The Matrix – The Truth about Our Reality here on Gaia

This is the true story about the worldwide group known as the cabal that has created a prison here on Terra/Gaia/Earth. The vast majority of mankind live as hostages within this prison more or less completely oblivious to its existence. I have compiled this article now with the thought in mind of an adult explaining to a child what has been happening here on our planet for so long unknown to much more than 90% of humanity. It sounds like the plot of a great film and it will no doubt become a great film in the not too distant future. But it’s not a film plot it’s the truth about our reality here on Gaia.

When I was on my first visit to India in 1987 I was physically sick on my first evening there through encountering within 50 yards from one another the most luxurious hotel I had ever seen like a palace, with a street in the foyer area with boutiques for the extremely wealthy, fountains and so forth and outside a homeless 5 year old in the dirtiest white dress you could imagine with red eyes, dirty matted hair, stretching out her little hand to beg. 25 years later I recently heard someone recount a similar experience when he visited Africa with some very rich people in the fashion industry. I doubt that we are the only two people on this planet with the same sick feeling inside that there is something very wrong here with life on this planet.

When a topic such as this comes up in conversation for example someone says “there is something deeply wrong occurring on this planet; why is there so much injustice, poverty, starvation, wars, environmental problems, illness etc? Are there really groups of people in powerful positions who run everything and are we humanity basically like puppets on a string in their hands?” Despite the fact that so much information about the misuse of power has been seeping out to us via the internet and some alternative media outlets there are still 65% - two out of three people who do not believe in a so called conspiracy theory. Before very long everyone everywhere on this planet will learn the truth. The truth is that there is and has been a huge conspiracy on this planet for thousands of years and this article aims to explain this to a younger generation of readers.

My Sources of Information

Like an amazing gift from Source the person we know as Cobra started his blog ‘Portal 2012’ {now 'The Portal'} on the 31st of March in 2012 After having studied the planetary situation through inspirational teachers such as Keisha Crowther, David Willcock, Daniel Pinchbeck, Michael Tsarion, to name but a few, I knew from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head to the depth of my heart that here on this new blog is someone speaking with a voice of authority, with unbelievable detailed information, here is someone who knows what he is talking about exactly. Here is someone with the evidence for everything he says and he is informing us that he is working for the underground Resistance Movement and that there are plans in the making for nearly 4 decades, to liberate this planet being held hostage by a cabal, which has been created and controlled by beings called archons and their slaves.

I decided to follow this blog religiously and when Cobra started to arrange his first worldwide conferences I knew that I had to go to one of them which I did in Nov 2012. I had started my website Veritas Galactic Sweden in August of 2012 and then we were given all the amazing information at the conference about the details of The Event. Strangely enough it was as if my entire website had been prepared information wise for The Event information to take its place there.

Imprisoned in the Matrix for Life

On many of my visits to India I witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of people doing seva, which literally means to do some kind of selfless service without payment for God or ones spiritual teacher. These people literally moved mountains to create usable land. Each person carried earth in baskets which they placed upon their heads. In a way it reminded one of ants working together in an anthill. Not inherently wrong to me, I liked the idea of seva myself doing my bit in the garden or the kitchen at the ashram. There were no machines there to do that work; this was the only way it could be done. In our civilized part of the world we have machines to do this work. We have been programmed into believing that our situation in the western world is better than in poorer countries. We have been fooled into believing that yet another consumer product would bring us closer to happiness. Yet our lives are none the less filled with drudgery. Day by day we travel to and from our homes to make a living, to and from day-care to leave and pick up children, to and from shops to buy food and madly enough water. I do not need to elaborate here you can all see the general picture.

There are now no longer in existence any other planets in the universe where you have to pay to exist. We know this because the Resistance Movement has explained that we are the very last planet and the most difficult planet to liberate because this is the very last stronghold of the so called archons/cabal and their minions.

Held Hostage 25000 Years

Up until about 5 years ago there were only about 3% of people {now about 5%} {16th Sept 2018 = 20+% } who were aware of the fact that all of the people here on our planet Earth/Gaia were being held hostage here by a very small group of very influential people known as the cabal. The cabal is composed of several main groups of people, each of these groups have had different roles in keeping us ~ the people in the dark regarding the truth of our reality. The names of these groups are the Jesuits, The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the Illuminati. The biggest secret of all is that they have done everything within their power to prevent us from learning the truth = the fact that there are numerous star systems within our galaxy and other galaxies that have been working in cooperation in a federation known as the Galactic Confederation.

This group the cabal have themselves originated from other planets and they have enlisted the support of beings of a lower dimensional level {whom they themselves have created through genetic engineering} to support them in controlling us here and in keeping us in the dark. They did not want us to understand that there are numerous inhabited star systems existing in a free and loving universe. These star systems have been working together in cooperation within a Galactic Confederation all over this Universe. These sad beings have been doing their utmost to make us believe in duality, us and them, Light and dark, good and bad, but in their way to keep us in control because they had such a strong desire to be in charge. They chose to experience darkness and refused to connect with Source. This has all come about because of a huge anomaly that occurred within the creation a long time ago. 


We were never meant to be separated from Source – from our origin - like we have been here. These beings have been so clever that they have created a web - a veil around this planet with their amazing technology to keep us locked up here. This veil is called the Matrix.(6) They have been the so called Lords of Karma. It is they who have created the reincarnation process and fooled many of us time and time again that we as souls after death had to return here to pay for so called karmic sins that we have committed. We have been prisoners here and this has been going on for about 25000 years. So much of what people believe in has been programmed into us by these sad beings. They have created many of the religions here to keep us in our place. Within this dreadful Matrix system they have had technology which they have used to place implants within our astral/etheric bodies. They have given every incarnated soul three of these at birth and they have been able to use these implants with their advanced scalar technology to create confusion, fear, anxiety and all kinds of dependencies within us.

Cabal Tools to Keep us in a Comatose/Unawakened State

Besides controlling us and keeping us in a state of concern, anxiety, confusion with their scalar technology they have used the following and many more tools to try to 'keep us down', weaken, and eventually get rid of 90% of us - believe it or not that has been part of their plan.

§ They created worldwide vaccination programs in the pretence of preventing disease with the aim in decreasing our immunity

§ They have created all kinds of diseases and viruses to the same end including AIDS

§ They have poisoned our water with many chemicals of which one of them fluoride {nerve poison} has the aim of keeping us in a sheep like passive state

§ They have for several decades been poisoning our air with so called chemtrails

§  They have controlled us through religious programming in beliefs like hell, damnation, sins, guilt and karma

§ The Jesuits have controlled over 70% of the world’s education and thereby succeeded in initiating us in their mind control programs very early

§ They have controlled science spreading disinformation ~ at least 35% of so called scientific facts are not based on truth

§ Worst of all they have managed to convince us that we are all alone, isolated in a Universe which has no other life and in between us and God are the 'lords of karma' {archons in disguise} that decide how and when our next incarnation will be into their hellhole matrix.

§ When we started awakening to the facts that there might actually be other intelligent beings in the Milky Way they then created Hollywood entertainment films to create in us a fear of extraterrestrial life and have had far going plans to create a fake alien invasion to keep us in these false beliefs ~ they no longer have the capability of doing this

§ They control the information on this planet. What your TV news informs you about is roughly 5-6% of the truth of what is going on. The Rothschilds control this area. When journalists have tried to go against these rules they have been shown very clearly what the consequences will be if they continue

§ The patents of thousands of amazing new technological aids which would make our life simpler have been robbed, confiscated, hidden away

§ I am compiling this information in January 2014 and have just heard that starting sometime this spring all new born babies will be 'chipped'

§ Thanks to the whistleblower Edward Snowden the whole world has suddenly become aware of the spying by people like the NSA on our private lives. They have been able to keep track of us all for at least 40 years. We were all 'chipped' when we were vaccinated in the sixties. Like Snowden said to all parents in a recent interview, "you have to realise that your children will never understand what the word privacy means"

§ They have through programming, drugs, etc created an entertainment business where so many gifted actors, musicians, entertainers have been used to misinform, keep us programmed to untruths, create in us desires to consume, to desire lifestyles etc. to help to keep us in our sheeple state

§ They have through their own private mercenary armies created chaos and wars all over this planet. 85% of all wars have been started by them. Two of their many creations are Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood.

§ Chaos is their favourite word they love chaos that's how they keep us in tow and when things started getting too out of hand - when the plans for a new financial system that would override theirs was nearly complete - they created 911 12 years ago.

§ They control all of our money through their banking system. Watch the film Thrive {available in almost every known language} and see how banks work. This amazing film should be shown to every child from age 11

§ They have polluted our beautiful home with fossil fuels and nuclear power while all the time having the ability themselves to use free energy, having the technology themselves to fly from New York around the entire planet and back in 20 minutes

§ The cabal pay politicians to keep quiet. So we think we have democratic government when all we have are controlled politicians following cabal rules

§ There are cures for every single disease on this planet that they prevent you finding out about

§ They created - with deep explosions out at sea - the tsunami that caused Fukushima so that they could extract money from the Japanese government, threatening that if they did not get the money the next tsunami would be directed at Tokyo.

§ They have created genetic modification of our food to decrease our immunity and poison us.

§ They have poisoned the earth and murdered many farm workers worldwide with their insecticides, artificial composts etc

§ The worldwide drug trade is controlled by the cabal

§ The worldwide sex trade is controlled by the cabal

§ The worldwide trafficking in human life is controlled by the cabal

I think that this should be enough to give the general picture of how we have been imprisoned here on this so beautiful living library that we call Earth/Terra/Gaia

We Are Not Alone 


We are not alone in this situation and we are receiving so much ongoing help now to be liberated from these beings. The problem is that although these beings are intelligent they are also so consumed with their desire to keep their Matrix in place that they are very dangerous to go up against. They have created all kinds of technology whereby if anyone were to harm some of their leaders, this person can press a button and they can then create great chaos. It is like a situation where you have a maniac {and in this case we have thousands of them} – a very crazy person who is holding a community hostage and to prevent him/her from annihilating everyone in the community the people who negotiate with this mad person have to ‘feed’ this maniac and to try to negotiate in a way that will keep him from going entirely crazy and blowing up the entire community. That is the situation we find ourselves in on this planet.

The Archons

The main jailers in our prison here are called archons. The archons lie behind three invasions of our planet from outer space during the timeframe of 5-6000 years ago to the present time. {For more details about this go to the Event 2 page}

One must remember that the archons are not of human origin and the desire has been to create a stronghold here, which they then have successfully maintained up until now. It is the archons who have been running the show on this planet. It is they who have been completely controlling certain groups all over this planet mainly through the Jesuits. The ‘head’ archon in human form lives today in a society not far from Rome Italy. There are very few archons left in physical bodies, they have been controlling us mainly from the etheric astral planes with their technology.

The Planetary Light Liberation Resistance Movement


Completely unknown to the vast majority of humanity the Light Resistance Movement (2) has been working steadily now for nearly 4 decades – 40 years in a physical capacity so to speak - to liberate this planet. In 1975 there was an intelligence agent working for the Light on the surface of this planet who went into the underground subway system in New York with a group of like-minded. There are secret entrances to the underground system that they know of. There they created the main operation centre of the Light Resistance Movement hundreds and hundreds of feet below the surface of New York City. They came into contact with the Agarthan network and also with the Andromedans, who gave them technology.  The people in the Agarthan society who went underground 25-26000 years ago have not interfered much over the millennia with the surface population. Interfering in our world here on the surface would have been extremely dangerous for them. Yet they have had a huge role to play in stabilising the situation here by projecting loving thoughts up to us.

Besides the above mentioned there have been as many as 70 million others who have joined the Resistance Movement below surface in the 1990s from other star systems including Planet X. The Resistance members from Planet X which is located in an inclined orbit beyond Pluto came here after they themselves had been liberated. Their Planet had also been controlled by the cabal. The inhabitants of Planet X are about 500 million people who live below surface on their Planet. In 1999 the Resistance Movement managed to liberate this planet. It took three weeks to do so. The people there were less programmed than us. After they were liberated, 7 million of the inhabitant’s teleported here to Earth and began clearing reptilian bases. Between 1999 and 2003 the underground reptilian and military bases were cleared out. They also cleared out ‘Area 51’. They cleared out all of the black projects. There are no more reptilians walking around in these or any deep underground bases, nor is there any remaining exotic military technology.

Full Scale Underground War Ongoing Here from 1996-1999

The Resistance Movement was quite weakened by the constant attack of the cabal in the time period from 1996 to 1999. Unknown to us there has been full scale underground war ongoing here in the years from 1996-1999 in underground tunnels and we are told that at one point it was so hopeless that they did not think our planet could survive. The cabal was much stronger then. They had many beings infiltrated from other star systems. They had about 10 – 20 million of their representatives in their underground bases. They have had at least 600 underground bases worldwide where they had allies many of them reptilians working alongside them to keep their power here on Earth.

Today in the below surface Resistance there are a mere 20 million left of the 70 million who came here to defend us in the 1990’s, because the Resistance Movement was successful in the end and today there is no longer one single deep underground base left on this planet below surface that belongs to the cabal. In fact besides their etheric scalar technology that controls people’s implants there is very little left of their Matrix control. Among other races there are also many Resistance Movement members from the Pleiades and the Andromedan star systems working here below surface for our liberation.  

There are thousands upon thousands of positive off world races that have reached a certain point in their evolution and these races have at this point ~ no more need for negativity. They have created a loose Confederation.  That is why positive off world races have been and are coming here. These are beings in their physical bodies that look like you and me. They look like everyone else on the surface of the planet – but they have origins from elsewhere.

Pleiadian Ship Photo Taken over Moscow On Day of First European Cobra Conference

No Landing of Spaceships Allowed

If these Confederation members were to actually land here in a ship on this planet we would be in big trouble. That’s why they arrive mainly through teleportation or in ships that enter underground bases like the one near James Gilliland’s ranch in Washington State. The cabal have threatened the Light Resistance Movement with all kinds of retaliation attacks like nuclear, chemical etc. and here we mean that the cabal would attack us if the allies physically showed their presence to mankind. The Resistance Movement spaceships must remain outside a certain quarantine zone around Earth. There are millions of them watching over us and the developments here and of course in communication with the underground Resistance Movement at all times. They will eventually visit us here after the time of our liberation after the day of The Event but not until we offer them an invitation to land. There will be initial unofficial contact with a {some} small ships landing and visiting some people. This will be broadcast on TV and later there will be an official visit when a smaller Pleiadian spaceship will land beside the UN building {a then incorruptible restructured UN}. We will first get acquainted with the Pleiadians as they are so similar in appearance to us.

The Last Planet

Speaking about the presence of the off world Light Resistance Movement here below surface Cobra has said “The rest of the universe has been liberated. It is not a coincidence that we are here on this planet. This last planet has not been liberated because it was the last stronghold for the dark forces."

Cobra in his last incarnation was Pleiadian and has had contact since age 6 this life. He tells us that the Pleiadians are waiting for the right time to be introduced to humanity. Cobra has been informed that they will give physical proof of his intelligence information after ‘The Event’.

Negative ETs Have Been Cleared Out.

With regard to repeated questions about other lower dimensional off world visitors that we have had some problems with here until quite recently Cobra says; “I have said this many times before, that all negative ETs have been cleared out. There are no ‘Greys’ flying around in ufos. There are no Reptilians in the Earth, {underground}. They have no motherships. There are no Reptilian bases anywhere.  This is gone completely.”  In addition I might add that the Zeta Reticuli race who have also been doing investigations here earlier have now been totally integrated within the Galactic Confederation and are now working earnestly for our liberation too.

There are 100 Billion Galaxies. 10 ~ 15 Galaxies were cleared of dark forces we are the last!

The Day of The Event is Approaching Fast

So what is this day of The Event? As I have written so much about it already and will provide links to more information here I now intend only to provide you with a brief outline here.(1)

On the day of the Event a Flash (7) signal will be sent from a certain cosmic Source and within 15 minutes of this signal the Resistance Movement will have started the Event program. They have already planted a virus in the cabal Financial System and will use this to close down the entire system in one go. This is necessary and it will be a total surprise which it must be to be effective. It will take some days and maybe a week to get the New Financial System (4) up and running. The media will be informing everyone about the situation and all kinds of emergency situations have been covered in the 40 year planning for this day. The New Spiritual Financial System will be totally transparent. Everyone on this planet will be taken care of financially {see my article below:Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to Humanity ~ July 7th 2015} 

Then within a very short time factories will be up and running to provide the entire planet with free energy. Cars will get new engines and run on water. There will no longer be any homeless people. There will be an end to all wars. There will be Peace on Earth. We will work a maximum of 3-4 hours daily. Everything will be very cheap. There will only be one kind of tax and that is a 14% tax on new products to provide money for infrastructure.

Now this was short and sweet but I promise you every single question you might have regarding this day has already been answered on the links that I will provide you.

Impossible you will say – this is impossible – no I tell you it is so very well planned and the day that Source gives the signal when Source knows that we are ready then within 24 hours we will all be experiencing an existence in a Heaven upon Earth/Gaia - unbelievable but true.

The final cobwebs of the web that has been the Matrix will be blown away – literally blown away and our awakening will be a fact - our true awakening will occur that day.

A Few Final Words about Free Will

I am ending here with a few lines from a recent post by Cobra to show those not familiar with this information that there have been petitions and polls taken to show the Resistance Movement the will of the general public regarding the Event;

“Free will is extremely important. The spark of free will in all of us is the divine spark which is actually our direct connection with the One/Source/Creator. The Source is not an energy or entity outside of us, it is rather the deepest aspect of all of us and it is actually the divine spark in us that took the vote. The Event will happen when all aspects of divinity, us here on the surface, the Resistance below the surface and the positive ET races above the surface, will align in a synchronized manner to trigger the pulse from the Galactic Central Sun. And we as a collective DO have a say in this process, although we are not the only factor involved.”

On another post recently the following was said;

“It might be interesting for you to know that the Event Flash will originate from a certain currently classified cosmic source, travel first through M87 galaxy and then through the Galactic Central Sun of our galaxy into our solar system, where it will trigger the Event on the surface of our planet.“



2) The Light Resistance Movement



5) The Event Update from 25th May 2013


I wrote this article a year ago in an attempt to describe the Matrix.

7) Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to     Humanity ~ July 7th 2015 ~ top left of this page;

8) For those in need of translations I recommend that you visit the link here to Prepare for Change.

On this site there is a more compact version of the Event information available in every language. Besides the information provided there you can link up with people in every country around the globe who are gathering and meditating etc. every Sunday to prepare for the Event.

Finally link to my main mentor here on the Earth’s surface Cobra’s blog which is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 29/01/2014 

PS The film ‘The Matrix’ was given to Hollywood by the Resistance Movement.