Archangel Michael

Warrior of Light

Ärkeängel Michael

Michael Christ 


El Michael Christ 

De Mercho El Miriel 






Original Titel: Ärkeängel MiChaEl – En ljusets krigare

Author: Archangel Michael

Released in Swedish 1995 by Mikael Kvist

Translation: Therese Zumi Sumner June 2013



1} Introduction

2} In The Beginning

3} Archangel Michael

4} Michael and Christ

5} God and Cosmos

6} Light and Dark

7} Earth’s Fate

8} The Human Contribution

9} Michael with Humans

10} Michael on Earth

11} Angels on Earth

12} The Fate of the Universe


Who is He our most known Archangel? This is the first in depth book about and by Archangel Michael. It has come about to give answers to many questions that have been asked throughout time. It is first now that humanity is mature enough to have a deeper understanding of the cosmic drama that is being played out on and around Earth.

We are living in the End Times, when the final settlement takes place in the battle between Light and Dark – the two cosmic primitive forces. This affects the whole Earth and humanity’s existence. We ourselves are to a high degree a part of this ~ through every single deed and thought we affect the outcome.

Archangel Michael does not only work in the Higher Spheres but is in the highest degree taking part on every level in the development on Earth. Michael and other Archangels have descended to our Earth. Many experience contact with Him worldwide and He works with Lightworkers to bring liberation from darkness to our planet. Who better to describe the battle between light and dark and how we can solve it that Archangel Michael Himself.


One of the usual questions about angels is if they have wings or if that is only a symbol for a cosmic messenger. Wings as a symbol stand for freedom, widened perspective, and closeness to Heaven and a source of Light within God. Archangels’ wings are not symbolic - they are real. Development of wings is a natural extension of the energy streams that pass through the bodies of life forms. It is not only on the Spiritual plane that wings are physical. Archangels can even allow wings to take physical form when they exist in a physical body. Archangels are much older than most life forms on Earth. That is why it is the birds that have been created like the Archangel archetype and not the opposite.

A usual idea is that most Archangels are passive columns at Gods Throne. This idea encompasses Archangel Michael despite his active role in both biblical texts and in Middle Age visions. The truth is that these Cosmic and Planetary guardian Angels have numerous times descended and taken physical form in among others human form. That is why it is natural to be able to find Archangel Michael walking on a street or on board an interdimensional ship. No world, no shape is strange. A question here might be if it is possible to meet Archangel Michael and recognize Him? It is possible but unlikely that someone would recognise him if that were not the purpose. Michael hides both His Lightness and His wings well here on Earth. There are three possibilities for recognizing Him. A Messenger, an Angel, or a Being of Light can come to you for example in a vision to prepare you for your meeting with Michael. Michael can come to you directly in a dream or a vision and appear to you in His present physical form. You can also recognise Him if you are present when Michael channels His Spiritual power to Earth through His physical body and in that way reveals His true nature.

Through His limitlessness and His age Michael and all the other Archangels are well known throughout the entire Universe. These Beings are not bound to certain planets or developmental lines in the Universe. Their bodies are of Spirit and Their appearance is therefore created by the receivers’ receptive ability and maturity. They can seem different in different parts of the Universe, but the basic characteristics and qualities always remain the same. The clearer the receiver’s inner light is the clearer the Archangels true form appears. 

One can say that Angels and Light Beings are very light in their structure and so relatively independent of material in this world. They can however only exist and appear in one place at one time. Archangels are limitless they are totally independent of materia, time, and space and that is why They can be present in an endless number of places simultaneously. Angels and Light Beings normally exist in higher dimensions and planes than Earth. From these planes they develop further until they reunite with God. Archangels on the other hand live in God. They are infinite and are found throughout the entire Universe, in all dimensions and planes. In appearance there is also a difference in the size of their wings. Archangels have much bigger wings and more importantly they make a much more powerful impression through their Light emanation through their existence in God.

Through visions and appearances along with Mary, Michaels function throughout time has appeared to be as defender and pioneer for the Feminine Aspect of God. The ideal of Knighthood that developed during the Middle Ages is a reflection on Earth of His quality. Michael has also appeared as a defender of entire nations. This has been misinterpreted as defender against another nation. He is the defender of Spirituality among the people of a nation. Michael only gives of His power to overcome the inner threat within individuals and so within entire nations. He has nothing to do with expressions of {military} power against outer threats from other individuals or nations. No one can therefore say that He is a Guardian Angel for a specific nation or group. He is merely a defender of Spirituality within individuals and the entire Earth.

The Sword is like Michaels wings more than just a symbol. All Archangels carry Swords which they use when they cut with Light through the darkness at the edge of the Universe. On Earth the sword is interpreted both as a threat and a symbol of judgement. The sword in the Hand of Michael is a promise of liberation – the threat of the opposite. Michael only judges in such as he gives each person a possibility of insight. It would be better characterised as liberating than judgmental but definitely not condemnation. It is only the unforgiving mind that condemns itself. Archangel Michael never judges anyone in the way that we on earth mean by judging. Michael only brings Light the Light of insight that liberates those who dare to meet it. He brings both living and dead souls out from darkness. He opens the way to Love for those who do not themselves consider that they deserve it. Michael knows that Gods essence is union, total Oneness – Love. His judgement is nothing other than liberation from your own judgement of yourself. Where there is a barrier or resistance Michael comes with the Sword of mercy and cuts through the veils of illusions and breaks chains.

University of Bonn,Germany

The Beginning

Before the Beginning all the Archangels were with God. They were gathered again after the previous Creation before the new one came to life. In the Beginning Archangel Michael was the first to give His life to God. In that way He became the first and oldest Servant of the Light. He was also the first to understand the Light and Gods true nature. That was the time when the Word was still with God and before God gave it to His children to create and build the Universes thought.

Archangel Michael’s mission in this Universe started on a dying planet that was tormented by an endless war. Despite life in death and disease there was beauty hope and pride. It was Gods Will that the Light in the Universe should begin as a spark in the darkness and as hope in despair. Michael was the Keeper of the Plan and of those who were to be the Holy Family. A few more than 90 were saved by a miracle from the dying planet. It was those who would come to be the Holy Family and the Universes known Archangels.

The Planet could not be saved it exploded. Because of this disaster the Light and Dark were separated and became two opposite powers in the Universe. The infinite battle between the different powers had begun. Those who had not been saved or gathered in the Light gathered in the Darkness. The Darkness is not the enemy of the Archangels – it is their lost people from their original plan. This is the beginning of the cosmic drama that has played out for millions of years in the infinite space of the Universe. The wounds that were formed in the Universe became the Archangels wounds. The Archangels equivalent to development is the healing of the wound. For the Archangels this means returning to God and Their origin along with those imprisoned in the Darkness. The Completion of Creation.


I Am not of this Universe

I Am not a product of Creation

I have come from Beyond

To the Creation brought by the Will of the Almighty


I existed before time

I existed before Creation

I was never born


I was created in Gods Mind

I Am the embodiment of His Will

I Am Gods Representative on Earth


I do not develop

I do not reincarnate

I experience through taking different forms


Archangel Michael paves the way for the Light of clarity. As the Lightest of Gods Angels He is the Commander of Heaven. He spreads new Light to human cultures and civilisations. In your personal life He helps you to cleanse your channel to spirituality. Even after life He is your Helper. Then He removes hinders for your journey to the kingdom of death.

An Angels name has several meanings. Beyond it being a Beings name it is also a title. As a title it also shows attributes and qualities. Archangel Michaels name is also a calling, a kind of ‘war cry’ and a question. The name represents a vibration which when expressed finds its response in the receiver if they have the corresponding attribute.  Michael speaks to this vibration, the seed of Light in both the inner human and inner darkness. When the seed answers it bursts through the shell from within and frees the carrier from its chains.

Archangels are infinite Beings that do not live under the same laws as other beings. They do not develop according to normal evolution. They existed before the Creation of the Universe. The Archangels will go Beyond and continue on into the next Creation. They are elements, building bricks, of God and from God sent. Through His Archangels God walks the Earth.



El MiChaEl Christ


El MiChaEl Christ

From God come and by God sent

For the Victory over darkness and to bring Peace to Earth.


Victorious Battle


From time eternal to time eternal

I lead armies of Light

To a Victorious battle

I Am God’s Will


I Am God’s Will

Do not be afraid to use Me

I pierce the shell of darkness

I penetrate Materia

I turn hardness to softness

And darkness to Light


Stand up

Stand up my children

Use My Sword

Use it in speech

Be My Will in action

Be the enlightening Truth

And the world will shake

From both fear and joy

I pave the way for the Angel of Forgiveness


Who are you?



I Am God


Who are you?



I Am like God

Are you?

Are you like God?


I wait

I wait for your answer

When your answer is mine

We are One


My Name is your calling

My Name is your challenge

I call you

I ask you

Who is like God?

You have the answer

Through the Eternal Night


Who cuts through the Night?

Who carries Light through the Eternal Night?

Who brings Life in death?


I Am Archangel Michael

Follow My Light

I show the Way



The Light of Inspiration


I Am the Penetrating Light

I pave the way for the Light of Inspiration and Understanding

In My Light new ideas grow

New cultures bloom

Whole new Worlds rotate


God Fills My Mind


God fills My Mind

I Am in God’s Mind

Where I Am is God

Where God is I Am


God fills My Mind

I serve below the Queen of the Heavens

Earths people are my children


I See God

I serve the Queen of the Angels

I bring Earth into the Confederation of Light


A Mind Picture Taken Form


I Am a Thought in God’s Mind

A Picture taken Form

To be able to walk among people

Anchor My Presence


I have anchored My Presence

and My Light on Earth

Through My Physical Incarnation


My Physical Presence

Acts as a Spearhead

For the breakthrough of Light on Earth


My Descent

has created a Bridge –

An Unshakeable Castle of Light

My Pillar of Light

vibrates with power –

Spreading Rings of Light


My Star

Pulsates and Beams –



That which has begun is irrevocable

Come along, come along

See what’s happening


Every atom

every being

is permeated


Chose now

before the outcome is decided

It is now you are needed.



In the Universe before this time I WAS

I AM in this Universe

In the Universe beyond this Universe

I will go beyond Beyond


I Am here to help you

As long as the darkness reigns

As long as the least darkness exists in your world


First on the day when the power of darkness is broken

First on the day when balance is returned

My work ends

First then do I cease to exist

And go beyond Beyond


Michael and Christ


Michael’s close relationship to Jesus is something that to a great extent is forgotten. In the Middle-Age living traditions of the End Times Michael and Jesus rode side by side paving the way for the Light. They appeared as two inseparable Brothers.

On rare occasions in the history of Earth, God has chosen to send His Son or Daughter to the Planet. At the birth of Jesus, Michael and other Archangels descended to protect and assist. Some were born as humans, others like Michael created physical bodies that They descended to Earth in. Michael was very close to Jesus. They shared the same life, the same memories and the same feelings. They were two in One Body. They were One in two Bodies. Michael’s life was to be of help and support for Gods Son. When Jesus was tired and needed to retire Jesus soul went into Michael’s body to rest and Michael took over Jesus duties. Thus they shared life and fate.

God has thoughts that no one reaches or understands – regarding both the meaning of and the end results of certain events in the Universe. No-one but God knew how the end result would be for Jesus mission and test on Earth. When a man under the influence of the dark forces hit a nail through Jesus Heart after his death, it went through Michaels Heart too. The man hit the nail before the Soul had left the body. Through the threads that bound them both Michaels inherited wound was even deeper. After Jesus death, Michael and the other Archangels gathered and went into His death to lift Him back to the father. Their united power made the ground shake and crack. The grave was empty and only a beam of Light remained.

Now Michael is back on Earth to pave the Way for the descending Light. His intensive spiritual and physical presence is a sure sign that the End Times are here and that new Light is on its way. Michael stands for a guarantee of victory of the Light.

Brothers in Spirit


We Are of the same Family

We Are two branches of the same Tree

Brothers in Spirit

Brothers in Soul

We Are One

Side by Side


Side by Side

for the Light We battle


Side by Side

on the cross We suffer


Side by Side

To Heaven We ascend


Side by Side

For the Light We battle

Until We stand in the final Victory



Side by Side


God’s Son


When God’s Son

came to Earth

I descended with Him


When God’s Son

walked the Earth

I walked by His side


When God’s Son

returned to Heaven

Our United Wings

carried Him

From Wholeness to  Part


Which sacrifice

can be greater

than to go from Wholeness to Part


Can Christ be Hurt


Can Christ be hurt?

Can a Light battle be lost?

Can an Angel fall?

Yes, everything is possible on the road to perfection


A Wound Through Us Both


If anyone knew what We have

A wound which goes through both of Us

Every time We meet

We meet in Our wounds

We are separated through that which unites

We are united through that which separates

Brother in Heart

Brother in Soul

To Bring You Christ


Once I came

To bring you Christ

Now I Am here again

To bring you Christ

God and Cosmos

Personality which is everything for us humans in our everyday life is for Michael merely the least expression of our existence. Our spiritual existence which we sense least of all is for Him the greatest. The personality is not even a shell for Him but only one level of our perception of reality. At the lowest level all the higher is built and the reverse – Heaven is a reflection in all the lower levels. For those with eyes to see can the building of the Heavens be understood through Their reflections here on Earth. Among the foremost givers of reflections are the ‘Arch’ – Angels Who are Archetypes for all that lives both animals and humans.

When you understand Who Michael is you understand His closeness to God, as in the reverse – you understand His closeness to God you understand Who Michael is. He owns the Insight to the greatness of the Universe and Gods Infinity in a way that others do not. He Knows God’s Innermost Being – it is His constant leading Star that He never takes His Eyes from. He holds clarity through His Sword and speaks it through His Word. Michaels Light is the Light that stands on high and Lights through the darkness of night like a Lighthouse that brings the sailors to port.

Much of Michael’s perspective cannot be captured in either word or picture because we simply lack terms that can encompass understanding of eternities. There are not merely realities that lie beyond ordinary beings ability to understand, but also realities that are beyond Beyond. To encompass a limitless thought is impossible for a human. But limitlessness is not enough – there are degrees of limitlessness. Because of this there is much that cannot be captured in words. Even if it could be described it lacks equivalence in our life on Earth .

 Everything Exists In God

In God there is no battle between light and dark


There is nothing beyond God

Nothing happens without Gods Will

Nothing happens without Gods Knowledge


Everything exists in God

Everything is right

Everything moves towards perfection


Everyone lives in God

at different vibrations

at different levels of consciousness

building the Same Body

The Creation Recreates God


God created the Universe

by His/Her Self

in His/Her Self


The Creation recreates God

God recreates the Creation

Gods Breath

Gods Breath – the Universe expanding and contracting

Gods Heartbeat – Ages passing by

Gods Blood – Life flowing

Never Ending

Always Existing

Ever Changing

All Time Now

Humans’ experience of now is eternally short. No thought is quick enough to catch now before it passes and becomes eternal past. The Enlightened person and the Flowering souls now are much broader. Understanding and reception in this condition is not a series of fragments but degrees of wholeness. The closer to God the greater the now experience. Now is as endless as the past and future together. In God all time is now. In God all time is now eternally.


Nothing passes

Nothing is lost


Everything is with you

Everything is within you

And you are in God

Heaven is reflected on Earth

Heaven is reflected on Earth

Earth is also reflected –

all the way up to Heaven


Individual action

Individual thought

that captures knowledge –

forms the Thought of the Universe 

What is The Personality

What is the personality?

It is a fragment of your Soul

It lacks the Souls memory

It lacks the Souls sight

It lacks the Souls speech

The personality is the final filter

through which the lost part of your Soul lives


Do not deny yourself

Do not deny that which shines through you

Even a fragment of a fragment is of God

The Personality the Soul and the Spirit


The personality speaks with fragments

The Soul speaks with thoughts

The Spirit speaks with Light

Where Eternity meets Spirituality

Imagine an endless stretch of water without horizon

Flowing peacefully

Not through time but through eternity

You are on a beach

where eternity meets eternity

A vortex arises there

Life begins there

For the personality the vortex means

That nothing exists other than itself -

The personality is isolated by the water


For the Soul the vortex means

That It is united to everything and everyone else –

The Soul is united through the water


For the Spirit the vortex means

that It knows that It is not the vortex but the flow

and can allow itself to arise anywhere

 everywhere all at once -

 The Spirit is the water


The water, the flow through eternity is Gods Being

 If there had been no end

 the vortex would not have arisen

 If there had been no end

 Gods thought would not have existed

The Vortex creates the Form


Everything that is

is changing

is in motion

The only movement

the only absolute movement

is the movement  around oneself

the movement in a vortex

The vortex creates shape

The shape creates the world of shape

The world of shape allows that movement exists

Movement allows that God exists

Thought beyond Form

In World beyond World

 No things exist

 only the idea of things –

The thought beyond form

vibration beyond thought

word in God   


Beyond Time


Beyond Time - God Is

Through Time - Archangel Is

In Time - Human is

From Time to God - Life is


The Temple of the Universe


Light Worlds and Dimensions rest on the lower. All worlds and dimensions are dependent on the heaviest dimensions.

We Archangels hold up the Buttress in the Temple of the Universe. We are the Buttresses in Gods Temple. You are the stones.

We are the Watch Keepers of Eternal Life. Under Our protection, under Our Buttresses life is developed. When your World is in danger the Lighter Worlds shake.

When the dark powers try to conquer Higher Kingdoms, I throw my Javelin through time and space to defend your right to live and develop in the Light.





Who are We?

What are We?

We are Those who live forever

We are Gods Archetypes -

All life is formed from our Pattern

We are Gods Face -  

Our presence Shines in mediation and prayer

We are Gods Messengers

Our words touch your hearts

We are Gods servants –

Our basic power and principles

keep the Universe in eternal movement

God’s Mosaic


If you could meet Gods Greatness

you would see in Gods Face – a Mosaic.

The Stones are We

Diamonds in Heaven

Gods Angels and Messengers

Through us you meet Gods Face

We are many Faces in One


Expect everything

Expect the greatest

Because We are here

With you

In disguise

Like hidden Diamonds

in the stone of the cliff


In the Hour of Return

We are again being used

We are again being taken into the Light

liberated from the cliff

Reflecting our Origin -

Beams of Blessing

Limitless Universe


This Universe is limitless

For the being who is part of It

This Universe is a limited space

for the being that is not a part of it

This Universe is an atom

in another limitless Universe

All the atoms in the Universe are limitless Universes

Every atom in your body is affected

by your thoughts and actions

Thoughts and actions in this Universe

affect the Body in which this Atomic - Universe is a part of


Consider your responsibilities

Consider your possibilities 

 Light and Dark


Michael’s battle with the dragon is the greatest representation throughout time for both the battle and victory over darkness and evil. The motive has been portrayed in innumerable paintings. It has also stood as a source of inspiration for many works of literature, theatre plays and films. But its true background is even more dramatic than its portrayal in art.

The reality is a cosmic drama where ‘love - hate’ drives the representatives for the different powers to meet in battle.  This has gone on for millions of years past in the Universe. It all started at the beginning of time on the planet that was exploded and that gave rise to the division between light and dark. That episode gave rise to a cosmic wound in the Universe – the entire Universe was torn apart. The wound is found in the large as in the small. Every being in darkness carries from the beginning a seed of Light as each being of Light carries a seed of darkness in their heart. Each time that those for the Light descend to the cosmic wound they descend to their own original wound. The Light has no hatred towards the dark – They are sorrowful over their lost loved ones. No one in the Light has the ability to hate the darkness for what it does. Nor can darkness allow itself to be victorious over the Light, because the Light is also their hope. The greatest victory is to unite them both to the Original Source.

Because of Earths position in the Universe near the cosmic wound the battle is extra severe in this area. Meetings between representatives of dark and Light take place on every plane and level - from the Highest Spiritual down to the original physical plane. Because of this both half physical and physical beings come to earth through interdimensional ships. The battle occurs through different dimensions both lighter and heavier, and even through time. Because people are transformers between dimensions one can say that the front goes through each individual soul and that it really doesn’t have any real physical extension in this zone of the universe. That is why one can say that each soul here on earth is taking part consciously or unconsciously in the cosmic drama and the end result of the final battle taking place here and now. No one can be untouched or outside - even those who have chosen to stand outside or not to choose have chosen.


There is a Limit


When people and powers misuse lower energies the Angels do not intervene as long as this falls within the framework ruled by karma. Nor can the Angels intervene at such a low psychological level without great difficulty. Even your Guardian Angel has difficulty standing up against the crude vibrations. The Light Angel Shields shake like veils from dark thrashings and the powers creep away. That is why you notice that your bodies are sometimes exhausted and have to take assaults.

But there is a limit. When humans in their ignorance allow themselves to be used and ruled by dark forces that have consequences beyond that which is balanced by karma, I Michael come with all the Heavenly Hosts to intervene. Likewise, if these powers come to aspire above their level to conquer Kingdoms of Light. Or if they try to prevent the manifestation of Gods Plan. Then they will find Me there as their opponent and conqueror.

Meetings and confrontations come more frequently as Gods Plan is gradually manifested on the earth plane.  It is through you the manifestation will happen!

Interdimensional War


This is an interdimensional war

between Lighter and heavier dimensions

between  the dark and the Light zone

between the Highest of Order and the deepest chaos.


This war extends itself through dimensions

through time

through space

and through your lives –

your souls

The Battleground


In your world most battles occur on the Earth plane’s two dimensions. It is firstly in recent times that you have started to use the third. The frontline between light and dark is played out in several dimensions. Imagine firstly how the frontline powers meet in three dimensions unhindered by any Earth plane. If you then add other dimensions so that you find yourself beyond time and space. Then the picture is complete even if difficult to understand. Dimensions beyond time and space mean that the same frontline can appear and exist in different places on Earth, but still be a part of the same battlefield. This is the case regarding every location and every soul on earth.

The dark does not differentiate between the different armies of Earth – they live off their released power. Hatred, despair, revenge, uselessness, fear and bitterness is the nourishment that feeds the dark. Every war every battle that occurs on earth is a victory for the darkness. Total victory for the dark would be a global war that captures or annihilates all the souls on earth and in the kingdom of death.

For humans many battles rage

For the dark there is only one continuing

For the Light there is only one continuing

All the souls on earth are dependent on this battle.

We trust humans Light side. We cannot kill the dark like the dark kills hope for Light souls. We wait, call and beg that people pray – then we act. We answer every prayer whether or not you hear or see it. For it is you that gives us the power to act. In the places where darkness gains a hold sooner or later a war breaks out. Then Hosts of Light form Light walls around the area that prevent the hateful warring powers spreading like wildfire over continents. Like inflexible Shining Beams the Light goes down through war and storm clouds. The Hosts of Light wait for the right moment to act to stop the rule of darkness. Hope depends on the spark in humans. The time of Light always returns sooner or later. When aggressions are emptied, war tiredness exists and the longing for peace and Love is greater than that of revenge. Peace is near when the Light establishes its rainbows of Light in the old war zone.

As long as there is hope the Light is victorious

As long as the Light exists hope exists.

The Meeting of Light and Dark


When your armies meet on Earth they fight among each other in similar ways with similar tactics. This does not happen between the forces of Light and dark that are of a completely different nature. The meeting is like a battle between different elements and different forces of nature. 

The forces of Light always meet the dark openly and drive them away as the day drives the shadows away. The dark forces never attack openly as they would be dissolved or converted. No, they lurk in the shadows and sneak up. They look for the weak spots and chew black holes until the foundation of Light falls.

Is the existence of darkness dependent on the Light and its opposite? Can day exist without night? I say to you there is so much Light in the Universe and a day is coming unbroken by night. And that is how it will be, that is the fate of the Universe.

Thought Pollution

If it were not for Me and my helpers you would die in your towns. All the broken and half-finished thoughts, all suppressed and held back feelings are released unconsciously from you during the waking hours. This thought and emotional garbage go out into your atmosphere and contaminate the living space. Some of them stick in your immediate vicinity and will have immediate effect on your own lives. Others go out into the atmosphere and gather like smog above towns. ‘Dirty’ thoughts are drawn to dirty places. Thought and emotional smog hide the clear Light of Heaven and isolate you even more. Just like traffic smog causes pressure on the heart, this invisible smog strains so harshly that a heart attack can be the result. I say it again: If it were not for Me and my helpers you would die in your towns. You would suffer from spiritual respiratory distress. In the end all life would be wiped out. Remember this:

When you think whole thoughts

you heal more than yourself

You heal those around you

When you think clear thoughts

you create clarity

in both your mind and your surroundings

When you think Light thoughts

you spread Light in the minds of yourself and others

And Light drives darkness away


Pray a while each day

for healing, clarity and Light

Give yourself a quiet place and a quiet time

to bring with you wherever you go

I give you a piece of Me

to take with you

if you receive

If you give yourself

The Nature of Light and Dark


Life is Light. Life is shining Light – a whirling fountain of Light. A Living Soul is a sparkling, bubbling vortex that rises up and expands. The Light of life, the LÖight of Soul can never reach a limit of existence – its nature is overflowing limitlessness. Life’s Light is always striving towards eternity – to become one with eternity, to unite with God and become One with God. Shining life is always giving – they shine with strength and Light. They develop physical bodies and wrappings that are light, beautiful and gracile.  Through development the bodies become lighter and Lighter. Development for a soul is to become more and more like the Source of Light.

Darkness is an opponent power – a counter vortex. It is a sucking whirlpool that takes all its power from its surroundings. Darkness lives by the energy of others. These beings are not life - they are the opposite of life. In darkness there is no peace, only the satisfaction of deeper darkness. There is no-one to trust in or unite with – the only real love is love of self. The only things that unite beings in the dark are mutual demands and holds on each other.

Darkness creates bodies or wrappings that form shells which lock a person’s soul inside. The small light that exists is smothered to death inside. The bodies often develop claws and long pointing teeth for their distorted and clumsy forms. There is no development for darkness, no expansion or limitlessness can be reached. Everything is eternal worry.

Between Light and darkness there is a grey zone. In this zone there is both expansion and contraction. The whole creation inhales and exhales. There is no Light without darkness and there is no darkness without Light. In every dark being there is a spark of Light. In the long run darkness promotes Light. In the long run darkness stimulates development. Darkness allows beings in the grey zone experience the opposite to the limitlessness of the Light. Humanity lives in this grey zone. Every human being is part of a choice that affects the entire human fate. When a human is tired of the darkness in her life she has still chosen darkness. When a human has chosen to be tired of being tired – then she has chosen the Light.

Living in Light


A soul that lives in Light –

has peace and is always harmonious

A soul that lives in the twilight zone –

has worry and is at times restless

A soul that is imprisoned in darkness –

is unhappy and is in constant disharmony

Not Evil

What makes a being of darkness evil?

The dark are not evil

The influence on humans is of ewvil

What makes a being of Light good?

He knows

He knows the way to God

Sword of Light


A sword of Light cannot kill

A sword of Light cannot suppress

A sword of Light cannot damage

in the Hands of Angels


Swords of Light revive

Swords of Light liberate

Swords of Light protect

in the Hands of Angels.


Swords of Light cut through all materia

all dimensions and planes

all time

Swords of  Light cut all remaining bonds

in the present, the past and the future

in the Hands of Angels

Light Answers Darkness Breaks


When I give My battle Cry

When I say My Name

When I sound My Vibration

When I raise My Sword

I do not point it towards the darkness

I point it to the Light within the darkness


The Light answers

The dark breaks

The dark breaks into tears

Light shines through

Light is where darkness was

Real is where unreal was

Unreal is no longer

Light is everything


When I Liberate


When I liberate

Cocoons open

and roads are freed from obstacles

Eyes open

and the view becomes clear

Hearts open

and the true I Am flows


Returning to God


Seed of Light – Wound of Darkness


How can darkness be conquered by Light?

No darkness exists without a seed of light

I Mikael know their seed well

When I in battle descend into the abyss of darkness I point My

Sword of Light towards the seed of darkness

What eternity has concealed is liberated

What darkness had formed explodes and is dissolved in Light

Seeds of Light flower again in Light

What has been locked for eternity merges into eternity


Why doesn’t the Light win immediately when the Light has

The Eternal Source behind it?

Just as the darkness carries seeds of Light the Archangels carry seeds of darkness.

Even I Michael carry seeds of darkness

Strongest in Light – deepest in wound

Like we know the seeds of darkness the darkness knows our wounds.

Through our wounds we are not immune to the resistance of darkness

Through my wound I know darkness well and turn pain

to Light

Why does this fight happen?

Why does God not allow eternal peace to reign?

All is Gods will

All has a purpose beyond understanding

God’s purpose can only be understood with eternal eyes

God never takes without giving

God gives eternal creation – eternal possibilities


The Cosmic Wound


We have descended

to the cosmic wound

The Earth lies within

the dark point of

the universes yin-yang symbol


Through the cosmic wound

We penetrate to reach

the cosmic seed –

The Light point of

the Universes yin-yang symbol

Unite them both

And the Universe will be One –





The darkness is attracted by the Light

The Light seeks the darkness

Light and darkness are of the same Source

They are from the same origin

And that is why they want to reunite


The darkness wants to reunite with the Light its way –

Make them a part of themselves

Imprison the Light in its own form


The Light wants to reunite with the darkness its way -

Make them a part of themselves

Liberate the Light to its own form


In this meeting tension arises between opposites.


Hope for the Dark


It is a hate – love

The dark hate

The dark fears

the Light

The dark loves

The dark is attracted by

the Light

We are both enemies

and saviours

Without Light

the dark would

lose and triumph


Die and rule

We are the darks Hope


Our Lost People


The dark

Who are they?


We are of the same origin

They are Our lost ones

Our lost people



loved ones

They are of Us –

Archangels of God

The Fate of Earth


The Earth and the area in its vicinity are in focus for a trial of strength between the powers of Light and dark. The consequences of the end result are so unimaginably big that they affect the entire Universe. It is not only for beings on Earth that the Light is fighting, but for all living beings in the Universe.

This is for many a time of waiting. The waiting means getting ready – it’s an occupation. It’s about working quietly strengthening the fortresses of Light. Without preparation or with a weak preparation the waiting is prolonged. The waiting is also a journey. It means not allowing negative events to affect and colour the mind. Instead look forward and allow the light points on the journey to remain light and unaffected by the less light.

The change that Humanity is moving towards is the greatest in It's entire history. It has no analogy and that is why we cannot imagine what this is going to mean. What does a life mean without sowing and reaping from past lives? What does it mean that the cycles of rebirth end? How will an eternal life in the Light look for humanity? The questions are many and most answers are beyond our ability to understand. This is in truth Humanity’s birth to a life in the Light of Spirituality and Fellowship with the civilisations of the Universe within the Light Confederation.

About Time and Choice


Time is moving faster. You cannot measure it in the usual way but it’s noticed in your lives in that changes happen quicker. The frequency raising Radiation that Earth is receiving quickens all processes, both personal and karmic and spiritual. This gives you an insight into an understanding of Time which differs from yours. Ours is relative and that is why things can move faster in certain high energy areas. That you experience that everything is moving much faster and that you have difficulty keeping up is therefore completely correct. What you and even the entire Earth are going through is a speeded-up development – An acceleration before a new step – A Planetary Initiation.

This is where the critical lies in the great choice in this time. You all have the possibility of tuning into this energy and in this way follow this course of events. This is a unique possibility and a Gift from The Highest. That is why it is in our wish that as many as possible may become aware of this. Therefore let many roads be open because the flow is diverse. It is also unavoidable that those who do not choose in time cannot come along and contribute. In this lies the great separation. It is people’s choice and I guarantee you that everyone shall be given the opportunity to say yes. Are you so open that this High Energy and Frequency can find resonance and you know what you want in your choice? The unconscious will remain unconscious and the conscious will sing. You are now on the scales.


Lifting the Earth


Is it possible to lift the Earth out of its present orbit? Yes, I tell you that it is. All that is needed is a fixed point and the power to lift. I have the Fixed Point. I have the power to lift in God. No materia is too heavy for me. All materia has an inherent wish to return. Lifting of the entire Earth, the whole of Humanity to a new level, is part of a natural process.

The lift is happening now. All the Light links to Earth are connected. We Archangels extend them up towards the Spiritual Sun. The fixed points on Earth are you My Lightworkers. Hold on, don’t let go. Every individual effort is a link. If it breaks the burden on the others will be greater. Maybe even precarious. Hold on, don’t let go and I lift the entire Earth to a new life in a new Light. Through you I bind Earth to a Fixed Point in God.


To Lightworkers Positioned on Earth


So that humanity can make a true choice they have to know what it is that they are choosing. They have to know the Light and the darkness before the choice can be made. Bringing the Light down is hindered by the dark cosmic resisting power that lies around Earth. To succeed in these difficult circumstances there is a minute planning and an enormous organisation in the background.

This project is the Universes equivalent to the landings in Normandy – Normandie, the greatest individual military operation and landings ever. Totally determining for world peace. This plan is totally determining for world peace. No greater operation has ever happened and no greater operation will ever happen. No operation of this kind will be needed because this is the determining step. The rest is a march towards a sure victory. There is no return because the air landings behind the lines have already happened. We cannot turn back.

The landings in Normandie were postponed for days, for weeks. Why? What made the soldiers not lose patience? - they lost all hope. What made the military leaders disagree and indecisive? It was the weather. Bad weather. Now we have bad spiritual weather above Earth. The powers that lie above Earth and in Earth are not predictable enough by the Commanders’ weather bureau. This has entailed that no decisions have been able to be made without great risk. Decisions that have to be one hundred pro-cent sure.

How did the soldiers experience this in Normandie? They had daily meaningless packing, trainings, marches, embarking and waiting. No-one knew when it would happen. No-one knew when the practice would be reality so that the information would not leak over to the enemy. There was radio silence. Now there is a telepathic radio silence for the same reason.

When did the soldiers find out? Well, when the ships went further out than during earlier training – they did not turn back. In the same way will you find out and come to notice when the time is here. When did the command decide? They did, when there was a small, small possibility that the compact cloud cover would split open. Does the spiritual weather change by itself? No, it is the mission of those air landed behind the lines to spread the Light and create openings that will save the Earth. Start with yourself; disperse the clouds around yourself and in your life. Create the opening, receive the Light daily. The Light that comes to you will be the Light that shines over many and is of importance for everyone on Earth and around Earth, in the Light and in the dark.

Remember. Do not wait to be evacuated home – this is a landing. The road home - it goes through enemy territory. And the final victory – comes first with the total breakthrough of the Light.

The Tide of the Age


The natural Tidal Wave that a Shift of Ages means has already passed its climax. For humanity the tide water means an increased receptivity to the inflowing of new ideas and thoughts. Simultaneously it also means a regular recurring natural rise in consciousness and frequency on the whole planet and in the whole of Humanity. The Tidal Wave was supposed to give strength to the Wave of Light and information that the contact with the Light Confederation means. Because the culm has passed so also has the possibility for contacting passed. This means that the situation for the Earths future is quite critical. Time is working against us.

Consciousness levels and frequencies continue however to rise steadily thanks to several factors:

There is a delay from receiving to awakening in the human consciousness.

New souls continue in an unabated number to stream in having extraterrestrial origin or an origin as a Light Being or Angel.

The last and decisive factor is the Archangels continued work on Earth. Beyond the Tide Water it is Their work and contribution that gives the main lifting power to the work on Earth.  Their physical anchoring on Earth gives an invisible inflowing of Light directly from Source. Through Them God’s gift to Humanity is born and Earth can be taken into the Light Confederation. Eternally. Amen.

Critical Mass


When critical mass is reached in uranium there is explosive development in the radioactive cutting process. For the breakthrough for the Light on Earth and in Humanity the laws are the same. So that an explosive like development of frequency can self-start and breakthrough in all hearts a critical mass must be reached. The breakthrough happens when there are enough Lightworkers and their work is powerful enough. Then the Spiritual Light will breakthrough and shine everywhere upon the entire Earth. That is when the most important step will have been taken on Earth since its creation.

While waiting for the right moment many Lightworkers here on earth will be questioning and wondering about their function in this world. I tell you that many of you have no function until the great lift has started. This waiting for function and meaning in your lives is necessary until critical mass has been reached and the result guaranteed. This also means that many of you have been held back both regarding your own latent abilities and meetings with other Lightworkers who are for each other mutual starting factors. It is similar in the large as in the small: if you yourself are spiritually inspired and raised it will last for a couple of weeks or days if you do not continually become filled by those around you. It’s the same thing for Humanity in general. The deciding factor can happen first when everyone is raised so much that no-one in the whole of humanity falls back and no-one drags another down – Then the evil circle is forever broken.

Gathering Power beyond Human Understanding

The Earth is under focus for a gigantic gathering of power beyond human conception. It is a gathering of power that is big even in Universal measures. Several of the oldest and strongest Light Souls have incarnated here on Earth to prepare the establishment of Light Points and Bridges for The Coming One.

Resources from the entire Universe have been provided for this operation. Nothing has been reserved. Beings on every level of existence cooperate in this gathering of power for the upliftment of Earth.

Why is all of this being done? Why is Earth so important? The results of this operation will have repercussions far beyond Earth. It affects the continued development and future of the entire Universe.

You should also know that no-one or nothing is too small to be left behind. In Gods Universe no-one or nothing is unimportant.

There is so Much at Stake


Does the whole Universe live in a battle between Light and dark?

No, this battle and measuring of power that is happening on Earth and in its vicinity is local and confined.

The main part of the Universe lives in peace and total harmony

But the outcome of the battle here affects the entire Universe

A Universe at war

or an Earth in harmony


That is why I say to you

There is so much at stake

that we cannot allow a catastrophe to happen

There can only be one outcome

The victory of the Light in the name of the Almighty


From the North


I have gone down to Earth

An enormous Light Pattern

is spreading out

like ripples on water

This makes the planet swing

You feel a pulse

a premonition

It is the Light of Christ you see

From the North

The Time is ripe.

The Greatest Change


The greatest change in the history of mankind is about to happen. It is comparable to when life climbed up on land. This is what will now happen to the Soul of Humanity.

Now you live in Earthly bodies in the water of the Souls Sea

Some make their way to the surface sometimes to breathe the Air of Spirit  

Now you will go up on land

with your physical body and your inner water

to breathe the Spiritual Air and shine in the Divine Sun

Humanity is not yet born. Humanity lives like an embryo in the Embryonic Water of Earth. The Universe is Humanity’s big world. Watching Eyes wait for the birth and liberation of Humanity. Open Hearts and open Arms are waiting to receive the new-born baby. 

When the Soul is Allowed to Bloom


You will be given a gift from God.

The Great One will return to give you the greatest gift –

Eternal life


Cycles of life and death will be broken

Diseases will be wiped out

Eternal memory will be yours


Your bodies will be reflections of your souls

when the soul is allowed to bloom

Earth’s Hourglass


Time is coming to an end. At the rate of time the sand runs down through the hourglass the space for action is reduced. Soon it will be so narrow that there will no longer be space for the Light to act. The possibilities of compensating the actions of humanity decrease steadily.

When all possibilities have been exhausted. When the sand has run down and hope with it. But before then in the most critical phase of time when the last sand is in the throat of the hourglass then I will come. You will not know when but you will notice when the Big Day is here. There is not much Time.

Use Time Well


In truth you are living in the End Time

Use time well

because time is short

Release yourself from chains

Bring up the past

Admit what has been denied

Forgive what has not been forgiven

Realise what has not been realised –



Human Contribution


The Earth is a living Being with acupuncture points and meridians of living energy that flow. Like all living beings She is in need of being able to breathe through her points of energy. We humans often call Earths acupuncture points for power points, and the Earths meridians for power lines. It is through these that Michael works and channels His power. We can support Him in this work by being living channels. Our presence on these points with His power is like living acupuncture needles that go deep inside and activate Earths entire organism. All we need to do is to be open channels for the power to use us.

In the battles between Light and dark our biggest enemy is within - not outside. To be able to stand steadily one needs inner clarity. That is given to us by Michael if we ask for it and dare to receive it. The greatest battle is within. It is a battle about inner peace - that no matter what happens never lose hope. Never lose faith in the good. Never be blinded by someone else’s darkness. To stand steady when the storm rages. And if we fall – rise up again. Over and over again if necessary.

The Water of the Unconscious


Humanity lives in the Earths body and aura.
Humanity swims in the Earths emotional water like a child in embryonic water. Surrounded and permeated. The water is never still but constantly streams. People follow unconsciously with the streams and do not detect the movement and do not understand that very little if anything is controlled by their own will. Political, moral and religious streams of opinions are expressions of this collective unconscious emotional water. Riots, war mongering like the intoxication at sport arenas and concerts are expressions of the sough of the streams onto the beach.

An individual normally notices the collective life streams when she breaks against social, religious conventions or above all when she breaks with old life illusions about herself. From the moment she stops she will get an intensified resistance towards her attempt to break free. This is because as soon as she stops, says no to being a part of an unconscious stream she will have the power of the whole stream against her.

The impulse and insight to break up and choose a new way are always divinely inspired and initiated. Moments of insight and the will to act are gifts from Gods messengers who make it possible for you to take the step. We work through you on Earth. We see the connection in a way you can never understand. You can never get an answer as to why me, why now or why in this way. A new thought in the northern hemisphere can in the right place at the right time become a peaceful revolution in the southern hemisphere. Through the embryonic water of Earth everyone is connected to each other and the change is multiplied through others thoughts and actions.
Know that your impulse, thought, insight, action, longing or prayer can be the power distributer in the right place and time - A decisive factor for humanities fate and survival. It is through You that this happens.

There is only One Who knows when and where it will happen - God
There is only one who can do it here and now - You

08/07/2013   0822 To be continued:

Become an Instrument

Be a penetrating Light

Be an intruding needle of Light


Do not follow the unconscious streams

Be the needle of Light that penetrates

and activates the Earths acupuncture points

Be the healing needle that activates

and turns the unconscious streams

Be an instrument

Give up your life

Let God chose your place, your time and stream

Humanities contribution

The battle is always on-going. Just like the individual that always meets new challenges, that break the inner balance, the same thing happens for the human collective. Courageous and unselfish prayer for Humanity is an effective weapon in the fight against darkness. It is you who give Us strength and power to fight for you. When you meditate in Light, rest in God, the Light flows down to Earth and fills not only you but everything alive.

If you knew what the little individual person could contribute you would not doubt for one second to act. One of the darks resources behind the lines is the dark coat of doubt and powerlessness. "What does it matter if I care or not. Even if I should do something the world will not change”. The foremost weapon of the dark is working behind the lines. Because it is in direct confrontation that the dark loses but in the shady unlit corners that they win ground. In every human there are unlit shady corners. They are parts of ourselves that we do not accept. Thoughts that are repressed and forbidden are the food of darkness and the bad conscience it's protector. That is why it is the honest confession to the listening and understanding friend which lifts a soul out from the shady light. That happens when the narrator speaks from his heart and the listener can take it into his heart.

It is only the darkness that fears the Light of Truth. As long as you identify yourself with that which hides in the unenlightened corners you share that fear. Your true self is pure and beautiful Divine Light. Every time you lighten your heart you shine even more - you become even more one of Us.



Patience. Have the right patience. The patience that is trust and belief in the development of the plan for Earth. But do not have patience with the dark opposing powers.

Let every blow strengthen your wish to be and do Gods will. The stronger the wish is the stronger will the channelled will become. The only power above you and in that way the power over people on the Earth plane is through your own guilt and the false belief that you are not allowed to act. Recognise that it is a power tool of the dark powers with the intention of passivizing Light-workers positioned on Earth. Recognise but do not listen to how they act through negative affirmations - Listen to the positive affirmations from Us, the Angels of Heaven.

The challenge is not to have patience. But the right kind of patience with your human friends. We know about your difficulty in dealing with people. Sometimes it is unavoidable to hurt people. But feelings may not stand in the way. Use the Light of Truth. Use your sword like lightning. Do not be afraid of the power that fills you. Act according to your conscience. Everything that is not acted out ends in cancer like knots within. The more you forgive yourself and the more you allow the power to come through the less distorted you will find that your source is. Divine anger is not crooked – it is straight. Love in straightness, clarity and honesty.

Believe in Me


My firm belief is My courage                                                                 

My courage is your belief 

Believe in Me                                                                                                   

and I will live within you

What Judgement Means 

Standing in front of me
Fear me not
Do not allow the shadows in your mind
turn you away from me
I Am not here to judge you
I Am not here to punish
I have come to liberate

If you don't fight for Me
I will fight for you

You do not know what judgement means
It’s the separation
of the dark and light within
Separation of your true shining self
from the darkening clouds

I give you insight
The insight to choose
The freedom to choose

I promise you
No-one doubts
living in the Light
that knows the Light
of the Highest

Liberate in Word

It is better that you liberate in words what comes up than to repress it and believe that you will be free of it by locking it inside. Of course it disappears and yes it gets locked in, but within you. It is you who is the prison and the result is the opposite - That yet another catch has been put on the door to your true and Divine self. Liberate in words and I can dissolve it in Light. Your job is to dare to see and dare to say. And I destroy that which has never been.

Pray for the Light of clarity

and The Highest gives you Light for deep insight

Pray for the Light of Truth

and I, Michael dissolve the dark illusions.

Pray for the Light of forgiveness

and the Holy Spirit, Mary, heals your wounds

and brings you back to wholeness.

You have nothing to fear

You have nothing to be afraid of

You know Who you serve.

See Without Fear

Fear of darkness is darkness
Judgement of darkness is darkness
Rejection of darkness is darkness
Likewise is
denial of darkness darkness

See without fear
See without hatred
See in the Light of forgiveness
the time of darkness running out

Your own shadow

He who does not want to see darkness
is not open to Light either

Light up your own shadow
In your shadow the darkness can hide
Don’t turn away from the shadow

Light up your own shadow
Your contribution
Your choice

Without Fear

Fear your own fear
more than you fear Gods Light
more than you fear dark powers

Courage is all you need
Without fear you have nothing to fear


Diamond in Gods Heaven

Change your identity
from personality

to God Consciousness

See your Inner Light
A Shining Point

A diamond attached in Gods Heaven
Your Steady Point

Let It fill you up

Your True Being


Return to Source

Your inheritance



Michael with Humanity

Usually incorrect translations and incorrect interpretations of Michael are both military and harsh in their message and tone. A receiver that finds it difficult to know the difference between Christ’s Love and Michaels presence is closer to the truth than one who interprets Archangel Michael's message as harsh judgement. They are two different souls but are as close to one another as only brothers are. Messages or channellings from Archangel Michael are in most cases inspired rather than dictated. Because His Essence is always present it's possible to catch His qualities and translate them to answers to questions or inquiries. This does not mean that the message is wrong. On the contrary they can be completely correct although they are not traditionally channelled. Archangel Michael has a small number of genuine direct channels to people on Earth. Neither is Michael androgynous which is a common misunderstanding since the Middle Ages. Nor is He only a penetrating cosmic power which often can be the conception if someone receives in an inspired way, but He is a highly palpable living Being.

How does one recognise Michael? When Michael comes with a message it is usually wordless. He fills up the room with His Presence and your mind with a strong and at the same time a peaceful Light. He often comes in moments of breakthrough - much later you can notice when you look back with perspective on your life that it was in a turning point or crossroads that you lived in when the Light enlightened your mind. If you get a message from Michael in words they are never long or vague nor are they flattering. The message is characterised by simplicity and is short and clear.

You should know that it is easy for any being at all to take on the role of Archangel Michael. This can happen either consciously or usually unconsciously with a channel. There are a few ways to examine the source. The clairvoyant person can for example see if the channel in question has any aura or if the being steals all the energy from its channel. The highest energy that beings of this kind can achieve to hide their true qualities are to produce aura like flames that at most are yellow-orange in tone. For the untrained eye or for someone who can experience the aura more intuitively this camouflage technique can only work if the onlooker is unconscious. To the trained and well developed eye there is no doubt about what is really hiding behind the facade. It can also be easy to discern the source if you study the channels motive with his/her channelling likewise the message content. Most important of all is to listen to the message, if it speaks to you or not. The resonance in the listener can be purer and closer to Michael than the channel it has come through. Stand up and meet Him yourself - not through someone else. Fill yourself and carry His Light yourself - do not assign to another.

Archangel Michael can show himself to the inner eye as a shape or only be perceived in His colours. Usual colours are deep blue, heavenly blue, golden and white. One of His usual signs or symbols is the sword. Sometimes He can hand you over a sword of clarity and even dress you in armour of Light to wear. In times of spiritual cleaning and clearing sudden bolts of lightning can appear in the room or a momentary picture of a sword that disappears as soon as it comes. Michael’s Presence can fill a room, He can put His wings around a whole group or a whole planet. He can just as easily condense to a figure in front of you. If several people in a group experience the same being in the same place in a room this should be taken as evidence. But if several people perceive differently this should not be taken as evidence of the opposite - It is just as easy for Michael to show Himself individually as to do so for everyone simultaneously.

Michael comes with a gift to everyone who dares to receive and carry His presence. To be able to be a worthy carrier you have to admit to your own true untarnished being. It scares many to meet and see their own unforgiveable nature. Because of this Michael often works alongside the Virgin Mary (Archangel Mariel). During visions they often appear together. During channellings messages seldom come directly from Michael but often through another source. To someone becoming mature to carry Michael’s Presence the Angel of Forgiveness comes first and opens the soul. After that the Light of Truth can come and shine on the soul before it is finally mature to carry the Light.

Dare to Stand in Your Own Light

Dare to stand in your own Light
Dare to carry My Crown
Dare to speak My Truth
Know your Mission
And dare to see your Source

In My Presence

In My Presence
Every Angel and Being of Light becomes
A Light Warrior

In my Light
Every being learns to use a sword
Become Gods Will

In My Name
The Call is heard
The Light servants gather

Carry my Light

To hold the Sword of Light high
pointing towards the Highest
is to carry the Sword of Light within
your heart, your being

Carry my Light
And you have nothing to fear
In life or in death

Carry My Light
And I Am your Shield
in truth against untruth 

Carry My Light
And I Am your Leading Star
In darkness through Light.

I do not Judge

I do not judge

I give the Light of insight
The possibility of judging yourself


How you judge
is a measure of your self-forgiveness

There is no hell
beyond what you create on Earth
and in your mind

Do not fear Me
Do not fear your minds dark side

Love Me
Love your Inner Light
that comes from the Source in God

I Am what you are


The self-reproaching sees My Sword
The frightened sees My Shield
The weak one sees My Armour
The untruthful sees My Look

The truthful one sees My Look

The beautiful in soul sees My Face
The loving sees My Heart
The happy sees My Smile
The peaceful sees My Light 

I Am what you are
I Am as big as you believe
I Am as close as you desire
You choose what you see

Meet My Look
Touch My Face
Feel My Heart
Be infected by My Smile

The straight in Spirit holds My Sword
The strong in Spirit holds My Shield
The brave in Spirit carries My Armour
The true in Spirit have My Look
The Light in Spirit speak My Words.

The Prince of Light

You see Me with Earthly eyes
You see Me in a battle zone


See Me in a Universe of Peace
In the Kingdom where I Am a Prince of Light

See My complete I Am beyond the war of darkness

Open Arms receive you
Blue Loving Eyes see
Blond Locks fall down upon Shoulders
Smiling Mouth speaks

I know hardships

I know Earth life
I know Love
laughter and joy
I know about what you carry
I know completely who you are in the Light.

From Within


The sword comes from within
The swords Light comes from within
To be able to carry this Sword of Light
Demands clarity in mind and feelings
Nothing is allowed to be hidden
that can stop or divert

Straightness and clarity in thought and action

The Armour comes from within
The Silver Armour comes from within
To carry the Armour
demands that you know your True Self
Nothing can reach you
Nothing can stick on you

The Star comes from within
The Leading Star comes from within
To be able to follow the Star
demands that you always hold your sights high
nothing makes you lower your look

Only the well prepared mind
stands steady.

You have locked from within


If you think that you have been locked out from spirituality
you are wrong
If you think that you have been shut off from spirituality
you are wrong
You are locked in

It is you who have locked from the inside
Open yourself and I will fill you
Open yourself and I will fill your inner room

I Bide My Time


You locked your door when I knocked on it
You turned away when I stood in front of you
You did not thank Me when I saved you

You loved another when I awoke Love in you
Even so I am always there for you
Even so I will never abandon you
I bide My time in knowing
That I one day wholly and completely
will live in your heart

Michael on Earth

Archangel Michael has repeatedly descended to Earth and Humanity during our history. He has left a whole chain of ineffaceable historical landmarks behind Him of which only a few negligent fragments have survived in legends and popular speech. Few are the wings of history that have not been swept by Archangel Michael.

Beyond the times He has appeared in His Spiritual Form he has also wandered in physical form. Because Archangels are limitless it is fully possible for them to allow a part of their consciousness to be born and grow up in human form. To fully anchor Their Spiritual Power on Earth Their physical existence is needed. They are often completely unaware of Their Heavenly origin. Having full soul consciousness is not necessary for Them. Their life can often end suddenly - there is nothing to keep Them here when Their Mission is finished.

Archangels can also create a human physical form that melts into the local group of people without awakening attention. Like such a temporary wanderer Archangel Michael has visited Earth many times. When Michael descends into a created form this takes place in full soul consciousness. When He leaves His Body this often happens as abruptly as when He arrives - An accident, offering His life for another or quietly ascending is not an unusual ending to a temporary wanderer’s life.

With the great Archangels Spiritual capacity it is even possible for Them to act simultaneously in several physical bodies placed in different places on Earth. In this decisive and tumultuous time Archangel Michael has naturally consolidated and anchored His power well through His Physical Presence. Today He is not incarnated in one place but in many.

Why are Michael and other Archangels here on Earth now? They are Watch-keepers and Anchors for the Cosmic in-flowing of Light and Power to Earth. The Archangels prayers are many times stronger than the whole of Humanity's together. Their prayers lift the Earth and the whole of Humanity in a way no other being can achieve - for which prayer can be more beautiful than from those who live in God. Their Presence is God’s Grace to Humanity without which humans would not survive.


Walks Now on Earth

I, Michael, born from the Seed of the Light, Defender of the Holy Word and Protector of the Queen of Heaven. I Am the penetrating beam of Light from God's Mind that has taken form to serve The Highest in your midst. My Light is Love and no-one fears Me that owns a pure heart.

To serve you best I exist on several different planes and in different bodies. The form or body that you know best is My Angel form. But what few know is that I also exist on-board the inter dimensional ships that you sometimes call UFO:s From there I lead many operations that occur on many different planets and places in the Universe.

What even fewer know is that I have even allowed a part of My Consciousness to incarnate in a human body on your planet. This is so that I can more easily assist you by your side. This makes me a part of Humanity for a long time and gives Me the possibility to act with greater freedom within the frames of the Universal Laws regarding free will. I have wandered among you during long time periods in many bodies and in many forms. My Forms have seen innumerable world changes when They have been here on earth and anchored the Power I supervise in the Light. I walk here on Earth now.

I Travel With You

I see your journey
Right now I travel with you
I see your faces
You have existed less than a second
of My life
You have not yet come to open your eyes
In this second of Eternity
I travel with you



Perfection Within Imperfection

I see My Body
A Miracle
How can a Thought in God
That is One with Perfection
become this creation?
How can I touch an object
without being what I touch?
How can I speak to a person
without being the person I speak to?
How can I be separated
and even experience loneliness?
How can this be possible?
This is in truth a miracle
Perfection within imperfection.

We are Both the Question and the Answer

By being born on Earth
By being a part of the Planet
We become a part of Humanity's prayer
We are both the question and the answer
We are the question from God and the answer from Humanity
We cannot force Humanity
We cannot force the Earth to Her Step.

By being born on Earth
By being a part of the Planet
We carry Earths anguish and Humanity's pain
We carry both the question and the answer
We carry both the question from God and the answer from Humanity
We cannot force Humanity
We cannot force Earth to Her Step.

Last Life on Earth


This is My Last Incarnation on Earth
You will find Me at the frontline
between Light and darkness
When the frontline is moved away from Earth
I move with it

When I leave
You will no longer be afraid of Me
You will know Me
You will thank Me and direct your prayers to Me

You will pray that the Light has come to stay

So that your heart can be open forever

I live within you

Full Awareness in Our Bodies

From the time of the revelation of Our True Being the time is limited. Once again Gods Law reigns in Our Bodies and the days are counted.
With Full Awareness in our bodies the Power cannot be held back. The dams that the human bodies form can neither hold up against or release the enormous amounts of Energy that are brought down from the wide open Heaven. When the dams are allowed to break this will be seen in an Explosion of Light. Our Bodies break up and dissolve and out beams the Light of the Soul unhindered.
The enormous Tsunami that forms during this Transformation will pour out over the entire Earth and permeate every living being. Then We are in every being and everything as a part of you. When We leave, We leave Our Essence. When We lift, We lift Earth.


When We Lift

Wait for Us coming across the sky -
Blessed Wings over Earth

When We lift
We lift Earth

When We fly
Earth will journey into a new orbit

We stand on the ground

Angels on Earth

Many who have incarnated and incarnate to Earth in this time are extraterrestrial souls. Some are Angels and a very few are from the Abode of the Archangels. We are surrounded by Them and it depends on our own humility if we are able to see them all, disguised as They are. The Call has gone out to these Lightworkers on Earth. The time has come for awakening and reparation. The time of self-denial is coming to an end.

The difficulty that Angels have is in owning enough instinct of self-preservation. They are automatically drawn to their Homes on Higher Planes. They have difficulty handling egocentricity and that easily brings about self-obliteration. They cannot understand the conditions for life on Earth and are therefore eaten up by others in their environment. They often have short lives which They are often aware of from childhood. They often choose very difficult incarnations on Earth. From Their point of view simply incarnating is already so difficult so that further burdens make it neither better nor worse. Their mission can seldom be understood on Earth. They often plant seeds in people, in tormentors or friends, that they themselves seldom or never see grow. Their missions are many times the big in the little.

The difficulty Archangels experience is different. These Cosmic Beings carry the Cosmic wound within Them that was created because of the division between Light and dark at the beginning of time. Artists have often been inspired to catch both the Light and the sadness that shines in their eyes. The pain is always greatest when They return to the Earth Plane or the so called original plane. The division is greatest there and goes through Their Hearts. The battle between Light and dark is the Archangels equivalent to evolution and is Their return to Wholeness. The Archangels Missions are generally greater than those of the Angels. They watch over and provide the necessary Light for whole Continents.  They even incarnate as Watch-keepers to World Teachers.

Archangels have both the Highest and the lowest within them. That is why they can understand both the Highest Spiritual Light and the deepest human passion. Their Qualities make Them the Perfect Messengers between God and Humanity. They understand and listen to more of humans prayers than what humans themselves understand.

Morning Tears

Let My Wings surround you and protect you from the cold
Let My closeness drive away the frost that has bitten you deeply
Let your buds burst
so that new leaves can grow from the wounds
Let Me free you from your pains
Let Me liberate your morning tears
Let them come like dew drops in the dawn
Let them clear and reflect your wisdom
like the dew in the early morning light
Let them become crystal and awaken the memory of your whole-self

May your Light be born and delivered
 rise up on the horizon like the sun’s disc
May you spread your rays through the shadows of the foliage

    from the highest trunk to the lowest plant
May your warm smile bloom
      and make other flowers smile

May you spread your light with the clarity of the summer Sun

 and drive away the morning tears from the leaves of fragile plants
May your sun rise up to the eternity of Heaven
   and unlimited shine from your source
May your wings stretch out like the eagle's
  and sweep fans of freedom
May Worlds rotate beneath your feet
    and carry life under your protection
May you be One with All

     and never be alone

Let Me be a part
    of your miracle taking place
May you finally see
   what I already see
   what I already know
   since forever


The Awakening 

Angels on Earth
Hear My Voice
This is a Call to the Final Gathering
It is time for Us to unite Our Power
This is the time for The Awakening
A time of joy
in Heaven
and on Earth

The time has come My Children
to rise up
I call you
I urge you
Rise up
Stand tall in the Light
The time is here
to spread out your white wings
Freedom is close
for humans and Angels
Stand tall in the Light


Look Around

Stand up
Look around you

Right now
on this Earth
are some of the
Universes Oldest Souls

We are here
among you

You can never really know in who
We live normal lives
We work quietly
until the day calls Us to follow our mission

Look around you
We are here
Among you

Everyone is waiting


Look up
See Heaven above
Deep blue
Blinking eyes look down
Listen to the silence
Everyone is waiting

Everyone is holding Their Breath

Everyone is waiting
for the Moment to come
You are not alone
Is waiting

From Heaven Come


For One who comes from Heaven
What is difficult?
To find the way back to Heaven
or to live on Earth?

To bring the Heavenly Spheres to Earth
Is difficult

To earth the Heavenly Powers
The greatest challenge

To root the roots
The greatest life mission
For One who comes from Heaven




To Walk on Earth




To be born on Earth
To walk on Earth
like an Archangel
in human form

To walk on glass
Splinters of glass
Not under Your Feet
but in the Heart

In a Human Body

Like a bird adapts to a cage
Like a birds wings are clipped
That is how an Archangel’s Soul adapts

to a human body

Angel Wounds


Who sees an Angel’s wounds?
Who feels an Angel’s pain?
Who understands One who both flies and walks? 


Wound in the Soul

Time heals all wounds

But a wound in the soul
Is a wound in time

Beyond all time
is Our peace.

The Older, the Lighter

The older
the Lighter -
The deeper
the wound is
The more difficult
life on Earth is

From Separation to Unity



I know what separation is
I know what unity is
I live in the tension between them both

When you go from separation to unity
From part to unity
I Am your guide


As Spiritual Guides
We are Enlightening Light for open minds

As Guardian Angels
We take a physical body at any time

As an Inspirational Soul
We lower Ourselves into a mother’s body
and are born as children


Our Eternal Blessing

We sail on the currents of the Universe
We fly in the Wind of Spirit
Our Outstretched Wings touch every corner.

We pass through Time
We pass through materia

We come from the Source
We fly towards the Source

Feel our Eternal Blessing

Our Return


We Archangels
have descended to
The Cosmic Wound

We Archangels
carry all these deep wounds
in our Hearts

This Wound makes Us human in feeling
This Wound makes Us personalities in God
This Wound makes Us eternal in the Universe
This Wound makes Us unlimited in time and space.

When this Cosmic Wound is healed
We are healed
We are whole
One with One

and dissolve the personality

The war between Light and darkness
is Our healing process
our evolution
Our return
To Oneness
In God



Our True Form

You all see us differently
like a thought in Gods Mind
we take the form that serves Gods Purpose best
- To reach the receivers mind

Our Faces are Gods Faces
When your mind is totally enlightened
When your heart is shining clean
You can see our True Faces and our True Form


A Living Opposite

We are a Living Opposite
We are composed
of the Highest and the lowest

Our Love
stretches from the Highest Spiritual Love
to the deepest human passion

Our Lives
start in God
and end in the physical world

We appear
In evolutionary life forms
but exist beyond Time

We Love
We Live
We laugh
We cry

This is us
This is our life
Between you and God

In Existence Everywhere

We are physical beings on Earth
We eat, We talk, We walk

We are hidden Beings in the Universe
Looking, listening

We are Spiritual Beings
Permeating, penetrating

We are in existence everywhere

The Fate of the Universe


If you view the Universe from without you find a Weave of Light and dark, of time and thought. The perfection of the Weave is the purpose behind all purposes - understood only by the Highest. The Creators of the Weave are the Creators and Gods Messengers - the Archangels. The threads throughout the Weave are the fates of all the living souls throughout time. No Creation Weave is like another, because everyone on every level of consciousness has a free will - the possibility of creating the most beautiful and most harmonious loop between fixed points of fate.

When disharmony occurs the Weave becomes weak and can break apart. When such an unbalance occurs the Highest intervenes through His Archangels. The beginning like the end of every new Cosmic Weave is critical and affects its total appearance. At the beginning of this Creation an imbalance occurred because of the division of the creative powers of Light and dark. The disharmony affected all the beings on every level and in all dimensions. A war arose in the Universe that has been on-going ever since the beginning. It stretches from the Kingdoms of the Angels, the Higher Planes Galactic Fleets down to the Earth’s dimension. On every level the Archangels are embodied to mark out the road to peace and balance. Earth today is not only visited by ships from the Light and the dark zone, but physical representatives are positioned over the entire globe.

What then does the final battle mean? What would be the Victory of the
Light? There is only one victory that is a true victory. It is the union and peace between Light and dark. When Light is brought into the dark and dark is brought into the Light. When dark beings proudly wear their inner Light and beings of Light steadily carry their outer Light around a Firm Core. This has now begun. A New Epoch is here.

El MiChaEl Christ


El MiChaEl Christ
From God come and by God sent
to be victorious over darkness and bring peace to Earth

It is written
and it shall be

Because the beginning and the end are One
So has been
and so shall be

When all time is One
time is no more
When unity is One
there is no longer diversity

When all time has passed
no time has passed
When Unity has been confirmed
in Eternity

This is the Word of the Highest of the Highest
This is the Will of the Highest of the Highest

The Source Beyond The Source

God has Thoughts that no-one sees
There is a meaning behind the meaning
written by God beyond God
Of this no one knows, not even the Archangels in Heaven.
Of this I allow Myself to be used
I Am the Penetrating Blade of the Sword

in the Hand of Source beyond Source
The Will that is not to be understood
The Will that is to be humbly obeyed.