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Here i have decided I am going to stick out my neck and write a list simply one after the other of people that I beleive to be Spiritual in Nature. It is a way for me to show you what I mean by a Spiritual Person, a Light Person like I wrote about in the text on "Light and Dark ~ Christ Consciousness".

The Personality characteristics that these People have in common are, Openness, Honesty, A Sense of Humour, Empathy, Warmth, Compassion, Harmony, Strength, Joyful, Grateful etc. They have what is called Goddess energy. This list will be of Spiritual People from all walks of life, all kinds of professions, because Spirituality can be found in the least expected places.

If I should be proven wrong in my Judgement of someone I put on this list then I shall if convinced, remove the persons name.

Written by Therese Zumi  20/09/2012



















Channelled Information From Spirit.

There are many very clear channels working in our times. These channels channel the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Gaia, and others on Higher Dimensions in the spiritual world. Some of them connect with our Galactic Family.

Now that the Matrix is collapsed, there is less risk than before that the dark forces interfere and mislead channels with confusion of one kind or another. A lot of channelling before the Matrix collapsed in January of 2013 was coming from the astral plane – a plane of much illusion. This is a plane of existence where we have our unexpressed desires, wishes, hopes and aspirations. Many have channelled this plane and their own self-conscious ideas. Unfortunately some channels have succeeded in misleading their 'listeners' earlier with false information provided by the archons and their minions.

Cobra said in July of 2012 that “very few people have a real connection with positive extraterrestrial races.” “The information coming from those people is always something fresh and something that has value.”

When one reads or listens to clear channelling from the Spirit world or from the Galactic Confederation it should bring you closer to them in a palpable way. I find personally that when tears start welling up, in experiencing the Unconditional Love from those being channelled is proof for me that I am close to the Truth. Also generally speaking a good channel usually brings a refreshing 'newness' of information, and not merely a repetitive 'reframing' of old information.

I personally have found great comfort both in written and direct radio channelling of the 'Council of Love' via Linda Dillon on In-Light Radio on the website 'Golden Age of Gaia'. Linda channels many different Spiritual
Members of the Council of Love including Archangel Michael. The information from Him on 'The Event' pages etc. is taken from In-Light Radio.
Through the above site and others I have come across many good channels. I intend to write a list of names here at the end of this piece. These are all channels of information who I believe to be particularly clear. Of course there will be many good channels that I personally have not as yet come into contact with.

I was so pleased when Cobra arrived on the scene, as it soon became clear to me that his information was not channelled, but from direct contact with Pleiadians etc. Nevertheless I would like to repeat that without the 'connection' I feel that I have with my Mentor Archangel Michael and other spiritual Beings of light, through channels like Linda D, and others mentioned here, there would most definitely be something missing for me.

Following is a list of channels that do good work, and who I believe are particularly clear. Some more names may be added to this list in time. Some might be deleted. The quality I'm looking for is 80% or more especially now in 2016 when I am reviewing this list and the cabal's {archons} ability to interfere with true channelled material is very limited compared to before the time of late 2014 early 2015.

Jennifer Hoffman

Linda Dillon


James Mc Connell

Ute Posegga-Rudel

Marlene Swetlishoff

Angela Peregoff

Pamela Kribbe


Written by   Therese Zumi Sumner     04/03/2013 ~ edited on 17th JANUARY 2021



Posted by Steve Beckow on April 29, 2013 

On behalf of all citizens of my culture or otherwise, West as well as East, North as well as South who share my perspective on the situation and its importance, I apologize to world Islam and Muslims everywhere for the false accusations brought against them as a result of the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

I’m aware that the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were staged by senior members of the American government, intelligence community, military and financial circles as well as their confederates in other governments.
I declare that the purpose in creating these events was to take civil rights away from their citizens, to start foreign wars of conquest, and in other ways promote the aims of what they called “the New World Order.” In aid of that, 9/11 was “the new Pearl Harbour.”
Investigation has disproved every allegation made against Muslims, with the exception of a few Muslim confederates working for the cabal that caused 9/11.
I acknowledge that the Islamophobia generated by this conspiracy, because that is what it is, continues and is deliberately fanned, I would imagine, by the same parties that staged 9/11. I acknowledge that several other false-flag incidents have happened since and the attempt has been made to blame Muslims for those as well.
I don’t blame Muslims for any of these attacks. I believe that the allegations against them are groundless and actions taken on the basis of them deserve to be apologized for.
Please repost this apology to any site that will carry it.
With deepest respect,

Steve Beckow
Editor, Golden Age of Gaia
Sovereign Citizen of Planet Earth

Re-posted with deep respect by Therese Zumi Sumner     01/05/2013

I have translated a book written by Archangel Mikael. Released in Swedish 1995 by Mikael Kvist - See New Page Archangel Michael top left here .

Beloved Jesus Christ ~ Some Pictures / Depictions that i like ~ Enjoy!



For me this "village"high in the Andes in Peru is a special Spiritual Place.As yet i have never been there this life. When I was 9 years old i saw a picture of it for the first time.My father subscribed to National Geographic and I was looking through one in our Living Room when a full 2 page image of it opened before me. Something happenend inside me, I felt drawn into the picture and remained still, staring at it for about 3 minutes.

In 1989 as I explained on "My Hopes for this Site" Edwin Flores came to Sweden from Cusco Peru and I translated his lectures about Matchu Pichu, Jesus Christ and Our Galactic Family in 3 cities.

Some months ago a colleauge of mine told me she had recently met a friend from Peru who was over in Sweden to meet groups of People who wanted to photograph Star Family ships in Peru. Seemingly they had to get very specific instructions from this man as to how to behave when filmimg etc.

I was amazed because the very day before this, I had been checking out the best Crop Circle videos on U-Tube. I pressed the wrong ? button and suddenly I was watching a family in one of the house remains on Matchu Pichu. The father placed his video in the stone "window"opening and turned to take care of his child and through the lens of the video camera we see sbout 10 spaceships very high up, flying in and out of the air-space above Matchu Pitchu.

Now my friends story about the Instructions people had to receive to be allowed to go on these trips made sense. What seemed to be a father putting down a camera to take care of his child was planned. The camera was placed in an exact position to film the UFOs flying high above Matchu Pichu.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner        27/08/2012


Posted by Therese Zumi Sumner        26/10/2012

NB: PS: Sadly I have to say that I was recently thinking of sharing this old video on my blog again and when I looked at it - well all I can say is that the cabal have totally wrecked it - removing nearly all evidence of the ships. In one sequence you can still see the light ships moving cross the sky but the light is so faint that they look more like fireflies than ships moving across the sky but there were formerly a group of ships clearly visible - at least 9-10 ships were clearly seen. This is just what they do - I'm sorry but I'll leave it here anyway. TZ 05th June 2015 

17th January 2021 ~ hopefully this can be repaired after The Event


Just to say - there is great advice from Jeshua - Jesus for all Lightworkers having relationship issues if you roll down to the third article here on the right.



Are you true to who you really are? Are you living the life you really want to be living? Are you truthful to yourself? Your true self is about to catch up with you very shortly. So if you want to be kind to yourself-get to know your true self any way you can now.!

Do you give your power away to any of the following?




4) SEX.






10) WORK.


12) FOOD.


14) TV.



17) DRUGS.



20) GURU’S.














I am reminded here of Little Grandmothers words when she began to teach about three years ago.

“This is the end of the time of “Teachers and Pupils”, of “Masters and Disciples”.

We are all unique individuals, all with talents and gifts that we can share with others. It is time for you now to be the person you came here to be. The majority of us made decisions before we incarnated here to do something, learn something, and accomplish something, during our time in this life here on Earth.

Do you have any idea why you came here? What do you burn for? What is your passion? What makes you happy? Are you doing these things? If not why not? We all have to wake up now to who we really are and why we are here. Within the near future the Energy affecting us from the cosmos will be of such intensity that we will awaken quicker than ever before. Many of you will discover your Intuition is already much much stronger than it has been earlier. There is nothing to be afraid of! We are quickly moving forward here to a time of Peace, Harmony, Joy and Freedom on this planet that we have not known for a long long time.

Our brothers and Sisters from the Pleiades, The Andromeda Galaxy, and other places both from our Milky Way Galaxy and other Galaxies, are either here already or approaching our planet slowly waiting for the “Right Time” to present themselves to us.

Because they have absolutely no intention of-in any way- wanting to frighten or upset us they are waiting for the go ahead from us. In the USA there are petitions you can sign to pressure the Politicians to hurry up and release the truth that they are so very much aware of.

Maybe you could be the very person who gets a European Petition organised?

Have you seen the video someone took on their TV at the Olympic Opening ceremony? The News Person talking was of course completely unaware that anyone could see the Huge UFO flying in and out of the air space during the huge fireworks display.

I shall try to post it here now if I can find it. But there are hundreds if not thousands of sighing’s like this available on U-Tube. The site 2012 Scenario has a huge archive where you can find many sighing’s and direct links to them if you are interested in seeing them.

If you truly watch and see and feel, the 2 U-Tube videos that I have posted on the first page “Introduction” of this site, the ones showing the Crop Circles, and how they are made, and you truly then could say to me you do not believe that we have had visitors making these amazing, unbelievably beautiful, impeccably perfect, mathematical and symbolic diagrams here for about 20 years now, well-all I can say is “God help you cos I can’t”.

By now you should have watched the film “Thrive-what on Earth will it take”? There you can see ample evidence of how Military and Marine corps staff members have been forced to keep quiet about the Nuclear Missile devices that have been shut down by our Galactic Family now for many years.

Do you seriously think that we would be allowed to blow this planet apart with Nuclear War and Weapons?

This planet is important in the entire galaxy and beyond.

Earth or as I prefer to use- GAIA our beloved suffering planet is “A LIVING LIBRARY” A VERY SPECIAL PLACE FOR THE ENTIRE CREATION.

Ok That’s all from me right now.

PS. In case you might feel that you cannot change things in your life, I have posted a U-tube video just after this text that might inspire you. It is 3 mins and 11 seconds long. Enjoy!

Written by                                    Therese Zumi Sumner                25/10/2012



All Human Beings on this Planet are potential Light Workers. Working as a Lightworker is not a job you can apply for, nor be given by Someone. A Lightworker feels an inner calling from the Heart to use his/her time to do as much good as possible for fellow human beings and Gaia ~ Mother Earth. More and more Lightworkers are now hearing the call at this crucial time on our Beloved Mother planet when she is uppgrading from a 3-Third dimensional to a 5-Fifth dimensional Planet of Light.

There are two types of intelligence measurements, one measuring IQ, one measuring EQ. Most of us have heard of IQ Intelligence Quota. According to some reliable sources the following can be said regarding IQ.

IQ is a type of Intelligence that has been shown to be associated with genetic inheritance to a great extent. 

95% of the population of our planet have an average IQ somewhere between 70-130.

98% have an IQ below 131.

65% of the population score between 85-115 on IQ tests

Other factors affecting the development of IQ are Environmental, Memory Training, Music, Nutrition etc.


Many of you will also have heard of the other measurement known as EQ, or Emotional Intelligence Quota. A person who is emotionally intelligent is a person who strives to live from his / her emotional heart feelings.

Little Grandmother {see Recommend} has from the very beginning of her work  for the Light focused very much on the importance of living from our hearts. Little Grandmother says that the more we live truthfully from our Heart ~ following our true feelings, without intentionally hurting others, the more intelligent we become. So we can deduct from this that the higher your Heart Consciousness Emotional Awareness is, the higher your IQ goes.

The most dangerous combination for a Human Personality is a low level of Heart Consciousness awareness, in combination with a high level IQ.

Nicolya Christi in her book ‘A Clarion Call’ talks about humanity's evolutionary transition from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous from 3rd-dimensional human beings to 5th-dimensional beings of Light. Nicolya goes on to say that we are being called upon to participate in the dawn of a New World built upon unconditional love, co-support, cooperation, equality, unity, peace, justice and sustainability.

In this transformational process we as humans are becoming lighter in every sense of the word. Our very DNA is changing, and it has been doing so now for approximately 13 years, adapting to our new and lighter way of being.  

If you do not know what Crop Circles are then I suggest that you go to U-Tube as soon as possible and look at some. I could spend all day if I had the time looking at Crop Circles. Looking at them makes me want to weep nearly every time. They are so amazingly beautiful. 

I have a series of 10 of them at the bottom of this page https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/bigger-picture/bigger-picture-continued

Our Galactic Family have been using Crop Circles for over 20 TWENTY!! years to teach us about what is about to happen on this planet.

Why on Earth do we not have programs on TV showing these amazing Mathematic Formulas, Figures etc.?

The Majority of these are created for some special reason? in England. The British Air Force has attempted to create their own Crop Circles, to confuse and to mask their lack of understanding of the Real ones. But No-Way are they a match for the real thing from our Galactic Family.

Some of these amazing Crop Circles have focused on explaining to us in great detail, how our DNA is changing. 

There are already many human Lightworkers living here on Earth who have already reached a 5th dimensional Awareness level. We are finally waking up slowly but surely to WHO WE REALLY ARE, and we are using more and more of our brains capacity with each passing day.

Little Grandmother begs us to start to remember who we are and why we came here in the first place.

She say's " We are all Gods and Goddesses we are all the Great I Am " It is time for us to wake up to our true potential and an acceptance of the fact that we have been hypnotised into believing that we are lesser beings.

It might be time now in this little piece on Light and Dark to explain something.

A long long time ago a group of evil archons came to Earth. The average IQ of an archon would probably be around 65. {The lowest for 95% of humanity being 70.}

They also have an extremely low Heart Consciousness Awareness level; one could almost say that it is non-existent. When they arrived here thousands of years ago their amazing technology made them seem like Gods in the eyes of the humans then living here.

50 years ago around 1960 there were about 7000 of these archons still living here in human bodies. More than 90% of them are now gone, banished from here by the Light Resistance Movement. The problem for the Light Resistance Movement is that the archons have been working very successfully from the Astral plane surrounding Earth, by affecting the fears and Minds of all of us on this planet at some point.

*But within weeks of my writing this article they will all be banished entirely from the Astral Plane.

{* Today is 19th november 2019 I can say that this last sentence is not the truth and indeed I was way too optimistic about how fast things could develop on Christmas day in 2012 when I wrote this article. The truth is that the Ashtar Command went all out to finally to rid the astral plane of all darkness with Operation Mjolnir in 2018. Sadly the Chimera 'went crazy' threatening the absolute worst if this operation continued and it had to be put on ice. }

An example of a high level of Heart Consciousness Awareness is the level of Heart Consciousness Awareness that was held by our Beloved Jesus Christ when he lived here on Earth. He is The Teacher of Teachers in Heart Consciousness Awareness. 

We speak of this level of awareness as Christ Consciousness. I just LOVE the story of the time when Jesus went into the Temple and found all the money lenders there sitting at their tables. I am sure that you remember how he turned the tables over and said something to the effect of 

“This is the House of My Father and you have turned it into a den of thieves."

To end this Light and Dark "discussion" I would just like to say that living from your Heart and True Feelings is not necessarily an easy thing to do.

Personally because of early childhood decisions, I had my true feelings well and truly hidden for a long long time. To return to the state of "childlikeness" that Jesus Christ Sananda said that we needed, to be able to return to Heaven has been for me a long long uphill journey. Thank God with the aid of some good therapists and a lot of hard work I can now truly say that I have succeeded.

At this time on our planet there are millions and millions of young Light Souls who have incarnated now to help show us the way forward in the near future.

One can say that this "arrival" of Light souls has been going on for about 25 years or so. These special children have been called by different names depending on when they arrived. They are known as Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. {Upon recheck of this text 04/03/13 I can add the term Diamond children to the list.}

For those of you who might have one or more of these children around you, I suggest you visit the site ‘Golden Age of Gaia’ and roll down to the lower half of the right hand side of the opening page and there you will find info in great detail about these children. Golden Age of Gaia has also got an archive "seeking" box so just write the word you are interested in and you will find all relevant articles on the subject.

My dear Mentor and friend Nicolya Christi in France has written extensively on this subject in her first book ‘2012 A Clarion Call’.

PS many of our so called problem children who have been diagnosed with every letter in the Alphabet soon!! ADHD ADD etc. are in fact extremely gifted children that simply have another way of connecting to the world which we shall all come to understand better in the near future.

Some of our Autistic children are also Special Light Souls that have come here to spread their Love and Light in their own special way at this time.

And here it would be important to mention the wonderfully Heart Conscious Aware souls known under the name of people with 'Down's Syndrome’. These souls have decided to incarnate here, and be like little children, to hold the Light for the rest of us, through the darkness here on Earth.

These Loving Human beings, just like the Dolphins and Whales are here to hold a Light frequency and teach us about the importance of CHILDLIKENESS and being in our Heart.

And last but not least I must mention here how all over the World more and more people have become aware of the amazing Healing ability our Beloved friends the Dolphins have. 

Many many autistic children have now been healed of their seeming inability to interact with the world. After only hours of spending time with Dolphins in water they open up in ways they have not done earlier.

The reason for this is really quite simple. Our Dolphins, Whales and Elephants are three of the animals on our planet with an extremely high level of Heart Consciousness Awareness. They have reached the Awareness level known as Christ Consciousness. That is why the "shell" of held back connectedness in autistic children "melts away" in the presence of the Playful, Happy, Loving and Giving Dolphins.

One of my own special wishes is to have the opportunity as soon as possible to swim with these loving creatures who have come here simply to bring a High Level of Light and Love energy to our Planet.

So next time you buy some Tuna Fish make sure the tin or? says that this Tuna has been caught with nets that do not imprison and kill Dolphins, this is the least we can do for our Loving friends who have come here to teach us Joy and Love.


Written by                              Therese Zumi Sumner                          15/09/2012

Today 19th Nov 2019 I have checked this text for inconsistencies or faulty information.



Jeshua-Jesus Christ Sananda-Advice to Lightworkers on Relationships of all kinds


2000 years ago at the beginning of the Piscean age Jesus Christ came to show us the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Jesus (who likes to be known as Jeshua nowadays) would like me to remind you that He is coming back here for a visit in the near future. At a certain point in time after The Event many Ascended Masters will walk on Earth again. This will occur after the Worldwide Arrests, after Disclosure, after First Contact then they will descend to 5 Dimensional bodies to walk among us. They are very much a part of this whole change which would be impossible without their support. If you would like to see what roles some of them play go to the Link provided to 'The Event' page on my website and you can read about them at the bottom of that page. 

Just a reminder in case you are not yet aware that our  beautiful planet Gaia is no longer a 3 Dimensional planet, She is transitioning at present from the 4th to the 5th Dimension as are we along with her. Many of you are experiencing the changes in your bodies. The majority of you who are reading this are already 4th dimensional human beings, some of you already exist in the 5th Dimension. Our atomic structure is transforming from carbon based to crystalline based so that our bodies will be prepared for the Ascension process.

I have found I believe the perfect way to bring you some support if you are struggling with any type of relationship issues. This channelling with Jesus Christ Sananda is from the 29th November 2012. Linda Dillon is the channel for 'The Council of Love' on In-Light radio on the site Golden Age of Gaia. I can say that without a link to Spirit (in this particularly unique way) and being able to listen to Archangel Michael, Jesus, and many others this way I'm not sure how I would have managed to start my website etc. Lying in bed listening to these Beings via this channel brought me so much closer to them than ever.
Ok so you can if you like go directly to the Link provided and listen to the Hour Show in its completeness. However here is the transcript of the show for those among you who would prefer to read it. JS=Jeshua DW=Graham DL=Linda Other names =people who phone in.
So I hope you enjoy this TZumi 

Transcript: Jesus Sananda on Family and Love Relationships – on Heavenly Blessings

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Transcript: Jesus Sananda on Family and Love Relationships – on Heavenly Blessings

Graham: On our November 29, 2012 Heavenly Blessings show, Linda Dillon channeled Jesus Sananda. We discussed Lightworkers not being understood by families, being forthright and honest about who we are, how we choose our families for learning and growth, putting up healthy boundaries with others, following our own personal mission and purpose, the importance of reconciliation with family before Ascension, making peace with the third dimension, reuniting with our star families, choices for love partners, how family units will look like post Ascension, and more.

Click here to listen to the show:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inlight_radio/2012/11/30/heavenly-blessings

Linda Dillon: Hi Graham and hi everybody out there to one of my favorite times of the week and with one of my favorite Masters, yeah, Jesus Sananda or Jeshua and I’ve been sitting here chatting with him and you know in talking with people, well in talking with people always, for the last twenty years, but certainly talking with people recently and I’m sure Graham you’ve been finding this too, is that the issue of families and that resolution and finding that middle path and that balance with family and finding the love that we all yearn for within family, has been a really up-front and center topic of conversation.

So, I wasn’t surprised at all when Jeshua said tonight he was going to suggest that we talk about family, family relationships, why we’ve chosen our family, how to find that place of resolution and love and honoring. So, it should be interesting. And you know we all have such a varied experience with our families.

I think I’m really one of the lucky ones, not only my family with my partner but my biological family is absolutely fabulous. My sisters and my brothers are my best friends and my strongest supporters.

Both my parents are gone but to give you a feeling for how it was, I used to take vacations, well I still do with my sisters, but it used to be Mummy and the girls, so I had it really lucky and my brother used to say that our family was dysfunctional and I thought “Yeah, we really are” until I got out into the world and I saw what other people were dealing with and I thought “Oh my god, we’re like the Brady bunch”.

GD: Yeah, I have no concept or no ability to relate to dysfunction in family, of course you know I’m kidding (laughter)…because you know a fair amount about my family experiences and it’s all okay, it’s all rich with growth and learning opportunities and when we’re talking about family tonight, we’re talking about, sure, physical family but however you define family.

So you may have been adopted, you may think of family in terms of extended family through a partner, we’re all-inclusive here tonight and relationships of all forms, wouldn’t you say?

LD: I’d say relationships of all forms and what I also see us doing more and more is that we’re really connecting and relating to our soul families. And in so many ways, not that it replaces the biological family, however that has looked for you, but we’re finding a different set of roots and perhaps a deeper sense of connection with our soul family and that’s so important as well and with our star family, so yeah, it’s a very broad subject. And for our listeners, any question goes. Channelling begins here;

Jesus Sananda: Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda.

GD: Welcome.

JS: And welcome to you beloved brother and welcome to all of you. I welcome all of you that I call my family and you think and you say “Jeshua, how could you have such a large family? And how could you possibly hold such love for so many within your being, within your core, within your heart?”

And I say to you, “I carry the infinite ability of the Creator/Source/One” and so do you my beloved friends. Your ability to love transcends everything, it is the fibre of your being, it is the core of your essence, it is the air that you breathe, it is the light that you see and it is the reason that you are alive. You came in service to the Mother/Father/One, particularly the Mother.

And you came during this time of transition and Ascension to complete what we began so long ago and to begin yet anew. For this is not the end, it is the beginning; it is the beginning of what has always been planned. And it is not simply the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan; it is the fulfilment of your plan.

And so many of you, so many of you have known me in different ways, so many of you have walked with me and let me tell you, the discussions that we had so long ago when I have walked as Jeshua, as we have walked the hills, the streets of Jerusalem, as we have walked along the Sea of Galilee, the discussion hasn’t changed.

For even then you would say to me “Yeshi, how could I be born into this family? for they do not understand me, they do not understand my rebelliousness against the traditional ways. They do not understand why I walk with a barefoot prophet. They do not understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish by challenging the rabbis and the Romans.”

And then you would say “But what of my wife for she expects me to support her and our children? And I know that I must take care of the family and yet here I am walking with you instead of fishing or doing my trade. I cannot even explain myself, Lord, how do I explain this to my family and to those I love? Yes, we have differences of views but they are of my house, they are of my lineage and I not only love them, I honor and respect them even though I do not agree with them. So how do I proceed?”

And I said to you then and I say to you now “Proceed bravely not ruthlessly, not without consideration and never in judgment. But do what you must because your heart and soul demands it. And if on some days that means baking bricks, then do so. If it means going fishing to feed your family, of course you must do so. But if your soul demands that you walk, to meditate, to pray, to connect, then do so.”

I was fortunate because I knew and understood the family I was being born into, the house that I was being born into and who was claiming me. I was privileged in so many ways. And I was blessed later with a wife and children who also understood me.

This did not mean that there were not moments of disagreement, of chaos, of misunderstanding, because there were. In our situation there was always extended family with us, close by, and that is how we lived.

So very often there were varying opinions and there were always opinions about what I was up to. Even my beloved mother who knew my path, my journey, my mission would sometimes hesitate and say “Could you not stay home today? Could you not adhere more clearly to convention, to the law? Could you be less conspicuous?”

And she said that to me from the time I was a young boy. And there was sometimes debate and sometimes dissension because they felt I was willful and I was not honoring my mother. But of course I was truly honoring my mother and father and that was beyond debate.

I understand, and this is really what I wanted to speak to you about tonight, I understand the dynamics of family. I understand the joy, the peace, the support and I understand disharmony and conflict and confrontation and having to go on a journey that perhaps is not understood or agreed to.

I understand why you have chosen the family that you have incarnated into. Why you are with this configuration, yes, to learn but also to teach. So there is much for us to discuss. Dear heart, where would you like to begin?

GD: Such wisdom and much gratitude for this subject. As you well know I can certainly relate with and I know many others can too and I offer this question for those who are listening and are having some of the same challenges with family who do not embrace their paths and where there is conflict and challenge.

And I think it can be difficult sometimes to figure out at what point does it serve all to stay in relationship with family members when there is conflict and struggle and at what point does it make sense to put up healthy boundaries and love them from a distance? Of course, if there are situations of abuse that’s a no-brainer.

This opportunity to incarnate with souls to transcend, to grow, to learn, to teach is so important and so rich and there comes a time when it is important to say “I love you but I’m not willing to engage with you.” Can you speak to that please?

JS: Yes. There is a time to stretch your wings and fly and that is particularly true when you have practiced love and acceptance and shared freely with your family who you are and what you are up to. Now I speak to many, many lightworkers and love-holders who are fearful of speaking to their families or exposing themselves to their families about who they are and what they believe because they are so afraid, not just of judgment but of not being love.

And that reflects the fact that the belief, not necessarily the reality but the belief is that they are not loved unconditionally and therefore they have not had the experience, the feeling that they are fully loved, that it is conditional upon maintaining some level of persona that may or may not be in keeping with who you really are.

So that is one thing that I encourage lightworkers and light-holders to do is to be honest, not in a confrontational way because that accomplishes nothing but to simply be forthright and honest about who you are, what you believe in, and what you are trying to accomplish with your life.

You do not even have to say that I am working for the entire planet and our star brothers and sisters and the Divine Mother, but just for your life. But if you have done that, if you have batted up against that cement wall and feel that you are only becoming battered and bruised then you have to say, yes have to, “I will love you from a distance and I will give you room to grow, to follow your journey and your path of awakening, of enlightenment, of spiritual growth so that you will reach a place, receiving my love and support from a distance, where you can see who I am, where you can begin to engage in love for me as who I am.”

Now there is also a time to leave that nest because there are times when it is so comfortable and comforting, I’m not saying that you cannot return, but your work, your mission, your purpose is not just to find that place of love and harmony with your family, it is to find it within yourself and to take that out into the world and to share that with people that may begin as strangers but who become your friends, your circle and your soul family.

GD: Is it important to seek to reconcile with family members prior to Ascension, prior to the end of the year?

JS: Yes.

GD: What does that look like?

JS: It depends on your circumstances. For some that reconciliation is done completely etherically, in meditation on a soul level. For many, and I am making a plea here, for many of you it entails forgiveness. Surrender, surrender of the idea of what you thought or felt or hoped it might be.

It is reaching that place where you can send love regardless of the conditions. For some it is done in person or via electronic media that is so readily available to you these days.

It does not need to be involved, in fact, in most situations, if it is in person it is simply saying “I love you” whether you have argued, been estranged, had severe differences of opinion or been on the same track, it is simply saying “I love and honor you and I thank you for what you have given me, for what you have shown me, what you have taught me about myself, how you have contributed to the person and the fulfillment of my journey.”

So for some, for many, it is not possible to do in person but it is always possible to do in meditation and soul conversation when you call the person’s higher self forward and address them in a loving and mutually honoring way.

This is one of the fundamental ways in which you make peace with the 3rd dimension because the family as you have known it, in all it’s permutations in the 3rd, is something that will change rather dramatically as you enter a higher realm of understanding of heart consciousness and of awareness.

I am not saying that the family, per se, disappears, it does not. But the awareness and the connections and what you think of as family changes radically. So, is it important work? I would not have called to you to have this discussion tonight if it was not so important.

GD: As you’re sharing, what’s coming up for me is the reflection of how every family member that I’ve had in this incarnation they’ve been such a gift in terms of what they’ve shown me and helped teach me and ways that they’ve helped me grow, so I can look upon those relationships even if from one perspective I can see them as very unhealthy and charged and abusive on some levels, I can step back and say there has been some really great, wonderful learning opportunities and those experiences have really helped serve me in so many ways.

And I really liked how you spoke to coming to peace with the 3rd dimension. We’ve heard from the Council of Love how that is needed to go through the Ascension process, to come to peace with the 3rd and relationships and the charge and conflict and the challenges that many have had with relationships across the board, that’s such a big component of the 3rd. So that makes total sense that you’ve said that. 

JS: And I include in that, many of you have gone through multiple marriages or relationships of an intimate nature and there has been some incomplete resolution, shall I say, and some blame and fault and guilt. What you have need to reckon and reconcile is that you went through those relationships during this time and space because each of those relationships contributed, not only to you but to them.

You were learning something, you were growing and so it is time also to make peace with them, to embrace them, and to thank them and to send them love.

Sharon: First I would like, if I may, ask for a blessing for myself and my family and then my question is “I’ve always kind of felt disenfranchised from my biological family, in fact I don’t feel real connected with anyone here. I wonder if you could give some insight about soul families and star families, please?”

JS: I freely give the blessing to all families this night and always. You are not disenfranchised, dear heart, and even though you feel disconnected, the families of origin and the family that you have assumed along the way have gifted you in ways seen and unseen. For example, they have made you more aware of your soul family, of your desire to be with your true family of origin, your soul family, your soul circle. It has catapulted you and acted as a catalyst for you to seek out who you are, truly, creatively, in harmony with.

Similarly it has made you acknowledge and connect with your star brothers and sisters, your star family. Now let me speak to this because it is a question that many of you have on your mind. You think, “Well what do I do, I have my family here on Gaia and then I have my star family and many of you have star spouses, star mates, star children, how does that balance out?”

But you are looking at it and you are feeling it from a very 3rd dimensional perspective. You would never have engaged in a human interaction or the creation of a human family or a human mate if it was not understood and embraced by your star family as well.

It is one of those situations where there is enough love for everybody. You tend to think of this in terms of fragmentation, in terms of having to choose either/or and it is not that. There is enough love to go around. Don’t ever think you need to choose either/or.

GD: Could I follow up on that, please? I think what you’ve touched upon is really important. So, I’ve been told that I have a family on Arcturus, for example, and let’s supposed I was in a committed partnership now, and as Ascension continues it reaches a point where there is a higher level of consciousness and families transition and partnerships transition, so, are there different dimensions of myself, concurrent experiences where I would reunite with my Arcturian family, for example, and I would still maintain a relationship with my former 3D wife? Or how does that play out?

JS: Yes, and it’s not just inter-dimensional, I am not just speaking of, which is completely possible and happens all the time, of an alternate or a parallel life. Let me put it in very practical ways: If you were adopted and you never knew your biological family, and this happens all the time in your society and that is why I use it as an example, and many adult, adopted children choose to seek out their biological parents and when they do so there is a relationship that forms.

Sometimes it is not all you have hoped for or dreamt of but still there is a relationship; that does not cancel the family that loved and nurtured you and brought you up or the siblings that you have had.

Similarly, if you believed, for example, and this used to happen more often than it does today, but it you traveled far away or were involved in a war and word was transmitted back to your family that you were dead and actually you were simply stranded, isolated on a distant continent, knowing that you may never return to your homeland, your wife may well engage in a new relationship, have more children and have a very loving relationship with that second husband as you may engage in a new relationship.

But then circumstances occur and the ship comes and you return to the homeland. It does not cancel out the love that you have for your second wife or your first.

Both are equally loved and cherished, there is nothing to say that both these families cannot unite and form a strong, loving, supportive bond. It is just cultural tradition that has said “Oh you must choose either this family or that family.”

Now I’m not suggesting polygamy, but what I am suggesting it that a different understanding of all the myriad of combinations. Think, when you think of all your incarnations, how many people have you been married to? Some are now your best friends; some are your sisters and brothers.

You cannot be so myopic as to think there is only one form and that there can be harmony and love and expansion rather than this very narrow view that a family is simply father, mother, two spouses, three children and it’s all self-contained. That is not family, that is only part of the family. So yes, I am asking you to expand your heart and expand your vision of what is possible particularly as it pertains to your star family.

GD: Could I please play this out just a little bit more? I’m trying to envision what that looks like and I realize that I’m coming at this from a limited perspective and perhaps from a 3D theme. So, when we raise our level of vibration through this Ascension process, our consciousness expands, we reconnect with our star families, and we engage in an experience of unity consciousness and freedom where this sense of marriage and contractual obligations in the 3D realm falls away.

If I’m currently in a family on Earth, on Gaia, and I also have a family on another planet, I’m hearing from you that if we think of it in terms of integration and let go of older paradigms, but we’re not thinking of it in terms of polygamy, tell me about intimacy, tell me about those deep love connections and sacred partnerships, what do those look like?

JS: I am not saying that there are not choices because intimacy and sacred union is just that; it is sacred. But let us use your example my friend. Do you not think and certainly feel that your family on Arcturus was fully aware and in agreement that you would undertake this soul mission?

GD: Oh, I’m sure they do, I’m sure they’re aware.

JS: Of course they do and they were in agreement that the undertaking was important enough to let you go. But the love didn’t disappear, the connection didn’t disappear and in true love there is always the hope, the wish, the yearning that that person, whether it is an Arcturian being or Pleiadian, will find another during this journey, this sojourn on Earth, that will love and nurture you and cherish you just as your family does.

And there is an understanding that as this plays out that there may be a point of decision of who you live with and how you engage. But that doesn’t mean, regardless of whether you choose the human mate or the star mate, it doesn’t mean that the love disappears or that the relationship within the family disappears.

You have a very good paradigm. Many of you have thought of divorce as tragedy and yet the extended family is what the Mother has created to begin to teach you this; the children have four or six parents and it is a good thing. When it is approached with love and sensitivity and an understanding that the more children are loved and by more people, that the more creative, the freer, the more expansive they are.

Harriet: Yes, thank you. Well Jeshua just covered a question that I had very extensively, so that’s great. But my other question relates to healing before Ascension. I was just wondering if there is any indication as to when that will take place? Before 21 December if we are going to be, you know, informed?

JS: You are being informed every day, Harriet, and so it is important for you to know that the healing, particularly with the DNA, with the reconfiguration of your form from carbon to crystalline. But might I ask you, might I invite you to use my Magenta Flame in addition to the Violet and the Emerald? You have been stalwart, you have been patient, you have persevered, and I speak to you Harriet but I speak to many of you who are still suffering and in pain. I do not say this simply so that you can carry the pain for many, even though you are, but I say to you “This will be changed, reversed, healed. Allow, surrender, and let me help.”

GD: Please check me on my thinking here: So we incarnate on Earth, we have soul contracts and by choice, we are not in full consciousness or full awareness of our orientation, where we’re from, by choice, and we have these relationships by contract.

So one soul agrees to be a parent, another agrees to be a child, another agrees to be a husband, wife, so we have all these relationships and partnerships and these dynamics are fertile for rich growing opportunities.

And then we raise our consciousness and then we see “Ah, okay, I know who I am and where I’ve been from, I know where I’m from, I have universal knowledge and consciousness and I see who you are on a soul level and thanks for playing out that role and helping me learn.”

And we can see at that point our interconnectedness and how we are at unity consciousness and we can really see the person that abused us or the person that was so difficult, perhaps in a marriage or during a divorce we can come to a place of saying “Ah, we were just playing out a role and now I see you and I can embrace you and I can celebrate you for doing that with me.”

And so, we can do that on Earth right now anyway, but it seems to me we can get to a place where we can say “AHA! We’ve been on this stage together” and that feels really nice, to think about when there’s conflict or when there’s charged, think about how the other person has assumed that role by design to help us grow and learn. Can you check me on that?

JS: That is exactly correct and it is as you look at the one, perhaps that you have had the most conflict, abuse, confrontation, disagreement with and you see.

Now perhaps it is simply that they have lost their way, but as you see the totality of the circle that you have incarnated with again and again and again, you may see how deeply that they love you and why they incarnated with you.

You do not tend to incarnate with those who are very distant in terms of family. Does it happen? Yes. Is it normal? No. So when you are on our side and you are deciding to go, especially with such an important mission as this lifetime, you have turned to those who are closest to you and said “Alright, now this is what we want to achieve.”

And because the bond and the love is so strong you have come together. Now has that gotten waylaid? In many cases, yes. That is the gift and the trauma of free will. But go back to the original agreement and why you came together. It was because you loved each other and trusted each other so deeply.

GD: And you’ve spoken to how families, family units as we know them will go through shifts and change and my take-away is that as our consciousness raises during this Ascension process, we will see the roles that we have chosen, we will decide if we want to let go and of course, hold the love and continue the love, but we have the choice to let go of family units or relationships and may go in different directions but that that’s okay and it’s in the spirit of love and it’s in the spirit of learning and growing and doing this dance together.

So is that what you mean as you speak to how family units or families will shift and change? I’m paraphrasing…

JS: Yes that is what I mean. But also at the end when you relinquish your form and you reunite with everybody that you have known, both during this lifetime and every lifetime, you may well shake your head and laugh and say “Oh, that’s what that was about.”

JS: And thank you for doing that, thank you for playing that role whether it is the supporter or the advisory, because it pushed me, it encouraged me to go where I wanted and desired to go.

GD: Thank you so much for visiting with us tonight.

JS: Go with my love and love your family, whoever they are. Go in peace dear ones. Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 11-29-12

Posted by Graham Dewyea on December 7, 2012  




All the problems that we experience here on Earth are connected to one source. The source of our problems in every area is that people have allowed themselves to be directed by their brains and their ego. We have focused on our brain as the seat of wisdom, IT IS NOT. It is more or less a relay station! The intelligence develops so much quicker when we reside within the heart. The use of the brain and the ego alone to direct our way forward could be symbolic of the Antichrist. To reach our Christlikeness our Cosmic Consciousness there is only one way, and that is through the Heart. Inside of our body is a Sacred Holy Temple and in this temple there are amazing and powerful aspects we can use, when we know how to connect to this space.

The Physical Development of the Human Heart.

When the sperm enters into the egg the process of mitosis begins. By the time the cells number 512, they form a field which is hollow inside and which eventually forms the human heart. So the heart is the 1st part of the body to be created. This means that at one point in your development in the womb you exist only as a heart-no brain no eyes etc. nothing else-and then the heart starts beating. Then further down the line the body comes out of the heart. The very first part of our body that develops out of the heart is our tongue.  The actual sack that contains the heart ends at the tip of the tongue. There is also a connection to the thalamus, and there is a sexual relationship between the heart and the brain. The tongue is directly connected to a tiny space inside our Heart which scientific research shows is the Brain in the heart. Stanford University among others have been doing research on the brain in the heart for some time now. 

We have spent the last 13000 years using our brains-brain power-instead of using our hearts to guide us. And where has that got us? Science has now proven that we have a very tiny brain within the heart. Stanford University, as also Mathematicians, Hindus and Tibetans are all in agreement as to there being a small special place, a sacred place, within the heart. This is the place where all creation takes place.   There is simply nothing you cannot do. For when Spirit is aligned to the body we can create anything.



There are many types of meditation practices used here on Earth that have complicated matters. Drunvalo Melchizidek taught a type of meditation where he gave teaching regarding the Merkaba. *** He says the journey does not begin there but with the human heart. The Merkaba is like a vehicle-a car, the part that makes it work is the heart, when you breathe a certain way from your heart-it works.

Kriya Yoga has mapped the fields of energy around the body from the Heart and the Pineal Gland. The Pineal gland and its function deserves a presentation all of its own and I may do one in the coming months.

Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther has spoken about this nonstop since she started her work.  The heart brain is the creation point where all creativity starts. Keisha has consistently reminded us that, as people learn to live in their Hearts, they will become more intelligent, much quicker than when living in the brain.

As I write this I am reminded of the great artist Chagall who has said, “If you create from the heart, nearly everything works, if from the head-almost nothing”. I have a good friend who is an artist and he has also taught children art in school. He says it’s amazing how the school system destroys our children’s ability to be creative. Small children can have the most amazing creative ability- like the ability to draw and paint beautiful things. A few years down the line and these children have lost it all, because they have been taught to conform, to adapt, to be in control, to know the right way to draw a horse and the wrong way etc. This ‘schooling’ destroys their creative ability and they become ‘locked in’- controlled by the rules and they lose their joy in the creative process. When we enter into the heart the tiny space where everything is created we will make amazing changes.

Teachers! Get out of your brain and into your Heart. We are going to move forward so quickly when the Event happens. People will be dumbfounded at the speed we develop new ways of doing things and we will have fun - we will have so much fun!

Male energy is very precise. A female functions from feelings and emotions so she is not precise. So we are leaving the male way of doing things here now and moving into Goddess energy after 13000 years. Gaia Our beloved Earth mother is female and one morning when she wakes up and feels that “Today I fell like a good stretch” and she starts to move into her newly balanced female energy, and she will do so, and continue to do so until she feels balanced.

Keisha Crowther - 'Little Grandmother'

Keisha Crowther ‘Little Grandmother’ has been travelling the globe over the past couple of years placing beautiful, large crystals-that have been kept especially for this time- into the Earth at specific places. These crystals are helping to balance the ley-lines on Gaia supporting her in her rebirth process. Keisha is one of the 12 wisdom keepers who have been specially schooled all their lives for this time and who met one another about 4 years ago. Each of them has unique special work to do and roles to play in the ‘Shift of Ages’. Keisha has asked us to ‘remember’ who we are and why we are here on Earth at this time. And not in least she focuses her energy on educating people on the importance of being in the heart. The following is a short meditation she teaches. 

Connect to Gaia-a short easy meditation.

Gaia our Mother planet is very much alive and breathing. She was earlier an Archangel before incarnating as Earth. Keisha tells us how to stand outside, if you can on the ground, and feel your energy flow down to Gaia’s Heart. As you follow your breath and inhale the Divine White Light of Spirit allow your body to fill with light and then exhale while visualising how your energy leaves your body and flows down to embrace Gaia’s core Her Heart, from your hands and feet. Then you feel the warm forest green Light from Gaia’s core, streaming up through your feet and joining with the White Light that now flows through you. Exhale the White Light and send it as a Rainbow out to reach the Hearts of those who need it most. Continue to inhale and exhale and connect to Gaia. This can of course be done indoors too. 5 minutes doing this daily will ground you.

Here I would like to give a personal point of view about all this. For many many years I meditated on a daily basis. My main focus in meditation was the 3rd eye area. I must add here too, that I studied to become a relaxation teacher learning a method called Autogenic Training. There is a book by the same name by the author, Hannes Lindeman. I think it’s amazing and my own experience of meditation, before and after learning this relaxation method, are like night and day.

Yet despite being able to relax deeply in meditation, I would definitely say that in recent years in connecting to my heart, and not in least to Gaia’s Heart has deepened my experience very much more.




Connect your heart to Gaia, and Love her like she loves you. She is aware of every individual living on her body- she knows you. Then connect to Father Sun. We are the Divine Child in between the Heart of Gaia and the Central Sun –that is the real meaning of the Trinity.

We are Divine beings having a bodily experience in a 3D world. But this 3D world is soon to be something of the past, because our beloved planet Gaia is quickly becoming her 5D self. If we wish to go along with her we have no choice whatsoever here, we have to evolve and become 5D individuals. The secret-the biggest secret of them all in attaining this Ascension process, is in connecting to your own heart and connecting to the heart of Gaia. We should all love her dearly. I have personally discovered that the missing link to any successful meditation, is allowing ourselves to feel and visualise how we grow roots from this body we temporarily inhabit, roots that travel to Gaia’s Heart and embrace it.

Yesterday on a TV program about the life of Buddha, the Dalai Lama made a comment. He spoke of the great devotion to Buddha at the temples in the hometown of Buddha, mentioning that many felt the presence of the Buddha there. But he ended by saying that, the way to truly connect with the Buddha is through the Temple of the Heart.

I will end with a few words from Paramahansa Yogananda taken from “The Second Coming of the Christ”.

“In perfect stillness of body and mind, the yogi enjoys the ineffable peace of the presence of the soul. In the body, life is templed; in the mind, light is templed; in the soul, peace is templed. The deeper one goes into the soul the more that peace is felt; that is super consciousness. When by deeper meditation the devotee expands that awareness of peace and feels his consciousness spreading all over the universe, that all beings and all creation are swallowed up in that peace, then he is entering into Cosmic Consciousness. He feels that peace everywhere – in the flowers, in every human being, in the atmosphere. He beholds the Earth and all worlds floating like bubbles in that ocean of peace.

The inner peace first experienced by the devotee in meditation is his own soul; the vaster peace he feels by going deeper is God. That joy alone can satisfy the innate craving of the human heart. In patient, persistent meditation, day after day, year after year, the devotee lovingly demands of his Lord; “Come to me as joy in Samadhi-oneness, and remain forever in my heart on the altar of bliss!” When in our hearts, in harmony with the hearts of all who love God in the interior temple of silence and bliss, we rejoice in the joy of our one Beloved, that united joy is a vast altar of God.”

I would like to thank the following people for the information in this piece. Drunvalo Melchizidek, the Dalai Lama, Paramahansa Yogananda and Keisha Crowther.

Written By                Therese Zumi Sumner                    21/01/2013                 1919pm



In the not too distant future we will have the availability worldwide of amazing new healing techniques, and two of these techniques will be based on 1) Sound and 2) Focused Intention. We learned in the Bible, “In the beginning was the ‘Word’ and the ‘Word’ was with God and the ‘Word’ was God”. If the Divine first expression was Sound, then being created in the image and likeness of God, our personal Divine God expression should be in our ability to express our true self. We know that balanced sound heals and imbalanced sound creates illness. I myself was a victim of this, so I do ‘know’ what I am talking about here.

There is no doubt in my mind that sound will absolutely be in the forefront of healing techniques soon. Another healing tool will be learning to focus our intention to produce the results that we desire. So what has the subject healing to do with the above heading?

Healing and Expressing our True Self.


Anyway that we possibly can move forward in the healing of ourselves will benefit humanity as a whole. This is so amazing and so true. Jesus said “Love thy neighbour as thyself” and one sure way of loving ourselves is finding every way we can to become whole individuals. What is a whole individual? It is a person who has done the work to know himself. To know oneself is to understand why we are the person we are, to know oneself is to be aware of any failings we might have in loving ourselves and others, to know oneself is to accept and forgive ourselves for our failings and to strive every way we can to avoid repeating them. It is in short taking full responsibility for ourselves and all our actions, feelings and thoughts, at the same time as having the ‘knowing’ that we despite all our failings are Divine and Loved by the force we call God/Source.

Do we wish Source to forgive us for our failings? If we do then we must have compassion for and forgive ourselves first. We are so loved. When we know better we do better.

You are all I’m sure knowledgeable about recycling? Here in Sweden we have become quite good at recycling most of the stuff we no longer need. There are some souls that have sadly moved so far away from the concept of right and wrong; these are souls that do not in any way understand the word empathy, they know nothing but retaliation,control, power, fear, hatred, bitterness, violence and so forth. Some of these sad souls have wandered so far away from the Source that is Love, that the only way they can be ‘taken care of’ is through a recycling process. They are returned to the Central Sun for this. They are beyond the healing power of the best healing techniques that even our Galactic Family of the 6th or higher dimensions have access to.

The concept of Karma and all Religion for that matter has been created by the Archons to imprison us here in 3D reality, to fill us with fear and guilt. All that exists outside of this prison is Love. {‘What exists 8.6 miles above the Earth’s surface’-see article on this page}

How can the healing of one individual heal the whole?

How can having Love and Compassion for our self affect the whole? Deepening your ability to love and show compassion adds to the whole world’s ability to do so. This is something I will now attempt to prove to you through my small knowledge of Sacred Geometry.

One thing that Sacred Geometry proves is that a single mind created the Universe. The Source’s expressions of His/Her ‘Feelings’ converted into geometric patterns. You know there are video’s now on You-Tube where you can see people experimenting with boxes of sand/salt, and how by projecting different sounds into the boxes, the sand creates patterns. Each sound creates a different pattern. I shall try to find a good video to demonstrate this, as also the mathematical fractal known as The Mandelbrot set, and put it here too because it is amazing to see.

Having seen these effects of sound on sand one can easily understand how Our Galactic Family creates the Crop Circles. You can see many videos now on the crop circles being created. One of them is posted here on my Introduction Page. If you study the human chakra {energy system} system you will see that each chakra has its geometrically shaped energy. The use of sound in the healing of the chakra system has been in use now for about 30 years.

So here we see that one of the two future healing techniques 1) ** is already being used and will be further developed as we move forward.To show you some evidence for the use of the other technique 2) ** that I mentioned namely ‘focused intention’ I will remind you of an old experiment. 

There was an amazing book written many years ago.'The Tao of Physics’ by Fritiof Capra, an Austrian born American physicist. This book taught about the amazing parallels between Oriental and Greek mystical tradition and the discovery of 20th century physics. This book became a best seller simply by word of mouth. Writing this I am suddenly reminded of the experiments at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland the world’s largest particle physics laboratory and the birthplace of the World Wide Web. One of my Mentors told me about the results of some experiments made at the atomic particle level there. Several different scientists doing the exact same experiment with the exact same tools had completely different results.  

They were studying the movement of electrons. They discovered while doing these experiments that when a scientist decided in his mind that he wanted the electrons to take a certain path in their movement-they did exactly what he/she focused on them doing. So three scientists studying the exact same ‘material’ get completely different movement in the electrons based on the experimenter’s focus as to where he/she wanted the electrons to move.2** At this point in time this is very ‘old school’, but how many people know this? why doesn’t everyone know this? Why doesn’t every human being know by now without a shadow of a doubt that we can affect matter with our thoughts?

The consciousness of a physicist may determine outcomes on unseen quantum particles, yet when will new knowledge on Quantum Physics (& Space) provide us with the power to shift the Consciousness of our globe?

Unfortunately modern-day Quantum Physicists are very much in their theoretical reasoning. They do not recognise the ‘Brain in the Heart’ which is the superior brain. However, they call themselves scientists, most often rejecting God and Heart consciousness from all equations. Yes they may spend millions and billions searching for a "god particle" but these theoretical thinkers are mainly using their MIND brain not their Heart Consciousness Awareness. Here I refer you to the following article ' Sacred Temple of the Heart’ which can be found on this page {shortly} which gives you the scientifically proven facts about the brain in the Heart. When scientist’s do their experiments whilst connected to their Heart brain they will amaze us with their discoveries. When we become 5 Dimensional individuals we will be amazed ourselves, at what we too, will be able to create working from our Heart.

So what does all this say? God-Source is everywhere. We are all God- We are all united. We are all One and we can all create exactly what we want. We can and we will.


Fractals-Mathematics Showing our Oneness.

A fractal is a mathematical ‘set’ or equation – a detailed pattern that keeps on repeating itself. The term fractal was first used by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975. The Latin word ‘fractus’ means broken or fractured. Fractal patterns with different degrees of ‘self-similarity’ have been studied in images, structures, and sounds and are also found in nature, technology, art and law. An example of a fractal is the so called Fibonacci sequence which you can learn about in one of the 3 videos I will post with this article, which shows how our ancestors had their own version of what we call mathematical science. Another fractal that has become very familiar is the Mandelbrot Set.

The Mandelbrot Set.

The following words are those spoken by Gregg Braden. After this piece is written I am going to post a 9 minute video where Gregg Braden explains the concept of the Mandelbrot Set. He is explaining to us that life and we are holographic in nature. You may know already that when a part of a hologram is studied in great detail it holds the pattern of the entire hologram.

Gregg explains, “As you follow the journey into the pattern of the Mandelbrot set, deeper and deeper into the Pattern, and we see the pattern repeat itself over and over again. As we follow the pattern in the set we are moving towards an end point, and it is the exact pattern we began with.  Your relationships work in this manner, your life works in this manner. The patterns are with you no matter where you go, no matter how far and deeply into your life you move, or how far you try to remove yourself from the patterns of life. You are Holographic in nature no matter where in the world you move to, or how many relationships you move into or out of, the patterns of your life remain the same”.

Gregg explains how if we for example examine the pattern in a snow flake, and how this pattern is repeated through the whole, yet when one piece of the pattern is broken off, it has a recurring effect on the pattern of the entire snowflake. This example can show us how if we make a decisive pattern change in our own lives by breaking an earlier habit or way of expressing ourselves, then our entire holographic life pattern will be affected.Even more amazing, our development forward is now helping mankind as a whole.

An Example


So let us take an example here. You become aware, that you do not express yourself in a loving manner when in the company of someone you are related to. It could be because there is an unhealed situation in the past that needs to be addressed and discussed and resolved. It could be that something has been resolved but that you have not yet fully forgiven the person in question. And so this negative pattern continues. Each time you see the person, you are still somewhere in your heart reminded of the unresolved situation. To do the work that is involved to ‘dissolve’ this situation and then create a new compassionate way of addressing this person, is in actual fact going to add to the ability of everyone else’s ability to do the same. So by healing our self and our relationships we are contributing to the whole. Is this not amazing? We Love our self in healing our own heart and we love everyone else in the process.

Love and Compassion

Through compassion it does not take many people to allow a change in the whole. That’s the gift of the hologram. This is the gift of your life and the expression of your life in this time in History, the time that the ancients call the ‘Shift of the Ages’.  Through the Mandelbrot Set experience, through the holographic nature of our experience, every time you remember that to hate is an option, and you do have an option, that to fear is an option, and that you may chose a higher option each time you remember this, that to some degree then you become a living bridge in the holographic nature of our awareness. Your decision to choose compassion and forgiveness is anchoring that wisdom. Your decision is providing a new option for all who have the courage to follow you.  This is your gift-this is your opportunity.

Every time one person chooses a new way to respond to the challenges of life-each time an individual chooses a new option, that person becomes a living bridge for all the others who chose to follow in that person’s path. It is not about imposing will on anyone, what it means is that the person choosing a new path has created a Template- a new possibility very close to the consciousness of all others who chose to follow in that Template. Then this idea-this new way of doing something, becomes more easily accessible to the next and the next person. This is the beauty of the hologram.

Some Hearts are closed.


Empathy is the most important ability of all. Without the ability of empathy we cannot understand the concept of ‘ONE’, the idea that we are all One. The Divine component in each of us is reachable, when we trust enough to Love, and to make the journey deep into our Heart in meditation and connect with Source. To get there it is not enough to just believe that we have a Divine connection to Source within, but to be willing to let go of the personality, to release all control of the ego’s role in the holographic reality we now find ourselves in.

My connection with Source tells me that of the 7 Billion people now on Gaia, nearly one in 6 have closed hearts. This tells me that they do not own empathic ability. On the other end of the scale we have those who have fully open Hearts. These have reached Christ Consciousness. The numbers I am given here regarding this today are around 100.000 people. But this number is increasing daily. So 85% of mankind have their Hearts open to a lesser or a greater degree. This depends upon the amount of trauma within them that is unresolved usually from many lives. Even among those of us who might have more open hearts, and so greater empathic ability, there can be parts of our hearts closed because of unresolved experiences/emotional trauma that prevent us from trusting entirely.


We are about to go into a very Light and Loving place. When the Mayan People meet each other their greeting translated to English would be “You are another me!” Isn’t that cool? Imagine when we all understand this as a reality? You are another me!



I would like to end this discussion with some words from the book ‘The Second Coming of Christ, The Resurrection of the Christ within You’ by Paramahansa Yogananda. This beautiful book is composed of revelatory commentaries on the original teachings of Jesus.

In this piece Yogananda is showing us the analogy of a person in a cinema watching a catastrophic movie which has scenes of cruelty. The text continues; “if the viewer looks up from the picture to the beam of light from the projector and analyses its relation to the figures and events on the screen, the seemingly real material nature of everything being shown-buildings, landscapes, the misery of human beings-is seen as nothing but light.”

“Likewise the materially engrossed individual beholds his ever-changing surroundings, birth, death, marriage, acquisition and loss, as material facts.

But the individual, who awakens to the consciousness of God through constant ecstasy, or union with God, begins to see a light trembling in all creation. He perceives that the different forms of matter-solids, liquids, gaseous substances-as well as human life and thought, are nothing but the diverse vibrations of that all-pervading quivering light of God. By further development one can actually perceive God as the Almighty Creator dreaming this Cosmic Dream."

Maybe the ideal?

 “A person sitting in the motion picture house enjoying the pictures on the screen, while remembering their source by keeping a part of his attention on the pictureless beam.”


Written by                    Therese Zumi Sumner                       20/01/2013

3 video's as promised 1) Resonance Phenomena in 2D on a plate. 2) The Mandelbrot Set with Gregg Braden. 3) Fibonacci's Fractals.