Therese Zumi    10/01/2012.



Because the person known as Cobra had and still has to remain anonymous, at first we did not know if Cobra was male or female but when he started holding conferences worldwide we discovered he is male and his partner Isis is female. Cobra is a Pleiadian Incarnate. He has been connected to the Light Resistance Movement on this planet for a very long time. Along with the LRM he works for the liberation of our planet. The codename Cobra is explained in detail on my Recommend page. {found under heading Ascension above.} 

The information in this article comes mainly from two interviews with Cobra. One of these was on In-Light Radio on the 13th of June 2012. The other was an interview with Alexandra Meadors on her new site on the 3rd of July 2012. Alexandra’s site is called Galactic Connection

The Resistance group is small but very powerful and consists today of about 20 million people. 10 years ago there were about 70 million but in the past 5-10 years many have returned home, as things have improved and not as many are needed now. The main group consists of 300 individuals. All of these are physical beings. Some have incarnated here after lives on other planets but they are mainly of other origin.

Cobra and his relatives have suffered tragic attacks earlier and have been forced to hide. Now there is great protection created around him. He lives a normal human life. His decision to be a part of the liberation of this planet is very old.

The LRM will never allow nuclear weapons to be used here. 99% of the nuclear devices on this planet have been “Knocked out” and Cobra said in June this year that he was 99% sure that nuclear weapons were now risk-free. He may not speak out in detail until “the Cabal” has been removed. He reckoned (in June) that they could be removed before the 21st of December.{In November at Laguna Beach we were told there is now 0% risk of a Nuclear war}

Cobra says that the Ascension process e.g. we becoming 5D human beings along with Gaia who is becoming a 5D planet, will happen gradually. BUT life will change so much it will be a MULTIPLE LEAP unlike anything we have ever known before.

When Alexandra interviewed Cobra she mentioned that, at the beginning of this year 2012, it felt like the Lightworker Community had reached a place of total Exhaustion. I recall how I felt in total agreement with her when she said “I was so grateful when you started your blog and came on the scene “out of nowhere” so to speak with encouragement etc.” Personally although I was grateful for many great channelled article’s, it was such a relief to hear someone speak, like they knew exactly what was going on, and had REAL inside information based on facts.

Cobra has spent 10 years at least preparing for this time. Cobra explained that the fact that he started writing the blog is a very good sign, because he never wanted to do that, before he was completely sure that the Light will be victorious. He was asked by the Resistance Movement to start the blog and the reason specified was “ that now is the time that the Light Forces will win, so start this blog and inform the population so that everybody gets ready”   A VERY GOOD SIGN.

Cobra told us that the most dangerous time on our planet was between 1996 and 2003. At that point in time he did not know at all what would happen on this planet because things were so bad. He mentioned that there was a Stargate in Iraq and that is why the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal wanted to control this part of the world. He said that many positive portals were destroyed in the last war there. In June this year he said that the Cabal had still got quite a bit of control over the mass-media etc. He said “you can see this all around us” and indeed we can, like when we see people like Murdoch the newspaper 'Giant' on the regular news. My Source tells me that the regular news gives us 6% of the truth of what is going on in our world.

The Resistance Movement have had plans to overthrow the ILLUMINATI network ever since they formed their group and started their work in 1975. In the original plan by the movement the Positive Military group was to take over and overthrow the ILLUMINATI under the guidance of the LRM. But because of the awakening of humanity after 9/11 the original plan has been revised.

Now nobody is taking over the planet. The LRM has already got experience of dealing with these types of beings as they also arrested the Cabal on a Planet called Planet X in 1999.        

Pleiadian Starbase

I have taken the following information directly from one or two articles on Cobra’s blog Portal 2012.

The main objective of the LRM originally was to overthrow the rule of the Illuminati and give advanced technologies to humanity. The PC’s we all have, have been developed with the help of the LRM, Cobra personally saw the work being done on these computers in 1977.

The LRM had contact with the positive civilisation of Agartha that existed in subterranean caverns for millennia. In 1977 they already had contact with positive Andromedans. Cobra has also seen a sleek silver Andromedan cigar shaped craft, in their underground hangar as well. In the early 1990’s they had some influence in assuring that internet expanded from military APPANET into public domain. {Now it’s even hard for an “old timer” like me to imagine a time without the net!}

In 1996 the Illuminati and off planet dark forces launched an offensive to destroy the LRM and there were severe physical battles in underground tunnel systems and caverns that almost destroyed the Organisation. {LRM}

Pleiadians became involved in 1999; many Resistance Movement freedom fighters entered the underground tunnel systems on Earth to join the Organisation in their fight. The two forces integrated and emerged as one and are now called the Light Resistance Movement.

Their increased joint force had turned the course of events, and now the dark forces were in retreat. In 2000-2001 the Illuminati had lost their bases on Mars and the Moon and elsewhere in the solar system. With the assistance of the Pleiadians and other Galactic Confederation Forces all remaining Reptilian, Draconian and Reticulan forces were cleared out of the solar system also in this same timeframe. This set the dark ones into panic mode and they staged 9/11 to preserve their last stronghold-planet Earth.

9/11 did not turn out as the Cabal had planned. Instead it served as an awakening trigger that helped many humans realize what was really going on beyond the propaganda of the mass media.

This new awareness has made it easier for the LRM to improve their plan of overthrowing the Illuminati on planet Earth. Until 2003 they have managed to clear out all the deep underground bases and only uppermost portions of those bases remain.

Since then the LRM has infiltrated 300 of its operatives inside the Illuminati networkMost of these are in top positions in the military and intelligence agencies. These Operatives are undetectable and the Illuminati have no idea who or where they are.

I will end this info by repeating something that I think I have said on my Recommend page re Cobra. “I thank God for the arrival on the Internet of Cobra in March-April of this year. Everything suddenly made so much more sense and I have felt more secure and hopeful about the future with each passing day since then. I am so looking forward to meeting him in LA in about 12 days or so”.

Ps The Site Portal 2012 has alrady had 3,000,000 "visits" since its start on the 31st March 2012.

Thanks to Stephen Cook, Alexander Meadors and Cobra for this information.

Written by      Therese Zumi Sumner      09/11/2012


Goddess Energy is now Crucial to the Liberation of our Planet


Goddess energy is very strong. It is the strongest energy in the entire Universe. One Woman who is capable of transmitting that energy can stop a war. We now need to get into pure love, receptivity, compassion and move away and beyond the games of personality, manipulation, and denial.

Why is this Goddess energy now crucial to the planetary liberation?

The Cabal have done everything in their power to suppress the Goddess energy. Old civilisations were very connected to the Goddess. They did not know war. Archaeological evidence shows no weapons existed. This is our collective memory of paradise. The first weapons were brought to Earth with the first Archon Invasion. When we remove Archons from power on our planet we can return to our natural state of paradise again.

As the Archons are removed and this is now happening slowly but surely it will be a very natural state to embrace the Goddess. It will become paradise again.

When you have Goddess energy in every human being- it manifests as perfect living, love, balance etc. When we have Goddess energy within us again, we shall have abundance. People will not have to work so hard because they will be balanced. We will not work from 9 to 5. Our workday will be about 3 to 4 hours. The rest of our time will be taken up by play, experience, creativity and joy, and higher abilities will take up the rest of our days.

Goddess Vortex

Goddess energy is Angelic Presence, goes through our bodies and anchors in the physical plane. You will be able to feel that Goddess Vortex in your body. This energy dissolves the matrix. Archons are allergic to Goddess energy. This is why the Catholic Church was suppressing women. The non-physical Archons are very allergic to this. Every time any woman channels that Goddess energy, thousands of reptiles are removed forever.

One of the negative programs introduced by the Archons separates sex with the Heart. This increase’s our separation from the Heart. This creates unbalanced energy. Someone at Laguna Beach asked Cobra about Tantric sex and he said that Tantric sex unifies the sexual energy with the energy of the Heart. People need to integrate their sexuality, allow it and experience it. Men need to integrate their heart. When both do this they can meet in sexual energy and in the heart.

Goddess energy is as crucial to men as to women. When a man learns to integrate Goddess energy he becomes more balanced in his masculinity. This increase’s his Manliness and does in no way make him more “Womanly”. What it does is give him balance between his male and female aspects. Both sexes need balance now between our male and female aspects.

The Goddess energy is finally returning to our planet. We need all the Goddess energy of every kind we can get to heal all of us at this time. Every couple who now unite in true love will increase the Love vibration of our planet Gaia greatly. What we need is TRUE LOVE not pretend Love Relationships. If you are in a relationship of convenience-well it might be convenient, but it does not add to the positive energy of the whole.

Stop fooling yourself and others-be yourself-be your true self -live your truth-that's what we all need now, more and more people living their truth, and not living the life they think the world expects of them.

We women should invite the Goddesses of old to join with us in our daily life. When you dance alone to your favourite music ask for a Goddess to join you and stay in your heart and support you in your daily life. There are so many Goddesses’ willing to join with us at these times. You can ask Mother Mary, Aphrodite, Athena, Isis or Artemis {Diana}. And do not forget that a man is also strengthened by inviting Goddess energy to unite with him.

Thank you to Cobra for this information.

PS see now how you can take part in strengtening the planetary Light grid, which will transmute all the darkness and prepare us for 'The Event'. See  Cobras posting 'Goddess Vortex' on 'Event Intelligence Update' page.

Written By           Therese Zumi Sumner                    12/01/2013                0911am



Life After Death - Karma - Heaven - Hell - Matrix
We Are Truly Imprisoned Here + The Truth from Cobra

The belief that ‘karma’ is a natural system of punishment was created by the archons and has served them extremely well in their control of us – their sheep – on this planet.

I have thought about compiling some information on this area for some time and recently a question from a reader made me decide to try and provide some facts and ideas about this that may be of help to some readers who have not been following every single interview and article from Cobra etc. over the past number of years.

This matrix - this pretend world that seems very real to us here on this planet has been created by beings that we call archons.
The thing is that not only have they been controlling our lives while 'in' our physical bodies here on the surface but also when we leave our bodies after so called death.
This can come as a great shock to many of my readers and I'm aware of that. We who may have believed in reincarnation have oftentimes believed that we have willingly chosen all of these incarnations on this planet and chosen them for growth reasons.

Now don't get me wrong the large majority of us do grow in our awareness/consciousness and ability to learn unconditional love through our many incarnations. But the fact is - and it came as a shock to me too - when I discovered that these archon beings and their minions on the astral and etheric planes around our planet have managed to convince us by pretending to be various guides and ascended beings including our beloved Yeshua - Jesus and convincing us that we could 'do better' in one way or another by incarnating once again.

There are both higher more 'heaven like' astral etheric layers and the opposite lower and more hell like layers in the 4th Dimensional astral plane beyond the surface - beyond our physicality. These astral etheric layers are what we have been alluding to as Heaven and hell. I guess that they really do seem real in their existence when we are there, just as real as this 5th {with whispers of the old 3rd-4th} Dimensional reality that we are now adjusting / adapting to seems. Yes somewhere between 75-80% of Gaian's are experiencing the energy of the 5th which is growing stronger here by the minute.

Cobra told us that a mere 6-7 humans managed to Ascend and escape the matrix since the Congo invasion in 1996 and before that all in all about 70 have managed to ascend from Earth. So when we talk about an imprisonment here in the matrix we do mean it in every sense of the word.

I have gone through about 4 different interviews with Cobra looking for answers to questions surrounding this subject matter in the hopes of answering questions that you might have pondered over regarding these subjects.

I have to say that I feel that we should absolutely stop equating the word ‘karma’ with the word punishment – the reason we do this is because the archons wanted this thinking to become a part of our beliefs so that they could control us all the more.

1) Here Cobra explains to us how the archons have created what we could call hell and heaven on the astral plane and the physical plane too for that matter. Archangel Michael has made it clear time and time again that there is NO SUCH THING as the idea of punishment in the Spiritual realms.

COBRA – I don’t agree with the notion that karma is a system of punishment. Actually I don’t like to use that word because it is so charged and it was greatly mis-used by the archons who actually installed the punishment system on the planet on these two planes and on the physical plane. So I would just simply say that there is a law of manifestation. If you have negative actions you will tend to attract more of the negative actions in the future. I wouldn’t even call it a law of cause and effect, because there are many factors which determine what will be manifested. But I will simply say, if you focus on the positive you tend to manifest more of the positive and if you focus on the negative in your thoughts and emotions and actions you tend to manifest more of the negative and there is no punishment involved in this. There is no reward or punishment system involved in this. The archons have manipulated and misused that fact by distorting it and by actually creating a punishment system on the astral plane – also on the physical plane. I would never use that word {karma as a system of punishment} because it is so charged and we have been so misused.

Probably 80-90% of humanity has held the belief in some form or other that Earth and the experiences that we have here are a type of ‘school’, a place to learn and grow through from one incarnation to another. The archons have no doubt been extremely pleased in the spreading of this 'propaganda’ through the Jesuit influence around this globe in religious and educational organisations.‘

2) Here Cobra answers a question relating to this area; {“is it not so that if I put out impatient judgemental type energy it will return to me and teach me compassion etc.?”}

COBRA – I would not even agree with that

I would not say planet Earth is a school or a learning experience. I would say that there are much better ways to grow and learn than to have negative experiences mirrored back to you, because it’s a closed loop system. So anywhere else in the universe, if you have a negative thought, you would receive healing. Most people would be open to that healing and would heal. I would say the oldest – all those concepts have been misused to make people believe, to support the recycling system, the reincarnation system that they have something to learn here. It is not true. I do not agree with that.

3) Here a clarification given to explain the connection between different planets and their astral planes

COBRA – Yes, each planet has a physical body and also has an etheric body and it has the astral body. The astral body of the planet is very much connected with the life forms that inhabit the planet. So planet Earth has an astral body which is directly connected with humanity and other life forms on the planet and is of course different than the astral body of the Pleiadians’ star system.

4) Here is an important question regarding the theory of evolution and its authenticity.

Would you agree that we are souls and that we descend and we begin – go through a process, and the soul’s process and purpose in life is to go through a continual process of ascension which starts as a mineral, moves toward vegetable life over extended millions of years and many different worlds experiencing feelings and emotions and then moves into an animal life existence and has an extremely long experience there – many millions of years – and then the soul becomes a physical being? Would you agree with that?

COBRA – This is one possible course of evolution and the star people on this planet did not go through that process. Actually the star people on this planet went through a different process when they emerged from the Central Sun, they went through the angelic evolution then descended through dimensions into the physicality. But yes, most of humanity on the planet went through mineral phase, went through the vegetable phase and went through the animal phase through millions of years. So we have two streams of evolution here which are now interacting and integrating [with] each other.

5) Would you agree that we become co-creators as a Divine Spirit Spark as ‘drops in the ocean’ of the infinite? Our individual expressions are co-creators with supreme deity?

COBRA – Yes, I would agree with that.

6) I posed the following question to Cobra via Rob at the last interview.

What happens to all the souls who are trapped on the astral and etheric plane within this quarantine at the time of the Event?

COBRA – When the Event happens this will no longer be quarantine. All the souls that are on the astral/etheric planes, all those souls will be contacted by Spiritual Guides and will make their own choices regarding their future evolution. Some of those souls might be taken to other star systems, other solar systems for further evolution. Some of those souls will stay here and some will chose to incarnate here after the event.

Here we learn about the VERY IMPORTANT act of REVOKING ALL CONTRACTS with the dark forces – archons and their minions.

7) OK. You talk about soul contract and etheric implants. Someone asked if we have any power over our soul contracts to choose any kind of experience on the earth. Can the light forces see that certain things happen or do the archons have all the power and we did not choose any little experience here on earth.

COBRA – OK. you are the ones who created or signed a soul contract and at any moment you can change it or delete it, whichever way you want. Nobody else can do it except you. If you don’t like your soul contract you can just change it. It’s your decision. Of course when you do change it it will take some time for this to manifest. You have to release your attachment to the other parties in the contract . Especially with all the contracts with the dark forces have to be released, have to be revoked, made null and void as soon as possible. Everyone who came into quarantine area had to sign a contract with the archons. This will be the first thing to be released. {at the time of The Event}

8) So simply stated, we have been held hostage and it’s been implemented that if we want to incarnate, we sign a soul contract and we are basically bound by that. Does the other side have to be present for us to cancel this contract? Are they forced to agree if we decree and declare it so.

COBRA – Your decision is key – your decision is the key. If you make the decision to revoke the contract it will be done. You have the power and the original soul contracts were made 25K years ago or even longer ago. You agreed on certain levels to incarnate here under the conditions that were given, that were presented to you by the Archons but it doesn’t mean you have to be {hold} to that. You can cancel the contract and the Archons can not stop you. They will try to present obstacles to this. The more people take their destinies in their own hand and change those contract, the more power we will have and the more power the Archons will loose. That is already happening.

9) Rob – Would you agree that the contract ending can be done simply by a person raising their vibration and choosing not to partake or be influenced by any negativity, emotional, fear reaction, anger type issues coming up, simply by the power of decision, and not enacting any of these lower vibrational illusionary, illuminati, Archon created realities that we’ve been in. If we simply refuse to participate and live in the light we effectively nullify that contract. Is that possible?

COBRA – That’s part of the process, yes.

10) So what is the transformation? Everyone talks about 4D and 5D – that type of planetary ascension is a long way off? But there is going to be a drastic improvement on the physical plane?

COBRA – Not only drastic improvements on the physical plane, but there will be different paths of evolution open. Because we have people on various stages of development on this planet right now. Some of them will be accelerated drastically. The masses will also receive a quantum leap in their consciousness. But their end destination will be a little different.

So Many Cleopatra’s!

11) Why is it so many people think they’ve been Cleopatra or Osiris in their past life? Do we just connect to memory which is saved in our collective consciousness? Are they delusional? Are we all part of some giant soul family? What is that?

COBRA – It is simply a, I would say, a wish for human beings to be somebody great. It’s just a wishful thinking on the astral plane.

12) Are some members of soul families of the star seeds in light ships?

COBRA – It’s a huge soul family. It’s a huge family of light. And yes, many of our members of our soul families are on the ships right now.

13) Rob posed this other question regarding death and near death experiences.

I understand for those who can travel in the astral plane and go to the worlds where people go when they die – it can be verified by the individual. But someone’s says they’ve read that the light tunnel that people see when they die or have a near death experience is simply a soul catcher for the archon’s reincarnation factory. Is it possible to escape the reincarnation process by not following the supposedly loving light?

COBRA – OK. I would not agree with that theory. I would say that light is light and not light is not light. If you follow the light you will get into more light. It’s not a trick. But yes, there are implantation stations on the etheric plane after you die. Yes, there are tricks being made. But if you follow your inner guidance where to go, you will most likely escape them. But you see the surface layer on the planet, on the etheric plane is in the scalar field. It’s very difficult to escape the scalar field. People that die are actually trapped in that scalar field around the earth. They usually go to the next incarnation within that scalar field.

It is my hope that this compilation of questions and answers regarding the astral/etheric planes surrounding Earth and the reincarnation process and so called ‘karma’ will be of help to you in answering some question you have wondered about regarding this subject.

Sincerely Therese Zumi October 2014


Written on January 14th 2013

REVISION 9 / 9 / 2018 

TZ here: Today is the 9 / 9 / 2018 and I am revising / updating this page. This article was my very first attempt to try to explain the Net/Veil and as I learned and understood more I wrote three more articles on this subject on the following dates: January 29th 2014 ~ April 18th 2015 ~ 24th August 2015

see links to them below this first article on the subject.

This is a subject that I find difficult to understand completely myself and would much rather avoid than write about. Yet I am urged to make an attempt to do so. Not Long ago Cobra posted a very detailed description on his blog site ‘Portal 2012’ {now The Portal} which should cover it all very well. Yet I will now attempt to tell it to you my way also, and the give you a link to the ‘real deal’ at the bottom of the article.

You are all probably aware of all the meditations worldwide that people have been joining with for quite some time? The purpose of all these united Light efforts, in which huge groups of humanity have taken part worldwide, have been to break down the power of the evil Veil, The Grid, a layer around the surface of our planet created by Dark Forces. These dark forces mainly Archons created the evil grid to keep us all imprisoned here on our beautiful planet Gaia, to keep the truth veiled from us. In LA Cobra informed us that on August 17th 1987 there was the ‘Harmonic Convergence’ and it was the 1st breakthrough. On January 1st 1992 we had the activation of the first gate of 11:11.On May 21st 2012 we had the ‘re-boot of the grid’ activation. In that activation 50% of the Archons were cleared in one day! On 11:11:11 we opened and activated the last gate. This is now where we can start to build the new world.

In LA Cobra said this veil is a structure in space time with tiny black holes. He told us that Reptilians hide in these black holes. This veil extends 8.6 miles above the planet and 8.6 miles into the Earth’s crust. Above this veil is simply and only LOVE energy and there will be a separate posting link given, to a text about this, which exists already here on my ’Event’ page both in English and in Swedish, which of course was written by Cobra some time ago.

How the ‘Veil’ was created


Twenty thousand years ago the ‘Cabal’ took over the ley lines and vortices of our planet and that is how they created the veil. There was a positive Light Grid of protection around our planet. The Cabal knew about this and worked and took over this grid. Here is an example of the type of things they did to affect this. Light temples that had been built on the positive Light grid were destroyed. 1600 years ago the Catholic Church with the help of the Reptilians tore down each Temple or Church. They then built Archon Temples over the sites. They built cell phone towers inside the buildings! They built Temples dedicated to Satan all over this planet.

At this point in this article I would like to remind my readers about the synopsis of the first three parts of the ‘Vatican Holocaust’ which you will find a link to here. Here you can see clearly how these sad beings have continued their work to strengthen their evil power grid in shocking detail, by sacrificing 18 million people-non Catholics to Satan during WW2.



When the dark forces chose to occupy this planet they took the surface population hostage and threatened them with Nuclear war. This was there way of hindering the Light forces from interfering with their evil plans. This use of nuclear energy is prohibited all over the universe. Because this misuse is prohibited by the Galactic Federation, our Galactic Family have taken the right to prevent the use of nuclear weapons in wars. At this point in time now there is 0% risk of nuclear war, because our Galactic family have deactivated these weapons. They will simply not be able to detonate them. Yet we still have some problem with their plans to use Chemical weapons if they feel too threatened.


That is why Light forces {read Galactic Family ships} have had to be very careful with any contact with us. As soon as there is too much Light in the proximity of this planet they plan to use their weapons of destruction. Many of the Lightworkers are so frustrated by the fact that the Galactic’s have not yet landed, despite the tens of thousands of sightings worldwide of the ships. But we have to understand that everything is planned down to the very last detail for this change and our Galactic Family is not going to risk the deaths of millions of innocent humans by Chemical weapons at this point in time. They do things thoroughly and there is absolutely no point in rushing things and creating more problems. {See Cobra’s article for more details about this}


Planetary ‘Light Body’ Activation.


In November of 2012 the Light Resistance Movement {if you have taken part in any of these meditations you can absolutely consider yourself to be part of the Light Resistance movement on this planet} have been taking back the Grid of this planet. Clearing the vortexes’ and claiming them back to the Earth. When the whole energy grid is complete, at least regarding the light body activation, it will be ready for the ‘Event’. *****Here I would like to remind people that there are fantastic Light workers involved in this process of reactivating the positive Light grid. People like Little Grandmother and the other 11 Wisdom Keepers she connects with. Part of her work has been placing enormous Divine crystals into the Earth’s ley lines to help balance Gaia in these changes.

For the last twenty five thousand years we have been inside of an energetic black hole, a space time anomaly because of activities of dark forces. This year {Read 2012} marks the process of exiting the black hole. The moment when you exit the black hole, well that is the’ Event Horizon’. This is happening RIGHT NOW. We have forgotten what the Light is. The Light is so much more brilliant and exciting.

The year of 2012 was a very special moment in time because we are now at the conversion point in the Star Gate. The Cabal cannot control this galaxy and they know it.

I have had the great pleasure and joy of taking part in 3 of these many Light activation ceremonies and meditations worldwide. One was with Little Grandmother in Stockholm on July 1st in 2012. One was with Marco Pogacnik in Findhorn in October 2012 and last but not least with Cobra in LA in November 2012.

In the article that is linked below here by Cobra entitled ’Etheric Archon Grid’ there is very specific help being offered to Light-Workers who are being attacked by the Archons and their minions. There are now two new website links in this article for Healers of various kinds that would like to help Light-Workers in trouble. If you are a Lightworker who has knowledge of these various therapeutic needs i.e.: cleansing Auras, removing Dark entities etc. then you are welcome to contact Cobra and he might add you to the lists taking form. When the Event takes place there will be so many people worldwide in need of Healing of various kinds and this site will be of use then too.

To end I will give you two very basic tips that my friend Marianne and I received ten years ago regarding being ‘attacked’ by these forces.

1)  They love when people plan things. The reason being that they then have the time to counteract your plans. They are in fact not that ‘quick’ at all and so you can avoid danger by being in your Heart at all times and acting ‘NOW’ so they have no time to stop you.

2)   They can reach you more easily if you are not decided about things. So be decided. One way you can verify your decision about doing something is to write it down in three places.

3)   We all need to continually work on our own development as Lightworkers so an article that might be of interest to you is "What do you give your power away to? It is the first link below this text. 

Finally I would just like to say thank you to Cobra and also to my roommate Danelle Glade for her amazing typed notes at the conference in Laguna Beach.

‘What do you give your power away to’?   {Just press this link}.

Press this link for the text ‘Walking with Marco’

Press this link for Little Grandmother. {NB Etheric Archon Grid} 

Written by           Therese Zumi Sumner          14/01/2013.


I wrote the following article on January 29th 2014

The Matrix – The Truth about Our Reality here on Gaia

I wrote a broader and deeper article pertaining to this subject matter using Cobra updates on April 18th 2015 and here is the link to that page here:

The True Matrix Story Based on Cobra’s Update’s

IF you would like to go deeper still?

Today the 24th August 2015 I have just posted a very detailed article covering this subject matter here in a much broader scope connecting so called 'chemtrails' and the structure of the Veil/Matrix

Understanding the Creation / Upkeep of the Veil, Web, Grid, Net, Matrix

Chemtrail Agendas and Their Connection to the Veil

The Ascension Process on Gaia

The real Ascension to 5D will occur at the time of The Event after the Veil has been lifted.

On the day of the Event the final remnants that remain of the 'net' ~ 'veil' ~ 'grid' ~ 'matrix' will be wisped away and many on this planet will experience what it finally feels like to live on a 5th dimensional planet. Peoples experiences will differ of course, but approximately 55-60% of Earth’s population will begin to feel these higher energies pertaining to an upper 4th ~ lower 5th dimensional experience.

So, what are we discussing here exactly? I am trying to give newer readers an understanding of the rising energies and how they will affect everyone and an understanding of the so-called Ascension process {literally meaning the Ascension of those beings who are ready to Ascend to higher dimensions whilst retaining a physical body just like Jesus Sananda did 2000 years ago.} To get a deeper understanding of what this will entail I suggest that you visit the ASCENSION page here on Veritas and read the top article there and listen to the two videos on this subject.

Close to and after The Event those star seeds that dare to 'take a leap of faith' will be among the first few thousand people on Earth who will get final preparation to go through the Ascension process. Many of these Ascended Beings will then after a short period of 'training' on the higher planes /ships (see below) return to Earth to help in the much larger 2nd Wave of Ascension.  There will later be a 3rd Wave of Ascension at which point, quite a large number of humans who have had their soul development solely here on Earth, will also find themselves choosing to be part of this Ascension Wave. 

Most human beings on this planet are not Lightworkers or Lightwarriors {so called starseeds} who have come here many incarnations ago from other star systems to be of support at this time during the Ascension process on Gaia. That does not make human beings who have solely developed on Earth any 'less than' in any way. It simply means that they will need a longer period of time to feel that they are ready to be interested in the process of Ascension. The starseeds have had earlier experience of existing on higher planes and chose at some point to leave their 'homes' or 'realms' of existence to incarnate here on Earth to be able to assist at this time of the Ascension on Gaia.

So, the real time of Ascension on our planet will happen after the ‘Event’. Not everyone can go from pure 3D mentality to 5D all at once, that would simply be too much for them. Everyone at some level has been affected by the rising energies on Gaia for many years now but many more will be able to grow more readily into a 5th dimensional way of being when there is no longer anything to fear on this planet.

Millions upon Millions of souls here on Earth are already having a 5D experience. This process is on-going. When the evil grid is removed the process will speed up enormously.

There will be so much Love and Light here. This is the natural state everywhere else beyond the veil, and we will have that, and we will create Paradise here.

When we liberate this planet, we will enter into the 3rd Atlantis. There will be cities of Light along with all the amazing advanced technology. Finally, we will have a return to Paradise on Earth. After the Event no ‘mind-control’ people will be in any position of power.

Spiritual growth will be so much easier, and it will be so much easier for people to cross over to the 5th Dimension. This journey to the 5th Dimension is a gradual process and for some difficult to truly understand. When the Event happens there will be no Question. When real change happens, it will be extremely evident.

Updated information from Cobra on July 17th 2018

After the Event and the First Contact, awakened Lightworkers and Ligthwarriors will begin to gather in Areas of Light in Soul families. They will undergo group Initiation and Ascension process and will complete this process in the first wave of Ascension, when they will be teleported to the motherships of the Galactic Confederation. Many of them will later return as Ascended beings to the surface of the planet to prepare the second wave of Ascension which will take place in the same manner. Those who will undergo the Ascension process in the second wave will also be able to return to the surface of the planet and prepare the third wave , which will also happen in the same way and will complete the Ascension process for this planet.
All Lightworkers (Starseeds) who make their free will choice for Ascension will be able to complete their own Ascension in either of the waves, which will happen a few years apart. Some rare humans of the Earth origin will be able to complete the process also.

To see full text of this update go here;

Written by    Therese Zumi Sumner    {Cobra notes}     14/01/2013 2212pm    




Isis Wing Spiral.

Isis on Spiral Consciousness.

This piece is simply my retelling of Isis words to us on the 27th of November in Laguna Beach California. Isis is Cobra's wife.


The 21/12/2012 was the date that marked the end of Linear time. This is the end of the time on earth when we look at our reality as being a past, a present, and a future. Isis explained to us that everything is going to speed up now. Everything in our lives is going quicker and quicker. With the new energies now coming intensely to our planet, we are in a spiral time. We are coming into spiral consciousness. We are now noticing the differences in our bodies as they adapt to this new energy. There are many different symptoms people experience now because of this adaptation of the energy. Some of these symptoms are dizziness, changes in our sleeping patterns, our heart rate, blood pressure, etc. These new energies are also bringing us new eating patterns. We find it becoming difficult to eat certain foods. We will notice how it’s less comfortable wearing synthetic clothes. We may temporarily feel we are losing our bearings.

This is spiral consciousness; we are experiencing a touch of the 5th Dimension. Gaia’s Heart is beating faster. Scientists measuring the energy in the earth and our energy have discovered it is identical. In the last decade the speed of Gaia’s energy and ours has increased at an enormous rate. So our heart is beating faster because it is aligning with the Galactic Heart. There will also be other odd symptoms. All these symptoms will continue to accelerate. We can all help other people as they start to go through this. For example when you find your heart beating faster – slow down, meditate, focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Surrendering to Goddess Energy.

Aligning with Goddess energy is aligning with-experiencing the Goddess Dance. Ok so when you are experiencing some of these symptoms the key is surrender. The things that are the most effective are the things that are the simplest. {Here as I write Isis words I am reminded of how people have complicated meditation, exercise, etc.} Isis goes on to tell us that the last 8 year cycle from 2003-2012 was the time of the return of the Goddess. We must all now awaken the Goddess energy inside. Isis wants to teach us now how to bring in the Goddess energy into our being and when She is part of us she {Divine Goddess in her many aspects} will stay with us forever. Isis message is to bring into ourselves and to ground the Goddess energy.

Goddess Energy is very Powerful.

The message is that Goddess energy is very powerful and very important. Isis told us that she herself did not really understand just how important it is. This energy has been suppressed for Millennia. Gaia is a feminine planet. Saturn has more masculine energy. So we have been disconnected from the Heart of our Mother earth. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE GROUNDED. Being grounded will help you to release the fear, and is our protection in connecting with Mother again. When we are grounded we will feel more stable and connected. It is important to be connected with Source {see ‘Sacred Temple of the Heart Within’} and to be connected in our heart with unconditional love. We have the code for all of this within us-it is in our DNA. {The Spiral-you remember?} There is only one way the Cabal/Darkness can reach us and that is through our fear. {Here I must point out that after talking to us Isis danced with us-all 70 or so people-of all ages and both male and female}The dance we are about to do is to help us to get back into our power, our emotions, and our love. This is our right. Because of all the programming we have been subjected to generation after generation we have forgotten what our rights are. This dancing will also balance our chakra’s allowing our Kundalini energy to rise so that we can become beings of light. Therese Zumi comment here-No wonder the ‘holy mother church’ tried everything it could to get rid of women’s powers through witch hunting, burning, and drowning. Through suppression of female energy whatever way it could. Isis continues telling us how our Chakra Energy centres are in the process of changing their colour and vibrations and integrating higher vibrations and frequencies.

Isis told us how when she was a child she was always dancing. She just danced and danced for hours on end. Different Goddess’s entered her body giving her their different energies. Movement to the left is Feminine; movement to the right is Masculine. When you dance you turn into the spiral. The Galactic Federation came and showed her the Milky Way and the double light spiral. When we danced that afternoon in Laguna Beach with Isis, she reminded us of the importance of focusing inwardly during our dance. We were not to look at others and connect with them nor copy their movements, but to FEEL FROM WITHIN which movement our body desired to take and follow it. She used different music, to change the beat and the tempo from time to time. We really had a fantastic experience and she danced among us moving like the wind throughout the room and helping us to change the pace and the energy.

Accepting ourselves in the dance-our bodies start to change.

When we dance, accepting ourselves as we are in the process, then magically our bodies start to change. This is something that Cobra and Isis wish everyone to understand. Isis explains that we all have our own beauty and shape. What we all need to do now, is change our self to heal the whole. {See article ‘Healing ourselves-Healing the whole’} Each of us is unique with unique gifts to give. A healthy feminine aspect is non-competitive. When we accept our self we do not have to be jealous. When we live like this accepting our potential, then we will cooperate and support each other.

Through dancing we can learn to support ourselves and each other. We learn to respect others. This is what Goddess energy is all about respecting and supporting one another. What is really important is that someone who really has contact with the Source is not jealous. The dance should be a dance of liberation – a dance of joy.

The New Society we are about to form.


This is the energy of the new society we are about to form here on our planet. The energy is one of cooperation, respect, support and unconditional love. Are you ready for this? When you look at another person, look at them with adoration. If you cannot do this then there is still work you need to do to heal and love yourself. Learn to adore. Adore the beauty of nature, adore the ocean, adore your creativity, your dancing time, and adore another human being. See the spark of God and Goddess within them. We will dance for all of this.

We must have compassion for other humans. As we learn to love and accept ourselves totally-knowing we are part and parcel of the Divine Goddess and God, we will grow in our ability to have compassion. When we heal our weakest points we become soft. We develop tenderness; this is true strength of being. We must all now dance and heal to experience this tenderness and also our extreme power and passion. We must learn again the passion and the compassion that lives in us. We must learn again the joy of light and celebration. Let’s all prepare for the parties worldwide, when this planet is soon finally liberated. Let us be the ones inspiring others to dance at these parties worldwide.

Strangely enough I looked up Zumba dance videos on You Tube last night having decided to start to dance at least 15 minutes every morning before 11am. So today as i wrote this, I took a break and started to dance. I intend to do this daily now and am convinced that within  few months i will be a stone+ or 9kg lighter! What an amazing way to lose weight and get in shape in a short time, and know that I am balancing my entire Chakra system simultanously!

I end here by saying Thank You to Isis for this information, and Thank You to DaNell Glade for great notes.

The next piece I write here will be the detailed account given by Isis of the Chakra system and how it is now changing.

Written by                Therese Zumi Sumner.                22/01/2013



Our Chakra’s our Energy Centres and their Changing Vibrations.


The Base Chakra + Our Right to Be on this Planet.

The colour here is Red and it is connected to the Earth element. The patterns in this chakra start developing at the time when you are still in your mother’s womb and during the 1st year of life. Through your mother you learn how welcomed you are here. When we have a good relationship with our mother we have a healthy base chakra. The automatic right that should follow from this chakra is the right to be here on Earth, the right to be here and now. To have balance in this chakra we need to be grounded. This means it is important to have our connection to Earth, to our Mother Gaia. The element here is Earth, and we walk on earth all the time. Be aware of your steps and know that “I have a right to be here”. You feel that first with your mother the first year.

Affirmation:  “I have a right to be here on this planet”.


The Sacred Chakra + Our Right to Feel our Emotions.

The colour here is Orange and it is connected to the Water element. The patterns here in this chakra have to do with our emotions.The 2nd year is ‘you and me’, me and my mother, me and father, you begin to feel the duality. You feel things, but you might learn that you are not allowed to feel things. “I have a right to feel my emotions”. The water takes the shape that you allow it too. Allow your water/emotions to be fluid, they come and then they go. Let them come and then let them go –like the ocean. Is that not a beautiful analogy! With our emotions we feel. Feel your body. Allow yourself to feel-whatever it is you feel without judgement.

Affirmation:   “I have a right to feel my emotions”.


The Solar Plexus Chakra + Our Right to Act.

The colour here is Yellow and it is connected to the Fire element. The Sun is the planet. This chakra is all about the energy we have to do things. This chakra in balance gives you direction, and the energy to do things. It is connected to the inner recognition of having the right to act.  The patterns in this chakra are formed at the age of 3. At this age, when the desire to explore the world develops more, we learn that we must not do this or that. In this time now of great change here on Gaia, no-one is going to tell you what to do. This is your own right. You have the right to do – to act.  The secret here is to act with the Creator. Co-create with the Source. If the fire energy is too strong it will destroy, so co-create do not burn. When this chakra is in balance you are connected with your warmth and strength and your inner warrior {hero} Goddess.

Affirmation:  “I have a right to act and be my inner warrior”.


The Heart Chakra + The Right to Breathe + to Love and to Be Loved.

The colour here is Green and it is connected to the element of Air. We get the patterns formed in this chakra aged 4. The Kundalini energy has risen up to our hearts. This is the chakra of love, harmony, balance, jealousy, grief, non-forgiveness. We learn from our parents prejudices. We learn about conditional love.  Hearts start closing and grieving. Through balancing the energy in this chakra, with our dancing or other emotional healing therapy, will help us to heal the past and open our heart again. We are learning to forgive. With the ability to forgive comes liberation. You liberate yourself. We need to have courage here. The element here is air and Isis asked us “Can we catch air?” No we cannot because it is everywhere. Goddess is everywhere. Breathe in. We need all the elements. We all have a right to breathe, and we all have a right to love and be loved.

Affirmation:  “I have the right to breathe. I have the right to love and be loved”.


The Throat Chakra + The Right to Express Myself.

The colour here is Blue and it is connected to the element of Sound. Aged 4 we learn about expressing ourselves. This is the chakra for expression. This is the place in the body from which I tell the world who I am. This is the chakra for communication, languages, singing, and expression through the element of sound. We all have the right to express our-self. Our expression should be spontaneous. Our expression should be supportive of others. Isis encourages us to add our voice to the whole and share what we have to share and we can create something wonderful together. {At this point in the afternoon we sang some tones together.}

Affirmation:  “I have a right to express myself”


The Third Eye Chakra + The Right to See the Truth.

The colour here is Indigo and it is connected to the element of Light. You have a right to see the truth. You have a right to see, angels, birds, flowers, colours, the amazing diversity of this beautiful planet. The Aura of the New Age children is Indigo. They see the truth. You cannot manipulate them. They see through the veil. If something is not of the light then send it to the violet flame of St Germaine.

Affirmation: “ I have a right to see the truth”


The Crown Chakra + Our Right to be Conscious.


The colour here is Violet and it is connected to the element of Ether. At age 7 we are growing out of the aura of our mother. This is the chakra of connection to our Source. This is the chakra of our connection with galaxies, dimensions, and our thoughts. Are you programmed? Do you have your own thoughts and your experiences with the Divine? We have a right to be conscious-to think our own thoughts with our own head. To be in balance at this chakra we should surrender our will to the Divine Will. This chakra is where we own and merge with our “I AM” and where we remember who we are. I am God, I am Light, I am Love.             

Affirmation: “I have a right to be conscious”.

LEFT=Original Chakra colours-Right=Transitional

Some Changes taking place now in the Chakra’s.


From our hips and lower there is more White Crystal. There is more Orange in the Centre. The Solar Plexus is becoming more Golden. The Green of the Heart chakra is becoming more Pink. The Throat Blue is becoming more Indigo. The Third Eye Chakra is going from Indigo to more translucent blue.The Crown Chakra is also more Crystalline. The Crown Chakra is becoming more Opal in colour. The group of children that came to earth, after the group known as the Indigo children, are known as the Crystal children. They have come to help with healing. After the Crystal group we now have a group of Rainbow children so called because their colours are the rainbow. Now there are also a few Diamond children. They will all help us in this transition.

Be One with Goddess-Surrender to the Light.


You can dance the Goddess dance anywhere. Dance with the leaves of the Air. She-Goddess is everywhere, embracing everywhere, dancing everywhere. Hug a tree. When you see the Ocean remember it is the emotion of our planet. Awaken your inner Tarzan and Jane. Men become so much more balanced in their masculinity when they embrace the Goddess Energy and invite the Goddess’s to dance with them and to become one with them. We need gentle strong men that respect life and women. You as a woman can also find your inner man when it comes to supporting your family. Be a strong woman. Stand up to your suppression. It is so important to balance the male and female energies.

Speak your truth with love. Don’t bother with ego. Don’t fight. Stay in your presence of who you are. Yes speak your truth yet feel it with love. Connect with the eyes of another person. And surrender. You are great. Thank you very much for coming.

This was the end of our afternoon with Isis. We had danced together and we had sung together and we had such a warm feeling of family in that room. A room full of people who had never met before, from all parts of the United States, Europe, Russia, and even Africa.

Once again Thank You Isis for this great afternoon and Thank You DaNell for your great notes.

Written by                         Therese Zumi Sumner                         22/01/2013                           1744pm


La Luna – Vår Måne – The Moon


From an interview with Cobra in January 2013


I found this interview with Cobra - made in January of 2013 by Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection - to be very interesting. There is so very much we do not have a clue about regarding our Moon. I do hope that you will enjoy this informative piece based on that interview.

Our Moon – an Energy Lance used by The Goddess


Our beautiful Moon is a natural object and not artificial as some sources are trying to make it out to be. When the solar system was formed Gaia and the Moon were part of one body. They separated and now they are part of the same energy system. Our Moon is actually a kind of ‘energy lance’ that directs energy to the planet, via The Goddess. There has been a big purification of the energy of the Moon over the past 10 years, and now it is completely clean and pure.

There are no reptilian bases there now, nor any reptilians or anything of that nature. It is just a pure natural body of Light that is transmitting the energy of the Pure Feminine to the planet. The full moon is a wonderful occasion to connect with that energy.

Earlier there were many extraterrestrial bases there. These bases were of mixed influence some negative some positive. There was a brief period when the reptilian race had complete control of the Moon. This was a few years in the late 90’s {when you read The Event 2 page you will understand why}. However all of that has been completely cleared out now, so we have a completely pure experience there.

There are some Pleiadian bases there and some belong to other positive ET civilisations, that are here to direct the flow of energy from the outer part of the solar system towards our planet. The Apollo program was just the official public part of the US space program and even Apollo astronauts have seen and contacted extraterrestrial life while on the Moon. All of this was censured – not allowed ever to leak to the public.  Apart from that they have also had an unofficial ‘secret space program’***. That program managed to put a man on the Moon in the 1950’s. There were bases on both the Moon and Mars in the 60’s. These were only accessible to the Cabal. Then the Resistance Movement has cleared those bases in the latter part of the 90’s and the beginning of the 21st Century.

At this point in the interview Alexandra wondered if there was a full blown civilisation and city on the Moon. Cobra replied that there were a few thousand bases. This amazed me! Yet he continued to say “not so many {bases} because these civilisations have the capacity to locate their Motherships in the Earth’s orbit.”

Midway between the Earth and the Moon there are special ‘anchorage’ points, where the gravity pull of the Earth and the Moon are the same. These ‘anchorage’ points were being used by the controlling groups to control the energy on our planet. ALL THIS IS GONE.  

Alexandra wondered about the rare metal Titanium and the Moon. Cobra said that there were many so called rare minerals on the Moon. The Cabal has not got access to these any longer. Cobra explained that elsewhere in the solar system one can find very rare metals and minerals in large quantities. For example large diamonds can be found in the Asteroid belt. Also a lot of Gold can be found elsewhere in the solar system. So that certain elements that we consider to be quite rare are not so rare elsewhere.

Cobra said that the Apollo mission’s - number’s 11 to 17 were successful. He said also in answer to a question from Alexandra that there were quite many civilisations {positive 5 D and higher} using these bases on the Moon, but that they were now not so important any longer at this point in time, because most of the focus is not on the Moon but here on Gaia. Most other civilisations have their Motherships positioned high above the Earth’s orbit at strategic points. 

Alexandra wondered how the Moon was won back form the Cabal. Cobra replied that as the Light Resistance Movement was progressing towards the surface of the planet there were many battles in the Asteroid belt, as also on the Moon and on Mars. They completely cleared out all of the reptilian warriors and all of the other races.

About 15 years ago there were some physical battles going on that were quite similar to the wars on this planet. Simply put the Cabal was driven out from all of these bases. They had had a strong influence on Mars in the late 90’s, and on the Moon, in the same timeframe.

Cobra pointed out that all the {our} scientists and astronauts have a large amount of information about the Moon. They have this data-knowledge because the Moon is so close to the Earth and they could measure exactly the position of the Moon’s orbital characteristics. Alexandra wondered about some massive tower she had heard was on the Moon, and Cobra said that “Oh Yes there are some buildings there, there are photos from NASA showing some very strange objects on the Moon and there is much more which has not yet been revealed.” Alexandra wondered how big the bases were there and Cobra said “usually not so big, - there are a few that are quite large, but most of the base’s are quite small as there is not much need of them any longer.”

Cobra absolutely refuted the idea that the Moon was like a ‘ball and chain’ tying down the Earth and that it would be ‘released’ at some point from the Earth’s orbit. “No No No – that is not at all necessary - the Moon is going through the same Ascension process as Gaia. Actually the whole Universe is going through this process, as a result of the influence of the Galactic Central Sun.  Everything is being transformed together.

The Moon and Emotions


Alexandra questioned Cobra about the well-known effect the full Moon seems to have on some people {it is a fact that in many countries the number of staff at psychiatric clinics etc. is increased at the full Moon.} Cobra replied that “the Moon is acting as a transmitter of energy of the Feminine Principle, and it is of course connected to the emotions. The Feminine principle actually triggers the emotions and so when suppressed emotions come to the surface, those people who do not have the knowledge of how to deal with their emotions can get a little bit ‘crazy’ sometimes”    

The first full moon of this year was in the sign of Leo. Cobra explained that it was connecting the energies of Leo and Aquarius – the Individual and the Collective. This energy coming in in January was bringing us into a greater awareness of our active roll inside of society. {Aquarius = Society} the first energy to show us how we as individuals can create a new society. This was a very good start to 2013. A great milestone was the activation on the 21st September 2012 when we began a new cycle. This new cycle is actually creating the plan, there is so much happening behind the scenes in the background but almost nothing has been reported at the beginning of the year, because the plan has been in the early stages of being manifested.

Cobra warned that the Cabal has been sending a lot of dis-information to infiltrate a lot of the information coming out to cause confusion. Later on Cobra will be able to release more Intel generally. {As I post this article here now [earlier on FaceBook] we have just received very detailed information from Cobra on the Cabal’s interference in the situation in Egypt.}

Cobra praised the phenomenal energy at the Laguna Beach conf. in November 2012 saying that this great energy was because there were so many different backgrounds among those attending. We created a very strong energy vortex together, and because of this success we are actually creating another conf in Laguna on the 25th May – when the Moon is in Taurus – the time of the Portal Opening. This will be one of the turning points of this year. There will also be a second turning point this year in November

Cobra has a lot of juicy info but no clearance to release it yet. At this point in time when this interview was made in January 2013 there was a great success for the Resistance Movement. The first thing was the big success of the Light Forces in the outer layer between 110 feet and 8.6 miles which was then impressively purified and the Matrix**** there was disintegrated. As I write now the power of the Cabal - the dark ones is lost at this level completely. At this point the entities that had been hiding in that space - ran from there and entered the inner layers from 0 to 110 feet around Gaia. This is where the work has been taking place since then to clear away the power of the archon/reptilian grid and after this information in January - Cobra released the information for us to help with this cleansing and that is what we have been doing with our regular meditations. Along with our meditation and anchoring of the Goddess Energy on Gaia some Lightworkers have been clearing out darker entities in our cities where it is easier for the dark ones to hide.

To sum up this information regarding the Moon – our Moon - I will mention one other question Alexandra Meadors asked Cobra re the Moon. “Is it true that the Moon is one of the key elements for the electronic {Cabal} field – fence that has been surrounding the Earth –The Matrix?” Cobra replied that “actually at a certain point in time there were many so called ‘midway’ stations – implantation stations and much of the machinery for the ‘Veil’**** was located on or near the Moon.

Personally I think it feels wonderful now when I look up at our beautiful Moon and know that it has been cleansed of all that dark activity and that the Matrix – which collapsed at the beginning of 2013, is almost entirely a part of our history.

PS In case you did not already know it the movie The Matrix was given to Hollywood by The Light Resistance Movement.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner      06/08/2013

Posted here on Veritas 19/08/2013

*** Link to the text about the Secret Space Program – about 5th article down the page called ‘Event Intel-Update Cobra’

****Link to the text that attempts to describes the Matrix – the Veil which the Cabal created. This text is to be found as the 3rd article on this page – The Veil that Hides the Truth.

What exists 8.6 miles above the Earth’s surface?

Direct link here to this text by Cobra.


Vad existerar 14 kilometer ovanför Jordens yta?

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In Los Angeles Cobra was asked how he knew all this stuff? He told us that it is because he has had physical experiences with the Pleiadians. This started already as a young child. Aged 7 he was taken from his bed and brought underground. He travelled by train to meet Michael of the Resistance Movement also known by the codename M16. Also he has physical experience of working with the Resistance Movement underground. He has also had Samadhi experience.

He is in contact with all kinds of Information agents all around our planet. He also talked about his Spiritual experience. He has a deep connection with his soul. He has certain ways of communicating with the Pleiadians. He also speaks their language. He also communicates with The Ascended Masters. He has been doing this now for 20 – 30 years. When Cobra is being interviewed on the radio his voice must be modified. This is a subject of great irritation to many people who have difficulty accepting his anonimity. The simple fact of the matter is that both the Ascended Masters and the Argarthan Network below surface have both insisted 'No Voice'. So thats that!

Cobra has explained earlier that he was involved in certain projects years ago to prepare for this time. During a ten year time period, everything he was involved in was converging towards this point in time. This was not simply preparation for making information public. During these ten years he also went through experiences on a personal level to prepare him for this time.


Cobra ~ Coast to Coast Interview ~ Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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