Many now have an understanding about the structure of the veil or the so called matrix that we have existed here within on Gaia for so long. We are aware that beyond our physical death we have spent periods of time within the various astral and etheric planes surrounding the entire planet. The archons and their reptilian minions held this structure and the control of our experiences here and there in their power through the use of diverse paraphernalia. “On the etheric, astral and mental planes, the control is maintained with electromagnetic spacetime distortion chambers similar to those used in the Philadelphia experiment.”………

“It is a grid that keeps controlling and manipulating human personal relationships for millennia. This grid is the reason for most human conflicts. It is the main reason for delays in final victory of the Light on this planet. It consists of archons and their minions on the etheric and astral planes in a thin layer close to Earth’s surface.” (1)

Because of the structure of the veil where various astral and etheric levels have been divided from one another it has been extremely difficult for people to have contact with and gain insight from levels of higher frequency. That is why true channelling has been such a challenge. As the veil disintegrates more and more it has become easier for channels to access information from higher dimensions/frequencies. One could say that the different levels of frequency are now at an ever quickening pace uniting with one another.

Ever since the arrival of Cobra on the scene in April of 2012 we have had regular recurring specific meditations for the ‘reboot of the grid’ i.e. the tearing down/disintegration of the archon veil/matrix and the rebuilding of a rainbow light grid around Gaia.

He has successively provided us with information regarding the scary truth of how the matrix has been created and kept in existence, not to scare us but because in being aware of the situation, our unified consciousness will be able to transmute and dissolve it.


Return of Goddess Power to Gaia and Peace on Earth

Gaia is a very special planet and of great - no it is of enormous importance for the evolution of the entire cosmos. Something that many are not at all aware of is the fact that the Goddess Energy blooms from Earth. The new pattern that has now begun spreading In the Universe is a result of the fact that Goddess power has been freely released into the cosmos. There are now ‘holes’ in the frequency barrier.

There is one common frequency – Heart Energy – the warm Love Energy of Source – which is the ground for peace over all borders. Because the archons were all too aware of the importance of Gaia and the Goddess energy to the evolution of the rest of the Cosmos they created this system to allow themselves to gain and abuse power. To keep their system/power in place it was necessary to abuse/oppress Goddess energy. This oppression/abuse and distain for the Love force that is Goddess energy and which has its home here on Earth is the reason behind all of the seeming hatred/distain and abuse of women on this planet. Anything that could in some way hinder the growth of true love between men and women here has been promoted and controlled by these archon forces.

Returning to peace over all borders is the reunion of the Two that are One. Therefore the union/reunion of twin souls and soul mates has been interfered with, disrupted in whatever way possible. You can be sure that this has been the main goal behind nearly 90% of the evil on this planet. We are seeing the truth of this emerge now as we follow the uncovering of the secret 9th circle and other societies and the horrific/unfathomable crimes that have been perpetuated against humans in their dark secret rituals.

Full Activation of Humans

There are several big steps that lie ahead in time. One of the biggest is when all people will be connected to full Heart Energy. All people on Earth will be opened and it will flow through them. There will be full activation in all people with all portals wide open. This will create a gigantic trembling in the whole cosmos.

When humans take part in Goddess meditation as described in the phase two Goddess meditation video by Cobra, they become in truth the Pillars of Light which are Doors - openings through time/space. People are like transformers. A transformer can transform frequencies and energies. People are through their feelings dynamic transformers of Cosmic energy. Humans’ dynamics create holes between the different astral and etheric frequency levels created by archons to separate and control. As long as humans are kept limited in frequency by implants and programmed through thoughts and ideas through religions etc. the power structure in the cosmos is kept in place.

This is the reason that they have put in implants. They have limited human’s frequency movement. Full frequency movement, full access to knowledge and each person will not merely be transformers but living doors for time – that will lead to union. One could say that the Universe has been divided into a light lighter frequency and a dark heavier frequency. When the light and the dark get closer this means that the darker space-time gets lighter and the lighter space-time gets heavier, both these will be more closely ‘woven’. They will become so close that they will eventually unite completely in the end.

This collapse means that we will have a complete consciousness united through all of our interdimensional bodies, all of our existences, all of our times.

Returning to Source – this is what everyone within the Galactic Confederation and everyone working for peace is waiting for.

Activation of Christ-Flowers/Heart-flowers

Knowledge of the Christ-Flower or Heart-Flower can be transferred. Its opening is the beginning of a quick series of transformations that even affect the physical body.

It is only in the warm earth power of the Goddess that the Heart Flower can be opened. The opening of the Heart-Flower is the spreading of the spiritual spring of warm love and the end of the ‘cold war’ in the cosmos.

Activating this pattern or patterns happens easiest when people meet. To open or activate a really big flower demands a group to work together, not individual work. People who gather in understanding, in the name of Love, open and create an opening both to heaven and earth so that a meeting is created.

This is not something that anyone can or should really control. It is something that you take part in.

Therese Zumi Sumner

(1) Cobra

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First posted on Facebook Blog 19/11/2014