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On this new page on Veritas you can find some reposts from my work on other websites, along with new updates. Even if some of the reposts are written some years ago their content will still be very much up to date. Both reposts and new articles will be listed at the top of the page. I will put a # and number at the beginning of each repost / post and # 1 will be found LOWEST down the page.


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What is Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event? Part One of Two follwed by Part Two.

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A New Reality Is Manifesting on Gaia – Can You Feel It?

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Transformation Has Already Begun ~ The Shift ~ The Event Will Speed Up This Process for Humanity

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In Defence of Barack Obama ~ Putting Together Some Pieces of A Deep Puzzle

Repost # 5  Breaking Through to the Other Side by Sanat Kumara

New Post # 6 The Somerset village that’s having to put a stop to more than 100 fairy doors appearing in the woods

New Post # 7 A very important short message from Archangel Gabrielle

New Post # 8 August Update of Energy ~ Lee Harris

New Post # 9 Extra August ~ Birthing the New ~ Lee Harris 

New Post #10 Linda Dillon: Divine Mother on Choices – Food Choices, Sexual Intimacy Choices, the Pause Choices

New Post #11 Lee Harris September 2020 Energy Update

New Post #12 Lee Harris ~ How to Recover from a Narcissist.


How to Recover from a Narcissist.

Free Broadcast and Q&A

with Lee Harris

September 22nd at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET 

Join us to be guided through a recovery process for this complicated relationship dynamic & ask your questions directly to Lee. Full replay provided to all who sign up.

TZ here; I warmly recommend this very appropriately timed free broadcast with Lee which magically seems to tie in timewise with the series of articles on demonic possession etc. on my blog. See # 254, 255, 256, and 257. 


Lee Harris

Lee Harris ~ September 2020 Energy Update

The September Energy Update is here! There were multiple themes coming up this month including:

CREATIVE SURGE continuing through the month of September.

KARMIC CONSEQUENCES for dark energy now beginning to rise.

The TWISTS AND TURNS continue, nothing is quite as it seems, and also PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS as a response to the MAJOR ENERGY SHIFTS we are in.

Check out the full Energy Update for all of the above and more as we enter the energy of September.

Be good to yourselves, this month and always.

Big love,



August 28th 2020 ~ TZ here; I hope that you will enjoy this frank conversation between someone called H and the Divine Mother. The exchange was channeled by Linda Dillon. It seems to arrive at a time when this subject of sexuality on Nove Gaia is very much in focus here on Veritas and thus feels complimentary to my article # 252. What I would remind people to take note of ~ that is an important observation here ~ is that not all books on the subject of 'correct sexual relations' provide correct information. A lot of information in this area has been purposefully created to lead people astray and to create problems in relationships as discussed in # 252. Enjoy!


Linda Dillon: Divine Mother on Choices – Food Choices, Sexual Intimacy Choices, the Pause Choices

August 28th 2020

I created humans to be able to have, in genuine sexual intimacy, a similar experience of what it is to merge with me.

Another fabulous gem lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother on Choices ~ Food Choices, Sexual Intimacy Choices, the Pause Choices

Hairol: I have a quick question. Is there anything in my diet that I eat that I shouldn’t eat?

Divine Mother: Yes, you should not eat what you don’t like!

H: Alright…

DM: (Chuckling) I am teasing you, sweet one! You are very conscious and… you see, this relates to the Creator Race. Now I am not saying that you should live, ever, on a diet of refined sugar – but if you did, you could still transmute it into sheer energy.

But one of the things – using that example of the Creator Race – is this rigorous sense of rules and judgement, and so “you can only eat this, you can only breathe this, you can only drink this.” And by doing that, what happens is you buy into that sense of limitation.

So do I want you to have a beautiful, fruitful, healthy diet? The answer is yes! But how you know that is by eating what you like.

H: Okay, because I noticed that fish and meat are very dense when I eat it, so I’ve stopped eating it.

DM: And if you ever have the urge to have a piece of fish, go ahead! But when you don’t, then don’t!

H: Yes, I see what you’re saying. Now, let’s say someone releases their sexual energy through the sex act. In my experience, this has impacted me very negatively and is why I’m very hesitant to engage in any sexual relationship.

DM: The release of sexual energy… let us go further than that… the involvementthe real engagement in sexual intimacy, which is very misunderstood by most humans, is truly a merging of energies between the two people – and when it is not done consciously, it can diminish your energy field rather than expand it.

And then there are situations where the humans try to engage in sexual intimacy and not merge, and that causes a feeling of great discomfort like: “Why bother? Why did I do that? I feel worse, not better!” And so what the union of merger is intended to be is a replica of your Divine Union with me, with the Father, and if it is not undertaken with that level of love, then it is just sex and is, for someone in your vibratory range, not satisfying in the slightest.

H: So you are saying, basically, that I have to see myself as One with that person… well, we both have to see each other as that… as One, having sex?

DM: Correct, and it is not that you are becoming One. But think of it in this way. It is far more intimate – and that is a funny word, is it not – it is far more intimate than people imagine. Think of it as you standing next to your partner, shoulder to shoulder, and then you merge into the middle of each other. So it is not that you are just becoming One; you are becoming a combined entity.

And the other mistake, misunderstanding, that people have is that they want to be completely the other person, and that is not the purpose of the amalgamation either. The purpose is the joining… the sacred sharing by choice, not by force… the choice of sharing, merging the energies because then both of you go away with more than you came with.

H: So you go away with more than you came with, even if you release sexual energy?

DM: Yes, because you have received the love.

H: I’ve read books on it and they never mentioned any of that, so I had the impression that I couldn’t release my sexual energy because it’s harmful; it has a lot of molecules that are very important for your health that can be recycled back to your body to fulfil other bodily functions.

DM: I created humans to be able to have, in genuine sexual intimacy, a similar experience of what it is to merge with me. Now, most humans have forgotten this. That is why, again, we have not talked about it until this time in greater detail. But it is to add to your [energy] field, not to subtract in that you are letting go, as you put it, of some precious molecules! (Chuckling).

But what you are gaining energetically, in your heart and in your literal form, is the energy of love – and that is fuel, not exhaustion. Now, what you can do, if you choose – and it is a choice to be celibate – then you simply maintain that energy, but in that what you are really doing is partnering with your sacred self.

H: So neither is more important than the other?

DM: No, there is room for all expressions.

H: Oh, so you are saying that you can have a time where you are celibate and then have sex at other times?

DM: Yes, although those that have truly committed to the path of celibacy do not tend to engage, once that decision has been made, in sexual merger.

H: I’ve read of how monks who practiced celibacy gained superpowers. Was that due to the practice of celibacy?

DM: Not necessarily. First of all, at this juncture of human evolution back to me, it is a different environment than what you are thinking of. I do not want… let me be very clear… I do not want most of my children to be living as monks or nuns. That is not the pathway. The way that Nova Earth and Nova Communities are built is through interaction. No, I am not talking about everybody sleeping with everybody, but it is in the integration and the love factor.

So yes, if you keep your sexual energy and very clearly learn to direct it, it can help you break through. But what you don’t know – and when I say “you”, I mean the collective – is that you can also break through through sexual intimacy, and people have forgotten that.

H: So how does that love-fuel produced through sexual intimacy work? Once you engage in sexual intimacy, you transfer energy and that is the energy of love, if the sexual intimacy is with love for one another. So, what would you use that love-fuel for: to give it to others?

DM: Yes – and to fuel yourself.

H: Okay, I see…

DM: So, think of it in this way… because you are in a physical form, correct? So, in your physical form, you would urinate or defecate and you would get rid of what you can think of as ‘precious molecules’ [chuckling]. Now, you would never want to stop those biological functions [chuckling], but think of it this way: if you are bringing in healthy, nutritious, blessed meals, food, then what it is doing is fueling your literal, physical body.

Well, what the love does is it literally fuels your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, astral, causal bodies. So it is fueling them – and where you feel that tends to be not only in your heart but in the balance of your chakras and your meridians. So, you feel more balanced, like you aren’t striving to get something. You feel more peaceful and more capable of sharing the love – and love can be compassion or kindness or sweetness or consideration… all the Divine Qualities.

H: So, let’s say one partner loves the other person but it isn’t mutual. Does the love-fuel still get created?

DM: No.

H: Oh, so it has to be a union between the two?

DM: That is correct because, think of it, if there is not a mutuality there, then the energy really isn’t being shared in a sacred manner. So, for example, if you were loving somebody and you fuel them but the other person is not fueling you, you would feel depleted. …

H: Do you have any other thoughts? I leave the room open to you to discuss anything you want with me.

DM: The biggest issue for you right now, beloved son, is for you to maintain your sense of inner peace, inner calm. And what I want to say and what I gift to you this day is prudent, patient determination. You are clear. Sweet angel of light, you are clear in what you are, who you are, and what you are here to do.

In these ups and downs of the Pause – which I am using! – there will be moments where you think, “I have a choice right now,” and that’s where I want you to stop! “I have a choice right now to feel very insecure” is when you start doing the breathing exercises with me. Or “I have a choice to be truly the discerner-observer and keep my eye very focused on who I am, why I am, and where I am going.

You are ready and you are mine. Do not forget, sweet one, that I am also yours.

Go with my love and go in peace, and I love you, sweet one. Farewell.

H: Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.


Birthing the New in Your Life

19th August 2020

TZ here;

An extra more in depth look at one of the themes of August energy ~ useful until about Septemeber 7th 2020

Lee shares an in-depth look at the energies of August as a potent and supportive time for building the new in your life, and offers some insights into the creative process that can often feel difficult when in traumatic or overwhelming circumstances, in this extended clip from the August Energy Tune-Up Live Q&A broadcast for members of The Portal.


New Post # 8

Lee Harris

August 2020 Energy Update

August 1st 2020

with Lee Harris

As always Lee's monthly updates on the energy of the month are warmly recommended. I think that anyone who followed last months July update will have recognised very much what Lee mentioned then. It seems the 'control' aspect of the triangle of power freedom and control will continue also one week into August then it will be a beginning of a time for purging of all kinds.

Enjoy this update and listen carefully to the advice and how it impacts your life ~ Therese Z


New Post # 7

A very important short message from Archangel Gabrielle

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young for July 22, 2020

There is a continued belief that you must arrive at a certain level of attainment in order to be of service. Because of this you put incredible pressure on yourselves to be perfect, to not make mistakes, to hurry up and get somewhere. This puts you in resistance to your own flow.

Dear Ones, there has never been a time when you have not been in service from the time you took your first breath. You add to the whole with your unique vibration. Every experience you have lends itself to the expansion of the whole. Every single time you make what you consider to be a mistake and choose differently next time, you anchor a higher energy that supports new possibilities. Every time you perceive yourself as separate but find your way back into connection, you drive the shift. Every single time you find your way back to your own divine light it ripples out and serves the whole.

Do you see? Your growth is your service. It is sacred and profound and all that is required. It is also a given if you are on the planet, in a body, at this time, and what gives your soul profound joy. Again we say trust in your own wisdom and the incredible process of discovery and evolution you are so beautifully participating in at this time.

New Post # 6


The Somerset village that’s having to put a stop to more than 100 fairy doors appearing in the woods

For centuries they have lived unobtrusively at the bottom of the garden. Yet in a wild wood in Somerset, fairies – or at least decorative doors signalling their apparent presence – have reached such numbers that Britain’s first fairy control measures have been introduced.

Volunteers managing Wayford Woods in the Somerset village of Wayford, near Crewkerne, acted after being overwhelmed by more than 100 fairy doors that had mysteriously appeared at the bases of their beech, ash and oak trees.

Sometimes tiny doll’s house chairs and beds would be found behind the doors, and delighted children would flock from far and wide to leave notes for the fairies – reassuring them that they believed they exist and asking them to grant wishes.

But the Wayford Woods Charitable Trust, which manages the 21-acre site, has grown increasingly worried about possible damage to trees that have had doors screwed into them, and by litter resulting from the wind scattering the notes all over the woodland.

“Quality control” issues have also been raised, with one trustee insisting that fairies, shy and self-effacing by nature, would never be happy living behind the garish tinsel-covered, bright pink doors that have started appearing.

Trustees and volunteers have now taken to telling people not to screw any more little doors into live trees, and advising against anything too garish for fairies, while conducting their rounds of the wood.

They are also clearing away windblown notes, as well as doors that have become detached from trees and may pose a hazard if they still have screws poking out.

“We’re not anti-fairy,” insisted trustee Steven Acreman, “But we’ve got little doors everywhere. It’s in danger of getting out of control.”

His wife Gillian, a retired potter, added that when the first fairy door appeared to have joined the roe deer and squirrels already living in the wood it was “charming”.

“It was about four years ago,” she recalled. “The little wooden door had a little handle, and a little window. You could easily walk past it without noticing. It wasn’t a problem. Then a second door appeared…”

The woods became inundated. Families came from up to 80 miles away, leaving more doors. “Last year,” said Ms Acreman, “an entire fairy playground appeared at the bottom of the woods, complete with 2ft slides and swings. Some doors are far from the paths, so when children go to see them, the bluebells get trampled.”

“It has just gone mad on the internet,” she added. “We’re called ‘Fairy Woods’ now.”

Ms Acreman explained that not everyone was charmed by the doors. “Some older people, used to walking round the woods when they were untouched, have complained.”

Some doors have been pulled away from trees, perhaps by disgruntled walkers acting on their own initiative, but Ms Acreman insisted this was not the work of anyone at the trust. “We like fairies,” she said. “We don’t want to discourage fairies. But we want people to avoid damaging trees and flowers.

“We don’t want children hurt by nails sticking out of detached doors. And we want the woods to be a wood, not a pleasure park.

Her fellow trustee Andrew Hutchings, a tree surgeon, said the fairy control measures were already achieving success. “Since we started telling people not to screw anything into live trees, they have started putting doors on little stakes.”

Urging people against pink and tinsel, he added: “We don’t want to ruin the wood’s character. Please remember that fairies are shy. They don’t want a door that can be seen from 100ft away.”

He also confirmed that no one knew who was pulling fairy doors away from trees. “Perhaps it was the goblins,” he said.


Repost Post # 5



TZ here; Below this message you find a channelled GEM of information about who might and might not be a part of the 3 Waves of Ascension that lie ahead of us in the coming years. It was given to us from Sanat Kumara only days prior to the 21st December 2012 as we crossed the threshold into the New Age. It is so perfectly timed for us at this moment too becasue right now we are on another threshold and I will shortly write about this final threshold here on Veritas. Enjoy!



Sanat Kumara via Tazjima: Breaking Through to the Other Side

2012 DECEMBER 19

tags: Sanat KumaraTazjima

Posted by Alice C

Sanat Kumara via Tazjima: Breaking Through to the Other Side

As channeled by Tazjima – December 18, 2012

Not having any messages come in for the past week or so, I thought I might experiment and call in a master and see what happens. This past week or so has been an interesting one for me. I’ve had high highs and low lows. I’m sure quite a few of my readers can say the same thing or have similar experiences. I started out with a short meditation, invoking a tube of white light for protection and then:

I am invoking the Presence of beloved Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos.

I AM here. I AM Sanat Kumara.

Yes, I can feel you in my heart. My heart chakra was burning hot as the Master began to come in.

I stand in the heart flame of all who live upon this planet.

Thank you, Raj.

What can I help you with tonight?

I want to thank you for leading me to the J. Stone books. They have helped clarify some issues for me. And I am enjoying making some of the invocations that are listed there.

Understand, dear one that the ascension preparation given out in those volumes is no longer valid in terms of what most people are experiencing these days. The directions were given during a time that has long since passed. The dispensations given out in the book still apply, but few people, even lightworkers are using these volumes so we approach ascension in many ways now. It is not necessary to even know about ascension in order to be qualified to take the step now.

How is that so, Raj? (Raj is a nickname which the Master prefers to be called than by his full title.)

Those people who live good lives, in service and peace, will ascend, even if they have never heard of the term. Many of these people are lightworkers, but who have not consciously woken up to their missions. They are vaguely aware that there is more to life than what they have already encountered, but are unable to discover what that might entail. Due to circumstances, some care for family members and work long hours to make a living, and do not feel that they have the luxury of making their own spiritual journey. They have made their steps along the path of ascension mostly unknowingly, yet they will rejoice when they discover one day that they have come into a new land, one filled with peace and love.

What has been my path?

Do you not know? You have forged ahead, leaving husband, family and friends behind. Nothing could deter you from your spiritual quest. You have questioned, learned and let go of teachings time after time, seeking your own way through what was offered in the world. You have learned to listen to your inner voice, to your heart. You know how to test the spirits by listening and feeling within. You have come far; you will go further along the path than many.

Yet we tell you now (including my readers) that ascension is not a contest. It is a personal journey and a collective one that at least a portion of humanity is undergoing currently. It is a process and will continue, even when you break through to the other side and into the fifth dimension. When you arrive there, you may decide to rest, but sooner than later you will begin again to move forward on the path, through service, through learning, through the many ways that will be offered to you.

There are many now in these last days who still doubt that they have “the right stuff” to make ascension. Fear not, beloved ones, for all of you are loved. It is your own thoughts and emotions that keep you down and continuing in feeling the separation, the disparity, perhaps even despair. And certainly you might feel confused about all the conflicting opinions and information that is being presented within the lightworker community. This is why it is so important to approach any information, including these messages, by using your own inner discernment as your guide. The time for the outer teacher is coming to an end; it has ended. There are no captains, no leaders in this movement. It is a movement and a journey made up of individuals, all following their own paths, yet it is also a journey that will take many in the same direction, to the same destination.

Know also that ascension is not a one-time initiation. There are many steps to ascension, not just one. Those of you, who choose to move on beyond the first baby-steps of ascension, will find themselves being mentored by ascended masters and angelic beings. It is a grand and vast world that you are in the process of entering. The multiverse is far more than you can possibly imagine after being relegated to school-room Earth. There will be much to re-learn, but you will discover great pleasure in doing so for you will begin to re-member what you left behind when taking embodiment so long ago.


What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

Your planet is currently in the throes of the last days of the Dark Age, of the Kali Yuga. Soon you will move beyond these lower vibrations, only touching them briefly if it is your desire to teach and lead those who will not cross the bridge of swords at this time, at the Shift. Archangel Michael recently stated (see 2012 Scenario for more information) that ascension will remain open for those who are close until the end of this lifetime. Those who go ahead will contribute to the raising up of the vibrations of the planet which will clear the way for more to follow in their footsteps. Some of the wayshowers will become gatekeepers, keeping the connection between the two worlds open to facilitate the passage of others. And many of the first to ascend will take up a life of service, helping those friends and family members who remained behind, assisting them to understand the benefits and possibilities that ascension into the fifth dimension can offer.

For many of our initiates this has been a time for undergoing a life review. You may have seen episodes of your life play out in your mind’s eye or remembered long lost friends or relatives. Some people have returned back into your lives, also, perhaps to see if a lesson forgotten or unfinished has been learned. It is certainly a time to let go of what is no longer necessary; nothing that is of a lower vibration can be taken into the new world – it will be left behind. This list includes relationships that are unhealthy, jobs that do not allow for creativity, as well as anything excessive and unbalanced. It is also a time to learn to forgive yourself for those things that you feel you have not done as well as you could. Forgiveness, letting go, listening to your heart, and being at peace are most important considerations.

The world that is being left will make its bid to keep your attention, to bring up fears, to create distrust between people through the misuse of the media and propagation of lies from governmental bodies and various institutions, including the medical field, religions, education, science, economics, and other international corporations. Leave it all behind you; they cannot follow you into the new world unless they, too, let go of their fears and step into the light.

For those of you, who fear that you are not suitably prepared for ascension, know that you can still have issues to resolve, still have emotions to work on, still have physical conditions that need healing. You do not have to be perfect in order to be able to ascend. You do need to be open to expanding your world view to include the diversity of humanity, as well as those galactic and intergalactic beings, ascended beings and angelic realms, which will be more apparent to you as you become more acquainted to your new world. There is much to explore there and much to learn.

In the passage of cycles, eventually all of humanity will pass through ascension, just not now. Not all are ready for in the past it has taken lifetimes to prepare to take the first steps leading up to becoming an initiate on the path to ascension. Those who are undergoing ascension during this present cycle have either prepared for a long time or are starseed who have embodied for this very purpose – to act as wayshowers and to create an energetic pathway for those of humanity able to follow in their footsteps. Many of the starseeds have ascended on other planets and in other solar systems, galaxies, even in other universes. Some of the starseeds and lightworkers have come from the highest heavens and will return once their work here is done. There is a great variety of helpers here on hand to assist in this birthing process for both the planet and her cargo, humanity.

In these last days of this present cycle, spend them in quiet contemplation and meditation if you can. If not, keep mindful during your day of the energies and call on us, the ascended masters and angelic realms, for our assistance. We are here to help, to serve, as it our means to further our development as we, too, are moving up in our responsibilities and expanding in our service to the Universe.

Expand your mind to include the whole of this planet as your body. See all of humanity as one being; in truth you are one. You are experiencing this process from several points of view to gain experience which you will pass on to other worlds in your turn, as we have assisted you in ours. Know that we are your brothers and sisters and are here to assist.

Call on us and we will be there, to lend our energies, light and love to give you strength in moments of doubt and weakness. If you feel that you have stepped off the path momentarily, forgive yourself and continue on. Keep a close internal focus on how you are feeling, what you are feeling and how you would like to feel. Keep a journal of your inspirations, dreams, meditations and practice communicating with your higher self. Have faith that you will break through those last bits of darkness that seem to keep you from your goal. We will assist; we are here to help – just remember to call for us and we will be there.

Forever in the Light, I AM Sanat Kumara.


Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Posted on 2012 Scenario                  19/12/2012

Reposted by Therese Zumi Sumner  21/12/2012          at 2200


New Post # 4

In Defence of Barack Obama ~ Putting Together Some Pieces of A Deep Puzzle


May 10th 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


I may be nothing short of mad for attempting to write this article. But then I have been called mad and worse many times. I intend to write this ‘picture’ that I see, to try to make sense of a recurring question in my mind, as to how such an eloquently speaking, highly educated, seeming warm hearted man, has his face digitally mounted on so many awful pictures, alongside faces of some of the worst creatures on this planet, insinuating that he is one of them? You have all seen these pictures implicating him in just about everything and anything.

The very latest of these attacks against B Obama were made on a YouTube video which I found in my mailbox this morning {May 10th 20}. In this video Obama is now the culprit behind the entire coronavirus pandemic worldwide! They make this claim because his presidential office agreed upon a grant of ?? to be given to support the work in a Wuhan laboratory involving the evil Anthony Fauci.

Now just the other day we received some links from Cobra about one of the masterminds behind this virus namely a Bill Gates. There are also links to information about this Fauci being. "This plan was finalized by Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and others at a meeting in Manhattan in 2009:".....

Some days ago I posted an amazingly interesting and unbelievably revealing article and video about / with Dr Judy Mitkovic. She had the ‘bad luck’ to be working alongside this Fauci. When her PHD was released proving that cancer is caused by vaccines she was threatened “we will destroy you” if you do not revoke this PHD, and when she refused ~ God Bless Her Soul ~ he {A Fauci} had her thrown into prison.

However, according to new information, we are now supposed to believe that the pandemic is Obama’s fault. Another example of the myriad of ongoing accusations against him.

Then we have the famous pizza gate. Yes, we have seen so called ‘evidence’ on several videos that there is a copy of an email supposedly sent by HRC to Obama with a comment something like this “it’s not such a good idea to have a pizza party at the White House”.

So that supposed email sent by HRC, has made Obama out to be another of the paedophiles that have abused children and worse. You have all seen the many digitally made up pictures and the articles implicating him.

Enough is now said of these ongoing implications about Obama being a willing part of a global satanic elite network.

Instead I would now like to focus upon saying a few things that I believe to be the truth about Barack Obama.

Can You Imagine the Following?

If Hilary Clinton sent hundreds of emails with questionable pizza references to many sources, then if she wanted to implicate someone like Barack Obama, she could easily make a false email. After she sent a regular email { let’s say that she knew that the Obamas were throwing a party for their two daughters and some family and friends and ordering in pizzas etc. for the occasion } where she said something innocent about the family party, she could then have gone in later and changed the text on ‘her end’ of the email to archive in case she needed to attack or implicate Obama because he knew stuff about her?

I am saying here that I personally do not believe that the Obamas have anything at all to do with this paedophile hell.

Yes of course there are pictures of him with everybody. There are pictures of all presidents with ‘everyone’ because it’s part of their role to be seen politely exchanging communication with these people, no matter what they might think about them.

The DEEP STATE - CABAL - JESUITS have been RUNNING THE ENTIRE SHOW FOR ALL PRESIDENTS RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING. Just like they have been running {Jesuits} the entire show on this planet for 500 years.

The 2 that openly dared to fight them were assassinated.

Let me tell you a little story = a true story. When I was in Findhorn Scotland for a week entitled = ‘Love Magic and Miracles’ in August 2012, I sat and conversed one morning at breakfast with an elderly lady from England. Somehow, we came to speak about Obama. I had started delving into ‘darkness’ and what was going on in general about two years prior to this. She told me the following.

A close friend of hers worked at the White House. On the day of Barack Obamas inauguration to the presidency he had to go and attend a meeting shortly after the ceremony. This meeting took about two hours.

In this Whitehouse meeting there were approximately 40 people. Now who do you think was there to greet Obama and fill him in on the new situation for the new President? Military officials, White House officials, some big CEO’s who had influence because of their campaign dollars, etc. In that meeting there were of course the greatest representatives for the Deep State, FBI, CIA, NASA, NSA etc.

Besides Obama {who I believe truly is a light individual who had truly hoped to make a difference for his country} there were about 40 of the darkest individuals on the planet prepared to inform the new president the truth about his new ‘job’.

Press Image to enlarge

They informed him who was ‘pulling the shots’ - who was really in charge - and that if he didn’t ‘keep in line’ there would be dire consequences for himself and his young family.

That was the day that Barack Obama found out why he was ‘allowed’ to become the President of the USA. They would be using his eloquence, his amazing power of speech to do all their dirty work or else.

The lady from England told me that when Obama came out of that meeting her friend was there. She described how he looked.

He looked (and this was 2 hours after his inauguration ceremony with his family there, smiling and happy with him) like he had seen a ghost!

He looked totally to be in a state of chock.

He looked like he had aged 10 years in two hours.

Obama and his lovely wife Michelle have tried every way that they could to bring hope for the future to the people during his Presidency. But everything was controlled. Sometime in 2015 - 16 Cobra was asked in an interview to say something about Obama. And his answer was something like this, “He had great hopes and plans but he had to abandon his mission due to threats to his family”.

In a Situation Update on June 22nd, 2016 Cobra informed us about plans to disclose the secret space program. In that update he had a link that told of Obamas plans to reveal alien and ufo details held by the USA before he left office. The link is of course ‘whoops’ gone - I just tried it.

Many of you will have seen a new video called ‘Out of Shadows’.

In parts nine and ten there is a lot of information about Q and Trump and JFK’s son of the same name. It was the pictures and info in this video that convinced me that Trump really is supporting the Light whilst ‘walking the swords edge’.

He has now managed to get rid of the ‘dross’ in the White House and surround himself with people working for the Light. There have been at least 5 serious assassination attempts made on his life. The reason he has managed to be less controlled by the Deep State is very much due to the fact that he came into this ‘game’ on his own money. No bonds to dark multinationals.

"Tiffany Boxes"

Blue Tiffany present boxes are seen in several photographs in this video. The first time we see one it is when John F and Jacqueline are walking from a plane and a Military person is walking alongside the President carrying one of these light blue coloured Tiffany boxes? What was in the box? I believe that it was a casket of some kind, most likely containing the remains of their child after Jacqueline had had a miscarriage. She had several.

Later we see a picture of these exact same boxes - supposedly containing the remains of the young JFK - his wife - and sister in law after their plane went down?... about 10 years ago.

On the day that Melania and Donald Trump move into the White House they give the Obamas a present in an exact copy of this box.

Also Melania is dressed in the exact same colour as Jacqueline wore in the above mentioned photograph.

Now why would a Republican President be giving a Kennedy reminder to a Democratic president as he leaves?

Well the rest of the story I will leave that up to you!

You put the rest of the puzzle together. You have enough pieces.

I know what I believe.

Press Photograph to Enlarge

Not quite the end of the story......

This article was supposed to end here along with some links.....but then....on the 19th May 2020, I was blocked from posting on my Facebook blog that has been in existence for the past 8 years.

In the months previous to this total ban on publishing, I had been forced to disguise what I was posting by giving a very short introduction and providng the link to the article here on Veritas.

This article was delayed then when my server on this website went down only hours after Facebook took my blog down.

The Facebook blog is of course still visible but I cannot post anything there. Sadly that means the end of 8 years of ongoing contact with readers which has been possible via the Fb blog.

Just as I was finished writing this article ....I was taking a look at the updates from  Golden Age in my mailbox and noticed that Steve had once again asked Archangel Michael about Barack Obama.  

Since about 2013 Steve Beckow of Golden Age of Gaia has asked Archangel Michael about Barack Obama on 3 occasions. He has been told earlier ~ twice ~ that B Obama was forced to abandon his Lightworker mission. Steve loved Obama and was so saddened by all of the evil things that were said about him. Just a couple of days ago Steve asked the question once again, because of pressure from readers, during a private session with AM via Linda Dillon. If you are not familiar with Linda Dillon then I suggest that you read my article on the Introduction page ~ press following link and roll down to #176 .

'Doing the Right Thing' + Introducing Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love.

In this new message about Barack Obama Steve uses the term ‘lightworkers’ when referring to the people who make up memes to vilify ~ ridicule ~ disrespect ~ degrade etc. both Barack and Michelle Obama. The people who do these things are in my mind NOT LIGHTWORKERS. I have reached a point in time where I refuse to be overly sensitive to hurting the feelings of people who are downright immature and evil. What I am saying is that a person who makes a video or spreads information of the kind that degrades Michelle Obama or others, are NOT LIGHTWORKERS.

Here is the article from Steve where you get direct quotes from Archangel Michael about this subject. I would also like to say that Steve deserves credit for so loyally standing up for Barack Obama and not backing down although he has been like 'a voice in the wilderness' as this subject is a 'hot potato'.


I have just asked my Guides to please inform me now as to what % of people, working in the so called Alternative Therapies and medicine are in fact qualified enough ~ serious in their endeavour and doing a good job providing real support for others and their health. I am given the number 36 %. That means that 64% of those working in this very broad area are in fact doing so because they 1) would like to make a name for themselves, 2) would like to make money, 3) the most evil reason … they enjoy controlling others’ lives and the feeling of power that it gives them ~ sadly these people constitute as many as 20% of so called mediumistic therapists. Millions upon millions of lives have been ruined by these imposters making a living by advising people about their relationships ~ life choices ~ future possibilities etc.

Press image to enlarge

This is very sad but it’s the truth!

This is a similar story to the so called Lightworker community.

I work alone and so it is easier for me to keep a clean ship. I have impeccable standards and when I have not reposted some ‘things’ {on the now blocked Facebook Blog} it’s usually because the quality is not good enough or I suspect that there are ulterior motives involved in the release of certain information by certain people. However, I have in the past and in fact even recently posted information from imposters! Very - very clever imposters. I have in fact only very recently realised who some of them are .......unbelievable.......amazingly unbelievable.........So many Lightworkers are going to be shocked when they learn the truth. Here is a link to my Introduction page and roll down to # 213 if you would like to read Watch Out for Imposters ~ Con Artists ~ Manipulators

This is serious business! After being fooled many times by these imposters, I now suspect everyone and everything as possibly having a Jesuit connection knowing all too well how astoundingly manipulative and intelligent and powerful that they are. They have been the direct ‘doers’ of their Archon Masters {false archangels - fallen angels} control over Earth. After the 1996 archon invasion there have been 7 attempts made on ‘getting rid of me’.

Since I began writing in 2012 there have been (to my knowledge) 2 serious physical attempts by archons to murder me.

So you take part in a war when you are involved in revealing the truth.

The remaining archons are the ones in physical bodies and found among the ‘black nobility’ families. The etheric and astral planes have now been completely cleared of them and their Draconian and reptilian minions. There are many links where Cobra has told us various information about these black nobility families and the ‘beings’ living among them. Also ‘We Love Mass Meditations’ website have had information in great detail about these people because thousands of great lightworkers have taken part in the Buddhic Column meditations to weaken these people’s position. However I will just provide one link to The Portal where a few of these families are mentioned for those who have never heard of them.

All of the remaining ‘archons’ on the physical plane and these evil families that house and work with them to control you and me, will be correctly taken care of by the Light Resistance Movement at the time of The Event.

Press Photograph to Enlarge

Finally A Challenge


If you are among the people who like me prefer to believe that Barack Obama is innocent of all the degrading, humiliating, dehumanising information that has been spread about him and his wife then you do not need this challenge. On the other hand you will very much enjoy these three video links if you have not seen them before.

For those who still believe that Barack Obama is guilty of some or all of these attacks on his character then I challenge you to watch and listen – the whole way through – to these three videos and tell me then that you still feel the same negative feelings about him. Or could it be that maybe you are now doubting, some or all of the false information that has been spread about his person.

The final video of the three is indeed hilarious. This is recorded about the time of the beginning of his last 6 months in office. It’s the yearly press meeting. It’s funny indeed all the way through – he only chooses a more serious tone during the last 5 minutes. You should be laughing after the first five minutes.

A man that has spent 7:5 years in the role of the President of the USA and is about to leave office has seldom or never been funnier to listen to. Look at all the shocked faces among the journalists’, politicians, and special guests present. To have such a sense of humour and be able to tell jokes at your own expense demands being very broad minded, humane and wise. He tells us clearly about some of the things that he has had to deal with. There are clues to the truth to everyone with ears to hear.

Here are the 3 videos:

President Barack Obama delivers stirring speech in Parliament - June 2016

President Obama on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee w/ Jerry Seinfeld

Obama White House Correspondents Dinner 2016 | President Obama's FULL SPEECH



REPOST  ~  #  3

Transformation Has Already Begun ~ The Shift ~ The Event Will Speed Up This Process for Humanity

February 16, 2016

How Much Are You Aware that You Are Part of this Shift?

Do you realise that by simply reading these words that you are an integral part of this shift? Your desire alone for change is more than enough. The support that you show for the revelation of truth by reading, or the desire to see and experience a new and transparent open type of leadership involves you deeply in this shift. Your desire to exist in a world where everyone is receiving not just their basic needs but abundance makes you involved in this shift. I would even go so far as to say that about 25% of the entire world’s population is actively involved in this shift on some level. Here is some of what archangel Michael recently had to say about this.

” What you think of as the megatrends are shifting, the mega events are taking place. And you may, or may not, be involved in what you think of those grand events. And, let me say, “think of,” because, my friends, you are absolutely involved in each and every one of those shifts. Some of you are at the conference table. Some of you are fully participating as what you think of as the limelight. Not all of you have volunteered for that. And, I hear your collective sigh of relief, saying, “Thank God!”
Those who are in the leadership, the new definition of leadership, not the old, cannot proceed without the support and union, unity, with each and every one of you. So when you extend your hand in love, in friendship, in support, in commiseration and compassion to another, you are immediately contributing and activating the global changes.

When your heart, through your decisions and choices, flies free, then you are declaring freedom and liberation, and might I say, my favorite topic, declaring peace on planet. Not at some future date of fulfillment, but in the moment and the ever-present moment of now. This is what you are doing. This is not what you are going to be doing at some future date.

It has already begun. And, yes, that is what it means. It has already begun.”

Planetary Transformation Is Taking Place Within You + Me Now

For all of us to be ready to accept outer change and transformation we need to be transforming from the inside now and we are – we really are. Here are Michael’s words explaining this so beautifully.
“The shifts of the energy are very strong. You are finally fully receiving the Mother’s Tsunami. Might we say it is about time. What is changing is your ability to deeply and fully immerse, connect, and unify with these energies that are being made available to you.
So what it is doing is also taking much of your tension away from what we have called the mega issues, the big issues, even the small issues of rent and health care and relationships. And it is allowing you to connect with your essence and the essence of all, of the Mother.
When you are doing that, everything else drifts away. We do not mean that it is not important to eat, to breathe, to speak, to love. But this immersion and acceptance into the various forms of love, the experiences of love, is the biggest change. It is the extraordinary change; and it is not an external extraordinary change.
First is coming the internal, up close, and personal extraordinary change. And, that is what you are feeling and that is what many are feeling, and that is simply going to continue to grow because the more each of you is doing this and experiencing this…it is like a contagion and it is spreading person to person to person to person.”

Galactic Wave of Love and Time for The Event

Cobra has provided us with information at various times about how a particularly strong Galactic Wave of Love from Source will initiate what we call The Event. When that Wave goes out and the signal is given things will happen very quickly. Nobody knows the hour or the day. Within as short a time frame as 20 minutes of The Event Flash Wave going out things will start to happen beginning with the arrests of the cabal and the closing down of the cabal controlled financial system. Because of the ‘groundwork’ that has already been completed through Wave after Wave of Divine Light Love Energy from Source i.e. the internal transformation taking place within humanity to a more loving calmer warmer way of being, the effect of this stronger Wave will serve to ‘blanket’ ~ ‘embrace’ humanity at that time and guarantee a calm transition.

It is my belief that many of the concerns that we have held as to how the populations worldwide will react to this sudden complete surprise will not be so much of concern at all when the DAY arrives. People will be provided very quickly through the regular media with good reliable information about what’s taking place which has been ‘ready’ now for several years. One change that was made in the plans a few years ago was that to the greatest possible extent the information scripts will be provided to reliable news reporters that people are already somewhat familiar with.


REPOST  ~  #  2

A New Reality Is Manifesting on Gaia – Can You Feel It?

November 28, 2017

This morning on the Swedish TV morning news show they interviewed a journalist from a mainstream Swedish newspaper who has been reporting from Syria and the war there. She basically said that this war has nothing to do with the Syrian people but is a war between the nations with the most power in the East and West. She mentioned on the one side the alignment of Iran, Iraq, and Russia and on the other hand USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

I must admit that in 2010-2011 my opinion of President Assad was such that I said to Source “if I knew how to, I would willingly go there and put a bullet in his head”. Then Cobra came along and eventually a much clearer and broader view of reality evolved.

This Swedish journalist has won many prizes. She has lived with the people in Raqqa, along with them she has experienced starvation, lice all over her body, sleepless nights not knowing what’s ahead at any moment. When you listen to her you know she knows what she’s talking about. In case anyone still has any doubts about this the war in Syria is most definitely a major part of NWO WW3 being played out. Without the Light Forces ~ the Alliance on the surface ~ the RM below surface and not in least the Galactic Confederation this third world war would have been multiple times worse. Why I’m telling you this is that I have never heard someone speaking in such plain language about the truth of reality and clearly being invited and allowed to do so on mainstream media. To me this is a wonderful sign that things are changing fast now. There are signs to be seen daily in our state owned TV that a more truthful reality is emerging.

I believe that we are ‘there’ already now!! We are day by day gliding over to this new reality. It’s taking place before our very eyes if we have ‘eyes to see’. Have you heard that we are the creators of our reality? That our experience of reality is a mirror of what we focus on from within? The more that we decide to focus on the change taking place like many have done worldwide in meditation these past 4 days or so the quicker it will manifest. We have focused when possible, every four hours, that the Pink Feminine Warm Loving Goddess energy descends like a blanket over every man woman and child and we visualize / see a healing taking place and celebrations of peace on Earth. So, if (merely an example) your focus is worry about chemtrails still happening then that’s what you will manifest. Most likely they will go on as long as the weather control is still in ‘their’ hands so why bother worry – their power is about to end soon.

Let’s focus upon what we want! Let’s focus upon what we want! Focus on Love. Send out loving vibes to everyone you meet whether or not they meet your eyes, and if they do meet your eyes say ‘Hi’.

One place on the planet {there are sadly way too many} that could do with a little extra healing energy at present is the Rohingya people who have crossed the border to Bangladesh from northern Burma. This is such a disgrace. Ethnic rinsing because the powers that be in that country want to develop oil, marble etc. industries in the area these people have resided. They have burnt their houses, committed so many other atrocities to drive them away, and now slave traders without any conscience whatsoever are stealing orphaned children age 5-6-7 years as they cross the border selling them to trafficking into slave sexual industry for 150$ each! The refugee camp in Bangladesh is now holding 1 million people with more arriving daily.

It is in the jungle and has many tents on the edge of ravines that could collapse when the rainy season comes. Lets us decree, declare and command that this situation is given priority and changed NOW. An example of decreeing found here:{The following two links go to Prepare for Change where I was guest author from 2014 - 2017}

or here;

or a simple reminder; We could decree something like this:

I {your name here} declare and decree and command in the presence of the Council of Love or my Family of Light {name if you wish any or all Guides – Light Beings}

That – {your desire here}

This is the will of Source {– your name –} and so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

Finally, we know that success is a given? Do you know that? You should know that? Our unity as Lightworkers has brought us to a place where so so many of us have a similar view of the new Gaian reality, so many of us focus on a beautiful bright new reality so that there is no possibility that ‘their’ NWO sad controlling vision could ever manifest now. None! Cobra taught us that from December 2012 there was only one possible timeline future and that it would be positive. The more of us that join forces seeing that new future as brightly and vibrant as you possibly can the quicker it will manifest. So, let’s spend our time focusing on that and being prepared for the coming change in every way that we can.

Therese Zumi

REPOST  ~  #  1

What is Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event? Part One of Two

April 26, 2017

An overview article for newly awakening readers – 26th April 2017

Almost immediately after the Day of Compression Breakthrough or the day of The Event we will have Peace on Earth – yes total and complete peace that is incomparable to anything that we have ever experienced before. We will be lacking for words, we will walk around in utter amazement when we receive the news via mainstream media that all wars on this planet have ceased and all weapons have been put aside. It will take some time to sink in but after eons of enslavement, eons of feeling lost in a wilderness we will finally see beyond the veil that has been clouding our vision of reality for so long. We will finally be free to allow the truth of our being to bloom, free to develop and express the true sovereign beings we are.

I hope that we ban fireworks or at least any that sound like bombs etc. exploding so that the war weary traumatized souls all over this planet can heal quicker. On that note if you have knowledge of some positive method of healing please know that your assistance in this area will be very much needed and appreciated.  There will be so many souls needing help to release trauma, programming etc. so that they can let go of their fears and once again begin to find trust, begin to believe that they can be a part of a community where they are appreciated and accepted for who they are.

When we begin to adjust to existing in a world where we no longer need fear, when we have managed to digest and assimilate all of the information about the truth of our reality beyond the mass programming and control of the veil, our creative urge will blossom and we will unite with others in so many wonderful creative projects to heal Mother Gaia and everyone living here.

Who Is Cobra?

His name is derived from the expression Compression Breakthrough and for the sake of his safety the Resistance Movement have insisted that his voice must be adjusted during interviews. He is the authorized voice of the Resistance Movement and evidence of his work will be provided through mainstream media after The Event. His first posting on The Portal website was on March 31st 2012. The first time that I read a posting there I knew inherently that this person truly knows exactly what he is talking about – a voice of authority that touched my heart. When he told us that he would be holding conferences to give more details about the liberation I quickly decided to attend one and met him and his beloved Isis in Nov. 2012 in Laguna Beach LA. He was aware of my website Veritas Galactic Sweden and he encouraged me to continue writing. After the conf. I immediately got to work writing about The Event combining all of the Resistance Movement info from Cobra with channeled information from Archangel Michael that I knew to be totally reliable. Here is the link to that article.

For those that would like to read more about Cobra this page on my website might interest you.

I have gathered all of the KEY articles from Cobra that all newcomers would be wise to have read to begin to understand the Bigger Picture. There are 12 articles and some more imnformation on this page here.

Pie in the Sky? No – New Atlantis

If you happen to be a new reader and have no prior knowledge of this subject you might be thinking right now that this woman needs her head examined, how could anyone in their right mind believe that there will soon be overnight peace on earth when the world seems crazier than ever right now?

On January 4th this year Cobra gave us some details about the plans for the co-creation of the new society after The Event, he says New Atlantis is the codename for the energy grid around the planetary surface that will support the Compression Breakthrough and also the codename for the New Society after the Event……. The New Atlantis project actually aligns the vortexes of the Old Atlantis with the new energy grid that is about to be completed soon.

New Atlantis is a project of the Light forces that is already ongoing for millennia. Saint Germain is one of the main beings working on this project. He has revealed parts of this project to humanity in his incarnation as Francis Bacon in a novel called New Atlantis, where he described a utopian society based on meritocracy. In his next incarnation as Comte de Saint Germain he attempted to co-create a new Society in America by assisting in the independence of the USA and by being the main spiritual force behind the Constitution.

Now Comte de Saint Germain has asked me to assist him in completion of the New Atlantis project. The planetary energy grid of New Atlantis is namely the energy tool that will manifest the Compression Breakthrough, the Event and the New Society.

Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools in manifesting that aim. Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil somewhere around the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter: (Lightworkers worldwide have been busy with this important project for nearly two years and the project is almost complete)

When the critical mass of those angelic beings are anchored around the planet, the head of the Yaldabaoth entity will begin to dissolve…….”

Recently Saint Germain discussed the Fulfilment of Divine Mothers Plan which he points out is ‘no pie in the sky’ but very real. In other words, from the Day of Compression Breakthrough – when the Light from the combined Forces of Light above meets the Light from below ~ Gaia + RM + Agartha on the surface nothing will ever be the same again. We will unite with one another and begin to co-create a new Golden Age on Gaia. We have all been affected by these powerful Galactic Waves of Love these past four or five years and we are transmuting, letting go of, healing, our burdens, wounds, belief systems, everything that has hurt us.

You will need to know that the so called Master Plan for this change has been in place for at least 3 – 4 decades. You will find the article about the Master Plan with the other KEY articles here:

In Depth Information about Allied Light Forces and Liberation Progress


For the reader who is unfamiliar with who exactly the so called Resistance Movement or Allied Light Forces are I have gathered an introductory overview of some of the various groups involved, below surface, on the surface, in the solar system and not in least on higher dimensions on a webpage entitled Victory Now.

These groups are the Agarthan Civilisation, The Resistance Movement, Positive Military, Lightworkers, A group of 15000 Beings, the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Brotherhood of the Star, the Order of the Star, Positive Templars, White Dragon Society, Blue and Red Dragon families, Galactic Confederation, Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Sirians and the Central Civilisation.

Here is the Victory Now webpage link:

Following the aforementioned information that same webpage covers the most important details about the battle with the dark forces for planetary liberation, covering the timeframe from this message here from June 5th 2012 and up until the present moment.

June 5th 2012 – Leader of the Archons Leaves Earth

We were informed by Cobra on June 10th 2012 that the “leader of the archons on the physical plane was arrested on May 5th by the Resistance forces and taken off-planet. He has crossed over to the Light and is now free-willingly assisting with the planetary liberation process. This arrest took place in Rome. He was the one that many members of the Cabal were worshipping in their distorted rituals, so now they are worshipping something that does not exist any longer.” I might add here that some time ago when Cobra was asked about this archon leader and whether he was still assisting the Light Forces we learned that the realisation of all of the suffering and pain that he had been the cause of was too much to bear and he asked to return to the Galactic Central Sun and begin the soul journey all over again.

I should add that should you decide to follow the progress of the Light Forces over the past four years (2013 – Present) it will demand many hours of reading and a necessity to take breaks as it covers over four years of Cobra updates that are directly connected to the battle with the chimera. On April 7th 2017 we learned the following;

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces are intensively clearing the head of the Yaldabaoth entity (the tentacles of this entity which stretched into the solar system have recently been removed) with all plasma anomaly and plasma toplet bombs and all plasma scalar technologies of the Veil. Realizing that they are going to lose, the Chimera have stepped up the plasma attacks on the key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that are beyond brutal.


On Wednesday, the Light forces of the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command have begun full force active removal of all plasma negativity near the surface of the planet. Every direct intervention of the Confederation forces inside the quarantine Earth provokes retaliation by the Chimera and they started first by trying to provoke nuclear exchange between USA and North Korea: This complete update;

On April 22, 2017 another ‘Situation Update’ from Cobra relates:

Now that the Cabal could not trigger World War 3 directly: ,

they have turned to electronic warfare.

Aside from many times mentioned plasma scalar weapons, they are now using directed energy weapons to their fullest, targeting key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in an obvious attempt to remove them from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in Cabal’s plans to create global war……….

…. A certain elite task force has begun removing key perpetrators of those crimes internationally. They „shoot first and ask questions later.“

They have issued a warning, stating that „anybody using a directed energy weapon against a civilian target, either knowingly or unknowingly, is committing a crime against humanity and may expect to be dealt with.“

They have also stated that an „international diplomatic and political scandal with far reaching consequences, exposing certain key people from the United States, responsible for use of those weapons against civilian population, may explode soon.“……..


.Now it is of the utmost importance for all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to invoke and anchor the Light as much as humanly possible, although I am fully aware that we are tested beyond limits. Here is a very good and effective example of how to do this:

Our unified awareness and consciousness will transmute this situation, as it has transmuted countless situations before.

Victory of the Light! To read this complete update;

I am so looking forward to the arrival of that DAY of days when I will be adding the final Victory of the Light information to this page hopefully in the near future.

New Financial System

Recently I saw an article written by someone anonymous who claimed that he/she had inside information about the so called Global Currency Reset or GCR. This person then made several derogatory remarks about Cobra and his sources of information. I have to say that for the past 3 and a half years at least we have seen many articles, whether ‘channelled’ (fake) or peoples contacts in the financial world of various kinds saying more or less that the GCR was about to happen within days or weeks max.

We have been informed by Cobra that the so called Reset, Reval of the Financial System will take place at the time of The Event not prior. These articles will no doubt keep popping up until then.

Regarding the New Financial System this link here was the first article we received on this subject from Cobra on April 28, 2012.

It is one of the Key articles from Cobra gathered here.

3 years ago in Dec. of 2013 we received an update about the New Financial System and The Event where we clearly see the game being played behind the scenes that has taken place and will continue no doubt to do so until the last minute. “A battle continues for the control of the new financial system, which is being created now with full speed. The Eastern Alliance is building the new financial system to support the coming Event:”

I wrote / compiled this article in February of 2016 to give readers a broader view of the Financial Reset.

“I will attempt here to convey to you why there is no need for doubt regarding the question of financial redistribution of wealth to humanity after The Event. “

Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to Humanity

Phenomenal Results of Our Recent Etheric Liberation Meditation

Cobra asked us to join forces in an important meditation in February this year telling us The master key for the energy grid around the planet is the Congo vortex. That is a huge energy vortex that is anchored in Lake Kivu in Congo. This area was the landing space of a special expedition of the Central Race which landed there more than 2 million years ago, anchoring a very powerful Light presence. Much later this vortex was taken over by the Reptilians who actually energetically controlled most of the Sub-Saharan Africa from that area. This is the reason why black magic is so widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa and why so many people there are possessed by Reptilian entities:

Congo vortex was the entry point for the Archon invasion in 1996. Since then, the Archons are doing whatever they can to destroy the feminine energy in Congo, while the Light forces are trying to heal the situation:

On Feb 26th we united worldwide in an Etheric Liberation Meditation with massive success here is what I wrote to my blog readers when the results came in from the RM. “TZ here; My God! – dear readers we could not have better news than this! – now I understand why Cobra used the word EPIC in his previous short report about the etheric meditation. Enjoy this message in all of its amazing details and know that you will clearly start to see signs whether small or great all over Gaia that we are on the road to liberation and total Victory of the Light. Cobra mentioned that this epic meditation has cut the remaining waiting time before The Event in half. The Resistance Movement have ways of estimating ~ depending on the current situation ~ when The Event is most likely to take place. This type of estimation is of course classified for safety for the surface human population. SO the Resistance Movement are no doubt themselves amazed at the influence this meditation has had. This should encourage us all to continue every effort to affect a strong positive return of Light and Love – we can take note of Yeshua’s reminder yesterday that when we change our behaviour the whole world changes. The weekly meditation on Sunday shall no doubt continue as long as necessary ~ we now have enormous evidence that meditation and etheric work generally moves mountains. Things are developing at an amazing speed now and NO-ONE person knows the Day or the Hour that Goddess/Mother will give the signal for The Master Plan (see Most Important Cobra articles on PFC or The Portal) to begin. Our greatest goal right now should be to connect with our I AM / Higher Self Presence and lovingly follow advice given as to how we best can move forward in Love for ourselves and others. In Love and Light to everyone TZ

Etheric Liberation Report

Our meditation on Sunday (Feb 26th 2017) was the turning point in the decisive battle for the energy grid of planet Earth that is taking place between January and April 2017, and one of the biggest victories of the Light. It is estimated that our meditation has cut the remaining waiting time towards the Event by half….

At the moment of the activation, a huge wave of positive plasma swept throughout the solar system and then through the ionosphere, causing the Schumann resonances to explode.

This wave was detected by Space Observing System in Tomsk in Russia, where the activation happened at 9:55 pm local time. You can clearly see drastic increase of plasma activity starting around one hour after the activation and lasting for about 36 hours, if you click on the picture below (on origianal link just below here):


This wave has effectively cleared most negative plasma from the Solar System and the Resistance has communicated that „they can not detect any plasma anomaly beyond the Moon orbit“. Also, all plasma toplet bombs beyond the Moon orbit have been removed.

It means that the „tentacles“ of the Yaldabaoth entity are gone forever and now only the „head“ remains.

Since our activation, healing of the „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity is proceeding faster than expected…… to read this update in full go here:

Therese Zumi

End of part one.

Part Two of this article will be published here in 1 to 2 days

Recommended related reading;

For those readers who would like a broad overview of the various groups on the dark side I created this page some years ago.

Advice from Archangel Michael on cooperation and leadership after The Event

Part Two of Two

What is Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event? Part Two ~ 2 of Two ~ 2


April 27, 2017

Becoming True Sovereign Beings

New insights come as we move forward in our attempt to learn to love unconditionally. Some of these insights are hard to digest when we come to a realisation that we have been holding onto some negative way of being/thinking, but have been absolutely unaware of it due to it being a normal way of existing / surviving as children. I personally learned that the only way to survive was to keep quiet about all feelings, be helpful at all times and even more so when being unjustly blamed for things/incidents that occurred. This led to my thinking negatively about the person in question and never daring to express those feelings for risk of more punishment. The consequence of this is that when people seem to be expressing unusually strong emotional reactions to something my emotional body is recalling these earlier situations and the negative thought reactions like “this person is stupid, or this person is crazy, or this person is unpredictable, or this person needs therapy” and so on. I recall the name of a book with the title ‘you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought’ and by golly is this a tall order to follow.  However, this ‘tall order’, this ideal of being, is exactly where we are heading. Cobra was once asked how we should control our thoughts. I recall him saying that we should not control our thoughts, we have to allow them. However, when we become aware that we are sometimes thinking negatively about someone close to us while never expressing this openly we must realise that these thoughts are felt by the other person on some level and will infect the relationship until we change those thoughts by communicating in a better way with the person in question.

Like Saint Germain said recently while discussing the Fulfilment of the Mothers Plan (which he points out is ‘no pie in the sky’ but very real), the time of Ascension, “we are transmuting, letting go of, healing, our burdens, wounds, belief systems, everything that has hurt us.” As we can feel rather unhappy with ourselves when we discover that we have been holding onto negative thoughts on some level we need acceptance and unconditional love for ourselves too.

Saint Germain goes on to explain that when these old issues surface that these are things that have not been addressed or seen to. He says “there is no need for drama, there is no need for disassociation. We need ACCEPTANCE – because in acceptance we enter the flow”. He reminded us that at Christmas time we were advised by the Co. of Heaven to be in “willingness and forgiveness, however when we are in acceptance we bring forth our alignment with our divine will. Be in your sacred willingness and simply accept and allow this unfoldment”.

We will be faced with the need to forgive everyone at some point and this is a recent article I compiled where Saint Germain says ‘We Need a Passion for Compassion.’

In the end we come to know and understand that every single soul we know is acting according to the earlier experiences and programming of one kind or another that they have encountered and of course this includes all of these souls’ earlier incarnations too.

If you sincerely hear a calling to try to forgive everyone then this will benefit a quicker transition to a new calm, loving, peaceful existence on Nova Gaia. Like one reader commented after the above linked article “yes for me forgiveness is the key, for only those who have felt pain in anyway are capable of hurting another”.

……So imagine now this day! Imagine when this Veil of darkness and complete control is fully removed. Then there will be no hinder for the healing Light of pure Love Energy – Tachyon energy to reach every single being on this planet. Suddenly everyone will be experiencing to some degree what my colleague Nova experienced in the Tachyon chamber in Mercantile Creek! Now do you understand why soldiers all around the globe will simply lay down their weapons never to use them again.  Suddenly a blanket of LOVE energy is all around us.

The Removal of the Veil ~ How The Event Will Change Everything Immediately

On February 3rd this year I wrote an article with the above title and this introduction;

How could all of the madness and chaos that pervades our lives in a never ending myriad of ways suddenly go away / dissolve overnight? Even among Lightworkers I would imagine that the majority have great difficulty in getting their heads around an understanding of how this will take place. It is with this in mind that I attempt to combine some information that will hopefully help everyone who so desires to have a greater understanding of how The Event will involve radical change on Gaia from one day to the next.”

Reset Imminent

The following words were written by our colleague {during my 3 + years as guest author on Prepare for Change} Untwine in February 2016 as an introduction to the video ‘Reset Imminent’*** “None of us are claiming that the Reset, Disclosure and Event will happen for sure in the next few days, weeks or months. It may or may not. The main purpose of this video is to have all the core information easily available in a concise way, to be shared at the moment of the Event to the unawakened population. By publishing it now, it can circulate and we can make sure everybody has it ready for when the time comes. This also allows for more people to be aware and ready before the time comes. Of course we are all sick of delays, including Light forces not on the surface of this planet who go and confront very dark things regularly. Yet, to put things into perspective, after many thousands of years of slavery on this planet, even the span of a few years of transition is still ‘imminent’.

*** available now top of the Introduction Page here on Veritas.

I think it should be very clear for everybody by now that we cannot predict the date for the Event. All we can do is make efforts to help any way we can day after day, to create a transition that will be as beautiful, fast and smooth as possible for a full liberation of all creation, because there is simply no other viable choice.

Let our Liberation come!”

This video ‘Reset Imminent’ is available in 7 languages on the link that I have at the top of the Introduction Page.

On PFC you will find the direct link to the Community Leaders Brief available in up to 32 languages by just clicking on the link with this picture.

The Event – A Very Strong Emotional & Spiritual Experience

It is of importance for all Lightworkers to understand that the Day of Compression Breakthrough will be a very strong emotional and spiritual experience for the vast majority of people on Gaia. We have been experiencing what has been termed ‘Tsunami Waves of Love Energy’ from Source via allied Light Forces both above and below us. Everyone reading this article will have felt both physical and emotional symptoms of many kinds these past four or five years preparing us for the Big Waves at the time of The Event. Recently on the monthly Cobra interview (March interview) on PFC the following was discussed:

Aaron – Ok, this about The Event. Is the Schumann resonance a useful indicator of our progress and readiness for The Event?

COBRA – No. (OK)

Lynn – Is there an increase or decrease in the Schumann resonance within the last 100 years?

COBRA – The basic Schumann resonance stays the same but there, I would say quite drastic oscillations happening lately.

Lynn – Is the fluctuation a positive thing or a negative thing?

COBRAIt is simply an indication that something quite intense is happening in the plasma and it can be both. What is happening very lately is a positive thing because the light forces are clearing the negative plasma. (OK)

Galactic Central Sun

Galactic Wave of love

Lynn – Can you talk about the waves of energy we have received in the middle of December or since the middle of December?

COBRA – There have been waves of energy not just in that time period but in many time periods so it is not those particular time frame. That particular time frame is not extremely significant. I am still waiting for the really significant energy waves coming in the near future. (Ok, thank you)

The very first article on the ‘Introduction’ page on Veritas Galactic Sweden has the title ‘An Emotional Day Approaching at the Speed of Love – Pertinent Information for the Day of The Event’ and aims to prepare people by providing information from Archangel Michael to give some ideas about the emotional reactions that humanity will experience on this day. Here is the link;

This Event is in NO WAY just a time of arrests of the cabal, closing down of the corrupt financial system, the beginning of the disclosure process etc. and a bit later the landing of our Galactic Families, it is the beginning of the true time of Ascension on Gaia. As you will read in the article there will be several strong waves coming at intervals to support our spiritual development – raising our heart consciousness level and supporting our co-creation of a truly magnificent Garden of Eden here.

That brings to mind another question posed to Cobra on last month’s interview that many people have wondered about………. the same event mentioned in the Bible as the rapture? Can you tell me a little about this Cobra?

COBRA – Actually, Bible has many hints on The Event and the Compression Breakthrough and the Rapture is actually one of the later phases of the Ascension process. (ok, thank you)


On October 6th 2015 Cobra informed us about how the chimera group created a negative barrier at the edge of the solar system, how all ‘sentient beings whatsoever were implanted with plasma implants and tied to Chimera’s AI network (the Veil)’, and how ‘memories of spiritual nature were erased with electronic dissolution of memory (EDOM). Many beings who intended to release intel to the surface population were mind programmed and in many instances false intel and memories were implanted. All channelers were implanted and most of their channelling connections were severely disrupted.’

This update called The Great Forgetting of 1996 also gave us clearly defined recommendations that were necessary if we wanted a smooth transition to our New Atlantis – Nova Gaia as soon as possible – he said The Light forces have communicated to me that an alliance / coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors, working towards the common goal of planetary liberation, and refraining from constant infighting, would need to be formed on the surface of the planet. Such alliance is crucial for the successful compression breakthrough. Dragon forces have communicated that such coalition would serve as a conduit for the energies that will be released at the moment of compression breakthrough to ease the transition.


If this alliance is not formed, the Light forces have an alternative plan to carry out the compression breakthrough. That second plan is slower, but more secure. Details about that alternative plan will not be released on this blog, I will just say it will not alter much the way an average human will experience the Event.”

I would like to believe that we have in fact succeeded in overcoming our differences and that we have become aware of each person’s or groups unique contributions as being necessary to the whole. We can absolutely reach the goal of a smooth transition at the moment of Compression Breakthrough if we remain impartial in handling our affairs. With proper behavior we know without a shadow of a doubt that we will be supported by the entire Co. of Heaven etc. in our efforts.

If there are people involved in any situation whether it be prior to the Event, during the Event or after the Event that hold onto selfish interests or have separate / divergent goals this will be very sad and unfortunate.

Because this way of thinking will create mistrust and will grind events to a halt. Archangel Michael has given us regular advice regarding cooperation and leadership now and after the transition and links to some articles with that advice can be found at the bottom of this update.

Storm of Disclosure – Compression Breakthrough

As I sit here at my computer writing this article on April 21st 2017 there is a storm brewing outside, the winds are increasing as the hours pass and tomorrow they say that there may be gale warnings issued. Each time I encounter strong windy weather it reminds me of the storm of disclosure that is on the way. I call the winds ‘the winds of change’ because it is very clear to Lightworkers now that nothing can prevent this change taking place.


For nearly a year now many cabal members have been negotiating agreements behind the scenes hoping to survive the planetary liberation intact.

There is simply no way anyone following mainstream media and believing that they are getting ‘news’ can fathom more than 2-3% of what is really going on at this time.

With each day that passes we are more guaranteed a smooth time of transition.

In a Solar System Status update from Cobra in May of 2016 we learned the following about the time / day of Compression Breakthrough;

“The Light forces have built a network of advanced Tachyon chambers and a network of Cintamani stones on all main bodies within the Solar System to create a support field for the Compression Breakthrough. The Compression Breakthrough will be the moment of phase transition for the society on the surface of planet Earth:

Before the Event, a huge wave of energy will pass through these chambers and Cintamani stones and this wave will wash away all remaining darkness and most importantly all remaining plasma anomaly from this Solar System:”

Link to this complete update;

Do you recall these lines from Part One and the update after that EPIC meditation?

Here we learn 10 months later on March 1st 2017  that this has now occurred!

At the moment of the activation, a huge wave of positive plasma swept throughout the solar system and then through the ionosphere, causing the Schumann resonances to explode……

This wave has effectively cleared most negative plasma from the Solar System and the Resistance has communicated that „they can not detect any plasma anomaly beyond the Moon orbit“. Also, all plasma toplet bombs beyond the Moon orbit have been removed.

It means that the „tentacles“ of the Yaldabaoth entity are gone forever and now only the „head“ remains.

Since our activation, healing of the „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity is proceeding faster than expected…”

Dreams of the Storm of Disclosure

Several ~ many people have informed us about having dreams of the storm of disclosure when they have seen many lightning bolts which could be interpreted as a time of a release of the truth in the mainstream media.

Cobra has said:  "Each of those lightning bolts represents a compression wormhole, which is a hyperdimensional doorway of Light, connecting the surface of the planet with the Light above and below the surface at the moment of the Compression Breakthrough."

The Event will send strong ripples of Light throughout the spacetime, forwards and even backwards in time. This is why some of you have already received dreams, impressions and visions of the Event.”

Understanding the Effect of SYNTROPHY Helps Us to Understand How Things Will Only get Better with Each Passing Day.

TZ here; Working together is what it’s all about. We work synergistically together best when we each with our unique gifts follow our inner convictions in the NOW to do what we know to be right. We are strongly on our way towards Victory of the Light. This energy is palpable now and visible all around us.

Untwine gives us here a greater understanding for what’s taking place right now in this update from Jan 3rd.  “Syntrophy is an ever-increasing force that can gain momentum very strongly, meaning that small steps taken in its direction can snowball, and one element of syntrophic force can spread syntrohpy into many other elements around it, in other words ‘spread like wildfire’.

To read this informative article from Untwine go here;

The Light Grid on the Surface of Gaia is Almost Complete

The humongous work of restoring the Light Grid Network on Gaia is almost completely finished and it becomes stronger by the hour. Angelic Beings are positioned where each Cintamani stone has been place. We have never ever been so close to Compression Breakthrough as we are now and the dark ones are in panic mode and as we just learned from Cobra they are attacking key Lightworkers. They are doing all that they can to frighten newly awakening readers by spreading vicious lies about Cobra and even the Prepare for Change website. All of us here at PFC have been working idealistically for years to do this work to help support a calm transition. None of this work would have been possible without Cobra’s tireless dedicated work. Yes, imagine if he was just making all of this up and we were all following him blindly? All I can say to you who have doubts is that in each of his RM updates the information has later been proven to be correct and corroborated by events taking place later. I have witnessed this time and time again myself.  Yes, we are all tired and yes it has taken way too long and we have been tested too many times BUT my feeling is that we will be so grateful when the Day finally arrives that the groundwork was so well laid allowing a much safer and calmer transition into Nova Gaia.

These final words were issued by Cobra in a recent PFC interview;

COBRAI would say that we are living in a very key time in human history right now and we just need to keep pushing, keep manifesting the Victory of the Light for the pla

Developing at the Perfect Pace

I asked my Guides to give me some final advice on how to end this recap of the various aspects involved in understanding The Event. This is what I was advised to say.

Lightworkers all over Gaia are asked now to operate in good conduct while performing their missions and in this way to elevate the social order. The time points to a carful and natural unfolding of events and even though we have all had enough by now we need to accept that because of or despite the various setbacks and delays a deliberate and slow cultivation of the situation is the path to success and good fortune for the many. We are quite simply so much more ready in every sense of the word because of the time it has taken. Calmness and adaptability along with good natured persistence will see us through.

We need to remember also that everyone involved in wars at this time including those on the dark side are in their own way praying for peace. Everyone is tired of these never ending battles. Mother – Maat desires peace too and it is on its way to us at full speed – the signal will go out from Source – that huge Galactic Wave of Love will soon reach our shores and wash away all of the remnants of the veil and our liberation will be a fact.

Victory to the Light

Therese Zumi

PS: A reminder that Cobra said in the last PFC interview that we CAN have The Event in 2017 if everyone does their mission!

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