People I admire and learn from. MICHAEL TSARION.


Michael is one of those people I never hear anyone mentioning on any of the other sites that I visit or recommend here. This puzzles me ? Michael i would say is one of the greatest teachers of teachers living today on our planet.

He is a deeply spiritual and gifted lecturer. Coming from Ireland Michael makes me proud of my Irish roots. 

Are you at all interested in Symbology ? Are you at all interested in the hidden secret Symbols that are on display all around us ? If so you should really start to look at some of Michael Tzarion´s video´s available free of course on U-Tube.

Early in 2011 Michael gave a weekend of lectures in Stockholm. This amazing 9 hour lecture is available on U-Tube under the heading " The Age of Manipulation." And he is georgous to look at too which helps when someone is talking to you for 9 hours! You will be amazed at what you will learn listening to Michael.

One of Michael´s older video´s available shows the Queen of Englands coronation ceremony. For those new to this type of site and information-you should know that the Queen has one of, or the most important roles to play in The Illuminati? She has earlier referred to Hitler as "Uncle". Michael gives you moment by moment commentary, explaining everything that is happening in this Coronation Ceremomy.

Why would a royal coronation ceremony take so long ? (5 Hours!)

Are you interested in Tarot or Numerology ? If so then the Coronation Ceremony video will be even more fascinating. 

I wish I had the time to study everything that Michael teaches. One subject i would like to learn more about is his series on "The Irish Origins of Civilisation" Another is his new lecture about "The Female Illuminati" but soon soon.

Ps If Michael Tsarion or someone close to him should happen to read this, then could you please inform me how I can get hold of one of the "Unslaved"  T shirts he often wears?. Size 40 EU. Thank You!

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner   25/08/2012


Doris Lessing Doris Lessing Nobel Literature Prize Winner 2011

Mrs Doris Lessing

This wonderful Lady was the person responsible for my Awakening back in 1983. Almost 30 years ago. I was studying English Literature at Uppsala University here in Sweden and on the course in 1983 was a book by Doris L. called "The Marriages between Zones Three Four and Five".

Before our class discussion on how we viewed the book I remember being awake at night-time trying to get my head around what Mrs Lessing wanted to say with this book. What on Earth was the core meaning? The story could have been clearly about say Rich and Poor countries, Men and Women and their Relationships, War and Peace, You name it! Like most books that Doris L has written there were many layers of truth. Yet I got stuck on the line that the protagonist kept repeating to herself when she could not figure out answers to her problems. She remembered walking up the steps of the tower in her palace (Al-Ith was a queen) and thinking as she gazed at the mountains "we need to look higher". 

Later I concluded for myself and the class that this book was Doris Lessing's attempt to ask us all to "Look Higher"-look beyond and no-one in my class had a clue what i was getting at. 

Anyhow I later based an essay to be handed in on a comparison between Al-Ith in this book with the protagonist in another book on our course, and so I was very well versed with Mrs Lessing’s thoughts and Ideas in the end.

Then one day at the end of 1983 we met our new professor for the following year Dr Michael Shrigley who had just completed his PHD in English and talked to us about his Thesis which was his interpretation of the last play Shakespeare wrote " The Tempest ". As Michael spoke to us I was reminded every other minute of "The Marriages ---“ the connection was so strong. 

After class I asked M. Shrigley if he read Lessing and he replied “oh yes but is there any book in particular you are referring to?” When I mentioned "The Marriages --" he replied “No I have not read it yet but my colleague Richard Glover (Our first year teacher) keeps nagging at me to read it.”

And to make a long story short Michael ended up lending me books about what Doris Lessing's philosophy in life was, giving me a little book called "The Golden Thread" and then a very strange book which was about channelled material where 3 people connect and discuss how the whole planet here can heal if only we all listen to Christ's true message of Love, about Dolphins and their role in things, about us destroying the planet etc. etc.

The whole thing with this book created problems in my life at the time as I took it so seriously I found it hard to connect to "everyday" so called problems of people around me. Started learning all about the Environment, write articles to local paper etc.

Doris Lessing’s book series was called "Canopus in Argos: Archives" and included a first book called SHIKASTA, (Earth as seen from Above!) published in 1979 and “The Marriages -----“was the second book.1980. The Third book was called “The Sirian Experiments in 1981, and the fourth one was "The making of the representative for planet 8" 1982.

Talk about being a pioneer among Light Workers on this planet? Ms Lessing is no doubt one of the greatest Light Workers on this planet, of that I have no doubt.

These books were of course the least popular among her works, and referred to "Oh you know those funny-strange books she wrote for a while".

Doris Lessing was born of British parents in Persia in 1919. The family moved to Southern Rhodesia when Doris was five years old. She came to England in 1949 bringing with her the manuscript of her first book “The Grass is singing” which was published in 1950 with outstanding success in Britain, America, and in ten other European countries.

I will not go on to mention everything she then wrote because the list is very long. I just want to mention that in the early days of her writing she could get letters from admiring readers about a book with comments like “You really have a true understanding of true Socialism”. Then five years later she would start receiving letters for the next five years and this time the comments would sound something like “You really understand life from the Feminist point of view”. The only thing was that all the comments were about the very same book!

The very same can be said of her series Canopus in Argos: Archives. I only wish I had the time to read this series of books now. I know they are about our planet now and what is about to happen here. But I am confident that I will have the time further down the road when we have “left the worst behind” so to speak. Or maybe I will be busier than ever before? Who knows? However I do intend to take the time (There won’t be any TIME after this year) to enjoy life as much as I possibly can.

Doris Lessing finally got the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007. Long overdue in my mind. 

Written by   Therese Zumi Sumner           23/10/2012