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The page called Introduction became a 'sister' blog to my Facebook blog 2 years ago. All of my important articles and updates are found there. They are numbered {Article # ...} so that you can find them more easily. Unfortunately you cannot give a direct link to a particular article because they follow one another on the page. The limitations to the number of pages on this website do not allow that. So in some cases there will be a lot of 'rolling down' to be done to find earlier articles and this is especially so on the Introduction Blog page which is the l-o-n-g-e-s-t page on this website. 





The 2 Galactic Family pages were created in 2013 to bring some general information of my own experiences and knowledge in this area.

When you open the page Galactic Family you find the following headings.



I was recently guided to begin a new page here called THE GALACTIC CONFEDERATION. It does not need an Introduction as it speaks for itself. This page will be continually updated and added to......


This page was created upon my return from meeting Cobra in Los Angeles in November of 2012. He was aware of my website and suggested that I continue writing and so The Event pages were developed. Cobra provided a link to 4 of these pages in the spring of 2013 on The Portal. The link to the main EVENT page is always listed on that website since then.

This is the list of pages that open up when The Event page is opened.



This page came about so that I could present some more details about this great mentor and some of the important things that I have learned through coming into contact with him.

When you open this page you find the following headings and pages.



This page was also created in 2013-14. It’s a mix of articles that might be of interest.

When you open this page you find the following headings.


The Heading Archangel Michael leads to the translation of a book by Archangel Michael. The book was channelled by the Swedish author Mikael Kvist. Archangel Michael enlightens us about the interplay / war between the dark and the Light. I have translated this book from Swedish.




Here too there is a mix of articles pertaining to this subject. I have gathered a list of the articles at the top of the page for easier overview.

When you open the ASCENSION page you find the following pages and headings




This page was created before I met Cobra and is an overview of various subject matters that together give a broader view of the type of changes that we can expect on Nova Gaia along with information pertaining to darker groups etc. When you open Bigger Picture 1… there is a list of ALL of the articles that are available on the 2 Bigger Picture pages.

Upon opening BIGGER PICTURE page the following pages become visible....