An Ascension Blog  ~ Part One  ~ 12th September 2018

Today September 12th 2018 I had the idea of sharing some thoughts on the path towards Ascension with my readers. Maybe our paths and journeys towards Ascension have some things in common even if we each of us have our own unique way of growing in Love and becoming One with Source. Maybe my own 'discussions' with myself and my Guides coincide with some of yours. By writing about these things I myself anchor these ideas more into my Being and they might be of use to your 'discussions' on your path?

Everything is really taking place within us on this path. It's definitely an inner journey and we each of us have to travel our path alone. But we can learn and grow from each other's experiences and deep down we are all One!

So, an important question to begin with. Do we just automatically end up on an Ascension Path? Or is it of importance to make a clear 💎 decision to do so?

Cobra has been teaching us that there are certain rules according to the Law of Attraction, that we need to follow if we desire to manifest something in our lives.

1) We need to ask ourselves what we really want to accomplish and if we truly want this and possibly explain why we do.
2) We should then make a clear declaration of some kind to the Universe that this is what we want.
3) We begin to take action in some way on our new path.

Some Thoughts as We Begin Our Journey

Traveling on a path towards Ascension will mean making a very clear decision to do our utmost to remove all types of conflict from our lives. If we desire to travel a path where we aspire to becoming more Goddess / God like in our expression of who we are then we will need to leave behind all 3D like conflict situations, which otherwise will 'keep us in lower energies' and prevent us from making progress on our path.

Another thing that can be good to remind ourselves about is that this is not a path for 'elitism' of any kind. We need to be sure that we understand that we are not on an exclusive path. We are not better, more spiritual, deserving of or 'more than' any other person on this planet. We have learned that the majority of starseeds, who have their origin on either other planetary systems or higher dimensions, and who have incarnated here hundreds of lives will be taking part in the Three Waves of Ascension. We have also learned that quite a large number of humans who have had their development solely on Gaia will be taking the opportunity to Ascend with Gaia.

Those humans who are not yet ready to take this path will have other good options and choices. We always have choices. Every single person on this planet is moving forward with their path of evolution at a perfect pace for their choice.

So, we never judge another. This is not easy when we find ourselves in any seeming disagreement or conflict. We can choose to travel our path and avoid all conflict knowing that everyone else is exactly where they need to be at this time.

Finally, when we find ourselves in any places of doubt, concern, uncertainty etc. that is the time that we 'go within' go to our Heart ♥️ Space knowing and find the answer we need.