August 2012

In 1989 I met 3 very interesting and exciting people. One was a man from Cusco in Peru named Edwin Flores Zevallos. The other two were an elderly couple, Wathea and Winfield from LA in California. At that time I had been working for 3 years as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, a friend of my teacher held lectures in my practice, and so i had the pleasure of getting to know these visitors quite well especially Edwin who paid two visits to Sweden bringing his family from Peru the 2nd time. Edwin held lectures in Stockholm, Gothenburg and the small provincial town where I live, and I travelled with him translating his lectures. He spoke about his work as an Anthropologist with great Knowledge of the famous Matcu Picchu, of Jesus Christ and of Star Beings from other parts of the Universe and all of the amazing evidence there is of their visits to Peru and their support to the humans living at that time.

The very same year 1989 we had a visit from a lovely elderly couple from LA who taught us about their knowledge of contacts with different Beings from Outer Space, of the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light and oddly enough they too spoke about Jesus Christ. At that time my having had a Catholic upbringing in Dublin Ireland, this was all a bit strange to say the least. A group of us discussed these things then, for about a year or so, but then daily life, my Practice and my Spiritual Quest made this strange combination of subjects a thing of the past.

Then 2 years ago {Oct 2010} I was told about someone called 'Little Grandmother' by a good friend and after studying everything she had to teach, I went on to study information from other great teachers on 5-10 other Internet sites, all regarding The Ascension, The Shift, The Event, The Mayan Calendar, The End of Time, The 1000 years of Peace, The Return of Jesus Christ and many other names to describe the time we are living in. Each of the different people i have studied approach this time differently depending on their background knowledge etc.

My hopes are that I can now present you with my picture of these 'Times’ and provide the information that will give you the General Picture of what is happening here on our Beautiful Planet Gaia. Mother Gaia has suffered so long now at the hands of those who only consider their own needs, and who do not care about the destruction of Her Eco system, Her Body. My own studies continue non-stop and so I will be providing you with the very latest information on a regular basis from sources whom i deem to be the absolute most reliable on Our Fantastic Planet.

Welcome Aboard!

Sincerely Therese Zumi Sumner

New Introduction Message


Friday 20th September 2019


So much has happened both privately and in our world within the matrix ~ net ~ web ~ grid ~ veil in the seven 7 period since I wrote this introductory message above. I travelled to LA to attend one of Cobra's first conferences in November of 2012 and he encouraged me to keep on writing. Upon my return, I immediately began compiling The Event pages from the information that I learned from him both prior to and at that conference. Because Archangel Michael has been such an important Mentor and Guide for me His words needed to be combined with Cobra's information about The Event, otherwise it did not feel complete. This added information from Archangel Michael was obviously not a problem for Cobra as he shared links to my 3 or 4 pages about The Event at that time ~ Spring of 2013 on The Portal. The main Event page is linked there since then along with a list of other affiliated blogs on The Portal.


It's High Time Now for Calculated Waiting with A Confident Attitude

Today as I continue writing this new addition to my introduction message it is Friday the 20th September 2019 and we are moving at high speed towards the end of our journey in the old world and the BEGINNING of a truly miraculous time never before experienced on this Earth. The darkness has lost most of its power, soon the Light will be Victorious. So BE HAPPY in that knowledge. Don’t be sad when I tell you dark things that you might not have been aware of so far ~ its simply to prepare you.

I wish to support my readers in having a deep and thorough understanding of our greatest enemy, the ones who control us on this beautiful planet, for the past 500 years, namely the Jesuits. The secret core (10%) group of the Jesuits are a worldwide army of 'soldiers' found in every single walk of life. Their job is to play their roles to perfection. They are among the seeming dedicated Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Republicans, Democrats, University Deans / Lecturers, Charitable Society Organisers, 'Lightworkers' etc. in ad infinitum.

My goal with my work is to inform as many readers as possible, to support their reaching a very broad understanding of the total control of our world by these Jesuit manipulators. In this way more of us can unite in an intention to be ONE in the Light. Then it is so very much easier to leave the 3D reality (which is in fact GONE) and its madness thoroughly behind us and joyfully embrace the New Day that can literally arrive at any minute.

It’s so much easier to say goodbye to an evil that you truly understand. My focus over the past 2 years until very recently with 'A Storm is Brewing' (1~7 # Articles found on the INTRODUCTION page), has been to focus mainly on the growth of the Light and our readiness for the Ascension process which will speed up massively at the time of The Event. So, why so much focus about the darkness now when we are in the final days of the old world and on the brink of entering the new? Because the more that you know about the truth the easier your Transition will be. Most importantly, you will be more fully prepared to support everyone around you when they suddenly find themselves in a completely foreign situation and the process that we call Full Disclosure begins. You can lessen the shock for many with your knowledge of what is taking place.

The best weapon that the Jesuit controllers have at their disposal, the reason they have succeeded in controlling the running of this planet for 500 years is their insidious, manipulative ability to 'role play'. Maybe they have an inner circle ‘Oscar’ for the best played parts?

In any area be it political, religious, scientific, education etc. you will see how they take on/over the current popular tendencies and interests and opinions among people and then they make that information / lifestyle trend 'theirs'. They steal and spread the truth that the Lightworker community has made known and then they 'repackage it' to protect their control remaining in place. They then give it to the masses through the media {both MSM and a full 82% of the alternative media} which they control. They give you the stolen new solution pretending its theirs. They HIJACK EVERYTHING. I will show you examples of this so that it becomes quite clear to you. I hope that you enjoy your journey here.

Namaste Therese Z

Published 20th September 2019 at 1511 PM