An Ascension Blog  ~ Part One  ~ 12th September 2018

Today September 12th 2018 I had the idea of sharing some thoughts on the path towards Ascension with my readers. Maybe our paths and journeys towards Ascension have some things in common even if we each of us have our own unique way of growing in Love and becoming One with Source. Maybe my own 'discussions' with myself and my Guides coincide with some of yours. By writing about these things I myself anchor these ideas more into my Being and they might be of use to your 'discussions' on your path?

Everything is really taking place within us on this path. It's definitely an inner journey and we each of us have to travel our path alone. But we can learn and grow from each other's experiences and deep down we are all One!

So, an important question to begin with. Do we just automatically end up on an Ascension Path? Or is it of importance to make a clear 💎 decision to do so?

Cobra has been teaching us that there are certain rules according to the Law of Attraction, that we need to follow if we desire to manifest something in our lives.

1) We need to ask ourselves what we really want to accomplish and if we truly want this and possibly explain why we do.
2) We should then make a clear declaration of some kind to the Universe that this is what we want.
3) We begin to take action in some way on our new path.

Some Thoughts as We Begin Our Journey

Traveling on a path towards Ascension will mean making a very clear decision to do our utmost to remove all types of conflict from our lives. If we desire to travel a path where we aspire to becoming more Goddess / God like in our expression of who we are then we will need to leave behind all 3D like conflict situations, which otherwise will 'keep us in lower energies' and prevent us from making progress on our path.

Another thing that can be good to remind ourselves about is that this is not a path for 'elitism' of any kind. We need to be sure that we understand that we are not on an exclusive path. We are not better, more spiritual, deserving of or 'more than' any other person on this planet. We have learned that the majority of starseeds, who have their origin on either other planetary systems or higher dimensions, and who have incarnated here hundreds of lives will be taking part in the Three Waves of Ascension. We have also learned that quite a large number of humans who have had their development solely on Gaia will be taking the opportunity to Ascend with Gaia.

Those humans who are not yet ready to take this path will have other good options and choices. We always have choices. Every single person on this planet is moving forward with their path of evolution at a perfect pace for their choice.

So, we never judge another. This is not easy when we find ourselves in any seeming disagreement or conflict. We can choose to travel our path and avoid all conflict knowing that everyone else is exactly where they need to be at this time.

Finally, when we find ourselves in any places of doubt, concern, uncertainty etc. that is the time that we 'go within' go to our Heart ♥️ Space knowing and find the answer we need.



Lily of the Valley

From My 💖 Heart to Yours ~ Ending Programming ~ 4th June 2019

By Therese Zumi

Part One

Do you know where you are going? Do you feel inspired and full of energy and feel like that you are just ‘rearing to get going’? or might you feel stuck in some way? Maybe something feels ‘wrong’, unclear, but you can’t quite seem to put your finger on what it is? Is there some unknown something still holding you back from being all that you are?

Could there be a ‘program’ holding you back? Although there are probably thousands of types of programs that can hold us back one way or another, there are generally two main types. What I mean here is that some programs have been created by our own emotional reactions earlier in this or in a past life, reactions that we had to surprising events, shocks etc.

One thing that you need to be very clear about here is that it is not the shock or surprise at the time to what happened that is still controlling you. What might still control you is THE CONCLUSION THAT YOU MADE TO THE EVENT – for example the words that you spoke to yourself then – one small example; “this proves to me that I can never ever trust anyone again”.

Then we have the other type of ‘program’! this is the program that I learned about through Cobra. He told us about the archon programming that they gave to us pre/at birth through implants.

Both ‘programs’ can be deleted!

This requires that you first understand that some behaviour that has controlled you all your life is due to either one or the other of these programs. That you can see that you have a program running which is designed to hold you back in some way from being all that you are.

Sometimes we can discover these programs through having an encouraging exchange with someone whom we trust completely. Someone that we dare to be vulnerable with allowing us to express our deepest fears, concerns, worries etc.

Oftentimes, through just expressing aloud to someone else how we are feeling, it can help us to see what we need to heal. It’s not always necessary that the other person has an answer that can give us a solution, but we would be wise to hear /listen to what they have to say, how they experience our situation.

There is no room here for any pride:

To be continued;

Therese Zumi

Lily of the Valley

From My 💖 Heart to Yours ~ Ending Programming ~ 6th June 2019

By Therese Zumi

Part 2

When something does not feel right, when we cannot seem to be able to move ahead, when we feel vulnerable or ‘out of sorts’ then you can be certain that ‘program’ is running.
As I mentioned earlier this could be one that you created because of conclusion based on some trauma in this life, and if that is the case then therapy can help.

Earlier, I worked as an alternative practitioner for 17 years using among other therapies, Regression and E.M.D.R. {type of hypnosis}. Both these therapies ‘home in’ on the source of these trauma-based problems but they do not seem to solve the 2nd type of programming = the archon programming.

Also, I want to say here that seeking the source of a false belief due to a reaction to an earlier trauma can often but not always be done with the help of a close friend. You could sit on your sofa relaxed in meditation, while your friend gently leads you back to recalling earlier memories.
Remember, when the memories of those situations return the MOST important question is...
🦋 “what did you deduct, conclude, say to yourself in that moment”?
What you concluded there and then is what still controls you.

One more thing is that you can do this type of work alone and discover your false beliefs but DO share then with someone later for a deeper effect/clarity.

Finally, sometimes the most limiting things holding us back from success in our lives can have been deductions from the simplest and seeming ordinary trivial things. I will give you one example of this;

A small child aged 1 year old is playing with a ball in a hall upstairs in a home. Suddenly the ball bounces down the stairs and the chid totters after the ball. The mother seeing the danger is frightened and screams out to the child “stop – you will die” or something of the kind. The child is so scared of her / his mothers’ fearful reaction that it embellishes in the child’s mind something like “when I go all the way I will die”.

The person who finally had a recall of this memory coming to the surface under hypnosis had always found that they ‘gave up’ at the point in any situation where they were about to win or succeed. This could have been as simple as playing a tennis match or as serious as daring to try for a higher position in their career or daring to trust completely in love!!

So, Getting back to archon programming.

When I introduced this subject the other day ~ June 4th ~ one of my readers Khajiit kindly provided video links in the comments section to some advice from Cobra on this subject. Cobra tells how we can write down opposing sentences repeatedly to dissolve the programming. The examples of ‘programs’ that Cobra provided are the ones that have been implanted in most lightworkers with the aim of keeping the Matrix {the pretend world that we exist in here} in place.

These beliefs have also been transferred into the minds of humanity through every type of programming imaginable such as Hollywood movies, computer games, and not in least every single religion. So, if you are not familiar with this advice from Cobra then do check out this link.

Knowledge is power they say. It is worth every single effort that you make to know and understand what beliefs and programs might be controlling your life. It is worth all the gold in the world. The more people who become the true sovereign free divine beings that they are the quicker the matrix dissolves in front of our eyes.

Yeshua has said in some recent advice “inferior persons and ideas should be assigned to their proper places. Do not give them a ‘voice’ in your affairs.”

This evil archon programming has been a voice in all our affairs for eons! I myself discovered recently that I have had 3 of these programs running simultaneously specifically designed to hold me back, trip me up endlessly. Not only that, but they have been in place for many consecutive incarnations.

I will give you a simple example of how you could decree to end ‘particular’ programs that were made with archons through no fault of your own. BUT if you do not know what the program in question is doing to your life then this will not have the same effect as knowing/ fully understanding how this controls you and then ending that contract.

Speak This Aloud.

I – your name -- in the presence of my Guides {name them} and the Council of Love and the entire Company of Heaven do declare, decree and command that all contracts/programs that I have agreed to in the past in order to incarnate on Earth are now null and void.

This is the will of Source – your name – and So It Is X 3.

I am not a person who does things by half. I want to know, understand things completely. I have only recently understood the huge limitations that these programs have had on me. It may take another month to truly see how enormously they have controlled me but now its over! 🦋

Maybe you too might benefit enormously and become your true self quicker by understanding in depth which programs might be controlling you or running your life?

I intend to make a list of examples of programs {beyond those taken up by Cobra} that may be a reminder to you of what might still be controlling your life. Its time now ~ its late now ~ its important to make every effort you can to grow and by doing so you are helping to increase those Bubbles of Heaven.

One thing that will NOT INCREASE the energy here that allows Bubbles of Heaven to multiply is focus on the world that we are soon to leave behind.


So, what about the EU, China, USA, etc. what about the ongoing Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland and their secret talks, what are Trump, Merkel, Macron, May, Netanyahu etc. saying in private to one another?

Who gives a - - - -!?

{there are 3 appropriate 4 letter words that you can choose to add here if so desired!}.

We do NOT gain a single thing by focusing our energy on anything that is going on politically or otherwise unless we are so clear ~ TOTALLY CLEAR ~ that we are just seeing the final end game playing out before all of these people and many more are arrested. NONE OF THEM will have a say in ANYTHING in the future.

To be continued in Part 3 shortly;

Therese Zumi

Lily of the Valley

From My 💖 Heart to Yours ~ Ending Programming ~ 7th June 2019

By Therese Zumi

Part 3

Can we finally become free? What do I mean by free? I mean something like this; a freedom of being that means that when I wake up in the morning I do not do so with any feelings of uncertainty, or concerns of any kind. I can awaken and can look forward to being creative in some way that gives me joy. I know that I am a divine being currently experiencing life in a physical body and I am utterly and completely loved by Source for who I am. I can grow and learn and develop at a pace I choose. If I choose to walk on a path of enlightenment and in time Ascension I can do so by being in a place of trust that LOVE is leading me forward through my choosing to do the things that I love and be with people who love and support me as I do them.

There is one huge false belief that we on this planet have all been plagued and programmed with forever!!!

Pain and suffering are necessary for growth. This is not the truth.

Can we grow through suffering of various kinds? Yes. Does this sometimes show us that we are so much stronger than we believed? Yes.

Further along our journey on Nova Gaia when we ‘travel’ through phases 4 and 5 that Cobra describes in ‘Bubbles of Heaven’, we will discover new ways of growing in joy and love and community where everyone wins. Yes, we all need loving mentors, friends that can ‘nudge’ us gently when we make mistakes along the way. This way we will learn and grow faster.

There will not be blame thrown at us when we make a mistake, there will not be rigid rules to lock us into doing what is ‘right’ etc…times a million.

Types of Programming that We Might Be Stuck in.

Let’s take a look at a list of some types of programs that we might still be stuck in. Is there anything here that rings a bell in your mind?

Remember that all these statements are False /Untruths.

1) Guilt complexes of various kinds. 2) A deep-seated belief that you must always take Responsibility for everything and everyone. 3) Passivity ~ it is much safer to remain passive. 4) Having an unshakeable feeling of Shame. 5) Not Deserving of the best in life: I am not good enough. 6) I have to live with it ~ its my Karma! (1) 7) Poverty is good. 8) Strong people withhold their feelings ~ a sign of strength. 9) I have sinned and am not worthy. 10) It is dangerous to lose yourself in love. 11) That voice within you could be the devil. 12) It’s selfish to put your needs first. 13) Others are better, worthier than I am.14) Displaying anger openly is destructive and dangerous. 15) Power is dangerous.16) The more that I do in a day the better the person I am.17) The more time that I spend in meditation the closer I am to God / Source. 18) My life Restrains me / holds me back and I have no choice. 19) It is always better / safer to remain apart / aloof of others.20) I may only pursue 'Worthwhile Goals'. 21) It’s important / necessary to have rigid structure and rules in life. 22) My circumstances in life are beyond my control. 23) I am stronger because I can tolerate anything like disharmony. 24) In the end I will be rewarded ~ for accepting a life of continual uphill battles. 25) It's always right to allow others to benefit first. 26) My conduct should always be perfect.

As you will understand this list could go on endlessly and these are merely some examples of how we have been programmed. Could it be that you recognise some ideas here that might still be controlling you on some level? If so then there is work to do to become free of these limiting thoughts. But that is the good news! Because anything that is holding us back needs to be brought into the open and leave our life now so that we can be ready to enjoy that amazing new existence when we are freed from our imprisonment here soon. You can be freer right now by ridding yourself of false limiting beliefs.

Yeshua would want to say at this point that we should HARMONIZE with the Spirit World and our HS Heart space. He would make sure that we understood that every step along the way is necessary. That every feeling of frustration that we might experience is there to bring to the surface something that now needs attention. We need to see things clearly so that the new way of thinking is imbibed totally into our souls to be a part of this New You. Frustration can serve to move us forward to seeing the truth of something ~ something that has got to give way ~ to be deleted from our lives so that we dare to show our true self to the world no matter what ~ then and only then does freedom come.

(1) Life After Death - Karma - Heaven - Hell - Matrix.  We Are Truly Imprisoned Here + The Truth from Cobra

       see 3rd article down on this page;

Therese Zumi ~ 2133 7th June 2019