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It has been a widely discussed question on this planet about who the ‘power behind the throne’ really has been. It was not until the 8th April 2014 that we received the final ‘key’ to this truth from the Resistance Movement. {For more details about who the RM are go to the following ‘Victory Now’ page here on Veritas.}


Up until that date we have believed that the main Archons who created the Matrix/Veil have been running the show via the core Jesuit group worldwide. We learned earlier about their being Archons in physical bodies among the Black Nobility Families. Suddenly we are informed about this other ‘Archon’ group known as the Chimera. In later interviews with Cobra we have learned that these two groups of Archons cooperate with one another yet keep to their distinctive groups. You will get all of the details about both of these groups here on this page.

So we deduct that the surface control is in the Hands of the Archons that are incarnated into the Black Nobility Families and that these families then control The Jesuits, Illuminati, the Deep State, Rothschilds and the Rockefellers etc. You will gain a thorough knowledge about these Black Nobility Families as you continue to read the articles below on this page.

The Jesuits through their evil tentacles spread out across the entire globe through a multitude of schools, universities, and institutions of one kind or another and especially in the Catholic and Islamic world have affected the control of just about every subject of interest there is in existence.

Of course these groups alone would not have succeeded in this endeavour if not for the fact that they managed to unite forces with others. They have enlisted the support of various Reptilian groups and have been running affairs through the two main groups/families that we know as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. All of the details as to who controls what within these various groups are supplied here on this page in great detail.



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The Biggest Vatican Secret Revealed


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THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! ~ 13th April 2021

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Covert Cabal Plans in Europe in Preparation for Total Destruction and Annihilation ~ 3rd December 2019

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False Light Prophet Sasha Stone Exposed ~ 8th March 2021 + All You Need to Know about the Black Nobility Families

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The Secret Space Program and Much More ~ with Dissection of Interview between Kerry Cassidy and Robert David Steele ~ 29th September 2020












2] JESUITS ~ Knowledge of the Dangers of Jesuits was Spread in the1880’s Through the Work of Helena Blavatsky Channelling Master Kuthumi - Founding the Theosophical Movement

3] The Jesuits the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and their different roles from 13/09/2013 by TZS

1A] THE CHIMERA ~ APRIL 8th, 2014

1B] CHIMERA ~ JULY 7th, 2014

1C} CHIMERA ~ AUG 5th, 2014

1D] CHIMERA ~ 8th SEPT 2014

1E] CHIMERA ~ 16th SEPT 2014

1F] CHIMERA ~ OCT 7th, 2014

The Illuminati





The Biggest Vatican Secret Revealed


Therese Zumi Sumner

21 October 2014

Who is the 'beast' in the book of Revelations? The video that I am linking to here claims it knows the answer to this question. Over the years I have heard several interpretations of the Book of Revelations and the End Times but I have never immediately felt so 'clear as day' sure of anything {nobody as far as I know has asked Cobra this question and it's too late now for this months interview} as when I've watched this very well presented information here.


A Beast in Bible Prophecy simply means a Kingdom:
A Woman in prophecy refers to a Church
A Harlot = an unfaithful Church
A Horn in prophecy is a King-Kingdom.

I feel compelled to write down the list of evidence provided to make this article clearer. This subject is very close to my heart and I have devoted an entire page on my website to the unveiling of the secrets associated with this 'beast'. {You are on that page now!}

1) is both a Church and a City
2) Is seated upon 7 mounts
3) Is arrayed in Purple and Scarlet and adorned in gold and precious stones
4) Asserts power over all the inhabitants of Earth
5) Arose within a densely populated area with cultural diversity
6) Completely eradicated 3 other kingdoms when rising to power
7) Makes war with the Saints
8) Has a single man acting and speaking for the whole
9) The Sovereign of this kingdom exalts himself as high as Yahuwah
10) The Sovereign of this Kingdom is identified with the number 666
11) Speaks Pompous words and blasphemies
12) has attempted to change Yahuwah's calendar and law
13) Ruled supreme for 1260 years
14) was stripped of authority by a single power and taken into 'captivity'
15) was mortally wounded but will ultimately recover


Only One Power in History Fits every Detail

To find out which power - see this 21 minute 31 second video for clear answers to all of the above indications and I will be surprised if you cannot se the truth of these allegations.

Before I give the video link a reminder to my readers that I am not by choosing to show this video in any way pointing to the future prophecies of the Book of Revelations as being our future. For those new readers to this blog - it's important to mention that the ARMAGEDDON TIMELINE is ERADICATED !

There will be no Armageddon. Yet this book of revelations hold the keys to many secrets and this is one that I wanted to share.

The Biggest Vatican Secret Revealed




It is my intention dear reader with the following article that you will be able to see beyond a shadow of a doubt, the deep connection between the various layers of the Cabal structure and how this structure has cooperated to maintain control over humanity within the ‘Veil’.

Occult dark rituals have always been a necessary tool for the dark ones to deeply anchor their dark energy on our mutinied planet. This was their way of keeping Light energy away. Throughout the ages they have repeatedly performed various dark rituals and human sacrifice and it is this dark primary anomaly energy that is taking much time to clear as recently mentioned by Cobra in an update.

In this article, it is my aim to show you how the Archon Lords – most often incarnated within the Black Nobility Families of Europe, along with their allies such as Draconian Reptilians and programmed humans managed to create an enormous ‘Pentagram of Evil’ in the middle of Europe. As you have already learned in #355 {found further down on this page} it was the Farnese Black Nobility Family who created the Jesuits or as they are also known the Society of Jesus = S.J.

In the same article you also learned that the Orsini Black Nobility Family had numerous Popes and Cardinals in their ranks. One of these Popes was Pope Pius X11. In this article below you will learn how he succeeded in masterminding the Vatican Holocaust in which 18 million human beings were sacrificed to the Devil/Satan.                                                                                                                           

Before I finish with this prelude, I will mention the names of some of the beings involved in this unbelievable horror so that when you come across their names you will have a deeper understanding of their roles.

Pope Pius X11 - an incarnated Archon - The White Pope - 1939 to 1958

Adolf Hitler S.J.  – Catholic - born human 

Fr Edmund Walsh S.J. Jesuit Catholic Priest - born human  

Count Wlodimer Ledochowski S.J. Jesuit Superior General - The Black Pope – incarnated Archon

Cardinal Pacelli. S.J. {Hitler's patron and controller} born human

Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber, - Munich Archbishop – born human

Fr. Heinrich Himmler S.J. Catholic priest - head of the Schutzstaffel (Nazi SS) – incarnated Archon




13th April 2021


Therese Z Sumner


On April 14th, 2020 we were reminded about the New World Order plans for mass depopulation. We were informed that “Their plan has three phases: a) release the virus, b) crash the economy, c) depopulate.

However we were informed then that the c) third phase would never happen. 

At present we are in the second phase of these NWO plans - the crashing of the world economy through lockdowns. Part of this plan is the NWO plan for the Great Reset. Believe it or not the original scheduled plans for this to take place was already one year ago in January of 2020.

Recently on December 28th, 2020 we were reminded that the “the negative Great Reset will NOT be successful: … Although their plans will come very close to actually manifesting:”



On March 31st, 2021 Cobra said the following;

“Although Covid vaccines may have side effects, they are not a tool for depopulation of humanity, as many people are afraid. Nevertheless, the Cabal is using the vaccine passports as a tool for population control, and this is one of the main reasons why Alliance forces have arranged mysterious sabotages and delays in vaccine distribution.”

These comments from Cobra have led to some confusion and this article might lend some clarity to what he meant when he said that the vaccines were not planned as depopulation tools.

Part of the plans for depopulation included a final war – a true ‘Armageddon’.

This final bloody war was planned to take place in the middle of Europe.

I now believe that the mastermind behind the details of how this war would take place is the so called ‘Elephant in the Room’ that Cobra mentioned by showing us this picture here in January of 2014.

I could be wrong – indeed there are many ‘Elephants in the Room’ on this planet at this time – however, this particular ‘Elephant’ is certainly one of the biggest and nobody seems to mention ‘it’.

Who was the mastermind behind the failed Satanic blood sacrifice war plans for Europe?

Who do you know in Europe who holds a position of great power yet as far as the alternative news blogs are concerned is hardly ever mentioned?

Who holds the highest position of power in government in a European country and has held that position for more than 15 years? 

Who attends every single meeting of the so called G7 (or whichever number) meetings of leaders worldwide?

Who managed by simply expressing one single sentence of an opinion to affect the flooding into Europe of around 1,000,000, refugees within the timeframe of 3weeks!!!

Which leader of any country has imposed the absolute strictest of restrictions for this plandemic? 

Which leader has already imposed the greatest number of lockdowns in a European country?

Among the 82% of either Jesuit run or controlled alternative ‘news’ blogs {yes again I am saying that a mere 18% of alternative blogs are true light blogs}… who do you know of that discusses this person and her evil actions? Many false light alternative blogs make a business out of discrediting certain politicians and celebrities of various kinds. They are paid by our controllers to plant false discrediting information about certain individuals so that people will be busy blaming these individuals for the darkness in the world whilst many of the really dark controllers go almost unnoticed.

How often do you hear about the German Chancellor Angela Merkel being discussed on alternative blogs?

To gain a fuller understanding of the deeper occult in depth role that this person Angela Merkel is playing as part of the Archon controlled – Black Nobility Family – Jesuit - control plans for regaining total control over humanity, you will need to gain an understanding about the reasons behind this that have their origin in what took place during WW2.

The following information is extremely shocking to read, and your initial reactions will be disbelief. Due to the extensive facts I can only give you glimpses of the information and then its up to you to delve deeper into the links provided if you would like to have a more complete bigger picture.

PS: The suffix S.J. after certain names here below denotes the abbreviation used for the Society of Jesus or Jesuits.


The Sacrifice of 18 million non-Catholics to the Devil/Satan


The Holocaust - the mass sacrifice of over 18 million innocent Protestants, Orthodox Christians, ethnic Jews and minority groups by burning them alive in ovens in Poland and Russia less than seventy years ago by Catholic dictators Adolf Hitler S.J. and Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. represents the largest and most expensive act of mass human sacrifice in history.

{Adolf Hitler was responsible for murdering 12 million people among the above mentioned victims and Stalin murdered 6 million.}

Just for comparison 18 million people would comprise the entire populations of Sweden, Norway and Lithuania today!

To efficiently sacrifice the largest numbers of non-Catholics in 24X7 purpose built ovens [24 hours a day, 7 days a week] was an enormous logistical effort which also required a complete Genealogy analysis of most of Europe.

This Genealogy analysis was supported by young American technology companies who created the first computers for the task of confirming who would be saved and who would be slaughtered.

Further reading of this article linked below will reveal to you…

who secretly directed the Nuremberg Trials…?

how evidence was immediately removed from the death camps by the Allies – evidence that gave proof of the Roman Catholic Church involvement…

how oven blocks were top priority to be immediately dismantled and removed…

how the total number of sacrificed was set at 6 million.

What you are going to need to understand in depth is that the whole idea of these monstrosities committed were none other than one enormous…


You dear reader will at this point be aware of the sacrifice of millions taking place TODAY in bases around this planet… adrenochrome and organ harvesting… ritual sacrifice etc. This article aims to show you how the Vatican – the Roman Catholic Church i.e. - The Beast as described in the New Testament planned this great Pentagram of Evil sacrifice in Europe during ww2.

In the article linked at the bottom of this entire article you will…

Learn how Poland came to be the chosen country for the ‘Evil Pentagram’ of 5 specific concentration camps.

You will learn how – historically speaking – geometry and shapes of power have also played a vital role in the planning and ceremony of real satanists. Not in least the pentagram.

You will learn how the 2 Archon Popes – both the so called White and Black Popes of the time – made very detailed plans for the exact positioning of the 5 human sacrifice camps – one for each point of the star. Also how they masked the precise location of these 5 specifically chosen camps in a seemingly random landscape of numerous other work camps and death camps.

You will learn how these 5 human sacrifice camps – Treblinka – Sobibor - Janowska – Auschwitz/Birkenau – Lodz were built very specifically to copy ancient temples.

Link provided at the end of this article to the source of these excerpts.


ALF Cabaniss military base is constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult: Press Image to Enlarge

The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM in Europe today!

So what you may ask is the connection between the Chancellor of Germany today and this unfathomable evil in WW11?

Angela Merkel is the biological daughter of Adolf Hitler. He escaped to Argentina and did not commit suicide as many believe. In agreement with her fathers wishes she has taken on the role of destroying Germany from within.

She was the mastermind behind the creation of 6 underground bases in Germany. The plan was to fill these bases with suitable terrorists imported from Africa after very specific screening. Eventually these people would be let loose in Germany to slaughter as many people as possible. They would especially target women.

You can read all about the many details of this blood sacrifice plan in the following article.

These bases were already constructed ready to house and program the terrorists, when she successfully created an influx of refugees to Europe in 2015. {I have clear recall of seeing on the Swedish news how she stood there and said that “we can easily take up to 900,000 refugees here in Germany!”} 

Many eyewitnesses have confirmed that during this time of the European refugee crisis and chaos that was inaugurated by Merkel’s open invitation, tens of thousands of specifically chosen… suitable for terrorist training and programming… people were flown into Germany on night flights. This took place at three different locations suitable for transport to these bases.

In the article just below this one you will find some of the detailed plans for The Official Agenda for the Destruction of Germany as masterminded by Angela Merkel.

Here are a few short excerpts;

On Nov 14th, 2005 they were invited for a briefing, being introduced to the chief of the federal Chancellery as well as the new chancellor (Merkel).”

On June 12th, 2012

I was announced “project leader in the planning staff for NEW EUROPE” and from then on, my health started to fail.

Through resources of the UN, the World Bank and the EU were installed five recruiting centres for workers in Africa as well as ten further centres in the Middle East.

Anybody matching the criteria was given a smartphone and 2500 euro in cash, then being integrated into the pre-defined “refugee routes”, the German offices were informed about and became coordinated.

To continue reading ~ see the following article below

Covert Cabal Plans in Europe in Preparation for Total Destruction and Annihilation


Underground Luxury

This is some of what this Elephant in the Room is currently up to in ‘Her’ country

This Is How the German People are Paying for Her Loss of ‘Armageddon’ Plans.

The people of Germany have lost all of their human rights! As I write these words in early April 2021 Angela Merkel plans to shut down every enterprise in Germany from April 12th until May 23rd to begin with. Nothing will be allowed to function. The only exception is that people will be allowed to go outside to purchase food once a week. Payments have now been stopped – the payments that were earlier promised to save enterprises and shops.  She wants to extend the lockdown until the end of next year 2022! Her moves are designed to bring forth the Cabal’s ‘The Great Reset’ plans as quickly as possible.

A few hours away from Germany here in Sweden - where restrictions have also increased and according to the non-stop daily propaganda the virus is spreading among young people in various cities etc. – the Swedish people would not have A CLUE about what’s taking place in Germany.

One can draw a parallel here to the fact that so many millions of people were transported to and sacrificed in Poland during WW2, which was occupied territory, free from the gaze of citizens of Germany, Italy, Spain and the rest of the world. Despite the so called WWW today no information gets out from Germany on any mainstream channels to the rest of Europe.


Besides these 6 underground bases for the terrorists, Angela Merkel had also designed the construction of an underground refuge, her own private luxurious Hilton type base, where she and other Cabal members could hide out and survive for unlimited time periods until the surface of the planet was safe to return to.

You may recall seeing some years ago that Angela Merkel had no way of controlling her body shaking and vibrating whilst standing alongside various visitors during certain ceremonies. This was a recurring event on at least 3 public occasions. At that time I myself concluded that this was most definitely connected in some way to her having been informed that her underground getaway had been destroyed. The shaking may have been symbolic of the inner rage she was experiencing.


No doubt she vowed in some way to revenge this catastrophe. No doubt this is what the German people are now paying for.



Synopsis of The Vatican Holocaust  Part 1 of 8 "The Great Pentagram of Evil"

The Vatican Holocaust - Part Two of Eight. "The Temples of Doom"

Part 3. "The Machine of Perpetual Evil"




Press Image to Enlarge


The following article reveals startling information about deeply evil covert plans masterminded by Angela Merkel

Her mission is/was to destroy Germany and Europe from within.

She Failed


Article #114   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Covert Cabal Plans in Europe in Preparation for Total Destruction and Annihilation

By Therese Zumi Sumner

3rd December 2019




I feel that it is very important that I write and that you read this preface to this article. I need you to decide to focus upon / to choose the superior path when you read these facts. Avoid allowing yourself to fall into any kind of despair. The reason that I can ask you to do so is because REPAIR of this entire situation is already taking place. You will no doubt be in a state of chock when you read these facts. So, please give yourself ample time to digest the information knowing that the situation is being dealt with now. Indeed the Resistance Movement upon learning about this, immediately started to deal with it in October of 2016. When you have assimilated the information and understood that these plans will NOT become a reality you will also know whether or not to share this information with others. Although it is very good that this information becomes widely available, at the same time you must consider how sharing it may affect yourself and others. Therefore, if and when you do share it you must include this preface so that it is not misunderstood. I am informed that this is the right time to share these facts that maybe a handful of my readers are already aware of.

I am not sure as I sit here at my PC just how to start this article. I was just now Guided to use the title above. Is there any exaggeration in it? NO! I have been asking those who guide me for days now ‘am I really meant to put this out?’. So, I will start from the beginning from my perspective as to how I came by this information. A friend sent me the information in September 2016 and I immediately felt that this is surely for real and not in least because of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s seeming overnight decision in 2015 to keep her country’s borders open and give ‘shelter’ to hundreds of thousands of refugees. If I recall correctly, she actually said that Germany could easily take in close to 1 million people!!! As you will all be aware this created total chaos in Europe as a whole and deeply affected Sweden (my home) as a country. Sweden has been extremely generous in their acceptance of real refugees for at least 35 years.This is firsthand knowledge to me. I will explain later how this has changed dramatically since Markel’s ‘coup d’état'.

I had no clue what I should do with this 12-page document and decided immediately to send it to Cobra. He informed me that it was important information and that he would make some comments about it in his coming update. Before I give you the information that he provided then in October 2016 on The Portal I have to explain that I have removed the link** that he provided to this info, because I have been guided to say that even if the link still works, which I doubt very much, there might very well be someone who monitors the visitors to the link? I have not attempted to open it as I made copies of the entire documents immediately after reading them in 2016. This is a warning particularly for German readers!

These are Cobra’s words and I will be giving you a LOT more details about these documents covering at least 65% of the information found there. However, I beg you to keep his words in mind as you read on.

Also, the Chimera has used old Nazi connections within Germany since 2001 to start constructing underground bases, where they plan to evacuate the Cabal personnel. They also use some of those bases to house the most violent „refugees” that came with the migration wave into Europe and they plan to unleash them in the global conflict they are hoping to engineer.

The Resistance has complete control of this situation as the subterranean world is their domestic territory and they have resources to stop any of this from happening and the dark forces will be never able to use those bases or unleash those „refugees “.

If any of you are curious about those plans of the Cabal, here is the partially reliable first-hand witness report:

{Link omitted as a precautionary measure**}

I am not adding the above link to create fear, but for your education and with the full awareness that those plans will NOT be successful.”

The Documents

TZ here; I am providing you with a translation of the first pages of the information which I have written word for word from the documents and then I will provide a shorter synopsis of the rest.

The author of this information – see whistle blower report just below - decided to leak these documents when she had been diagnosed with leukaemia and knew that she did not have long to live. “My roots are from Lithuania, I’m 45 years old, a former blonde, now no hair (treatment). My grandparents were Germans living in Lithuania.” She has lived alone except for her dog who died 3 weeks before she decided to be a whistle-blower.

The person who translated these documents from German to English says in his/her preface, “even reading this content for the first time was horrible, this is the reason why we call it “the face of the anti-Christ”.

For those of you who cannot imagine that evil of that sort would really exist: Please educate yourselves about:

¤ The Morgenthau Plan

¤ The Hotoon Plan

¤ The Kalergi Plan

¤ Super-lodges

Beginning of Document



Whistleblower report by Dipl-Ing. Dr Austeja Emilija Dominykas

My profession is an engineer for tunnel construction, especially gauge pressure/armour/reinforcement facilities. More clearly: constructor for deep bunker sites.

My personal story commences in February 2001, when the BBR (Bundesamt fur Bauordnung und Raumwesen, a German office for architectural control and compartment) was calling for tenders on seven locations destinated for building sites for area safeguarding of the population, in case of mass evacuation. My person as well as six further experts on that specific field were collecting at the planning office at Kassel, on 23rd March 2001.

At first, we had to sign ten different declarations of secrecy of ten different governments departments, among them two which were classified as top secret documents, for the Ministry of Defence. (Bundesverteidigungsministerium)

Sirius A and B Hubble photo / Press to Enlarge

"I was wondering why, as evacuation sites for the population are in no way classified top secret, generally they are public, and you can even visit them after inquiring at the BBR.

In the afternoon we were taken to Ramstein Airbase by helicopters of the federal armed forces where our complete planning staff collected. I was advised to take leadership of PG4 (planning group).

At the dinner buffet taking place at the wardroom of the airbase we were approaching each other, leading conversations on the goals. The next morning, they presented to us the locations/areas as well as the master plan.

We had to build seven deep bunker complexes, at seven different locations in Germany, with underground train connections, coves for stocking material, independent geothermic energy supply and water supply from deep wells. Every single complex was destinated to shelter 300,000 people.

The locations are as follows







The first drillings were “covered” as “road building activities” and remained completely “in the dark” – because of secondariness of cities and rural districts. We were astonished that in my own project absolutely nobody in SIMMERN seemed to raise even the slightest form of suspicion, the population remained absolutely clueless and still is."

Preface to Synopsis of 9 Pages

TZ here: These documents were originally published in German on September 23rd, 2016. My friend could not guarantee that they were real at the time and awaited my opinion. To me they did seem very real, disturbingly true and sickening to read. Like I have already said I sent them to Cobra, and you will have already read his comments.

At that time in Germany people were perturbed and confused when they came into contact with refugees through their work and who would often ask these German people "when is it going to start"? {this confused German people working with the 'refugees' who did not have a clue what they were asking about}

My friend was aware of details of things that were taking place in Germany at the time like for example, German construction projects e.g. mega projects like the Berlin airport and Stuttgart-21 always devouring  multiple of the originally planned billion funds / why thousands of asylum-invaders "disappear" shortly after arrival / also reports that at night thousands arrive and disappear by plane which people had been hearing about for months before these documents appeared / information from the government that about 250k were disappearing and nobody knows where they are gone?

Also, there was intelligence leaks about the government sending trains to Austria to take over the refugees from there, Italy etc. 

Goddess Spiral

Synopsis of 9 Pages of the Documents.

TZ here; I have mostly directly rewritten the most important details so you can get the bigger picture. As I am rewriting all these passages from paper documents and do not have access to German spelling there are .. dots missing on some vowels. For e.g. fur meaning for should have two dots on the U.

Initially this woman and her colleagues were protesting that they had not been prepared to be involved in a military bunker project. That which “amazed her even more was the fact that the project plan provided for a chapel, or better A MOSQUE – to be more precise – while there was obviously no Christian accommodation planned.”

She says, “On Nov 14th, 2005 they were invited for a briefing, being introduced to the chief of the federal Chancellery as well as the new chancellor (Merkel).”

That first winter she took a “first long vacation on Maui Hawaii, sponsored by the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION.” There she came to meet "with several political operatives who were informed about her (their) work and who enthused them about their building projects e.g. in Canada, the Netherlands, Argentina and France, as soon as the ‘German sites’ were operating."

“In April of 2006 finally there took place the installation of the actual bunkers, we were using such high quantities of stress-strain steel and water resistant concrete that the quantities seemed to make up with the Liyuan-dam in China, as well as quite 100 tons of LWL (fiber optic cable for data transfer, (Lichtwellenleiterkabel fur Datentransfer)

Afterwards the technical crew from Israel came in, doing the installations of energy and light. All of that was so expensive that in 2006 alone we had to correct the specified budget upward for 6 times. Politics (ians!) got under pressure more and more by that, so that finally the VALUE ADDED TAX was increased, as otherwise our projects might have become revealed.

In addition, we had to use our own energy suppliers, as the consumption of our generators working with low gravity oil was so massive that we permanently were facing problems with replenishment.“


“In 2008 we received order to drill eight further fuel slots for storing each 200.000 m3 diesel, heavy oil and kerosene. In addition, freshwater tanks and a large size stock for freeze dried food for 200.000 soldiers, 10.000 men staff and further 6000 clerks and professional indoctrinated female entertainers (whores), all of that lasted until 2009.

The installation comprised a complete mosque, in all locations. I noticed especially that in terms of freeze-dried food one was extremely paying attention to it being “HALAL” suited and never contained pork.”


She says that "she knew that CEO Angela Merkel was scheduled for a time in office of 16 years (2005-2021).

“2010 the so called ‘climate turn’ was started to be pushed and AFTER THE BLOWING UP OF FUKUSHIMA IN 2011 it was no problem to keep it running.” 


“You may certainly have noticed that the new Berlin airport is a bottomless butt. And the reason for this is that 95% of the money is being derailed for our purposes. The airport will never get finished.”

Same with the project STUTTGART 21, a suchlike project.

(TZ here; this makes me see why my impressions of the old LA airport (2012) as being dilapidated, old, dated shabby furniture, etc. reminding me of the fact that the money necessary to modernise that airport was redirected to those horrible bases for torture and programming that the Light Forces started clearing out last year!)


In June 2012 I was announced “project leader in the planning staff NEW EUROPE” and from then on, my health started to fail.

Through resources of the UN, the World Bank and the EU were installed five recruiting centres for workers in Africa as well as ten further centres in the Middle East.

Anybody matching the criteria was given a smartphone and 2500 euro in cash, then being integrated into the pre-defined “refugee routes”, the German offices were informed about and became coordinated. Officially this started in 2015 but unofficially all of that was already kicked off in 2013, at first in lower numbers, only in 2015 the “ENTER OPERATION” SYRIA set the ball rolling.

Suited candidates ideally had to be

¤ 20-30 years of age,

¤ procreative (was tested!)

¤ have an IQ of 90 at max,

¤ as uneducated as possible, (more violent and more easy to conduct)

¤ be Wahabit or Salafi and ideally distain christs (MUST HAVE)

Nice to have:

¤ especially welcome were men peaking out by abnormal sexual behaviour,

¤ like paedophiliac or homosexual, and whose tendency to violence against women was noticeable.

In order to tease them additionally, one arranged their being confronted with women having been recruited under pressure via jobcentres, paid just starvation wages, just having received a two hour crash advice about how to deal with these stinky and over aggressive men not being able to speak any European language – this took place in France, Austria and Germany.


A diversity of high-paid Islam experts is being involved …...

In the accommodation facilities – especially in cities – muslims are being exercised to distain female christs.



CEO Merkle will then put into effect the changed emergency laws (origin 1968) and withdraw into the chancellor bunker, together with her crisis staff, in 160m depth below berlin, offering a luxury letting every HILTON could pale.

All being financed out of the pot of social performance.

Cost of about 12 billion Euro.


Angela Merkel

This seeming human being woman known as Angela Merkel is at present the ‘home’ of a very powerful Draconian Reptilian. Unlike her first name she is far from angelic. Those among you who may have viewed the longer version of the inauguration ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel {Europe’s longest tunnel which opened 1st June 2016} might have seen her eyes giving her away for about 1.5 seconds when she was being interviewed. The journalist conducted this interview on the train ride with the elite politicians and guests going to see the second part of the ceremony at the other end of the tunnel. You have no doubt yourself seen many fake video clips where someone has played around with the eyes of some politician/person so that they look like they have reptilian eyes. This one was not fake! In fact, 90% of those clips are fake but this was one of the 10% that is/was real.

Many of you will have heard Ben Fulford say that Angela Merkel is the biological daughter (her human form) of Adolf Hitler. This is correct and it would not be a difficult thing to arrange for those Nazi ‘doctors’ to freeze some sperm.

Her mission is to destroy Germany and Europe from within.

I have asked those who Guide me as to what the average number of lightworkers might be if you look at the entire world. It seems that they would be approximately 1 out of each 200 people. In Germany this number is probably the world’s highest. They incarnated there no doubt because of the great need there would be. They number 2.5 per 200 people. Lightworkers in Germany live in greater danger of losing their lives.

They also witness first-hand how this country (once one of Europe’s wealthiest) has been ‘going down the drain’ at great speed for the last 5 years or so. They have to and should keep a very low profile to stay alive and to hold onto their jobs/careers.

The German system as it were is totally falling apart at the seams. There is huge decay in every area, medical, social welfare, employment, citizen safety etc. X3. I am guided to say that the police can be trusted about 5%!! {No doubt they do not have any choice in this matter and do not have a desire to die themselves let alone see family members murdered.}

In Sweden right now things are also decaying in many of the above-mentioned areas. However, this is taking place at a much slower rate than in Germany. Recently here in Sweden because of the fast-growing rate of shootings, explosions, cars on fire, gang violence, terrorism, etc. our country has been compared to Afghanistan!?  The media news often sounds like we live in a war zone but when we take a look outside our windows everything seems perfectly calm, peaceful and orderly. I will have more to say about this further on.

In Germany it is quite the contrary! Despite the rising signs of decay in Sweden, Germany's situation is in fact 10 times worse! In Germany you get maximum 5% of the truth via official media about what is taking place in that country and some of our ‘blind’ journalists make it sound like paradise when making comparisons, when it is in fact more like hell. {most likely they too are in fear of their lives if they publish the truth!} I will have to end here because this article seems to grow as I write and hopefully you have enough facts here to get the general picture. 

For those unfamiliar with the type of entertainment that is given to the elite and top politicians in Europe today you need to watch what they were shown (as mentioned above) at the following links. I will give a shorter 17-minute version and the entire one with both ceremonies at each end of the tunnel.

Satanic Opening Ceremony for Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland (2017) - The Best Documentary Ever


Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ritual (Shocking)


One journalist gives you a very good description which tells you what to expect in the videos. Complete link here to that article.

“A giant mechanised worm eats deep into the bowels of hell to the delight of a half-naked demonic angel, Lucifer, lesbians, pagans, demons, goat gods and catatonic orange zombies in front of the delighted elite of The New World Order.”

Switzerland: Gateway to the Alps and Gateway to Hell


The video that could be seen earlier, which also showed the train ride between the two 'shows' and politicians on board, is no longer available from what I can see. I am informed that it was removed about 18 months ago understandably!

Before I leave this subject, I will mention something that has puzzled me for many years but not any longer. While visiting friends who live on the border between France, Germany and Switzerland many years ago I came across this thought that wouldn’t leave my mind decades later. We had arrived (first time for me) in Switzerland by train. Everything looked so nice and orderly and affluent as it does. Walking through this small town we passed by a bank and I was drawn to the window which had a display. In the middle was the sign probably the name of the bank and a word for Switzerland?  I said to my friend what does ‘Helvetia’ mean? Those of you who watch winter sports in Europe will have seen this name on every sportsperson taking part in ski sports competitions in Switzerland. This is probably why I have been reminded of this memory so much. Anyhow here in Sweden the word for hell is helvete! I have always felt that there must be a connection and there most definitely is!

PLEIADES STAR SYSTEM ~ Press Image to Enlarge



Sweden has been my home since 1972. Its beauty and its people (mostly) are wonderful. During my first 10 years in this country I sometimes reflected that I must have arrived in a kind of paradise. The closest that you can get to it on this prison planet (which I of course knew nothing about then). Everything seemed to work perfectly. We had NO homeless people. In my Stockholm suburb you could not find a sweet paper on the ground. The law for Swedish people / visitors who wish to spend time in nature called ‘the right of way for anyone to be anywhere in nature’ = allemansrätten (which still exists) as long as you bring home any waste after a picnic etc. We used to go picking blueberries and lingonberries, mushrooms etc. in the forests and ‘private property’ signs were more or less non-existent unlike other European countries!

The ambiance was one of feeling safe everywhere, the best welfare state in the world, shy but kind people mostly, (still are) etc. etc.

Sweden changed dramatically after Olof Palme was murdered. He died at 23:21 Friday the 28 feb,1986 shot down while walking home from the cinema with his wife and son. {Yes, the Prime Minister of Sweden walked home from the cinema in Stockholm having sent his security people home.} I had the same feeling as when John F Kennedy was assassinated. Evil crept in more and more. Privatization grew and grew creating cracks in the perfect society. The cabal got a much stronger hold on the country. They would have had about 7% power to control things when I moved there. The cabal hold on Sweden today is 22% and rising! But this will all end soon believe me!!!

Ole Dammegård

I spoke with this gentleman in about 2014 when he was about to publish his book about the assassination of Olof Palme. He had had 25 years’ experience then of following up assassinations of various leaders worldwide and had expert knowledge about many covert groups working around the globe. He knew the names of many hired assassins etc. He has been forced to move with his family to Spain (if I recall correctly) because of the risks to their lives by the cabal here.

I recently viewed a video where ambulance staff were supposedly attempting to resuscitate a young man who had been shot. I had seen a short excerpt of this footage briefly on the mainstream news.  We were later informed that two 15-year-old males had been shot, and one died, and one was taken to the emergency unit.

I later saw a video discussion where Ole Dammegård spoke about this incident. He begins by saying that it’s never good to take a quick look at something and jump to conclusions too quickly, however, he has been rooting in these type of things for 30 years and what he has seen recurring is that many of these scenes/videos can be proven  to be ‘something else ‘ than what the official media is telling us!

He has seen so many videos where people are being given ‘Hjärt o lung räddning’ = CPR and seen that this is being done incorrectly. He has seen people whose head has been shot and not a sign of blood. As a journalist in many war zones he has experience of the real thing and witnessed first-hand dreadful things. But he says that in those real situations he has then seen rescue staff who are VERY focused, high adrenaline is felt all around the situations.  Then you see this kind of thing in the video and you see laughter and joking and no one seeming to be taking things seriously. He thinks the ‘person’ on the stretcher in this video looks to be about 120 centimetres tall. Some boys can be that height at age 15 but the body proportions seem wrong.

Having checked out the video myself I can vouch for the fact that something is definitely not right here. Its very clearly a fake.

This video has been presented in the news on official channels as being real!

Operation Sea Eagle

In this same video discussion Ole Dammegård had suddenly recently come across information about a gigantic operation that he believes is now at least partially stopped. The Swedish version of this operation is called Operation Sea Eagle {Havsörn}. This is a ‘below surface’ NATO operation but is to be presented as mass terror attacks all over Europe, including catastrophes at nuclear power stations, in various (5) NATO countries to frighten us all into accepting / agreeing to different solutions.

This is designed to force us into various solutions when the people start screaming “we need more protection” then they will present us with their pre-planned evil solutions. This has truly begun already and increases daily as everything at present seems to be possible terror attacks. Today as I sit at my computer, we have heard that a small plane, which crashed into a suburbia area yesterday, may have been a planned terror attack. I do not believe this for one second. The pilot was alone and died and no-one else was hurt. They will use every excuse to frighten us all the more!


The two 15-year olds that were shot was the actual ‘spark’ they used to start a special ‘state of readiness’ in Sweden the day after!!?

When I heard this on the news, I knew something ‘fishy’ was going on.

Here are a few translated lines from an article where a journalist J asks a policeman P a question about this shooting etc.

 J “Have you any theories about what lies behind this shooting?”

P “its clear that we have some ideas and some theories but its not anything that we can speak about now”

According to information from the SVT News both boys were shot outside a pizzeria. One of them, the one who later died in hospital?, succeeded in getting inside the pizza place before he collapsed. On Sunday the ‘Dagens Nyheter’ newspaper reported that the police had now made a decision to go into a 'state of readiness' (stabsläge), and also to declare a so called ‘special national event’ (särskild nationell händelse.) The government has also decided to send extra personnel to the Malmö police.

“National resources have been sent to Malmö. Malmö will not stand alone in this, (lots of other shootings etc. there in past 2 years,) writes the minister for internal affairs Mikael Damberg to SVT news.”

Sweden Today

The video continues to attest to and question what is really happening in Sweden today?  We are PUMPED daily with information about terror attacks, cars burning, group rape, explosions of all kinds etc. If you compare the news that we get about Sweden with a place like Afghanistan which is a real warzone it would seem that Sweden is much worse!! Ole D says that the UN troops should be sent in here to save the people if what we see is real. Then he says I would challenge any Swede to take a look outside their window right now and say what they see! They see that it is calm, nice, safe etc. but if you open a newspaper or put on your TV you find yourself in a war zone!!! {TZ here I can fully attest to this}.

Some ‘good at heart’ Swedish politicians who have a higher level of heart consciousness awareness will be very shocked upon learning about the truths discussed in this Swedish video. Among the present and past political representatives of the Swedish people in parliament there will be about 12 people who are not surprised by this information. These 12 or so people will know because they have a close affiliation with the dark controllers. The ‘good at heart’ will number about 50% of those with political influence.  They are now / will slowly / quickly wake up to what is really going on in Europe. They are finding / about to find themselves in a nightmare! At present that might be about 15 people but that’s about to increase rapidly soon.

Cabal Control in Europe on 3rd December 2019

{updated with numbers for April 2021}


Because I know that readers will be interested to know the amount of cabal control in their countries, I am providing you with this list which may also lend some more clarity to the bigger picture. The list consists of figures from the lowest to the highest level of dark control at the present movement.

Updated 12th April 2021 ~ how has the worldwide PLANDEMIC affected this cabal control?

Of course this awful control mechanism of our lives has managed to increase the control that the Cabal holds in most countries! Some more than others. Yet in 2 countries I am provided with Guidance that says that control is LESS! France and Ireland. One can imagine that this is a sign that the people are waking up? As you can see Germany's 100% Cabal control has risen to 150%!! This in no way means that the people of Germany are asleep ~ in fact quite the opposite!!

3rd December 2019      12th April 2021


Portugal =16% {?!}                                 22%

Sweden = 22%                                         35%

Netherlands = 25%                                  30%

Wales = 28%                                            37%

Norway = 33%                                         40%

Denmark = 35%                                       50%

Scotland = 36%                                        46%

Ireland = 43%                                          39%*

Belgium = 50%                                         56%

Austria = 53%                                           60%

England = 56%                                          SAME

Spain = 58%                                              70%

Northern Ireland = 63%                           SAME

France = 80%                                            70%*

Italy = 80%                                                88%

Poland = 82%                                            SAME

Germany = 100%                                      150%!!!


Epilogue ~ UPDATED 13th April 2021


Would you be interested in knowing what my Guides tell me regarding the levels of trust that people still have for Angela Merkel as a political leader? I am informed that despite the dire state of that country she still has support from 35% of the German people!NB: That was 17 months ago! See PS:*** below:

Today 12th April that support would be 0 = ZERO!!!

How about the rest of Europe? Here in Sweden she would still be seen as a reliable EU politician in a leading position by as many as 70% of the Swedish people who like other Europeans are completely clueless as to the state that Germany is in. That was 17 months ago!

Today 12th April that OPINION would have increased to 75%!! {Completly in the dark!}

Regarding the average support that she would still have if you unite all of those other European countries listed above its as high as 50%. That was 17 months ago!

Today 12th April that OPINION would have increased to 65%!! {Completly in the dark!}

When we reach the time of 'Full Disclosure' 500,000,000 people in the EU countries alone are going to find themselves parting ways with this being known as Angela Merkel along with all of the other unworthy, deluded, power seeking politicians that have been holding the reins over so many peoples livelihood or lack of it for way too long.

Instead these people will find themselves happily becoming acquainted with so many truly worthwhile people and ideals that will work alongside the people to create a new world.

These new ‘wayshowers’, ‘mentors’ will introduce innovative new ways of solving all of our human problems. They will have encouraging exchanges with people so that everyone feels that their voice is important, and we will feel that we each have unique gifts to bring to the whole.

People will learn how to feel motivated again. How to make good choices for their lives. They will no longer be dependent upon "others" to show them what they ought to be interested in because it suits someone else's agenda.

No longer will they lose interest in life, become apathetic and lose hope and give up. They will discover once again that they have independence, self-reliance and self-esteem because they will be living in a society that encourages everyone to be their best self.

And you will ask, when is this going to take place? We have been hearing this ‘story’ about the magical future for way too long now.

The answer is soon ~ very soon when everyone least expects it. We will leave darkness behind forever and greet a new dawn unlike no other before!

There will be ‘Victory of the Light’

Namaste 🙏 and much Love 💖 T 🌈


Huge Numbers ~ Millions ~ Demonstrated Yesterday in Berlin for Freedom

August 30th, 2020  ~ By Therese Zumi Sumner

If you would like to see the details about how over 1 million German people left their homes last August without face masks to demonstrate against the restrictions then you can read all about this massive demonstration that thourougly shocked Angela Merkel. This has of course resulted in a total ban on any type of demonstration.

See # 253 here on Introduction Page Blog ~ Press this link and roll down to # 253 


False Light Prophet Sasha Stone Exposed


8th March 2021


Therese Z Sumner


We are getting closer now at every moment, to a point in time that so many of us have been waiting on for so long. We are approaching the days of what we call Full Disclosure. Humanity as a whole is about to experience a very rude awakening process whether they like it or not. Therefore, I have been advised that it’s also the time for the Lightworker community ~ the True Lightworker Community to become aware of facts about the person known as Sasha Stone. You are also going to learn about some other ‘false light gurus’ in the alternative media.

True Lightworkers would no doubt find themselves in a place of unnecessary shock if they had to wait until after The Event to find out this information. So I have been advised that now is the time to release this information. Most of the work of putting together the pieces of this puzzle has already been done by another blogger as you will see. Because of the importance of the understanding of the connections between Sasha Stone and the Orsini Black Nobility Family I have decided to begin by gathering details about them ~ the Orsini's that Cobra has provided us with over the years.

You truly need to understand the power and the depth of the evil work of this Orsini family to understand the significance of Sasha’s connections with them.

My Guides are now informing me that this family are the ones behind the 9 attempts made to murder me. I am fully aware of 6 of these attempts.


The House of Orsini are an ancient bloodline of Rome claiming ancestry from the Julia-Claudian dynasty similar to the claims from the Colonna family. The House of Orsini are Vatican royalty and share a portion of ownership over the Holy See. The name Orsini derives from the Latin word Ursa which means bear.

Prince Domenico Napeoleone Orsini, Prince Benedetto Orsini, and Prince Raimondo Orsini are the heads of this family.

Many of the bloodlines of the Black Nobility were Urartian-Assyrians or Scytho-Assyrians that settled in Rome later on. Their blood lineages go back to Assyro-Babylonian nobility and Scythian clans north of ancient Iran and Syria.

Luigi Ursino has been a top Ndrangheta mafia boss and member of La Provincia. The Orsini family likely have ownership over Camorra and Sacra Corona Unita mafia clans as they ruled all over the regions of Naples and Apulia.

The Italian actress Isabella Orsini is an unofficial relative of the House of Orsini and because she is of nobility, she married with the Belgian House of Ligne. Isabella Orsini’s godfather is also the multi billionaire and former four term prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

The House of Orsini produced three popes and dozens of high level cardinals for the Roman Catholic Church. They owned various castles and several titles of lordship in the Papal States and Italy.

The Orsini family has a very strong connection with the Reptilian race and is {TZ = HAS BEEN} the main connecting link between the physical and non-physical Archons. {More about this further on}

Prince Alois-Konstantin's father was a Nazi and member of the Nazi Sturmabteilung, Roman Knight of Malta, Vatican Knight, Bavarian Knight, Habsburg Knight, and a Prussian-Nazi Knight. The Orsini's basically established two Holy Roman nobilities with the Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and Orsini-Rosenberg families.

The Orsini family of Italy are the owners of the Ursino Ndrangheta Mafia clan with Luigi Ursino a high ranking mafia boss and Giuseppe Ursino who ran a large drug trafficking network in Toronto, Canada until his recent arrest.

Prince Domenico Napoleon Orsini is the official head of this family and a ruthless chemical terrorist.

The Orsini's married to the very large and influential Sanseverino family which have been nobles all over southern Italy. Today Prince Francesco Luca Costa Sanseverino of Bisignano is the head of this family and he resides in Hong Kong and manages Chinese Triad gangs which are involved in child trafficking networks.

The Orsini's are the owners of the Cleveland crime family which has a very close alliance with the Detroit Mafia. The Jewish rap producer Paul Rosenberg, who is from Detroit, works under the Cleveland crime family and he is the manager of Eminem whose official DJ is the producer and Israeli mobster The Alchemist. Rosicrucianism is a secret society of alchemists. The Orsini's have an alliance with the Odescalchi family of Rome and sold them one of their palaces.

Orsini is a ruthless family.

So let’s begin by describing some of the 'work' that they do.

Here are Some of the Areas of Control that are in the Hands of this particular Black Nobility Family from Rome.

1) They are involved in the manipulation of the human psyche and biology through chemicals.

2) They are a part of the controlling force behind The FDA, American Chemical Society, and most food and drug companies.

3) The Orsini family were behind the Ebola propaganda and had deadly Ebola vaccines developed as the solution to the fake Ebola.

4) They are behind Zika propaganda as well.

5) They are a part of the controlling forces behind vaccines. Vaccines are one of the most destructive tools these tyrants and psychopaths use on humanity and they are primarily designed to target the nervous system and weaken a person’s nervous systems and electromagnetic field. This enables them to target people more effectively with destructive radio frequencies.

6) They were one of the two Black Nobility Families responsible for the Black Plague. They hired people to poison well water in order to spread the disease.

7) The Orsini family are also involved with pharmaceuticals, among much else they developed the Julia-Colonna Epoxidation which is used by Bayer and Evonik today. The Julia-Colonna Epoxidation is used for binding toxic chemicals with human enzymes.

8) These families oversee chemical companies like Bayer, Evonik, Merck, and Serono and they use Rosicrucian’s to infiltrate and manage food and drug companies.

9) They have several close associates who are involved with attacking people with radio waves and hacking the human physiology and biological systems.

10) They are associated with Israeli Mafias including the criminal operation run by Zeev Rosenstein who is an international ecstasy trafficker operating out of Israel. Zeev Rosenstein also operated in the United States and provided ecstasy to Gambino associates. Ecstasy is a synthetic drug created by chemists which were called alchemists in ancient and medieval ages.

Belgium is the major supplier of ecstasy, and the company Merck literally created ecstasy.

11) The Rockefeller Foundation held an international meeting in Bellagio, Italy and established their child immunization program to promote vaccinating children.

Connections to Sasha Stone

So where does Sasha Stone come into all of this? In the following links that I will provide, you are going to find clear evidence for connecting links between Sasha and his life and the Orsini family.

You will learn here that the person known to us as Robert David Steele has attempted to silence the below linked Whistleblower with threats.

You will learn the real reasons behind the formation of the ITNJ.

You are about to learn what Sacha Stone and Robert David Steele did to Kevin Annett and Dr. Katherine Horton. Kevin Annett was kidnapped after a dispute with the above mentioned – video available in links below where he relates this event.

The Whistleblower in these linked articles below, was warned to stay away from the Hampstead case by Sasha Stone and Robert David Steele {I recently told my readers about this particularly horrendous case in # 350 found by rolling down this main blog page here on Veritas}. Why these warnings? Whose names are they protecting?

You are going to learn about fraud and theft of money from many victims. You will find proof that the “New Earth Haven,” is a millionaire scam.

You will learn how everything Sacha earns via Humanitad, New Earth, or The ITNJ goes back to the New Earth Trust.

You will learn about his deep connections with mafioso Ciro Orsini going back in time to his musician days.

"Ciro Orsini and family all appear not only as former managers of Sacha’s failed rock band but also as part of the Mosaic Federation. The federation receives a percentage of the ITNJ donations. So, in essence, money donated by people like you and me goes to Orsini and his criminal enterprise. Ciro Jr appears as the listed rep for the “Ciro Orsini and Armand Assante Children’s Fund.” "

Ciro Orsini is deeply involved in everything from casting actors and models, both in Hollywood and London, a known human trafficker, sale of Ukrainian brides, owns ‘prostitution kind of night clubs’

Ciro Orsini is a confirmed human trafficker linked to Freemasonry, the Jesuits, the Rosicrucian’s, and the Vatican.

"Founder of a secret society that caters orgies for the elites. Did I mention Ciro attended Clinton Foundation fundraisers? In the company of Prince Albert, Prince Andrew, and none other than Jeffrey Epstein. Remember, there are many monsters involved in human trafficking, and Ciro is one of them."

If Ciro is so innocent, why is his presence at ITNJ events such secrecy?

This information below will give you many more details about this individuals {Ciro Orsini} connections to the Italian Mafia - The Ndrangheta




I cant seem to get this link working so see link to this page at bottom of page 1







Would You Like Someone Like This to Play a Leading Role on Nova Gaia? I Doubt It!

10th March 2021

Therese Z Sumner

Before I begin, I would like to say that this person Sasha Stone has thoroughly duped yours truly! In the early days I shared and complimented his work on my Facebook blog. About 18 months ago something I saw made me suspicious. I have certainly not had the time to follow his work in any detail. So having a motto I follow for many years ‘when in doubt leave it out’ and I left him aside. In October 2020 upon seeing that someone else whom I trusted had posted a video discussion with him I decided it was time to take a look again. Over a four week period I watched 4 videos and to be honest all of my doubts disappeared! {My thoughts then were} "He’s brilliant Therese not a word wrong… and all these amazing guests that he discusses important subjects with. You were wrong to doubt him!" 

However, unexpectedly I was brought into contact with his work in recent months and during this time ‘bells started ringing’ - wow – what did he say? On 3 occasions he made ‘mistakes’ and after expressing these doubts to someone they took a look and found the material that I have shared above.

Recently, after my suspicions had arisen, I described an exchange between Sasha Stone and Charlie Freak in #334 below.

In that video which I suddenly cannot find anywhere?{*** Video now found see below} Charlie Freak was doing most of the talking. Early on they discuss how in a neighbourhood one person might tell authorities about someone who was not following rules in a scenario where vaccinations or restrictions of some kind were the law. Then at this point Sasha gives his opinion on people he calls ‘snitches’ (someone who informs about others breaking rules). Because I haven’t recovered the video, I can only say what I recall which was more or less the following words. “These snitches need to be dealt with by a shot to the head or taking a hatchet to them”. My initial reaction was ‘wow what did he just say’ ~ I understand that people who ‘snitch’ can be the lowest and most cowardly of individuals. An example might be people who during WW2 told authorities about others who were hiding Jews to save their lives.

During the conversation Sasha asks Charlie to “tell me about Barack Obama” and Charlie then speaks derogatorily about BO. You can read exactly what he said about him in # 334 below, because I took the time then to listen and write it word for word. Sasha shows clearly that he truly enjoys hearing what Charlie has to say. My conclusion now more than ever confirms that Barack Obama has been chosen by the Black Nobility archon controlled Families to be the number 1 scapegoat for every imaginable reason at this time. He has been called everything under the sun. He has been implicated in everything under the sun. You may believe that this is the truth because so many trolls and fake false light blogs perpetuate it continuously. If I’m wrong and Barack Obama is guilty, we will learn that soon! Very soon!

If you my reader do not at this stage in your awakening process understand that every President is totally controlled by the Deep State, then you can continue to blame him until the truth be made known. He had to follow their orders or have his family murdered. He had a light mission that he had to abandon. In the not too distant future you are going to learn the truth about this. The archon controlled Black Nobility families are the ones behind the scenes controlling the debasement of their chosen scapegoats like Barack Obama. They make sure that the FALSE LIGHT COMMUNITY which presently includes 82% of internet alternative bloggers ~ where people like Sasha Stone has a ‘guru’ like status spread the word about these scapegoats. And they do it ~ over and over again in films and discussions and videos. You see in the end someone has to take the ‘fall for the cabal’. The Black Nobility Families along with their archon controllers - who now only exist as incarnated humans - make sure that the ‘good guys’ the people who they have NOT succeeded in manipulating into taking part in satanic rituals and worse ~ they get scapegoated.

At this point I would have to point out that when you watch a series of videos such as Fall of the Cabal you need to be aware that the archons and their friends have made sure that innocent people are portrayed alongside satanists to implicate them and that in the case of the above mentioned videos the TRUTH FACTOR is 81%. That’s high - but it means that 19% of this is false information!

Towards the end of this discussion Charlie Freak points out that he has been speaking nonstop during the conversation. Sasha laughingly jests with him saying that today he is asking the questions. However in this simple display of a fun exchange Sasha reveals to us a deeper standing and standpoint. He says with a ‘pun on the words’ “I Am As - King the questions Charlie.” Yes Sasha sees himself as a King among homo sapiens as he so delights in calling us.

In these two extracts from Facebook the words tell their own story. The second one just here to the left shows us that there are no moral qualms whatsoever on the part of SS for receiving money for nothing. That was made clear to us in the above linked material.

In the first instance {image above left} take a close look at his reply to someone who questions his morals here.

Something that we may have a tendency to do ~ when we are either not fully aware of or are unwilling to take responsibility for ourselves ~ is to project our own weaknesses onto others. In this instance one has to laugh upon studying the words of Sasha Stone here and I quote:

“Because manufacturing reality serves no~body and no~ thing in this world. That is the work of false light or Luciferic energy and I’m certain you wouldn’t want to align to that.”

*** Video:  https://www.cosmicnews.org/2020/08/14/sacha-stone-charlie-freak-behind-the-scene/


The following information is all taken from The Portal to supply you with further knowledge about the different Black Nobility Families including the Orsini one. The information is given in the order of the oldest date first.

Odescalchi Castle


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Black Nobility families that are associated with the Jesuits are allergic to the Goddess energy. They would like to wipe it out from the surface of the planet and have tried to do so many times. Members of families such as Pallavicini, Orsini, Massimo, Borghese, Aldobrandini, Colonna, Pacelli, Odescalchi, Ortolani and Luzzatti are receiving their orders directly from the Archons and are at the core of conspiracy against the Goddess. They are waging an occult war against the White Nobility families that are trying to spread the Light and support feminine qualities such as compassion, receptivity, creativity, love…

Rothschilds are nobility wannabes (their lineage goes less than two and a half centuries back, and they come from Bauer family which is German for farmer) and do not understand completely the occult war that is going on in the highest circles as they are left out of the information loop. They are too immersed into the physical matter as well. Meanwhile, Rockefellers are plain commoners and do not have the slightest idea about what is really going on.


Monday, December 9, 2013

The Jesuits are hoping to somehow survive the Event untouched by putting the friendly face of master manipulator Pope Francis as their frontman and portraying themselves as the good guys. 

To further their goal of a new centralized banking system, the Jesuits have silently teamed up with the Rothschilds in their efforts:


Farnese Pentagon

The Rothschilds are doing whatever they can to be as silent and invisible as possible in hopes that people will not remember them when the Event comes. They will try to portray themselves as people who collect art and love good wines and have an investment fund or two by the way. 

There is a significant number of agents of the Resistance on the surface of the planet now, doing »various things«. 

The Archons did not handle those changes easily. An unconfirmed source stated that one senior member of the Orsini family committed suicide in his apartment in Rome this Saturday, while the Farnese are seriously considering their surrender. Also the Eastern Alliance has allegedly made a trading attack on Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, disrupting Jesuit financial machinations. That bank is one of the most important banks in the current Jesuit-controlled banking system. It is owned by the Chigi family, a main black nobility family from Siena. 


Sunday, January 12, 2014

The main Archon black nobility families still worth noticing are Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini and Chigi. 

The Farnese family is the main architect of the Cabal as they have created the Jesuits with a little help of the Borja family back in the 1540s.

Immediately after that, they have built their first Pentagon in Caprarola near Rome:

In their »map room« inside that building they have shaped the destiny of the world during 16th and 17th centuries:  

It is interesting to note that the world map from the 16th century shows Antarctica, which was officially »discovered« in the 1770s.

Around that time the Farnese have decided to use Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to create Illuminati, elevate the Rothschilds to power and move the Farnese seat of power to Washington, DC. They have built their second Pentagon there. It is also interesting to see that Larry Farnese, a member of the family, is a senator:


The Orsini family has a very strong connection with the Reptilian race and is the main connecting link between the physical and non-physical Archons. They are the ones who created the pact between the Reptilian race and the Roman Catholic Church. Long time ago, their main portal was in the underground tunnels beneath Pitigliano. That system of tunnels went all the way to Orvieto and in underground chambers beneath Orvieto they have stored the Vatican gold. The Orsini family lost a lot of their power in May 2010 in a major operation of the Light forces codenamed Mission Blue Shield. 

The Aldobrandini family contains members of the original group which chose to experience separation from the Source millions of years ago. They have in their possession secret documents about the existence of Atlantis and fragments of rituals of Atlantean mystery schools. This family is aware of the importance of the Goddess energy. There is a certain fact about this family that will be made public after the Event and will surprise many people.

The Chigi family are bankers for the Jesuits and they control Banca Monte dei Paschi de Siena. As I have stated over a month ago, the Eastern Alliance is disrupting their financial machinations and here are the results:



Thursday, April 13, 2017

As Resistance has predicted, Tuesday was the point of maximum tension. The Archon families described here:


especially Orsini and Pallavicini, tried to activate Doom 33 endgame world destruction program through their Khazarian underdogs inside the Omega Grid to fulfill endgame prophecies:



Thursday, May 31, 2018

TZ here; The following information is from a Cobra update from the above date. Isis Astara who was the beloved partner of Cobra was (is now working with us from the higher planes of existence) murdered by the Black Nobility Families in Jan 2018 using scalar weapons.

Only two days after the death of Isis Astara, the involvement of Black Nobility / Archon families in directed energy harassment was exposed here:




The same source, Ahuwahzeus blog, has exposed the Black Nobility / Archon network with great precision and with nearly 90% reliability. Therefore it might be a good idea to store the intel from that blog safely and repost it in case the original blog is shut down.

The Chimera group is the real controller of the quarantine barrier, whereas Black Nobility / Archon families are the real controllers of the surface of the planet. Most of their bloodlines originate in ancient Rome.

Black Nobility (aristocrazia nera) is described here:


They control the Negative Military through the Knights of Malta (SMOM):


They control the negative police and polarize political parties through Knights of Columbus:


They control the fabric of society through the Jesuits:


They control business endeavour through mafia clans:


Main Archon families are Massimo (Maximus) family:





All those bloodline families create an interconnected network that effectively controls the surface of the planet, as it is somewhat accurately described here:



The Light Forces are carrying out their protocols to remove Archon families from power and liberate the surface of the planet. The only thing I can say here is that the same structure of “principalities and powers” exists on plasma and lower etheric plane and it is being dismantled daily.

Victory of the Light!


Thursday, April 4, 2019

The only comment permitted here is that the Plan for planetary liberation is deeply classified since January 27th, 2018, and NO intel about it is coming out (except from a brief leak about spy satellites in August 2018). Therefore you might take the story about sealed indictments with a grain of salt:


The Plan will NOT be popularized on internet. Everybody will be taken by surprise.

One of the crucial situations that is ongoing is the battle for the energy grid around the planet, between SURFACOM and the Black Nobility families especially battle for the Goddess Leyline, which holds the master key for control over the planet:

Syrian Goddess Vortex is located on this leyline, and just after our workshop, victory over the Daesh in Syria has been announced in the Western media:



You need to understand that Daesh is a creation of the Western (RIIA) / Saudi (Wahhabi) Cabal:



Another important vortex point on the Goddess leyline is the small country of Slovenia.

Battle of Frigidus was the key historical moment that has shaped the destiny of the Western civilization and was taking place on September 6th, 394 CE near Vipava, Slovenia:


This battle meant defeat of Eugenius, the last Roman emperor that supported Goddess mysteries, by Theodosius, who was a Cabal agent, obeying commands of the Archon handler Ambrosius, the bishop of Milan.

Broken Wheel

Theodosius was instrumental in completely erasing Goddess mysteries, by issuing laws to forbid Goddess worship, punishable by death, in 391 CE and by ordering the destruction of Serapeum and the library in Alexandria in 392 CE. Battle of Frigidus meant a complete collapse of the Goddess energy grid for the whole Western civilization, leading to the split of the Roman empire just a few months later, and ultimately leading to 1000 year delay of progress in the so-called dark (middle) ages.

Theodosius belonged to Theodosian bloodline that is now known as Theodoli family, one of the main Black Nobility families:


There is a certain leyline connecting Vipava valley to Alexandria and at the turn of the 20th century many women from Vipava valley moved to Alexandria to work there. There is a certain occult secret about these women that must not be revealed yet.

Another important vortex in Slovenia is its capital city, Ljubljana. It was an important city of Light in late Atlantean period and is about to become a city of Light again in the New Atlantis:


City of Ljubljana Slovenia ~ Press to Enlarge

There were certain events of planetary and cosmic importance taking place in Ljubljana in 1995 that must remain classified for now.

During the last Archon invasion in 1996, Ljubljana was bombed with etheric and plasma nuclear bombs which have collapsed the energy grid in the country completely and have delayed the spiritual progress of the country for decades. Very recently, certain actions are being taken to revive that energy vortex again.

Black Nobility family that is controlling Ljubljana, certain other parts of Slovenia and certain parts of Italy is the Orsini family:




Orsini family has suffered a big defeat in 2010 and certain sources are claiming that Orsini have killed Isis Astara as their revenge for that defeat.

Orsini family is very strongly against the Goddess energy and for this reason they have infiltrated the Rosicrucian movement which was before strongly influenced by the positive Sisterhood of the Rose and was promoting Goddess mysteries:



Orsini are controlling Rosicrucian’s especially through their Rosenberg branch and have created a negative mirror Sisterhood of the Rose and Snake a few centuries ago. This group is made of female Illuminati members who use black magic occult rituals against positive Goddess priestesses:

Another prominent Black Nobility family that is using negative female archetypes against the Goddess energy is the Sforza family:


You need to understand that Black Nobility families control at least 80% of the top echelons of human society through so-called Greek fraternities, which are a Jesuit creation:


Jesuits themselves are a creation of the Farnese family:


Very recently, an excerpt from this article about Farnese from my blog:


was reposted on Fulford's blog:


The light forces have recently started a campaign to expose Black Nobility families.

Much intel about those families is gathered here:


And here:


It would be wise to create mirror copies of those blogs in case they are taken down, as Black Nobility families do not like to be exposed.

Yet, there is currently a meditation campaign to bring Light of the Buddhic columns through members of those families to accelerate purification of the planet:



As the Matrix is beginning to fall apart:


Victory of the Light!


Monday, December 28, 2020

In September 2019, I have warned about Jesuit plans for their version of the financial Reset which they have scheduled for January 2020:


The Jesuits are well versed in astrology, and they knew for a long time that Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 was the greatest opportunity to trigger their plans, and this is when they triggered first public announcements about the coronavirus.

Let us explore what is behind their plans.

After the formation of BRICS / Eastern positive alliances in 2014 and 2015, the Jesuits have shifted their main base to China and moved many Cabal agents there. Those agents took many positions within the Chinese government in the 2015-2019 timeframe, and immediately started the project of infiltrating the West:





Most people are not aware that communism is a Jesuit creation:


What is even less known is that some of those Chinese agents infiltrating the West are actually positive Red Dragons posing as CCP members.

Orsini black nobility family is the main force behind pandemics since medieval times when they have engineered the black plague, and also the main force behind vaccination programs.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and George Soros, together with certain people at the top levels of Chinese government are their main minions who made the pandemic and lockdowns possible:



To prepare the terrain for the Jesuit version of the Great Reset, which is presented by the Jesuit-educated Klaus Schwab here:


Jesuits lack creativity, and the only thing they managed to do is to steal the idea and to plan for the inverted version of the positive financial Reset:


Jesuit, Rothschild and Rockefeller factions have made trilateral agreements to join forces in their plans:


Nevertheless, the negative Great Reset will NOT be successful:



Although their plans will come very close to actually manifesting:



Meanwhile, positive Dragon forces are working silently behind the scenes. Most of their plans can not be made public yet, the only thing I can say is they are supporting Chinese civilian space exploration, trying to make it accessible to international community in preparations for Disclosure:






The Secret Space Program and Much Much More.

29th September 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner


Do you have a complete understanding and bigger picture overview of who or what has been controlling us on this planet?

Do you know exactly who those are that are fighting on the Light and dark sides in the final days of this war on planet Earth?

If you can answer a clear YES to both of these questions, then this article might not hold so much interest for you.

Lastly, before I begin ~ if you do feel that this article might hold an interest for you then I suggest that you reserve reading it until you have about one hours’ time to digest the content, otherwise there is not much point in beginning to read this article.

Why I have decided to compile this information so late in the day is due to my discovering that the information being spread about this subject by some very well-known reporters on the internet is far from correct, indeed it’s incorrect, misleading, confusing and downright lies. So here is how this article came about.

A dear friend of mine sent me a video recently wondering if I was familiar with its content. I hadn’t seen it before and felt compelled to listen to it.

The two people in this interview are well known reporters on the Internet.

Upon hearing this information I felt compelled to write the truth about this subject. There was certainly some truth in the video about the Secret Space Program ~ a full 37% of it is true ~ but with so much misinformation and confusion also being spread. Having knowledge of the whole truth of the matter I felt that it had to be told.

My feeling when having seen the video, was that ‘certain groups’ involved in the captivity of mankind, might have played a part in the arrangement of this interview, so that they could more easily find an escape route when their time of ‘rulers on earth’ comes to a complete halt in the near future?  The video in question is now 3 years old now and the time frame for ‘their’ remaining positions as rulers is today very very short.

Before I delve into the information discussed in this video let me do a short recap.

NB ~ Nota Bene ~ Please remember as you read these facts that the ‘Veil’ that you will read about here ~ the ‘Net’ that we have been imprisoned in, is very close to being fully dissolved. Bit by bit, the extremely dangerous process of taking down the Veil / Matrix over the past (approximate) 7 years’ time is approaching an end.

We have in actual fact, been on the verge of total extinction as a planet, during this very, very delicate process unknown to more than 99% of mankind.

A Short Recap

Back in 2013 we learned from Cobra that the Rothschilds were the bankers for the Jesuits in the last two centuries.

And that the Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction is a Jesuit creation of the 20th century with a purpose to hinder and misuse the technological and scientific progress of humanity:

Press Image to Enlarge

Dark and Light

Readers of this website and blog, along with those who have followed the updates from Cobra over the past 8 years will be aware of the war taking place between the dark beings in control of this planet {Archons / Chimera, Draconian Reptilians, Reptilians, Black Nobility Families/ Illuminati, Core Jesuit Group and their many minions}...

and on the Light Force side the Galactic Confederation, the Ashtar Command and not in least the Resistance Movement.

Approximately 4 years ago, due to the non-stop victories of the Light Forces, the dark groups came to realise that their time in places of power controlling humanity, was surely coming to an end. They must certainly have begun searching for an alternative survival strategy of one kind or another to escape the end of their dynasty.

As time has progressed some of them have even decided to acquiesce to the Light and renounce their powerful roles. Here, I am referring to those, who knowingly helped the dark ones to keep mankind in slavery and not to those Light individuals who had no choice but to incarnate into these groups and have been longing for a way out. Even in those darkest of Illuminati Black Nobility Families there are some Light souls incarnated.


You see the ones who were controlling these Illuminati Families - the Archons - the ‘fallen ones’ have been totally controlling the incarnation process for ‘EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US ON THIS PLANET FOR EONS.’

The only way anyone could incarnate here was through making pacts and agreements with these beings.

It was the Archons who created the Draco Reptilian and Reptilian races to serve them.

Archons have been incarnating within these Black Nobility Families on the surface for eons.

The core Jesuit group (10% of the Jesuit order) was created by an Archon.

All throughout our history we have had Archons in high places of power doing everything they could possibly think of doing to suppress the feminine Goddess Energy that was prevalent here on earth at the time of the first archon invasion in 3600 before Christ.

Invasions of the Archons

There were three main invasions of the Archons and their subjugated races such as Draconians and Reptilians from outer space in known human history. All of them happened both on physical and spiritual planes.

The first one is the Kurgan invasion that happened around 3600 BCE. Dark beings entered through Caucasus dimensional portal. 

Their purpose was to destroy peaceful Goddess worshipping Neolithic cultures that thrived in Neolithic Europe. They wanted to destroy veneration of the Goddess since feminine energy is our direct connection to the Source.

Khazar Invasion


The second one is the Khazar invasion that happened around 393 CE {AD} during the last phase of the Roman Empire.

The dark beings used the same Caucasus dimensional portal. Many Reptilians came through this portal and incarnated in the populations of the area. The Romans called them Barbarians.

The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great 306-307, converted to Christianity and in 313 issued the Edict of Milan which declared tolerance for the religion. which then led to the Council of Nicaea twelve years later.  There, in 325 AD, under the influence of the Archons, Constantine gathered all the bishops, and all of the priests to standardize the religions of the Empire, in what amounted to a hostile takeover of Christianity by the Cult of Sol Invictus. The Cult was the official religion of the Empire and it was thoroughly infiltrated by the worshipers of Baal, who had come to Rome with the Royal families of the Egypt and middle-east when Rome had conquered and annexed them.  Using the new Catholic Church, they implemented an empire-wide mind control program based on the idea of Heresy, allowing them to persecute anyone who would not agree their teachings. In the western Roman Empire, by 393 AD people were living in fear of reason and the personal connection to the Source. By this cause, the civil government was without practical direction and became easy prey for waves of Barbarian tribes to destroy the Roman Empire by substituting their armed control of secular law for that of the Empire. The Archon infested church created bishoprics to rule the hearts and minds, while giving the right to extract taxes to the Barbarians.

It was at this time that the Catholic Church destroyed all of the Goddess Temples.

The archon and reptilian {Khazar} invaders tore down each temple and built archon temples over these sites – with the intention of stifling the energy.

The purpose of the use of Heresy was to destroy rights of people to think for themselves.  Mystery schools, Christian gnostic groups and nature worshipping paganism were replaced with Christian cult mind programming.

This programming was enhanced with the creation of 'Virtual Reality Hells' on the lower astral plane, which were then used by the Church to strengthen its position.

The Bishop of Milan known as Theodosius the Great {this soul was totally Archon controlled} destroyed all the old mystery schools. He ordered the burning of the Alexandria library and the books were destroyed or put into the Vatican library.


This invasion occurred strangely enough, indeed amazingly enough in our time. This occurred in the year 1996. 

The dark ones created a portal in Africa in an area which includes the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. This portal came into being by the creation of 12 subterranean nuclear explosions. They teleported huge numbers of Reptilians into this area.

These were then infiltrated into politics and the military and subsequently used in the genocide there. This may all seem very-very strange indeed, but it also gives one an understanding of the terrible-terrible genocide that occurred there. It was so unbelievably savage.

THIS PORTAL IS NOW CLOSED. This portal in Africa is now closed but there are a few Reptilians left that are hiding in the jungle. There are also dinosaur sightings!

NB: At the time of the 3rd Archon invasion, microwave technology, cell phone transmission towers were built into all the Churches to facilitate the control of the evil grid - the Matrix. 

The real war of the Cabal is being played out on other planes. For a greater understanding of this read my article 'The Veil that hides the Truth' on the 'Cobra School' page.

This was the absolute final, the absolute last invasion of this planet. These dark beings no longer have any nuclear devices that they can detonate as earlier explained.

Press to Enlarge

Layers of Conspiracy

At the core of the physical Cabal there is a group of 13 Archons that keep controlling our planet for the last 26,000 years. They are responsible for the fall of Atlantis, for the collapse of peaceful Goddess worshipping Neolithic cultures 5000 years ago and for the destruction of the mystery schools in late antiquity. They are the ones that maintain the quarantine and keep humanity hostage so that the positive ETs could not intervene until now. They are mostly incarnated into key positions inside the Italian Black Nobility.

About 2500 years ago, the Archons created a special task group and infiltrated it into the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt:


This task group was responsible for mind programming and mass control of humanity through organized religions in the last 2500 years.

After the death of Cleopatra, their power was transferred from Ptolemaic bloodline towards Julio-Claudean dynasty in Rome, then to Flavians, then to Constantinian dynasty, then to Theodosian dynasty and then to Byzantine Giustiniani family. After the middle ages, members of this group incarnated mostly into positions of power within the Italian Black Nobility families. The Resistance has taken strong actions against this group in 2010 and it lost a lot of its power then.

Anyway, this group has created the Jesuits and Jesuits are running the show on this planet for the last 500 years.

The Archons have been sustaining their control with a special technology that is called 'The Veil.' It is an electromagnetic frequency fence on the lower astral and especially on the etheric plane, extending maximally 8.6 miles upwards and downwards from the surface ground level of our planet, that to a great extent prevents the Light from coming into the quarantine Earth.

The Veil is being operated by the non-physical Archons. This technology could be best described as etheric HAARP. This technology distorts the time / space structure on quantum level and thus creates big difficulties for UFO propulsion systems of the positive ET forces. In the past, this has hindered the progress of the positive ET races towards this planet significantly.

Apart from keeping the good ETs at bay, the Veil has a function of programming / reprogramming the human population and keeping it in the reincarnation / recycling process. I will now state few of the main astral / etheric programs for incarnated humans currently in operation:

To read much more about each of the above subjects go to this link here on Veritas.


Now Let’s Take a Look at This Secret Space Program Information Video with Kerry Cassidy and Robert David Steele

This is a three year old video where I make claim that 63% of the information is either false or misleading and very confusing.



According to RDS the purpose of this interview is that KC has much excellent information that needs sharing and that he wishes to promote.

I have decided to show piece by piece what the video makes claim and what the truth is about this information.

VIDEO KC: At the beginning of this interview Kerry describes the ‘NRO emblem of the Octopus sitting on the world’ which she likens to a ‘host parasite relationship’. We are NOT provided with ANY info about this Octopus entity so I will provide you with some here;


Firstly NRO is one of the main organizations with its primary purpose of maintaining quarantine Earth status and constantly monitoring any possible involvement of Galactic Confederation with quarantine Earth domain.

Secondly the Octopus entity sitting on the world is the 'Yaldabaoth' entity that was completely and utterly removed during the time period of 2017 - 2018.

In March 2017 the ‘tentacles’ of the entity were removed with only the head remaining.

In August of 2018 we learned that the head of the Yaldabaoth entity was almost completely dissolved.

Here are some details from Cobra about the ‘living entity’ that is the plasma accretion vortex around Earth called Yaldabaoth in Gnostic teachings.

Press to Enlarge = Evidence of Yaldabaoth

Giant plasma tubes found in SPACE:

On June 19th, July 6th and July 26th in 2015 Cobra gave us some more details about this living entity plasmatic octopus surrounding our planet and virtually sucking the life out of all of us ~ here some excerpts;

Friday, June 19, 2015

If anybody is still asking why the Event hasn't happened yet, here is the answer again:

Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact.

{Therese Z here; you MUST SEE this video link here available thanks to a very bright Australian female astronomer}  
Giant plasma tubes found in SPACE: Huge structures spotted circling Earth filled with charged particles from the sun

  • The discovery was made by a student at the University of Sydney
  • She found that plasma was being trapped in Earth's magnetic field lines
  • This is thought to be occurring about 370 miles (600km) above the ground
  • And using a new technique, the astronomer was able to map them in 3D

Cobra’s Link;

Parts of the plasma accretion vortex structure were recently detected by the mainstream science:


TZ here; The above information is taken from my page ‘Understanding the Matrix’ with a lot of deep dark information about Chemtrails etc.



Kerry then goes on to say that "all the money made here through drugs, child human trafficking, organ trafficking etc. are trading programs, and all the revenues all trickle down and off planet".

She says further that "gold is taken off planet from runways in South Africa to feed other civilizations on other planets’ - to feed the coffers of our Annunaki"

She believes that the ‘secret space program’ is reporting to some key Annunaki in the Antarctica base.


Regarding Kerry’s suggestion that all kinds of revenue and gold are taken off planet to feed other civilizations on other planets.

This information is untrue and has no basis in reality.

Reality is that the combined dark forces are holding THIS PLANET EARTH as their final home. There are no other civilizations 'out there' that need ‘feeding’.

The revenue and gold that our controllers steal from everyone on this planet is used simply for one thing the upkeep of the Veil to keep us imprisoned here.

The following lines are also taken from the above linked page on Veritas.


Some years ago when I was listening to an interesting discussion between George Noory of ‘Coast to Coast’ and Michael Tellinger from South Africa, I recall thinking that there must be a connection between the millions of tons of gold that have been mined on this planet and the upkeep of the Veil? Michael told about the huge numbers of closed, used gold mines that are to be found all over South Africa and spoke about a secret airfield in an adjoining country where it was known that plane loads of gold were regularly flown out by cabal groups. The mining is going back thousands of years and the staggering amounts of gold mentioned in the discussions makes one wonder what on Earth did they do with all of this gold? The term monatomic gold was mentioned and somehow, I feel that this might just be what the vast majority of the gold has been used for i.e. the creation of and upkeep of the Veil. We know that the military agenda uses the metals barium, titanium etc. and my term ‘band aid’ comes from a thought that these metals may work for certain agendas but to a lesser extent than gold if it were available to them? Just a thought!


She further claims in answer to RDS question that this is all {revenue – gold etc} geared to going out to space, to conquering space, to being the civilisation on top when we greet other civilizations out there. That ‘this is an ongoing circumstance and we are part of a galactic community’.


Firstly I must say that if I was listening to this video and did not know a thing about any secret space programs etc this information would certainly leave me feeling extremely unsettled and confused. It’s as if I am being told that the reason for the secret space program as being “all geared to ....‘WE’ [you and me] along with these secret space program groups are part of a greater plan to be part of some galactic community “conquering space, to being the civilisation on top when we greet other civilizations out there”


The truth here is that Earth is ‘their’ [the dark ones] LAST LINE OF DEFENSE and for several years now the Galactic Confederation have made it clear to them and to us via Cobra that they cannot get off this planet.

Firstly the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command secured all of the solar system by removing their bases and eventually their ships there and as you may be aware from recent updates the final days of the war are now taking place in sublunar space and also in the IBC {Illuminati Breakaway Complex} bases below surface.

White Fire of An

We learned the following details about our conquerors on August 15th, 2018 in the ‘Key to Freedom Meditation Report’

"The main occult secret that the dark forces were trying to hide is that they always had a planet where they tried to accumulate the highest amount of suffering possible and that planet served as the central point of the accretion vortex for the primary anomaly of the whole universe.

This planet of suffering was in the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation until 1996 Archon invasion, and then the maximum focus of suffering was transferred to Earth and since 1996, Earth is at the central point of the primary anomaly accretion vortex for the universe.

Earth-based dark forces tried to redirect the primary dark plasma flux from Orion to our solar system and especially to planet Earth with the Nazi concentration camps 'pentagram of evil' {for detailed information about this subject see the link at the end of this article} during World War 2, with nuclear explosions after World War 2, with trauma-based mind programming in underground military bases since 1960s, with Draco infiltration into our Solar system through the Solar Warden secret space program front also since 1960s, and were finally successful when they opened a dark wormhole portal between Earth and Rigel in early 1996 after the Rwanda genocide of 1994.

Since then, primary dark plasma and dark anomaly flux is flowing towards the surface of the Earth. The energy of Al Nilam stargate and the White Fire of AN is the antidote to this flux. For this reason, our meditation was successful in finally beginning to address the root of all evil and started the process of removing it from the universe forever."

VIDEO: RDS - Which extraterrestrial races are ‘active’ on earth today?

KC: Those from Aldebaran, Reptilians various divisions (reptoids - human reptilians) as well as Draco’s, Nordics from Orion and Nordics from the Pleiades, Andromedans, Arcturians. She says that some of them are good and some are bad.


My God what a mishmash of races – all thrown into the same box - without any attempt to differentiate between who is who, as if they are all somehow cooperating on this ‘conquering space venture’ - rubbish!!

For much more detailed information about the Allied Light Forces that are working side by side with us to liberate this planet go to this link and you will find the correct information at the top half of this page. The Page is entitled Victory Now.

Who exactly are the Allied Light Forces? Who is underground? Who is on the surface? Who is orbiting the planet? What is Galactic Codex?


VIDEO: RDS: What’s the agenda of the various races (some good some bad) besides sucking the life blood out of Earth?

KC: To infiltrate and take over generally speaking... sometimes in good way and sometimes bad way ... bottom line is to influence.


Well let me just say that if you are interested in knowing the complete and utter truth about this question posed by RDS then read on here and you will learn all / many of the important details.

The answer that Kerry gave gives us the impression that ALL of these various mishmash of races are here to ‘influence’ us and infiltrate and take us over!!!


We were TAKEN OVER A LONG LONG TIME AGO and are now ~ with the help of the Allied Light Forces ~ in the end days of a long drawn out very dangerous liberation process.

Every single one of us will be flabbergasted – utterly amazed – when we are finally free on this planet very soon!

Later in the video we are given information about the so called ‘War of the Worlds’ – none of that information is reliable at all!

Then there are these last 2 questions from the video before I provide you with a lot of true facts from the Resistance Movement.

VIDEO: RDS Poses the following question to Kerry;

He says… that he would describe the Deep State as beginning with the Rothschilds and the Black Pope and going through the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, City of London and Wall Street and various political parties but you {KC} are painting a much greater picture of the Illuminati...

So in two minutes define the Illuminati on earth?

VIDEO: KC: A group of black magicians led by the Black Pope that have gone back through the ages, originated on Atlantis, some of whom are a part of negatively based races, they have a heavy influence of reptilian DNA and have tried to dominate the earth for its history basically.

VIDEO: RDS so do the Rothschilds own the Jesuits or do the Jesuits own the Rothschilds? (Smiling)

KC: the Rothschilds are sort of like a front agency like NASA... some of these people would love to break away... there are many defectors that want to move onto the Light side and can’t because they are being blackmailed by secret societies to keep them on board.

VIDEO: RDS: {turning his attention to speaking to Lynn and Evelyn Rothchild and also to some senior Jesuits} “your right people do want to come over to the light”. He wants the Trump administration to be the beginning of these new Light negotiations.

VIDEO: KC: says; many dark ones want a way back ... they fell in love with the image of themselves… the mire {swamp} is Satanism… not their true selves which in essence is the Creator...

END of video report and comments:


Now for some REAL truth that I swear from the bottom of my heart is reliable! Please take note of the dates when this information was provided to us by the Resistance Movement via Cobra and remember again that the war to take down the Veil is in its very last days.

Illuminati Breakaway Complex

Before you learn all of the details about the Secret Space Program, I felt that it would be good to understand who exactly the IBC called Illuminati Breakaway Complex are.

January 16, 2018

The main faction making problems recently is the so-called Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC). IBC is a Chimera-controlled negative faction that broke away from the surface Illuminati network and went underground during the Archon invasion in 1996.

They have created their own network of underground cities, connected with high speed trains.

Their underground network is independent from US military underground network (constructed since 1950s and cleared by the Resistance after 2000),

independent from the Chimera underground network (constructed 26,000 years ago and now almost completely cleared by the Resistance) and

independent from Agartha underground network (created 26,000 years ago and expanded in the last few decades when the Resistance joined that network):


Below the surface, Illuminati Breakaway Complex has teamed with native Earth Dracos and Reptilians and also with Dracos and Reptilians that have entered this Solar System in the 1996-1999 timeframe during the last Archon invasion.

In 2014, top levels of Illuminati Breakaway Complex were taken over by the Chimera. Since 1996, IBC was developing their own secret space program that was cooperating both with Draco fleet and the so-called Dark fleet. Now this secret space program with a significant fleet of cloaked ships is the most powerful negative faction present in sublunar space and is the main focus of Operation Mjolnir.

Currently, Illuminati Breakaway Complex consists of about 200,000 Illuminati and Dracos, controlled by the Chimera. IBC is responsible for majority of missing children since 2015 and they used them as slaves in their underground bases:


Information about IBC could not be released until now, because they would retaliate by creating untold amount of suffering for those captives.

One part of Operation Mjolnir was the Resistance freeing the vast majority of those captives since the beginning of January 2018 and then Pleiadians taking them to a certain planet near the Pleiades star cluster for recovery and healing.

Illuminati Breakaway Complex is also responsible for a great deal of scalar and directed weapons attacks on Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, especially for the current wave of attacks that started in November 2017.

Illuminati Breakaway Complex is also connected to about 1 million native Reptilians that live on the surface especially in Africa and Latin America but also on other continents and are known as vampires:




Press to Enlarge

The Secret Space Program

Time has come to finally release some intel about the secret space program. The hidden purpose of the secret space program was to set a stage for the Draconian/Reptilian takeover of the planet. The takeover attempt has failed and soon the Light forces will clear the last vestiges of the Draconian control of this planet - the Cabal.

The secret space program has started in Germany immediately after the end of World War I:

In 1934, many races of the Draco empire contacted the world leaders and made secret treaties with them, offering them advanced military technology in exchange for enslavement of the mass human population.

This was the main reason for the great progress of technology in the 30s. All those projects needed financing and financing came through confiscation of privately owned gold through Gold Reserve Act of 1934.

During World War II, Draconian forces attempted an open takeover of the planet through Nazi Germany. That attempt failed with the victory of the Allied forces and Draconians settled for a more covert approach.

They imported about 2000 leading Nazis to the United States through Operation Paperclip and many of those Nazis still form the backbone of the shadow government that runs the affairs on this planet.

After the war, hundreds of thousands tonnes of Yamashita gold were put into trading programs which provided financing for the construction of the massive system of underground military bases worldwide. Those bases were built to set the stage for the Draconian invasion which was planned for the year 2000.

In the 50s, the secret space program extended and also involved bases on Moon and Mars.

Construction of the bases under the surface of the Earth was ongoing and in mid 90s there were about 120 bases in the United States and about 400 bases worldwide.

Additional funding was needed for those projects and actually every human on the planet contributed about 25% of his salary to these secret projects through siphoning off taxpayer money:

The secret space program and construction of the underground bases was operated by Rockefeller / Kissinger / Bush / Rumsfeld / Halpern / Cheney military-industrial complex through corporations such as Halliburton, Bechtel, Rand, Sandia, Wackenhut, Morton Thiokol, Raytheon, Blackwater…

The man behind the curtain of the secret space program was John Dale Halpern. His front company Halpern, Denny & Co. still controls Halliburton, Monsanto, Raytheon and Academi (former Blackwater).

The secret space program involved the development of many advanced technologies as you can see here:

After much progress has been made by the Light forces in the early 90s, the Draco alliance has decided to invade sooner and instead of the year 2000 their invasion started in late 1995.

At the target date for the invasion, January 11th, 1996, they decided to crush the very few people who were aware of their plans. On that particular day they killed Phil Schneider and also attacked me {Cobra} and some other key people. Phil Schneider was speaking openly about the underground military bases:

Between 1996 and 1999, about 500 million Reptilians have entered humanoid cloned bodies inside those underground bases. After 1999, the Resistance Movement has started clearing those underground bases and removed all Reptilians except for a very few individuals on the surface of the planet. Deeper portions of those bases were cleared in 2003. After that, the progress of the Light forces was massive.

Between 2008 and 2011, the Pleiadians have increased their presence in the Earth orbit to the extent that NASA was forced to shut down their official manned space program because they could not prevent the leaking of the evidence of Pleiadian presence otherwise.

In 2012, the Resistance Movement has removed the vast majority of the physical gold from the hands of the Cabal. This has crippled the Cabal's operations extensively. Now they hide the last few trillions of their money in Lichtenstein. Due to the fact that they need 2-3 billion dollars daily to keep their show running, they could last for 2 or 3 years if their resources would be left untouched, which, of course, will not be.

In early 2013, the Resistance Movement has cleared all underground facilities of the Cabal through Operation Underlord. Now they have nowhere to hide and they are concerned.

Tomorrow, on the day of the lunar eclipse, the top members of the military-industrial complex will meet in a secret location close to Bush ranch in Texas to discuss the situation. They will find no solution.

Galactic Confederation = Correct Name

Dark: Secret Space Program, Chimera, Draconians, Solar Warden

Light:MOSS, Pleiadians, Arcturian, Sirian and Andromedan Fleet, Ashtar,

February 9, 2015

Our Solar System has been under control of Orion/Andromedan Chimera empire and their Draco/Reptilian minions for the last 26,000 years, effectively putting planet Earth under quarantine status, isolating it from positive ET races.

The Light forces were forced to sign a non-interference treaty which states that they will not interfere on the surface of planet Earth directly and in turn the Chimera will also not interfere on the surface directly. Although this treaty was quite harmful for the development of humanity in the last 26,000 years, it has also prevented humanity from being harvested by Chimera and their Draco/Reptilian minions directly.

This is the reason the Resistance Movement agents are not contacting human beings on the surface of their planet.

This treaty is also the reason why the Reptilians have not been massively eating humans for breakfast in the open in surface human cities after 1996 when their presence under the surface of the planet was huge, with 500 million entities present.

This treaty is also the reason Strangelet bombs were not detonated on many occasions. As soon as the Chimera threat is gone, the Light forces will intervene on the surface of this planet directly. 

The indirect attempts to pierce through the quarantine began in the 19th century when the Pleiadians inspired the NYMZA secret society (Sonora Aero Club) to build airships:


Tesla had a connection with NYMZA, and he attempted to build a spaceship to travel to Mars. His attempt failed and after that JP Morgan stopped financing Tesla.

Marconi was a student of Tesla and after he saw how the Cabal mistreated Tesla, he and a few other people (including the famous alchemist Fulcanelli) relocated to South America where they built a secret underground city in the Andes in 1937:


Brotherhood of The Star

Tesla, Marconi and Fulcanelli are all members of the Brotherhood of the Star.

The second Pleiadian attempt to pierce the quarantine began in the early 20th century with the Thule / Vril societies in Germany.

Soon, more hostile races took control over the German space program, which culminated in building a secret German Nazi Moon base during WW2.

Like attracts like, and the Nazi Moon base was taken over by the Reptilians shortly after the end of the war, all personnel wiped out.

A more direct attempt to pierce the quarantine was made on February 20th, 1954, when President Eisenhower met with representatives of the Pleiadians and of the Ashtar Command at Edwards air force base:


Pressured by the Negative Military, Eisenhower was forced to reject an agreement with the positive ETs and later to sign a treaty with negative Zeta and Draco races instead.

The Pleiadians, however, managed to negotiate a permission from the Negative Military to build a secret base under Bora Bora island in French Polynesia, under the condition that its existence remains unknown to the surface population. 

James Francis Macintyre, the bishop of LA, was present at the meeting in Edwards AFB and reported the proceedings to the Jesuits. There are photos and films of Pleiadian ships, taken at that meeting, in the Vatican library.

Jesuits were also regularly updated by the Negative Military about all technologies which the military has received from the Zetas and Draconians. A secret Jesuit space program was started in 1956 to build bases on Moon and Mars. The program was not that successful and, ironically, was codenamed Marconi.

The real secret space program started in the early 1960s, when the Chimera group has given permission to the negative militaries of the USA, NATO European countries, USSR and China to build joint secret Moon and Mars bases in certain restricted areas.

Also, a secret treaty was signed between the Cabal and the Draco/Reptilian/Zeta complex which gave the Cabal technical support in construction of Lunar and Mars bases whereas those negative alien races were given permission to build underground bases on Earth together with the Negative Military.

Joint USA/USSR Mars base was thus built in 1964 and then expanded over the next few decades, when more Moon and Mars bases were added to the program. The main lunar base was built on the far side of the Moon and was codenamed LOC (Lunar Operations Command). 

The whole secret space program was named Solar Warden and top super soldiers were accepted into the program and brainwashed with the idea that they are defending Earth from the negative aliens.

Some UN diplomats knew about the existence of the Solar Warden and they naively believed it to be a global program for Earth defence against an alien threat.

In reality, the purpose of the secret space program was to build joint human/Draco infrastructure throughout the Solar System for the Archon invasion which happened in 1996:


From the human side, the program was directed by the unholy four (Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney). The unholy four are actually Draconians who took human incarnations 26,000 years ago and are the four most visible Draco/human hybrids. 

Dick Cheney was the leader of the Mars Corporation and claimed to be the owner of the planetary debt that Earth owes to the Mars Corporation and to the breakaway civilization, which has milked the Earth workforce through the Rothschild central banking system:


The Light forces have infiltrated the Solar Warden space program in many ways.

Eisenhower, cornered by the Cabal and forced to team up with the negative aliens, formed some secret cells inside the Solar Warden program which were working for the Light. 

Also, the Organization (forerunner of the Resistance Movement) had secret teams infiltrated into the Solar Warden program. The Organization was also cooperating with positive Andromedans who were well aware of the situation in this Solar System. 

TR 3B Press For Slight Enhancement

The Light forces built their own Lunar base inside the Tycho crater and I {Cobra} visited that base in 1983. It was a huge domed structure with a nice swimming pool inside, from where I could watch the Earth.

Many years later I had a surreal moment when I was in a similar swimming pool on Earth, covered with a glassy dome and was watching the Moon rising. It was then a shock and confusion to my brain to see the Moon rising though the glassy domed structure where I should be watching the orb of Earth instead!

After the Archon invasion in 1996 our Solar System was filled with Draconian and Reptilian entities. Their main military base was on Charon (Pluto's moon) with many strongholds in the main asteroid belt.

In that timeframe, many key people were taken to the underground military bases and trauma-based mind programmed against the Galactic Confederation and against the Ashtar Command. This is the reason why many people are now so strongly against the Ashtar Command.

During a massive liberation offensive between 1999 and 2004, the Light forces of the Resistance Movement, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan Fleet and the Ashtar Command cleared the vast majority of the Draco/Reptilian presence from our Solar System.  

After 2004, the remaining Draco/Reptilian forces were working closely with the unholy four to defend planet Earth from the liberating fleet of the Galactic Light forces and they have been manipulating Solar Warden super soldiers against the Light.

Between 2004 and 2012 the Light forces cleared this Solar System from all Draco/Reptilian presence except for those working directly with the Chimera group.

In that time frame, Solar Warden was operating primarily from two locations.

Sublunar operations and operations in Earth's orbit with X-22A, SR-33A and TR3-B sublunar vehicles were directed from Peterson AFB in Colorado which happens also to be the headquarters of the NORAD (radar network for UFO detection) and Air Force Space Command:



Solar System operations were directed from the Kings Peak underground base in Utah, where most personnel and infrastructure were moved to from Area 51 and S4 when these two locations became too widely known.

In 2012, the Light forces closed down Solar Warden and since then the Cabal is grounded on the surface of the planet and now heavily relies on the Chimera's (empty) promises that they will save them off planet from the mass arrests. They now feel stranded and are starting to get worried:


Pleiadian Ships in Antartica

Since early last year, {early in 2014} the Light Forces are dealing with the Chimera directly.

Since late January this year, as the physical Strangelet {YES} and Toplet bombs have been cleared {No sadly this info was incorrect as Chimera had toplet bombs in so many places unknown to Light Forces at that time ~ finally huge progress has been made in the clearing of Toplet bombs these past tow years 2019 + 2020} , they have started operations to clear this Solar System from the last vestiges of darkness.

This operation is codenamed MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System). This operation is still ongoing. Important breakthroughs have happened in the last few days. After the successful completion of MOSS and around the time of the Event, Disclosure and First Contact will happen and this will be the end of the quarantine status for planet Earth.

TZ here; To read much more about this subject go to the following link which is my new Galactic Confederation page which was created in May and June of this year 2020. Roll down until you see this text and the picture here!

Strange UFO filmed by Norwegian expedition in Antarctica - January 2016!!! The Pleiadians are visiting Antarctica as well:



DARK CABAL RULERS = Everything you could possibly want to know about the dark side laid out in an orderly fashion; Who are the very evil Chimera group?; All you need to know about Archons and the group that they created to spread their control over this entire planet namely the Jesuits!



Synopsis of The Vatican Holocaust Part 1 of 8 "The Great Pentagram of Evil"

The Sacrifice of 18 million non-Catholics to the Devil/Satan


Cobra School

The Veil that Hides the Truth






Fall of the Archons

I had some doubts about posting this intel as it may be shocking to some people, but I was nevertheless instructed to do so. Events of the last few days have further convinced me that now is the time to release this. I am not posting this to spread fear, but to inform. If we are aware of the situation, our unified consciousness will be able to transmute and dissolve it. This is a fairly complete picture of the state of affairs between the light and dark forces and of the ultimate victory of the Light.
25,000 years ago, dark forces created quarantine Earth and took humanity hostage. They created a virtual reality control system so nobody could escape. They have trapped Light beings who have a connection with the Source, to fuel this virtual creation.

This virtual reality control system is still in place to an extent and is usually referred to as the Matrix. On the physical plane, the control is maintained through Orion-Babylonian type debt-based financial system slavery and through mass media mind programming. On the etheric, astral and mental planes, the control is maintained with electromagnetic spacetime distortion chambers similar to those used in Philadelphia experiment. Those chambers create an illusion of a closed loop system that appears to be eternal and this is the reason why so few beings have been able to be set free / liberated / enlightened.

The Matrix is run by beings, called Archons (Greek for rulers). They are beings that came from the Andromeda Galaxy and chose to experience darkness. They refused to reconnect with the source. Through millennia, they created Draconian and Reptilian race through genetic engineering  to use them as slave warriors to expand their dark empire.
Planet Earth is the last planet of this dark empire to be liberated. There are very few Archons on planet Earth left. 
On the etheric and astral planes, they are known as Lords of Karma. They are the ones that to a great extent decide the life path of anybody that incarnates. They choose our parents and to some extent determine our life conditions. This programming system is known as karma. With advance wave-form generating technology on the astral plane they manipulate astral currents of planetary energies and use them for malevolent astrological influences. They maintain the distorted spacetime structure with implants  that have created spacetime black hole anomaly, thus confusing human mind and emotions. Implants are programmable crystals that were put into mental, astral and etheric bodies of every single human being on Earth with strong electronic devices.

On the etheric and lower astral planes, their Draconian administrators maintain the artificial intelligence technology that keeps the Matrix in place. It has an alert system so if an awakened being creates a hole in this Matrix with his Light, Draconians send a Reptilian slave warrior to exert pressure on the psychological weak spots of that awakened being to lower his vibration and thus close that hole. Also, those Reptilian slave warriors constantly exert pressure upon the mind and emotions of incarnated human beings on Earth in order to prevent their spiritual growth and to suppress their fight for freedom. If that is not enough, they also send amoeba-like elemental beings that put additional pressure. All those negative beings usually hide in folds of distorted spacetime structure on astral and etheric planes:

Their power is in fear and hidden agendas. They lose all power in the face of light, truth and courage. If we are aware of all this without fear, the light of our consciousness will straighten those folds in spacetime structure and all those negative beings will be removed from astral and etheric planes of planet Earth:
On the physical plane the Archons are incarnated within Jesuit organization and they spiritually control their administrators (Draconian Illuminati that run the financial system), their warriors (Reptilian mercenaries that protect the Illuminati) and their slaves (humanity that works for them in their 9-5 jobs). Through Jesuit societies and 33rd degree Freemasons they hold the Illuminati structure together. This structure is now finally falling apart.


Invasions of the Archons

There were three main invasions of the Archons and their subjugated races such as Draconians and Reptilians from outer space in known human history. All of them happened both on physical and spiritual planes.
The first one is Kurgan invasion that happened around 3600 BCE. Dark beings entered through Caucasus dimensional portal. 

Their purpose was to destroy peaceful Goddess worshipping neolithic cultures that thrived in neolithic Europe. They wanted to destroy veneration of the Goddess since feminine energy is our direct connection to the Source:



The second one is Khazar invasion that happened around 393 CE {AD}. Dark beings used the same Caucasus dimensional portal:

The purpose of this invasion was to destroy mystery schools, Christian gnostic groups and nature worshipping paganism and replace those with Christian cult mind programming. This programming was enhanced with creation of virtual reality hells on the lower astral plane, which were then used by the Church to strengthen its position.

The third one is Congo invasion that happened in 1996. Dark beings entered through war-torn Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Main focus of this invasion was on the etheric and lower astral plane. The purpose of this invasion was to destroy new age and ascension movements and to reinforce the Matrix that was already beginning to disintegrate in 1995 as a result of mass awakening on Earth. Most beings are not aware of this invasion as their memories about the Light that was present on Earth before 1996 were erased with intense implanting sessions between 1996 ad 1999.

Victory of the Light

After the 11:11:11 portal activation in November last year, the Matrix is finally falling apart. Immediately after that, events were set into motion (Keenan lawsuit) that will finally result in our ultimate liberation. This time there can be no invasion of Archons from outer space, since planet Earth is the last one to be liberated.
The decisive battle is expected to happen around the Venus transit portal on June 5th.  We are already within the timeframe of that decisive turning point. Although the victory of Light is ensured and all negative timelines have been erased, we need to be extremely vigilant.
Archons on the astral plane will continue to exert pressure on the psychological  weak spots of the key players of the positive forces on Earth to create divisions and conflicts between them. This serves their purpose to diffuse our focus into petty quarrels and away from our focused intent of taking down the Cabal. We need to release those conflicts and refocus immediately. Liberation consciousness stream is strong enough to override Archon influence, but they are still powerful enough to create unnecessary delays. Mass arrests of the Cabal are not physical operation only, they need spiritual support so that when they happen, human masses will not panic.
At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states:

The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters

The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.

The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.

The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and the weather pattern of luminosity will begin.

Posted by at 3:42 PM 8th May 2012



Clarification about Archons

This is a continuation of the intel about the Archons with a purpose of clarifying some ambiguities.

All physical and non-physical Reptilians, Draconians, Archons and all other dark entities have been already completely cleared from the whole universe, galaxy and our solar system, except from a small surface layer of planet Earth.

All Reptilians and other dark forces have already been completely cleared from all underground military bases. Those bases are now empty, and their entrances sealed.

You can now only find any dark forces in two places:
The first place is the etheric plane and lower astral plane (4th dimension) in a thin layer around the surface profile of the Earth, extending 8.6 miles in both direction at most. Great majority of those discarnate dark entities are in the immediate surface layer which extends no more than 60 feet in both directions (upwards and downwards from the surface profile). Most of those entities tend to concentrate in heavily populated areas, there are very few entities where pristine nature is preserved. Those dark entities consist of a small group of Archons, a larger group of Draconians, even larger group of Reptilians and vast number of amoeba-like elemental beings. There is a war going on now on the etheric and lower astral plane during which dark entities are being removed by the non-physical light warriors. This etheric and astral liberation operation is known under codename Pandora.

The second and the last place where you can find any dark forces is the physical plane on the surface of planet Earth. Dark forces consist of a few dozens Archons (found mostly in Jesuit circles), a few hundred Draconians (found among Illuminati banking cartel) and a few thousand Reptilians (found in private mercenary armies such as KBR and Academi-former Blackwater). Those beings will be removed with the coming mass arrests.
So there is still a war going on but we are close to victory and the planet will be liberated.

The fact that Archons came from the Andromeda galaxy thousands and in some cases even millions of years ago does not mean that everybody coming from Andromeda is on the dark side. In fact Andromeda galaxy is famous for some very bright heroes of the Light forces.

Leader of the Archons on the physical plane has been arrested on May 5th by the Resistance forces and taken off-planet. He has crossed over to the Light ad is now free-willingly assisting with the planetary liberation process.
Lords of Karma have nothing to do with the Ascended masters. The whole teaching about karma is a disinfo programming attempt from dark force agents that have infiltrated mystery schools in India millennia ago. The purpose of that teaching was to strengthen the control mechanisms of the caste system in ancient India. Lords of Karma are beings on the astral plane that to a great extent dictate the incarnation path of those about to be reincarnated.

Karma was never part of Ascended master teachings. Ascended masters teach about love, forgiveness and liberation. There are no direct Ascended master teachings on Earth right now. All Light teachings available on Earth come from their disciples and all those teachings are biased to a certain extent. Posted by at 5:54 AM


Current Archons Situation Update

Although Reboot of the Grid was very successful, one significant part of the Archons grid on the etheric and astral planes is still intact.
It is a grid that keeps controlling and manipulating human personal relationships for millenia. This grid is the reason for most human conflicts.  It is the main reason for delays in final victory of the Light on this planet. It consists of Archons and their minions on the etheric and astral planes in a thin layer close to Earth’s surface.
The physical counterpart of this grid consists of people deep within the Jesuit network. I would suggest everyone stop focusing so much on Committee of 300 because the real control lies elsewhere. The physical Jesuit Archons are still quite dangerous and the green light for the Event will not be given until those people are cut away from their resources. The Resistance is dealing with the situation and I will post more intel about this when/if it will be declassified.

It is time now to keep dissolving the Archons grid on the etheric and astral planes with a unified meditation this Sunday May 27th. Please use the exact meditation from Reboot of the Grid so our consciousness stream gets unified.
1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.
2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize all negative entities around the Earth being removed from etheric and astral planes along with all their negative spiritual technologies and magical tools and all those entities being escorted into the Light by the non-physical freedom fighters of the Light. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from spiritual slavery, free from all evil Archons, Reptilians, demons, elementals and other negative non-physical beings. Visualize the vibration of the etheric and astral planes getting lighter and brighter until all dark beings are gone and only Light remains.
3. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with angels, fairies, dolphins, unicorns, spiritual guides and other beings of Light inhabiting etheric and astral planes. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source.
Exact times for different time zones are:
9:00 am HAST May 27th (Hawaii)
11:00 am AKDT May 27th (Alaska)
12:00 pm PDT May 27th (Los Angeles)
1:00 pm MDT May 27th (Denver)
2:00 pm CDT May 27th (Houston)
3:00 pm EDT May 27th (New York)
4:00 pm BRT May 27th (Rio de Janeiro)
8:00 pm BST May 27th (London)
9:00 pm CEST May 27th (Paris)
9:00 pm SAST May 27th (South Africa)
10:00 pm EEST May 27th (Bulgaria)
11:00 pm MSK May 27th (Moscow)
12:30 am IST May 28th (India)
3:00 am CST May 28th (Beijing)
4:00 am JST May 28th (Tokyo)
5:00 am AEST May 28th (Sydney)
Main Facebook group for this event:

May 25th 2012


Negotiations Update

I have contacted my sources and they confirmed intel from Drake’s last interview.
Top people inside Positive Military group started having doubts and reservations about the execution of the Mass Arrests scenario in early May as there was an unknown element disturbing their plans. This unknown element turned out to be the Archons, physical and non-physical ones. The original Plan for the Mass Arrests designed by the Positive Military did not include Archons in consideration as their presence was not known to the Positive Military group until recently.

The physical Archons consist of a powerful group inside the Jesuit faction. This group had direct access to nuclear weapons which they were threatening to use if Mass Arrests would commence. As this group was effectively cut away from such access this Tuesday, the Cabal went into panic mode as they had no more leverage to delay their downfall. Therefore they are begging for mercy. They are cornered and they have nothing more to lose. If their only future would be mass arrests and possible execution, the only option they have is to fight an all-out war until their last man falls. If we give them a chance for a peaceful surrender in exchange for a milder treatment after they surrender, they have a motivation to cooperate. I have been present at many negotiations with members of the Cabal and they all follow the same pattern: as long as the bad guys have some power, they will use deceit to your disadvantage as much as they can and as long as they can. When they are finally cornered, most of them become very cooperative and some even genuinely cross over to the Light.

The non-physical Archons could become a real problem in the Mass Arrests scenario. Please understand that Mass Arrests could not happen without the complete reset of the financial system to cut off the Cabal from their remaining financial resources. At the reset, the non-physical Archons would influence people to spread panic, violence, riots, provoke civilians against the military…Things could really get ugly and spin out of control. 

So peaceful surrender of the Cabal is our best option. If the Cabal tries to manipulate the negotiation process, we can still execute the Mass Arrests scenario anytime we want. In case that things then get ugly and escalate into a war, the Resistance has promised to back up the Positive Military and protect the People with their resources and can also send their troops from their deep underground bases to assist the Positive Military as the last resort.
Non-negotiable terms of surrender as suggested by the Resistance:
1. The leading members of the Cabal that are public figures must publicly announce surrender of the Cabal over the mass media until a certain deadline. The latest date suggested by the Resistance is June 21st (summer solstice). If the Cabal does not do this, the Mass Arrests scenario continues.
2. Immediately after that, in the next 24 hours, they must permanently step down from all positions of power. They must give in all their property and resources. They are allowed to keep basic food, clothes and shelter for survival. This will free us to create the future we want, with NESARA, free energy technologies, transparent financial system, non-censored media....
3. They must publicly confess their wrongdoings. Amnesty can then be granted in most cases, with some arrests still taking place.
The reason for polls on this and other websites is for the Positive forces to understand the opinion of the general public so they can perform their negotiations with greater confidence. Therefore it would be great if someone could get those polls to a mainstream website so that opinions of the mainstream population and their reactions to this would be better understood. Human masses have been programmed immensely and they effectively became parts of the Matrix and no one knows how they will react.
Even if all physical Cabal surrenders, you need to understand that by this act alone the non-physical Archons will not be removed. That is a separate issue and it will be dealt with in a different way.

Posted by at 4:31 PM June 7th 2012


The Veil

Time has come for me to release more intel about the Archons as we are entering the period when the destiny of this planet is being decided and people need to be informed so better choices can be made.

About 26,000 years ago, Archons declared this planet to be their property and all beings living on it their hostages and slaves. They have declared this planet to be a quarantine and every space vehicle entering or exiting this planet needed a special permit from the Archons. This is the reason for “non-interference” we hear so much about. The human race was being held hostage by the Archons for all those millennia, and after being held in a closed loop system of reincarnating to the same place over and over again, amnesia and lethargy crept in. The time of amnesia is almost over. After June 21st  this year, the rescue operations coordinated by positive ET races will increase in intensity.

In the past, the only way a human being could escape from the quarantine was through the ascension process, during which he had to release all attachments to all physical, etheric, astral and mental realities where Archons can operate. An alternative option of gaining freedom by being able to travel to other star systems will open to humanity soon as the quarantine dissolves.

The Archons have been sustaining their control with a special technology that is called The Veil. It is an electromagnetic frequency fence on the lower astral and especially on the etheric plane, extending maximally 8.6 miles upwards and downwards from the surface ground level of our planet,  that to a great extent prevents the Light from coming into the quarantine Earth. The Veil is being operated by the non-physical Archons. This technology could be best described as etheric HAARP. This technology distorts the time / space structure on quantum level and thus creates big difficulties for UFO propulsion systems of the positive ET  forces. In the past, this has hindered the progress of the positive ET races towards this planet significantly.

Apart from keeping the good ETs at bay, the Veil has a function of programming / reprogramming the human population and keeping it in the reincarnation / recycling process. I will now state few of the main astral / etheric programs for incarnated humans currently in operation:

1) Lowering of consciousness and light body / merkaba deactivation. This program is maintained with etheric standing wave resonance technology.
2) Blocking of free will and of positive initiative. This program is maintained with etheric infrasound technology. Part of that sound precipitates towards the physical plane and some people can hear it as a very low frequency hum. This was the source of mysterious sounds that people heard in the beginning of 2012 and not the destruction of deep underground military bases, as some sources erroneously reported. Infrasound blocks certain centers in the physical brain and this blocks positive initiative. This infrasound is also the cause of unusual tiredness that many people experience without any apparent reason.
3) Lowering the intelligence. This is done by inducing strong magnetic fields to the etheric brain and to the membrane between the physical and etheric brain and this disturbs the thinking process. This program results in foggy mind, forgetfulness and lack of focus.
4) Inducing disharmony in relationships. This is being done by tampering with the chakras of the etheric body and creating dissonant frequencies on the auric membrane with etheric infrasound. This program results in artificial split between love and sexuality, closing of the heart, overactivity of the mind and disbalance between female and male principles.
5) Inducing poverty. This is being done by projecting poverty holograms / images into the etheric brain.
6) Subculture division. This program operates by targeting different subcultures with specific opposing etheric holographic images and thus creating division among them.
7) Eating patterns / obesity. This program is induced by projecting images of a certain food that creates obesity, into the etheric brain.
8) All-seeing eye. This spy program operates from the etheric plane and monitors all activity of physical beings and then reports this to the non-physical Archons.
9) Implants. These are etheric / astral crystals that were put into the aura of every human being just before the incarnation, as that person needs to descend from the mental / higher astral planes through the lower astral / etheric towards the physical in order to incarnate. Those implants remove the memory of the prior incarnations and are the main reason why we mostly do not remember past lives, nor the Archon entities ruling the planet. Implants are somewhat poetically called the “veil of forgetfulness”.
There were also physical implants. The physical implants were very popular in Atlantis but were discontinued after the fall of Atlantis happened. There was an attempt to reintroduce physical implants after the World War II with physical biochips that were put into the vast majority of human beings through vaccination programs. This is the main reason why WHO has made vaccination mandatory.

Physical biochips reinforced other programming but were successfully completely erased from the human population about two years ago with a special technology that could be operated from a distance, developed by the Resistance Movement. Therefore fears about NWO planning to microchip human population are not based on reality since the population has already been microchipped and those same biochips have also been removed without anybody really noticing.
The Archons have reactivated and renewed The Veil in early 1996 after the mass awakening happened in early 90s that made intervention of the positive ET races on this planet a real possibility. This was done with about 200 nuclear explosions on the lower astral and etheric planes. Those non-physical nuclear explosions have created a rift in the fabric of space / time that has opened dark wormholes through which many reptilian entities invaded planet Earth from outer space and infested its astral and etheric planes. The Veil was reactivated again in December 2004 after the mass awakening to the Goddess presence which happened after the first Venus transit in June 2004 and after some successful operations of the Pleiadian fleet towards liberating this planet. Now, after the second Venus transit in June 2012 the awakening is happening again. This time the Veil can not be reinforced as there are no negative physical or non-physical ET forces in the outer space left to invade our planet. We are thus very close to the final victory.
The success of our mass meditations was such that about 70% of the Veil on the astral plane and about 35% of the Veil on the etheric plane has already been removed. Therefore it is very important that we continue with mass meditations until the work is done completely and the Veil is completely removed. This is scheduled to happen in the 7 months period that started on May 20th/21st at the Reboot of the Grid and will be completed on December 21st, 2012.
Physical Archons and the rest of the physical Cabal may and can be removed long before the Veil is completely gone.
Physical and non-physical Archons have a plan with a codename Doom33 to prevent the mass arrests from happening. According to that plan, when the mass arrests would start, the non-physical Archons would give a signal through occult rituals to top physical Archons inside SMOM (Knights of Malta) and among 33rd degree Freemasons. Those people would then give orders through their links inside the military and alphabet agencies to create as much destruction and havoc as possible. This goes along with the Armageddon End times prophecies that are highly respected among the physical Archons. They would do anything to see those prophecies fulfilled. You do not need to be afraid of those plans as Light forces have detailed plans to prevent most of this from ever happening.
Jesuit physical Archons are still in control of the fuzzy logic artificial intelligence financial system computer program that Benjamin Fulford is speaking about. The Resistance Movement has put a computer virus in that program at the Reboot of the Grid on May 20th/21st and can now reboot the financial system if / when this will be necessary for the operations of the Light forces. 
Jesuit physical Archons lost much power over general population in the March revolution in 1848/1849. Most of them have then moved to lower astral and etheric planes. Those that remained on the physical plane still control humanity indirectly through the Rothschilds. Rothschilds do not operate independently but obey orders from their Jesuit Archon overlords.

Solstice of 2012 is the turning point when many things about the Archons and the planetary situation will be decided. Sheliak timewave novelty graph shows a drastic decrease in entropy until June 21st, which indicates this turning point: 
Posted by at 3:59 PM June 18th 2012



Layers of Conspiracy

At the core of the physical Cabal there is a group of 13 Archons that keep controlling our planet for the last 26,000 years. They are responsible for the fall of Atlantis, for the collapse of peaceful Goddess worshipping neolithic cultures 5000 years ago and for the destruction of the mystery schools in late antiquity. They are the ones that maintain the quarantine and keep humanity hostage so that the positive ETs could not intervene until now. They are mostly incarnated into key positions inside the Italian black nobility.

Their leader was arrested in Rome on May 5th, removed from this planet and taken to the Galactic Central Sun immediately. He was the one that many members of the Cabal were worshipping in their distorted rituals, so now they are worshipping something that does not exist any longer.

About 2500 years ago, the Archons created a special task group and infiltrated it into the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt:


This task group was responsible for mind programming and mass control of humanity through organized religions in the last 2500 years. After the death of Cleopatra, their power was transferred from Ptolemaic bloodline towards Julio-Claudean dynasty in Rome, then to Flavians, then to Constantinian dynasty, then to Theodosian dynasty and then to Byzantine Giustiniani family. After the middle ages, members of this group incarnated mostly into positions of power within the Italian black nobility families. The Resistance has taken strong actions against this group in 2010 and it lost a lot of its power then.

Anyway, this group has created the Jesuits and Jesuits are running the show on this planet for the last 500 years as you can read in this fairly accurate, although a little outdated report:



Please note that Hans Kolvenbach is the old black Pope, the new one is Adolfo Nicolas.

This is how the Jesuits run the USA corporation:


Rothschilds are the bankers for the Jesuits in the last two centuries. The most influential are: Jacob de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, David de Rothschild and lately also Nathaniel Philip de Rothschild.

The Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction is a Jesuit creation of the 20th century with a purpose to hinder and misuse the technological and scientific progress of humanity:


The key players of the Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction are: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Herbert Walker Bush (George Scherf Jr.), Dick Cheney, Jay Rockefeller, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz.

Posted by Cobra at 3:37 PM 15 July 2012

Re-Posted Facebook on 28/03/2014 at 1858 PM



Explosion of Light

We are slowly approaching the Event horizon.  The Event horizon is the exit point of the black hole of quarantine Earth. When we exit the black hole, there will be an explosion of Light.
This means an end of quarantine status for planet Earth and end of darkness in this universe. 

The quarantine was created by the dark forces 26,000 years ago and NOT by the Galactic Confederation. The Confederation would never lock up human race on an isolated planet.

What maintains the quarantine is quantum anomaly . Quantum anomaly is a distortion of time-space continuum on quantum level (called “error” in ancient gnostic texts). Quantum anomaly presents a difficulty for positive ET travel technologies. Positive ETs are not gods, they have their own limitations. Else they would liberate humanity long time ago.

The main structure that keeps humanity in third dimension are etheric implants. They form a network of black hole wormholes that was created by the Archons 26,000 years ago and strengthened with Magdalenian Archons invasion 16,000 years ago. Those black holes contain reptilians and their technology on etheric plane and they are being intensively purified by the Light forces right now. Etheric and astral black holes also contain a dark sepia ink elemental essence. That ink-like essence is what people call darkness because it absorbs etheric / astral light. When this ink is completely removed there will be an explosion of Light on non-physical planes.

By keeping the implants inside strong etheric electromagnetic fields eternity loops are created. Eternity loops are distortions of space-time continuum that give an impression that quarantine will last forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. The quarantine will be dissolved immediately when those electromagnetic fields are switched off and the Archons operating them are removed.

Another main structure is a special Archon technology on the etheric plane. They are projection chambers that project certain images / emotional states that are not ours on our outer auric membrane. So other people feel this projected image and not our true state. This is the source of most conflicts / projections in human relationships. When this technology is removed, people  will suddenly find much more harmony in their relationships.
The last main factor of the quarantine is the ordinary (mundane) reality. This reality system is an artificial creation of the Cabal and most people buy into this reality frame without questioning it. The Cabal spends about three billion dollars daily to keep the illusion of the ordinary reality running. It does this by suppressing all real UFO evidence and free energy technologies and by maintaining nine to five job slavery for humanity. You can transcend the ordinary reality frame by adopting shamanic point of view of creating your own reality. By consciously creating your own reality bubble you help disintegrating the quarantine.

There is a special joint operation of the Resistance Movement, the Pleiadians and other positive ET races that dismantles the quarantine. I will be able to report more on this operation when certain conditions are met.
August and September are months of much background activity, but immediate results may not be visible. I suggest everybody to remain patient and calm within this time period, especially in September with another Uranus / Pluto square.
For those concerned with the Olympics false flag event, there is no reason to be afraid. All activities of the Cabal around the Olympics are closely monitored by the Resistance Movement. It is extremely unlikely that any major negative event will happen then.
Posted by at 12:24 PM July 26th 2012


More details of how the etheric arcon grid controls us and delays the Event

Etheric Archon Grid

After the successful opening of the Portal on December 21st, the etheric Archon grid is the main factor delaying the Event. If the Event was triggered, the etheric Archons would influence everyone involved: the surface Light forces carrying out the Event, the general population as well as the Cabal and all this would turn the Event into a disaster.
Etheric Archon grid must be removed to a great extent for the Event to happen. For the Light forces to be more successful in removing the etheric Archon grid, more awareness of its existence is needed among the general population.

Etheric  Archon grid is present in a thin layer that extends 8.6 miles upwards into the sky from the surface profile of our planet and also 8.6 miles downwards from the surface profile into the Earth's crust. The backbone of the etheric  Archon grid is a network of etheric hyperdimensional black hole wormholes which contain billions upon billions of reptilian and amoeba-like entities. When the Light from the Galactic central sun hits the wormholes, they cough up those entities who in turn begin to attack any Light beings they can find, those in incarnation and those on the non-physical planes. This is the reason of energy attacks that many lightworkers and light warriors are experiencing. The non-physical Light forces can remove the released negative entities after some time and teleport them into the Galactic central sun, but until then usually some damage is done already. Again, if more awareness is present about what is really going on, the Light forces will be more effective in protecting us and removing those negative entities.


The etheric  Archon grid is controlled by a very small group of etheric Archons who give their orders to millions of etheric Draconians (sector commanders), those to billions of reptilians (warriors) and those to amoebas (semi-conscious elemental beings that just obey orders without questioning). 
The Archons control the grid with advanced etheric technology. The whole etheric plane within the 17.2 mile layer controlled by the Archons is permeated with strong electromagnetic field chambers that can distort space-time structure according to the program of the etheric mainframe computer program which directs the flow of etheric energies worldwide in a way that controls humanity the most. These chambers detect all positive thoughts and emotions and if these are too powerful, the chambers  send a signal to the etheric mainframe computer which then tightens the grid of distorted electromagnetic field around the person experiencing positivity, effectively shutting it down. If this is not enough, it activates additional ELF chambers with a low frequency infrasound hum that suppresses the person, with additional electric pulses sent into the solar plexus chakra to shortcircuit the kundalini energy, shutting it down. This is sometimes combined with strong electromagnetic fields around the third eye chakra, disorienting the mind and making the person sleepy or almost drugged. Along with that, strong negative thoughtforms are projected, constantly bombarding  the mind of the person.

Apart from all that, every person in incarnation has an energy amoeba parasite attached to the solar plexus area, which tries to control the emotional life of that person. It also connects with amoeba parasites in other persons, orchestrating conflicts.
Etheric Archons transmit data from the etheric mainframe computer into the physical Black Box which is in possession of one of the main Italian black nobility families and is connected with the physical mainframe computer of the Cabal (»the Beast«) and then linked to mainframe computers inside NSA. Although the Light forces have managed to put a computer virus into the Black Box, this virus has not been as successful as we have hoped.

Etheric Archons are very allergic to a few things. First to the energy of Love, especially to Love between a man and a woman. When they see a happy couple, they want to destroy the Love between them, because that Love gives the power to the non-physical Light forces to remove the etheric Archons and their minions.
Second, they are allergic to healthy sexual energy. They suppress this energy in the human population, and when they are not successful in suppressing it, they pervert it. Sexual energy is the life force itself and when they succeed in suppressing it, they get a sheeple population on the surface of the planet that can easily be controlled.
Third, they are allergic to energies of positive ET civilizations and energies of the Ascended Masters. They try to suppress, distort and manipulate these energies whenever possible. 
Etheric  Archon grid is present around this planet for the last 26,000 years and was greatly reinforced during Congo Archon invasion in 1996 when it was strengthened by many reptilian entities from our Galaxy and from the Andromeda galaxy as well. In late 1995, Archons became afraid that the Galactic Confederation will make real contact with the surface population of this planet and they reinforced the grid to prevent that. Most of those reinforcements have already been cleared away into the Galactic central sun and there are special plans created by the Light forces that I am not yet allowed to speak about, for those reptilians remaining. 
I am not describing all this to frighten you, but to bring awareness into a situation that is happening to many people right now so that we can transform it.
Goddes Vortex technology, combined with our awareness, will dissolve the etheric Archon grid. I will dedicate a separate blog post to the Goddess Vortex technology, describing it in detail. 
I have recieved instructions to create something called the Etheric Liberation. It will be a facebook group where members will report Archons' influence and energy attacks upon them and other members of the group will send them healing and support. This is how we will maintain the awareness of the situation. Hereby I am asking the right person to step forward to create and moderate the Etheric Liberation facebook group and I will give him/her further instructions.

Apart from that, I am also asking people with advanced expertise in healing of post-traumatic stress, in soul retrieval, in energy protection and in exorcism (negative entity removal) to contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com, detailing their area and level of expertise. We are creating a core group team to finaly start dealing with the situation.
The Pleiadians have asked me not to release the Ascension plan until the etheric Archon situation is properly adressed. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Anyway, Victory of the Light! Posted by at 3:01 PM 03/01/2013



Location of three main etheric body implants in humans

Planetary Situation Update: Etheric Plane

There is a massive clearing of the etheric plane in progress in the last few months and it was accelerated even further after the successful activation of the Peace Portal on August 25th. As a direct result of that, all implant hemispheres have been removed on September 8th. I will describe in detail what remains to be cleared. There is still a very small group of main etheric Archons which continues to exert control on the reincarnation process and still continues to trigger weak spots of incarnated humans through their remote control operated etheric scalar implant technology. 

There are three implants in the etheric body auric field of each incarnated human. They are small etheric black holes which are put into a rotating etheric scalar electromagnetic field with a rotational frequency of 6.666 Hz. This is a resonant frequency which tends to suppress human emotions and free will initiative.
You can see the location of these implants inside the etheric body of every incarnated human being here: see picture;
Two implants in the frontal lobe of the etheric brain compromise free will / decision making process and tend to block individual connection with the Source. This is done done with rotating electromagnetic scalar chambers around the two implants, enhanced with etheric ultrasound scalar waves. The purpose of the ultrasound scalar waves is to scan the etheric brain of the individual and deduct many of his thought processes through fuzzy logic computer program. Also, it can immediately detect any kind of positive ET contact with that individual and then it promptly triggers protocols to shut that contact down.

One implant at the etheric solar plexus membrane suppresses emotions and sexual energy and is thus used to control sheeple. Its rotating scalar electromagnetic chamber, enhanced with infrasound scalar waves generates electric current which short-circuits the kundalini. When this implant will clear, kundalini in human masses will arise and we will have a worldwide liberating revolution.

The Archons use their scalar projector beam technology to project thoughtforms and elementals into implants. The rotating scalar electromagnetic field around the implants serves as an accretion disk which pushes outside elementals through the event horizon into the implant's black hole.

Folds in the quantum foam spacetime anomaly of the etheric plane still hide small black holes which are prevented from evaporating with rotating scalar etheric electromagnetic fields. These black holes contain reptilians who are sitting there in a quantum superposition state. When the scalar electromagnetic field is removed, those black holes evaporate immediately and  the reptilians are removed promptly by the Light forces.

The Resistance Movement is working to hack the computer program which controls the implants in the etheric mainframe computer of the Archons. When this is done, the Resistance Movement will be able to shut down the scalar field around the implants and then the implants and corresponding black holes in folds of etheric spacetime continuum will evaporate fast and finally true Light will arrive to planet Earth. 

The Resistance has already hacked that program once on November 9th, 2003, the day of the Harmonic Concordance:

In the months following that, the etheric implants were disintegrating fast and that resulted in mass awakening of the Goddess presence on the planet in 2004. However, the Archons  managed to reprogram the implants and the new version of the etheric implant program was activated on December 25th, 2004. This put a huge stress on the etheric plane around the Earth in general. That etheric pressure disturbed the tectonic plates and triggered a massive Sumatra earthquake and tsunami on the very next day.

After December 21st, 2012, the Resistance has managed to break into the etheric mainframe computer of the Archons but the particular program regarding implants has not been hacked yet. We are hoping that this will happen in the next few months. 

To accelerate this process, the Resistance has requested as many people as possible join our Weekly Liberation Meditations:


If you receive unwanted attention from negative non-physical beings, you can protect yourself with this simple technique, which has been given to humanity directly from the spiritual groups within the White Dragon Society:
1. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun, descending and encompassing your body and continuing down to the center of the Earth.
2. Visualize a mirror at the outer edge of the pillar of Light, circularly embracing you and reflecting all negativity outwards away from you, back to where it came from, and it gets annihilated there.
Victory of the Light is near!

Posted by at 1:43 PM October 15th 2013



Fall of the Archons Update

There is a certain important operation of the Light forces taking place behind the scenes under strictest secrecy. Insiders have been instructed to release no significant intel until this is completed. That is the reason why apparently »nothing« is happening, except for usual Fukushima and Dinar / RV hype.    The only thing I can say about this operation is that it is related to removal of all remaining Archons from the planet and also related to removing the real cause that allowed darkness to spread across the Galaxy millions of years ago in the first place. 

On the physical plane, the current Archon leader is now living in a small provincial city not too far from Rome. He came to Earth in 1995 through a portal in a deep underground military base near Verona to prevent the Ascension and planetary liberation process which was in full force then, and to prepare and organize the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. Obviously he does not belong to old Italian black nobility. But he is very well connected with them and with the Jesuit network through the following three main communication nodes:
His role now is to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth and to »prevent certain things from happening«.

Map Room from 16th Century + Antarctica, which was officially »discovered« in the 1770s.

The main Archon black nobility families still worth noticing are Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini and Chigi. 

The Farnese family is the main architect of the Cabal as they have created the Jesuits with a little help of the Borja family back in the 1540s. Immediately after that, they have built their first Pentagon in Caprarola near Rome:

In their »map room« inside that building they have shaped the destiny of the world during 16th and 17th centuries: 
It is interesting to note that the world map from the 16th century shows Antarctica, which was officially »discovered« in the 1770s. Around that time the Farnese have decided to use Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to create Illuminati, elevate the Rothschilds to power and move the Farnese seat of power to Washington, DC. They have built their second Pentagon there. It is also interesting to see that Larry Farnese, a member of the family, is a senator:

The Orsini family has a very strong connection with the Reptilian race and is the main connecting link between the physical and non-physical Archons. They are the ones who created the pact between the Reptilian race and the Roman Catholic Church. Long time ago, their main portal was in the underground tunnels beneath Pitigliano. That system of tunnels went all the way to Orvieto and in underground chambers beneath Orvieto they have stored the Vatican gold. The Orsini family lost a lot of their power in May 2010 in a major operation of the Light forces codenamed Mission Blue Shield. 

The Aldobrandini family contains members of the original group which chose to experience separation from the Source millions of years ago. They have in their possession secret documents about the existence of Atlantis and fragments of rituals of Atlantean mystery schools. This family is aware of the importance of the Goddess energy. There is a certain fact about this family that will be made public after the Event and will surprise many people.

The Chigi family are bankers for the Jesuits and they control Banca Monte dei Paschi de Siena. As I have stated over a month ago, the Eastern Alliance is disrupting their financial machinations and here are the results:
All these families are losing power rapidly and the Cabal is losing support that was covering their backs for centuries. Besides that, the Cabal is now worried about this:

{Therese Z here; see diagram G2 cloud top of the page}

This is the reason many people within the Cabal structure are preparing for the end of the current civilization and building shelters. All high level intel about Galactic Center activity, especially in the March to May timeframe,  must remain classified for now. 
The Eastern Alliance is making big progress, especially in China, removing Cabal minions from positions of power and reforming the system:
Certain operation of the Light forces will be completed in a week or so and things will begin to move forward and more intel and good news might be released soon.

On the non-physical planes, removal of Archons, their minions and their technologies continues. One of areas where good progress was made is the removal of etheric infrasound technology which suppresses human vibrational frequency.

More than two thirds of that technology have been removed in the last month. Etheric scalar devices can produce physical infrasound that can be measured. In two independent measurements of the ambient sound in nature you can see that ambient infrasound up to 100 Hz goes up to 35 dB above the ambient sound in other frequencies. You can also see a curious ultrasound peak at 10 kHz in one measurement and 15 kHz in the other. They correspond to etheric ultrasound network which scans the brain activity:

The intensity of the etheric infrasound and ultrasound is set to remain just below the hearing threshold of an average human being to avoid people becoming curious about it and realizing that something strange is going on. You can see that perceived human hearing graph looks quite similar to the graphs above:

{Therese Z here; the graph to the left here is the one referred to as 'above' and the perceived human hearing graph is the one below left to this text}

Perceived Human Hearing Graph

Some people are still able to hear that infrasound and some even the ultrasound frequencies and many researchers call this the Taos hum. This hum was recorded with a professional sound equipment and it sounds like this:
Removal of these technologies and structures requires a lot of hard work of the Light forces, as the Archons were improving their non-physical control networks for the last 25,000 years. It will take much less than 25,000 years to dismantle all this, but do not be discouraged if a month or two passes without any visible breakthroughs. There will be results soon enough and in the meantime you can read this very informative article:

Posted by at 1:48 PM January 12th 2014

Here follow three articles about the Jesuits. The first is from Cobra and I have compiled the others with information from him and other reliable

sources. The Jesuits have already been introduced in many of the above 9 articles about the archons.

The Jesuit Agenda

The Jesuit agenda is to infiltrate the Eastern Alliance with its agents and hijack the process of creating the new financial system. Needless to say, top people within the Eastern Alliance are aware of this and will not let it happen. Also, top members of the White Dragon Society have learned their lesson after their predecessors were fooled decades ago when they surrendered much of their gold to Jesuit agents for worthless pieces of paper (US government bonds). The White Dragons are much more careful now, especially as the Jesuits are trying to infiltrate them through Te-Wu, the Chinese secret intelligence agency.

The Jesuit plan is to let the Light forces purge the Illuminazi faction (Rockefeller, Bush, Kissinger, Cheney & Co.) and then secretly team up with the Rothschilds to take over the process of creating the new financial system. Their agents are present on endless negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal and they are trying to steer the agreements closer to the Jesuit agenda. This is the source of proposals to make the Pope the new M1 (monetary controller). This is the reason why the new Jesuit Pope is promoting the idea of a central world bank. They are also seriously considering the idea of allowing a worldwide debt jubilee so that they would be portrayed as saviours of humanity under the wings of »benevolent« Catholic church. They would then promote the Catholic cult in a renewed, more publicly appealing way, and gradually absorb other religions into it (starting with Buddhism) until they would reach their goal of a global religious mind programming cult, at the same time keeping all past atrocities of the Catholic church under the carpet.

Through special compartmentalized CIA programs they have infiltrated the truther movement to the point that about 70% of intel in alternative media is disinfo coming directly or indirectly from Jesuit sources. I have a list of people and groups inside the truther / liberation movement that are either under direct Jesuit control or are manipulated by the Jesuits and it may or may not be released in the near future.

The Jesuits are working under the command of the Archons to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth. It is good to know that the Jesuit organization is a 16th century creation of the Farnese family, which is one of the most powerful papal Black Nobility families in Italy.

One of the reasons the Jesuits have created WW2 was to orchestrate a worldwide gold grab to finance their black budget programs to maintain the quarantine status of our planet (secret space program, deep underground military bases). Operation Golden Lily was a Jesuit operation and general Yamashita was a puppet in the hands of the Jesuits:


Black Popes Adolfo Nicholas (current ~ left) Peter Hans Kolvenbach (former)

It is good now to mention the role of the Positive Templars in the Jesuit downfall. Through a strategically brilliant move they temporarily sided with their arch-enemies Rothschilds and together they triggered the March revolution in 1848 and 1849 through Memphis-Misraim Egyptian freemasonry groups in Italy, France and Hungary. These were the only main freemasonry groups that were not infiltrated by Jesuits by then. 

The March revolution in Europe has significantly lessened the power of the Jesuits as it decreased the influence of the Black Nobility, removed feudalism and accelerated the slavery abolition process worldwide. The living conditions for many humans started to improve. Also, the focus of humanity started to shift from emotionally based Jesuit religious control into the mind, which was further promoted with advance of science and universal education. 
Needles to say, the temporary alliance between the Positive Templars and the Rothschilds was over as soon as the March revolution has ended. 

It is interesting to note that the March revolution was financed with gold bullion which would now be worth only about $10 million. Organizing a drastic world change does not need to be very expensive. 
Now the Positive Templars are creating a much more powerful alliance with another, much more positive group and together they will eradicate the Jesuit power from the surface of this planet forever. 
Currently the Jesuits are the main operational task force for the Archons to maintain the quarantine status for planet Earth.

Their previous superior general Hans Peter Kolvenbach {see photograph} is instrumental in keeping the fear vibration among humanity on the surface of this planet. He is the mastermind behind the 911 (Twin Towers) and 311 (Fukushima) false flag attacks and the main engineering force behind the Syria conflict. He is conveniently living in Lebanon, very close to Syrian border. 
Papal adviser Heinz (Henry) Kissinger created PI-40, a clandestine group which is now the main Jesuit-controlled force for preventing positive ET contact:

The real reason why the Jesuits created CIA, NSA, NRO and NGA was to monitor and evaluate the threat that positive ET races pose to the their empire. 
Main purpose of CIA is to install Jesuit-friendly political regimes throughout the planet and especially to dictate their policy regarding positive ETs. The main programming center of the Jesuits is Georgetown university in Washington:

It might be interesting to note that many CIA directors went through Jesuit programming there. George Tenet, who was a CIA director at the time of the 911 false flag, was a Georgetown university graduate. David Petraues, who was a CIA director a few years ago, completed a military fellowship at Georgetown university. Previous CIA director Michael Morell is a Georgetown post-graduate. Current CIA director John O. Brennan received a B.A. from Fordham university, another major Jesuit programming center. 
Also secretaries of defense like to visit Georgetown a lot. Donald Rumsfeld, who was a secretary of defense during the 911 false flag, attended Georgetown (he was not good at school though). Robert Gates, who was a secretary of defense between 2006 and 2011, achieved his Ph. D. at Georgetown. Chuck Hagel, the current secretary of defense, was a professor at Georgetown. The role of secretaries of defense is to strengthen the negative military under Jesuit control. Until 2004 their role was also to oversee the process of creation of deep underground military bases. After 2004, all those bases were cleared by the Resistance.  
The main purpose of NSA is to monitor ALL electronic communications on the planet without exceptions and intercept, analyze and evaluate all messages that would indicate a contact with benevolent ET intelligence or with the Resistance as any trace of that contact would pose a perceived threat to the Jesuit empire. 
The main purpose of NRO is to constantly monitor the surface of our planet and its vicinity for any trace of positive ET contact. If any such contact occurs, the NRO then notifies the negative military which then removes that positive ET contact one way or another as it perceives it as threat to the Jesuit empire. 
The main purpose of NGA is to map the surface of the planet in detail as to control it completely.

10 FEMA regions within the United States:

The power structure of the Jesuits in the USA looks like this:


Apart from people mentioned above I would like to mention Leon Panetta, who was both a secretary of defense and CIA director and was programmed at the Santa Clara Jesuit university.
Janet Napolitano, who was a head of DHS until recently, graduated from the same Jesuit university. 

You might also want to look at the map of 10 FEMA regions within the United States:

And compare it to the map of 10 Jesuit provinces within the US:

To clarify, I did not reveal the Jesuit agenda to install fear, but to inform and bring awareness to the situation. There are Light forces at work and they will NOT allow the Jesuit agenda to be successful.

Victory of the Light is near.

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Helena Blavatsky

Knowledge of the Dangers of Jesuits was Spread in the1880’s Through the Work of Helena Blavatsky Channelling Master Kuthumi - Founding the Theosophical Movement

Helena Blavatsky Knowledge of the Dangers of Jesuits was Spread in the1880’s Through the Work of Helena Blavatsky Channelling the Master Kuthumi and Founding the Theosophical Movement

Please take heed of these words of warning about the Jesuits from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through the channel Helena Blavatsky over 120 years ago. Please read this and understand how deep the evil runs in this group – all the while remembering that we are here alluding to the ‘core’ Jesuit group running our planet which is approximately 10% of the Jesuits.

“The Society of Jesus {The Jesuits} is the insatiable monster feeding on the brain and marrow of humanity, and developing an incurable cancer on every spot of healthy flesh it touches,” according to the Master K.H. in Letter No. XXX of “The Mahatma Letters”.

Before the pure original Theosophical Movement was watered down and censured by the writings of C.W. Leadbeater, Alice Bailey and Annie Besant, the work of Helena Blavatsky who channelled several of the Ascended Masters, mainly Kuthumi, gave ample warning for the evil and manipulation perpetuated by The Jesuits.
One learns through her work that it is impossible to know when, where and how the Jesuits are to be found. They infiltrate their evil ideas/lies everywhere. They have spies in every social stratum from the richest to the poorest.
I recently found a link on Galactic Connection from an English Theosophical group, provided here, from which I have taken the following §quotes to show the warnings that the Ascended Masters have attempted to convey to us through the clear channelling work of Helena Blavatsky, founder of the original Theosophical Movement.

§ One subject freely spoken and written about in the days of the original Theosophical Movement was that of the Jesuits, otherwise known as the Society of Jesus, a controversial religious order within the Roman Catholic Church and founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola.

§ Strangely – or perhaps not so strangely, when the facts are examined – nothing was ever said about them or against them by later leaders of the Adyar Theosophical Society such as Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater or by Adyar Theosophist Alice Bailey who went on to found her own organisation, the Lucis Trust.

§ Purposely suppressing, criticising, altering, depreciating and distorting the teachings and work of Madame Blavatsky after her death, Besant (who had previously been married to a Church of England minister) and Leadbeater (who had previously been a Church of England priest) deliberately turned the attention and focus of the Theosophical Society away from the Eastern esoteric philosophy which had originally characterised it and towards a peculiar form of psychically inspired Christianity.

§ What do H.P. Blavatsky and the Masters actually have to say about the Jesuits? There is a whole section about them in the second volume of HPB’s first book “Isis Unveiled,” in which known facts, quotations, and references regarding them and their activities are presented alongside emphatic statements and pieces of information provided by some of the Masters and Adepts who aided her in the writing of the book.

§ There we are informed that the Roman Catholic Church is today almost completely under the control of the Jesuits, who are “the hidden enemy that would-be reformers must encounter and overcome.”

§ HPB also quotes from Mackenzie’s “Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia,” which says about the Jesuits that “The Order has secret signs and passwords, according to the degrees to which the members belong, and as they wear no particular dress, it is very difficult to recognize them, unless they reveal themselves as members of the Order; for they may appear as Protestants or Catholics, democrats or aristocrats, infidels or bigots, according to the special mission with which they are entrusted. Their spies are everywhere, of all apparent ranks of society, and they may appear learned and wise, or simple or foolish, as their instructions run. There are Jesuits of both sexes, and of all ages, and it is a well-known fact that members of the Order, of high family and delicate nurture, are acting as menial servants in Protestant families, and doing other things of a similar nature in aid of the Society’s purposes. We cannot be too much on our guard, for the whole Society, being founded on a law of unhesitating obedience, can bring its force on any given point with unerring and fatal accuracy.”

§ “The Jesuits …we will point out what they did in what is now called Freemasonry. This Brotherhood does possess a considerable portion of the symbolism, formulae, and ritual of Occultism, handed down from time immemorial from the primeval Initiations. To render this Brotherhood a mere harmless negation, the Jesuits sent some of their most able emissaries into the Order, who first made the simple brethren believe that the true secret was lost with Hiram Abiff; and then induced them to put this belief into their formularies. They then invented specious but spurious higher degrees, pretending to give further light upon this lost secret, to lead the candidate on and amuse him with forms borrowed from the real thing but containing no substance, and all artfully contrived to lead the aspiring Neophyte to nowhere.

And yet men of good sense and abilities, in other respects, will meet at intervals, and with solemn face, zeal and earnestness, go through the mockery of revealing “substituted secrets” instead of the real thing.”

§ “What was the origin of that order? It may be stated in a few words. In the year 1534, on August 16th, an ex-officer and “Knight of the Virgin,” from the Biscayan Provinces, and the proprietor of the magnificent castle of Casa Solar – Ignatius Loyola, became the hero of the following incident. In the subterranean chapel of the Church of Montmartre, surrounded by a few priests and students of theology, he received their pledges to devote their whole lives to the spreading of Roman Catholicism by every and all means, whether good or foul; and he was thus enabled to establish a new Order. Loyola proposed to his six chief companions that their Order should be a militant one, in order to fight for the interests of the Holy seat of Roman Catholicism.


Two means were adopted to make the object answer; the education of youth, and proselytism (apostolat). This was during the reign of Pope Paul III, who gave his full sympathy to the new scheme. Hence in 1540 was published the famous papal bull – Regimini militantis Ecclesiae (the regiment of the warring, or militant Church) – after which the Order began increasingly rapidly in numbers and power.”

§ Today the Society of Jesus numbers around 20,000 members throughout the world. Since there are various levels and degrees of the Order, the average Jesuit no doubt has no idea whatsoever of the true nature of the association to which he belongs and is most probably a good, sincere, and perfectly harmless and decent person.

§ Loyola’s opening statement in the fundamental charter of the Order declares:
“Whoever desires to serve as a soldier of God beneath the banner of the Cross in our Society, which we desire to be designated by the Name of Jesus, and to serve the Lord alone and the Church, his spouse, under the Roman Pontiff, the Vicar of Christ on earth, should, after a solemn vow of perpetual chastity, poverty and obedience, keep what follows in mind. He is a member of a Society founded chiefly for this purpose: to strive especially for the defence and propagation of the faith and for the progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine, by means of public preaching, lectures and any other ministration whatsoever of the Word of God, and further by means of retreats, the education of children and unlettered persons in Christianity, and the spiritual consolation of Christ’s faithful through hearing confessions and administering the other sacraments. Moreover, he should show himself ready to reconcile the estranged, compassionately assist and serve those who are in prisons or hospitals, and indeed, to perform any other works of charity, according to what will seem expedient for the glory of God and the common good.”

§ Niccolini, however, wrote that “There is also a secret class, known only to the General and a few faithful Jesuits, which, perhaps more than any other contributed to the dreaded and mysterious power of the Order.”
Throughout the centuries a whole mass of evidence has been amassed in every nation and even in the Catholic Church itself by priests who have dared to speak out and expose the evil, that the public front of the Jesuits is indeed just that – a public front. In one part of the Jesuit “Extreme Oath of Induction,” the Superior is required to say the following to the would-be initiate:
“My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a Reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant; and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope. You have been taught to plant insidiously the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and to incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace; to take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means. You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and the judiciaries and councils of state, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope’s sake, whose servants we are unto death. You have received all your instructions heretofore as a novice, a neophyte, and have served as co-adjurer, confessor and priest, but you have not yet been invested with all that is necessary to command in the Army of Loyola in the service of the Pope. You must serve the proper time as the instrument and executioner as directed by your superiors; for none can command here who has not consecrated his labours with the blood of the heretic; for “without the shedding of blood no man can be saved”.”

§ And if that be thought so incredible as to seem implausible or impossible, bear in mind that Alberto Rivera, who escaped from the Jesuit Order in 1967, confirmed that the text of this particular oath was identical to the above. The oath is also quoted by Charles Didier in his book “Subterranean Rome,” published in 1843 as well as being recorded in February 1913 in the Journals of the 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record, from which it was later torn out, never to be seen again.

Black Pope Adolfo Nicolas Jesuit Leader

§ There is a very profound and emphatic letter published by Theosophical University Press in the book “The Letters of H.P. Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett,” in which the Jesuits are unhesitatingly called “the enemies of the human race.”

§ We quote here some of the most interesting and important parts of that letter, which deals solely with the subject of the Jesuits…
“Their plottings have a much wider scope and embrace a minuteness of detail and care of which the world in general has no idea. Everything is done by them to bring the mass of mankind again to the state of passive ignorance which they well know is the only one which can help them to the consummation of their purpose of Universal Despotism.”
“In former times, at least, no country has better and more successfully withstood the encroachments and treacherous designs of Popery than England. Consequently, there is no country the Jesuits would so much like to dismember and destroy.”
“They have openly avowed they will put an end, at any rate, a stop to the wheels of the English political machine by making converts of her chief men. All the world knows they have secured a few of the richest, noblemen and others.”
“These particulars are given that not only Occultists, but also Nations, Communities and individuals may be aware and forewarned against what we have no hesitation in saying are the enemies of the human race. It is generally known that the College of Jesuits is at Rome. It is not so well known that virtually, for some years, their Head Quarters are in London and were so even before they were expelled from Republican France. They then flocked to England in greater numbers and were allowed to come, the English showing their usual apathy.”
“Students of Occultism should know that while the Jesuits have by their devices, contrived to make the world in general, and Englishmen in particular, think there is no such thing as Magic and laugh at Black Magic, these astute and wily schemers themselves hold magnetic circles and form magnetic chains by the concentration of their collective WILL, when they have any special object to effect, or any particular and important person to influence. Again, they use their riches lavishly also to help them in any project. Their wealth is enormous.”
“The time may come, when their wealth will be violently taken from them for the poor, and they themselves mercilessly left to be destroyed amidst the general execrations of all Nations and peoples. There is a Nemesis called KARMA, tho’ often it allows evil-doers to go on successfully for centuries. Meanwhile, who has ears – “let him hear”.”

§ Although this letter was written over 120 years ago, the main facts of the matter will not have changed since then. If we give any credence at all to H.P. Blavatsky and to the Masters who trained her, taught her, and sent her to the West on her Theosophical mission, then we would do well to think twice before laughingly dismissing or forgetting about such notions as the Jesuits being the “enemies of the human race.”

The Society of Jesus is “the insatiable monster feeding on the brain and marrow of humanity, and developing an incurable cancer on every spot of healthy flesh it touches,” according to the Master K.H. In Letter No. XXX of “The Mahatma Letters” he writes these very serious and powerful words, contrasting the Masters of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood and their ways of training disciples with the methods of the Jesuit Masters…
“As I once said before, they know that what they teach is a lie; and we know that what we impart is truth, the only truth and nothing but the truth. They work for the greater power and glory (!) of their order; we – for the power and final glory of individuals, of isolated units, of humanity in general, and we are content, nay forced – to leave our Order and its chiefs entirely in the shade. They work, and toil, and deceive, for the sake of worldly power in this life; we work and toil, and allow our chelas to be temporarily deceived, to afford them means never to be deceived hereafter, and to see the whole evil of falsity and untruth, not alone in this but in many of their after lives. They – the Jesuits sacrifice the inner principle, the Spiritual brain of the ego, to feed and develop the better the physical brain of the personal evanescent man, sacrificing the whole humanity to offer it as a holocaust to their Society – the insatiable monster feeding on the brain and marrow of humanity, and developing an incurable cancer on every spot of healthy flesh it touches. We – the criticized and misunderstood Brothers – we seek to bring men to sacrifice their personality – a passing flash – for the welfare of the whole humanity, hence for their own immortal Egos, a part of the latter, as humanity is a fraction of the integral whole, that it will one day become. They are trained to deceive; we – to undeceive.”

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3] The Jesuits the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and Their Different Roles


by Therese Z Sumner

I compiled this article for my blog to support my readers broader understandinmg of the diverse roles of these three groups

The Jesuits – The Rothschilds and The Rockefellers

If you read Cobra’s blog this morning then you will understand completely that time is soon coming to an end for the power that these groups have held. For those among my readers on this blog that may not be familiar with the connections between these groups I have compiled the following information.
When you listened to the interview recently with Karen Hudes the World Bank Attorney did you know what she was referring to when she said that the ‘spy’ organisations like the CIA and the FBI were under the control of the Vatican?

This is an attempt to give a broader view of the three main Cabal groups that have been running things on this planet for a long long time. Before I even get started, I must make the following very clear. When I write about these groups of people the information, I am providing here does not concern all individuals within these various groups. I am giving you information about the core groups within these groups. In the case of the Jesuits that might be comprised of 9-11% of those in this group.

The information that is gathered here comes mainly from Cobra’s blog Portal 2012. The following 3 headings of information come from The Event page information on my site Veritas Galactic Sweden.

¤ The Jesuit Faction. Mostly found in the Catholic Jesuit group worldwide. Their ‘work’ is mind control – the control of the people. They have the religious indoctrination of sin and hell and are behind many operations to control populations. They have controlled education.

¤ The Rothschild Faction. They manage the money for the Jesuits. This Cabal faction has totally infiltrated modern medicine; one example is vaccinations. We have been genetically altered through vaccines. The idea behind the Rothschild idea of medicine is to keep us all as working slaves. There are cures and healing for everything. This will all be released and balanced very soon.
The W.H.O. which is Rothschild based, developed vaccinations in the Nazi concentration camps during WW2. Between the years 1945 and 2010 we received those ‘biochips’ implanted there {if we were vaccinated}. Their function was to cut out conscious ability and make us zombie like. The Resistance Movement have now cleared these chips.

¤ The Rockefeller Faction. 1-2000 people involved in Medicine, Science, Nazis and Technology.

We humanity have been mind programmed and mass controlled through organised religion for 2500 years. According to Cobra the Jesuit group were created 500 years ago and have been running the show on this planet since then. Here is an earlier link he provided to a fairly accurate, although a little outdated report:



Rothschilds are the bankers for the Jesuits in the last two centuries. The most influential are: Jacob de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, David de Rothschild and lately also Nathaniel Philip de Rothschild.

The Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction is a Jesuit creation of the 20th century with a purpose to hinder and misuse the technological and scientific progress of humanity:


Henrty Kissinger David Rockefeller and Jay Rockefeller

The key players of the Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction are: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Herbert Walker Bush (George Scherf Jr.), Dick Cheney, Jay Rockefeller, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz.

Monsanto and Blackwater

Many of you have already acquired a fair bit of negative knowledge regarding the company known as Monsanto. You will probably have heard the information regarding their involvement in the creation of Agent Orange used in the war in Vietnam and in recent years the worldwide patents they have taken out on our food etc. etc. What you might not be aware of is the fact that they are a ‘sister’ company to another well-known sinister corporation namely Blackwater.

Blackwater also known as Xe or Academi is a private Jesuit army obeying the dictates of the black nobility. This army operates outside all laws. This army is controlled by people both within the US government as well as outside mainly from within the Vatican State. In other words Blackwater is a religious army serving the Pope in Rome, through the Order of Malta. The Order of Malta is considered under international law to be a ‘sovereign entity’ with special diplomatic powers and privileges. Like Blackwater the Order of Malta is ‘untouchable’ because it is at the heart of the elite aristocracy.

In other words the Cabal has its own mercenaries which they have used in war after war to trigger conflicts that create chaos of some kind or worse still civil war. Recently in the conflicts in Egypt and in Syria we heard about mysterious snipers and they belong to this private mercenary firm.

The following link reveals how this mercenary army {with three names} the largest mercenary army in the world was sold to the multinational Monsanto.

Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State “security services,” that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it.


Money Laundering

On one of Cobra’s recent interviews he was asked about a monsignor in the Vatican who was being ‘busted’ for money laundering. The sum involved was 26 million$. Cobra explained that the sum was nothing compared to the trillions of dollars that have been laundered and have gone through the Vatican. Pope Francis has shown signs of both his light and his dark sides. However he seems to be choosing the dark side because of his heavy Jesuit training. You can see that he is having issues protecting the ritual child abuse and things of that nature.

The Present Financial System

Cobra has explained that our entire Financial System is like the Internet. It is a huge computer program controlled by the Cabal.
There have been numerous secret projects to say the least that have been funded from this financial system for at least 4-5 decades.
Additional funding was needed for those projects and actually every human on the planet contributed about 25% of his salary to these secret projects through siphoning off taxpayer money:


In 2012, the Resistance Movement has removed the vast majority of the physical gold from the hands of the Cabal. This has crippled the Cabal's operations extensively. Now they hide the last few trillions of their money in Lichtenstein. Due to the fact that they need 2-3 billion dollars daily to keep their show running, they could last for 2 or 3 years if their resources would be left untouched, which, of course, they will not be.

This morning upon awakening I read the following in Cobra’s most amazing post to date besides the news that the Matrix had collapsed in January this year and the fact that our last meditation on August 25th finally reached critical mass. Among the wealth of information that he provided was that the “BRICS group has announced the creation of a new global bank that will become one of the building blocks of the new financial system:”{the link to which I provided for you here two days ago = The New Financial System}
For those among you who might not know what the BRICS group is, it is composed of B=Brazil R= Russia I= India C= China and S= South Africa. The photograph on yesterdays post from Cobra {see last post here} is one where you see the leaders of this Alliance.

Many other countries have been in the process of affiliating themselves to this group for a couple of years now to remove themselves from the power of the Cabal. You may have heard that Hungary recently broke away from the Euro and returned to using their own currency.

In June this year we learned the following from Cobra namely that Egypt still has a Rothschild-controlled central bank. The Light forces have suggested a creation of an independent central bank of Egypt which will ensure true independence from the Cabal.

Funding of our New Financial System

Some of the funds which are part of the money that will be returned to humanity, money that has been stolen from us, include about $ 70 trillion from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, $ 100 trillion from the White Dragon Society and Templar groups, $ 120 trillion from the Resistance Movement and $ 10 trillion from the Saint Germain Trust, ... also the couple of trillion that the Cabal are still holding will be confiscated when they are arrested.

Jacob De Rothschild

Media Control

80-90% of the United States media and the European media is in the controlling hand of the Rothschilds.

Because we the people have been so mind programmed unawares by these individuals, we have accepted the information provided to us by the Rothschild media. The key here to our liberation is taking control over the mass media. The day that we regain the control of the mass media is the day we have won.
Also, through the control of the mass media the Cabal wants to create an illusion that nothing is happening to discourage people from actually doing something to speed up the changes. That explains why the news on the telly is often so ‘empty’ of information of any worth; many times after two-three minutes of banalities you wonder “was there no more news today”? Is there nothing actually happening anywhere out there?

Therefore this is the first condition for their surrender = the surrender of the control of the mass media. I remember Cobra saying in LA in Nov 2012 "when we reach the media we have won"- this is what is about to happen big time when the 'Elephant in the Room' becomes visible to all.


The Rothschild and Rockefeller factions had full access to nuclear weapons until December 2011. After that problem was solved in January 2012, the Jesuit faction had some access to nuclear weapons until a few days ago. {June 6th, 2012} Only after that was solved, real negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal could start taking place.

How long can they last?

What can the support for the Cabal be now {mainly through ignorance}? According to figures released by Cobra in June of last year, military staff worldwide had about 18-20 % confidence in the Cabal then.

Considering all that has occurred in recent month’s worldwide one might deduct that that confidence has now been reduced radically to about 4-5%? Regarding humanity’s confidence in the Cabal generally speaking the figure Cobra gave last June was about 40%, and here one might imagine that the figure is at least reduced to half so let’s say that 17-20% of humanity still believe and support these thugs.

Today is 17th March 2021 and I am informed that the trust people have in their so called leadership worldwide is now 11%.

God is Listening

Source – Father – Mother - One knows how tired we are. Source knows that we cannot take much more of this. You will probably agree that so many people around us in their daily lives have reached a place where they no longer have the energy to enjoy life because of the ‘rat race’ that their life is comprised of. People are so stressed out and tired always trying their best to make ends meet. Our united voices are being heard – Cobra’s blog to-day has hopefully brought all of us closer to believing that to be true? We are so close but as he says the Resistance Movement does not want to risk the possibility of maybe 100,000 causalities in this changeover on account of the madness of some people who would rather ‘go out with a bang’ and take as many of us with them as they can.

A Light Jesuit?  {NB: see new info re this paragraph directly after this - 17th March 2021}

One of the people that have earlier inspired me on my spiritual quest is a man a Jesuit called Pierre Teilhard De Chardin 1881-1955. He was both a Theologian and a Scientist. Terms like Holistic and Higher Consciousness can be directly traced back to his work. He said, “I believe the highest personal is the Universal Christ”. Throughout his life he was continually harassed by certain influential Catholic superiors, who did all in their power to remove him to faraway places where no-one would hear of his ideas. He was forbidden to publish his writing and lived much of his life in exile. He had mystical experiences and in his last work ‘Le Christique’, March 1955 he wrote “Energy becomes Presence… If just one Beam of that Light should fall over the Noosphere {sphere of human thought}, then I believe that it would cause an explosion of such strength that the face of the Earth would light up and be renewed”** he believed that we were at the beginning of a time when Christ Consciousness would develop in many people.

17th March 2021} I now know without a shadow of a doubt as you will see in the info below here, that this was another Jesuit troll designed to lure those seeking deeper spiritual understanding into another Jesuit TRAP!!! He had no mystical experiences. He was totally archon instructed as to which terms he should use! They purposely forbade his published work for no other reason than to fool you and me into seeking it!! His so called ‘EXILE’ was part of that plan.

Compiled/Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 12/09/2013

Fooled by a Jesuit ~ the Masters of Manipulation!!!

These following words are now added to the article here from a few days ago about the Jesuits, The Rothschilds and The Rockefellers. I ended this piece by offering some information about a Jesuit I believed to a Light individual in a very sick order. This morning I came across information that showed me I could no longer trust this Jesuit whom I earlier admired and here is why;

My quest as a younger idealist in search of something I could believe in brought me into touch with Teilhard De Chardin. Now I realise that the Jesuits have managed to manipulate me again. Can any or them be trusted? Are they all so thoroughly immersed in their programming and it's evil goal? Are they all aware that they belong to a class that is ruling - controlling humanity in a Matrix? This cannot be so - there have to be some forces of the Light within this worldwide group of Jesuits? but I discovered some new information today 20th feb 2014.

Michael Tsarion was during his lecture on 'The Posthuman World' describing how the dark forces are moving us into 'scientism' and the basic ideology and 'their' concept that you have to 'fix' the imperfections inherent in humanity and nature. He quoted a great writer Theodore Roszak {1933-2011} who said
"the astronautical image of man - and it is nothing but the quintessence of urban industrial society's pursuit of the wholly controlled, wholly artificial environment - amounts to a spiritual revolution. This is man as he has never lived before, it draws the line through human history that almost assumes the dimensions of an evolutionary turning point."
He goes on to say "so it has been identified by Teilhard De Chardin who has given us the concept of the 'noosphere' as a level of existence that is to be permanently dominated by human intellect and planning and which our species must now adapt if it is to fulfill its destiny" i.e. says Michael "the ideology that man is imperfect and an evolutionary change is required as a turning point in their scheme of things".

Today is 17th March 2021 and on editing this page right now I have discovered some more Jesuit Controllers. So there you have it 2 more Jesuits to add to the list of controlling forces upon us namely Theodore Roszak {1933-2011}and Teilhard De Chardin who were way way ahead of the 'game' to inspire humanity with the 'latest developments' in the never ending plans to control our 'evolution'? !!!

Finally Teilhard de Chardin's term the noosphere would of course be another way of defining the Matrix!?

Therese Z on the 20/02/2014 at 1251 PM

PS: Picture here is an example of the 'imperfection' in nature that needs fixing according to the Jesuits and their fake scientists ruling us through companies like Monsanto.



ALF Cabaniss military base is constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult:


There is a very secret negative group, codenamed Chimera, within the Negative Military which has come from Orion and has infiltrated militaries of all major nations during and after the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. This group secretly controls the vast majority of military bases around the world, many of those bases belonging to the US military:



It is interesting to note that ALF Cabaniss military base is constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult:



The Chimera group has enforced secret agreements upon leaders of all national militaries worldwide to suppress and erase all traces of benevolent extraterrestrial contact:

They are in contact with the main Archon and are heavily linked to the Jesuits and the NSA. They successfully infiltrated their agents in groups such as Corteum and the Labyrinth group. 

Through the main Archon, they have limited access to the Archons on the etheric plane. Those etheric Archons enforce soul agreements on the members of the Cabal, forcing them to obey the Chimera group. If a certain member of the Cabal is removed, the etheric Archons simply find another host and enforce binding soul agreement upon him. 


In the past, a certain positive group has engaged long range shooters to remove certain members of the Cabal and they were not successful, because those Cabal members simply returned to the physical plane in a new cloned body which was already prepared for them in a military base under surveillance of the Chimera group. After 2004 all those clones have been destroyed by the Resistance and now long range shooters of the aforementioned positive group would be much more successful in eliminating individual members of the Cabal and no amount of Blackwater/Academi bodyguards would be able to protect them.

The Chimera group has put physical strangelet bombs inside most of US military bases and some military bases of other nations and these bombs form the main line of defense against the advance of Galactic Confederation and Resistance Movement forces towards the surface of this planet.

They have also created a planetary network of plasma scalar devices. This network is being operated from the military bases and encompasses the whole planet. Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous and is in fact the connecting link between physical and etheric matter. Plasma scalar devices can thus influence our physical bodies and the Chimera Group uses these devices to attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse. They also use plasma scalar lasers to project thoughtforms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices as ultimate spying and surveillance machine. The Resistance is already removing these plasma scalar devices with full speed. 

There is a silent full scale war ongoing between the Positive Military and the Chimera group worldwide. 

Current hijacking of the MH 370 flight to Diego Garcia was an act of war of the Chimera group, Diego Garcia military base being one of their main strongholds: 


When this war is over and the Chimera defeated, we will have perfect conditions for the Event.

Link to original article by Cobra from Aprol 8th 2014:


Therese Zumi Sumner 25/11/2014


Fall of the Chimera


Time has come to release more intel about the Chimera group. Parts of this intel may seem unbelievable for some people, but truth is stranger than fiction. 

This group includes the leaders of the dark forces from the Andromeda galaxy. They came to Earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet. They have built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil), effectively preventing positive ET contact and thus isolating humanity. Then they constructed a vast network of subterranean cities, using Draconians as slave handlers and Reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there. 

Their main strongholds at that time were under Africa, China and Tibet. They had no direct contact with the surface civilization until the early 20th century. That timeframe has seen interesting occult developments.

First, in 1917 the Light forces have formed the Thule society in Germany. Very soon it was infiltrated by the Archon-controlled Rothschild agent named Adolf Schicklgruber (Hitler) and became an instrument of the dark and it further morphed into the Vril society which was developing secret German space program:


 When the Chimera group saw this, they realized that the surface human population has reached sufficient technological development to reach for the stars and pierce the Veil. To suppress that, they have made their first contact with the surface population through Karl Haushofer on his travels to Tibet. After that contact was made, Chimera-controlled Haushofer was the main occult force behind the Nazi Germany:


After the Nazis have lost WW2, they have been imported into the United States through Operation Paperclip, where they formed the backbone of the military-industrial complex, continued to develop their secret space program and started to build deep underground military bases, financed with Yamashita gold. The Chimera group was behind the scenes, carefully watching the moves of the US military-industrial complex and making sure that the quarantine status of the planet was maintained and kept intact. The growing nuclear arsenal of the Negative Military was a great concern for the Galactic Confederation forces and they made an experiment to minimize the yield of the thermonuclear bomb at the Castle Koon nuclear test in 1954:


Montauk Long Island

After the Confederation has successfully decreased the yield of the bomb by almost 90%, the military-industrial complex became afraid and united their forces against the perceived threat from the »tall whites« . This was exactly as Chimera wanted, because now they had Negative Military united worldwide, working on the common goal of maintaining the quarantine. Very strict secrecy protocols were established and no leaks about »deep events« which could disrupt the quarantine status were tolerated. This is the reason why you can find no real proof about the existence of ET civilizations anywhere and most »evidence« is fabricated by CIA to further confuse the issue. This is also the reason why you can not find any deep intel on internet but just endless recycling of well-known facts instead. You might already have noticed that almost all intel about UFOs and deep underground military bases is decades old. 

You can find the only mention of the Chimera group in a James Casbolt's interview. He is one of the very few people with access to deep intel who went public. Although not everything in here is correct, it is worth reading:


The Chimera group worships the Black Sun, which is their symbol for the Galactic Central Sun. Their leader is still in a possession of a single piece of the Black Stone, which is a lump of heavy top/antitop quark condensate. It was brought to Earth from Rigel in 1996. The Black Stone is the center of the primary cosmic anomaly of darkness and is far more dangerous than the strangelet bomb, as top quarks are much heavier than strange quarks:


Leaders of the Chimera group are the guardians of the electromagnetic null zone.

The Chimera group had their own network of underground bases until they were recently cleared out by the Resistance. These bases were connected with a high speed train system. To clarify the situation, until recently there were three underground train systems: the one connecting deep underground military bases of the Negative Military, the one connecting the Chimera bases and the one connecting the Resistance bases. The Resistance train system was the one I have seen back in 1977. The existence of the underground train system of the Negative Military has been leaked to the surface population through this RAND document:


Now only the underground train system of the Resistance is fully operational. The Chimera group is mostly contained in the uppermost underground sections of the surface military bases, closer than 100 feet (30 meters) to the surface. Their main current strongholds, through which they control the surface of the planet, are:

*Borgo Santo Spirito, Rome, Italy

*Aviano NATO base, Italy

*A certain classified location, Central Europe

*Another classified location, Central Europe

*Ramstein NATO base, Germany

*Fairford RAF base, UK

*Montauk, NY

*Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

*Sandia / Los Alamos, NM

*White Sands / Area 6413, UT

*Nellis AFB / Area 51, NV

*Edwards AFB, CA

Each of those locations has their own strangelet bomb on its territory. Those strangelet bombs are quite dangerous and they are the main reason why the Positive Military is not yet making their move for the Event:




A location near Montauk entry/exit point is Cold Spring Harbor, a genetics laboratory where the Chimera produces top Cabal members clones, according to some unconfirmed sources:




Galactic Confederation forces are constantly monitoring the facility and will terminate the cloning program when the situation will be ready for that:


The Chimera group has hijacked the global financial system from the hands of the central bankers in the last decade through the PROMIS software and through high speed trading programs. The Resistance and the Organization (its forerunner) were aware of those programs for quite some time and were able to siphon off about 70 trillion dollars away from the black funds of the Cabal. That money will be given back to humanity after the Reset through the collateral accounts.

The Chimera group must not be confused with the breakaway civilization. The breakaway civilization originated in Nazi occult space program and evolved into a military-industrial complex with many black projects, whereas the Chimera group is the driving force behind the breakaway civilization, manipulating it to help maintaining the quarantine status of planet Earth. The demarcation line between the Chimera group and the breakaway civilization is called the phase boundary, of which nothing more can be said publicly, and the Event / the Compression Breakthrough can also be called the phase transition.

The Light forces have developed a protocol for the defeat of the Chimera group and the protocol is being carried out.

The Victory of the Light is near. 

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Therese Zumi Sumner second repost 25/11/2014



Short Planetary Situation Update


Behind the scenes, clearing of the Chimera group continues. We have now reached the stage when only the core of the Chimera group remains, and clearing that core group is now the main challenge.
Global plasma scalar mind control network is tied to strangelet bombs and this is why its removal takes so much time. 
The etheric Archon grid is the final stage of dissolution and the power of the Archons diminishing rapidly, leaving the Chimera group as the main controllers of quarantine Earth and their plasma scalar network as the main tool of psychological programming. 
The Cabal is now engineering events (plane crashes, Ebola scare) and hyping them through the mass media to keep human masses in the state of fear. They will NOT be able to use Ebola as an excuse to install martial law. They know the breakthrough of Light is near and they still want to do whatever they can to postpone it. 

The Chimera (the force behind the technologically advanced negative military, focused on maintaining the quarantine Earth status) and the Archons (black nobility families behind the Jesuits, focused on keeping humanity as religion-programmed slaves in reincarnation cycle) are still at the top of the food chain. The Rothschild faction (Zionist controllers of the mass media and accountants of the global financial system) and the Illuminazi faction (Paperclip-imported crime syndicate) are their subordinates. 
All this structure will fall apart when the exotic weapons of the Chimera group are removed and therefore their mechanisms of planetary control dissolved.
This is the main condition for the Event to happen. 
Despite all appearances, victory of the Light is near. 
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Therese Zumi Sumner Second repost here 25/11/2014


BRICS Alliance Positive Outlook

Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group is proceeding according to the plan. The focus is slowly shifting from the removal of strangelet bombs towards dealing with top quark/antiquark condensate anomaly.
Negative scenarios of the strangelet explosion predicted in the following link:

have mostly been removed.

Most of Chimera entry/exit locations have been cleared, with two remaining Chimera strongholds being Long Island and a classified central European location.    Long Island is the location of past Montauk space/time anomaly experiments, of Cold Spring Harbor cloning lab and of Brookhaven National Laboratory. Brookhaven was a major entry point into a system of underground tunnels and caverns that spread below the majority of Long Island going towards New York. That subterranean area was a prime underground real estate sought after by various extraterrestrial races and various factions, both positive and negative ones. This is where I have seen an Andromedan ship in a hangar back in 1977.    Brookhaven is also the location of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), where the Chimera want to start production of strangelets:  


Although the Black Nobility Archons keep losing power daily, their Jesuit minions keep infiltrating the Eastern Alliance and the Dragons, hoping to create a new world war between the East and the West. Their plans will not be successful, as key people within the Eastern Alliance and the Dragon groups are well aware of the infiltration.    It is interesting to note that people in countries of the BRICS alliance have the most positive outlook on their life from all countries on this planet, according to this poll:  



This indicates that something positive is going on there.    The Eastern Alliance is proceeding with its plans to dismantle the petrodollar system:   http://www.examiner.com/article/jim-willie-saudi-s-are-on-the-verge-of-joining-russia-non-dollar-oil-sales

The cracks in the matrix of the financial system of the Cabal are already appearing. First, the cyber attacks on the JP Morgan bank:   http://www.forbes.com/sites/leoking/2014/08/28/wall-street-cyber-smash-triggers-fbi-investigation/   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-27/fbi-said-to-be-probing-whether-russia-tied-to-jpmorgan-hacking.html

JP Morgan is the banking institution where the central server of the financial system is located and the Reset will be triggered from there.    Cyber attacks on the banks of the Cabal are constantly ongoing and will increase: 

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/10359563/Every-minute-of-every-day-a-bank-is-under-cyber-attack.html   http://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/military/electromagnetic-warfare-is-here

On the other hand, there are pockets of Light already appearing within the financial system:

http://peoplestrusttoronto.wordpress.com/2014/08/09/over-100000-homeless-people-have-been-moved-into-homes-it-isnt-stopping-there-one-of-the-most-profound-movements-ever/   http://incyprus.philenews.com/en-gb/Blogs/4324/42658/guaranteed-minimum-income-approved   http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/a-german-guy-wants-to-give-you-a-bunch-of-money-for-nothing

Link to the complete posting from Cobra is here:


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A New Planetary Situation Update


Clearing of the Chimera group continues, the Chimera have been removed from the European location.
Long Island remains to be their main stronghold, as they need a particle accelerator (RHIC) nearby to maintain their exotic quark weapons machinery.  
Playing with strange and top quarks could be extremely dangerous, and this news is leaking into the mainstream media:


The Light forces will never allow something like that to happen.

The Chimera group has tied the scalar plasma detectors to the strangelet bombs and to the top quark condensate which would go off if significant UFO activity would be detected anywhere near the surface of the planet. 

A strangelet bomb explosion is explained in the following photo:

{SEE photo below the next section of text}
The growth of the strangelet could theoretically continue until the whole planet would be absorbed into it, but practically the Light forces can stop the reaction long before that.

The scalar UFO detection grid covers the whole surface of the planet and is being powered from Long Island


This is the real reason why the positive extraterrestrials do not intervene directly and they will not do so until that danger is completely removed.
The Chimera also controls the MoonDust project, which assembled a special operations team which removes all extraterrestrial evidence from anywhere across the planet:



They also remove all genuine UFO photos from public domain and circulate many fake ones through CIA channels into the alternative media.
Thus quarantine Earth is maintained until the Chimera will be wiped out from the planet.

Until then, we will have to be content with fragments of disclosure:


Also, the Positive Military can not make a move until those dangers are removed. People are too much focused on the Cabal and tend to forget that the real obstacle is within the military-industrial complex, within the breakaway civilization and finally within the Chimera and I would suggest that those factions are exposed more in the alternative media. That would increase awareness and ease the process towards the Event. David Wilcock did a partially accurate summary of the breakaway civilization, written for the mainstream population:


As we are approaching the final breakthrough, the Galactic Central Sun is becoming more active:


Meanwhile, the Jesuits are continuing with their plan for one world religion:


They are also concentrating their attack on the Romanov White Nobility family. According to Fulford, the main spokesman for the Gnostic Illuminati who claims to be descendant of the Romanovs, was taken into a mental hospital last week. Then on Monday, the oldest member of the Romanov dynasty has died in Tuscany:


Jesuit agents are trying to turn the plans of the BRICS alliance to remove the petrodollar supremacy of the military-industrial complex into plans to use global currency reset for the Jesuit plan of world domination. You need to know that Jesuits were infiltrating China since the 16th century and they have a vast network there. Regardless, the top people within the Dragons and the Eastern Alliance are fully aware of the Jesuit manipulations and will NOT allow their positive plans to be misused. 

So there is progress being made regarding the fall of the petrodollar as the only reserve currency:


There are tectonic geopolitical shifts happening in Europe as a response to the increased Galactic Central Sun activity.

Catalunya is trying to break free from Jesuit/SMOM controlled Spanish monarchy with close to 2 million people protesting in Barcelona:


At the same time, Scotland is preparing to break free from Rothschild control on Thursday:


Victory of the Light is near!

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Second repost Therese Zumi Sumner 25/11/2014


Plasma and the Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Their Long Island fortress can not be removed so easily because it is tied to the plasma scalar network which forms the backbone of the Veil, extending to the altitude of up to 8.6 miles above the surface. This is precisely the point where the Chimera and the Archons are joining forces to defend their quarantine Earth.

To really explain what is going on, we will have to deal with very deep occult knowledge that might be beyond science fiction for some people.    Physicists would describe plasma as ionized gas, whereas a skilled occultist would describe plasma as a hidden plane / dimension between the gaseous and the fourth etheric plane:

Plasmatic plane between the physical and etheric is the hidden location where the Archons have concealed most of their darkness and it was their utmost secret.  Plasmatic plane was created as a result of torsion forces between the physical and etheric as a direct consequence of cosmic anomaly when the universe was created and is also called the Abyss. It can be accessed  (not recommended!) through hidden portals that can be found inside sephira daath on the kabalistic tree of life:


There are quantum singularity wormholes within the plasmatic plane and in the occult terminology they are called the Tunnels of Set. Those wormholes contain strangelet and toplet bombs and they are tied to the physical Black Stone in the Long Island location. This is the main reason why clearing of the plasma scalar network and the Veil is taking so long.   The Light forces are dealing with this situation and there has been significant progress regarding removal of the plasma strangelet bombs, whereas plasma toplet bombs still remain a challenge.

There is another plane similar to plasma, but on a much higher octave, between the higher mental (manasic) and the buddhic plane. That plane is called the buddhi-manas membrane and separates realms of Oneness from realms of duality. This membrane was created as a result of torsion forces between the mental and buddhic (intuitional) plane as a direct consequence of cosmic anomaly when the universe was created. This membrane is the first thing that separated us from the Source when we descended into Creation as sparks of consciousness long time ago in galactic history. The density of this membrane will be greatly reduced after the Event when the cosmic anomaly of darkness will be finally cleared.    As Chimera are slowly losing their power, interesting intel leaks are occurring:   http://www.openminds.tv/nsa-says-lost-non-redacted-ufo-files/29986
Promising new technologies are introduced:   http://rt.com/news/188332-mox-nuclear-fuel-production/    http://inhabitat.com/the-worlds-first-saltwater-powered-electric-car-is-now-street-legal-in-germany/   The Eastern Alliance is making significant progress on the financial front to break the dominance of the petrodollar system:   http://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-start-direct-currency-trading-euro-110234836--finance.html   http://www.examiner.com/article/china-will-use-gold-and-gold-pricing-to-force-global-currency-reset   http://rt.com/business/191804-russia-ditch-dollar-2-years/   As you probably know, the Ebola scare does not have an impact that the Cabal was hoping for and all their attempts to create a global war are also falling apart.   The Islamic State, a Jesuit creation, is having a lot of attention in the mass media. One purpose of the Archons and their Jesuit puppets in their occult war against the people is to associate the name of Goddess Isis with their dark creation in the minds of the masses. Therefore I would suggest all alternative media stop using the name ISIS for the Islamic State, but rater use ISIL or Islamic State instead. You can also sign this petition:   http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/767/932/805/?z00m=21513247&redirectID=1467294665   I have been contacted by a group of writers that have had contact with the Indonesian and other eastern Asian Agarthan networks from 2009-2013. That group has suggested that people do not wait passively for the Event and have given many grassroots ideas what can be done:   http://thewhitebook2015.blogspot.tw/2014/08/the-white-book.html?m=1   https://medium.com/@Frodonomics2015/critical-mass-create-a-billion-jobs-now-dfc16d1aa50b
Another beautiful idea that may make people rethink how to solve their housing situations has appeared:   http://www.lifebuzz.com/earthships/   Victory of the Light is near!
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Queen Elisabeth of England's 60 th Jubilee


The Illuminati is the oldest term commonly used to refer to the 13 bloodlines (and their offshoots) that make up a major portion of the Worldwide elite. Most members of the Illuminati are also members in the highest ranks of numerous secretive and occult societies, like Freemasonry, which in many cases extend straight back into the ancient world. The upper levels of the tightly compartmentalised (need to know) Illuminati structural pyramid include planning committees and organisations that the public has little or no knowledge of.

The British aristocrats are not the silly, absent minded twits depicted in the mass media.

The Royal Family of England namely Queen Elisabeth 2nd and the House of Windsor (who are in fact descendants of the German arm of European Royalty - the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family who changed the name to Windsor in 1914) are high level players in the NWO group (see Time for a Change?), along with the British Oligarchy which controls the upper strata of the Illuminati.

The decision making Illuminati nerve centres of this effort are in London (especially the City of London), Basel Switzerland and Brussels.

The British Imperialists both planned and instigated World War One and World War Two.

The British plan for world conquest also called for de-industrialisation of all other Nations. America was not considered an immediate potential rival for world dominance because it was effectively re-colonized and under British control (YES!) and has been since the assassination of President Mc Kinley by British design in 1901.

There is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an elite extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals, (at least at the highest levels) which include many of the world’s wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so called Black Nobility of Europe (dominated by the British Crown). This group’s goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Their intention is to gain complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world’s population by 5.5 Billion people.

Illuminati groups include the Knights Templar {approx: 30% of them}, the Knights of Malta, the Black Nobility, The Council of 3, The Council of 5, the Council of 7, the Council of 9, the Council of 13, the Council of 33, the Grand Druid Council, the Committee of 300,(also called “The Olympians” and the Committee of 500, The Tavistock Institute, the Stanford Institute, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, etc., etc., etc.

The Illuminati is a group that practises a form of faith known as “enlightenment". It is Luciferian, and they teach their followers that their roots go back to ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic Druidism. They have taken what they consider the “best” of each, the foundational practices, and joined them together into a strongly occult discipline. Many groups at the local level worship ancient deities such as “El”, ”Baal”, and “Ashtarte”, as well as “Isis and Osiris” and “Set”.

The first thing a child learns from 'family', or the 'Order' as they are called, is “The First rule of the Order is secrecy”.

There is something very important that I want to say here. There are tens of thousands of Light Individuals that have been born into these Illuminati Families. They have had no choice whatsoever as they are groomed and programmed from a very early age, with an extremely sophisticated mind-control program. At some time I plan to write more about this as Cobra has provided a link to in depth inside information about this programming and also about the difficulty for even extremely gifted therapists to help to de-program them.

Example of Illuminati Uppbringing

I can give one example here of an Illuminati upbringing. A lady now aged 30-40, managed to escape the group a couple of years ago. She was born in Germany. As a small child she remembers being awoken along with her younger brother around midnight on many occasions.

The family would then drive to a large house located somewhere in the countryside. There was security checking the roads and entrances so that no “uninvited people” could find their way there. While their parents met with the other adults the children played together. Part of her childhood programming entailed being locked into a room for a couple of days without food or water, after one day her mother came in with a jug of water and a glass. The little girl begged to have some water but her mother poured herself a glass and after drinking some, poured water on her daughters head and left the room again. Some hours later an unknown man entered the room and praised her for her great bravery in dealing with this situation. This experience was when she was about 3 ½ years old! She was informed at an early age that she belonged to a group of elite families who ruled the world and had full control over “ordinary people”. Aged twelve she was flown to Rome and there along with two other children the same age, and three adults she was initiated into the Illuminati. This Initiatory rite takes place in the Catacombs below the Vatican. The “mass” is conducted by a “priest” wearing red robes. During the “mass” a baby child lying in front of the priest on a marble table is sacrificed in front of these 6 people to the devil.

This ritualistic human sacrifice goes on to-day within these groups worldwide. Maybe the children who are sacrificed are the ones who are taken on the streets worldwide on a regular basis? Every year millions of children disappear around the world. Here are some Facts regarding missing children and people.

One million children are reported missing in the US and UK every year. If less than two hundred of these are murdered where do all the rest go? This is the equivalent of losing the entire population of a city such as Amsterdam every year!

Belgium is a relatively small country with an approximate population of 10 million people. Yet in the Brussels region it was revealed that 1300 children disappeared between the years 1991-1996.This story is repeated all over the Globe. Multi millions of children are going missing every year, they are never seen, heard or found.

In California alone there are 25000 adults and children that are active missing person cases.

In France 13 adults and 3 children were found dead. Some of them had been shot. All of them were burned and laid out in a star shaped pattern, showing cult related reasons. Each year missing people reports show that 39000 children go missing each year in France. The figures in Germany are 50000 children.

Where are all these missing children?

TZ here; I wrote this article in 2012 on 7th of November a couple of weeks before I met Cobra. To-day is the 16th September 2019 and the anwser to my final question here is answered in articles 73 and 74 on the Introduction page here of Veritas.

A Storm Is Brewing ~ 2 ~ 5000 Children Dissapear Daily in USA and Europe !12th August 2019

A Storm is Brewing ~ 3 ~ The Facilities the Children End Up In ~ List of 156 14th August 2019




Press on the link to this article called VICTORY NOW. http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/the-event/victory-now

The True Matrix Story Based on Cobra’s Update’s April 18th 2015

Understanding the Creation / Upkeep of the Veil, Web, Grid, Net, Matrix Chemtrail Agendas and Their Connection to the Veil

By Therese Zumi Sumner    Aug 3rd 2015

The subject matter discussed in this article has to do with the following areas, Chemtrails and 3 Main Agendas / Electromagnetic Fields / Plasmatic Planes of Existence / Strangelet Bombs / Scalar Fields / Strategic Issues / Future Warfare [2025] already being implemented** / Microwave Technolgy – as legal – non lethal weapons!! / Suppression of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Contact etc: