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Sunday July 5th 2020

Therese Zumi here: it’s exactly 1312 on Sunday the 5th July as I begin this message to readers. Outside the warm hot summer weather has been transformed to a very windy, cloudy day and the chimes on my balcony are saying “There is much to be done ~ keep on writing and updating ~ because we are at the beginning of a very intensive time.”

This morning when I looked outside my bedroom window there was no wind and the sky was ‘different’. You know when you walk on a beach and the tide has gone out and the sand has these little wave patterns that you clearly feel if walking barefoot? The white clouds looked like those waves on the sand. I had never seen that before.

I am shown a vision of a Large Dragon flying through the sky Portending Change. Great Creative Power is now available to us, so let’s use it every way that we can.

Those wavy clouds speak of Harmony and the prospects of great success are outstanding. A deep chaos abides in nature, but humanity by carefully responding to the rhythms and cycles of the times, can find peace in the natural world. The wise person channels this positive energy to all areas of life and in proper proportion. But be vigilant and discriminating because peaceful conditions promote the growth of weeds as well as flowers.

In my new article Published yesterday July 4th ~ The New Normal # 229 below ~ you will find a more down to earth explanation of these words and advice from the I Ching, along with some important guidance on how to manoeuvre these days and energies.

These are very exciting and magical days that we have ahead of us. We must remain at peace even though chaos might abound outside. In my new post for today # 231 you will see clearly how the energies are building up towards Compression Breakthrough.

After our Age of Aquarius activation on June 30th it certainly feels like everything is speeding up.

Finally, I would ask that you please share the articles here that you find helpful. No, it’s not so easy now to share as it was on Facebook before they banned my work, but I am hoping that you will find other ways e.g. via a PC to copy and paste or provide direct links to these articles.

It is my aim to provide you with truthful and reliable information, that will enable you to remain in a harmonious space as we move forward towards our Transition.

Love and Namaste TZ.

PS: That wind has now become very stormy and the rain is pelting down, making me just want to curl up in bed and rest and leave the world behind a while ~ we will need those hours and days too ~ to ensure that we arrive where we’re going in harmony.


June 5th 2020


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I have written the following 5 articles to bring clear answers to many questions that have arisen regarding The Event. So if you have any questions unanswered you should find that the answers are found in one or other of them. Therese Zumi

PS: If you have not read The Event Pages then I would recommend that you do so prior to reading these extra articles based on many queries over the years.

Article # 235  ~  roll down this page to find this

What We Can Expect At and Beyond The Event ~ 12th July 2020

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The Shock of The Transition ~ May 5th, 2020

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The Removal of the Veil ~ How The Event Will Change Everything Immediately ~ February 3, 2017

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A Perfectly Timed Ecstatic Moment of Unbelievable Joy which is otherwise known as The Event is the Tsunami of Love recently discussed on Golden Age of Gaia ~ 14th January 2014 

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Repost  # 1   

What is Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event? Part One of Two followed by Part Two ~ April 26th 2017



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23 September, 2020  ~ A Short Message to the Surface Population ~ COBRA UPDATE # 260


18 September, 2020 ~ A Short Message to the Surface population ~ COBRA  # 259 

14 September, 2020 ~ Progress Report ~ COBRA # 258 

15th September 2020 ~ Getting Involved 4 ~ Removing Demons # 257 

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15th September 2020 ~ New Post #12 Lee Harris ~ How to Recover from a Narcissist.




Press Image to Enlarge

It is the morning of the 16th April at 0707 AM {7+7+7} 2020 and I am doing some important updating here on Veritas. This video has been available at the bottom of this very long Introduction Page since it was created. I have made the recording for the Swedish version. Its high time to have this video easily available here at the top of Veritas now! We have never and I mean NEVER been this close to liberation before! I have believed that we were close for years ~ thats how i kept on going with the work. Now I KNOW for sure that 'time is of the essence'. No-one will - no one can announce the day or the timing of The Event. Just know that Divine Mother ~ Goddess will not keep us waiting a moment longer than necessary for the safety of the many.

The main purpose of this video is to have all the core information easily available in a concise way, to be shared at the moment of the Event to the unawakened population. By publishing it now, it can circulate and we can make sure everybody has it ready for when the time comes. This also allows for more people to be aware and ready before the time comes.

The following link will bring you this video in the following languages;


ప్రపంచవ్యాప్త పునర్ నిర్మాణం అవశ్యం (TELUGU VERSION)

दुनिया का पुनरनिर्माण अवश्य है (HINDI VERSION )




Article # 260   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Short Message to the Surface Population

There were some drastic military escalations behind the scenes a few hours ago, and there is now a full scale war going on between the Galactic Confederation and the Draco fleet in sublunar space, and a full scale war between the Resistance Movement and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex in the underground bases. Nothing can be said at this time about the operations on the surface, as all is still classified. Although the end result of this war is a clear Draco and IBC defeat, the energy of this conflict will precipitate to the surface of the planet as increased violence among members of the surface population, and as violence from the Cabal towards the surface humanity.

There will be two peaks of this conflict, the first one being Mars Saturn square on September 29th at 21:49 UTC and the second one being Mars Pluto square on October 9th at 13:09 UTC.

The Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to join the Flower of Life meditation at those two moments, to minimize that violence and bring more peace into the situation:  

The Light Forces are also asking everybody who feels so guided, to join daily Flower of Life meditations at their convenience. These meditations are taking place daily every 4 hours at 12 am, 4 am, 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm UTC.  

Saturn Chariklo conjunction on September 21st meant peak quarantine status for this planet, both as a planetary quarantine and as covid quarantine, and now the dark forces are daily losing their grip upon the surface of this planet. There is still great possibility for the Cabal to try to impose new covid lockdowns for about a week, and moderate possibility for the Cabal to try to impose them in the next three weeks. Therefore the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to participate in daily meditation at 9:30 pm UTC to counteract covid lockdowns:  Victory of the Light!


Article # 259   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Friday, September 18, 2020

A Short Message to the Surface population

Dark force occultists are using the coming Saturn-Chariklo conjunction on September 21st to enforce second wave covid lockdowns and implement draconic control measures against the surface population. Their plan was already leaked in August.

They are very seriously implementing that plan, as you can see here:

You may expect many new covid measures that infringe upon your personal freedom, to be attempted to be implemented in the next week or so.

To counteract all this, a mass meditation has been created and you can join if you feel so guided:

Victory of the Light!

Some Important and Some Good News from Cobra 15th September 2020


Article # 258   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Monday, September 14, 2020

Progress Report

Our meditations have managed to somewhat stabilize the positive path towards the Event.{Lets keep it up friends!} 

A few days before exact Eris-Pluto heliocentric square meditation on August 31st, cloudships and rare multiple rainbows appeared in Taiwan. {see 2 Images here} 

The Solar System beyond Lunar orbit is already entering the Age of Aquarius as last vestiges of primary anomaly are being removed from there. Massive influx of angelic Light energies is now being experienced throughout the Solar System and people who are sensitive to energies are able to connect with it.

Clearing of Draco fleet is proceeding according to the plan and Light Forces have communicated that the probability of Draco alien invasion is now less than 1%, probability of fake Illuminati alien invasion is 7%, probability of US-China war is 9%, whereas probability of US civil war remains at 35%.

Mjolnir technology that the Light Forces are using is actually quantum cannon technology which emits a strong scalar field through the quantum foam and forces all matter waveforms from quantum superpositioned state into physical manifestation. This forces all Draco ships to appear into the physical and they are then immediately contained by the Galactic Confederation and their personnel processed through the Ganymede sorting facility:


Mjolnir motherships are positioned in a giant dodecahedron just beyond Lunar orbit and are emitting strong Mjolnir forcefield towards the Earth.

When Light Forces were clearing Draco fleet they have rescued many hostages, among them twin souls of many key commanders within the Galactic Confederation. Those commanders were threatened by the Draco that their twin souls would be tortured if the commanders would not cooperate with the Draco and sabotage many plans of the Light Forces. This is how the Draco were able to create many delays and setbacks and this is why the coronavirus pandemic could not be stopped in January and February.

Those twin soul hostages were rescued and compromised commanders taken to Confederation motherships outside our Solar System, where they will be able to get healing and then they will repair as much as possible the damage they have created.

Those compromised commanders were also responsible for spreading of much of fake intel through many Lightworkers channels in the last few years. This is one of the main reasons why most channeling sources are not reliable. The other reason is that those Lightworkers have a belief system that they know everything, and they appear to be speaking with authority, when in reality they are mostly clueless. The third reason, already stated many times, is the dark force infiltration of the Ligthworker community.

Now with that major sabotage exposed, the Light Forces are able to progress much more effectively with much less delays. After they remove the Draco fleet, they will begin systematically clearing the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC):

The vast majority of Cabal members in the IBC and also on the surface are naturalized Dracos, meaning they came from Draco star system many thousands of years ago and then took incarnation cycles on Earth by incarnating in human physical bodies while keeping Draco energy bodies.

They now unsuccessfully want to create their own version of the Reset and push this planet into technological dystopia:

They also unsuccessfully want to spread new, mutated versions of the coronavirus:

They are using the lockdown situations to start testing how people would react to FEMA camps, in Ohio and Quebec:

Understandably, people are protesting against it:

And against lockdowns in general as well, for example in this massive protest in Berlin:

This protest was a major victory in the occult war against the dark forces, as it started to heal the so-called Prussian negative timeline.

Main protest took place in the Great Star square in Berlin (Der Große Stern), in the center of which is the Victory Column (Die Siegessäule):

On the top of the column is a big statue of goddess Victory which is the center of the Berlin Goddess Vortex. This vortex was reactivated during the protest and started to heal the Prussian timeline: {see Image to the left} 

Prussian timeline was initialized in the early 19th century by dark Prussian occultists and envisioned dystopian soulless technological civilization dominated by Prussia. This timeline is responsible for Nazi secret space program which includes Neu Berlin underground base in Antarctica (now in the hands of IBC) and for creation of the Dark Fleet.


The Jesuits are now using their puppet George Soros:

To create a color revolution in the USA:

Trump, on the other hand, may use Insurrection Act to counteract this:

Positive Military may, or may not use the Insurrection act, to trigger the Delta Option shortly after the election:

Jesuits want to polarize the surface population to either idolize or hate Trump:

They are using the energy of emotional investment into Trump as a tool to engineer civil war in the USA. Light Forces are therefore asking everybody to remove their either positive or negative emotional investment from Trump and just calmly and rationally observe the situation and try to put as much Light as possible into it.

And send some loving energy to animals:

And connect to beauty:

Or read this book:

Victory of the Light!


Article # 257   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Preface to ‘Getting Involved’ 4


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Getting Involved 4

Removing Demons

15th September 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner

The following simple description of how to get a demon to leave a host is recommended for those that wish to remove demons who have taken possession of someone close to them.

You do not need the permission of the victim to do this simply because they have no awareness of their plight. 

About 20% of victims will have an awareness that ‘something is not right’ but 100% of the time they would not dream of considering this option.

If you are mistaken and possession is not the problem, then saying these words and performing this simple ritual cannot possibly have any negative effect whatsoever.

How Would You Know that Possession by a Demon Has Taken Place?

Here you should thread very very carefully. Let’s return to the subject of ‘inconsistency’ once again. 

* If I was even to consider the idea that someone might have been possessed by a demon, it would be because the person in question was now behaving in a way that was not familiar.

   This is an important tell-tale sign.

There would have been some type of personality change at some level.

Very often the person would be avoiding social interaction.

The demonic presence would be affecting the choices made by the victim.

A demon does not like the light and so it would be affecting the emotional body of the victim.

It would be pressuring the victim to avoid contact with lighter individuals and generally telling the victim via their mind and emotions that there is something ‘wrong’ with those lighter individuals and that they should be avoided.

They ~ demons ~ like enclosed limiting environments and when they take over a victim’s body, they will do everything they can to encourage the host to avoid socializing and especially with good people.

If you were correct and the person has really been possessed there should be some ‘tell-tale’ signs that the person is no longer possessed within approximately 3 days’ time after this ritual is performed.

It is not necessary for you to be in the presence of the person who has been possessed to do this work. You can of course do this work silently within you whilst being in the vicinity of the person but it’s not necessary.

1} Call upon Jesus Christ to join you.

2} Focus your inner mind upon seeing a picture of the victim in front of you. Imagine that you are looking into their eyes.

3} Say, {silently or aloud}

    In the Name of Jesus Christ I command that you - DEMON - leave the body of ... (name of victim) immediately.

4} In the name of Jesus Christ I command that you - DEMON - leave the body of .... immediately.  

Repeating the words twice should suffice but here you should rely upon your intuition.


Yeshua by Akiane Aged 8 years old ~ Press Image to Enlarge

Jesus Christ ~ Our Beloved Brother Yeshua Would Like to Say Something Now



You should always be open to learning new things. Be inquisitive. Desire to understand. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. 

When new information comes into your awareness it may begin a time of ‘traveling’ through your mind and emotions, a time of attempting to understand certain times and events in your life and seeing them in a new light.

You might suddenly have realisations and understanding on a whole new level, as to why certain unexpected negative events came about in your past or present life situation. 

Trust inherently your gut feelings and knowingness.

You may suddenly see more clearly than ever before, and further investigation carried out calmly and confidently will lead to a greater understanding. Have faith that you will be supported by Me and other members of the Council of Love if there is something in your life and relationships that needs to be carefully repaired.

At first these realisations may feel difficult even unbelievable and hard to digest. Could this really be the case? Has this really happened? Many questions will arise that seem to have no answers. Trust that this time of questioning will lead you to answers that bring exceptional progress.

Accept that you do not need to understand and have answers to all of the questions that arise. It’s fine to be a ‘beginner’ and inexperienced in this area. Know that things will later become much clearer as you gain a greater understanding of the entire subject matter. 

If you reach the conclusion that you can now do something about the new realisation that you have gained, then do not hesitate to follow your heart in this matter.

When you have decidedly taken action to change the situation then all that you need to do is to remain in a calculated state of confident waiting. Remain in a state of calm and trust knowing that the situation will eventually improve. 

Eventually communication will be established, and good fortune will follow. Be wise and loving in your communication. Be in a place of joy knowing that darkness has been defeated. Be very careful not to create a situation where someone is made to feel guilt over their behaviour that might have been negative. They will themselves not have an understanding for their negativity and do not need to be informed of the truth of the matter, especially when the subject in question would be totally alien and frightening. 

Your Brother Yeshua 

PS: For those who may not be familiar with the name Yeshua for Jesus I would like to say that He Himself prefers to use this name nowadays. Also regarding the 2nd picture that I use here, it may also be unfamiliar, and if that is the case then I warmly recommend that you see the video found between #128 {message from Commander Ashtar} and #127 {message from Divine Mother} much lower down this page, where you will get a complete understanding of the origin of this picture.


Article # 256   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Preface to ‘Getting Involved’ 3


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Press Image to Enlarge

Getting Involved 3

Demonic Behaviour


13th September 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


When a demon has TOTAL control one can find evidence of some of the following taking place.

Self-serving behaviour above the rights of others.

Disrespectful of other people’s attempts to understand their behaviour.

Authoritarian energy.

A lack of regard for the moral or legal standards of the local culture.

Conning for pleasure or profit, repeated lying or the use of aliases.

Impulsive behaviour and failure to plan ahead and see consequences of actions.

They play a part so they can get what they want.

There is a shallow range of emotions and a lack of guilt.

There is habitual lying.

Whatever the problem it’s always someone else’s fault.

They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives. 

Psychopathic and Sociopathic behaviour is quite simply demonic in nature.

Here is an article on the details of this behaviour which has been documented anonymously by someone in 2003 because they could not find any equivalent synopsis at that time.

Schizophrenic behaviour can be a sign of demonic possession BUT not always. At least 55% of those exhibiting schizophrenic symptoms are suffering from trauma of some kind.

Incarnated Demons or Demonic Possession ~ An Important Distinction

The following assumptions are my own beliefs and conclusions after studying this matter. They are also based upon personal experiences in this area.

My Guidance is confirming these assumptions and therefore I am sharing them with you here.

It is my utter belief that demons can and do incarnate as humans.

I am Guided to say, that of all demonic possession 10% of the time we are dealing with incarnated demons.

Someone who is merely possessed (temporarily for as little as some months and up to possession for decades) by a demon, will NOT display the depth of darkness as described in the above link. In part two #255 I took up the ’inconsistencies’ and other type of behavior that might better describe possession. When demonic possession takes place the human host is still present, and the victims have no awareness of this awful usurpation of their body.

I have personally met an incarnated demon. In all honesty I was one of many that this demon managed to dupe! Luckily I was not directly involved with this 'person'. This was someone possessing the sociopathic/ psychopathic behavior as described in the above link. This behaviour was well hidden. I have seen how lives have been ruined completely through people having shared their lives unknowingly with this demon. I know of 8 lives thoroughly destroyed by this demon. This devil is still roaming the planet and continuing to destroy new lives because they know how to cover their tracks, steal and hide their victim’s money and evade the law in every way possible.

Myths and Untruths about Demonic Possession through Religious Indoctrination

My recent research into this subject has brought to my attention just how much ‘bullshit’ the various religious institutions make claim to be of truth regarding this subject. Here are some things that are definitely NOT TRUE.

It would seem that official Catholic exorcists make claim that demons do not usually take possession of a person without their permission. They mean that if involuntary possession takes place the person has done something to encourage the demons.

THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER... people never ...  People NEVER give voluntary permission to submit themselves to demonic possession. 

The type of demonic possession and subsequent exorcism that is portrayed in Hollywood etc. has very little to do with reality. 

A Well Known Person of Authority Lived A Double Life for Decades

This person held the position of Headmaster at the Police University for 8 years and then he was a County Chief Constable for 9 years. He was a well-known driving force in expressing his opinions, regarding problems within the police force connected to sexual inequality, sexual harassment and violence towards women. He was an often requested lecturer in the subject area of equality and feminism.

However, his private life had no reflection of this image. He was arrested and found guilty of violent rape, rape, purchase of sexual services, assault, procuration of sexual services for others, one case of preparation for violent rape of a child and sadistic sexual violence creating physical damage. He subsequently served two-thirds of his punishment of 6 years imprisonment.

My Guides say that this person was not an incarnated demon but someone who was possessed by a demon for many decades.

Demonic Force at Work in High Places

Recently, through the great work of some Swedish lightworkers I have become familiar with a case of a paedophile.

Through following several updates and interviews with various people I have learned a lot about this case.

The deduction that ANYONE following this narrative will make, is that there are demonic forces at work protecting paedophiles, within the highest levels of the Swedish Court system and even on our Public Service Official SVT TV Channel.

The paedophile father has even succeeded in creating a documentary {available on Swedish Public Service TV} in two, hour long parts, to display his innocence and show up his ex-wife and those helping her to be stupid, ridiculous people, living in a fantasy world.

All this despite the fact that several doctors and psychologists have provided evidence of the child’s physical damage and bruising on his body and also definite evidence of fear on behalf of the small child.

Without the dedicated work of several fantastic lightworkers this information might never have surfaced. One Lightworker who I will call ‘Joseph’ is such an inspiration to me and many others. He has earlier (two decades) worked within the Swedish police force and his headmaster during his studies, was no other than the man I told you about previously. ‘Joseph’ is, among much much more, on a crusade to reveal demonic forces within the judicial and police authorities.

He was one of the ‘ridiculous’ strange people supporting the mother of this child who was being abused by his father. The amount of money / resources that have been used by the court and police authorities in support of this paedophile are astounding. The mother, because of her ill treatment by social service authorities, after having sought help to remove the child from the father, was on the run, hiding for four months. She felt that she had no other choice to save her child and was prosecuted in her absence. She eventually spent a month in custody when she was found. 

An interview between 2 Lightworkers was recorded in the main Stockholm Courthouse after the mother was released from custody after hearings. In this video the two Lightworkers discussed the then happy outcome at that time, and the photographer doing the filming of this interview took an opportunity while filming to show us the surroundings in the corridors and nearby cafe area of the courthouse. Low and behold what do we see? Statue upon statue placed here and there in the surroundings ~ statues of Demons!!

As usual in these cases the video in question has now been taken down.

I am deducting with the help of my Guides that there are several incarnated demons and several people possessed by demons in places of high authority within the Swedish Judicial Court system and within the official Swedish TV mass media.

Some Truth about Demonic Possession 

In the New Testament there are several incidents related about people being possessed by demons.

In all of these incidents we learn that demons respond and submit to the authority of Jesus Christ.

To be continued...


There is a part of me

That wants to give up the fight

That wants to go to sleep forever more

That wants to give up

That is extremely tired

That is extremely lonely

That is extremely fed up

That is extremely disappointed

That has had enough

All of this is true

all of this is true

I give up now

I let everything go

I demand nothing of myself

I do not know what tomorrow holds

I do not care right this moment either

I let go and I let God...

Today is the 11th September. I wrote the above message the night before last. I expressed my feelings to a dear friend on the phone yesterday morning. She suggested that I should break the cycle of low energy by strategically making some restructuring plans for my days and routines etc. I made a decision to take a complete break from the routine of my life soon. I am planning on taking some days away and free from any demands and also immersing myself in beauty.

In my case the beauty will be in the form of visiting some places with beautiful art that I have not had the possibility of visiting earlier. Also some beautiful botanical gardens will be part of the plans. There are beautiful places in nature in the vicinity of my home but it feels like it is time to go further afield and so Stockholm will have all the art galleries and museums etc. to satisfy a need for a change.

Making these plans for a break will give me the needed extra energy to conclude the work of parts three and four of ‘Getting Involved’ before then.

Sometimes we all need to take a complete break from what we do all the time and do something different that refreshes the energy.

What can you do to brighten up your life at the moment? Is there part of your daily routine that needs revitalization in some way? Even something like changing how your living space is furnished can bring new energy. Cleaning out old stuff and giving things away to a thrift or charity shop. When energy is stuck we need to move it about in some way. Be good to yourself. Thérèse Z


Article # 255   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Preface to ‘Getting Involved’ 2


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Getting Involved 2

As Lightworkers We Need a Greater Awareness of and Knowledge about Demonic Possession


9th September 2020

by Therese Zumi Sumner 


This subject may very well surprise many of my readers. Finally, I have been made aware all too clearly, about the absolute necessity of awareness and knowledge coming to the forefront regarding this subject now.

I am not aware of any Lightworker blogs having taken up this subject? It feels a bit like “if we just pretend that these entities do not exist then they will disappear.” 

Breaking Contracts

We have learned as Lightworkers that to keep ourselves free from darkness we must clearly state that we desire to break all contracts with dark beings. I am informed by my Guides that approximately 14% of Lightworkers have broken these contracts.

We have all had contracts with dark beings whether we like it or not, because otherwise we would not have been able to gain access to this matrix world that has been controlled by archons - the fallen angels. For example if we chose to come here to this planet from other places in this galaxy, or in the sister Andromeda galaxy, to help to support the removal of darkness and liberate humanity, we had no choice but to make agreements with the archons to be allowed to incarnate on Earth. The archons have had their Draconian Reptilians and other parasitical beings under their control to control humanity.

Demons do not follow any laws. Demons do not make deals or contracts. Demons for their survival are dependent upon the existence of negative emotional energy. They seek environments where they can consume negativity in some form.

People who are basically good human beings and who have an interest in doing good things for humanity can still be usurped by demons due to a lack of awareness. 

Knowledge is Power

I haven’t necessarily decided to avoid delving into this subject earlier. However, for whatever reasons I was not ready to do so until now. Now that I have begun investigating this subject, I realize that knowledge in this area is key to our ability to be able to see the whole truth of the matter in dealing with darkness. 

I see clearly now, that in not having a basic understanding of this subject, we are left open to being continually deceived in various circumstances. When the awareness of the darkness is not there it can continue to exist and manipulate and take away power from the many.

This loss of power comes about, simply because, when difficulties arise in our lives, that we do not how to deal with, that we do not understand, we do not even consider this subject as an eventual source of the problem.


When there are seeming inconsistencies in a person’s behaviour that puzzle us, when someone very surprisingly acts out of conduct, having a knowledge and awareness of this subject matter might very well be of importance in solving the situation.

Why Do Demons Choose Certain Individuals? 

Demons do not seek permission to enter a host body. Demons do what they like to do. They choose a victim and move in.

Are they attracted to certain individuals for greater gratification? i.e. for greater success in taking over some aspects of a person’s life.

There are no humans who seek being a host to a demonic being. However, some belief systems held by humans would certainly be a more attractive host for a demon. Darkness is always an attraction. Darkness can be lack of awareness.  

Let’s take some examples.

If someone has a tendency to go through life telling lies.

If someone has very strong anti-religious belief systems i.e. does not believe in God or the supernatural world.

If someone has an alcohol addiction.

Someone who has antisocial behaviour and has a tendency to avoid interacting with others.

Someone whose life is controlled and restrained in some way.

If someone is attracted to a knowledge of the ‘dark arts.’

Someone who goes through life unconsciously and does not take responsibility for their actions.

How Prevalent is Demonic Possession?

With 100% certainty you have either known / know of someone in your life that was/is possessed by a demon. This I am sure will amaze my readers and many will not believe this statement. That’s fine. I am not in any way suggesting that people start searching out or singling out people who might be possessed in their environment.

My aim with this series of articles {there will be a part 3 and 4} is to bring forth an awareness of this subject matter because with knowledge we can do so much more to correct this sad situation than when we are in the dark about this matter.

Different Types of Demons 

I came across a very interesting and enlightening article by someone in central Europe where I found a list of demonic entities. This person has from childhood been able to clearly see different dimensions and has a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the subject of demons. I will provide the names of some of the entities that my Guides have confirmed.

She discusses 1) Demons 2) Diabolic Beings {Ghosts of very evil deceased humans} 3 Hungry Ghosts {stuck lost human souls}.

This blogger has the following opinion and I feel that it is a point of view worthy of discussing. She says;

“I do not believe in ‘fighting’ darkness because we need both worlds... when people have unresolved issues and pain and are avoiding dealing with these problems... darkness (demons) hooking onto this can bring it into the limelight to be resolved” 

She believes that “this is the functionality of darkness... the cause of the entrance of darkness in the first place”. 

I have to say very decidedly that I cannot agree with either of these statements. Sadly to say this type of opinion regarding darkness is very prevalent in our world.

I will now attempt to explain why I do not agree with these ideas. 

We now know quite a lot of information about the origins of darkness on this beautiful planet. If you are interested and are not yet familiar with the information from the Resistance Movement via Cobra, then you can go to the webpage on my website that is entirely devoted to this subject matter. Here is the link to that page.

Also, I would like to say something here as a reminder that all of this darkness will end! When I say end, I mean END. Forget anything that you might believe to know about a 1000 years of peace and then the ‘devil’ being allowed to return for another while etc. NOT TRUTH. 

We are the very last planet in darkness to be liberated! 

When The Event is a fact that will be the time of the real beginning of the end of the reign of darkness {I have to say at this point that we have made HUGE STRIDES forward already and that SO MUCH darkness is already in the past.}  Darkness will not be making a return visit here. I recall an interview about 6 years ago with Drunvalo Melchizidek. He was asked this very question and he replied something in the fashion of “this fall into darkness will never be allowed to take place again. WE (he said) will not allow it!” I realised that the ‘we’ included me! I will never ever allow this to take place again! My inner voice ~ the little devil voice that’s comes from lives of programming ~ says “who do you think you are ~ making such a statement ~ the queen of Sheba”. Well we are all ONE: I do not believe for one fraction of a second that Divine Mother ~ Goddess wishes for more suffering on the part of humanity. When I say 1 and We I mean the entire Co. of Heaven ~ the entire Council of Love ~ and the entire Galactic Confederation ~ and all of us together will never allow these ‘mistakes’ to take place again. We will create a sort of ‘reset button’ to be used so that no-one can ever get lost again!


To be continued;


Article # 254   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Preface to ‘Getting Involved’ 1


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Getting Involved! 1


6th September 2020 

Therese Zumi Sumner


When Darkness is Allowed to Win


I would like to begin by telling a short true story to give an example of how fear can hinder our true expression. A dear friend of mine found herself in an unhappy position. She was visiting an ancient tourist attraction with a female relative and her co-habitor. They had just had some coffee in a garden cafe. While walking through the garden on the way back to the car, my friend noticed a small child about 5-6 years old who had climbed to the top of a very tall tree about 6-7 meters high. My friend wanted to return to the cafe area and ask people there if anyone was missing a five year old boy. However upon suggesting this she was immediately prevented from taking this action by her relatives’ male partner, who said decidedly “Don’t get involved”. Because she was a guest of the couple, she did not return to the cafe but felt very sad and concerned that she had gone against her own natural reaction of concern for the child.

This is a good example of how we can allow darkness to take control of a situation.

Speaking our truth ~ expressing who we truly are ~ being who we truly are is the way forward that we all must go. If we call ourselves light-workers, if we stand for truth, if we want to show the way and be examples of truth, then we need to work hard now at being our true selves through correct action in the world.

Can you always be your true self?

Can you stand up for who you are even when no one else around you is backing you up?

Darkness is prevalent everywhere. It has power in families. It has power in all of our workplaces. We all know what power it has in our societies.

So how do we take this power back from darkness?

We start with ourselves.

We start where we are now.

We start in our own lives.

We become Pillars of Truth.

We dare to speak up and say how we see things. 

Darkness grows stronger while we remain silent!

‘Speak the truth and shame the devil’ is something that I heard growing up in Catholic Ireland.

Ireland in the 50, s and 60, s wasn’t an easy place to tell the truth as you saw it, because gossiping was a big pastime in society then. Gossiping is still a big pastime. Darkness loves gossip. Somebody who is seen as a threat - somebody who stands up to authority and goes their own way - needs to be ostracized by spreading gossip. This still happens everywhere on the planet in workplaces, families and neighbourhoods.

It demands strength to stand up to gossip. It demands strength to go your own way. One would imagine that speaking the truth is easy for a lightworker. I mean a lightworker is someone who fights for the truth - someone who wants the truth to be spread - that must mean that lightworkers are great at always being in their truth?

Not so,

Generally speaking I believe that I can safely say that the average lightworker has had to battle their way through life one way or another. Many of us have been silenced in different ways and had to learn through many challenges and therapies of various kinds how to regain our voices and live our truth.

We have all had to pay the price for this in one way or another. 

It’s High Time to Perfect Living Our Truth

Being in our truth at all times does not in any way mean that we speak our truth unkindly. It does not in any way give us the right to create guilt in other people unnecessarily. Truth if used indiscriminately can hurt and delay a person’s development.

We need to be aware at all times that truth can be expressed in a way that is not confrontational. 

Some bad examples of truth speaking.

“You are a bully.” “You like to bully others.” “You don’t care about other people’s feelings.” “You have zero leadership abilities.” “You treat staff unequally.” 

Examples of how one might express these feelings.

"Why does it seem to me that some people are excluded?"  "Why is that person being excluded or being treated a certain way?"  "Have you considered that ‘Mary’ now feels excluded?"  "Some of the staff feel ‘less than’ because certain people are treated preferentially."

"The group cannot work as a team when people are treated differently."

Selling Ourselves Short and Allowing Darkness to Win 

We need to develop our antennae even more and not turn a blind eye when we can see darkness taking over in everyday situations around us. Here I am referring specially to allowing dark individuals free reign and not shedding light on this in some way.

When we see darkness and know that it exists in some situation ~ when we turn our backs on it because it creates a sense of fear or anxiety within us to speak up in some way ~ then we are allowing darkness to have its way.

I am particularly referring to the darkness close to us in our everyday environment. This is where the ‘foot soldiers’ of truth need to be taking back control over our societies. We all need to truly begin telling the truth and shaming the devil. 

When we Transit ~ when we experience Compression Breakthrough ~ when The Event has taken place, it will not mean in any way shape or form that our work is done. Due to the arrests of millions a lot of darkness will be removed but that does not mean that we are rid of darkness.

I am being told that for darkness to ‘give up’ we will need to bring it to light in every way possible through enlightened leadership. This enlightened leadership means you and me calling out darkness for what it is and thus stifling its existence. When we shed light upon darkness it cannot continue. 

If we sell ourselves short and turn our backs on the darkness it remains powerful and we lose our power.

Are you on board in the Light Brigade?

To be continued; 


Article # 253   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press Image to Enlarge

Huge Numbers ~ Millions ~ Demonstrated Yesterday in Berlin for Freedom

August 30th, 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner

I wrote the main part of this article yesterday evening after viewing multiple videos showing the people moving into the main demonstration square from ALL roads leading into Berlin. At the main meeting point there is a stage where speakers are addressing the crowds which are huge. On August 1st there was also a huge demonstration in Berlin and the media all over Europe are telling us that 20,000 people were demonstrating then, when the facts show that there were closer to one million 1,000,000 people.

Yesterday the expectations were even higher with several million people planning to come to Berlin. As I write this now it is Sunday morning and we do not have exact details of numbers but definitely there were even more people gathered than the 1 million on August 1st. My guess is that there were at least 1.5 million people demonstrating in Berlin yesterday!

Robert F Kennedy is in Berlin to be part of this and I am providing the best video here of him speaking yesterday! A MUST see of 12 minutes.

Written yesterday evening…

It will be very interesting to see if the media in Europe tell us anything at all this evening about these demonstrations. There might be up to 2 MILLION PEOPLE demonstrating in Berlin today! I have a strong feeling that the cabal also have their plans and will be using this situation to their benefit in some way.

It’s as if the whole world is erupting in demonstrations right now. The importance of our ongoing meditation and visualization of the Flower of Life and Pink Loving energy flooding the surface of the planet is truly necessary to prevent over violent reactions at this time.

I have to say that while watching the videos of the German people gathering and walking to these demonstrations it all seems to be perfectly calm and people seem to be generally in a good mood and enjoying the feeling of uniting in this way... I have not seen a single angry looking person on the footage that I have seen.

Here first a video showing people on the way towards the demonstration ~ some of the signs on the placards read like “RKI is the institute for the corona laws, and paid by Gates foundation” … “They can’t count!” … “Do they call this Freedom” …  “Let the masks fall” …  “Where your freedom ends” … “We ae the 2. Wave” … This first video is only a minute long

This next one which is over an hour clearly lets you see that there are huge numbers of people everywhere in the streets that this girl Carolin Matthie is showing us on her walk all over the city…

*Ein historischer Tag in Berlin?!// Wir sind dabei! Großdemonstration für unser aller Freiheit! 🍀’

Yet another hour long video here, showing how the demonstrators are calm, collected, relaxed and unified in this peaceful demonstration.

This 4 hour old video {8 mins long} already viewed by close to 250,000 people show clearly that the numbers gathering are enormous!

It seems that the mainstream media is saying that the demonstration is over but that makes no sense when the livestream is viewed {and there are many live stream videos}.

The police have been blocking some movement of people using cars and trucks.  The government has said that this is not allowed, because it seems that the highest court has allowed this demonstration.

So, the police are breaking the law.


Here are some of the reasons that the German people are gathering in Berlin.

1} The reasons are many and that’s why so many people are united. Different groups ~ the majority of people ~ are demonstrating for the following;

The Consequences of the Virus Restrictions, Lockdowns, Loss of work, Economy, Stupid Laws about the wearing of masks etc. like Children wearing masks in schools, 

2} Then there are groups demonstrating in front of the US and Russian Embassies ~ they were already demonstrating there on Friday 28th August.

They demonstrate there to demand that Trump and Putin finally give Germany peace after WW2.

It would seem that the Peace Contract that was promised then is still missing!!

3} Also I am informed that there have been NO VALID LAWS since 1871.

This is because there has never been an official Peace Contract and thus Germany is not a state but an enterprise and the gov is the CEO BRD Gmbh, which is listed in a Luxembourg register!!! 

This means that everything in Germany is a lie, no court, Justice, has the right to decide, rule, or speak about rights.

The consequences of this mean that paying tax is not allowed, but if you do not pay tax the government will take you down! 

Another consequence of this is that the entire German government and administration are workers in an enterprise, and all of this must end now!

4} Yet again others are demonstrating because Merkel has installed a dictatorship… just like it was in the old DDR – Eastern Germany.

It would seem that this is also true regarding the EU and many politicians are paid by the Soros foundation! 

Besides all of the above, Ministries and people are paid by the Gates foundation.

People in the demonstration have been seen carrying placards demanding the arrest of these guilty people.

The Truth and The Lies that MSM Report about this Demonstration

It’s 6:30 pm {Sat} and I’m watching a livestream sending by RT of the demonstration, where the people have gathered to listen to various speakers and the place is absolutely jam packed although people are moving in and out all the time. Every age group is represented in this demonstration. It’s Completely peaceful and wonderfully inspiring to see that the German people have truly united in saying exactly what they think about the corona restrictions and are desiring real change in their society.

Berlin 29th August 2020 ~ Press Image to Enlarge

Swedish 7pm News

I will shortly watch the 7pm Tv 4 Swedish channel news to see if this demonstration is taken up. Remember that Germany is one of Sweden’s next door neighbours.

This is what TV 4 reported.

“This is what it looked like on Saturday {a short video view from one street} when about 18,000 people demonstrated in Berlin against corona restrictions. The placards read “stop corona lies” and “freedom and health”. The demonstrators were a mixture of “extremists” from both right and left sides + vaccine opponents + conspiracy theorists!!!

The demonstration was allowed if people kept a 1:5 meter distance from one another. When this was not followed the police demanded that people put on masks and when people did not listen the police had to break up the demonstration at 1pm. However pictures from Brandenburger Square later this afternoon show that large numbers of people are still there.”

{OK they just HAD to tell about this demonstration having taken place. So the official German Msm report is what Sweden is telling us. NOT THE TRUTH - No surprise!!!}

7:30 pm Public Service Swedish Official channel.

This is what our official news channel reported. One sentence!

“About 20,000 people demonstrated in Berlin today against corona restrictions, but the police had to break up the demonstration because the people were not following restrictions of wearing masks etc.”

So there you have it that’s European EU Mainstream Media for you... all lies, lies and more lies...

The German people have not had an easy time in the aftermath of WW2. I have memories from the seventies of Swedish people traveling on sun holidays in Southern Europe and hearing complaints about the German tourists going down to the beach early morning and placing out their belongings, to get good places to sunbath, claiming large areas of the beach. My feelings at that time was that these were attempts made to keep their distance from others. They had to ‘take the blame’ for the holocaust for at least 5 decades. The majority of people in the rest of Europe couldn’t understand how the Germans had allowed themselves to be duped by Hitler. Hitler managed to control the German people through fear tactics.

The whole world has now been duped by fear tactics.

The German people are the most awake in Europe ~ indeed maybe the most awake in the world. They are not going to be fooled by Nazi fear tactics one more time.

Mainstream Media Control of Information Worldwide


When I this morning August 30th, 2020 seek images from yesterday’s demonstration in Berlin ...I see images from Belarus, Hong Kong, China, Catalonia etc...

Here are the numbers of demonstrators given by various MSM sources today August 30th

BBC News says... 38,000 and a lot more lies and propaganda

New York Times... “Thousands” gather to protest in Berlin about corona restrictions, but police shut down demonstration after one hour”

Washington Post... far right extremists try to storm German parliament.

Reuter’s... US News... In berlin the police arrested 300 and disbanded a protest... the number of 38,000 people is mentioned in the article with other propaganda.


Please share this information with anyone that might be awakened by it! Please make it viral on your blogs and websites… Namaste


Article # 252   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press Image to Enlarge

There is Nothing ~ Absolutely Nothing ~ More Important than Love

Part Two of Three


27th August 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


Importance of Keeping Dreams Alive

Never Give Up Your Dream

We should not allow anything to hold us back any longer from doing what we need to do to lay the ground for the realisation of our dreams.

The more time that we spend actually fine tuning the vision of how things will be when our dream is a reality, the quicker that we are bringing ourselves and everyone else into the reality we desire to see.

Exactly one year ago from now the RM reminded us that we could push forward into our new existence on Nova Gaia by BEING THERE in our THOUGHTS, MIND AND EMOTIONS through taking a short while regularly to DAYDREAM about the most important goals that we wished to attain.

This is key and do not forget it.

Do not let any circumstances hold you back from keeping your dream alive.

Some Dreams Died?

This process has taken such a long time that many Lightworkers did not reach their dreams before the cabal interfered in their lives and ended them prematurely. So, what happens to those dreams that were not realised? We know that death as such does not exist. There is no end... dreams will somehow be realised eventually - even if we do not have a clue as to how that will take place. Believe me for the Mother there is no such thing as the impossible.

The Necessary Exchange of Sacred Love for a Planets Survival

On Nova Gaia many people will once again become acquainted with the knowledge, of just how important... no ~ how necessary... loving sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is ~ as the key to literally bringing Heaven to Earth.

How do you destroy the power for peace and balance and harmony? How do you destroy the most powerful force in the universe... namely the power of Divine Love being present on a planet? You need to know about and understand the answer to this question.

This is what you do...

The archons and their minions the draconian reptilians along with the Jesuits and the black nobility families have focused 80% of their energetic efforts in controlling humanity by creating every possible hinder imaginable that could prevent the success of loving sexual relationships on this planet.

If you would like to understand the depths that they have gone to... things that are not visible to the naked eye, then go to Dark Cabal Rulers and see in the ‘Archon’ information articles what types of invisible methods they have used.

There are many more interesting facts to be found about this subject that have also been provided to us via Cobra. You can find a lot of this information on the page The New Atlantis. A large part of this information can be found in the articles gathered below the New Atlantis video which is clearly visible when you roll down the page.

Besides these unseen forces being used to destroy loving relationships between soulmates and twin souls, there is so much that has been visibly, purposefully created to make human love relationships as difficult as possible.

1} Approximately 65% of Hollywood films have been purposefully created to have a negative effect on people’s beliefs and opinions about relationships in general

2} At least 30% of these films have created character pictures of women aimed at making men suspicious of women in general.

3} Religions were created for this very purpose!!! Here I am referring mainly to the Roman Catholic Church. If you were raised a Catholic like I was in the Republic of Ireland, you would have an understanding for the hypocrisies created by the church in this area of relationships.

4} You have all heard the appeal ‘make love not war’. Well just look at this planet. Just look at our entertainment business. If I for example take a look at the 16 channels that are available in my apartment block then a quick look at the programs available show clearly that violence, war, terror and fear compose a huge part of what’s available.

5} The pornographic industry. The evidence is overwhelming that regular consumption of pornography most definitely harms relationships. This article provides facts from research in this area.

After The Event

Societies values will change dramatically and quickly. Clear evidence will be provided to show how the ideal of loving relationships has been purposely attacked in every possible way.

Maybe your mission in the future might be connected to bringing a much greater balance and harmony to young people’s understanding of the importance of love and respect between the sexes which will be a very necessary part of the basis for our New Renaissance Society ~ a basis for The New Atlantis.

To read Part One of this aricle go to Article # 249 below.


Article # 251   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Beloved️ Friends August 25th, 2020

I have been Guided to ask for your assistance in spreading the following message about the Event far and wide. Every effort that you make to spread the good news in this article is deeply appreciated ~ please help us to the bridge the gap and reach the people who truly need to read this message, but who cannot see it due to the great censorship and many attacks on this site. In Love and Light ~ Victory to the Light ~ TZ


We Could Never Be Ready for The Event


25th August 2020

by Therese Zumi Sumner

Soon, in an utterly unexpected fashion the signal will go out from Source and the many unknown factors of what The Event entails will begin. The omnipotent effect of the final Flash from Source will travel to our shores at the speed of Love i.e. in no time at all, and the last remnants of the Net-Veil-Matrix will be dissolved. This will come as an absolute surprise to everyone with very little if any warning.

Cobra agreed to take on the role of preparing us for these moments in time. As you are no doubt aware if you have been following his work, there are no other blogs that provide the type of information that he does.

Many other amazing lightworkers have worked tirelessly for decades to awaken the many from the sleeping state that our world has existed in. Millions have been awakened to a greater understanding about the various factions controlling us from behind the scenes. Yet the truth of the matter is, that there is only one blog that has provided us with the entire picture of the truth in all of its myriad details and that blog is The Portal.

But I ask you, how many people actually know about the information provided on The Portal? This website here has aimed to support Cobra’s work and provide an overview of that information to help provide a bigger picture that is easily accessible. There are a number of other websites that have provided their readers with every update from Cobra. But how many people have been ready and able to assimilate this huge amount of information? In the greater scheme of things ~ not many at all.

When The Event Has Taken Place

How many people do you believe will literally wake up from their sleep when the first steps of The Event have taken place and actually know for a fact what has happened?

The number of people who will wake up and have a complete understanding of the fact that “we have just been liberated from thousands of years of imprisonment”, will be very few and far between. I am informed that the number here would be approximately 350,000 people. The rest of the 7:8 billion will not have a clue as to what is taking place.

Traveling in a Different World

We might try to consider how things could feel. Different is a word that we can guarantee. Let’s make a comparison.

Let’s imagine that someone you trust takes you on a surprise trip to another part of the world that you know absolutely nothing about. Everything seems different. The people act differently. These people seem to have lost all sense of boundaries regarding expressing their true feelings. People everywhere are openly discussing their concerns about something big that has taken place. People are supporting one another both practically and emotionally.

Time Will Standstill

This pandemic situation has in fact been a really good time of preparation for a time when nothing will be ‘business as usual’ on our planet.

People all over the globe have been faced with changes to their normal lives one way or another.

So despite the evil plans behind this **pandemic  and despite the worldwide restrictions put in place through the united power of the worldwide Cabal, we have had the opportunity to become more prepared for a change, that indeed cannot be described in words until it is a fact.

**The pandemic has been effective to a degree of 5% from what was planned.

The restrictions that they have succeeded in placing on people are based upon much higher figures of infected and casualties. The figures we are informed about are all tampered with. Proof of this tampering with figures has been seen worldwide.

This past week one county {Östergötland} in Sweden did a complete check on the numbers of deaths in that county that were recorded as being due to COVID-19. The conclusion that they reached was that 85% !!! of the elderly people {the death count in Sweden includes the deaths among elderly in geriatric homes, unlike many other countries} had NOT died from corona as reported!... but because of their age - over 88 years - and other bodily weaknesses and diseases that they would have soon died from anyway... with the sudden effects from the slightest little cold or infection.

This is the truth about this pandemic in Sweden and everywhere else on this planet.


If we were restricted during this pandemic the situation after The Event will also include restrictions... at least to begin with.

Why restrictions? Well they will not be put into place by some authoritarian group but arise due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

So many things in our society that we take for granted will simply not be functioning because the people needed to make these facilities work will be in varying states of chock.

Let’s take a few examples. Transport. Selling of all kinds of commodities. Schools. Day-care. Hospitals. Industry...

Let’s take a look at powerful organisations that would normally be involved during states of emergency. The first one that comes to mind is the United Nations. This huge organization has many very corrupt individuals in powerful positions. As high a number as 15% of these people at the top of this organisation will be among the first to be arrested. So, let’s just say that we will not be relying upon information coming from the UN at this time.

Next ~ let us take a look at major politicians currently in power around the globe. On average we can expect the arrests of 20% of our politicians. The other 80% will be in such states of chock that they could not be relied upon to lead anyone.

Press Image to Enlarge

2 Worlds Collide

What does the average person or family on this planet spend their time doing?

They work... they have some kind of job to earn money so that they can pay their rent, electricity, heating, food etc. A very lucky 7% of them truly love their work too.

They save money if possible so that they can have better homes, holidays and enjoy some activities beyond work and school.

More than 50% of people believe in an existence of some kind after death.

15% of people... about 1 out of 6 people... have an interest in the existence of life on other planets.

6% of people believe in the existence of galactic beings.

You Are An Odd Ball Just So You Know It!

If you believe all of the stuff that is written on this site, then you are most definitely definable as an odd ball by 75% = by 3 out of every 4 people.

If it were not for the oddballs, then nothing would change. So one could say that it is our fault that things are changing. But In fact it is not us who are leading the way towards change ~ it is being called upon from Source. Divine Mother ~ Goddess wants a return to peace everywhere and we are answering Her Call.

She has chosen you to be a part of bringing about this much needed change.

So why am I writing these facts? I am hoping that it will help you to understand just what a huge chock it will be for your friends and families to wake up.

I have a complete and deep first-hand knowledge, understanding and experience of what I am speaking about.

A total collision of worlds is soon to take place.

A total collision of world views is about to take place very shortly.

    ~     ~     ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

We Need To Be Examples of Truth


You are now being called upon to be a living example of truth and integrity.

People around you will be in great need of stable and loving humans around them that have an understanding about what is taking place when their whole world is swinging – erupting - falling apart.

If you have been following this type of information for at least 18 months you know enough to be a balancing factor when the truth of our imprisonment here by dark beings becomes common knowledge.

You will not need to memorize facts and be an entire library of information about whose who, or what happened and when.

The facts that need to be made known to humanity will be heard by everyone.

They will be delivered in a balanced way at a pace that makes them as easily digestible as possible by the many.

We cannot in any way affect the level of shock which will be very individual, but we can be the ‘rock’ that stands still and balanced and can comfort and ease the awakening process.

Your poise and balance and harmony will have a hugely positive effect upon people around you and on the road that they must inevitably follow towards an acceptance of the new reality.

Never before has it ever been as important a time for you to be in your most balanced calm and harmonious state.

Therefore - it is paramount that you are fully accepting of yourself now.

Love yourself and all else will follow.

A Time of Repair

Humanity as a whole will now have to begin a process of repairing the way that they exist. Their thoughts about reality will have to be completely and utterly revised.

From the very moment of The Event we as a planet will now exist in a very very different set of ‘rules of existence’.

We as the human race are entitled to have everything that we need to exist on this planet free of charge, simply because we exist here.

The new laws that will be introduced will only be for our benefit and for the prevention of unnecessary harm to others.

It’s going to take some time for people to adjust to being free beings on a free planet.

寒山拾得 Hanshan and Shide ~ Press Image to Enlarge

The Secret to Our Success Now ~ Relax and Laugh and Trust


This is a picture from the Illustrated I Ching book {my greatest treasure } of a monk and his friend a poet in a state of calculated waiting, chuckling with each other while expecting a turn of events...which promise to be positive.

The viewer is recommended to ‘quit worrying, relax and try to be happy because the divination is one of good fortune in spite of how things might seem at the moment.’

This is the state of mind that I have now decided to remain in at present.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that ‘a positive end result is secured’!


These visualisations ~ like for example seeing a pink light energy covering the entire surface of Gaia and seeing the Flower of Life pattern {see image just below this article # 250} like a beautiful Golden Cage encompassing the planet are SO SIMPLE to do... anytime ~ anywhere ~ and KNOW that this lowers the risk for violent reactions during these end days.

Sending each of you much Light and Love TZ


Article # 250   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



In two days time and then again one week later it will be very important to reduce the risk for violent energetic reactions by doing the flower of life meditation. Also seeing pink light surrounding the planet and ESPECIALLY THE SURFACE will also help this situation. Let’s do both of these simple visualisations regularly right from the moment you read this ~ until the situation has calmed down. TZ

Press Image to Enlarge

Friday, August 21, 2020  ~ Message from Cobra

A Short Notice To The Surface Population

Next two weeks will include some decisive moments which will determine to a great degree how the battle between the positive and negative timelines will play out.

Although the positive end result is secured, the way to there is not, and the Light Forces are asking everybody to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as they feel guided, in the next two weeks especially: 

They are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation:
Visualizing planet Earth and especially the planetary surface completely immersed in pink Light is also helpful.

There will be two key moments where more massive participation in the Flower of Life meditation would be advised. 

The first one is the moment of Mars Saturn square which occurs on Monday, August 24th at  6:19 pm GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help dissipating the violent energy in the planetary energy field which will reach its peak at that moment.

The second one is the moment of heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help supporting the Light Force fleets which will be involved in critical operations in the Solar system and in sublunar space at that time.

Victory of the Light!


Article # 249   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press Image to Enlarge

There is Nothing ~ Absolutely Nothing ~ More Important than Love

Part One of Three


21st August 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


Everything In Society Will Have One Goal = Love


Directly after The Event there will, without doubt, be a period of emotional chaos on our planet. The digestion of so much truth coming forth will leave people in states of confusion, bewilderment and shock.

Clear Guidelines Exist

I am assuming that Goddess ~ Mother has given those who will be in charge of informing humanity about what is taking place, clear guidelines as to what is initially revealed.

All War Has Ceased

I am convinced that the existing text material which has the basic first priority information to be revealed to mankind ~ worldwide ~ simultaneously ~ will make it clear that there is now officially peace on this planet and all war has ceased.

The arrests of the millions of people who have been controlling us (see # 235 ), the ones who have been pulling all of the strings to create wars, will mean that the cessation of war will be immediate.

This initial information will point out that there will now be united efforts worldwide to create a world of peace, prosperity and a harmonious joyful existence for all of mankind.

Love Will Guide the Way

No matter what the subject matter is that will be under discussion after The Event the absolute greatest priority will be “how can changes in this area increase the Love between the people involved”.

This one word will serve to lead the way for the development of a new society that will increase the quality of life for every living being.

The word Love is synonymous with the word Truth.

The word Love is synonymous with the word Respect

The word Love is synonymous with Inclusiveness

The word Love is synonymous with Forgiveness

Not A Time for Action Yet

I believe that you like me will easily be able to assume that a period of inertia will follow upon the Event. Have you ever seen people who are in a state of complete confusion, bewilderment and chock immediately getting started with creating something new in their lives?

People Will Seek Leadership ~ Are You Ready Now?

The people will be looking for someone who has an understanding about what has taken place to lead the way forward in guidance.

Are you ready for your role in the building of a new society?

Are you ready for your role as one of the many millions of healers that will be needed?

Reality ~ Not Potentials

At this time everyone will be deeply involved in dealing with the realities of the new situation around them. We will be in a period of time that demands a ‘natural response’. This will be a time when you will be working in tandem with your intuition.

This cannot be planned but it can be practiced now.

Practice Mode

We are truly in a time when we ought to be practicing for The Event and the confusion that will be abounding at that time.

We will find ourselves in a situation of not knowing exactly what is going on. A situation where we might temporarily be faced with a great lack of trustworthy information about what is happening.

We will be faced with the realities of chaotic change and there will be no other option but to rely upon a ‘natural response’ to the situation in hand. We will be dealing with practical solutions to very real circumstances that will need to be dealt with one step at a time.

We cannot plan and create potential solutions now to be in control later. We simply cannot because we don’t have a clue as to what the situation will be like exactly. Whatever the situation might be it will demand a total trust in the use of our intuition. This can be practiced now.

Being Emotionally Ready

Last week I found myself reacting to little disturbances with frustration and irritation. I felt angry and I had no clue as to why. It occurred to me, after this had continued for some days that I should ask the Pleiadians for some emotional healing. In the past 6 days I have had four sessions. Now I’m beginning to find my balance again. Directly after the first session (Lying on my bed for about 30 minutes) I washed a pile of dishes. The anger was so palpable that I made a lot of noise throwing knives and forks etc into the sink while rinsing them off... if my neighbour was home, he must have wondered what on Earth I was doing.

Its pretty clear now as I sit and write at my computer that these sessions with the Pleiadians were a necessary component of my being ready for my future.

Do not let this amazing opportunity pass you by! If you are feeling perfectly balanced in every way ~ fine ~ if not, then you can do something about that NOW! {see # 244}

Do Not Try to Act Independently in No Man’s Land

Last week before beginning this article I truly felt like I was In ‘no man’s land’. I found it difficult to find what I should focus upon. I felt quite frankly a bit lost.

I am sure now that I was being prepared in some way for the time ahead.

The situation we will exist in after the final Flash Wave ~ when the final Tsunami Wave of Love is allowed to engulf this planet and tear down the remnants of the Veil ~ will be like existing in ‘No Man’s Land’.

It will be an entirely new situation unlike anything that we have ever dealt with before.

We should NOT ATTEMPT to act alone.


We will literally be surrounded by myriads of Light Forces of Love on this planet. We will have the company of the Angelic and Archangelic Kingdoms. We will have the company of the Ascended Masters. We will have the company of our Galactic Family sending us love and harmony from the millions of ships surrounding us.

Before you take any action... sit in meditation... and when you have a very clear vision of how you will act in a given situation... you will be able to venture forth to accomplish that action with a very clear knowingness that you are not acting alone.

To be continued...



Article # 248   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


UFOs / ET Crafts over ECETI Compilation from Contact Has Begun 2


TZ here; It's impossible to have anything of true value on the Internet for many hours before it is taken down. I am reposting this 1 minute video advertisement for James Gillilands ECETI ranch in Washington State.

What I had intended doing was to provide direct links to the 2 newest videos from the ranch showing that there is tons of activity there right now. This short video does give a clear idea of what was seen in those 2 new videos which have of course been taken down by the Cabal.

Hopefully this one will still be there if you would like to take a look!

Here is a link to the ECETI site.


Article # 247   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Planetary Initiation


Universe beyond our Solar system is already experiencing vast restructuralization as it is already entering the new cosmic cycle, when all creation will become aligned with the One.

Meanwhile, our Solar system and especially planet Earth is still experiencing the final purification of primary anomaly. Now all focus is on planet Earth which is experiencing a strong planetary initiation during 2020:  

Dark forces are trying to misuse the energy of this planetary initiation by subjecting humanity to Corona occult ritual:

You can counteract the effects of this Corona ritual by reframing it. You can reframe isolation/ social distancing into meditative retreat, you can reframe hand washing into spiritual purification and you can reframe mask wearing into occult silence which is always needed before the initiation.

By doing so you can shift the energies of the negative Corona ritual into positive energies of spiritual initiation /breakthrough.

Inside our Solar system, planets are orbiting around the Sun and are creating interference patterns in the plasma field that significantly influence situations on this planet:

During the next two months and a half, until the beginning of November, there are three key astrological configurations that will determine the course of events.

The first one is Mars stationary/retrograde, which will form challenging aspects to Saturn, Pluto, Eris and Black Moon (Lilith):   
This will bring many delays, frustrations, violence and suppressed anger boiling over.

The first manifestation of this configuration was the explosion in Beirut. It was a plasma nuclear explosion which was done with the purpose of destabilizing Lebanon:

The real orchestrators of this attack are the Black Nobility families and the Jesuits. It is interesting to note that Peter Hans Kolvenbach, former Jesuit superior general, who was the man in charge of the Fukushima 3-11 operation, lived and died in Beirut:

It is also interesting to note that Beirut is the site of the Goddess Vortex of Nymph Beroe, which is one of the main vortexes Jesuits want to destroy:

They are using this Mars energy to polarize USA further:

This Jesuit strategy can actually backfire as soon as the negative Mars influences are neutralized. I am not at liberty to say when will that be:

{TZ here; We support the neutralisation of Mars negative influences through Goddess meditations and Flower of Life meditations as explained in # 241 # 238 # 239}

Here I need to add that Trump is less and less susceptible to Jesuit manipulation, as he was never actually part of the Illuminati death cult:

The second key astrological aspect in the next few months is Saturn conjunct Chariklo. This configuration actively suppresses Goddess energy, brings austerity and isolation.

{TZ here; We support the neutralisation of the negative influences of Saturn conjunct Chariklo through Goddess meditations and Flower of Life meditations as explained in # 241 # 238 # 239} 

Jesuits and Black Nobility families are using this energy to promote lockdowns in preparation for their New World Order plans:

Their lockdown narrative has only one problem-Sweden:

The third key astrological aspect of the next few months is heliocentric Eris-Pluto square. This energy brings many valuable lessons to the Light Forces that want to liberate this planet. They are finally beginning to understand the degree and level of suffering and anomaly present here.

Process of clearing the Draco fleet has reached the point when the Light Forces are finally able to reach the surface of the planet with their positive quantum Mjolnir technologies and assist the Lightworkers and Lightwarrors.

A special Surface Task Force has been formed on the motherships of the Light Forces, with global teams working on the planetary energy grid, and personal teams working on assisting the individual Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, monitoring and evaluating their development and preparing them for Contact.   

If you wish a personal team to be formed for you and assist you, you need to say the following protocol aloud three times: “ Command 12 21”. The first time you say this, a personal team will be formed, and each time you invoke the protocol after that, you personal team will check your status and help whenever and however they can.

For emotional healing, you can keep using Command 771 protocol:

One important aspect of this final war against the Draco is that the Light Forces were able to seize advanced Draco technology which shields Draco ships against toplet bomb explosions. The Light Forces were able to duplicate that technology and will use it to isolate and contain the remaining toplet bombs until they are completely cleared.

This gives a huge strategic disadvantage to the Draco, and they will not be able to execute their plans. They were planning to let the Cabal install their New World Order to enslave humanity, then invade the surface of the planet, kill the Cabal and rule over their human slaves:

There are many things happening behind the scenes that I have no clearance to report, and many new elements will enter the scenario since the beginning of November. As we come closer to that time, I will be able to say more.

Victory of the Light!


Article # 246   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Amazingly the day after my latest article # 245 I find out who the group of people are behind the huge demonstrations in Germany. It turns out that 500 German doctors with thousands of others behind them are spreading the truth about the COVID 19 scam worldwide. So now I understand why so many German people are awake compared to the rest of Europe. Go here to listen to this short video which is translated during the talk from English to Spanish.

Warmly recommended TZ




Article # 245   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


On the Eve of Total Change 3 out of 4 People Worldwide Are Fast Asleep


11th August 2020


By Therese Z Sumner


Swedish people are fast asleep, as far as being aware about what is going on in this world is concerned. I see it all around me. I’m sorry Swedes but you know nothing about what’s going on. You, along with the majority of citizens in most countries are all duped about the Covid 19 tricks to keep us under control by the powers that be. Even though the restrictions here have been mild in comparison to other countries you are all still ruled by these false prophets and what they say. People’s lives are so limited because they believe what authorities tell them.

Swedes know nothing about what’s going on in this sick world. They might think that they do. They would mostly see themselves as being very informed and intelligent human beings and aware of the world around them but it’s a myth.

Yes, some people are waking up and getting wise to EU and UN control tactics but the NWO… now what the hell is that… they would ask.

I sound very derogatory and mean speaking about my fellow countrymen like this but sadly to say it’s the truth.

Swedes are a spoilt nation. When I say this, I am comparing life here to the rest of the globe. Generally speaking their standard of living has been pretty ok for a long time. The nation has not been involved directly in any wars for a very long time and they are simply put very naive.

But of course this is not only true of Sweden.

Because everyone everywhere is kept busy with their life puzzle and their relationships. Most people simply don’t have either the time or the energy to even try to understand the seeming injustice taking place in other countries.

Are there in fact countries that are in a worse state of ‘being asleep regarding the truth’ than Sweden? The answer to that question is 'yes indeed'.

One of those countries would have to be our next door neighbour Norway. When Norway became a very rich country overnight, when they found oil off the coast, things got very cosy economically speaking for the Norwegians. This change took place in the 70’s.

Yes, there are awake people, but they are few and far between.

Covid 19 Coma

If people were asleep before this pandemic, then they are even more comatose now. The entire planet is controlled by authorities giving guidelines as to how our lives should be lived. Where you see the most restrictions is where there is great fear that ‘they’ are losing control and therefore there is a greater need for control among the leading politicians. One example of this ‘over control’ is found in Germany.

The Germans are waking up faster and faster, but you would think that Germany was on another planet and not literally a short ferry ride from Sweden, due to the corrupt media control in Europe. Here in Sweden we haven’t a clue about what’s going on in Germany.

At the beginning of last week we were told about the previous Saturday August 3rd demonstrations in Berlin. They told us on the morning news that 17000 people took part. Someone in Germany told me that ‘they’ (cabal) are particularly fond of that number 17?

I did an internet check on the numbers involved in the Berlin demonstrations and all I could find were articles saying the numbers of demonstrators were between 17000 and 20000.

However, through contacts in Germany I have seen three very reliable German blogs that clearly show that these numbers are all lies. The people involved in these demonstrations believe that the truth of the numbers is somewhere between 800,000 and 1,2 million! That would be the equivalent of the entire population of Stockholm being out in Berlin demonstrating.

Here is a direct translation from German of information on one of these videos.

“Merkel-Land is a land of lies

The largest demonstration to date for the lifting of the disproportionate corona measures took place in Berlin last Saturday on Straße des 17. Juni {a street in central Berlin,}. Hundreds of thousands of people ran storm against unconstitutional measures and the mask requirement. COMPACT editor-in-chief Jürgen Elsässer was there at the Freedom Day in Berlin and estimated the number of participants to be at least 500,000, the organizers even spoke of 1.3 million people. It is clear that yesterday, Germany experienced one of the largest demos since 1945, even if the authorities and the media try to lie down the number of participants to 17,000 to 20,000. As “Compact-online” proved, the demo the day before yesterday was one of the largest, if not the largest demo in post-war history and probably even in the history of all of Germany.”

The truth of the matter is that Germany is literally falling apart and has been doing so for at least 2.5 years. This is why the Germans are waking up en masse.

People wake up when they have to realize the truth by seeing suffering and madness around them.

The Germans are protesting about the enormous corona restrictions which include having to wear face masks everywhere. Other reasons that the German people are now taking to the streets to say ‘enough’ is that the economy is falling apart. The Covid 19 restrictions have led to big problems in German economy. There is a crisis of the Automobile industry. For many weeks now thousands have been losing their jobs. The banks have big problems right now, because many people, 100’s of thousands cannot keep up their loan payments anymore. The unemployment figures are not at all reliable truth.

Here in Sweden we were given an example of unemployment figures in various countries due to the pandemic. In Sweden they say that it is 10% compared to Germanys 4%. The German figure is a HUGE LIE! According to various sources and my own Guidance the German unemployment is in fact about 15%.

When the government in Germany is asked what they intend to do about the illegal migration, and the lack of taxpayers.... they refuse to say … it’s all top secret.

Those involved in the German demonstrations hope to have 3 million people taking to the streets in the next one.

Three European Countries ~ Very Different levels of Awareness about corruption at higher levels of Government etc.

I am informed the following by my Guides

In Norway I am guided to say that a mere 0:5% of people are awake! {That’s what too much cosiness does for you.}  

In Sweden the numbers are higher and as many as 11% are now awake.

Germans who are awake comprise 72%!!! of the population...

That should tell you how bad things are there. The shock of The Event will be less for the Germans.

When the Event is Upon Us

The good news regarding all of this is that this situation where everyone is tied to restrictions and remaining where they normally live, rather than travelling, will be an advantage. Also being used to situations in life not being the same as usual will actually be an advantage when change is soon a fact. Here I am referring to REAL CHANGE.

Let’s take a look at one aspect of things like schools. More than likely schools will not be open ~ other than maybe places to gather and talk eventually ~ after The Event. First and foremost the vast majority of teachers will be in a state of chock. I would imagine that a time period of about 2.5 months would be the least time that schools are closed. Add to that, that many of the subjects that are taught currently, will have to be revised completely. Like History! the different Sciences like Chemistry, Climate, Economics, etc.

21% of Earths Inhabitants Will be Awake when We Transition

That means that 4 out of every 5 people on the planet will have to go through a huge awakening process. Like I have shown you here this will vary from country to country.

IT'S NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE ASLEEP!! When three countries like Norway, Sweden and Germany that are so close on the map of Europe are not aware of what’s REALLY going on across the border, because of the controlled media corruption, then it’s easier to understand how the cabal have managed to dupe everyone by being totally in control of the media ~ worldwide. Since I was taken off Facebook, I can see that when I search for something alternative, I get all kinds of weird suggestions of other ‘acceptable’ blogs {controlled blogs} that even usurp the names of the most well known Light bloggers and their websites.

The control is total… for a little while longer… when everything done will be undone… in the flash of a moment…

Although we are on our way toward the attainment of one very big goal, we are constantly aware that we have not yet arrived. This state of mind leaves us feeling uneasy…

But… we have won the battle!


Article # 244   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge

Take the Amazing Opportunity of Receiving Emotional Healing from the Pleiadians NOW


9th August 2020


By Therese Z Sumner


If you know that you are completely healed from all of your deep inner past emotions and trauma then good and fine you do not need to read further.

If on the other hand you are sure that you do have unhealed emotions buried inside, or indeed even if you are in doubt as to whether you have or not, then NOW is the time to ask for help.

Help is now available free of charge just for the asking! And its being offered from the very loving Galactic Family known as the Pleiadians.

In the near future ~ soon ~ or even very soon ~ there will be emotions flying all over the place. What is not healed within you will rise to the surface for healing when The Event is a fact. If you would like to be sure that you are healed emotionally prior to this taking place, then there is no time to lose.

The Pleiadians would like your feedback after each session. Give yourself 30 minutes time to lie down and receive after calling upon them for the healing session. Results can be immediate but generally can come the day after the healing.

Hoshino at We Love Mass Meditations has now arranged a place on the website for you to leave your feedback, which I recommend that you do, as this can help others to see the effectiveness of the healing.

Here is the link to that page.

Translations to Many Languages

Also, anyone who would like to spread this information around the planet will find wonderful ‘gifs’ and pictures in most languages on this same page.

Namaste Therese Z



Article # 243   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Article # 242   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Eostre's Gift Update

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

On January 30th 2014 we received three photographs from Cobra. At that time we were all hoping that 'now' the Event will come soon ~ little did we know about toplet bombs and Yaldabaoth etc etc. at the time. As Eostre is the Easter Goddess I was hoping that liberation would come in Easter of 2015.

Here is the original Eostre's Gift post Nr 1 ....

When asked during some interview at that time as to how we should view those pctures he said;

“Delving deeper into this message will prepare you at a deeper level for the coming events which these pictures symbolize.”

So I assume that the same guidance is all that we will get with these three let each of us see the pictures and find the message....more need not be said....

Namaste Therese Z  ~ Please see PS in PINK below! 

Therese Z here; Would just like to point out that at this time there is no greater mission for Lightworkers on this planet than taking part in regular meditations such as the ones that are addressed in detail in # 238 and # 241.

For more inspiration on this subject read what Archangel Michael recenly told us about the energies surrounding our planet now in # 239.

Goddess wants liberty and liberty it will be!


Article # 241   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Powerful Liberation Meditation

Friday 31st July 2020

Therese Z here; While doing some research I came across this update from Cobra from february 18th 2018. I immediately felt that this is what needs to be our focus now ~ our utter and complete focus beyond any interests in the outside world until we are free.

"Now it is time for us to understand that caring, loving, soft energy is the energy that will ultimately transform our planet and assist the Light Forces in removing all darkness from the planet. Being soft is NOT a weakness, it is ultimate power:"

Along with the Flower of Life meditation # 238 and the suggestions from Archangel Michael in # 239 there is absolutely nothing that we can spend our time doing, that is better support for our own harmony and the arrival of The Event, until The Event is a fact and INDEED even beyond The Event. Cobra has suggested that we should spend time in nature ~ as undisturbed nature as possible aand what better than to combine some of these meditations with our time in nature.


Power of the Goddess

Sunday, February 18, 2018

As we have now entered the termination phase of the planetary liberation process, it is of the utmost importance to connect with the feminine Goddess presence and nurture qualities of love, compassion and tenderness to stabilize the transition and counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet:

People on the surface of the planet have been programmed to believe that being soft and caring for other sentient beings is a weakness. This programming has originated from the Archons, then distributed through Jesuit and Illuminati networks and then through the mainstream media to the surface population through the meme of “survival of the fittest”.

This meme was spread among the surface population to suppress the caring energy of the Goddess, which is the energy the dark forces fear the most:

Now it is time for us to understand that caring, loving, soft energy is the energy that will ultimately transform our planet and assist the Light Forces in removing all darkness from the planet. Being soft is NOT a weakness, it is ultimate power:

It is also time now for all women to support and express the caring part of their Soul, anchor that energy in the planetary energy grid and connect with other sisters in Sisterhood of the Rose:

Or in global sisterhood:

It is very important for the planetary liberation that as many people as possible do the following two Goddess meditations as often as possible:

Press Diagram to Enlarge

Goddess Vortex Meditation

1. Lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise 

2 While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow colored stars scattered within that pillar of Light

3 Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise

4 While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in "America" and NOT as e in "Venus", and a is pronounced as a in "America") so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, dolphins, twin souls, soulmates, soul families and other beings of Light.

5 Keep singing the mantra and rotating and stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while.


Return of the Goddess Meditation

1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

  1. Visualize a pillar of pink Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a loving feminine presence in the shape of a beautiful Goddess descending from the sky and entering your physical body. This presence will harmonize your inner woman and make you more loving. Stay united with that presence for a while.
  1. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with men and women in perfect understanding, with our society growing beyond need for wars and conflicts as all dark entities, physical and non-physical, are removed from our planet. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source in perfect balance of their inner male and female aspects.

Please do this visualization as instructed and do not change it as otherwise it will not have the desired effect.

The divine masculine presence (the Hero) in each of us needs to be activated also. The Hero is a warrior that moves beyond revenge and powerless anger into full fierce power of methodically removing the darkness in order to protect everything that is sacred and beautiful, to protect all children, women and men that cannot defend themselves against the cruelty of darkness so prevalent on the surface of the planet.

Long time ago, the weapons of the Hero were the sword and the pen. Now, the weapons are his one-pointed mind, the scalar protection devices and computer keyboard. And Mjolnir:

The Hero understands that all suffering on this planet is artificially engineered. He understands that he can not force his fellow humans to awaken, as they have retreated into their Islands of Sanity (beer and football) to avoid facing the too cruel reality of Draco occupation of the planet with all horrendous child abuse and untold suffering, as it was precisely described here by Benjamin Fulford's reader AHZ:

It is time now for each of us to unite the Goddess and Hero archetypes inside, become whole and stop fighting with each other, and unify in this last stage of planetary liberation process:

Victory of the Light!


Article # 240   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


A New Cobra Interview

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Just after our Age of Aquarius activation, a joint Cobra / Dr. Joseph McNamara interview was conducted by FESIG group.

You can listen to the interview here on Youtube: 

Or read the transcript here.

Victory of the Light!


Article # 239   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


TZ here; Do not miss this beautiful message from Archangel Michael about the energy surrounding our planet right now. We were told 2 years ago that Angelics surrounded the planet . Then one year ago the Archangels came in huge numbers. We are being supported on every possible level for the Transition and for the then following true beginning of the Ascension process on Gaia. I feel that this great information from Michael compliments and supports our efforts to continue doing the Flower of Life meditation as discussed in # 238 ~ Namaste


Earth’s Energy Fields by Archangel Michael

July 28, 2020

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings of love and peace, I am Archangel Michael. I bring forth the energy of peace from the Angelic Kingdom to embrace you with. I wrap you up in peace so you may feel the presence of stillness, tranquillity, relaxation, harmony, and the truth of the Creator. Let yourself embrace, embody, express, and explore the energy of peace.

You are aware that there are many beings on the inner planes sending their energy, love, guidance, and wisdom into your being to support your ascension process, and the ascension process of all beings on the Earth. I, Archangel Michael, wish to make you aware that we are also sending energy, love, wisdom, and truth into the Energy Field of Mother Earth and the physical Earth.

Mother Earth and the physical Earth have their own auric fields, like an energy body or several energy bodies. We sent so much love and wisdom into the energy bodies of Mother Earth and the Earth that we are storing wisdom there ready for it to be activated and received by beings on the Earth.

As beings move through their ascension process, we are storing many aspects and templates of the Divine Plan for the Earth within Earth’s Energy Field. There is so much to absorb. We are charging Earth’s Energy Field with healing vibrations. This is supporting tremendous transformations within the Earth; within Mother Earth as the spiritual mother and being of the earth, and within the Earth as the physical form.

This healing energy is supporting the release of fear, negativity, limitations, and all that hinders each being upon the Earth in recognising the truth of the Creator within their being. Many of the templates and contracts that do not support the Earth flourishing are being released and erased. Therefore, we are sending so much healing into the energy body of the Earth.

The Earth and Mother Earth require to be showered in positive loving energy because there are so many transitions and releases taking place within the physical body of the Earth. The Earth requires tremendous energetic support. Sending positive loving energies and intentions into the Earth’s Energy Field will filter into the physical dimensions and levels of the Earth. Mother Earth will support in magnifying, enhancing all that is taking place.

It is so important that the Energy Field of the Earth is cleansed at this time and of a high vibration, it is needed to support the transitions taking place not only within humanity and all beings on the physical body of the Earth but the physical body of the Earth as well. The physical body of the Earth is the soil, nature, sky, water, trees, and even the perspective of the stars and the planets from the earthly view. In truth, everything you recognise to be the Earth is transforming.

There are pockets within the Earth’s body where negative energy has been stored. This is because humanity was not yet ready to let go of this negative energy.

It is important to recognise that humanity is a reflection of the Earth and the Earth is a reflection of humanity. When humanity is ready to let go of certain energies, habits, templates, and contracts, then the Earth will also let go of these. Humanity is now ready, the energising and empowering of the Earth’s Energy Field will create a balance as these transitions and the release of pockets of negative energy takes place. Balance is needed in any healing process. It allows for grounding to take place, even the physical Earth and Mother Earth require grounding sometimes.

As there are multiple beings gathering to energise, amplify and feed the Energy Field of the Earth with love, healing, wisdom and high vibrations, I, Archangel Michael, wish to call upon those awake and aware on the Earth to do the same.

Aligning with the Earth’s Energy Field

I, Archangel Michael, invite you to align yourself with the Energy Field of Mother Earth. You may first wish to connect with Mother Earth asking her to come forth to share her energy with you. Then to share her energy field with you.

As you open your being to the presence of Mother Earth expand your breathing and radiate your light to Mother Earth and her energy field. You will gain a deeper connection with Mother Earth.

Then ask to be aligned with the Energy Field of the Earth. Allow your breathing to be expansive. Imagine yourself opening your light, radiating, and sending this light to the Energy Field/Auric Field of the physical Earth. Know you are being supported, magnified, and assisted by Mother Earth herself.

As you align with the Earth’s Energy fields. I Archangel, Michael, invite you to place your attention within your being into your soul, into the presence and essence of truth and the Creator within your being.

I, Archangel Michael, invite you to ask within what energies are appropriate for you to share and deliver to the Earth’s energy field now? What qualities and vibrations? Allow these qualities and vibrations to begin to activate within you and to emanate outwards, see, sense, or acknowledge your energy, flowing into the energy field of the Earth.

You may gain insights that you are sharing peace, harmony, love, or wisdom. Allow this flow to take place whether you are aware of it or not.

When you are ready, I Archangel Michael invite you to begin to focus on your intentions and your thoughts. What pure intentions and pure thoughts, would you like to share with Mother Earth and the Earth’s Energy Field? What desires and wishes for ascension?

You might find that you speak to Mother Earth and the Earth’s Energy Field from your heart, your soul, and your truth. Give all of yourself, deliver all that is needed from the Creator through you to the Earth’s Energy Field. If you are a Healer, you can send healing energy. Take as long as you wish to shine all that is needed from your being to the Earth’s Energy Field.

Know you can experience this process as many times as you wish. Not only will it offer an insight into the Earth’s ascension and a deeper connection with Mother Earth, it may also inspire you as to how you can be of service in the ascension process and for the ascension of all beings. The more love, pure and truthful intentions anchored into the Earth’s Energy Field the quicken and more accelerated the process of healing for the Earth and all beings. I know you can imagine and acknowledge how important this is.

Why it is Important to Work with the Earth’s Energy Field

Within your own being, you may be aware that certain energy blocks and limiting energies first appear within an area of the auric field/energy field. As it goes unnoticed it moves its presence into the physical, this is when illness, pain, and suffering can manifest.

Therefore, it is so important to work now with the Earth’s Energy Field, stopping any blockages or negative energies in moving into the physical Earth and manifesting for many to experience. Instead allowing positive loving energies, wisdom, and inspiration to manifest within the Earth’s Energy Field will create transforming cycles for the Earth.

It is important to realise your thoughts and intentions all impact the Earth’s Energy Field and even Mother Earth’s experience of ascension. It is so important to send energy, love, and truth into the Earth’s Energy Field to create a powerful wave of healing love and inspiration that all will benefit from.

We, Archangel Michael, and the Angelic Kingdom are supporting this process, you can call upon us to assist, support, and guide you.

What you may notice is that there are certain energy blockages, negative energies, or fears within your own being which you notice within the Energy Field of the Earth. Remember there is a mirroring taking place, maybe these energies are also within your being.

You may wish to ask for healing or a cleansing of your own energy field. I, Archangel Michael, will be available to achieve this with you. Therefore, by achieving this within your being you will also release it from the Energy Field of the Earth.

You are so deeply connected to the Earth, more than you could possibly imagine. I, Archangel Michael, thank you for your service, love, and dedication.

I am Archangel Michael,

Thank you.


Article # 238   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Getting Ready ~ Being Ready + Flower of Life Meditation


By Therese Zumi Sumner


24th July 2020


We have what I call crazy weather in Sweden right now. It’s very unpredictable, and one minute the wind is making the birch trees top branches outside my window bend in two, and the next it’s completely calm…. mostly however its windy! I find this weather affecting me in a way that makes me feel stressful. It’s like as if the wind is saying to me… move on… move on… keep going… much to do… to be ready in time… The wind right now is coming from the north and there is very little summer heat. Tomorrow we will have rain all day and grey clouds. However on Saturday the 25th sunshine and southern winds are promised, and I have decided to go to a lake and swim no matter what. It does not feel like summer unless I get to swim and sunbathe so that I feel ‘enough’ which hardly ever happens in this country.

So yes, I am experiencing an inner stress which does not seem to have any basis in reality. I recall that Lee Harris said that the second half of July would be a very energetic time when things are moving quickly.  He mentioned that the energy of July would be focused around a triangle energy where the words control – freedom – and power would be at play. Sometimes it feels as if I am affected by the ‘war’ taking place above our heads right now. ITS FOR REAL…and thank Goodness we are making headway, yet we must no doubt be affected by it all.

Press to Enlarge

I really want to say that it would be marvellous if many of us could continually do the FLOWER OF LIFE meditation as Cobra has suggested until the end of 2020.

Many of you will no doubt wonder if that means that The Event might not happen this year? I do not interpret his {the Resistance Movements} suggestion like that at all.

I have asked my Guides to please give me an idea of a time frame BEYOND the Event for using this meditation. How long would Goddess – Divine Mother be happy that we helped to continue to keep things in balance with this meditation. The answer that I receive is that it would be good to do this meditation up to about 7-8 months’ time beyond The Event.

We already know that the time will be chaotic in many ways for the many, as they adjust to all of the new information. Emotional reactions will be strong and anything that balances the situation and brings greater harmony is always a bonus.

This meditation is SO beautiful. And it’s SO easy. When you have done it one time you will recall the details and easily do it whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Of course it would be even stronger if we could try to do it at one or more of the 4 hourly time periods suggested each day. You can see your times on the diagram here.

For me here in Sweden the four hourly times would be 1400, 1800, 2200, 0200, 0600, 1000, and then 1400 again. It is very unlikely that I will be awake at 0200 any night and 0600 I might also be asleep, but if the other times are times that I am free I will try to keep this up. Also even once a day is great or any time if you feel like it.

At the back of my mind I find that I want to be completely ready for the Event now as regards having food and cash on hand in case. There is no point in waiting to stock up at the last minute. Yes, I have stocked up at least three times and eaten my way through that food, however, this time I feel that it may very well come to be needed when things get crazy.

Right now we are on the threshold to a new world. We are on the threshold to a new existence. The old has to fall away. We have all had our crosses to bear in the old world. We have each of us had to find our ways forward many times not understanding why things were so difficult in our world. There were of course so many unseen hinders to our development that we did not have a clue about.

These hinders were brought about because powerful beings who needed to keep control over this world had placed us in situations where they had a greater chance of keeping us in place and in control. Yes, here I am speaking about those among us who were especially controlled by the archons who controlled our world.  Our incarnations were controlled meticulously by the archons. We were programmed in our incarnations to be easily controlled. The only way that we could affect things was by deciding as groups of souls to incarnate together, so as to be able to support one another in some way during our lives here to alleviate our existence.

We were very often placed in situations where we very early in life, had no choice but to take on huge responsibility. This burden of responsibility was so deeply programmed into our beings as to give guilt at the slightest thought of desiring to be free from the demands that we felt that we had to live up to. 

We were not so good at looking after ourselves. Our priorities were such that our own needs always came in last. There was never enough energy left after taking care of everyone else’s needs to actually consider how we could change these patterns. We each of us had our different patterns of living that were so difficult to change. Yet we did change the patterns. We did succeed in leaving the programming behind, slowly bit by bit we learned ways to take back our power.

Press to Enlarge

Now as I write I see clearly how the interplay between power, control and freedom is the energy that we are dealing with now just as Lee mentioned in his July energy update.

We now know that we cannot live other peoples lives for them. We have finally learned to accept that others too must go on their path of learning and discover their own truths of being.

My entire life has been such that I have always had others near me, that I have felt obliged to help and support in various ways due to my programming. When you have lived with such a deep pattern of being for over 60 years it does not leave you easily. Yet I know now that I have left this programming behind finally. It’s not such a long time ago at all, that I finally capitulated and said enough … and left it all in the hands of the Goddess.

I now realise that the winds relentlessly blowing daily are trying to remind me that I no longer need to feel stress about what I should be doing, ought to be doing, who I ought to be helping. The stress can abate… when I fully and totally accept without the slightest doubt whatsoever that I no longer have control over anything anymore. That I certainly do not have control over or responsibility for, anyone else’s life or feelings.

My one and only responsibility from now on is taking care of my own needs properly and completely in every sense of the word every day.

My only other responsibility is to believe with every fibre of my being in the world that I will create for me on the road up ahead. The more energy and love that I can put into creating the most wonderful existence for myself in the future is the best gift that I can give to the world and everyone else.

I will create Heaven on Earth for myself and be an example for others to see that that is indeed possible.

Finally, I have learned what I came here to learn and to teach. In loving myself unconditionally in every way possible I am creating paradise for everyone else in the process. What freedom. What joy. What blessings.


Therese Z

PS; if you in any way feel that you might benefit from receiving emotional healing right now then please accept the beautiful gift of emotional healing that the Pleiadian Galactic Family members are offering us now. See Cobra’s latest update for information # 237. The more that we are healed the more that we can freely enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer.


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Music of the Spheres

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Clearing of the Draco fleet in sublunar space is proceeding nicely and according to the plan. All Draco presence beyond Lunar orbit has been cleared completely and all space beyond Lunar orbit is now declared liberated space. Many angelic beings are now entering the Solar System from the cosmic sea of Love which now fills interstellar space throughout the Galaxy, creating the so-called “music of the spheres” which extends from Kuiper belt all the way to Lunar orbit:

Etheric Chimera spiders just within Lunar orbit have been cleared also, although some of them still exist closer to the Earth.
During the Galactic wars in the last few millions of years, the Draco have gathered many exotic technologies on planets they have conquered, and turned them into superweapons:

One aspect of operation Mjolnir is capture, research and then destruction of those superweapons:

Among those superweapons is a special scalar grid inversion technology on Draco ships which suppresses human kundalini and inverts planetary energy field from harmonic Platonic sacred geometry grid:

Into inverted quasi-trapezoidal negative grid.

The Light Forces are using vortex reinversion technologies to reset the planetary grid back into its harmonious state and they are relatively successful, as there are already areas on the surface of the planet far away from human settlements where the grid has already been successfully reset into its natural positive state.
If you wish to support the positive grid reinversion process, you are welcome to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as you feel guided, from now on until the end of 2020:

Although all plasma toplet bombs are gone, there are still some toplet bombs in quantum superposition state, tied to human implants, which serve as quantum superposition nodes of the basic grid inversion network that forms the backbone of the Matrix construct on the surface of the planet.
Those toplet bombs do not pose a big problem, as they are much easier to clear than plasma toplet bombs, and they will be cleared together along with the Draco fleet.

Part of Draco Fleet ~ Click to Enlarge

If you wish to speed up this process and make it easier, you can do implant triangulation exercises:

Many Reptilians are gathering in their underground bases close to the planetary surface and the Draco are using them as a shield to prevent the headway of the Confederation feet towards the surface, and to further disturb the energy grid.

On a more positive note, Pleiadians have communicated that they have finally developed a protocol for emotional healing. If you wish to receive emotional healing from the Pleiadians, you need to repeat three times “Command 771” , and Pleiadian medical ships will assist you with their healing beams. It helps to lay down and allow 20-30 minutes for the healing process.

Pleiadians have also communicated that positive stardust nanotechnology to remove the coronavirus is not as effective as they have hoped because the Draco have strong nano countertechnology which blocks the positive stardust to a degree.
Nevertheless, the Pleiadians have managed to reduce the mortality of the virus in February and March to a great degree, and herd immunity will be reached globally soon:

They are finally discovering previous cosmic cycles:

And are beginning to understand the 11th dimensional structure of the human brain as a reflection of the universe as it is described by 11th dimensional string theory models:

Soft disclosure of life on Mars is starting to appear in the mainstream media:

Disclosure race is a race China wants to win:

Until Disclosure happens, we can surrender to the cool Italian galactic music:

Or help planting some trees.

Victory of the Light!


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Russia Today

By Therese Zumi Sumner

21st July 2020

The Russians are Coming

I have lived in this country for almost 50 years now. The threat that ‘the Russians might be coming’ has always been there in the background. The relationship between Sweden and Russia has always been frosty to say the least.

The UN has been doing all that it can to have Sweden leave its neutrality behind and become a fully-fledged UN member state.

Even if that has not officially happened, we have had an increasingly closer relationship with the UN.

Our official Swedish tv channel has a journalist in Russia and because I know better, I can say that he is giving us a picture that has very little basis in truth. I am informed that 3 of his main contacts in Russia that provide him with information for Sweden are Jesuit agents which he no doubt does not have a clue about!

I have never ever heard the man say one positive thing about Russia or its people. He doesn’t seem to say anything of cultural importance or provide any in depth look at any situation. His reports are generally just negative opinions about anything Russian and a very expressed Putin phobia. When taking a look at his background I just discovered that I am not alone in this observation and here is a quote from an article linked below.

Text in Swedish

”Det Bert ”presterar” är ju egentlig mening bara samma eländiga skåpmat som Maria Persson Löfgren kallade oberoende och fakta under sina "antiryska febertillstånd” vare sig hon rapporterade från Moskva eller Kiev, i Studio 1 eller Gomorron Sverige.

Det är hög tid att SVT och du som Utrikeschef, tar in Bert Sundström på ett avvecklingssamtal. Hans återkommande rapporter har ju ingenting med seriös journalistisk analys att göra utan låter i grunden precis som USA:s många propagandasändare och underrättelsetjänster eller varför inte ”våra” egna associerade dito gör, vad de nu än kallar sig.”


What Bert ’achieves’ is really only the same dreadful outdated concepts that Maria Persson Löfgren called independent facts during her “anti-Russian fever-condition“, whether she was reporting from Moscow or Kiev, in studio 1 or ‘Good-Morning Sweden’.

It is high time that SVT {Swedish Public Service TV} and you as Foreign Minister {Charlotta Friborg} bring Bert Sundström in for a layoff discussion. His recurring reports have nothing to do with serious journalistic analysis. They sound basically just like the many US propaganda messages and intelligence community or why not “our” own likewise associated do, whatever they now call themselves.”

While reading for example the transcript of Putin’s recent address to the Russian nation it struck me that here in Sweden, we know NOTHING about Russia. Now of course people who are interested in the country and its development etc. can find what I have found and much more, however they will NOT find out anything that shows a correct picture of the situation in Russia today through the official Swedish media channels. As far as getting some truth about the country goes, from the journalist representing Swedish National TV in Russia is concerned, the man might as well be living in Timbuktu and sending reports about Russia from there. So the question is WHO decides which journalists report back to Sweden and the Swedes?

Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin was provided with a spiritual experience by the Pleiadians.

This took place sometime in 2014. Since that time he has had ongoing strategic support from the Pleiadians so that he can avert disaster. He now has very deep knowledge about the workings of the worldwide cabal and not in least pertaining to the role of Russia in their plans. His role in these worldwide meetings over the past five years has been to keep a balance to prevent disaster. Because of this at least one major risk for worldwide war has been averted.

Development in Russia

One area that V Putin has placed focus upon is agricultural development. The focus here is upon biologically friendly eco sustainable development. Russians themselves have been encouraged to take part in this pioneering venture of first and foremost good food for Russia. Citizens who are willing to move and change their lifestyle can find free access to land so that a family can be self-sufficient regarding food.

If one does a search on the internet regarding this subject one can find a myriad of articles literally degrading and finding fault with these Russian pioneering projects. What the world gets to hear about this is that they have ‘sustainable green agriculture because they are too poor to afford industrial agricultural practices’ and a lot more BS regarding Russian plans in this area of development.

IF it was a question of the Russians being too poor for western agricultural developments, then all I would say is "Thank God for them that they cannot afford Monsanto and the likes!!!"

Putin would not allow Monsanto into Russia. He is all too aware of their manipulative and dangerous control in the area of food. He would be well informed about such things as the suicides among Indian farmers. I am guided to say that approximately 30,000 Indian farmers have taken their lives because of Monsanto’s controlling and economically devastating practices. No doubt you have heard that many of these suicides came about through farmers drinking their famous poisonous ‘Round-Up’ product.

Here is a link to an article that sheds some truth upon Russian agricultural development.

Russia’s Agricultural Ambitions in the Far East: How can India Engage? - Indian Council of World Affairs (Government of India)

View of the Kremlin, with the Kremlin Wall, the towers, and the Grand Kremlin Palace (right). ~ Click to Enlarge

Crimean War


As with any war, finding out the truth of what really happened is almost impossible. Who would benefit most from a war in the Crimean peninsula? Who mostly wanted tension building between EU and Russia? You already know the answer as it would be the Cabal. As they have employed / created every possible opportunity to create war, that might potentially lead to WW3, this was yet another one of those efforts. They created a situation of tension in the Ukraine by creating infighting between the pro-western EU citizens who protested about the government not signing a trade agreement with the EU and the government.

The truth of the matter is that there was a vote taken in Crimea. V Putin claims that 90% of Crimeans’ wanted to become part of Russia.

The Cabal in the EU and US started placing food sanctions on Russia.

To make matters worse and increase tensions the Cabal then arranged the shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft flight 17 killing 300 people and had the blame put on pro-Russian separatists.

Because Vladimir Putin is all too aware of the fact that the worldwide Cabal want to start WW3 he has been able to avoid that development in the Ukraine despite ongoing attempts to create more tension in this area.

Here is the real truth behind this earlier situation in the Ukraine…. I am providing just a portion of this update and the link for those who wish to read more.


Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Jesuit belonging to a black nobility family originating from Brzezany, Ukraine, is the mastermind behind the Ukraine conflict.

The plan of the Jesuits is to support the Illuminazi and Zionist factions in their hunger for war, hoping to suck Putin into a direct conflict:

Putin, instead, will just stand his ground, protecting Russian citizens inside Ukraine in full compliance with Russian-Ukrainian agreements:

Ukrainian forces in Crimea have surrendered without a single shot being fired:

Deux tetes a la fenetre ~ Marc Chagall ~ Russian-French artist of Belarusian Jewish origin ~ Click to Enlarge

And peace in Crimea is in a process of being restored:

Full original report


Food Sanctions against Russia.


It is now 6 years ago that sanctions were initiated against Russia.

During these six years so much has happened. The Russians have adapted to the situation and have come out on top. Some articles one reads on this subject will point out that for example the Russian wheat does not hold the same quality as the US and similar comparisons. I do not believe this propaganda for one minute. I have no doubt that the Russians have very high quality food. In fact the sanctions have created an enormous creativity in the area of food production, and I am convinced that the Russians now have better food than ever. I am saying this knowing that we in the ‘west’ are stuck with so much multinational food that is definitely not of superior character.

When multinational food corporations like Unilever and Nestle buy up smaller companies producing food, they change the ingredients to cheaper ingredients while keeping the original food name.

I have recently spent some time looking at food that I have earlier considered to be Swedish and discovered that these companies have been taken over by multinationals. I am not going to mention the brand names here but for example I could earlier buy some ‘quick fix’ type of sauces to have in stock if needed. The brand that I could use because I am allergic to wheat used potato or cornflour in these sauces. Then the ingredients changed .... wheat was used after the multinational company took over.

In the area of frozen vegetarian products the same thing has happened to a famous Swedish make. The brand looks the same but where alternative vegetarian protein such as soya once was the main ingredient you now find wheat protein.

The multinationals come in and buy good brands and keep their names and provide us with lower quality food. This happens all the time.

I know of at least 5 companies but in reality, there are about 15 here in Sweden.

So in my mind the Russians are much better off food wise without western food entering the country.

Map of European Russia (click map to enlarge)

Russia Is Winning the Sanctions Game | The National Interest

Putin extends ban on European food imports until end of 2020 - Reuter

Reactions to The Event

How can a country and its people be more or less ready for The Event and the changes that it will bring? The readiness of a country must depend to the greatest extent upon how much truth the people in that country are already aware of.

Cobra explained to us in 2016 that “Sources close to Putin have communicated that in the last few years, Russia is supporting Disclosure by allowing Russian press full freedom in releasing intel about Disclosure. The only problem is that most of this is published in Russian and when Russian journalists try to approach Western media with the English translation of their articles, they are turned down.”

So it would seem that the Russian people have a greater awareness than most countries about the madness taking place in the rest of the world. While looking through a Russian State official site and reading Putin’s latest address to the Russian nation I feel that it has a sincere feeling and shows a deep knowledge and respect for the citizens of Russia. I am informed that 77% of Russians both like and admire their President.

So are the Russian people going to be in shock just like the rest of the world. Yes of course; that is unavoidable.

Are they going to be as shocked as the rest of the world when the truth comes out about everything? Let’s compare the reactions to the whole truth being received in the USA and Europe and in Russia.

My Guides say that the shock level from 1-10 on a scale where 10 is the highest level of shock, the people of the USA and EU will score a 10 level shock. In Russia this level would be 7.5.

Now that is a HUGE difference!

Putin ~ Master of Sports in Judo

Vladimir Putin Personal

He began learning Judo aged 11 and firmly believes that martial arts teach the kind of knowledge, abilities and skills that every politician needs. He holds the title Master of Sports in Judo and Putin is also multiple champion of St Petersburg in Sambo and Master of Sports in Sambo. He holds a black belt in karate.

He loves skiing. He loves animals and is actively engaged in the protection of endangered species and rare species by overseeing the respective programmes.

He married Lyudmila Shkrebneva in 1983. They have two daughters Maria and Katerina born in 1985 and 1986. According to their mother, Lyudmila, Mr Putin loves his daughters very much. “Not all fathers are as loving with their children as he is. And he has always spoiled them, while I was the one who had to discipline them,” she says.

The couple divorced in 2013. The couple, who had been married for 30 years, made their divorce public on Russian state television after attending a ballet performance.

"It was a joint decision: we hardly see each other, each of us has our own life," Mr Putin said.

Lyudmila said” The divorce was "civilised”, and the couple would "always remain close", she said.

"I am very grateful to Vladimir... that he still supports me. And the children, he really cares for them and the children feel this," she added.

If you would like to see more personal childhood photos etc. go to these links.

Here an interview where he gives his personal view on the sanctions against Russia ~ subtitles in English available.

Russia on the global stage and relations with the United States (interview to TASS) • President of Russia

Grand Peterhof Palace St Petersburg ~ Click to Enlarge

Peace in Syria

Vladimir Putin’s involvement in removing the power of the Islamic State in Syria has brought us as close to peace as is possible right now. See more information below.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Planetary Situation Update {re risk of war in Syria}

They are hoping of provoking Putin, but he is in contact with brilliant Pleiadian military strategists and most likely he will play it wisely, using diplomacy, international public opinion and military support to Syrian army rather that direct confrontation with the United States.


Some other Interesting Information from Cobra about Russia over the years.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Eastern Alliance sprang into action. The Eastern Alliance is a loose group of BRICS government officials, Interpol personnel, members of Chinese and Russian military forces, White Dragons Society and Positive Templars who work under indirect guidance of the Resistance Movement to liberate this planet.

BRICS group has announced the creation of a new global bank that will become one of the building blocks of the new financial system:

Vladimir Putin, the spokesman of the Eastern Alliance, has made steps to expose the actions of the Cabal to the masses during the current Syria crisis:

Ergaki is a nature park located in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Krai in the Western Sayan mountain range in southern Siberia. Image: Andrea Gennad ~ Click to Enlarge

Friday, January 16, 2015

Planetary Situation Update

Second, Russia has threatened to cut gas supplies through Illuminazi controlled Ukraine towards Europe in the middle of the winter and reroute gas through Turkey, effectively forcing European countries to choose sides: 

It is also an intel war and it appears that the following article is disinfo: 

Meanwhile, the Alliance is rapidly building the new financial infrastructure to be ready when the Event comes:

Friday, March 25, 2016

New Russian technology brings a manned trip to Mars much closer to reality:

Sources close to Putin have communicated that in the last few years, Russia is supporting Disclosure by allowing Russian press full freedom in releasing intel about Disclosure. The only problem is that most of this is published in Russian and when Russian journalists try to approach Western media with the English translation of their articles, they are turned down.

State-sponsored Russian institutes are researching and investigating UFO phenomena and are actively searching for working overunity {free energy} technologies but are stating that only about 5% of intel about free energy from Western sources is usable. Putin had a deep spiritual contact experience with the Pleiadians years ago that transformed him and this is the occult reason behind his steadfast fight against the Cabal.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

As the quarantine Earth is about to open, mainstream plans to colonize the Solar System are beginning to sound more realistic:đ

And Russia has joined many nations that plan to put tourists in near space within a few years:

All those plans are attempts of the Light forces to speed up the process towards the Compression Breakthrough.

May 2nd, 2017

Also, Russian mainstream media now talk openly about Trump being controlled by the deep state:

TZ here; Some More Information about Russia


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What We Can Expect At and Beyond The Event


12th July 2020


by Therese Zumi Sumner


At the time of The Event 5% of humanity will be arrested by the Allied Light Forces! This will take place immediately and within and up to a time period of three weeks. Here we are talking about the arrest of 390 million people?! How on Earth can this take place you might ask? I myself am actually doubting what I am being informed about. However, I am informed that this is absolutely possible. Because I could not accept these figures without more research please see the PS: of this article for more details.

In practical terms these arrests will be made by members of the Positive Military worldwide, who will be contacted by Resistance Movement Operatives who will provide them with the necessary details. Many of these operatives have been working on the surface for quite some time and their numbers have also increased over time. There have always been Resistance Movement operatives working inside all of the various agencies for example NSA, DIA, NG-IA, MI6 etc. worldwide.

Going Back to Work after The Event?

Let’s take a look at this particular normal everyday occurrence for approximately 74% of humanity. Firstly, we have to remember that humanity as a whole will be in a state of shock. Many readers are aware of this as I have written several articles on this subject over the years, some of which have been available at the top of this page for about a month now.

6 Weeks’ Time

I have just recently been guided to explain, that people generally will not be capable of returning to their workplace during a period of 6 weeks after The Event.

Many heroic and balanced people will have to continue their work, because the nature of their work is a necessity for the survival of others. In these various areas of work volunteers will be requested to provide assistance, and people who can, will answer the call and assist so that people’s lives are not compromised unnecessarily.

Deep Shock Kills

People who are generally good, kind and light individuals will be experiencing various levels of shock and as I have explained in great detail earlier {# 201} many will be in these states of shock for longer periods of time averaging about 10 months.

Among these people and here we are speaking about huge numbers namely 780 million people that comprise 10% of the 7.8 billion currently living on Gaia will die within a 12 month period.


The main reason that so many people will exit their bodies in such a short time is mainly due to one thing. An experience of disillusionment and sadness upon learning about the truth of reality here, that will simply take away their will to remain living here.

Dark Souls

Then there will be those that die immediately during the first hours and days of The Event. This group will be comprised mainly of very dark individuals. Many of these individuals have preyed upon humans and led very dark existences. They would simply not be able to exist in the energy that will prevail here after The Event.

I am Guided to say that the figure here would be 2 % of the world’s population. That would be about 156 million people.

Downloading / Anchoring Light to the Surface

Hundreds of millions of Lightworkers will be busy anchoring the Light at the Time of The Event.

Many more hundreds of millions of people will be in various states of confusion. They will be in states of stupor and exhaustion for a period of up to 4-5 weeks.

So the question is when will the Light Forces begin the process of Full Disclosure?

There might not be any point in giving a great amount of any type of information until the ‘dust settles’ and people can understand what they are being told?

I am guessing that the Resistance Movement  will wait and see how things develop before releasing the truth slowly bit by bit over a longer period of time so as not to add to the already deeply stressful situation.

You see it doesn’t matter just how much good news there will be about humanity receiving abundance on every level - an end to all war - etc. The emotion of it all will have to be dealt with and cannot be escaped.

I have written so much about this already so I will not delve more into that subject now.

I mean just think about it ~ you are suddenly faced with information that provides you with the knowledge that your home planet has just been liberated from dark forces that have held you hostage for millennia and you hadn’t had a clue about it.


El Morya Speaks about the Banking World.

Yesterday while working at my PC I felt a presence of someone connecting with me. I was very surprised when it turned out to be the Ascended Master El Morya. In 2012 I learned that El Morya is the Master who deals with the Banking world and also the Mass Media. He works with people in these areas to affect positive development of all kinds and it’s a tough world so you could say that he has a tough job.

Knowing that I was about to write this article El Morya wanted to say a few words about the changes at the time of The Event in the banking world.

The entire worlds banking system will close down at the time and you have all heard this before. There are some more details about this to be found in the video ‘Reset Imminent’ at the top of this page.

However El Morya is telling me that there will now be some additions to that information.

El Morya is saying to me that there will be an entire purging and cleansing in the world of banking taking place directly from the moment of The Event.

Here follow some guidelines about what El Morya means by this;

#   Banks as we know them will no longer exist.

  We will no longer even use the word bank.

#   There will be some kind of ‘space’ where our money and accounts will exist.

#   Provision for abundance and the desired necessities of life that anyone could desire will be made      available to everyone.

#   The Resistance Movement has clearly researched and established every possible situation of need for humanities future on Gaia, and nothing has been left to chance ~ no stone has been left unturned. Everyone’s needs have been taken into consideration.

  We will NEVER EVER have to have ANY CONCERN for monetary needs again.

  There is no such thing as need on liberated free planets.

  Everyone is taken care of at all times - there is a basic right to what we need for a comfortable existence.


The Jesuits

We have had confirmation from Cobra that these people and their myriads of allies in all areas of life, will be doing their utmost to create havoc and chaos in society from now on. Their goal is to stagnate any forward movement towards peace and harmony and at any price.

This is especially true regarding the situation in the United States.

They would be especially happy if they can involve people with exceptional character and virtue in their plans for chaos.

If they would succeed in manipulating good people to get involved in any kind of strife and aggression they would be thrilled because then the superior values of peaceful communication and negotiations would be thrown aside, and their inferior warlike strategies would win.

It’s PARAMOUNT NOW that We Are Pillars of Peace.

Cobra has mentioned that there may be situations arising where the Light Community will take part in meditations to avert great danger.

Let us all move forward now in our own daily lives as examples of peaceful existence. When you find yourself in doubt as to the best course of action in your own life, regarding the best way to handle a situation that could lead to aggressive behaviour and aggressive communication, call upon Yeshua and ask His assistance in choosing the Superior solution to the situation in question.

Every step that we take to choose peace beyond strife in our lives will send ripples of peaceful energy to the whole.

Chose loving peaceful solutions that allow everyone to win.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in situations that are difficult to resolve at this time. This could arise due to a lack of availability of necessary truth within the situation.

When this is the case it is suggested that it might be best for all parties involved to remove themselves from the situation until a greater level of truth can be revealed.

Two Different Worlds

Life on Gaia will never ever be the same again.

We learned from a recent interview with Cobra that any idea of some kind of separation into two Gaia’s is falsehood. There is one Gaia and She is an Ascending Planet. This ascending planet will provide the necessary tools for the Ascension of those humans who desire it. The Goddess ~ Divine Mother doesn’t do anything by halves. It’s utter perfection that She desires and oversees being brought to this planet.

Cities / Areas of Light will develop all over the globe bringing the opportunity for those who so desire to develop spiritually with the aim of Ascension in mind. For those not yet ready to take this step there will be many other options and that is a whole other article so let’s leave that for now.

Gaia Will Be Unrecognizable 21 Months Post The Event

Do you see the message that Cobra just gave us a few days ago from Dragon sources.

Here is the message: 

"Dragon sources have communicated that at our Age of Aquarius activation, a positive timeline shift has occurred and are asking everybody to “focus only on writing your favorite, chosen life script.

The more detailed visualization of the desired optimum life script one would wish for, the more confirming to the new timeline this be.”

You have each of you now seen visible proof of what our United focus can bring about. If you do not understand what I mean, then I urge you to read # 211 on the Introduction Page.

It was that article in particular that got me blocked completely from Facebook.



Bubbles of Heaven


The following quote is from Cobra’s information about the above subject.

After The Event we enter into Phase 4 of 6 phases of planetary transformation.

I also provide here the lines pertaining to our present Phase 3 for greater clarity…

“The third phase of phase transition is called Bubble Elevation phase. This phase sees the thermal flux from the Galactic Central Sun rising exponentially, with more and more Bubbles of Heaven actively forming and matrix society actively collapsing, until the thermal flux peaks at the moment of the Event.

The moment of the Event is the moment of critical thermal flux, the matrix society collapses, the Contact is made, the entropic elements of the old society are swiftly removed, and we enter into the fourth phase.

The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact.”


Let’s Imagine The following Scenario

Somebody living on Earth right now has to go into hiding underground somewhere. They are offered the possibility of living in a cellar below a house that has a secret entrance and they will be supplied with food and necessities during their stay there. The danger to their lives on the surface demands that they have to stay hidden for at least two years.

Fast forward and two years later they are ready to leave their hiding place and return to the surface.

They are not aware that The Event has taken place. They had to avoid all types of digital contact and information via computers etc. because of the risk that they would be discovered.

The place of location is a city of about 800,000 people. Normally this person would be aware while moving about in the city, of fumes and smells of traffic on the roads. Of people moving about with a certain level of stress and very little communication between people.

Now when he/she is back on the surface, everything seems so calm and yet there is traffic but not very much sound! People seem to be so relaxed and interacting with one another and smiling.

What’s happened? Why is everyone so relaxed and seemingly unconcerned about anything? The children all seem so happy and are moving around on new types of toys that are completely unfamiliar. Laughter is heard from both adults and children wherever he/she goes.

Eventually he/she learns about the ‘Big Change’ that took place and that there is Peace all over the world. They learn that there are no weapons of any kind any longer and no need for them either. They learn that there is no longer any such thing as poverty. Every single person has all that they need for their existence and makes a choice whether or not they want to work some hours each day simply to have extra resources for themselves.

There is an enormous feeling of creativity in the air. Earth itself has been totally cleaned up of any type of pollution. Water is freely available and it is healthy and pure.

Now of course I could go on here indefinitely but instead I ask that you now create that absolute best possible scenario within you of how you see your own life in the future. Then our untied visions will fill the collective consciousness with beautiful inspiration, and we will ‘infect’ one another with beautiful joyful conceptions.

Namaste and Love TZ


I simply could not accept those figures given to me regarding 5% of humanity being arrested in the first 3 weeks from the Event onwards. I was thinking no-one is going to believe these figures unless there is some explanation ~ and I needed that explanation first and foremost.

So I put on my thinking cap and started discussing things with the Council. I began considering sexual abuse of children – paedophiles. I thought Divine Mother will not have these people continuing to terrorise victims after The Event.

So I started doing some research. I began by checking out figures of statistics from Great Britain regarding recorded sexual abuse of minors, and arrests of paedophiles there. I knew of course that what was being given number wise was only the tip of the iceberg and that tens of thousands of children are being abused unknown to anyone on a daily basis in Great Britain alone.

I researched about population figures of US and EU and connected up my findings from Britain etc. and in the end, I was guided to the following figures.

Arrests Occurring At and 3 Weeks Beyond the Event

Arrests worldwide in connection with child rape and abuse 15 million people.

Arrests worldwide in connection with adult rape and sexual abuse 15 million people.

Arrests worldwide in connection with trafficking of human beings 25 million people.

We deduct that at least 55 million of these 390 million arrests mentioned at the beginning of this article would be rapists, abusers, traffickers etc.

I was then given the following figures;

NWO affiliated crimes 100.000,000 people.

Economic Crime arrests 100 million people

Just adding these three numbers together gives a sum of 255 million arrests and that is as far as I feel that I need to go to have a greater understanding of why the numbers of arrests are so gigantic. 

You will no doubt be aware of the fact that police have special task force groups who spend all of their time tracing paedophiles. I discovered this link last night and felt that it could serve as an example of this type of work.

Now this is only one example of tens of thousands of similar type police groups worldwide tracking these abusers.

Then know this...

The Resistance Movement below surface have the most amazing technological know-how when it comes to work like this. You can be sure that they have knowledge of hidden paedophiles in homes all over this globe and you can be sure that these people are not going to get away with abusing children on Gaia after The Event.


Article # 234   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Pleiadian Support


By Therese Z Sumner


9th July 2020


Most of my readers will be aware of this information. However, because of growing numbers of new readers arriving to my website I would like to give a reminder of these 2 important support mechanisms that our beloved Pleiadian Galactic family are providing for humanity at this time.

Both of these are so easy to use and so effective that it is truly a shame that more people cannot avail of them. One would want to tell the whole world ~ you can have relief from pain in a short while ~ even if it is chronic pain - by simply saying a few words aloud, but the vast majority of people would tell you that you were crazy to say the least.

Our friends at We Love Mass Mediation have had information in detail about these technologies available for some time.

Here first a link to all that you need to know about how to obtain relief from pain from the Pleiadians.

One thing that I would like to remind you about before you take a look at this information is that when you ask for pain relief the first time and receive it …. You DO NEED TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK to the Pleiadians and let them know how good the effect is. If the effect helped you but not enough, they can increase the strength of their Stardust nano technology. Also you ought to regularly get back to them and let them know how you are doing if your particular type of pain needs repeated support to dissipate.

Here is that page on WLMM that you can find all that you need to know about the pain relief support.

1} Command PB Stardust testimonies, resources and feedback to the Pleiadians

Also, as mentioned by Cobra in his latest interview with this WLMM:

"...And the other factor here is that the more we make it viral and the more people doing this, the efficiency of this practice will make it even better because the Pleiadian are learning from the feedback of the people [using this protocol] and making it more efficient. So, I would encourage people to make it viral as much as possible. Currently there is not enough response. The Pleiadian were expecting a little more of interest in this because this protocol can help many people. So, if you make this a little bit more widespread it would also encourage the Pleiadian as they are also developing other protocols for other situations, but they are not yet at the point where they could be released. And also, they said if this [Command PB Stardust protocol] is widespread enough, then they will release other protocols for other situations. "

"This protocol needs to be known little bit more and widespread. People don’t need to believe in the Pleiadian, they don’t need to believe in anything, but they just need to test the protocol and see how it works. For many people it may not work but for many others the protocol is quite efficient, and this is what the Pleiadian want. They want to reduce the pain and suffering on this planet"


Hoshino of WLMM says the following,

Here are some resources produced by my brothers Arbre and Jonathan as well as PFC Japan. Please feel free to share them.

Command PB Stardust - Pleiadian Medical Protocol {Available directly below this article}

Command PB Stardust (Simple Pain Relief Protocol) 432Hz

Please contact us at if you want to add your resources here.

Victory of the Light!



Besides Pain relief the Pleiadians have been working non-stop for months now to control and dissipate the effect of the corona pandemic.

Here from WLMM site

“Pleiadians have also developed a new protocol for virus removal that can help people in the infected areas, primarily in Hubei province in China, but also elsewhere on the planet.

If you know, feel, or fear that you have contracted the virus, or would like to disinfect the area around you, you can repeat three times in your mind.

“Command RCV Stardust”

The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to help remove the virus. This new protocol is still in development and is limited in its efficiency and the Pleiadians are asking for feedback. Those who will use this protocol, are welcome to report its effects in the comment section under the following post  on The Portal blog:

Please be aware that this protocol is NOT a substitute for medical treatment.

Here is a post on WLMM which serves as the Command RCV Stardust resource page.


Namaste and Love from Therese Z




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Archangel uriel

Would You Like to Know More about Archangel Uriel?


9th July 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


Personally Archangel Uriel has become a beloved close ally and friend especially over the past year or so. My knowledge of His beautiful quiet energy is quite limited and based upon details that I learned about Him from Linda Dillon.

Archangel Uriel uses His Silver Flame to enlighten us about important information and because he is known as the ‘Bringer of the Future’ His support of my work is undeniably important.

The best place to go to find information of this kind is without a doubt Linda’s site The Council of Love.

To begin with I will take some lines from various channelled messages from Him to show you a little more about His Energy.

Archangel Uriel’s Gift of his Silver Flame

“I AM Archangel Uriel, brother of the Silver Ray, bringer of the future, holder of the now.”

“I step forward to assist with the Ascension of humanity, with the Ascension of Gaia, with the anchoring of truth, with the acceptance of clarity. I am the Bringer of the Future; I am the Bringer of the Now. I work with the Silver Flame.

And yes, it is the Silver Flame of Spirit, of what you would think of in many ways as the Holy Spirit. My dominion is over ‘will’, much the same as Michael works with peace, Gabrielle with joy, communication and creation; although I will say that I work very clearly with creation as well. And we will work together in the creation of the Cities of Light. I wish this day, my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters I am not a distant Archangel, I am the brother that stands next to you. And I am the brother that has stood next to you every time you have cried in despair or dismay for help from God. I am the one that comes and not only listens to your plea but answers your prayer.

I wish to give you my Silver Flame. It is the gift of my essence, of my being, distilled into a flame. Where you will usually feel me when you are working with me is just slightly behind your right-hand shoulder, as if I am peeking over your shoulder, one hand on your shoulder to comfort you, to guide you, and to let you know I am with you. My Silver Flame is to light your way through the darkness.

Linda’s Description of Uriel

 “He’s one of the five Mighty Ones that I certainly work with, but Uriel is ancient and it’s funny because he’s another one of the quiet, gently ones, and yet really powerful. I want to share with you, when I see Uriel and he’s showing up right now, so I don’t get the description wrong, because I love giving and sharing a visual with you guys. He’s not dressed in gowns like when I look at some of the Archangels like Raphael is in that beautiful emerald green gown.

He is in this soft gray, silvery gray-blue velvet, and he almost looks, I don’t know, like out of a French courtier, you know, it’s a velvet jacket and pants, but it’s his being that’s so phenomenal. His face, we’ve all had these situations where you look at somebody or you see somebody and they have one of those incredibly young, lit-up faces, but they have hair of white or silver. Well, that’s Uriel. His hair is this incredible silver color and it’s shiny and it’s bright, it’s not dull like gray hair can be on human beings, it’s stunningly beautiful. And his eyes are this very light gray, although they can get stormy at times.

And he has this flashing smile that, one of those smiles that would just light up a room. He is amazing. His wings, and he has many of them by the way, there are many scholars what suggest that Archangel Uriel, and I would agree with this, and he’s nodding to me and smiling, that he is one of the keepers of the Throne of God, that he is one of the beings that stands right at the base of the throne, and that he is a seraph. His wings are silver, every shade of silvery gray that you can imagine. And they are just incredible, incredible.

He has always identified himself through the Council as the ‘Bringer of the Future’ and he has brought gifts and certainly channelled from time to time, but he hasn’t been, in the past, he hasn’t been as verbose as Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel. But I’ve always had the sense that he is behind the scenes and as I was meditating, getting ready for tonight, I’m really coming to understand that now, during this time of the Shift, during the time of Ascension and the destruction, the elimination of the old systems or the old paradigms of old earth, that he is very much with us.

But he’s another one of these powerful but gentle Archangels and is just a delight, just an incredible delight. And the name ‘Uriel’ comes from the word ‘God is my Light’, and he also is telling me right now, he’s correcting me as well, that he’s also known as ‘God’s Flame’ but he carries the flame also of the Holy Spirit. He works very much with the Trinity, that is his bailiwick. So with that, I’m going to step aside and simply allow the real guest for the show to step forward.”

Archangel Uriel; I thank you for being on earth, for being the co-creators of this magnificent change, of honoring Gaia to rebuild in ways that are of love, of clarity, clarity of heart, clarity of vision, clarity of purpose. I give you this gift, I give you this attunement to open this center. You are ready. So when you wish to glimpse bring your attention to this Silver Flame that I place in your 4th eye. Now extend your palms toward me dear friend and let me place in the center of your palm my Silver Flame, the flame of clarity and the flame of will. Yes, you may feel a slight warming, do not worry about it, simply relax and breathe. I am taking care of you, I always have. This flame may transmute and transform, it is the flame of illumination and it is the flame of illumination translated into action and will, for without the will to truly bring into form, to have the experience as the spirit in form, you do not move forward. So I ignite this will within you. Yes, it is in your hara, in your solar plexus, and it is the will to go forward and it is the will to go forward with me and with your community, your global community, your community of light, your community of love.

When you have doubt, when you have concerns, when you wonder if you are on the right track then simply use my Silver Flame. It is my eternal gift to you; it is with you forever and it is with you always. Go in peace.”

Finally ...

some words that perfectly describe the gifts that beloved Uriel is showering upon me at this time to help me to fulfil my mission. He will willingly and lovingly do the same for you if you call upon His assistance.

Silver Flame ~ Gentleness of True Strength.

What the Silver Flame does: it is the gentleness of true strength.

Bring the Silver Flame, sweet one, not only to bring light to the places of darkness, but also that you may see more clearly what is going on!

It gives you information, understanding, wisdom in terms of understanding what is going on in a given situation – not what appears to be going on but what is really going on.

In that way my Silver Flame is perfect for it is subtle, it is soft, it is gentle, but it is completely pervasive. It will burn through anything and it will also act as a fire extinguisher; it will extinguish the fire of fear, the fire of lust, the fire of guilt or pain, physical pain as well.

Namaste and Love Therese Z

PS: Eternal Gratitude to beloved Linda


Article # 232   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Dear friends ~ TZ here; I am not quite sure what I want to say right now! Just like I cried throughtout our Age of Aquarius Activation on the 30th June the tears just started rolling as I read this update from Cobra. Things that I have believed to be true were confirmed with this message. We really are on the final part of this journey and just as I write these words the tears start flowing again. It's been such a long road ~ with so many stops and starts and one step ahead and two back for so long... but ... I'd actually like to swear here... but it doesn't seem appropriate ... we are almost there.

There will no doubt, like Cobra says, be volatile days ahead... and whats our greatest and foremost job? Yes ~ it is to be islands of peace and harmony and balance. I will be along with you on this journey right to the very end and beyond... we will get there... do anything within your power now to make your life as uncomplicated and peaceful as possible ~ there are always things that we can do to increase our balance ~ lets remain in a place of calm and lead the way forward to our liberation in style. Namaste and Love Therese Z


Press to Enlarge

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Report

Our Age of Aquarius meditation was a huge success, as we have more than reached the critical mass by about 250,000 people participating.

This has further stabilized the Age of Aquarius positive timeline with very favorable long time consequences.
As a result of our Age of Aquarius activation, all significant plasma anomaly and all plasma toplet bombs have been removed. Although this will not trigger the Event as I have expected, it is a great leap forward. All the remaining obstacles towards the Event are much smaller and will take much less time to clear, so we are on a timeline that is converging faster and faster into the Compression Breakthrough.

What is remaining are ships of the Draco fleet that are hidden in quantum superposition state in sublunar space. These spaceships are being cleared by advanced quantum cannon weapons of the Galactic Confederation that are codenamed Mjolnir (Hammer of Thor):

The first attempt to clear the Draco fleet happened in late 2017 and early 2018 but had to be aborted due to the collapse of the Alpha timeline. Now, as a result of our successful Age of Aquarius activation, Operation Mjolnir has been reactivated again and is currently proceeding smoothly according to the plan, and Draco fleet is being cleared with full speed.

The Light Forces have communicated that in the last phase of Draco fleet clearing, there is about 10% probability that the Cabal will try to stage a fake alien invasion with TR-3B craft and about 5% probability that Draco will try to stage a real invasion with the remaining Draco ships emerging from quantum superposition state into the physical and attacking the surface population:

Both the Light and the dark are trying to avoid those two scenarios, the Light because it would bring unnecessary suffering to the surface population, and the dark because open combat with Confederation fleet would bring swift and absolute defeat of all dark factions.

Aside from the clearing of the Draco fleet, the Light Forces are also clearing all grid inversion technologies that the dark forces have in their possession. Those technologies distort the energy grid around the planet and are the basis of the Matrix construct.
Also, the Light Forces are clearing the underground Reptilians utilizing sonic weapons.
Also, the Light Forces are clearing directed energy weapons and EMP pulse weapons from military satellites in Low Earth Orbit.

Also, the Light Forces are clearing the quantum primary anomaly that is preventing physical materialization of Ascended beings on the surface of the planet. Clearing of the quantum primary anomaly is occurring through induced false vacuum decay:
Dragon sources have communicated that at our Age of Aquarius activation, a positive timeline shift has occurred and are asking everybody to “focus only on writing your favorite, chosen life script. The more detailed visualization of the desired optimum life script one would wish for, the more confirming to the new timeline this be.”
Immediately after our activation there were signs in the sky around the world:

Press to Enlarge

In both scenarios, the dark force fleets will be defeated very quickly by the Galactic Confederation, but with small but non-negligible collateral damage among the surface population.

The positive timeline is already manifesting on the physical with the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell:

As a result of this, the concept of mass arrests is reaching mainstream media for the first time ever:

And could also lead to the arrest of Bill Gates:

Prince Andrew is already nervous:

But first, Ghislaine Maxwell needs to stay alive long enough to testify. That is why the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to participate in the following meditation:

Next few months until November / December will see the peak of timeline war between the new positive Age of Aquarius timeline and the old Cabal dominated negative timeline. Without our mass meditation, the negative timeline would be much more pronounced, but we have managed to prevent many negative scenarios.

There will be many attempts to divide the surface population and to induce violence:

One of the Jesuit plans is to create the breakup of the United States (similar to what happened to USSR and Yugoslavia) by escalating the left-right polarization at the time of November elections.

This is why they are planning to introduce Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate to ensure maximal polarization:

The second main Jesuit plan is to trigger a Chinese EMP attack on USA that would escalate into a new world war: 

China's underground Great Wall: Press to Enlarge

One aspect of this plan is that China would use their advanced craft that are similar to TR-3B and stage a fake alien invasion from their main Secret Space Program military base at Dingxin:

TR-3B-like craft would also emerge from China's underground Great Wall:

And from its Iranian counterpart:

The Light Forces are estimating the probability of the fake alien invasion at 10%, of China-USA war at 12%, of breakup of USA at 25%, and of US civil war at 35%.
In the next few months, there might be mass meditations issued to mitigate any of those scenarios if that will be needed.

As a result of our Age of Aquarius activation, the double Paris / Versailles Goddess Vortex has been partially activated:

What is needed now is a Sisterhood of the Rose group in Paris with regular weekly physical meetings.
What is also needed are Tachyon chambers located in Venice and Rome in Italy. We have a sponsor who is willing to finance the construction of the chambers, we only need a person in Rome and Venice who is willing to be the guardian of the chamber and host it in his/her location within any of those two Italian cities. Such persons (ONLY located in Rome and Venice) can contact for further instructions.

The Light Forces have communicated that in this crucial time in human history, it is the highest purpose for the network of tachyon chambers to expand to areas around the planet currently not yet covered:

Also, the Light Forces have suggested the use of Dragon developed advanced laser technologies that can help Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in those challenging times:

Although the next few months will be very volatile, we need to keep our focus on manifesting the Age of Aquarius.
Victory of the Light!


Article # 231   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Bubbles of Heaven ~ PRESS TO ENLARGE

Our Position Right Now as We Approach Compression Breakthrough


5th July 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


Therese Z here ......I have only recently had the time to listen to the wonderful interview by Debra of Cobra and there are some things that I would like to highlight from that interview. For me this meditation was such an emotional experience and I feel that I can now understand more why this was so, when I hear the details Cobra describes here about this meditation’s importance.

NB: This interview took place prior to the 15th June 2020

Debra: Can you tell us what exactly is a timeline stargate and how can we connect with it during our mass meditation on June 30th? Why is this turning point such a powerful activation point?

Cobra: This timeline stargate is a multidimensional doorway which is shifting the evolution of this planet from the old timeline, which we have all experienced to the new Age of Aquarius timeline. So we're actually transiting between two different timelines, different evolutionary patterns. And this year 2020 is the year when this transition is happening on higher levels and it starts to manifest towards the physical. The purpose of this stargate is to shift the course, the current evolution, on this planet. And the turning point on June 30th is actually the critical moment where we start to manifest this new timeline. It's not manifested yet; we are shifting towards it. Of course, as you can see, we are still in this old paradigm, the planet is still experiencing the last moments, the last phases of decay of the old society. But this moment of June 30th, we can actually plant the seed. We can start triggering the change and this can start manifesting in the second part of this stargate, in the second part of this year.

Debra: So it's almost like a new beginning, an opportunity for a new beginning?

Cobra: It's an opportunity to seed the seeds of the new beginning. The new beginning will not manifest yet, but we can start triggering it. We can start visualizing it. It’s actually a trigger; it's like when you light a fire, the first spark which lights a fire. This is June 30th.

Debra: Oh, interesting. How is it related to the first Age of Aquarius meditation that we did in January of 2020?

Cobra: The first Age of Aquarius meditation actually introduced this new timeline. And as we have all experienced, it triggered drastic reaction of the dark forces because they realize they're losing the game and that's why they have attacked with many weapons, with many different cards they have up their sleeve, and it was quite a challenging time. But the result, the end result of that as you can already see, is a big transformation of human society. A new consciousness is being born among the masses. Before it was just a small percentage of humanity that was aware of what's going on, but now this is becoming common knowledge

TZ here……I KNEW in every cell of my body that our meditation on January 12th was amazingly important and I KNOW that the cabal did everything in their power to divert attention away from this meditations importance by the ‘interference’ that they know how to create through using people that we believe to be great lightworkers. These great lightworkers who are wolves in sheep’s clothing compete with our work during these important activations with their ‘diversions’……I can’t say who they are but more and more of you are becoming aware of the fact that this is in fact the situation.

Listen here to the importance of January 12th reaching critical mass which we did by the ‘skin of our teeth’.

Debra: So I'd like to ask you what changes were produced as a result of us achieving critical mass on January 12th and then achieving the big numbers, over one million, for the April 4th meditation of this year?

Press to enlarge

Cobra: Our meditation on January 12th was, although we barely reached a critical mass, it was very successful. Many dark scenarios which were planned have been prevented. War with Iran has been prevented. There were other plans the dark forces had for other military conflicts and wars that have been prevented. A drastic stock market crash has been prevented because the dark forces were planning to introduce digital currency. They were planning to introduce 5G networks in the first part of this year. And none of that has happened on a global scale. So those things have been prevented.

And our meditation on April 4th has slowed the spread of the coronavirus. Without that meditation, we would be in a completely different situation regarding the virus on the planet. It would have been much worse. So those meditations have prevented many negative scenarios. I know people are complaining that we didn't achieve more, but what we have achieved, if we take all situations into account, we have achieved dramatic improvement of what could otherwise happen…


So as this new timeline will begin to be anchored, there will be new avenues of abundance available to humanity. When the control of the dark force’s cracks, much abundance will be released.

And of course the process of healing the emotional body is taking place at the same time. Emotional bodies have been wounded dramatically, especially in the last two decades. People have experienced a lot of trauma as a result of the dark control. And now as the cosmic energies will begin to enter the quarantine more and more, many healing energies will come, especially angelic beings will start to contact human race again. They will start to contact beings and healing them.

One of the most important aspects of emotional healing is to invoke healing angels to assist in the healing process.

And the Pleiadians are also developing a protocol for emotional healing. That protocol will be ready in a few weeks, and when it is ready, I can release that on my blog and people can use that protocol. The Pleiadians will start to help with emotional healing of lightworkers and Lightwarriors, because many are quite tired and traumatized by the war that's taking place.

Debra: We very much look forward to those protocols when you can release those, so that's great news! So if we, or I should say when we, reach critical mass at the moment of this Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 meditation, how will it create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide?

Cobra: This time when we reach the critical mass, there will be a flash of energy coming from the Source through the galactic core, through the solar system, and into the planetary energy grid, which will make the intervention of the light forces so much easier. So one part of the matrix will be deconstructed, and it will be much easier for the light forces to enter with their energies into the energy field of the planet. And as I was speaking before about the emotional healing, emotional healing will become easier, and this is one of the critical aspects of the transition that needs to happen.

BIG Changes JUST before the Event!!

So in the second part of this transition, {After June 30th} we will experience a little bit less challenging time. There will still be challenges, the war is far from over, but we might experience also a little bit more of a support, a little bit more of an inspiration as the situation improves slowly. I would also need to say that the situation, the surface of the planet, will only get better just before the Event. People are expecting big changes to happen any moment, but I would say big changes on the physical plane are only possible just before the Event, when the critical mass of power is lost by the dark. So as long as they control the surface population, we cannot expect big breakthroughs.

But just before the Event, or quite close towards the Event, we will have a cascade of events that will surely and quickly move towards liberation.

But at the same time on the energy planes, on the nonphysical planes, we might experience positive breakthroughs even before that.

Debra: Okay, good. I'm glad you addressed that because I've had a lot of people that wanted me to ask you how much longer will this madness go on and all of that. What can we expect might happen when the Age of Aquarius timeline stargate closes on December 21st?

Cobra: This is something that I cannot talk about at this moment yet.

Debra: Sure, absolutely. So, have these previous meditations we've done raised the frequency to a point where we'll be able to manifest something much better on June 30th? I know you already mentioned that.

Cobra: I have answered this question. People are waiting for the big breakthrough, which is not happening yet. This work continues unfortunately; I know everybody's very tired, me included. I would say that this meditation is one big step closer to the final breakthrough. And from this point now on, breakthroughs on energy planes are possible, but I'm not expecting yet any breakthroughs on the physical plane for this meditation.

TZ… attempts of dark forces have served to AWAKEN more people and much more besides …..the corona pandemic can be used to OUR ADVANTAGE AND  will support our liberation process at time of The Event....

Debra: Okay. And, you know we've all had, the entire world has had, a challenging couple of months, so that was the second part of the question—have these actions of the dark forces lowered the level of collective consciousness in terms of moving forward and what can lightworkers do to counteract this?

Cobra: Actually, no, because as a result of the actions of the dark forces, many people have awakened. Many people have seen what's going on that were dormant before. So actually the collective consciousness of the planet of humanity has raised as a result of the dark action. So it was like a brutal waking call, I would say. So it will be much easier for the light forces at the time of the Event to carry out certain actions which were quite problematic before. There were certain problems how to deal with certain situations and those problems have been resolved as a result of this.

TZ here: The Importance of these activations cannot be overstated …

Cobra: It's important to spread the word, it's important to make sure we reach the critical mass, and when the moment of the meditation happens, it's important to be in that collective field of our collective decision. Because we are making a conscious choice, a free will choice, that we want the Age of Aquarius, we were born for the Age of Aquarius. We are not born for this nonsense we're experiencing now. We were born for the Age of Aquarius.

Cobra: We are not awakening people with this meditation. We are shifting the timeline. So it's like I said before, redirecting the flow of the river. And when the river flows in different directions, this, as a consequence, will trigger a mass awakening in its own time.

Debra: So we just allow people to awaken at their own pace.

Cobra: Yes, yes. We just create conditions, or we help co-create conditions, that will create a space for that awakening.

Debra: How can tired and exhausted lightworkers tap into the power of their consciousness to heal their bodies and their finances once they tap into the knowledge that we really do live in a universe of thought, not a universe of dead matter?

Abundantia ~ Goddess of Abundance ~ Press to Enlarge

Cobra: By utilizing the law of manifestation. I was speaking about law of manifestation a few times; also on my conferences, there are a written notes about that on my blog somewhere, people can find it and study that. It's not that easy, I know, but it's possible for us to make our conditions better, regardless of all those external effects and influences. The law of manifestation is still valid, so we can utilize that.

Debra: Okay. If more people perform the protocol of deprogramming of the implants, such as the "I AM God, I AM not God" exercise, would it help the light forces to remove the toplet bombs more easily and quickly?

[Crack the Matrix - Implants Triangulation Exercises:]

Cobra: It would help the light forces with ALL of their operations.

Debra: Mmm, beautiful. Are the Bubbles of Heaven expanding? You mentioned in our last interview that they can be found in nature, especially if we are 30 yards from other people. Are there other ways that we can experience them?

Cobra: If you really want to experience them directly, you have to go to nature at least 30 yards away from other people. Because this is a very pure energy, very high frequency, and the implants and technology people have in their energy fields disrupt that. But Bubbles of Heavens are starting to work directly on humanity as a whole, by triggering slowly the kundalini of humanity. And this is one of the reasons why the riots are happening.

Everything is not engineered; it’s also a genuine wish for humanity to break free. And this bubbling below the surface of human consciousness will get more and more. We are now in the last phase of the phase transition before the Event. So you can expect more and more humanity being ready for the change, wanting to change, desiring the change, and finding creative ways to trigger that change.

TZ here…Please take note of the following

Earth Split Is a False Concept


Debra: Yeah, I'd like to speak to you in a moment about those riots. I just have a couple more questions around the nonphysical aspect. Some people are saying that the split is now happening, with the old Earth separating from a new Earth. Is this actually happening? And is it happening on all planes—physical, plasma, etheric, astral, mental—and are we able to experience it now? What can we do to live more of our daily lives in the new Earth?

Cobra: This is not happening. It's a false concept.

Debra: Okay, because there is a lot of talk about that taking place, so I'm glad you clarified that. At what point will that happen?

Cobra: There will be no split of the old Earth and the new Earth; the Earth itself will ascend to a higher vibrational frequency.


Remember what Cobra said here, to experience the Tachyon Chamber healing there are no shortcuts and people offering Tachyon healing at a distance are simply “ripping you off” even if it sounds like they are doing you a favour by telling you that it is a free service and donations are accepted.

Debra: Okay, and in a moment, I'd like to speak to you more about that Ascension timeline. But I'd like to ask you about the tachyon chambers; are they getting more powerful in helping people heal and anchoring light into the planet? And what about those people who cannot reach a chamber in their area? What do you suggest they do to get this kind of healing?

Cobra: Yes, the tachyon chambers are getting more powerful. We are constantly upgrading them, developing technology even further in cooperation with the Pleiadian fleet. And I think there are many chambers now throughout the planet, so it should not be too difficult to reach them. And of course, we are inviting more people, especially in the areas where there are no chambers yet, to establish a chamber in their area. So we need a strong planetary network of those chambers to heal people and to strengthen the planetary energy grid as well.

Debra: So the healing they offer is unique in themselves and we really can't duplicate it on our own

Cobra: There is no shortcut here.

Therese Z here again…. A WARNING!  

I have become aware that a certain person connected to one of these chambers has been utilising the situation by providing Tachyon Chamber healing at a distance for donations

This type of evil hoax is taking place via a person connected to one of the European Chambers. {And maybe there are more places where this trick has been played?} Someone has managed to provide a ‘distant Tachyon healing’ ‘service’! According to my Guides this person has managed to get donations (generous ones have been offered) to provide this ‘service’, from people up to 60 times. The money made so far by this person would be equivalent to a yearly wage for me. My wages / pension are/is low .... under the poverty line in fact.... yet what an amazing income bringing side-line for a devious person.

Sadly there are manipulative people everywhere. Making an income at the expense of others.

Expose these people wherever you can.

We each of us have to play our part in exposing darkness whatever way we can. Find your warrior spirit and say NO .... this is not right.... this is not Truth... this is not Love... This behaviour plays no part in the 5D world we are quickly moving towards.

If we do not wish to remain in this prison energy of 3D we have to take steps and take physical action to remove its power and decay from our lives.

Here is the link to the list of real Tachyon Chambers


Debra: Can you speak a little bit about the whole coronavirus situation?

Cobra: Yeah. The Pleiadians are developing more effective protocols; I'm expecting some results next month. We'll see how it goes. They would like to completely eradicate the virus. I cannot guarantee that, but this is their goal. So we'll see how it goes from July on. At this point they are not expecting the second wave, but again, it depends on how successful they will be in developing 100% effective stardust technology. This is quite a challenging thing on this planet.

Debra: Is Command RCV Stardust still effective?

Cobra: Yes, this is the protocol. They use the same protocol. This is the protocol for the coronavirus, and it will stay the same.

TZ HERE: This is where I leave this interview, but the entire interview is brilliant, and I strongly recommend reading all of it


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Please Help to make this viral. Please feel free to copy and paste or link to this meditation ~ Namaste TZ




4th July 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


A Suggested Violet Flame Meditation


This idea can be adapted by you if you are inspired to use it some other way.

1} Relax and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

2} You can begin by stating that your aim with this meditation is to counteract all dark plans that the cabal might have to create violence or potentially dangerous situations anywhere on the globe at this time.

3} Call upon the Violet Flame from its Source in the name of Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain.

4} Visualise a river of this Violet Flame leaving the Cosmic Central Sun and travelling down to the Galactic Central Sun in our Milky Way Galaxy.

5} Now see in your mind how the Violet Flame leaves the Galactic Central Sun and travels through our Galaxy and arrives into this Solar System and via our Moon reaches us here.

6} Firstly imagine this flame engulfing you - encircling you on all sides until, you have an entire 360¤ circumference of the Violet Flame surrounding you protecting you throughout this meditation and removing all negativity from your environment.

7} Now allow the river of the Violet Flame to continue moving out from you in circles wherever you are right now and begin with your area and or town and its surroundings.

8} See how this flame grows and grows and then you can envisage how the Violet Flame rains down onto the Earth from this ever growing circle. It rains down upon every single millimetre of the Earth.

9} When you have seen this for a while declare that this Violet Flame now continues to grow in ever widening circles until it eventually engulfs the entire planet.

10} Then it will Rain down as Violet Flame energy on every millimetre of the Planet’s surface.



Source is suggesting that we do this meditation every day for one week right now and it will work miracles.

Below some details about the Violet Flame from the recent interview with Cobra.

Debra: Can you explain the importance of invoking the Violet Flame as our protection during the meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation?

Cobra: So now that the situation, the energy situation in the solar system is getting better, we are using the Violet Flame.

Violet Flame is actually a vortex of angelic energy that clears all negativity from our energy field.

And at the same time protects us from any negativity that might otherwise enter our energy fields, because people have been attacked during the past meditations and otherwise, and we need to ensure more protection.

And now this protection is more available.

So we can take advantage of that and use the Violet Flame to clear and protect our energy fields before the meditation, during the meditation, and after the meditation.

Namaste Therese Z


Article # 229   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge...

The New Normal


4th JULY 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner

These are strange days that we are living through now on planet Earth. There is no doubt in my mind as I write these words that you too are experiencing many changes in your world. Some of these experiences might not be so surprising but some of them are very unexpected to say the least.

What I am referring to first and foremost is changes taking place in your relationships at this time. As Lightworkers ~ Lightwarriors we are developing and becoming steadily more in tune ~ in balance with our true selves and this entails living in the truth of who we are. When we live our truth, when we speak our truth, when we refuse to deny and stand up for our truth this can bring situations in relationships to a head, to a standstill, to an impasse.

Some of these relationships are ending. They are ending because we know that there is simply nothing to gain, nothing that brings comfort and joy, in having relationships where truth is not a vital pillar that the relationship stands on. They are ending because it’s becoming very clear that we no longer have very much if anything in common.

BUT this point in time...

We can find ourselves with relationships having problems that are difficult to resolve. This is saddening because we have no desire to end these relationships at all. So what do we do? How can these relationships arrive on a higher ground and become stable again? We would desire to have these bonds continue when we are all existing on a 5D plane very soon.

The Event

When this finally takes place.... yes it will.... have no doubt of that... the awakening to the truth will hit everyone hard whether they like it or not. Having relationships on a basis of truth will be much easier. People who do not understand where you are coming from right now, will then gain a new understanding of who you are and why you have seemingly stubbornly held on to ‘strange ideas’ ~ controversial opinions ~ and refused to back down from your truth to be acceptable to another.

Regarding these relationships ~ the ones that you have hopes of continuing with, if at all possible, there is some advantage in correct persistence...even now. …But decisions become it’s best to wait until the situation returns to normal (after 26000 years of abnormal) before you continue in your pursuits...of developing your relationship....normal = after The Event.

You would be wisely advised to negotiate in disputes and attempt to moderate any rigid ideas.... you might admit to things that you too could have done better.

Then you must...

Rely upon your principles and those things that you know to be true about your nature. .... You have absolutely everything that you might need for this mission within you.

Mother will lead the way...*Mother I Trust* say these words to Her every time you doubt or worry...


Balance and Harmony in Our Lives Are Top Priority Now


We have reached a point in time where our balanced state of being is paramount to continuing on the path to existing in a 5D World.

When we chase after the approval of others ~ we will lose our dignity....

We can only trust our inner mind and the demands of our convictions.

When our heart and mind and soul is focused upon ~ continually in tune with ~ in cooperation with Source ~ our resources are increased a thousand fold and more...there are no limitations...

These are the requirements for Ascension....yet they do not necessitate any theological ‘know how’ or degrees of any kind.... naive trusting Love is KEY

We Have No Obligations to Others!

If I had seen the wording above earlier in some context my reactions would surely have been “but of course we have obligations” “everyone has obligations” or something of that kind.

All of my life due to deep programming I have felt a very strong obligation to be there for others, support others, take care of others needs without consideration for my own needs. This behaviour has brought me to hell and back at least twice.

It is only very recently and due to decades of ongoing deprogramming in various ways through my own hard work, that I have finally come to a place where this behaviour has ended.

I will never ever, ever, again put others needs before my own.

Now my aim is utter trust in Mother ~ going with the flow ~ BEing true to myself at all times ~ BEing ready for 5D Earth and the Ascension process. I now make a point of using only my most basic values of conduct in my moving forward each day.

I am no longer obliged to anyone else in my endeavours ~ this is all so thoroughly wonderfully new and real and yet I am in amazement at even writing these words ... is this really the truth finally ~ did I finally get there ~ yes I did ... and it was certainly not easy... and it was one step forward and two back for many decades but I got there in the end.

Life is becoming more magical every day ... and the magic is that it is so simple... I simply feel at each moment what is the next most important thing for me to do this day to be in harmony and balance...and I do that and the magic happens ...and this is only the beginning ...and I am SO appreciative ~ SO thankful ~ eternally grateful to finally have an idea of what 5D living and being entails.

Off course there will be challenges ahead but I will be ready and prepared when they come because...

I will be in tune with what I myself and Mother ~ we are One ~ decides.  Which movement ahead is the most in tune and IN harmony with the cosmos...the answer is within me.

Believe me WE ARE NEVER ALONE, and I can SEE very clearly how I am guided and supported by the Co of Heaven at all times.... They CAN interfere in ANY ANY time...anywhere...and THEY DO!

So when this trust develops, we cannot go wrong .... we are literally always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing ~ its pure magic.

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer planning to do some work....problems turned up on the PC... they irritated me first...and I thought ‘Ok this is obviously not the right time to be doing this work...let’s see what I ought to do instead.’

I decided to get dressed for a walk and set off within ten minutes. As soon as I am only 20 meters from home, I run into a neighbour who is totally devastated. She is at her wits end. Her husband had been taken by ambulance to the hospital in the next town after suddenly becoming very ill. He had been gone for 2:5 hours. She had no idea what the situation was for him and was too distressed to find a way of contacting the hospital. So I managed to find the number for the hospital and rang them to find out what I could. He was due to be brought to X ray and they asked her to call back three hours later.

I knew then that that was one reason why I was meant to leave the PC. There ARE NO COINCIDENCES.

How do we reach this state of being?

Use your most basic values of Conduct in advancing towards your aims.

Do not become obligated to others in your endeavours. Simplicity in your behaviour will prevent mistakes and allow you to progress.

We should always remain impartial in our behaviour

When we handle our affairs with propriety, WE WILL ALWAYS BE SUPPORTED in our endeavours......

Whenever you are in doubt as to what to do just stop...breathe deeply...relax... what is needed right now...allow the needs and the truth to rise up within you because it’s always there...even your body knows before you do...we must listen to the body’s needs.

What will bring the greatest harmony into my life RIGHT NOW and then you do that ~ simple ~ ingeniously simple...

Keep regular contact with Source in whatever way is appropriate for you...with Their help we can become Masters of existence.

The Goal Is Always HARMONISATION...

When we have learned to develop a relationship with Spirit, with Source, with our Favourite Guides we always have an advantage. With an acceptance ~ A KNOWING ~ that we have that support and with taking the time daily, with as little as 10 minutes of our day, if that is all that we can find, we will find ourselves emerging as Masters.

Repair of our Planetary Light Grid is Progressing

Gaia’s beautiful New Light Grid which is connected up all around the planet has now been strengthened and repaired. This is partly due to the support given by humanity in the bringing in of Light by everyone taking part in this Age of Aquarius activation / meditation.

Pure and Loving Light Souls with knowledge of how to repair damaged vortexes have also been involved in healing grid work not in least in Versailles outside Paris.

Here is Cobras appeal for support on June 23rd ....

“Light Forces have communicated that at the moment of our activation, double Paris/Versailles Goddess vortex needs to be reactivated after more than 200 years of dormancy.

We would need a person with purity of heart and strong leadership qualities from Paris who would be able to organize reactivation of that vortex and then to hold regular weekly physical Sisterhood of the Rose meetings in Paris. If you are such a person and if you feel so guided, you can contact for further instructions as soon as possible, as everything needs to be organized in the next few days.”

These loving individuals will now continue with the work of holding these important vortexes in perfect harmony.

The repairs that have now taken place will assist in the groundwork development of the New Atlantis ~ the 3rd Atlantis. To read more about this there is now a page devoted to this subject here on Veritas.

Regarding The Event and its arrival at the perfect moment in time…

We the Lightworkers and Warriors are ready in a whole other way than we imagined 12 months ago. Yes, we believed that we were ready then…but I think that you will agree that we now know that our readiness is on a whole other level…

Finally remember, that every single small victory for everyone is a victory for the Truth and the Light as a whole.

Namaste Therese Z  .....


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July 2020 Energy Update:


Tiredness and Exhaustion, The Triangle Fight, New Purpose Coming and More

💫 Read the full text of this update here:


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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 Preliminary Report


The critical mass has been reached. Full report will be posted in about a week. 

Victory of the Light!

TZ here: personally this was a very emotional meditation for me and I cried the whole way through....

I feel that HUGE NUMBERS TOOK PART and thereof the image here was chosen...


Article # 226   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *




TZ here; Without the Peace Meditation on April 4th we would be in a much worse state of being than we find ourselves in now!


The Coronavirus pandemic would be devastatingly worse without that activation......


“Also, coronavirus pandemic has been contained to a great degree. On the graph below you can see that the spread of the pandemic peaked exactly on April 4th and then its speed receded for at least a month and a half.


Blue line on the graph shows the most probable spread of the pandemic without our meditation, indicating that we would have tens of millions confirmed cases by now:”


Saturday, June 27, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Final Update


Time is approaching our Age of Aquarius activation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.
Next 60 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in over 40 languages:
The main page with instructions for the activation is here:
Many people are supporting our activation.

Christina von Dreien here:

Stillness in the Storm here:

Sementes das Estrelas here:

A blogger from mainland China has made a blog post about our activation, and it has reached amazing 1.4 million views until now:

A comprehensive post with all information, videos and memes for our activation is located here:


Exact time for our Age of Aquarius meditation is here:

{See Diagram to the Left here}

Press to Enlarge

Activation of Versailles vortex will begin on Tuesday June 30th at 7 am sharp at undisclosed location in Versailles. Those who wish to participate can contact , and they will receive an email with all instructions tomorrow evening when all details are finalized.

Let's do this: This video can be opened above this post here on Veritas

Victory of the Light!


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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Update


Over 40,000 people have participated in our Booster meditation at the moment of the Solar eclipse and this has greatly improved the probability of reaching the critical mass for our main meditation on June 30th.

Few days before the Booster meditation, our Taiwanese team has seen this Pleiadian cloudship which was doing gridwork preparation for the activation of Dragon vortex in Chiayi:

The Dragon vortex was successfully reactivated after more than 200 years of dormancy and our Taiwanese team has taken this photo mosaic of the annular Solar eclipse close to the location of that vortex: {see original link below}

Some people feel that nothing has been achieved in our April 4th meditation. That is absolutely not true. Without that meditation, Jesuit plans for world domination would be in a far more advanced stage than they are now.

To Continue reading this update go here;


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Bumblebees should not be able to fly BUT THEY DO!

A Midsummer Message from Sweden


Thursday 18th June 2020


About 500 years ago 300 Beings came to an agreement to become united in purpose and goals.

These non-human beings’ goal was the continued control of humanity by all and every means. They reincarnated time after time and when they did so it was always into one of the controlling so called ‘Black Nobility Families’. They were guided to their ‘new roles’ after each become top Politicians, Royalty, Business Directors, Religious Leaders etc.

The majority of these beings were archons, and some were draconian reptilian.

Through their minions within associated Freemason and other societies they controlled everything in our world.

When humans made strides in many areas of knowledge, art and beauty, science etc. they then came in with their control of that knowledge to make sure that the humans did not get too far ahead of the game.

They did this easily and successfully because they had this secret goal uniting them with one other. They were totally aligned and in agreement with their vision. Yes of course there was infighting between many of these family groups about power of various kinds, yet they knew that to remain in control they had to back one another in the end.

They have had their tentacles in every area of human life.

Every single good plan by good people to unite for good causes for humanity were infiltrated and taken over by them.

That is why there is not one single completely healthy society or organisation on this planet.


Corruption has been and is everywhere.

UNTIL NOW........

If you would like to understand exactly what I mean, then I suggest that you read the following article, and all will become clear.

We Are Heading Full Speed Ahead into The Liberation of Planet Earth + A Historic Overview of the Past 22 Months

I published the article on May 16th both on my Facebook blog and Veritas Galactic Sweden ~ this website as Article # 211.

Then something occurred that I had never seen before.

Normally after I post something new on FB the numbers gradually increase over a number of days and culminate after about 5 days.

This article had 2300 views in 90 minutes! It amazed me and I was trying to figure out why?

I thought ‘wow - Fb have lifted censorship suddenly’.

19 hours after the article was published it had been viewed by 22500 people!?

Now ~ yes ~ now I get it! In that article I had shown clearly how the power of our 5 biggest meditations over the past 22 months had brought us to where we are now ~ quickly on the way towards Victory of the Light!

2 days later my Fb blog was blocked for me to post on. Later they blocked me from comments there and later still Messenger.

You see WE HAVE WON!

Archangel Michael Painting the Sky ~ Scouts Honour! Press to Enlarge

We are a worldwide group of devoted lightworkers who desire change and are willing to work idealistically to bring change about. They cannot infiltrate us any longer. Because we are everywhere!!!

Our goals and visions are much more than a thousand times stronger than theirs now.

They have lost their control and their time is up. Oh yes, they’re still around playing their game, but they know that their hours are reckoned.

That’s the truth of it ~ their hours are reckoned.


I will be sitting in place to begin the meditation at 0840 am Swedish time on Sunday 21st June. See # 221

“We will use the energy of this Solar eclipse to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on June 29th /30th.

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do this preparatory booster meditation at the exact moment of the Solar eclipse, which will come on June 21st at 06:40 UTC, which you can convert to your timezone here:”

Nothing can stop us now.

When you know this .... you can release all thoughts of how things will be solved now for your personal life and for humanity......release all concern......put whatever concerns you might have into taking part in our LIGHT VISION.


Midsummer In Sweden

Midsummer is probably along with Christmas the most important time for celebration here in Sweden. Midsummer is celebrated on the weekend closest to the 21st June which will be the 19th to the 21st this year. Normally people gather with friends or family to eat together and celebrate outdoors preferably ~ weather permitting. This year the weather looks very promising, in fact best ever for such gatherings, but although travel restrictions within Sweden were lifted recently many people have cancelled plans this year.

It’s the lightest time of the year and it’s dark ~ dusk ~ a mere 3 hours a day right now. I live about halfway up the country. Further north you can see the midnight sun now.

The Light not only seems lighter than usual but is Lighter. The Light grows stronger now at such a rate that I imagine everyone must notice it but of course not everyone does....

Walking early morning or late in the evening is magical now. The beauty in nature is astounding as are the perfumes of the flowers.

An old tradition at midsummer is that young girls pick 7 wildflowers and then put them under their pillow in hopes of dreaming about their true love.

Sometimes it feels right now as if time is standing still. I find that I also have difficulty knowing what day it is. Last Thursday I was convinced it was Sunday? It felt like Sunday!

Cobra recently reminded us that we don’t have to fight them just raise the Light and the Light will take care of everything.

Do you understand now that that’s the truth?

It has always been the truth, but we haven’t always understood it.

Now that we had over one million people taking part in our last big meditation there is absolutely no way that things could go wrong.


We found out the secret! We found out that when we unite in heart ~ soul and mind and visualise what we desire through meditation that we can change everything. We can change absolutely everything and create exactly what we want and that’s what we are doing.

Let us once again unite all over the world and experience the enormous power of Oneness ~ the joy of knowing that we are sitting simultaneously worldwide with the exact same focus and the knowingness that this is truly how change takes place.

Victory of the Light

Namaste Therese Z


Article # 223   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Sanat Kumara Discusses Unity Consciousness


Channeling:Linda Dillon

Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara. Shall I just say Logos? Shall I just say friend? So, I will call you planetary brothers and sisters. Beloveds of my heart, I am not a distant master and this is why I have not relinquished my role as Planetary Logos. It is not simply an honorary title, it is the truth of my heart and the joy of my soul to see this planet, this collective, that was so trapped in the illusions, in the false grids of control, of lack and limitation, destruction beyond belief.

And now you release this and you progress, my beloveds, and you begin to live by Universal Law, by the laws of love…not as some esoteric study, but as understanding, profound implementation, anchoring of how things work. And this elevates, it elevates not only this circle but the entire planet, and this has been awaited for for thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years.

So, I come to say, “Thank you!” And I also come to expand a little on this understanding of unity consciousness. Because is it not in and of itself? Does it not sound desirable? Long ago, Gabrielle has told you…all you need to ascend, to come home, to be the fulfillment of our Mother’s Plan is love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and the greatest challenge of all, balance.

But this unity factor has not been fully explored, delved into, and truly embraced by the collective and even by the lightworker, love-holder community. No, this is not a critique, it is one of those infamous timing issues, and now you reached the point where you are prepared, preparing, to be in a deeper, higher, broader level of unity consciousness.

Now, let me be very clear…this is not, in any way, to diminish, to step down, your unique, beautiful, powerful divine authority self. Quite the contrary! We would not be having, we have not had, this conversation about this level of unity consciousness because previously, earlier, you were not ready. But now you are…and not in the way as many empathic individuals feel that it is limiting, or even intrusive, or even destructive.

You need, part of your mission, and it matters not what hat you put on that, part of your mission is to be in the unity consciousness. I am not saying circle or connection…you are keying into what you have previously thought of as ‘the collective consciousness’. But what has been missing…there’ve been many aberrations present and that is what we have all worked on for eons in this collective consciousness…but the ingredient that was missing was this sense of unity, of unification, of being a part of.

This illusion of separation, of isolation, of separateness, has never been true. It was a lie perpetrated upon the human race for purposes of control, abuse. Now you are letting it go and you are reclaiming…yes, I am encouraging you and I am helping…but you are reclaiming your right, your divine right, to be plugged in. And let me be clear about this as we expand this understanding…unity consciousness is not simply being plugged into the divine realm, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love. It is not simply being plugged into the human realm of consciousness, or your star brothers and sisters, it is being plugged in…not in ways that are invasive but in ways that are expanding your level of wisdom and understanding and your capacity to truly fulfill what your heart desires, which is in absolute alignment with the Mother’s Plan.

Think of it in this way…look at my example…you’ve been in training, I’ve been in training to be Universal Logos…so have you. So, we move to this realm of greater awareness. Unity consciousness is not merely what has been described as conscious, unconscious, semi-conscious. It is heart conscious, it is connecting with your heart, with your soul, with your spirit, with your universal self, with the totality…we do not want to fragment you and we know you do not want to fragment you…it is the ultimate connection.


Article # 222   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Article # 221   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Monday, June 15, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Update and a New Cobra Interview

Time of our Age of Aquarius activation is slowly approaching. We have managed to stabilize the planetary situation last weekend with Peace Meditation at the exact moment of Eris Pluto square,

and now the annular Solar eclipse is approaching on June 21st:

We will use the energy of this Solar eclipse to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on June 29th /30th.

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do this preparatory booster meditation at the exact moment of the Solar eclipse, which will come on June 21st at 06:40 UTC, which you can convert to your timezone here:

Instructions for the Booster Meditation:  

to see instructions and continue reading this update go here:



Article # 220   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Press to Enlarge

From My Heart to Yours ~ Therese Zumi


June 11th 2020


There is a parting of the ways taking place. Most of us have come to a point where we simply cannot be part of any type of low energy situation without feeling strong reactions. To be clearer we can react in surprising ways to people who control things in a 3D fashion. We do not want to be a part of game playing, secrecy, following controlling societal ‘laws’ that only seem to exist to control us in some way.

The 3D world has been so full of falsities ~ so full of compromise ~ darkness manipulating court’s decision making because they have had the support of false judge’s, attorneys and powerful people with money. We cannot abide this any longer. We want real justice we want REAL PEOPLE ~ and ‘who are these real people’ ~ they are the ones that are of truth ~ they are the ones who stand up for the truth ~ and what is of truth ~ what IS truth ~ TRUTH IS LOVE.


When there is truth present IN ANY SITUATION it is easier to find forgiveness.

The Intelligent Move Is Retreat!

We are being asked right now to lead the way by being the Peacemakers. We are being asked not to take part in partisan politics of any kind which could lead to dangerous situations.

This last sentence can be applied BOTH to public and also private situations.

We KNOW that the cabal are doing everything they can to infiltrate demonstrations of all kinds so that violence occurs, which is a way for them to then take away the right to demonstrate.

So if we are partaking in demonstrations of any kind, we should do all that we can to encourage others taking part to remain passive and peaceful and not react to those whose goal it is to create chaos.

Silence is a powerful tool! A large silent demonstration would certainly make a greater impression than people shouting in anger.

Then there are situations in each of our private lives where retreat will also serve a greater purpose.

In a retreat from ‘being too much in the world’ we dig deeper ~ we allow our body and feelings to show the way ~ we must practise this until we become masters of knowing ourselves. Recently I was being told something by my body. An itchy rash developed quickly demanding attention. You see the body is always talking to us and reacting to stress.

I was planning on taking part in a situation where I would be meeting someone that I had chosen to leave behind. Initially I thought that attending this gathering would be fine for the sake of others involved. My body reacted to this until I realised that this ‘bravery’ would not serve the greater good. Keeping my distance would be a calmer, more peaceful passage through this situation for everyone involved.

What a great relief I felt on changing those plans.

So I am reminding everyone that you do not have to expose yourself to ANY uncomfortable situation. You do not have to put yourself in a stressful place. Your peace within is PARAMOUNT right now.

Bubbles of Heaven

Remember this whenever you are in doubt.

Use only your most basic values of conduct.

Do NOT become obliged to others in your endeavours.

Simplicity in your behaviour will prevent mistakes and allow you to progress.

We are all right now in a position where it is better to AVOID ANY CONFLICT or end it quickly.

Let the EXPERIENCED PERSON lead the way in making sure that a situation will be balanced and correct.

The EXPERIENCED PERSON is YOU and your Heart Space Higher Self. Listen and know and act thereafter.

Inferior energies and people should be assigned to their proper places. Do not allow them a voice in your affairs

Right now and for a number of years this planet has been totally surrounded by both Angelic and Archangelic Beings of Light. They are here to help us to find the peace and harmony and balance necessary to bring this planet through this major transformation and transition.

The Bubbles of Heaven energies are rising, and I am sure that you are all feeling this in some way.

It’s as if the higher the rise in the energies the more important it is that we LEAVE BEHIND everything unecessary that 3D entailed.

We are Moving Fast Into a New World of Wonder and Miracles and Beauty

The old has to go to leave room for what we all so long for. We are going to create a paradise here once again. We will soon awaken in a new world where each day will bring new joyful discoveries. There will be an unending number of new things to learn about. Creativity on this Blue Green planet will know no bounds.

People all over this planet will unite in the creation of peace, harmony and abundance for every living being whether they be human or animal.

A Final Reminder

At this time we are learning how to live on the ‘swords edge’ and to make sure that the words that we speak are not swords or daggers in the hearts of others.

It would be wise if we now pay extra special attention to our conduct in social situations.

Whenever you are in doubt as to how you should handle something.....maintain your dignity....keep your head held high.

You may find yourself suddenly coming face to face with the necessity of becoming truly discriminating in your choice of acquaintances.

The process of social readjustment is in the air. Some are climbing; some are falling. This is a natural occurrence.

Like the Hopi Indian say in that beautiful message ~ it’s time to tidy your house, tend to your garden.....know where your water is....who your relationships are ......the hour is NOW read this beautiful message roll down this page to # 207.

Lastly, I would just like to say to those among you who are feeling bouts of exhaustion right now, to take really good care of yourself. We are downloading so much Light that we need extra rest. No unnecessary exertion.

Namaste Therese Z



Article # 219   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Meditation at the exact time of the Eris Pluto square on June 14th at 3:10 PM UTC for maintaining World Peace

5/31/2020 10:11:00 pm

Update on June 3rd: Change in meditation instructions, a new step 2 is added.

Update on June 5th: Added countdown timer and time of the meditation in other locations.

Update on June 10th: Added posters in English for promoting this meditation.

Update on June 11th: Added posters in English, Italian and Romanian for promoting this meditation.

On June 14th, there will be another rare astrological aspect when Eris Pluto Square occurs the second time this year. This upcoming Eris-Pluto Square will have a big impact on the process of planetary liberation for the rest of the year.

{see Original for diagram here}

In terms of Astrology, Pluto is being seen as a gatekeeper and escort into deeper levels of self-empowerment. It emphasizes the importance of looking within the self, rather than outside of self, and finding our nuclear core of the creative force. It also emphasizes the use of that force in ways that empower others and that awaken ourselves to new vistas of human potential, conscious awareness, and experience waiting to be realized.

Eris is a feminine warrior archetype that has no fear or hesitation to intervene and expose a greater hidden truth. She tends to pierce or crack open our current bubble of perception through which we view and experience the world to see beyond the finite bounds of our current perception, beyond the bounds we place upon ourselves. In other words, it helps us to unlearned what we learned incorrectly in the past.

{see Original for diagram here}

This upcoming Eris-Pluto 270° square marks entry into the last quarter of the Eris-Pluto ~359-year synodic cycle that began in 1757 CE, and herald the time of change. It is interesting to note that Mayer Amschel (Anschel) Rothschild started his career in the banking industry in 1757 when this cycle began.

Therefore, this Eris-Pluto Square is likened to the Last Quarter Moon in a lunar cycle, a time of transition in the cycle.

During a time of transition, there can be chaos until a new and better equilibrium can be achieved. What is happening now in the US can be seen as an example of this. Legitimate and peaceful protests are being manipulated into violence with a potential to become a civil war.

To utilize the energy of this Eris-Pluto Square for the benefit of humanity and the whole planet, we will do a peace meditation at the exact moment of this astrological aspect on Sunday, June 14th at 3:10 PM UTC.

We will do a mass meditation for maintaining peace in the United States and the whole planet.

This table shows the time of the meditation for selected time zones.



Article # 218   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Friday, June 5, 2020


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction on June 30th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.....

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to further stabilize the timeline that will lead into the long awaited Age of Aquarius. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! We can even reach one million! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

Jupiter Pluto conjunction on June 30th is the turning point of the 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate which has opened on January 12th with Saturn Pluto conjunction, has its turning point on June 30th with Jupiter Pluto conjunction and will close on December 21th with Jupiter Saturn conjunction:

The purpose of the whole 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate is to stabilize the Age of Aquarius positive timeline for the planet, and our activation on June 30th is the turning point of this process. This powerful activation point is located almost exactly in the middle of the whole 2020 process with 170 days between January 12th and June 30th, and another 174 days between June 30th and December 21st.   

In astrology, Jupiter Pluto conjunction symbolizes great societal and spiritual reform which will bring abundance of spiritual and material wealth to humanity:

To continue reading the times / date worldwide and the INSTRUCTIONS for this meditation go here to The Portal...


Article # 217   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


A Message from Archangel Raphael


5th June 2020



This is Archangel Raphael speaking

You are moving steadily into new realms of being where you have little use of your earlier life experiences. You may feel as if you are a new student beginning new studies and you are aware of your inexperience. The new world cannot be grasped so easily.

In your 3D world of experience things were based on a fixed set of rules and regulations. Much of your daily energy was spent upon repetitive action of one kind or another at fixed times. On occasion you ‘took time out’ to BE.

Many of you will have memories of being by the seaside or somewhere in nature and how you left the ‘must do’s’ of life behind for some hours. Precious hours where you were one with the flow of life, where you felt a sense of freedom, often returning home to your ‘ordinary life’ with a renewed sense of energy.

Would you believe me if I tell you that you are moving towards a world of existence where these hours of freedom and sense of being in the flow of life will become the norm?

Yes there will still be the necessities of life to take care of, but in time you will find that those necessary chores or work will also be a part of ~ integrated into ~ the flow of your life.

Reaching this state of being does not occur without an effort on your part to do so. It entails practicing whenever possible to follow your inner knowingness as to the very next best course of action.... literally the very next.....

You are carrying out some task, you suddenly feel thirsty. If you are in a flow with life you pause and break to get some water. When you have completed the task at hand your body tells you very clearly what’s next, a rest for a short or longer time, then you see a clear idea of what’s next to de done.

You are learning by the regular daily practice of ‘being’ how to leave behind a world that was way too concentrated upon clocks and hours, musts and ‘have to do’ ‘s.

Sometimes nothing seems to work. Sometimes plans made are cancelled. You find yourself in a place where you don’t know what to do.

Stop....take a break.... leave all your pursuits aside....until the situation in question returns to ‘normal’ again.

Why does this happen. These seeming failures, delays, blockages and setbacks only arise for one reason.

The Collective Flow requires Collective Force and the success of your endeavours can only occur when other pieces of the puzzle are in place. Then the magic can occur. Pushing the river doesn’t work.

See this inner picture...

Imagine a tall bamboo plant. See its long silvery green leaves moving gently in the breeze where it grows on the side of a mountain. The bamboo is a favourite subject among Chinese painters because it is a living example of ‘Natural Response’.

When the storm comes and winds howl, the bamboo plant can bend it would seem to the point of breaking. Yet it does not break.

‘Bending but not breaking to the will of Another’.

Sometimes now you might have the experience of being Restrained. Feeling as if you are being held back. It seems like nothing is taking place.

Yet think about not a period of ‘quiet’, calmness and very little activity the perfect time to practise the art of going with the flow. The 5D art of being in harmony with the entire Cosmos with Source?

USE THIS TIME WISELY.... BE THE EXPERTS at flowing with the Collective might not have this time further along when things speed up again... as they will.

Your Sovereignty

Your awareness of the fact that you are a free sovereign being will develop and grow as you learn to be one with the One.

It’s quite the paradox isn’t it? Your discovering your uniqueness...the gifts that you as a unique sovereign being are bringing to the whole.... yet simultaneously you are more aware of your oneness with All that Is.

You may find yourself slightly lost right now in these ‘interim’ days, when the old 3D is dissolving fast and you know that you are on the way to a new world, but that new world is not yet in place.

You may find yourself longing to be with likeminded individuals.... with each passing day you seem to have less and less in common with the rest of the world. You experience feelings of loneliness. You may also have periods of sadness at no longer having things in common with those who once shared your life.

Would you believe me if I tell you that approximately 1 billion people on your planet have similar experiences?

In the coming months and years there is going to be a lot of moving about on your planet. In your current situation everything is at a standstill but that will change.

People will find themselves making enormous life changes. Moving to other cultures and life experiences that will be shared with like-minded others.

Keeping all of this in mind, should make it easier for you now to accept, that this is a period of transition.

Knowing that you will be moving forward a little further along should give you an understanding of the importance of generosity towards the people around you now.

Give and take now in loving understanding that ......

everyone is exactly where they need to be for their continued development. You cannot speed up another’s development no matter how much that you might desire to....

Strengthening your ties to loved ones now will make it easier to part ways when that time comes.

Impeccable Conduct

Lightworkers and Lightwarriors would be well advised to lead the way forward through showing the world around you what impeccable conduct means.

Through following the flow of life....through always acting in the truth of who you are...through being examples of generosity towards others, through knowing WHEN it is correct to give or withhold energy, remaining calm in any dangerous situation or environment, in the knowingness that you have the assistance of any member of the Council of Love within a moments request.

In this way there will be great progress for the entire planet.... and suddenly without warning we will have reached our great goal of Peace on Earth.

Your loving friend ~ Archangel Raphael




Article # 216   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



Peace Meditation

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

After the plandemic plan did not have the desired effect, the Dark Forces have stepped up their efforts to increase End Time madness.

The Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus are now polarizing political left and political right in the United States to engineer civil war. The protests which erupted last week have been deeply infiltrated and manipulated:

To de-escalate the situation, what is needed now is to hold the planet in the Light, as Kauilapele has said in his newly re-established blog:

Light Forces have asked as many people as possible to meditate every 4 hours for peace in the United States:

As we are approaching the Eris-Pluto square on June 14th, tensions and potential for violence will increase for the next two weeks in the United States and worldwide. 

Dark Forces might attempt to use this astrological configuration, and the newly starting new solar cycle to drastically escalate the situation in the USA and to try to engineer a war between China and India, Hong Kong or Taiwan, or any other major conflict:

According to Dragon and Resistance sources, the Cabal has a plan to flee from USA to China and hide there after the civil war in the USA, in a similar move to what happened with Nazis in Operation Paperclip after World War 2. Dragon sources are stating that this plan and the dark infiltration on the Chinese side is being dismantled right now by the positive Dragon elements and positive faction within the Chinese military.

Another Dragon source has communicated that if China tries to attack Taiwan, they will release ALL secret documentation about what the Chinese army is doing in Lop Nor, including the extraterrestrial and Secret Space Program aspect, through the mainstream Chinese media.

This Dragon source has also pointed to the following cryptic message:,29,35,45&post=25611

The Light Forces are asking that as many people as possible meditate for the world peace at the exact moment of Eris Pluto square on June 14th:

On a more positive note, Space X has managed to get two astronauts to the International Space Station as the first public human spaceflight from American soil in the last nine years, which has long lasting positive consequences of breaking the Veil and will contribute to breaking the quarantine status of planet Earth, as a new cycle of space human spaceflight has begun:

Elon Musk is in essence a positive being who has been subjected to Illuminati trauma based programming and now wants to break free, as you can see in his sometimes unusual tweets.

Victory of the Light!


Article # 215   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


TZ here; The following two articles # 213 from May 22nd and # 214 from May 29th were kindly published for me by Hoshino on his blogspot The Event Hub after FBook blocked me and my server went down on same day ~ May 19th. I am reposting them here for those of you who have not seen them while this site was being revamped. 


No News Is Good News ...

By Therese Zumi Sumner

Friday May 29th, 2020

These are strange quiet days. Where are we on our journey towards the Ascension Portal? What is Ascension?

Lightworkers ~ many of them ~ are expressing a need to avoid the media where it is almost impossible to know who is who. Who are really working for the Ascension process and liberation for humanity? More and more people are seeing through the manipulation of certain factions / groups whose real goal is to support the arrival of the NWO by seeming to be on the ‘right’ side. They have managed to dupe many of us including yours truly until quite recently.

We know where we are going ~ up and up and up ~ with the rising energies and who needs ongoing confusing reports about the elite players and their manipulative games which they will go on playing until they are arrested.

Ascension is......when your heart and mind is connected to the creator…. you are at one and in harmony with all life.

When we focus on this goal it will bring us closer to liberation quicker than anything else.

In 2014 - 15 I wrote a number of articles giving, overviews from information that Cobra provided about the ongoing war between the Allied Light Forces and the Chimera / Archons / Draconians fleets in our Solar System. Yes, this war was ongoing in the entire solar system beyond our moons orbit.

Now we learned a week ago that…

“The Solar System beyond lunar orbit is being actively activated into a multidimensional Ascension portal with many positive cosmic races being present within the Solar System with their Living Light motherships. The last remnants of the dark Draco fleet there are being chased down.”

Unless you have been following our liberation process for at least 4-5 years via The Portal you will not understand just how huge / all-encompassing this process of liberation from dark forces has been. If you have not been following Cobra’s information from the RM the real Resistance Movement, you simply will not have had a clue about what has been going on. That is one very strong statement......but it is the truth.

Each and Every One of Us Can Strengthen Gaia’s Light Grid

In this last update Cobra asked for support from Light Nobility families to activate the Goddess vortex in Paris. I have no doubt that these families will do their utmost.

What can we do?

We also sadly learned in this update how some few people using negativity can do great damage to the Ascension timeline…

“Their actions have managed to negatively influence the flow of Ascension timeline in the beginning of 2020 to some degree… They are an example of key people who can greatly influence the planetary situation, for better or for worse.”

Please remember that we are all powerful when we enlist the support from the Council of Love members…….

Do not be afraid ~ Jesus said 365 times in Bible

An Idea


……some thoughts on how we might use our time to lift the energies on this planet beyond the active meditations that we can partake of via ‘We Love Mass Meditations’.


I have become aware of some deep darkness here in Sweden within the judicial system. There are situations coming to light that show that paedophile networks are being protected by Judges, Lawyers, Social services etc. One video I watched with a discussion between two lightworkers {one lawyer and one ex-policeman} whilst sitting on a bench in the Stockholm District Court was extremely enlightening. On that video the cameraman took the opportunity during the interview to do a swing around the corridors and cafeteria area showing the many statues of …….demons……yes that’s all you could see in the way of ‘cultural’ decoration….statues of demons……very telling.

I am sure that you too, if you investigated some local institutions, would find similar signs of darkness and depravity and very low energy.

I am thinking that we might each of us in our own way at a local level infiltrate these institutions with Light.

We can call in the entire arsenal of Light. Archangel Metatron and the White Fire of An….Archangel Michael and His Blue Flame…..Saint Germain and the Violet Flame…..and either alone or with some trusted lightworker friends send these cleansing energies to these dark places so that they affect every person visiting these places.


Recently I listened to an interview between a great Swedish lightworker and a man who earlier worked in the police force. This man found Jesus some years ago and it changed his life. He mentioned that in the New testament of the bible the Words that Jesus has repeated more times than any other words are “do not be afraid” …….

This police officer has many times dealt with demonic entities that have taken over some person – very often in connection with alcohol and drugs. Once a man was attacking him and looking like a powerful crazy reptilian screaming in his face….however in the split second that he looked quickly at his colleague and nodded to him “lets take him”…..this demonic entity disappeared and the man who was ‘possessed’ fell to the ground on his knees and begged for mercy.

The entity could not dare to remain in the face of DECISIVE – INTUITIVE – TRUTHFUL action.  

I am telling you this to show you that when facing great Light darkness cannot prevail. Just silently saying the name of Jesus can scare a demon away.

You know that the greatest weapon of the dark is to instill fear in people……just look what they have managed to do to billions of people with this fake pandemic…….

Let us do all that we can to add to the Light quotient here. We do that when we are TRUE TO OURSELVES – that is - truthfully being ourselves in all kinds of situations. Standing up for truth. Keeping all our relations as truthful as possible or leaving them behind. No more games of manipulation in any relations because that is pure 3D.

There is always work that can be done as a Lightwarrior so lets just keep on being those Lightwarriors until its all over and this planet is liberated.

Finally remaining only on a positive note…. because we cannot gain a single thing by focusing upon anything else….

“On the surface of the planet, the Positive Military and the Red and Blue Dragons are conducting operations behind the scenes to prepare for the Event.

As the number of negative etheric and astral entities on the surface of the planet decreases in the coming months, more and more Light will be present and more people will have a tendency to exhibit a more positive behaviour.”

Victory of the Light!

PS: This is my situation right now. I now have the server on my website in working order. I am spending time every day updating the site in various ways to make its content easier to find and adding new interesting articles and items of interest.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks and ‘you are very welcome’ to the continual flow of new readers liking / following the FB blog. I can view these incoming messages on my phone or iPad. However I am blocked from answering comments on FB.

So there will no longer be a Facebook blog and sadly that means that I cannot keep in close contact with readers like I have been able to do these past 8 years. Sadly my site has no such a tool.

I can tell you now that my website will continue as earlier to provide updates and articles etc. coming regularly. Most likely they will arrive about every 3-4 days. So you are very welcome to my website from June 6th. Of course you can visit it now, it’s available but with nothing new until 6th June.


Namaste and Love and VOTL TZ


Article # 214   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Message from Therese Zumi Sumner + Watch Out for Imposters ~ Con Artists ~ Manipulators

22 May 2020

Dear readers, Hoshino of The Event Hub has kindly offered to help me to get a message out to my readers about the current situation with my website Veritas Galactic Sweden and my Facebook Page blog.

On Tuesday May 19th I was about to make a post on my FB blog. I couldn’t. I subsequently made two other attempts using just a picture without text and could not post. So I am blocked from posting on my own Facebook page.

Well I thought, they can’t affect my website which has been running for 8 years without a problem. But my website server went down as I attempted to post there.

The last extensive article on my website blog {Introduction page of Veritas Galactic Sweden} was about the amazing progress that we have made in the past 22 months with the help of 5 major meditations. This article moved so quickly on Facebook....quicker than any article so far and within 12 hours had reached about 22,000 people.

I thought then ‘wow censorship is gone down on FB’....... not so apparently.

Hoshino who owns this blog is also the founder of the amazing site ‘We Love Mass Meditations’ and works alongside the Resistance Movement and Cobra.

War on Information

At this point in time there is an information war taking place. Please be aware of this when you are introduced to new videos, interviews etc. The dark is so beguiling and manipulative, and they are strongly present among those people that many believe to be a part of the Lightworker community.

We are in the midst of a war between Light and dark forces on this planet. Always keep that in mind.

Imposters ~ Con Artists ~ Manipulators

I would like to explain that I might seem to be writing in riddles when I continue here. There are things that I would like you to think about and figure out and so I will not ~ nor am I able ~ to say things exactly as I see them. Even if you upon reading this, begin to realise that you too might suddenly have an idea about who the unmentioned names are, I must ask you to refrain from sending me questions like “are you referring to so and so” because I simply cannot tell you right now.

Cobra gave us an image some time ago with a text about how the Jesuits and their Archon Masters have kept us under control. They wait UNTIL WE FIGURE SOMETHING OUT ….and then they USURP that new information and MAKE IT THEIR OWN ……you need to understand this to be truly discerning.

This is what the Jesuits have always done successfully for 500 years and continue to do to the bitter end. Take any subject under the sun and they will be there among the experts. They are ALWAYS AMONG THE EXPERTS. They are to be found worldwide in every walk of life. They are to be found among the rich and the poor. They are most certainly to be found in the ‘lightworker’ community or to be specific the ‘false lightworker’ community.

Whenever something was about to change in society - whenever a new trend in any area showed its face on the horizon = you can be completely sure that the Jesuit’s will be there in the front rows seeming to lead the way. They are there in bringing forth some new technology, some new ‘religion’, new trends in every area. Not in least they too will be forerunners in the truth movement.

This has been happening time and time again on this planet for at least 500 years via the Jesuits. Their schools and universities and learning institutions are everywhere on all 5 continents. They have their tentacles everywhere. Time and time again they have been on both sides in all wars. They rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes to regain control over humanity.

What are the trends of the time now?

People want change and specifically they want to hear the truth from new leaders in society.

People want the evil in society to be exposed and dealt with.

They want to hear people speaking out and expressing truths about what has been wrong in society.

Let me take an example.

Let’s say that a whistleblower comes forward. Say that this new whistleblower has been working in the corporate business world. They have come across some information in this area that implicates many well-known people as being totally corrupt and manipulative and standing to earn millions at the expense of others lives.

There are many journalists who desire to be among the first to speak personally with this whistleblower and get the information out all over the internet.

Suddenly this whistleblower is being interviewed left right and centre. The truth that this whistleblower brings forth is astounding and will radically change the way the general public thinks and believes.

The truth coming forth is so big that society will have to change for people to be able to accept any authority figures.

Think about it. Think deeper. You see that if the Jesuits {who come in every way shape and form} are to continue running the show on earth in the future like they have done for the past 500 years then they will HAVE TO BE AMONG THE FORERUNNERS ~ or should I say that they will have to appear to be the forerunners so that they can continue to exist and control.

Press to Enlarge Image

This means that they will be among those people who are condemning evil in all forms. They will be among those people who have great knowledge and great connections.

If there are now some questions rising up within you, regarding the trustworthiness of some person or persons in the truth movement then maybe you should attempt to take a deeper look at who they are?

Do they surround themselves with any type of symbology that is suspicious in any way? You can be sure that the core manipulative Jesuits will make sure that the symbols around them are fool proof i.e. seem to be universally good in some way.

You know that the dark ones have a rule whereby they must reveal the truth to you somehow in plain sight .... but it takes a trained eye to notice the small revealing details.

There are always signs. I recall years ago that a very popular ‘lightworker’ used some strange expressions when he spoke about the evil in the Vatican. It felt archaic and there was something ‘fishy’ about it. Also the way this person expressed himself was as if to say, ‘I have been called upon to reveal the evil in the Vatican’ and one got the impression that it was he and only he who could do this job. What I am saying here is that there was a lack of humility. A truly spiritual person will always show more signs of humility and less signs of ego.

I wrote to Cobra explaining my questioning of this persons use of words and wondering if he could comment. He didn’t reply. He couldn’t reply. Because we must make these discoveries for ourselves. Sometime later I was provided with ‘signs’ that showed me clearly that there was a certain lop-sidedness ~ an unbalanced scales where this person was getting way too much credit for his work from me. Eventually more and more signs appeared, and it became clear to me that this person, who to this day is revered for his work by many, was in fact a core Jesuit.

Over the years my list of ‘suspicious’ ‘lightworkers’ has grown. I can now see more clearly that the suspicious ones are in fact core Jesuits ~ the ones that will allow the Jesuits to lead the way forward (they believe) into the future. So when the controlling cabal structures of religion, bankers, politicians, royalty etc. falls apart like a house of cards they will be able to pick up the pieces and continue to control society in their new roles as modern awake truthers.

One of the greatest fears among people when they encounter new ideas and ideals and communities, is that they will end up being controlled once again, by someone new who appears at first to be their saviour.

The fear is certainly a healthy one. We need to be of a suspicious nature as true Light workers, to use discernment always. Most of you will have heard the expression ‘there is no smoke without fire’. My own motto is ‘when in doubt leave it out’.

Veritas Galactic Sweden

I do not know when I can have my website up and running again so I can continue my work there?

I will not be returning to facebook.

Please Make This Message Viral

Dear friends I am asking of you that you repost this message from me on your blogs and websites. We who are working in unity towards liberation on this planet need to join forces. I would especially ask for support from those websites that have joined the Gaia Confederation website to please repost this message from me.

We have recently had a new update from Cobra with a lot of information. That update is now available to read just below this message on Veritas # 21

The only comment that I would like to make about this update is this we need to listen carefully to the following request from the Light Forces.

“The main message of the Light Forces for the surface population now is that people need to connect to their Soul,

release their dependency from digital media,

be honest and sincere with themselves,

connect to what is beautiful, pure and true,

develop nobility of character and release judgement and denial.”

Namaste Therese Z


Article # 213   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A new Cobra Update......

Dragon Endgame

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

In January 2019, the Chimera group realized they will be defeated, so they issued a distress call for assistance across the Galaxy and received no response. Realizing that and being aware of powerful Age of Aquarius planetary configurations of 2020, they have instructed the Black nobility families and the Jesuits to activate the endgame New World Order plans in January 2020.

Many of the negative scenarios were prevented by the Light Forces, but one slipped through and that was the coronavirus scenario. Before their final defeat, the dark forces were determined to create as much chaos and suffering as possible. Exactly 24 years later, this is the repeat of the Great Forgetting of 1996, which also happened just before the scheduled breakthrough:

To contunue reading this update go here;

Another great video from True Earth .......


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We’re Going Up – Up – Up – Up 

19th May 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner

Many of you will be familiar with the song called Euphoria which was sung by Swedish Loreen at the Eurovision song Contest in 2012. Nowadays even Australia is among the competitors. This year it was cancelled due to the ‘you know what’. Anyhow the song Loreen sang seemed so amazingly in tune in 2012 with the ideals and wishes of Lightworkers worldwide, we were finally sure that the path to rising ‘up’ on the Ascension energies was open wide.

It feels appropriate to share it with you now that the energies are rising higher and higher with each passing day.

For many decades Swedish people {mainly Stockholmers} like to visit an open air venue held at Skansen in Stockholm during the summer months on a weekly basis. This is one of the most popular summer tv programs here in the months of July and August. Every week there are new guests and the music and entertainers attempt to suit the tastes of all generations. Many go to these venues with the whole family. Its outdoors in the open air and if it rains the audience never fails but sits in their raincoats to enjoy the show.

In between the various artists there are regular ‘sing along’ songs which the audience all take part in having a booklet with the texts available. So it was at this venue that Loreen sang Euphoria in the video that follows. Hope that you enjoy this extra-long version of Euphoria.

PS – believe it or not she is singing this at about 9 o’clock at night. The amazing summer nights in Sweden are magical and on this particular evening there were 22, ooo people in the audience.

Loreen - Euphoria (Skansen Stockholm 15. July-2012)

here is the link although the video opens up here just below this text.


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Press to Enlarge

We Are Heading Full Speed Ahead into The Liberation of Planet Earth + A Historic Overview of the Past 22 Months


Therese Z here;


Today is the 17Th of May 2020. There are so many new readers arriving on this blog and my website now. This realisation brought on a need within me to provide an update about the most recent important successes of the Light community. The successes that have played a major part in bringing us to this point in time. I have spent the best part of a week going back over the past 22 months’ time and gathering the information I needed to bring you an overview of how we came to be in the position that we find ourselves in today.

So in short ~ where are we right now?

We are in a unique and very positive position.... we are living in the final days of life on Earth in what we call the 3D world. But........there is no 3D world any longer.... yet about 66% of the world’s population are still trying to hang onto 3D. They are trying to recreate their ‘old’ world. They must do this every day. It’s like a dream fast fading into the will hardly be remembered in 6 months’ time.

Yes, then they will look back and think about their old lives and think “did we really live in that hell”.

But right now they are struggling.......nothing seems like it used to be......of course the corona situation helps!.......with the restrictions worldwide nothing is normal......and they are all longing to be back to normal ......but thank God / Goddess there will not be any 3D normal ever again!!

This ‘pandemic’ which was meant to have killed millions (approximately 15 million) and infect 5 billion worldwide has been a huge failure for the black nobility families and their minions that control our world. {Black nobility families have not got any connection to the term 'black' used to denote the colour of ones skin, here is one of many links where you can read a little about the term Black nobility Families ~}

Thanks to the interference of the Pleiadian fleet and their stardust ~ nano technology the virus has been hacked / attacked. These attacks on the virus have reduced it in power to about one seventh of its original strength to damage human life. Lombardy in the north of Italy has been one of the hardest hit areas and it is also the home to many of these dark families. The latest details about the status of the virus from Cobra are found at the end of my ‘historic overview’.

In this overview I want to show readers that the enormously positive situation that we now find ourselves in regarding the arrival of The Event WOULD NOT EXIST if it were not for the unity ~ cooperation ~ hard work ~ and unwavering dedication of Lightworkers ~ Lightwarriors and Love-holders worldwide.

Cintamani Vortex Angelic Being

We have united in regular weekly meditations to bring forth The Shift ~ The Event for about 6-7 years and also, not in least, in specific ~ special meditations that the Resistance Movement have called for via Cobra when critical phases in the liberation process required the assistance of the surface populations involvement of holding the Light.

The absolute necessity of the return of the Goddess energy to Gaia could not happen without that energy continually being ANCHORED by humans on the surface. Lightworkers who have specific knowledge of ritual ceremonies to anchor the light have been working on this tirelessly for a very long time. Hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers have contributed through the building of the Cintamani Stone Grid on 5 continents. Others have worked with the placement of specific crystals in very specific places. At this point in time there are Angelic Beings holding the Light where Cintamani Stones have been planted. Angelic Beings along with Archangelic Beings are surrounding the entire planet. The Galactic Confederation Ships are in place for The Event...... everything is ready......we are awaiting the go-ahead of the Goddess / Divine Mother and that will take place at the perfect moment in time......

One last thing ~ you see that I use the image that Cobra used to introduce the time that he calls The End Time Madness ..........that end time madness also leads to COmpression BReAkthrough ~ The Event......


Namaste and hope you enjoy this new article.


Dedication and Hard Work Do Pay Dividends




16th May 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner

I have felt guided to put some information together about our journey up until now. We have come so far and crossed so many hurdles and now we are finally in phase 3 that leads to The Event. A lot of hard work and effort on the part of many Lightworkers worldwide uniting in regular specifically focused meditations has been the greatest and necessary part of this development. Each day the Bubbles of Heaven energy increases steadily higher and higher and we are so much loved and supported in this process that it’s truly difficult to imagine it.

Initially I had no clue just how much we as individuals could affect the liberation of our planet. We needed to understand our power. We have had to re-learn ~ gain anew an understanding as to just how strong we are, when we accept that we truly are free sovereign beings.

We have for so long been in bondage under the control of dark beings, whose primary goal was to keep us in the dark about these facts. The facts about the enormous unstoppable great power that we own when we unite and focus simultaneously upon a goal.

They discovered that religion was a way to control us and they created them. When religions began to lose their control over us, they once again managed to round up so many amazing lightworkers by creating new types of ‘freer religions’ new ‘spiritual paths’  very often through the guise of some Master or other that could bring us to Heaven if we followed him and the rules of the ‘path’ religiously. I was one who fell into such a trap.

As we tried to free ourselves from their grips by leaving these paths, they found other ways to control us and attack us so that we lost our way temporarily. One huge way that they regained control over this planet wad the 3rd Archon invasion in 1996 and darkness surrounded many of us, so that we temporarily lost track of everything.

I recall Cobra explaining how he lost heart for a while at that time, thinking that ‘there was now no chance that we could attain liberation on this planet’ he was aware of the wars that raged so ruthlessly beneath our feet between the Draconian reptilians and their reptilian minions and the Resistance Movement.

Fast Forward to 2012

I would guess that the years between 2007 and 2012 sometime was where we lightworkers began to find our way forward again.

Eventually we learned to Declare and Decree and Command that we are free sovereign beings and that we could break all contracts with all the beings on the dark side by declaring our choice to do so.


To show just a little of what we have achieved by joining forces against all odds and against all attempts by the dark side at infiltration of our work and teams etc, I will now remind you of some of the Victories of the Light over the past 22 months.

For those of you who would like to go even further back through the developments made in tandem with the Light Forces, through many important group meditations, you will find a good overview of these developments, some setbacks and victories on the Page that I developed to keep this ‘history’ easily available for newcomers. Here is the link to that page that also begins with an overview of who the Allied Light Forces are. To search for it without a direct link you open the page entitled The Event and you see it at the top with the title Victory Now. Here a direct link.

So how did we join forces ~ we did so through regular focused meditations simultaneously uniting on all 5 continents. We had our weekly recurring Event meditation on Sundays and then at intervals, the Resistance Movement suggested to us via Cobra that we join forces in greater numbers to support the energetic effect at particularly potent astrological junctions. In the past 22 months there have been 5 of these major meditations taking place. Here are some facts and excerpts from when they took place and how successful they were in allowing the Allied Forces of Light to take greater steps towards our liberation.

The following excerpts are all taken from earlier articles of mine during the last 22 months.

1ST Big Meditation / Activation

The Great Importance of the Key to Freedom Meditation on August 11th, 2018

Thursday August 02nd 2018 by Therese Zumi Sumner

In August 2017 we joined forces all over this planet for the Unity Meditation. Over the past 6 years the Resistance Movement Light Forces of which Cobra is a spokesperson, have requested specific meditations at specific points in the liberation process to move everything forward. Sometimes these have been to anchor more Goddess energy on Gaia or support the Light Forces in some of their many operations. Another example of earlier meditations was the one for Egypt ~ see image above. This was necessary to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining cabal power in Egypt and preventing a greater democracy to emerge. That was truly successful. {see photograph}

Press to Enlarge

The UNITY Meditation in August of last year was requested by the Allied Light Forces below, upon, above and surrounding this planet. They appealed for more unity among lightworkers all over the globe. Backing our desire to unite were the Resistance Movement (underground + Agartha), Allied Light Forces, Council of Love, Galactic Confederation etc.

And because so many websites and well-known names among lightworkers (none mentioned none excluded) joined forces to spread the information about this particular meditation, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE CAME TO BE AWARE OF IT. So much so, that there were collapses of some websites and videos at the time of the meditation because so many tried to access them simultaneously.

Hundreds of thousands experienced the enormous feeling of ‘oneness and love and peace’ while partaking in the meditation worldwide. Because of its widespread sharing on the internet close to 1,000,000 people took part. We were informed by the Light Forces that about 5-600, 000 people were simultaneously doing this meditation in a focused way {a necessary component}.

On many occasions over these past 6 years or so when doing the specific Event / Ascension / or other specific meditations we have had as a goal to reach the so-called critical mass of 144,000 people SIMULTANEOULSY meditating and focused on the same result.

We have earlier succeeded in this goal about 3 times if I recall correctly. BUT with the UNITY Meditation last August we reached more than three times the so-called critical mass. The results were so impressive that the Central Civilisation – some call them Wingmakers who reside near the Galactic Central Sun made it known that they were very impressed by our unity and that we could now finally see ourselves as being ready for the true process of Ascension that will speed up (no-end) after The Event ~ Compression Breakthrough ~ Tsunami Wave of Love ~ Shift ~ Transition Day.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018 ~ Cobra

Situation Update

There is increased activity in the Galactic Centre, leading to the final purification of all darkness and to completion of the Galactic network of Light, the Central Race bringing galactic high culture even to such backward places as planet Earth…… 

And the wealthy “elite” are becoming increasingly afraid of the Event: 

Throughout the Galaxy, in our stellar neighbourhood and inside our Solar System, Galactic Confederation fleets are positioning themselves for the final liberation:

Short Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ Monday, October 29, 2018

For the first time since Archon invasion of 1996, Angelic Beings are returning en masse to the astral and etheric areas close to the surface of the planet. It would support the positive energy grid of the New Atlantis a lot if you would connect with those incoming Angels in your meditations. The other meditation that can assist the New Atlantis energy grid is the Buddhic Column meditation. You can place Buddhic columns above any place or situation on the planet that needs healing:…/daily-buddhic-column…

Galactic Command fleets are constantly monitoring and stabilizing the tectonic plates and earthquakes with global consequences will be prevented.


2ND Big Meditation / Activation


Return of the Light Meditation 20/21 January 2019

On the 16th January 2019 I wrote the following to my readers as we sought to unite as many as possible in this very important ‘Return of the Light’ meditation to anchor Goddess energy on the surface of Gaia

TZ here; There is no time to waste now!! We need to be MORE than ready for this meditation. If you have just read the Cobra interview you will totally understand the necessity for our non-stop effort to anchor Source energy on the surface of Gaia now.

Whenever you are anchoring Light, you’re also stabilizing the energy pattern on the surface of the planet. These are two sides of the same coin. So anybody that is anchoring light in any way is stabilizing the planetary energy grid.


You can be sure that the dark forces are doing their utmost to remove your dedication and waylay your purpose at this time. They could be making your life hell in some way and you are then allowing them to take away your power.


You have at any time you choose Goddess Energy flowing through you for the asking.

TZ ~ PS: in this meditation WE ARE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ~ ~ CONNECTING TO THE COSMIC CENTRAL SUN Which oversees the evolution of the WHOLE UNIVERSE.

Here some quotes from that interview where Cobra explains the effect of these meditations


"Okay, each mass meditation that we did is creating or building a connection between our physical world and higher dimensions. And each of the successful meditations deepens and expands that connection and creates our link with the Source stronger and so we have been progressing slowly towards the point where we can for the first time begin to connect consciously with the Cosmic Central Sun.

The Cosmic Central Sun is far beyond and far more powerful than the Galactic Central Sun. The Galactic Central Sun only oversees the evolution of this particular galaxy whereas the Cosmic Central Sun oversees the evolution of this whole Universe … and for the first time the direct connection will be made. Actually, nobody knows how that connection looks like…because nobody in the last…I would say…14 billion years of cosmic history has created this connection, so we are in one of the key moments in the evolution which is leading from the past cosmic cycle to the new cosmic cycle.

And as you probably know, this planet is key in this process because this is the final focal point of darkness as a principle in this particular Universe.

So this is the reason why this eclipse is not just a small tiny eclipse on a small tiny planet orbiting a small tiny average star at the outskirts of a small galaxy. It is a focal point of transformation of cosmic importance. And this is why we are here. We have been chosen to be here. We have been planning to be here. And now in this particular moment specifically for that particular purpose of assisting in the turning point of this cosmic cycle during this eclipse and to connect directly the surface of this planet to the Cosmic Central Sun so the next phase of our Compression Breakthrough can be initiated."




Bubbles of Heaven ~ Cobra Update

Monday, January 21, 2019

Return of Light meditation was a huge success. Between 1 and 2 million people were informed about the meditation, and between 300,000 and 400,000 were actually participating, so the critical mass was achieved many times over:  

The energy wave from the Cosmic Central Sun has reached the surface of the planet and that energy was anchored irreversibly.

Posted by Cobra at 4:56 PM Source;

Therese Z  again… As an example of the ongoing dedicated work of Lightworkers I have chosen to show these following  3 messages from Cobra’s blog in July ~ August and September of 2019 regarding the necessary ongoing work to strengthen the Light Energy Grid around Gaia.

A Short Notice To The Surface Population ~ Cobra

Monday, July 29, 2019

Next two weeks will be crucial to determine how the process of planetary liberation will continue.

The Light Forces are asking everybody to meditate as often as they can and as often as they feel guided, for the process in the next two weeks to continue in positive, harmonious and peaceful way for the planet, humanity and especially for those who are holding Light for the planet.

The Light Forces are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation:
Victory of the Light!  

VERY Important Message Reminder from the Resistance Movement ~ Please Make Viral ~ 17th August 2019

If we want to manifest The Event quicker there is another simple way to do so besides supporting the cleansing of the dark forces through meditation. It’s very simple. We can PUSH forward into our new existence on Nova Gaia by BEING THERE in our THOUGHTS, MIND, EMOTIONS through taking a short while regularly to ‘daydream’ about the most important goals that we wish to attain in our new environment. SEE these inner pictures, FEEL these inner pictures, KNOWING that they will manifest soon.

Here the exact words from the Resistance Movement a while back.

“The Light forces are asking everybody to visualize the bright future of the *Golden Age* to speed up and accelerate the process of manifesting it. “

“The Light forces are also asking people to go beyond their mind and contact their Soul.“



The Shift

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Interstellar sources are communicating that cosmic shift is accelerating, and the whole universe is going through a phase transition into the new cosmic cycle. So what we are about to experience is not only the Galactic Superwave, but a cosmic shift on the scale never experienced since the creation of the universe.  

The Galactic Central sun is becoming more active even at subluminal speeds, as the signal of the previous Galactic Superwave traveling with the speed of Light is perfectly entrained with the new one that is coming extremely soon:

This is already creating big changes in our Solar System.

The Cosmic Central Race has created a multidimensional Flower of Life Grid throughout the Solar System that extends from lunar orbit outwards to the heliopause. This grid will serve as transmission buffer for the coming Superwave.

To continue reading this interesting update….


3rd Big Meditation / Activation


Following are some excerpts from Cobra messages about the next big Resistance Movement meditation to stabilise things on the surface……..


Thursday, October 10, 2019

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Mercury transit on November 11th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy of the worldwide financial system.

Our Silver Trigger activation on November 11th has a real potential to become the turning point in preparations for the positive financial Reset.

All people buying silver on November 11th will create a powerful energy grid around the planet that will send a pulse of Light into the global financial system.  

It is very important to make the actual transaction (physical or online) of buying silver on November 11th in your time zone.

To help making the Silver Trigger viral, almost 50 videos have been created in more than 20 languages.

Silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy. Hence, buying silver is a symbolic act of bringing abundance into your life.

Time is approaching for the Silver Trigger and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.

If the critical mass is reached, the Light Forces will be able to intervene directly in the global financial system for the first time in human history, and a cascade of events will follow that will inevitably lead to the financial Reset.


Therese Z …. this time the results were not so encouraging and boy were people enthusiastic but its one things to gather people in meditation another to actually physically go out and buy a small amount of silver as a symbolic gesture ……here are the results ….

“Our Silver Trigger activation has reached about 80% of the critical mass. {144,000} Although we have not reached our goal, our achievement was significant, as it will still ease the planetary path towards the financial Reset.”

Press to Enlarge

4th Big Meditation


The crucial one!





To read all the details go to Article # 120 below


Age of Aquarius activation videos have been created in more than 20 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!

Therese Z here……boy did we work hard on this meditation to get the news to as many as possible…….and the dark side was doing EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO PREVENT ITS SUCCESS…..I recall being very exhausted myself due to health issues and yet constantly feeling that the need to reach the critical mass here was so important that it felt like ……do or die ……I wanted to believe that …this is the final one… the final big meditation that will bring about The Event….


COBRA: If we achieve critical mass, we can cut the waiting time quite significantly. If we don’t reach the critical mass, we will just cut it very, very, very slightly.

TZ comment… Does everyone now see what is at stake with this activation? Is everyone totally clear as to how important it is for the quicker arrival of the Event? Do you understand how chaotic our world could look with a ‘hard crash’{economic} right now?


Results …. success but at the 'skin of our teeth' …. About 150,000 took part just above critical mass

Yes ~ we did it ~ we reached critical mass! 

Age of Aquarius Activation Preliminary Report


Pleiadian Ship

5th Big Meditation

Here are Cobra’s words when he tells us about the coming next big activation…..

Tuesday, March 3, 2020



It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long, and the current timeline is not going in the best direction. Here is our chance to collectively shift the timeline back into our optimal timeline for planetary liberation. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will solidify the optimal Ascension timeline for the planet.

However, this time, only people following my blog will not be enough. We need a more worldwide cooperation with more large influencers involved.

This activation is a test for the surface population whether it will be able to manifest unity or not. The Light Forces will be monitoring the level of cooperation and will use that as one of the determining factors for the immediate future plans for the Event.

There are many spiritual leaders with large following and I sincerely hope they would like the coronavirus to be erased and that they would like the planet to shift into the most positive timeline. If they wish to join this meditation, they can contact .

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to completely remove the coronavirus, to help removing all the fear this epidemic has created, to counteract all plans dark forces had with triggering this epidemic, and to help shifting the planetary evolution back into the most positive Ascension timeline that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up this process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide…

Pleiadian fleet has communicated that they will drastically increase their presence in Low Earth Orbit, stratosphere and atmosphere near the planetary surface in the next few days for our mass meditation.
For the next few days, if you look at the western sky after the sunset, you will see a powerful conjunction of Venus and Pleiades, which will be exact about one day before our mass meditation:

Pleiadians will be using this conjunction as a very powerful portal that will permanently secure the presence of the Pleiadian fleet in the inner Solar System.



Victory Report

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Our mass meditation was a huge, enormous success. About 8 million people were informed, with over 1.1 million actually participating!

We have literally saturated the planetary quantum field with our focused, unified intent, influencing the geomagnetic field:

Our meditation has proven that if enough focused intent is present and if a vision is strong enough, the awakened part of the surface population in able to act in unity. This means that when the Event happens, many of the surface Lightworkers and Lightwarriors may be included in certain operations of the Light Forces which were before considered off limits. The Light Forces will give direct instructions for this when the time is right.

Our meditation has proven that if enough focused intent is present and if a vision is strong enough, the awakened part of the surface population is able to act in unity. This means that when the Event happens, many of the surface Lightworkers and Lightwarriors may be included in certain operations of the Light Forces which were before considered off limits. The Light Forces will give direct instructions for this when the time is right.

Our meditation has been able to curb the spread of the virus. The number of new infections worldwide has peaked on April 4th just before the meditation and is in decline ever since:

We were also able to additionally stabilize the positive Ascension timeline which will stop New World Order plans for mass depopulation in its tracks.

With Pleiadians being more and more involved.
This video of Pleiadian motherships was recorded on March 26th:

It shows a small fleet of Pleiadian motherships, each about 7 miles long, that came from the far side of the Moon and then across Endymion crater in a Low Lunar Orbit (LLO) about 30 miles above lunar surface, casting shadows on lunar terrain.

Those motherships look like this: {see Image here ~ image is the white ship 2 paragraphs up.

Main Pleiadian fleet was able to use the Pleiades-Venus conjunction portal on April 4th and now they are positioned in inner Solar System, fully ready and operational, ready to assist in the planetary liberation:

Stardust Techology

They are also developing a more advanced version of stardust technology which will make the virus less lethal and dangerous. There are already reports from credible medical sources that the virus has mutated in a less dangerous strain.
I am not at liberty to release any intel about current planetary liberation operations, the only thing I can say is when the mass arrests really do happen, news about them will be released through the mainstream media.

The war is not over yet, and we need to keep holding the Light.

Victory of the Light! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Therese Z here;

ONE MONTH LATER – TODAY IS THE 17TH May 2020 and the Light and Bubbles of Heaven grow by the hour ……..

You might think.....well besides corona scandals and the evidence of Dr Judy Mitkovic....we are waiting and wondering......Cobra said last update that he would get back to us in two weeks....thats in about 3-4 days time......NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS........



Article # 210 = Repost of Article # 1 *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


NB; Please Note that to read the article here in full you need to patiently 🕊 roll d-o-w-n .......this very long page as it was posted here as Article # 1 on July 6th 2018.....some notes have been added today.....13th may out for green text


On the Day of The Event - Some Facts about the Arrival of The Event


Written by Therese Z Sumner 6th July 2018

Are you ready? Is there anything that you still do not understand about this Shift of the Ages and the moment of Compression Breakthrough? With this article I will attempt to have you as ready as possible and as clear as possible as to what to expect.

If you follow my Facebook blog regularly you might have seen a video I posted recently where Keisha Crowther ~ Little Grandmother was recently interviewed. She told us that the Mayan Elder Don Alejandro has pointed out the great importance of being in a state of peace, harmony and balance at the time of The Event/Shift. He says that ALL EMOTIONS will be amplified {I am guided to say by approx.X6}.

If you are in a state of fear, anxiety, anger etc. that is what will be amplified!

It is now high time that everyone who is aware of the coming change focuses their efforts upon remaining in a state of peace.

Yeshua has been reminding us repeatedly that we need to ‘go our own way’ ~ follow our Heart Space guidance and NOT ALLOW any outside influences to remove/topple our balance. The weekly advice from Yeshua that I have been asked to share these past few months has the main goal of preparation for The Event. Archangel Michael is now working by my side as I write this final article on this subject.

Up until this moment July 6th, 2018 the article at the very top of this page has been “AN EMOTIONAL DAY APPROACHING AT THE SPEED OF LOVE ~ PERTINENT INFORMATION FOR THE DAY OF THE EVENT which I wrote in November 2015. The information there is still KEY ~ still important, and it is Archangel Michaels detailed description of what kind of various emotional states we might find ourselves in when the Wave of Love arrives. So, my plan is to place this article ABOVE the previous one. Please share this information to anyone you know that is aware of the coming Transit and might not be aware of the emotional roller coaster that this Day of Days will entail. Michael gives us very good advice in this article (mentioned above) as to how we can deal with the EMOTIONAL situation that we find ourselves in ~ this will be a VERY INDIVIDUAL experience.

to read on begin the long roll # 1


Article # 209 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Light Forces Operations Video 1) Operation Omega Phoenix ~ Resistance Movement HD YouTube


Article # 208 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


6 May 2020 in Veracruz, Mexico:

New Page on Veritas ~ Today ~ 10th May 2020

Updated 11th May 2020 at 0848 AM CEST

with a message from Commander Ashtar

Victory of the Light

Press to Enlarge

6 May 2020 in Veracruz, Mexico:


Article # 207 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce



Hopi or Hopituh Shi-nu-mu. means

" The Peaceful People "

or "Peaceful Little Ones".














































Article # 206 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Divine Mother Speaks ~ Friday 8th May 2020


This is Divine Mother ~ Goddess speaking to you.


Each of you are making, as Michael has said to you,  🌟 stellar 🌟 progress.


Now you must be in a place of trust. When you have doubts and concerns that arise within you ~ stop for a moment ~ take a very deep breath ~ say quietly or even aloud if that’s ok, “Mother I trust”. Keep saying these words whenever a concern rises up within you, and know that I hear you and I know your concerns, each and every one of them. When you yourself believe that you have done all that you possibly can and do not know the way forward ~ then allow Me to take the reins. Let go and let Me and the Father take the final responsibility for whatever the situation might be.


Remove yourself right now from any concerns, be they personal concerns or news reporting of the kind that causes you stress. You know that the darker ones love to create stress and fear among the lighter children ~ they know no better ~ they too will be taken care of in the way that benefits their growth. They too are facing a time of decision making, which will be part of their own process ~ when and if that is possible ~ as to how they want to move forward ~ because they will no longer be allowed to create fear or control humanity.


Whenever you find yourself in a place where you simply do not know what to do, STOP 🛑 ~ sit down ~ take a few deep breaths ~ and call upon Me or anyone of Us in the Company of Heaven ~ We are All at your beck and call ~ allow us to Guide your steps forward. That step might be to lie down and rest or take care of some important physical need like eating, drinking, buying some foodstuffs and other such things. When you cannot go on ~ then do not try. You have a saying that many of you have heard, “You can’t push the river”.


Listen to the 🎶 birdsongs, what are they conveying to you? Are they concerned about anything? They have no concerns over tomorrow. They live and exist in their needs right now and they can teach you to do likewise. If the time and situation allows it spend some time in nature and slow down and allow yourself to be ‘one’ with the serenity and beauty that you can see and feel and say ‘Mother I trust’.


Many among you dear ones will have experienced the quiet before the storm. Everything seems to be so still and quiet moments beforehand. Suddenly as if out of nowhere ~ unless you happened to see the flash of ⚡️lightning ~ the sound of the thunder 💥 temporarily startles you. You can feel and know the tremendous power and energy that Heaven has released.

It’s awe inspiring.



Do not allow anyone or anything to take away your sense of harmony. You ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE HERE. Some of you will say that another person in your environment creates disharmony in you. There are those among you who simply cannot avoid being near these people although you wish that you could. So they may very well create disharmony ~ If you ALLOW THEM TO DO SO. Why not try pretending or better still believing that this disharmony is about to end very soon! Because you now know that this is the case you can now also act differently when dealing with them.


Maybe you change tactics and say “OK ~ I see your point of view! I acknowledge your point of view ~ I’m inclined to see this in a different way ~ so let’s just agree to disagree on this for the moment and accept that there might be two sides to this disagreement.


Sometimes you will find yourself simply quietly acquiescing ~ accepting their viewpoint in the knowingness that in the end ~ truth will always prevail.


Sadly many of my children continue to allow the utter darkness that prevails in their societies to dampen their spirits and believe Me I UNDERSTAND! Please listen to me when I tell you that the darkness will not be allowed to prevail for one moment longer than necessary! Avoid listening to the dreary prognoses about the economy etc…in ad finitum….. what do they know? They know NOTHING!


Whatever you do calmly, confidently and joyfully will always inspire others. So focus right now on anything that brings you harmony and joy. Calmly move forward at YOUR OWN pace ~ allow no-one to push you or slow down your pace. Although I suggest that a general slowing down of pace is recommended now. Take time out to breathe deeply at intervals no matter what you are doing.


We are all close by when you need Us. Just call and wait and LISTEN.


Get out of your head and into your  💖  heart……


Go with my ever abiding Love ~ Divine Mother


Article # 205 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Archangel Michael with Advice for Lightworkers about Being Ready for Change


07th May 2020


Therese Zumi here; I came across these channelled words from Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon that I had compiled in an article 2 years ago. It hit me that these are words that we need to hear again right now. I have asked Archangel Michaels support to guide me to important words which I am putting into bolder text for clarity.

“You are already in, not only in the Mother’s infinite ocean, the fluidity of time, you are also in the time, the chapter, the sequence, the unfolding, of the new beginning….

First of all let us begin by saying to you, our beloveds, our sacred partners, that the work that you have done, the embrace that you have done, the anchoring that you have done, of sacred union, in your hearts, in your minds, in your lives, in your actions, in your behaviours, in your communities, has a depth and a breadth that perhaps you are not even fully aware of. The work that you have done has been stellar….

But, sweet angels of light, now you are taking it, as the Mother’s implementation team, you are taking it to the next level. And with us, in sacred union with us, in sacred action with us, you’re communicating this in every fibre of your being: in your field, in your body language, in your telepathy, in your written words, in your spoken words.

You are bringing this to the collective, to all seven billion of you, and is this a mighty task? Yes. And it is a task that you are completely capable of and up for….

So, we are not suggesting to you that you are entering into sacred partnership with the collective, but what sacred union speaks to is the desire and the action, the aligned action, of holding, of being, in deep reverence, acceptance, surrender, and union with this entire collective. So, we are not asking you to do this one by one by one by one. That would take too long, first of all; and for your information and for your terminology, the clock is ticking….

Sacred union is the deepest honouring and respect for your own sacred self. And I mean this in the broadest term, for your essence, for your reflection of the Mother/Father/One, for your sacred purpose, for what delights you, what you like to do, and what you do not like to do. Yes, even we have preferences.

Now that does not mean that I am in intimate connection with every angelic throughout the realm. But I do carry that reverence, that depth of honouring. So, whether I was to ever encounter that being or not, there is a knowingness of that essence and of that being. You do not need to meet somebody face-to-face, or energetically, to know them and to honour them, and to have such deep reverence. Because they, like you, are of the Mother.

So, there is an honouring of the Divine perfection and the joy, the excitement, the sweetness of each unique expression of that divinity, of the beyond number ways that there are to serve the Mother, to honour the Mother, and to reflect back to the One and to the collective the beauty and the love of who you are.

…. but I wish to highlight yet again so that the importance of this as Nova Being, which you already are, act as if you are ascended because you are.

Your Nova Being, half of your level of communication, is in your field emanating directly from your  22 heart and your essence. So, think of this, these energetic waves that are emanating from you, just like this broadcast goes all over the planet and far beyond, so do your waves, your electrical magnetic impulses travel, and what do they say? They say “I honour you. I embrace you. I am amazed by you. And I love you, and I know your essence, and I know in that essence what you are truly here for and what you are truly capable of.”

The reason you have come in service to the Mother, to this unique time frame, you are not saying, as you send your love out, because that is what your impulses are, you’re not saying “I give you permission to misbehave;” you’re not saying, “I give you permission to act outside of love.”

What you are saying in fact is “I know what you are capable of. I see you. I know you, and I am willing to share my love with you so that it may ignite you, so that you will fully remember, so that you will fully step forward, so that you will fully know the joy of being in service and alignment with the One.” That is what you are doing.

Sacred Union with the Entire Collective

What sacred union speaks to is the desire and the action, the aligned action, of holding, of being, in deep reverence, acceptance, surrender, and union with this entire collective. Michael also tells us that forgiveness is not necessarily re-engagement.

{‘re-engagement’ here means that you do not necessarily have to continue to or to re-start having a relationship again with someone that you have forgiven.}

TZ here; I am thinking that if you are reading this now and you do not feel that you understand what your sacred purpose is, I would suggest the following. What I would do is sit down and connect to Source – Divine Mother Father One through the portal of the Galactic Central Sun. I would declare that I now require clarity in understanding what my sacred purpose is and to have that verified in some clear way as soon as possible. I am thinking that many people are living their sacred purpose and have no clue that they are in fact doing so. For example, they could be working in a place where their good vibrations and loving truthful way of being affects everyone in that place to do better. They could be the ‘hub’ of Light and Love in their homes or families that gives everyone else the strength to go on and hold on to hope.

Our work in past years creating sacred union has been stellar, he said. Now we are taking things to the next level.

He compared us lightworkers to the person in the orchestra who hits the tuning fork before the performance so that the various instruments can be brought into tune.

Recently in a short message to us he reminded us that

“Working with the ‘Collective Force’ requires correct persistence.”

“An enlightened person, therefore, operates in good conduct and so elevates the social order.”

In other words, He suggests that we should now attempt to exist as though we already were Ascended Beings! An example…..

If limitation is necessary to avoid conflict or any type of 3D behaviour, it is we who should take it upon ourselves to maintain harmony by limiting ourselves, an example would be keeping a low tone of voice and remaining calm no matter how we might be provoked.


Article # 204 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


TZ here; As this latest update from Cobra is looking into the future and contains many diagrams and astrological charts I have decided to give you a link directly to the Portal after an initial introduction.

Portal 2025


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

It is time to release some intel about the coming Ascension portal of 2025. Since the collapse of Alpha timeline in early 2018, no significant tactical intel about the planetary liberation can be released, so therefore this article will speak in symbols, codes and parables that can activate your higher mind and align you with the Plan, without revealing any tactical details whose release would be to disadvantage for the Light Forces.

Everything in this universe is subjected to many cycles of various length and intensity. These cycles are actually scalar waves of cosmic energies that create interference patterns which, combined with the sum of free will vectors, shape the destiny of the universe in dynamic interplay between the Source and the primary anomaly:

We are approaching the convergence point of many cycles which is expected to erase darkness from this universe. This convergence point is expected to occur in 2025.

To continue reading go to...


Article # 203 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Therese Z here; I just found this mail in my box from Nicolya Christi. Nicolya is a wonderful author and a dear friend although its many year's since we've connected. You can press the image {on Veritas} to get a close up of the text in this 'picture'.

Of course everything she says here is correct.

None of these things have even a remote chance of taking place.

So let go of all of your worries about them ~ its simply a waste of good time! Love TZ


Press Picture to Enlarge

Dearest ♥ Friends,

In these times of great turmoil and yet profound opportunity for humankind, I have been compelled to place a significant writing project on hold in order to allow a stream of information to pour through me in the form of newly written and recorded articles and blogs, which speak directly to the unprecedented events currently unfolding in the world.

I have also uploaded onto my website three special pdf/mp3 (free) downloads of powerful psycho-spiritual and metaphysical teachings and prayers. These can serve to rapidly accelerate the necessary psychological, spiritual and metaphysical processes we are now undergoing as we navigate our way through the eye of the storm that is the next phase of evolution during this Great Shift of Ages. 

The following links lead to specific material that may transpire to be deeply insightful, supportive and balancing as we attempt to grasp just what in the world is really going on.

With Integrity, Authenticity, and Deepest Love,

Nicolya ♥♥


Liminal Times

What the World Needs Now Is Pluto's Love - The Pluto Retrograde Active Phase - April 25 to October 4, 2020

The Corona/'Crown' Virus: Part Two - A Higher Octave Perspective

The Corona/'Crown' Virus: Part One - Practical Tips & Baseline Care

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction: January 12, 2020 - The Evolutionary Turning of the Tide for Humanity


We Know What We Know

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020, IS Fulfilling Its Task

The Greatest Gift of Life on Earth Is Love and Freedom


The Corona/'Crown' Virus: Part Two - A Higher Octave Perspective


What Else is There? Only LOVE

We Must Be Ready for this Moment in History

FREE PDF/MP3 Downloads


Article # 202 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Rainbow Sky

Sammamish Lake ~ east of Seattle Washington State

Photographs taken on April 9th 2020 ~ move arrow (on PC) over photograph to enlarge somewhat.

Thank you to I P 


Article # 201 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


The Shock of The Transition


By Therese Zumi Sumner

May 5th 2020

Beloved readers, I have been given the advice to attempt to explain the different levels of shock at the time of and after The Event. The variations in the level /depth of shock that people will experience, will depend upon the heart level awareness, or if you like the emotional intelligence EQ of each person at the time. This together with the amount of work that each person has managed to do in their lives, to retrieve his or her ‘locked in’ emotions due to unresolved earlier trauma.

I have been advised to say that this knowledge and advice may be a necessary tool, to help you to monitor what might be taking place in those around you whom you love. You will, without a shadow of a doubt, have to be prepared when you find yourself surrounded by people in various levels of shock. You really do need to ‘get this’ now.

In some cases people will ~ depending upon the understanding of, and support of others around them ~ need careful handling for a long time ~ to avoid dying of shock. Now it goes without saying that many will die, independent of how much support they get. They will simply not be able to find the will to live any longer.

Remember what this is all about. They are suddenly faced with being rudely awakened to the fact that everything that they have believed in is a lie!

Remember when you read the list below that by lie I sometimes mean that the information that people have received through various authorities has only been PART of the truth.

The Lies

That what science has taught them about reality is not the truth.

Their governments have been lying to them.

Their Religious Leaders have been lying to them.

Medical authorities have been lying to them.

That they have suffered for so long with ailments, while all of the time cures have been available.

That vaccinations have been laying the ground for the cancer that affects more than 2 out of three people.

That their food and toiletries, has been purposely poisoned.

That war has been created purposely to make the top 1% {their prison guards} richer.

That there has been more than enough money / abundance available to give every person on the planet all of their basis needs and more while starvation has been created.

I could as you well know, point out another hundred reasons but this will suffice.

Let me just begin by saying to you that you can expect to see people openly crying on the streets for MONTHS.

You can reach quite a high level of emotional intelligence ~ heart conscious awareness even though you have never had the possibility, due to lack of time, fear, control, family patterns of ‘silence’ and so on to release - express - talk about the things that have hurt you deeply.

Whatever goes in must come out - whatever is not expressed must surface. It is inevitable.

The people who at some level are emotionally capable of emphatic feelings towards others, yet who have not released their own suppressed feelings, will be among those who have the greatest levels of shock when our Transition takes place.

I will give you 3 (5) ideas of levels of shock so you can get an idea of what is ahead for humanity.

Remember that your level of awakedness to what is / has been going on on this planet will play an important role.

A ) You are in the category that at the time of The Event, you are beginning to see the cracks in the matrix, (the total and utterly pretend world that we exist in where very little or rather nothing is real), you are at the beginning of your awakening process. You may have had thoughts about our reality lately that ‘things are very crazy here - something is very wrong with things happening here’ - but you have not wished to be among the so called ‘conspiracy theory’ people and you do not have any idea just how deeply the ‘rabbit hole’ goes.

The shock level that group A will belong to will need a processing time emotionally of somewhere between 5-8 MONTHS to begin a normal functioning life again.

The level of your shock on a scale of 1 ~ 10 from, low meaning 1 up to high 10 will be approximately 7-8.

B - 1 ) You are in the category of people who are not awake. You find yourself in a place where everything that you believed to be true about reality is no longer the truth. Your entire life’s beliefs are turned upside down.

The shock level here will need a time period of somewhere between 8 ~ 15 MONTHS for processing.

The level of shock on a 10 scale will be 10 out of 10.

B - 2 ) You belong to the category of awake people = for example you have knowledge about the existence of extra terrestrial beings. You have learned about the corrupt elite.

Yet The Event - Compression Breakthrough is something that you either have not heard of, or simply are clueless as to what it entails, or you have heard about it and it seems totally exaggerated and impossible.

In this category there will also be many VERY AWAKE AND AWARE PEOPLE in the Lightworker community.

They have had their focus on a human resolution and revolution with good military support for change, peu of peu over a much longer time of development etc. However, they have not reckoned with a ‘supernatural’ intervention of Light Beings and Galactic Confederation support and or ‘Heavenly Intervention’ as changing things from one day to the next. They have not considered that there will be ‘Peace on Earth’ literally overnight.

Here the shock levels are about the same as B 1 above namely 10 out of 10

C - 1 ) You are someone who has no thoughts, of or interest in, anything else existing beyond what you can see and hear in this so called reality. You belong to the ‘bubble of mind programmed individuals’ who believe what their TV tells them about ‘reality’. When the Compression Breakthrough takes place your world completely falls apart - you are completely confused - everything that is being relayed to you on your TV is totally diametrically opposite to what you have believed + and more and more of this keeps on coming. Remember the disclosure process will HAVE TO BE a slow painstaking process of at least 3 months so that people can digest the information ℹ️ one portion at a time.

Here the shock levels will be 15 on a 10 scale ~ off the charts!

Time frame for recovery is 2 years if they manage it.

These are the people who will be in need of careful handling.

I personally know many people who will fall into this category. Some of them belong to C - 1 ) and some to C - 2).

C - 2 ) This is an interesting category.

These people are among those on our planet that think that they know everything about what is taking place here on an intellectual level. Many would consider them to be people who are completely awake and even ‘expert’ completely awake.

In this category we will find both many ‘darker’ less empathetic - yet very intelligent and even manipulative people who are working incognito for the dark, double agents etc.

The Event will truly shock them.

BUT!! here we will also find good people that are just totally surprised and will need a lot of time to recover. They are totally overwhelmed. The shock and timeframe will be more or less 2 years.

If this information is not new to you, you have already figured this out or read one of the various articles on this subject that I have written over the years. If this is NOT new to you then fine ~ you are ready for what The Event will entail.

If on the other hand this is ‘new information’ and you have not given this a thought, then maybe you ought to spend some time meditating about the subject NOW.

Consider how this information might relate to your role in your circle of family members and friends in the time ahead of us.

There is no longer any time to waste.

Time is of the essence.

Be prepared now!


It REALLY will not matter at all that you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you do not have to be concerned with money any longer.

Everyone will have life’s necessities and more. Nor does it matter how many new technologies or fantastic life improvement facilities that arrive. It’s not about the abundance. It’s not about physical changes in our life and environment. What matters is your relationship with who you are in your reality and how that will change.

There will be so much new knowledge and possibilities suddenly available, but to enjoy them and become our true creative selves will not be possible without first releasing pain.

Healers of every kind ~ truly loving, caring and yet balanced healers who have taken care of their own emotional trauma will be in VERY HIGH DEMAND.

It might very well be the case that you have these healing abilities inherent in you ~ and suddenly you will find yourself in a completely unexpected new role ~ career.

Things will change UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY for all of us.

Archangel Raphael ~ The Master Healer ~ He will Guide all healers...

It’s an amazing ~ unbelievably amazing time that lies just ahead of us. And it will be fantastic and there will be SO MUCH LOVE in the very air around us and support from  Heavenly Beings  etc.

However, what has been suppressed has to emerge for a healing to take place and that will mean emotional expressions of sadness, frustration, old fears, relief that we no longer need to be in control all the time.

We each of us have experiences behind us = maybe ongoing - of having been through personal catastrophes of one kind or another. These catastrophes are sometimes as catastrophic for the people who were the perpetrators as much as they are / were for us.

Everyone good or bad will have to face the truth. There will be no room for lies any longer. Too many people will SEE everything / deception all too clearly.

In truly understanding the necessity of people’s great need to be heard ~ to express emotions ~ so that they can heal, we must create the conditions in which each person has the opportunity to tell the details of these catastrophes fully.

When we do this ~ openly giving and taking and expressing all that we need to, we can begin to be a part of eliminating prejudice and injustice and beginning to create permanent loving alliances committed to changing the world. The work continues.

Our ability to create and establish many close relationships is an essential part of our individual blossoming as humans and an absolute necessity to the building of peace in the world.

An absolutely essential part of the building or rebuilding of true love for ourselves (without which we cannot love others) is hearing from others each day what they think our strengths are and the things that they love about us.

How wonderful will this new world ~ the beginning of Nova Gaia ~ the beginning of the New Atlantis ~ be ~ when we are communicating ~ truly communicating with one another. It will begin to look like and feel like Heaven on Earth.

Namaste Therese



Article  200 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Very Highly Recommended by TZS

The MAY 2020 ENERGY UPDATE has arrived!

I hope that it gives some clarity and support during this time like no other.

Themes for this month are:











Thanks for tuning in, be gentle with yourselves right now, and big love, Lee x


Article  199 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Exciting ~ Yet Sad Days


By Therese Zumi Sumner


2nd May 2020


We can palpably feel the rise in the energies now. But these are also the days of the beginning of the ‘parting of the ways’. What are we talking about here?


It’s a bit like when you are out travelling you can arrive at a crossroads. You must decide which road or way to take, right or left or maybe even a middle road.


We are now being forced to make decisions in our lives. Deep inside we know where we want to go. If the path leading to Ascension is calling us on, we will need to ascertain very clearly what we can or cannot accept in our lives. By the way there is no necessity to be ready to choose the Ascension path if you do not feel ready for this, there will be other positive options available to continue your journey.


In 3D we didn’t make these choices easily at all, choices that meant parting ways with others. To make a choice to part ways with certain family members, friends or colleagues, we often went through many years of trying to make those relationships better with every tool we knew. It was only when we finally, oftentimes at a point of exhaustion, decided that we could no longer take this treatment, that we got the strength to say ‘Enough’! “I can no longer allow this or that person to take away my energy, to degrade me, to manipulate me, to use me, or to feel obliged to accept blame for things that I had nothing to do with”, so that the relationship could continue.


There are sadly people who are never satisfied with what we have to give them. They always want more. Nor do they have the maturity to say, ‘Thank You’. When we no longer can feed their needs they get upset and throw blame where there is no blame.


When people have not yet reached a certain level of really knowing themselves, or when they have not begun to take full responsibility for their lives, they are inclined to project problems onto the behaviour of others whom they fail to understand.  When we are willing to take full responsibility for our lives, we will always question, whenever a conflict arises, whether we ourselves might have some blame in this.


For example; let’s say that we have a desire to impress another relative, like some ‘in laws’, could be mother in law, sister in law, brother in law and so forth. We want to show them that we are worthy of acceptance in the new family. Maybe this other ‘in=law’ person is a perfectionist, house proud, creates amazing food ~ cakes, or takes care of any house repairs etc. We can find ourselves beginning to compete with these perfectionists and going against our own needs and interests or way of doing things to be liked.


We have all done these things. We have all tried to impress someone and that’s not inherently wrong, UNLESS we lose our true self in this new role, unless we relinquish the truth of who we are to impress another.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try ~ others cannot see us for who we really are. We try to give and show love, but because the other person is basing their life on ‘being right’, doing the right thing, following their rules for existence, they cannot see the love we try to give. We as Lightworkers, refuse to conform completely to a ‘sick society’, we seek a freedom that they cannot quite fathom. They have not yet awakened enough to begin seeing the truth ~ the true underlying reality.


For years now many of you have had the experience, of needing to part ways with people who steal your energy, whose lives are based upon fears and rules that belong to the old 3D. That 3D reality is GONE but they have not yet realised this. Many are fighting hard to hold onto that reality, they simply cannot yet imagine a world where fear and control is no longer necessary. This ‘corona’ reality is holding them in fear and their dream of ‘freedom’ is being able to live their normal life again.


Some of the souls that ‘we have had to part ways with’ have fallen very deeply into fears and negativity.


But right now there is a new parting of the ways taking place.


This is a much sadder experience. Why?


The freedom that we can feel when we leave a relationship with a ‘dark’ person tells us that ‘we certainly did the right thing’, it was a necessary step for our survival and growth to leave those people behind.


However, now we can find that there is a ‘parting of the ways’ taking place with people that we love and people that are NOT dark people.


What’s happening?


These people who are now stubbornly ‘moving to the side’, backing away, or throwing / projecting blame when conflict arises, are often very good people.


Those of us who are now moving quickly into 5D, do not wish to be involved in conflict, of any way shape or form. Nor do we wish to ‘play games’ with the less mature, by agreeing that we are at fault {when someone blames a problem on us}, when we know full well that we have not been a part of creating this ‘problem’.


We cannot lie and back down and say “OK it’s my fault - I am to blame” when that is simply not the truth.


Some professional, proficient Lightworkers who might seem to have travelled far on the path of self-enlightenment, can also suddenly behave in ways that are difficult to understand? “Why on Earth would they speak ill of another Lightworker, another friend?” I am advised that this type of sad behaviour can take place when the person does not have a sense of control over their own life. They sadly resort to 3D behaviour not at all fitting their position and knowledge.

After The Event these less mature light people, yes, even less mature Lightworkers who are inherently good people, will also go through a transformation. Slowly at first but speeding up later and then they too will learn to take full responsibility. They will learn to see ‘their part’ in a conflict. They will learn to acknowledge that they have been faulty in projecting problems onto innocent others.


So, what I am saying here as clearly as I can is that it’s very possible, that we may very well be able to renew some of these relationships, with some of those people that we now find ourselves suddenly being forced to part ways with.

It’s happening to me now and it’s a sad experience ~ therefore I know that this is taking place in the lives of many of you who are reading this now.


We cannot - no matter how much we would like to ~ speed up the spiritual development of others.

The fact of the matter is such that if we try to avoid speaking our truth, if we avoid saying  “No ~ I-cannot take responsibility for what you are blaming me for” ~ if we, for the sake of carrying the relationship forward, deny that which is true and accept blame that is not ours ~ then we are in fact DELAYING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THOSE SOULS, not to mention the delay in our own development.


Hopefully this might help some of you who are presently experiencing surprising reactions from people that you cannot quite understand.


We cannot afford to hold back our process of Ascension.


If we do so ~ we are holding back this process for EVERYONE!


Everything that we do ~ every choice that we make, every single day affects the whole!


Namaste Therese Z


Article  198 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Seeing Is Believing ~ Can Humans Do the Impossible? ~ Here is Some Proof that the Answer is a CLEAR YES.

May 1st 2020

Therese Z here; First of all I would like to say a big Thank You to Khajiit for sending this video to me. It is so amazing that you are mesmerized by the images in front of you and question yourself is this really taking place. I just cannot begin to imagine the amount of planning, craftmanship, techological know-how, creativity, perfectionism of the highest order and Light that has laid the ground for this event. It is ~ well there are really no words ~ words seem superflous ~ yet I shall add some words ~ SUPERB, MIND BOGGLING, INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL, AMAZING ~ well you get the message!

IF you have the possibility of viewing this display on a TV screen via a chrome-caster or such like then do!

At one point I could not hold back the tears!

As Khajiit said when he put this in the comments section ~ "maybe it would be nice for people to focus upon something else at this time" {than all of the madness}. I know that you all agree and will certainly do so after you have viewed this.

Is The Event really possible to achieve? So many have a hard time getting a 100% trust in it being possible. This might just help you to trust more that ~ ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN FORCES OF LIGHT ALIGN AND WORK IN A FOCUSED WAY TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE.

2014青年奥运会!青奥会开幕式 500人空中起舞 [超清]


Namaste TZ


Article  197 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Message from Mother Gaia


30th April 2020

This is Mother Gaia speaking. I AM the Archangel of this beautiful planet. I know each and every one of you. It has been such joy to me that so many of Earths children are consciously seeking contact with me. The numbers of you that seek to ground your energy and connect with me have grown and grown since 2012 and my work has become so much easier with so many Love holders, Light holders, Grid workers working in tandem with me.

We are approaching a time of great change. A time of Transition unlike no other. We have suggested to you that grounding your energy in some physical exercise or activity is really important now. Yes, the current situation has created enormous restrictions for many of you but where there is a will there is a way.
As the energies continue to rise each day many of you are experiencing reactions in your bodies. Your bodies are releasing the old. Most likely you are noticing that you sometimes have more energy now that in a long time. You can also find yourself drifting away ⛅️ at times and despite the uneasiness in society ~ you are finding yourself in a place of great calm and peace.

Things are up and down and the only way to ‘ride the waves’ is by listening to your body’s needs. When tired you rest. When there’s energy you have much to do and your creativity is welling up inside you. You are feeling the need to be prepared in every way now for the coming changes.

I urge you you make some time each day for grounding physical activity because its more important than ever to BE fully focused in your body.

The activity could be cooking, baking, gardening, cleaning out the old to make room for the new, walking, yoga etc. If possible spend time in 🌲 nature 🌾. I will always be with you. I will be giving you signs of My Presence and messages via the animals, birds and insects. Many of you have knowledge about how the animals have messages for you. If not, then there is so much free information about this subject easily found.

When you meet the bumble bee 🐝 he is reminding you that ‘nothing is impossible’. Your science explains that the bumble bee should NOT be able to fly ~ their bodies are so much bigger that their wings ~ but fly they do!

So spend time with me and allow me to whisper in your ear through the wind 🌬.

There is a very magical time ahead of you now.

It’s like you know and feel that something is about to ‘burst’.

The drums are building up to a crescendo.

The winds are communicating to you about change.

Listen, watch, feel and BE in great peace.

Things are developing quickly. The tide has turned.

You are never ever alone! Just call upon us and we are with you.



Article  196 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 



The Removal of the Veil ~ How The Event Will Change Everything Immediately


February 3, 2017

Some people who have had the opportunity to visit a Tachyon Healing Chamber have had very strong experiences of energetic healing. Some have imagined that this experience will be similar to what the majority of humanity will experience during The Event. Transformational Tachyon energies will once more reach our planets surface when the Veil is finally completely removed.

Tachyonic Energy

What are Tachyons?

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light. Tachyonization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Please continue reading for more clarification.

The Need to Understand the Veil

Without a basic level understanding about the existence of the Veil, Web, Matrix, Net etc. there is no way for people in general to truly understand the process that is now taking place for the liberation of humanity. To truly understand what kind of an effect that The Event is going to have on Gaia you need to read about The Veil. Here some quotes from Cobra’s article The Veil from June 18th 2012:

“About 26,000 years ago, Archons declared this planet to be their property and all beings living on it their hostages and slaves. They have declared this planet to be a quarantine and every space vehicle entering or exiting this planet needed a special permit from the Archons. This is the reason for “non-interference” we hear so much about. The human race was being held hostage by the Archons for all those millennia, and after being held in a closed loop system of reincarnating to the same place over and over again, amnesia and lethargy crept in. The time of amnesia is almost over.”

If you would like to read and understand much more about the Veil = “the electromagnetic frequency fence on the lower astral and especially on the etheric plane” and how it is and has been used by the archons to control us, then go to this link from June 2012. I highly recommend that you do so as it will answer so many questions if you have not done so earlier.

Also for those who might need translations there are about six translations of this article at present below the article on PFC where The Veil is one among a group of articles entitled Main Cobra Articles (found under heading Cobra RM at the top of the PFC website) most of which have been translated to several languages. Here is the link there:

For newer readers to this area of information I must point out that the article about the Veil above from June 2012 is now nearly 5 years old {8 years old} and that there has been substantial progress regarding the removal of the Veil since then.

Travelling Beyond the Veil

So what is the experience we get when we go beyond the Veil? Already in August of 2012 Cobra gave us a taste of what this might be like. He then had to wait another 18 months to have his very own trip beyond the Veil.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil, beyond the confines of quarantine Earth, there is a totally different reality, a totally different universe.

If you climb above the tachyonic membrane that exists 8.6 miles above the surface of this planet, you enter a universe of Love.

The experience on this planet has taught you that life can be mean and cruel. Most of us have accepted this as an underlying basis of our reality, learning not to trust other beings but fear them instead.

This premise is the basis that the Cabal is operating from. It is the glue that keeps their reality together and keeps us enslaved into it.

But we have our Souls. They exist on the plane of the fifth dimension and have direct connection to the universe beyond the Veil.

Whenever we connect with our Soul, we enter a reality where the Cabal can not reach us with its tricks.

Whenever we connect with the universe beyond the Veil, the same thing happens.

So we connect vertically and horizontally. This is the key to our individual liberation. It is also part of the key for the liberation of the planet.

Beyond the Veil, universe is full of Love. Every atom, every molecule, every subatomic particle beyond the Veil is vibrating with that Love. All beings in this universe except most beings on planet Earth are now operating from that Love. Whatever they do is an act of Love. Their every thought and every emotion expresses that Love.

And that Love will soon overflow our planet and set it free.

Be aware of that fact when you make your decisions.


The Galactic Wave of Love ~ The Event Flash

When the ‘signal’- the Event Flash finally goes out from Source to initiate the decades old plan for The Event, from that moment on NOTHING will ever be the same again.

The Event Flash travelling at the speed of Love from Source via the many portals of Light like those on Ganymede, Chiron, our Moon etc. will signal that The Event be initiated and within 20 minutes’ things will start to happen.

This is the time and day when the Veil is completely removed. Here the old prophecy about this Event.

At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states.

The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters.

The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.

The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.

The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.


So imagine now this day! Imagine when this Veil of darkness and complete control is fully removed. Then there will be no hinder for the healing Light of pure Love Energy ~ Tachyon energy to reach every single being on this planet. Suddenly everyone will be experiencing to some degree that they have had a transformational experience. Now do you understand why soldiers all around the globe will simply lay down their weapons never to use them again.  Suddenly a blanket of LOVE energy is all around us. I have tried (Archangel Michael has) to give some ideas about the emotional reactions that humanity will experience on this day. That article is the first article that you arrive at when you open my website Veritas Galactic Sweden. Here is the link:

Finally, in 2014 Cobra gets an opportunity to travel beyond the veil and report back to us what it feels like: 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cobra Beyond the Veil

"After months of preparations, time has come for me to go beyond the Veil.

The easiest way to do this is a stratospheric flight in a military plane which can reach high altitudes of nearspace.

First we tried to do this through South Africa, but, predictably, the Cabal has interfered and the company which was involved in our project has lost its license just two months before my scheduled flight. Therefore, we decided to go through Russia, which is now beyond the reach of the Cabal at least concerning such projects, and we were successful.

Although I had to go through three security checks to be allowed to enter a Russian military base to fly in a MiG-29, I could feel the Soul presence of people working there, the Soul presence that most people in other countries have lost. There were about 100 people present in the base on that day to make the flight possible, from the pilot (which is among 10 top Russian military aircraft pilots), to fire brigade personnel, medicine helicopter which was on standby in case of emergency, people in control tower… It was not a small endeavor.

When you cross the Veil boundary, 8.6 miles above the surface, you are suddenly embraced by a tachyon bath, a rain of rainbow colored superluminal particles that penetrate your energy field. Your physical body feels energized and you feel healthier than you have felt for a very long time.

There are absolutely no reptilians, no etheric scalar wave technology, no Archons, no negativity, nothing. No Matrix. Just absolute purity.

The altitude increases. Although you fly almost twice as fast as the speed of sound, you feel no movement. Everything is peaceful and still.

You feel angels around you, presence of Light motherships high above you.

You reach 60,000 feet. This is the region of nearspace. The whole sky is like a stargate, magnetically drawing you deeper and deeper…

Curvature of the Earth becomes noticeable and this is when I took this photo:

When you come back and land, you are changed forever. After spending decades in the quarantine, you were able to experience the taste of true freedom. You know that you can do it again and many people will follow until we are all free citizens of the cosmos.

Through this flight, I was able to create a big crack in the Matrix, a big dent in the security firewall that the Archons have created to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth.

You yourself can also help with this process by sending stratospheric balloons in the nearspace. Many people have done it and it is not too complicated. It costs only a few hundred dollars to launch a stratospheric balloon and send back beautiful pictures of nearspace. There were dozens of such projects successfully completed around the world in the last few years and each of them created a small crack in the Matrix:

And here is a simple guide how to do it:"


Rainbow World

Some Important Reminders from Cobra Golden Age Group Interview

Healing After The Event

P : I really want to know how light forces would execute their mass healing program after The Event?

C : After the Event many healers will join the task even though they are not active in this right now, and there will be also a lot of guidance from the Light forces that will introduce new and effective healing techniques, and still there will be a lot of stress on those who are healing others because there will be a lot of demand for healing.

In answer to a question regarding humanity’s collective consciousness and programming at this time Cobra said;

“Ok, do not try to deprogram or awaken a certain particular person, what you can do is just spread information, you spread intel you spread Light, and those who are ready will awaken to that particular level, and this is the basic protocol for all awakening on the planet. And I will simply say here that the state of awakening on the planet is not a concern for the Light forces, because when they will remove the veil, humanity is basically ready for the Event right at this moment so it’s not a problem, the main problem is the veil, the toplet bombs, the plasma anomaly, all those things and when they are removed or healed, the Event will simply happen."

We learn that people will be more involved immediately after The Event in bringing about the change everyone desires on this planet. No longer ‘in the dark’ humanity will truly wake up and become active in their destiny in the knowledge that they finally do have a choice / chance to affect positive change.

P : Oh so we are basically prepared right now
C : I would say the minimum requirements are met according to surface population.

Then I will add Patricks final question on this interview:
P : Very good, thank you Cobra, so at the end of this interview do you want to say something to our audience ?

C : Yes I would say that there are some interesting developments lately that are bringing us much closer to our final goal, and it is very important for everybody to be alert, not to do things by default, be awake, be alert, and do our mission because every deed every action counts, now especially.

Doing Our Mission 100%

One aspect of a Lightworkers mission is daily direct contact with Source and our Guides. We must fully realise our sovereign right to ‘declare, decree and command’ that negativity be removed i.e. archons and their minions evil work a) from our own private lives and relationships as well as, b) any area of darkness either on the surface, plasmatic plane, astral and etheric planes that needs clearing. To this end we are freely given the use of the Torch of the Violet Flame in the name of Saint Germain as also Archangel Michaels Blue Flame of Truth, Love and Peace to use on a regular basis to declare that negativity is removed from any situation. Let us use these tools profusely now to change everything and affect the taking down of the Veil.

A reminder to all Sisterhood of the Rose groups or individuals worldwide to a regular use of the Goddess Spiral Meditation (see The Portal or PFC) to this same end.

Finally, a word of advice from Sanat Kumara who would remind us that amazing transformation could quickly take place on this planet if everyone reading or hearing the following advice would actually DO THIS NOW: He says just take any relationship in your life, partner, relative, friend or even a stranger at your local café and make a decision that for one month you will have only an exchange of unconditional love with that person. Remove all ego needs and just be loving, receptive, kind, compassionate whatever it takes to build total trust in that one relationship. This will have enormous effect on the whole.

Remember that everything that you do in a loving way as a Lightworker is having a positive effect on millions of other people.

So let us all do our utmost to carry out our mission 100%. Let’s hope and trust and believe and visualize each Sunday or anytime that we will ALL have an experience very soon of what it feels like to go beyond the Veil.

Let’s do this! Liberation Now! Victory of the Light!

Therese Zumi

3rd February 2017 at 1144  AM CET


Article  195 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


A Message from Archangel Michael ~ April 28th 2020


This is Michael speaking.

Right now every single effort to ‘raise the social order’ in your daily lives is paramount. Impeccable is a strong word and when I ask you to be impeccable in your life right now, this may seem to you to be something that requires more effort than you are capable of.

That is not of truth, because when you follow the calling of your innermost heart then you are being ~ doing ~ living impeccably.

You can relax in this completely. NO effort is required. Do you understand me?

You are being impeccable when you ALLOW us to be with you, to guide you and all that you have to do, is simply follow those inner urges to do what feels right each moment as the day passes. We are working in tandem with you right now. Here I speak of the entire Company of Heaven being at your beck and call for support.

Community effort is created when each member of an ‘Orchestra of Light’ is fully focused on playing their tune to perfection, being the best musician that they can be. This way the results are beautiful music . Everyone is in tune ~ in tandem with the flow of the music and perfection is the result.

It is only when you attempt to a return to a situation of control that the ‘flow’ seems to be lost.

TRUST FATE at this time. Know that you will have contact with people that you need to connect to. This is a beautifully auspicious time and anything is possible.

Let go now of all concerns about the future. Know that you are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

There is no point - in fact it is a complete waste of your time and energy to feel any kind of concern about what lies in the future.


When you are in balance, harmony with your life. When you are taking the time to ‘be quiet awhile ~ and feel into your 💖 space ~ and listen to your Higher Self’ daily then nothing can go wrong.

Be sure from this moment on to take those moments to connect regularly with your Heart ~ Source ~ and Mother Gaia and all will become clear to you.

Let nothing ~ let no-one on the outside ~ take away your balance. Say NO whenever you feel that you need your own space and time for maintaining that balance that is SO NECESSARY NOW.

Then the orchestra will play impeccable beautiful music

Stay in that flow between Heaven and Earth. And all will be very well.

Your Brother and Ally ~ Archangel Michael



Article  194 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Dear readers

This article was written in June 2017 ~ close to 3 years ago! I am Guided that it should be reposted now as its message is in fact perfect timing for our situation now prior to The Event. 


The Necessity Now of Being in Our Divine Authority

June 16, 2017

What is being in ones Divine Authority? Well, it’s simple enough, you keep your focus upon being centered in your heart 💖 you follow your heartfelt nudges of inspiration and you do not allow your ego mind to run your life. Simple enough but can be 'oh so difficult to accomplish' when our ego mind has been the part of us holding the reins of control for so long. Our egos need to control things is especially strong and wishes to take the reins in those areas where our old traumas and more especially the deductions we made about life because of them, about how we should be, do, act in certain situations to ‘survive’.

We all have a desire to truly reform those well programmed reactions to those old (sometimes many lives old) emotionally challenging situations. Often we believe that we have succeeded in leaving old reactions behind and think “I’ve got it now” – “I won’t make that mistake again”. Yet we continue to find ourselves dealing with these old patterns until we reach a point where we declare, decree and command that we fully accept the guidance from our Divine Family of Light to release those old habits. It can be tough, however when we finally give up – ‘let go and let God’ – let Source within (our I AM Presence) lead the way we find a new way to walk knowing that any and all of those amazing Spiritual Guides are more than willing to hold our hand and follow us all the way into being fully in our Divine Authority. Every seeming setback is just another opportunity to take a new step in the right direction until we are in the Flow.


Who is the most important person in your life? The answer should be you yourself. No its not selfish to put yourself first although most of us have deep deep programming regarding this subject matter. If you do not consider your own needs of rest, time-out, alone time and always feel that when there is time to spare it should be used to support others in some way then you will not be helping anyone in the end. Time and time again you will find that exhaustion overpowers you because once again you have left yourself last in the line of important people in your life.

Our own needs for energy replenishment must be put first. Becoming one with our divine authority demands that  we remove that ego voice reminding us about all of the others, situations, that need help or attention etc.

2 Short Tips

…. for dealing with that ‘ego voice’ which has of course also led us this far and cannot and should not be completely ignored.

  • When you hear that voice carrying on a conversation regarding preparations of whatever kind to control various situations in your life tell it kindly and softly “you know that might be good advice but that idea / concern might not be true at all” and maybe tell your ego “if you would like to keep on this concerned conversation you will have to do so ‘over there’ – point to a chair beside you – on your own – not here.” Or something like that.

  • You can also see your own consciousness as being like a clear blue sky and when these ‘conversations’ appear you simply see them as clouds of conversation passing by and simply note this and let them pass by.

We should not attempt to prevent thoughts arising as this will only create the opposite effect.

We Need to be Prepared Now

There is no time any longer for dilly dallying (wasting time by being indecisive) we all need to be as prepared as we possibly can be for change now. This readiness can be on every level. This site has provided ample information on how to be prepared for change physically like having food in stock for a week and if you own one, filling up the tank in your car when its half full. But more importantly is our readiness now to be in touch with our Divine Authority at this time and no one is more suited to talk to us about divine authority than Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel

"Being in our Divine authority demands leaving behind our ego discussions regarding whether we are good enough, clever enough etc. to actually do something to affect change. Instead we follow through when our Higher Self / I AM Presence asks us to do something that will benefit cooperation and unity between people on any level.

Our main thought in mind right now should be UNITY. Unity first with our heartfelt I AM knowing which will guide us to what truly feels right in each situation we encounter.

We might feel an urge to make contact with someone or offer our services in some way or anything that will bring our communities closer at this time is of paramount importance. We are each of us unique and different pieces of an enormous puzzle and when we follow our heart we leave behind any unnecessary consciousness of things like ‘how we might look in others eyes’ or ‘what on earth will people think’ when we feel prompted to take some kind of action that can benefit the whole."

The Light Has Won ~ Lets Bring Things to Completion Now

Everything is possible. We have unlimited possibilities – together we have unlimited advantages, let’s all use those now, let’s be our own unique piece of the puzzle to create balance in our lives and unite with others to bring balance back to this planet.

Anyone at any time with some moments to spare should send the Violet Flame in the name of Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel to the area of the negative energy vortex extending 1000 miles in radius from Long Island. {At that time nearly 3 years ago we were working steadily with the dark energies on Long Island where the Chimera had an important base. That is now totally and utterly cleared but use the Violet Flame on any darkness at this time TZ}

For those that might not yet be familiar with Archangel Uriel He is the Archangel of the Luminous Silver Flame, Archangel of Time, Keeper of Time, and He is both the Keeper and Archangel of Divine Authority.

According to Archangel Uriel we are now ready through daily contact with our I AM Presence to both anchor that Divine Presence on Earth and live and exist and act in our Divine Authority. He says;

“Why has Divine Authority become such an important topic, a crucial issue to be addressed in this phase of your unfoldment? Because you are ready. Now, there has been a theme of readiness, and that is not what I am referring to. I am referring past the preparation stage of readiness into the readiness, the ‘ready’ of being in action. You are at a conjuncture where you are able to truly embrace and anchor and be and act in your Divine Authority.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ 16 May, 2017

Video and Transcript

Therese Zumi


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HERO (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation

TZ here; Thank you to Lui for this one! This one is for all the heroic Lightworkers and Lightwarriors who keep on believing, visualising our bright future, trusting, fighting on no matter what, Namaste to you 🙏 from me

Video 1

PS; Whoever did the texting - got a few words wrong in the FIRST video 🤣 the word Hero was interpreted as about 5 different other words and somehow the word Jew got in there and thats not a part of the text. But you will clearly understand this videos message!

Video 2

My Goodenss - while I am putting this out ~ the next video started directly and its a phenomenal MESSAGE   you MUST LISTEN TO THIS!!! Video opens up here below this message!
If You're Different: BE DIFFERENT
Therese Zumi


Article  192 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Alison Coe

Allison Coe: 2020 Update

TZ here ~ I came across this shorter video with Alison that is cut out from a longer session / interview. As it feels very pertinent to what is happening now prior to the Event I felt that it might help you tie a few more 'knots' together. There are 5 of her clients saying more or less the same thing. NOTICE that this session was aired on January 31st BEFORE we knew about the corona virus! It made me think that when I earlier heard her clients last year, speak of demonstrations, I felt that they would / could occur prior to the Event. With all of the discussions about the Bases and the children being rescued I thought that maybe it was revelations about these demonstrations? Now we KNOW that the arrests of these people behind the atrocities with these children will take place at the time of The Event along with the arrests of many others.

Now I thought that as things are coming to a head, with all of the lies rising more to the surface re the corona virus, that the demonstrations might be becasue of too many restrictions soon!? I do not know, but I feel that these clients stories of what they see under hypnosis, seem to tie in with what I was feeling yesterday. Time will tell!

The video is 14 minutes long.


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Storm Warning

Storm Warning! Violet Flame ~ Necessity Now + Pull the Future to you Now!

24th April 2020

To my American readers. I have now seen two videos within a week where reporters attack Trump with the same questions over and over and over again. The latest on this that I have seen is with Weijia Wang reporting for CBS. Trump asks her repeatedly to “keep her voice down” which I would also do in his position. Yes, the restrictions were later in the US than in Europe. But then that would make a lot of sense seeing as the virus spread from Europe, mainly from Italy to the US.

Same questions are - the same questions - are asked week after week by these annoying 'controlled' journalists. Like he says {God is this me defending Donald Trump?} there was not one single person who had died from C virus when he closed the borders. How much quicker could he move? There can’t be many Americans who agree with these repeated bullshit questions.

Isn’t it amazing that the one being asked to give reports at the same press conferences with the President....... namely Anthony Fauci is one of the darkest individuals alive on this planet!

We all know that ‘they’ want to do anything possible now to increase the effect on society that they hoped that this virus would have. It’s not working! So they keep on lying about numbers etc.

I received notice of a youtube video making claim that Trump has handed over the control to F.E.M.A! In the first two sentences they also claim that there is no Q Anon bla, bla, bla!! Pure Jesuit BULLSHIT!

Here in Sweden we are told that approximately 1700 people {sorry whoops 🙃 that was yesterday!} today it says that the confirmed deaths are now 2152. LIES! Literally everyone who dies right now is a Covid 19 patient. The truth, according to my Guides, is that close to 550 people have died from virus effects.

These are very dark end days now! Be warned that the mad ones could literally try anything at any moment to regain some kind of control over their failed plans for the NWO!

The ‘MOLES’ i.e. Jesuit and Rockefeller moles are all over the place pushing their agenda.

I’m sorry but you can’t really trust anyone but yourself right now. Remove yourself from any of the negative effects of getting involved in this BS and find and MAINTAIN your own balance.

Use the Violet Flame daily for protection for yourself and send it to any type of darkness that you wish to avoid. Here is a link to an earlier article about the Violet Flame that I compiled two years ago.

It feels RIGHT NOW like THEY could try something soon to gain more control over people.

If they do this in the USA people will not take it. There could be some chaos.

These are the signals I am receiving.

Nota Bene ~ NB ~ take heed ~ things are reaching ‘boiling point’ in Germany now! Unbelievable restrictions and plans for even more all the way upto Christmas!! Something has to ‘give way’ soon. Situation there X 3 as bad as USA.

Be in Balance ⚖️ ~ Remain Calm ~ Use the Violet Flame and do not allow ANY outside events to topple your cool.

St. Germaine: Pull the Future to You NOW!

March 9, 2018

Staying Grounded Now More Important than Ever

Saint Germaine goes on to remind us that when many lightworkers see the chaos and abuse here they are inclined to just want to leave their bodies, and when He checks us out He sees many who are ‘hovering above their crown chakra’. Not Good – He says

SG: “Being grounded is more important than ever. Now, many of you, and this has been a survival mechanism, particularly in past times, many of you when you witness this chaos and true abuse your mechanism for continuing on has been to almost absent yourself from your body. So for years we would observe you and, note that I have a particular affinity for the crown chakra, as you well know, and I would see you hovering high above your bodies, and really your silver thread, and I call it a thread was very questionable. Now is a time where we have need, where the Mother has need, where you have need for the fulfillment of your plan, and the plan, to truly be physically anchored in your form. So I am not saying that you do not hover sometimes when you are shocked or truly dismayed, but you’re also, your fields have grown significantly

…. But what we have need of is your boots on the ground during this time of transition. So that is why I have begun by suggesting you are looking, you are observing, you are seeing the insanity that is dancing outside your front door, that we need you, and you need you fully present and aware.

…. Now, I also want to say many who appear to be of the chaos, and that is a massive generalization, have done so as an offering of their mission and purpose, their soul contract, to bring this recalcitrance, reluctance, disinterest, and disinterest continues to be a massive segment of the population, to bring this to a head. So even those, that is why there is no room for judgment.

As revelation, and there is going to be more, as revelations are coming to the surface, make sure that you only stay in the love, boots on the ground but do not judge those that you think or believe, first of all that are acting out of self-interest or abuse, but also those that are sacrificing themselves. There is a greater plan. Now it is hard to say this to people who are experiencing deep grief and sorrow over the loss of their children, their friends, or their comrades, but nevertheless, this is part of the plan.”

Accountability – Ascension – Abundance – Disclosure

Here after this there is discussion between Steve and Saint Germaine about what is coming next on the ‘agenda’ of the Mothers Plan. The information from Cobra about The Event has always been very clear that there will not be any reset of any financial system etc. prior to The Event. That will coincide with the removal of the present Financial system, arrest of cabal etc. many have had great difficulty understanding this point but this discussion with Saint Germain makes it clear. The Cabal will be held accountable and have to take responsibility for their actions. BUT here Saint Germaine is giving us clarity about the responsibilities and accountabilities of Lightworkers now, during and after The Event;

Let’s listen to the discussion they had:

SB: There are four phases of the Divine Plan going ahead simultaneously right now, it seems. One is accountability, the other is ascension itself. And the third is abundance and the fourth is disclosure. Can you talk to us a bit about how these all relate and impact on each other? I’ll give you an example, is abundance waiting upon the ending of accountability.

SG: Now, let me… I understand that you have segmented these in order to be able to work with them, in order to be able to comprehend them, but these are not, in fact, separate areas of undertaking or evolution. All of this is part of Ascension. Part of this is all related to your stepping forward as your ascended self, not merely claiming, but living.

Now let us go through this. As your ascended being, an ascended being, by its very definition, and by its very nature and character, by its spiritual, physical, mental, emotional makeup is accountable. It cannot be any other way. When you are living, and you are the law, then, of course, you are not only accountable, but in many ways which perhaps you do not fully understand, and this is not a reference that you are making, but you are already are abundant. So that is not a fragmentation that you want to hold as a hard and fast rule.

Now, responsibility, accountability, of course, are first cousins, and we put this under the umbrella of stewardship that we have spoken to you of, and certainly Archangel Mikael has spoken to you of. And how can you be a steward in the true meaning, the definition that it implies as an ascended being in service to the Mother, in the full deputization to the Mother/Father/One if you are not responsible and accountable?

Now there are many who are saying, “Oh I’m accountable, I have a plan, I am doing my work” that aren’t accountable. And that is both within the lightworker community, the loveholder community, and of course, the rest of the world. So, there is an emphasis on accountability because you, as you are flying in and out of this ascension portal, as we and you have come to think of it.

“So abundance is not merely money to fix. First comes the true anchoring of stewardship, and there are many still who are…It’s not just a matter of writing down a plan, but that is good, that is a first step. But what does stewardship, working on behalf of the Mother, what does that really mean? Is it so deeply ingrained that every question, every action, every thought is prefaced of “Is this of love? Is this my dream and the Mother’s dream?”

But I am talking to those who are ready to go forward in the fullness of their stewardship.

It is about taking into account in very practical ways the truth of what you are here for.

So, to answer your question, disclosure and abundance come after and interrelated, because this is all interwoven into accountability, responsibility, stewardship, and all that is part, sweet angels, of your ascension. Is that clear?

SB: Oh, it is clear, but I guess I’m a little worried that what that means is that we’ve got months and months and months to go before abundance hits, and we might as well all hunker down and get through it any way we can.?

SG: You see that what you are doing is you are applying your old paradigms…

SB: Yeah.

SG: To this situation. I have invited you, at the very beginning of our conversation…

SB: Not to do that.

SG: To take the Violet Flame and work with me on creation.

SB: Um-hmm.

SG: Go to the future. Go to where that paradigm has shifted and pull it back into today.

SB: Okay. You do realize that I think so many of us are just bone tired.

SG: Are you too tired to take a purple crayon and write on your pad “abundance, disclosure, accountability, ascension?” I do not think so.

SB: You bet. Well said. Well, we’ve only just got about a few minutes left. What do we need to do next? What is next for lightworkers? I know the whole program has been about that, although it’s really been about positioning ourselves to the events that are coming our way. What about us? What about what we can be doing, not necessarily in a spiritual way, but in an external socially related, socially relevant way. What can we be doing?

SG: This is a very good segue from your last question, and I want to finish that question as well. When you say you are tired, when you are saying, really what you are saying is that you are somewhat distraught and worn out. And I am teasing you and in a kind of paternalistic way saying, “Take the purple pencil and write what you are calling on.”

But if you feel too tired to do that, simply come and sit with me in the Temple of the Violet Flame.

And this goes for preparing yourselves, restoring yourselves, fueling yourselves. If you feel too tired to simply write on your pad, come and let me refill you with the I AM Presence. Then there will be no containing you. So as a daily practice, it doesn’t matter if you transform or transmute your recliner chair into the violet bonfire, I will be there. Your bed into the violet bonfire, I will be there. Spend some time in the flame and this will really help.

SB: Thank you for that.

SG: I want you… in terms of what can you be doing, many of you have significant, doable, enjoyable, beautiful plans on how you wish to proceed. In terms of practicality my advice and social responsibility, stewardship, I have two things that I would recommend:

One is the first and the foremost is, of course, drift into the future, see what’s there and bring it back.

See as if you are gathering, throwing your nets the same way you did with Yeshua, the same way you’ve done so many times, throw your net and bring it in and anchor it in your heart, in your legs, in your cells, in your being. Bring that future dream into your now. Time is fluid. Also, see in your heart’s desires is what do you feel drawn to?

As an interim step, what do you want to do to help out? Those, shall we call them in the grey category who are wanting to feed on you and wanting to tear you down. Well, of course you are not going to permit that, but what can you do in terms of sending them energy? And when I say sending energy I do not simply mean the energy work, I mean the smile in the coffee shop. I mean the quiet word.

Calm, calm, calm is the watchword right now. And this is coming from the Master of Fire, so let me say to you it’s not about ranting and raving and engaging and being shrill about what is going on. It is quiet, calm conversation and it is bringing people back to the question, “Is this how you really want to live?” And you will see, nine out of ten, and maybe ten out of ten will say “No. No, this wasn’t the idea I had in mind at all.”

Then, second thing, well really third, have a look around your community. You do not need to travel to Tanzania or even Syria. Enough of you are doing that at night with your beloved Michael. Look around your community and see who needs a helping hand. And it may be offering your services in a variety of ways that are in accordance with your talents and abilities at a help center, a very broad category – help center, rehabilitation center, community action center, but it can also mean helping someone across the street who’s in a wheelchair, or an older person who’s hobbling.

And it’s not that you’re saying, “You’re hobbling.” What you’re really doing is saying “I see you. I see the wisdom in your eyes. I see the travel of the years. Let me have a kind word with you.” Because so many of the older people are lonely and they feel forgotten and overlooked and they have such wisdom and insight to share with all of you. So if there was one thing, turn to those that you think of as the elderly and help them. Help them share their wisdom before they go. Give them permission to go. There are so many leaving the planet at this time. That is a soul decision and it is honored deeply.

SB: Wow. Thank you very much for that. Now we have reached the end of our show, I’m afraid.

SG: Well, I, thank you for allowing me to come and to visit in this week of Atlantis.

SB: Ha ha. Thank you. Is there anything you wish to say in closing, St. Germaine?

SG: I am helping, you know, the Divine Mother and Raj {Sanat Kumara} with the Conscious Creation, so look for me there as well. But I am never further than your fingertips, beloved. I love you.

SB: Thank you St. Germaine. I love you.

SG: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.


Therese Zumi


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We Move Onwards and Upwards into the Light with the Rising of the Bubbles of Heaven ~ Phase 3


By Therese Zumi Sumner


April 24th, 2020


Everyone who would like to have an in depth understanding of what is taking place ethereally, here on Gaia now as we approach The Event, would do well to study the information from Cobra called ‘Bubbles of Heaven’. I am informed that 66% of readers have a good understanding of this, but those very new readers may not have seen this or understood it’s importance and so I feel it’s important to remind everyone about this information of the 6 Phases of the rising energies.

We are now in Phase 3 since the successful (just above critical mass 🥰) meditation that we united in at the beginning of January this year. It was a critical time, and much was done by the dark ones to prevent the success of that meditation, but we made it by the skin of our teeth bringing us into a secured timeline for The Event.

Phase 3 culminates in The Event.

Phases 4 + 5 + 6 bring us to and through the 3 💖 Ascension 🌊 Waves .

So, I will simply provide here the 1) original first update from Cobra about the Bubbles of Heaven. 2) the second update from Cobra about the same subject which clarifies some things that needed extra clarification. 3) A video that was created to give some visuals and the core details of the phases, using Cobra’s words, which I recommend that you watch. 4) finally I compiled a more in depth article to simplify / clarify the subject for newer readers, giving some more ideas of the 6 phases.

All these links are to be found on the Introduction / Now blog page of Veritas. To see the first one (this page has become so l-o-n-g so a fair bit of rolling down is necessary {and I know that this can be tedious due to present attacks to slow 🐢 down the site } to the first update from Cobra on this subject.

Each article on this page is numbered and when I say # + number it is the article number I am referring to. Thank God 🤣 ~💡 my friend Elisabeth said 9 months ago “I can’t figure out where one article ends and the other begins” that I began numbering the articles, going back to the time when I decided about 10 months ago to use the site as a place for these updates. T

Knowledge is power ~ BUT knowledge in the wrong hands is extremely dangerous Namaste 🙏 Therese Z


1} Bubbles of Heaven update from January 21st, 2019 is # 37

2} Bubbles of Heaven update February 6th, 2019 is # 40

3} Bubbles of Heaven Video by Ascension Girl is # 53

4} In Depth Look at Bubbles of Heaven 11th September 2019 is # 85

PS = NB ~ regarding my article above of September 11th ~ to avoid any confusion whatsoever I need to explain that when I wrote this update in 2019 I believed (needed to believe to have the energy to continue due to health reasons) that we had reached Phase 3. We had not then, but did so after the meditation in January this year.

If you are reading this update on Veritas then you just role down to the articles # named above here on this page.


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Information Surrounding The Event’s Many Aspects Will Be the Focus Here from Today Forward


By Therese Zumi Sumner


23rd April 2020


Late last night I spent an hour listening to / watching a recent YouTube interview with Sasha Stone by Simon Parkes. The area of discussion was indeed broad. Regarding the on-going ‘vaudeville’ of players involved in the present scenarios worldwide. Sasha Stone is a person who seems to know very much about just about every subject regarding the ‘players’ involved, i.e. Presidents, Sultans, Kings, CEO’s, politicians, etc. He explains that he has interactive communication on high levels with decision makers of all kinds. He has been doing this communication worldwide for many years, about a decade. He knows who is who, who controls who in the NWO, all about the details of the British monarchy and their allies in for example Canada and Australia, the Bankers everywhere and who controls stuff there mainly the BIS, {Bank of International Settlements}. The role of the Federal reserve, Vatican, Washington and Westminster. He is involved in the Morgellons syndrome and its victims, revealing child trafficking, International Court of Justice, New Earth project and much more.

When I first heard him speak about 2013-14 sitting with a panel of people from all over the globe, I was amazed. Here was a former rock star with long hair, among these other well known people speaking out about darkness on the planet, so openly, in a way that I had never heard before. His eloquence of speech was striking. In a short lecture / talk he covered ground that would take other lecturers’ hours to cover.

I have heard him once or twice since then but not in the past few years. This new interview seemed to cover just about everything that’s discussed right now in many interviews yet at a level that is ‘deeper’. This discussion eventually took up the eventual continuation of developments worldwide. For example it was said by Stone that Trump would undoubtedly win the next election and why, how things would change worldwide as more people awoke, and how the children / victims from the bases and that information, would have to be released slowly, carefully over a longer period of time etc.

I then sat and meditated for a while. There were of course some areas that I am deeply involved in that were not ‘on the table’ in that interview. Those areas were The Event, Ascension and the strong support that we have of our Galactic Family. I realised then that as far as I’m concerned, I have had enough of information surrounding the dark agenda. I am finished with 3D and its madness. Our meditation that brought 1:1 million people together {suddenly everyone is doing mediations!!} has changed everything and moved this planet forward towards liberation.

So, and I have said this before ~ before corona etc. that I will now focus upon those areas that in my mind are the most important. For newer readers I will be sharing articles about the Event that I wrote over the years that might give a deeper understanding of The Event.

Namaste Therese Z


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"At the behest of the Divine Mother, Elle shares this beautiful gem from her personal reading with Linda Dillon."

This message is from no other than The Goddess ~ Divine Mother Herself. It has been channelled by the chosen channel for the Council of Love Linda Dillon. The message came to us when a client of Linda's 'Elle' had a personal session recently. The message is clearly meant for humanity as a whole. I have chosen the Blue colour in the text on honour of our Mother Namaste Therese Z

This is my clarion call to all of humanity to embrace love, to embrace truth, to embrace peace…

The Mother’s Clarion Call to All of Humanity!

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of One, Mother of All – and yes, sweet one, Mother of thee. And I come this day in this capacity, but I also come as Infinite Eternal Creator.

And I come as Guardian, for although it is the Father’s and my Eternal Divine Plan, I am also Guardian of this Plan – I am Overseer, I am Implementer, I am Guardian. I guide the pieces as if this was a chess board; no, not that I am suggesting to you, like many arrogant leaders, that in fact I do not take into account the hearts and minds, positions, yearnings, progressions of each and every one of my angelic children.

And let me be clear. There is not one being – human, starseed, hybrid or earthkeeper – that is not one of my Angelic Beings. And it matters not whether you belong to the Legion of Michael or the Tribe of Uriel, the Praisers of Metatron or the Truth Speakers of Gabrielle. It does not matter your colour, your hue. You are my Angels, birthed from my being – birthed not only from my womb, but from my heart.

And that is what humanity is learning right now: it is to birth from their heart instead of their ego.

This has nothing to do with dimensionality. And it would appear that no matter how often I speak… Sanat Kumara speaks… Michael speaks… we all speak… about the interdimensional reality, it would appear that still our messages are not fully integrated and surrendered to, embraced.

People think of the dimensions as hierarchical, as if the 1st dimension which is the Birthing of Essence – think of it – the Birthing of Essence into formthe Idea coming forth – that that somehow is less important, less embraceable, less respected than the 7th of Christ Consciousness or the 12th of Grace. It is a circular dimensional realm.

You begin as an idea, filled with grace, birthed from grace. How could you be birthed from our being and not be filled with grace?

And then you travel, enjoying what each dimension has to offer, and these are very broad, delicious, luscious buffets of offerings. And then you end up at the 12th in the fulfilment of grace, which is an encapsulation of all the dimensions, all the realities, so that you begin again in that sacred spiral.

The ‘old third’ dimension I have been saying for years (and you, beloved Elle, know) – it no longer exists. And what is occurring in humanity at this time, with this embrace of various, many… far too many… theories of chaos, conspiracy, diversion, untruth… outright lies… is it is these humans that are too afraid to truly embrace and acknowledge the truth – and not the truth of us but the truth of who they are, who their neighbour is.

They are clinging to old patterns that no longer serve, and even when they were hardy did not really serve, but there is no place for this. There is no place for the untruth.

And let me be very clear. What I categorise as untruth is that which is not only of lies but of cruelty, control, ego. And these scenarios are being created because they want to create, they want to re-create, they want to re-anchor the old third reality. And they are doing so, many inadvertently and some very consciously, and they are doing it kicking and screaming.

So let me be very clear this day. This is my clarion call to all of humanity to embrace love, to embrace truth, to embrace peace – and to not only set aside, not only to relinquish, but to literally surrender the drama, the sense of vengeance, re-venge, punishment, that one is guilty and one is to blame, and therefore one is in a better position to judge. There is no room for judgment!

Do you discern what has gone awry? Yes, of course you do! And might I suggest, sweet children, that you begin that discernment by looking at what has gone awry in your own life, and then your own role within your family, and then your own role within the community.

That is what this pause is being used for. That is how I have shifted the energy and the purpose of this Covid-19 pandemic, so that all of you would stop and remember that you are Angels-in-form, experiencing and expressing love. This is a gift, and it has turned into an ungodly melee of punishment. No one – no, not even I, not the Father, not the Holy Spirit, not Yeshua or Mohammed – no one, seen or unseen, is in charge of your belief systems.

You are not taking things to your heart, sweet ones (and I do not mean you, Elle). You are not taking things to your heart – to the truth of your heart – and discerning: “Is this of love; is this something that I truly wish to support, to prop up, to continue on in the rebirth of the human race – in this time of resurrection of Nova Gaians?”

Gaia and the Kingdoms are well ahead of you. Now it is time for you to surrender and then, out of that surrender, to embrace the true potential of who and what you are. This is the time of transition. You do not go through transition, you do not go through rebirth, by constantly turning around and running back and grabbing what no longer fits, what is no longer useful – what is no longer of love.

Step forward into the light. Step forward into the light, the power, the truth, the potential of who YOU are. And if you find yourselves surrounded by those who say, “No! No, you must know this conspiracy or that chaos,” bless them and let them go!

You can invite them to step forward into the love, but if not, step forward yourself, bright one! Come into my heart. Come into the truth of the realm that I have created for my Angels to play in.

What are you waiting for?

I am waiting to greet you, to embrace you, to co-create with you. Why do you or would you hesitate? There is no reason.

Let me be clear. This is not the Divine One calling you home. This is me, Divine Mother/Father One, saying it is time to stay and truly engage in the unfoldment of our Plan, yes, but also yours.

Never did you say to me: “Mother, what I want to do is incarnate, and then go to the planet and not only discover but actually implement how much brutality I can bring forth to the human race; how much pain and suffering I can cause; how many secret scenarios of power grabs I can implement.” None of you ever said that! And none of you would have been permitted to reincarnate at this time of the rebirth of love if that was the case.

So acknowledge and embrace who you truly are and surrender unto me what is not of truth.

Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.


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This is Not a Secure Website. Be Warned! 😊


22nd April 2020

When I am working on my website messages role down that ‘a website is slowing down your computer - would you like to stop it or wait’. The only website open is mine so I have no choice but to wait. I am sure that you all have seen similar messages on your PC.

Things like this have been going on for about 6 years. However right now its worse than ever! They would love to take down my website of that I have no doubt. The same thing regrading this blog on fb. The numbers that I see. of those having seen my messages, are according to my Guides X 10.

Over the years this blog has had several big attacks. I recall posting about a demonstration in Westminster London. Now that was not popular at all! Suddenly that post and about 10 posts back from that one all had numbers between 1 – 10 views. Some had been up around 1500 then.

They have attempted – The Jesuits – to stop my work every possible way, because I have devoted much time to revealing their wily ways from around 2014 – 2015 and up until now.

In heavily controlled Jesuits regimes people will find it hard to see my work, no matter what you put into the search engine, unless you have somehow stumbled over it. Here I would suggest that places like Argentina, Brazil are especially trying to prevent access to my work and more than likely it’s because the ‘powers that be’ {a LITTLE while longer} have strong Nazi / Jesuit affiliations.

I absolutely understand that a ‘gluey – tortoise 🐢 slow – website’ is no fun! 😾 When you are forced to wait ages for it to load its being attacked!

Have you noticed that on The Portal heading when the site is opened it says, ‘not secure’? If you discover sites with this additional information at the top you can be sure that ‘they’ want you to avoid them, in case they slow down your computer etc.

So, dear readers if you are having problems with my site loading now you know why! I hope that you have the patience to wait and see, what they would prefer that you didn’t see.

Namaste Therese Z

PS: Strange thing happened ~ maybe an omen 🔮 of some kind, just as I was doing a final check of this text before posting! Suddenly screen went black! We had a power cut! It lasted 9 minutes! OK here we go I will publish it now here and on the Fb blog - with limited text there in case it's stopped!



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