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1) Jada Pinkett-Smith: The War on Men through the Degradation of Woman

2) 1 Billion women and the men who love them will rise up to dance, sing, chant, and say 'ENOUGH'

3) Goddess Energy is now Crucial to the Liberation of our Planet

4) The New Kingdom of the Goddess Has Arrived

5) Anchoring Goddess Energies on Gaia

6) The Goddess Feminine Warrior Energy Is on the Rise! Watch it Grow Everywhere!


Powerfully strong words from Jada Pinkett-Smith

Jada Pinkett-Smith: The War on Men through the Degradation of Woman

Jada Pinkett-Smith: The War on Men through the Degradation of Woman


How is man to recognize his full self, his full power through the eyes of an incomplete woman? The woman who has been stripped of Goddess recognition and diminished to a big ass and full breast for physical comfort only.

The woman who has been silenced so she may forget her spiritual essence because her words stir too much thought outside of the pleasure space. The woman who has been diminished to cover all that rots inside of her with weaves and red bottom shoes.

I am sure the men, who restructured our societies from cultures that honoured woman, had no idea of the outcome. They had no idea that eventually, even men would render themselves empty and longing for meaning, depth and connection.

There is a deep sadness when I witness a man that can’t recognize the emptiness he feels when he objectifies himself as a bank and truly believes he can buy love with things and status. It is painful to witness the betrayal when a woman takes him up on that offer.

He doesn’t recognize that the [creation] of a half woman has contributed to his repressed anger and frustration of feeling he is not enough. He then may love no woman or keep many half women as his prize.

He doesn’t recognize that it’s his submersion in the imbalanced warrior culture, where violence is the means of getting respect and power, as the reason he can break the face of the woman who bore him four children.

When woman is lost, so is man. The truth is, woman is the window to a man’s heart and a man’s heart is the gateway to his soul.

Power and control will NEVER outweigh love.

May we all find our way.

Posted by Stephen Cook on Golden Age of Gaia

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1 Billion women and the men who love them will rise up to dance, sing, chant, and say 'ENOUGH'

Jane Fonda: One Billion Rising


Jane Fonda, JaneFonda.com, Jan. 29, 2013


It’s happening on February 14th, this Valentine’s Day: An international day of action to combat violence against women.

According to united nations’ statistics, ONE BILLION women on the planet are raped or beaten in their lifetimes so, conceived by writer/activist Eve Ensler and her global organization V-Day: Until the Violence Stops, ONE BILLION women and the men who love them will rise up to dance, sing, chant, flash mob, to say “enough!”

The horrible rape in India when a girl on a bus was pulled off, gang raped, brutalized and killed has received world-wide attention and helped raise the level of support for such an ambitious event.

Honour killings and acid attacks against girls who have been raped, genital mutilation, sex trafficking—these are horrors we read about happening in other counties and the perpetrators mostly go unpunished. But one out of every three women and girls in the U.S. are victims of sexual abuse.

If we were to end violence and women were free to thrive rather than survive it will change, everything.

Already, 10s of thousands of organizations in 190 countries are planning to rise.

In Paris, the women’s Coalition of the French Parliament is rising.  In India, nuns, students, teachers, and thousands of people are speaking out, and new laws and prevention education are being introduced.  In Bangladesh, over 25 million have joined OBR and will form human dancing chains across the country.  Our One Billion Rising anthem “Break the Chain” has been translated into Spanish.  In Cape Town, Soweto, and Johannesburg, teen girls are touring schools and teaching the flash mob dance, and all over Africa local TV stations are showing the “Break the Chain” video leading up to the rising.

In the Philippines, nuns, bishops, labour unions and students are rising and will be literally dancing until dawn with a 24 hour One Billion Rising event that will be live streamed around the country. The Dalai Lama and Queen Mother of Bhutan and President of Croatia have all signed on. Events are being organized all over India. Farmworkers, students, actors (Robert Redford, Kerry Washington, Rosario Dawson are among those rising AND check out Anna Hathaway’s t-shirt and cover story in the latest Glamour magazine) and elected officials all over California are rising.

The Incas are rising in Peru. Women in correctional facilities are rising in their prison cells. In Chicago thousands of people will gather in the city centre. In New York MTV is sponsoring two jumbo screens in Times Square and asking its entire staff to leave their offices and dance in Times Square; a huge flash mob will take place in the centre of Brussels, the European Parliament will be dancing in their chambers, and in Italy, over 50 cities are rising. And I’m just mentioning a few of the things that will happen Feb 14th.

When Eve met His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa at the TED India conference, she was immediately inspired by his commitment to this movement to write a prayer – the Man Prayer. This piece, beautifully brought to life as a short film by Eve Ensler and filmmaker Tony Stroebel, is for all men and we hope all of you will watch it and share it with every man you know.   http://onebillionrising.org/blog/entry/menrise-watch-the-man-prayer .

This is the first time in history that such an event will happen, that we will stand together in unity across the planet on 2/14 to make sure that violence against women is an issue that no one will ever marginalize again.

We are asking everyone who rises to pledge to do one thing in the next year to end violence against women.

Why Dancing?

Because dancing is powerful without being violent, because when you dance you take up space and expand your horizons and sense of self and value. Because dancing is “a direct path to the truth” its holy, sexy, can’t be controlled by corporations, its free, contagious, dangerous, done together in community because it has the capacity to turn pain to power and when one billion women and men dance on the planet we will shake humanity into a new consciousness.

Why Valentine’s Day?

Because V-Day began 15 years ago on Valentine’s Day and the idea was to make it a day when women were loved and cherished and the violence ended. V stands for Vagina, Victory over Violence, and Valentine.

As philanthropist/activist Jennifer Buffett just said, “This is a MOMENT everybody.  A TRUE MOMENT on planet earth that has not come before and i doubt will be presented to us again and we cannot miss it. The chance to connect and mobilize a billion women and girls, men and boys towards creating a very different kind of world at a time when this one teeters in many ways – socially and environmentally.  Will we remember and regain our humanity and remember what and who is SACRED? Will we show up fully to meet and support what is trying to be born . . . ?!

Sometimes the answer is right in front of us but we just don’t recognize it as such. This is one of those moments. We have an opportunity to catalyse consciousness and EVOLVE and change and affect change . . . and if not now, when???!!!!”

To find out more, including where the your nearest rising will be on 2/14, to learn the OBR dance and song “Break The Chains”, click V-DAY on my homepage or go to the V-Day website: OneBillionRising.org

I’ll be rising in Los Angeles with V-Day and Zumba!http://www.facebook.com/events/203222443149596/
Thursday, February 14; 6:00 PM at LA Live’s Nokia Plaza, 800 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Posted by Steve Beckow on February 14, 2013  

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Goddess Energy is now Crucial to the Liberation of our Planet


Goddess energy is very strong. It is the strongest energy in the entire Universe. One Woman who is capable of transmitting that energy can stop a war. We now need to get into pure love, receptivity, compassion and move away and beyond the games of personality, manipulation, and denial.

Why is this Goddess energy now crucial to the planetary liberation?

The Cabal have done everything in their power to suppress the Goddess energy. Old civilisations were very connected to the Goddess. They did not know war. Archaeological evidence shows no weapons existed. This is our collective memory of paradise. The first weapons were brought to Earth with the first Archon Invasion. When we remove Archons from power on our planet we can return to our natural state of paradise again.

As the Archons are removed and this is now happening slowly but surely it will be a very natural state to embrace the Goddess. It will become paradise again.

When you have Goddess energy in every human being- it manifests as perfect living, love, balance etc. When we have Goddess energy within us again, we shall have abundance. People will not have to work so hard because they will be balanced. We will not work from 9 to 5. Our workday will be about 3 to 4 hours. The rest of our time will be taken up by play, experience, creativity and joy, and higher abilities will take up the rest of our days.

Goddess Vortex

Goddess energy is Angelic Presence, goes through our bodies and anchors in the physical plane. You will be able to feel that Goddess Vortex in your body. This energy dissolves the matrix. Archons are allergic to Goddess energy. This is why the Catholic Church was suppressing women. The non-physical Archons are very allergic to this. Every time any woman channels that Goddess energy, thousands of reptiles are removed forever.

One of the negative programs introduced by the Archons separates sex with the Heart. This increase’s our separation from the Heart. This creates unbalanced energy. Someone at Laguna Beach asked Cobra about Tantric sex and he said that Tantric sex unifies the sexual energy with the energy of the Heart. People need to integrate their sexuality, allow it and experience it. Men need to integrate their heart. When both do this they can meet in sexual energy and in the heart.

Goddess energy is as crucial to men as to women. When a man learns to integrate Goddess energy he becomes more balanced in his masculinity. This increase’s his Manliness and does in no way make him more “Womanly”. What it does is give him balance between his male and female aspects. Both sexes need balance now between our male and female aspects.

The Goddess energy is finally returning to our planet. We need all the Goddess energy of every kind we can get to heal all of us at this time. Every couple who now unite in true love will increase the Love vibration of our planet Gaia greatly. What we need is TRUE LOVE not pretend Love Relationships. If you are in a relationship of convenience – well it might be convenient, but it does not add to the positive energy of the whole.

Stop fooling yourself and others – be yourself – be your true self – live your truth – that’s what we all need now, more and more people living their truth, and not living the life they think the world expects of them.

We women should invite the Goddesses of old to join with us in our daily life. When you dance alone to your favourite music ask for a Goddess to join you and stay in your heart and support you in your daily life. There are so many Goddesses’ willing to join with us at these times. You can ask Mother Mary, Aphrodite, Athena, Isis or Artemis {Diana}. And do not forget that a man is also strengthened by inviting Goddess energy to unite with him.

Thank you to Cobra and Isis for this information.


Written By Therese Zumi Sumner in 12/01/2013

Source: http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/cobra-school

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The New Kingdom of the Goddess Has Arrived

This article is about the power of collective force. It aims to show how the combined efforts of Lightworkers of all kinds have cooperated on every level and every dimension to allow the Goddess presence to once again take its rightful place on this beautiful planet Gaia. It’s already happened! We now have the Goddess energy firmly planted on this planet again! We may not yet have the physical evidence of this energy completely verified with things like a new financial system and free energy in place but the new realm – the new kingdom is already established and growing stronger day by day and people are finding more and more evidence to support this in their daily lives and experiences here on Gaia.

In March of 2013 we learned about the ultimate technology of the Light Forces that would finally dissolve the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes around our planet. We learned about the Goddess Vortex and how we could become anchors of this presence on Gaia by doing the Goddess Vortex meditation. We learned that the Goddess Vortex is an Angelic Presence that goes through our bodies and anchors into the physical plane and how we could learn to feel that Goddess Vortex in our bodies and become instruments for anchoring the return of Goddess energy to Gaia. To learn about this meditation, go here; http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2013/03/goddessvortex-goddessvortex-is-ultimate.html

For years and until recently many have practiced the Goddess Vortex meditation regularly on Sunday Nights. Through renewed contact with an old friend who has worked for decades teaching others how to connect to Gaia and Goddess energy I discovered that there are, without a shadow of a doubt, groups of people worldwide who are regularly doing similar meditations to anchor Goddess presence.

To continue reading this article go to this link on PFC where I published the original on April 26th 2016


Anchoring Goddess Energies on Gaia

A final clearing of the old 3D energies is now taking place on Gaia. Any remnants of the old outworn negative 3D energies that might then still remain will be wiped away in one go by the Event Flash / Galactic Love Wave energies on the day of The Event.

We just learned from Cobra to-day Aug 17th 2016 that “since mid-July the concentration of toplet plasma bombs has fallen below a certain threshold which allows cracks in the veil to appear”! Great stuff! This also means that communication between Lightworkers and higher dimensional nonphysical Spiritual Beings / Guides will be clearer. They will also now be making contact with more of the awakened population at this time. When The Event has taken place this practice of direct communication between human beings and spiritual guides will quickly become the norm as more and more people discover that they do not require a go between in the form of a teacher, master etc. to be in direct contact with Source.

Feminine Masculine Energies

Finding balance in our use of our masculine and feminine energies seems to be what Love is all about! So many of the women on this planet have been unbalanced in their giving and taking. Sadly, by having to be engaged in the active masculine doing and giving they have simply not had the time, or eventually lost the ability to allow their feminine energies to be on the receiving end of things.  Just think of all of the women you know either in the richer or poorer income levels and how much that they actually juggle endlessly these days to work outside the home, run a home and raise children and a hundred other demands. How could anyone even wonder at all why there are so many divorces in the world today? This mad crazy rat-race hyped up existence brings everyone to their knees one way or another eventually.

A loving relationship needs time and space for alone time, for mutual nourishment and people today, and this includes both men and women, have extremely limited time for their own alone time to ‘fill up’, have time to ponder, to know themselves etc. Without having time to experience the renewal of our energies – without the experiences of the feminine receptive side of our nature being nourished, how on earth is a woman (especially) to be expected to continue giving of herself and her love in a relationship? I live in Sweden. Here as elsewhere there are now so many men that exist in the same dilemma that most women experience. So many fathers are now also responsible for juggling work and a home and children.

This madness has to change! This madness is changing! This madness will end because people are seeking other values now. We the light workers of Gaia have chosen at this time to be among the many who are anchoring balanced Goddess energy through our actively / physically living our lives as truthfully and lovingly as possible.

We will all have a ‘citizen’ wage to cover our basic needs after The Event and this will end this madness. Then people will work maximum 3-4 hours a day and there will be time to nourish ourselves and one another again. Family life will have priority and we will all learn again how to give and take in balance.

Allow Spirit to renew your feminine energy now. Ask Spirit how you best can balance your feminine masculine energies and to teach you how to renew your energy your unique way.

Click on the picture to increase size !

The Goddess Feminine aspect of creation has now returned to Her rightful place on Gaia. This is awakening everyone to the truth of how our lives can be balanced through the acceptance of the truth of who we are. We are Divine at our core and if we surrender and allow our Divine Mother to take over the wheel we will be shown how we once again can give (masculine) and receive (feminine) in balance. Like Cobra has often said ‘Goddess wants peace and peace She will have’. Peace comes to our souls when we learn to give and take in balance. Let Her and Her legions of Light assist you now as that is what they are here to do. They are here to assist our return to as much balance as possible in readiness for The Event.

Also each and every step forward that we take in bringing balanced give and take into our lives is affecting the entire field of unified consciousness worldwide. The readier we are the easier our transition will be at the time. Let’s each of us prepare for this Event now.

Therese Zumi


First published on PFC 21st August 2016 at 2148  PM CEST https://prepareforchange.net/2016/08/21/anchoring-goddess-energies-on-gaia/

The Goddess Feminine Warrior Energy Is on the Rise! Watch it Grow Everywhere!

October 23, 2017

From my heart 💖 to yours ~ Therese Zumi

As a direct result of actresses in Hollywood openly admitting that they were victims of Harvey Weinstein’s sexually abusive behaviours Sweden is now experiencing an avalanche of effects which grows by the hour. Thousands upon thousands of women are telling about their experiences of being sexually abused by men under the # Me Too! Many women are telling of experiences that they have never dared to share with anyone before.

This has so far, within only a few days resulted in 2 journalists being fired. One from a main newspaper and one from Sweden’s main official TV channel. Another well-known and liked TV personality has also been fired from another channel having been exposed as being derogatory to women using sexist comments and unwanted sexual invitations on several occasions. Not only has this person been fired but all his popular TV shows have been shut down immediately and planned recordings of new shows have been cancelled. Everyone is now talking about this and lively discussions are taking place in the media asking men to come forward now and discuss with men of every age how women should be treated starting at a very early age. This last week has focused on these types of male dominance and sexist behaviours in the area of media, TV, newspapers and so forth, this week it would seem that it’s time for this discussion in the sports world. In fact, it seems as if these discussions will now take place in every area of people’s lives. It will! Nothing can stop this now everyone has had ‘enough’.

Women are now finding their inner Goddess Warrior energy and are no longer willing to accept being treated as second class citizens and worse by men.

This will now escalate and grow all over Gaia to finally put a stop to the abominable, barbarian, maltreatment of women everywhere. It will reach countries where to this very day genital mutilation of small girls is acceptable. Where prostitution of young women is a way for a family to survive economically. Where women’s rights are almost nonexistent such as in rich Saudi Arabia where women have just recently been allowed to drive a car.  This list could go on a mile and would still not cover everything going on regarding the derogatory behaviours towards women that exists everywhere. Finally, through this HW revelation the dominoes have truly started to fall and will continue until no stone is left unturned. Yes, our controllers have seen too it in a myriad of ways through the media, control of artists, religion etc. that everything to do with true love and caring between men and women was sullied and degraded and allowed to become normal, even acceptable.

We Need and Will Now Have TRUE Feminist Behavior

There have been many wonderful truly feminine warrior women using their divine feminine aspect to bring healing to many areas of Swedish life for a long time now. Recently before the Weinstein revelation two female stand-up comics were interviewed on morning tv about their desire to change stand-up comedy using comedy that does not in any way target any group in society. They want an end to the acceptance of sexist, homophobic, racist type of jokes that have been ‘acceptable’ by both men and women working in these areas.

However marvelous this news might be we cannot abide a growing feminist movement where men are on the outside and where they are targets. In the earlier days of the feminist movement there have been many women who have aggressively targeted men and this type of attitude cannot support the growth of true feminism on this planet. Women have also played their part in the use of patriarchal controlling dominant male energy. I know this through firsthand experience.

I grew up in a home completely dominated by a cynical mother using control, threats, and emotional blackmail. I lived in daily fear in this home my entire childhood and teen years. It has taken me most of 44-45 years to become free of this experience.

There are already many wonderful men who make claim to being feminists at least in this country. Here men and women share the care of young children to a greater extent than in other European countries. Many years ago, many women were raped by someone in a northern town resulting in women of all ages not daring to go out alone. The men in that town decided to go out and demonstrate in huge numbers to show the women in the town that they were greatly supported and that they too considered themselves feminists. This occurred about 7-8 years ago.

The Divine Masculine Energy

We now need to uphold and show clearly what true divine masculine energy is like. This goes without saying for both men and women. In using our divine masculine energy, we must be very clear that when speaking or writing our truth it must be done lovingly and respectfully and in this way, it is also more powerful. Yes, there may be moments when the divine masculine energy needs to be expressed in a stronger, more confronting statement. A true gentleman / woman can bring clarity to a discussion without oppressing or being derogatory to others. In fact, if we take a closer look at this we will each and every one of us see that we not only have experience of being the victims of negatively used male energy but in fact we too can surely find instances when we have also used our masculine divine creative energy to ‘get our way’.

There will be no use for this type of energy on Nova Gaia and that’s why these discussions are now taking place.

Here in Sweden we now have younger family fathers openly speaking in the media and pointing out that men should lead the way here about keeping an open dialogue with their sons and daughters from an early age, as to what is acceptable, respectful behavior towards girls and women.

It’s truly wonderful to see this and it’s only the beginning of what we will now see spreading worldwide – yet it’s all happening so fast. This is a sure sign that the forces of evil on every dimension are losing their hold on humanity. Truths are coming out at an enormous rate and this process will prepare the many for the full disclosure process that The Event will ignite.

You might enjoy reading the following article from 2012 when Jada Pinkett Smith spoke out on this matter;

Jada Pinkett-Smith: The War on Men through the Degradation of Woman


My own feminine warrior energy is no longer allowing / accepting any kind of derogatory comments on PFC or my blog. If someone wishes to criticize then they can do so with respect and constructive criticism. Any cynical, aggressive, negative comments will not be allowed, so take them somewhere else because here they will be deleted.

Here some advice on this subject from Divine Mother


PS: Divine Mother has clearly stated that as we move into Nova Gaia there will be a focus on the energy of the Divine Feminine. This focus will mean that there may well be a disproportionate amount of the divine feminine energy to begin with on Nova Gaia. This will be a necessity to counter balance the age old patriarchal rule that has existed for so long.

Therese Zumi


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