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6th June 2021

Just a reminder that I have added and 'Important Note' today below the first five pictures that are ~ below the message from Commander Ashtar

10th May 2020 ~

Therese Z here....Time for some gathering of the REAL DEAL ships of the Galactic Confederation on Veritas.

Now this first picture just below this introduction is ~ as you will see ~ a created one ~ and don't we love it ~ but the other pictures and the odd video that might just arrive here as soon as I can refind them will be the REAL Deal. Many come from Cobra who has posted them over the years.

Sometimes you can get an enlargement of the photograph by pressing / clicking on it and always a slight enlargement by moving mouse over the photograph when on a PC.

06TH JUNE 2020

This page is now developing and along with the images there will be a steady flow of updating with information about the Galactic Confederation, Ashtar Command, the War between the dark aand the Light, The Ascension Plan for Gaia, How our liberation is proceeding etc.

Namaste and WELCOME

Commander Ashtar ~ May 11th, 2020

Dear ones

Commander Ashtar speaking; it is with great joy that I come to you this morning. We all have exciting days ahead of us ~ exciting and busy days. You are ready now for what lies ahead on beautiful Gaia and She is so so beautiful, and you would agree entirely if you could see Her as we do every day every hour. My crew are astounded continually at the beauty of the planet you live upon. They are so looking forward to the time when the people of Earth will say “yes we would like to officially meet with the Galactic Light Family”. Strange as it might seem now ~ they will do so willingly when they have a greater understanding of things and that is something that they will have very soon.

They shall need some time to digest so much before the official news of our proximity can be exposed to them. They have a long grieving process to go through from which there is no escape. They will cry one moment and then some good news about the new situation will make them amazed and surprised and even happy ...... and then more insight over the fate of their home planets darkness, will bring on more tears and they will be on a roller coaster ride of emotions for months........

We are all around you on the ships now. Ships of all sizes and dimensions. We have our bases on the moon and in the asteroid belt and on Ganymede.... the base that the lady channelling these words would love to visit on a ‘weekend trip’. She’s a funny one ....... yes the bases are many both in your solar system and below surface. Most of you will know about the base in Washington State.

My crews of the Ashtar Command group along with the entire Galactic Confederation are very excited now as your huge liberation approaches......they will all of them be sending you so much love in the days and weeks ahead...... helping you to cope with the enormous cathartic healing process that will begin.

Many of you will have seen the ships as they travel continuously around the planet. You can always connect to us and ask to see one. This can of course happen at any time spontaneously or like the channel here you can ‘make a date’ to connect with a ship a few days prior to a walk / trip you might take.

We are with you. We love you. You will get through these upheaving times ahead. Do not feel any apprehension regarding a need to be in stress. Breathe that beautiful air .... yes, it is getting cleaner and will be thoroughly cleansed...... take deep breaths and relax...... all is very well...... you are prepared.

Have no doubt that we too are thoroughly prepared. We have been preparing for these days and weeks for a very long time and we have not omitted to consider one single thing.

The plan is meticulously airtight.

The work is done...... for you have been stellar........we are all so proud of you... each and every one of you ......

Goodbye for now........yours Commander Ashtar

Published May 11th at 0818 AM CEST



6 May 2020 in Veracruz, Mexico: Next 2 Photographs


Taken near Moscow the day of the 1st Cobra Conference in Europe 2012

Xiamen China 24th June 2014

Antartica Cloud-Ships