About 6 days ago i published the promised updates from the ----
March + April Interviews with my Mentor Cobra.

This information covers approx 90% of the Information given in the interviews, Covering worldwide news concerning the advancement of the Light in just about every area imaginable.

The 'Real News' one could say, from someone truly in the know.

OK I will give you a direct link to the page in question which is my 
'Event Intel-Update T Zumi' page.

Here it is

Hop you enjoy this I have waited purposely till now because I had not wanted to publicly advertise my website until now for various reasons. The link following will bring you to the Introduction {Home} page and there you will find if you roll down to the bottom of the page on the left hand side links to all {I hope-working on it } articles.

Warm wishes to all of you and just to say that on this mornings news in Sweden you could actually FEEL the difference in the atmosphere, in the reporting, in the 'real type news' atmosphere, definitely things happening after the opening of this Portal.

There is nothing stopping the Light now - Nothing - its all just a matter of time and not that much time at that. When i get the chance I might relate some 'Real News from official sources to prove to you that change is of the essence now.

Ok - I'm off now to do some weeding in my sons garden - this is absolutely the most beautiful time of the year in Sweden, Spring { a very late one or rather Summer now } is bursting out in flower and trees and the 'light' green spring Hue is so amazing now before midsummer. 

A friend of mine is hosting the annual Swedish Goddess conference locally, and she is involved in the arranging of the visit of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers visit to Stockholm. So our little end of the world which is about a 2 + hour journey north of Stockholm on the coast is a real 'hot spot'!

Therese Zumi Sumner *** 27/05/2013 *** 1033am 

((((((((Love + Light )))))))

Therese Z’s New Blog on Veritas G.S. To-day is the 26/01/2013


Good Morning World. I just decided a few moments ago to start a new blog today, where I will write spontaneously from day to day {some days I won’t! } when I have something I would like to say. I do post stuff more or less daily on my Facebook Page under my full name Therese Zumi Sumner, where you can go to from the link below, and if you press the ‘Like’ button at top of the Facebook Page you’ll get word via Facebook when I post something new.

So where is our world right now on this Saturday morning of the 26th of January 2013? On a personal note I’m just about to break off relationships with nearly everyone I know! I give up- I absolutely give up! There is no evidence they say for anything I write about or talk about! So for those of you who still might want to believe and hope, that I do write about ‘The Truth’, {Veritas does mean Truth} you might want to read about my present view of the world this morning? Most of what I say here now has happened in the past few weeks or days.

1)    The Matrix has collapsed. The Evil Grid around our planet has collapsed. After years and years of work by the LRM and millions of people meditating, The Light Resistance Movement {LRM} managed to plant a virus in the ‘Black Box’ recently and now the etheric planes around our planet are being cleared as I write, each day more and more from the Reptilian/Archon entities that have been hiding there, programming us forever!

2)    Keshe Technology who have all the technology for Free Energy, Cures for Most diseases, Anti-gravitational Technology etc. are about to move from their ‘prison’ in Belgium to another location.{I have heard Keshe on an interview mention the paedophiles he has to be involved with in Belgium.}They have just created a ‘World Peace Treaty Contract’ for the world which they will be publicly offering governments worldwide to sign, whereby the whole world can now have availability of all this technology by simply signing the treaty = World-wide, free energy, health, etc. available only to those countries who are willing to give it all FOR FREE TO THEIR PEOPLE, cos’ they are a non-profit Corporation. {There probably is even more advanced Tech than Keshe Foundation still unknown to the General Public.}

3)    All the mad people like myself {most of my family and friends consider me to be so} worldwide are discussing the implications of the OPPT One People’s Public Trusts arrival on the scene. The amazing woman, {One of the Trustee Founders} Heather Ann Tucci-Jarrafs Skype interview with Brian on American Kabuki has been available about a week now. This lady risked life for years to do ‘under the radar’ investigating into fraud at HIGH LEVELS to have proof for the world about the truth. This Trust is now working to return the Gold of the world etc. to mankind. It {the Trust} has also shown that we are FREE people. No one at any higher up level anywhere has the right to demand anything from anybody {read Tax, Fines, etc.} on this planet. This is understandably extremely difficult to explain in two sentences,  and one of my new articles in the coming weeks will be to provide you with the details of this as easy to assimilate as possible. But like the time in the USA when slavery was abolished, there were many who lived as slaves for years not having a clue about the fact that they were free. That’s us now folks - WE ARE FREE AGENTS - No-one has any right anywhere to enslave us in any manner and when more intelligent people worldwide become aware of this, My God will you see change happening. By the way the Trust has literally knocked on the doors of the Rothschild’s and friends, to present them with the information about the Trust in person.

4)    The Russians have just told the Americans {Medvedev told Obama} that if you guys don’t tell about the aliens like NOW then we will.

5)    Really the thing is folks, that the real president of the USA is not Barack Obama now anymore-it’s just that Obama being the kind individual that he is has agreed to go on ‘playing the role’ of being the President until the truth comes out!

6)    The Galactic’s might be a sure thing for millions of us, - for God’s sake the sightings are world-wide on a daily basis. Besides that I work for the LRM, and they have been working alongside so called Aliens underground for over 40 + years to help liberate this planet. BUT even if the truth is told by Obama tomorrow regarding all they know, there will not be ‘First Contact’ and landings here until after the ‘Event’. When the ‘Event’ happens - when the arrests of the ‘culprits’ of our enslavement are made worldwide, and we have a new financial system etc. in place then our Galactic Family will drop in for a visit or two or three, to help us clean up the planet and get our act together.{see Bigger Picture page.}

7)   One of the most amazing ‘News’ sites on the planet ‘American Kabuki’, who incidentally dropped by Laguna Beach in November, to interview Cobra, just before the conference there, which yours truly attended in case you did not know, well that site just literally pumps out info on everything happening at an enormous rate, and the other night the ‘Blog Talk Radio’ show had a discussion between the USA and Australia regarding the implications of the One Peoples Public Trust’s arrival on the scene, based on material from among others American Kabuki. I downloaded the Skype article with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf a week ago and will write about this soon, but my focus on this site is about informing people of the truth on a much broader basis, trying to bring things down to a level of wider information to assist the general public, regarding the changes happening here and to help with personal healing etc. See my new page ‘Cobra School’ with information from Cobra and his wife Isis, and also ‘About Ascension’ {cos’ that is happening very much too} and if you need more convincing of the ‘Darkness’ then you can look into ‘Dark Truths’ and not in least for a very broad picture of past present and possible future on our planet{‘New Worldwide Communities’ + Moving to a ‘New Earth!’ read ‘Tolec and the Biosphere’s} etc. you can go to the page ‘Bigger Picture’.

8) The Pope has ordered RFID chipping of Vatican Employees. Now if that is not 'letting the cat out of bag' as to your true identity?

So despite the fact that I am not considered to be a voice of truth for many of my closest loved ones, I shall continue to do this work for as long as my ‘calling’ demands it. I have at present reached such a level of poverty, {savings all gone, income covers just rent and electricity,} because I cannot take the time to earn more money or there would be no ‘Veritas Galactic Sweden’ or Facebook Page or? Over 80% of Light workers work on an idealistic basis. You just do because you ‘know’ that you have to. No-one asks you to either, just in case anyone wondered. So I will now have to turn to asking for emergency support from the Social Welfare to be able to buy food etc.

Maybe you are someone who might be in a position to ask me to come and lecture about my work? and that way I could get an income to survive until we are all rolling in money. This of course would have to be in Sweden as I have no money to travel abroad at present.

Well that’s all from me at present. As I write new blogs in the near future this one will be available by pressing a link to ‘Older Blogs’.

Therese Zumi Sumner                         26/01/2013.              1150am.

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Tuesday the 29/01/2013  This will be the content of todays blog.

Absolutely amazing speech made in Belgium's Parliament recently by the young MP Louis Laurent. This has to be heard!

I have taken the time this afternoon to write out the entire 13-14 minute speech on a word document which i will post now. You can read the speech by pressing the following link.

LOUIS LAURENT Young MP speaks in Belgium Parliament.

This is also the original You-tube video of the speech. He speaks in french but there are sub-titles.