Based on an Interview with Cobra in 2012


Like Butterfly’s leaving our Cocoon


Cobra has said that when we start exercising our free will, when we begin interacting with our environment and not controlling it then this ‘shift of the ages’ where we leave our ‘cocoons’ and become butterflies will happen.

When the critical mass of people here ‘do this’ change will happen. As I write this today the 17th May 2013, I’m reminded constantly of reminding you about the extremely important meditation now on the 25th of May.

At our earlier important worldwide meditations in 2012 not in least 21/12/12 we were huge numbers worldwide but did not reach the numbers of ‘critical mass’ to actually affect a shift. Are YOU ready to ‘do this’ NOW?

Source listens to every single heart every single voice asking for change, when enough of us ask together Source will provide that change Knowing that we are ready for it finally.

On this sad beautiful planet we  had totally forgotten for so long who we truly were. We had totally forgotten our connection to Source but finally we are truly awakening.  

Now in this time of The Event Horizon we are living in an explosion of Light. Its eons since we had so much Light here. People everywhere are talking about the Ascension, about the ‘Shift of the Ages’ but basically what is happening is that the Light is returning to this planet.

A SHORT RECAP-The Basis of our Reality


Everything we know about the ‘Cabal’ the people who controlled the darkness that ‘used to’ prevail here for thousands of years - all of these truths are currently being agreed upon by an ever increasing group of awakening souls here on Gaia. These truths have been the basis of our reality here for about 13000 years.

1} Almost everyone on the street anywhere now on Gaia – on Terra Nova will agree that there is a certain controlling group of central bankers that have manipulated the money on this planet.

2} Those people who have been brave enough to ‘follow the money’ are many. Those who come to my mind would be the ‘Thrive’ film group and the OPPT already known about by millions of people worldwide. The people in these groups along with the amazing work done by numerous websites like ‘Project Camelot’ {whose purpose has been and is to provide a vehicle for whistle blowers and truth tellers to get the truth out,} and ‘Divine Cosmos’ have informed us, at risk to their own personal safety, about all the outrageous ‘black projects’ worldwide.

We have learned how the money has gone to underground military bases worldwide {all of these are currently destroyed completely}. It has gone to all kinds of ‘false flag’ operations like 9/11. {detailed article on the truth about this in Swedish and English on my ‘Important News' pages.} Not in least the money has gone to arranged wars worldwide, to keep us all in a place of fear.

We have all the evidence we need and more about their black operations some of which has been presented recently at the 5 day ‘Citizen Hearings on Disclosure’ in Washington DC. At the time of The Event all of this evidence will be presented to humanity and they will then understand how we have been fooled to believe that we are ‘alone’ in the universe. This last mentioned project of the Cabal, to keep us unaware of their knowledge of extraterrestrial races was what they directed almost 65% {says my Guide} of their efforts to.

To conceal the truth from us - to keep us unaware, they have tried every trick they could summon up from creating wars and other false flag ops to divert our attention, and win time. Every single day that goes by they need hundreds of billions of dollars to spend on suppressing the truth about extraterrestrials. 

We have been kept imprisoned in an illusory Matrix.  At the beginning of this year 2012 this Matrix finally collapsed. It literally collapsed after years of efforts by the Resistance Movement which you can find more details about on Cobra’s own site Portal 2012. Each day that goes by, more and more clearing away is taking place, ridding us of thousands and thousands of years of darkness. That is the reason that things are now making headway fast, as this Matrix day by day falls apart more and more.

When the time of The Event is here, Source will ‘swish away’ the remaining web in a Flash – ‘The Event Flash’.


1)   The archons and their minions are now being cleared from the remaining remnants of the Matrix on the etheric plane.

2)   The archons {few} and reptilians still in physical bodies on the surface have nowhere to run or hide.

3)   We will now with the help of this coming meditation on the 25th of May start to rid – to cleanse ourselves entirely from the implants placed in our auric field by the archons.

4)   Worldwide now Lightworkers are constantly releasing old hurts and trauma’s from our past both in this lifetime and others. These are surfacing now whether we desire it or not. The Light is flushing them all to the surface of our consciousness for clearing. I will provide a special place on my website for information regarding this but meanwhile Cobra has a group of therapists who work in cooperation with him worldwide who can help other Lightworkers with this process. {Portal 2012} I will post more about this ‘work’ now on Facebook in the coming days.


The new Light grid of connected Light vortexes and portals is growing stronger daily.  A brilliant web of Goddess Light energy, consisting of new and renewed Vortexes of Light large and small are being activated by the Resistance Movement all over the planet.

Every attempt we as individuals make to become the light vortexes that we are, the powerful light beings that we are, adds to the whole. When we unite in groups large and small and meditate and visualise how the clearing of Gaia’s energy grid and our own Light force field, our Merkaba field, takes place, there is no question that we can be other than victorious very soon.

Now we are finally embracing who we truly are now - we are finally free and making conscious choices.

We are now in what is called The Event Horizon. We are now experiencing the time immediately predecing what Cobra calls Compression Breakthrough.

What is Compression Breakthrough?

The light from the 5th dimensional below surface Resistance Movement Galactic family members along with the Agarthan inner earth society is continuously pressing up towards the surface at the same time as the Light reaching us from Source, from positive Celestial Beings, and Higher Galactic Family create a ‘sandwich’ of Light which is where we find ourselves now.

This Light uncovers all the manipulation and lies everywhere and finally there is nowhere for the dark ones – the Cabal to hide.

We are there now. We are just doing the final cleansing process which as Cobra has said time and time again must be a gradual process as there has been so much repressed.

Cobra! Sorry-just for fun! No offence Yoda!


For those reading this that may still be unfamiliar with Cobra there is an article all about him on either my Bigger Picture or Cobra School pages on my website. In short this Pleiadian man has direct contact with the Resistance Movement both extraterrestrials {Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans etc.} and humans above and below surface. He also has direct contact with many different surface groups like the White Hat group and people like Benjamin Fulford as with the positive military and infiltrated agents in intelligent agencies working for the Light Resistance Movement all over Gaia. He is a vital link between the Resistance Movement and the surface population. He started his blog just over a year ago because it was getting closer to the time of ‘Victory to the Light’. Through his blog the Resistance Movement agents everywhere have access to regular coded messages posted there for them.


Free will is the birth-right of humanity. We have been prevented for so long from exercising this right. We have been ‘cut off’ from the creativity necessary to exercise our rights by the intense programming of the Cabal.

When we live in a society like ours where there are a thousand rules we must live by continuously, rules created to keep the dark greedy rulers in place, are we free? We obey, we do ‘our duty’ and we might imagine that we have a ‘free life’ but as soon as we would like to expand further – like all of the thousands of inventors who have created amazing unheard of prototypes worldwide, for things like free energy, we find opposition because as Cobra says "we are touching the walls of the quarantine”

Many people worldwide are now demanding to grow - to exercise their free will beyond these boundaries. As I write this now people are demonstrating at risk to their lives all over China. China’s totalitarian political system is one where the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life whenever they feel its necessity.

In a way we all live in China.

People everywhere are getting the courage to demand a life that somehow coincides with their dreams. When we realise just what is possible it will create a process of the beginning of real growth. After The Event we will be amazed at the unbelievable number of new possibilities that we never even dreamed about.


Now the Light forces of the Resistance Movement below Gaia’s surface, along with the backbone of The Resistance Movement = you and me = the Lightworkers all over Gaia are changing all of this and we have started co-creating our future. Like the ‘picture text’ at the top of the page ‘Believe’ from the Pleiadians says, we are co-creating a revolution like no other revolution ever on this planet, where every single soul is valued as contributing to the beauty of the whole.

We are all very soon going to learn in a whole new way, that we not only have choices but that we can also create.

Thanks to Cobra for inspiration.

Written by        Therese Zumi Sumner       18/05/2013       1120am.



March and April 2013


The following updates are from the interviews with Alexandra Meadors from Galactic Connection and they are from the interviews in March and April. There is no particular order to the information and instead of writing exact questions the heading will simply specify the main area of content. If I put brackets around something unless otherwise stated they are my words of interpretation for clarity - hopefully. The wording is not necessarily exact Cobra’s words as when I take notes I do not write down every single word.

NB: As I uncover ‘juicy’ bits and pieces of information {from other Cobra interviews here and there} I will most likely add these to the various headings below, and not write about these subjects separately time and time again. Mine is not a day to day ‘news’ site but one where you will find the most reliable – truthful – and factual information, gathered in one place. Cobra continually reminds us to use discernment. There is so much - excuse my p’s and q’s - bullshit information floating around the Internet. My goal has and always will be to give you as close a picture of the truth as possible. I double-check everything I write about with the Guides and Mentors who support me in the writing of this site. So if you feel the urge you can revisit and check here for possible updates which I will mark with five of these. *****

Light Resistance Movement in Control

Personally I believe that the following piece of information is the most important of all to be aware of. Namely that 85% of actions planned by the Cabal are controlled by The Resistance Movement. Did you get that? 85%. This information was given regarding questions pertaining to the Boston Bombings and false flag operations in general. There are Light agents inside all of the intelligence agencies. There are ‘many good guys’ in there preventing things before they even happen, so that you do not ever even hear about them. People need to hear this.

Waves of Light Energy.

We are channelling so much more Light. {This from interview end of April} Moving forward from here will now be very intense. There is a big wave of energy in May {I’m sure everyone is feeling this now} and there will be another big wave of energy in November 2013. In the month of March there was intense purification work of the archons done on the etheric plane and now we can see the progress resulting from that. You can feel the acceleration of the energy in the last week or so since the 1st eclipse {of three} in March.

The Pope

Generally speaking Cobra would like to keep a neutral point of view regarding the new Pope. Regarding the controversy surrounding his past in Argentina Cobra said, “The Jesuits have been behind all of the suffering in Argentina. At that time he was high up within the Jesuits but he has also a good side to him. The inauguration ceremony of the Pope {aged 76} on the 13/03 at the precise time of 03/13 is a reflection – a microcosmic situation - of the entire situation on our planet. There was an influential Jesuit of the same name in the 7th century. The new Pope has a high position within the Jesuits and has both good and not so good aspects. There is a double meaning in everything. You have the light side of the Pope and the dark side so we will see {this said in March} which side will prevail. This pope is not a ‘walk in’ he was born in a regular way. The Jesuits are getting desperate but they cannot control this pope completely. The Jesuits have tried for a long time to get more power and influence inside the Vatican because they have not had that. Their main area of power has been outside Europe in South America, in Central America, as also Africa and parts of Asia.   There are other factions within the Vatican that do not obey the Jesuits directly.

This is the time now of total ‘power grab’ - like hyenas fighting for their lives before they are extinguished. That this election went so quickly was a surprise – a good one. It will speed up the process. Because of the date of his ‘election’ the Light forces will have much more to say in his role.

Regarding an old prophecy of a Light pope walking over a ruined Rome, Rome will not be ruined, but the infrastructure of the Catholic mind programming cult will be destroyed. There are good aspects of this Pope and we will see what will prevail.

Alexandra enquired what Cobra thought about the Liens being served to the Vatican by? [Sorry could not hear that?]. Cobra said that the people serving these liens were doing a very good job and they were ‘aware people’ legally speaking. The importance of this work will be seen later as it is good to have the background information details for the actions that will be taken at the time of The Event.

***** Pope Francis Slams Global Financial System as ‘Cult of Money’

By Associated Press, New Zealand Herald – May 17, 2013

Pope Francis has denounced the global financial system, blasting the “cult of money” that he says is tyrannising the poor and turning humans into expendable consumer goods. Here is the link.


Cobra conference in Rome

Rome has been a ‘light’ point on the Jesuit (negative) energy grid on our planet. Rome is an ancient city which holds the key to the control of quarantine Earth and also the key to the planetary liberation.

 Reclaiming these so important energy focal points to the Light is a slow process but we are making good progress. “We were working again with St. Germaine, putting an etheric virus in the matrix structure of the main planetary Jesuit/Archon energy vortex of Chiesa del Gesu, Palazzo Colonna and Palazzo Doria-Pamphilj in the center of Rome.

After the successful activation of the 12-21-2012 portal in Egypt, we are beginning with a new cycle of Cobra conferences. The purpose of the conferences is twofold: to strengthen the planetary Light body with vortex activations and to bring some Light and clarity in the minds of dedicated Lightworkers. Link here from Mar 21, 2013 from Portal 2012.

Short Update about the Rome Conference This confer... - Portal 2012

We are re-awakening the ‘missing links’ on the Light grid of Gaia. There are certain groups working continuously with this process in preparation for the Event.


Benjamin Fulford – Russia – the Cabal and Money

There is an old conflict between the Russian mafia and the Rothschild’s. The Russian mafia are being supported by certain factions and are receiving active counselling about the money. There is information here that I (Cobra) am not allowed to disclose. The Rothschild’s were using Cypress as a testing ground to see how much money they could actually steal. {There was mainly Russian money in banks there.}

They try to steal as much money as possible because they don’t have enough funds. They need a lot of money every single day to operate the Matrix, and the Cabal control system. They need between one and two billion dollars daily, to keep the system running. However they can - they have to get money from somewhere. This is getting harder and harder for them because of the growing worldwide awareness. They are becoming ever more desperate and so they are using more drastic measures. 

Regarding [EU bailout] - they always create a problem and then try to find a solution that benefits them. The dark forces are desperate and that will not change, they want to impress their power every way they can. See reason for this link under heading further down ‘Money in Banks’.


On this note the Light forces have their own plans and they are progressing quite nicely.

Kissinger Tapes

Regarding the 1.7 million records on the Kissinger tapes about the secret Whitehouse policies in the 70’s, Cobra commented that these files were too big for anyone to search through, but that it would be great if some people wanted to start looking at the details and bringing forth the facts of greater interest. 

Money in Banks

Cobra recommends getting money out of banks to stop supporting the Cabal and the Matrix. If you have money in a bank they are controlling it. Re credit unions – everything is a part of the same system. It is all dominated by the Cabal’s computer program. Be as independent as possible to be part of the change.

At The Event the ‘structure’ needs to be going, so only banks will close temporarily, there will be information provided to lower peoples fear and we can just continue with life normally through this ‘breakthrough for the better’ {understatement}.

The event in Cyprus was a test by the Cabal. They chose a small island with no big banking structure to see if there was a way to steal money from the people. It was not a success. The people said “No” and so they went after the upper middle class and it was these who were hit. The major investors in Cyprus were mostly Russian mafia and the Cabal made a deal with them so that they could access their money.

Through this attempt the Cabal learned that the mass population of the world would not agree to this type of scenario. Nevertheless I would agree to advising people with money to remove it immediately from banks and to put it into gold and silver. Simply put when your money is in Cabal banks they can use that money for their purposes. You are lending them your money and it’s not yours any longer. Energetically speaking you are giving your money away to them.

I do not foresee any drastic changes in the economic situation around the portal on the 25th May but there may be scandals. Even if The Event does not happen yet it is good to have your money in your own hands, have your own power and not give that to the Cabal. Your money in the banks is what is financing their wars, and that is what we want to prevent.

Alexandra mentioned the now 180 country strong BRIC’s alliance. This is a threat to the Cabal of course and they are working on their counter measures e.g. trying to bribe Putin and get him on their side. All of the non-controlled Rothschild’s families, everyone outside the Cabal is aligning with BRIC’s. The Rockefeller and Rothschild families have a common goal, but they too always have and will be at war with one another, they are not friends. Alexandra took up the subject re the sentencing of a group including Goldman Sachs, - Lowman, JPMorgan, Joseph Ackerman, etc. for their actions – Cobra said this is ‘a mere promise’ at the moment, let’s see what happens, if this really happens it will have long lasting effects.

We are all aware of the mass resignations in banking and finance institutes worldwide since last year. The ship is sinking and the rats are escaping, the smart ones quit.

BIT-COIN a controversial currency is the safest transaction currency. It’s interesting and non-anonymous, its worth can recover, it has real value to people, and it’s not controlled by the Cabal and its safe. The very way that it is structured makes it quite safe against misuse, it is much better than the current banking system. Alexandra mentioned it being ‘digital’ and Cobra replied “so is the current system.”


The Cabal have been manipulating the Gold. {for newcomers here I would like to remind you that we heard a long time ago from Cobra, that most of the world’s real gold is in safe keeping underground by the Resistance movement to be used for the new financial system etc. after The Event}. The Gold that they get their hands on is going to Cabal banks especially in Hong Kong. The Rothschild’s are very involved in gold trading. There is a big relocation of wealth taking place on this planet right now. 

For your own sake if you have money Alexandra reminded that gold and silver is ‘portable wealth’, Cobra commented that gold was cheap right now. Alexandra had heard about Fulford** informing about Shintaro Ishihara and asked Cobra who is really in charge? {**See link to this below text headed Benjamin Fulford. For those of you who may not be aware of it Benjamin is a ‘White Hat’ member. With 90 lives! TZ comment.}

Cobra replied that the real leader of the Cabal was removed from the planet on May the 5th one year ago. Now they are quite confused about whom to take orders from. He also reminded that all of the ‘families’ that have ‘something to say’ on this planet are not from this planet.


When this group came up on the interview Cobra said that they were good people doing a good thing. Nevertheless he does not see any results on the physical plane, but this has a good purpose of awakening people to certain things. Certain people need exactly that kind of energy to awaken and realise that they are free and that they can actually do something about it. They no longer feel powerless – so this is actually empowering a certain number of people on the surface to become more active and not to be victims any longer. But “do not expect any tangible results like people receiving money or anything like that." Alexandra pointed out that “we are the value – not the money”. {a short explanation of O.P.P.T. for those not yet aware of it, follows here}

What is the One People’s Public Trust?

The One Peoples Public Trust itself consists of every person on the planet, the planet itself and the Creator.

The One People’s Trust trustees are a group of very skilled individuals including legal professionals who, in conjunction with a positive group inside the financial system, carried out extensive investigations into the massive fraud and theft taking place at the time.

They concluded that the financial and corporate government systems were committing treason against the people and after testing different approaches at correcting the injustices against humanity they saw being inflicted, they decided that that the only solution was to terminate the entire system through UCC filings.

Society Structure

A discussion as to who the key people in society are – who is top of the pyramid so to speak regarding people like the Pope or the Queen. Cobra said “these people are not at the top of the structure, but of a certain level of the structure that is being cleared right now. This is all part of the ‘old structure’, some people are better than others.” {Remember don’t judge – not even when you find out the real truth} This will all change completely. After The Event totally different people will be leading society. {See info on elections after the Event on the Event pages.}

Jesuit Control

For those of you who understand this {not me-sorry but American politics is not my forte} Alexandra asked about the New Hampshire house bill, in connection with the 13th Amendment. Cobra said that the whole purpose of the 13th amendment originally was to liberate USA from the Jesuit control. Jesuits control the City of London from the Vatican, and through ‘The City’ they control the ‘Corporation of the USA’. So the 13th A- was to cut away that control.


There are certain factions within the Chinese government where there has been some improvement - a better situation; these factions are closer to the ‘White Dragons’.

Magnetic Polar Shift

This magnetic polar reversal process takes years and we are in the middle of that right now. We will not notice this. This has happened many times before.

We are now at the ‘tipping point’ time before The Event.

Light Warriors – Light Workers – Protection

NB If you are under attack, go out into nature, especially to a tree. A few hours will help a lot. Evoke all the possible Beings you can to support you. {See ‘Light Resistance Movement’ at the end of the main Event Page.}

Water is also a good help especially running water, cleansing of various kinds.

Most important of all is your attitude. 


Pyramids {Cobra conference on 21/12/12 was in Egypt} 

Every pyramid worldwide (known and unknown) is a power generator and connected to the planetary grid. Below the Sphinx there is a chamber from the time of Atlantis with crystals programmed – recorded with – the history of Atlantis. (There are many other things here which I may add info on later.) Those crystals were retrieved by the Resistance Movement in 1998. The Cabal know about this and that is why they have blocked the entrances to a whole underground city below the Sphinx.Cobra added,

“After we very successfully activated the portal there in December, the rules regarding private access to the pyramids have been tightened, by the Egyptian government.”

Planetary Light Grid

When the Cobra conference took place in Zurich the Vortex there was activated in cooperation with St. Germaine {see Light Resistance Movement – Event main page}. This was to support the transference of some of the major banks there like UBF. This has speeded up the process for other parts of the financial system.

Goddess energy is to keep balance on the planet. The Pure Feminine aspect of the Source is present everywhere in the Universe. This aspect of Divinity has, since our occupation, been heavily suppressed and controlled by the archons.

Simply call upon it!

Allow yourself to become a channel for that energy. You can ask – give permission for that Divine Feminine aspect of energy to come through you towards our planet and to do what it is supposed to do.

Activation of the Portal on the 25th of May will trigger a huge quantum leap on this planet. A huge amount of that incoming feminine energy will need to be anchored on the planet. Hawaii the big island is one of the major vortexes for the energy on Gaia. Everyone is welcome to join us and assist us in creating that balance. {See Portal 2012}The Hawaiian Islands were part of the old Lemuria civilisation. The three eclipses May 10th and April 25th and May 25th all of these are part of the process of activation, of the opening of the Portal on May 25th. The eclipse on April 25th was a surprisingly successful beginning of this process. It was a great victory for the Light.

Big Quantum Leap on May 25th

The birth of the Portal itself on the 25th May will be a big quantum leap for the planet - a huge advancement for Victory for the Light. After that many things will be possible that are not possible now. I am not saying here that The Event will happen at this time but that there will be a huge improvement for the planetary situation background perspective.

NB: The Cabal had certain plans to counteract this huge influx of Light being anchored and certain things happened which Cobra is not allowed to disclose, but suffice to say that ‘some requirements have been made’ in preparation for The Event.

Stonehenge England


{Alexandra has heard of plans to direct a new road under the site!}.

This site is a sacred place and has been the graveyard of an elite family. It is a very powerful place of energy. It has been used for rituals for millennia for the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’, both have used this site.

Citizens Hearing on ‘Disclosure’ - UFO’s in Washington

This is of course a good thing. Nothing spectacular will happen but it’s one more step in the right direction.

Wars like the present in Syria {Alexandra’s empathy for the people}

After The Event (when we have peace on Earth), there will be a lot of healing needed (for people scarred worldwide from many atrocities), this will be provided. First there will be counselling with skilled human ‘healers’, later ‘healing chambers’ when the time is right. {Galactic Family will provide.} Regarding Guantanamo Bay Cobra said “that should be all shut down.” After The Event those people will get medical attention and psychological support. 

9/11 A Big Turning Point.

9/11 was a huge turning point in our awakening on this planet. People have worked hard now for a long time to say ‘ENOUGH’. As a collective we are getting to this point. {TZ here -there are numerous amazing things done by ‘ordinary people’ now all the time – Lightworkers whether they realise it or not.} Alexandra took up many of these feats here and there in her interview, e.g. a Court judge speaking out, re the ‘unconstitutional stuff’ that the Cabal try to get away with all the time, protesters shutting down a Monsanto plant, high ranking major exposing 9/11 information and these type of actions will go on and on now.

Nuclear Threat Card

The Resistance Movement have many operations to prevent this and despite repeating myself {TZ} on this continuously, all nuclear devices have been disarmed – meaning they have had their detonation activation destroyed and cannot detonate.

Obama’s visit to Israel

There always has been a strong connection between the Israeli and US Cabal. Now there are also good factions in Israel trying to change things there. Alexandra asked him for names but Cobra could not give names, but pointed out that they are starting to create changes there. There is so much happening there now being that they are so close to the Lebanon and Syria. The Light forces are trying their very best to alleviate the much unnecessary suffering there.

Spring Equinox – Astrology – Mayans

The 21st of March on the spring equinox was the beginning of the ‘Energy Year’. The 21/03 marks a new spiral one year cycle; the destiny for the coming year is described on the full moon on March 27th. Cobra said that if we could ground that energy of the full moon it would help to co-create our destiny. Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have a powerful alignment - Uranus and Pluto creating a square, brings everything that is suppressed to the surface e.g. all the control of the Cabal. People are now beginning to be aware of what is happening on this planet. {This March month has been very intense for Lightworkers everywhere}.

The Cabal since 21/12/12 have begun to realise that they are going to lose influence on the astral plane (many Lightworkers have felt this), and the Cabal are going a bit crazy (more false flag ops). They know that it is ‘the end game’ a sign that total defeat will come soon. We are currently deep into this process. There will not be any spectacular ‘sky stuff’, happening we have already been in this change for quite some time.

Arkansas – Mayflower Oil

This will not be a major disaster as the damage will be contained. The Resistance Movement are working with this though they will not intervene on the surface, but directly.


Alexandra told Cobra about a photographer who was taking photos of Chemtrails and caught pictures of UFO’s around the Chemtrails. Cobra explained that they were neutralising the negative effect of the Chemtrails and that without UFO intervention, there would be much more of these things happening. The Resistance Movement clears the majority of them, but cannot as yet eliminate all of them. Alexandra pointed out that some days the skies were paste white with them and Cobra commented that without the interventions of our Galactic Family humanity would not exist right now.

Boston Bombings

So many facts have come to light showing that there was something ‘not right’ where this was concerned and very soon the papers were full of articles saying that this was yet another false flag op. Cobra said that the Cabal are desperate, and they use false flag events like these to ‘maintain a fear vibration on the planet’. They are not very intelligent nor are they good planners, resulting in their making many mistakes.

Initially people were afraid and their plan seemed to work, but after a few weeks people started seeing through this, as more and more anomalies came to light, and now because of this people are waking up quicker just like they did after 9/11.

Alexandra told Cobra that there was now a lot more participation on line of sceptical people. The head of police said the word ‘actors’ when he talked about the people involved in the incident. Cobra made a comment that they were actors and that the truth cannot be suppressed.  They are trying to create drama away from the real issues to try to trigger world war in Syria – it won’t work.

TZ here, last night I checked out a you tube video where Mr and Mrs Bush were interviewed on the subject and George W was just about to say the word conspiracy, when he spoke about the bombings, but got as far as consp… before he realised what he was saying and his wife’s face revealed her chock.

Ps Therese Zumi here; would just like to point out that on An Hour with an Angel on In Light radio, archangel Michael said regarding the Boston Bombings that there had been some intervention by our Celestial Family to avert total disaster.

Good Templar Alliance

Good factions of the Good Templars have always been fighting the Cabal. Now they are reaching out to other groups. Worldwide now there are negotiations among positive Lightworkers but there is not enough. We need more. Generally speaking though we have much more solid foundation now than last year – we are closer to The Event.

17 Spaceships fly over Arizona

100 witnesses were present recently when 17 ships flew over Arizona. Alexandra spoke about the Hopi prophecy that spoke about the arrival of ships in large groups, and that Arizona had some major vortex points. The area was of importance to the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. Cobra commented that after ‘The Event’ and after ‘First Contact’ {see Event pages 1+2} the Light ships would appear in certain concentrated areas and this would be one of those places.

The War in Syria

The following lines are taken from an article I put on my Facebook page on May 11th {with a few additions here}, based on Cobra’s word from his latest interview.

I would like you to be aware of the fact that there are millions of people working in the Resistance Light Movement on Gaia at this time who are capable of reading minds. They have absolutely total awareness of the Cabal member’s thoughts - plans - ideas etc. at all times. There is no longer anywhere! that they can hide away. 
The Light Resistance Movement knows that the Cabal do not just want to surrender now even though they know that their total defeat is imminent. Instead they would like to 'go out with a bang' {this decision was made at their conference in Texas on the 25th of April} as they might put it, and to create as much chaos as possible before the truth {the truth about everything} is available to the general public via the media. Cobra said that the Resistance Movement has seen that this is what they are totally focused on now.

About two weeks ago I wrote here {Facebook} about the ICIJ the 86 Journalist - worldwide group from 46 countries who are busy revealing all the off shore accounts etc. of the very rich. That is only a mere eye-opener of the truths on every level that will reach us all eventually.
The plans of the Cabal to 'go out with a bang' are the reasons behind what we see happening right now in Syria. This area has been their main focus of attention. They are trying to create chaos by involving as many countries as possible with the aim of starting a WW3. They have run out of options. They have tried to do this earlier via Afghanistan. They did not succeed there and they will not succeed in Syria either.


This vortex - this portal is important to the geo-political stability of the entire Middle Eastern area.

This is why we have focused on sending light there in the worldwide meditation on the 2nd eclipse two days ago. {May 10th}
When you meditate you can continue to focus on this area - I will add the meditation instructions after this text again or in separate posting beside this. {See Event Intelligence Page 1 for weekly Sunday night meditation instructions.}We will meditate on Sundays together until we are liberated .

NB: The Resistance Movement will NOT allow WW3 to happen.
They will not tolerate an extension of this war. 
There are 'White Knights' working undercover in every single organisation on this planet. Even in the White House you have different ‘factions’ among the dark where there are ‘White Knights’ working, most people do not know who is who - it’s a complicated situation.
The Cabal do not know who these people are { this might be good to remember because when some people are judged as being involved in situations, they might be working on the side of the Light at great personal risk and so we should be careful here of Judgement generally speaking.}

Even the darkest of the dark ones are going to have to be 'forgiven' eventually for their madness because that is just what it is = madness. 

Ps after the opening of the Portal on the 25th in 6 days {don’t forget to take note of the time in your country for the meditation} Cobra will be back with lots of good news for us all about the progress of the Light.

Victory to the Light!

Written by        Therese Zumi Sumner       19/05/2013       1933pm


The Event Update from 25th May 2013

The following information was given by Cobra at the Irvine/Laguna Beach New Society conference which took place the same time as the opening of the Portal on May 25th.

Cobra’s Opening Words

It is a good time to be prepared more and more.  When The Event happens, nobody is really ready.  It will be a surprise.  It will be very intense.  It will be a fast transition, but a good one.  We have never experienced something similar in our lifetimes.  It is not just happening on the surface of the planet.  Cosmically, it’s the END OF DARKNESS, duality and polarity.  We are going beyond that.  This has huge consequences for the evolution of the cosmos. 

Grounding Goddess Energy

Cobra:  When we open the portal today and tomorrow, that energy will need to be further grounded.  This energy will be further activated in Hawaii.  Quite strong Goddess energy will start coming to the planet the whole month of June to build your own connection to the Goddess.  Breathe that into your awareness.  The Goddess is the pure feminine essence.  That will bring peace to the planet.  War exists because of an imbalance.  It is not just about removing The Cabal.  It’s also about creating the energetic structure to support peace.  The Cabal is just the last manifestation of that energy.  It is about creating a new balance on the whole planet.

A Short Brief of “The Event”:

Everyone has experienced the old society, the matrix.  Everyone knows it has to change.  There is a very detailed plan of how it is going to change.  There are Forces of Light on the physical and non-physical levels.  They will trigger It when the time is right.  Why is it taking so long, many ask?  One of the main reasons is the non-physical planes.  On the Etheric and Astral planes, there are entities delaying the liberation of the planet.  We have to remove them first.  They are influencing the consciousness of human beings, and because humans are not aware, they are “playing” with the non-physicals.  Non-physical’s are pushing all of our buttons.   If The Event happened right now, there would be chaos.  The Forces of Light are moving all of those negative entities.  On the physical plane, everything is ready.  The Resistance Movement, The Galactic Federation is ready.  We are just waiting for the non-physical layers.  The surface population has no idea about this.

Laguna Beach California

 People are becoming aware that there is something wrong with our financial system.  Five years ago they trusted the banks.  Average people everywhere are becoming aware that something is wrong with the financial system.  The banking system is one critical area that needs to be changed.  After The Event, after the first few hours of the Event, there are certain trained groups that will take over the mass media.  When the Rothschild’s are removed, the trained individuals can go to the TV studios.  The hard evidence and the scripts have been prepared, so people will be able to open their eyes to what they see on TV.  It will be easy to deprogram people through their T.V.’s.  The whole house of lies will just disintegrate.  Truth can erase years of programming.  That disintegration of programming will have a huge impact.

Where Aware Lightworkers need to step in.

You will have disoriented, confused, and afraid people running around.  This is where we step in.  We need to create an infrastructure to help the emotional people, to deal with the mass of people.  They will be confused, angry, and afraid.  We will need to answer questions and change negative energy.  You will be able to explain to people what is really going on and how to deal with it.

When The Event starts we will Feel it.


The Event is a Spiritual event.  When everything is ready, Source will send an impulse of energy from the Galactic Central Sun. This is much more powerful that anything you’ve ever experienced before. That impulse will travel from The Galactic Central Sun and travel to Earth.  It will “hit” the Pleiadians first.  The Resistance Agents will have key individuals in high positions of the military, political system, financial system, and intelligence agencies.  They will be contacted first for what to do, who to call, and which direction to take.  Those people will contact the next group – which may be some of you.

What will start to happen from today on will be information on support groups to help prepare for the Event.  We will need to form physical groups to prepare for this time.  A few conditions need to be met however.  When these conditions are met, the Resistance Movement will have evidence for these groups and provide help.   Groups should meet once a week.  They need to meet regularly, once a week.  Cobra suggests Sunday afternoons, doing the weekly liberation meditation as well.  It is not a simple meditation.  It has a profound effect on the energy of the planet.  There is an importance of hitting critical mass.  Last year, on May 5/6 2012, there was a reboot of the grid.  We matched the critical mass – we cleared 30% of the archons in that activation.  This is the importance of critical mass.  If we could do that again, we could have The Event soon.

The Importance of Each Individual


Each person that does the Sunday Liberation Meditation each week will help accelerate The Event.  Each person that does that is a light point so the non-physical resistance can transmit energies through you to assist the planet. 

One of the major prerequisites of the support groups information is to include the meditation in their group meetings on Sunday.  They need to prepare for The Event.  Not food, or militia training, but we are talking psychological preparedness.  There are different approaches to that.

When The Event happens, it will be a surprise, even for all of us.  This has never happened before.  It will not be a major shock event, but it will also be a positive event.  It will bring much more hope, but psychologically it will be intense.  First take care of yourself, then help others.  Assist the distressed people around you.  Most people are not trained to handle the suppressed emotions that have been suppressed for decades.  You can help the masses of people.  You will be publicly exposed.  You will be able to speak to the mass media.  People will ask you for your guidance.  Very soon, after The Event, the politicians have no solutions.  When the new system is formed, you will be the ones with the answers.  You have the skills that will be needed to go through the transition period.  The Flash of Light will contact The Pleiadians, the Resistance Groups and the surface population.


Good to have a food supply for 6-8 days.

The Physical Aspects to this Transition are varied:

1 – The mass arrest of the Cabal.

2 – The reset of the financial system.

3 – The Disclosure. 

1 - You already know much information available about mass arrests that have been going on around the world.

2 – The financial reset – There is a special task force in the CIA that is sending disinformation on the net and it will NOT happen that way.  No Dinar. It won’t happen.  This will happen globally and it will happen at the same time.  There will be an activation of certain codes in the computer program and The Resistance Movement has access to those codes.  They can press the reset button but they won’t do it until the surface population is ready and The Cabal is arrested.  The banks will be closed from the moment of The Event, maybe 1 to 2 weeks.  Credit cards won’t work.  You can use cash, gold, or silver.  Most of the stores will only accept gold and silver.  The trust in money will be shaken.  You will need to survive at least one to two weeks without external resources.  You can trade food, but the supermarket will be cleared in 45 minutes.  You have 45 minutes to get your food from the store because it will be emptied in 45 minutes.  It is good to have a little food, water, and gas on hand.  You will be fine though.  Mostly likely there will be power, internet, and phones working.  Most of the planet will have the grid intact.  Psychologically the impact will be hard though.  The masses don’t know about the reset.  They have savings and you will need to calm them down.  Everything will be fine.  You will need to calm them regarding military fears.  It is your task to calm them down.  We will be using the mass media, but you will need to calm down their fears.  Some of the banks will reopen, others will go bankrupt.  If your bank is bankrupt, you will be paid back if you earned it legally.  You will not lose your money.  There are many high-ranking criminals who have lots of money now, but it will be taken from them at this time.  If you acquired your money in a positive way, you will get it back.  The credit cards will not work.  The stock market will not be allowed to operate and will shut down.  Banks will have open accounting.  All the companies will have open accounting practices.  NESARA law is a valid law that will come into effect at the time of The Event.  We are headed for a very bright future.  We will be fine, but people around us will need assistance.


We are to form a surface infrastructure to start preparing the people.  You might be informed to start a Facebook group to get information out.  Big gatherings were created over FaceBook in Israel.


Questions and Answers Period

TZ here: Some questions are not written – only the answers - as they could not be heard by the person taking notes.:

q;  Are we going to be upgraded when The Event happens?  Those people that are aware will be more aware.  The masses need hard evidence.  It will be a mass awakening.


q:  Will The Resistance Movement notify the military? Maybe.


q;  We will tell you more of what the groups** will be about? ** Support groups


q; If we get a phone call, how do we know it is The Resistance Movement?  Use your intuition.  There was a planned, staged event, but they couldn’t pull it off.  When you get a call, it’s 99% possible.  There is nothing to be worried about.  This has been on the plan book for 40 years.


q; Regarding disclosure – there are many phases of disclosure.  There will be government files revealed on EVERYTHING.  There’s so much out there.  80% of all things will be documented, for example who killed Kennedy, 9/11, Roswell, etc.


q; Disclosure is not the same as First Contact.  Disclosure is the revelation about what’s been going on, on this planet.  It needs to be digested.  Humanity must be prepared for First Contact.  Earth and The Pleiadians will then meet publicly – politically, and then the public can admit {agree to by voting in elections} the mass landings.  It will take years – private landings will be possible for certain individuals, after The Event.

q; Groups are encouraged to meet every Sunday, when living close to each other.  Those groups are location based.  We are creating physical groups, living by each other, then we will talk about virtual groups tomorrow.


q: Does The Resistance already know quite a bit about us already?  Yes, they are making evaluations daily.  They keep track of the groups and those that are reliable will be called on.


q; Will the stock-market be closed? {YES} Companies will have to buy back their shares.  Derivatives will be shut down.


q: What will happen to my pension from a big company and then that company goes away?  Big companies will be restructured and split into smaller companies and certain parts will go bankrupt.  You will get money from the collateral accounts.  Most people will receive $100,000 each after The Event.


q:  Will it take place in years?  months?  many years?  I am not allowed to speak about that.  WE are creating the future and it is not set in stone.  It depends on our global actions.  We don’t want information going to The Cabal so it is better that way.


q:  There were certain operations started in January of this year and many of the requirements were met and have already been taken care of.


q:  Since they are met, can you share?  Look at the blog – I will share later.


q;  What about the starving people?  Global, Country, State?  The military will have food and emergency management.  Some local agencies will be contacted.  We are covering the psychological aspects.  Agents are not trained for that, but you are.


q:  With financial restructuring and the banks closed, was Cypress a test to see how things go?  It’s complex. Cypress was a test for The Cabal to steal 15% of the money but it did not work.  Also they tried to stage a banking holiday, but that did not work either.  When the reset happens, the banks will be closed because the financial system will need to be closed to cut off The Cabal.  They - we will then reboot and give everyone a fair start.


q;  What about evictions or foreclosed houses?   The banks actually stole the houses from the people and they will be given back their homes, even the ones that were taken away before.  Others will have to move, unless they are speculating.  Don’t gamble, it will not work.


q:  What about people who don’t have provisions or money for that week?   Will the military step in?  We need to extend compassion.


q:  Folks in military, local enforcement, when will they be contacted?  After the event:?   It will be 15 minutes from the Flash from the Galactic Central Sun to contact them.  It will take several hours to get things straightened out.


q:  Those people being contacted, do they know?  Some do, some don’t.


q:  In San Diego County, it is a military town and it was a terrible time during the firestorms.  How do we know who is safe in the military?  It is one of the biggest issues.  Many people have Police, FEMA, military, etc.  Trust will need to be created in various ways, such as between The Resistance Movement and the top chain of command.  That trust will spread through personal contact.  The person in the highest  position in the military is a good guy now.  He will have already made contacts where there is mutual trust.  This is the only way this will succeed.  (Rob: The Resistance movement has so much information on people and people in power – they have been watching and recording us for years). This will be one of the safest events in history because it’s very well planned. There will be no martial law or people being arrested.  There will be no war situation.  People will have many questions answered to calm down their fears. 

Normal Daily Life

q:  During the 1st or 2nd  weeks, should we be with family at home?  It is advisable to continue with your job – maintain your work and your daily life situation.  You will get paid.  Not everyone will follow that.  The system will stay intact.  The bus, taxi, restaurants will continue as normal.  Only thing that is different is the temporary shutdown of the financial system.  Taxis will be driving, everything is working.  The trust is that they will open on Monday.  When the initial trust is shaken, it’s important to keep the transition smooth, calming and easy as possible.  There is no need for drama.  Keep life normal as much as possible.  We are working on psychological approaches.


q:  When we will have our gifts “turned on?”  They will be activated when you have that the clarity as to what to do next.


q:  The Resistance Movement knows what we are thinking and feeling and reading.  If someone has intent to blow up a nuclear reactor, they would know.  You have your privacy.  If you have a situation they need to know about – they focus on it, the physical and non-physical beings.

Q;  We will be contacted by Physical beings?   (Rob) they don’t want to incite fear.  Maybe more remote places might have contact.  Eventually they’ll land on the roof of the UN – probably years away.  People will believe it when it is on TV. 

q: There is so much information that’s “recorded” as the truth.  What is the method of dissemination?  TV is the key for the masses. 

q:  Will there be disinformation?   NO, that will have been shut down permanently.


q:  At first we will keep our own jobs, later on do we get other jobs?   You will be able to refocus on creative, meaningful jobs.  You will keep your job at first.  This will be a new period of growth.  You will work 2-3 hours a day, especially after the new technology.


q:  For example, like after the Oklahoma tornado, will there be an infrastructure?  You have millions of homeless people around the world.  One of the biggest priorities will be food, water, and shelter – basics, guaranteed from The Event on.  It is just how fast can this be built?  The basic health services will be provided for free.  This is one of the top priorities.


q:  How long before we get the free energy?   They already exist and have existed for the last 100 years.  It will take a few weeks/months to get production up.


q:  Why is this planet different?  This is one of the most heavily programmed populations.  This is a unique planet.


q:  False flag events are staging events to keep the population afraid.  Don’t give too much energy to those events.


q:  Has HAARP been involved in weather manipulation?  The propagation of the scalar weapons is on etheric planes and exists on the etheric waves.  They gather etheric matter in a vortex where it gathers physical matter in those patterns.  The increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun has a lot to do with the weather changes.


q:  What about the Eastern Alliance and Putin?  It is getting stronger day by day.  Putin got bribed in May.  It is a temporary problem.  It will be corrected.


q:  Regarding the CA earthquake, do they keep us on the edge to keep us in fear?  There will be no mass cataclysm.  People have fear from Atlantis and remember that time.  Tectonic plates are harmonized by the ET forces.  The catastrophic timeline was erased last year 12/21/12.


q:  What about the Sandy Hook Event?  I knew it was real.  Did anyone die?  Mostly it was staged.  Most likely some of them did die.  They use those kind of people to control the unstable people.


q:  Was the Boston bombing staged?  Mostly. {TZ here: Archangel Michael said the same thing on ‘An Hour with an Angel’}


q:  Is the Galactic Central Sun God?  If you wish – Our souls come from there.


q:  Was the disclosure in Washington DC. helped by Galactics?  It’s good but it didn’t have the impact we intended it to have.  The media was closed on it and did not have the right essence on it.


q:  For all of the people who are sick, will there be help?   Changes are on the way.  Most illnesses you can find solutions for.  There is a working clinic in the Caribbean right now that has a good track record, in St. Marten.


q:  What will happen to drug addicted people?  Those chemically imbalanced?  They will be assisted at the time of The Event, or shortly thereafter.


q:  Can we send out e-mails with this information to our lists?   Yes, you can discuss this with others.


q:  Regarding financial systems and the investing in precious metals, what about the value?  Take your money out of the bank.  If you keep money in the bank you are financing the wars, HAARP, etc. for The Cabal. You can invest money in precious metals, land, etc.  Gold and silver will most likely not lose value.  It will be used for money backing.  it will be the underlying asset for the new system, not paper.  We will have paper currency and it will be gold backed in the interim.


q:  Are Angelina Jolie and  Brad Pitt light or dark?  Most of the Hollywood stars are mind programmed.  They have been forced into it.  They are forced to do certain things.  This action was CABAL based.


Task Groups

People will train in their specific areas to give assistance at the time of The Event.  Groups will form solutions for that transitional period.  There are 6 major groups.


  1.    Planetary Leadership
  2.    Healers
  3.    Media
  4.    New Renaissance
  5.    New Technology
  6.    New Financial


1.    New ways of leadership and governing the human race.  Politicians are corrupt.  Find new ways that are not corrupt and in Divine alignment.

2.   Healers – discover and integrate into eastern and western, advanced technologies, meditation.  Every modality.  Healing for people, animals, planet, etc.

3.    Media – find ways to distribute media, internet, newspapers.

4.    New Renaissance – assist in triggering the rebirth of the new human spirit.  Art, Education, Spirituality, etc.

5.    New Technology – dedicated to developing new technologies, working prototypes, and putting them into mass production. 

6.    Financial group – implementing a new financial system and all the things involved with it


Formulate those steps to get closer to that vision.

Develop a protocol to approach the Governments.

Put a package of information together to give to government leaders and a support team to be there to help educate.

Compile an education package to help train people in these areas.


Cobra:  We could create a website with 6 administrators to add content.  Do we have anyone here to create a web site?

This conference then continued with a discussion regarding the groups being formed and how they will work.

Thank you to Alexandra Meadors from Galacric Connection and to DaNell Glade my dear roommate from the conference in November 2012 for these notes.


Compiled by Therese Zumi Sumner       04/06/2013         1225PM

The Vast Importance of the Portal Meditation on May 25th. A VITAL PREPARATION FOR ‘THE EVENT’.


Recently many Lightworkers worldwide have been experiencing ‘old wounds’ surfacing for healing. I have learned a new word for these experiences on the Golden Age of Gaia from Steve Beckow. Steve talks*** to Archangel Michael on a regular basis and recently they have had two whole programs devoted to the subject of Vasanas.

So - what is a vasana? = A reaction pattern we created as a result of an earlier traumatic experience. The reasons for our surfacing ‘pains’, ‘hurts’, ‘emotional left overs’, and sometimes embarrassing strong unexpected reactions = vasanas. I have helped people with their ‘vasanas’ daily during the 17 years I had my practice using many methods like hypnosis but the word vasana was unfamiliar to me.

Cobra informed us on April 8th “Clearing of the etheric Archon grid is progressing slowly, but effectively. This clearing must be completed before the Event can happen.” He cont. “Galactic energies preparing us for the activation of the portal on May 25th are beginning to accelerate,” as also “Partial lunar eclipse on April 25th will bring much of the remaining anomaly of the implant hemispheres into the awareness of the surface based Lightworkers so that it can be processed and transmuted through conscious awareness.

So the fact is we have all been so ‘implanted’ with both this and that via the archons, and these implants are daily diminishing and losing their remaining powers – along with the archons ‘slowly but effectively’ as Cobra says, and the Light - the Love energy from Source is penetrating us and helping us to release the past, as it is also clearing the archon grid. {I may be silly but I’ve stopped giving archons a capital a}.

So this meditation can be the day we release both implants we have not been aware of at all, which were placed there by archons and their minions, but we can also clear our light body of the remains of old vasanas at the same time. ***** This is the preparation we all need for the time of real Ascension at The Event.

We are losing them now {implants + vasanas} and it is pertinent that we release everything from our past now so that we can emerge on the other side of this very important Portal on May 25th ready for The Event when it arrives. Do you realise that The Event is THE PORTAL we are all waiting for? Do you realise that at the time of The Event {which can happen any time when Source decides} is the time of the true Ascension?

The meditation provided by Cobra for the Portal opening on the 25th of May is SO POWERFUL. He has provided us all with an opportunity to simultaneously support the opening of the Portal, while also affording us the opportunity of releasing all that remains, –“clearing all contents of your implant hemisphere, which is a hemispherical field with a diameter of 100 feet (30 meters) around you.”

Cobra informed us that “On May 25th, 1975 the whole 50 year process of the planetary liberation has started. On May 25th, 2010 a special portal called Mission Blue Shield was activated and it marked the beginning of the downfall of the Archons. And now on May 25th, 2013, we will open the Portal. The purpose of the Portal is to liberate humanity from the grip of the negative energy grid that was enslaving humanity since late Atlantis.

NB: allow these old remnants and emotions of every kind to surface; like Steve reminded us we should not try to ‘replace’ these uncomfortable feelings with ‘love’. Here Steve is saying quite rightly that this attempt we might make to replace less acceptable feelings like anger etc. with a pretend feeling of ‘love’ won’t help. We just end up ADDING TO OUR PROBLEMS because then we have created a ‘new persona’ a new ‘pretend self’ or as Steve said a new ‘constructed self’. True feelings of love do not need to be ‘forced’ ‘taken on’ ‘adopted’ – allow the not so nice feelings to be – just allow them to be – or go for a walk and talk to the trees or better still Gaia, or Divine Mother or your guides or angels – and release them safely. *****

Doing this and NB doing the Portal meditation on the 25th May for Gaia, for the planetary liberation, for our own preparation for the coming major Ascension time ahead, is really all that is of importance now.

*** Archangel Michael is channelled by Linda Dillon channel for the ‘Council of Love’, on In-light Radio weekly on Golden Age of Gaia. So when I say that Steve talks to AAM I mean he talks to Him because the conversation is a conversation with such flow, such eloquence, such depth of Love and Wisdom that I have no doubt whatsoever but that AAM is ‘on the line’ so to speak.

For those among you with no money for therapy – this works like magic!

***** The following video where Louise L Hay describes a typical ‘vasana’ and works through it with the help of ‘tapping’ is so powerful. You can do this work alone or together with someone you trust and this way you are even more cleared - free and ready when the time of true Ascension is here.




Instructions for doing the meditation –why not practice it beforehand so you ‘know them by heart’ on this vastly important meditation day for you and me and the freedom to be the powerful light beings we all are, and Peace on Gaia

Please note that the time of opening of the Portal in this link is 12:10 PDT, which is 2 minutes before the actual opening and is thus a good time to begin with your meditation.


1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes

2. Call upon the presence of your Soul (higher self) and the presence of your spiritual guides, angels and Ascended masters

3. In the name of your higher self, say aloud a decree that you cancel and nullify all your past agreements, attachments and contracts with the dark forces regardless of their content

4. In the name of your higher self, say aloud a decree that you are now a free and sovereign being of Light

5. Visualize a pillar of golden Light, descending from the Galactic Central Sun and going through your body

6. Visualize that golden Light expanding through your heart and your hands in all directions, transmuting all darkness of the non-physical planes into the Light, clearing all contents of your implant hemisphere, which is a hemispherical field with a diameter of 100 feet (30 meters) around you. Continue emanating that golden Light until your implant hemisphere is completely filled with Light 

7. Now visualize the whole implant hemisphere filled with a Flower of Life pattern which will stabilize and increase the vibrational frequency in the energy field around you:

8. Visualize the same golden Light transmuting all implant hemispheres worldwide

May people are expecting spectacular results when each of the planetary portals or doorways opens. You need to understand that planetary liberation is a gradual process which culminates in the final Event, which will be spectacular indeed. 


Opening of the Portal will NOT trigger the global coastal event which Cliff High is predicting nor global financial reset. No massive catastrophic events will happen in the near future and the financial reset will only happen at the Event. The timing of the Event is not yet to be disclosed now, but the final victory of the Light is near. 

For origianl text about this meditation + worldmaps with times go the this link and roll down the page. Event Intelligence Page 1

Posted by Cobra at 4:28 AM May 14th 2013

Text written by  

Therese Zumi Sumner              16/05/2013                1003am




Whether The Event happens in 6 days or in 6 Months this is what you should do to be prepared. When arrests are made worldwide, and banks close simultaneously worldwide, people may react by panic buying food etc. Most people will have tins of food, or frozen food at hand for 5-6 days anyway, but what might be a problem that first week, could be getting fresh food.

So if you always try to have a supply at home of what you know will get you through for 5-7 days you will be fine. Things like milk and yogurt keep for at least 5 days in a fridge, and no-one is going to die without them either for that matter, if they are unavailable for a week.

I myself will get by with the basic stables like rice, pasta, frozen veg etc. in my kitchen, as long as I also have a supply of potatoes, carrots, onions, lemons a tub of yogurt and some proteins. So there is no need to go overboard with this, just make a list of what you like to have at hand if you knew that the shops would be closed {or open but half empty} for a week, and try to make sure you have those things at hand.

Besides food {for those of you in need of a car} Cobra told us in LA in November 2012 to have a full tank of petrol/gas and that should get us by there too.

The Event

Nobody knows the hour and the day. When it’s ‘time’ and when Source feels that we are ready – it will happen. Some weeks ago Cobra mentioned that if the Event were to occur while certain extremely programmed {negatively speaking} people were still at risk of being controlled from the etheric plane by the archons and their minions, it could result in unnecessary violence. My personal feeling is that Source would prefer to wait as long as it takes for risks of this kind to be eliminated before the ‘Day’.

Part Two of posting on being prepared for the day of The Event.

Yesterday I gave you the reminder regarding food and petrol/gas to bring you as up to date as possible on what is happening I have compiled some info from Cobra’s postings in the past 7 weeks or so.

To start a few lines from Cobra’s posting on the 8th of April 2013. He is explaining here why there has been so little information since the beginning of 2013.

Let's Anchor Goddess Energy in Joy

Short Situation Update

“Clearing of the etheric Archon grid is progressing slowly, but effectively. This clearing must be completed before the Event can happen. 

Due to certain security related issues in the beginning of 2013 the clearance to publish detailed intel from the Resistance was withdrawn in January. Probably some of you have noticed that not much substantial intel was published in my blog since then. This situation is now finally being resolved and I will be again able to slowly publish more, especially after the activation of the portal on May 25th.

There will be no drastic changes in the global financial system before the portal opens. I am not yet allowed to speak about what will happen after. 

But one thing is certain. After the portal opens, I will be allowed to release a great part of the Ascension Plan to the surface population, after so many months of delays.”  

From another update: NB see especially the last 3 sentences here. 

Short Situation Update

"Many people are wondering what is the situation regarding the Event and what is the reason for all delays. 

As I have said many times, the Event can not happen until the non-physical negative forces are dealt with. Removing them requires a lot of hard work without immediate spectacular results that many are expecting. The Light forces had a plan to trigger the Event in 2012 inside one of the Windows of Opportunity. That would require conscious cooperation and a degree of unity inside the Liberation movement on the surface of the planet. As you all know, that unity did not manifest and in addition to that, certain key individuals made wrong decisions in crucial moments, as it often happens within the surface population. 

The Light forces beyond the surface of the planet have thus chosen a more waterproof approach that does not rely so much on the surface population.  They are removing obstacles one after the other until the situation in ripe for the Event to occur. This approach takes longer, but it is much more certain to be successful." 

TZ here - Finally this reminder that now after the successful Opening of the Portal that gives us direct connection to Source here on Earth we need to ‘ANCHOR’ that energy every way possible. See following note on this from Cobra on April 28th.

 "After the activation of the portal, a lot of Goddess presence will be needed on the planet to stabilize the situation amidst all the changes and you are all welcome to join us in Hawaii, a major Goddess vortex point for this planet:"

So that is where Cobra will be from 31st May to 02nd June, along with all those who have chosen to be there to anchor the energy there.

“On Hawaii we will be connecting with the vortex which is the entry point of the Goddess herself for planet Earth and will continue the integration process of our divine sacredness and union of divine Love.”

With Love to all from Therese Zumi      30th May 2013      1740PM

Ps Link here to Cobra's 'Goddess Vortex' meditation.= see 2nd Post