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After The Event ~ A New World


by Therese Zumi Sumner ~ 20th September 2018


When that Wave comes rolling in that beautiful Wave of Rainbow Light it will change everything utterly and completely immediately.

Yes ~ Goddess ~ Divine Mother has been sending us wave after wave of energy from Source for many years now and with an intensifying strength each time it would seem preparing us for the Big One. My sources tell me that there are now enough of us ready to anchor the energy that The Event / Compression Breakthrough Wave will bring on that Sacred Day.

At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states. 

“The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters.

The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.

The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.

The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.”

On that Sacred Day moving ever closer to us now at the speed of Love the final shreds of that Web / Net / Veil will disappear once and for all time. Forget any ideas that you might have heard about 1000 years of peace ~ it will be peace for ever more.

Our Mother Gaia is ascending along with Her inhabitants and NOTHING absolutely nothing will ever be the same again.


So; What Will Be Different? – Everything


Call me naive if you like but I believe that this total, as good as overnight change, will take place at the time of The Event. I have people close to me who are deeply spiritual and clairvoyant in nature that feel that this change will be a gradual one happening ‘peu om peu’. They see how society and institutions such as government etc. will change successively and that we will almost unawares glide over to a new society. I do not agree with this and hope to show you here some ideas of how quickly change can take place.

In some way this process has been taking place within society and humanity for many years now. Way too little focus has been placed upon telling us about all the utterly fantastic new projects that are growing like mushrooms all over this planet. Spreading the good news about local community developments has not been popular for mainstream news of any kind, because of course the dark ones controlling the media do not like to show how they are losing control. They have attempted to keep us in control by focusing on the chaos that they continually attempt to create. Have you noticed that these chaotic things worldwide like false flag attacks etc. have been slowing down in the past 6 months or so? 

So, I do believe that these many positive new projects developing worldwide are one sign that we are truly ready now for total change to take place. To be as clear as possible I will provide you with some examples of how I see this change taking place. 

Are you one of the 30% of lightworkers who can fully accept the pervasive change that The Event will bring? What I am saying here is that my Sources tell me that 30% of us accept the idea of the totality of the change about to take place. 55% can envision about 70% of what the change will bring. Finally, 15% only understand what this change will bring to the level of 25%.  I am hoping that this article will support those, who do not fully grasp the complexity of change that this Event will initiate, to have a greater understanding and acceptance of that.

Cobra has told us a while ago that despite some recent changes and developments in the plans for The Event, that some things will still be taking place according to the original plan, which was first created about 40 years ago.


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What I Believe Will Take Place at the Time of The Event


Prior to or as The Wave Approaches {depending on circumstances}

Closing of the Stock Market

“Another aspect of Operation Keyhole is an upgrade of the computer virus in the mainframe computer system of JP Morgan that can effectively trigger a global stock market crash and related financial Reset.”

As the Wave Approaches Us

Closing of old Financial System

85% of the cabal will be taken into custody ~ final 15% within a few weeks’ time.

NOT ONE person who needs to be arrested for whatever reason will escape justice.

From approx. 4 days after Event until approx. 5 weeks after FULL DISCLOSURE of truth will be revealed on your TV screens worldwide simultaneously.


Politics on this Planet After The Event – Some Ideas to Keep in Mind


I have asked my Sources for advice regarding details of government etc. after The Event. I will ‘speculate’ about Sweden and the USA based on the info that they provide me.

Starting with Sweden the parliament here has 349 politicians. Change to a new way of government cannot of course take place from one day to the next but here is what I am told. We will need some weeks and months to organise the changes. After The Event the Swedish Parliament both state and local may / will continue functioning on some level for a couple of months.  I do not know exactly how things will develop in our societies. I only know without a shadow of a doubt, that leadership will be in the hands of people that work alongside the people in their community. Their work / roles will be completely transparent. These completely reliable, trustworthy, lightworkers that will take on leadership roles in our new developing society, will have felt a call growing within them for some time now. They will be supported in finding the roles that they can play in the post Event ‘New Atlantis’ society.

This new type of social structure and leadership should start to develop about 2-3 months after The Event.

I am advised that in Sweden a mere 4-5 % of those currently in positions of political power, will continue to play important roles within their communities’ post Event.


I then asked some questions about this same subject but regarding the USA.

This is what I have understood will happen in the United States of America directly after The Event.

Things will be very different very quickly. There already exists at this moment a group of lightworkers who are completely ready to lead / mentor a temporary form of government in the USA directly after The Event takes place. These people will have been aware of their future roles for a very long time now approx. 5-10 years. They could be people who are involved in the Positive Military {see more about this group on this link; } or anonymous at present.

As for the present members of congress and local politicians all over the USA, I am informed that max 2.5% of those currently in power right now will play leadership roles later.



Inside Information from Benjamin Fulford about Our Current Political Worldwide Scene.


I have been reading Ben’s updates for 4 to 5 years now. I still read them every Monday when a friend sends them to me. Where would we have been without his amazing journalistic work over so many years. Some weeks, looking back over the last few months, I have trusted his information to as much as 85%. Sometimes only as much as 50-55%. I do not in any way, shape or form doubt the love and sincerity with which this great man does his work. He is spokesperson for the WDS or White Dragon Society of which you can read a little more about here on Victory Now on Veritas:

Benjamin has contact sources within the many groups he informs us about weekly. These various groups are unlike the WDS which Ben represents, NOT lightworker groups as most readers will understand. These various groups {none mentioned none forgotten} are the ones who have been controlling us on this planet. They are each of them now doing their utmost to try to negotiate among each other, and unite in attempts to stay in power with promises of diverse jubilees, money {stolen from everyone on this planet} to be returned to mankind etc. etc. etc.

They will NOT BE INVOLVED in the return of money to humanity no matter how much they might like to be included.

Justice will come to each of these groups and their control of mankind for at least 500 years through the Jesuits.

How will money be returned to us ~ from where etc.? You can get a fair idea of how if you read this article that I wrote in July 2015. Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to Humanity


An Emotional Day ~ press to enlarge

After The Event ~ The Good News


There will be an enormous release of held back fear, anxiety and every imaginable emotion in the days and weeks and months following The Event. People who right now have knowledge and experience of some healing modalities of whatever kind will be in high demand. If you are one of those people make sure that you have your own healing and balance in focus and daily contact with your HS Heart ๐Ÿ’– Space now.

You yourself may have had the experience at some earlier time, of pushing yourself to your limits with work and responsibilities only to discover that when you get a well deserved ‘breather’ or time out to relax you suddenly find yourself with a bad cold! It's your bodies way of trying to bring back balance.

Now imagine an entire planet of people suddenly finding themselves in a completely foreign situation. They learn very quickly that they no longer need to be concerned about anything! Suddenly things are ‘peaceful’ all around the planet and not just in war torn countries. Everyone learns very quickly that there will no longer be any concern about their economic survival. A relaxing sense of CALMNESS pervades everything. Tachyon {pure light and love energy} is now reaching the surface of this planet again after being prevented from penetrating the ‘veil’ that has surrounded us for so long.

{ I wrote this article about the veil {3rd of 4 articles}April 18th 2015

The True Matrix Story Based on Cobra’s Update’s }

People will begin to trust one another again. There will be spontaneous communication taking place all over the globe when the news of Full Disclosure starts within a few days on TV screens worldwide.

The first few days after the arrival of the Wave will be a period of adjustment. It will be a time when many will desire to be alone because of the emotional flood of energy reaching us.

{read ‘An Emotional Day approaching at the speed of Love further down this Introduction page on Veritas ~ until you see the picture shown here}

We will desire to be in a calm quiet place to take in and anchor the energy (unless duty of some kind or other requires us to be active in some way). If that is the situation that we find ourselves in, we will NOT MISS receiving and assimilating the energy as soon as we have an opportunity to be alone. (many details in article above) You cannot miss this energy.

The Resistance Movement have no doubt planned these initial hours to a T. Calmness will be relayed by the Wave and I have no doubt by our Galactic Family too in one way or another. They will more than likely not expose humanity to any onslaught of the Full Disclosure process until we have assimilated the energy of the Wave probably after 2-3 days’ time.  

From the Day of The Event An Estimation of  SOME Changes Coming Along with Approximate Timing.


Within a Few Days


After Approx. 3 Weeks      

All situations on this planet where people are suffering unnecessarily through starvation, poverty etc. will be addressed as a priority first and foremost.

After Approx. 2 Months

¤  Factories will grow up very quickly worldwide where people can bring their cars and have the engines either adjusted or replaced at a small cost so that they can run on water/steam/etc

¤ Spiritual community centres will develop quickly all over the globe and provide an opportunity for people who so desire to learn how to have direct contact with the Creator / God / Source. For those who feel they are ready there will be Ascension studies available.To learn more about Ascension go to the Ascension page here on Veritas.

¤ At least 1000 new innovations will be made available to mankind that will make life easier in many ways. These ideas / patents have purposely been stolen, hidden, taken from inventors and they will once again see the light of day.

¤ Homes will be provided for homeless people everywhere.

After Approx. 3 Months

¤ We will learn that there are cures available for all diseases. This type of information will no doubt begin to be revealed much earlier than three months.

¤  A World that Works for Everyone

Total Transparency will pervade all information on our planet now and there will be light workers who can clearly see through any form of lying or manipulation in every walk of life. Anyone in a position of leadership of any kind will be someone who knows how to, or learns how to, make everyone feel that their voice is heard and that they have a unique gift to offer the whole.

¤ Education

As part of what we call Full Disclosure {see earlier} people on Gaia will learn the truth about the incorrect scientific and historic facts that have been given to students worldwide through so called education (will most likely be known from max 6 weeks after.)


Education will change dramatically. Students will have a whole new range of exciting studies and avenues to explore. There will be no comparison to the old education system.

After Approx. 4 Months

¤ Water worldwide will have been cleaned and purified to provide everyone with safe and clean water.

After approx. 6 Months

¤ There will be better quality food available worldwide. All kinds of dangerous chemicals and poisons will be gone forever.

¤ One among the many new innovations that will become available to mankind is the ability to ‘grow’ meat. Those who wish to continue eating meat will be able to do so without the involvement of any suffering to animals. Farming as we know it today will change dramatically.

¤ We will learn how to slow down and even prevent the ageing process. There will also be techniques to reverse the ageing process. ๐Ÿ˜‰

¤ Animal welfare will change dramatically worldwide. The food that we feed to our pets will be of a much higher quality than today! No animals will suffer any more on this planet.

After Approx. 12 months

¤ The Full Disclosure process will of course be very shocking, and it will mean that everyone will have to re-evaluate all kinds of things. One part of disclosure will be about the creation of the Roman Catholic Church and the creation of Islam. People will learn facts that will shock them. They will come to understand how religions have been used to control and manipulate whole countries (Continents) with lies. How religions have been used by our controllers to ‘divide and conquer’ and create wars worldwide. Religions as such will ebb out more and more and people will find their own contact with Spirit and Source.

Galactic Family and First Contact

 ….. will of course be an important part of the complete awakening process on Gaia. Many of us around the globe have already established a connection with Galactic Family on ships and the Pleiadians have been providing relief from chronic pain to many. We can all see signs daily now in our news reports that space travel and space exploration has become a subject that is spoken about that has otherwise been completely ignored for many decades. Well as you can understand that is ONLY THE BEGINNING but then that’s a whole other story!! ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ  ๐Ÿ›ธ

Therese Zumi   20th September 2018  

Mother Gaia Ask’s that We Connect to Her Daily Now

18th September 2018

TZ here; This morning while I sat in meditation I was reminded that I have not been actively, regularly connecting to Gaia lately in meditation.

Mother Gaia is the Archangelic Being that is the planetary spiritual Being who is responsible for our beautiful planet.

When I connected with Her this morning She asked me to take the opportunity to write a few words about this straight away.

At this important time as we are approaching The Event at great speed, it is of the utmost importance that Lightworkers in their daily connecting to Source and their HS during meditation also connect to Her for grounding purposes.

It can be as simple as this: Preferably EVERY morning.

State your intention to connect with Source through the portal of the GCC ~ Galactic Central Sun โ˜€๏ธ Envision a pillar of white / blue electric ๐ŸŽ† light emanating from the GCC and entering your star and crown chakra's and permeating your heart and being and surrounding you completely in light.

Then you can state your intention to connect with Mother Gaia. Ask Her that She send the earth energy that you need most for balance this day to penetrate your being. Feel / envision this energy coming up through the earth and entering your feet etc. You will find that this energy can feel / look different from day to day depending on what you need. Some days it might be like an amethyst ray – or anthracite black - either soluble or coal like crystal – or it could be like pink quartz or indeed any colour of ๐Ÿ’Ž crystal.

Then you are sitting in a space of deep calm and can easily access your HS Heart ๐Ÿ’– Space and know what the day ahead might require you to do.

Namaste and Much Love ๐Ÿ’– from Mother Gaia

Therese Zumi posted on 18th September 2018

Photograph ~ credit to: Katarzyna Biaล‚asiewicz

Food and Stuff for The Event ~ Lets Just Use Our Common Sense.


By Therese Zumi Sumner 17th September 2018

I mentioned some weeks ago that I would prepare readers every way that I could re being ready for The Event. SO, WHAT ABOUT FOOD?

The first thing that I would say is “do not hoard food.” There is absolutely no necessity to hoard food. This is a big planet with a lot of people. People who have different backgrounds and cultural needs regarding choice of food. There was a link provided on Cobra’s last update re having a certain amount of rice and beans etc in stock. This is such a basic type of food that people all over Gaia can get it and store easily at home. It’s cheap and long lasting and provides both starch and protein. However, you won’t see me buying any extra rice and beans. Now me? well like David Wilcock I have had an ‘Event Stock’ of extra food in the cupboard since 2013-14 which has been eaten and restocked and like David I have by now consumed that stock three times ๐Ÿ˜‚

I have always had food as a hobby of kinds. I like to have just about everything at home in my freezer, fridge and cupboard. I have always managed to live on very little, buying when prices are down. I have enjoyed making dishes of various kinds and freezing them in in portions so that I can defrost a quick meal without cooking almost any day I feel like it. I am NOT planning any longer on stocking up extra food for the Event. I always have enough so that my sons and their families can come here for a meal without my having to buy very much.

There is NO WAY anyone in this country (Sweden) will end up with any health problems if they are without food for a few days. In fact, many would be feeling a lot better on less food for a few days. IF my HS ๐Ÿ’– Heart Space starts nagging at me to buy some extra potatoes, carrots, cream or whatever it might nag about, then I will most likely listen ๐Ÿ’Ž to that voice.

Of course, we need to use common sense here that’s all. If we are in need of some type of medication or dietary needs that require constant refilling, then we should of course take precautions so as not to find ourselves without those items.

When the time ~ the Day is upon us ~ WELL – wow – will we even think about food very much? I don’t think so and I LOVE my food and coffee and tea etc. Even those that might not have family living close by {which reminds me of something โฃ๏ธ } will more than likely have neighbours or other friends and acquaintances nearby. During these days after The Event people will have such a need to gather and talk about all of the confusion and they will cook together and share what they have, until the normality of shops having normal food stocks etc returns.

This Event is ssssooo delayed! So, my guess is that the plans in the making in the background have been perfected to the T ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž so that things will most likely be running very smoothly despite the closed financial system for those days. In my mind in the very very worst-case scenario the banks might be closed 2 weeks. In the best-case scenario 5 days!

So, who is going to have a problem with 5 days! No-one. Yes, keep some cash at home from now on if you don’t normally have any.

The thing that I was reminded of โฃ๏ธ when I mentioned family living close by was ‘petrol – gas’ as my American friends say. If you own a car you should from now on make a habit of filling your tank when it reaches half full. This might be important as you might want to drive ๐Ÿš— to family that are further away at this time to be together.


There is NOTHING to be concerned about regarding this Event other than preparing now by being in balance. This balance requires times of silence and meditation. Today I listened once again to an interesting discussion between Dan Hohlfeld and Alison Coe. She is the hypnosis therapist who tells of common experiences that her patients have experienced over the past 18 months or so regarding the arrival of The Event and how things will be before, during and after. These experiences have been had by people doing hypnosis worldwide – not just Alison’s clients. I thought today that I need to repost this now. It’s a great discussion and can make just about anyone understand that there is nothing to be concerned about.


The entire Co of Heaven, Galactic Confederation, Resistance Movement along with the Positive Military (only leaders know the details at present) will be cooperating with police forces and local community home guard groups etc. worldwide. These groups will also be cooperating with awake, calm, prepared people all over this globe to bring this change about in a miraculous way!

Namaste and Love

PS Check out blog tomorrow for discussion between Dan and Alison. + If I find that I have failed to consider something important here I will update this and have it on the Introduction page on Veritas soon.

Photograph ~ credit to: Katarzyna Biaล‚asiewicz

Therese Zumi

17th September 2018 at 1855 PM CEST

Being Prepared for The Event ~ 3 Sept 2018 ~ Therese Zumi Sumner


Over the coming weeks I will do my utmost to provide articles of varying kinds with the goal of preparing my readers for The Event every way that i possible can, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If you follow this blog { }     you will know that I have been giving regular messages from Yeshua ~ Jesus Sananda each of which have been focused upon becoming more closely aligned with our HS ♥๏ธ space one way or another in preparation for what lies ahead. Yeshua will continue to provide Guidance to us this way every 3 - 4 - or 5 days time.

I am currently beginning an update on my {this} website Veritas Galactic Sweden. This updating process was meant to be complete by now but demanding private situations have had to take precedence. Now I will focus my time to this project over the coming weeks. As each page is updated I will post links to them on the blog. I will point out articles that can be of value at this time.

About 30 hours ago we had an update that was particularly inspiring from Cobra. He said;

"After our Key to freedom meditation, the planetary liberation process accelerates.

Light Forces have requested that as many physical Sisterhood of the Rose ๐ŸŒน groups that meet regularly once a week are created on the surface of the planet to ease our transition into the Event."

So, every effort that we make to remain in a place of peace, avoiding all conflict is KEY right now.

Every group of people ~ every single PERSON taking time to meditate is increasing this peace and calm for all.

Look at what this picture here says! WE are the Resistance. We must lead the way in calmness ๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธ and never allow feelings of panic or fear to take control over us, no matter what news is brought forward, or what takes place in this final time prior to the Shift.

So beyond any other information that I will be bringing to you here about preparation ~ THIS preparedness is ๐Ÿ”‘ KEY ~ today and every single day ahead until we are there!

Lets keep that In mind!

Namaste and Love everyone

Therese Zumi

03nd September 2018 at 1122 AM CEST

These Are Difficult Days! The Madness Has to Stop! It Will! What Are You Doing? Every Single Effort that You Make to Carry Out Your Mission – Manifest Your Dreams - Moves Us All Forward to Victory!

Therese Zumi Sumner 25th August 2018

I started writing this post yesterday Friday 24th August after receiving several requests from lightworkers who find themselves loosing hope in one way or another.

These are trying days! Many are experiencing a type of ‘deadlock’ situation energy wise in their lives right now. Could it be that the ‘deadlock’ situation between the forces of Light and dark are being experienced by all of us because we are all One? We may be picking up some of the fear that the sad dark souls are feeling (do they feel? – if they feel). Possibly and more likely, we can pick up the fears of the middle of the road darker / lost / programmed / unaware souls that are playing roles as slaves to these dark war lords, as they realise that the end is drawing close and how do you get out?

One group of people (just heard figure of 26 on the news) that tried to get out from a war situation in Yemen some hours ago, got blown to smithereens! They were mostly children! They were being brought out of the area in a mini buss to escape what might befall them. A short while ago 40 children lost their lives in the same country in a similar situation. The bombs used by the Saudi’s to do this come from the USA.

In the past few days our news is reporting about the plight of the Rohingya people once again. Late last year and early this year nearly 1000,000 of these people were driven peu om peu out of their homes and villages where they have lived for about 5 generations. These poor uneducated people have not been official citizens of Burma / Myanmar and so the dark war lords running this planet have seen to it that they are removed because they want to develop among other things gold mining in this whole area where the Rohingya people have lived. “Land has often been acquired for development” projects, including military base expansions, natural resource exploitation and extraction, large agriculture projects, infrastructure, and tourism. For example, in Kachin state, the military confiscated more than 500 acres of villagers’ land to support extensive gold mining.”

We all know that money for black projects goes before anything else almost everywhere on this sick sick planet!!

Yes, this is me Therese Zumi speaking her truth! How do you think that I keep on doing this work for 6 years now, day in and day out, unsupported economically with a very meagre existence? {I do have all that I need and more.} It's because of the compassion and love that I feel for all the slaves everywhere on this planet including myself.

{I am no longer a slave to them and nor are you unless you agree to letting them enslave you?}

When more and more Rohingya people were driven out of their homes in northern Myanmar last winter I felt so mad and sad and angry. On Swedish TV, (our one (2!), main, official, non-profit, mainstream channel that I trust information on up to 80% {because everyone is fooled into the lie}) they sent direct reports from the area that the Rohingya were being driven out of, by their houses being burnt etc. One man was interviewed after a journalist (thank God for good journalists) saw him being paid money for delivering a child to someone. He was one of the perpetrators who were getting an income in that sad place by kidnapping children (aged 4-7) for sale to evil beings who would use them in the sex trafficking trade or child work camps. The children had been kidnapped on this forced flight from their homes. Imagine thousands and thousands of families walking through forests and land being driven onwards to a refugee camp and in some areas the terrain was such that a child losing sight of its parents or relatives could easily be spotted and picked up by these perpetrators. When asked why he (perpetrator) did this his answer was he needed an income!

Anyone who follows my blog regularly will know that I do not post very much at all about ongoing evidence of evil on this planet any longer. There was a time that I did so too, but it has passed. There are plenty of other websites where this information is freely available. That does not mean that I am immune to what’s going on. The truth about the Rohingya is ONE of hundreds of similar unjust, unbelievably sick situations happening all around this planet because it is a planet in a war, a nonstop war between good and evil.



There is no such thing as them and us when speaking about other countries / religions etc. THEY want YOU to keep on thinking the term THEM and US. Politics is the same game!

ALL these religions have been CREATED to DIVIDE AND CONQUER. That’s what the Jesuits are famous for and they have been running this planet for 500 years. They are ALWAYS ON BOTH SIDES OF ANY TROUBLE ANYWHERE. They DO THE WILL of the archons and in more recent decades (1996) the chimera group – it is THEY who really run the show. The Jesuits run their slaves, the bloodline black nobility families. IF you would like to take a proper look at the deepest rabbit hole, here are two links for those that might not have seen them before. 85% of the information gathered there comes from Cobra and Resistance Movement that you need to know.

Synopsis of The Vatican Holocaust Part 1 of 8 "The Great Pentagram of Evil"

We Are All Pretty Tired!


Yes, we are! We are all pretty tired of just about everything. In the past 6 years there have been many periods of ups and downs. At least another couple of times that the energy has seemed to be stuck like many are experiencing right now!

“Can we go on? How long can we manage to go on like this? Will we ever reach our goal?”

We got by the past ‘low’ periods and we will get by this one too! Could there be a very good reason for / opportunity in ~ this ebb time of energy? Yes, I do believe that there is!



Maybe this is the time now when we need to make a CLEAR decision as to what we really want deep down on the road ahead? I do believe this to be the case. I usually provide links to Lee Harris’s monthly energy updates and he suggested that August would be a time for a ‘breather’ of some kind. Time to slow down after an intensive year. Time to reflect!

Sometimes we are slowed down through illness. Sometimes through an accident. Sometimes through unexpected events.

Sometimes we really do need to slow down and are simply not listening to our HS so that the universe has to help us with that process one way or another.

In hindsight we can often see how everything is a blessing in disguise.

Manifesting What We Desire.


For years I have tried to engrain the following affirmation into my mind and heart, with greater and lesser success depending on the situation at the time. “Everything happens at the right time, in the right place and in the right order. Divine right action always take place”

Yesterday after giving Yeshua’s advice for 3 days I wrote the following;

TZ here; right now, as lightworkers upon Gaia we need to make a choice about what our goals and aims really are.
In Cobra’s recent advice on how we can manifest what we desire in life he informed us that we must ask ourselves the question,
“What do I really want?” and there can be NO COMPROMISE.

So, 1) we decide where we are going. Where we want to be. What we desire to create.

2) We declare and decree this to the Universe.

3) We act in that direction.

Our desire must be crystalline! ๐Ÿ’Ž

Only then can we reach our goal.

So, let’s say for example that I am suffering from some illness that is debilitating and holds me back from living my normal life. What would be the way to go to manifest a return to health?

1) I would decide that I wish to return to normal health asap and to bring this decision greater clarity (very important) I would say WHY I WANT THIS.

2) Declare (aloud, silently or written) what I desire ~ maybe something like this;

I – (name here)—declare and decree and command that I have a true desire to return to full health. The reason that I wish this to take place is that I now know exactly what I desire to do with my life ~ what I truly desire to experience (no compromise) ~ in the time that I desire to remain on this planet. I am willing to do whatever is required to return my body to a healthy state asap. I ask therefore and accept willingly any support that I can receive from my Guides and or Co. of Heaven {here you can name those Spiritual Guides that you would like support from} in reaching this aim. This is the will of Source (–your name—) and so it is and so it is and so it IS.

3) Action;

We start to take the necessary action in the direction of our goals. Here are 3 examples, I might ask myself “what nourishment might be lacking in my body that is necessary in the repair of this situation” and then ask to be guided to that information.

“Is exercise something that would help me (if possible), even on some limited level for my bodies return to health? Or do I need a lot of rest (or both).”

I can make an attempt to find out what others have done to move forward towards health, who are in similar situations, suffering from the same type of illness.

Serenity Prayer


Trust and Letting Go and Letting God

There are some things that have to be accepted. Sometimes through no fault of our own we cannot affect change no matter how hard that we try. That’s where we have to allow and trust.

We have to trust that if I do all that I can ~ I can then release control and I can Let Go and Let God.

Finally, the text that you see here is the one used worldwide by AA ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ and similar groups. I believe that it can be useful to each and every one of us.

Namaste Therese Z

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 25th August 2018


Key to Freedom ~ Natal Chart ~ Press Image to Enlarge

Are You Taking Part in the Trial Run for The Event on Saturday 11th August at 11:11 CEST + EET at the Solar Eclipse?


Why do I say that this is the trial run for The Event? It occurred to me when I re-read the information Cobra provided for this ‘Key to Freedom’ meditation. I will admit that when I first read it I did not properly read the details where he explained the astrological chart for this meditation. Here is what he says;

“Astrological chart for our meditation shows a powerful grand trine between Eris in Aries, eclipsed Sun / Moon in Leo, and Vesta near Galactic Center in Sagittarius, all of them located in fire zodiacal signs.

At the eclipse, the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and all Galactic Command Light forces, and will be channeled through Eris and Kuiper belt, then through Vesta and asteroid belt, through the Moon (especially Mersenius and Tycho lunar bases of the Light forces), though RM2m special task force underground and then through all groups meditating on the surface of the planet.

Therefore, our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has great potential for a breakthrough, as it is a moment of very favorable connection with the Galactic Center.”


I believe that the Wave of Love Energy at the time of The Event will travel this very path to reach our shores.


Let us play our role now as Lightworkers to “help the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock between the Light and the dark forces, finally setting humanity free.”


Another few thoughts that Untwine shared with us recently in a post entitled Trust and Peace can inspire us at this time;


“This is what Grace means. Grace is true and deep forgiveness of all circumstances and being the forgiveness in action. Being, embodying whatever is needed even if nobody else in the Universe is doing it.

Why should we help ? Because we can. Because we are Source, because we need a better reality. In truth, there are always Light beings providing what is needed, but it can only reach us if we are resonating with it, if we are aligned with it, if we are it.

Sometimes it may appear that nobody else around us is doing it, and then to be able to be the Love, the Grace, whatever is needed, anyway, this is the real mastery. Grace also has to be driven by Divine Purpose, it's not about being a doormat and not creating what we want, it's about doing whatever is needed to create our dreams and serve Divine Purpose of Liberation of all sentient beings.

The only other option is to drive head first into a wall by expecting something to come from outside that we are not willing to be, and that is not a good road to go on. Many have tried and failed. It is time to remember and be the Grace. And as we do that we embody the Source again, we bring the Source back to this planet, and we heal the trauma of separation from Source that has been happening since the fall of Atlantis. We bring back reality of Light in all of creation.”

PS: A reader wondered how she could visualise toplet bombs while doing this meditation. A good question. A suggestion that comes to mind is seeing a circular spinning sphere of dark anomalous energy and how it is dissolved by the Light Forces.

Namaste Therese Z


The Great Importance of Key to Freedom Meditation on August 11th, 2018

Thursday August 02nd 2018 by Therese Zumi Sumner

In August 2017 we joined forces all over this planet for the Unity meditation. Over the past 6 years the Resistance Movement Light Forces of which Cobra is a spokesperson, have requested specific meditations at specific points in the liberation process to move everything forward. Sometimes these have been to anchor more Goddess energy on Gaia or support the Light Forces in some of their many operations or for example to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining cabal power in Egypt and preventing a greater democracy to emerge.

The UNITY Meditation in August of last year was requested by the Allied Light Forces below, upon, above and surrounding this planet. They appealed for more unity among lightworkers all over the globe. Backing our desire to unite were the Resistance Movement (underground + Agartha), Allied Light Forces, Council of Love, Galactic Confederation etc.

And because so many websites and well-known names among lightworkers (none mentioned none excluded) joined forces to spread the information about this meditation – MILLIONS OF PEOPLE CAME TO BE AWARE OF IT. So much so, that there were collapses of some websites – videos at the time of the meditation because so many tried to access then. (A warning to be prepared this August and have the details of the meditation at hand prior to this time!)

Hundreds of thousands experienced the enormous feeling of ‘oneness and love and peace’ while partaking in the meditation worldwide. Because of its widespread sharing on the internet close to 1,000,000 people took part. We were informed by the Light Forces that about 5-600, 000 people were simultaneously doing this meditation in a focused way.

On many occasions over these past 6 years or so when doing the specific Event / Ascension / or specific meditations we have had as a goal to reach the so-called critical mass of 144,000 people SIMULTANEOULSY meditating and focused on the same result. We have succeeded in this goal about 3 times if I recall correctly. BUT with the UNITY meditation last August we reached more than three times the so-called critical mass. The results were so impressive that the Central Civilisation – some call them Wingmakers who reside near the Galactic Central Sun made it known that they were very impressed by our unity and that we could now finally see ourselves as being ready for the true process of Ascension that will speed up (no-end) after The Event – Compression Breakthrough – Tsunami Wave of Love – Shift – Transition Day.

After The Event the energy space around the Earth will look something like this:


There are so many amazing groups worldwide working on meditations for peace. None mentioned none forgotten! All of these meditations for peace are important. All of them are playing a role in raising the vibration of peace and love energy on this planet. We NEED ALL OF THEM. BUT why is this meditation different?

Simply put because it is requested for a specific goal of ridding this planet and the surrounding plasma field, of these remaining toplet bombs that our captors have control over, thus preventing the total change we all desire.

With this meditation we seek Peace on Earth but not simply freedom from war. We seek FREEDOM in every sense of the word. Freedom to be and love and exist on a planet without any weapons, with abundance for everyone, with NO hierarchy of any kind, where everyone’s rights are respected etc. etc. etc.  The WAVE – the Big Beautiful Rainbow of Love and Light has to be prevented from reaching us because these weapons are not yet gone and could cause chaos. Also, we need to be ready individually and enough of us are now ‘GETTING THERE’ finally so that the transition can be smooth when it arrives.

ASK YOURSELF NOW – are you Readier now than you were a year ago?

If you are not already an Ascended Being or what we call an enlightened being, then I am sure that your answer to this question will be YES! Will you be a calmer place to ‘land’ for people all around you on the day of our liberation when things become a bit chaotic!? YES, I believe so. Yes, we all want liberation now so what is holding it back still?

Regarding the progress towards our liberation on Earth everything points to it being on the horizon. Because information about the Allied Light Forces operations have gone ‘deep black’ on April 30th this year, we cannot be informed about all the amazing progress behind the scenes. But just look at your TV. (in my case Swedish) when did you last experience daily ongoing pictures of war scenes? Maybe two-three months ago there were still reports of battles raging here and there but now it’s unusually quiet. Each of you reading this could give me some signs that you see that clearly show you that change is on the way, so why are we not there yet?

Toplet Bombs

They are still the reason that we are not yet liberated. The so called Strangelet bombs have been dealt with completely. The work is ongoing to dissolve these toplet bombs. They have been planted by our captors all over the place both on the physical plane and the plasma plane. They have been placed on hundreds of satellites surrounding earth, planted in lightworkers! in places where many hostages are held – yes, they are holding us all hostage with these bombs. Dealing with our captors in so called negotiations is like dealing with mad dogs or worse.

June 27th 2018

“In the last few months, there have been drastic shifts in the timelines and significant changes in the plan for the planetary liberation.

Most of those changes need to remain deeply classified, I will reveal here as much as I can.

In May we have shifted from beta timeline to gamma timeline. The new gamma timeline calls for direct physical intervention of the Light Forces in the lives of surface Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, as soon as possible without triggering the toplet bombs.”


July 28th 2018

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event and Full Disclosure closer to us:


This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock between the Light and the dark forces, finally setting humanity free.


Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

Plasma toplet bombs are still located inside the planetary plasma shield:

They are the real reason for current impasse between the Light and the dark forces, and are assuring mutually assured destruction (MAD), a certain form of Nash equilibrium:

When those toplet bombs are removed, the breakthrough can happen.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

The Light forces will have their focus on Novaya Zemlya, still an active Chimera base:


To gain some more understanding as to why we are using the ‘White Fire of An’ through Archangel Metatron in this coming meditation on the 11th August 2018 here is a link to Untwines article on this subject.

“Therefore, the White fire of AN can also be used in meditations especially in groups to assist the Light forces in clearing the solar system.”

White Fire of AN


We must understand that for a meditation to truly have the desired effect we need people worldwide to be simultaneously focused upon the desired outcome of the removal of these toplet bombs with the power of the White Fire of An. 


Learn the instructions by heart at least a few days prior to the meditation in case there are breakdowns / attacks made on videos etc.

PLEASE spread this information about this meditation far and wide. Help people to understand its importance now. It’s our UNITED POWER and only that that can move mountains. Let’s show Source / Mother – Father One that we want this now.

Namaste TZ

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Key to Freedom Meditation Update

Key to Freedom meditation videos have been created in more than 30 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!



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On the Day of The Event - Some Facts about the Arrival of The Event

Written by Therese Z Sumner 6th July 2018

Are you ready? Is there anything that you still do not understand about this Shift of the Ages and the moment of Compression Breakthrough? With this article I will attempt to have you as ready as possible and as clear as possible as to what to expect.


If you follow my Facebook blog regularly you might have seen a video I posted recently where Keisha Crowther ~ Little Grandmother was recently interviewed. She told us that the Mayan Elder Don Alejandro has pointed out the great importance of being in a state of peace, harmony and balance at the time of The Event/Shift. He says that ALL EMOTIONS will be amplified {I am guided to say by approx.X6}.

If you are in a state of fear, anxiety, anger etc. that is what will be amplified!

It is now high time that everyone who is aware of the coming change focuses their efforts upon remaining in a state of peace.

Yeshua has been reminding us repeatedly that we need to ‘go our own way’ ~ follow our Heart Space guidance and NOT ALLOW any outside influences to remove/topple our balance. The weekly advice from Yeshua that I have been asked to share these past few months has the main goal of preparation for The Event. Archangel Michael is now working by my side as I write this final article on this subject.

Up until this moment July 6th, 2018 the article at the very top of this page has been “AN EMOTIONAL DAY APPROACHING AT THE SPEED OF LOVE ~ PERTINENT INFORMATION FOR THE DAY OF THE EVENT which I wrote in November 2015. The information there is still KEY ~ still important, and it is Archangel Michaels detailed description of what kind of various emotional states we might find ourselves in when the Wave of Love arrives. So, my plan is to place this article ABOVE the previous one. Please share this information to anyone you know that is aware of the coming Transit and might not be aware of the emotional roller coaster that this Day of Days will entail. Michael gives us very good advice in this article (mentioned above) as to how we can deal with the EMOTIONAL situation that we find ourselves in ~ this will be a VERY INDIVIDUAL experience.

Full Disclosure


I am advised to say that it would NOT be appropriate for the Light Forces to supply the entire population on Earth with news via our TV screens in the INITIAL hours after the Wave arrives. I would imagine that people would need a day or two to just calm down, be together with loved ones, take care of children {they will be the LEAST affected by the energy of the Wave} and assimilate the situation.

At this point here, I am speculating a bit with support from AM and suggest this possible scenario.

Regarding information from your media via TV and Radio {Internet might not be available at this point in time to avoid the spreading of confusion}, I am convinced that the Light Forces will have special plans for those initial days.

No doubt they will send calming music, calming text information, calming visuals to let us know that the ‘situation’ is in hand. More exact details about what has taken place and why will be provided when an initial assessment of the entire situation has been made.

The texts and documentaries about ‘Full Disclosure’ have been prepared long ago. No doubt they will have been revised recently as the plan for the Event {see details further on} has had to be modified in the last year or so.

Closing of Banks ~ Mass Arrests etc.  

Everyone on this planet will receive the exact same disclosure details simultaneously everywhere regarding the removal of the old Financial System ~ arrests of cabal members etc.

The Event ~ Some More Details

At this point in this update I have gathered details from Cobra’s blog this year 2018 that are pertinent information for The Event. I will start with an update from Cobra after his beloved Isis was murdered by the cabal.

February {2018} after the removal of Isis Astara by the cabal.

“This was a direct attack on loving feminine Goddess presence with serious exopolitical implications.

Until now, the Light Forces were using a slow cautious approach to planetary liberation not to trigger the dark forces killing too many hostages (surface population). In a hostage situation, this phase is called negotiation phase (or standoff phase): …

…With killing of a key person such as Isis Astara, the hostage liberation has shifted in the final, termination phase. During termination phase, there is swift physical action to liberate the hostages.”

FEBRUARY 2018 cont. Clearing away of ALL negative space factions finished by approximately February 20th! Surface Operations begin! More ROBUST Event Plan + Lots of SPECULATION but NO REAL INTEL


“The Galactic Confederation will clear all negative factions with space travel capability, either extraterrestrial or secret space program, that do not accept the Galactic Codex, within the next two weeks.

Then they will methodically and systematically clear everything below the surface of the planet and after that, surface operations will begin. (latest second half of February 2018)

Due to changed hostage situation dynamic, the original plan for the Event has been expanded and is now more robust.

Top brass in Positive Military in USA, China and Russia have been contacted and given instructions.

There was too much classified intel about Event operations flying on the internet until now.

The hostage situation on the surface is simply too delicate and there will be complete intel radio silence (EMCON) about surface operations from now on. There will be a lot of speculation but no real intel about the surface operations will be released by the Light forces.”



The Event Will Guaranteed Include


 “The only thing I can say is that the Event will still include:

-Removal of the Cabal

-Full disclosure and full exposure

-Financial Reset

 Mass arrests of the Cabal may, or may not happen. You will be informed about the Event operations in real time as they happen, through the mass media.

 During this critical time of planetary transition, it is of the utmost importance to connect with the feminine Goddess presence and nurture qualities of love, compassion and tenderness to stabilize the transition and counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet.

A special blog post will be dedicated to this.

Goddess wants Love and Love it will be.”

To read this complete update go here;


March 18th, 2018 CONTACT Update about Contact with Our Galactic Family Members


“Not much intel about surface operations can be given to surface population for obvious reasons. The only thing I can say is that there is quite a high number of Chimera-controlled Draco and Reptilian hybrids that were incarnated into human clone bodies inside underground bases during the last Archon invasion between 1996 and 1999. After 9-11 false flag event in 2001, they started coming to the surface and infiltrating higher echelons of power inside human society. This situation is being addressed right now by the Light Forces as part of Operation Mjolnir.”

This update also provides details about contacting the Pleiadians if you are interested in contact.

30th April 2018 - ALL INTEL DEEP BLACK


“This means that the Light forces are NOT releasing any critical intel about surface operations to anyone, and you will not be able to receive any reliable intel updates about surface operations (except from a few bread crumbs here and there) anywhere on internet, the reason being that the Light forces do not wish to betray their new meta-strategy for planetary liberation.

Certain aspects of the plan for the Event have changed, whereas certain aspects have remained the same. Rest assured that you will receive critical intel regarding your role in the Event operations as the Event approaches, when needed and when necessary.”

Firing the Grid Friday, May 4, 2018


“The Pleiadians have communicated that this short message needs to be relayed to the surface population. 

The Pleiadian Fleet is now utilizing AN conversion to start spiritually and energetically activating certain key members of the surface population in full alignment with their Soul free will.

The purpose of this activation needs to remain classified for now. 

This activation may include visions, lucid dreams, kundalini awakenings and rapid transformation of belief systems. 

If you are experiencing such an activation, stay calm and do not act impulsively, especially in your close personal relationships.


Victory of the Light!


Firing the Grid Update Monday, May 21, 2018


“Certain Light Forces fleet, even more evolved that the Pleiadian fleet, has begun activating and preparing certain key members of the surface population for Compression Breakthrough and the Event.

This process may trigger all of suppressed energy patterns and belief systems and its purpose is to test preparedness.

Remain calm.

Dragon sources have communicated that holders of cintamani stones are part of the planetary grid for Compression Breakthrough. This grid now extends into the Agartha network. Cintamani is a sacred stone of the Agartha network. Dragons are asking everybody to treat cintamani stones with respect and are requesting people who are involved in surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones in moments when they are having a conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in an extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

Victory of the Light!

Posted by Cobra at 11:38 PM


May 31st, 2018

“The Light Forces are carrying out their protocols to remove Archon families from power and liberate the surface of the planet. The only thing I can say here is that the same structure of “principalities and powers” exists on plasma and lower etheric plane and it is being dismantled daily.”

Victory of the Light!


Gamma Timeline    27th June 2018


“…In May we have shifted from beta timeline to gamma timeline. The new gamma timeline calls for direct physical intervention of the Light Forces in the lives of surface Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, as soon as possible without triggering the toplet bombs.

Before the Event, some Lightworkers might be physically contacted by the Pleiadians according to Contact Dish protocols, and another small group of Lightworkers might be accepted into the Resistance as per Entry protocols. Some time after initial group, another group might be accepted into the Resistance and they will be able to take their pets with them. This second group will not be integrated into the Resistance society and a special colony is being prepared for them in a certain location underground.

At a certain point, Resistance agents might establish physical contact with certain Lightworkers on the surface and offer assistance.”

TZ here; If any more important info regarding The Event is released by Cobra prior to its arrival it will be added here. Namaste 1331 PM 6/7 2018 



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


7th Nov 2015

As we grow closer to The Event the Love/Light energy from the Galactic Central Sun/Pleroma intensifies/peaks in Waves.  These Waves have been coming now at regular intervals for the past 2-3 years.  As we approach the time of The Event these waves are arriving at closer intervals and in increasing strength. One of those peaks of energy within the Galactic Wave of Love will be the One that signals to the Resistance Movement that the time has come to initiate The Event. Within a very short time approximately 20 minutes things will start to happen. The plan that has been in the making for decades will come into play.

Cobra mentioned in his August 31st interview with Rob Potter that "It will be a very strong energetic event and people will be able to feel very strong energies and that might cause also strange physical sensations. This process will accelerate as it comes closer to the Event and peak at the moment of the Event.”

The Main 1st Wave of Ascension Will Occur Simultaneously with The Event

Many Lightworkers had hopes that the mass ascension process expected to take place at the time of the Shift of the Ages would occur on the 21/12/2012. Indeed many were ready to ascend then and many more are ready to ascend right now but we must remember that this process of ascension is totally unique in that the plan – Mothers plan – is that Gaia will be the place that the Ascended Beings exist upon. This will be the first ever mass ascension process to take place while remaining in the physical body {albeit upgraded from carbon to crystalline atoms}. Those ready to ascend {a very limited number as yet} are not going to head off to another dimension in their physical bodies {yes some who have made this free will decision may do so}, they will go through the ‘ascension portal’ and return / remain in their bodies to continue as 6th~7th dimensional beings living on a 5th dimensional Gaia.

Starting from the day of The Event this entire planet will be anchored dimensionally in the 4th~5th dimension. Shortly after The Event there will be ample possibilities / opportunities available for anyone who chooses to actively participate in their spiritual development and prepare for a process of ascension at a rate that suits them perfectly. The vast majority of people living on Gaia will be functioning / anchored in the upper 4th dimensional – lower 5th dimensional level.

Many wonder ‘how on earth’ things are going to change so quickly after The Event. Here I am referring to the practicalities of worldwide peace on Earth, worldwide prosperity, worldwide free energy etc. When the ‘veil’ is finally down, soldiers everywhere will lay down their weapons and refuse to kill others. When people finally learn through the mass media that they have been imprisoned and held hostage by warmongers etc. for so long, that the entire financial system etc. has been designed to be a source of income for our captors and keep us as slaves, the relief among people will know no bounds. There will be emotional outbursts of unprecedented joy followed by bouts of anger upon the realisation of how they have been fooled, this roller coaster of emotion will continue for days/weeks and ebb out. Then another wave will hit us and yet another and increase this download of Divine Love and Light Source energy so that we can anchor even more in the 4th - 5th dimension until we are attuned and in harmony and can co-create the paradise on Earth that was the original plan for this planet.

Here are some lines about this taken from a discussion between Steve Beckow *** and Archangel Michael:

SB: Okay. But now, given what you’ve just said, it seems to be implied that while the tsunami of love, as I have been considering it so far, is going to happen over time, this actual immersion in the waters, then emergence from the waters, will be an event of some short duration. Is that correct?

AM: Once the tsunami starts, it is not designed; it is not the Mother’s plan to incapacitate you. Now, will there be that moment, of “Ah! Oh!” bliss? Yes. And for some, depending on their makeup, it may be rapid, or it may be brief.

But even if you are in the tsunami for a lengthy period of time, dear heart, you will be able to navigate. What you are concerned about is, “Do I lose my capacity to operate? Do I lose my sensibility?” And the answer is ‘No it is increased’.

SB: Okay. But the actual tsunami itself, will that go on over a week’s time, or two weeks’ time? or a shorter time?

AM: The initial outpouring will be brief. But we have used the analogy of a tsunami in a purposeful way, because you know that a tsunami approaches, withdraws, approaches, withdraws.

So it is not destruction. It is a creation. It is a destruction of the old, yes, a clearing and a washing away.

The initial tsunami will be brief. We will say, hmm, about a 24-hour period in your reality. Then there will be another wave, and then — and you will adjust — and then, another wave.

If you are someone who is consciously aware that you are an intuitive person then no doubt you will be among the group of humans on Gaia who will feel the increase of energy days before The Event happens.

In all of the discussions found about this time of change here on Gaia the greatest focus has been placed on the actual physical changes like the New Financial System, Free Energy and not in least our freedom to finally exist here as sovereign free beings and create a true paradise on Earth.  Today however I want to bring the focus to the most important aspect of this Shift namely our transition – our crossing over to the 5th Dimension, our promotion as it were to the ultimate realisation that we are truly divine beings in human bodies. How will this feel? There are groups of people all over Gaia who have been working towards/planning for this special day of transition to a higher dimensional reality upon Gaia for many decades indeed for hundreds of years. At one point Cobra mentioned that this change is 15 years late! Despite all of the delays we have known now for some time that we could only be victorious in the end. And that end is approaching at the speed of Love.

It is difficult to know beforehand just how we are going to react to this extra strong influx of Divine Love Energy. There will no doubt be extremely varying types of reactions regarding the physical and emotional experiences that people will have. Before I continue here I need to mention that when I say that Archangel Michael has said this or that I am referring to explanations He has given about this/these special day{s} when He has been channelled through the chosen channel for the Council of Love/Company of Heaven Linda Dillon on the In-Light radios ‘An Hour with an Angel’ programs over the past couple of years. The person interviewing Archangel Michael is Steve Beckow** of Golden Age of Gaia.

Archangel Michael has explained that even if we are somewhat overwhelmed on the Day of days, if our situation requires it, we will be steady and grounded enough to be able to postpone some of our reactions until a more appropriate time allows us to experience them. Withheld emotions always come to the surface in the end. Any of you who have gone through therapeutic healing processes will have certainly discovered this for yourselves.

Steve wondered how we would be able to function on a practical level at this time. Being as the day of The Event will also be the day of closure of the old financial system etc. many will have to consider being focused and functional.

SB: Hmm. Okay. Well, in the midst of this tsunami of love, a very real and practical event probably will happen, and that is probably the Reval. So, here we are, swept off our feet in love and in some circumstances that actually need handling. How does being in a tsunami of love affect the need to make practical decisions?

AM: It does not incapacitate you indefinitely. For some of you, it may be hours or minutes or days, but you emerge from the waters, the waters of life, the waters of love, transformed.

So it is a form of cleansing, but restoration, recovery, rejuvenation. So you emerge from those waters better prepared, more acutely aware, more able to multitask, more competent to see the bigger picture of your actions, the ramifications of your actions, the clarity of what is really required.

So it is helpful. So you find yourself in a position where in fact it is as if you have had the best night’s sleep ever, and you can jump out of bed ready to go.

Overwhelmed by an Altered State of Awareness – Go With It!

Steve asked AM to give us some advice for those among us that may find ourselves overwhelmed when the time comes. Here is some of His best advice:

AM: “and what lies ahead even what is in the guise of momentary chaos {many have been in fear of the momentary chaos at the time of the Event} is sheer delight. It is what you have yearned for.”

“Once it begins, dear heart, you have need to simply breathe deeply, extend your heart, know that you are not in danger, that this is what you have worked, prayed and prepared for, and allow the expansion, the lightness, to come.

That expression that you have, “the lightness of being”, that is what you will experience. But do not fight it. Simply allow it. So if it means that you are so overwhelmed, blissed out that you cannot go to work that day then stay home. If you feel that you cannot put one foot in front of another because you are in what you may feel is an altered state, then do so.

Now, understand, also, that pretty much everyone upon the planet is going to be feeling the same way. So it is also a day where there is elimination, absolute disposal of many of your previous concerns, judgments or fear.”

“So let Me be very practical in this. For many of you, my sweet angels, you would wake up or you would be getting ready for work, and you would say, “I am just so full of love that it makes the importance and the potential of being able to drive to work safely impossible.” And then you would try and do it because you would be concerned about letting someone down, not being responsible, being in trouble, being docked a day’s pay. Put all that aside and allow the energy to do its transformative work.”

9 Examples of experiences that you might have at the time of The Event


Archangel Michael has given all of the following examples;


** So some will feel the full force of the Tsunami. Some may feel it but feel like they are a cork bobbing on the ocean.”

** It is very likely that you will have a very strong feeling, that something feels very different.

** For some of you the experience will be, that you will find yourself existing on another level of consciousness.

** You may have a feeling of being disconnected, disassociated, yet not to such a degree that you will ask “where am I” “who am I” ”What am I doing”?



** You may feel when moving about, that you feel like you are moving through air or water.

** Your feeling of disassociation could be like after taking some chemical medicine/hallucinogen, not so strong but that you that you think “I am in another process”.

** You will not have the same need for food in the 5th dimension as you do in the 3rd.

** You have a much less need for sleep-than usual.

** Colours might seem more vibrant.

Finally for anyone reading this that still has some concern as to whether they will be able to function in some or other important role / responsibility on the day of The Event take note of these words from Archangel Michael regarding our ability to view / understand our reality here on Gaia; First a query from Steve;

SB: It’s a rather unique kind of experience, because initially one doesn’t know if one’s imagining this or if this is really true. Is this a new faculty that I have, or a new area that’s opening to me? So there is this moment at which one kind of hesitates and says, “Gee, I don’t know what to think right now.”

AM: It is as if you have been looking at a very narrow piece, and all of a sudden your field of vision and your field of what is the potential to experience, to create, to co-create, what is open and available to you is broadened one thousand, two thousand, twelve thousand-fold.

On another occasion He said the following;

if you experience these moments of, “My goodness, I think I could do this, and this is how,” and you experience a download of how everything would occur, right down to the finest detail, just breathe, sit with us, allow it to anchor into your bones and then go forward. Confusion is a part of fear.”


At the time of The Event – on the day of the Tsunami of Love’s strongest wave the Angelic Realm will be ‘in full attendance’ to support our Ascension, liberation and a harmonious transition to a golden age of peace on Earth

Leave the Pursuit of Fame to Others


You could kind of say that this is the day that Gaians will truly leave the pursuit of fame behind. No one will need to ‘be famous’ to be important! But suddenly we have been promoted to a situation where we can ALL take part in some way in the co-creation of Nova Gaia. Will we have ‘teething problems’? We probably will. 

Divine Mother has said repeatedly that when we start to create the new that we should absolutely prioritise breaks for whatever it is we might be creating – breaks to have fun, hang out together, socialise with family and friends. She maintains that this is KEY otherwise we will overenthusiastically rush through some ‘creation’ and discover later that there were better options that we missed because we were in too much of a hurry. There will be no need for hurry anymore!

Round Table – Learning Together From One Another – End of Hierarchy

I recall listening to Little Grandmother in 2010 speaking about the time after the Shift on Mother Gaia. She always made a point of mentioning that it would be the end of the time of masters and disciples, priests and imams and parishioners/community, teachers and pupils etc. Now of course we will all continue to learn and grow on all kinds of levels and there will be people with knowledge that we would like to acquire who will be happy to mentor us but it will not be like the old 3D type of learning at all. Communities will learn and grow together. There will of course be ethical codes that we will live by similar in kind to the Galactic Codex {link}. When something that we might do or say could cause harm to another we will be led to see this in a loving manner so that we can grow from the experience in a balanced way.

The Day{s} of The Event – Guaranteed an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Before I end here I would like to mention that I recently experienced a day of great emotional release. I found myself crying uncontrollably in bouts time and time again. I simply could not relate the experiences of that day to the depth of the emotion felt. As this article has been an on-going process for some time I suddenly realised a few days later that I was being provided with an example of the type of emotional reactions that will occur on the day of The Event and pursuing days - weeks. Everywhere on this planet people will be crying. No not everyone simultaneously of course but everywhere you look and see a group of people there will be those among them releasing emotion for themselves and others in this way. We will be releasing trauma, fear, worry and pain that have been a part of our lives for so long, and an enormous process of healing will have begun.

In Love and Light Therese Zumi

Published 1040 AM CET November 7th 2015

Galactic Codex link:

*** Steve Beckow who is he?


None of us are claiming that the Reset, Disclosure and Event will happen for sure in the next few days, weeks or months. It may or may not. The main purpose of this video is to have all the core information easily available in a concise way, to be shared at the moment of the Event to the unawakened population. By publishing it now, it can circulate and we can make sure everybody has it ready for when the time comes. This also allows for more people to be aware and ready before the time comes.

The following link will bring you this video in the following languages;


The Event / Ascension Meditation every Sunday.

The Event meditation has been modified to make it more easily accesible to greater numbers and is now called The Ascension Meditation; Here is the link to The Portal latest information update re our now ASCENSION MEDITATION ~ now every Sunday at 4PM UCT so that our Asian brothers and sisters can more easily take part.

One of the ways that we the Lightworkers of Gaia can speed up The Event and also help to create a calm transition at the time of The Event is by taking part in The Event / Ascension Meditation every Sunday.

I feel that it is paramount now that we all of us unite at this time to secure the calmest transition possible at the time of The Event. The absolute most important reason right now for taking part in the weekly Sunday Event meditation is to support a harmonious and peaceful transition when the day is finally upon us. No one knows the exact hour or day but one thing is for sure, there is a growing strong sense of expectation now that great change is imminent on this planet and that it can come like a thief in the night. In this meditation you also state your intent to use the meditation as a tool to speed up the process towards Full Disclosure and The Event.

Here is the link to the website Prepare for Change and the weekly Ascension meditation. Here you will find an audio version as well as a transcript and translations to many other languages;


The 'carnival' is coming to town - it is a very BIG carnival ! says Archangel Michael

The Day of Revelation of Truth is Near


Hi there! You are so very welcome to this website. Today is the 19th April 2015 and it’s definitely time for me to renew the Introduction page here on Veritas Galactic Sweden which was created in August 2012. We are living in very exciting days now. We are living in the final days of our imprisonment on this planet. The winds of change are blowing and leading us forward to the day that has many names. On that day there will be the initiation of a ‘storm of disclosure’ unlike anything that has ever happened before on Gaia. On that day all of the truth that has been hidden from mankind for such a long long time will finally come out into the open. The word apocalypse has been used by many incorrectly in that it is often interpreted as meaning ‘the complete final destruction of the world as described in the biblical book of revelations.’

People have associated this time with the war of Armageddon but that timeline is no longer an option. As of the 21st of December 2012 there is only one possible timeline ahead and it is very positive. The real meaning of the word apocalypse is ‘a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.’ On this website as well as on other affiliated websites which I will introduce you too shortly we call this day of unbelievably enormous and complete change the day of The Event.

So why do I have a picture here of a roller coaster ride? The reason is very simple because it is my belief that it is the perfect symbol for the time that we have ahead of us. We exist right now in the middle of a ‘sandwich’ of Love and Light. Below our feet we have the entire Resistance Movement Light Group of approximately 20 million humanoid Galactic family beings. These people are like their associates/friends in the inner Agarthan civilisation 5th Dimensional and higher beings. Our planet and Solar System is surrounded by millions of Lightships belonging to the Galactic Confederation and they along with the support of the Angelic Beings of the Central Civilisation near our Galactic Central Sun are making sure that the powerful energy being transmitted to us from Source via the GC Sun is stabilised and safe for us.

The build-up of this Compression of Light/Love energy on the surface of Gaia along with the efforts of many thousands of surface Lightworkers is day by day creating a renewal and purification of our crystalline Light Grid around this planet and helping with the disintegration of the Veil/Web/Matrix/Net/ within which we have all been imprisoned for thousands of years.

Unknown to 99.7% of mankind a massive transformation of the whole solar system has begun. If you are a newcomer to this site then I suggest that you start reading about those who have been holding us as hostages here. Only yesterday I finalised and posted an article** with an overview of all that you might need to know to give you a basic understanding of our predicament up until now.

Would You Like to Feel Prepared for The New Life of Abundance on Gaia?

Having prior knowledge and understanding of the details of The Event and the new time of peace and harmony on Gaia is the first way of being prepared. Knowledge and truth sets us free. My entire website is devoted to preparing you for this in every possible way. When the day is finally upon us you can with this knowledge be a source of calm for family and friends who have no prior awareness of what is happening. We welcome you to join with us for the Sunday Liberation Meditation which is ongoing until the Victory of the Light is a fact. You can find all you need to know about this on The Portal {link below} where a clock shows the countdown to the next meditation. Get the documents that will help you to spread important information at the time of The Event on Prepare for Change. {See affiliated sites below}

The day we are all longing for is approaching at the speed of Love. We are on the launching pad! Only The One – Source knows the exact hour and day of the day that my friend Cobra calls Compression Breakthrough – the day of The Event. Therese Zumi.

** The True Matrix Story Based on Cobra’s Update’s  PS: I also recommend for younger readers or complete newcomers ‘The Matrix Story’ by yours truly written in simpler more down to earth terms.


To visit this new page just press this link;





    Gaia Confederation was officially started on May 5th 2015 and my website was among the first ones to join. When you open the information you will see the names of the websites that are a part of this confederation in alphabetical order which most likely means you will find Veritas Galactic Sweden at the bottom. Here are the first lines of the foundation statement of the confederation:

    "We, as members of the Gaia Confederation, recognize that, despite any apparent difference, we are all working for the same goal of liberation and peace for planet Earth and all its inhabitants, respect of universal law and full connection with the One Source/Creator for every living being. To read more go to this link;






    Since July 2012 I have had daily updates about what is happening on my Facebook blog which is available to everyone whether or not you have a FaceBook account as it is a so called Facebook Page. If you have a FaceBook account and ‘like’ the blog once - at the top of the page - you should receive email updates when I post. Here is the link to my blog;



    I am one among a growing group of people who rely upon updates from Cobra on The Portal to know what is really happening behind the scenes on our planet. Cobra has been chosen to be the voice of the Resistance Movement on Gaia and a very large amount of the information on this website has come from his work. Here is the link;



    The idea behind this website is to provide practical information that supports as smooth a transition as possible at the time of The Event. There you can download the ‘Community Leaders Brief’, find Event Support Groups in your area of the world and keep updated about any important news pertaining to the ‘Shift of the Ages’ drawing closer by the moment. There are many people involved in the creation and running of this website and I have been invited to contribute as an author there. Link here; There is now a direct link to this CLB here just roll down to the text 'When The Day of The Event is Upon Us' just a little further down this page.



    I met Rob Potter in LA in nov 2012. Rob has had direct contact with our Galactic Family from an early age when he was given a ’promise’ by them. He in turn promised to do his utmost to help people overcome darkness and heal themselves and the planet. Rob does monthly interviews with Cobra about our progress and is involved in supporting people’s knowledge about interplanetary cultural exchange. Here is a link to his website;



    The author of this website has gathered some very good information for those Lightworkers who would like to become involved in Grid-work i.e. the cleansing of negative energies that have been purposely created by the dark forces in cities and on specific leylines worldwide. Untwine who has experience of this work himself also does his own unique interviews with Cobra. You can visit his site here;


I am very proud to say that my website was the first one to provide a detailed comprehensive picture of all of the information provided by Cobra, the spokesperson for the Resistance Movement on Gaia about The Event. This information is still perfectly up to date and only minor adjustments to some small details were presented 6 months later and that complimentary information is also available here.  To read about this go to the following links;

This first article is highly recommended reading if you are a newcomer to this area of information and if you are visiting this site prior to The Event.


The original entire conference material about The Event Page One:

The original entire conference material about The Event Page Two:

The Event Update from 25th May 2013 – right hand side of the page:

The WHEN and the HOW and the WHY We Became Prisoners on this Planet

The following list of articles that I have written/compiled on various levels regarding the depth of the information involved, cover the story of our quarantine on Gaia from a mundane aspect to a deeper esoteric intelligence level.

The Matrix – The Truth about Our Reality here on Gaia

“I have compiled this article now with the thought in mind of an adult explaining to a child what has been happening here on our planet for so long unknown to much more than 90% of humanity.”

The True Matrix Story Based on Cobra’s Update’s: April 18th 2015

Those who desire to know the deeper gruesome details upon which the above article has been based can go here:

An Overview of the Forces of Darkness/Beings who are Running This Planet along with An Introduction to those Beings/Humans who are Their Main Allies/Supporters in their Plot which entails Keeping Us Contained and Obeying their will as long as that suits them within the Matrix that they have created:


So let’s pretend that its now the Day of The Event, {for many people reading this for the first time it may very well BE on the Day in question.}

The Most Important Document that you can make good use of at the time of The Event is the so called Community Leaders Brief.  If you consider that you yourself are one among the group of somewhat informed individuals regarding the basic facts of what is now taking place, then this document can be very useful to present to various leaders within the society where you live. This document will help you to give evidence that you have been previously forewarned / informed about this Day’s Events. This has been written with the thought in mind of helping in the creation of a calm and peaceful transition on the Day and within the first 36-48 hours approximately. You can access and download that document here in 30 languages.

Basic Practical Steps To Prepare For The Event

A Plan to Maintain Safety During the Event

An Open Letter to Corporate Executives: What the EVENT Means for Humanity – and You

Advise for All New Leaders in Society as We Move Into the Golden Age of Gaia


I have compiled this page with the thought in mind that it may be of support to individuals and the Event Support Groups and their discussions regarding what will be necessary at the time of and after The Event. In the past couple of months Archangel Michael and Yeshua {Jesus Sananda} have put much focus on discussing the need for Lightworkers to step forward now. At the time of The Event many of the leaders in our societies are going to be incapacitated. They will simply be so overwhelmed by all of the disclosure that is taking place and the information that will make it clear that we are about to transition as it were overnight to a whole new societal way of being. This is where you and I the aware and awake Light-workers of Gaia will need to fill leadership roles of all kinds in all walks of life. These following three articles which are really all one discussion should help us to find the strength and support to take on our new roles and our true life mission. They have each been published separately on the PFC site but all three are also available now on this site at link below: Therese Zumi 06/06/2015 at 1814 PM

Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead Part 1

Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead – Part 2

Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead: Part 3: Strong and Gentle Leaders Will Lead the Way Forward

Who Are the Light Individuals and Groups Working in Cooperation for Victory of the Light?

The main Event Page information gives a short description of some of the main groups involved in the liberation process including people like you and me ‘LIGHTWORKERS’. However I have this spring completed a broader description of these various groups on a new page here on Veritas. This new page has also a rather detailed history about the successes and progress that has been made by the Light Forces during the past three years and based on the information that Cobra has provided regularly on The Portal. Here is a link to that page:


Victory of the Light Progress Report May 2015



You may have just been through a very strong emotional experience that you have felt deeply in your body, heart and soul. You may have spoken to a neighbour, a friend, a workmate or a relative who believes that the experience that you have just been through along with almost 90% of Earth’s population is one that has been spoken about as the day of The EVENT and you then searched this word on the internet and found yourself on this site.

What you and I are experiencing at this moment is the result of an amazingly strong wave of Divine positive, sentient, loving energy that has travelled to us from the Highest of Dimensions and that WAVE has just swept away the last remnants of darkness on the plasmatic plane surrounding this planet leaving us exposed to a Divine Light Love energy all around us that we have not experienced on this planet for many tens of thousands of years.

Your TV might just be a blank, or there might be a message saying 'temporary breakdown'. It may take 2-3 hours or so to initiate the spreading of information simultaneously worldwide about this Event but have no doubt there will very soon be plenty of clear information about what is happening, about the complete shutdown of the entire financial banking system in all of its aspects and the imminent / on-going arrests of thousands of criminals worldwide, and much much more.
I have developed the following articles on a page entitled Ascension that are especially written with the thought in mind of the 'spiritual confusion' that many will be experiencing today and over the coming hours and days quite possibly in several waves. One of these articles has a Swedish translation.

The Articles on This ASCENSION Page are: Link to page below list:

A Perfectly Timed Ecstatic Moment of Unbelievable Joy which is otherwise known as The Event is the Tsunami of Love recently discussed on Golden Age of Gaia – Part One



Så Nu Kommer Jag att Stiga Upp? Hur Kommer Detta att Kännas?


A Personal Experience to Help You to See that there is Nothing to Fear in Ascension 

The Second Coming of The Christ 

Sanat Kumara via Tazjima: ‘Breaking Through to the Other Side’

The real Ascension to 5D will occur at the Event after the Veil has been lifted.

Commander Ashtar - Ascended Master

Our Galactic Family and Agarthan Allies in Our Liberation

We are very much loved by the many races within the Galactic Confederation of Light. Despite all of the indescribably horrific ordeals that we as humans have suffered on this planet for millennia at the hands of those beings, that through fear and ultimately madness, due to losing their heart contact with Source and deciding to imprison us here as part of their survival mode, despite all of the attacks on us through this imprisonment we have managed to wake up, realise who we really are, and decide collectively that we have had it and we now decree and declare that we will have liberation. Our declarations for liberation have been answered by Beings of Light on every dimension. They look on in amazement and joy as each Victory of the Light is achieved, longing as they also do for the day that the energy here on Gaia will be of the LOVING warm energy that exists everywhere else beyond this planet right now.  Many of them will come to visit us then, we will become acquainted with our Galactic Family and even many of the Ascended Masters like our Beloved Jesus Sananda / Yeshua will walk among us again.

There are many places on this site where you can read about our Galactic Family. On the above mentioned linked page ‘Victory Now’ you will find descriptions of some of these Family groups.  There are also two pages with information that I picked up from various sources during the past 3-4 years that I will provide links to here. Cobra the chosen spokesperson for the Resistance Movement incarnated here this life directly from the Pleiades. He misses his home planet and family there and will probably return home as soon as he can after our liberation. There are 2 Galactic Family pages see articles and links below.

Somehow I have a feeling that after ‘Disclosure’ and ‘First Contact’ which you can read about on ‘The Event 2’  page the information that will surprise people even more than the fact that we have millions of positive Light Force ships monitoring everything that happens here, protecting us from the Sun’s activity, meteorites etc. and clearing the solar system of the last dark outposts around us, what will surprise people even more is the fact that there is an advanced civilisation with mountains, rivers, lakes and green countryside below our feet too! In fact at least 65% of the visible spaceships seen by Gaians in the past 3-4 years have come from the Inner Earth Agarthan Society. To learn more about this I have developed a page where I have gathered some good information about this.

Galactic Family 1


An Introduction to the Video ‘A PLEIADIAN MESSAGE’

Galactic Family 2












I have now today the 8th March 2013 completed the work to present to you, all of the information provided at the Laguna Beach Cobra conference in Nov 2012 regarding ‘The Event’.

'THE EVENT' is the name given to the moment in time when the Source - Divine Mother/Father gives the signal 'The Event Flash' which goes via The Archangels, via The Ascended Masters via The Galactic Confederation to the Resistance Movement here on our planet. This will all happen within 15 minutes and 'The Event' will start.

The following areas of information were covered in LA. 1) 'The Event' 2) ‘The Light Resistance Movement’ 3) ‘Your Mission Ignition’ 4) A ‘Short Planetary History’.5) ‘Disclosure and First Contact’. 6) ‘The New Renaissance’. These headings are the main areas of information. This was a three day conference and there is a lot of information.

This is written for those of you who might have liked to go to these conferences worldwide with Cobra. The details here are more or less everything Cobra presented to us in LA along with extra information from various interviews with him since his arrival on the scene at the end of March last year.



All of the news about the above is to be found on the pages called 'The Event' and 'The Event' 2. There is extra information from the conference on the 'Event Extra' page.

On the page entitled 'Event Intel-Update Cobra' I have reposts from Portal 2012-Cobras site which I feel are pertinent to what I have written.

On the page 'Event Intel-Update T Zumi' you can find things like the Main details from recent Cobra interviews on worldwide events.

The page 'Cobra School' is other information from Cobra or articles written by me from information I have received mainly via him, as also from his wife Isis. Here you can also find some more personal information about him.

My page 'Bigger Picture' was written before my visit to LA. It is my attempt to give everyone that might be remotely interested in these times and the changes a bigger picture of the reality we find ourselves in. Like 'Who are the Illuminati' what are the 'Creative Communities' etc.

The page entitled ‘Spirituality’ is mostly composed of articles I myself have written. A new page which I am working on at present {17/07/13} is called Archangel Michael {found as a heading when you open the Spirituality page} and this page is totally devoted to the translation of a book by Archangel Michael which was published in Sweden in 1995. There is a page for information about the Ascension process called ‘About Ascension’. There is also a page entitled ‘Dark Truths’ which can be found at the top when you open the page 'Bigger Picture'.

My newest page is where to go to get a broader picture of our Galactic relatives. This page is called 'Galactic Family'.

All the above mentioned main pages have links at the top of each page you open. When you press a page name you will discover new names appearing as the page opens, below the page heading.

For example under ‘The Event’ you will see ‘Event 2’ etc. at the top of the page.

Only Source Knows

There are more pages which I describe on my Introduction Page,{this one} where you will find direct links to all of the articles on the site listed on the left side further down.
I have a ‘Recommend Page’ where you can be acquainted with some of the major sites and people I have learned from.
Mine is not a ‘news’ site yet I do post important news. One example is the absolutely amazingly brave speech that a young Belgian politician Louis Laurent made recently in the Belgian Parliament. What has amazed me is the lack of focus or literally nil focus placed on this, on the other major sites that write news regularly? I took the time to write out his speech word for word. If you go to my ‘Blog Log’ page {visible when this page is opened} you will see its link top right as I post this today.

I will be continuing with this work adding some details and some more articles to come in the coming weeks and months. To find the latest articles go to the links at the bottom of this page on the left and each posting that i add is posted there - now with dates of posting.

Only Source - only Divine Father Mother knows the hour and the day, for this Event and I have no doubt but that it will be perfectly timed.

 Written by      Therese Zumi Sumner       08/03/2013       0900am.




Welcome to my Website.

My name is Therese Zumi Sumner and the whole idea with this site is to share with you in English and to some extent in Swedish, what I have been studying intensively on other Internet sites for 2 years. 

My goal is to help you to understand as much as possible about the enormous changes that are happening on our planet and where these changes are taking us.

Do you know that there is a completely new world on the way just around the corner? Have you heard that something special is about to happen in 2012? You can bet your life on it.

December 2012 is not the end; it’s just the beginning of a Whole New World.

We are living in a time of a great re-awakening to Spirituality on our planet. The 21/12/2012 was an important 'peak' date for the influx of enormous amounts of Divine Light to our planet. This re-awakening will 'take off' at an unbelievable rate at the time of 'The Event'. For all the details on this go to 'The Event' page.



You are also welcome to my Facebook page where I write almost daily. Direct Link here - Therese Zumi Sumner Facebook. 

Written by              Therese Zumi Sumner        19/09/2012




On Sunday May 13th I made the first of 5 trips in Sweden to promote this film. I gave people I met in restaurants, on trains, etc. small notes on the film, and told them the following. This film shows us how our Planet Earth can quickly return to the state it should be in. With everyone having food to eat, clothes to wear, houses to live in etc. That next year we can all have free energy, Cars that run on distilled water etc.

When this film came out for free on U-TUBE I was thrilled. Now I could finally stop nagging all my friends and acquaintances about "you should read this or that" now there is a film that gives you 75% of the info I have been studying especially these past two years.

Everything in THRIVE has been independently investigated.

My Great teacher "Little Grandmother” recommends it on her site as do many others. So why not watch it together on a TV screen by connecting your PC to the TV?

You will not regret it and when Our Galactic Family pop in for a visit soon you will be a bit better prepared as the film also has witness testimonies from Astronauts and Military staff that have experienced contact with visitors from other planets, but they have been forbidden to talk about this.

PS There is a 4 min trailer. It comes now in 22 languages. The film is 2 hours long 2 fascinating hours long.

OK enough already ENJOY!




Uppdated on the 23/04/2013

NB When you press the Page Headings at the top you will notice that other page names arrive in the row below. Also there are links to all articles at the bottom of the Introduction page.

So here you are at Veritas Galactic Sweden. You are very welcome. I am developing this site to share some of the exciting things that are, have been and are about to happen on our beautiful planet Gaia. The subjects might feel varied but believe me they are all deeply interconnected.


This was funnily enough the last page to arrive on the site. Its the 23/04/13 when i write this and about time Veritas Galactic Sweden had a page entitled 'Galactic Family'. My intention here is to give you a very broad view of our Galactic Family through the eyes of many people, like Drunvalo Melchizidek, Steve Beckow, Cobra, Archangel Michael {channeled through Linda Dillon}, Mrs Doris Lessing - Nobel Literature Prize winner from 2007, Little Grandmother, The Pleiadians etc. 


Well here I explain what 'The Event' is really all about. The Event IS NOT ABOUT the TV series with the same name aimed to scare you and make you fearful of People from other planets. After you press this page you will also see the pages  called 'Event Page 2' +'Event Extra' and 'Event Extra Intelligence' pages. All of the information on these pages has been aquired through my participation in a 'Cobra Conference' in Los Angeles in Nov. 2012.


This page was started on the 10/01/2013. The whole idea of this page is to present the man known for the time being as Cobra, and whose own site is Portal 2012. His life must be private at this time to protect him and his family. I had the great pleasure of spending 3-4 days in his comapny in Laguna Beach in Novenber of 2012 at the Cobra conference there. To everyone's surprise his beautiful wife Isis was with him there adding great feminine Goddess energy and Knowledge to the weekend. I feel that with all the amazing info we received that I can present this man and a profile of him, that can show the world the scope of his knowledge and his 'allroundedness' that may be unknown to many.


Here i will attempt to convey what I consider to be Spiritual in Nature. This subject is one that has always been very close to my Heart and I have been a Seeker all my life, indeed throughout many lives. AT some point I shall write about the difference between Religious and Spiritual.


Here i aim to provide a very 'down to earth'! approach to Asension. This is based on knowledge i have gathered on other site's, along with personal experience and knowledge.



Everything you might have questions on-all in one place! THis is my newest {was in November 2012} page where my hope is that you who might be new to this area of thought, can find out everything you could possibly want to ask about the changing times we live in. This year we should be saying HAPPY NEW AGE instead of happy new year!


On Important News you can  find the Articles I am currently working on about things that have happenend or are happening in our world. NB this page continues as IMPORTANT NEWS CONTINUED which pops up top of page once youve opened IMPORTANT NEWS.


Here i recommend to you other Amazing Internet sites on these subjects, where I myself have learnt a wealth of information. Ps Don't forget to press the button that "arrives" on the screen under Recommend after you press Recommend, namely Recommend cont.: for info on more amazing people and sites.



Here is exactly as it says advice for Newly arrived Visitors to our Planet. When you press this page a new page will be seen at the top of the page-namely "Sweden's Legacy".



This page is only visible when you press the "Advice for Galactic Visitor's" page. It then appears as a new heading. Here i intend to boast about everything that I love about Sweden my home and the most amazing country on the Planet.



This page started today the 11-01-2013 is a place where i have compiled all the darker information about the darker side of reality. Many of the  articles were written in 2012. It is mainly for those of you who still need evidence as to why we all have to wake up now and say "ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH ". At the beginning of April 2013 I decided to stop writing articles about the 'past' - the part of reality that from now on will come to the surface through the mainstream media instead. This is finally happening and I can now focus on the 'Good News' on this site.




1)Little Grandmother = Keisha Crowther

2)Nicolya Christi  Rennes France

3)David Wilcock = Divine Cosmos

4)Steve Beckow = 2012 Scenario

5)Daniel Pinchbeck = Reality Sandwich

6)Cobra + Light Resistance Movement = Portal 2012

7)Michael Tsarion Master Teacher of Symbology

8)My hopes for this site

9a)Synopsis of the Vatican Holocaust Part 1 " The Great Pentagram of Evil"

9b)The Vatican Holocaust Part 2 "The Temples of Doom"

9c)The Vatican Holocaust Part 3 "The Machine of Perpetual Evil.

10)Sanningen om vad som hände i New York 11/09/2001 {SVENSKA}

11)Matchu Pichu high up in the Andes Peru.

12)Light and Dark - Christ Consciousness.

13a)The Animals on Earth. The Pets and friends we share life with on Gaia.

13b)Djuren på Jorden - Husdjuren och vännerna som vi dela livet med på Gaia. {SVENSKA}

14)What is the meaning of the so called Event?

15)Vad menas med det som kallas The Event? {SVENSKA}

16)What exists 8.6 miles above the surface of Earth?

17)Raoul Wallenberg-Saviour of the lives of many Jews during the WW2 Holocaust.

18)Välkommen till min Websida. {SVENSKA}

19)Spiritual People

20)Photographs Matchu Pichu/ Fotografier Matchu Pichu.

21)Spiritual People/Andliga Människor.

22)Photographs-Life on Earth/Fotografier-Livet på Jorden

23)Photographs-Crop Circles/Fotografier Skörde Cirklar.

24)Hopi Indian End of Time Prophecy

25)SUNDAY Weekly World Meditation for the Planetary Liberation

26)The Truth about what happened in New York 09/11/2001 Part One.

27)Why Daisy and Clover produce more milk/Varför Daisy och Clover producerar mera mjölk. {SVENSKA}

28)Walking with Marco

29)The Truth about what happened in New York 09/11/2001 Part Two.

30)NB Day of Decision Most important right now.

31)OBS Beslutsdagen Viktigaste just nu. {SVENSKA}

32)The truth about 9/11 in New York Part Three.

33)Doris Lessing Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007.




37)So what do you give your power away to?

38)What do people live for? U-Tube video 3 minutes.


40)The Dalai Lama talks about Compassion, Respect.2.34Mins.

41)UFO Sighting by Peruvian visitor on Matchu Pichhu Aug 2011. 1.28Min

41)Jag erbjuder just nu en Chakra analys till ett bra pris. {SVENSKA}

42)I am offering right now a Chakra Analysis at a good price.



44)Who are the Illuminati?

45)New Worldwide Communities and Suzy Star.

46)Becoming a 5th Dimensional Person.

47)Very Important Worldwide Meditation 22/11/2012

48)Who is the person called Cobra and what is his/her connection to the "Event"

49)How can this enormous change take place?Now is the time for us all to make a choice.

50)2012 The Start of a Golden Age- by Nicolya Christi 

. 2012



53)ROB POTTER{Cobra's Right Hand Man for Laguna and Egyptian conferences} interviewed by John B Wells on Coast to Coast 8/11/12 








61)U-TUBE VIDEO David Wolfe "Vision of Paradise" look to right of this list.



64)What our Dog Friends can teach us.

65)Original music from "Hair"= Age of Aquarius with Art and Text{Video}

66)Vad existerar ca 14 km ovanför Jordens yta? {SVENSKA}




71)Sanat Kumara via Tazjima "BREAKING THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE"advice to those who feel ready to Ascend and those who may not.

72)A MESSAGE OF PEACE AND HOPE via Judy Satori from our Star Family which they asked her to post on the 12/12/12.

73)So i'm going to Ascend - what will that feel like?

74)Artikeln 73 ÄR översatt till Svenska på min {Facebook page-Therese Zumi Sumner} 20/12/12-under rubriken 'VAD DU ÄN GÖR NU ÄR DETTA VIKTIGARE' (SVENSKA)

Artikeln finns nedan nu på Ascension sidan se nr 126

75)My visit to the 5th dimension in January of 1989

76)Why Goddess energy is crucial to the liberation of our planet.

77)Sanningen om vaccinationer  {SVENSKA}

78)The Truth about Vaccinations.

79)The Veil that Hides the Truth.

80)The Real Ascension will take place at the Event after the Veil is lifted.

81) Healing Ourself- Healing our World.

82) Resonance Phenomena in 2D on a Plate- Video.

83) The Mandelbrot Set with Gregg Braden.Video.

84) Fibonacci's Fractal's. Video

85) Sacred Temple of the Heart Within.

86) Isis on Spiral Consciousness {Isis is Cobra's wife}

87) Isis on The Chakras-Energy Centres and their changing vibrations.

88)The video made by Cobra to inspire us for the 21/12/12 Meditation= ¨¨¨¨ "The day of the Contact."

89) Louis Laurent Belgian MP speech from Belgian Parliament OUTSPOKEN!


AWAKE PERSON-LIGHTWORKER-ARE YOU READY FOR 'THE EVENT'                                                                          

{Svenska om The Event = Den Stora Händelsen}{SVENSKA}

Om du inte förstår Engelska så bra och vill ha bra översatt material om The Event = Den Stora Händelsen så finns nu en ny sajt översatt till de flesta språk inklusive Svenska som heter Prepare for Change.

91) Little Grandmother video about the Star People who live in Inner Earth

92) Who are the people involved in 'The Event'? who is responcible for what?


94) Short Planetary History.



97) Posting by Cobra from the 24/02/2013 

98) Cobra Conferences 2013 for the planning of 


100)Miscellaneous Diverse Information from Laguna Beach Conf Nov

101) Who is Who ? { The Bad Guys}

102) Video about the New Cobra Conferences around the world.

103) 24/02/2013 Cobra Intelligence Update-Clearing of Cabal Black Projects 

104) 03/03/13 Goddess Vortex Meditation Instructions

105) 2013 Instructions for the SUNDAY WEEKLY MEDITATION.

      ***** This meditation will continue weekly until we are free.

106) Video of the above meditation Bottom of the page.

107) 22/03/13 Short Sit-Update-Cobra-reasons 'Event' is delayed

108) 02/04/2013 An Introduction to the Video 'A Pleiadian Message'

109) 08/04/13 Cobra-Update-Clearing of the Etheric Grid

110) 13/04/13 'One Big Happy Family'- Therese Z-Galactic Family  

111) 23/04/13 Cobra Update 'The Secret Space Program'

112) 22/04/13 Connections between us and Our Galactic Family as        through diverse comments made by Archangel Michael over the         past 18 mths time. Therese Z on Galactic Family 

113) 22/04/13 Video of Russian Meteor broken up by UFO

114) 22/04/13 Video "I know my Galactic Family is here-Do you?"

115) 01/05/13 'The Series of Events that constitute The Event and         the events that have and may prelude these.' Therese Zumi on          -EVENT EXTRA page.

116) 05/05/13 'Doris Lessing Nobel Literature Prize winner and                  provider of Wake-Up calls for many Starseeds worldwide'               Therese Zumi Sumner. Galactic Family page.

117) 14/05/13 Cobra - 'Ópening thePortal'

118) 16/05/13 'The Vast Importance of the Portal Meditation on             May 25th' by Therese Zumi. Event Intel-Update T Zumi

119) 18/05/13 'A short recap of The Whole Story for those                      awakening now May 2013. by T Zumi - Event Intel-Update             T Zumi

120) 19/05/13 'Updates from the Cobra interviews March-April'                Lots of Juicy details for the Insider-Event Intel-Update T                  Zumi 

Thank You Oh Beloved Divine Father Mother We have direct contact finally again on this planet.

We have opened the Portal! For the first time in human history, the energy of Divine Grace has entered the surface of the planet directly from the Galactic Central Sun. See details in the following link.

121) 29/05/2013 Great News! Opening of the Portal Report-Cobra

122) 30/05/13 Just so you are aware, that you should be prepared                for the day of 'The Event', and How.

123) 02/06/13 Jeshua-Jesus Christ Sananda-Advice to Lightworkers                    on Relationships of all kinds

124} Archangel MiChaEl - Warrior of Light 

The above link is to an ongoing translation {Now Complete} of the book Archangel MiChaEl - Warrior of Light by Archangel Michael. This book was first published in Sweden in 1995 by Mikael Kvist and is the first in depth book about and by Archangel Michael. Therese Zumi Sumner

125)  19/08/2013   La Luna – Vår Måne – The Moon -

       From an interview with Cobra in January 2013


126) 26/09/2013

        Så jag kommer att stiga upp - hur kommer detta att kännas?




NB: As you can see the updates of listed articles ended about 18 mths ago when there simply was not enough time available as I have spent so much time writing daily on my Facebook Blog to keep everyone updated on our situation as well as continuing the building of this site.  I will shortly update here by adding links to all of the new PAGES on the site many of them of course containing many varied articles and will provide general info on what you will find on each page. Therese Z 20/04/2015

NB: 20th September 2016 ~ My apologies if you have waited on any new lists of pages/articles here. Besides my blog I have also worked as author and co-creator (translation support etc) on the PFC website since January 2015 and this has simply had to take precedence to tidying up details here. If you have any particular queries you can reach me at the top of my Facebook Blog Page. Therese Z



UPPDATERAD den 02/06/2013

OBS När du trycker på en utav sido rubrikerna högst uppe tänk på att det då dyker upp namn i raden under på nya sidor. Också finns det länkar till alla artiklarna längst ner på Introduction sidan och det står {SVENSKA} efter vissa.

Så nu är du här på Veritas Galactic Sweden. Du är varmt välkommen. Jag utvecklar denna web-sidan för att dela med mig av några av de spännande saker som händer, har hänt eller ska just hända på vår vackra planet Gaia. Ämnena kanske verkar varierade men tro mig de är djupt förbundna med varandra.


Konstigt nog så var denna sidan sist att anlända på sajten. Det är den 23/04/13 när jag skriver detta och verkligen på tiden att sajten hade en sida med titeln Galaktiska Familjen. Min intention här är att ge dig en väldigt bred vy av vår Galaktiska Familjen genom ögonen av Mentor som Drunvalo Melchizidek, Steve Beckow, Cobra, Ärkeänglen Mikael {kanaliserade av alinda Dillon}, Fru Doris Lessing Nobel Priset i Literatur Vinnaren 2007, 'Little Grandmother' {Keisha Crother}, och Plejader.


Här förklarar jag vad 'The Event' handlar om. Det handlar INTE om TV serien av samma namn - vars mål var att sprida rädsla för människor från andra planeter. Efter du trycker fram denna sidan ser du också sidorna The Event 2 + Event Extra + Event-Intel Update sidorna. All information på de första 2 Event sidorna är från conferensen med Cobra i Laguna Beach LA i November 2012.


Denna sida startades den 10-01-2013. Hela iden med sidan är att presentera mannen känd än så länge under namnet Cobra. Hans egen sajt heter Portal 2012. Hans liv måste få bli privat just nu för att skydda honom och hans familj. Jag hade det stora nöjet av att få tillbringa 3-4 dagar i hans sällskap i Laguna Beach, i November 2012 på Cobra Konferensen där.    Till allas förvåning var hans vackra fru Isis också där, och bidrog med stor feminin Gudinna energi och kunskap. Jag känner att med all den fantastiska informationen som vi fick, att Jag kan presentera honom och hans profil, som kan visa världen omfattningen av hans kunskap och 'allroundedness', som kan vara obekant för många.


Här ska jag försöka förmedla vad jag anser vara Andligt till sin natur. Detta ämne har alltid stått mitt hjärta nära och jag har varit Sökare i hela mitt liv, faktiskt många liv. Vid något tillfälle ska jag skriva om vad jag anser vara skillnaden mellan Religiös och Andlig.


Här är mitt mål att ge dig en så jordnära närmandet till ämnet 'Ascension' som mojligt. Den är baserad på kunskap Jag har samlat på mig från andra sajter, samt personlig erfarenhet och kunskap.


Denna sidan är min nyaste sidan. Målet här är att du som kanske är ny till detta området ska kunna hitta information om HELA BILDEN av det som sker nu på en och samma plats. Jag hoppas att du här ska hitta svar på precis alla tänkbara frågor du kan ha. Det är snart dags att säga till varandra "Gott Nytt Tidsålder"


På Important News hittar du artiklarna som jag arbetar med angående saker som har hänt eller händer nu I världen. Ett exempel är Sanningen om 9/11 i New York.


Här ger jag rekommendationer till andra fantastiska Internet sajter på dessa ämnen, där jag själv har lärt mig mängder av fakta. Ps, glöm inte att trycka knappen som ”dyker upp” på skärmen under rubriken Recommend efter att du har tryckt på Recommend nämligen Recommend cont. För information om flera otroliga människor o sajter.


Här är det exakt som rubriken säger råd för besökare som nyligen anlänt från en annan planet. Efter du trycker på denna sidan dyker det en ny sida upp som underrubrik " Sweden's Legacy"



Översättning av denna rubrik är SVENSKA ARVET och sidan syns först när du trycker på "Advice for Galactic Visitor's " sidan. Då dyker den upp som en ny rubrik. Här har jag för avsikt att skryta om allting som jag älskar med Sverige mitt hem sedan 40 år, det mest fantastiska land på Jorden. 


Denna sida startade Jag den 11-01-2013.Det här är sidan där Jag skriver om den mörkare sidan av vår verklighet. Det är till för de som kanske fortfarande behöver bevis för varför vi alla måste vakna upp nu och säga  " NOG NOG NOG ".