Divine Mother /Universal Mother Mary’s Message to us on February 14th 2015

This message was given by Divine Mother at the end of the extra program with Archangel Michael on February 14th. As the transcript of the second part of that show is not as yet available I have just made this transcript of Her words to us at this time of rapid change on Gaia. The video link to the entire show is available here too for those who have not heard it and this message from Mother comes in at exactly 01 hr 17 minutes, here are Her words;

“Greetings I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of change, Mother of love, Mother of constancy, and yes sweet angels Mother of peace. Welcome My sweet children, children of My heart, children of My soul, and children of My essence. We have spoken of My plan and the unfoldment of My plan, upon this sweet planet – this Archangel named Gaia, and the unfoldment of peace within your hearts, within your homes, within your actions, relationships, sacred partnerships and your union with Me, with the Father. with the One and with the All.

Are you constantly, eternally and infinitely evolving – maturing – becoming? – of course you are and at the same time {sigh} sweet angels you are already infinite and eternal. You are already the essence of peace, of love, of change, of HOPE {LOUD VOICE}. We would not be undertaking this shift and ascension together if it were not already done, if it was not possible, if it was not in what you think of as ‘a likely outcome’. But the Becoming, the Anchoring, the Choosing the choice to align with Our love, with Our heart, with My Vision, that process is the outcome.

I leave you with this, go to your hearts – anchor in your hearts right now, my sweet ones, {whisper} and ignite My Blue diamond Flame*, and feel this essence of the Divine Feminine that rests within you and that IS you. And on the opposite side ignite and feel the Gold Flame of the Father, of the Divine Masculine that is with you and is you, and in the centre ignite and feel the Pink diamond of your triflame that is the magnificent mastery and the magic of your balanced self, the Pink diamond flame IS YOU, and you are IN and With Us.

The fulfilment of the promise and the dream cannot be complete without you. The sacred union of our hearts, of our essences of our energies of how ever you construe {see} this is ONE.

I am never leaving, I am never forgetting, I am ever present with thee, we all are, and sweet angels not only do I express a Mothers gratitude – I express My pride My joy in your accomplishments in your choice – in your choice for peace and love. Go with my blessing farewell.”

To listen to this entire show or just Mothers message at 1hr 17mins go to this link;


Therese Zumi here now – as Graham mentioned after Mother said “farewell” we are being asked to completely understand that this is a co-creative effort and none of this could happen without us and our decision to be a part of this process. For those who might not be familiar with the work that Linda Dillon has done over many years now I just want to mention the beautiful vision here that the Mother wants us to focus on namely that we have each of us our TRIFLAME* in our hearts. We can envision at the base of our hearts as we sit in meditation three diamonds alongside each other, the Blue – the Mothers on one side, the Gold – the Fathers on the other side and the Pink diamond in the middle – our own essence, and then envision the three flames of the Blue the Gold and the Pink flowing out from these diamond bases within our hearts reminding us that WE ARE ONE with Source indeed at all times.

Let’s all step into our power and mastery now! Let’s all of us claim peace now within and without, and like Graham suggest lets hold that vision now every day of what’s possible now for this beautiful planet – let’s do so with conviction, faith and a smile and we shall have it!

The Breakthrough is near!

Therese Zumi 16/02/2015

Cobra and Divine Mother Simultaneously Encourage us to Open the Flow of Cosmic Love on Gaia in Readiness for Change

Fear is the opposite of Love! People who exist and manage their lives through the powers of control, manipulation, secrecy, bullying games and the likes have closed their hearts to Love. These people’s days are filled with devious plans as to how to be able to control the people whose energy they feed on. Their thoughts are focused upon being ‘ahead of the game’, suspicion, keeping their victims self-awareness as low as possible through manipulative bullying techniques, guilt throwing and threats of one kind or another.

All of us have had some experience of being controlled by another in the above mentioned ways. Why do these people treat others this way? Why do these people have no or very little contact any longer with their heart? There is only one answer to this namely that their way of being is built upon earlier experience of some kind. They too in this or in past lives have had very painful experiences whereby they have decided that the safest way to exist is by taking the role of being on the offensive at all times.

Some days ago Divine Mother – the Feminine Aspect of The One – spoke extensively on the subject of forgiveness. Now is it not a grand coincidence that Cobra has focused an entire post upon this very subject the same week? He told us that “We need to do the inner Reset……The inner Reset means forgiveness of all debts, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It means forgiveness to yourself and others…….Forgiving the Cabal will be easier if you understand that they are acting out of trauma they themselves have received in the past……Forgiveness will open a flow of cosmic Love upon the surface of this planet and this energy is exactly what the advanced extraterrestrial races need to anchor their ships here after the First Contact…….On March 17th, at the last Uranus Pluto square, you can meditate in your own way and dedicate that day to forgive as much as possible and thus do an inner Reset……inner Reset happens in silence in the innermost chamber of your Heart.

Yes it is truly time to be ready now for The Event on every level and THIS ACT OF FORGIVENESS IS SO IMPORTANT NOW.

We who are now awake and aware must be these pillars of peace and harmony at the time of The Event. As pillars of peace we must have reached this point of now being able to forgive these ‘lost’ souls for their choice of path.

There is absolutely nothing else beyond LOVE. Every single being that ever birthed from The One seeks this Love. The ‘lost’ souls just got very very lost in seeking to hold onto Love.

Steve Beckow asked Divine Mother the following;

“What does it mean in a world where everything is {composed of} Love that there could be something that isn’t of Love?”

Divine Mother: “ In the blowing up of a bomb, in racial, gender, or national hatred, in hatred of your child, hatred of your next-door neighbor, in cruelty, in anger, and fear – What are these except desperate deviations?
……..There are many upon your planet [who hate, etc.?], and yes, is it an expression of love? Well the answer would be no. But let us qualify what I say – no, not to juggle, but literally to clarify.
There is not an aberrant action that is not a desperate gesture to get back to the love.
Now, this is going to be very hard for many of you to understand. There have been many instances in your history, which is lengthy, of even your universe, where such aberrations have taken place. Is it an aberration on the free will and the surrender? Yes. But when one acts in such a way, it is a pathetic, desperate plea for love.
Let us dig deeper. When one comes from a place of hatred – and let us take some of the worst examples. So when one is in a place of hatred, of cruelty, of control, and power as in the use of force, and one is exhibiting and exercising that hatred, that cruelty – the question that you as lightworkers, as love holders, as spiritually cognizant and aware ascended beings is, why? What could possibly be the reason, the rationale?
It is that individual’s sight, and it appears that it is a sight of struggle and outright war to gain power and control. But why, why, why the urge for this power and control and the exercise of brutality?
Now, not all these people have been brutalized, not all these people have experienced hatred, so why? Because they have forgotten, or they are not experiencing any love within them. They know it’s there, and they are a child acting out desperately, in the most desperate of ways. And that is the only reason…….
But let us suggest to you, they are seeking the love.
Are they going about it in the wrong way? Well, there is no question about that. But what are they really doing? They are seeking acknowledgement of their value, of their essence, of the fact that they are worthy, that they are loved and lovable, and that somehow in their aberration they will prove themselves, not only to themselves – because that in fact is quite minor – worthy of the love, but they are going about it completely wrong. They are trying to bring up that essence, that essence of love that is their core.
So then you say to me, “Mother, how can we tolerate such behaviors, actions, institutions, that have destroyed so many?” Well, you are doing it, and you have been doing it. Yes, through your exercise of anchoring peace, but also of accepting your love, which is my love, which is Father’s love, which is the essence of All.
And yes, by sending, bombarding with the entire Company of Heaven and far beyond your [Galactic] brothers and sisters, who are currently hovering.
So this definition, this delineation of have and have not, love and not of love, has been wisely used to describe a sector that has forgotten who they are. And it is important to this unfoldment, to your unfoldment and to my plan, that this be rebalanced.
Now, let us explain – during the time of the intergalactic wars there was massive amnesia, and in many quarters, hatred and control and force reigned, and entire planets and civilizations were destroyed.
What transpired was the acknowledgment by all the beings involved that such behavior – a demonstration of that hatred and that yearning for a sense of worth and a place within the universe – that the way in which they were proceeding didn’t work because it was not of love. They were not getting what they were seeking.
Now, I know that you look at your sweet Gaia, and you think that this planet or, shall we say, masses of humanity, that things are in a terrible state of affairs. That is why I am speaking to you in this way.
And even though those who are aberrant – shall we say, the ones that are so yearning for love that they have forgotten it is in the cupboard of their heart, they do not listen to this radio show, yet.
But this message, my energy cannot be halted. And so it travels to those who suffer – those who suffer at the hands of those who create devastation and those who are the devastators. And I say to thee, remember – you are loved, you are me, and I am you. And, there is no difference and you are cherished.”

Some of you who are reading this will already have completed this process of forgiving everyone including the cabal. This plea from Cobra and Divine Mother is for those of you who have not yet done so. Source – The One knows our every thought and so this process is not complicated at all. You do not need to wait until March 17th to focus on this forgiveness in meditation. For some this might need several attempts so it’s good to get started now. Then on the 17th we can renew this ‘Reset’ this forgiveness of ourselves and others and add our ‘creation’ to the powerful cosmic flow of Love on Gaia laying the foundation for a peaceful transition at The Event.

Therese Zumi

1st Posted on Prepare for Change March 9th 2015

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