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In the words of Drunvalo Melchizidek "We are watched over by both Intraterrestrial and Extraterrestrial Beings,as well as Celestial Beings at this point in time, beause our evolution here now 'en masse' is important to the evolution of the entire Universe. Our governments have believed for some time that the spaceships from the Inner Earth societies were in fact from outer space."

I myself have been informed that one in every five people which would be about One point four billion – 1:40.000.000 people believe, that there are galactic beings from other parts of the universe, and that they are also trying to connect with us in various ways. In parts of our world - the parts where the mass media are not totally dominated by the Rothschild Family, there are very high percentages of ‘believers’ in our Galactic Family. Examples of countries where the people generally believe and indeed have had great personal experience of seeing UFOs are Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina and South America in General. I personally have discovered that groups of Swedish people are travelling to Peru to film ships in places like Machu Picchu.

Recently I saw a headline from an Indian newspaper where it said ‘Chinese and Indian border authorities are concerned about the large numbers of spaceships that seem to fly regularly and are possibly checking activity, along the border between the two countries.’ {This might of course give the authorities reason to see their dispute over the border there, from a ‘higher perspective’?}

Can you imagine a headline like that in a European Newspaper? When thousands of New Yorkers one afternoon saw a huge fleet of spaceships over Manhattan late last year one newspaper reported on this, by questioning the ‘weather balloons’ seen over the city. They were, to those who had seen them, not in the least recognisable as weather balloons. No one dares you see, to be ‘ostracised’ by the ‘big guys’ and so everyone keeps in line. 

Galactics and Ascended Masters and Archangels.

I am told that a little less than 50% of the people who believe in ETs and UFOs – 50% of those who feel that we have Galactic cousins or relatives also believe in the beings we call Ascended Masters. The most well-known of these would have to be Jesus Christ. Those who believe in the Ascended Masters believe also in the higher Beings known as the Archangels. What I am trying to show here is this, that among the 50% of humanity who believe in Galactic ‘Relatives’ but who are not familiar with Archangels or Ascended Masters, the majority of these people see these spaceships and consider the owners of them to be Godlike.

There is nothing wrong with that. BUT these Galactic Family beings – many humanoids like ourselves - are not Gods – at least not any more than you and I are. The Galactic Family who are now watching us carefully in this time of enormous change on our planet are mainly 5th and 6th dimensional extraterrestrials. They are just like our older siblings. We as humans now, are on our own journey towards becoming 5th dimensional in nature so there is not such a huge difference between us. We will understand this more easily as the parts of our brains that have been sleeping {like sleeping beauty} for such a long time, are re-ignited –re-awakened so that we too can take our rightful place in the Galactic Community.

When the Galactic Family land here officially, after a worldwide referendum hopefully agrees to that, we too will become welcome members of the Galactic Confederation and start sending ambassadors to these meetings on board the Biospheres where the meetings at present take place.{see 'Tolec and the Biospheres’ on the Bigger Picture Page 2}.


On the main ‘Event’ page about half way down there is detailed information about all of the actors in the movement generally referred to as the ‘Light Resistance Movement’.  Towards the lower half of this page you will find a short introduction to a number of the Ascended Masters. These particular Ascended Masters are very much involved in the developments on our planet and One of Them Commander Ashtar is the ‘Main-Man’ so to speak regarding the Galactic Confederation. His fleet of Starships are known as ‘The Ashtar Command’. I am writing this here to try to show, to those among you who might not be aware of this fact, that there is indeed a direct connection between the ‘Company of Heaven’ between the ‘Council of Love’ and our Galactic Family. I would just like to add here that the Ascended Masters we mainly talk about are directly connected to Earth, and that there are of course many others who are more directly connected to other planets that we are not familiar with. According to Cobra approximately 70 Masters have managed to Ascend – they are not all male, there are many female Ascended Masters, Pallas Athena is one, Astara is another.


The roll of the Archangels cannot be understated. Lightworkers on Earth at this time work under their protection. My main Mentor Archangel Michael assists any-one who calls on his help instantaneously. I could write in great detail about them here but if you read the Event Pages you will clearly see the degree to which Archangel Michael is involved in this whole process. I intend to present Him to everyone in a detailed article in the near future.*** He is of course supported in His work by the other Archangels and not in least by His Beloved Sister Gabriel.*** I have now started a translation of a book written by Archangel Michael via Mikael Kvist, press this link to arrive on the page in question. Archangel MiChaEl - Warrior of Light.


Irish Catholic children worldwide take part in the second Sacrament – the first being Baptism within weeks of birth – namely our first Holy Communion at age seven. Dressed either as tiny brides or little men in suits, we were first ‘examined’ by the priest at the altar in the church, before receiving our first Holy Communion. Months and months of preparation for this day had meant studying the Catechism and learning the answers to the questions that the priest might ask us, by heart.

The first question in our catechism was ‘Who is God?’ The answer to this question was ‘God is our Father in Heaven – Creator and Lord of all things.’ The second question was ‘Where is God?’ The answer to this is very easy, ‘God is everywhere.’ This for me was a very serious occasion. Equally if not more serious for me was the occasion of my Confirmation – the Third Catholic Sacrament aged 14. We were taught all about the 7 gifts of the Holy Ghost that we would all receive directly from the Holy Spirit on the day of our Confirmation. Only in recent years have I discovered that the Holy Spirit gave in fact at least two other gifts away in other countries but in Ireland we got seven. They were Wisdom, Understanding, Council, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and The Fear of the Lord.

I have no doubt in my mind that I received those gifts from Source - from Mother Father God on that day.

So where am I going here? Well what I want to point out at this point in this article about our greater Galactic Family is the following. There are hundreds of thousands of Galactic ‘races’ in this Universe. I believe that the vast majority of these various groups of Galactic Beings {many of whom are humanoids like ourselves} are fully aware of their connection to the Source of all Life – fully aware of their connection to ‘ONE’. We – humanity are slowly waking up to the fact that we too are Divine Galactic Beings with powers that we have not yet discovered but very shortly will.  What I am saying simply is that Source – God – Mother Father - One and all of us ‘Sparks of Divinity’ sent out into Creation are just that – we are ONE. We are all ONE.

Here I want to point out that to have a greater understanding of what I now write, you may need to read at least two other explanatory articles on this site, for a more all-round picture of what I am attempting to convey namely ‘A short Planetary History’ on ‘The Event 2’ page. I would also recommend the article entitled ‘Message from the Pleiades’, further down this page.


For those of you who have had the chance to read about the ‘Event’ etc. you will have discovered the use I have made of comments from Archangel Michael my main Mentor for this site. These comments from AAM come through mainly one channel namely Linda Dillon from In-Light Radio via ‘Golden Age of Gaia’. There are others who channel AAM mainly in writing, several of which are mentioned on my page ‘Spirituality’. This Source connection to AAM, via Linda’s channelling ability, has been a major source of confirmation for me regarding the information I have received mainly via Cobra. There is no way I believe that I could have put this site together without having a connection to both Cobra as a very plausible physical person who works side by side with Gaia’s Resistance Movement and whom I have met in person, and my ‘connection’ to AAM via the amazing channelling work done by Linda. When I listen to AAM’s words through her on the program ‘An Hour with an Angel’ I KNOW with every fibre of my being that AAM is with me in the room.

Pleiadian Beamup


Many of the Lightworkers worldwide that we are familiar with through their various types of work on Earth at this time are so called Starseeds. By Starseed we mean that they have incarnated here directly from lives on other planets or from other galaxies. Many of the Starseeds come from places like The Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda. Well what about ‘the real thing’ you ask? There are extraterrestrial brothers and sisters from many star systems and planets working side by side below ground with the Planetary Light Resistance Movement. Cobra whose conference I attended in November 2012 is a Pleiadian Starseed who started, aged 6 in this life, to become acquainted with the Resistance Movement. He has personally seen Andromedan spaceships {cigar-shaped} below surface.

Ok so the enormous Mother ships outside Earth’s orbit, belong to the Galactic Confederation, among them the Ashtar Command fleet and they do not land of course. They are busy monitoring our progress and protecting us from our Suns activity at this time. We would all have been ‘fried’ long ago without them.

80% of the sightings worldwide of spaceships of all kinds and descriptions are from ships that come from INNER EARTH and the bases there.

Little Grandmother mentioned this in February of 2012. And on becoming acquainted with the work of the Resistance Movement through Cobra it all made sense. I will tell you a little in the near future about her personal contact with ITs.

While reading a lot of UFO and ET information on David Wilcox’s site Divine Cosmos, even before Cobra came on the scene {31March 2012}, I have a strong recollection of a story of people in Italy who told of their contacts with Aliens in the mountains in Italy. If I remember correctly there were a small group of ‘visitors’ to Earth who actually met them in their village, looking like us although a couple of them very tall. They got to know these people quite well and discussed things with them. One day they were asked by their Alien visitors to bring a truckload of fruit up to a certain place in the mountains. They told the Italians that this was necessary for them to prepare nutrition that they lived on. 

On the agreed date for the purchase of the fruit the large truck parked where it was told. The visitors asked their Italian friends “We would like to remove the fruit ourselves and if you would not mind leaving the area and returning to get the truck a bit later“. So the group of Italians left in their car and about 5-6 minutes later they had a phone call.  “You can pick the truck up now we are organised”. Amazed that the huge truck of fruit could have been off-loaded so quickly, they returned. The truck was empty not a speck of anything in it. My guess is they simply beamed the fruit down.

Ok so the Italians had earlier told how they had been shown the spaceships entering the base through the mountain. In amazement they saw the ship flying down towards the mountain side – how the Earth parted {trees and bushes and ground} and the ship flew in and then the Earth closed up again and if you walked there you would not be able to find any sign of the Earth having opened.



I listen now and then to Drunvalo Melchizidek and learn a lot from him. If you lived in Mexico you would be aware of the following. There are beings known as ‘The Plasma Beings’, who live deep inside Earth.

These Beings do not have physical form so we should not confuse them with the ITs and the Resistance Movement who do.

Drunvalo has become intimately involved with these Beings and become acquainted with who they are. Over one million years ago they lived on Earth’s surface like we do. They were in bodies (not human) like us and they were also destroying this planet. To learn all about their history I suggest you Google Drunvalo M. and Plasma Beings and you will easily find this video.

In 1996 Drunvalo was contacted by six different friends about the activity with these Beings and their plasma spaceships in Mexico. The first contact – sighting was made by Carlos Dios in 1991. He works with the Mexican government who set up a special military connection group for the research of these beings. The Mexican military went on National TV and told the people not to attack, or try to harm these beings in any way. “ They are the good guys and they are our friends”

Hundreds of people have climbed up to the top of a (then inactive) volcano and watched how hundreds of these ships came in and out of the volcano rock floor base.  

No other ET race is as recorded as these are. There are thousands of video hours by the Mexican Government.

These benevolent kind Beings do not have physical bodies but they can create human bodies which a few of them did about ten years ago. My guess is that it must be very strange for them to ‘exist’ in a human body just as it probably is strange for us to get used to travelling in our 4th dimensional astral body. The ships – they are glowing orange - lava like ships – these ships are literally THEM in physical form. Later these ‘ships’ appeared in the ‘4 Corners’ area in the USA as also in France. They can come out of Earth anywhere of course.

Drunvalo describes how He along with a group of people, 100 in all***, have interconnected and visited these Beings deep inside Earth, travelling in an extremely small Light body, to the city 266 miles below Earth’s surface.***{Drunvalo has made this 'journey' with several of these groups}

Drunvalo says that in their human form, {if anyone has met them in their human form it would have to be Drunvalo – this man is teaching us so much about our future and its possibilities} they are always making jokes and trying to make us laugh and trying to make us relax. They say things like “Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine, slow down, relax, it will be beautiful everything that happens.”

Archangel Michael and the 'Tipping Point'

On looking through the archives of the In-Light Radio shows where Steve Beckow interviews Archangel Michael weekly, I discovered this discussion about the speed of the awakening on Earth which for many Lightworkers has seemed painstakingly slow. I was looking more generally for quotes from AAM on our Galactic Family but feel the following is suitable to write here and now. AAM said, {October 2012} “It is the awakening — and believe you me the alarm clock has rung already — it is the awakening of the human collective."

"Now, you would say to me, “Well, Michael, a lot of people have slept through the alarm.” And I would say, yes, they have. And as they are sleeping they are being worked on. They are still integrating the love directly from the heart of the Mother/Father One. So we do not worry about it.

There are beings on Earth, even that you know, who have accepted the fact that their role is to work with the collective, with the masses — and I am not talking about small groups; I am talking about millions — and that they are awakening them in ways that may not be even conscious, the same way that we are working with the human collective to awaken, and much of it is unconscious or subconscious.

But the key is bringing this to consciousness for the awakening to be, for someone to wake up in the morning and say, “I feel completely different. I do not know what happened, but I feel different. I feel like the clouds have cleared, the despair is gone, the fear is gone, and I am free to get on with my life and what I really came here for. I feel that I love myself, I love my partner, I love my family, I love my neighbour.”

And this change, which is the fundamental change, is happening by the millions every day. And beyond that let me be clear that the tipping point that so many refer to has already been reached. So now it simply spreads.

Gaia herself is also going through events, through transitions, through reconstructions. And as she is doing so, so are each of you."

ON ANOTHER OCCASION HE SAID {regarding the increase of communication and unity worldwide between people because of the Internet.}"Are there still problems with this? Yes, of course there are, and those are political problems as well. But this is a significant shift that was not in place long ago. And it is growing, and it is changing, and it is changing at the speed not only of light, but of love.

The acceptance in attitudes of the Divine realm, of the Angelic realm, of the Unseen realm, the acceptance of your Star Brothers and Sisters, of the presence of Galactics, inter-Galactics, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies — this is a given."

Written by                      Therese Zumi Sumner                      13/04/2013                                1300pm                 

An Introduction to the Video


There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, after 30 years ’studies’ that we are so lovingly supported by our greater Galactic Family, and it is by no means a small one. This article is a first in a series of articles where I hope to be able to convey to you that we are definitely not alone, that despite many centuries of time when we have felt ‘cut off’ from the rest of the Universe, when we have felt ‘alone’ in this Universe that we have been supported in our slow and painstaking battle forward to the time we now find ourselves in – the time of the ‘New Golden Age’ on Earth.


The ‘evil ones’ had a plan and it worked very very well for a long long time. Part of their plan was to keep us in the dark as to there being in existence ‘out there’ other inhabited planets, much like our own where other humanoid beings much like ourselves existed. I will endeavour to explain in a later article just how they managed to do this but for now I would just like to make that clear, the plan was to ‘keep us in the dark’ in every sense of the word.

In a video entitled ‘The Pleiadian Message’ – {a wakeup call for the family of light,} our Pleiadian siblings have said the following to us. “You are magnificent creatures, members of the family of light, and you have come to Earth in this time to create a change, to assist in the transition. You were told before you came here, that there would be a lot of support and that at different crossroads in your development, different entities would present themselves on the planet in different capacities, to trigger you, to fire you up and to remind you, not to do it for you. We are one of those triggers, a catalyst, for when you hear the name ‘The Pleiades’ you feel a ‘connection’ because we are assisting you in bringing your own information, your own knowledge forward.

You yourself chose to be here and to bring the worth of human existence back to the forefront of the Creation. You are needed; you have been in training for this mission now for several lives, and you did not come unprepared. All you need to know is within you, and it is your mission to remember your training. This is not a life when you are going to learn new information. As we have said before it is in this life that you will remember what you already know.

You will remember what you already know and we are just here to remind you about it. That is a part of our mission.”

In this video from the Pleiadians we were also told about our history and by history I mean our beginnings way back in time. They tell us that Humanity is an experiment. {Not very nice learning that you are an experiment you may think?} They tell us that Humanity has been designed just like more or less everything else that exists within Creation.


Prime Creator started experimenting with Creation a long time ago in this Universe for the goal of greater self exploration, self-satisfaction, and self-expression. Prime Creator brought energies and essences of life – extensions of His-Herself in to this Universe and endowed these extensions with gifts that He-She owned. As I write these words I feel so close to Prime Creator in the knowingness that we are all One – we are all HIM_HER we are all Source- God whatever name you would like to use. We are all divine particles of the One Prime Creator.

In the Pleiadian message we are told that Prime Creator said to these extensions of Him-Herself “go out and create and bring it all back to me.”

The Pleiadians go on to tell us that Earth was a beautiful place that was situated on the edge of one of the galactic systems and easy to reach from other galaxies. It was close to many ‘road portals’- main roads that exist so that energies can travel through space. A few of the creator gods were masters at genetic technology. These master geneticists designed different species, some human some animal, by playing with varieties of DNA, that the sentient civilisations contributed with to create Earth as an exchange centre of information, a Light Centre – a Living Library.

The original Earth planners were members of the ‘Family of Light’.  They were creatures that worked for and were associated with an awareness that is called Light. They designed a place where galaxies could contribute information and where everyone could take part and share their specific knowledge. The Earth was to become a cosmic library, a place of incredible beauty, where experimentation was done as to how information could be saved through frequencies, and also through genetic processes.

Eventually there was a war regarding this Earth project known as ‘The Living Library’. During the early Earth history there was a war in heaven about who owned this planet. War broke out and Earth became a place of duality. Certain creator gods who had the right to do what they wanted to do, because Earth was a free-will zone came here and took over. When this war broke out a certain group of entities warred in space and won Earths territory.

These new owners did not want the indigenous Earth species – mankind - to be informed as to what had happened. Uninformed they would be easier to control. 

This is why Light is information and dark is lack of information.

This in a nutshell is what good and evil are all about. Good = Light - truth – openness – honesty – heartfelt sharing of information. Evil = Darkness – hiding information – dishonesty – control of information {usually to gain advantage over others in some way}.

So these new ‘owners’ of Earths territory that came here 300,000 years ago are the powerful creatures that are spoken about in our Bible, as in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets and in texts all over the Earth.

They came to Earth and rearranged the indigenous inhabitants. They rearranged our DNA to be able to have us ‘broadcast’ within a certain limited frequency wave. The frequency that we were allowed could then ‘feed them’ and keep them in power. They worked in their laboratories and created human versions with a different DNA – a two strand double helix DNA. The original DNA pattern was left within the human cells, but it was not functional. It was divided – unplugged.

The creator gods {we call them ‘archons’ and I will add here that they are not mentioned in the now available revised version of the video which will be available directly after this text,} that have ruled this planet - have the ability to take on a physical body, although most of them exist in other dimensions. They have been holding Earth in a certain vibratory frequency whilst creating emotional trauma to nourish them-selves.

NB An update since the original production of this video which was produced many years ago is the following. A number of these ‘archons’ both in the physical and on the astral-etheric planes have been removed – and this is now an on-going process that we can take part in by joining the weekly meditations, to assist the Light forces and Angelics in the removal of all of these entities from the now as I write collapsed Matrix. The following words are from the video.

“There are creatures that honour life above all else. Then there are also creatures that do not honour life and who do not understand their connection to it.  So who are these creatures that came in and tore apart the original plans for the Earth?” {TZ speaking here - Along with the creator gods we call archons; there have been minions to them that we sometimes call ‘Darteshas’.} “These space beings are partly human and partly reptilian. We call them the ‘Lizzies’ so that you do not take them too seriously and get too upset. We {Pleiadians} are not telling you this to scare you. We are just here to inform you.” 

True Love

“They have been feeding themselves on your emotions. One of the biggest secrets that have been kept from you as a species is knowledge of the wealth and prosperity that follows with emotions – feelings. You have been purposely steered away from investigating your feelings – emotions because through emotions you can figure things out.”

True Love between True Hearts is the One most amazing energy that will help us all to return to a state of true harmony on this beautiful planet we call Gaia. 

It is for this reason that one of Keisha Crowther’s {‘Little Grandmother’} ‘jobs’ has been to thoroughly inform us now in this time, how to learn to return to our Heart, and follow our true Heart feelings now to discover who we truly are. In one of the articles to follow here I will explain to you about the work done in all of this by the lady called ‘Little Grandmother’.

Written by                   Therese Zumi Sumner                        02/04/13                                 2033pm

Here is the video 'THE PLEIADIAN MESSAGE' - a wake up call for the family of Light. Enjoy.