Of course I did.

This is the Jesus Path…do not forget this. No, I am not asking you to re-walk where I have walked. But understand, the Jesus Path covers the planet and far, far beyond.

Turn to me, turn to us, for what you are doing in this very moment is not just learning about, you are assuming collegiality, soul family, soul circle, creation circle, and I am part of that, we all are.

So, go with my love, and yes, beloved, let me tag along! Farewell.


# 352 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge


 4th March 2021

This is a very powerful 3 minute 45 second video that brought tears to my eyes. It is narrated by Jim Caviezel who is the actor who plays the main character in the film ‘Sound of Freedom’. That film will I believe, be used as a tool to help the awakening of the many to the truth in the near future. This short video reminds us of the true patriotism of the American people. Close to one million people travelled to Washington DC on January 6th to listen to and support their President. “… I take them for our movement so that we can have our country back… this is a crossroads in the history of our civilisation that will determine whether or not… we the people reclaim control over our government.”

Hope you enjoy this too… TZ



# 351 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



URGENT! Meditation for Peace in Syria every 4 hours

Posted: 02 Mar 2021 01:10 PM PST

Syrian goddess vortex is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid.

Whoever controls that energy point is very close to controlling the majority of the energy leyline system on the planetary surface.

Whoever controls the energy leyline system has direct access to global consciousness of humanity. 
As mentioned by Cobra, the Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram. In the hands of the Light forces, this pentagram is an instrument of good that can transform the whole Middle East and can be a huge transmitter of positive feminine energy. In the hands of the dark, this pentagram can create much suffering, as people in Syria have experienced in the last few years.
All five points of Syria pentagram (Aleppo, Homs, Palmyra, Raqqa and Manbij) are key towns in Syria that had a strong connection with the Goddess energy in their rich past. 

This is the occult reason for the conflict in Syria.

On February 25th, the Israeli-owned vehicle carrying vessel – MV Helios Ray was attacked in the Gulf of Oman. Two days later, Israel concluded that Iran had carried out the attack.

It is likely that Israel wants to use this incident as a pretext for further escalation towards Syria, including the Iranian facilities in Syria.
Russia has given an official warning that they will respond to Israel's further attack on Syria.

If these attacks do happen, the Syria goddess vortex will be affected. Without enough positive feminine energy on the surface of the planet, there may lead to further conflicts in the Middle East.
Therefore, we suggest every one who feels to guided to do the Meditation for Peace in Syria as often as possible, or every 4 hours at the following times:

To Continue reading times and details for this meditation please go to this link;



# 350 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press Image to Enlarge

Moving Into The Light


28th February 2021


Therese Zumi Sumner


Each and every one of us are a vital part of a Divinely Collective Force that is moving forward in unison towards the Light.

Each of us have a unique role to play. We play that role to the greatest perfection when we do not allow the reactions ~ comments ~ or questioning of others to interfere in what we know that we must do to play our part to perfection.

When we have abandoned the ego and surrendered our will to the Will of the One, we can truly be aligned with our I AM Heart ♥️ Presence. Only then can we listen to ~ hear within us ~ the Voice of the One pushing us forward to correct persistence. The Collective Force ~ the One that we are an inherent part of ~ requires correct persistence. Only when we are strong leaders ~ strong followers of our I AM Presence will the Will of One be carried out and there will not be any mistakes and there will be good fortune for everyone.

At this time we have to place the highest of priority upon making sure that we do not allow any outside force, any power whatsoever, to side-track us from playing our unique role in the Tsunami Force of Love ♥️. Remember your role is unique to the whole. When you play your very unique role to perfection you are moving the Collective Force forward towards Victory of the Light.

Some among you, may very well be asking the question right now, why you might be experiencing being held back in some way? You might be finding yourself restrained in some way. Often this situation of being held back is exactly what is required to bring us back ONCE AGAIN into a greater unison ~ into tandem with ~ the Divine Collective Force.

Let’s say that we are longing for the rain to pour down where we are. We see those very dense clouds on the horizon, but no rain is seen. We are right now deep in our heart longing for the rain of liberation ~ what on earth is holding it back ~ the dense clouds are everywhere ~ the signs are everywhere ~ surely those clouds must suddenly burst and shed that rain upon the thirsty Earth.

It will be unexpected when the Rain of Love comes pouring down on each and every corner of our beautiful Gaia.

We will stand in that Rain and give thanks and cry those long awaited tears of joy ~ of relief ~ of wonder.

Has Mother been waiting upon something in particular to take place before She releases the Rain?

We have been hearing about the release of the captive children. I am informed that these unbelievably horrific bases have existed on two continents in Europe and North America. This is of course not to say in any way, that children have not been suffering on every corner of this planet, but the bases that were used for horrendous means such as the harvesting of adrenochrome have existed in the above mentioned places. All too many of them.

I’m not sure how this information will be released to humanity. Have trust that it will be done very carefully and timely.

Some years ago {time is more and more difficult to gauge} I came to view videos of two children in Hampstead London retelling their experiences to a policeman. The children’s father, a Satanist, was the leader of a satanic group in this area of London. Among others involved were the female headmaster of the children’s school, another teacher, the school nurse {who procured the babies for ritualistic killing and drinking of blood ~ through social services ~ from homes where people had not the money for food and necessities}, other parents of children at the school were also involved. These 2 beautiful children, a boy and a girl aged 8 and 9 at the time, were regularly raped and sodomised and forced to take part in the most horrific rituals. The children’s parents were divorced. The mother, upon discovering the horrific details of the children’s life with their father, tried every way she could to bring these people to court.

What were the results? The court ruled this as a made up story and the mother’s defence lawyer was given a 9 year prison sentence for slander! The father got custody of these children. Neither the mother nor the children were lying ~ every word was true.

I am very familiar with all of the details of this story. I have recently read the court rulings and details. Recently a video has surfaced giving a short synopsis of the entire story. Good people are vouching for the mother’s reliability.

Some time ago ~ last year ~ I wrote several articles about ***Demons and demonic possession etc. I related there a story about a Swedish case where the paedophile father of a small boy, succeeded in having Swedish official Tv make a two hour long documentary, ridiculing the people who had been supporting the mother’s efforts to get full custody of the child, because of what she knew was taking place. In this case there were also 2 medical doctors having provided evidence of physical damage to the child.

In both of these situations the satanists and the paedophile got away. Why?

Because the Court and High Court systems in the USA and in Europe are full of people in controlling positions who are themselves paedophiles and satanists.

The same thing will of course be true regarding the official Swedish Public service Tv that allowed this person to defend himself publicly by publicly belittling the people who supported his ex-wife. Satanists again in powerful positions.

*** RELATED ARTICLES ~ Roll down this Introduction page to the following articles

Getting Involved! 1 ~ 4  # 254 # 255 # 256 # 257

I’m suddenly reminded here of the BBC’s support of Jimmy Saville.

Let me just say that Justice will be done. Let me just say that each and every one of these satanists and paedophiles will be brought to Justice and removed from society.

Let me add that I am informed that THIS IS TAKING PLACE NOW!

Have you seen the Angelic and Archangelic Beings cleaning the courthouses in Holland and Dublin? They have no doubt been working on many dark institutions in Stockholm and every other European and American cites too. Indeed worldwide. We have become aware of this fact through the determined work of a lady called Gina Maria who has shared web cam studies from around the Globe. She is also showing us the many Galactic Confederation ships as can be seen in the previous post to this one # 349. She might not know exactly what’s taking place at this time but her role ~ she is following her I Am Heart knowingness ~ I feel is very pertinent to the awakening process of mankind right now.

There is a film that has just been released that can be of good preparation for mankind in learning about the horrific realities that have existed side by side on our planet. The name of this film is Sound of Freedom. It is based on a true story.

It has truly been released at the last minute. I hope that as many people as possible will get to see this film and by so doing be more prepared for the onslaught of truth in the area of trafficking that they will eventually have to deal with as part of their awakening process.

It won’t be easy.

One more thing before I leave this subject. Divine Mother is explaining how the system of Justice as we know it today will very soon be completely revitalized. Let’s take the example of the European and American Court systems. Among the jurists, lawyers and judges etc. currently in employment, well, as many as 84% of them will need new employment.

Many among them might find employment in the cleaning up operations of our physical environment worldwide that will begin as quickly as possible.

During some very frustrating days earlier this month... about February 8th ~ I asked the Council of Love to please give me some clue as to when we could expect some powerful evidence in the open on the MSM TV channels. Something that would inevitably lead us forward towards Full Disclosure and The Event. I was given the timeframe of three and a half weeks then and concluded that something was about to ‘give’ between March 3rd and 4th.

I was not allowed to get any more exact information and I have finally learned to stop speculating at this point in time. So let’s see if something unexpected takes place on those dates.

Advice From Spirit for the Time of the Event

In my pictorial I Ching book I am led to the heading ‘After the End brings progress in small matters’…

I think that this is referring to the first week after Compression Breakthrough.

There will be days of silence. You need to understand this. There won’t be any media initially telling you exactly what’s going on. There won’t be any Internet. At a necessary time... planned many decades ago... some information will be made available to bring calmness to the situation... we will for a while be mainly concerned about basic everyday concerns such as food, mutual caring of those in need etc.

In fact this will most certainly be a time ~ when we will experience a wondrous feeling of calmness ~ relaxation ~ a ‘letting go’ experience unlike no other time. We can finally let go of all the researching ~ all of the searching for details about what’s going on now. We won’t know exactly what’s taking place and that will be fine. All that we need to know is that EVERYTHING POSSIBLE IN THE WAY OF NEEDS HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.

But you say, “how will I know what to do” ~ “should I remain indoors at this time” ~ “will it be safe to go outside”. I will repeat what I have said many times before. The entire Company of Heaven ~ all of those Angelic Beings and Goddess Beings and Galactic Light Beings will be in attendance at this time for everyone ~ guiding everyone ~ we will just know inherently what we should or shouldn’t do.

In all honesty I’m looking forward to a comforting rest in those initial days.

You should now only concern yourself with doing the best that you possibly can under the circumstances. Leave the control of the situation to others. Others who have been waiting for this time for their experience ~ knowledge ~ gifts ~ and Love to be utilized to the full. They will know exactly what they should be doing.

Never before will remaining in close touch with your ♥️ space be more useful. If there’s something that you ought to do, you will no doubt while relaxing, see a clear idea of how you go about whatever it is you might be considering. A clear vision that will make it all seem crystal clear and easy to perform. And you will have no doubt.



“Self-control and attention to detail are the character traits that will allow you to accomplish your aims. Adhere to safe, pre-established roles at this time.”

It is suggested that we remain in a place of HARMONY at this special time. Harmonious movement ~ or stillness ~ is the ability to go with the Flow of the existing energies. We have no need to push the river, just experience and follow its flow. That’s how we discover the magic of life. We miss that magical flow when we remain in our heads and lose contact with our feelings ~ with our bodies ~ with our needs. Whenever you do not know what to do ~ stop ~ breathe some deep long breaths ~ listen ~ feel and then if action of some kind is necessary you will know.

How we behave both at the time of Compression Breakthrough and the ensuing months after the fact, demands our ability to be able to DISCRIMINATE between what is ~ what feels ~ superior or inferior action at any given time.

A Time of Confusion

It will be a time of great confusion. The requirements of each individual will be unique. One thing that you might consider now is that your role of spreading truth in one form or another will be over! Yes it will be over.

The Resistance Movement have such detailed plans, of how fast and how detailed and how much truth that they can release at any given time, so that humanity / the unawakened are allowed to digest the truth with pauses in between. If somebody is ready to discover a website such as this one, then they will discover it at the perfect time.

The new role of the Lightworker will be varied indeed. We should never ever underestimate the role of the listener. That may very well be your main role to begin with. We will no doubt have to listen to the anger, the rage even, the shocked outrage of people discovering that their whole existence has been totally controlled even beyond death.

You don’t need me to remind you of why they will be angry. First, they will be in shock, if they can cry it will be a saving grace, but eventually they will need to get angry to leave their depressed sad state. The time needed for this grieving process will vary in time from 6 months to 2 years.

Some among you will have a great ability to listen ~ truly just be there and listen ~ and when the tears have subsided, you will be able to encourage them to move forward and focus upon the Joy and the Light and the Love that will now grow upon Gaia between the people.


PS: I will be adding some inspiring ideas for our future in the coming days and they will be found on the webpage Latest Additions and be visible under the heading ‘Latest Articles on Veritas’ top of this page.


# 349 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *





# 348 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Antichrist ~ Related Links ~ See # 347

26th February 2021

TZ here; For those who might feel the need to investigate this information in # 347 in a more in depth way I am providing more information that was provided by the RM = Resistance Movement via Cobra last year.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Their plan has three phases: a) release the virus, b) crash the economy, c) depopulate.

Third phase will never happen so we do not need to go into details, second phase will have limited effects and we will now look more into the details of the first phase of their plan.

This plan was finalized by Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and others on a meeting in Manhattan in 2009:


Actual creation of the virus was an international cooperation of labs in USA, Canada and China, with final phases of the virus creation being done in Wuhan:





Wuhan biolab connection is something China wants to suppress:



According to sources, the actual creation of the virus involved teams under supervision of Bill Gates. Frank Plummer, a former director of Canadian biolab which was involved in the creation of the virus, was directly involved in the creation of the virus himself, was a MK-Ultra controlled victim of the Cabal, was developing the virus against his will and was killed by the Cabal before he could talk too much:



Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Orsini black nobility family is the main force behind pandemics since medieval times when they have engineered the black plague, and also the main force behind vaccination programs.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and George Soros, together with certain people at the top levels of Chinese government are their main minions who made the pandemic and lockdowns possible:



To prepare the terrain for the Jesuit version of the Great Reset, which is presented by the Jesuit-educated Klaus Schwab here:


Jesuits lack creativity, and the only thing they managed to do is to steal the idea and to plan for the inverted version of the positive financial Reset:



Jesuit, Rothschild and Rockefeller factions have made trilateral agreements to join forces in their plans:


Nevertheless, the negative Great Reset will NOT be successful:



Although their plans will come very close to actually manifesting:






# 347 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *




26th February 2021

Therese Z Sumner


Today is the 2nd March 2021 and I have decided that I need to say in very specific and clear words what you are about to read about.

The end results ~ the very reason that you are being provided with mRNA so called vaccines is for no other reason than to turn your body into a virus producing machine. This is how they will continue to spread the virus. Eventually those foreign mRNA substances will multiply in your body along with the continual natural process of new cells being created. One day the foreign mRNA will transform into a foreign corona protein. Suddenly you will be a walking corona virus factory dangerously contagious to everyone you meet.

The Face of the Antichrist is the person known to us as Bill Gates. This person is NOT a human being. This person is an incarnated demon. Demons have no feelings whatsoever. They are just evil. This Antichrist has singlehandedly developed the plans to destroy humanity. Our DNA which is our DIVINITY – the Divine code in our cells that uses messenger RNA {mRNA} to create the human body - is at stake here. This plan - this insidious evil horrific plan to send a foreign mRNA into our bodies is the work of no other than the Devil – the Antichrist. He has succeeded.

You need to stand up and start screaming from the rooftops everywhere that this is the destruction of the human race that is taking place before our very eyes.

Why has there not been anyone on the MSM even questioning what these so called mRNA vaccines are? I for one did not truly understand the whole evil plan until yesterday. Yes, I have written out the warning video transcript about mRNA from Dr Louise Lagendijk in # 333. There we learned that this will cause Auto-Immune responses - the body attacking itself.  But it was yesterday that the pieces finally fell into place. The complete understanding of the evil plan. Now this morning I have been Guided to write what I have just said.

The following is what I began writing to you last night

I have to begin by saying. that I spoke too soon in my Heart to Heart message! # 345. There, I said that we all knew everything about the darkness and more! I was VERY wrong, and I discovered that when I took the time some hours ago to study a short video which was part of a mail update from James Gilliland. The link to that video was posted directly as the # 000 link {top of page} that I provided on Thursday the 25th. Its rather strange that I decided to call the # 000. Zero to me is the Divine number in Numerology. And strangely enough in this short message of 13 minutes the gentleman speaking explains about our DNA in such a beautiful way as being our Divinity – our Godliness and how ‘little Billy Gates’ whose father and grandfathers were both eugenicists, has found a way to interfere in the God Gene and destroy it.

This is what I learned in that video:

The Moderna Vaccine company was founded by Anthony Fauci. It {Moderna Vaccine} like the Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA vaccine. However on the Moderna website it’s not described as a vaccine but as ‘an operating system’ {operating system like the one in your telephone with nanotechnology etc}. For a nano element {silicon} to be fooled into ‘sticking’ to a human cell structure requires a very pure form of human cells thus the use of embryonic foetal human tissue cells in vaccines.

Also to recreate the corona virus one needs 4 proteins. 4 different mRNA substances. These cannot be administered in the ONE vaccine that’s why there are 2 injections. The first injection includes 1 protein in the form of corona mRNA. The second one the other three proteins also in the form of mRNA. A normal vaccine uses spike proteins from whatever substance one desires the immune system to react to. This is NOT A VACCINE! This is genetic wholesale murder and destruction of the human body DNA.

Once these foreign mRNA protein substances are injected into your cells there is NO-WAY BACK. Do you understand?

The sum result of this technology when the mRNA transfers to becoming corona proteins inside your cells = YOUR BODY BECOMES A VIRUS PRODUCING FACTORY NON STOP – IN OTHER WORDS YOU BECOME LIKE A ZOMBIE.

You would be extremely dangerous and contagious to everyone that came close to you. You would be avoided at all costs.

During this video the gentleman relating this info is talking about this subject to a friend via a link. His friend took the time to check out the CDC site thoroughly and low and behold the CDC site has a special ZOMBIE PREPAREDNESS PAGE.

Why would the CDC be providing Zombie Preparedness information? This might sound mad and funny but its far from that. Its very real. The plan behind the mRNA so called vaccines is to produce Zombies. Why? Well you go figure that one out!

Here is the link to the CDC Zombie Preparedness page.

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse


In case you might not know the CDC is a deep state cabal website - nothing else.

I found the following on the Moderna Company Wikipedia info about the Moderna vaccine

“It is a novel technique, previously abandoned because of the side effects of inserting mRNA into cells.”

In March 2013, Moderna and AstraZeneca signed a five-year exclusive option agreement to discover, develop, and commercialize mRNA for treatments in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular, metabolic, and renal diseases, and selected targets for cancer.[11][25][26] The agreement included a $240 million upfront payment to Moderna, a payment that was "one of the largest ever initial payments in a pharmaceutical industry licensing deal that does not involve a drug already being tested in clinical trials",[25] and an 8% share in Moderna.[24] As of May 2020, only one candidate has passed Phase I trials, a treatment for myocardial ischemia, labelled AZD8601.[a][28]

In January 2014, Moderna and Alexion Pharmaceuticals entered a $125 million deal for orphan diseases in need of therapies. Alexion paid Moderna $100 million for 10 product options to develop rare-disease treatments, including for Crigler-Najjar syndrome, using Moderna's mRNA therapeutics platform.[29]

By 2016, Bancel told an audience of JPMorgan Chase investors that the work with Alexion would shortly enter human trials. However, by 2017, the program with Alexion had been scrapped as the animal trials showed that Moderna's treatment would never be safe enough for use in humans.[11][13]

In February 2016, an op-ed in Nature criticized Moderna for not publishing any peer-reviewed papers on its technology, unlike most other emerging and established biotech companies, and compared its approach to that of the controversially failed Theranos.[30]

In September 2018, Thrillist published an article titled, "Why This Secretive Tech Start-Up Could Be The Next Theranos",[31] criticizing its reputation for secrecy and the absence of scientific validation or independent peer-review of its research, though having the highest valuation of any U.S. private biotech company at more than $5 billion.[11][12]

A former Moderna scientist told Stat: "It's a case of the emperor's new clothes. They're running an investment firm, and then hopefully it also develops a drug that's successful".[11]


*** Finally a video that was deleted and finally resurfaced about the Antichrist – Bill Gates


*** Who Controls Bill Gates? See this to have a clear picture between Starbucks, Monsanto, Bayer etc:

Brilliant synopsis ~ highly recommeded.



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The JOY of Community


Therese Z Sumner


25th February 2021


Readers who have been following this blog for a few years will know that we were informed approximately 2:5 years ago that Angelic Beings in large numbers had now joined us here around the surface of Gaia.

One year later we were told that Archangelic Beings had also come here to join with the first arriving Angelic’s. I have mentioned this fact time and time again.

Now we have real evidence of this fact.

When we meditated on December 21st, 202,  on the 3rd and final Age of Aquarius Activation, we were surrounded by all of these Angelic’s. Then later Cobra informed us that the result of this Community effort brought about the subsequent beginning of the clearing up of the dark matrix energies.

“Our activation was a huge success; we have reached the critical mass many times over with about 400,000 people participating in the meditation…

From then on, clearing of the primary anomaly on the surface of this planet is taking place.

The Light Forces have also managed to anchor pure Light on the surface of the planet for the first time since 1996.

Many Light Beings and Goddesses were present in their energy bodies around people meditating, and they have managed to take a quite detailed sample of the Matrix structure.

With greater understanding of the quantum structure of the Matrix, they are now removing exotic quantum dark technologies with full speed.”

I wrote these words as an introduction to these two videos below, both are from the clearing of energies in Dublin Ireland where I grew up. The first is about an hour long and shows on the left hand side of the camera view the building called the Four Courts which is the main Dublin courthouse. To the right we see the view down along the river Liffey which runs through Dublin. Those familiar with the city will need to understand that O Connell Street which is the main street in the city is further down the Liffey towards the right.


The second video which I saw first today seems to have zoomed in closer to the view on the right hand side of the longer video. However the advantage here is that you can clearly see the many Angelic beings when the camera zooms in close. Enjoy!!!


PS: I would like to say that some of the comments made in the videos have no basis in reality and serve only to confuse. But remarkable videos!

Also ~ in case you have not seen it # 325 shows this activity in the Hague Holland.


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Heart ️ to Heart ♥


24th February 2021


Thérèse Z Sumner


I want to share with you exactly what’s on my mind and in my heart at present.

For various reasons I have found myself diving very deeply into the matrix structure in recent weeks. Normally I would not have been listening to so many videos of alternative celebrities discussing this that and the other. I discovered many inconsistencies. I was left questioning all kinds of things regarding truth and lies and manipulation. Who is who in the alternative world? Who is real Light and who is false light?

I can now say that I truly believe that I know the answers to those questions. Without having a background where I have followed Cobra’s blog info religiously since April 2012, I don’t imagine that I would have the knowledge to recognize truth from lies on the internet. Of course I have also had to go through a visit to hell and return, a couple of times myself, to gain a much deeper awareness of who might be manipulating who and why at a deeper level. These Jesuits! Yeah ~ they have truly been masters of deception big time.

After the Event the world is going to learn so much truth about how these Jesuit imposters, about how their ‘work’ and fame led humanity astray in one area after another. Wow are they going to be surprised.

You will of course understand that because they are masters of deception, they have in NO WAY forgotten to keep in tune with what the true Light community is revealing. No way! No ~ they know it all!! They always make sure that they are also leading the way into the future. They have so many clever people doing the job of being our saviours one more time in every area imaginable.

This is where I am now in my heart ♥️.

I am so so tired of all of this sharing of information. I really don’t give two hoots any longer about reading about the latest sad stories of how the masks increase the risk of being infected, {truth}, or that the PCR tests are spreading nano technology, {truth} or that an actor is playing Biden’s role {not true ~ he’s doing a good job himself of playing the role of president} etc.

I’m tired ~ so very tired of all of it! X 100.

It will all be over soon so who gives a - - - -. {Choose your own four letter word}.

You have to be able to swear now and again to survive living in the matrix.

Where are you going?

What are your plans for the time beyond the Event?

What bright visions do you have to focus upon daily now because THATS WHERE OUR FOCUS NEEDS TO BE.

Let’s leave the digging for the latest news doing the rounds to those that are newly awakening. We’ve heard IT ALL. We have heard it all and MORE.



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The State of the Matrix


This photograph of a torn and broken net is a very good reminder of our situation.

The Matrix ~ Web ~ Net ~ Veil ~ or more correctly the electromagnetic fence that has surrounded this planet and kept us at a distance from our Galactic Family and the rest of the Universe for so long is in a sorry state.

Nor can it be mended.




Short Message


17th February 2021


The intensity of the past three weeks writing, also focused upon keeping abridge of both alternative and msm here and abroad, is beginning to take its toll on my balance and energy.


I need to pause.

I need to reset.

I will get back to my readers here earliest Monday February 22nd.


Thérèse Z


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Thérèse Z here; In these exciting final days prior to the greatest ever change imaginable taking place, I see that there will be much truth brought to the surface and the subject of NESARA GESARA will be widely discussed. So I have decided to repost several of the many articles that I have written about this subject over the years. I wrote the following article in August of 2019. I have decided to create a page on the website for this subject matter. So after this introduction below you can read the full article on the new NESARA ~ GESARA page linked here.

The Event ~ NESARA ~ GESARA ~ The Reval ~ The Reset ~ The New Financial System ~ Saint Germain


Therese Zumi Sumner

The term NESARA has been familiar to many of you for many years. This term was the only one used originally but as this term explains the return of money to the people and concerns the USA the term GESARA was introduced ~ G for global. Many are continually upset about the old financial system still being in place, believing some of the regular reports from people speculating that there will be some announcement soon from someone like Trump or the head of the international Monetary Fund to say that the old system will now be replaced by the new!! For the very last time I write what I have written for the past 7 years in so many articles. The old financial system will be shut down completely at the time of The Event and replaced within a time period of approximately one week by the New Financial System.


I must add that not all info available about the Re-set of the financial system is completely reliable.  Some have placed a lot of focus on ‘things-papers etc.’ that need to be organised in readiness to receive what we are due when the day has come. This information concerns the USA and things like Constitutional Law, elections, banking laws etc.  When I have browsed these articles I have reflected over the fact that this seems to only concern the USA which of course is far from the truth and the changes in banking, government, law etc. will occur worldwide and plans for this have been in place for 40 years at least.

To Continue reading; https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/bigger-picture/nesara-gesara


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An Idea Came to Me


Tuesday 16th February 2021


Thérèse Z here; There is a humongous cleansing taking place right now all over our planet. Before I say any more about this cleansing process a short reminder of how the deep state controllers simultaneously continue to expand the removal of our freedom.

This removal of freedom is very clear in some countries now for quite a while. Here you can see a visual map with animation that shows the development of lockdowns worldwide for over one year from January 24th, 2020 up to February 2nd, 2021. Take a look at this animation map!


A good friend reminded me this morning what the actual exact translation of the letters COVID really means Certificate Of Vaccine ID. She went on to write the following...

A short list of the rights that we still had one year ago but no longer have.

The right to travel

The right to gather

The right to pray

Right to education

Right to work

Right to a healthy private life

She points out that if we don’t get these rights back soon, we might lose them altogether.

So you and I are well aware of the fact, that the goal for our controllers is that we are all provided with a COVID a certificate of vaccine ID, that will essentially control our every move, what we can or cannot buy, if we are allowed to visit restaurants, cinemas, food stores, yeah... the list is endless. A pure dystopian society is the plan where currency currently in use will be replaced by a digital system that they control. That is to say THEIR IDEA OF A GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET.

Do you not find that some of the current ongoing discussions in the alternative media are way too much focused upon a period of time ahead of us, when things are likely to get much worse? Some people are discussing the eventual return of President Trump {still the officially recognized POTUS}. They mention in those discussions how a likely 3rd political centrist type party will emerge and come back in the 2022 elections.

As far as I’m concerned, and from what I can clearly see taking place ~ the NWO ~ New World Order plans are about to go down the drain!

They are not going to succeed in creating a dystopian society and continue to remove all of our freedom.

They will NEVER be allowed to either take down the current financial system and bring in their version!

I have just decided that it might be a good time to give a reminder about the connection between the GCR = Global Currency Rest and The Event. So I will do a repost of that information tomorrow for those newer readers that may not be fully aware of the details here. 


There is a very special group of people who have knowledge beyond that known to mankind.

This group is working on OUR SIDE.

This group will eventually present themselves to mankind after the Transition.

For now they must remain anonymous.

All of those dark dark bases around the planet. All of the locations both above and below surface where humans have been held in captivity for so many nefarious reasons... the Resistance Movement began clearing some of them away about two years ago {you might recall those 2 huge ocean liners that Donald Trump referred to anonymously ~ one parked off the west coast and one near Washington DC ~ used in rescue operations} rescuing and bringing children and adolescents to safety and beginning their long journey towards healing. This process has been ongoing at the quickest possible and safest rate. This process I am told is now almost complete.

Besides toplet bombs I would imagine that the safety of these hostages has also been an integral part of deciding when the Transition can take place. If it took place too early there was a risk that the ‘demons’ might sacrifice these souls in retaliation knowing that the end was near.

An Idea

You know the post I made recently #  336  below about how we can declare, decree and command that evil is removed from this or that place, buildings and so forth.

Well some days ago I felt inspired to begin to decree the entire removal of all evil and darkness on every timeline and dimension past present and future from the entire planet.

What does that mean. That means I am decreeing that it’s time for The Event that it’s time for Compression Breakthrough.

Would you like to join with me in doing the same?

Goodness me how wonderful if there were hundreds of us maybe even thousands commanding the arrival of The Event.

I think that it is truly high time for that now.

The preparations for the Transition are now taking place at high speed everywhere on this planet.

Hope that you will join me in this final Mission Ignition.



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Therese Z Sumner

15th February 2021


At the beginning of this video James G says about Mel K ”I follow the questioning that she does and its like were on the same wavelength“ ~ which is exactly my feeling with this girl. {no clue what age she is but I feel girl ~ young woman} I posted a video where she was questioned about many subjects on Latest Additions page # 41. I discovered 5 days ago on Feb 9th that its been taken down! I was wondering about what might have been said there that prompted ‘them’ to remove it. Then I recalled that she literally read the text of the end of Trumps speech on January 6th where he asked the people to walk peacefully over to the Capitol etc. His venue was one mile away from the Capitol and was as you already know, in no way connected with what took place. In fact he was still speaking for 25 minutes beyond the storming of the Capitol not aware of what was taking place. So I believe that those words from Trumps speech that Mel quoted was what had that video removed. And on that note ... this will most likely be taken down too. So I suggest that you listen now!

Mel K - As You Wish Talk Radio - EPIC Mel K Truth Bombs!




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Horrific Darkness in Washington DC


14th February 2021


Therese Z Sumner


A couple of hours ago a letter / update was brought to my attention. It concerns the reasons why we have seen fencing around the White House and construction going on inside the fenced area. Very soon this information will be spreading all around the Internet. That is why I have decided to investigate the details in this message with My Guides from the Council of Love. I am being advised to provide some comments on this information as to what is true and what is mere speculation at this point.

What is true!

It is true that tunnels situated below the White House have revealed horrific unbelievable darkness.

They have found the bodies of thousands of children. Most of them were dead bodies and some were still alive. My Guides say that approximately 10% were discovered to be alive.

I have decided not to write any details here as to how these humans had been treated.

It would seem to be the truth that these tunnels were built by George HW Bush. I will add here that he is one of the 4 beings known as the ‘unholy four’ by the Resistance Movement. The other three beings are Heinz Kissinger, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. They were the only four beings from the surface of the planet to actually come into contact with the Chimera group.

It would seem that many have noticed busses, vans, cars etc. going in and out of the White House area recently.

What is NOT true!

According to this update the perpetrators of these horrific crimes have already been arrested, given tribunals, executed or imprisoned for life! NO TRUTH HERE!

In fact the rest of this letter/update is pure fiction and speculation.

This type of blogger would do anything to be the first person telling all of the details and wrapping up the whole story way into the future when in fact they know nothing at all!

No doubt we will soon hear all of the ‘experts’ who know nothing but claim to know everything speculating wildly about this information. They will be naming every suspect that they can figure out might have been involved and declare these people to be guilty without real knowledge of the facts. There will be the usual scapegoating big time.

What I would like to kindly ask my readers here is to please take any speculative type of information about these discoveries with a large piece of salt.

I have been guided to say that we will NOT KNOW the real truth behind this horrific information until after The Event.

Once again, I have to sound like that woodpecker who keeps repeating his message.

Here are Cobra’s own words;  

Both mainstream and alternative media are almost completely taken over by disinfo, and blindly following outside sources can only lead to disappointment.


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TZ here; I wrote this article below exactly six years ago last week on Feb 5th. I had no idea then just how long this process of taking down the Veil would take. Thank Goodness for that! The strides that we have made in the past year to this end despite the ENDTIME MADNESS of the scamdemic taking place simultaneously, have been nothing short of magnificent. If you would like more evidence of the strides forward in recent times, I can direct you to read # 263 from 1st October 2020 ‘One Final Synopsis of Our Liberation Story’ further down this main blog page which gives many such details. Besides those details there is total information silence right now from the Resistance Movement and this can be no other way for the safety of everyone and the realisation of the Master Plan!

Before I let you read this six year old repost, I will remind you that you can find the link to the original place here on Veritas from where this article is found just below this article. There on that page you can find a list top right to a host of other fascinating articles that you might not have read earlier and that you may find to be of special interest.

See Info about this picture below this article


At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states. 

“The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters.

The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.

The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.

The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.”

We all have to realise the power we own as Creators being as we are One with Source. We each and every one of us has free will. When you decide upon something that you wish to manifest you must first make a decision {here a good thing to do is write down that decision on some paper and make three copies of this which you keep somewhere.} Next phase is to focus on that goal whatever it might be ~ envisioning ~ feeling ~ how that goal will be when it’s a part of your reality. The third phase is actually doing something physically to move in the direction of that goal.

I’m explaining this so that you will be reminded that your decision to have this Net/Veil/Web/Matrix removed once and for all ~ that the electromagnetic scalar fence around this planet which is controlling our existence totally is finally destroyed completely very shortly.

Let The One now know of your desire to actually ‘feel’ ‘experience’ this happening soon. That will be immediately followed by The Event. Let Source know your decision about this ~ write it down three times ~ focus on the amazing astoundingly beautiful pristine clean Gaia which we will immediately start to bring into being after The Event ~ and then do ANYTHING that you can imagine that will bring this into reality as soon as possible. Every single action that every single person does, whether it be the spreading of information, or taking part in the weekly liberation meditation as that Pillar of Light that you are ~ FEEL that creative power that you own as the spiritual Being that you are, or doing some grid work, or whatever you can think of, the more the merrier and the quicker we will be there.

Love and Light Therese Zumi ~ Lets do this now!!



The image used here is the photograph taken by Cobra when he was given the opportunity to travel beyond the Veil about a year ago. You can see the passenger plane flying below. Travelling beyond the veil into outer space will be a luxury that many will enjoy after the Event. There will of course not be any veil our skies will look different.  




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Linda Dillon: Jesus Sananda on Truth and Love

11th February 2021

Therese Z Sumner

Jesus Sananda speaks of what is truth and encourages us to speak the words of truth which “must” be heard through the emotion and actions of Love during this time of the shift.

I am Jesus. I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, brother of your heart and brother of your soul. And, yes, I come forth this day simply to hold you, to walk and to be with you, to encourage you.

The words of truth must be heard. Now very seldom either in or out of form will you hear us use that word “must.” I use it this day to indicate to you that rapidity of the changes that are taking place, the benchmarks and the catalysts. And the catalysts, dear friend, for the completion of this shift are the words of truth and the emotion and actions of Love. What else is there?

When I have walked the Earth as Jeshua, and you have walked with me, I dare say that my words were not always popular. And they certainly weren’t always politically correct. And there were times when either my Mother or The Magdalena, my beloved one, would say to me “Can’t you just keep your mouth shut?” And sometimes I would even say it to myself, but I couldn’t because that was why I walked the Earth. It was to talk about the truth. And the truth wasn’t about war or money or greed or lust, political hierarchies or biblical hierarchies – it was about Love. It was about healing through Love. It was about sharing with Love. It was about tearing down the old and allowing the new to emerge. And, my beloved ones, that is exactly what you are doing. And how you do that is through the speaking of truth.

Now truth is always, always tempered with compassion. I have observed some people on your human plane, and they say, “Well it’s only the truth;” and it is so cruel. That is not what truth is. Truth is a reaching out. It is looking at the divinity. It is looking at the mirror in the person who is so unlike you and looking at that mirror until you see clearly that you are looking at me, you are looking at you, and you are looking at All. This shift is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is not about who has the best information. It is about Love. It has never changed.

So what I ask of you, my brothers and sisters, I ask for you to join with me and to let me join with you – during this time together in Love – to let all the self-criticisms go, to let all the judgment go, and to allow yourself to be who you are because I know you. And I know what you are capable of, and I know what you are capable of creating. Often you will underestimate yourself, but I never underestimate you. You have held the center for so long, you will not give up now. So I welcome you, and I ask of you: Let the truth flow. Let go of your mind and your ego, and let the truth flow.

Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at https://counciloflove.com/copyright-notice/]


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Cobra Update ~ 8th February 2021


Translation of this message is;

"The Rise of Red Dragon" or "Raise the Red Dragon"

I am Guided to say that the first interpretation on the left is the most appropriate translation TZ


# 336  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Calling All Lightworkers It’s High Time Friends to Speed up This Event ~ Lets Do IT!


8th February 2021


Therese Z here; I recently came across these declarations here below that I used about 6 years ago when doing some energy work at that time.

It occurred to me that now was the perfect time to share this information with all true Lightworkers who may wish to play their part in the final pre~Event cleansing on Gaia. As you have heard the Angelic’s and Goddesses are very busy doing energetic work on the Matrix structure at this time. See # 335 Therefore you can assist by calling Them to particular places that you might be aware of needing extra cleaning now in the localities in the vicinity of where you live on the planet.

I {insert your name here} call upon my own I AM Presence – Source – the  Galactic  Confederation – Our Planetary Archangel Gaia – the Angelic Kingdom – The Archangelic Kingdom – All Ascended Beings and Goddesses of Light and in Our Name I now declare and decree and command that all evil and imbalanced energies be removed – cancelled – driven away – transformed and healed from

{here you can place the name of any building – village – town – city – corporation etc. that you would choose to have cleansed in readiness for the Event}

This same declaration can be used to heal all Goddess vortexes – churches – temples etc. wherever you choose.

You then ask – declare the following;

I now declare and decree and command that all dark energies be removed in {the area / place of your choice} and all the surrounding areas and that this is now accomplished on all timelines, past - present and future and on all dimensions and on all planes fully and completely into eternity.

This is the will of Source and therefore it is law and SO IT IS - X 3


Sweden is waking up way too slowly compared to the rest of Europe where we see people demonstrating against restrictions. I have explained the ‘lagom’ way of doing things by the powers that be in Sweden just so that we don’t wake up in # 331.

Please feel free to translate and spread the above information / declarations on your facebook blogs (mine is cancelled since last May 2020). Namaste Therese Z


# 335  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Some Positive Signs

8th February 2021


Thérèse Zumi Sumner


Some years ago we were informed by the Resistance Movement that the Chimera group worshipped the Black Sun which is their name for the Galactic Central Sun. Other satanic and luciferian groups also worship the Black Sun. Yesterday I viewed a video recording made by Gina Maria the South African lady who has made people aware of the Plasma Beings now being discovered on these web cameras around the world.

What we have been seeing are Angelic Beings working {see details of their work below} upon the deconstruction of the structure of the Veil ~ the Matrix in places like The Hague Holland, Stockholm, Dublin etc. Indeed and of course worldwide.

Here is a quote from an update from The Portal that Cobra gave on December 28th, 2020 approximately five weeks ago.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Report

“Our activation was a huge success; we have reached the critical mass many times over with about 400,000 people participating in the meditation.

…Many people meditating have felt this pulse, and it has brought instantaneous emotional and spiritual, and sometimes even physical healing to some people. Many traumatic events were erased from the energy fields of certain Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, and huge healing of the heart took place.

From then on, clearing of the primary anomaly on the surface of this planet is taking place.

The Light Forces have also managed to anchor pure Light on the surface of the planet for the first time since 1996. Many Light beings and goddesses were present in their energy bodies around people meditating, and they have managed to take a quite detailed sample of the Matrix structure. With greater understanding of the quantum structure of the Matrix, they are now removing exotic quantum dark technologies with full speed. They have also begun with gradual clearing of the implants of the surface humanity, and you can help them in this process with implant removal techniques mentioned here:


And here:"


TZ again; The latest recording that I saw yesterday is from a web camera in Russia recorded on February 4th. It shows a Black Sun moving across the sky simultaneously with our sun’s movements in the late afternoon.


So what is this? What’s happening? This is what I believe, and my Guides are suggesting is very close to the truth.

Press Image to Enlarge

About 20 years ago several huge motherships (15 I’m told) placed themselves into position close to our sun with the intention of protecting us from the strong activity of our sun at this time. Without the presence of these ships we would all of us have been fried to cinders long ago. I believe that one of these motherships has now ‘presented’ itself as a Black Sun by using black coloured shielding that makes it appear as a Black Sun. Sometime last summer I took several photographs of the sun with my telephone and low and behold I had managed to capture three of these enormous motherships on camera too. Here is one of those photographs!

So why is the Galactic Confederation doing this now? There will be much speculation. For one the subject of Nibiru returns {old fables die hard}. There is no such thing as Nibiru {a mathematical miscalculation by Zecharia Sitchin} and NOTHING is about to crash into earth. No doubt there will be other speculation of a kind that make claim that this is something that our dark controllers have created! No way!

They no longer have the capabilities to create anything of this kind!

So I am going to suggest that the most feasible reason for this Black Sun to be revealed right now is to send a message to the ‘controllers’ that their time is up.

On February 2019 – exactly 2 years ago we were informed the following on the ‘Bubbles of Heaven’ part two update.

“The purpose of this update is to provide clarifications of the Bubbles of Heaven article to the surface population.

First, the six phases of a phase transition will be explained in more detail. Each of those phases is a complete stage of a planetary Ascension process and is estimated to last somewhere between a few months to a few years. This is as close as you will ever get to an answer to your question “when will the Event happen?”, on this blog.”

TZ again; I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the fact that we are in the so called nucleation phase or phase three of the Bubbles of Heaven development of the Return of the Light to earth. This is the phase as you all know that culminates in The Event. We entered into this phase in January 2019.

The third phase of phase transition is called Bubble Elevation phase. This phase sees the thermal flux from the Galactic Central Sun rising exponentially, with more and more Bubbles of Heaven actively forming and matrix society actively collapsing, until the thermal flux peaks at the moment of the Event.

The moment of the Event is the moment of critical thermal flux, the matrix society collapses, the Contact is made, the entropic elements of the old society are swiftly removed, and we enter into the fourth phase.”

TZ again; We are moving very swiftly towards this peaking of the thermal flux now.

Other Interesting Phenomena Right Now

Construction at White House

There is some kind of construction taking place in close proximity to the White House. Here speculation runs wild too. I have seen a comment suggesting that this construction might be a place for executions!! It seems to be in the shape of some kind of podium like those built outdoors for rock concerts. I don’t think that they are planning on holding any rock concerts there in the near future. ;-). My guess is that it might be used at some point for some kind of information deliverance.

Trump on Air Force One

I saw an image the other day of Trump about to descend the steps of the Airforce One Jet upon arrival in Florida. One could clearly see the ‘President of the United States’ signum on the side. Biden continues to travel around on a private jet. I believe that this photograph of Trump was taken on January 31st and that it’s the real deal. This has to be a very clear indication of the truth of the situation.

A Dear Swedish Friends Discovery

Some days ago my friend was lying down relaxing after a long day’s work. She suddenly felt a strong indication that she should open an app to one of the major daily newspapers here in Sweden. Directly she notices an article giving an in depth report about the extensive work achieved by Donald Trump to rid the USA of paedophiles. She was interrupted and had to leave her study of this article after only seeing 50%. Later when she had the opportunity, she reopened the app and the article had been removed. It was not retriable! So some brave Swedish journalist attempted to bring forth some truth! No doubt he/she has been thoroughly warned!

PS: Please feel free to spread this information far and wide TZ. If you do choose to share this update please also provide a direct link to this page and the # 335 


# 334  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Something More to Ponder Over


Sunday the 7th February 2021

Revised see Green *** to day 9th February 2021

Thérèse Z Sumner


As you are all aware, we are in the midst of a war on this planet. Many years ago we were informed by the Resistance Movement that in the final days of the war the various deep state ~ worldwide cabal groups ~ like the Black Nobility Family Illuminati or the Rothschilds or the Rockefeller’s etc. would be “throwing one another under the bus” so to speak. {8th Feb additonal info here... it is the Black Nobility Families along with the Jesuits who will be throwing the Rothschilds and Rockefellers under the bus who in turn will use scapegoats as described in this article.}

I am writing this article based upon my own observations, my own research and my own feelings. I was watching a recent video where Sasha Stone interviews someone called Charlie Freak. I had never heard of the guy but quite frankly there are a great many ‘famous’ internet bloggers that I am not familiar with due to lack of time.

When I listened to this interview I was saddened and sickened once again, to among other things, hear the deeply defamatory comments about B Obama. Cobra always warned us right from the start that there would be no French Revolution allowed by the Light Alliance this time. Marie Antoinette was familiar with the Goddess mysteries and befriended by no other than Saint Germain who was visiting her as the Count of Saint Germain shortly before she was executed in front of the mob. At that time the Jesuits used the French court as scapegoats to be able to continue controlling humanity in every way under the sun which they have managed to do extremely well for 500 years plus.

There have always been scapegoats. If the mob were allowed to publicly hang people today who do you think they might gather together to spit upon and hang publicly. Think about it?

Many worldwide players have been lured into satanic beliefs and practices until they then ended up hopelessly lost in that world. If you are a lost player in such a world and there is someone there who is also like you completely controlled ~ another deep state puppet ~ but one who refuses to become involved in these sick practices, and that someone knows the truth about what you have been up to, might not you consider blackening that ‘holier’ persons character and name to save yourself in anger because he / she doesnt back down and agree to totally immense themselves in the mire? You might have them take the fall and be the scapegoat?

What I am going to say and it’s not for the first time, is that I believe that Barack Obama is one such a scapegoat. I am aware that possibly as many as 80% of my readers will be disappointed in me for these ideas. The claims that I am making in this article will be both confusing and even crazy to many. Frankly I’m not concerned whether or not you find truth in what I am saying. Make up your own mind.

Are you aware of the fact that the satanic black nobility family groups despise true love? They fear true love relationships. True love from the heart is of great danger to their practices.

The core Jesuit group have done everything in their power to damage true loving relationships on this planet. Using among other weapons like the Roman Catholic Church rules and regulations with its sins, and shame and guilt ‘mea culpa’, which it suddenly occurs to me they have translated into the children’s film the minions {who love to be the slaves of others}, Hollywood programming, pornography, etc. {The other day on Swedish tv a young man was interviewed about his investigations into the ‘expectations’ of young men today when involved in a sexual relationship. He claimed that one of the more fashionable methods of seduction and excitement widely spoken about was the strangulation method of exciting someone sexually... which I think says it all!!!} Indeed the methods that have been used to remove the chances of true love developing on this planet are way too many to mention and will eventually become known to mankind.

In my mind I believe that Michelle and Barack Obama have a deep and abiding love and respect for one another that has carried them through the darkness that is continually pressing in upon them from all sides. It is my hope that they will not have to wait too much longer to have their names cleared.

REVISED 9th February ***

Here are some of the extremely defaming character destroying false accusations used to describe Barack Obama word for word from this video...

He is described as being “so depraved beyond description and there’s no hope for his resurrection”.

Before I continue, I’m wondering if Charlie Freak has been designated by God as the representative of Divine Justice and Truth because his followers who see him as a guru seem to believe that he has that ability?

{False Accusation} He was passed around as a sex toy – a sodomised sexual toy - in this sick group of the ruling cabal

{My Truth} I have been assured by the Council of Love that this is false information – there is no truth to these allegations.

{False Accusation} "He’s married to a guy... Michael {referring to Michelle} is a man."

{My Truth} Michelle Obama is a female from birth, has carried and given birth to both of her daughters and has also had a miscarriage}

{False Accusation} "...so the Baphomet {The Devil} is in the White House and he’s the first homosexual president"

{My Truth} there is no truth whatsoever in this statement above.

{False Accusation} "and he was throwing ‘pizza’ parties in the Oval Office ..."

{My Truth} Yes, Barack Obama just like many modern parents, did throw real ordinary pizza parties for his two daughters and their friends many times at the White House. Revision Ended ***

In the same video discussion there is another person who has his character thoroughly defamed. CF is discussing people who have ‘flipped’. With this term he is referring to people who have flipped over to becoming vampires through the practice of taking the adrenochrome extracted from innocents through torture. One of the people that he claims has ‘flipped’ is Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is one of the very few human beings who have been (is) succeeding in bringing humanity into the space age beyond the control of the cabal. This ‘sin’ that he has committed has no doubt made him an absolute target for the dark ones.

I do not believe that Elon Musk has now become a vampire. In fact he recently informed (3 months ago) us on social media how he had taken 4 tests for COVID on the same day, at the same clinic, by the same nurse and that 2 tests showed positive and two showed negative! Does that sound like someone who is protecting the deep state scamdemic plans? Once again, I believe that he is among the scapegoats used by the deep state.

If you would like to read some more thoughts on why I believe that Barack Obama is being scapegoated, then you can go to the following link and read ‘In Defence of Barack Obama’ which I wrote on May 10th 2020. When you open the following link you need to role down the page to this # New Post # 4 ~ In Defence of Barack Obama ~ Putting Together Some Pieces of A Deep Puzzle 


I would like to end this article on a much more positive note. To that end I am going to share a video conversation that I listened to yesterday. It’s between Charlie Ward and Michelle Fielding. I do not believe that either of these two people are knowledgeable about the full details of what The Event is. Yet I feel that this beautiful lady is in fact being Guided to describe it during this conversation. The video brought tears to my eyes several times and that to me is clear evidence that truth resides in what is being said!

Here is that video which I highly recommend to everyone.


PS: A reminder of what Cobra said to us on January 28th 10 days ago.

"No intel can be released now for several reasons.

Both mainstream and alternative media are almost completely taken over by disinfo, and blindly following outside sources can only lead to disappointment.

Since the collapse of the Alpha timeline in January 2018, details of the planetary liberation plan can not, and will not be published anywhere on internet. I can only repeat that planetary liberation does NOT depend on who is the president of the United States. 

It is the highest purpose for people to decrease polarization, detach from daily politics and start connecting with the Light.

Full situation update will be posted only when clearance is given."

PS: It's about two hours now since I posted this article when I happened upon this interview recorded just a few days ago with Elon Musk. I just thought it might be a bit of fun to show you what a 'newly flipped vampire' looks like! ;-) Anyone with an engineering type of background will just love this interview. My dad would have loved it. He was a senior engineer working for Aer Lingus at Dublin airport. Just like Elon knows every single screw and bolt in the Tesla cars dad knew every single screw and bolt in the Jumbo jets etc. at Dublin airport. Enjoy!



About # 333

Therese Z here: I am tired today as I sit at the PC. It occurred to me late last night that if our family’s, friends’, neighbours etc. are to be able to make informed decisions about taking the 'vaccine' or not then I must do everything in my power to inform the uniformed however I can. There is now a mountain of information out there. But to explain the dangers involved we require as simple a language as possible, to be able to retell to our loved ones and friends what is actually wrong with this so called vaccine. I decided early today to listen again to this video and scribbled down the text on paper. I have now transferred this to word.doc to transfer here for you.

Some extra clarity about the mRNA vaccines.

Out of the six 'vaccines' to be used (some of them being used and some to come very soon) in Sweden the following ones are mRNA vaccines Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, Curevac. The Novavax vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine but equally as dangerous due to other unknown ingredients see # NONE - top of this blog page - entitled WHOLESALE MURDER

1) For one an mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine in the normal sense of the word ~ this PHD Molecular Genetics Expert explains that well here in this 6 minute video / transcript.

2) It’s simply put genetic experimentation with the goal of murdering as many as possible.

3) I am suggesting that before many more lose their lives to this murderous weapon, then maybe it’s time to let go of all ego concerns and provide our loved ones with this information.

4) I am asking you to make this go viral. To translate this text to every language under the sun and spread it everywhere on your blogs websites etc. 


# 333  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Molecular Genetics Expert Explains Messenger RNA and RNA Vaccines

by Dr. Louise Lagendijk, MD, PhD - Molecular Genetics

A Harvard-educated doctor with an extensive background in molecular genetics explains messenger RNA and potential autoimmune issues that could result from the new RNA vaccines.


TRANSCRIPT - Molecular Genetics Expert Explains Messenger RNA and RNA Vaccines  - DR. LOUISE LAGENDIJK, MD, PhD:


What does mRNA mean in the first place? In every cell in the body there is DNA ~ what cells are made of ~ your ‘recipe’ ~ what all cells store. If that DNA is to be translated {transformed by the body} into a protein it depends upon RNA. DNA includes all the possible ingredients in a ‘recipe’.

Messenger RNA is a protein and it is the builder block of all our cells. So we have all these little proteins and they build all the other parts of the cells which in turn become tissue ~ hence you’ve got a body.

In normal vaccines they give them a part of the viral or bacterial protein construct and the body recognizes {a better word here would be ‘sees and interprets’} the protein and goes “Oh this is not a protein that I want ~ this is a virus ~ let’s attack it!” Then the immune system ramps up and begins to attack the foreign invader.

Now we are looking at an mRNA vaccine which has not been tested on large populations in people.

Let me put this first ~ what it means is that we are giving the body, or the cells in this case, information based on genetics ~ it means that we are going to be able to ~ you still need to first make ~ from the RNA you still need to make a protein because the immune system attacks the protein not the RNA. The immune system is being triggered by a protein and the RNA still has to make the particular protein.

So what if? And it’s not even what if where this is concerned! {In other words she is saying that this will happen to everyone who gets an mRNA vaccine}

The mRNA is going to translate into a different protein that’s all of a sudden going to express something else and that means that the body is going to attack proteins ~ proteins within your cells ~ and finds them like “oh I don’t recognize them and I’m going to attack it and it could be anything”.

So then you create AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE! Auto ~ you do it yourself ~ you attack yourself.

The point being here ~ this could potentially not happen in the first place {she means directly after you get the vaccination} but it could happen maybe 2 or 5 years from now {my Guidance is telling me to say that it will be on average 9-12 months after receiving the vaccine} where suddenly the body doesn’t know exactly which cells are “good or bad” anymore.

This is something that we need to consider, and I have serious concerns about this because it’s not been tested thoroughly.

Second of all in my humble opinion a vaccine at this point is not a thing we should be pushing because the techniques are so new, and we are literally genetically altering the cells if you will {like}.

This is something to look at and I feel that again it is my duty to inform you about this so that you can make an informed decision. And mostly because I think that you are very smart and intelligent, and I think that it is important to educate yourself when you are going to make decisions about your body... about your entire system for the rest of your life.

Because RNA is in your cells and you can’t take it out anymore.

{She means that once you have taken this so called vaccine you have taken this foreign RNA into your cells forever}

So please I’m not some ‘anti-Vaxer’ I’m not anti-anything because we have enough polarity as it is in the world, and I’m just going to urge you to educate yourself to make an informed decision mainly upon what you know deep within. Because the answer always lies within and please if you need more information there is enough information out there to educate yourself.


# 332  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Dying After The VAX

81% increase of deaths after the vaccination



# 331  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Ascended Being Commander Ashtar

Something for You to Ponder Over


5th February 2021


Thérèse Z here;


Some Lightworkers have been expressing some very strong feelings regarding our situation right now. I have heard words to the effect of saying that you cannot be redeemed ~ saved ~ unless you are saying ‘No’ right now to the total imprisonment that is on the way into a dystopian dysfunctional society.

Some lightworkers believe that people need to suffer even more {someone in Sweden in this case} to be able to wake up. This idea may very well be truthful at least where Sweden is concerned. Some things I believe my readers around the globe might not know about Sweden. We have a word that is used frequently here that is not that easily translated and certainly not with one word. The word is ‘Lagom’ and literally means ‘not too much and not too little’, in fact this word could describe the Swedish mentality. When I came to Sweden, I couldn’t get over the fact that they had no problems. This was in the early seventies. Everyone had everything in the way of homes, modern and fully equipped, money to pay their necessities, clean environment (you would not find a sweet paper on the street), people made use of the forest and picked berries and mushrooms etc and everyone knew what the Swedish law ‘general right of way for everyone’ {Allemansrätten} to move about everywhere in nature meant, no one would leave paper after a picnic or light fires in the wrong places etc. It was pure Heaven. The social welfare was there to support those with problems. There was no such thing as homelessness. Didn’t exist. Ok you get the general idea! That experience of Sweden was pretty much the picture until the facade started to crack around 1988.

So whoever is really deciding how Sweden should approach this pandemic, has taken the Swedish sense of freedom of movement etc into account and they have done this in a ‘lagom’ way. My friend said the other day that people keep comparing their situation here to how bad it is in other countries and so they think ‘oh we’re so well off... look how bad things are there’ and so they comply perfectly to all of the new rules and restrictions that grow more restricted every week {every day at this point} and yet nobody complains. They know exactly how to imprison the Swedes at a ‘lagom’ pace so that they don’t quite notice what’s happening. You can be sure that our ‘controllers’ have worked out perfectly how each culture should be treated for best effect.

A lady wrote to me today (she is beginning to awaken) and said Thérèse have you seen the news today? One would imagine that we were in a world war situation. Vaccination passports, military at the Norwegian border etc. Where on Earth are we going?

One Lightworker describes a situation where a change takes place soon {within a couple of months} and where some people are in a more enlightened place but that the rest of the world is still in a semi dystopian type of civilization. They claim that there is no way out of the Matrix unless you decide to remove yourself from it and become an enlightened being.

I see some seeming enlightened individuals making statements that do not concur with my idea of how things will change when we go through The Event.

My understanding of what I have written about on this website for more than 8 years now is that when The Event ~ Compression Breakthrough is upon us nothing will ever be the same again... and that means for everyone on the planet... not just the awakened population.

How can there be some parts of Gaia where some of us live in harmony {yes ~ possibly some of us will live in a greater state of harmony, if we take into consideration those areas and cities of Light that will develop}... and others are still trapped in a matrix??

This line of thinking makes no sense to me!

I am now going to say something rather controversial! I ask myself the following, how come it seems to be the fact that some of these seeming amazingly enlightened Lightworkers that are doing a tremendous amount of work awakening people ~ how come they have NO CLUE what is meant by The Event? Have they even heard about it? Maybe I’m thinking it’s not ‘fashionable’ to speak about it?

Although some of these Lightworkers are among some of the most well-known lightworkers on the planet and are more than fully educated on a great variety of subjects there are some things that they never talk about?

When the subject of extraterrestrial beings come into the discussion the titles of ‘Pleiadians’ ‘Greys’ ‘Reptilians’ etc. are discussed in such a manner as to portray a feeling to the listener that these various types of extraterrestrial races are part of the same ‘package’ so to speak.

I have never ever heard one of these ‘enlightened’ lightworkers mentioning the fact that A) the reason there is nothing to fear regarding nuclear bombs is simply because the Galactic CONfederation ships have been shutting off the ignition capability of all nuclear warheads for the last two decades. B) I have never heard any of them mention the fact that the Alliance spaceships prevented a huge catastrophe in Russia when they broke up that meteorite before it reached the surface. At one point in time there was a marvellous video available taken from a car that clearly showed the three ships involved in this mission and how one overtook the meteor and turned back to hit it straight on so that it broke up. This amazing video was removed of course. C) I have never heard any of these enlightened individuals speaking about the Ashtar Command. D) Right now one does not need to visit James Gilliland’s wonderful ranch up in Washington state to see the Galactic Confederation ships. They are literally EVERYWHERE. We never hear anything about this fact in those many enlightened discussions.

I will end here at least for the moment. There are surely other questions that can be reflected upon regarding this subject.

Until next time... much love ️ to everyone!

PS: An excerpt from The Event page 1


There are numerous Divine Ascended Masters and Arch-Angels involved with these changes and supporting humanity through all of this. See bottom of this page. But right here I would like to mention One of them. Commander Ashtar is His name. His last incarnation on Earth was 25000 years ago. His main project is the Ascension of Humanity. Another of Ashtar’s projects is First Contact {with our Galactic Family} which I will also write about in the coming weeks. Another of His projects is training in telepathic communication. At 'The Event' He can take over the media. All the TV programs will be broadcasting the message.

At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states. 

“The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters.

The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.

The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.

The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.”



# 330  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Dr. Simone Gold Blows The Lid Off The COVID Lie and Sounds The Alarm About the Vaccines!

TZ here; Highly Recommended



# 329  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *




# 328  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


A Short Message to the Surface Population

Thursday, January 28, 2021

No intel can be released now for several reasons.

Both mainstream and alternative media are almost completely taken over by disinfo, and blindly following outside sources can only lead to disappointment.

Since the collapse of the Alpha timeline in January 2018, details of the planetary liberation plan can not, and will not be published anywhere on internet. I can only repeat that planetary liberation does NOT depend on who is the president of the United States. 

It is the highest purpose for people to decrease polarization, detach from daily politics and start connecting with the Light.

Full situation update will be posted only when clearance is given.


# 327  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press Image to Enlarge



28th January 2021


Thérèse Zumi Sumner



In the time immediately after The Event has taken place you will discover that there is a sense of knowing what you ought to do at each moment. You will know exactly what to do because you will be Guided at all times by unseen Divine Presence assisting you at this time. You will find yourself handling your situation in a very calm and correct way and you will discover that things are simply falling into place.

You will not know exactly what’s taking place initially. There will be radio silence... and a lack of outside information, and this situation can continue for approximately 60 hours. So much will now be developing and taking place behind the scenes. Those arrests for one thing! Many among you will be busy anchoring Light at this time. You will be pretty tired and require quite a lot of rest during this timeframe.

You should remain indoors for that 60 hour period.

When the media comes back online... here I am referring to radio and TV... there will be some kind of general information available explaining in short what is taking place so that people can remain calm. They will be informed about what facilities are available regarding food depots, care facility requirements, how to connect to local crises information etc.

The Internet will not be functioning until it can come online again in a safe and secure manner for everyone involved. The average approximate timeframe for this would be 7 days.

The entire banking system will of course be down until it is restored free of all manner of corruption within a timeframe of approximately 8 days.

Your Whole Life Is About to Change Utterly and Completely

After this time of Transition ~ nothing will ever be the same again on this planet.

You are going to find yourself parting ways with former inferior elements in your life. You will soon discover that you are in contact with worthwhile persons and ideals that coincide with your own feelings of what is important.

You will finally ~ finally be in a position to assume responsibility for a long needed reform of your life in every possible positive way. The sky’s the limit.

You will make this reform of your life in great joy. Those people who will surround you will be supportive of your efforts and those efforts will be seen as acceptable in the eyes of your new peers.

As you then continue with this new development of your life you will also become an inspiration to others who will begin to mimic your new way of life.

There is simply nothing else to do right now than to relax and enjoy the moment until the moment of Compression Breakthrough.


# 326  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Good Morning Friends ~ Our Situation Today ~ Thursday 28th January 2021


Thérèse Z here, it’s five thirty am and I am speaking to Saint Germain who is suggesting that I give an update about information that I am aware of regarding our present situation. So let’s begin.

Wherever you are situated on our beloved Gaia right now, whatever footage that your local mainstream media is showing you regarding Biden and Co in the White House ITS NOT REAL!

Reliable Sources have confirmed that there is NO-ONE IN THE WHITE-HOUSE.

The Trump administration is still very much in place.

The military still obey Donald Trump and do NOT take any orders from the false Biden pantomime taking place.

Many of you might have seen a short 3 minute video showing Biden signing executive orders from whichever location his false studio is recording from ~ it’s NOT the Oval Office. In that video we see a ‘zoom in’ to the desk which CLEARLY SHOWS that not one single ‘executive order’ being signed by him is anything other than blank sheets of paper ~ no text.

Yesterday we heard on the mainstream Swedish TV that the order that Biden gave to discontinue work on the ‘wall’ at the Mexican border was not being obeyed and that this was because the judges in the area in question are pro Trump, and there would need to be judicial process to change the laws that he has put in place there. You can bet that the judges are pro Trump and Biden cannot in fact affect ANYTHING.

On the day of the false inauguration pantomime we saw the soldiers lining the avenues to Capitol Hill turning their backs to the cavalcade. Clearly telling him “you are not our president”.

In many video discussions right now regarding our situation we hear about the idea that there are 2 ‘camps’ fighting it out in Washington DC. The ‘former’ Trump administration and the Biden ‘camp’. No matter what you see or hear Donald Trump is still very much the legally chosen representative of the American people and 85% of the American people KNOW that there is a fake administration usurpation of the situation.

So just imagine now ~ wheresoever you might find yourself reading this around the globe ~ imagine that in your particular country there was a totally false government in place and 85% of your fellow countrymen are aware of this ~ can you see that situation lasting very long? I’m guessing your answer is NO!

In # 325 posted here yesterday you can see evidence for all of the Angelic and Archangelic Beings currently surrounding this planet. The one I posted last night is almost unbelievably beautiful and it’s pertinent when you realize that this activity is being filmed above the International Court of Justice in The Hague Holland.

We are seeing our Galactic Family ships EVERYWHERE around the globe and many of you will have witnessed them.

So many of you dear readers ~ indeed Saint Germain is telling me ~ MOST of you are wondering why isn’t Cobra giving us any information. The answer to that question has already been made crystal clear in # 321 'We Are at War'.

The utter and complete madness continues to play out all over this globe. We see the evidence daily. Two days ago Norway’s borders were closed down again ~ everything but the food shops are closed like hair salons, gyms, restaurants, schools etc. Why? Because they discovered 50 cases of the so called English mutation which MIGHT POSSIBLY be 30 times more contagious despite it not being more dangerous.

I mean have you ever heard anything so preposterous as closing a country because 50 people had flu symptoms of a particular strain.

This whole thing... this corona virus total madness began when we heard that the first death occurred in Wuhan on the 9th January 2020. Literally from one day to the next the whole pantomime came into being one year ago.

Yesterday on Latest Additions I posted the information that Sasha Stone discussed with a California doctor Robert Young. New Post # 38 ~ https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/introduction/latest-additions

The information in that video is totally reliable. It’s dramatically revealing and when the truth that is discussed in that video, reaches the general public, we have literally ended the role of the Church of Modern Medicine on this planet.

Follow your Heart ♥️ and stop all speculation of a negative kind ~ there is Angelic Presence ALL AROUND US NOW.


# 325  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Web Plasma Energy...The Hague, Netherlands Live Webcam...OMG..WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO


# 324  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press Image to Enlarge



# 323  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


This is dimensional plasma and it’s Alive!!!


26th January 2021


Therese Zumi Sumner

Some Wonderful Footage ~ Thank you to Mohammad H



TZ: Here if you would like to know a little bit more about Plasma spaceships you can go to the heading 'The Plasma Beings' on this page to Galactic Family info here on Veritas




# 322  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *




24th January 2021


Thérèse Z Sumner


Right now we are travelling through unknown territory. Right now the American people are living a nightmare. The administration that seemingly has the power of rule are not the ones chosen by the people. The American people know what they want and need from their leaders, and this group of individuals who have usurped this role are in no way aligned with the principles and desires of the people. No matter how many words are expressed by the usurpers about ‘unity’ and patriotic ideals, similar to those that were spoken in the days of the real chosen leader John F Kennedy, everyone knows that these are just plagiarisms with no real desire whatsoever behind them to realize these things.

Some of the people are fooled and duped by this temporarily. What they are seeing is not real at all. They don’t see this yet. The fooled ones are approximately 15% of the population of the USA right now. The American people are now very quickly waking up en masse. That means that as many as 85% of the people of the USA are aware that treason has been committed and the majority of them are truly living in a nightmare NOT aware of the fact that the military ~ the ‘good guys’ are in fact totally in control of the situation however it might appear to be right now.

This situation can change at any minute ~ literally.

So we are being encouraged by the Council of Love ♥️ not to allow our thoughts to go beyond the moment ~ remain only in a state of calm now ~ we should not in any way allow any idea of failure or problems ahead to manifest within ~ not for a second!! If you are thinking about anything right now it should only be your vision of your ideal life when this is over soon. This is of paramount importance.

Never before has your need for UNITY with your I Am Heart ♥️ Space been more important than this moment in time. Listen ~ listen ~ listen ~ the answers are there. Never ever before has there been so much Light around us on this planet as there is at this moment in time. We are surrounded by millions of Galactic Confederation ships with higher dimensional galactic family members sending us their love. The planet has been surrounded by Angelic beings of Light for over two years’ time. A year after their arrival the Archangelic’s joined them. All of the Ascended Masters are at our beck and call right now!

When you take the time to sit for a few minutes and focus upon your heart ♥️ space you can be sure that you will be in the best of company.


I see within my mind’s eye those two chuckling Chinese monks, smiling and laughing and enjoying the moment, because despite how circumstances might be, they know without a shadow of a doubt that there is very good news on the way. All that we need to do now is to attend to our daily needs whether that be a walk in the fresh air, cooking our meals etc. We should keep our focus by doing things that we enjoy, and this will keep us away from any tendencies to wallow in any thoughts of any kind of negativity. Relax and enjoy the moment because everything is in fact exactly the way it should be right now!

As you read these words do you have a heartfelt feeling that what is being said here is of truth? Do you believe these words to be correct information? If so, then you are now in an excellent position to convey these thoughts ~ to communicate these truths to others. Spread the joyful knowingness that indeed ~ in spite of how things might seem to be ~ there is a situation of great joy on its way at the speed of Love.

The development that is taking place right now behind the scenes cannot be divulged. The reasons for this secrecy were made clear in the previous article here # 321 ‘We Are at War’.

With every single breath that you take, the work to bring the situation to a successful conclusion ~ by the Allied Light Forces ~ is ongoing. Remove all doubt about this from your mind now. All is in hand!

JANUARY 22ND 2021 ~ Press Image to Enlarge


When we are beginners at something, we feel unsure of our capabilities. If we feel nervous about something that we’re doing, we are more inclined to make mistakes. After so many years of practice at this game of trusting against all odds, continuing on in the face of great darkness and obstacles of all kinds, we are now very good at what we do when it comes to holding the Light. We are indeed masters of Light holding and indeed Light anchoring.

For a time period of 48 hours from the 20th to the 22nd we followed the suggestion of Cobra that ‘if we felt so guided’ we could take part in a special meditation to help the Allied Light Forces in securing an important timeline node that “will to a significant degree influence the future course of events on the surface of this planet.” The importance of this time was the anchoring of as much Light as possible on the surface.

During these 48 hours we United worldwide every four hours to do the Buddhic Column meditation with the aim of sending a river of light ~ of the White Fire of An ~ in a pillar down to Washington DC. I am guided to convey to readers that 500,000 people X ‘12 times in two days’ took part in this work!

Yesterday a friend sent me a reading from the Schumann frequency that was off the charts. Now I don’t claim to know much at all about this scale, other than that it can give us an idea of the amount of incoming light to the surface of the planet. I posted a short message about that frequency recently # when the chart showed the high number of 300! Now ~ it seems the frequency reached 6000!!

My Guides say that the reason for this was our 48 hour vigil.

Do you see the power that we hold!

We can literally move mountains.

We’ve done it many times before so it’s no news to me anyway.

Our decisiveness moves mountains. Our decisiveness is creating The Event ~ Compression Breakthrough.


PS: Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0TInLOJuUM


# 321  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


We Are At War


21st January 2021


Thérèse Z Sumner


I was up very early this morning. Lately I’ve been waking between 5 and 6 am every morning. There has been a need recently to be ‘up to date’ and kind of ready for anything at any minute, due to all of the tensions building with all of the Light pouring onto this planet. 30 minutes ago {after lunch and the 2pm meditation} I felt so tired and decided to creep back into my bed for a rest. I wasn’t alone for many minutes before Guides appeared and an entire message was asked to be spread by the COL.

When I posted # 320 earlier today, I thought that ‘that’s it for today’. However a discussion with my Guides led to this message.

We Are At War!

Most of you ~ even the younger generation, will have heard about D-Day in WW2. Approximately 227,000 of the Allied soldiers died on those beaches in northern France. Despite a multitude of efforts, through false operations here and there to confuse the Germans, they were informed of the truth and lay in waiting for the troops arriving on those ships. A veritable bloodbath followed.

Now in this war, it is the goal of the Resistance Movement along with all of the Allied Forces seen and unseen, that no bloodbaths will take place.

In any war secrecy is a KEY element if one wants to succeed.

Information is available only on a ‘need to know’ basis.

At this time there are a multitude of websites providing information on what they believe to be the truth of our situation right now.

Some of these sites have a true desire to find and share the truth of the moment. I would of course consider my website to be among those. What is the truth and what is not?

Let’s take the example of a video where 4 people join together to share some information. How do we know if each of these four people are there to share the truth? What if some of them were there, because they mostly enjoy being in the midst of activity and gaining everyone’s applause and attention? They like to be in the midst of a hub ~ a hive of activity ~ connecting with those who may be a link to more secure deeper intelligence. On the other hand they might be planted into this type of hub activity ~ they might well be minions to the Jesuits or Black Nobility / Illuminati families?

The truth about what’s going on behind the scenes is not going to be allowed to go viral at this time through ANYONE.

Cobra is only allowed to share intelligence up to a certain level ~ a level that will NOT JEOPARDIZE ~ in any way ~ operations that are in progress.

For example over all of these years we have seen current ongoing short messages sent via Cobra to Resistance Movement members on the surface, via The Portal. These messages are coded. Many have tried to spend time unravelling their meaning and spreading it around. At one point this got so bad that Cobra got so tired of this, that he compared the attempted interpretations of these messages to being something like the interpretations made by a group of rhesus apes.

Why is there such a need to know exactly what’s going on?

We can’t!

If we were meant to know certain information ~ we would be provided with information from the Resistance Movement via Cobra.

I’m sorry to have to keep spelling this out like a woodpecker knocking on some old tree.

There are so many wannabes on the internet. Some are ok people doing their best with good intentions, but MANY ARE NOT. They are there for the wrong reasons. They are there to confuse you. They are there to distract you. They are there to make life a bit easier for the controllers.

Some years back a ‘lightworker’ divulged certain anonymous information that resulted in people being murdered. This evil egoistical act was repeated several times resulting in even more innocent lives being taken. All in all due to this person’s ego 25 people lost their lives.

These type of people are adept at stealing interest away from true Lightworkers. As long as they ‘shine’ nothing else matters.


Behind the scenes the ~ Light Forces plans for our liberation and how it will be achieved are being worked upon ~ agreed upon ~ indeed already to some degree being acted upon by the Allied Light Forces, below, on the surface and above and surrounding this planet. This is ONGOING hour after hour day after day bringing us closer every hour to the End. There is NO WAY that you or I are going to hear about what is really going on UNTIL ITS ALL OVER.


Some people do get SOME information at a certain level, but being true Lightworkers they can never divulge these pieces of information unless given permission to do so.


In a situation of war like the final battle that we are living through right now, you have the actors on both sides of the fence trying to come to terms with the enemies next moves. Each side is attempting to anticipate the actions that the other side might take. Watching each other’s moves in the hopes of winning the battle.

This would be a good time for us to STOP chasing after clues and answers that we are not going to find.

You cannot possibly miss anything by taking the time each day to go within, to LISTEN within. Your heart ♥️ knows when something is of truth or not, if you truly take the time to allow yourself to feel if that information moves you inside. This inner insight is of great value.


Up to 50% of alternative bloggers on the internet right now are just that ~ Distractions!


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Have Faith ~ The Pantomime Will Not Be Running for So Long


21st January 2021

Therese Z Sumner

Do not be disheartened about the seeming inauguration of the 46th president of the USA. Yes, we saw it taking place in all of its ‘patriotic’ glory with all of the deep state controlled players in place. What a show!

Rather appropriate in this pantomime to see the former 3 deep state controlled masked Presidents, backing up the next totally controlled one.

Immediately Biden removes the work accomplished by Trump ... the signs that he provided for US ~ you and me ~ in the awakened world... that he was refusing to cooperate and work alongside the false and corrupt WHO or unite with the Paris climate deal also based upon falsehood, etc.

It’s now Biden’s job to show the world that the deep state is back in control with full capacity.

Joe Biden is NOT now the President of the USA.

If I’m correct I believe the word is treason. A stolen election cannot be recognized by any REAL legal authority based on the Truth.

Donald Trump is still the legal President.

Last night in my feelings of frustration I reached out to the COL {Council of Love} and asked that someone come by and discuss the situation with me. Saint Germain appeared and provided me with three key words to support what I write today.

Those words were Repair ~ Restrained ~ Reform. So this is what He wants me to say to you today.

There will be REPAIR of this falsehood. We must now be in faith and know that Repair is already underway.

I hope that you will continue to join me and hundreds of thousands of other Lightworkers in continuing our 4 hourly vigil with the Buddhic Column meditation until tomorrow January the 22nd.

It might seem that we are in a very ‘Restrained’ position right now. However, despite this seeming restrain, there is right now and will continue to be progress taking place behind the scenes. We know that the Resistance Movement operatives, who are infiltrated everywhere unseen, along with their Light counterparts in the Positive Military etc. are already working at clearing the matrix on many levels and doing operations of all kinds that CANNOT be revealed for obvious reasons.  

Can you imagine seeing how this entire SHOW suddenly disintegrates in front of the whole deceived world? How it all falls apart like a house of cards! Keep that vision in mind... that will help it to become a reality even quicker.

A total Reform of this situation will take place. Of that you need have no doubt. Let’s remain calm ~ relaxed ~ knowing that very soon we will be seeing JUSTICE BEING ADMINISTERED.

The Light will be Victorious.

PS: It is VITAL at this time that there is UNITY within the TRUE Light Community. Now that the false president is seemingly ‘on the throne’ the DEEP STATE will be employing all of their false lightworker prophets to attempt to create disunity within our community. Stay close to your HEART ♥️ “when in doubt leave it out”.


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Linda Dillon: Archangel Michael ~ What Is Peace Except Love?

January 17, 2021 Re-post by Therese Z Sumner

This was AAM’s beautiful message to the New You class this past week. But it holds important guidance for all of us during this time of transition, change and chaos. Enjoy! xxx Linda

Greetings, I AM Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Gardener of Grace. Welcome my beloveds, my beloved human angels, my warriors, my gardeners, my Newbies, my 13ers. My family, I welcome you and I welcome you to this circle of One.

There is no such thing as separation; that is an illusion. And yes, I come to speak to you about peace, of course, this is my passion and my purpose at this time. And long after peace has been established throughout the cosmos I will come and invite you to listen to the music of the spheres, to listen to me playing the harp as you play your heart. Oh yes sweet ones, your heart, your essence contains beautiful sound, magnificent light… and what is that except love? What is peace except love?

You do not bring, and I most certainly do not bring peace through discord, peace through upheaval, peace through pain. Struggle, pain, fear, upset, these are the illusions of the old 3rd (dimension) that you have long since left behind. Do not, beloved ones, re-engage with that which has already been dismissed.

You have embraced… and I congratulate you… you have embraced the essence of your New You! And what is that? It is the essence of your old, original, ancient, perfect you… brilliant and whole.

You know, on your beautiful planet, Gaia, with the advancement of civilization, oh yes, and technology which is wonderful, and much of which has already been given to you by your star family… but there is this obsession about always introducing the next model, the newest model as if it is an improvement. Well, in technology sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

We don’t want your next model. You don’t want your next model. You want your original model… your brilliant soul essence that has emerged in grace, excitement, gratitude, from the very womb of our Mother. You and I beloveds, we share the same DNA, spiritually and otherwise.

What you are doing is laying the foundation of the new, not merely for this new year, or your New You, but for Nova Earth, which is original dream of the Mother as a planet of beauty, of such magnificent diversity where her angels… her angels… come to play, not in discord or deceit, in the discernment of what do I think peace, love, joy would feel like in this infinite moment of our Mother’s time? 

Would it be a flower petal, or an ocean, or a mountain range, my sisters, my brothers? Would it be the moment of infinite silence? Or the beauty of a newborn’s cry? These are the things that are of value.

During the Mother’s Pause, you have learned and you have remembered many things. And you have remembered what makes your heart warm, what you cherish, what you yearn for, what you long for. And that essentially, beloveds, was your New You, and Nova Gaia, and a race of Nova Gaians.

So, I say to you, I beg you, what many have asked you, and what the Mother herself has guided you… do not look back! Assimilate the lessons that you have learnt. Honor, release, and surrender, and integrate what you have struggled with, for these have brought valuable lessons. But at the same time, declare your freedom. You need not learn, expand, anchor, and certainly not ascend in that way.

Now is the time of transition, of healing, of new beginning… not only because you, and I, and we have yearned for it, but because the Mother declares it in her infinite wisdom. It is simply time.

Peace, my beloveds, is the presence of knowing, of your divine knowing in perfect alignment with the Divine. Peace is not ruled, it is not diverted by ego, or other people’s agendas or opinions, it is ruled by you. It is created, and might I suggest co-created with us, what your heart desires. So, our declaration today… yes, usually it is Gabrielle… but on behalf of this Council of Love, I declare our assistance, never our override – sometimes our interference – but mostly our willingness, our presence, to assist you. Yes, in the completion of the old but mostly in the creation and the adventure of the new that we begin hand in hand, arm in arm, wing in wing.

Let us soar together, and go, beloved ones with my heart, with my harp, with my music, with my peace, and with my love.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2020 Council of Love, Inc.


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A Short Message to the Surface Population


Thursday, January 14, 2021


There will be an important timeline node from January 20th to 22nd that will to a significant degree influence the future course of events on the surface of this planet. During that time, it is very important to anchor as much Light as possible.

The Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to do the Buddhic Column meditation for the continental United States every 4 hours starting from January 20th at noon EST and ending at noon EST on January 22nd.

Instructions for the meditation will be posted at the link below, as soon as it is created:

In addition to that, you can visualize all energies across the continental United States being purified by the Violet Flame at any moment you feel so guided, from January 20th to 22nd, and also in days before and after.

Victory of the Light!

TZ here; I will add link here as soon as it arrives from WLMM ~ and here it is



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Chaotic Days Ahead ~ Trust Only Your Heart ♥️


13th January 2021


Thérèse Z Sumner


Be aware of the following right now. Be careful! It’s a time of a lot of speculation. The mainstream media is totally and completely unreliable until the time of The Event when it will be in control of the Light Forces. Literally everything that I hear on the official news channel here in Sweden is based upon false information and is ungrounded in reality. It’s the same worldwide.

At this time the alternative media is also full of speculation right now. You will have to use great discernment to trust any information including the information that I give you. You must ask yourself “does this information gel with what my own heart is telling me”. Any information or ideas that confuse you, create any kind of fear, or are generally inferior in some way should be put aside. Do not give them a voice in your affairs.

We are very close to a time when the chaos in the world outside demands that we are relying upon our own deeper intuitive guidance.


Remember that we are in the final days of a war. People holding powerful positions in this war both visible and hidden powers will be using every trick in the book to confuse the other side. It will demand great knowledge and discernment not to be fooled by very clever manipulators who have taken on the role of the ‘Lightworker’ as their disguise.

I’m sorry but the most devious among the Jesuits have always made sure that they have had their best actors playing roles on the other side. In any earlier war situation – when that war was over, they have always had plenty of power to continue being in positions of control because they have played both sides.

My own motto is ‘Any doubt leave it out’.

Throughout these past eight years or so we have each of us found other Lightworkers with whom we have felt a closer affiliation. Traveling this rocky road has been easier because we have had someone else with similar ideals and interests to connect to. Without these other sources of ‘light’ our road to where we are now would have been so much more difficult, if not impossible. At times like these it can be more than enough to join briefly in some way with these friends to discuss the situation and exchange our ideas.

‘On the Other Side’ ~ A Time of Repair Begins

When we have crossed the Bridge! When we suddenly find ourselves on the ‘other side’, when the matrix is completely dissolved, our sense of relief will know no bounds. Already after only a couple of weeks, we will be seeing the beginning of unheard of ~ unimaginable progress. We will be at the very beginning of the phase 4 of Bubbles of Heaven.


There will be no lack of problems and challenges ahead in the creation of Nova Gaia but despite that fact ~ finally we can relax and breathe. We begin what can be called a time of Repair upon Gaia.

Worldwide Awakening

Just imagine a media that is not owned or controlled by anyone. Imagine how we are going to be truly inspired and amazed by one another all over the globe, as we begin our journey of healing this planet, creating abundance for everyone everywhere, indeed we will be so full of inspiration that we will need to prevent ourselves from moving too fast into the new and making unnecessary mistakes.

People worldwide will be creating new personal relationships with one another bringing forth the most beautiful type of leadership configurations. New leaders will appear in all kinds of areas. They will be led by their heart ♥️ and their compassion for humanity as a whole.

BUT you know as well as I do that it will also be the time for a longer repair on an emotional level for humanity as a whole.

Careful Planning of Your New Beginning

With all of the above in mind it’s actually not too early to start aligning with your Higher Self and making some plans that will lay the ground for your new role.

Some of us will choose a time of rest and recuperation before becoming involved in new projects. Some will be ready to begin and be full of the energy necessary to do so.


Such exciting days! Let’s stay calm and let’s keep in mind that the Resistant Movement have full knowledge of who everyone is. They are right now fully engaged in so many areas that we know nothing about. We might be given some information, but I wouldn’t be expecting too much ~ a war is a war until it’s over ~ and until it’s over the enemy will not be provided with any knowledge that they could use to their advantage.


# 316  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Before the End

Wednesday January 13th


Therese Z here; Last night I received information about things getting extremely intense in the USA. I have been guided not to repost this information as such. I feel that the information concerns those living in the USA and that IF it is necessary for some reason that the whole world should be told these details then I have no doubt that we will be hearing from Cobra.

It seems that the Insurrection Act was agreed upon by Trump directly after he spoke to the people after the incident on the Capitol. “We must have peace please go home.”

My Sources say that 90% of those storming the Capitol were hired to do so. They tell me that no one died and that it was all staged acting as per usual.

Believe NOTHING you hear in the media.

It’s time to be ready for a crisis situation every way that you know how to be ready.

Things are developing fast. These are the days that we have been waiting for. There is nothing to fear.


# 315  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


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The Beginning of the End is Now


11th January 2021


Therese Z Sumner


Thérèse Z here: I believe that you know exactly what I mean by the above heading. However, I will be making myself very clear so that there is no misunderstanding. We have reached the point in time that can be called the beginning of the End.

No-one could be more content writing these words than I. I have waited so long to do so.

Truthfully, I have to admit, that for a very long time I have believed that The Event must surely arrive within the next three months or so. I think that I had to have that hope to keep on inspiring you and me to stay the course, to not give up, to be ready in every way that we possibly can be for the time beyond The Event.

Back in 2012 in Laguna Beach California Cobra said something like this “when you see things beginning to happen in the USA you will know that we are getting close to the liberation.”

You don’t forget words like that! They get stuck in your mind like ‘lighthouse’ signs.

Time and time again I have wracked my brains to figure out if maybe ‘this or that incident’ in the US was a sign of ‘things happening’. And time after time the answer was ‘NO’. This morning when I awoke, I heard the refrain to the song ‘America America’ in my head. That was my cue to write this article.

Delta Option

Two years ago in November 2018 Cobra informed us that certain factions within the Alliance along with certain factions in Agartha were losing patience with how slow the liberation process was going, and they were planning to take the surface of the planet back from the Cabal through military action.

He explained that {at that time} this could have “led to serious consequences and could potentially lead to a war that would wipe out humanity and make the surface of the planet uninhabitable. To prevent this from happening, the Resistance Movement has created a certain emergency plan, called Delta Option. I will reveal about Delta Option plan as much as I can:”

So, at that time two years ago we learned the following about an operation called Delta Option.

“Instead of waiting for the optimal conditions with toplet bombs removed and non-physical Archons removed, a certain “special forces group” would initiate removal of some factions of the Cabal within USA only. None of the Chimera, Archon, Black Nobility or Jesuit members would be touched in this operation. They would keep a low profile and show a friendly face. All other factions of the Cabal within USA would be taken care of. “Special forces group” would provide tactical support for Positive Military to carry out the operation. Mass media would be freed from the Rothschild control and US dollar would collapse. Limited disclosure would begin immediately…

The whole situation would then first slowly, and then not so slowly accelerate into the Event…

There is one huge aspect of Delta Option plan which must remain classified for now.

Final decision whether Delta Option will be implemented or not, has not been made yet. Less stable and worse the situation within USA is, more probable Delta Option becomes.

Militarily, the Resistance is preparing for the possible upheaval on the surface and has received reinforcements from the bases throughout the Solar System that arrived under the surface of our planet in the last few weeks {Nov 2018}. At this moment, the Resistance is 140 million members strong, and that number may and probably will still rise significantly.


{TZ here; My Guidance is informing me that Resistance Movement members are now approximately 190 million strong.}

Before, members of the Resistance have refrained from coming more than 30 meters to the surface of the planet. With these current developments, some special Resistance forces are stationed only 5 to 10 meters below the surface.”

TZ again; As you are mostly aware the dangerous situation that existed here two years ago is now very much changed for the better.

We were very recently finally ridden of the Draconian fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC). And last but not least the Chimera fleet from Near Earth Orbit: Besides these gigantic successes there are ongoing operations to remove so much more of the primary anomaly and now the matrix itself and the risks for such a dangerous war are now removed.

Here some reminders;

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Final Battle Update

Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces are making good progress in eliminating the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC). The vast majority of the Draco ships and also the majority of negative Secret Space Programs ships have been cleared already, with very few remaining in the Low Earth Orbit. Many of the Dracos are fleeing the Draco fleet and trying to hide in underground bases, where they are cleared anyway a few days later.


The Resistance is clearing the underground bases with full force, with Neu Berlin and most other Antarctic underground bases already liberated…

The Light Forces have also begun the full force operation of clearing the Chimera fleet that was until now hidden in quantum superposition state in sublunar space. They have already managed to clear the majority of Chimera forces from sublunar space and now most of the Chimera fleet is gathered in Low Earth Orbit. Draco military commanders are surrendering all their highly advanced technology to the Chimera forces just before they get cleared by the Galactic Confederation. Draco military high command is now in a state of panic, smelling defeat….

Chimera beings were once highly evolved angelic beings who chose to subject themselves to controlled toplet bombs explosion experiments long time ago in the galactic past. This, and numerous genetic experiments has mutated them into spider beings of unimaginable darkness:


Soon, they will all be finally dealt with.

Nothing can be said yet about the operations of the Light Forces on the surface. The probability of real Draco fleet invasion on the surface is now less than 1%, probability of fake alien invasion less than 5%, probability of China-USA war about 7%, probability of USA breakup around 20% and probability of civil war in USA at 27%.{TZ ~ NB said in Oct 14th 2020}

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Final Battle Update Part 2

Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC).

The only Dracos remaining now are those physical and non-physical Dracos who are directly employed as servants to the Chimera, and the naturalized Dracos who mainly came to planet Earth more than 25,000 years ago, entered the incarnation cycle in humanoid bodies and are now incarnated as politicians, bankers, lawyers and other members of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

With the IBC gone, the only Cabal network still remaining is the surface Cabal network. Surface Cabal network will be properly addressed only after the Chimera threat is significantly diminished….

The Light Forces are continuing with the operations, now focusing on the removal of the Chimera fleet in Medium Earth orbit and Low Earth orbit and clearing of the Chimera underground bases.


Timeline Situation Update

December 8th, 2020

“In the first days of December, the Light Forces have managed to clear all Chimera fleet from Near Earth Orbit: This is an important step towards the liberation of the planet, as now the Light Forces are able to use Near Earth Orbit much more freely for their liberation operations, and this has unleashed a huge amount of positive energy in Near Earth orbit. This energy has already precipitated towards the surface of the planet and resulted in disclosure attempts such as the following one:...

Press Image to Enlarge

…. The awakening is now going mainstream and the dark forces can not stop it anymore. What is happening now is that also people who are deep within the system are revolting against the system itself. This is exactly what was happening on planet X in the last three weeks before the liberation in 1999. It will take a little bit longer on Earth, but this is a very good indicator how close to the breakthrough we are.”

Crazy Days

The most important factor right now is our absolute awareness of the fact that the Light has won. We have succeeded irrespective of what things might look like now and in the weeks ahead. Know this deep inside your heart. Anything taking place in the outside world is simply the final appearance of the final days of a very long war playing out.

From this moment in time forward we have our total focus upon our Creation of Nova Gaia ~ of the New Atlantis. See in your mind’s eye how your own life takes you on a new journey.

A small reminder of what lies ahead can be found in the following message from Cobra on November 9th, 2018

“The Resistance has not been as active on the surface as it is now since early 2000s.

On a very positive note, I have received certain awesome intel on the level I did not receive since the year 2000, from a very high and reliable source.

I can just say that the amazing future we have been fighting for is real and will happen. Replicators, free energy, interstellar travel, the Golden Age, all this is awaiting us. Trillions upon trillions of dollars are spent by the Cabal every year to give us the impression that nothing has changed, and nothing ever will. When this Truman show falls apart, you will all be amazed.”


Press Image to Enlarge

Also on Nov 9th, 2018 this was shared;

“On November 11th, a very important portal will open with a lot of activity of the Pleiadian fleet.

On the same day, there will be a Putin-Trump meeting in Paris with members of the surface Alliance and Resistance agents present. Certain backdoor negotiations about the future of our planet will be taking place there:”


Your future path will be unique to you and your desires. You choose how you would like to envisage your dream scenario.
You have never seen so close to having it become your reality as of now.

Concerning the outer manifestation of the final days war ... merely LOOK AT IT. Do not make the mistake of getting emotionally involved. We will be tempted! Have no doubt of that!

But we will not fall into that trap and give any extra points to the dark controllers in the final days.

Calm correct focus upon our new reality ~ supporting its quicker arrival ~ that's the key.

Finally A short reminder that the previous article # 314 is a complementary article to this one. I encourage everyone to share what they feel is closest to their heart ~ TZ


# 314  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Very Important to Be Aware of the Effect of Rising Energies Now ~ Beginning of End


Therese Zumi Sumner


9th January 2021

Before our Age of Aquarius activation / meditation on the 21st December Cobra said the following;

Cobra: I would say this meditation can stabilize the timeline, which means it can accelerate situations. It can make the Event happen faster. It can make the time between now and the Event more enjoyable and less stressful. So this is very important and quite significant."

Nearly 3 weeks have passed since our meditation on the 21st. Many of you will no doubt have had some experience of strong emotional reactions arising unexpectedly either within yourself or from someone in your immediate vicinity. This is a time when you will have to be prepared for these types of unexpected reactions due to the rising energies. My Guides are saying that we can expect this type of emotional reactions for approximately 11 weeks’ time beyond the 21st December. That would mean a period of time from now and eight weeks ahead.  

Those among you who have been following my writing going back at least 6 years will be aware that I have written several longer articles describing the strong emotional reactions that would be initiated by The Event. I now realise that that process has already begun!

As Cobra has recently informed us the matrix is in the process of being removed. Some of this took place prior to our activation on the 21st Dec and had been taking place slowly for quite some time previous to that. This process speeded up exponentially after the 21st Dec.

So do not be at all surprised if over the coming 2 month period you encounter strong emotional reactions from your environment. As things begin to be revealed to an awakening population there will be many and strong reactions. Anger and disbelief can bring forth attacks on the messengers!  Old resentments will be rising to the surface. If you are the messenger of some truth you can be assured that you will most likely be under attack. Be prepared for that and you can remain in an unperturbed emotionally strong state ~ centred and calm because you understand that these reactions must surface.

I will now provide some excerpts of questions and answers from the Sisterhood of the Rose interview that Debra so diligently carried out. These excerpts can provide a clearer understanding of what I have just said.  

Press to Enlarge Image

Debra: Okay, good. What will happen after the Age of Aquarius energies come into those who are spiritually awakened? And what about those who are not spiritually awakened?

Cobra: For those who are spiritual awakened, it will be a great push forward. This will be, as I said, easier for them to connect with the Source, with their Higher Self.

And those who are not awakened will have more of, I would say, an earthquake experience where emotional earthquake experience because those two energies will start triggering suppressed emotions. And especially as more of the matrix construct is removed, those energies will trigger people. Everything that has been suppressed will start coming to the surface.

Okay. So it's important that we have compassion for what they're going through.

Cobra: Yes.

TZ again; In the following excerpts I would especially like to point out the answers provided about the splitting of the timelines! This has been extremely misunderstood by many earlier and its important that we have clarity about this subject.

Debra: Some Lightworkers claim they are now living in 5D, but many have yet to experience this. Will it be easier after December 21st to access the 5D energy? And can you describe what the 5D energy feels like?

Cobra: Yes. It will be easier as more and more of the implant is gone. It's easier to connect with those higher dimensional energies. And fifth dimensional energies are energies of bliss, of Light, of love. I mean, everybody who has been working on themselves have experienced those energies at some point in their lives.

Debra: Yes. 5D energy is definitely blissful. But since we're still in 3D bodies living a 3D experience, what suggestions do you have to manage living in 3D once you have experienced a glimpse of 5D since the 3D world can feel so heavy and chaotic?

Cobra: It is the purpose after you have experienced 5D energies to anchor those energies in your physical body and your physical surroundings. So those energies came, to be anchored, to be integrated in the physical world.

Debra: Okay. Even though the Earth will not be physically splitting, as you said in our last interview, while we are transitioning until the time of the Event, will there be a large timeline split developing between those who identify with the "old" Earth than those who identify with the "new" Earth? Some say that those living in the "new" Earth will not even be able to witness or be affected by the chaos of the dismantling "old" Earth. Is this true?

Cobra: Well, I would say this is an exaggeration. I would say that those who are more aligned with 5D energies will have a more spiritual experience, a more peaceful experience. And those who are clinging to the old world will have a much more difficult process. But it will still be the same physical reality, outer reality for both types of people, although those who are more connected with their Higher Self will have a much easier time in their transition.

Debra: Okay. We know it's crucial to connect to our Higher Self during these times, and yet, but as you mentioned, scalar weapons and other nefarious means create a disconnection. How can we better achieve this connection?

Cobra: Yes, it is good to meditate, to connect with nature and to connect what is good and beautiful.

You can use something as simple as the Violet Flame. Just visualize Violet Flame coming from the sky, going anticlockwise through your energy field, removing all unwanted energy away from the energy field, towards the centre of the Earth.


Debra: Yes. Well, if we reach or even exceed the critical mass, which is 144,000 people, what impact will we see in our physical world?

{TZ ~ WE reached 400.000 people doing focused meditation!!}

Cobra: The first thing that will happen will be the beginning of deconstruction of the matrix construct around on this planet. There are many advanced, exotic negative technologies that are controlling humanity in the last 25,000 years influencing our consciousness – scalar devices, electromagnetic fence, implants, biochips, different things that are part of daily reality without people even realizing it, which have shut down our consciousness.

And this is going to begin to be deconstructed on that day, if we reach the critical mass. So real cosmic Light will begin to fall into the planetary sphere and onto the planetary surface. And this is the real great awakening. Humanity hasn't seen an awakening like this since the times of Atlantis.

Debra: Wow. Does that mean some of the fog that Lightworkers experience and their difficulty in connecting to Source will be clearer?

Cobra: This will finally be addressed. Those situations are expected to improve first slowly, and then accelerate improving drastically. So connection with the Source with positive energies will be much easier when the quarantine, all those technologies, begin to clear. It will be much easier for us to connect with the Source and with higher planes of existence.

Debra: Okay, good. Because I was curious at what point will we start to see these effects – can we expect to see or feel anything already in the first month or two?

Cobra: Actually at the moment of the meditation, there will be the first effect when people will be able to feel that flash of energy. And yes, the effects can definitely be felt within a month or two, or even sooner. (Great) I can't give any exact estimates, but one or two month timeframe will be a good description of where we can expect at least an energetic effect. And when there is a critical mass of energetic effects, this will precipitate on the physical plane as well.

Cobra: Many people who are alive right now have been born in this incarnation specifically for this mission to bring the new Age of Aquarius into reality. And this is the key moment in their lifetimes, in our lifetimes, basically. It is the key moment where we can unify and create a statement in the energy field that will last forever.

Debra: Wow. So this is it.

Cobra: Yes, this is it.

Link to this great interview - both audio and transcript in its entirety



# 313  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Press to Enlarge Image

Urgent! Ongoing Buddhic Column meditation for Situation in Washington D.C

7th January 2021


Therese Z here; You will now all be aware of the situation that took place some hours ago in Washington DC. We need to keep this situation as calm as possible to avoid unnecessary negative developments. A long time ago Cobra made it very clear that this revolution for a peaceful transition to the Golden Age was not to be a repeat of the French Revolution when the public took control and beheaded the regents.

Cobra is calling for an Emergency Mass Meditation to support the ongoing Light Forces operations to clear all the negative non-physical entities from the area. 

You can do this meditation at any time you feel guided. Three times per day is recommended!

You can use the satellite image here to help with the visualization during the meditation:

For all of the details go to We Love Mass Mediations


OK friends, just as I was finishing this it occurred to me that Cobra might already have put out a message on The Portal … and here is that message;

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Urgent: Ongoing Meditation for the Situation in Washington D.C.

Today in Washington D.C., many protesters have managed to enter the Capitol building while the Congress was in session and are in armed standoff with police:



The Light Forces are suggesting everybody to refrain from violence. They are clearing all negative non-physical entities from that area and are involved in some "other operations". They are asking everybody who feels so guided to do the following meditation immediately after reading this, and then as frequently as guided, until the situation is resolved:


This message will be updated whenever needed and whenever possible, so check for updates.

Victory of the Light!



# 312  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Some CLARITY ~ Dear Readers


5th January 2021


I have to admit that I have believed that all of my readers understand ~ know ~ are well aware of the fact that WE HAVE WON. OK ~ The Event has not yet taken place and that is clear as day but it’s all just a question of time!

When I posted the # articles 308 and 309 revealing on the one hand, what our controllers plans are - for keeping us in one scamdemic after another up until 2028, or on the other hand how they are planning to bring us into a transhumanist society via this ‘magical virus’ and a false reset to bring us over to a digital currency etc. and totally enslave us...

I did so believing that you all know that this won’t happen!

I now understand from several comments that I ought to have made things clearer by adding a comment on these # articles. I will do so now.

I’m assuming that everyone who follows this blog already has the clarity to see that they will not be able to bring these transhumanist plans into being. Nor will they succeed in bringing in a reset of the economy.

There will be a Financial Reset as explained in the video at the top of this page called Reset Imminent. Maybe it’s time to look at that again and be reminded that WE will be the ones bringing in the Financial Reset ... NOT the Cabal.


Thérèse Z


# 311  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Schumann Resonance Today ~ Power 300


3rd January 2021


TZ here; Some strong evidence that the deconstruction of the matrix is in full swing!


# 310  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge Image

Our Leadership Role on Nova Gaia Begins Now


2nd January 2021


Therese Z Sumner


Two wonderful women just took things into their own hands and brought information to humanity in very courageous ways at a time when it was absolutely necessary. I am referring to Diana Lenska # 308 and Catherine Austin Fitts # 309 whose videos I am assuming you will have seen if you follow this blog.

In Diana’s case she has given us undeniable physical evidence that the plans for the scamdemic go on into the future... to 2028. Catherine A F with all of her years of knowledge about banking {and many attempts at revealing corruption, see Wikipedia} clearly outlines the entire plan of action to imprison humanity and create a dystopic society where a small minority elite, run a slave colony, with as few people as possible who they control and who take care of their needs.

Anyone following The Portal information since 2012 already knows all of this and more but suddenly we have this brilliant woman using plain speech and clearly showing how they use the ‘magic virus’ to make all their plans come true.

I’m saying that anyone on this planet who would get to see these two videos would immediately wake up fully and join the role of protesters.

Yesterday I was informed that the French people are putting up so much opposition to this vaccine being mandatory. 40% desire to take it. So now there are discussions about people needing to sign a written agreement that they want the vaccine, after they have been informed about any possible side effects and they must also have time to consider these ideas before agreeing.

This opposition is going to grow like wildfire in the coming days!

So things are happening .... the LIGHT that is rushing in... the ongoing clearing of the matrix by the Light Forces is starting to have the effect of truth surfacing quicker and people are going to be more willing to say Stop 🛑 Here ... wait a minute... what’s going on here...

What MADE those two amazing women above decide to actually make those videos? They felt an ATTRACTION ~ they felt a CALLING from within their souls and they FOLLOWED THAT ATTRACTION.

This is where we are now. Today I will post a short message after this from Lorie Ladd where she tells us about a recent guidance that she has received through the Galactic Confederation about it now being a time for Lightworkers to actually ACT more and not merely support a belief etc.

In # 284 Saint Germain reminded us about our coming roles as leaders on Nova Gaia. That leadership role begins now!

Now ~ prior to the Event and will continue when the Transit takes place.

We might as well get into practice... we don’t have much time to practice... let’s play those leadership roles now.

We will follow the attraction within that calls upon us to do whatever.

This will be extremely individual. We are all unique. But know that every single tiny suggestion that your heart calls you to act upon... independent of how insignificant it might seem... is bringing us closer to liberation. Every single positive move counts.

We must CONTINUE acting ~ following our Heart ♥️ Space Higher Self advice at ALL TIMES from this moment forward... nothing less... then we will have Victory of the Light.

Are YOU following your ♥️? Are you listening to the guidance that you are being given as to how that you might act in some fashion to benefit the whole?

There IS NO LONGER any time for waiting to do anything.


# 309  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *




TZ here; thanks to James Gilliland for the link ~ likewise the link yesterday to the very dark plans for our future see # 308 just below this.... share now everywhere... BUT ONLY DO SO IF YOU CAN SAY ~ THIS IS WHAT THEY PLAN BUT IT WONT HAPPEN!!!

3rd January 2021 ~ EXTRA MESSAGE

Someone in England suggested that I was showing the wrong video opening up below this text. They sent me a screenshot of the video called The Future. So through some magical hacking English readers will not see the correct video with Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

Someone has gone to great lenghts to prevent this video from being visible in England. If I get more information I will add it here. Here is the link to the correct video for those who see 'The Future' instead. {PS The Future is a great 5 minute video but has NO connection to the 'hot potato' material presented by Catherine A F in the correct video}

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVuA98P4aA8&feature=youtu.be NEW COPY TODAY 13/1/21



# 308  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED FOR YOU IN 2025 TO 2028! WELCOME TO YOUR FUTURE! https://www.facebook.com/diana.lenska.9/videos/1481901175345618

Share this video on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Contact dianalenska@gmail.com for a copy of the 89 page report.

TZ here; You need to spread this fast  no doubt she will be blocked from FB like any minute!!!

MAKE THIS VIRAL! If there is anything that would wake people up in a flash, it is this!!



# 307  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Age of Aquarius Activation Report

28th December 2020

TZ here; We now have a full report from Cobra about the results of the meditation. VERY GOOD NEWS!

When you read the details you will be reminded of the importance of the effect that we humans can have on developments. How the Light Forces through our focus in this meditation, could actually gain information to be able to intervene more directly in the demolition of the matrix. A synchronistic effort. If you took part with determined focus in this meditation you have in actual fact contributed to this removal of darkness. Know this!

“From then on, clearing of the primary anomaly on the surface of this planet is taking place.”

There are also lots more details provided about how the matrix is being removed.

You will learn all about the Jesuit plans for their own version of the Financial Reset… and how they are doomed to fail.

There is so very much positive work taking place behind the scenes on every possible level which of course cannot be divulged for obvious reasons.

Here is the full report;



# 306  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


The Liberation of Planet X


29th December 2020


Therese Z Sumner


TZ here; I was reminded of a beautiful video that I saw 3 years ago when Cobra said some words about planet X on December 11th some weeks ago. So I have decided to put together a short reminder of what happened on planet X in December 1999. Planet X was a slave prison colony. We are also a slave prison colony ~ this is what we have in common. less than 2% of humanity {quite a large number in fact} are now aware that this planet is a slave prison colony. Because of the 'imprisonment' enforced upon us by this scandemic it is becoming clearer and clearer to many people that this is in fact the case.

Our Solar System has been under control of Orion/Andromedan Chimera empire and their Draco/Reptilian minions for the last 26,000 years, effectively putting planet Earth under quarantine status, isolating it from positive ET races.

Planet X was a Draco/Illuminati slave colony. For a detailed description of this planet read the article # 24 on Latest Additions.


The people of planet X were generally more awake than humanity. A resistance movement was organized in the Draco/Illuminati slave colony on planet X. This Resistance Movement made physical contact with the Pleiadians parked beyond the heliopause in the outer Kuiper belt and with Pleiadian backup it organized a mutiny on planet X in December 1999, kicked out the Illuminati, freed the planet and shifted its base to underground Agartha network on planet Earth.

Planet X was used from then onward by the Light forces as the strategic base for Solar System clean-up operations. It is one of the main strongholds for the Resistance.

Hundreds of humans were in fact living on planet X. In the past, many human beings were living as hostages in slavery in many of the colonies throughout the Solar System that belonged to various secret space programs. You can read a relatively accurate summary of those programs here: 



In early December 1999, Pleiadians have contacted the Resistance Movement on planet X and ignited a massive uprising against Illuminati there. The Illuminati were overthrown in about three weeks and they had to flee to their bases on Mars and the Moon. At that time, many Resistance Movement freedom fighters from planet X have entered the underground tunnel systems on Earth to join the Organization in their fight. The two forces integrated and emerged as one and are now called Resistance Movement.

Just a reminder that the people of Earth will eventually be made aware of the great sacrifice that freedom fighters from planet X have made, through their joining forces with the Resistance Movement and playing a huge part in our liberation.

December 11th, 2020

We were reminded of the following from Cobra on his timeline / situation update on Dec. 11th.

“The awakening is now going mainstream and the dark forces cannot stop it anymore. What is happening now is that also people who are deep within the system are revolting against the system itself. This is exactly what was happening on planet X in the last three weeks before the liberation in 1999. It will take a little bit longer on Earth, but this is a very good indicator how close to the breakthrough we are.”


Finally a reminder of what things might have looked like on planet X in the days preceding their liberation 21 years ago. Very inspiring and warmly recommended.

Karuna 5 Memories of a hostage



# 305  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Being 5th Dimensional


26th December 2020


Thérèse Z Sumner


Many spiritual seekers are beginning to experience a greater sense of Oneness with All that is. Each one of us have had some earlier experiences in our lives that we have had to go through, so that we could have some knowledge of what we are about to experience now.

Much as we may have earlier desired, we have learned that this experience of Oneness cannot be brought into being through some magical formula. Nor can it be desired into being. In no way can it be forced into being.

It can be described in some way as being in a truly remarkable flow of experience with all that is. During this experience we can carry out our daily ‘must do’s’ like shopping, driving a car, interacting with people etc. Yet, we are also at the same time fully aware that we are experiencing a kind of magical flow. Our conversations are normal and yet we wonder if the person that we are communicating with, is also in this magical flow and has also discovered this magical experience of being in complete harmony and oneness with their I Am Heart Presence.

When we have entered into this magical flow, we can be assured that we are completely at one with our I AM Source.

When we find ourselves experiencing this flow, we can also be assured that our Guides are always present and ready to give us advice. We should allow ourselves to be innocently accepting of receiving ~ of being in a receptive mode to this advice. When we take advice given to us, we will clearly see the rewards that this will bring.

I will give a simple example. Let’s say I’m walking down a street and I see a familiar face approaching. My Guides say, ‘you do not have time to stop and chat’. That is absolutely necessary advice and I must be receptive to it. When I come into contact with that person I say, “sorry I can’t stop and talk now someone is waiting on me”.

When we exist in a space of Oneness and are flowing with all of life, we are deeply in touch with our Higher Self and also with the many Guides within the Council of Love. They are ready at this special time on our planet to help us to adjust to our new roles as the new leaders on Gaia.

Think of it like this. In my pictorial I Ching book there is an image used to describe what is called Collective Force.

The image shows a dragon boat regatta with people on the side of the water cheering on the oarsmen in the boat race. It is the oarsmen in the picture that symbolise collective force. They can only win the race when they work in complete tandem with one another. It is their synchronized movement in rowing the boat that creates the collective force and helps them to win.

When we are ‘in the flow’ with our I AM Presence and with our Guides then we are part of the Collective Force.

If we have a desire to be an integral part of a synchronized Collective Force of Light and Love, then it is paramount that we maintain correct persistence in everything that we do.

We need to be receptive to the advice that our Guides are giving us at all times.

If we insist upon forging ahead with our own ideas of what we ought to do, should do etc. If we do not take a few moments of our time to listen to what our Heart ♥️ Space and Guidance is conveying to us, then we will find ourselves defeated by no end of annoyances.

When we are in the flow that I am describing here we will have magical experiences. Our senses will be heightened. This can give us an awareness of colours being stronger and more vibrant. An inherent knowingness about people’s levels of heart consciousness awareness. A stronger connection with the divinity in nature. Greater clarity on many levels.


# 304  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Jesus Sananda’s Christmas 2020 Message

24th December 2020

Channelled via Linda Dillon

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus, I am Yeshua, I am your beloved brother and friend, Yeshi, and I bring you greetings at this time of winter solstice, of grand conjunction, of Hanukkah, of Christmas.

It is not coincidence, beloveds, that literally in this time of the darkest time and the brightest time, that you prepare to shift into a new realm of existence. I do not tether you or anchor you, restrict you to the 7th dimension – the dimension of love, of Christ Consciousness, of awakened awareness, might I say of joy, of peace, of love.

You see, there is no differentiation when some say “I seek the deepest peace,” which I have done as man. What they are truly saying is “I wish for a sense where conflict and the deep knowing of connection, of security, of Oneness exists.” And when they say “I seek joy,” they are truly saying “I seek to feel secure, that my heart is aglow, regardless of news feeds,” because what you truly value is your friends and family, your community.

And when you say you seek love, you are truly saying “I wish to be the love, I wish to be in the full connection with the Mother/Father/One, to be in the unity, yes, with sacred self and with All.” There can be no delineation.

My brothers and sisters whom I have travelled with many times and do so again, you have grown up in a world where there have been these false delineations, these false constructs, these walls, these impenetrable veils that have done nothing other than create a sense of separation, of isolation, of loneliness and yearning. But you did not come to this incarnation in service to our beloved Mother to accept those walls or to reinforce those walls, to honour those walls, or even to acknowledge those walls.

You are the rebel angels, just like me, just as I have been seen as a rebel when I have walked the Earth and some despised me for it. But my circle loved me because in claiming my freedom, they saw and they did claim their own. That is what this completion is about. It is about tidying up, completing what has not been completely finished up, and this stepping into the pristine New.

You are the creators and the co-creators of Nova Earth and, yes, we most certainly do accompany you. But you are not stepping into a new realm where everything has already been constructed because that was not your request to the Mother – and that most certainly was not her request to you.

Often – and yes, sweet Margaret, we have heard your plea for divine intervention – and there are many times unbeknownst to most when divine intervention does take place. But you did not want to simply wake up in 2021 and see a world that had been recreated and polished. You wished to create it, to build it based on your divine qualities, your favourites, your dreams, and your dreams that are shared by billions.

Yes, there are some that don’t even know quite yet that they share this dream, but they do. And how that is manifesting, as the exhaustion and the soul exhaustion passes – and that is what you are in the midst of – as it passes, they look around, emerging from the darkness, emerging from the sleep, emerging from the illusion, and then they look and they say “What is in alignment with what my heart and my very soul desires?” And that is when they turn to you, they seek you out.

Beloveds, I give you the gift of ignition, I give you the gift of awakening, I give you the gift of lift-off. Do not look back!

They may not say to you “Let me go to a City of Light,” but that does not mean they won’t go. They did not say to me “Take me to Jerusalem or Nazareth,” but they did show up. And they continue to show up to build, in tangible reality, this world, this community of humans that is inclusive, that is generous, that is kind and compassionate.

That is my dream, and it has been my dream when I have walked the Earth as man, and it has been my dream in and out of form forever. It does not change, just as the deep authentic dream of your heart, your mind, your soul does not change. It is not about the material. The material follows the dream, not the other way around. This has been a miscomprehension of many humans. First you work the dream, you live the dream, you enunciate the dream, you expand the dream.

Now why do I talk to you of this now at this solstice switch? Because that is what it is. It is a switch, it is a green light, yes, sometimes flickering yellow, but it is not stop, it is not halt, it is full bore ahead!

Each in your own way, you have chosen to be leaders in the new sense of stewardship, of guardianship, of gardeners of peace, and you gather unto you those of like mind and heart to create ethical governance, to create food that sustains, to create communities – and communities that welcome not only the Star brothers and sisters that are already here on your planet but those that hover and those that are galaxies away. The word goes out!

The monoliths are activators. They are codes brought from afar, encoded with information, energy, light, sound. You will learn. This is part of the gift.

What I ask of you in this time quite literally of new beginning is to stop looking back. Don’t even look back for me because I am right next to you. Don’t look back at the mis-history of what has occurred on your planet, the descension into cruelty and abuse and control, fear, guilt, shame, blame. Don’t look back.

You have been given, you have been honoured, as has Gaia, with a new grid and it is a grid of love, it is a grid of potential. So think of it in this way. You would not look back and use a rock as a tool to fix these computers or even to hammer a nail. It is antiquated. In and of itself, it is a beautiful mineral specimen that has its own life and its own vibratory rate so if you wish to hold it, do so, but do not think that that is the tool you will use. Look ahead and look at what is being given to you as the light tools.

The Council has given you, we have given you, many tools but you came equipped, beloveds, with the most precious tool of all: your heart. It is not only a muscle that keeps you alive, that exchanges blood, etc. It is the seat of your consciousness. It is the seat of your soul. But in addition to that, you have been given the brilliance of your mind – no, not the illusions – the true brilliance of your head, your brain, intelligence. That is not to be denied. You have what it takes.

So what do I give you as my gift, as my offering at this time of giving and receiving? Beloveds, I give you the gift of ignition, I give you the gift of awakening, I give you the gift of lift-off. Do not look back!

You are the leaders, the wayshowers, the pathfinders. If you are hovering with your head over your shoulder or looking down at your feet, you cannot lead – and that is what you are here to do, not in ways of control, quite the contrary; in ways that are so generous, so heart-open that all seek to be with you because that is the place of home. They find the energy of the Mother, the Father, of all of us in you – and when you hold that and when you know that, when you claim your ignition, there is nothing that can stop you!

You are amongst the most determined angels, beings, throughout the Multiverse. That is why you are here. And you will not settle, you will not compromise for half-light, half-dark. That time is over. The time of division and of divisiveness comes to a close, to which all of you and all of us say “Hallelujah!

We are One and you are One with us, with All. So let us celebrate! Let us light and illuminate this entire planet. Let us shine the glee and share the warmth of this new beginning.

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, in peace, in joy, in laughter and celebration. Farewell.



# 303  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Goddess Energy ~ Needed Urgently NOW


23rd December 2020


Therese Z Sumner


In the recent interview with Cobra by WLMM group the following question was asked...

Terry: Okay. Understand. Next question. Is there enough Goddess energy now existing on the surface of the planet?

Cobra: Far from it. We have far too little Goddess energy on the surface of the planet. We will need much, much, much, much, much more.

Terry: Okay, understand, next question. Apart from meditating at the SotR (Sisterhood of the Rose) and how can we effectively spread the Goddess energy throughout the planet?

Cobra: What is important is not just meditating in a weekly meeting. What is important is to embody Goddess energy in daily life. So those people who are connected with the Goddess energy can invoke that energy and let it emanate through their actions in daily life. This is what is most important right now.

I am informed by my Guides that it will be of absolute necessity that we focus upon this energy for the next 4 years... to compensate for its lacking in our world for so long.

Divine Feminine Energy ~ Goddess Energy is present when we feel a strong desire to help and support others. This desire to help is not limited to just a couple of people whom we feel might deserve our help. It’s a desire that encompasses everyone, even though we might be aware that some people simply would not be open to receiving any of our time or interest in them.

It’s truly a desire to make everything as well as possible for everyone. A desire to see everyone finding some happiness and knowing that they are worthy of being cared for ~ being loved.

Goddess Energy is being willing to forgive everything. It’s having an understanding that some people have made the wrong choices, due to lack of self-love ~ due to lack of belief in there being a lighter, happier path that they could choose.

When a dark path has been chosen, it is not so easy to make a decision to move in the opposite direction. The darkness has a fascination all of its own, because they have discovered how they can be ‘bigger’ {how they perceive things} when they have the power to make others feel less than, or frightened.

Goddess Energy is patient. It can wait and forgive and wait and forgive for as long as it takes.

When we utilize Goddess Energy, we do not need to take responsibility for other people’s actions. In fact we never help anyone by doing so.

Goddess Energy allows. It is patiently kind and supportive. It is dedicated to loving unconditionally. It knows that clarity will eventually arise in each individual at a pace that suits their development.

The person with Goddess energy always seeks to understand. Someone who has this Energy can always walk in another’s shoes. They can feel the others frustration and desire to be correct, desire to be loved.

Because this Energy can allow, it learns to be receptive to other people’s limitations and needs.

It is receptive and accepting, yet at the same time it holds a focus on guiding another in a loving way towards more self-love ~ self-trust ~ self-knowingness.

May we all ~ both men and women ~ attempt to use this energy in our lives as we move ahead. Utilizing this softer, more caring approach to dealing with all of our relationships, will truly assist the arrival of the harmonious Age of Aquarius at a quicker pace. We are there now today the 22nd December 2020. We have arrived in the Age of Aquarius. Let’s all decide to be the wayshowers ~ the leaders ~ fulfilling the Mother’s desire for Peace.


# 302  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Tuesday, December 22, 2020 


Age of Aquarius Final Activation Preliminary Report


The critical mass has been reached. Full report will be posted in a week or two.


Victory of the Light!




# 301  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press Image to Enlarge

Galactic Confederation Ship

20th December 2020

Thérèse Z Sumner

This photograph was taken by a reader of GAOG in Seattle and posted there by Steve. It’s very unusual to be able to see part of the ship as we can see here. Another reader made a comment that the ‘Christmas tree ’ like clouds on the visible side of the ship may have been purposefully generated by the ships crew. Makes sense to me. I believe that the reason we are being shown this ship so clearly now is to give us inspiration that we are getting closer to change. We know that in recent months the RM and Galactic Confederation have cleared all of the IBC {Illuminati Breakaway Complex} space ships and bases. Add to that the removal of the Chimera fleet from Near Earth Orbit:

As i now understand it we are completely free of all of the dark fleets and this photograph is evidence of this huge Victory of the Light Forces.

October 28, 2020

"Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC)...

The main problem now remaining is the Chimera with their advanced exotic military technologies, especially quantum superposition toplet bombs. The Light Forces are continuing with the operations, now focusing on the removal of the Chimera fleet in Medium Earth orbit and Low Earth orbit, and clearing of the Chimera underground bases."

December 8th 2020

"In the first days of December, the Light Forces have managed to clear all Chimera fleet from Near Earth Orbit: This is an important step towards the liberation of the planet, as now the Light Forces are able to use Near Earth Orbit much more freely for their liberation operations, and this has unleashed a huge amount of positive energy in Near Earth orbit. This energy has already precipitated towards the surface of the planet and resulted in disclosure attempts such as the following one:"


# 300  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


A List of Changes and Developments that We Can Expect WHEN We Reach Critical Mass on December 21st, 2020


Thursday December 17th, 2020


Therese Z Sumner


I thought that I would provide a synopsis of what exactly we can expect to see if / when we reach critical mass of 144000 meditating simultaneously on December 21st. Most of this information is taken from the WLMM Interview with Cobra.

Before I go into the details of what the results will be from this meditation if we reach critical mass, one last reminder about the great importance of synchronised laser like focus simultaneously for the effect of this meditation to be counted on Dec. 21st. Here Cobra’s words about this.

“And when the main meditation happens on December 21st, it is very important to do the meditation exactly as it was instructed, exactly as it was published on the website to achieve the maximum level of coherence, at exact moment, the exact moment of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. So we have a very strong laser-like signal, which with all people completely harmonized can unify the goal.”

TZ here; In other words – no late starts – alarm clocks on for 10-15 minutes prior if necessary – no group meditation – on your own and focused – practise at least once before – either video in your language {or MP3} – have those written instructions ready IN CASE there are internet problems – some like to do it silently after studying the text beforehand – some using only background music which is also available.

Now for the changes that a successful meditation/activation will bring about.

  • Cobra: If we achieve the critical mass on December 21st, huge changes can begin to be initialized. First, the Light Forces can begin to finally start deconstructing the quarantine with all its exotic negative technologies, all that network of electromagnetic fence, of different scalar devices, of all nanotechnology, of implants, of biochips.
  • All that can begin deconstructing because the new Aquarius energies will be strong enough. And if we reach the critical mass, those energies will be channelled through a critical mass of the surface population. And then the big transformation can begin to happen.
  • The Primary Anomaly which is now gathered on the surface of the planet can really begin to be cleared directly after our meditation.
  • This cleansing of the primary anomaly after the meditation will speed up the process of the removal of implants in humans which has so far still not been possible due to the strong neg anomaly on the surface.
  • Originally the Light Forces believed that C virus would be over in December - that we would have achieved Herd Immunity by then {TZ here; In fact Russia claims that they have already ‘herd immunity’ and that 50% of Russians have antibodies to C Virus} The delay in reaching ‘Herd Immunity’ for the C virus has been delayed due to the nanotechnology war between the Light and Dark Forces. At some point in time after the meditation on Dec 21st and most likely prior to The Event there will however be an unexpected arrival of herd immunity proving all of the ‘experts ‘who have been spreading fear and have an agenda to control humans ... to be wrong. There will be some surprises re CV.  
  • We will be able to receive more information regarding the 3 waves of Ascension after Dec 21st if critical mass is reached as it will be!
  • Cobra: The Age Of Aquarius is the golden age that everybody's waiting for. The Age of Aquarius is actually our life after the Event. It Is a transition from the old society. And a new society where there will be equality; There'll be love; There will be understanding between people; There will be new advanced technologies introduced; There will be First Contact and abundance and healing for everybody. The energy of Aquarius will bring a much needed vision and higher perspective on the collective evolution of humanity and also towards more of a cosmic perspective, which involves the Event and higher level of evolvement of society, which is drastically needed right now.

Finally, I will leave you with a question that Hoshino posed to Cobra and his reply.

Hoshino: Okay, understood. And if we achieve a huge success on that day, how far are we from the planetary liberation from the Light Forces point of view?

Cobra: Their perspective is a little bit different from our perspective. What they are seeing is that we are in the final battle and they are proceeding closer to the surface of the planet. And if we achieve the critical mass on December 21st, they will start clearing the surface first energetically and at some point, also physically. So there is a potential for big changes after December 21st.

The Event before the End of the Covid Scandemic?

Jedi: Alright, next. Is it possible that the Event happens before the pandemic is over?

Cobra: Yes, it's possible…

Cobra: Yes. this final battle has been very intense. It has been cruel and brutal to some of us, but we are now... we have survived 2020. It was a very strange year of many, many, many unexpected things that have happened. And now we are just before the huge transformation where important astrological changes will happen, and they will bring many, many new energies which will bring Light Forces closer to the surface of the planet, and this will be felt. And then things can finally begin to change on the physical plane as well. So I would encourage everybody to participate in our meditation and to assist us in anchoring as much Light as possible on the December 21st at the moment of the great conjunction. And then in the next year, we can make big, big quantum leaps towards our final goal. So Victory of the Light!

Everything You Might Need to Know about December 21st 2020



# 299  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Booster Meditations 17th and 19th December

15th December 2020

TZ here; In about 44 hours from now we have our first booster meditation on Thursday 17th at 05:04 AM UTC. The second one is on Saturday the 19th at 13:08 UTC.

I have taken the following information from WLMM and to read all of the details ~ which are on the SAME page as our main Age of Aquarius meditation on the 21st ~ roll down the page until you see this image here to the left and you will find world clock times and also guided audio videos in many languages also created for these booster meditations. Lets DO THIS!

Invitation to the booster meditations at the exact time of Saturn enters Aquarius on December 17th and Jupiter enters Aqurius on December 19th.

Saturn will enter Aquarius on December 17th at 05:04 UTC, and Jupiter will enter Aquarius a few days later on December 19th at 13:08 UTC. We will use the energy of Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people or more participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on December 21st.

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do these two preparatory booster meditations at the exact moment of the Aquarius ingress for Saturn and Jupiter

You can find the exact moment for both booster meditations for your timezone here for the first booster meditation:


And here for the second one:


TO CONTINUE on WLMM ~ https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2020/11/age-of-aquarius-final-activation-on-december-21st-at-622-pm-utc.html


# 298  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge Image

Your Effort Is Key To the Success of the Age of Aquarius Final Push Meditation


12th December 2020


Thérèse Z Sumner


As I go to Publish this right now it is 9 Days and 9 Hours until our Final Push into the true time of the Ascension process for humanity on planet Earth! From day one Cobra told us that the time of Compression Breakthrough ~ the time of The Event which we are moving ever more quickly towards buy the hour, would be the true time of the Ascension process taking off on Gaia. I am not saying that our Activation / Meditation on the 21st December is the day of Compression Breakthrough ~ but I am saying that that day is now not so far away at all.

What would you say to your friends or other spiritually inclined people in your home town, county or region about this Meditation to help to encourage them to take part?

Maybe something like this; If these words gel with your own approach you can translate them and share them with your community.

‘Dear friends, on December 21st this year, at the time of the winter solstice there is going to be a worldwide meditation taking place. The aim of this meditation is to unite as many people as possible, on every continent on Earth, at the exact same moment in time, focusing upon a beautiful vision of a new time on our planet where there is peace and abundance available for humanity.

To create unity of heart and mind during the meditation videos ~ both promotional and for guidance through the meditation, have been created in every language.

Despite how things might seem at present, with restrictions worldwide due to a pandemic, we have never been so close to positive change on our beautiful planet. The power of people creating change through meditation in large groups is scientifically proven.

This meditation on the winter (summer in some countries) solstice on December 21st is the 3rd of 3 meditations this year... {January June and December} the final big meditation to bring us all safely and strongly into the real Age of Aquarius.

You might remember the song The Age of Aquarius {lyrics should be available in each language} where an explanation is given for the new energy coming to Earth. The lyrics remind us that we are about to move into a time on Earth when we will have

“harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derision, golden living dreams of visions and the minds true liberation”.

We move officially into this New Aquarian Age on Gaia on December 21st this year.

We are simply put, on the verge of this new development now and our meditation can speed up this process bringing positive change to Earth in a very short time.

One day you can proudly tell your children / grandchildren that you were a part of bringing that amazing overnight change into being by taking part in this meditation. I hope that you will feel inspired to join me and people worldwide in this effort beyond every border and religion with the goal of Peace and prosperity and Goodwill for humanity.’

With promotional and Guided Meditation videos available in every language each one of us can reach out locally and regionally in our respective countries to bring up the numbers to the maximum for this last KEY meditation for Peace on Earth and a new world of abundance for all.

In each country, I am sure that you will all have some contact with local spiritual people who are providing sound and reliable information about the Ascension process taking place on Gaia. It is these people that can be key to raising the numbers of those participating. By reaching out to these people personally with links to both promotional and guided meditation videos of your choice and asking them to spread the word on their blogs we can increase the numbers joining us on the 21st.

I was given the following link to a letter written with the thought of being spread to spiritual leaders of various kinds. This might also be of assistance in your attempts to reach others. Thanks to Maria.

The Golden Age Goddess: A Letter to all Spiritual Leaders and World Leaders in all countries, states and towns


Last but not least the link to WLMM and everything you could possibly need to know about this Meditation.



# 297  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Press to Enlarge

Calling All Dedicated True Lightworkers ~ Cobra Update

9th December 2020

Therese Z Sumner

We have just had a new interesting update from Cobra. I was extremely pleased to hear him verify that the Low Earth Orbit Chimera Fleet is now dealt with. I actually asked my Guides about that yesterday and got the same answer. "In the first days of December, the Light Forces have managed to clear all Chimera fleet from Near Earth Orbit: This is an important step towards the liberation of the planet, as now the Light Forces are able to use Near Earth Orbit much more freely for their liberation operations, and this has unleashed a huge amount of positive energy in Near Earth orbit. This energy has already precipitated towards the surface of the planet and resulted in disclosure attempts such as the following one:"

So things are moving forward. This beautiful photograph from Taiwan was among the beautiful images Cobra shared. Taken on the day of our timeline correction meditation when 80,000 took part. Not a bad number for a ‘minor’ meditation effort. Also… “Exactly at the moment of our meditation on November 11th at 11:11 am in Paris, the following movie was released, reaching an audience over 2 million strong:” {Got to be great Lightworkers involved in that release!}

Two nice crop circles from England and Brazil denoting the timeframe for our meditation on the winter solstice. Check out the links C provides for more detailed pictures and info about these crop circles.

In my mind the following information taken from this Cobra Update is the most important. As I prepare to publish this message there are 12 days and 9 hours to go before our Final Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation on the 21st.

To support that meditation being the best ever and hopefully having close to one million people joining forces we are advised to take part in the following BOOSTER meditations. We did this prior to that ‘oh so important’ first part of the 3 part Aquarius ♒️ Activation in January this year. They were difficult days and dark forces attempting every way to prevent the success of that activation, but we made it! We reached just above the critical mass with 150;000 people and managed to avert great darkness by the skin of our teeth.

Here is Cobra’s suggestion for the coming weeks booster meditations. Remember that the Flower of Life meditation does not take more than 10-15 minutes, and everything has been arranged by Hoshino and friends with links given here.

“Asteroid Pallas has already entered Aquarius on December 7th, and the energies are slowly beginning to build for our main meditation and for official entry into the age of Aquarius on December 21st:




Until then, Pluto Eris square on December 10th, becoming exact at 22:06 UTC and a total Solar eclipse on December 14th at 16:14 UTC will be moments of great tension and therefore you can help stabilizing the planetary energy field with the Flower of Life meditation at those two moments if you feel so guided.


Saturn will enter Aquarius on December 17th at 05:04 UTC, and Jupiter will enter Aquarius a few days later on December 19th at 13:08 UTC. We will use the energy of Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people or more participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on December 21st.

Press to Enlarge

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do these two preparatory booster meditations at the exact moment of the Aquarius ingress for Saturn and Jupiter

You can find the exact moment for both booster meditations for your timezone here for the first booster meditation:


And here for the second one:


Instructions for both booster meditations are here:

  1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
  2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to reach the critical mass of 144,000 people or more meditating for our Age of Aquarius Final Activation.
  3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light
  4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe, then through M87 galaxy, then entering through the Galactic Central Sun of our Galaxy, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
  5. Visualize this Light activating Soul star chakras of millions upon millions of people, presenting them with the possibility of joining Age of Aquarius activation. Visualize those who feel so guided actually participating, their number far exceeding the critical mass, and the activation itself having a massive positive healing effect for all sentient beings on Earth and stabilizing the Age of Aquarius positive timeline.



I have not had the time to listen to the interview with Cobra as yet. You might have noticed that yesterday the 8th December {same day as Cobra update} I felt strongly urged to provide readers with information about Planet X and the Resistance Movement. In this new update Cobra also reminds us of the liberation of Planet X. A nice synchronictiy even if I say so myself ;-) 

Here is link to that new article on Latest Additions page.

See New Post # 24  Beware ~ Bullshit ~ Pure Rubbish ~ False Facts ~ Spreading Big Time ~ Here is the Truth



# 296  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Press Image to Enlarge

Anchoring Peace Now


8th December 2020


Therese Z Sumner

How can I be of most benefit to the whole right now? What could I do right now that will bring forth the best results for myself and that will in turn be in tandem with the most beneficial energy level for grounding Peace on Gaia?

Let us once again remind ourselves that that which truly benefits my own true needs at any time, that which brings greater harmony, balance and peace right now into my own life, will ultimately be of benefit in bringing greater peace and harmony to the entire planet.

We are all ONE in that we are all energetically interconnected.

As such, my feeling a deep sense of internal peace, a deep sense of trust in Divine Intervention, a deeper knowingness that all will soon be so much better for everyone, will spread that knowingness outwards to the many.

My absolute greatest gift to the world right now would have to be remaining in a place of deep seated knowingness that everything is going to be amazingly, surprisingly, unexpectedly wonderful for everyone on the planet.

There is a great probability that the state of affairs currently playing out on our planet changes unexpectedly in the blink of an eye. This sudden and surprising change of events may temporarily frighten us.

However the ordeal will end bringing great relief to everyone.

We are aware you and I that whatever difficulties that may arise when this unexpected change comes about, that these difficulties must be viewed in light of that which will follow in the future. Here I am reminded of the Chinese symbol used to denote crises 危 機. In the Chinese language, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity. But the second character does not mean "opportunity" in isolation, but something more like "change point".

Out of great chaos and crises will come great harmony, peace and relief for mankind.

Your ~ Our greatest gift to the world right now is to H - A - R - M - O - N - I - S - E ...

To decide to remain in a state of harmony no matter what!

2 Tests in 2 Days

In the first few days of December I was exposed to 2 very different situations both of which managed to topple my sense of harmony at the time.

The first incident occurred as I drove from home to a thrift shop to pick up some things that I’d bought. Just 300 yards from the car park in my area, there is an exit on the right hand side of the road from the back of a petrol station. As I have earlier been surprised, by people not stopping there to check for traffic coming from their left, I decided to ’beep’ the horn on my car to warn of my approach. Suddenly a car shot out in front of me turning in my direction and I was forced to break. I looked shocked and the other driver stopped and we both rolled down the windows whereby the other male driver began by stating angrily that the rule was ‘priority to the right’. This was of course completely incorrect. He was completely uninterested in my opinions about the ‘Give Way / Yield’ sign as you leave the petrol station exit and I found myself driving off angrily instead of continuing a fruitless discussion.

2nd Incident!

The second situation that has created confusion and some disharmony within me, is one where I have been weighing the pros and cons of sharing certain information here on the blog. The information that I was considering sharing is well rounded and intellectually brilliant. It’s information that reveals the truth about the matrix.

Is this the right time to add more fuel to the fire? Is this the right time to my attempting to share that which might bring even more clarity to the thousand and one ways that the dark controls us by?

After many hours of indecision ~ “no I won’t “~ “yes it’s brilliant I ought to” ~ “is it thoroughly reliable?” ~ “is the source thoroughly reliable?” ~ the bulk of the information gels with my own knowledge and heartfelt emotions. “No” ~ “Yes” ~ new insights ~ ‘no’ again ~ more new insights ~ “of course it should be a yes...” no end of confusion.

The conclusion came clearly on Friday the 4th December 2020. We all know more than enough about the Matrix now. We all know much more than more than enough about the Matrix.

The 1st incident above has given me insight about my role after The Event! There is no doubt in my mind that we will all be meeting people like that man. People who are angry and in a place of chock that will create a need within them to be ‘on the defence’ ~ ready to fight ~ not sure what is happening ~ making some show of knowing what’s going on ~ what’s right ~ wrong etc.

I myself made a decision after this incidence. When in the future I am confronted with someone’s anger that has nothing to do with me, I need to be ready to stop ~ count to five ~ take a deep breath ~ smile inside ~ and decide that however I will deal with another’s anger, it will not be whilst being in an angry state myself. I felt clearly that this incident was indeed a preparation for what is to come.

In the 2nd instance... all of that confusion... led me to see that right now we do not need any more fuel on the fire of knowledge about darkness. We do not need any new information about this total madness that we exist within.

What we do need right now is to BE IN OUR HEART ~ REMAIN IN OUR HEART.

To be in a place of Peace within. To choose impressions on the outside that will strengthen our sense of inner harmony and peace.

I hope that you too will decide to begin the anchoring of Peace on our planet in preparation for that which is to come.

Victory of the Light!


# 295  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

Victory of the Light

Age of Aquarius Final Activation at 6:22 pm UTC on December 21st | Promo Video

This is one of six promotional videos now available for our major activation meditation on December 21st, 2020 which will strongly secure our arrival into the Age of Aquarius. This particular video is available in 24 languages so far.

Shortly we will also see the arrival of the Guided Meditation Videos which will no doubt be available in up to 40 languages in time. Here is the link to We Love Mass Meditations complete information for the 21st of December. Here you find direct links in all languages to all 6 of these promotional videos and all of the translations currently available in an easy to overview table.

Also the times for the meditation worldwide on another table. Remember that if you don’t see your city in the table there is also a link to ‘world clock times’ where you can adjust the settings and find the time for almost every major city on the planet.

Besides this WLMM have already provided with the help of creative lightworkers so many amazing posters about this epic meditation and you are sure to find more than one of these posters that you would like to share with your friend’s readers etc.


Namaste Thérèse Z

Victory of the Light

# 294  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

Press Image to Enlarge

When We Transit Soon Imminent Arrests &

Comforting Support Will Be Needed Especially by...

1st December 2020


Thérèse Z Sumner


Right now this entire planet is still under the control of the darkest controllers and their absolutely biggest propaganda machine.

That machine is the biggest religion on the planet. This religion has power everywhere in every single country.

This 'Church' has more followers than any other. Which Church? The Church of Modern Medicine.

Through this 'Church', our controllers have managed to dupe the entire world into the belief that we are in the midst of a pandemic ~ a scamdemic.

You cannot speak out against this 'Church'. There is no point whatsoever in even suggesting that some natural medicine of some kind could cure this or that. They will not allow such interference. There is NO SUCH THING as any interest within the confines of this 'Church' to even consider negotiating new ideas / or cures from natural sources. They are ALMIGHTY.

All of those working within this church system have no choice but to acquiesce totally. Those doctors or nurses that try to show that there is another way to cure cancer, or that vaccines can cause autism, usually get themselves murdered.

Soon all of this madness will end. Soon there will be an end to all religious beliefs on this planet that in some way control people’s lives. Religions that limit people’s understanding about their own inherent spiritual treasure, are all of them about to die a quick death.

When all of the truth surfaces as it will do over a period of a couple of months after The Transit, we will see the demise of the Church of Modern medicine along with the demise of every other church / religion on the planet. They are going to fade away in importance when people discover that they can have direct contact with the Source ~ Love ~ they will soon discover that churches like the evil Roman Catholic Church become completely obsolete.


People who are employed in the Church of Modern Medicine will be especially vulnerable and among those who have the deepest levels of chock to deal with, when the time of Full Disclosure is upon us in the near future.

Why bother writing something like this at this late hour I ask myself? The main reason is that I am hoping that it might bring some kind of solace to those people reading this, who either work within the medical/ hospital environment or who have close friends or relatives who do so.

These many millions of people worldwide have no choice but to acquiesce to the madness that they are forced to be a part of. They include doctors, nurses, medical staff and caregivers of various kinds.

You and I will need to be among those who give comfort to these many individuals when the truth comes pouring out soon. I have been thinking about this situation and these people all through the 8 years that I have spent writing about these changes. I truly believe that they will be among the people who have to deal with the absolutely greatest levels of shock when the truth is known.


People of all religions will be in shock when they see some of the lies that their religious beliefs have lured them into believing.

The Multinational Pharmaceutical Industries are in the hands of the very darkest individuals on this planet.

The Church of Modern Medicine is the greatest religion of them all. It’s the religion with the greatest numbers of followers.

Press Image to Enlarge

Sweden would have to be one of the 20 odd countries where this religion is strongest. An example of this religious belief would be that when we had the so called ‘swine flu’ epidemic.

Sweden managed to vaccinate more of its people than any other country worldwide. We also had the highest number of young people then having their lives destroyed by narcolepsy.

Among the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in Sweden we find Pfizer, Gilead Science, Astra Zeneca, Roche and Bayer.

Among Sweden’s top 10 exports for the year of 2019, pharmaceuticals come in at number 5 on the list with sales of 10.3 Billion Dollars.


I am informed that Sweden’s corona guru Stefan Tegnell has direct connections to about 20 of the other ‘scamdemic’ gurus in Europe.

By guru I refer to the person giving regular updates about the current status of the scamdemic like Fauci in the USA. Every country now has a guru in this area working within the 'Church'.

They in turn will be getting their instructions from the controllers of the scamdemic.

These ‘gurus’ within the medical profession are the controlling forces behind everything taking place in every country during this pandemic. Their advice which is programmed into medical staff and everyone else on a daily nonstop basis, in turn decides the politics, economic situations, how all of us live our lives and last but not least puts enormous pressure and stress upon medical staff at this time.

My Guides are saying that 70% of medical and care giving staff are on the verge of breaking down from exhaustion.

Imagine when all of these everyday heroes find out that as much as 80% of the medical caregiving that they have been involved in has in fact been making the lives and health issues of patients worse.

40% of people who have their employment within the ‘Church’ and thus are involved in this propaganda scam really believe that they are doing a good job. These are the individuals who are completely duped regarding the power of modern medicine to actually cure anything with their ‘medicines’.

Approximately 20% of the medications used by the Church of Modern Medicine can actually cure certain diseases.

The other 80% are simply put dangerous. They create more problems and side effects and lay the ground for other life inhibiting symptoms.

So let’s get more clarity here. I mentioned first the number of real ‘believers’ working within this 'Church' as being 40%. So what about the others?

There are as many as 5% of people, working within this ‘Church’, people more deeply involved and knowingly aware of the dangers of some drugs / vaccines etc. Well, just know that there will be many arrests made in this area... they will be taken into custody... they will never harm anyone again.

The other 55% of people working within this ‘Church’, ( 53% really, because 2 % of these are aware of the dangers and the truth of the matter and as such are existing in pure hell at present... ) are more open to hearing new evidence about the dangers of vaccines... the benefits of some alternative healing methods that they have become aware of etc. However, they are too busy being run off their feet with the stress of their situation and the pressures of all of the propaganda that they are forced to just push other thoughts / knowledge to the side.

Press Image to Enlarge

Some of them know the truth about alternative remedies that would help. Sadly, they are all too aware that their opinions on these subjects would be rejected and make their lives difficult. Indeed other co-workers that might agree with these colleagues’ beliefs would be too scared to back them up if they were openly attacked by administration for their opinions. They would end up being ostracized within the ‘Church’.

The Church of Modern Medicine is as far away from modern as you could get. Real cures for so many diseases have been suppressed because there is no money to be made from natural remedies that cannot be patented. Instead of being modern it is archaic. Ever since I was a small child, I hated hospitals. Children know inherently that they are dangerous places.

The numbers of medical staff that are employed within this worldwide church and that will be faced with truths that cause them anguish, sadness and feelings of hopelessness etc. will be numbering in the hundreds of millions.

Besides those people working within this huge Church there are the laypeople who will be in shock upon having learned the truth about ‘modern medicine’ and they will number above a Billion people ~ or more specifically, above one thousand million people!

Universal Mother Mary

I spoke with Universal Mother Mary this morning when I awoke and asked Her if She had some words that She would like to add to this article. Here is what She had to say.

Mother Mary wants to remind us that at this time, exactly 3 weeks today before our Age of Aquarius meditation, that our only focus between now and then should be to remain in as harmonious a state as possible. This harmonizing effort should be considered a precursor to the meditation itself. By BEING in a state of harmony ourselves we are spreading that peaceful vibration to all those around us, thus laying the ground for a time of Peace upon Gaia. She wants us to be at peace knowing that we are surrounded by and showered with loving Divine Energy at this time. We are never ever alone. We are loved immensely. Love and Peace will prevail.

PS: For more information about arrests at the time of The Event see articles about The Event listed at the top of this page. 

Victory is Assured

# 293  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

Victory Is Assured

Press to Enlarge Image

For Lightworkers ~ Our Role after The Event

When the Truth Is Known ~ UNITY Will Be the ONLY GOAL


26th November 2020


Therese Zumi Sumner


Less than 3 weeks after The Event humanity will begin a full awakening process...

At this point in time they will have been provided with enough information and clear evidence to show them that DIVISION between us was purposefully and deviously created by our controllers to control us.

As a Lightworker it is of great importance that there is no tendency within your own being, to see people as being more or less ‘worthy’ depending upon their country of origin, the colour of their skin, their religious affiliation, their political affiliation or their sexual orientation etc. Ask yourself now whether you are consciously aware of holding onto any type of prejudice in the above mentioned areas

As a first priority, we need to thoroughly keep in mind, that the future of civilization on this planet, the future of Nova Gaia, the co-creating of the New Atlantis will be all about UNITY ~ UNITY and even more UNITY.

We have all been born on this planet with the same inherent rights to a life where we should be equally worthy of having everything that we need both physically and emotionally to live well. In the very best of worlds we should all have equal opportunities to develop our gifts and talents to be acceptable co-creators in the building of societies where we can all thrive together

You might have seen a recent message here which was relayed to me via Saint Germain. It pertains to our Leadership Roles after The Event ~ see # 284.

We are going to find ourselves involved in some way with the society where we live after Compression Breakthrough. We will find ourselves playing the role of a coordinator of some kind ~ a person who has a cooperative and loyal relationship with the entire neighbourhood.

During this time period of ‘reformation’... and adaptation we will need to be aware that CAUTION is necessary.

Remember what will be taking place at this time! There will be chaos in society at large.

The politicians who have had controlling roles in our societies will have either been arrested or completely incapable of any form of leadership. Here I am saying that 0% of these people will be capable of expressing themselves due to being in a deep state of shock.

Your main role ~ yes YOU who are reading this now ~ will be to dampen the chaos every way that you can.

Remember you do not need to have expert knowledge of all of the details to be a reliable person in a state of calmness at this time. You know absolutely enough if you are reading this now to be an oasis of security for others.

You will be able to say with great fervour, to everyone, that “all of the problems on this planet are now going to be resolved finally.” You know that there will be abundance for every single person available. You know that people will no longer have to fear the threat of war anywhere on Gaia.  You know that this is the end to poverty, starvation and people being driven from their homes. You know that all of those misplaced people and families currently living in dire conditions... in refugee camps…  will soon be given homes of their very own. Etc.

You are reminded about being cautious at this time, due to the fact that there will be a total lack of vision and leadership.

People will be looking to you for this leadership.

Remember one very important thing.

You will achieve much much more with SMALL EFFORTS than with any large displays of power.

Remember a second important thing.

You will NOT BE ALONE in the efforts that you will be making to affect a calmness in your environment. Your Sovereignty as a calm, strong, reliable pillar of strength, will be assisted by the entire Company of Heaven Who will be supporting our every effort at this time

We will simply ‘ooze’ Sovereignty from our Being. You are going to be amazed at your own strength at this time. You are going to be amazed at your energy level at this time.

Whatever the circumstances you will be provided with assistance to be able to give a balanced support to the situation.

We will be operating in the very best of good conduct. We will bring a sense of calmness to the situation. We will find ourselves capable of elevating the social order at this time.


Now we would be very naive if we were to believe that we would be able to completely avoid dealing with negative voices and opinions during this time.

With so many emotions coming to the surface due to the enormous chock that these changes will entail we will need to be aware of the following.

“inferior persons and ideas should be assigned to their proper places. Do not allow them a voice in your affairs.”

As we travel through the first months of this New Time on Nova Gaia we will learn how to deal with such matters as negative reactions / opinions arising in diverse situations. One word should be highest in your mind UNITY. In keeping that word in mind you will find the right words to say to be able to return any difficult situations to a cooperative spirit again.

When you are required to bring a situation back to a calm place, you will develop an ability to express yourself in a clear minded way to end disputes. You will learn how to do this without hurting people’s feelings unnecessarily.

Yet, some disputes will have to be ended quickly and clearly because this will be a time when we simply cannot allow disputes of the ego kind to detain us from bringing progress to situations.

Let’s be ready to do this ~ NOW!

PS: If you would like to know how you can get ready for this new role then it might help to read the message from Saint Germain # 284 here below.


# 292  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Victory of the Light

# 291  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Victory of the Light

☀️ At The Time of The Event


24h November 2020


Therese Zumi Sumner


I have been asked to provide some information that may be of assistance at the time of Compression Breakthrough for those lightworkers who have themselves chosen to be among those anchoring the incoming Light at the time.

The most concentrated time period when the focus will be needed to do this work is approximately 60 hours.

So the advice provided here will be concerning those first 60 hours and specifically for those who have made this choice.

Sisterhood of the Rose groups will be focused upon this mission at this time.

However, you do not need to be a member of a group to take part in this work. In fact the majority of those anchoring the Light will be doing so in the privacy of their homes, yet of course aligned with all of those involved ethereally.

There will be assistance provided to us from so many Beings of Light when we are in this space during these hours.

We will have support from the Council of Love, from the Galactic Confederation ships, from the myriad of Angelic’s and Archangelic’s already in position all around our planet for more than a years’ time.

So even if you are living alone and have decided upon being one of those who anchor the Light you will most definitely not be alone, but you will be in the very best of Company. I would imagine that we will simply feel as if we have died and gone to Heaven at this time.

It will be an absolutely unforgettable experience. An experience of being in a state of ecstasy and at One with Source.

During this period of time we will also be downloading visionary information that will be of guidance for our continued role in our societies when we become more actively involved after this period of isolation.

These roles in our societies will be very varied of course. Each of us has unique skills that will no doubt be utilised fully when needed.

Your intuition will be your Guiding Light and trust me even if you believe that yours is not perfect right now, you will find that it’s suddenly very clear and functional.

There will be those among us, who may for some reason be contacted by someone with information requiring our assistance in some way.

We learned many years ago that the Resistance Movement might be making direct contact with certain individuals at this time.

You always have a choice. Nothing is written in stone. So if you are contacted directly you will know with absolute certainty whether or not you can take on that project. If it doesn’t feel right for you at the time, then someone else will be contacted if you decline.


# 290  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    


In Sweden we light the first candle of Advent this Sunday 29th Nov

Stop Worrying ~ Be Prepared


24th November 2020


Thérèse Zumi Sumner


Stop worrying about vaccines being forced upon people. This is what my Guides are saying today.

It would be perfectly understandable if you are feeling concern about this when the media is pushing it in our faces daily. Here in Sweden we have been told that we will not likely have a vaccine ready for administration until January 2021. They told us yesterday that other countries were now already organized with centres for administration of vaccination in place. I was immediately reminded of the German situation {see New Post # 20 here}  https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/introduction/latest-additions

Today they mention the dates 11-12th December as being feasible start dates for this in Great Britain and Germany. Just heard now that the second week in December is the timeframe plan for shipping the vaccine around the USA.

I do not know exactly what will cause a delay in ‘their’ plans for these vaccinations.

All that I know is that something is going to be revealed in the near future that will effectively change the situation.

They Give Themselves Away

This morning we could see an interview with the earlier chief medical adviser at Pfizer. He declared how "completely unbelievable" it is that they have managed to get this vaccine ready so quickly. "Historically speaking it used to take 10-15 years of study etc to develop a reliable vaccine and to think that we hardly knew what this virus was in the spring and we now have a vaccine"... "everything else has been put aside... amazing!" Also he happened to mention that when the scientific community starts a project, they usually have a failure rate of 95% that costs enormous sums of money.

Did you hear about Elon Musk? He had cold symptoms and did 4 Covid tests at the same place with the same nurse on the same day ... two showed positive and two negative. That’s a great piece of information to be aware of, if you are attempting to awaken people around you to the knowledge of the total unreliability of these tests. I have found articles about this in both English and Swedish.

Election Fraud

Just want to remind you that C told us on November 10th that mainstream media has been ordered not to report about voting fraud. A completely reliable source {that I can personally vouch for} was told by a journalist from one of the three main newspapers that they were told "NO STORIES about any voter fraud". This means effectively that they will not publish anything that will undermine Biden.

It must be hell to have knowledge of the truth and yet to be forbidden to mention it. Many of these journalists came into this profession thinking that their work would be about informing people of the truth. Right from the beginning they hadn’t got a clue as to ‘ownership’ of the entire mainstream media by an elite. They had to conform or lose their jobs.

My sources say that 50% of journalists today know that they are reporting fraudulent information - ‘fake news’ and 4 out of 5 of these people are sickened by this. They wish that they had chosen another profession. They are so longing for freedom of speech.

In your minds eye see...

It All Changing In the Blink of an Eye.

We now see the dark ones believing that they have succeeded with their dark plans to totally enslave us. Right up until the last minute it will look like they have achieved their goals. One goal is the control of the USA, another controlling the worlds populations with the help of a vaccine. They are all in for the biggest surprise of their lives.


PS: When ALL OF THE MADNESS of the archaic so called 'modern medicine' is over soon... check out what will be made available to us in the video below # 289... Enjoy!

Also... you might be able to hear the word Tachyon healing mentioned and remember that the reason Cobra incarnated here this life from the Pleiades was to bring the amazing Tachyon technology to this planet. I do not know if he reckoned upon everything else that that would entail for him... however he has most certainly achieved so much more than he could ever imagine ~ not knowing the depth of the challenges here ~ he prevailed Thank God!


# 289  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *       Med Beds Quantum Healing




# 288  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Article # 287  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


High Time to Focus ONLY upon Being Ready for Change


18th November 2020


by Thérèse Zumi Sumner


I fell into a little trap yesterday. After seeing 30 minutes of the evening news I was ready to scream out loud “why don’t they just tell us all, that they have decided to end this scamdemic by arranging for doses of poison to be delivered to all of the chemists in Sweden, so that we can go there now, pick up our dose and be ready to take part in the collective worldwide suicide ritual at the end of this month.” That might put an end to the scamdemic. The scare programming has reached beyond all proportions here. At least 12 times daily in 30 minute sessions, everyone is programmed with such an amount of diverse propaganda, all with the same goal in mind, to keep the sheep gathered in their fenced in fields and keep them docile and completely stupid and willing to accept anything.

I was listening to a wonderful Swedish medium speaking today. She made it clear that Swedish people up until about 20 years ago have been trained to trust and accept from early childhood that the State fixes everything. This is why Sweden has had less restrictions earlier. They know that Swedish people will follow the rules and so do not need to be ‘forbidden’ to move about etc. like other cultures with more inherent ‘defiance’ among the people. They are provided with ‘recommendations’ and they follow them religiously, or at least they have done so up until recently.

The above information was of course not new to me. Moving from the Republic of Ireland to Sweden in 1972 was like moving from one planet to another. EVERYTHING was so organized and ‘perfect’. Every need for every citizen was taken care of from the cradle to the grave and I could quickly gain an understanding as to why religion held very little interest to anyone here. And I soon understood that this was probably the most secularised country on the planet. An amazing prison! Nothing much to complain about. No worries!

However, the State here being influenced by all of the EU deep state controllers is increasing restrictions on all levels by the hour. I won’t go into the boring details, but the propaganda is TOTAL believe me.

This is what I now believe to be true.

I do NOT believe that this madness can ever stop until the entire worldwide cabal groups are arrested and that will be at the time of The Event.

Also regarding the truth about the US elections.

I do NOT believe that the truth that DT is holding onto will be released until The Event.

Just think about it. How could DT and his group of allies ever get mainstream media to tell any of this truth? Do you really believe that the cabal will allow that?

The whole situation regarding this fraudulent election and not in least the control over humanity created by this scamdemic can ONLY BE totally resolved at The Event.

Who will create THE EVENT? Well by now you ought to know the answer to that is WE WILL!

You heard what Archangel Michael said about this in # 286... if enough of us decide that we want peace on Earth we can have it within a day! He also said, “It is not about winning, unless everybody, yes, all 8 billion win."

Now you are all aware that there is a meditation about to take place on December 21st which is aimed at being the FINAL PUSH into the Age of Aquarius.

We must decide now ~ you within your heart ~ me within my heart ~ that that is indeed THE FINAL MEDITATION to carry us across the Bridge to the Age of Aquarius with all that that will mean inherently. Please join me in making that decision now! Allow no other thought to interfere in that belief!

My God has this taken time!

But we didn’t know ~ for goodness sake not even the Ascended Masters knew the whole truth ~ until around 2014-2015, what the full extent of the truth was regarding the equipment ~ technology ~ evil control held by the archons and the chimera.

The process was so painstakingly slow for the Galactic Confederation ~ Ashtar Command ~ Résistance Movement because of the depth of the darkness and the danger of the weapons that they controlled us with. Not in least, there were so many unknown hostage situations that had to be continually dealt with strategically so as not to delay things even more. As C said many years ago dealing with these beings was like dealing with mad dogs. Indeed some of these beings could not be dealt with via communication with humans at all, they had to have the wisdom of higher dimensional knowledge ‘negotiating’ with them.

In this war we know now that things have reached a very different place. I won’t go into any details you can read them in Cobra’s updates.

You will need to be very clear about the fact that C cannot divulge all of the details about the present level of this war.

If you do not understand this, then think again!

I have decided that I will now avoid watching any more propaganda about this scamdemic.

I have been promised by Divine Mother Herself that this vaccine from hell will NOT be administered to humanity.

The whole truth about the scamdemic and the US elections will be revealed at the time of The Event.

When will The Event take place?

I have adamantly explained to my Guides that I do not wish to know ‘when’ until possibly the last few hours prior to IT.

Does the Final Age of Aquarius meditation have to take place prior to The Event? Answer ~ not necessarily.

We could be doing this meditation on the ‘other side of the Bridge’.

Could Mother make the decision to give the ‘green light’ prior to this meditation? Answer ~ Yes that’s possible.

She will give the ‘green light’ when we are ready!

Hear what Michael just said recently “There is no question on our side about whether you are ready. You have been ready for a long time. So, come with me, please, and wage peace, anchor love, and remember joy. I am with you. I am always with you. Go with my love. Farewell”

PS: Do NOT allow your body’s immune system to be diluted and lowered because you are feeling anger, despair, worry or concern about the global scamdemic situation and the programming.

Focus ONLY instead upon being ready for change. Its time!

Mother wants Peace and Peace She will Have.


Article # 286  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Come with me, please, and wage peace, anchor love, and remember joy.

Linda Dillon: Archangel Michael ~ Choose Peace not War


13th November 11, 2020


After our latest Heart Call, Archangel Michael delivered his message of peace and how we, as lightworkers, love-holders can bring about peace on Gaia in as little as a day.

Channeling: Archangel Michael

Greetings, I AM Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And yes, I have been speaking a great deal of late about the creation and co-creation with each and every one of you, of peace upon this planet, of serenity, of freedom, and yes, of my friend St. Germaine’s liberty.

There are times when you might feel that you must go to war. I have participated. I have witnessed. I have defended and protected. In this case beloved, in the Mother’s infinite Pause, that is what She is saying… Everyone go home and take a deep breath and realize what is truly important to you.

It is not about winning, unless everybody, yes, all 8 billion win. There can be no place, in any country, any family, any society, for those who wish to assume control or ascendancy, who wish to perpetrate violence… whether it is an abusive spouse, or an abusive law enforcement person, or an abusive head of state, or an abusive society… there is no room and there can be no peace until this is eradicated. And we are giving you the opportunity, with the Porlana C, with the Mother’s Tsunami of Love that has never been like this, with our love, with the Tsunami of One, from the masters. All we are saying, all we are offering, all we are trusting in is you… pathfinders, lightworkers, love-holders, showers, and way-showers of the way, of the path to love, the path to home, the path to peace.

Long ago, yes, decades and eons, I have initiated and called for peace, which is possible, quite literally, within one day of your time across the planet. All it requires is a decision, a divine authority decision. Who takes this decision and communicates it all across the airwaves, across the oceans and the skies, if it is not you?

My beloveds, who have stood by me through so many battles, we are depending on you to be in alignment, to be the will of Thy Will, to be the expression of love, to be the calm in the midst of storm, to be the voice of reason and love. This is an expression of your divine authority and your spiritual, emotional, mental maturity.

There is no question on our side about whether you are ready. You have been ready for a long time. So, come with me, please, and wage peace, anchor love, and remember joy. I am with you. I am always with you. Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at https://counciloflove.com/copyright-notice/]


Article # 285  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


This Is THE Meditation that You Do Not Want to Miss!


By Therese Zumi Sumner


13th November 2020


Could we gather 1 million taking part? Depends upon us. Do you know a way that you could spread the word about the FINAL PUSH for the planet into the Age of Aquarius? This is where we need everyone’s talents and skills for enthusiasm being used.

Do you know – are you a member of another global group like Global Sisterhood?  With enough members of that group asking the leaders there to unite with us on the 21st December we could really do it!

Immediately after this message and the link to Cobra’s information about this meditation I will be posting a short new message from Archangel Michael. If you can add two and two together you will see how what He is saying, coincides very well, with what we can achieve with this Age of Aquarius FINAL meditation.

Now I am going to take a few lines from The Event page information here on my website.

I am doing so because maybe you will be able to see how the astrological importance of the details that Cobra provides in this update can coincide with this information.


“What is meant by the 'Event Flash' is exactly that - a Flash of Divine Energy from the Source, which passes through the Central Sun, and then will be received by the Galactic Confederation {especially Pleiadians} who will in turn give the intelligence to Lightworkers within The Light Resistance Movement. On the receiving of the information the LRM – some 300 Operatives, will make contact with the dark forces to see if they are willing to cooperate. If they are not willing to cooperate, they will not be included.

Update from Nov. 25th 2013  It might be interesting for you to know that the Event Flash will originate from a certain currently classified cosmic source, travel first through M87 galaxy and then through the Galactic Central Sun of our galaxy into our solar system, where it will trigger the Event on the surface of our planet.   

All of this will happen extremely fast. From the time of the Flash to the Event it will take 15 Minutes!

There will be no announcement. There will be no media involved. This will just happen. This will be a complete surprise to everyone not in least to the Cabal. This can happen at any time. When it does, we will feel a strong energy.”

Here now is the direct link to the Portal and all of the information about this coming meditation.


Namaste TZ


Article # 284  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Time to Become A Leader ~ Saint Germain

Friday 13th November 2020

Saint Germain ‘came by’ and asked me to write a few words of advice about our roles at the time of The Event.

It is extra important right now that we get into the practice of only following our Higher Self ~ Heart space.

We do not allow any other voice or opinion around us to sway our own inherent knowingness as to what the correct movement is at any given time from this moment forward.

We need to practice this diligently at all times.

What do I want to do? What feels absolutely appropriate for me to do right now? Does the suggestion of another suit my needs at present or should I decline and say, “I’m sorry that will not work for me right now.”

This practice is paramount! Indeed nothing short of paramount now.

We need all of the practice that we can get in making correct decisions. Very soon in quite an unexpected fashion, we will truly be called upon to follow our Higher Self without a second thought.

There will be a time in the near future when we will be called upon to be generous towards people around us, and to experience the strength that arises when people work side by side and solve problems together.

You will simply put ~ be required to be a leader in your community.

Do not be concerned about your inexperience in the area of leadership

Know that you will be Guided at all times by thousands of Angelic Beings and the Council of Love who will be in attendance for all Lightworkers at this time.

You will find that you gain experience as you move forward and see good results and soon this leadership ability will become second nature to you.

The experienced person that you must rely upon, will simply be you yourself, following your intuition and inner knowingness at all times.

Suddenly you are promoted to being a leader.

This ability has been inherent within you always and somehow you know this. Your Higher Self was just waiting for the right time and place and it’s on the way at full speed.

Soon you will find yourself in a position where you will be arousing others to correct actions and at the same time you will be developing your own virtues and talents for leadership.

With the warmest of wishes from Saint Germain

Saint Germain

TZ here; I would ask you kindly to please share this very important message to all of the Lightworkers that you know through whatever channels you can. Namaste


Article # 283  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Honestly Speaking


12th November 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner

The other day I read Ben Fulford’s update from Nov. 9th. To be absolutely honest with you I have stopped paying attention to these updates a long time ago. Going back about two years ago I began to feel that sometimes I believed them to be up to as much as 85% reliable and sometimes as low as 15%! It occurred to me then that the ‘voices’ Ben was quoting were the various elite cabal groups opinions and infighting on various worldwide scenarios. I am not in the least interested in these people’s opinions of how they are going to lead the world forward, simply because in my mind NONE of them will have a say in very much, if anything at all, after the Fact!

In this last update we are informed that Robert E Steele could take over the Presidency of the USA  

“At the same time Western secret society sources say Marine Corps Intelligence Robert David Steele is being considered for President of the – soon to be founded – United States of North America.  Steele has nominated former Congresswoman and 9.11 truther Cynthia McKinney to be his vice-president.”

“Steele says he and McKinney are ready to take on the job.  However, first “Trump needs to win in order to finish with reforms; particularly proper electoral reform,” Robert David Steele said in an e-mail.  Steele adds that Trump is about to expose the election fraud and be declared the victor, then a number of people will resign from Congress to avoid being put into jail.”

OK; so this is what ‘they’ whoever ‘they’ are, believe to be truth! For me it makes no sense whatsoever.

If you follow my blog, you will know what I am attempting ~ every way that I can ~ to prepare my readers for. That is The Event.

If you understand The Event ~ Compression Breakthrough ~ you will know that when we pass through the birth canal as Divine Mother mentioned the other day in # 280, we will begin a journey together in a New World. In that New World there is no room for a lone President being responsible for an entire area on Earth known as the USA.

Think instead King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This is where we are on the way. That round table will have room for everyone’s voice and everyone’s opinions and TOGETER WE WILL CREATE A REALITY WE ARE ALL HAPPY WITH AND PROUD OF.

Yesterday on the 11Th Nov at 11:11 my time we had our Positive Ascension Timeline Meditation. It felt wonderful. It felt strong. It felt like we were very many people taking part. I believe that we reached beyond critical mass. This must have a wonderfully positive effect in supporting the work of the Allied Light Forces work of removing the final darkness.

When Cobra gave a final reminder of the meditation on his blog some hours prior, he mentioned that the archons could use people’s emotional attachment/frustrations regarding this or that political side, as a way of distributing more negative energy around the planet. I was NOT happy to hear their names mentioned at all. Frankly I believed that the archons were gone! However, my Guides have informed me that over 80% of them are gone.

Cobra gave us a link to a very good article… “Light Forces are also asking everybody to decrease the polarization and to start seeing people as an embodiment of their Soul, regardless of their political orientation.

That said, neither of the presidential candidates is without flaws and both have a certain degree of involvement with the dark forces:”


I TZ would like to encourage everyone who considers themselves a Lightworker of some kind to read that wonderful article. It makes perfect sense to me.


Article # 282  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


President Trump Setup Democrats in ‘Sting’ Operation to Catch Them Stealing Election ~ Transcript

By Therese Zumi Sumner

November 10th 2020

TZ here; I have just been listening to Dr. Steve Pieczenick dropping a huge bombshell exclusively on the ‘War Room With Own Shroyer’. It will not be possible to share this video. Each time I look for it its gone! I’m actually amazed that I managed to get a look at it and still can! Thank you to Jan for this!

Will make a few notes here about the information on the video – which by the way was posted on November 5th - so you get the story loud and clear. This is pretty much a complete transcript friends!

Steve P explains that this operation has been created by Donald Trump himself. This is really a ‘Sting’ Operation contrary to what everybody else said. Trump knew this was happening and Eric knew this was happening… even Steve P knew this was happening although he could not say anything about it! Steve says,

What happened was we marked – watermarked every single ballot with what is called a QFS blockchain encryption code – in other words we know pretty much where every ballot went – where it is – and who has it! So this is not a stolen election – on the contrary – we reversed the entire game of war along the lines of ‘sons of the art of war’ and Trump was brilliant and still is brilliant at it. The reason he hasn’t been seen – well in the art of a war – you pull back – allow your enemy to make all the mistakes they are making – manipulate the situation – expose them and then come in for the final killing and that’s what’s happening now!

None of this was unexpected – all of this was expected – all of this was part of the ‘Sting’ operation were running and let me tell you that 48 hours ago not only did we put markers on those ballots but I can say now with the permission of the intelligence community and elsewhere that we have sent out thousands and thousands of National Guards to 12 different states – Washington, Delaware, Texas, Arizona, Alabama and everywhere. So now you have to consider and rethink what this is all about. The genius of Trump is that he is able to pull back at any point and manipulate the opponent without the opponent ever realising it.

He has said repeatedly # steal the vote that’s exactly what he said for months. Then he made a very clear implication he said that I will use common sense or my intelligence both viral and figurative intelligence and those of us in the intelligence community be it who they are. In 2016 we exposed Hillary Clinton we now expose – and it was Trump who initiated this - The Biden Family. Hunter Biden, Joe Biden Jill Biden, Jim Biden frank Biden the whole family was played right into a game where they were convicted and your seeing what’s happening now.

What was not announced was that we watermarked all the ballots with I said QFS blockchain which is a very hard encryption code to break. And the second thing is that we sent probably 20.000 or more National Guards about 48 hours ago and none of this was reported and I thank the press and others for not reporting this. So what has happening is that you are seeing a sophisticated ‘sting operation’ initiated by Trump.

I’m just a lowly ? in this game and honestly, I can say something about it today. So this is the reverse of what you guys have been thinking.

Its not a civil war! Or we have not been surprised in any way! This has been a setup by Trump in a long long time. That same way that we knew about H Clinton. I warned about the coup and this is our counter coup against the Biden’s and that’s exactly what we expected. The corruption in the Mail – the corruption in the US PS – the corruption in the State – everywhere and anywhere there was no surprise here.  

And that’s why we deployed national guards to 12 different states.

Owen Shroyer then asks Steve whether arrests are inevitably coming down the road?

Yes, they are coming and not just ‘down the road’ they are being implemented…. (here some mention of earlier situation where I cannot hear the names properly) – people will be arrested tonight, tomorrow and it will go on for quite a while and this was a total ‘sting operation’ that I can say.

I have the permission to say this I do not deal with classified information as you know. I do not work for our government but because I am loyal to the Republic and I work with a lot of people who are loyal to this republic including the 16 intelligence services, secret services, our civilian service – they have all been great. And they have kept it quiet and I have been given the permission to say what I have just said. I have nothing more to say but this is not a surprise. This is the biggest ‘Sting Operation’ probably in our country that we’ve ever had.

Trump is far more brilliant than people understood. I do not personally work for him nor do I deal with him personally, but he knows that I have known him for well over 30-40 years when he built ice-skating rinks for free. I had my children go there and he was very gracious to New York and to the United States.


Article # 281  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge

They Think that They Have Won


By Therese Zumi Sumner


10th November 2020


It’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting in my bed. The window in the room is opposite me and I’m happy to once again see a clear blue sky. We’ve been very lucky with blue skies in the past week or so. My mood is always better when there’s sunshine.

Suddenly I see a straight white line growing across the sky! I’m surprised it’s a chemtrail. I haven’t seen any recently. I’ve been out walking and noticing particularly how clear the skies have been. I’m not that bothered of course... have not been concerned about these things since Cobra informed us about three years ago that their effect was about 1% of what they believed it to be thanks to our Galactic Family.

However now I see a parallel chemtrail alongside the first... and low and behold there is actually a third one forming... all three simultaneously.

Then it occurs to me “they think that they have now won this election etc. and are pulling out all of the shots to continue attacking humanity whichever way possible”.

Swedish TV is giving us so many reminders of all of the wonderful future positive changes that can now be accomplished with Biden in the White House.

Because they believe that Biden will now soon be in charge... we are reminded of the following...

1) There will soon be a radical move in the right direction to attack this pandemic and a vaccine will soon be available so that Swedes can happily expect this fantastic ‘saviour’ to be ready in January.

2)Also climate change is discussed. Finally a sensible voice in the White House and the US will be doing all it can to work along with the rest of the globe and fight this enemy.

3)Thanks to Biden there will no longer be ‘isolationist’ tactics and the world will communicate amicably again.

This is the type of propaganda that Swedes now hear every day.

Let’s see what happens! Could be that they are in for some big surprises!

By the way yesterday while I was speaking to a good friend in another part of the county who was travelling by car, I suddenly noticed a smaller rainbow tinted cloud and said so to my friend. She says surprisingly 'oh I was just about to mention that I see a large rainbow coloured cloud here as I’m driving and its shaped like an angel’s wing…'

Have a great day! TZ

PS: I will ‘see’ you tomorrow on the 11th of 11th Month in the ethers at 11:11 Swedish time CET.



Article # 280  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Dear Friends

TZ here; Today is 9th November and I feel at this point that we would all do well to be reminded about what Divine Mother ~ Universal Mother Mary is saying here.

She is reminding us about a time very soon when we will “emerge from the birthing canal as a Nova Gaian as Nova Beings” and that we will be co-creating a new world along with Her and that this new world will NOT have separation, hierarchy and not even the desire to have control over others. There will be no “we won” and then continued division.

She very decidedly reminds us that there is no hierarchy in Heaven and as we will soon create a Heaven on Earth, we need to be very clear about that point.

She continues to remind us about ALL of the truth (not merely the truth about this particular election) being disclosed as we leave the birthing canal soon.

Her wish is that we take the time right now to go deeply inside our hearts to feel and merely observe and get a feeling for recognising expressions of kindness, sweetness, fairness through observing behaviours.

Ok, that introduction will suffice! Let me just say that I KNOW DEEP WITHIN MY HEART that Divine Mother is speaking like this to show us that the new society on Earth where the USA is the country of Saint Germain is NOT FAR AWAY. She is preparing us for a time of total change!

Linda Dillon: Universal Mother Mary ~ My Divine Pause and the American Elections

7th November 2020

Channeling: Universal Mother Mary

Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of change and Mother of constancy, and yes, beloveds, Mother of each and every one of you.

And, I come this day to speak about change, to speak about constancy, and to speak about how I am using my Divine Pause… and I use and I am using the example of the American elections, the presidential elections, to speak to you of this, to use this example so that you will begin to comprehend what is transpiring. And how I am embracing you, and welcoming you, and giving you the time and space to be in the sacred vessel of your heart, to be in the center of your divine knowing, of your divine authority, and the truth, the beauty, the grace of who you are.

So, let us begin, and simply know that I am using my Pause all over this planet. So, I merely choose this situation for purposes of demonstration… but we will cover that as well.

Sweet angels, if you had had a victor, a winner, of this particular election, at this particular time, what would you have done… regardless of your leanings, your political beliefs, not truths… what would you have done? Well, I will tell you: The collective on this side or that side of the great divide would claim victory, ascendency, and they would say, “We were right!” And the divide, this fission in the collective heart of humanity would merely continue.

When I have said to you, when we have last visited, that I am in creation mode… and I do not create illusion, or separation, isolation, pain, suffering… what did you think I was talking about? For decades, indeed, for eons, we have explained to you… not tried to explain… explained to you that we do not work, we do not exist, in a framework of hierarchy. There are not humans, and then angels, and then archangels and seraphim’s, and then the glorious One. We are completely united… in heart, in mind, in will, in essence.

So, upon your planet as you emerge from the birthing canal, as you emerge as Nova Gaian and Nova Being, building, creating, co-creating with us Nova Earth, there can be no separation, there can be no hierarchy, there can be no control over… and that includes the desire to have control over… that is as grievous an atrocity as you can imagine. There have been many missteps, much misinformation on all sides of this undertaking, and the illusions, the lies, and the truth is and will be revealed.

It is time for you, not only as Gaians but as inter-galactic, galactic citizens, to claim that truth… not with judgment, not with a sense of ascendency, of unbalanced righteousness, but with a deep, profound sense of collective love. Hatred, yes, I speak of hatred, this is the abomination. Hatred does not create… it simply tears down, deconstructs, separates, and creates veils of illusion. We have removed these veils of your old third-dimensional reality some time ago. Why, on Gaia or anywhere else, would you wish to reconstruct them?

This Pause gives you the time, the critical time, to go deeply within your heart and truly examine what lies there. This Pause that I give you gives you the time to be the observer… you have done the participant, now be the observer and look to behaviors, look to attitudes, look to kindness, to sweetness, to fairness.

Do not delude yourself again on one side or the other with conspiracy theories. You are living in the country of St. Germaine based on freedom, and equality, and a democratic process that allows for the expression of choice… of your free will choice. That has not been interfered with… and it will not be!

So, this is your time to come into yourself and forgive yourself for righteous attitudes, for blame, and shame, and guilt… and then, to forgive everyone involved. And then, to turn the page, not through violence, not through dis- or misinformation but claiming your co-creative, human, Gaian, angelic, star-being, your creative power to bring forth worlds that work.

Many of you have said, “Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother, where are you? And why is our star family… why have the delegations not made themselves public? Why do we not have landings in every state and country and nation all over the planet? Why are our skies not filled with our brothers and sisters from the skies, from the stars, from the galaxies far away?”

They do not reveal themselves because they come in peace. And if peace does not reign, then why would they wish to engage with you? They come to Gaia, this beautiful… my Archangel of Peace, of Grace, to experience the diversity, the beauty, in every drop of dew, and the mightiest oceans. They come to gift you with technology that is beyond your imagination, that has the power to give you that quantum leap in communications, in healing, in what you think of as science. But they do not give it to be abused. They do not give it so that this person, or that person, this country, or that company will own it and usurp it for greed. They are waiting for all of you in this collective awakening.

When I said, when I have declared that this year of 2020 would be a time of rebirth… yes, I know… none of you thought that this is what I meant. But this is your chance. There are crossroads in each life, and in the life of each generation, in each millennia, in each planetary system. And there is only one choice… and I know you are capable of it… and it is the choice of love. And it is the choice of love to allow for diversity of every stripe and color, that each being has the freedom, the spaciousness, and yes, dear heart, the resources to fulfill their dreams, their purpose… individually, and as part of this collective.

Now, what do you think this means when I say this to you, my children? It does not simply mean the freedom to vote for this or that party or candidate. It means that everyone is fed, that those who seek shelter have it, that there is an acceptance of warmth and comfort, and yes, the path diverges for many now and then. We have spoken for a long time about scenic detours. It is time to come back, beloveds, to the heart, to the place of unity, connectedness, and balance. There is no place for rage, there is no place for passivity. You are alive! That is the gift that I have given to you, and hence, you are to be engaged.

Now, through the Pause, which will come again and again… I am doing it in Europe, I am using these opportunities, I am doing it in South America, I am doing it in Africa… you will pause, and in that pause you will go deeper and you will learn, remember, and practice Stillpoint – the place of union, where the implosion/explosion/co-creation, the implosion/explosion of you as Nova Being upon this planet, this planet of love.

Use this time, regardless of where you are, for there are many faces to my Pause… use this time, not merely to go to Stillpoint, but to intend, to decide, and to proceed. And yes, sweet one, proceeding means planning, proceeding means you may stay within your house, or you may walk in the countryside, it matters not. Proceeding is a heart decision, it is not futile action running hither and yon, it is heart decision to proceed and how to proceed.

You’ve spent much time, individually and collectively, looking over your shoulders, to look at past grievances, rights, wrongs. Look ahead. Look at what you are proceeding to. Look at what you wish, and what I am creating with you. Go to the silence. Go to the echo chambers of your heart, for that is where you will hear me, that is where you will feel me, that is where I will comfort you, restore you, energize you, heal you. And when you do this, you do this not merely for yourself, for a nation, but for the entire collective. Energy travels beloved… surely you have recognized that fully and completely.

Do not think that we are not overseeing, overlighting, and fully engaged in your process. I am! Go with my love. I step aside, but not away… Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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TZ here; We are not taking this any longer!

We are reclaiming our Sovereignty!

We need everyone that gets this information taking part in this meditation which takes place on the 11th November at 10:11 UTC which here in Sweden will be 11:11 on 11th of the 11th Month of the year!

We are going to PUSH the energy back into the most positive possible timeline again ~ the one that leads to the road of Ascension after The Event on Gaia.

The WLMM site have arranged as per usual a great number of flyers/ posters in different styles and with many languages so that you can choose the perfect poster for you to share this information on your social media outlets. Please do all that you can to share this information.



Timeline Correction Meditation on November 11th at 10:11 AM UTC

11/02/2020 07:59:00 pm

As mentioned by Cobra in the "Final Battle Update Part 2" post, second wave lockdowns are now being implemented in many countries. 

This is going too far, and we need to correct the planetary timeline back into the optimal Ascension timeline. 


Therefore we will be doing a Timeline Correction mass meditation at the moment of triple Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas conjunction on November 11th at 11:11 CET (equals 10:11 UTC), and you can join if you feel so guided.

The following table shows the time of this meditation at the selected locations:

TZ again; For all of the details - times - videos in many languages and wonderful flyers/posters created for this meditation for you to choose from and share as you wish GO HERE



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The Smell of Rats…


By Therese Zumi Sumner


7th November 2020


How would you go about rigging an election? 

I’ve been pondering this and concluded that it could be very easy to falsify post voting for people who normally never vote.

Those involved in this fraud could get the names of living people who have not voted earlier and vote for them.

I have taken a look at some of the facts provided by USA Today and found the following information.

I will start by providing a diagram showing the number of voters in elections in the past.

All presidential elections in the last 50 years, ranked by highest eligible voter turnout rate

  1. 2008: Barack Obama v. John McCain (61.65%)
  2. 2016: Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton (60.1%)
  3. 2004: George W. Bush v. John Kerry (60.1%)
  4. 2012: Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney (58,6%)
  5. 1992: Bill Clinton v. George H.W. Bush (58.1%)
  6. 1972: Richard Nixon v. George McGovern (56.2%)
  7. 1984: Ronald Reagan v. Walter Mondale (55.2%)
  8. 1976: Jimmy Carter v. Gerald Ford (54.8%)
  9. 1980: Ronald Reagan v. Jimmy Carter (54.2%)
  10. 2000: George W. Bush v. Al Gore (54.2%)
  11. 1988: George H. W. Bush v. Michael Dukakis (52.8%)
  12. 1996: Bill Clinton v Bob Dole (51.7%)

In this election 2020 there has been a 66.5 % turnout.

So there has been approximately a 5% higher turnout of voters this year than in 2016. If you compare with the 1996 election there is an increase of nearly 15% of those voting.

Here some quotes;

“‘Unprecedented': Voter turnout in election could reach highest rate in more than a century”

'Staggering numbers': “Early voting is breaking records in 2020, fueled by a big mail-ballot lead for Democrats…”

“Democrats amass a commanding lead in returned mail ballots”.

“Democrats account for 55%, or 1.2 million of the 2.1 million people who have voted by mail across the seven early voting states where voters register by party: Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. Republicans account for 24%, or 508,000 mail votes, in these seven states. Voters with no party affiliation made up 20%, or 417,000 votes.”

“More than 257 million people in the U.S. are 18 or older, and nearly 240 million citizens are eligible to vote this year, according to Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida who runs the U.S. Elections Project. Eligible voters include people living overseas but not noncitizens or people convicted of a felony, depending on state law.

It's possible that more than 160 million people may turn out this year, in total, McDonald said Sunday. That would mean an eligible voter turnout rate of 67%.

McDonald said, that not only did Democrats request more mail ballots than Republicans, they are also returning them at higher rates. "Both of these things are highly unusual. Usually more Republicans vote by mail and they return their ballots at a higher rate when it is also said and done. To see things turned on their head is very unusual."

TZ again, I am thoroughly convinced that this election has been rigged!

Suddenly Democrats are changing their usual habits by voting via mail... The surprised reaction by the person who is in charge of the U.S. Elections Project says it all!

I smell a very big rat.

Eventually the American people will learn the truth about how this election has been rigged. No doubt they will not learn the truth until Full Disclosure. But learn the truth they will… of that you need have no doubt!

PS: A Suggestion;

How about we declare the above declaration on the picture every morning or night until we are THERE?

Victory of the Light


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6th November ~ Some Thoughts


TZ here; A Swedish lady who spreads very good information, mainly through channelling, said something the other day on her podcast that surprised me at first.

She said the reason for the pandemic being created is to steal the Presidential election.

The more I thought about it the more sense it made.

I checked out some links to information that Cobra provided in his last update.

They show the very strong connections between Biden and China.

The information clearly allows us to see that China has VERY strong reasons for having Biden win this election.

China would certainly be involved in making sure that Biden wins.

All those post votes because of pandemic restrictions.

As I write we still don’t have the final votes from several States.

I have asked my Guides to tell me the correct number of electorate votes that Joe Biden would have IF the voting was NOT rigged.

They tell me he would have 165 electorate votes!

When Trump won the election 4 years ago, he came in unexpectedly out of nowhere so to speak.

Someone not owned by multinationals and Elite controllers.

He doesn’t take a wage.

The world looks on and here in Sweden there is a strong desire for Biden to win (even if they try to sound unbiased) within the media.

The inauguration of a new President takes place on January 20th, 2021… if it takes place.

As everyone can see the controllers manage very well to increase the restrictions everywhere. Total and utter craziness taking place in Europe.

The so called ‘rise of Islamic terrorism’ fuelled yet again (my opinion) by the created attack in Vienna where four people were killed, this was no ‘lone wolf’ killer but cabal backed - programmed person as per usual. Today Friday 6th November German police will be conducting house searches in several German towns in connection with 4 people that they claim had connections with the Vienna attacker who killed four people.

Instilling fear is the name of the game...

I hear more and more about cases of people here going into depression because of lack of social interaction and fear.

Biden just said “they cannot take our democracy from us... we the people will not be silenced” ...



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Archangel Michael on World Peace


4th November 2020


Archangel Michael has been my main mentor in doing this work since I compiled the information about The Event back in the winter of 2012.


I always keep an eye on His ‘exchanges’ of information with Steve Beckow. Steve has regular private readings with Michael via Linda Dillon and he often shares the information from those readings that may be useful to everyone with his readers.

I have come to an agreement with AM to give a synopsis of His recent words about world peace.

When He speaks about World Peace, He is speaking about the Transit ~ Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event.

This was the simple question asked by Steve on October 30th ~ 5 days ago. “How are we doing with world peace, Lord?”

Michael explains that there is at this time ‘a very strong forward thrust towards peace’ simultaneously as there is a very strong backward thrust taking place. Here Michael is referring to the tension, demonstrations and a high level of friction everywhere.

He explains that world peace and the desire within the hearts of humanity for world peace are a synchronized whole.

He means that when the majority of people on Earth truly desire ~ truly yearn for peace they shall have it.

He then puts emphasis on an important aspect of this idea of worldwide peace and what it actually means.

He reminds us that peace is not in any way just an absence of war. “I am speaking of the deep, profound yearning and practice of peace which incorporates of course non-aggressive, supportive, kind, loving, gentle, strong actions as well as beingness.”

He reminds us that many of the people living today have been in and out of incarnations here - in and out of experiences of war on Earth and not in least in the last couple of hundred years. People today have also experienced enormous chaos around them during this past year.

So, He tells us that the overwhelming majority of people here now have a ‘deep and profound yearning for peace’.

When Michael says peace, He explains that this is not just a cessation of chaos... not just a cessation of armed conflict... not just a cessation of economic conflict... here He points out that economic conflict is a huge weapon used against mankind.

He says that humans independently of where on the planet they live “have reached the place where there is collective and individual yearning for that sense of well-being.”

He also reminds us that the need among humans of a ‘sense of well-being’ also incorporates a need for the sense of feeling secure and feeling safe. Besides this He points out that people have a desire to both be taken care of but also to take care of one another.

He then goes on to say that during this time of ‘the final sweep’ so to speak, there are those who still have a desire to do harm, those that egoistically or of you like parasitically to live off other people and steal their energy. However He points out that this doesn’t matter at all. Why?

Because He says that the vast majority of people ~ a full 90%! wish to live in peace ~ wish to be the peace.

He reminds us the importance of understanding that peace can only come from the ‘grassroots.’ The desire for peace can ONLY come from the hearts of humanity. The desire of the hearts and souls and minds of the people coupled with action.

“So in terms of that forward progression on world peace, it’s extraordinarily close."

In the old 3D world {it’s gone - we only see the final wisps of its energy} where those people are still holding onto a need to remain in control of the reins whichever way possible - using violence and mayhem, corruption and abuse, they are willing to do anything to fight the threat to their power disappearing.

They truly believe that they are fighting for their lives. This is what it comes down to for them, as they see the rising demand for peace in humanity.

In their world it’s all about what ‘position’ you hold. For them; “Life is that position to control and abuse power.”

Michael says that they are being defeated “group by group -nation by nation”

His final words were

“So while it may look like there is still a fair bit of upheaval, and it is not to deny that, there is also enormous progress that is and has been made.”

Namaste Therese Z




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Time to Play


3rd November 2020


The wars are over! I’ve decided that all of the wars are over. The final signs of the war still playing out are of course visible. However I’m just looking at them... from this moment on I’m just going to look and not react at all... observe and say to myself “aha that’s their latest attempt at trying to control the situation”...

I’m way too busy right now with important things so I don’t have the time to waste upon reacting in any way to any nonsense about the political situation or this election... or even to the rising restrictions spreading like a wildfire from country to country...

I’m busy getting myself together in all kinds of ways for a new existence in a new ambiance on Nova Gaia.

One example is that I’m ridding myself of things of all sorts that I no longer have any need for in the future. I would definitely not call myself a hoarder. Yet, when we look through a wardrobe or a cellar or an attic or somewhere that we might save stuff ‘in case’, most of us find that there is much we could do without.

I’m also cleaning out cupboards of all kinds. It feels so good, because I know that I’m doing this to be ready for whatever change the new situation might entail in my life when we Transit. I figure that when we do Transit there will be so much to do, that having cleared out unnecessary things will be such a blessing. I’ll be freer to enjoy the new as it comes along.

I absolutely find joy in some of the ‘thing’s’ that I own. It could be because they hold sentimental value or simply because they are beautiful. John Keats (1795-1821) wrote “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”... without the appreciation of beautiful things, beauty in nature, beautiful flowers and plants, my life would be a whole lot poorer. So I’m not just clearing out everything I own... certain things will be kept because they matter to me.

When we create our own little world that we fill with the best of the best we actually raise the vibration of the planet ~ would you believe even the universe? We must Remember that WE ARE LOVE and that WE ARE ONE. We CAN create a loving world around us. We can create a world full of flowers and beauty around us. We decide how loving our world will be or not.

If we want to be among the ones saving the world then let’s focus upon filling up our own world with everything that makes our heart sing with joy.

If your life right now feels enjoyable and fun well then just keep going the way you are now. If your life on the other hand feels heavy and demanding ~ well it’s truly ~ truly the time to stop doing whatever it is that’s creating that heaviness. It’s time to move onto something else.

The world that we are about to move into, cannot be the best for everyone, until the majority of people are experiencing happiness and feeling good about their lives.

Our happiness, our joy, our sense of being where we ought to be and doing what we ought to do is of paramount importance to the raising of the level of joy in the world.

Isn’t that amazing. It’s my ‘duty’ to focus on my happiness because that happiness that I feel will be infectious and inspire others

Remember again what I said yesterday... we don’t fight them ... we simply raise the Light and let the Light do the work. Raise the Light in the world by focusing upon the joy of creating the absolute best basis that you can right now, for the best life that you can imagine when we cross over the bridge very soon. Through this focus on joy you are making things better for yourself and everyone else.

It’s time now to release all focus on their antics in the final days of the final battle...

Don’t give them an ounce more of your energy...

Focus upon joy... any way that you can...

I wish you joy ~ I wish you beauty ~ and I wish you love ️

Thérèse Z

PS: This was one of the videos that Cobra provided for us on his Final Battle 2 update. If you haven't seen it yet I hope that you enjoy it.


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Some Thoughts on the Eve of the US



2nd November 2020


On the TV news they tell us this evening November 1st that Austria now has second wave restrictions which involves a mass shutdown and a curfew to begin on the day of the US elections 3/11 and lasting until the end of the November. A curfew from 8PM to 6AM until 30th Nov and you can only break the curfew if you have care responsibilities or have to work. Austria is closing restaurants, hotels, sporting events and cultural institutions like theatres.

These type of second wave lockdowns are taking place in Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Great Britain. There are also tighter restrictions in many other European countries.

Things are beginning to ‘tighten up’ again here in Sweden too. With one county after another reporting higher numbers of cases.

This is all MADNESS!! This is all false!! They are using faulty testing that shows that you have corona from the slightest cold. But you know this.

I’m just waiting and wondering every day isn’t someone in the regular media with half a brain going to break out during a live sending and say “there is something very rotten going on and people being placed under curfew conditions in so many countries for no reason at all”

It simply never ceases to amaze me that the mainstream media is SO FULLY CONTROLLED AND EVERYWHERE.

Don’t you find it utterly amazing!! The power of lies and manipulation by the elite who control us?

The so called terror attacks in France are arranged. It’s clear as day that this is the case. The only aim is to give ‘them’ some more control over people. It’s my hope that at least one sixth of the population of France can see that this is the case.

If you live in Sweden, you know more about the US elections than the Americans themselves. Tomorrow night (I’m writing this Sunday night) the Swedish TV begins its ‘Valvaka’ which is a kind of election coverage party on Swedish TV. At about 6 AM on Nov 3rd they will begin a nonstop coverage of the development of the voting for 37 hours. It’s always like this here. More attention seems to be given to this than the Swedish elections when they take place?

For weeks now at least there have been nonstop TV programs connected to this election.

If anyone wins this election it must be Trump because I believe that he is the last American President of the USA.

What will come I don’t know but the whole idea of one man leading a country is totally preposterous in my mind. It’s certainlynot 5D.

It actually feels as if anything could happen at any time.

Something has got to ‘give’ soon.

With each passing hour the LIGHT INCREASES EXPONENTIALLY on our planet.

The Light is pushing towards TRUTH being revealed.

Like Cobra said a while back....

"We will bring the Light in, we don't need to fight with them. We just bring the Light and the Light will do whatever needs to be done"

We are prepared now for whatever might take place. We are living in tremendously exciting days when there is only one absolute certain outcome moving towards us at great speed.

That one outcome is Victory of the Light

Thérèse Z


Article # 273  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


30th October 2020

TZ here, This video below here might not be around for very long. Recently Cobra provided us with links to show the deeper agenda and ingredients that are planned to be used in the vaccine being created for the so called corona pandemic. These details are outlined here by medical doctor Dr Christiane Northrup. I am thinking that we already know enough about this information but then some people need those extra details explained by someone with the medical know-how that this doctor has. A great Interview. Thanks to Maria for this!

PS: I have been listening to a great interview ~ all in Swedish I'm afraid. A Swedish medical doctor Dr Mikael Nordfors was in Berlin and spoke to the demonstrators there. He is along with a worldwide group of doctors trying to expose all of the untruths about the engineered pandemic and the false testing that is NOT showing corona when positive ... because ANY sign of slightest cold will give a positive result. Today on Swedish news we learn that EU is complaining that Sweden has not been doing enough ‘testing’ whereby the government will now spend 3 billion more on these faulty tests so that the elite can get a ‘second wave’ engineered here in Sweden.

On Saturday there will be a demonstration in Stockholm when Dr Reiner Fullmich (see link above in latest articles) and Robert Kennedy will also take part. I will be interested to see if this demonstration in the city gets ANY coverage in the media? When 1:2 million demonstrated in Berlin they told us that 20,000 had taken part... that they were right wing extremists and other such rubbish.

Finally, I would just like to say that I do not believe that Divine Mother will allow this evil vaccine to be administered to mankind. That will be prevented.

Victory of the Light!


Article # 272  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


We Could Never Be Ready for The Event

A reminder…

29th October 2020

TZ here; I published this article here on the Introduction page Blog on August 25th. Thanks to reader Khajiit I have been reminded of this information needing to be spread far and wide. I am placing a reminder of the article here today 29th October as The Final Battle between Light and dark is raging all around us.

This article aims to inform you that 1) when The Event does take place 7:8 billion people will not have a clue as to what is taking place.

2) How this pandemics restrictions are in fact preparing us for a time when nothing will be business as usual.

3) The lack of a functioning world due to so many people being in states of chock when the truth is revealed.

4) How a total collision of worlds is about to take place very soon.

5) How your poise balance and harmony will be a necessary ingredient of this change taking place as calmly as possible.

6) How humanity’s ideas and thoughts about our existence here will have to be totally revised.

If you would like to read this article, then simply ROLE DOWN THIS PAGE until you see this picture here and the number # 251



Article # 271   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

TZ here; We now have a second ‘Final Battle’ update from Cobra.

If you are finding it difficult to grasp all of the detailed information about the spider chimera group and the details of their removal, then I suggest that you either leave it alone so to speak or if you would like some more knowledge that might put it into more perspective then I recommend that you read this link that Cobra provided in his first ‘Final Battle’ update two weeks ago. I found it to be extremely interesting. "Chimera beings were once highly evolved angelic beings who chose to subject themselves to controlled toplet bombs explosion experiments long time ago in the galactic past. This, and numerous genetic experiments has mutated them into spider beings of unimaginable darkness:


Today 29th October 2020 ~ It’s absolutely fantastic news that both the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex have been erased! This has taken place in the past 2-3 weeks!

There is a link provided in this new update related to the ‘Mother’s of Darkness’ (a chimera creation) which I am assuming is just too much for me to look at... Cobra warns that it is graphic material... so I’ve decided not to open this link. I have already seen enough sickening details over the past five years or more that have provided me with enough graphic material about child abuse networks to suffice.
We learn that Disclosure about child abuse networks is now going mainstream thanks to Taiwanese Dragons and there are several links about that.

The cleverness of the Dragon group in Taiwan is making sure that China is prevented from attacking mainland Taiwan.

Astrologically speaking we learn that the day of the US elections November 3rd is a very important day for multiple reasons.

Because second wave lockdowns are now being implemented in many countries I along with Cobra would encourage you to take part in the daily meditation at 0930 UTC that Cobra links to. I attempt to do this as often as I can. I focus upon visualizing media people surprisingly bursting out in truthful information revealing the lies and manipulation taking place. And not in least seeing the amazing release of tension and joy among the people when they know the truth about this and indeed the knowledge that there is abundance available from now on for everyone.

If you are not thoroughly convinced that all of these figures we are presented with about second waves in Italy, France, Germany etc... are lies, then I encourage you to go to my Truth About Darkness page and read or listen to Dr Reiner Fuellmichs great information. A short quote from there...

The three major questions to be answered in the context of a judicial approach to the Corona Scandal are:

  1. Is there a corona pandemic or is there only a PCR-test pandemic? Specifically, does a positive PCR-test result mean that the person tested is infected with Covid-19, or does it mean absolutely nothing in connection with the Covid-19 infection?


Because the cabal are having way too much success in this Covid madness there is a meditation planned for the 11th 11(NOV) 2020 to bring us back to a correct positive planetary timeline returning us to an optimal Ascension timeline. This will be done at 11:11CET (1011 UTC) on the 11th of the 11th month of the year. See details here on Cobra’s update. A special request for everyone living in France to join 2 important Sisterhood of the Rose groups at this time in meditation. Links provided to the groups in Paris and in Versailles.

Victory of the Light

Here the new update from Cobra; http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2020/10/final-battle-update-part-2.html


Article # 270   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


27th October 2020


I had a chat with one of my beloved Guides yesterday about my 3 ‘voices’. Like everyone else that ‘lower self’ voice still has its role to play in my life. I felt a need to finally get some clarity on just how much I allowed its presence to affect me.

Seemingly if I look at the time period of the past two months my ‘lower self’ voice has had a voice in things as much as 37%! Awful!

So what do I mean by the other two voices?

Well my Higher Self thank goodness has had about the same amount of ‘leadership’ at 38%.

My third voice is also a very good voice it’s the one connected to my Heart Chakra and unconditional emotional love. It was left with 25%!

So how does that lower voice still have such precedence in my life? It’s ALWAYS HAD WAY TOO MUCH PRECEDENCE.

Old habits die hard.

When you have been controlled... in my case by...

Archons scheming’s to keep me ‘in place’... ALL MY LIFE

Programming in place from a very strict Irish Catholic upbringing

Guilt complex of never being enough, doing enough to have a right to exist.

Gigantic sense of RESPONSIBILITY which was taken upon me at age 4 and kept ruling my entire life until I made a decision to release it over five years ago...and boy that is not done in a flash so to speak...

the remnants of that sense of responsibility is the main force still driving that ‘lower voice’, the one that’s still had 37% of my attention up until now.

No matter how much that you might know about positive affirming, visualisation, focus on constructive thoughts, etc. No matter how much therapy that you might have done to alleviate wrong thinking, that ‘lower self’ voice has been such an integral part of your being for such a long time that it will continue to have a say in things as long as it is allowed to do so.

The Americans have an expression called ‘the buck stops here’. This means I believe that when someone says this phrase, they mean something like ...

“I have no intention of giving one more cent of my resources to something...”

whatever the case or situation might be.

That’s where I finally find myself being regarding this lower voice’s existence.

It’s going!

It’s absolutely going!!

I will give it a few weeks’ time to ‘ebb out’ ~ but I will be watching it’s attempts to return like an eagle.

From now on the voices that I will pay attention to are my Higher Self and my Heart Space... they will now finally be running the show so to speak.

Thérèse Z


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Twin Souls

Part Two

25th October 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner

Twin souls were originally one soul. Each has a place in their heart that is part of the others. They split from one another at the time they descended into the physical, from the 6th dimension to the 5th dimension. It is rare for them to meet on the surface of the planet. Most unions that people believe to be twin soul connections are really soul mates.

Twin Souls have a strong magnetic attraction which stems from their being originally split from each other. As already mentioned in Part One of this article # 267 the archons have programmed these souls so as to make a relationship extremely difficult if not almost impossible.

Examples of these problematic relationship dynamics could be that one of them runs away in fear as they are each a mirror for the other and they trigger each other’s programming. If they stay and look inside, they can realize this triggering.

The other dynamic is that one chases the other. In this case they can counteract the programming by again looking within and making a decision to stop chasing the other. 

If both are conscious of this there is a strong purification and the strongest healing and spiritual transformation takes place.

Their connection and influence on the surface of the planet is a most powerful force.

This is because every time a twin soul reunites, it creates a powerful force in grounding the Goddess energy.

This is why their union has been attacked in so many ways and this is why most Twin Souls will reunite after the Event.

photo credit for this image goes to Mika Fujiwara

Twin Soul Meditation

This meditation will connect you energetically to your Twin Soul and help you to attract them in the physical. It will also help you to gain clarity as to whether someone you meet is actually your Twin Soul.

Relax your body and breathing as you maintain a comfortable sitting position.

Close your eyes and visualize a rainbow column of light coming from the Great Central Sun {Milky Way Galactic Central Sun} permeating your whole body and continuing down to the central core of the Earth and then coming back through you. 

Imagine a big ball of light expanding from your body and surrounding it. This rainbow light has sparkling small particles like nano stars shining all around within it.

Then imagine your Twin Soul coming towards you and sitting down in front of you.

Visualize them in as much detail that comes to you. 

Visualize a red flow of energy connecting with both of you at the level of the Root Chakra. Breathe into this flow. 

Visualize an orange flow of energy connecting you both at the Sexual Chakras. Each time you connect at the level of each chakra, breath into that connection.

Visualize a yellow flow of energy connecting you both at your Solar Plexus chakras.

Visualize a green flow of energy connecting you both at your Heart Chakras.

Visualize a blue flow of energy connecting you both at your Throat Chakras.

Visualize a purple flow of energy connecting you both at the 3rd Eye Chakras.

Visualize a violet flow of energy connecting you both at your Crown Chakras.

Maintain your breath and the energy flow through all of your channels.

Then start breathing with them at the level of the Heart Chakra, as if you were breathing together connecting your breath at that level.

Visualize a triangle, the base of which is at the level of each of your Heart Chakras and the top is in the middle of each of you at the level of the Soul Chakra, about 12 inches above the top of the head.

Do this at least once a week, which will accelerate your Ascension process.


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A Message from Archangel Uriel ~ 22 October 2020



It is of vital importance to our goal that everyone now focuses entirely upon the creation of Harmony.

Think every hour of the day, how can I achieve more harmony for myself or those around me at present.

How do I maintain harmony in my own life now ~ LISTEN ~ FOLLOW.

Use whatever tools are available to you to bring a feeling of harmony into your life. Some of you might use the harmonizing effect of some beautiful classical music which brings harmony to the brain. Others will find this harmony in nature. Others will find it in some creativity. Many will find it in the silence of meditation which should now be a vital part of your daily routine even if that means a mere 5 minutes time.

Do not for one moment even consider an attempt to fight in any way any obstacles that you might see around you at this time. Struggling and wasting energy upon fighting ANYTHING now is absolutely useless. The only intelligent movement at this time is retreating from all kinds of battles and focusing upon bringing Light and Love into any situation with the help of meditation.

See within your mind’s eye a picture of a bamboo tree in windy weather. The springing flexibility of the bamboo allows it to survive even in the winds of change. The bamboo among Chinese painters has always been used as a living example of ‘Natural Response’. Let this image be a guide to you as to how to respond to any situation that you find yourself in. A natural response brings exceptional progress. You can always hold onto your dignity whilst still responding in a feminine loving way.

Calm and correct persistence leads to harmony.

Do NOT even dream of wasting energy by worrying about anything. I would suggest that you eat and drink in comfort and contentment.

Deep down inside you always know what is the right step forward for your own harmony in life at any time. Unite with your heartfelt Higher Self-knowingness. Act in Unity with your truth and you cannot go wrong. A short time in meditation each morning will set the stage for a day in balance. If your morning program does not allow time for that meditation, then be sure to take a few minutes time when your daily activity allows it. Returning to centre ~ to sit with your Guides ~ will help you to prioritize what is necessary to achieve harmony.

Each of you are so well aware of the truth of the matter regarding the ‘endtime madness’ currently taking place on Earth.

The Allied Forces of Light are preparing the way for a major transformational Shift that humanity cannot dream of envisioning.

Those around you are not aware of the depth of your involvement in this process. You are also aware that this Transition will not be an easy one for your loved ones and acquaintances to deal with.

Just as harmony is required now ~ it will be of even greater importance after the Fact.

It will not add to a harmonious Shift if you need to be acknowledged by your peers for having been one of those who knew the truth before they did.

It will not aid their shock and awakening if they hear others saying, “I told you so”.

That would be a most undignified approach to take.

They will require your love and comforting support in dealing with all of the shocking truths that will be revealed.

That will be your role in these days ahead just as that is your role right now.

You can help them now without ever revealing that you are doing so. A suggestion right now, as to how you might support your loved ones in being able to cope better with the coming changes, might be something like this.

Sit in a meditative position. State clearly your intention as to wanting to send support at this time to those people you feel concern for. Visualize how the Cosmic Central Race send a river of pure Source Light down to our Galactic Central Sun and see the Light flowing down to Earth. Then see the Light penetrating all of the people that you wish to send support to at this time so that their experience of the coming Transition will be easier. Do this three days in a row.


Archangel Uriel


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