Understanding the Creation / Upkeep of the Veil, Web, Grid, Net, Matrix

Chemtrail Agendas and Their Connection to the Veil

by Therese Zumi Sumner

{ This is a New Revised Edited and Up-dated Version of my article from Aug 3rd 2015}

{TZ here;To-day 2nd October 2018 I would like to mention that Cobra informed us in July/Aug 2018 that despite the billions of tax payers dollars being used in this madness {Chemtrails} the effect is merely 1% of the intended one. From this day forward if you are reading this article you can do so in the Light of knowing that all of this will very very shortly be HISTORY. }

The subject matter discussed in this article has to do with the following areas, Chemtrails and 3 Main Agendas / Electromagnetic Fields / Plasmatic Planes of Existence / Strangelet Bombs / Scalar Fields / Strategic Issues / Future Warfare [2025] already being implemented** / Microwave Technolgy – as legal – non lethal weapons!! / Suppression of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Contact  etc:


This information is scary stuff but the aim here is simply to show and to point out that truth will make us free and that despite the fact that these chemtrails are to be seen daily all over our skies on this planet right now - they are in fact the 'band-aid' attempt of the military/archon faction to keep their matrix/web/veil/grid/net in place and keep us in a zombie state. We are very much awake and millions more awaken daily. Their time has finally come to an end on this planet. ALL of the Forces of Light below surface, on the surface and surrounding us in millions of Light Ships are now working steadily and successfully in tandem forward towards the disintegration of this veil and the Victory of the Light will very soon be a fact.

Understanding just how the archons have managed to imprison us in this ‘virtual reality version’ of the reality that we call life on earth is complicated to say the least. Yet I think that for many of us who have awakened there is a desire within us to somehow gain a greater understanding of the ‘mechanics’ of this veil/matrix/web/grid/net so that we can more easily come to terms with it and also see how its ongoing disintegration process is leading us to our liberation from the debt slave system of life that we have endured here for so long. One of the people on this planet who can most certainly increase our understanding of this subject is author/scientist Harald Kautz Vella. I find his knowledge and soft certain down to earth/broad visionary way of describing the reality that he has come to understand so deeply in the past two years very interesting indeed. I also feel a deep trust in his knowledge because of the way it recently arrived on his doorstep so to speak. Finally the information in this article comes from the work of Harald Kautz Vella, Cobra the official voice of the Resistance Movement on our planet and a gentleman named Miles Johnston. Links below to Pertinent Information.

Harald has said in an interview about his new book {see links below} “don’t ask me how all of this information came across my path in the past two years – I haven’t a clue – there must be a higher more lovely side to the curtain that turned out to be helpful ……” Harald also said the following:

“We have to get out of the fear trap – out of dualism – because fear is only attracting stuff from the future. I’m 100% optimistic, because I see problems being solved and big steps at the moment, all of the things left over are bad habits …… and all the people involved on human levels they all have been fooled by somebody you know the fear engineering fraction is fooled by the military fraction and the military fraction wants to have all of these SDI weapons …plasma …let’s give it a geo-engineering painting from outside to say that it is something from mankind, the military community are fooled by the intelligence community abusing their particulate plasma to monitor billions in their own country, the – {positive? – could not hear this word} in the military would never allow that.  They are about protecting America from the Russians protecting America from the Chinese they are not into controlling their own population this is abusive, so the military should hate the intelligence community, the intelligence community should hate the black magic people, because they are abusing the control technique they are using onto humans for their black magic so they should be aware of this lower fraction, the black magic fractions are fooled by the archons, they tell them it is something for you personally to have more power on planet earth but that’s a bloody lie!

For anyone in fear of being called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ who has been programmed, or wrongly informed regarding the subject of chemtrails etc. “no-one wants to be the weird guy and this ‘conspiracy’ argument is an ugly argument to make people shut up” says Harald. “We can fight this with a few clever moves he says and the first question that comes to mind re Chemtrails is where does this word come from?”

They have demonic interests that are not in the interests of humans and that are not in the interest of black magic people as well, and even the demons have a problem with their own AI {artificial Intelligence} so even them {archons} can find an enemy on the lower level to fight against…. people will now have to clear up their own business because information is coming out now ……they are slowly getting it……."

You can study Chemtrails at University!


The name Chemtrails it would seem comes from soldiers mainly from the US army / air force who brought this word into the English language. They attended classes at the chemical faculty of the US army and one of the classes is ‘The Chemtrail Class’! The University teaches how to make Chemtrails! “We see {Harald says} it’s a military technology, we don’t know if it’s applied or not? {Yes we do and Harald knows this too all too well.} But we can study the technology.” It would seem that the manuscript of about 260 pages is difficult to read and composed of questions with no answers, basically examination questionnaires. In the subject matter is found subjects such as; aluminium coating of plastic surfaces and nylon {fibres} synthesis; ‘spoofer sprays’; {the military application of aluminium coated nylon fibres used to hide planes from radar detection}  Spray pyrolis: nano particle production during a combustion process; Ultrasound nozzles of watery solution – as fuel additives;

None of this is secret but officially admitted by state authorities. Many have discussed this subject for years without any fruitful conclusions but Harald says that to find out more you need to go to places where people like this congregate and listen in on conversations and find out what they are planning. By some stupid mistake network specialists at NASA published an internal paper about 12-15 years ago that was classified but that appeared for two days in the public domain of the main NASA website. This paper is discussed now and then, it’s basically a power point presentation that displays certain terminologies; a copy of this is seen on the video at 13:15 mins {in the 2hr lecture}. The heading on this paper reads; Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [ca 2025] followed by large heading - The Future Is Now!

The following 3-4 minutes give details about this warfare that absolutely ‘click’ within me and remind me of the information from Cobra about how the archons control us via their electromagnetic fence.

Some of this discussion after 13:15 minutes touches on weapons used in every domain already one of them being the microwave used for mobile phones, smart meters, wireless land connections, also we are surrounded by microwaves and they enter our body and we just think it’s a side effect of technological applications but NASA classifies microwaves as an apparently legal non-lethal weapon! They also name the effect of those weapons i.e. behavioural performance decrements, seizures, gross alteration in brain function, 30-100% increase in blood flow in the brain as also lethal effects that come over time. These are weapons brought out on mankind that NASA is openly talking about in this power point paper for the future and we are falling for it. We think it’s clever to have a mobile on our head half of the day. Remember Cobra telling us that anything named ‘smart’ is not so smart to use! They discuss a ‘smart explosive dust’ that can go into human beings and kill them from the inside and even penetrate into underground facilities to access people hiding down there.


Harald says that another way to find out the truth is talking to whistleblowers and there are not many around who really reveal essential facts. People like Julian Assange at WikiLeaks for example his lawyer is the same one that serves the Rothschild family. Also he has had massive attention by the state media. {Smell a rat somewhere?} Snowden is telling us that the intelligence community is listening to phone calls!! We have known this from the 1920’s!! He does drop some other stuff but mainstream media is supporting him and offering him asylum. {in all fairness Snowden may well have had the highest of ideals but is now likely being used by devious groups in the end game scenario}

Harald says I reveal other things and nobody has ever offered me asylum nor are newspapers publishing my truth!

Some whistleblowers don’t get public attention, they deliver interesting papers and Harald discusses one paper that’s handed around in Germany because its written in German, the guy was a director of an institute working on ‘smart dust’. “He suffered from cancer and 3-4 months before he died he regretted the stuff he’d been involved in and the money he received was not really worth a thing and he put part of the technical info on paper with evidence that it really existed and this information I’m giving here is not for this audience but for the intelligence community that will surely be listening to this lecture and the name of the project is ‘Raven new’ {Rabe neu}.

Genetic Engineering

This guy revealed stuff from this project that even the people in the project do not know! He is talking about genetic engineering and Harald provides us first {22 mins into the 2hr 10min lecture} with information about the possibilities in genetic engineering that are publicly known. “In genetic engineering you can create complete DNA like it is in the cell and you can split this into half and half of the spiral structure is RNA. RNA is good to use because it has full functionality but does not spoil the next generation. They really like to work on this because they can manipulate without destroying and risking the future. If you look at DNA and RNA there are a number of different functions to it.  The 1st function is that these fragments of RNA/DNA can produce light of different qualities – the entire field of research is called Optogenetics = teaching of how the genetics produce bio-photons i.e. produce the light body of a being, the blueprint that is controlling the building up of form or the morphogenetic field. This field gives us the structure that we are. This is all done by DNA. Today you can synthesize DNA by printing it in a DNA/RNA printing machine. You write down the code that you want to produce and define every single base pair of the structure and print it out. They produce fragments of RNA DNA that produce light. The 2nd natural function of DNA is to produce substances.  Part of the DNA produces RNA and the RNA produces proteins and starts to build up the matter that the body is made up of. Both healing substances and poisons can be produced by cells and this is one function embedded in a certain span of the DNA. They can produce an expensive substance/medicine like artemisinin {used to produce the most effective medicines for malaria} and expensive to extract from plants this way.

They extract the little portion of the genetic information that is producing this substance and insert into microbes that is creating these substances and create artemisinin in big amounts = modern medicine.”

“The 3rd and newest field of research in using genetic engineering is that they realised that they can mount the base pairs into a chain in a way that functions like a computer, like a logical element and this could be visualised by thinking about the old method of telephones where you dialled numbers using sound.  Every base pair has a resonance frequency somewhere in the terra hertz range and if you hit the right frequency it is opening like a light conducting unit. A sequence of sounds can open all of the fragments and make the entire thing conductive. They can produce light or poison! You can take a radio signal and activate it from outside to produce any substance you want or produce any light that you want! Light is also emotion, thoughts, everything that we send that is an experience of ourselves and a substance can do everything with us – it can poison us slowly or it can kill us immediately and this is controllable by radio frequencies without risking that it is triggered unless they want it to be triggered?

When I listened to this first time I immediately recalled the descriptions that Cobra provided us with of how the archon paraphernalia on the etheric astral plasmatic plane could be used by them to go into a situation where a couple are communicating and project thoughts/energy field etc. into/onto one of the partners so that they would perceive the person they were with in another light causing arguments etc. This is just ONE of the many areas that they have been able to affect us with besides the implants that we have received just prior to birth.

Here a Cobra quote from my article ‘True Matrix Cobra’ “Then the control is exerted on the 2) etheric astral and mental planes levels through 2a) electromagnetic spacetime distortion chambers that create the illusion of a closed loop that appears to be eternal {Philadelphia experiment} and their version of so called Hell and Heaven etc. 2b) every human being is planted with etheric crystal implants before incarnating which remove memories from these planes and past lives. They control us with these implants using their remote control operated etheric scalar implant technology.  It is they the archons who have been the so called ‘lords of karma’ pretending to be higher spiritual beings ‘encouraging us’ to incarnate time and time again in their prison. What we call karma is their programming system.”

On average it is they who decide 65% of our life path. Here another quote from this article; The Archons have been sustaining their control (2) with a special technology that is called The Veil. It is an electromagnetic frequency fence on the lower astral and especially on the etheric plane, extending maximally 8.6 miles upwards and downwards from the surface ground level of our planet,  that to a great extent prevents the Light from coming into the quarantine Earth. The Veil is being operated by the non-physical Archons. This technology could be best described as etheric HAARP. This technology distorts the time / space structure on quantum level and thus creates big difficulties for UFO propulsion systems of the positive ET forces. In the past, this has hindered the progress of the positive ET races towards this planet significantly.

There is one specific grid on the etheric and astral planes that has had the purpose of controlling human personal relationships for millennia. This is the reason for most personal conflicts.”

Link to this page; http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/the-event/true-matrix-cobra

At this point I would like to tell you about a point of view expressed by Harald Klaus Vella that has stuck in my mind ever since. It has to do with our bigger picture view of this entire situation and can help us to somehow find a way to forgive the archons. Somewhere in these interviews with Miles Johnston Harald ‘speculates’ about how the archons upon leaving their home once upon a time used AI Artificial Intelligence to transport important data/information etc. with them. They were dependent on this AI. How today if we were to put the blame ‘downwards’ so to speak for what we are experiencing on this planet and that is explained in detail on the link just above here, then the different illuminati groups that Harald calls ‘fear engineering fractions, black magic people and intelligence community’ can all point the blame at the archons and yet who can the archons blame? – Yes it is the AI – Artificial Intelligence that they came to rely too deeply upon and that has now taken them over. At this point in time when the Light has now returned to this planet I feel that maybe as many as 50% of them are already tired of this ‘connection’ and would desire to be free of it.

The Deep Dark Truth about Chemtrails Uncovered


Harald Klaus Vella has along with a group of people researched, delved into, the study of what chemtrails are really all about. Here are some of the facts that they have discovered:

There are at least 3 separate groups at work behind the technology involved in the creation and spreading of chemtrails, working parallel to one another, with at least 3 different agendas. These three distinct areas include the a) military domain and its use of barium, strontium and titanium nano particles etc. b) groups working with particles of among others magnesium oxide that are affecting plant life and c) groups working with aluminium mixtures of particle dust in the area of geo-engineering.

German soldiers and army pilots who have been questioned about their knowledge of which type of fuel is used in their aircraft claim that all that they have been told is that it is fuel of a lesser/lower quality. Harald has been informed that when you dip your finger in this ‘fuel’ it is white in colour. The pilots get massive headaches when exposed to the fumes.  No one has the guts to steal a sample of this fuel because an official lab would not dare to touch it. However Harald says that “we know enough to deduct the concept behind it”.

Before you read some more about what Harald Kautz Vella has to say regarding the three separate Chemtrail agendas, I would like now to provide you with a number of short extracts, all of them taken from information provided by Cobra over the past three years, which may help you to see the connection between the upkeep of the matrix and the different chemtrail agendas. Each of these statements have been taken from an article that I wrote in April this year 2015 called True Matrix Cobra where you can learn more about the creation and upkeep of the matrix. The link is found below these extracts and at the end of this article;

Some Facts About the Chimera Archon Group who Created the Matrix

…….However what we did not know until nearly two years later {from May 2012} was that the archons – another group of them – the so called Chimera  - were controlling 12 main military bases worldwide and had other even more dangerous bombs namely strangelet and toplet bombs!!.........

………However the numbers of these beings in control of our reality have been much greater on the etheric and astral planes. We learned the following on January 3rd 2013 “The etheric Archon grid is controlled by a very small group of etheric Archons who give their orders to millions of etheric Draconians (sector commanders), those to billions of reptilians (warriors) and those to amoebas (semi-conscious elemental beings that just obey orders without questioning).”……..

……….So the main function of this veil has been to keep ET’S out and keep us in the dark as to the fact that there exists a Galactic Confederation of benevolent ET races who cooperate with one another in this and other galaxies. The technology of this 'electromagnetic frequency fence' distorts space / time structure on a quantum level. But apart from keeping ETs out the veils function has been the programming and reprogramming of humanity through endless reincarnation and recycling processes effectively using us a slaves’ for their needs……..

……..The following details about the Chimera Archon faction were disclosed by Cobra during the months of April to October of 2014.

1] This group includes the leaders of the dark forces from the Andromeda galaxy.

2] They came to Earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet.

3] They have built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil), effectively preventing positive ET contact and thus isolating humanity. The leaders of the Chimera Archon faction are the guardians of the electromagnetic null zone. [Veil/Net/Grid/Web/Matrix = global plasma scalar mind control network]

4] This network is being operated from the military bases and encompasses the whole planet.

5] They earlier constructed a vast network of subterranean cities, using Draconians as slave handlers and Reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there. 

6] Earlier their main strongholds were under Africa, China and Tibet. They had no direct contact with the surface civilization until the early 20th century.

This very secret negative group, codenamed Chimera, within the Negative Military has infiltrated militaries of all major nations during and after the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. This group secretly controls the vast majority of military bases around the world, many of those bases belonging to the US military:

The Chimera Archon faction has enforced secret agreements upon leaders of all national militaries worldwide to suppress and erase all traces of benevolent extraterrestrial contact.  They are heavily linked to the Jesuit Archon faction and the NSA.  ………

……..Besides the strangelet bombs on the physical plane the chimera have also created these bombs on the plasma astral etheric level. So the veil or the global plasma scalar mind control network is tied to strangelet bombs and this is why its removal is a very delicate operation that takes so much time……..

  ……..” The Chimera group has a system of detectors, monitored from Long Island, which detects any space vehicle that would land or make contact……..

ALF Cabaniss military base constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, symbol of Constantine the Great, the archon who created the Christian cult:

Chimera = Creators of All War

Unknown to 99% of humanity there is a silent full scale war ongoing between the Positive Military and the Chimera group worldwide.

The Chimera Archon faction is practically speaking the creator of all wars on Earth including WW1 and WW2. It is they who lie behind the current devastating wars in Syria, the Ukraine, Iraq, the IS Islamic State group and their hideous warmongering and terror campaigns in the entire Middle East area. The ongoing tension and war just about everywhere else on this planet is created through them and their mercenary soldiers/snipers.

Besides the seeming unending ongoing war on this planet, there has since the Archon invasion in 1996 also been an intense war going on in this Solar System……

The Jesuits

According to Cobra the Jesuit group were created 500 years ago and have been running the show on this planet since then.
This organisation is a 16th century creation of the Farnese family which is one of the most powerful papal black nobility families in Italy. So we can deduct that the Jesuit organisation is the hiding place on the surface of the planet for the archons that are incarnated into the black nobility families.

The Jesuits are working under the command of the Archons to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth. 

This Jesuit Archon faction is mostly found in the Catholic Jesuit group worldwide. Their ‘work’ is mind control – the control of the people. We humanity have been mind programmed and mass controlled through organised religion for 2500 years.

The Jesuits have the religious indoctrination of sin and hell, and are behind many operations to control populations. They have controlled education worldwide…….

…….Here it may be of interest to know that the actual creation of what is known as ‘hell’ within the Roman Catholic Church was created in the year 393CE on the lower astral planes. This was at the time of the second of three archon invasions (3) when archons and their slave races came through a dimensional portal in the Caucasus with the goal of destroying mystery schools and as part of their aim of introducing the Christian mind programming cult they created a Virtual Reality Hell to strengthen the position of the church……..

……..One example of the silent worldwide full scale war ongoing between the Positive Military and the Chimera group is the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia, to Beijing Capital International Airport in China. According to Cobra and the Resistant Movement the hijacking of this plane was an act of war of the chimera group. The plane was taken to Diego Garcia military base which is one of their main chimera strongholds……

All of above dark marked extracts taken from:

True Matrix Cobra

Link to this page; http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/the-event/true-matrix-cobra

These Chemtrails are Used to Create Scalar Energy Fields that Have the Power to Control, Destroy, Poison etc. and Are/Have Been Used for So Many Evil Agendas


Harald describes how scalar waves are created from electromagnetic waves etc. he explains that normally scalar potential is self-organising and is the source of all of the fractal beauty on Gaia. The scalar field gives us in nature the shape and form of natural beings.

He talks of how when you combine scalar fields with acoustics you can control gravity and how the monks in Himalaya built monasteries using the sound of trumpets and meditation. Tesla he says also began to study acoustics, longitudinal waves and electromagnetic fields.

Scalar waves do not transmit energy they transmit information. They transmit information instantly – the time it needs is half the wave length to transmit information independent of the distance. He explains how unique possibilities are created by asymmetry united with acoustics and mentions levitation.


We Are Now and Have Been Partly Controlled by Artificial Intelligence


The above statement is simply my deduction after listening to these interviews. In this lecture we learn how scalar waves are created between two points/places in the sky. We learn how particulate plasma is activated by microwave radiation {one layer of the onion!}. We learn that this created field in the sky can be activated by the sun both day and night and used to destroy. Harald explains how such a strong field can be created to literally disintegrate a fighter jet upon its impact with the field – it simply disappears into thin air so to speak! Star Wars! He also discusses the processing and transportation of energy from ‘here to there’ saying how those who have learned how to control this – how to geo-engineer this – plasmatic electromagnetic scalar energy field can do/affect so many things. “Basically this scalar energy is like a binary soul that is carried by the field that can freely move through the field triggered by external inputs.  So you can move this energy to a place that you need it, you can make it vibrate, make it turn into heat, make it turn into electromagnetic radiation, you can make it turn into sound, whatever you want, in all directions. This is due to the properties of this special piezo.” {more about this 'living entity' later in this article- see photgraph 'Giant plasma tubes found in SPACE:' further down}

It would seem that the use of synthetic RNA as a bio-weapon was used in the Iraq War 2. Witnesses claim that the entire war was created to test these new weapons.

The Veil that Hides the Truth

At this point I would like to add another old quote from an article that I wrote and published on the 1st January 2013 when I knew and understood a lot less but nevertheless might be appropriate to add here: This article received an ‘excellent’ comment from Cobra at the time so let’s hope he likes this new one too!?

“In LA Cobra said this veil is a structure in space time with tiny black holes. He told us that Reptilians hide in these black holes. This veil extends 8.6 miles above the planet and 8.6 miles into the Earth’s crust. Above this veil is simply and only LOVE energy and there will be a separate posting link given, to a text about this, which exists already here on my ’Event’ page both in English and in Swedish, which of course was written by Cobra some time ago.

How the ‘Veil’ was created 

Twenty thousand years ago the ‘Cabal’ took over the ley lines and vortices of our planet and that is how they created the veil. There was a positive Light Grid of protection around our planet. The Cabal knew about this and worked and took over this grid. Here is an example of the type of things they did to affect this. Light temples that had been built on the positive Light grid were destroyed. 1600 years ago the Catholic Church with the help of the Reptilians tore down each Temple or Church. They then built Archon Temples over the sites. They built microwave cell phone towers inside the buildings! They built Temples dedicated to Satan all over this planet.”

Link to the article ‘The Veil that Hides the Truth’: http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/cobra-school

Some Additional Information about the Chimera and the Veil

The following short description of plasma may support your understanding of plasma scalar devices in general. Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter after 1) solid, 2) liquid and 3) gaseous and is in fact the connecting link between physical and etheric matter. We were also reminded the following by Cobra “You need to understand that the physical plane matter is just a condensed plasma wave and plasma anomaly reflects directly on the physical plane.” Plasma scalar devices can thus influence our physical bodies and the Chimera Group uses these devices to attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse. They also use plasma scalar lasers to project thoughtforms into the minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of the auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices as an ultimate spying and surveillance machine.

“The current financial system is actually a fuzzy logic artificial intelligence computer program” says Cobra

In the 3rd ‘Bases’ interview {with Harald Kautz Vella and Miles Johnston} linked below the following subject is discussed Computer systems have a collective intelligence, working under a collective "AI" or artificial intelligence. Some financial centres have a quantum computer, derived from the alien black goo. The square wave signal in computers has a direct connection with this alien black goo, due to their scalar signature.”

Here I am adding a very recent reminder from Cobra about the financial system that we are controlled by.

Very few people understand that the current financial system is actually a fuzzy logic artificial intelligence computer program with algorithms that at least in the last few years have no correlation with the real world of trade, stock market or even with derivatives or high speed trading. It is totally independent from real market, and its algorithms were designed by JP Morgan IT specialists. Many of them could not bear the fact that they have created a global financial monster (and yes-it is connected with the plasma octopus entity) that is eating up the wealth of all humanity:


Those information technology specialists and computer programmers of JP Morgan that wanted to spill the beans were methodically removed from the planet by the Cabal:



Giant plasma tubes found in SPACE:

On June 19th, July 6th and July 26th Cobra gave us some more details about this living entity plasmatic octopus surrounding our planet and virtually sucking the life out of all of us - here some excerpts;

Friday, June 19, 2015

If anybody is still asking why the Event hasn't happened yet, here is the answer again:

Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact.

{Therese Z here you MUST SEE this video link here available thanks to a very bright Australian female astronomer}  
Giant plasma tubes found in SPACE: Huge structures spotted circling Earth filled with charged particles from the sun

  • The discovery was made by a student at the University of Sydney
  • She found that plasma was being trapped in Earth's magnetic field lines
  • This is thought to be occurring about 370 miles (600km) above the ground
  • And using a new technique, the astronomer was able to map them in 3D

Cobra’s Link;

Parts of the plasma accretion vortex structure were recently detected by the mainstream science:


Planetary Situation Update Sunday, July 5, 2015

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The main problem remains the plasma accretion vortex around planet Earth, full of strangelet and toplet bombs. This vortex looks like an octopus with its plasma tentacles extending into the interplanetary space, strangelet bombs being cancer cells in its body.  This vortex is not a dead plasma field, it is actually a living entity of a negative nature. One of the main purposes of MOSS {Galactic Confederation On-Going Operations to clear our entire solar system of darkness} is to dissolve that entity, take it into the Galactic Central Sun and transform it there into a pure positive plasma elemental essence.

Galactic Wave of Love from Pleroma

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Galactic Wave of Love

In the center of our Galaxy, there is a huge double star, the source of Light and life for this Galaxy, the Galactic Goddess, the Pleroma, the Galactic Central Sun..................

......................But the main aspect of this Galactic pulse will be a wave of cosmic Love. This Love energy is the basis of universal cosmic reality and is now reaching our shores. This energy has Galactic proportions and can not be stopped by the Cabal, no matter what they try to do.  

This energy will completely clear the primary anomaly and the plasma octopus entity around the Earth, which was called Yaladaboth in Gnostic teachings: 



Gnostic myth clearly states that Yaldabaoth was hidden in the »thick cloud« of plasmatic plane:


LInks to Cobra updates above;

June 19th:

July 5th:  http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2015/07/planetary-situation-update.html

July 26th:  http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2015/07/galactic-wave-of-love.html


Some years ago when I was listening to an interesting discussion between George Noory of Coast to Coast and Michael Tellinger from South Africa I recall thinking that there must be a connection between the millions of tons of gold that have been mined on this planet and the upkeep of the veil? Michael told about the huge numbers of closed, used gold mines that are to be found all over South Africa and spoke about a secret airfield in an adjoining country where it was known that plane loads of gold were regularly flown out by cabal groups. The mining is going back thousands of years and the staggering amounts of gold mentioned in the discussions makes one wonder what on Earth did they do with all of this gold? The term monatomic gold was mentioned and somehow I feel that this might just be what the vast majority of the gold has been used for i.e. the creation of and upkeep of the veil. We know that the military agenda uses the metals barium, titanium etc. and my term ‘band aid’ comes from a thought that these metals may work for certain agendas but to a lesser extent than gold if it were available to them? Just a thought!

An Overview of the Subject Matter Covered in these lectures/ interviews with Harald Kautz Vella by Miles Johnston

The series of videos are composed of three 1 hour video interviews and 1 two hour 10 min lecture comprising 5 hours all in all. The 4th video presentation of 2 hours is really a comprised view of the first three although should not be missed for its unique details. The subject matter covers these following areas and more;

Scalar Waves and their creation, Acoustic Waves, DNA and different resonance through different realties, Genetic Engineering, Chemtrails their creation and use for 3 parallel agendas, ‘They like our bio photons’, Transportation of elements, How Earth makes Black Goo the seed of all life on Earth {the positive sentient heart empathic ‘Motherly’ Black Goo}, Alien Black Goo {devoid of empathy/heart}, Collective AI Computer System etc.

Harald Kautz Vella is co-author of the book ’Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation’ with Cara St. Louis. He has earlier worked in the area of Free Energy, Medical electro sensitivity and environmental monitoring of Chemtrails, Science, and Journalism etc.

A short introduction to the book by Harald Kautz Vella & Cara St. Louis from my blog 12th July 2015

Sage of Quay Radio - Harald Kautz-Vella & Cara St. Louis - EMF, Morgellons & Black Goo (Jan 2015)


Harald Kautz Vella has stated that he has a blood line connection with Sarah R Adams who is “fronting” an AI that talks through her. She agrees with this. The following link is to a video conversation that Miles Johnston has with Sarah. I posted this on my blog a while back simply so that my readers could listen to this beautiful soul’s explanation of the importance of love. She is one of these ‘super soldiers’ who have been put through such unfathomable horrific testing by the sick elite {some of this is mentioned in this video} to become a protector for them,  and yet for all that she has endured and experienced her light and love shines through unmistakeably.

‘Understanding the Importance of Love’


Miles Johnston explains just before he introduces Harald how delving into this new area has lost him some friends as they think this is taking things a bit too far! I think that they will discover that they are wrong and will come to see this very soon. Until I came across these videos I was not acquainted with the work done by Miles Johnston who is certainly another one of these Archangel protected Lightworkers.

I would warn those who watch/listen to them that the so called subtitles in English have purposely been put there to get people to lose interest because there is not one complete sentence that is correct and most of it is pure gibberish.

Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part One/Published on 29 Jun 2015


Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part Two/Published on 29 Jun 2015


Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part Three/Published on 29 Jun 2015


Bases at Woodborough - Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo)

Published on 15 Jul 2015


Finally a last reminder of the extremely optimistic situation that we find ourselves in despite all of this very strange but true information;

The Galactic Wave of Love/Tsunami of Love is on our shoreline. We have been immersed in its early arriving light particles for over two years at least. Cobra has reminded us that when the energy feels to strong that we can communicate with the Galactic Central Sun with Divine Mother with the Archangels and ask that it be calmed down to a level that we can more easily assimilate. This communication is instantaneous! This may delay The Event by some days or weeks but it is better that we arrive in as balanced a way as possible, to be of most help when the Day/Days of the full Wave is upon us, the day we have come to know/call The Event.

Much Love and Light

Therese Zumi

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Sublunar Operations Update          COBRA Update August 6th


True Matrix Cobra

Link to this page; http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/the-event/true-matrix-cobra

2ND OCTOBER 2018 Before I leave you on this matter I received this link a week ago from BLOG reader CA. Its a great link to chemtrail information that will compliment my article on Veritas. Here is that link. http://thegreaterpicture.com/chemtrails.html


See Link Above 'Sublunar Operations Update'