I decided about an hour ago {see date here above} to start to move updates about Hopegirl and her QEG = Quantum Energy Generator from this blog {link below} - where I have supported her work and appeals to raise money for this project from day one - and onto my website here. There simply hasn’t been time for this before but I’ve been thinking about it for the past week or so. As I started moving the first article I hopped over to her site to see if the link worked and low and behold there was this message!!! I do not know if you realise the implications of this? We have been trying to reach mainstream media about so many different things and free energy is a very very big one and can have huge implications – HUGE! Here is Hopegirl’s message;

News of QEG Goes Main Stream!

Today April 22, 2015 a major news blast regarding free energy, the story of the QEG, Nikola Tesla and Fix the World has made its way onto main stream media websites. Perhaps for the first time, millions of average people will be learning about a grassroots movement where people are building their own energy efficient generators in hopes of taking their power back from the controlling power companies.

Breaking through main stream media blackout tactics is extremely difficult. Fix the World is proud that our hard work in this regard has finally paid off, and an average reader of main stream will finally have some truth to read. This has all been made possible by FTW/QEG supporters and donors and the many people who are building QEG’s in over 30 countries.

Our QEG story has been published on 224 main stream websites! Below are some screen shots. Thank you to all of our dedicated supporters who are making Fix the World and our projects effective, so we can all start to see some real change on this planet.



PS; TZ here; I would have known about this had I still been receiving updates from this project - is it just me or have you noticed that all kinds of info to your mail gets blocked? Yesterday Cobras mail came in on Promotions - isn't it funny that they decided to group emails into different categories - makes it much simpler to have things lost - is that the plan? While on this subject I have written on my website that if you 'LIKE' this Facebook Page Blog then you will automatically get updates via mail when I post here but from what I hear this does not work now for some time!?
OK lets focus on the good news now! and this update from Hopegirl is VERY GOOD NEWS BELIEVE ME!

Therese Zumi


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Re-Post here on Veritas 25/04/2015 at 1455 PM

Tesla's Lost Diary ~ see further down page

Message re this page;

This is the original appeal 'Free Energy Now' made by Hopegirl in September 2013 which I supported on my blog at the time. I continued to post all her updates of the development of the QEG and have now decided in April of 2015 that this material ought to be available all in one place on Veritas.

However when I checked out her website now I realised that finding those dozen odd detailed reports about her work from my blog log and moving them here is slightly crazy when all I need to do is link to her amazing website where you will find all that you need to know and more about the development of the QEG.

I have already moved the article with her appeal for funding and her detailed explanation of the project from the start to this page and if you desire more information here is the link to Hopegirl’s fantastic site.


Therese Zumi


Beautiful Hope


Therese Z here; 25/04/2015 

Ok so we all know that free energy will definitely be available after the Event {plans are already in motion for the overnight setting up of factories worldwide, for the quick production of available prototypes to be given to humanity as soon as possible – my guess is that this will take 3-4 months to reach everyone}. In the past 100 years hundreds of fantastic inventors have lost their lives because they would have endangered the Cabal's interest in keeping us in the dark ages forever if they could. Cobra informed us that about 4000 other amazing prototypes will be brought into production after The Event, prototypes that have been ‘confiscated’ one way or another by the Cabal who have not wanted us to have the availability of things that would actually make our lives easier. So those who have been employed in the ‘toxic’ production of energy – oil – nuclear – coal etc. will find work creating other fantastic things for our lives.

Nicola Tesla {photograph top left} had the technique for free energy over 100 years ago. In case you did not know he also invented radar, helicopters, electricity and 3-400 other amazing things. Thousands have followed in his footsteps but the Cabal have stopped at nothing to prevent their inventions reaching us - you and me. Now Hope-Girl has found someone who can bring a new free energy prototype forward within weeks - read the story of how she met him recently in Australia and how they now plan to do this. There is a video showing the technique available. I have heard of at least two other prototypes (plus the ones in the Thrive film) one of which the Chinese supposedly had and which according to Benjamin Fulford gave them the power to say to the Cabal 'don't come here threatening us because we don't need your oil, nuclear energy etc. we have this free energy prototype ready to go'.
So we all know the plans the possibilities are there and this post is Hope Girl’s attempt to show us how we can bypass the Cabal now by starting to get this free energy out there.

The main thing between us arriving overnight into the Golden Age of peace and prosperity is MEDIA CONTROL - Cobra said in LA in November - “If we reach the mainstream media - we have won". Every single step in this direction now is important. Everything we each do and think and say each day is important. Look at Hope Girls information ( she has been the driving force behind the amazing 'fix the world' project now for over a year, this is someone I trust or I would not even consider putting her article here.) So here it is.

NB: This article continues below the 2 videos that I posted here today Saturday 17th Nov 2018


Battery Switching Board Technology (New Video)

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In this video, we speak with Geoffrey Miller from Energy Batlabs about his long awaited battery switching board technology. This video is a live call from the Clean Energy Academy made public for Youtube.

For DIY engineers who have been working on energy battery projects such as the Bedini School Girl, or solar or wind off-grid applications, this battery switching board technology just released from Energy Batlabs is a welcomed solution to energy rotation in your system set up.  This logic board, when used with relays (sold separately) automatically switches between three battery banks to rotate them between charging, resting and powering a load.

Link to learn more and order board: http://bit.ly/2EM8oRr

Watch the full video ~ ~ TZ here: Video available here below.


QEG Technology Explained DIY Electric Generator


This video gives an in depth explanation about how the technology in the Quantum Energy Generator works. After an introduction from Hopegirl, a full excerpt from our movie “Chasing Tesla” is displayed showing resonance technology as it was discovered and used by Nikola Tesla is presented. Nikola Teslas patents for resonance machines as well as a comparison for the schematics for the QEG are also included in the explanation.

Watch Here on Youtube ~ TZ here: Video available here below.

Finally We Have Found the Perfect Way to Release Free Energy Technology to the People

By Hopegirl 2012

This is very exciting and extremely urgent! The time to do this is NOW!!!

Beautiful souls, I believe we have finally found the perfect scenario that will allow free energy technology to break through to the people. Please note that this is a very bold post. It has to be. For those individuals who have heard of free energy technology, the question always remains the same, what will it take to get it to the people? We’ve heard of stories of brilliant inventors who have had their inventions suppressed, their patents confiscated by the governments…. we’ve heard of tales of greed, theft, power struggles and personality differences. With all of these stories, we end up with the same outcome: the technology does not get released, and the people who need the energy to live, to have clean water, to grow food…. they suffer as a result while the banks take our value and the governments confiscate our patents.

At the Fix the World Organization, we’ve been carefully watching, learning, interviewing and growing our knowledge base around the different obstacles that block free energy. As a result we have finally set up the perfect scenario that we think can really help this to break through once and for all. And as we have learned, that magical combination is one that involves the people. Let me briefly explain.

First, we have found the perfect, trusted inventor who’s heart is in the right place. He has 30 years of experience in technology developments, and has won awards and recognition for his work. In his spare time he is creating free energy devices in his garage. His intentions are pure, he has been fully vetted by the Fix the World Screening process. He is also a highly awakened being, who understands the corruption and has a deep compassion for the suffering people of this planet. He has a technical, mechanical brain that is wired like none other I’ve ever seen before. He thinks, speaks, acts and breathes the mechanics of energy devices. In his own meditations he’s received a special understanding or “download” that has given him the knowledge necessary to create a quantum generator that will create its own power without sun, wind, water or fuel.  He wants to create this generator so he can give it to the people.

And now for the second piece of the puzzle that has fallen into place. Fix the World has been touring Australia for the past three weeks. On our trip I have met with two extremely high level business advisors. I spent the night in their homes, I cooked and ate meals with them, I played with their kids. We had long personal business conversations about the Fix the World Organization, our projects, and specifically free energy devices. These business advisors have access to a huge network of other very wealthy and highly respected people throughout several countries, the kind of people that have the power to make good things happen.  We have a relationship with them at this point that is at a strong enough level where we can call them at any time once we have something solid to present. In terms of a free energy device, they are both very excited about the concept and we have been guaranteed the following:

“Get a device to work, and show it to me, I’ll even send a guy to where you are so you don’t have to transport it anywhere. I will have everything you need, all the people, all the funding, all the connections to duplicate the device and distribute it to the people that need it most. I just need to see a working prototype first.”

Now here’s where this whole situation gets interesting. This is where we are going to do things differently than anyone has before, and this is also where WE THE PEOPLE come in, because it is up to us to do what needs to be done to bring us the energy that we all need and deserve.

Again I say, this is a bold post. Speaking about this kind of information has put many well intentioned people into a dangerous positions in the past. I believe times have changed, and the “powers that were” have lost their grip on trying to control the people. This is because more and more of us are waking up and stepping into our own power and taking action to secure our freedom.   Normally it was secrecy, the control of funding (meaning making sure inventors were broke), and a top down hierarchal power structure that kept free energy from the people. In this blog post, and by spreading it through the power of social media (controlled by WE THE PEOPLE) we are presenting this information in a completely transparent manner. We are letting everyone know up front exactly what has been lined up. No more secrets.  Also we are crowdfunding the cost of building the needed working prototype. This puts the power of making this happen back into the hands of the people. If WE THE PEOPLE want free energy, then WE THE PEOPLE will fund it. This is our opportunity to do so. I do not know of any other free energy device that has been crowdfunded so openly and so transparently. And by doing this we are doing it from the ground level up. This is grass roots at its finest. We build one, then we build a few more and give them to our neighbors. We then use the Fix the World network (which includes everyone) and the power of social media and the internet to spread the word. Friends will be telling friends, “I just got my device today, did you get yours?” And this is how we do it. It will spread like wildfire, and because of the power of WE THE PEOPLE and how fast this can move, there will be nothing they can do to stop it.

So with all of that said, here is the outline of the steps:

1) We need $7,610 to buy the materials to build the working prototype.
2) Then the two high level business colleagues mentioned will come to see it and provide more funding to build more devices.
3) And we can distribute it by any means possible, through grassroots efforts like the FTW network, and other online social media means.

If you want to help here are two ways that you can:

Please donate to the crowdfunding campaign to build the prototype. This campaign has lots of details about the invention, the inventor and a video that explain the device in great detail. CLICK HERE: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/home-quantum-energy-generator/


Please spread this post as far as you can. This needs to go viral! It’s time to stop the secrecy and suppression of free energy. And the only way we can do that is if we spread knowledge like this blog post and make sure the people know.

Heres a great video created by the inventor for a further explanation of the technology at hand.

hopegirl2012 | September 10, 2013 at 3:42 am

Re-Posted by Therese Zumi Sumner on 10/09/2013 on my Facebook blog:

Re-Posted here today 25/04/2015 at 1448 PM


Open Source = Patent Free

QEG eBook Now On Sale!


FTW and the QEG family are proud to announce the publishing of our first QEG eBook! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for everyone out there who is interested in the QEG!  - Hope

How to Build an Energy Efficient & Potentially Fuel-less Generator

A 10-week beginner’s course on building an efficient switched reluctance generator was taught online, and is now available for the first time in an eBook!


Two years of clean energy research has led to the open source (PATENT FREE!) development of this generator. Designed and backed by 50 years of combined engineering experience, you will be inspired to arrive at an understanding of reluctance generators and how to build one, as this eBook has bridged the gap for the layman and engineer.

We call this Generator the…... to read on go to.....


Therese Zumi Sumner

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Free Energy Developments


There is a great project with the purpose of bringing free energy devices to the people, created by Hope Girl and Fix the World organization. You might want to read more about it here:


And participate in the project here:

There are similar projects taking place behind the scenes and I might soon be able to report about one such project, involving the White Dragons Society, as it gets declassified. 

Also, I will post a detailed intel report about the planetary situation tomorrow.
Total victory of the Light is near!

2nd Re-Post here 29/04/2015

Fix the World Documentary Part 1

A Must See Published on 15 Jun 2013


This film is packed with heart felt power. It is centered around the voices of the people of this planet and strives to present not only the REAL problems we all face, but the suppressed solutions that are available to us if we all take action. We are exposing A LOT in this film, and the people are ready for this! There are many brave film producers who expose corruption, and we have done this too. We strive to take this a step further and also expose the solutions so that people are left with the hope and inspiration to do something about it.


How to Restore the Economy
How to Release New Technology
The Cabal and Environment
How to Fix the Legal System and Reform Governments


The Media
How to Fix the Education System
How to Restore Health
How to Fix the Food Supply


Bright Light - a song to fix our world
The Truth about Extraterrestrials
About the Fix the World Organization

We have built an incredible platform and community of people who are working around the clock to bring us free energy devices, natural cures for diseases, non-GMO food availability, and so many more amazing projects that would heal our world. The people behind these projects are all fighting against the financially powerful systems that have suppressed these solutions in the past. The Fix the World Organization exists to help give these planet changing projects every tool that they could possibly need to give them a fighting chance of breaking through. We are trying to raise the immediate start up needs for our business operations and we are ready to take this amazing operation to the next level and bring these needed changes to our planet. We realize that none of us can do this alone, that we all share the same world and we are all in this together, and we need your help.
We have completely updated our fundraising campaign and invite you to revisit it! You will find a full justification of all expenses in our start up, once again... FULL Transparency. And now we have some wonderful tokens for different donation levels to show you're your pride in playing your role in fixing our world!

Click here to visit our fundraising campaign: http://www.gofundme.com/1jtunk

See this great video here;


For Hopegirl links to ALL of the 3 videos go here – if they are taken down she puts them up on line again time and time and time again – this is what happens when you have a good thing!!


Therese Zumi

Kunming Dragon Gate Grotto

New Advanced Technologies

The Dragon Gate is a sister underground organization parallel to the White Dragon Society. Long time ago, both groups were actually one. But after the Rothschilds, assisted by the Triads,  overthrew the Qing dynasty of China in Xinhai revolution in 1912, both groups had to go underground and they began opposing the Cabal from behind the scenes and then their paths began to diverge. The White Dragon Society (as some people in the West call it now)  focused more on political, military and financial opposition to the Cabal:


At the same time, the Dragon Gate began to focus more on the development of the advanced technologies and spiritual liberation process from the grip of the etheric Archons. Both groups are cooperating behind the scenes to assist in the liberation of the planet and their methods are complementary. 

There is a new advanced healing technology which has been released by the Dragon Gate: the Mandala Sphere Laser System. Now the Dragon Gate has contacted our Phoenix Group, which is our small highly skilled team dedicated to bringing advanced healing technologies to humanity, to help spreading this technology among people.

The Mandala Sphere Laser System emits white laser, forming sacred geometric patterns of coherent light, through the geometric structure of pure tachionized crystal spheres, producing a uniquely resonating field of light. White laser delivers the ideal color spectrum to obtain the optimum resonance of each crystal.

This sacred geometric mandala field delivers informational resonances, received through the human energetic and informational fields (aura), producing substantial mental, emotional and physical benefits.

Included with the Mandala Sphere is a fiber optic crystal wand for local physical application to the energetic and informational delivery points of the body and a set of programmable crystals for remote and portable application, as well as a photoporation capsule.

The Mandala Sphere also includes a mandala computer library with a wide selection of wave forming mandalas promoting protection, prosperity, success, energizing, happiness, clearing, healing, implant removal, DNA activation, emotional state altering, positive influence on outcomes, clarity of purpose, and relationship harmonizers.

One of the most amazing properties of this laser technology is that it is the most powerful tool on the planet which assists us in removing the etheric implants. This is the closest technology to the Pleiadian light chamber as we can get on the surface of this planet.
You can read more about this technology and order it here:
Another interesting new technology, the Galactic Merkaba Activator (similar to the former Pleiadian Merkaba Activator), is available here:
And Tachyon technologies here:
There are many developments behind the scenes regarding bringing free energy technology to the masses and if all goes well, I will be able to report about it soon.
Victory of the Light is near!
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Overunity device

Progress in Advanced Technologies

It appears that the surface population is not handling free energy technology development easily. One of the main blocking factors is greed and insincerity of inventors, investors and other people in the overunity technologies creation process.    Anyway, we are hoping this project will soon bring tangible results:


Otherwise, Dragon groups are still searching for sincere inventors without any personal agenda that have a working overunity prototype which can be immediately put into mass production and does NOT require additional funding. Those inventors can contact us at cobraresistance@gmail.com .   It is more likely that overunity technologies will be released at the Event, or the release might come gradually even before that through government channels of the BRICS nations, especially India, China or Russia. These countries are working intensively on decoupling the global financial system from the petrodollar and thus effectively decreasing global control of the US negative military/Chimera on free energy technologies:   http://www.theeventchronicle.com/finanace/russia-ends-dollareuro-currency-peg-moves-free-float/  
http://rt.com/business/206447-frankfurt-first-yuan-clearing/   http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/canada-china-sign-currency-deal-aimed-at-boosting-trade/110804 

Dragon sources are suggesting that in addition to overunity technologies we temporarily shift our focus into other advanced technologies that do not trigger so many personality issues. Some of those technologies have been released already:   http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2013/10/new-advanced-technologies.html   There was a lot of progress in development of laser healing technologies. In addition to Mandala Sphere laser healing system, Mandala Scan can evaluate the state of our physical and energy bodies whereas Mandala Light Space is an advanced biofeedback system that can teach us how to reach higher states of consciousness. You can read more about those exciting new technologies here:   http://tachyonis.org/Laser.html   

There was also some progress in Pleiadian Tachyon technologies.   You can read about the Pleiadian Stargate here:   http://tachyonis.org/Stargate.html And about other Tachyon technologies here:   http://tachyonis.org/Tachyon.html   http://tachyonis.org/Merkaba.html   Victory of the Light is near!


Core left and Overunity device right



The Nikola Tesla Interview Hidden for 116 Years!

DaNell Glade posted this very interesting article about Nicola Tesla about a week ago. I think that all of you will find it extremely interesting if you missed it. For anyone with the slightest interest in Free Energy and that this could have been available to us more than a century ago this article is a MUST read! TZ

The Nikola Tesla Interview Hidden for 116 Years!

In 1899 Tesla gave this interview which has rarely ever been published for over 100 years.

In it Tesla pulls no punches and reveals the great conspiracy of science that was well under way, the suppression of ether and the introduction of a new fake science to conceal it as well as to suppress the work of Tesla himself.Once, in 1899, Nikola Tesla had an interview with a certain journalist, John Smith, when Tesla said, “Everything is the light.” In one of its rays is the fate of nations, each nation has its own ray in that great light source, which we see as the Sun.

In this interview this greatest inventor and seer of modern time unravels a new vision of humanity which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have created a century later. A must read for every Ascended Master from the PAT.

Part of this interview is dedicated to Tesla’s critics on Einstein’s theory of relativity that discards the ether as energy. I have proved in the new Theory of the Universal Law why Einstein’s theory of relativity is entirely wrong and why there is no vacuum (void), and that everything is energy. Thus I confirm Tesla’s ideas as expressed in this interview.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you have gained the glory of the man who got involved in the cosmic processes. Who are you, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: It is a right question, Mr. Smith, and I will try to give you the right answer to it.

Journalist: Some say you’re from the country of Croatia, from the area called Lika, where together with the people are growing trees, rocks and starry sky. They say that your home village is named after the mountain flowers, and that the house, where you were born, is next to the forest and the church.

Tesla: Really, all it true. I’m proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland.

Journalist: Futurists say that the Twenty-and Twenty First Century was born in head of Nikola Tesla. They celebrate conversely magnetic field and sing hymns to Inductions engine. Their creator was called the hunter who caught the light in his net from the depths of the earth, and the warrior who captured fire from heaven. Father of alternating current will make the Physics and Chemistry dominate half the world. Industry will proclaim him as their supreme saint, a banker for the largest benefactors. In the laboratory of Nikola Tesla for the first time is broken atom.

There is created a weapon that causes the earthquake vibrations. There are discovered black cosmic rays. Five races will pray to him in the Temple of the future, because they had taught a great secret that Empedocles elements can be watered with the life forces from the ethers.

Tesla: Yes, these are some of my most important discoveries. I’m a defeated man. I have not accomplished the greatest thing I could.

Journalist: What is it, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: I wanted to illuminate the whole earth. There is enough electricity to become a second sun. Light would appear around the equator, as a ring around Saturn

Mankind is not ready for the great and good. In Colorado Springs I soaked the earth by electricity. Also we can water the other energies, such as positive mental energy. They are in the music of Bach or Mozart, or in the verses of great poets. In the Earth’s interior, there are energy of Joy, Peace and Love. Their expressions are a flower that grows from the Earth, the food we get out of her and everything that makes man’s homeland. I’ve spent years looking for the way that this energy could influence people. The beauty and the scent of roses can be used as a medicine and the sun rays as a food.

To continue reading go to this link;


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