People I Admire and Learn from. People I Admire and Learn from. People I Admire and Learn from. People I Admire and Learn from. People I Admire and Learn from. Little Grandmother+ Therese Zumi right 01/07/2012

"Little Grandmother"  Keisha Crowther

Keisha is the person known as Little Grandmother. She was told what her Wisdom Keeper name was by telephone about 4 years ago. I will not go into her background here,as everything you might want to know about her, and indeed would like to know about what is happeneing here on our Mother Planet Gaia, Keisha herself explains perfectly well on her own Official Website.

There you can find many video recordings of her earlier lectures and also radio Interviews with her.For Swedish readers it might be of interest to listen to a short Interview with her on Swedish radio when she came to visit the Same people in the "Land of the midnight Sun".Just Google her name and Swedish Radio Interview to find it. If you would like to know more about her and her calling then i suggest you read her book, which has much to offer. It is called "Message for the Tribe of Many Colours".

Whether you know it or not you are most likely a member of this Tribe if you are reading this. Part of her message is that this is the end of the time of "Teachers and Pupils" or "Masters and Disciples". In the near future we shall all learn to respect each others unique gifts and talents and we will not be putting anyone "Above" anyone else. To that end there is no such thing as an inner group of "people in the know" close to Little Grandmother. Everyone in this Tribe are considered Equals.

Keisha talks a lot about Crystals. She suggests everyone wear a simple quartz crystal on them at all times. I intend to write some information on the subject further along. I had the great Joy of meeting Keisha in Stockholm on July 1st this year. About 30 of us focused on putting as much Love and Light as we could into many crystals in the middle of a circle we formed. We then, after having touched each of the crystals, focusing on our Vision for a Bright Harmonious Earth, and our individual Visions of a Harmonious future, walked quietly down to the Sea Front and released the crystals there to spread our Visions far and wide through the power of the crystal as a transmitter and evaporationg water forming clouds, and then raining down our Loving thoughts elsewhere.

Keisha is One of 12 Wisdom Keepers on Gaia at this time. She knows of and has met the Other 11 but says it is up to them to decide whether or not they wish to be known to the Public. She has been given into her care a number of extremely powerful crystals that have been kept safely until this Time now on Earth, on Gaia, when they would be used to help to balance Gaia during the Changes. Many of these crystals have been placed in specific places worldwide to assist in The Ascension, some of these places are South West USA, the Redwood forest-Oregon. Hawaii, Northern Sweden, Australia, and recently in Holland. She receives very exact details as to where the Crystals should be buried.

Her enormous warmth and empathy and humility is palpable when you meet her. Very "down to Earth" the perfect person to spread the Word about the need for Love between us all and the other two-legged, four legged, winged,yes between every creature on this planet. 

Keisha often quotes the Mayan Elder Alejandro when he tells us not to be afraid when the "Walls begin to tumble down" for the old must perish so that the New and light and Loving Peaceful time on our planet can begin.

In February this year Keisha held a worldwide video talk with us where she informed us " Many will say i am crazy but i wish to inform you that about 80% of the UFO sightings here are from ships that come from Inner Earth not Outer Space. There are of course Larger ships from Outer Space that also have been sighted. 

We are indeed "in a Sandwich of Light and Love" at present with the Light and Love coming to us from Inner Earth and Light and Love being sent to us from Our Outer Galactic Family, Celestial Beings, from The Heart of God and Goddess.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner  22/08/2012




Steve Beckow is the man behind the very popular website 2012 Scenario. {Now called Golden Age of Gaia} Steve has high aspirations and high standards and has created a place on the Internet for many people to get together and discuss Ascension.

On 2012 Scenario there are enormous archives of information on many aspects of the Ascension and Spirituality. On Steve's site there are direct links to daily Radio shows on the "In- Light Radio".

These radio shows have different hosts, who each deal with Interviews of different kinds, or with Question and Answer type programs, the site has also many programs with channeled interviews with Ascended Masters like Jesus Christ Sananda, Archangel Michael, Commander Ashtar and other Galactic Being's.

There are also new interesting text's daily from many other Lightworkers all over the place. So 2012 Scenario is really a hub of activity and discussion 24 hours a day on the changes taking place on our beloved planet Gaia.

Some of these Interviews are really worth looking into. There is so much to learn, and there are so many wonderful people working as Lightworkers all over this Earth. Some recent Interviews that I myself have enjoyed have been with Suzy Star, an 82 year young Lightworker, American Kabuki, James Gilliland, Tolec (representative for the Andromedans) and not in least with Cobra. This site very kindly provides transcripts of most of the Radio interview shows.

2012 Scenario has been a fantastic place for me to learn and grow more knowlegable, about the entire Ascension Process through contact with many exciting and interesting individuals.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 2012-08-29.

EDIT 18th March 2021

I was taking a look at this page which was created nearly 9 years ago. So much has happened since then. Over the past 30 months or so it has become clear to me that the Jesuit moles ~ FALSE LIGHT WORKERS ~ are everywhere! I have just now removed several names in the above text that I had earlier recommended.

Lets say that there are 10 people working on this website Golden Age of Gaia. it would be quite impossible for Steve to keep track of everything that everyone else chooses to post on any given day. So these wily Jesuits would be able to work away peacefully year after year adding their slightly adjusted view of things through posting the work of these extremely clever Jesuits. I must go so far as to say that I have seen in recent months the work of 4 clever FALSE LIGHTWORKERS on Golden Age. I have to point out that I am not placing blame on Steve for this because I know how easily we can be duped by these imposters.


Bildnamn Cobra´s Website = Portal 2012

Cobra is a **code name for the person behind the site

"Portal 2012." 

Cobra works for the Resistance Movement on our planet Gaia* Terra* Earth*. The Resistance Movement was composed of approximately 55 million people who worked and are working underground for our Liberation. The number is now approximately 20 million as about 10 years ago the numbers were reduced peu om peu as more and more of the workers returned home, they could leave their work as things started to improve dramatically for the better then. No-one (not very many people) know who Cobra She/He is. Reason being that he/she wishes to protect their family and close associates from danger. Later this year sometime Cobra will make his/her self known and be available openly for questions of just about any kind regarding The Change, The Event, The Shift, The Ascension, The Transformation of our planet from a 3D to a 5D Planet.

[From now on I shall refer to Cobra as a He just for my own ease in writing.]

Cobra works for someone called Michael. The information that Cobra has now started to share with us regarding The Truth of much of our History on this Planet is being released at a slow pace so as not to overwhelm the general public. He recently released a link to information on the Jesuit Vatican involvment in the Holocaust The sacrifice of 18 million people in the gas/fire chambers during the second World War. Hitler, Stalin and Himmler were Catholics. 

I intend to spend the next few days in attempting a Synopsis of this information which is composed of 48 A4 pages.

EDIT 18th March 2021 ~ Synopsis of The Vatican Holocaust Part 1 of 8 "The Great Pentagram of Evil" ~

On the same day as the above link was released Cobra also released a link with detailed information on the Programming of the Illuminati. This information has been provided by among others, people who have been directly involved in the psychiatric de-programming of some of these "Victims". At this point I would like to remind everyone what someone said about a year ago re our reactions to these people and their acts, when the Truth comes out. He reminded us not to attack them either openly or privately, but to realise that many of these people have been born innocently into these families and have not had a chance to avoid their programming.

And so it is. I shall asap attempt a synopsis of the above link from Cobra too, though because I will be travelling about 9 days soon without wifi access, it will hopefully be ready around the middle of September.

I thank God for the sudden arrival of Cobra on the scene in April of this year. I resonate with his work and have deep trust in the information he provides. There have been some great interviews with Cobra where his voice is "changed". The earliest one i recall was on 2012 Scenario with Stephen Cook. Most recently he has been on a program with Deborah Ariel Pietsch, who has planned to reconnect with Cobra on a regular basis. To listen to these interviews just go to Portal 2012.

The first reason I thank God for the arrival of Cobra on the scene is that she/he is in Physical Form and is working with DIRECT contact with ALL the partners of the Resistance Movement. These partners are organisations on Earth like the "White Dragons" and the "White Hats", Planetary representatives from the Pleiadian, Andromedan Galaxies and other positive Light Galactic Family members and Celestial Beings.

The second reason I thank God for the arrival of Cobra is that I now understand why there has been a delay in the Time Plan for the Event. The reason being twofold. On the one hand infiltration of the Positive Military by the Cabal, and on the other hand the fact that when the Positive Military were making their plans for this time up to 35 years ago they did not take into consideration the Archons, The Dark Jesuit faction here in Eorope.

So now you know a little about Cobra.

** Cobra is a codename for Compression Breakthrough. The surface of planet Earth is compressed in a sandwich. Light forces from the Galactic Confederation are advancing from the sky downwards towards the surface of the planet. Light forces of the Resistance Movement are advancing up from the underground, up towards the surface of the planet. 

The surface is thus subjected to the pressure of Light, and dark forces of the Cabal have nowhere to hide. They cannot escape via wormholes, stargates, or teleportation chambers into space. They cannot use space vehicles of any official or secret space program. They cannot dig holes and bunkers deep undrground and hide there. They cannot even hide on the lower astral planes anymore.

The ongoing process of compression means that LIGHT will expose everything that is hidden, collectively and individually {we see this happening all around us}. When Light from above and Light from below meet right on the surface of the planet, this is the moment of COmpession BReAkthrough. 

That occurence is called "The Event". The Event includes, but is not limited to, mass arrests of the Cabal. Rather it is a Multidimensional trigger Event that starts the process of entering into the long awaited "GOLDEN AGE". With darkness removed humanity will be able to co-create its own future.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 25/08/2012

EDIT 18th MARCH 2021

The final paragraph here began with the following words "I would now like to encourage all the other fantastic sites like for eg;" ~ then i mentioned the names of 6 websites. One of those was Golden Age of Gaia {2012 Scenario} and the info about that site reamins above with todays EDIT.

What about the other 5 websites? Well who else would Therese Z have been encouraging us to visit nearly 9 years ago when she started this website. Well sorry you will have to figure that one out! All 5 of them are Jesuit websites!!!!! So they are GONE!


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How Can You Recognise a Reliable Channelled Message?

January 2020

by Therese Zumi

I have very high standards when it comes to trusting channelled material. This is because I have been spoilt by listening to direct channelling for many years via Linda Dillon. Even though the various Light Beings that she channels are oftentimes male and Linda is a very feminine lady, one could almost immediately recognise Who came through, and not only by them introducing themselves but by their different ways of expressing things and style of speech. So whether it was Yeshua, Archangel Michael, Commander Ashtar, Saint Germain, Archangel Gabrielle or Divine Mother Herself you could literally feel their presence and become familiar with their different energy.

Linda refers to the group that she channels as the Council of Love. And LOVE is what they all have in common. The love was palpable and nothing was ever expressed in any way that did not feel like love.

It’s impossible to fake an hour long show channeling a Higher Being like Linda does.

There will always be those who cannot accept these things as real and that’s fine. However if they were to listen to 20 of these shows they would have to admit that for information of that calibre to flow from someone nonstop for an hour, they would have to be among the most intelligent loving enlightened beings on the planet. Because the different Beings that Linda channels have so varied personalities, if she was faking this she should win an academy award for such brilliance.

I am familiar with about 20 ‘real’ channels. I like the channel to bring forward a level of channeling that lies at the 95% trustworthy or above.

There are so many people today claiming to channel and yet they do not. In the best case scenario they gather information here and there that they feel is reliable or that ties in with their own preconceived ideas and then claim that they have channeled it from this or that source.

So how do you know if the channeled material you have read is the truth?

It should ring like truth in your 💖 heart.

What it should not do?

Leave you with more questions that answers.
Leave you with some kind of philosophical discussion in your mind.
Feeling less worthy in some way.

Finally if you read a piece of channeled information that in any way leaves you in a state of confusion or weaker or less secure, then you can be sure that this information has NOT been directly channeled from a loving higher source.




People i admire and learn from. Nicolya Christi France

About Nicolya

Nicolya Christi is a Visionary, Spiritual Teacher and Evolutionary Guide. 

She has already gathered the attention of Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo and other evolutionary leaders as a contemporary voice for today’s generation of awakening co-creators for the post-2012 world.

Nicolya is the author of ‘2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution’ (Published by Bear & Co Spring 2011). Ervin Laszlo endorsed this book quoting it to be, “The most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject that I have ever read.” Barbara Marx Hubbard wrote the Foreword citing, "Nicolya Christi is our guide through this evolutionary world shift, one of the best I have encountered." 2012: A Clarion Call was placed in the top ten of Spring 2011 book reviews by Publishers Weekly.

Nicolya is also the author of ‘2012: A Clarion Call Book of Meditations’ (Self-Published April 2012), ‘New Human–New Earth: Living in the 5th Dimension’ (Self-Published April 2012), ‘The Diamond Heart Prayer Meditation and Affirmation’ (Self Published July 2012, and ‘Ego/Self: A Fairytale”, (Self Published July 2012. She is also a ‘co-author of ‘2013: The Beginning is Now’, along with such luminaries as Ervin Laszlo, Jose Arguelles, Geoff Stray, Carl Johan Calleman and Gill Edwards, (published March 2011). Nicolya is a contributing writer for Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley Dennis’s soon to be published book, 'WorldShift 2020: The New Vision: Exploring Evolving Horizons'. 

She is the founder of WorldShift Movement, co-founder of WorldShift International, and co-initiator of WorldShift 2012.

Nicolya is currently writing her third mainstream book titled, ‘The Other Side of The Shift’.

She is primarily focused on supporting and informing, through sharing the message of her Work, guiding both the individual and the collective towards personal and global transformation and evolution.

Nicolya Christi author of "2012 A Clarion Call"+Founder of the Worldshift Movement.

I first came into contact with Nicolya about 18 mths ago when my sister in England suggested I have a Reading with her. Nicolya is a wonderful Lightworker who has Impeccable standards. She lives in Rennes France and is currently at the end stage of releasing her third book about the Ascension. Her first book is mentioned in the heading above and is well worth reading.

Nicolya presents in this book a step by step guide to healing and transforming your inner world which is necessary for everyone wishing to take part in a world shift. She describes humanities evolutionary transition from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous-from 3rd-dimensional human beings to 5th-dimensional beings of light. She says we are being called to fully participate in the dawn of a New World built upon unconditional love, co-support, cooperation, equality, unity, peace, justice, and sustainability.

Nicolya gives gratitude to "The Luminous Ones" divine Beings who dwell in higher dimensions who have long been her dearest friends and teachers. She says that they have brought the book to the world and she is merely a humble channel. Nicolya is inspired by among others Mahatma Gandhi, and she has been supported by Ervin Laszlo who encouraged her to start The Worldshift Movement. E Laszlo has been twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Barbara Marx Hubbard who is president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution sees Nicolya as a perfect guide through this evolutionary world shift. "She takes us by the hand and draws us into the unknown field of our own transformation, paving the way for us like a human angel guiding, supporting, and attracting us forward."

Nicolya has a great love of animals and has since a young girl had a deep connection to Dolphins. Nicolya reminds us that many Great Beings incarnate into the bodies of animals to bring us unique spiritual teachings. She has had guidance in her work from Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo. She says that Kaunuk, her White German Shepherd dog who died 21 mths ago has proved to be her greatest Spiritual Teacher. Kaunuk wishes that we all understand how "Joy and Play are the medicine we need to transform our own lives".

There are some short videos on U-tube with Nicolya. Just Google her name and U-TUBE to find them. Nicolya has also a Facebook Page where she daily posts words of great inspiration for everyone.

To find Nicolya Christ's books just go to write her name and you will find all of them there.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner  23/08/2012.



Therese Z here; Because I am at present reviewing the recommendations on this page I have to follow in the Spirit of this website and publish only what I know to be the truth. My love and respect for Nicolya and her work is unchanged. However I am informed that some of the people who have been cooperating with her in above mentioned projects are Jesuit FALSE LIGHT WORKERS. This is not so strange at all when one considers the fact that 82% of the current alternative media blogs are either Jesuit run or Jesuit controlled. After the following sentence above "She is also a ‘co-author of ‘2013: The Beginning is Now’," you find a list of the co-authors on this book. 2 of these individuals are Jesuits and quite high up on the ladder of the Jesuit control group for maintaining power over the people in their plans for humanity's future. These plans will not succeed. The LIGHT HAS ALREADY WON!!! These people will be arrested in time!




Mrs Doris Lessing

This wonderful Lady was the person responsible for my Awakening back in 1983. Almost 30 years ago. I was studying English Literature at Uppsala University here in Sweden and on the course in 1983 was a book by Doris L. called "The Marriages between Zones Three Four and Five".

Before our class discussion on how we viewed the book I remember being awake at night-time trying to get my head around what Mrs Lessing wanted to say with this book. What on Earth was the core meaning? The story could have been clearly about say Rich and Poor countries, Men and Women and their Relationships, War and Peace, You name it! Like most books that Doris L has written there were many layers of truth. Yet I got stuck on the line that the protagonist kept repeating to herself when she could not figure out answers to her problems. She remembered walking up the steps of the tower in her palace (Al-Ith was a queen) and thinking as she gazed at the mountains "we need to look higher". 

Later I concluded for myself and the class that this book was Doris Lessing's attempt to ask us all to "Look Higher"-look beyond and no-one in my class had a clue what i was getting at. 

Anyhow I later based an essay to be handed in on a comparison between Al-Ith in this book with the protagonist in another book on our course, and so I was very well versed with Mrs Lessing’s thoughts and Ideas in the end.

Then one day at the end of 1983 we met our new professor for the following year Dr Michael Shrigley who had just completed his PHD in English and talked to us about his Thesis which was his interpretation of the last play Shakespeare wrote " The Tempest ". As Michael spoke to us I was reminded every other minute of "The Marriages ---“ the connection was so strong. 

After class I asked M. Shrigley if he read Lessing and he replied “oh yes but is there any book in particular you are referring to?” When I mentioned "The Marriages --" he replied “No I have not read it yet but my colleague Richard Glover (Our first year teacher) keeps nagging at me to read it.”

And to make a long story short Michael ended up lending me books about what Doris Lessing's philosophy in life was, giving me a little book called "The Golden Thread" and then a very strange book which was about channelled material where 3 people connect and discuss how the whole planet here can heal if only we all listen to Christ's true message of Love, about Dolphins and their role in things, about us destroying the planet etc. etc.

The whole thing with this book created problems in my life at the time as I took it so seriously I found it hard to connect to "everyday" so called problems of people around me. Started learning all about the Environment, write articles to local paper etc.

Doris Lessing’s book series was called "Canopus in Argos: Archives" and included a first book called SHIKASTA, (Earth as seen from Above!) published in 1979 and “The Marriages -----“was the second book.1980. The Third book was called “The Sirian Experiments in 1981, and the fourth one was "The making of the representative for planet 8" 1982.

Talk about being a pioneer among Light Workers on this planet? Ms Lessing is no doubt one of the greatest Light Workers on this planet, of that I have no doubt.

These books were of course the least popular among her works, and referred to "Oh you know those funny-strange books she wrote for a while".

Doris Lessing was born of British parents in Persia in 1919. The family moved to Southern Rhodesia when Doris was five years old. She came to England in 1949 bringing with her the manuscript of her first book “The Grass is singing” which was published in 1950 with outstanding success in Britain, America, and in ten other European countries.

I will not go on to mention everything she then wrote because the list is very long. I just want to mention that in the early days of her writing she could get letters from admiring readers about a book with comments like “You really have a true understanding of true Socialism”. Then five years later she would start receiving letters for the next five years and this time the comments would sound something like “You really understand life from the Feminist point of view”. The only thing was that all the comments were about the very same book!

The very same can be said of her series Canopus in Argos: Archives. I only wish I had the time to read this series of books now. I know they are about our planet now and what is about to happen here. But I am confident that I will have the time further down the road when we have “left the worst behind” so to speak. Or maybe I will be busier than ever before? Who knows? However I do intend to take the time (There won’t be any TIME after this year) to enjoy life as much as I possibly can.

Doris Lessing finally got the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007. Long overdue in my mind. 

Written by   Therese Zumi Sumner           23/10/2012