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7)  The Ascension-Becoming a 5D person.

8)  Sanat Kumara via Tazjima: Breaking Through to the Other Side



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12) Knowledge of the Dangers of Jesuits was Spread in the1880’s Through the Work of Helena Blavatsky Channelling Master Kuthumi - Founding the Theosophical Movement







19)  NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM – Cobra April 2012

20) The Masterplan – Cobra October 2012



Bildnamn SUNRISE



1)      Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where you could work with your Passion, exactly when and how often you desired?

2)      Wouldn’t you like to have time to pursue a hobby or two or three regularly, without any stress?

3)      Wouldn’t you like to know, that how things function in your life, did not depend on your wages and/or what you have managed to save?

4)      Wouldn’t you like to live knowing that illness of any kind could be cured very quickly, and without any pain or suffering?

5)      Wouldn’t you like to know that if you lived in a place like here in Sweden for example, that you could enjoy going out into nature anywhere to pick fruit, berries or mushrooms, whenever you felt the urge to do so without seeing “private” signs all over the place. We here in Sweden are already very blessed in this way as it is a very old “right” in our country to be able to do this, but imagine if the whole world had this right?

6)      Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where you yourself only, chose the way you want to connect with the highest “Source” of being, what we have mainly called God here on Earth? That we would not need any religions any longer, just talk to Source daily or when we felt like it?

7)      Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where no one dictated what was fashionable to wear, where you yourself decided solely how you felt like expressing yourself through your choice of clothes?

8)      Wouldn’t you like to have time to be with the people you enjoy seeing, and spending time with, talking, playing, enjoying food and music, whatever you desire, whenever you feel like it?

9)      Wouldn’t you like to always be exactly who you are?

10)   Wouldn’t you like to live anywhere on Earth, exactly the place you enjoy being in most?

11)   Wouldn’t you like to be able to travel very quickly, to any part of the world, and not in any way harm the environment on your journey, to visit your relatives or friends or just for fun?

12)   Wouldn’t you like to have a big home with a big garden, or maybe a small home with a small garden, or live with others in a beautiful community, where you choose to help the way you would like to, or simply put, live exactly the way that feels most comfortable for you at any given time?

13)   Wouldn’t you like to know that everything that you eat and drink is making your body healthier?

14)   Wouldn’t you like to be able to live for as long as you would like to live, without having to think about becoming ill, or disabled?

15)   Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where your children are always secure, healthy and happy?

16)   Wouldn’t you like to live in a world that had the most amazing schools, where your children had fascinating days learning about so many amazing subjects and things like anti-gravity, how to learn to fly, and regular subjects like Science and History, but the truth about our History, and the truth about Science-not lies, and Harry Potter type subjects without any evil to worry about?

Well! Let me just say that if this is what you would like, just relax and join in the worldwide meditation on the 22/11/2012***and dream your highest dreams, because before you hardly have time to blink we will be living in that world, within months from now!

***today is the 25th May and we have had the Portal meditation at 2112pm Swedish time. Cobra has reminded us that after this meditation there is sure to be a lot of good news soon regarding the progress we are making in clearing the negative grid of energy around this planet. For the last two interviews with Cobra in detail go to my page entitled Event Intelligence 2.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius and thanks to John for Imagine.

Written by      Therese Zumi Sumner        12/11/2012


                                           IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!


Ok! So if you knew that the entire world as you know it was about to change completely overnight, wouldn’t you be interested to know more?

This is in fact the case-everything and I mean everything is about to change.

Aren’t you ready for a change? Our world has been completely in the hands of about 1% of the world’s population for as long as anyone can remember. The main controlling groups have been the Illuminati and the Cabal.

Just look at the state of our world for God’s sake.

1) We still have famine and hunger yet we have the capacity to send spacecraft to other planets!

2) We still have enormous poverty all over the place even in the so called “rich” world.

3) Every year millions and millions of children and adults just “disappear” off the face of the planet.

4) We have almost succeeded in totally murdering off this beautiful planet we live on- no details are needed- you should know the score or else you must be blind!

5) People are still fearful, insecure, and always full of “stress” to get things done!

6) People worry incessantly about whether they will have enough money to pay all their many bills like electricity, rent, etc., pay for their children’s many needs, etc.

7) People dream about having time in their life for creative dreams like say learning to Paint, or create pottery, or write, or lay on a beach, or climb a mountain, or you name it we all have our dreams, but who has the Time or the Money for them. Here in Sweden we often have “extra children” in other mainly African countries that we pay for monthly to help us kill the conscience we all have about half the world still starving.

Don’t you get tired of living like this?

Or do you have the ability to just get on with your life? which is somewhat easier to do here in Sweden than in almost every other country if you ask me. We have our “mostly” unspoilt nature still which we can use to recuperate in if we choose to. But I believe that deep down we are all so fucking fed up with 1) All of the bullshit news on the TV, 2) All the awful meaningless programs on too many channels, 3) Most of all we are all fed up waiting for a change in our world a very-very long overdue change regarding just about everything.

For God’s sake even Sweden suddenly changed overnight about 17 years ago when the then Social democratic government decided to place {without even asking us} part of our pensions on the stock market! Can you imagine, for God’s sake at least 95 % of Swedish people did not even know what the fucking stock market was. Suddenly I found myself provided with a little book in my hand with the names of thousands of different funds to place my pension money in.

I refused to have anything to do with it and because I have always worked for a mere pittance, did not have any pension other than the basic one to worry about anyway. I would guess that 50 % of the Swedes are like me and let the government decide where to put our money, and they then managed to lose nearly half of the money they were looking after in stock market schemes.

CRAZY! Suddenly Sweden had every evening The Economic News section on the news which we had never had before. One evening I watched a reporter on the Economic news section interview a fur clad lady from the Upper Class, He was standing outside the stock holders meeting which had just decided to close a huge Volvo Lorry Firm, because it was not making enough money, and the stock holders agreed to close it so they would make more money. He asked the lady what she thought about this and she replied and I quote “Den enas bröd den andras död.” Which literally translates “One person’s bread is another person’s death” and she smiled at the camera!

And I hated that person, and I hated the Stock Market and I wondered “What on Earth is happening to the Sweden I loved where everyone is more or less equal”

Then one thing after another in Sweden became privately owned, Our Electricity, Our Post-Office, and Our Railway, to name a few.

Still Thank God we have our Health Care which has only in recent years become partly private, and we still have State Dental care which is very good.



The real truth is that these poor, deluded, greedy, fearful, people who have been running the “Show on Earth” are basically like “rats huddled in the corner of a room”. They know that the end is near. And boy is it near!

I dare to say that this time next year the world will look very different.

1)      There will no longer be starvation and hunger.

2)      Everyone will have everything they could possibly need.

3)      There will be no more wars.

4)      There will be Peace on Earth.

5)      I have a brother in Australia. I have managed to pay him one visit in the 20 odd years he has lived there. Because who has the money for regular flights to Australia? And the trip is so-so long. Very soon you will be able to fly from Japan to New York in 10 minutes. YES I SAID TEN MINUTES: this would mean that I could literally drop in to my brothers home for a weekend visit, if I could afford to-you will think, and I say that I will be able to afford to do anything I want to do and so will you.

6)      Next year this time you might still be working but probably not more than 4-FOUR hours a day.

7)      So you will have a lot more time on your hands to be your creative self.

8)      If you would like to speed up the process of becoming a 5th dimensional human being, there will be wonderful huge Creative Communities in every single country on the globe (every state in the USA) where you can go and stay for as long as you like and it won’t cost you a penny and you can even bring your dog or cat along. Everything will be provided and nothing will be missing there. Here you can learn all you need to become self-sufficient, and leave if you wish to, whenever you wish. Many will not need these Communities or may just go there on courses etc. You may be just fine on your own, and ready for 5D living.

9)      You will not be paying taxes, there is enough GOLD and whatever in the world for all of everyone’s needs and it will be equally distributed. There will just be no lack of anything!

10)   The new “Spiritually” developed finance system will cover all the needs of everyone, but will only be needed for a short while say about 18 months because after that we will not be using money at all.

11)   The new financial system will start to work efficiently as soon as the Initial few weeks of chaos is over when the stock market falls, literally any minute from now.

12)   The stock market HAS TO FALL and we have TO CLOSE DOWN THE OLD SYSTEM ENTIRELY so that the new system can start, without any risk of any of the old one being in place.

13)   There will be arrests worldwide of the key people who have been robbing us forever and who have planned much worse things too. Unless, which would be better for everyone, they simply decided to “Step down gracefully”.

14)   There is simply nothing to worry about, the only problem you might encounter would be a temporary lack of certain food products in the shops, and most likely the Internet will also be temporarily down for some weeks, so imagine all the fun you can have when you don’t have to sit at your computer all the time?

15)   Maybe petrol might be difficult to get too?

16)   We have Galactic Family working here with us for about 40 years underground. Without their help we would have been “fried” one way or another a long time ago. They have “nullified” all the Nuclear weapons everywhere for decades. Some of the Enormous Motherships are in place near our sun protecting us from the effect of Solar Flares or Solar Winds, if they had not been protecting us this way we would have already experienced enormous devastation from Storms and Weather phenomena worse than Sandy and Katrina and our Swedish Gudrun of some years back.

17)   They are waiting patiently for us to WAKE_UP and ask them to come in and give us a hand but because we have FREE_WILL they would never do anything against our will. They answer to Laws much Higher than ours and indeed it is time that we here on Earth became a part of the Greater Galactic Family.

18)   Because some human beings, and indeed with help from lower conscious extra-terrestrial beings, broke universal law they have stepped in to prevent the annihilation of this beautiful planet Gaia which is a “LIVING LIBRARY” for the entire creation and we have no right to destroy her.

19)   Two weeks from now I will,  Please God,  be in LA to attend a meeting where I will be getting information from the main Earth representative of the Light Resistance Movement (see Cobra on my “Recommend” page, and see Cobra conferences on the “Event” page).

20)   Upon my return I will post new information regarding the times ahead. I have written this today to give an “OVERVIEW” of many details that I will be giving about the BIGGER PICTURE of what is happening shortly {BEFORE I LEAVE FOR LA} I hope to post this long article, that will cover in great detail, any questions you still might have, regarding any of the claims that I have made in this article.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner        Wednesday the 7th of November 2012

Nicolya Christi Rennes France Nicolya Christi Rennes France


The following article is a synopsis of an article written by Nicolya Christi of Rennes France in April of 2011.

Many are now willing to commit themselves, heart and soul, to accelerate their own conscious evolution in order to help other individuals and humanity as a whole to “wake up” at this crucial time. It is essential now that we focus on the evolution of our own consciousness, as well as that of the collective. This is what must first take place in our hearts, our minds and our lives, if we are to help with the immense albeit positive global changes humanity now faces. These sweeping changes prophesised by our ancient wise elders, including the Maya, are vital for world peace and a sustainable future, not just for us, but also for generations to come.


The ancient Maya were interested in the period of time surrounding the 21st of December 2012, as well as that specific day. They foretold how the time beginning from the 1999 total eclipse of the Sun, to the 21st of Dec 2012 would be of tremendous significance for humanity and ultimately the Earth. The Maya spoke of how the remaining 26 Solstices from the time of the 1999 total Eclipse of the Sun, to the 21st of Dec 2012 would be of critical importance and how by the end of this 13 year period humanity would need to have evolved to a high enough level of consciousness, in order to manifest what they foretold to be an emerging Golden Age.

Never before in the history of humankind has your contribution to the world been more needed. Never before in our history could your personal contribution make the difference between humanity stepping onto a new path of peace and sustainability, a path of light, or remaining on the existing dark path of destruction, as we step over the threshold of 2012.

To put it simply there are two options ahead of us, as predicted by ancient civilisations. One option is to continue on the current dysfunctional path that ultimately leads to breakdown. The second is to step onto a new path that will lead us to a New Earth and a new way forward that ensures not only the survival, but the flourishing of the Earth and all life. Which of these two paths do you choose? - The path of love, light consciousness, truth, liberation, unity and transformation? Or the other- a path of fear, suffering, darkness, unconsciousness, manipulation, conditioning and duality?

THE CHOICE IS OURS. We can either choose the path of love or the path of fear. Each individual decision is now critical to the whole outcome. This is a call to ALL, regardless of age, nationality, religious, spiritual, philosophical, or educational background.


Enough of us are now needed to unify in order to raise the overall human and planetary vibration sufficiently to ensure that humanity takes the next evolutionary step, so that we can successfully cross the threshold into what  The Mayans Tibetans and Q’ero {modern day Inca} refer to as “a Golden Age of Peace”. We are being supported in this quest by legions of multi-dimensional beings who over-light the Earth plane. They are urging us to become vigilant and prepare to re-define our individual roles in these next few years, so that we may play our part in helping to birth a New World consciousness.

Our individual and collective task supported by these great beings of light in higher dimensions, is to raise the collective vibration of humanity and assist in the coming transition from a 3rd to a 5th dimensional consciousness. We need to unite and dedicate ourselves to work for the highest good of the collective. This is essential if we are to ensure birthing a new world paradigm.

To gain some perspective on the enormity and meaning of the times we live in, take a look at the following astronomical and astrological events and the cosmological theories that have been put forward:

***** The Western astrological system speaks of the Shifts of Ages, when one great astrological age moves from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

***** We are at the end of a 26,000-year cycle of Earth, Sun, and Galactic Plane (the plane in which the majority of a disk-shaped Galaxy’s mass lies). From our perspective on Earth, the December Solstice Sun moves across the Galactic plane-an event that occurs once every 26,000 years- the result of which is to attune consciousness to higher frequencies (imagine shifting focus from lower to higher chakras).

***** We are in the last few weeks (amazingly) of a 5,125-year Mayan creation cycle. The winter solstice of 1998 was the midway point of a 36-year Galactic alignment process. Because the Sun is so large ( about half a degree wide ), it will not complete its journey acrosss the Galactic Equator until 2016. This process is predicted to induce extraordinary transformations in the consciousness of humans.

***** The coming end date of December 21, 2012, is written as in Mayan Long Count notation. It is the end of the current era and the start of the next era of the Long Count calendar. The start of trhe current era in 3114 BCE is also written as In Maya time philosophy , the end is also the beginning of the next cycle, though some people refer to the 22nd of December 2012 as the first day opf the next cycle, because it is written as

*****On December 21st 2012, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn will be involved in an astrological formation known as aYod (Finger of God). This translates to a higher vision {Jupiter} being projected out into the physical plane {Saturn} and permeating Spiritual Will {Pluto}. It allows us an opportunity to align our Spiritual and Physical Will, and wholly supports us in the manifestation of a higher vision, while at the same time letting go of the old {Jupiter Retrograde}. This ties into the completion process suggested by the events of 21 December 2012.

***** 2012 marks the completion of a profoundly important phase of global healing that accelerated in 1999 with the total Solar Eclipse. The Maya describe period of 13 years “the Quickening”.

***** Each year the December Solstice Sun aligns with the equater midline of the Milky Way. To gain a perspective on this, imagine the Earth’s equater, which forms the division between the nothern and southern hemispheres. Astronomically, the winter Solstice Sun has been pointing into the the southern galactic hemisphere for 13,000 years. As we approach perfect alignment with the Galactic Equator, a 36 year process will conclude, at which point the winter Solstice Sun will have been reoriented to point to the nothern galactic hemisphere.

***** The end of the Mayan Long Count calendar will culminate in a pole shift in our collective consciousness.


Each living body, be it human, animal, insect, tree, flower, or star, planet or galaxy, has a unique frequency that is measurable. This frequency reflects the consciousness of the living body that it surrounds. In human beings our consciousness determines the rate at which our energy vibrates (what we call frequency).

The Earth and humanity are currently going through what is termed an “ascension” process. This is in response to an unprecedented influx of Galactic frequencies infiltrating the Earths energy field/light body and permeating that of her inhabitants. As humans we feel these influxes at a physical level as our personal frequencies respond and attempt to synchronize with these incoming waves of energy from the Galaxy and Cosmos.

Our physical responces to these incoming Galactic energies are dependant upon our degree of consciousness. The more conscious or pure of heart and mind we are, the higher we vibrate. The lower our frequency, the less ‘awake’ conscious and clear we are.

The relationship we have with the Earth reflects the relatioship we have with ourselves. How we treat ourselves and each other emotionally, mentally and physically also has an impact on the Earth. We need only to look around us to understand the current state of human consciousness. There are places of extraordinary beauty on the Earth and there are places that have been damaged, distorted and destroyed. When we look at the overall state of the Earth, we are looking into a mirror. There are places of immense beauty within each one of us. And there are also places of dysfunction and distortion in most, which we project into the world.

For the Earth to heal, we must heal. The Earths frequency is accelerating and as it does so this triggers a transmutation process, especially in the human body. Everything we understand about ourselves and our planet is changing.

“Our destiny in our hands”


Now is the time to take the reins of our human and planetary destiny. The moment has come for us to be in the driving seat, directing the course of our future, instead of being taken for a ride by those whom we have allowed to take control of our destination.

The decision makers who hold power in society and on a global scale need to gently and non-violently be led away from the path of destruction they have set us upon. We need to establish a new way forward. One that serves the higher good of all. It is critical that we listen to, take heed and act upon the wisdom of ancient prophecies that speak of these profoundly transformative times.

The following was channelled to me {Nicolya Christi} during the writing of 2012: A Clarion Call. I offer it here, along with an invitation for you to embody, embrace and live the true magnificence of who you really are, and in so doing, manifest all prophecy that speaks of a new “Golden Age” so that a “Thousand years of Peace” may emerge in our own lifetimes.

Dedication Pledge


“On this day, I pledge myself in service to the highest good of humanity and the Earth. With my life, my heart and soul, I shall do my best to ensure that the gift of my presence here on Earth in these times is dedicated to supporting the Great Transition of 2012. May the gift of my life prove to be an asset for my Earthly brothers and sisters, the four legged, the two legged, finned, furred, winged ones and insects and for all animate and inanimate energy forms here on Earth. May it ever be so.”

For more information about Nicolya and her work go to “Recommend” here on this site.

Originally written by Nicolya Christi             April 2010

Excerpts Posted by      Therese Zumi Sumner     11/11/2012 




This Quantum leap - this Multiple leap for mankind can take place any minute now because,

1)    The plans for all of these events which are part of The Event have all been made many years ago by the Light Resistance Movement.{LRM} see article further down entitled 'Who is the person called Cobra'.

 2)    A huge part of the enormous stolen resources of the Cabal/Illuminati groups have been confiscated already by the LRM.

3)    These people are already aware that their time is over.

4)    Evidence of all of their evil transgressions against mankind is sky high and any decent court could lock them away forever. And they will be prosecuted very soon if they do not step down gracefully.

5)    The Cabal are at this point in time - for about 7 months now - extremely nervous and have made some very stupid mistakes. Everyone in the forefront is quite aware of what is going on.{source of info = Cobra}

6)    This whole leap for humanity could happen even more quickly, if more people get informed and show their intention by taking part in worldwide meditations, or working with a group like the Occupy Movement. The Source knows exactly what is on everyone’s mind and it is the Source that will decide when this 'Event' is to happen exactly. {Here I would like to say that if you want to 'know' ahead of time what is happening then all you have to do is listen to your Heart your Deeper Intuitive knowing, and follow what this inner 'voice' is telling you to do. The best way to find your deeper inner intuitive knowing is to spend time alone in say - Nature walking, or somewhere that you find peace of mind, like for some a church or temple of some kind}. When the critical mass of humanity is united {the main reason why this upcoming worldwide meditation on the 22/11/2012 is so important} in its desire to become liberated from the imprisonment we have been subjected to for Eons, then everything will change overnight. IT IS ALL IN THE MIND - what your intention is so is your reality.

7)    Almost 90% of the worldwide Chemtrails {Chemicals spread in the air} have been stopped

8)    The new worldwide Spiritual = {Non-corrupt, Ethical, Fair, Just} Financial System is already 'Ready to Go'.

9)    In the past year or so there have been intense worldwide sightings of the spaceships of our Galactic Family. 80% of these are from inner-earth = source of this info “Little Grandmother”.

10)  On the subject of 'Little Grandmother' {see Recommend} Keisha which is her birth name has been travelling worldwide talking about these changes now for over Three years. She has been given into her care many large beautiful crystals {kept in safety for thousands of years for this time} which she has been placing in the ground worldwide. About 18 months ago she placed one in the ground where the SAMI people live in the north of Sweden. She has done this worldwide helping Gaia in her preparation for the coming changes.

11)  All of the negative ET’s have been cleared out. They are not in existence on this planet any more. There are no Grey’s {Roswell incident in 1947 might come to your mind?} flying around in UFO’s. There are no Reptilians in the Earth. There are no Reptilian Motherships. There are no Reptilian bases anywhere. This is gone completely. The only thing that remains is the Cabal. They are actually extra-terrestrials which have invaded this planet many lifetimes ago, and they keep reincarnating in the same positions of power. Apart from the Cabal we have the non-physical Archons which have also invaded from other planets and are here Cobra say’s like “ghosts” on the inter-dimensional planes and in this way they have been maintaining this quarantine {our imprisonment here on Earth}. See article on my Important News page { Synopsis -Vatican Holocaust }.There are NO NEGATIVE FORCES FLYING AROUND IN THEIR MOTHERSHIPS OR UFO’S. THAT IS GONE.

Seen over Russia when the 1st Cobra conferences began.

12)  There are millions upon millions of positive Galactic Federation spaceships surrounding our planet at this moment. They are cloaked. They are not visible. They have a special protective membrane which prevents the Cabal from detecting them. They are everywhere around the planet. Huge Motherships.{Therese Z comment here - I believe these Motherships can hold about 800,000 people - most of the inhabitants of a city like Stockholm - and something inside me tells me that I used to live on one of these at some point?}

13)  The Galactic Federation Family have been working to subdue the effect of the severe weather changes that we were supposed to have been experiencing at this time due to the Sun’s activity.{ Solar Winds and Solar Flares } These weather phenomena were due to increase and create great devastation. But there are GOOD FORCES making it so much easier compared to what could have happened on this planet.

14)  There is a Magnetic Pole Shift happening right now. The North Pole is headed towards Siberia and has been steadily moving forward at a quicker pace. I have been directly informed via Cobra that we do not need to worry about a physical Pole Shift at this time.

15)  The 21st of December 2012 is a symbolic turning point of this whole thing. It is a convergence point. This is a point in time when many timelines will converge. Free-will will still remain but simply put consciousness will be more unified so that timelines will be more in harmony with the purpose, which was ever present. The purpose was always here, but human beings had their free-will diversified, in various ways. So this is the reason that there are so many timelines. {I do not have the time to explain timelines right here and now! TZS} Cobra is involved in a special project of healing the timelines,*** because if we move into the new future we have to heal the past. This has to do with healing of our subconscious memory which affects our behaviour patterns. No-one is even aware of why they behave as they do. But when we {LRM} clear the timelines of past events people can make better choices and decisions. People can suddenly find more strength and more power. So basically we are healing the cellular memories on a mass consciousness level - says Cobra.

***As of the 21/12/2013 there are no longer any negative timelines ahead.

 16)  When Cobra along with the LRM gets the 'Green Light' for the go ahead of the 'Event' then, within a 24 hour time frame after that, there will be no more doubt anywhere because when this really happens it will be everywhere.

 17)  All this information which was classified earlier is now being given out because people need to know. NOW IS THE TIME WE ALL NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE. Cobra gets exact instructions as to what he is allowed to say. A few years ago he was hardly allowed to say anything, compared to now -BECAUSE NOW IS THE TIME.

18)  The worldwide Occupy Movement has done a very good job of awakening the average population, as to what is going on within the banking system. This is a good basis for a build-up to a certain point where the breakthrough will happen. In the words of Alexander Meadors, who did a great on-line interview with Cobra in July, and where I have received much of the information in this article, “When we all align for a common cause we are the power of this planet“


I would like to end here with Cobra’s words “Don’t get caught up with, when this is going to happen, because when you get actively involved in making it happen you have no more time to think about this. You are so in the action that it is happening to you. You become part of this”.

Thanks to Cobra and Keisha Crowther 'Little Grandmother' for inspiration and information for this article.

Written by    Therese Zumi Sumner      on the 10th of November 2012.

Bildnamn Queen Elisabeth of England's 60 th Jubilee


 The Illuminati is the oldest term commonly used to refer to the 13 bloodlines (and their offshoots) that make up a major portion of the Worldwide elite. Most members of the Illuminati are also members in the highest ranks of numerous secretive and occult societies, like Freemasonry, which in many cases extend straight back into the ancient world. The upper levels of the tightly compartmentalised (need to know) Illuminati structural pyramid include planning committees and organisations that the public has little or no knowledge of.

The British aristocrats are not the silly, absent minded twits depicted in the mass media.

The Royal Family of England namely Queen Elisabeth 2nd and the House of Windsor (who are in fact descendants of the German arm of European Royalty-the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family who changed the name to Windsor in 1914) are high level players in the NWO group (see Time for a Change?), along with the British Oligarchy which controls the upper strata of the Illuminati.

The decision making Illuminati nerve centres of this effort are in London (especially the City of London), Basel Switzerland and Brussels.

The British Imperialists both planned and instigated World War One and World War Two.

The British plan for world conquest also called for de-industrialisation of all other Nations. America was not considered an immediate potential rival for world dominance because it was effectively re-colonized and under British control (YES!) and has been since the assassination of President Mc Kinley by British design in 1901.

There is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an elite extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals, (at least at the highest levels) which include many of the world’s wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so called Black Nobility of Europe (dominated by the British Crown). This group’s goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Their intention is to gain complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world’s population by 5.5 Billion people.

Illuminati groups include the Knights Templar {approx: 30% of them}, the Knights of Malta, the Black Nobility, The Council of 3, The Council of 5, the Council of 7, the Council of 9, the Council of 13, the Council of 33, the Grand Druid Council, the Committee of 300,(also called “The Olympians” and the Committee of 500, The Tavistock Institute, the Stanford Institute, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, etc., etc., etc.

The Illuminati is a group that practises a form of faith known as “enlightenment. It is Luciferian, and they teach their followers that their roots go back to ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic Druidism. They have taken what they consider the “best” of each, the foundational practices, and joined them together into a strongly occult discipline. Many groups at the local level worship ancient deities such as “El”, ”Baal”, and “Ashtarte”, as well as “Isis and Osiris” and “Set”.

The first thing a child learns from 'family', or the 'Order' as they are called, is “The First rule of the Order is secrecy”.

There is something very important that I want to say here. There are tens of thousands of Light Individuals that have been born into these Illuminati Families. They have had no choice whatsoever as they are groomed and programmed from a very early age, with an extremely sophisticated mind-control program. At some time I plan to write more about this as Cobra has provided a link to in depth inside information about this programming and also about the difficulty for even extremely gifted therapists to help to de-program them.

I can give one example here of an Illuminati upbringing. A lady now aged 30-40, managed to escape the group a couple of years ago. She was born in Germany. As a small child she remembers being awoken along with her younger brother around midnight on many occasions. The family would then drive to a large House located somewhere in the countryside. There was security checking the roads and entrances so that no “uninvited people” could find their way there. While their parents met with the other adults the children played together. Part of her childhood programming entailed being locked into a room for a couple of days without food or water, after one day her mother came in with a jug of water and a glass. The little girl begged to have some water but her mother poured herself a glass and after drinking some, poured water on her daughters head and left the room again. Some hours later an unknown man entered the room and praised her for her great bravery in dealing with this situation. This experience was when she was about 3 ½ years old! She was informed at an early age that she belonged to a group of elite families who ruled the world and had full control over “ordinary people”. Aged twelve she was flown to Rome and there along with two other children the same age, and three adults she was initiated into the Illuminati. This Initiatory rite takes place in the Catacombs below the Vatican. The “mass” is conducted by a “priest” wearing red robes. During the “mass” a baby child lying in front of the priest on a marble table is sacrificed in front of these 6 people to the devil.

This ritualistic human sacrifice goes on to-day within these groups worldwide. Maybe the children who are sacrificed are the ones who are taken on the streets worldwide on a regular basis? Every year millions of children disappear around the world. Here are some Facts regarding missing children and people.

One million children are reported missing in the US and UK every year. If less than two hundred of these are murdered where do all the rest go? This is the equivalent of losing the entire population of a city such as Amsterdam every year!

Belgium is a relatively small country with an approximate population of 10 million people. Yet in the Brussels region it was revealed that 1300 children disappeared between the years 1991-1996.This story is repeated all over the Globe. Multi millions of children are going missing every year, they are never seen, heard or found.

In California alone there are 25000 adults and children that are active missing person cases.

In France 13 adults and 3 children were found dead. Some of them had been shot. All of them were burned and laid out in a star shaped pattern, showing cult related reasons. Each year missing people reports show that 39000 children go missing each year in France. The figures in Germany are 50000 children.

Where are all these missing children?

Written by    Therese Zumi Sumner          07/11/2012



Because the person known as Cobra had and still has to remain anonymous, at first we did not know if Cobra was male or female but when he started holding conferences worldwide we discovered he is male and his partner Isis is female. Cobra is a Pleiadian Incarnate. He has been connected to the Light Resistance Movement on this planet for a very long time. Along with the LRM he works for the liberation of our planet. The codename Cobra is explained in detail on my Recommend page. {found under heading Ascension above.} 

The information in this article comes mainly from two interviews with Cobra. One of these was on In-Light Radio on the 13th of June 2012. The other was an interview with Alexandra Meadors on her new site on the 3rd of July 2012. Alexandra’s site is called Galactic

The Resistance group is small but very powerful and consists today of about 20 million people. 10 years ago there were about 70 million but in the past 5-10 years many have returned home, as things have improved and not as many are needed now. The main group consists of 300 individuals. All of these are physical beings. Some have incarnated here after lives on other planets but they are mainly of other origin.

Cobra and his relatives have suffered tragic attacks earlier and have been forced to hide. Now there is great protection created around him. He lives a normal human life. His decision to be a part of the liberation of this planet is very old.

The LRM will never allow nuclear weapons to be used here. 99% of the nuclear devices on this planet have been “Knocked out” and Cobra said in June this year that he was 99% sure that nuclear weapons were now risk-free. He may not speak out in detail until “the Cabal” has been removed. He reckoned (in June) that they could be removed before the 21st of December.

Cobra says that the Ascension process e.g. we becoming 5D human beings along with Gaia who is becoming a 5D planet, will happen gradually. BUT life will change so much it will be a MULTIPLE LEAP unlike anything we have ever known before.

When Alexander interviewed Cobra she mentioned that, at the beginning of this year 2012, it felt like the Lightworker Community had reached a place of total Exhaustion. I recall how I felt in total agreement with her when she said “I was so grateful when you started your blog and came on the scene “out of nowhere” so to speak with encouragement etc.” Personally although I was grateful for many great channelled article’s, it was such a relief to hear someone speak, like they knew exactly what was going on, and had REAL inside information based on facts.

Cobra has spent 10 years at least preparing for this time. Cobra explained that the fact that he started writing the blog is a very good sign, because he never wanted to do that, before he was completely sure that the Light will be victorious. He was asked by the Resistance Movement to start the blog and the reason specified was “ that now is the time that the Light Forces will win, so start this blog and inform the population so that everybody gets ready”   A VERY GOOD SIGN.

Cobra told us that the most dangerous time on our planet was between 1996 and 2003. At that point in time he did not know at all what would happen on this planet because things were so bad. He mentioned that there was a Stargate in Iraq and that is why the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal wanted to control this part of the world. He said that many positive portals were destroyed in the last war there. In June this year he said that the Cabal had still got quite a bit of control over the mass-media etc. He said “you can see this all around us” and indeed we can, like when we see people like Murdoch the newspaper “Giant “on the regular news. My Source tells me that the regular news gives us 6% of the truth of what is going on in our world.

The Resistance Movement have had plans to overthrow the ILLUMINATI network ever since they formed their group and started their work in 1975. In the original plan by the movement the Positive Military group was to take over and overthrow the ILLUMINATI under the guidance of the LRM. But because of the awakening of humanity after 9/11 the original plan has been revised.

Now nobody is taking over the planet. The LRM has already got experience of dealing with these types of beings as they also arrested the Cabal on a planet called planet X in 1999.

The following information I have taken directly from one or two articles on Cobra’s blog Portal 2012.

The main objective of the LRM originally was to overthrow the rule of the Illuminati and give advanced technologies to humanity. The PC’s we all have, have been developed with the help of the LRM, Cobra personally saw the work being done on these computers in 1977.

The LRM had contact with the positive civilisation of Agartha that existed in subterranean caverns for millennia. In 1977 they already had contact with positive Andromedans. Cobra has also seen a sleek silver Andromedan cigar shaped craft, in their underground hangar as well. In the early 1990’s they had some influence in assuring that internet expanded from military APPANET into public domain. {Now it’s even hard for an “old timer” like me to imagine a time without the net!}

In 1996 the Illuminati and off planet dark forces launched an offensive to destroy the LRM and there were severe physical battles in underground tunnel systems and caverns that almost destroyed the Organisation. {LRM}

Pleiadians became involved in 1999; many Resistance Movement freedom fighters entered the underground tunnel systems on Earth to join the Organisation in their fight. The two forces integrated and emerged as one and are now called the Light Resistance Movement.

Their increased joint force had turned the course of events, and now the dark forces were in retreat. In 2000-2001 the Illuminati had lost their bases on Mars and the Moon and elsewhere in the solar system. With the assistance of the Pleiadians and other Galactic Confederation Forces all remaining Reptilian, Draconian and Reticulan forces were cleared out of the solar system also in this same timeframe. This set the dark ones into panic mode and they staged 9/11 to preserve their last stronghold-planet Earth.

9/11 did not turn out as the Cabal had planned. Instead it served as an awakening trigger that helped many humans realize what was really going on beyond the propaganda of the mass media.

This new awareness has made it easier for the LRM to improve their plan of overthrowing the Illuminati on planet Earth. Until 2003 they have managed to clear out all the deep underground bases and only uppermost portions of those bases remain.

Since then the LRM has infiltrated 300 of its operatives inside the Illuminati networkMost of these are in top positions in the military and intelligence agencies. These Operatives are undetectable and the Illuminati have no idea who or where they are.

I will end this info by repeating something that I think I have said on my Recommend page re Cobra. “I thank God for the arrival on the Internet of Cobra in March-April of this year. Everything suddenly made so much more sense and I have felt more secure and hopeful about the future with each passing day since then. I am so looking forward to meeting Him-Her in LA in about 12 days or so”.

Ps The Site Portal 2012 has alrady had 3,000,000 "visits" since its start on the 31st March 2012.

Thanks to Stephen Cook, Alexandra Meadors and Cobra for this information.

Written by      Therese Zumi Sumner                09/11/2012

PS: As i met Cobra in LA at the Laguna Beach conference there at the end of November, there is no doubt now as to the fact of he being a male person. I also had the great pleasure of meeeting his beautiful wife Isis. Together they are a joy to be with as their Love and respect for one another is undeniable and they spread joy and calmness with their beautiful energy and yes i am jealous and cannot help complaining to Spirit that it is time for me to meet the perfect partner which I feel I deserve now in my life. 

Therese Zumi Sumner                                 08/12/2012

The Ascension + Becoming a 5D person.

By Therese Zumi Sumner

8th of November 2012.    Revised 6th June 2020

For many people interested in all of the changes about to happen, the term Ascension is a familiar one. So what does this term Ascension mean? It refers to the literal process of becoming an Ascended Being like our beloved Jesus Christ. This planet has been the chosen one for this process to take place in the physical body. There will be 3 waves of Ascension and the latest information that explains about this is found here;

I very much want to suggest that you read the channelled information from beloved Sanat Kumara following this article which will provide you with a much greater understanding as to who will / can and who will not / cannot Ascend during the 3 Waves of Ascension.

5th Dimensional Living

This planet is fast becoming a 5th dimensional planet. The arrival of The Event, hopefully this year 2020, will speed up that process enormously. Well basically what this means is that about 50 % of the people of this planet will soon feel ready to become 5D = Fifth Dimensional Beings. My Dear Friend and Mentor Nicolya Christi {see Recommend} would refer to this process by saying that we as humanity are entering the evolutionary transition from Homo Sapiens to Homo luminous-from 3rd-dimensional human beings to 5th-dimensional beings of light.

Forget anything you might have heard about the 4th dimension - we are going to the 5th nothing less. In fact the main thing is this. Our Mother Earth-Gaia is in the process of becoming a 5D planet and it is up to us and to our free will if we would like to join her. We might not want that and no one will be forced to do anything, but if you do not feel you want to transition to a 5D human there will be other options, and here I refer to another article in the Bigger Picture series called “The Biospheres and Tolec”.

What will it feel like to be a 5D person?

# Well my guess is that our bodies will not feel as dense, as they will be lighter ~ literally about 70% of what our density is now.

# So living on a 5D planet and being a 5D person will entail experiencing a time, when Telepathy and “direct knowing” will become standard for everyone.

# This will be a time when truth comes forward, no more lying because people will know the thoughts of others.

# It will be a time when Universal Right and doing the right thing is the highest and best good for everyone AND THIS WILL TAKE PRECEDENCE above EVERYTHING ELSE.

3 Years After The Event

This planet will NOT AT ALL feel the same as it does now in June 2020. Even if the energies now are generally much higher that they were 3 years ago.

We will be filled with sharing and caring. Free energy will be available to everyone, and for those not yet at that point of “melting into” life as a 5D person, there will be fantastic Creative Communities worldwide. {See other article in this series called Creative Communities}. The first one is already “ready to go” somewhere in the USA, and Suzy Star along with the support of her mentor Dr Albrecht Maxwell von Hohenlohe-Langenburg, is the person creating the First of hundreds of these communities worldwide.

All of us are Divine Beings, created from the SOURCE and all of us have the original blueprint inside of us. This original blueprint can be activated through the light-body activation process, or “Merkaba” activation process. This is a special spiritual process of awakening that goes beyond the mind and emotions, and also transforms the physical body. THIS IS COMING SOON.

The main key here is the Free Will of humanity. Most human beings have been programmed so much that they have no interest and no wish and or desire to be liberated. So this is why it is all taking so long. {This last comment to those working in the Light Community who have almost given up after decades of hoping and working for these changes.}

You will not need to be a 5D person to see the Spaceships when they land, as they will land on the physical plane so that everybody will be able to see them. Everyone will be well prepared for this.

Only some human beings will be able to ascend, but everybody will be de-programmed from the Cabal and everybody will be able to be free, and able to make their own choices.

When we get back the power of the mass media from the Rothschild group, human beings will begin to cooperate. They will be de-programmed. The brain washing will be removed very quickly and very effectively.  If anyone right now reading this, questions the fact that they are brain-washed, well I suggest you take a long look at a You tube video with  Michael Tsarion {see Recommend page} and the one that comes to mind is a lecture he held last year in Sweden titled the “Age of Manipulation” {3 X 3 Hours long} then you will understand the brain-washing we are all subjected to all the time. This video was removed but I have managed to get a new upload of the entire 11 hour video although quality of video is not as good as it originally was. Its available here;

When every human being is being presented with THE REAL TRUTH AND THE REAL FACTS, they will quite quickly realise what is going on. When they will get the evidence ~ SEE THE PROOF, not just words - but proof. When they see the top leaders of the Cabal arrested and presented the evidence of their deeds and of their actions. When people actually see the free energy devices and when people see the artefacts from Atlantis ~ things of that nature, then human beings will begin to believe.

They will no longer feel a need to dispute this at all.

To conclude I quote Suzy Star “Some of us are fully awake, some of us are getting awake, are on our path. We are all on different paths of the journey to awakening, but we are all equal and no-one is better than another. We just may be further along the path, but that doesn’t mean we are better”.

With Thanks to Cobra, Suzy Star, Nicolya Christi, Michael Tsarion, and many others for the inspiration for this article.

Written By        Therese Zumi           the 08th of November 2012  Revised 6th June 2020



Sanat Kumara via Tazjima: Breaking Through to the Other Side

2012 DECEMBER 19

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Posted by Alice C

Sanat Kumara via Tazjima: Breaking Through to the Other Side

As channeled by Tazjima – December 18, 2012

Not having any messages come in for the past week or so, I thought I might experiment and call in a master and see what happens. This past week or so has been an interesting one for me. I’ve had high highs and low lows. I’m sure quite a few of my readers can say the same thing or have similar experiences. I started out with a short meditation, invoking a tube of white light for protection and then:

I am invoking the Presence of beloved Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos.

I AM here. I AM Sanat Kumara.

Yes, I can feel you in my heart. My heart chakra was burning hot as the Master began to come in.

I stand in the heart flame of all who live upon this planet.

Thank you, Raj.

What can I help you with tonight?

I want to thank you for leading me to the J. Stone books. They have helped clarify some issues for me. And I am enjoying making some of the invocations that are listed there.

Understand, dear one that the ascension preparation given out in those volumes is no longer valid in terms of what most people are experiencing these days. The directions were given during a time that has long since passed. The dispensations given out in the book still apply, but few people, even lightworkers are using these volumes so we approach ascension in many ways now. It is not necessary to even know about ascension in order to be qualified to take the step now.

How is that so, Raj? (Raj is a nickname which the Master prefers to be called than by his full title.)

Those people who live good lives, in service and peace, will ascend, even if they have never heard of the term. Many of these people are lightworkers, but who have not consciously woken up to their missions. They are vaguely aware that there is more to life than what they have already encountered, but are unable to discover what that might entail. Due to circumstances, some care for family members and work long hours to make a living, and do not feel that they have the luxury of making their own spiritual journey. They have made their steps along the path of ascension mostly unknowingly, yet they will rejoice when they discover one day that they have come into a new land, one filled with peace and love.

What has been my path?

Do you not know? You have forged ahead, leaving husband, family and friends behind. Nothing could deter you from your spiritual quest. You have questioned, learned and let go of teachings time after time, seeking your own way through what was offered in the world. You have learned to listen to your inner voice, to your heart. You know how to test the spirits by listening and feeling within. You have come far; you will go further along the path than many.

Yet we tell you now (including my readers) that ascension is not a contest. It is a personal journey and a collective one that at least a portion of humanity is undergoing currently. It is a process and will continue, even when you break through to the other side and into the fifth dimension. When you arrive there, you may decide to rest, but sooner than later you will begin again to move forward on the path, through service, through learning, through the many ways that will be offered to you.

There are many now in these last days who still doubt that they have “the right stuff” to make ascension. Fear not, beloved ones, for all of you are loved. It is your own thoughts and emotions that keep you down and continuing in feeling the separation, the disparity, perhaps even despair. And certainly you might feel confused about all the conflicting opinions and information that is being presented within the lightworker community. This is why it is so important to approach any information, including these messages, by using your own inner discernment as your guide. The time for the outer teacher is coming to an end; it has ended. There are no captains, no leaders in this movement. It is a movement and a journey made up of individuals, all following their own paths, yet it is also a journey that will take many in the same direction, to the same destination.

Know also that ascension is not a one-time initiation. There are many steps to ascension, not just one. Those of you, who choose to move on beyond the first baby-steps of ascension, will find themselves being mentored by ascended masters and angelic beings. It is a grand and vast world that you are in the process of entering. The multiverse is far more than you can possibly imagine after being relegated to school-room Earth. There will be much to re-learn, but you will discover great pleasure in doing so for you will begin to re-member what you left behind when taking embodiment so long ago.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

Your planet is currently in the throes of the last days of the Dark Age, of the Kali Yuga. Soon you will move beyond these lower vibrations, only touching them briefly if it is your desire to teach and lead those who will not cross the bridge of swords at this time, at the Shift. Archangel Michael recently stated (see 2012 Scenario for more information) that ascension will remain open for those who are close until the end of this lifetime. Those who go ahead will contribute to the raising up of the vibrations of the planet which will clear the way for more to follow in their footsteps. Some of the wayshowers will become gatekeepers, keeping the connection between the two worlds open to facilitate the passage of others. And many of the first to ascend will take up a life of service, helping those friends and family members who remained behind, assisting them to understand the benefits and possibilities that ascension into the fifth dimension can offer.

For many of our initiates this has been a time for undergoing a life review. You may have seen episodes of your life play out in your mind’s eye or remembered long lost friends or relatives. Some people have returned back into your lives, also, perhaps to see if a lesson forgotten or unfinished has been learned. It is certainly a time to let go of what is no longer necessary; nothing that is of a lower vibration can be taken into the new world – it will be left behind. This list includes relationships that are unhealthy, jobs that do not allow for creativity, as well as anything excessive and unbalanced. It is also a time to learn to forgive yourself for those things that you feel you have not done as well as you could. Forgiveness, letting go, listening to your heart, and being at peace are most important considerations.

The world that is being left will make its bid to keep your attention, to bring up fears, to create distrust between people through the misuse of the media and propagation of lies from governmental bodies and various institutions, including the medical field, religions, education, science, economics, and other international corporations. Leave it all behind you; they cannot follow you into the new world unless they, too, let go of their fears and step into the light.

For those of you, who fear that you are not suitably prepared for ascension, know that you can still have issues to resolve, still have emotions to work on, still have physical conditions that need healing. You do not have to be perfect in order to be able to ascend. You do need to be open to expanding your world view to include the diversity of humanity, as well as those galactic and intergalactic beings, ascended beings and angelic realms, which will be more apparent to you as you become more acquainted to your new world. There is much to explore there and much to learn.

In the passage of cycles, eventually all of humanity will pass through ascension, just not now. Not all are ready for in the past it has taken lifetimes to prepare to take the first steps leading up to becoming an initiate on the path to ascension. Those who are undergoing ascension during this present cycle have either prepared for a long time or are starseed who have embodied for this very purpose – to act as wayshowers and to create an energetic pathway for those of humanity able to follow in their footsteps. Many of the starseeds have ascended on other planets and in other solar systems, galaxies, even in other universes. Some of the starseeds and lightworkers have come from the highest heavens and will return once their work here is done. There is a great variety of helpers here on hand to assist in this birthing process for both the planet and her cargo, humanity.

In these last days of this present cycle, spend them in quiet contemplation and meditation if you can. If not, keep mindful during your day of the energies and call on us, the ascended masters and angelic realms, for our assistance. We are here to help, to serve, as it our means to further our development as we, too, are moving up in our responsibilities and expanding in our service to the Universe.

Expand your mind to include the whole of this planet as your body. See all of humanity as one being; in truth you are one. You are experiencing this process from several points of view to gain experience which you will pass on to other worlds in your turn, as we have assisted you in ours. Know that we are your brothers and sisters and are here to assist.

Call on us and we will be there, to lend our energies, light and love to give you strength in moments of doubt and weakness. If you feel that you have stepped off the path momentarily, forgive yourself and continue on. Keep a close internal focus on how you are feeling, what you are feeling and how you would like to feel. Keep a journal of your inspirations, dreams, meditations and practice communicating with your higher self. Have faith that you will break through those last bits of darkness that seem to keep you from your goal. We will assist; we are here to help – just remember to call for us and we will be there.

Forever in the Light, I AM Sanat Kumara.


Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Ok! So when the “Event” has passed, we will find ourselves trying to figure out who we are, and where we are going. If you in your heart of hearts feel that you belong here on Gaia, that you would like to evolve into a 5D human to match her evolvement to a 5D planet, then this article might be of interest for you. There are enormous plans to support those, in need of support in their transitions to becoming 5D individuals.

Suzy Star is an 82 year old Starseed and Lightworker who has been working fulltime on a very special project called Creative Communities. These are places that people can live and become completely self-sufficient. When we start to ascend or move into the next dimension, not everyone is going to get there at the same time. So there will be need of places such as Creative Communities where people can live and be completely self-sufficient.

The CC centres will be up to 300 acres in size, with shopping centres, individual farms of 2-3 acres, relief centres, orphanages for children, hospital, veterinarian clinic’s, everything that people need to survive. If you like you won’t have to leave the community. The Community will have its own food source and its own health care. Each one will be different depending on the need and the size. The plan is to put one in every state, and then go round the world with them, at least one in every country. Some large states and countries may need two.

Suzy had visions of how this project should succeed. At the time of the radio show July the 18th, Suzy was looking for doctors, engineers and construction workers to build the community. Suzy has been told that once our extra-terrestrial family are allowed to come down and work here among us, they have the technology where they can have one of these Communities up and running in 3 days!

The whole idea with these Communities is to show “bridge people” {those awake but not yet fully awake}how it is possible to ascend. These Communities will also give people the possibility of seeing what they can look forward to with the training and the teaching that we give them in the CC. They will be places of respite, places of healing, for people on their way to Ascension. The AIM is simply somewhere for people to go and live. Some people will live there and some will come and visit to be able to take advantage of what the Community has to offer.

The plan is for 250 of these Communities worldwide. All of these Communities will have very special water available that has very special properties-very evolved. It contains a 7 sided crystalline oxygen that vibrates at 5D level. The oxygen penetrates the cell and replaces the oxygen that is currently in the body with a 5th dimensional vibrating oxygen. And- when enough of this oxygen is in the body, the body will start vibrating at a 5D level. This water has been developed by a Dr Albrecht Maxwell von Hohenlohe-Langenburg. The CC’s will be called INFINITY Creative Communities.

Suzy is Andromeda Starseed, {her last life before this was on Andromeda-and she has vivid memories of contacts with her people as a young child}, for those of you not familiar with the name Andromeda I can say that Andromeda is another galaxy and not a part of the Milky Way. I saw some beautiful pictures this very morning on TV of Andromeda when the BBC documentary called “The Universe” was showing. As a young child Suzy only needed to put her hand on a book and touch it, and she would know all about the book.

To hear the interview with Suzy Star about all this, and indeed about her amazing life story,  go to 2012 Scenario {see Recommend Steve Beckow} and search for the program which was sent on In-Light Radio on the 18th of June this year.

Written by        Therese Zumi Sumner               08/11/2012



On a recent trip to the Findhorn Community in Scotland, at the end of September, {2012} for the event "Love, Magic and Miracles", I had the amazing experience of seeing, for the first time in my life, a full circular rainbow over the Firth as we came in for landing. It was right “On Top” of the sea, the lowest part of the circle just above the water. This is not unique as I found this Photograph among others on the Internet. By the way the text in the top left corner of this photograph reads, “Absolutely Nothing is beyond your reach” I will return to this rainbow later and tell you what it told me.

On that flight to Inverness I was reading some notes from an article by David Wilcock (see Recommend) from a recent article he wrote entitled “Will there be a Quantum Awakening in 2012?” David said in this article that he believes it will be much harder to make sudden massive leaps in your level of spiritual awareness and growth after the end of this year, than it is now. {David like many of us believed that 21 Dec 2012 would be the time of ‘transition’ to a new life experience for us all}

I agree with David in his thoughts here entirely, as the truth will finally be out there for everyone to see, and it will be so much easier for people to accept and understand the truth-the real truth about everything. People will not have to take the same “leap in fate” or take the risk of being considered mad or worse.

This is why it is so important now for us to speak our minds, to demand justice, to demand the stepping down of people like Berlusconi, whom I recently heard on the news, was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

These huge changes that all of these coming events will bring - will create, can now give millions upon millions of people the opportunity to take ‘leaps of faith’ and thus grow spiritually in the process. We grow spiritually when we follow our inner calling and do not rely upon someone telling us what is right or wrong to do, in any given circumstance.

Remember the “King without any clothes” when only the little child pointed out his nakedness? well it’s time we all became as little children. And that of course will bring to mind the words of our beloved Jesus, which go something like this “To enter the Kingdom of Heaven one has to become like a small child “. David Wilcock said in his article mentioned above “Those who alleviate concerns on a planetary level are roasted by others for their thoughts and beliefs”. He should know with his ‘death threat’, that many of us were apart of live on the radio thanks to Kerry Cassidy’s support of him on “Camelot’s” Radio show.

We are all seeking the Divine on our journey whether we are aware of it or not. The goal in the end is God realisation - an awareness of our Oneness with “All That Is”, and in moving towards this goal - the path means being both aware of and taking responsibility for our thoughts, our actions and everything we do throughout many lifetimes.

It is time now for millions and millions of people to truly rediscover who they are, that they are Spiritual beings having an Earthly 3D/4D experience, before returning to a spiritual dimension. 5th dimensional Earth living will entail living as aware - spiritual beings - Co Creators of the Divine. We will be living in “Heaven on Earth” once more. There is such Joy and Happiness to be had working in service to others.

There are many setbacks on a spiritual journey. We absolutely meet challenges all along the way. But in the end the only challenge worth working for is to truly be you, the person you really are. The best thing anyone can do is to make an agreement with God. God is everywhere all the time. When I was 6 years old my Catechism taught me to answer the question “Where is God” with the answer “God is Everywhere”.

In one single moment of time you can invite God into your life, into your heart, and when you do this God never leaves. Right here and now I would like to quote the words of a very special old lady that I met in Findhorn. She is Dorothy Maclean and one of the 3 original founders of the Findhorn Community in Scotland which this year is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Dorothy is 92 years old and wrote her most recent book this year which is entitled “Messages from God”; the following is the quote from her book that I would like to share.

“When childlike, you ask me to enter your heart, I always answer. Give me a constant invitation and I am a magic guest, for I beautify everywhere. I am loathe to leave, in fact I stay all the time. In a million forms I inhabit the Earth. And little by little, as you seek, you find there is nothing but me.” {Dorothy Maclean 2012}

Steve Beckow from 2012 Scenario {now Golden Age of Gaia see Recommend} has described enlightenment as “God meeting God”. Enlightenment is one stage of Ascension. When you realise you are not your body - fear evaporates. The more informed you become the easier it is to just sit back and relax, and enjoy all the amazing changes about to take place on a journey to a great new place. {TZ here Sept 2014 – I make no claim to being anywhere near enlightenment, it’s so hard to sit back and relax in these trying times and  not in least during the end-game war we are right now in the midst of}.

Right here I would like to return to something Cobra was explaining in an article about “what was holding things back”. He spoke about the prerequisites necessary for this change to take place, the change being our liberation on this planet after thousands of years of quarantine. The main prerequisite for this, soon to happen change, is the removal from the Earth’s Astral Plane of the remaining archon influence. These “entities” have been preying on the minds of humans and creating evil on this planet for a long time by invading the minds of even the lightest of individuals.

Thus I have once more a chance to remind you of the importance of this 11th Gate Worldwide meditation on the 22/11/2012. All the info you need you will find on my “What we can do” page.

Ok so now I would like to try to tell you more about my Rainbow. You can imagine the sight yourself as the plane goes in for landing and glides over the bay and this rainbow is suddenly visible- a full circular rainbow and all that I could see, on the sea itself, were two very large freight ships. Both of these twin-like freight ships were painted bright red so there was no way you would miss them. They were a few miles apart, and because of this one of the ships was inside the rainbow on the sea and one of them outside the rainbow. Many of you who enjoy the study of symbolism will have already drawn some deductions, and indeed my fellow Lightworkers will immediately have ideas of what this was telling me. According to Denise Linn’s word in her book “Signposts” a rainbow throughout the world is a sign of blessing, a message from God, that you are going in the right direction, and that your path is blessed and guided. It is a very powerful sign signifying JOY, CELEBRATION and COMPLETION. But this sign was not just for me I just knew that. One ship was inside the Rainbow-that might be a sign of the Rainbow group of souls that feel that they are ready for 5 D living on a 5 D Gaia? There are so many groups on the planet that use the rainbow as their symbol and I am reminded now of the members of “The tribe of many colours” worldwide that Keisha Crowther “Little Grandmother “is a spokesperson for. And what about the ship outside the rainbow? Well it might be those who would prefer to continue on with 3D living-and who will have that opportunity too.

It was such a memorable occasion for me at the start of the “Love Magic Miracles” week. It was a magical week for all of us there I imagine. We had some of the most amazing teachers on the planet talking to us and working with us. I would need a lot of time to tell the details which I might do at some point. But all of the people who lectured that week in Findhorn had something in common. They all made a point of telling the 140 attendees that the time has come to actually ACT not just sit and meditate. It’s the time for LOVE IN ACTION:

Ps Today the 13th and tomorrow the 14th of November {2012} is the time of a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. To know more about this go to Nicolya Christy’s Facebook page where she is giving great detailed info on this.

Ok I would like to thank the following people for their inspiration in writing this article, David Wilcock, Robert Potter, Cobra, Steve Beckow, Dorothy Maclean, and Nicolya Christy.

Written by       Therese Zumi Sumner            13/11/2012 

Revised 26/09/2014 for Facebook Blog