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Therese Z here:

Today is the 15th January 2021. This morning I did a practice run of the Buddhic Column meditation for New York Washington Pennsylvania etc: I am sure that all of you are already busy sending the Violet Flame to the US when you take the time to sit down and focus within.

And on that subject, I would like to say that the information I have gathered below here is the best present ever that I could possibly give you at this time. You and only you know what your mission concerns at this time. If you are one of those deeply involved in anchoring the light, then this information is of great importance to you. You may already be perfectly grounded and be the type of lightworker who has a natural 'motherly earthly' balance in your body and then this information will not be so much of interest. However, considering what now lies ahead ~ considering the amount of Heavenly energy about to hit this planet with full force ~ this subject matter should be of interest and I hope that you enjoy it.

My copying machine broke down some years ago and I never invested in a new one. If I had one, then I would make a copy of this fiery  tree image to have nearby as a reminder in the coming days and weeks. I might paint one! ;-)


Simple General Tips for Symptoms Due to Heavenly Overweight


By Mikael Kvist


Translation Thérèse Sumner


Few people understand the effect of portals affect upon the wellbeing of the human collective. Usually all of the symptoms are ‘thrown together’ as Ascension symptoms or they are blamed upon the Schuman resonance.

Certainly the Schuman resonance affects us but indirectly because it affects the portals which in turn affect our physical and psychological well-being. And these symptoms that I will provide here have nothing to do with Ascension at all but are imbalances that you can do something about.


With my background as a clairvoyant researcher I have studied portals for over 35 years and have more than 45000 observations. I learned how portals worked and that they each one of them, independent of which type they are, have within them 2 poles which are in two points.  I have called these points male and female because they have affected men and women differently.

It is when both of these poles start ‘dancing’ that portals open for meetings and travelling.

There is a large overweight of portals that open upwards to what I call the Father Pole or the Heavenly Pole.

The number of Mother Pole openings are fewer and smaller.

Among other reasons this is because people have got the idea that everything good is upwards and everything evil is downwards.

Balance versus Imbalance

Imbalance causes us problems because we in our bodies are children of the Mother and our planet. Her qualities are warm and soft, and we become softer towards ourselves, each other and we wind down.

Symptoms of illness that we have had earlier have a tendency to go away.

Heavenly overweight that doesn’t resonate with our bodies so well, creates problems in our bodies and they are rather similar for everyone.

Heavenly Overweight often gives symptoms like:

  • Headache
  • Coldness in the body
  • Stiffness
  • Local pain in the body
  • Problems with eyes, nose and throat

The experience can be like a sudden unjustified cold or flu that doesn’t break out or doesn’t have all the symptoms. You can even feel feverish without having a temperature.

There are simple general tips that you can use to gain relief.

  • Light a real fire. The heat from a real open fire goes deeper inside than any other heat. It melts inside the bones where this is seated. This really helps. If you do not have a fire, then red IR lamps are excellent.
  • Wear red clothes or clothes in warm colours. This helps somewhat. It helps even more if you put on a ridiculously thick layer of clothes.
  • Wear a cap, hat or shawl on your head indoors. This will somewhat screen off / shield off from that which presses down from above and seeks to descend for a meeting.
  • For you with long hair. Put it up in a bun or a ‘Buddha bun’ on top of your head (he knew what he was doing). Such a relief for me. Especially along with a cap or something else.
  • Stinging eyes indoors? Well sunglasses do help in fact. Remember that we cannot see ultraviolet light but are affected by it. Avoid opening up. To regain your balance you need to find your roots deep down in Her lava. So don’t meditate but do the opposite ~ spend time doing gardening. Walk barefoot.
  • When there is a deep imbalance there can be heaviness in the legs. In that case it helps to lie on the floor with your feet up in the air. Preferably, imagine in your mind’s eye that you are walking with your feet among the stars. Guaranteed effective. This even affects the imbalance positively globally ~ that is if enough people are doing this it can restore balance. Use what works best for you. Test it. It’s individual and depends upon your constitution and where you live, in other words portals locally.

Naturally there are variations:

  • People who have more mother and earth contact manage much better.
  • Those that live right above a crystal gate (portal) are affected more severely.
  • If you are a HSP {highly sensitive person} you will notice these variations a lot more.
  • If you meditate a lot and chronically open up (wards) to the light you will get increased problems when there is heavenly overweight.
  • If you spend time doing so called « frequency raising exercises « then you can find yourself in great difficulties. Then the imbalance is self-created, and symptoms increase.

Looking back at Balance

Without the Mother pole in our bodies we get ill, tense, stressed and excitable. Without the Mother pole portals do not open. A Portal is created when two poles meet - not when someone uses frequency raising exercises to ‘fly away’. Nor can you enter into a portal to another dimension without being in balance. So if you want to grow up within dimensions you need to firstly allow your roots to dig deep down and become one with your planets mother pole.

A Few Final Tips

As a final tip I can suggest that you:

  • watch pictures and short videos of lava, embers, fire in different shapes so that you have them living within your mind’s eye when you seek your way downwards to allow Her {Mother Gaia} to rise up through your body.
  • If you want to understand her ~ She is not a directed power. No the opposite is true. She is embracing, nothing that you give but something that you are, and you help her/you by being just that ~ embracing.
  • Reduce impressions, enjoy your own company and cosiness. Along with the Mother’s little ones. {Little people – fairies – elves} They know what to do.

Share freely

Of course you can share these thoughts if you find them interesting.

These are details taken from a coming book about Crystal portals.

Therese Z here:

To read much much more about this fascinating subject and many others, go to the authors website where you can go into the heading ‘Translate’ on the right side of the page and choose your language.

His very latest article is called ‘Portals and the two poles’ and is one week old as I go to publish this.

Website is

His website is about ~ “About travellers in time, the crystal network and dimensional events that affect us.

Also I might mention that this same author is the author of the work on the following page on my website all about Archangel Michael. I received his permission back in June 2013 to translate that book. Here is that link: